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Johansson ties it before Chimera wins it

West steps up aid to rebels in Libya

Deeper involvement comes as Gaddafi maintains grip
TURMOIL IN THE MIDDLE EAST YEMEN: Protesters in Yemen want
the Obama administration to press longtime ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down. A8


Marcus Johansson is pumped after scoring the game-tying goal for the Capitals 12 minutes 7 seconds into the third period of Game 4 at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday. Washington seized a 3-1 lead in the first-round series later in the night when Jason Chimera scored 12:36 into the second overtime. Story and Thomas Boswell column, D1

Tech firms optimism puts charge in markets


The programs that refuse to die

Even in an era of cuts, a handful of line items are spared the ax again

The United States and its allies have entered a new stage of involvement in Libya, sending assistance and advisers directly to opposition military forces, which have been unable to break Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafis stranglehold over much of the country despite help from NATO airstrikes. France and Italy said Wednesday that they would join Britain in dispatching military advisers to assist the inexperienced and disorganized rebel army, primarily in tactics and logistics. President Obama authorized sending $25 million worth of nonlethal equipment, including body armor, tents, uniforms and vehicles. The assistance appeared to stretch the definition of the civilian protection mandate contained in last months U.N. resolution authorizing foreign intervention in Libya. The allies said their efforts were indirectly achieving that objective, because the rebel force was best-positioned on the ground to protect Libyans from attacks or the threat of attacks by Gaddafi loyalists. The rebel-held western Libyan city of Misurata continued to be the focus of the fighting. Among

SYRIA: Students demonstrated Wednesday, brushing off President Bashar al-Assads declarations of reform, and activists promise massive rallies for Friday. A8 IRAQ: The Arab League again delays its summit in Baghdad because of the regions political unrest, over complaints from Iraqi leaders. A6

those killed in the violence were photographers Tim Hetherington, a British American, and American Chris Hondros, reportedly from artillery fire by Gaddafi forces, and two other Western journalists were wounded. NATO said its warplanes struck government targets on the outskirts of the besieged city, as well as around Tripoli, the capital. The arrival of European military advisers and U.S. uniforms is unlikely to rapidly change the trajectory of the conflict, however, and NATO and its Arab partners in the Libya operation continue to count on their economic libya continued on A10

Not courageous

The president steps up his criticism of GOP spending plans in a town hall at Facebook headquarters. A13

The presidential network

Obama gets a lot of like from company founder Mark Zuckerberg. Washington Sketch, A2


I AN S HAPIRA The programs sound innocuous enough: One spends federal money to store cotton bales. Another offers scholars a chance to study Asian-American relations. Two others pay to market U.S. oranges in Asia and clean up abandoned coal mines. But in Washingtons wonkier circles, these are the federal budgets equivalent of Jason Voorhees, the hockey-masked movie villain who could take an ax in the skull and come back for the sequel. They are the Line Items That Wont Die. In recent years, leaders in both parties including, in some cases, presidents from both parties have singled out these four programs, worth a total of about $337 million, to either be elimi-

Major U.S. technology companies provided a surprisingly upbeat assessment of future business conditions Wednesday, helping to propel the stock markets to their highest levels in nearly three years. The stellar reports from Intel, IBM and a handful of other tech giants provided a burst of optimism about the economic recovery. These firms provide computers, servers and cutting-edge equipment to countless companies that generally make such investments only when they feel ready to expand. The technology companies not only reported strong profits over the past three months but also raised their expectations for the future. While some have been reporting good earnings for months, these companies said they are now seeing a wide array of businesses overcome their reluctance to open their wallets and replace equipment that aged during the recession. With the downturn in late 2008 and 2009, a lot of these companies hunkered down and put a Band-Aid on all their infrastructure and said, Were going to save money, said Kevin Sellers, Intels vice president of investor relations. Now, things are looking better and theyre spending. Apple, meanwhile, which reported record profits after the market closed, said consumers continue to snap up its products as fast as it can make them. The recovery still faces head winds. Unemployment remains high. Turmoil in the Arab world could disrupt oil supplies. Some technology continued on A14

An eye on contractors

Obama considers ordering those who do government business to disclose donations to political groups. A4

nated or lose millions in funding. But they have survived, again and again, thanks to powerful lobbies or high-placed patrons in Congress. Even this year, after Congress cut $38 billion from the budget, they live on. Now, in the lull before the next budget battle, watchdog groups say these often-criticized programs show the difficulty of the task ahead. This is why Ronald Reagan said that a government program is the closest thing to eternal life that weve ever seen on Earth, said Brian Riedl of the conserva-

tive Heritage Foundation. If lawmakers cant cut programs that cost a few million, how are they going to cut deficits that are going to be in the trillions? Among the survivors this year was the East-West Center, a Honolulu nonprofit that has long been one of the budgets great immortals. The center runs exchange programs for U.S. and Asian journalists and young professionals, conducts research and offers scholarships to study at the University of Hawaii. For 2010, President Obamas budget proposed reducing its federal funding from $21 million to $12 million, arguing that this would encourage the center to seek other sources for money. That went nowhere. The center has a powerful ally in Congress: Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii), the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Instead of shrinking by millions, the centers subsidy went up by $2 million. cuts continued on A13
Hetherington Hondros


Photographer and director Tim Hetherington, whose movie Restrepo explored the war in Afghanistan, and Getty photographer Chris Hondros were killed in Misurata on Wednesday. One of Hondross last images, taken Wednesday, is shown above. Story, C1.

Looking at Kate, seeing Diana

Royal bride-to-be must navigate growing fame and comparisons


itting by Prince William in her only televised interview to date, bride-to-be Kate Middleton appeared to sidestep one question more than any other. Is it hard, she was asked, following in the footsteps of Diana, Princess of Wales, the most famous figure of our age? As she prepares to walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey for the royal wedding next week an event set to draw one of the largest audiences in global television history Middleton is already beginning to find out.

Though profoundly different women in profoundly different times, she has found herself sharing one major challenge with her would-have-been mother-in-law: instant fame. Despite an effort by Buckingham Palace to limit her public exposure, Middleton appears on the road to becoming the new most photographed woman in the world, filling a void in the tabloid press left by Diana. As Prince Williams longtime girlfriend, she was relatively wellknown for years in Britain and among a small pool of royal watchers beyond these shores. But like Diana, her engagement

has suddenly propelled her into the global spotlight. In an echo of Diana in her day, celebrity-centered Splash News said last week that in the five short months since the royal engagement was announced, the price for a candid shot of Middleton has soared well into six figures, higher than for Lady Gaga or Angelina Jolie. This week, a Texas-based research firm published a report saying citations of Middleton on Internet media and social networking sites have already eclipsed all members of the royal family, wedding continued on A18

DC Water boss turns on public diplomacy full-force



You may not think of George Hawkins when you flush your toilet, but Hawkins wants you to know that when you do, hes thinking of you. Hawkins is the endlessly upbeat head of DC Water, the agency that many District residents still associate with leaded tap water, ineffectual fire hydrants and chronic water main breaks. For 18 months, Hawkins, 50, has been trying to persuade the Districts residents to forget all that and get excited about the future. He wants to clean up the Anacostia River

and cover the city with green roofs. And he wants D.C. residents to pay more to do it. A lot more without getting angry. To that end, he has shelved the bureaucratic sounding D.C. Water and Sewer Authority for the more Evian-worthy name DC Water Is Life. He has footage of himself on YouTube doing the robot at an office holiday party. And hes trekked to every ward in the city, handing out bags of fresh popcorn and free water bottles while he regales his audience with the wonders of sewage treatment hawkins continued on A11


The pen and the paddle

Novelist Howard Jacobson, winner of the Man Booker Prize, and his protagonist make a mean doubles team on the ping-pong table. C1



Cole attack a capital case

The United States seeks the death penalty against a detainee accused in the 2000 strike on the ship. A3

Landscape inspiration
How a makeover reconnected a historic Virginia home to its grounds. Plus a guide to spring home and garden tours.

A new tack on antitrust

The Justice Department is taking an approve-but-police approach on big mergers. A12

A split for Nationals

Washington wins by day, 8-6, and loses by night, 5-3, in a doubleheader in St. Louis. D1

Bjorn Lomborg: Chinas green energy myth. A17

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CONTENT 2011 The Washington Post Year 134, No. 137

Victory123 A2

Politics & The Nation





Politics & The Nation

Guantanamo detainee faces capital charges in Cole attack Air traffic supervisors told to guide White House planes A3 A4

The World
Afghanistans informal tribal-elder system gains support as efforts to form modern courts stumble A6

Washington Sketch

Economy & Business

More firms under Justices eye Housing sales up, but doldrums remain A12 A12

Obama. Facebook. Like!

 A listing in todays Local Living section, which was printed in advance, gives an incorrect date for the Brookland House and Garden tour in Northeast Washington. It is scheduled for June 5, not May 5. For more information, call 202636-2408 or visit  The First Bite feature in the April 20 Food section misspelled the name of the restaurant profiled. It is Khans Bar and Grill.  An April 17 Sports article about elite runners searching for places to train incorrectly described Shannon Rowbury as an alumna of the University of California at Berkeley. She graduated from Duke University.  An April 16 Style review of three New York plays included a capsule description of Catch Me if You Can that misidentified one of the orchestrators. He is Larry Blank, not Larry Smith.  An April 15 Metro article about a congressional hearing that looked into problems at Arlington National Cemetery incorrectly referred to retired Lt. Gen. R. Steven Whitcomb as the Armys inspector general. Whitcomb retired in November. Maj. Gen. William H. McCoy is the acting inspector general.  An April 13 Food article about a Spanish chefs exploration of Sephardic Jewish cooking misstated the significance of the year 1992 in Spain. It was the 500th anniversary of the expulsion of Jews from Spain, not of the Inquisition.  In some editions, a photo caption with the continuation of a March 20 Page One article about coalition attacks on sites in Libya said Gaddafis headquarters in Tripoli had been targeted by a French airstrike. The Gaddafi supporters shown had gathered at the Bab al-Aziziya compound where Gaddafi lives, but it had not been hit in an airstrike.  A March 20 Page One article about plans to lay off public workers in Costa Mesa, Calif., included different ages for Huy Pham, a building technician who plunged to his death from the roof of City Hall. Pham was 29.  A photo caption with the Reliable Source coverage of the Gridiron Club dinner in the March 14 Style section incorrectly described Rahm Emanuel as the mayor of Chicago. Emanuel is the mayorelect; he is to be sworn in May 16.  A Dec. 25 A-section article about Justice Department wiretaps included an incorrect middle initial for David S. Kris, assistant for national security to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

