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Official monthly publication of the Bukas-Loob sa Diyos Covenant Community– San Pablo District
April 2009


T he members of the BLD San Pablo District South
Sector trooped to the Local Government
Academy Training Center, Los Baños, Laguna
last Sunday, March 29, 2009 to welcome the graduates of
Marriage Encounter Weekend No. 40. This marriage
Chelai Morales (Bay), Oscar/Lorie Aguilar, Bebe/Beth
Palasin, Felix/Lucy Palasin, and Nardo/Nerry Tindog (PIla).
Fr. Hector Baniel, Jr. from Mabitac, Laguna and couple
presentors Levy/Helen Florido and Manny/Dina Silva
formed the Pastoral Team. They were ably assisted by the
weekend seminar was jointly organized by the ME classes Admin Couple Romy/Rosing Visperas, the Praise Ministry
of Bay-Pila and Putho-Los Baños. The couples who and Intercessory Ministry. The members of ME Class No.
decided to renew their marriage commitment and rekindled 31 led by Rod/Sol Anunciado served as auxillaries during
their relationship with the Lord were Rodel/Rosalie Bajaro, the entire weekend. Bebe/Zordy Menguito will be the
Alvin/Virna Dailo, Eric/Maricel del Rosario, Erwin/Rona incoming class shepherds of ME Class No. 40 who will
Jimenez, Marvin/Eirene Laraño, Victor/Maribel Milar, Ramil/ guide them towards a deeper and more intimate
Elvie Mendoza, Abel/Carmen Teodoro (Los Baños), Dindo/ relationship with the Lord. To God be the Glory!

