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PW 14-3: Part 1 Proposed Program: A Business Research Book Club at East Columbia.

To contribute to the expansion and enhancement of adult classes that the Howard County Library System offers, I propose creating, developing, and managing a business research book club at the East Columbia Branch. 1. Description of Program. Yet another discussion group? Not quite. For this one is designed to blend intellectual and educational stimulations with practical, results-oriented activities for the benefit of participants. Specifically, the program seeks to: bring together participants who have a common interest in business planning, and generic but related literatures in economic, financial, managerial, and organizational history and development. Recommended reading will come from academic sources, as well as popular media. showcase the specialized online research tools that HCLS possesses; and instruct participants in how to exploit them and other similar resources and available referrals. encourage participants to submit individual cases, problems, and/or puzzles for collective analysis and resolution. A case in point will be the facilitator's own project: Building a Business Research Center at the East Columbia Branch! track, log, and share their evolving experiences onto the club's webpage.

2. Need for Program. There are three dimensions to my proposal: a reader's advisory service; a research instruction service; and a mutual-aid or support system. Besides the two reasons cited above, namely enriching adult classes and promoting usage of online databases, there's a third: the very theme of business research. And, together these motivations couldn't fit any better HCLS' powerful vision: "A major component of Howard County's strong education system, we advance the economy, enhancing quality of life." (Emphasis added). Insofar as audience is concerned, the opportunity costs of alternative services, which do exit abundantly, are as clear as the latter: hefty consulting fees when private recourse is sought; and one-shot or limited attention when public assistance is sought. This new offering from HCLS potentially avoids both aches by design. 3. Program Logistics and Evaluation. This program is conceived as a series of twice-a-month classes. It will start in Fall 2013, meet first and third Mondays from 6:308PM, and run throughout 2014 so long that there is an audience for it. Monthly and Quarterly evaluations will be based on various criteria, including: trends in attendance; participants' survey evaluations; website traffic and productivity; and number and outcome of case studies explored. Three critical steps need to be completed between now and program's start date: (a) Inform, persuade, and secure Administrative leaders' approval, guidance, and support. (b) Conduct a brief benchmarking research and prepare syllabi accordingly. (c) Start publicity for audience-build up if/when authorized. 4. Potential Sponsors and Community Partners for Program. A serious exploration is yet to be done. But potential targets might include: Friends of HCLS; the County Government Office of Workforce Development; and at later stages, local and state institutions of higher education; the Maryland State Department of Education; private foundations; and why not crowd-sourcing?

PW 14-3, Part 2: Program News Release

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Date: August, 2013 Administrative Office: (410) 313-7750 Press Contact: Christie Lassen, (410) 313-7768


When: First & Third Mondays, starting September 2013 Where: East Columbia Branch at 6600 Cradle Rock Way, Columbia, MD 20145 Instructor: Yao E. Aziabu, (410) 313-7709

(Columbia, MD)--Howard County Library System invites community members interested in business topics to join the East Columbia Business Research Book Club. Activities include: book discussions; discovering and using the library's specialized online research tools; and exploring business planning, writing, and development with practical case studies. This twice-a-month exercises in coordinated, self-directed education in business research is free! But a one-time registration and completion of a liability release form is required. Want to know more? Contact the instructor! ###

_________________ Notes on 14-3 overall: 1. This is a potential programming event. It has been discussed with Teresa Rhoades, my LATI supervisor. Administrative leaders are yet to be briefed and engaged. 2. Credit for the long-term idea of a Business Education Center goes to Lew Belfont, Head of Customer Services and Director of the Howard County Library System Institute (HCLSi) with whom I had several discussions. The goal, really, is to emulate the Health Education Center at the Central Branch and the Environmental Studies & Enchanted Garden assets at the Miller Branch. As far as I'm concerned, I can't wait to see also a Legal Resource Center and a Career & Job Resource Center at other branches...