The Washington Post is committed to correcting errors that appear in the newspaper. Those interested in contacting the paper for that purpose can: E-mail: Call: 202-334-6000, and ask to be connected to the desk involved National, Foreign, Metro, Style, Sports, Business or any of the weekly sections. The ombudsman, who acts as the readers representative, can be reached by calling 202-334-7582 or e-mailing

resident Obama and Mark Zuckerberg have updated their Facebook status: They are in a relationship. Sorry, Im kind of nervous, the Facebook founder confessed to the crowd Wednesday at the start of the town hall meeting his company arranged with the White House. We have the president of the United States here! Obama, who took the stage to raucous applause from the Facebookers, was equally giddy about scoring the hot companys Palo Alto headquarters as his backdrop. My name is Barack Obama, and Im the guy who got Mark to wear a jacket and tie, he said. Second time, the young billionaire informed his employees. This was all the invitation the president needed to tell stories about his 26-year-old buddy. The first time, we had dinner together and he wore his jacket and tie, Obama said. Id say halfway through dinner, you know, he was starting to sweat a little bit. Its really uncomfortable for him. I helped him out of his jacket. And in fact, if you like, we can take our jackets off. Thats good! Zuckerberg said, removing the jacket and revealing his blue jeans. Wooh! Thats better, isnt it? Obama teased. Zuckerberg gushed: Youre a lot better at this stuff than me. Obama likes Facebook. And Facebook likes Obama. Obamas appearance lent the presidential seal to the company, a sign that Facebook, after its sensational rise, is being embraced by Washington as a major corporate player. In return, Facebooks imprimatur helps Obama restore his luster among young voters as he begins his reelection campaign. A Harvard University poll released last month found that 18to-29-year-olds say they are more likely to vote for Obama than for a Republican by 38 percent to 25 percent. Thats well short of 2008 levels, when he won that age group by 34 percentage points.


The president gets all business casual with social-media billionaire Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley.

The Facebook-inspired movie The Social Network was playing on Air Force One as Obama flew to California on Wednesday. As you all know, dating back to the presidents first campaign for the presidency, theres a great focus on social media, White House press secretary Jay Carney reminded reporters on board. One asked whether the appearance at Facebook headquarters could be construed as an effort to also promote Facebook. Absolutely not, Carney said, in an answer that was something of

a Facebook promotion. I mean, Facebook has half a billion users . . . more people than you can possibly imagine. Of the 500 million, just under 45,000 were attending Obamas town hall at the scheduled start time. Participation may have been suppressed by the requirement that you had to click the button saying you like the White House. Did you know you have to like the White House page to attend? one user posted on the town hall page. I have a big problem with liking anything from this White House never mind the fact that

they would then have a record that we liked them. But at Facebooks headquarters, there was no hesitation about liking Obama. Since hes one of the most popular people on Facebook, with 19 million likes, we feel like hes coming home, said Sheryl Sandberg, Facebooks chief operating officer. So, welcome home Mr. President. Sandberg added, playfully: Even though its Facebook, no poking the president. That no-poking rule was strictly enforced. Among the questions submitted for the session were Mr. President, Why do u hate Americans so much? and Show us your birth certificate. But Zuckerberg selected tamer questions, the majority of which were gentle queries from Facebook employees that teed up presidential applause lines. When Obama cautioned that the wealthy would have to pay more under his budget plan, his host endorsed the idea. Im cool with that, Zuckerberg said. After reading a question about education, Zuckerberg added his own commentary: I think that the Race to the Top stuff that you guys have done is one of the most underappreciated and most important things that your administration has done. In his closing oration, Obama had more admiration for Facebook when he spoke about oil companies excessive profits. Nobodys doing better than Shell or these other companies, he said. Well, maybe Facebooks doing a little better. Its such an honor, young Zuckerberg said when Obama finished. We had a great time, Obama told his Facebook friend. Zuckerberg presented Obama with a Facebook hoodie in case for some reason you want to dress like me. Sounds as though another relationship-status update may be in order: In a domestic partnership.

BP sues owner of gulf rig, maker of blowout preventer



On the first anniversary of the explosion that triggered the giant Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the well operator BP has gone to court to force two other companies to share the blame and the costs. On Wednesday, BP sued Cameron, the maker of the blowout preventer that failed, and in a separate case cited faults by Transocean, owner of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that caught fire and sank. BP is seeking payments to help cover the

environmental fines and damage payments that are expected to run up to $40 billion. The London-based oil giant has asserted in court that negligence on the part of Cameron and Transocean caused the accident that killed 11 men and caused widespread environmental damage. BP said that Camerons faulty design of the blowout preventer was one key reason for the disaster. BP cited a recent federal investigation that found that the blowout preventer, which rested on

the sea floor, was unable to fully close and secure the well, in part because the drill pipe was not centered in the place where the blind shear ram the most powerful of the blowout preventers devices was supposed to cut and seal the pipe. Cameron issued a statement noting that Wednesday was the deadline for the companies to file claims against one another, and that in order to protect ourselves, we, too, have filed claims against other companies involved in the accident.

Although on the day of the accident, senior BP managers were visiting the Deepwater Horizon to congratulate its crew on the rigs safety record, in a court filing Wednesday BP gave a litany of 17 errors and failings on the part of Transocean. A Transocean spokesman, Lou Colasuonno, issued a statement calling BPs allegations specious and unconscionable and saying it was the oil companys cost-saving decisions that increased risk in some cases severely.



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Guantanamo detainee faces capital charges in Cole attack
Case could test system of military tribunals



U.S. military prosecutors on Wednesday charged one of the most prominent detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in a death penalty case that could prove to be a major test of the nations revised system of military commissions. Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, one of 15 high-value detainees at the U.S. military prison, was charged with murder, terrorism and other violations of the laws of war in connection with an October 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen. The military alleges that Nashiri was in charge of the planning and preparation of the attack, in which a small boat carrying two suicide bombers pulled alongside the USS Cole and detonated, ripping a 30-by-30-foot hole in the Navy destroyer and killing 17 American sailors. The case is the first capital military tribunal to be announced under President Obama, whose administration recently lifted a ban on new trials at Guantanamo Bay. Although the administration said this month that it would try Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four co-defendants in a military commission, prosecutors have not sworn charges or confirmed that they will seek the death penalty. Nashiri, 46, a Saudi citizen of Yemeni descent, has been in U.S. custody since 2002 and at Guantanamo Bay since 2006. After his capture in the United Arab Emirates, he was held overseas at secret CIA prisons, where he was waterboarded and subject to mock executions in which agency operatives separately held a power drill and a gun to his head, according to

a report by the CIA inspector general and other government documents. Nashiri said at a 2007 military hearing that he confessed to involvement in the Cole bombing only because he was tortured. The case raises difficult legal questions about the legacy of harsh interrogation methods, about the use of military tribunals to prosecute acts that occurred before Sept. 11, 2001, and about the destruction of evidence by CIA officers that could complicate prosecution. Now we get serious, said Eugene Fidell, president of the National Institute of Military Justice and a lecturer at Yale Law School. Its a mares nest of legal issues. Since the military detention center opened in 2002, six cases have been completed, resulting in four plea bargains, a short sentence and a guilty verdict. Two of those six detainees have been released, and three more are scheduled to be sent home over the next few years as a result of the pleas. But Nashiri, who is said to have been a senior associate of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, has a far bigger profile than any of the detainees convicted so far. Under the military justice system, a senior Pentagon official known as the convening authority decides whether to refer the charges to trial by a military commission. The authority could reject any or all of the charges. Nashiri has a military attorney, but under the revised system of military commissions, he is also entitled to a learned counsel, either a military or a civilian lawyer with experience in capital cases. That person must be appointed before charges are referred. I am absolutely thrilled that this long-overdue prosecution is moving forward and that the crew and families will finally see justice, said Kirk Lippold, the former commander of the Cole. In 2000, the United States did not treat the attack on the Cole as an act of war, sending FBI and

Naval Criminal Investigative Service personnel to Yemen to investigate. Congressional authorization for the use of military force against al-Qaeda did not come until immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks, and some legal experts say that raises questions about whether a military court has the jurisdiction to try the Nashiri case. The 2009 Military Commissions Act says offenses committed before Sept. 11, 2001, can be tried. But David Glazier, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, writes in a forthcoming article for a law journal that Supreme Court precedent clearly limits commission jurisdiction to the period of actual hostilities. Military prosecutors are unlikely to rely on any statements Nashiri made while in CIA custody. Ali Soufan, a former FBI agent, wrote in an op-ed in the New York Times last year that there is enough evidence to convict Mr. Nashiri based on confessions we gained legally from his two indicted co-conspirators. Moreover, in military commissions, FBI agents will probably be able to relay to the court what witnesses in Yemen told them hearsay testimony that would typically be barred in federal court. Nonetheless, the case is complicated by the CIAs destruction of videotapes of Nashiris waterboarding. The defense is likely to argue that the destruction of potentially exculpatory evidence should lead the military judge to dismiss the charges. Even if the matter of Nashiris treatment at the hands of the CIA never surfaces during the trial, it will almost certainly come up in any sentencing phase as a factor mitigating against a death sentence. Anyone who approved or participated in the torture of my client should be prepared to take the witness stand, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Reyes said.


TEXAS: Morgan Deaver, a senior at Vanguard College Preparatory School, has her face rinsed while

other students play in a mud pit during the schools field day on its Waco, Tex., campus Tuesday.

Oil spill anniversary marked by vigils

On Wednesday, relatives flew over Gulf of Mexico waters where 11 oil rig workers died a year ago. Meanwhile, residents gathered in quiet prayer vigils onshore, and President Obama vowed to hold BP and others accountable for the painful losses that theyve caused. The somber remembrances marked the one-year anniversary of the rig explosion that caused the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history.
Associated Press

wildfire burning 70 miles west of Fort Worth on Wednesday, the same day a Texas firefighter died from injuries suffered while battling a blaze earlier in the month. The fire at Possum Kingdom Lake is among several that have scorched about 1 million acres across bone-dry Texas in the past two weeks. A spokesman for University Medical Center in Lubbock said 49-year-old Elias Jacquez of Cactus died Wednesday, 11 days after he was injured fighting a fire about 40 miles north of Amarillo.
Associated Press

Arizona the second state to adopt an official firearm, following Utah. Brewer on Monday vetoed a measure passed by the legislature allowing guns, whether concealed or not, on sidewalks or roads on Arizonas college campuses.