Christ’s Continuing Charism

“If you live according to my teaching, you are truly my The Lord’s blessing-laden Word became a collective
disciples; then you will know the truth, and the truth shall reality when, for the first time in the BLD San Pablo
set you free”. (John 8:32) District’s history, the disciples and disciplers met at the St.
Joseph the Worker Parish Multi-Purpose Hall, Calendola
Thus said Jesus to the Jews who believed in Him.
Village, San Pedro Laguna, on Sunday, March 22, 2009.
Clearly, living one’s life according to the Lord’s teaching
Aptly called “Salubungan” (Acquaintance and
is a pre-condition to one’s becoming truly the Lord’s
Orientation), the disciples and disciplers who already knew
disciple. And with truth being known, truth it is that sets
each other, still welcomed each other the BLD way. Theirs
anyone free.
is the opportunity to know each other in a wider, deeper
Since Jesus is the truth (Jn 14:6), He will set any of His spiritual sense now because of their shared commitments:
disciples free. to live according to the Lord’s teaching and to continue in
their Christian faith, as well as absorb and share God’s
Concomitant with living according to the Lord’s
grace for the desired and desirable goal—DISCIPLESHIP.
teaching, however, is a continuing absorption of an sharing
in the grace of God (Acts 13:43), and likewise a continuing The response of the disciples and disciplers is truly a
commitment to one’s Christian faith (Acts 14:22). manifestation of Christ’s continuing charism. (Paul Blanco
H oly Week is the most sacred season in the
church year. It highlights Christ’s love for us,
and gives us an opportunity to reexamine our
lives and accept responsibility for our sins. Palm Sunday
begins the week of Christ’s passion, chronicling the last
opportunity to face the issue of our own mortality and hope
of resurrection, and to overcome our sinful ways through
His grace. It is a time of renewal, a time to recommit
ourselves to Christ and His church. A time to open the
door to Christ’s presence in our life, that we may
events in the life of Jesus and making clear the price he experience the grace of conversion and the mission the
paid for our sins. This final week of Lent offers us an Lord has for each of us. For people who look upon the
opportunity to bring our hearts and minds into harmony with grave as the end of everything and death as the final
that of Christ. barrier to all human hope, people who are never sure that
their prayers are heard, the way to the Father is now
The gospel of Palm Sunday is the longest, and of all the
reopened. Jesus brings forgiveness and release. With the
great stories that have been written and acted out on stage
Risen Lord firmly rooted in our hearts and actions, we are
or screen, none is more powerful than the story of Jesus
alive in Christ. If we are truly a people of God, then those
Christ‘s passion, death and resurrection. Nothing
who are searching for the meaning of life will discover in us
compares with its power to move us, as we watch the
and through us, that Christ is the way home, the resting
events of his passion and death unfold, from the great
place for restless hearts.
injustice he endured to the incredible pain of his crucifixion
and death, and the joy and Each of the gospel readings
hope that we attach to his during the Easter season
defeat of sin and death, highlights important features of
and the promise of new life our Easter faith. The readings of
for us in his resurrection. the Second Sunday abound with
magnificent homily themes on
How often, after
forgiveness, the Sacrament of
meditating on his passion
Penance, locked doors, and
and death, have we felt a
doubting Thomas. The gospel is
lump in our throat, or even
not primarily about Thomas, or
been moved into tears?
his doubts. It is about us and
How many times has some
our faith. In St. John’s prologue
movie about Jesus
we are told that all who accepted
affected you deeply and
Jesus and believed in Him were
given you an overflowing
empowered to become children
sense of God’s love?
of God. On the evening the Lord
We react this way appeared to the apostles while
because deep down we recognize that the passion of they were at prayer in the upper room, Thomas was not
Jesus is at the very core of our lives and our faith. Deep with them. His initial reaction was to doubt. The events of
down, in that place where the Spirit moves us most Good Friday and the death of Jesus on Calvary had
intimately, we see that God chose to save us through the crushed Thomas’s dream and left him deeply wounded, a
cross and bring us back to him by giving up his only Son for disillusioned and angry man. He would not easily trust
us. again without crystal clear proof. “Unless I see the holes
that the nails have made n his hands and can put my
During this season of Lent, we are encouraged to
hand into his side. I refuse to believe.”
meditate on the passion of Christ and ask the Holy Spirit to
enlighten our minds, invoking the Holy Spirit to give us But for Thomas, doubt became the growing point of
divine insight and revelation, to touch our hearts and teach faith, a faith made stronger when tested. It’s a morning for
our minds. God the Father exalted Jesus in his humility honest reflection from the depth of our own Easter faith,
and obedience, his unconditional love for all of us. and a time to ask the Lord to strengthen our conviction and
trust in his word. Faith is a struggle, a challenge, and a
Easter Sunday is a triumphant Sunday, the greatest of
battle, and there is a nothing comfortable about it.
all Sundays. A day of faith, joy and rejoicing. The
resurrection of Christ is the cornerstone of our faith and the “Blessed are they who have not seen but have
most extraordinary happening in human history. believed”. As descendants of the first Christians, mere
belief in Christ as the Son of God is not enough for us. We
What is so exciting about Easter Sunday is that Christ is
must find life in his name (Jn 20: 31).
risen. It may be a Good Friday in our own life history. But
resurrection can happen in our lives too, in the here and For us, living a true Christian life involves putting into
now. It is all about newness of life in Christ. The risen life practice in our daily lives the faith which we profess to
of Christ is ours for the taking. The power of loving with the believe. Faith is a blessing because it alone gives meaning
very love of God is within us and we can fearlessly stake
our lives on it. The feast provides us with a fresh (Continued on Page 4...Reflection)

