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School for the Visual Arts and Humanities

English (2nd Credential preferred) (1 opening) The School for the Visual Arts and Humanities (SVAH) is a 9th-12th grade pilot school in its fifth year of operation located at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools site in Koreatown. The mission of the school is to help students realize their academic and creative potential by offering interdisciplinary, humanities-based instruction through a fine arts and digital arts pathway. We are seekingan educatorwho Has a primary credential in English (a second credential or willingness to get a second credential in Social Studies, Spanish, Science, Art or Math would be optimal) Shares the mission, vision and interdisciplinary approach of the school Is willing to be trained to teach new courses for English Language Learners but also has the knowledge and flexibility to teach other English (and other subject) courses Has experience using pedagogy and curriculum of Facing History and Ourselves, Equity and Access, Project-Based Learning/Service Learning (or is willing to be trained in these approaches) Brings history of art into units and incorporates visual arts strategies into teaching and assessments Will work closely with colleagues in grade level teams to develop interdisciplinary lessons, units, projects and assessments Will be an integral member of our staff, working personally with students and taking leadership roles in the school As a small school with 440 students, all teachers wear many hats. SVAH teachers are multi-talented and participate actively as leaders in developing the school. Below is a sample list of qualifications that would make a teacher ideal for SVAH: Knowledgeable in the content field and a strong teacher Able to create interdisciplinary units and assessments Able to weave the visual arts into teaching and assessment Has demonstrated success in teaching EL students, students with special needs Has experience with authentic Project-Based Learning Has strong leadership and collaborative skills and a commitment to social justice Is proficient in the use of technology for teaching and learning Creates opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills to serve the community Spanish language fluency preferred Please note that teachers within SVAH are covered by the UTLA contract detailing salary, benefits and other conditions of employment. However, as a pilot school, SVAH requires all teachers hired to sign an Elect-to-Work Agreement detailing the particular expectations of all staff at the school. Each teacher at SVAH is evaluated annually. Please email the following to Mary-Claire Little ( 1. Letter of Intent 2. Resume 3. Letter of Recommendation from a supervisor, or colleague If you have any questions, email or call Mary-Claire (213) 480-4700 Interviews for select applicants will be conducted immediately; please bring evidence of units/lessons and samples of student work