New coasters for Coney Island: New Yorks Coney Island opened its first new roller coasters since the famed Cyclone was built there in the 1920s. Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) helped launch four rides known collectively as the Scream Zone. Goldfish races halted: Goldfish races at a Tacoma, Wash., bar have been canceled after complaints from animal rights activists. The Harmon Tap Room would feature races in which goldfish were raced down eightfoot troughs as competitors guided the fish with squirt bottles.
From news reports

About 1 million acres scorched by wildfires

Federal firefighters and officials from several U.S. agencies joined the fight against a massive

Colt .45 may become official state firearm

Arizonas Republican-controlled legislature has voted to make the Colt revolver the southwestern states official firearm. If signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer (R), the bill would make

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Politics & The Nation



KLMNO Columbine anniversary


Air traffic supervisors told to guide White House planes

NTSB will investigate why first ladys flight flew too close to cargo jet


The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday issued new orders requiring that air traffic control supervisors oversee the arrival and departure of planes carrying the vice president and first lady. The directive came two days after an incident in which a Boeing 737 carrying Michelle Obama got too close to a massive military cargo jet as both planes were trying to land at Andrews Air Force Base. The managers in one air traffic control center were unaware of a potential problem, and the manager in the Andrews tower was reluctant to say anything when he noticed that the two planes were two miles closer than FAA standards allow, federal sources said. Oversight by a manager already is required when the president is on board a White House aircraft. In a statement Tuesday, the FAA said that the aircraft were never in any danger. The National Transportation Safety Board, which began investigating mistakes by air traffic controllers and pilots last year after error rates spiked, said Wednesday that it will investigate the incident. An FAA investigation, already underway, is expected to be completed next week. On Wednesday, the NTSB said it had reviewed 950 cases in the past year when cockpit collision-

avoidance systems were triggered, 260 of them worthy of further examination and nine that warranted full investigations. The worst was an incident last year when, because of a controllers mistake, a US Airways plane passed within 50 feet of a cargo jet in a cloud bank after taking off from Minneapolis, said Thomas E. Haueter, director of the agencys Office of Aviation Safety. The one in Minneapolis scares the heck out of me, Haueter said. Thats the one we lose the most sleep over. Ninety people were on board that Philadelphia-bound flight. The cargo planes pilot said he never saw the Boeing 737. Haueter said a near collision in January between an American Airlines Boeing 777 and two C-17 military cargo jets just south of New York also ranked as one of the most serious incidents. The NTSB, better known for its investigation of plane crashes, intensified its review of nonfatal incidents a year ago to determine whether an apparent increase in the number of errors by air traffic controllers and pilots was evidence of a systemic problem. They required airlines or pilots to file reports directly to the NTSB whenever collision avoidance systems aboard aircraft went off. Haueter said the data have not revealed a pattern. Usually a problem was caused when somebody made an assumption, like assuming that somebody was going to turn right, and then they didnt, he said. The big issue is that its just the first year weve been looking into this. Its probably going to take three to four years to get a better idea of whats going on.

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On Monday, Obama and Jill Biden, the wife of the vice president, were returning from a television appearance and other events in New York aboard a Boeing 737 that is part of the White House fleet of aircraft. As the incident unfolded just before 5 p.m., the managers at the Potomac Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility in Warrenton were occupied with other duties and unaware that one of their controllers had allowed the first ladys plane to get two miles closer than allowed by FAA regulations to the wake of a 200-ton C-17, federal sources said. Normally, when the presidents plane comes in, a manager is stationed right over the controllers shoulder, said an FAA official who spent years working in Washington area control facilities. Although the Warrenton managers were unaware of what was happening, the manager in the tower at Andrews now known as Joint Base Andrews was watching it unfold on a radar screen, federal sources said. But that manager was reluctant to contact the Warrenton center and tell them what to do, according to a federal source familiar with the investigation who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak publicly. The Warrenton controllers error was rated an A, the top of the FAA scale for degree of seriousness. The first ladys jet ended up making a go-around, a routine safety maneuver, because the Andrews controllers concluded that the C-17 might not be able to clear the runway before the White House plane landed. Wake turbulence from the C-17, which ripples behind planes like waves in the wake of a supertanker ship, was a potential danger. It is powerful enough to severely buffet a trailing plane and, in extreme cases, result in a crash. Potomac TRACON controllers, who are responsible for planes using airports throughout the region, recorded 52 controller errors last year, an increase from 21 in 2009. This year, the facility has recorded 13 errors. At least two other errors rated a B in degree of seriousness have occurred there this month. Last Thursday, a single-engine, four-seat plane bound for the Leesburg airport came within a mile and 200 feet of altitude of another small plane leaving the Manassas airport. General FAA rules require separation of three miles and 1,000 feet in altitude. On Sunday, a single-engine Cessna circling Reagan National Airport flew into the flight path of an arriving Delta Boeing 757, coming within half a mile and 700 feet of altitude. On Wednesday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said on PBS NewsHour that he had fired two controllers one in Knoxville, the other in Miami who had been caught sleeping on the job recently.


A woman visits a memorial in Littleton, Colo., on Wednesday for the 12 students and one teacher who were killed at the Columbine High School shootings 12 years ago.

Obama looks at contractors donations

Order would target contributions to groups with political ties

President Obama is considering an executive order that would force government contractors to disclose their donations to groups that participate in political activities, a move Republicans slammed Wednesday as an attempt to restrict political speech. White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters that the administration has a draft proposal and would not offer details. But he said Obama thinks it is crucial to allow taxpayers to learn more about contractors who seek federal funds. The provision is similar to one in a bill that Democrats pushed before the midterm elections called the Disclose Act. That legislation was part of a broader effort by Democrats and the White House to limit the influence of interest groups, which played an expanded role in last years midterm elections. A string of Supreme Court decisions has freed corporations, labor unions and other interest groups to participate in elections as long as they operate independently of candidates. Many interest groups were formed last year to spend millions of dollars on the elections, and most of the money was spent on campaign commercials that were against congressional Dem-

ocrats. Many of the groups did not disclose their funding sources, leading Democrats to call for greater transparency. Republicans denounced the proposed executive order. Just last year, the Senate rejected a cynical effort to muzzle critics of this administration and its allies in Congress, said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Now, under the guise of transparency, the Obama administration reportedly wants to know the political leanings of any company or small business, including those of their officers and directors, before the government decides if theyll award them federal contracts. The Professional Services Council, a trade coalition that represents nearly 350 companies that work with the federal government, also condemned the idea. The draft order says it is necessary to ensure that politics are not allowed to impair the integrity of the procurement process, said Stan Soloway, the groups president. But by forcefeeding irrelevant information to government contracting officers, who would otherwise never consider such factors in a source selection, the rule would actually do precisely what it is intended to stop: inject politics into the source selection process. Carney denied that the order was related to politics. Obama believes very strongly that taxpayers deserve to know how contractors are spending their money and how theyre spending in terms of political campaigns, Carney said. And his goal is transparency and accountability. Thats the responsi-

ble thing to do when youre handling taxpayer dollars. The move suggests Democrats are not backing down from their effort to make transparency in elections a priority. During the midterms, Obama and Democratic congressional leaders spoke often about the need to disclose donors identities to the interest groups, which tended to favor Republican candidates. After the election, Democrats were split on whether the effort was successful for them. Conservative groups got the upper hand in fundraising while demoralized Democrats were hoping to blunt the new rules with laws requiring disclosure. Since then, two Obama administration officials have left the White House to form an outside political organization to aid the presidents reelection campaign next year. The new group would take large contributions, possibly including some shrouded in secrecy. It is not known how many government contractors contribute to interest groups active in elections because many of those contributions dont need to be disclosed, but the number of companies with government contracts means that could be significant. Federal agencies spent about $535 billion in fiscal 2010 on government contracts. One of the biggest spenders on election ads was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has about 300,000 corporate members. Staff writer Ed OKeefe contributed to this report.

New two-level terror alert system will start next week

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the colorcoded terrorism alert system will be replaced next week by two levels of warnings elevated and imminent threats. The new alerts could be conveyed to the public through Facebook and Twitter. Unlike in the color-coded system, these alerts will have expiration dates. The past system described the threat in five colors, from green, indicating low risk, to red, meaning severe. Napolitano said that the threat picture in the United States is at an elevated baseline and that future public warnings will hinge on specific and credible intelligence above and beyond that threshold. She said the terrorism threat faced by the nation is at its highest since Sept. 11, 2001, because of the increasing number and types of international and homegrown threats. This does not mean there is a specific threat of an imminent attack.
Associated Press

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Politics & The Nation


Space for rent: Pentagon aims to stow cargo on commercial satellites



The Defense Department is looking for ways to cut the multibillion-dollar annual costs of its space programs, which include putting some of its military payloads on commercial satellites, a Pentagon official said Wednesday. On space programs were paying too much, and you will see us doing a lot with management of space programs coming up, said Ashton Carter, Defense undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics. You can look into the future, and the costs projected for these [space programs] are just not affordable. Reductions in defense spending for space and other programs, Carter said, would largely go toward meeting the goal set by President Obama to cut overall national security spending by $400 billion over the next decade. Pentagon budgets represent the bulk of spending on national security. Speaking to an audience at the Heritage Foundation, Carter said one opportunity for the Pentagon was to rely on hosted payloads, with a private company effectively offering real estate on its satellites for Defense Department payloads. That, Carter said, obviates the need for us to have our own spacecraft. His remarks, which were made

in answer to a question, follow an announcement late last month by seven satellite companies, including Boeing and Lockheed Martin, that they had formed the Hosted Payload Alliance to promote the idea of government payloads carried on commercial satellites. The Pentagons own launch vehicle program, called Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle, has worked well, but its costing too much, Carter said. In January, Defense Secretary

Robert M. Gates said the Air Force would spend some of the money it saved with new efficiencies out of the fiscal 2011 budget to procure additional EELVs to assure access to space for both military and other government agencies while sustaining our industrial base. Carter said one approach to cut costs of satellites and launch vehicles would be to make block purchases with a guarantee to buy a certain number over time.

The proposed fiscal 2012 budget contains $1.76 billion for the EELV program, which will grow to a total of $9.9 billion over five years. Congress was told earlier this year that the Air Force has committed to buy four of five EELVs in the next two years, in a block, and five per year for the three remaining years in the fiveyear Future Years Defense Program. This will have the effect of

lowering the cost per booster and contributing to a more stable market for our industrial base, Air Force Undersecretary Erin C. Conaton told the House Armed Services strategic subcommittee last month. The subcommittee was also told that the fiscal 2012 budget seeks advanced appropriations for block buys for new high-frequency communications satellites and that funds for block buys would be in the fiscal 2013 budget

for the space-based infrared satellites used to spot missile launches. Carter said that while most attention is focused on cutting funds to purchase various weapons systems, more money for reductions needs to be found in other areas, such as the $200 billion spent annually on contracting for services, the $200 billion for logistics and $100 billion for maintenance.