Sandigan April 2009 Page 2

Sandigan April 2009 Page 3
REFLECTION...continued from Page 2 lifestyle. The message is never fully ours until we have
shared it with our family, close friends and the different
to our lives and is the driving force behind our existence. people we meet in life. If we are to be witnesses to the
When everything else fails our faith is needed, nothing Christ’s Gospel, we must stop living in a half-hearted
compensates for its absence. manner and demonstrate the power of Christ’s resurrection
in our lives. Drawing close to Jesus implies truly Christian
On the Third Sunday of Easter, Lent is well and truly
behavior, and being of one mind and heart with him. The
over as we are deeply immersed in the Easter season,
risen Lord’s impact can only be demonstrated when our
celebrating Christ‘s victory over death. Yet today’s reading
words and actions combine to reveal his power. We are
focuses on the necessity of repentance, conversion and
called to live our lives in his service.
avoidance of sin. There are no shortcuts to eternal life -
without the cross, there can be no crown. As Christians, What Lenten resolutions have you made? What will we
we must always remember that in order to share in the life give up; what penance are we ready to undertake? How
of the Risen Christ we have to share the life of the crucified about Easter resolutions - sharing the peace and presence
Christ. Death and resurrection must take place in each of of Christ with others? The Resurrection of Jesus was a
our lives. We have to die to self in order to live for God. sign and guarantee of a huge harvest of forgiveness and
Sin continues to lurk and must be avoided at all cost, as sin hope, a harvest of His presence in many lives, a harvest of
alone, can separate us from the love of God and the glory mission accomplished as we share something of Christ
he has won on our behalf. with others. All these make us part of the Easter story.
Resurrection must take place in the here and now in the At the start of the month we allow ourselves to discern
life of every Christian. We will never know what true life the selection of our Servant Leaders and Stewards in the
means until we live it in the footsteps of Jesus. It is not BLD Community. It is fitting that we pray unceasingly,
something we achieve overnight but through gradual make sacrifices to allow the Lord’s will and the Holy Spirit
transformation that takes place within us as we turn away to be accomplished in us and through us, especially as we
from deeds of darkness into the light of God. face an important general emergence process.
In the gospel, Christ opens the minds of the disciples Prayer
who are to be his witnesses, preaching penance for the
Father God, thank you for your infinite wisdom and love.
remission of sins to all nations. The first disciples cannot
You saved the world through the cross of Christ. May we
keep the Good News to themselves, but hurried to share
always remain faithful witnesses to the cross in our daily lives,
their great joy with anyone who had ears to listen.
and we pray that the joy of Easter may bring us closer to you.
Likewise, relationship with Jesus requires us to
We ask this in the name of Jesus, the Risen Lord. Amen.
communicate the good news by our attitudes, values and


n preparation for the 2009 Life in the Spirit Seminar
(LSS), the BLD-San Pablo District Healing Ministry
conducted a seminar workshop for covenanted members
of the community who are qualified to serve as shepherds
during the LSS and as future circle shepherds and Ministry
Coordinators. The seminar, entitled “Discovering a Common
Historical Past with Your Lamb”, was held last March 22, 2009 at
the St. Joseph the Worker Parish Multipurpose Hall, San Pedro
Laguna. With participants coming from the North and South
Sectors of the District, the seminar primarily aimed to provide the
attendees a deeper understanding of the dynamics of emotional/
spiritual wounding and sources of such wounding. Although it was
just a half-day seminar, a mini-workshop was conducted to help
participants recognize and understand woundedness in their lambs.
The working team was led by the Couple Coordinator of the
Healing Ministry—Ayo and Lina Catahan. The members of the
Healing Ministry who provided much needed assistance included
Vergel/Judith Eusebio, Ofie Bautista, Ofel/Susan Exconde, Abby
and Tracy Stewart, Dani Feliciano, Rose Eusebio, Rodel/Maripres
Sarinas and Mayette Gapud. The resource persons during the
seminar were the following: Ayo Catahan, Mayette Gapud, Ofel/
Susan Exconde and Rose Eusebio. Vergel Eusebio facilitated the