Obamas will be present for launch of Endeavour



cape canaveral, fla. President Obama and his family will attend next weeks launch of Endeavour, NASAs next-to-last space shuttle flight, which will be commanded by the husband of wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. A White House official said Wednesday that the president would be at the April 29 liftoff, along with wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha. That prompted Giffords to say: Awesome. Cmdr. Mark Kelly will lead the six-man shuttle crew to the International Space Station. He has said he hopes his wife will be there when he blasts off, and is awaiting her doctors final approval. Giffords, a Democrat from Arizona, was shot in the head during a meeting with constituents in Tucson on Jan. 8. Kelly took a months leave to be at her hospital bedside, then returned to Houston to resume flight training. Shes now at a Houston hospital undergoing extensive rehab. NASA already has been working on security and other issues surrounding Giffordss possible attendance at Kennedy Space Center. She will be in a restricted area, out of the public eye. It was not immediately known whether the Obamas would be with the congresswoman for the scheduled 3:47 p.m. liftoff. Obama had already planned to be in Florida later that day to give a commencement address at Miami Dade College. Only two sitting presidents have witnessed a manned rocket launch. President Richard Nixon was on hand for the Nov. 14, 1969, launch of Apollo 12 to the moon. President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, saw Sen. John Glenn fly aboard shuttle Discovery on Oct. 29, 1998. This will be the first time a first family has attended a launch. Obama was at Kennedy Space Center a year ago to outline his new post-shuttle exploration plan of sending astronauts to an asteroid and ultimately Mars. He canceled his predecessors moonfocused program named Constellation. The president is calling for private companies to replace the shuttles function of delivering crew and cargo to the space station, so NASA can focus on deep space. Only one shuttle launch remains. Atlantis will close out NASAs 30-year shuttle program at the end of June.
Associated Press

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Seeking justice, trusting tradition

Afghanistans informal tribal-elder system gains support as efforts to form modern courts stumble


uch about Maamour Jilanis death in this eastern Afghan city six months ago is in dispute. Relatives called it a murder, saying a beating brought on the 52year-olds heart attack. Family members of the man charged in the case, however, said a preexisting condition made it an accidental death. But all agree on one key issue: Tribal elders, not the courts, should be the arbiters. We dont have any faith in the legal system, said Rabani Gul, Jilanis son. Its decisions are not impartial. There will be no justice. That vote of no confidence reflects a much broader sense of concern in Afghanistan as the United States and its allies struggle to leave behind a viable justice system. After the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan that helped topple the Taliban in 2001, Western powers attempted to create a more modern justice system, building courthouses and training judges, prosecutors, police and defense lawyers. But the efforts, which cost billions of dollars, have yielded a system that many Afghans deride as corrupt, arbitrary and subject to political interference. Now the United States and other international donors have begun to spend millions of dollars on projects that aim to better understand and legitimize Afghanistans traditional justice system, known as informal justice. For a long time, the international community thought, We want nothing to do with informal justice, said Sylvana Sinha, an expert on traditional justice at the Kabul office of the U.S. Institute of Peace. Theyve now realized the formal system does not have the capacity, and they are starting to find ways to work with the informal one.

Troubled Kabul Bank to be split




Qari Mirhatam Tarakhel, left, is head of the provincial council in Laghman province, Afghanistan. As a jirga chief, he presides over everything from land disputes to murder cases in an informal justice system that handles an estimated 95 percent of the countrys disputes.

Countrys main arbiters

For decades, councils of elders have acted as the supreme authority in Afghan districts and villages that have had little support from, or access to, the state. The almost exclusively male-run bodies have served as arbiters for everything from land disputes to killings. Afghanistans informal justice system handles an estimated 95 percent of disputes in the country. Some are settled with money, others with a handshake. When it comes to criminal cases, rather than simply punishing an individual, elders aim to find arrangements that restore harmony in communities beset by discord. Sometimes this is achieved through blood money payments. In other cases, the tribe or family of a suspect must settle a score by providing the aggrieved party one of its young women.

U.S. officials say they have not abandoned the goal of building a robust court system. But they say they have begun paying greater attention to ways in which they can support the informal system, because it will almost certainly be the only viable dispute resolution system available to most Afghans for years. Some Western officials in Afghanistan want to build Switzerland, and they want to do it fast, said Lt. Gen. David M. Rodriguez, the operational commander of NATO troops in Afghanistan. What the Afghan people want is security, justice and representation. They need to get back to traditional dispute resolutions. To get that, you need to provide sufficient security for those organizations to get back up. Building a viable court system is not a foolhardy goal, he said, but its a 20-year plan. The U.S. Agency for International Development launched a $14.5 million pilot program last year to support the informal justice sector. Its aim is to provide legal training to elders, seek ways to link informal bodies to the court system and find opportunities to give women a greater voice. The price tag is a fraction of what the United States is spending on initiatives to support the formal justice system. Last year, for example, USAID and other American agencies spent $429 million on justice projects.

Maamour Jilanis death last year triggered a dispute between two families. The 52-year-old, above, died of a heart attack, but his family said it was caused by another man, Abdul Hudood. The families agreed to let the tribal elders broker a resolution.

But the growing interest in traditional justice has upset some Afghan officials, including supreme court justices and members of parliament. They have argued that recognition of the informal system is a tacit acknowledgment that the formal one is doomed. I think there is a rush by the international community, said Fauzia Kofi, a member of parliament who heads its human rights committee. They want to leave and they dont want to leave projects unfinished, so theyre turning to quick fixes. The Justice Ministry has drafted a proposed policy to link the formal and informal sectors, but

Afghan officials and rule-of-law experts say a compromise is years away. Among the most contentious issues are the marginalization of women in the informal sector and how much authority, if any, councils of elders should have over criminal cases.

The elders decide

In Jilanis case, his family and the relatives of the suspect, Abdul Hudood, agreed to let a council, or jirga, broker a resolution. We reached a resolution based on traditions from the old days, said Qari Mirhatam Tarakhel, the head of the jirga. After meeting with both fami-

lies for hours, 40 elders led by Tarakhel reached the following deal: Jilanis family would have to forgive the suspect. Hudoods family, however, would have to leave the village for at least 10 years. It should serve as a lesson to others, Tarakhel said. Despite having given the jirga authority to settle the case, some of the suspects relatives reneged once they learned the punishment. Jilani had a heart problem, said Jafar, the suspects brotherin-law, who goes by only one name. He was not killed. He died from his heart problem. So why should we all be punished by that? Jafar said his family has faith that the elders will broker a better resolution, sooner or later. The provinces chief investigative prosecutor acknowledged that the court system was illequipped to handle the dispute. But the criminal case was not dismissed, and prosecutors are keeping the matter on hold while the elders continue to prod both sides. Gul, Jilanis son, said his family will give the jirga some additional time but wants nothing to do with the court system. If the jirga hadnt stepped in, he said, we would have taken revenge already. Correspondent Greg Jaffe and special correspondent Javed Hamdard contributed to this report.

kabul In an attempt to protect Afghanistans precarious financial system, the countrys central bank said Wednesday that it will break Kabul Bank into two parts to isolate hundreds of millions of dollars in bad loans and create a new bank that guarantees customers deposits. The Afghan Central Bank has so far recouped just $47 million of the more than $900 million in outstanding loans issued by Kabul Bank, the majority to shareholders including relatives of President Hamid Karzai and Vice President Mohammed Fahim, as well as other government officials and prominent businessmen. The near collapse last year of Kabul Bank, the nations largest financial institution, prompted a government takeover and the severance of former shareholders connections. After a few months, the bank, separated from the bulk of its loan portfolio, will be privatized and renamed the New Kabul Bank, according to Abdul Qadir Fitrat, the central banks governor. If we see any tiny violation, we will deal with it and we will use the full force of the law, Fitrat told reporters after a news conference Wednesday in Kabul. He said the Afghan government will attempt to recoup the rest of the loans, adding, If somebody doesnt cooperate, we will take action and we will seize their properties by the order of the court. The move appeared intended in part to appease the International Monetary Fund, which has demanded reforms in Afghanistans fraught banking sector before it will issue a new line of credit for the country. Without an IMF program, Afghanistan could lose international aid from some countries. Kabul Bank still faces many problems. Some Afghan and Western officials think it will be difficult to collect money owed by shareholders and other borrowers, because much of it has been invested in other tenuous businesses and ventures. And none of the banks managers or shareholders has yet been successfully prosecuted. Fitrat said that the attorney generals office would investigate 19 cases of fraud and questionable lending and that the governments oversight and anti-corruption office would look at two other corruption cases. Fitrat said a receivership commission has been established to oversee the banks dissolution and sale.


Arab League disappoints Baghdad again

An Arab League summit planned for Baghdad next month was postponed again Wednesday as political unrest continues to roil the Middle East. The delay was not unexpected but drew protests from Iraqi leaders, who had said it could give Arab countries an important first chance to discuss the changes taking place across the region. Iraqi lawmakers said the forums second postponement also indicates that neighboring Arab leaders intend never to hold the conference in Baghdad, which, although safer than in recent years, struggles with near-daily incidents of violence. The league has not met in Iraq since 1990, and the country has spent months and hundreds of millions of dollars refurbishing one of Saddam Husseins former palaces in the Green Zone and other buildings to host the conference even as most areas of the capital remain without electricity for 20 hours or more a day. An aide to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said on state-run TV Wednesday evening that representatives of the Arab League would meet May 15 to choose a new date for the conference. It was not clear whether Baghdad would remain the venue. Also Wednesday, more than 1,000 Sunnis demonstrated in Fallujah after the death of a gas station owner who was shot Tuesday by an Iraqi army officer. The army in the area is mostly controlled by Shiites.
Aaron Davis

said he expects about 140 countries to vote in favor of an independent Palestine. Since the assemblys decisions are not legally binding, the vote would be largely symbolic, and it is unclear what the Palestinians would do after that. Abbas said Wednesay that the Palestinians would not unilaterally proclaim a state and that whatever happens, he does not consider violence an option. I will not accept a third military uprising, he said, noting that the last armed uprising against Israel was disastrous for us.
Associated Press


Troops move against Gbagbo stronghold

Ivorian security forces have launched an offensive to stamp out remaining militiamen and mercenaries loyal to former president Laurent Gbagbo who are holed up in an Abidjan neighborhood, officials said Wednesday. Days of heavy fighting brought Alassane Ouattara to power last week, ending a four-month postelection standoff. But the heavily populated neighborhood of Yo-

pougon remains awash with proGbagbo fighters who retreated after a French- and U.N.-backed assault led to Gbagbos arrest. There are so many mercenaries there. They are robbing the population, a person in Ouattaras government said. Order has to be restored. There was no official comment from Ouattaras government, but a diplomat confirmed the operation, and a member of the security forces who was involved said mopping up was underway. In the last few weeks of the crisis, Gbagbos camp handed out


Penitents of the Cofradia del Silencio participate in a Holy Week procession in Zamora, Spain. Easter week is traditionally celebrated with processions in most Spanish towns.

Vatican honors Chinese Catholic: The Vatican has put a Chinese Catholic scholar who lived nearly five centuries ago on track for beatification, in a move apparently intended to raise the profile of the church in a country that keeps a tight grip on all religious expression. Paul Xu Guangqi, who lived from 1562 to 1633, was a scientist, astronomer and mathematician. The Vatican spokesman said Xus exemplary life shows that people can be both great Chinese and upstanding Catholics. Mexican police rescue 68 abductees: Mexican authorities said they had rescued 68 people, including 12 Central American migrants, allegedly kidnapped by a drug cartel in northern Mexico. The Public Safety Department said the group was rescued after federal agents went to a neighborhood in the border city of Reynosa, across from McAllen, Tex., after a tip.
From news services

weapons to youthful supporters in Abidjan, Ivory Coasts main city, and it has long been accused of using mercenaries to resist pressure to step down. The fighting in Yopougon comes as residents in other parts of Abidjan have cautiously started going about their daily lives again.


Abbas: Uprising not a means to statehood

The Palestinian president said Wednesday that he is opposed to another armed uprising against Israel, even if faltering peace efforts fail later this year. Mahmoud Abbas told reporters

in Tunisia that he remains committed to the U.S.-backed goal of a negotiated peace agreement with Israel by September. But with talks stalled for months, he repeated his plan to unilaterally seek U.N. endorsement of Palestinian independence in the absence of a deal. Abbas said he would turn to the U.N. General Assembly, where he

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The World


President-elect of Haiti promises to speed up earthquake reconstruction



Haitis newly elected president met senior U.S. officials in Washington on Wednesday, pledging to speed up reconstruction of his earthquake-battered country and to reestablish an army in a country that has been plagued with coups. Michel Martelly was warmly greeted by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who said she was encouraged by the campaign that Mr. Martelly ran, his emphasis on the people and their needs. Martelly known as Sweet Micky is a political novice famous in Haiti as a singer of kompa, or Haitian merengue. When he is inaugurated May 14, he will take charge of an impoverished country suffering from a cholera outbreak and the aftereffects of a January 2010 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people. In an interview with Washington Post reporters and editors, Martelly said a top priority was to relocate the hundreds of thousands of earthquake victims still living in tents. Its been 14, almost 15 months since the earthquake, and little effort has been made to help the displaced, he said. He said he planned to impose a five-cent tax on phone calls into Haiti to raise money for reconstruction and would also have access to $260 million in debt

payments forgiven by foreign lenders. But he gave few specifics about how he would quicken a process that has bogged down over land disputes, a lack of skilled Haitian bureaucrats and problems with coordination. Martelly also said he hoped to reestablish the army, which launched several coups before it was disbanded by then-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The new armed forces wouldnt be known for brutality, as their predecessors were, Martelly vowed. He pledged to set up a modern army to guard the borders, help in natural disasters and fight drug-trafficking. Martelly was friendly with the military leaders of the 1991 coup but said he intends to improve the rule of law in Haiti. He estimated that the new army would need only 5,000 soldiers and could be established for $10 million far cheaper than what is being spent on the United Nations peacekeeping troops in the country. We dont need an army with warships, he said. Clinton said the United States had a great deal of enthusiasm about Martelly, who will take office after months of political paralysis and succeed Rene Preval, a president regarded by many as an uninspired leader. The Obama administration has pledged about $1 billion to help Haiti rebuild from the earthquake.


Haitian President-elect Michel Martelly was warmly greeted in his visit to Washington by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who said she was encouraged by the campaign that Mr. Martelly ran, his emphasis on the people and their needs.

With Putins blessing, doctor criticizes Russias health care

Ministry issues letter denouncing prominent physician


Potemkin hospital
Last week was not the first time that Putin had heard a doctor complain publicly about the health-care system here. During a TV call-in show in December, a cardiologist in Ivanovo told the prime minister that much of what Putin saw during a recent visit to a hospital there was faked for his benefit. Putin has also dropped in on some of Moscows less prestigious hospitals in a way that has highlighted their problems. Despite his apparent sympathy, Putin said in reply to Roshals comments last week that the big problem is figuring out where more money would come from. On Wednesday, though, Putin told parliament that Russia will spend about $50 billion over the next five years on its demographic policy. He said the government wants life expectancy to grow from the current 69 years to 71, the birth rate to increase by 25 to 30 percent and the mortality rate to drop. But he didnt detail how that would be achieved. At the conference, Putin also said he is receptive, in theory, to Roshals proposal that medical workers be allowed more self-regulation, at the expense of the Health Ministry, although he described Roshals understanding of what was required as naive. At the same time, he praised Roshals commitment to solving Russias medical problems. He is constantly criticizing the Health Ministry, which I actually can appreciate, Putin said. I wish there were more people in other sectors who, calmly and phlegmatically, kept picking away at problem spots.


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moscow Russian medical care is hobbled by corruption, meager salaries, ill-conceived laws, a shortage of medical workers and an overbearing government bureaucracy, one of Russias most prominent doctors told a recent medical conference here. He addressed his remarks directly to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who was sitting just a few feet away. Putin did not directly dispute the comments; in fact, he said he knew what Leonid Roshal was going to say and wanted to make sure the conference heard it. But the Health Ministry later posted an unsigned collective letter denouncing Roshal and asking Putin to protect our honor and dignity against such criticism. Roshals address was made public Wednesday, a week after the conference, when it was reprinted in the newspaper Novaya Gazeta. It quickly became a leading topic on Russian blogs, which also noted the Soviet-style letter of denunciation that followed. A Health Ministry representative said Wednesday that it would not comment on the letter or Roshals accusations. Roshal could not be reached for comment. Hes been thinking about this for a very long time, said Kirill Danishevsky, an expert on Russian health-care reform who is also a doctor. Its impossible to disagree with some of the main points Roshal made. Roshal, a leading pediatrician and president of the National Medical Chamber, is perhaps best known here for his efforts to mediate during hostage-takings at a school in Beslan in 2004 and at a Moscow theater in 2002. In his remarks, he said too much money is being budgeted for equipment, much of it useless, because it is easy for bureaucrats to saw off a kickback for themselves. Doctors, he noted, have to make do on official salaries of less than $300 a month. (He didnt mention that most doctors here insist on under-the-table payments from their patients.) With just 3.9 percent of gross domestic product going to health care, he said, the result is a shortage of doctors, especially in rural areas, and of hospitals. There are regions where more than 50 percent of physicians are of retirement age and only 7 percent are young specialists, he said. And all of this, he concluded, is directed by a Health Ministry bureaucracy that is painfully lacking in people with medical

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Intrusive flies
For his part, Roshal said the ministry treats doctors who care about the quality of medical attention as intrusive flies. He complained about its rigid, illogical directives and asked Putin when the country will have a plan for reform. Putin replied that Russia has such a plan but that if Roshal was unaware of it, it clearly needs more promotion. He did not say what that plan entails. Danishevsky said he believes that Putin wanted to force health officials to hear Roshals comments because they are not generally receptive to outside opinion. People are so frustrated that theyre not being listened to, Danishevsky said. He said he hopes the incident leads to more open discussion of upcoming health legislation. This should be in the public domain, he said. The prime ministers Web site posted Putins comments from the medical conference, as well as the letter from the Health Ministry, but not Roshals remarks.
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Turmoil in the Middle East

Syrians protest despite promises of reforms




A poster of Irans supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, looms large in the background during a military parade in the capital, Tehran.

In rarity, Khamenei snubs Ahmadinejad

Irans supreme leader rejects presidents dismissal of key official


tehran Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received a public rebuff Wednesday when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Irans supreme leader, confirmed that the intelligence minister, whom Ahmadinejad had dismissed Sunday, is to keep his job. In a letter carried by all Iranian news agencies, Khamenei told Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi and his officials to continue their work, effectively ending three days of uncertainty over Moslehis fate and the reasons for his apparently forced resignation. It is rare for Khamenei, who generally supports the govern-

ments policies, to step in and modify the presidents decisions. In a keynote speech marking the beginning of the Iranian new year in March, the Islamic republics supreme leader publicly praised the government for implementing bold economic changes. The controversy over the key ministry post has flared against a backdrop of public tension about what high-ranked officials described as the growing influence of Ahmadinejads closest aide, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, in the countrys affairs. Semiofficial news media have reported that the 52-year-old aide played a central role in Moslehis dismissal. On Tuesday, the Sharq newspaper quoted a government Web site as saying that Mashaei had accused the Intelligence Ministry and others last week of not having exact news and analysis about events unfolding in the region.

If we miss the connection of all these events with the macro plan of imperialists, this will cause us to make mistakes, Mashaei told the Web site. Sharq, quoting other Web sites, wrote that after Moslehi tried Saturday to fire a senior intelligence official who is apparently close to Mashaei, the aide persuaded Ahmadinejad to remove the minister. Khameneis refusal to accept the move suggests that he could be trying to limit Mashaeis influence, analysts say. Mashaei, a former Intelligence Ministry official, made a controversial trip in December to Jordan, a country with which Iran has frosty relations because of its ties with Israel. Recently, Ahmadinejad has warned neighbors in the region that the United States and Israel are planning to divide Jordan to establish a Palestinian state there. Two weeks ago, for reasons that

remain unclear, Ahmadinejad abruptly replaced Mashaei, who holds several government positions, as the head of the presidents office. Mashaeis promotion of Iranian culture over Islamic culture has angered hard-line Shiite clerics, who say they would prefer to see him leave. But analysts say the aide still wields considerable influence on the president, whose son is married to Mashaeis daughter. Official media have quoted government supporters as saying that Ahmadinejad accepts Khameneis decision on retaining the intelligence minister. But as of late Wednesday, the president, who is traveling in western Iran this week, had not issued a statement confirming that Moslehi would stay on. Special correspondent Kay Armin Serjoie contributed to this report.