Sandigan April 2009 Page 4

Tol, Sandali lang… By Wency Alimagno Love Unlimited By TJ Monserrat

‘TOL, may kwento uli ako sa iyo. Basahin mo. I Love You Because...
Meron kaming 5 taong gulang na pamangking lalaki. I want to share with you my not-so-recent experiences.
Wala siyang ipinag-iba sa ibang katulad niyang bata; For the past two months, I have been going out to Manila
mahilig sa laruan, mahilig mag-laro, paminsan-minsan ay almost every weekend. One of the reasons why I am out is
mahirap pakainin, nag-liligalig, atbp. Subalit kapansin- because I have become very fond of watching musical
pansin kay JC (John Carlo) ang pagkamahiligin niya sa theater plays at Makati. One of them was entitled: I Love
pakikipag-usap sa mga matatanda, kabihasa man niya o You Because, which was produced by Repertory
hindi. Kaya’t malimit ay nagugulat kami sa mga sinasabi Philippines. According to the synopsis of the play, it is "a
niya at sa uri ng kanyang kat’wiran dahil ang mga ito ay modern day musical re-telling of Jane Austen's classic
hindi pambata. Halimbawa, kapag kaunti pa lang ang novel Pride and Prejudice with the genders reversed. I
nakakain niya at hinihimok siyang dagdagan pa, Love You Because is a musical comedy about how Mr. and
magsasalita siya ng, “Ang hirap mo namang kausapin.” Ms. Wrong try to resist falling in love. Together they explore
Nito ngang nakaraan ay nagulat na naman kami sa sinabi the nuances of dating and learning how to love someone,
niya. Isang umaga kasi ay ayaw niyang pumasok sa not in spite of their differences, but because of them."
eskwela na hindi karaniwan. Nang tanungin ng nanay n’ya You may have noticed that I have emphasized a
kung bakit, ang sagot niya ay, “Paulit-ulit lamang naman po phrase in the synopsis. I'll tell you why later... I actually
ang ginagawa namin, nakakasawa na.” Nag-iensayo na enjoyed the play. Made me think of going to theater plays
kasi sila ng mga gagawin sa graduation. (may it be acting... or being part of the band playing an
Oo nga naman, nakakasawa kapag paulit-ulit. Maging instrument... or part of the production staff). Anyway, what's
sa matatanda ay totoo ito. Kadalasan, at kung magagawa the connection with the Holy Week’s Passion, Death and
din lamang, iniiwasan o pinapalitan na lamang kung ano Resurrection?
man ang mga ito at kung hindi naman mapalitan at hindi rin Nothing... No just kidding :D God, in all its infinity, is
maiwasan, karaniwa’y nagiging mekanikal ang pagkilos so way above us. Think, why would he possibly give His
tungkol sa mga ito at lumilipas nang halos hindi Son to be our friend and to die for us? Yeah, we may say:
namamalayan. "We'll he loved us first."
But then again... Why?
SANDALI LANG. Meron ba tayong nakikita dito? Oo I know you are asking that same question now... and
‘tol. Ipagpatuloy mo ang pagbasa. here comes the play that I have watched. Many of us will
Ganito kasi ‘yon. Ewan ko kung pansin mo subalit iba say that in spite of the flaws and wrong-doings we may
ang kalagayan ng tao ngayon kaysa noong panahon ng have done to our loved-ones, they still love us. And some
mga kasaysayan sa Lumang Tipan hinggil sa pagpaparusa think that even if we are sinners, God still loves us. Some
ng Diyos sa kasamaan ng tao. Noon kasi, ang masama o may even think that in spite of our imperfections, God still
maling gawa ng tao ay talagang may malinaw na loves us. Right?
kaparusahang mula sa Diyos. Halimbawa; dahil kumain Maybe... But think again, what if God loves us
ang una nating mga magulang ng bungang ipinagbawal, because we are sinners?
sila ay pinalayas ng Diyos mula sa paraiso (Genesis 3: 23). What if God loves us because we sin?
Dahil naging sukdulan ang pagiging makalaman ng tao What if God loves us because we err?
noong panahon ni Noe, sila ay nilunod ng Diyos sa isang What if God loves us because we are imperfect?
malawakan at matagalang pagbaha (Genesis 7: 23-24). What if God loves us because we are human?
Dahil sa kapalaluang nagbunsod sa pagrereklamo ng mga You don't believe me?
Israelita sa Diyos at kay Moises nang sila ay nasa labas na Find the verse in the Bible "I came here for the
ng Ehipto, nagpadala ang Diyos ng mga makamandag na sick..."
ahas na pumuksa sa napakaraming Israelita (Mga Bilang He didn't go down to Earth to love the perfect. He
21: 5-6). Sa panahon ng Bagong Tipan, ang pagpaparusa didn't die for the righteous. He didn't. The Passion, Death
sa mga nabubuhay dahil sa kasalanan ay isinasaisang tabi. and Resurrection of Christ was made BECAUSE of our
Naparito ang Anak ng Tao hindi upang magparusa kung imperfections... BECAUSE of our sin... He Loved us first
hindi upang manubos (Mateo 20: 28). Kung kaya nga’t ang not in spite of but BECAUSE of...
mga kalamidad na katulad ng pagbaha, pagguho at iba pa And ultimately... Because we are His creatures... His
ay hindi naman talaga maituturing na parusa sapagkat ang sons and daughters.
totoo’y tahasang bunga lamang ito ng mga maling gawa ng And just like the play's director says in his notes:
tao. At maituturing ding ito ang dahilan kung bakit sa wari’y "And that's the entire premise of our show. You meet
namamayagpag ang lahat ng uri ng masasama, na ang someone and you fall in love with him or her simply
mga mapag-imbot halimbawa, mandaraya at because of who he or she is". And I would re-echo it... "And
mangungurakot ang siyang mabilis at patuloy sa pag-unlad that's the entire premise of the passion, death and
samantalang ang mga tapat at mabuti ay hirap na hirap resurrection. God created, met and fell in love with us
simply because of who we are." It is simply because of us
(Continued on page 6...TOL) (Continued on page 6...LOVE)

Sandigan April 2009 Page 5

WORD for April 2009
ORDER name.” (Jn 20:31)

“At the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of Week#4 (3rd Sunday of Easter) APRIL 26, 2009
those in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and [Repentance]
every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the Theme: God exalts us when we preach repentance for the
glory of God the Father.” (Phil 2:10-11) forgiveness of sins.