beirut Thousands of students demonstrated Wednesday against Syrias authoritarian government, brushing off President Bashar al-Assads sweeping declarations of reform as the countrys growing protest movement vowed to stage the biggest rallies to date Friday. The month-long uprising in Syria has posed the biggest challenge yet to the 40-year ruling dynasty of Assad and his father before him. On Tuesday, Syria did away with 50 years of emergency rule but emboldened and defiant crowds accused Assad of trying to buy time while he clings to power. We are preparing for a huge demonstration on Friday, said an activist in the southern city of Daraa, where anti-government protests erupted last month and later spread nationwide. Prolonged instability in Syria could have serious repercussions beyond its borders. The closed-off nation punches above its weight in terms of regional influence because of its alliances with militant groups such as Lebanons Hezbollah and Shiite powerhouse Iran. That has given Damascus a pivotal role in most of the flash-point issues of the Middle East, including the Arab-Israeli peace process and Irans widening influence. Protesters have vowed to keep up their demonstrations. In recent days, the movement has crossed a significant threshold, with increasing numbers now seeking nothing less than the downfall of the regime. At least 200 people have been killed as the government cracks down on protesters. On Wednesday, 4,000 university students from Daraa and surrounding areas protested near the citys al-Omari Mosque. Activists also said dozens of students protested Wednesday at Aleppo University in the north, describing confrontations on campus between pro-

and anti-government students. The witnesses, who were reached by phone, spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals. A resident of the city of Homs in central Syria also said preparations for protests Friday were underway but declined to go into details over the phone. Homs has been tense since clashes between protesters and security forces killed at least 12 people Sunday. On Tuesday, security forces there opened fire with live ammunition and tear gas on hundreds of anti-government demonstrators during a predawn raid that killed several people. In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton rapped the Syrian government for its crackdown on the protests, saying Damascus must stop the arbitrary arrests, detentions and torture of prisoners, and it must cease the violence. Also Wednesday, human rights activists said Syrian authorities had arrested an opposition figure at his home during an overnight raid, hours after the government had announced an end to emergency rule. Syrian Human Rights League chief Abdul-Karim Rihawi said security agents picked up Mahmoud Issa at his home in Homs after an interview he gave to Al-Jazeera satellite TV late Tuesday. He said that his arbitrary arrest is in line with the state of emergency rule and that he expected him to be released after Assad signs the decree formally abolishing the emergency rule. In Washington, State Department spokesman Mark Toner expressed concern about Issas arrest, noting that it occurred a day after Assad promised to repeal Syrias emergency law. This arrest today calls into question the Syrian governments intentions with respect to real reform, Toner said. Actions speak louder than words.
Associated Press

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Turmoil in the Middle East

As Yemeni ruler hangs on, protesters anger at U.S. grows

Opposition activists want Washington to push Saleh harder


sanaa, yemen When pro-government snipers killed 52 protesters last month, opponents of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh thought the United States would finally support calls for his immediate resignation. But the Obama administration has yet to publicly urge one of its key allies in the Middle East to step down. Its policy has fallen far short of the strong actions that Washington took in Egypt and in Libya, where it is using its military and diplomatic might to press for a new leadership. Since that violent March day, the attacks on protesters have continued. Now, many activists here are convinced the United States will speak up only when the death toll rises significantly. We feel disappointed, and we feel left out, said Khaled Al-Anesi, a human rights lawyer and activist. Anger and frustration at the Obama administration are building among activists and political opposition leaders amid intensifying violence across this Middle Eastern nation. As Saleh remains defiant, many here believe the United States should apply more pressure to bring his 32-year rule to a swift end. The American administration has been too slow to act, Anesi continued. Until now, we have not seen a firm public stance. They dont have to wait until thousands of us are killed. The crisis in Yemen, perhaps more than elsewhere, underscores the dilemma the Obama administration faces in grappling with the ongoing rebellions across the Middle East and North Africa and their potential consequences. On one hand, Yemens activists are fighting for democratic values that Obama strongly signaled he would support in his Cairo speech in June 2009. On the other hand, Saleh is a vital


Anti-government demonstrators in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, wave a poster depicting President Ali Abdullah Saleh as a pirate.

U.S. ally in a nation that poses the most significant terrorism and security threat to the United States after Afghanistan and Pakistan. An oil-producing region nestled along strategic shipping lanes, Yemen is home to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The al-Qaeda affiliate, known as AQAP, has tried to attack the United States twice over the past two years, with a failed plot to bomb a U.S. airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009 and last years attempt to send parcel bombs to Chicago. For several weeks, the United States has been pushing behind closed doors for a peaceful transfer of power and has denounced the violence in Yemen. But publicly the administration continues to send mixed signals. The

Pentagon still expresses doubts that a post-Saleh government can effectively combat AQAP, terrorism and potential influence from Iran; the State Department has yet to publicly demand regime change, even though in private U.S. officials acknowledge that Saleh is no longer capable of leading Yemen. Salehs opponents say he has exaggerated the threat of al-Qaeda to help persuade the United States to support him. The absence of a strong U.S. stance against him, they say, has allowed Saleh to use his close relationship with the United States as leverage in power transfer talks, as he argues that Washington wants a gradual transition of power and that he should oversee such a change. The more he prolongs his departure, the more Yemen inch-

es toward violent upheaval, even civil war, they warn. The international community needs to freeze his accounts and stop all means of support for him, said Tawakkol Karman, a key architect of the uprising. They need to deal with him as an illegal regime. Diplomats and Yemeni officials have long warned the Obama administration of Salehs vulnerabilities. Yet Washington has continued to back Saleh, seeing little alternative to tackling AQAP. Last year alone, the United States gave $300 million in military and development aid, largely to fight AQAP and contain its reach. What the Obama administration worries about most in the face of Salehs possible departure is who will replace him. Decades

of marginalizing his opponents has left behind a weak and divided opposition, raising concerns about its capability to fight AQAP. Last month, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates appeared to suggest that the administration needed Saleh, saying that the United States had a lot of counter-terrorism cooperation with Saleh and Yemens security services. He added that if the government collapses or is replaced by one that is dramatically more weak, then the United States would face additional challenges out of Yemen. Last week, though, State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters that the United States did not solely depend on Saleh to fight AQAP, saying that our shared interests in fighting

counter-terrorism extends beyond one individual. But when asked why the United States was not explicitly calling for Saleh to step down when his security forces are killing his own people, Toner said: This is something that the Yemeni people need to dictate and demand and that he needs to respond to their aspirations. Its not for us to impose a solution. The Obama administrations dilemma in calling for regime change in some states, but not others, was illustrated in a recent speech by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in Washington. Clinton congratulated the people of Tunisia and Egypt, where entrenched leaders were ousted, and repeated the U.S. insistence that Moammar Gaddafi move aside in Libya. But she tempered her remarks on those countries where turmoil threatens U.S. interests. In Bahrain, she called for an unspecified political process and warned against violence. In Yemen, Clinton said, the United States strongly supports the quest for greater opportunity and the pursuit of political and economic reform. Saleh, Clinton said, needs to resolve the political impasse with the opposition so that meaningful political change can take place in the near term in an orderly and peaceful manner. In interviews, many activists said they believe in free and fair elections, separation of powers, freedom of speech and other core democratic values so they expected the United States to take a strong public stance against Saleh. If this doesnt happen, Karman warned, the protesters would themselves ratchet up their rebellion, knowing full well they could invite the wrath of Saleh and his security forces. We are willing to pay with our blood if takes that to reach our goals, she said. And we are running out of patience. Staff writer Karen DeYoung in Washington contributed to this report.








Some Egyptians fear lifting of emergency law Mullen

Concerns about safety as revolution leaves law and order uncertain


cairo The protests that top-

pled President Hosni Mubarak were driven in large part by hatred of the 30-year-old emergency law that gives the government broad powers to censor and detain citizens. But in a sign of the topsy-turvy world that Egyptians now live in, many here say they want the law to stay for the time being. A broad swath of society from glassworkers to accountants, Christians to Islamists say the emergency law is one of the few things keeping them safe. Few dreamed they would ever say that; nor did they think they would see Mubarak detained in a hospital and his two sons thrown in jail, as happened last week. The emergency law is supposed to be there for unusual circumstances, and this is unusual, said Maged Abdel Geill, 40, a driver who took deep drags of shisha while on a break at a

Cairo cafe. Weve taken the emergency law for 30 years. One more year wont make a difference. The law, which has been in place since President Anwar Sadats assassination in 1981, gives the government the right to arrest people without charges, then detain them indefinitely and to limit free speech and assembly. It was used to keep a lid on the Muslim Brotherhood and other opponents of Mubaraks regime. But the willingness to retain the law which many interviewed said should end as soon as a new government is in place is a symptom of a deeper problem. You get a feeling that theres chaos, said Tarek Fefaat, 45, an accounts manager, who also said he wanted the emergency law kept in place. Many police officers have withdrawn from the streets; tales of theft and violence sweep neighborhoods, and in Imbaba, an impoverished area of Cairo on the west bank of the Nile, some residents say they dont dare walk the streets unarmed. The change in attitudes about security has even extended, in

some cases, to feelings about the much-feared police, who just two months ago were battling protesters in Tahrir Square while the Egyptian military stood on the side of change. The military is worse than the police. The police are getting better. But the military police, theyre vultures, said Amr Abd el-Azim, 30, a boat pilot, who complained that last week a raid had put many of his fellow pilots in jail on what he said were false accusations of thuggery. Now, many residents say, the few police who are on the streets are polite, even cautious. And the military has taken over the security functions of the country something its soldiers arent trained to do. The military are doing basic policing right now, said Heba Morayef, a researcher here for the New York-based Human Rights Watch, who said she thought the Emergency Law wasnt necessary for the security forces to do their jobs. Theyre catching your basic thief. But instead of referring wrongdoers to civilian courts, Morayef said, many are being put through military justice. They see it as more efficient,

she said. It is. You get a 15-minute session with a prosecutor, a group trial the same day, and you have court-appointed lawyers whom the accused meet for the first time inside the courtroom. There are no totally reliable counts of the number of people held in military detention, but rights groups here estimate that at least 5,000 people have been detained since the military took over the criminal justice system at the end of January. Last week, a military court sentenced blogger Maikel Nabil, 25, to a three-year prison term for criticizing the government. A few days after the sentence, the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces announced it would review cases of all young people who were tried during the last period. Many here questioned whether the improved behavior of the police was permanent, or if they were simply temporarily on the defensive. Others said that they had no choice but to shape up. Their only option is to try to be nice to people, so that theyll be accepted, said Dalia Youssef, a board member of People and Police for Egypt, a group that works to improve relations be-

tween civilians and the police force. She said she worried that older police officers would have trouble adjusting their habits and attitudes. In a sign of how much tables have turned, one human rights group recently went to the police to initiate a complaint against a military officer. The police arent fond of the army anyway, said Mona Saif, who works in a group called No to Military Trials of Civilians. An army lieutenant illegally broke up a meeting that the group held last week in Imbaba, the Cairo neighborhood, Saif said. He arrested three of the people who were there. So she went to the police to complain. For the first time, the police were super friendly, she said. They also kept trying not to get involved, for fear of starting a turf war, she said. Before the revolution, she said, We wouldnt have filed a complaint against an army officer. I wouldnt have needed to. Now, she said, It is all new. Special correspondents Muhammad Mansour and Sherine Bayoumi contributed to this report.

spotlights Pakistan tensions

His visit to country doesnt ease disputes over drones, militants


NATO allies step up assistance to Libya rebels

libya from A1 and diplomatic war of attrition against Gaddafi paying off in the end. We are dealing with a set of imperfect options, a senior administration official said, noting that the measure of success is not where things stand but where they would have stood had we done nothing. The NATO airstrikes and a no-fly zone enforced by NATO and Arab countries have essentially frozen the battle space in terms of the advance of Gaddafis forces, he said, and if you work all the other levers, you can make time work against Gaddafi. The official emphasized that Obama has no intention of sending U.S. ground forces including noncombat military advisers to Libya. But the administrations attempts to firmly limit its involvement have also contributed to an image of disarray within NATO. A senior European official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid antagonizing the Americans, said that Obamas eagerness to turn over command of the Libyan air operation to NATO late last month, and the withdrawal of U.S. fighter planes from ground-strike missions, had undermined the strength of their united front against Gaddafi. Although U.S. military officials have said that American strike aircraft remain available to NATO commanders should they request it, the senior administration official indicated that agreement would not be automatic. We would assess any requests, the official said. In a feisty response to any suggestion that the U.S. move to the back seat had undermined the NATO campaign, Vice President Biden said the alliance was perfectly capable of handling the air attack mission itself. It is bizarre to suggest that NATO and the rest of the world lacks the capacity to deal with Libya it does not, Biden said in an interview with the Financial Times. Occasionally other countries lack the will, he said, but this is not about capacity. Biden said U.S. resources were better spent trying to guide Egypts transition toward democracy. He denied that U.S. public reluctance to become deeply involved in another conflict in the Muslim world had anything to do with Obamas decisions. This is about our strategic interest and it is not based upon a situation of what can the traffic bear politically at home, Biden said. The traffic can bear politically more in Libya, he said, because everybody knows [Gaddafi] is a bad guy. But as the situation in Libya has continued without resolution, popular disapproval of the presidents handling of the situation has shot up 15 percentage points, from 34 to 49, since midMarch, shining a light on the political risks Obama faces on the issue amid a host of domestic problems, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Among political independents, disapproval jumped to 51 percent. Fifty-six percent of those polled said they agreed the United States


Rebels escape from a building on Tripoli Street in Misurata that they had entered thinking they had captured it from loyalist troops. When the rebels entered the building, they were fired upon by gunmen still inside. Besieged Misurata continues to be the focus of fighting in Libya.

should participate in the NATOled international coalition; most of those said they wanted the level of U.S. participation to remain about the same. Most of those who supported participation appeared to agree with Bidens assessment of Gaddafi, with 58 percent saying the goal of the operation ought to be getting rid of him. France and Italy have recognized the opposition Transition National Council (TNC) as Libyas legitimate government, and Britain, France and Italy have had civilian and military personnel on the ground at rebel headquarters in the eastern city of Benghazi for some time. But the new teams being sent were described as professionals capable of training rebel officers and organizing a more efficient command network for the ground war. Each country is expected to field at least 10 advisers. France has also agreed to escalate the airstrikes being carried out by NATO. French President Nicolas Sarkozy met Libyan opposition leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil in Paris on Wednesday. Although NATO is in command of the U.N.-authorized operation in Libya, different countries have agreed to different missions. Only six NATO members France, Britain, Canada, Belgium, Denmark and Norway are participating in the airstrikes against Libyan government forces on the ground. Others along with nonNATO nations, including some Arab countries are contributing aircraft to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya but have declined to participate in strikes. A third group is enforcing an arms embargo with air and sea patrols outside Libyan territory.

Those sending advisers or other assistance to the rebel forces are doing so as individual nations, in coordination with but outside the NATO command structure. The three sending trainers have publicly ruled out sending ground forces. The rebels themselves are afraid of being accused by other Arab countries of having allowed crusaders on their land, said an Italian official who was not authorized to discuss the issue on the record. Qatar, one of several Arab countries whose planes are participating in the no-fly-zone enforcement, is also reportedly providing military equipment directly to the rebels, including weapons. Theyre sort of freelancing . . . throwing in money in a lot of different and odd ways, including helping to finance a satellite television station to counter Gaddafis control of domestic media, said a senior congressional aide briefed on the operations. Obama administration officials said their comfort level with the rebel council had grown in recent weeks, after high-level meetings with its leaders and direct contact by a U.S. diplomatic mission sent to Benghazi. Whether there are people in Libya who may have more extremist or nefarious agendas, that is something we watch very carefully, the senior administration official said in reference to suggestions of possible al-Qaeda involvement. We dont believe that the organized opposition, represented by the TNC, reflects that agenda. Staff writer Mary Beth Sheridan contributed to this report.

lahore, pakistan A visit to Pakistan by Washingtons top military official Wednesday appeared to reinforce rather than diminish the growing divisions between the two strategic partners, especially over U.S. drone missile strikes and Pakistans failure to pursue a major Afghanled insurgent group based in its tribal region. The U.S. Embassy in the capital, Islamabad, said in a statement that Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, repeatedly stressed during his visit Washingtons long-term commitment to supporting Pakistan in its fight against violent extremists. But comments by other U.S. officials and by Mullen, who spoke to a Pakistani newspaper Wednesday and during a stopover in Afghanistan on Tuesday, made it clear that the two security establishments remain far apart on the issues of which insurgent groups represent a threat and what methods should be used to quell them. The tense visit came amid a flurry of Pakistani efforts to improve relations with the United States while also demanding more respect for Pakistani sovereignty. Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, chief of Pakistans major intelligence agency, visited Washington last week. The countrys senior diplomat, Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir, will follow later this week. Mullen told Pakistans Dawn newspaper that U.S. officials are aware of the long-standing relationship between Pakistans Inter-Services Intelligence agency and the Haqqani network, an aggressive militant group that supports the Afghan Taliban. He said that the group is aiding and training fighters that are killing Americans and that Pakistans relations with Haqqani are at the core of the bilateral difficulties. Pakistani military officials have denied coddling Haqqani or pursuing what critics call a policy of selective repression and appeasement of Islamic militants. They say they are reluctant to launch attacks against new groups only because they are already immersed in a protracted military campaign against the Pakistani Taliban. Mullen met privately with Pakistans chief of army staff, Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, but no detailed statement was issued about their talks. The men have met frequently and are said to have a cordial relationship, but recent comments by both about the actions of each others governments have revealed growing exasperation. Kayani has been especially vocal about the issue of CIA drone attacks on militant targets in his countrys northwestern border region. The attacks are highly controversial in Pakistan, and Kayani issued a rare public protest against a strike several weeks ago that Pakistani officials said killed up to 40 villagers at a meeting. CIA officials said the victims were Taliban supporters. Pakistani officials have repeatedly asked the United States to cut back the drone campaign, share intelligence about its targets and turn over drone technology so they can carry out such attacks themselves. But U.S. officials say the unmanned missile strikes are a crucial weapon in the war against Islamic militants, especially those Pakistan refuses to pursue. One U.S official in Islamabad, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told journalists Wednesday that the United States has no plans to stop the drone campaign, but that how it goes forward will be decided by discussions among U.S. and Pakistani military and intelligence officials. Special correspondent Shaiq Hussain in Islamabad contributed to this report.

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A new empathy from DC Water. And higher bills.

hawkins from A1 and the complexities of water distribution. He wants to make tap water hip. Lucky for him that in the world of water utilities, its not hard to be a rock star, as DC Water spokesman Alan Heymann put it. Hawkins has become an evangelist about the need to invest in aging urban infrastructure. Outside the District, the former EPA lawyer has a reputation as a kind of Lorax for broken water mains. Inside the District, the charm offensive is not always as effective. At a meeting in Ward 8, the tirades started almost as soon as Hawkins was done talking. Why is it every time I call, I get the runaround? How can I have a $400 water bill? This problem is not particular to her. Its happening all over Southeast. Hawkins didnt argue, partly because thats not his style. As a Harvard law student in the 1980s, he was more interested in bartending than in making law review and to this day brags about his skill at defusing drunken brawls. (Pretty girls dont like bar fights, he explained.) Although he moved here from New Jersey in 2007, he is astute enough to correct himself at a Ward 8 town hall, while referring to the wards everpopular council member. Council member Mayor Barry, I mean, he said. I, for one, still like to call him mayor. Those political skills are part of why he was hired to undo the public-relations mistakes made by WASA executives during the lead scandal. His job is to be more forthright and empathic. So when confronted by customers, he often takes a conciliatory approach. Sounds like something is amiss, he tells the woman with the $400 bill. Sorry that happened. If WASA executives had only done the same a decade ago, the utilitys critics think D.C. children might have been spared harmful lead exposure. was an unusual choice he had no experience overseeing a municipal water and sewer system. (He may also be the only water utility manager who was once part of a DJing and break-dancing crew Legal Funk.) But after the lead crisis, technical know-how had become a lower priority than the touchy-feely variety. By the time Hawkins took over, Johnson had successfully overhauled WASAs operations and made improvements, including replacing paper billing with electronic and installing digital meters that can track individual water usage in real time. The problem was public perception. DC WASA had lost confidence with the public, said William Walker, chairman of the board of directors. We needed to be informing the public about how we treat the water, to get with the advocate community and the educational community. Hawkins focused on reintroducing WASA with a new name and logo, at a cost of $160,000. He cloned a water drop costume that had languished at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and named her Wendy. She now shares a cubicle not far from his office at Blue Plains and has her own You Tube channel. The utilitys true mascot, though, is Hawkins. His name frequently appears right along with the DC Water logo. His mug adorns handouts and signs. Step out of an elevator at Blue Plains and youll see him beaming from a poster above a recycling bin. He even has a costume of sorts: a DC Water-issued jacket and shirt with his name sewn on the front. (When he teaches at Princeton on Mondays, he trades in the bluecollar look for a wool blazer with elbow patches.) Dressing daily as if he is paid to clear sewer drains, instead of $230,000 a year to sit at a desk or in meetings, is his way of showing his employees that hes one of them. Acting more like a political figure than a water utility executive has its drawbacks. Some of the unions that represent DC Water employees have soured on Hawkins. When he came on, we were looking forward to working with him, said Dwight Bowman, vice president of AFGEs 14th District. He presented himself extremely well. But his plans to reorganize water and sewer crews have not gone over well. The union raised concerns about potential health implications, which Hawkins and Walker dismissed. Hawkins was accused of spending ratepayer money on a lavish trip to California and having an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate accusations Hawkins said are baseless and were not investigated. Its the kind of mudslinging that takes place in a close election. The difference is, I run the water utility, Hawkins said.


DC Waters general manager, George Hawkins, reflected in a framed blueprint, was hired partly to undo mistakes during the lead scandal.

If we dont get the support of the public we serve, we dont get support for the rate increase. We have to be honest about what the needs are.
George Hawkins, DC Water chief, at left pointing out features of the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant to a delegation from China

The lead crisis

WASA first learned of high lead levels in drinking water in 2001 but kept it from authorities. Longterm exposure to lead can harm the nervous system and lead to IQ deficits. As late as February 2009, WASAs general manager at the time, Jerry Johnson, was still giving out confusing advice, saying at a D.C. Council hearing that he would allow a child to drink from the tap but wouldnt necessarily direct the public to do the same. There was talk among D.C. leaders of having the city seize control. In October 2009, after a nationwide search, WASAs board replaced Johnson with Hawkins, who was then director of the D.C. Department of Environment and a WASA board member. Hawkins

Politicians also have the luxury of being able to decry higher taxes. Hawkins, by contrast, is trying to get his customers comfortable with the idea of paying more.