THEMES AND PROMISES Promise: “Repent, therefore, and be converted, that your
sins may be wiped away.” (Acts 3:19)
Week#1 (Palm Sunday) APRIL 05, 2009
[Forbearance/ Endurance] DISTRICT DIRECTIONS FOR APRIL 2009
As we commemorate the Passion, Death and
Theme: God exalts us when we patiently bear our cross
Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us:
1. Confess and repent for the many times we have
Promise: “The Lord God is my help, therefore I am not denied Jesus and went against God’s will.
disgraced.” (Is 50:7) 2. Empty ourselves of self-righteousness and humbly
go through our own Passion, Death and Resurrection
Week#2 (Easter Sunday) APRIL 12, 2009 with the Lord by obeying His call to be His witnesses.
[Prayer Life] 3. Deepen our prayer lives and bear with one another in
the knowledge that all of us must carry our own
Theme: God exalts us when we overcome our sinful ways crosses daily
by His grace.
LOVE...Continued from page 5
Promise: “…that everyone who believes in him will receive
forgiveness of sins through his name.” (Acts 10:43) being His creation that He loved us. Not in spite of our
imperfections... but because of it and a whole lot more.
Week#3 (2nd Sunday of Easter) APRIL 19, 2009 He loves us as a whole package.
[Faith] Anyway, back to my experiences. You got to love
these plays. It's good and entertaining. And most of them
Theme: God exalts us when we believe & accept the have a lot of good lessons also. You may want to watch
Risen Christ as our Lord and Savior. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, produced
by Atlantis Productions (,
Promise: “…believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of which will be shown until April 4 at RCBC Plaza, Makati
God, and that through this belief you may have life in his City. I tell you it is good.
Maybe someday, I'll find my partner somewhere out
TOL...continued from page 5 there... who I can love not in spite of who she is... but
umangat. Kaya’t ang iba’y nagtatanong; “Kailan iiral ang because of who she is... because of her real self.
katarungan ng Diyos? Kailan makikita ang pagpaparusa?”
Paulit-ulit ang kuaresma. Paulit-ulit ang Semana CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES
Santa. Parepareho ang istorya at mensahe taun-taon. APRIL 2009
Nakasawa na? Maari kung malapit lamang ang naaabot
ng ating pang-unawa at pananaw subalit hindi kung 2 April, Thursday, 7:30 pm, Eucharistic Celebration,
magsisikap tayong maaninag ang higit na mahalaga, -- na STCJP. Sponsors: District Leaders Conference
ito ay patotoo ng patuloy na pagmamahal at habag sa atin 4 April, Saturday, 8:00 pm, Eucharistic Celebration, BLD
ng Diyos. Ang isa pang Semana Santang sasapit ay North, Holy Family Parish, Sampaguita Village, San Pedro,
pagkakataon pa upang higit na sinupin natin ang ating Laguna.
buhay espirituwal na siyang iiral pagkatapos na bawiin sa 6-12 April, Monday-Sunday, HOLY WEEK.
atin ang hiram na buhay na ito. ‘Tol, hindi natin alam kung 14 April, Tuesday, DLC Meeting, BLD-SPD North
kailan ‘yun pero huwag nating kalimutan na sa panahong 15 April, Wednesday, DLC Meeting, BLD-SPD South,
iyon ay hihinto ang habag ng Diyos at iiral ng lubos ang Cahbriba Pavillon, Los Baños, College, Laguna.
Kanyang katarungan. 24-26 April, ME Weekend No. 41, BLD-SPD North Sector.
Venue: TBA.
Bumabati po sa inyong lahat ng isang makahulugang
1-3 May, 2009, Marriage Encounter Weekend No. 42,
Linggo ng Pagkabuhay!
TREES, UP Los Baños, College, Laguna. Sponsoring
Class: BLD Cabuyao and Calamba.

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