Ballooning bills
Since 2009, the average monthly bill has gone up 50 percent, to $66. The bulk of that increase comes from a special fee that between 2011 and 2019 is expected to increase from $3.45 to nearly $30. The average single-family bill will be like a cable bill today with HBO, Hawkins said. The money raised will cover the cost of building a series of massive tunnels that will capture polluted storm-water runoff and keep it from flowing into the Chesapeake watershed. DC Water has little

choice in the matter: The federal government has mandated the project. What makes it less palatable is that much of the runoff originates elsewhere, but the cost of the tunnels will largely be born by D.C. residents. And the project leaves DC Water with less money to replace water and sewer pipes whose average age is 77. At the current rate, pipes are replaced once every 100 years. The WASA board, which votes on rate increases, has been known to lower rates in the past in response to public protest. Residents are only now starting to feel the pinch, and theyre not happy about it. Im a bit put out that while Hawkins is proposing these outrageous increases in rates for resi-

dents, he has spent an extraordinary amount on a PR campaign, said Mary C. Williams, a former Ward 6 Advisory Neighborhood Commission member. So, are we supposed to suddenly trust WASA now that it is known as DC Water? Council member Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), chairman of the committee that oversees DC Water, has also started to hear from his constituents, especially older residents on fixed incomes. DC Water pays for the projects with money raised from bonds, and residents are on the hook for repaying those bonds, even after the tunnels are finished. Will the charge go down? As it currently is planned, it doesnt look like it in my lifetime, Wells

said. Behind the scenes, Hawkins has been scrambling to find some way to make the rate increases smaller, including capturing methane from the waste it treats to produce energy and sell it and setting up a consulting arm. He has also proposed establishing water filling stations throughout the city, where people can pay to fill a bottle with chilled water for a fraction of what bottled water costs. As he searches for other options, he will keep trying to win over customers. If we dont get the support of the public we serve, we dont get support for the rate increase, he said. We have to be honest about what the needs are.

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The Justice Department recently concluded that a deal by Google to buy a travel search firm would substantially reduce competition, stifle innovation and leave consumers with fewer choices. Then it approved the merger after adding limits on Googles behavior that will require years of monitoring by the departments antitrust division. In two other high-profile mergers, involving Comcast and Ticketmaster, the government threatened to take the cases to court but instead greenlighted the deals after laying out rules for the companies, which the Justice Department will now have to watch. Not since antitrust officials took on Microsoft in the 1990s has the department taken on this much responsibility enforcing restrictions on some of Americas most dominant companies. Some experts worry that the agency, now reviewing the blockbuster deal between AT&T and T-Mobile, is trying to regulate complex businesses when it should instead be blocking controversial mergers in court. DOJ is not a regulatory agency. Thats not what theyre set up for,

said Ken Davidson, an antitrust lawyer who spent nearly three decades at the Federal Trade Commission. Theyre not set up to regulate the telecommunications industry. Theyre not set up to regulate the travel industry, he said, adding that the FTC has the same weakness. Justice officials bristled at the notion that they are acting as regulators. Instead, Justice officials say they are trying to use traditional law enforcement tools to fix mergers that would otherwise hurt consumers and competitors. There are always ideologues on both sides of the debate. Some want us to block every deal, and some want us to allow every deal to go through, said Christine Varney, assistant attorney general and head of the Justice Departments antitrust division. Im not an ideologue. Im a law enforcer making decisions based on the facts and the law. In antitrust law, there are broadly two ways to handle a merger that poses a threat to competition. Officials can require a solution that alters a companys structure for instance, asking a firm to spin off part of its business. Or, they can limit a companys behavior in some way. Observers say Varney has shown an inclination toward the latter. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the divisions recent handling of Googles acquisition of the software firm ITA. Googles purchase gives it control of the technology running most online flight searches. Travel sites including Orbitz and Kayak were initially concerned that Google which wants to launch

its own travel search service could cut them off from ITAs technology or charge them exorbitant amounts. The agreement hatched by the Justice Department addresses this worry by requiring Google to license ITAs technology to existing customers at a fair price for the next five years. But Davidson, who made sure companies followed their agreements with the FTC, said such remedies can be very, very difficult to enforce. Determining the fair price for Google to charge could be hard once ITA is attached to a firm that is motivated to give its own product an edge. Albert Foer, president of the American Antitrust Institute, wonders what will happen to the companies dependent on ITAs technology after the agreement expires in five years. Foer said the Justice Departments penchant for solutions focused on how a firm behaves rather than how it is structured is risky. Massive . . . firms are being allowed to form in key industries, with the DOJ accepting oversight responsibility for such firms and agreeing to perform a day-to-day monitoring function for which it may be ill-staffed, ill-funded and ill-equipped, wrote the American Antitrust Institute in response to the Justice Departments handling of Googles ITA acquisition. The Justice Department and some other antitrust experts say government officials have the resources and the expertise to handle the cases. The division has acknowledged its growing load of enforcement responsibilities by moving a top lawyer to the general counsels office to oversee compli-

ance and centralize its monitoring work. Putting antitrust officials in a position to monitor companies also can lead to a bigger probe. The antitrust case against Microsoft gained steam when federal lawyers alleged the company had violated an earlier deal with the government over the licensing of its Internet Explorer browser. The department is in the early stages of setting up monitoring for Googles merger with ITA and for Comcasts acquisition of NBC. (It is sharing oversight of Comcast with the Federal Communications Commission.) But it has spent roughly a year overseeing Ticketmasters merger with Live Nation, a deal that was controversial because it put a number of different businesses under one roof. Antitrust officials have not discovered any rule-breaking. But Seth Hurwitz, an independent promoter and co-owner of the Districts 9:30 Club, a Live Nation competitor, said the oversight falls short. Hurwitz, who is suing Live Nation separately for alleged antitrust violations, said the company is breaking rules against sharing certain information among its various businesses. Are they suggesting that since this merger, there has been no infraction? That seems impossible, said Hurwitz, also chairman of the company I.M.P. Everything Ive seen this office do is merely cosmetic, with the intention of looking busy when they havent done anything about anything. The Justice Department declined to comment on the specific complaint.

Gold crosses the $1,500 threshold

Gold rallied above $1,500 an ounce for the first time, extending this weeks record run as investors hedged growing inflation risks and bought into a broad commodities rally as the dollar slumped. Mounting evidence of quickening inflation in major Asian economies such as China and India were echoed in Latin America on Wednesday, with Brazilian prices nearing a government ceiling and Mexicos yearly rate exceeding a key target. The break-even rates on U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, which measure investors inflation expectations, rose for a second day. A second day of deep losses for the dollar and rallies in oil and grain markets that fueled further inflation concerns also buoyed bullion, which again rose in tandem with riskier assets such as equities as investors turned to gold as a store of value. Spot gold rose to an all-time high of $1,505.70 an ounce. The metal has risen almost 4 percent over the past eight days and is set for its 11th successive quarterly gain. The inflation-adjusted price of gold climbed to more than $2,200 in 1980. Gold has doubled since the


Gold has risen almost 4 percent over the past eight days, hitting a record $1,505.70 an ounce.

lows of 2008 and risen sixfold since 2001. Silver also surged above $45 for the first time since 1980, when the Hunt Brothers of Texas cornered the silver market. Gold has notched records for four consecutive days, aided in large part by Standard & Poors threat of a downgrade to the United States AAA credit rating.


Ark., Miss.: No mans lands for land lines

Americas abandonment of the land-line phone in favor of the cellphone is accelerating, but nowhere has it gone further than in Arkansas and Mississippi. The states where the smallest proportion of people depend solely on wireless phones and no land lines are New Jersey and Rhode Island. About 35 percent of adults in Arkansas and Mississippi have cellphones and lack traditional wired telephones, according to estimates by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In New Jersey and Rhode Island, that figure is only 13 percent. The answers obvious. No one has money here, said John N. Daigle, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Mississippi with broad experience in the telecommunications industry. If they can do without a land line, theyll do it to save money. In eight states besides Arkansas and Mississippi mostly in the West at least 30 percent of adults rely strictly on cellphones. They are Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas. At the low end, only six states join New Jersey and Rhode Island with less than 17 percent of adults using cellphones only: Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and South Dakota.
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Theres still nothing out there thats a driving force for the housing market, one analyst said. People are not able or eager to buy homes.

Housing sales up, but doldrums remain

Slight boost in March is attributed to foreclosure buys, FHA fee deadline

 Wells Fargos profit up: Wells Fargo, the largest U.S. home lender, said first-quarter profit climbed 48 percent as costs for soured real-estate and business loans fell. Net income rose to a record $3.76 billion from

$2.55 billion a year earlier, the San Francisco-based bank said. Revenue fell 5.2 percent to $20.3 billion on lower fees from mortgage banking, and loans outstanding fell.
Bloomberg News


Sales of previously owned homes rose slightly in March after plunging in February, but the housing market still shows no real momentum, even though interest rates and home prices remain relatively low. Existing home sales rose 3.5 percent to a seasonally adjusted rate of 5.1 million in March from February, the National Association of Realtors reported Wednesday. Many economists gave two reasons for the boost in sales: investors buying foreclosed homes at cheap prices, and cash-strapped borrowers accelerating their purchases before a scheduled increase in fees for mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration.

But last months purchase sales were down 6.3 percent compared with a year earlier, when a federal tax credit for home buyers temporarily invigorated the housing market. Theres still nothing out there thats a driving force for the housing market, said Mike Larson, an analyst with Weiss Research. Psychologically and financially, peo-

ple are not able or eager to buy homes. Joblessness, economic uncertainty and tight lending standards continue to dampen demand for housing, even though homes are at their most affordable level since the National Association of Realtors launched its affordability index in 1970. Economists say the housing markets recovery continues to lag behind that of the wider economy. The Realtors group reported that the national median price of an existing home fell to $159,600, a 5.9 percent drop from March 2010. Several economists predict that prices will continue to decline at least through the first half of this year. One of the main reasons for soft prices is the prevalence of foreclosures and other distressed properties, which are sold at steep discounts and made up 40 percent of the market last month the highest share since April 2009, according to a separate survey by the Realtors. Given the excess supply of fore-

closures, its hard to argue that prices will not fall throughout this year, perhaps by around 5 percent, Paul Dales, a senior economist at Capital Economics, wrote in a note to clients. The inventory of homes for sale rose 1 percent to 3.55 million last month. If sales continued at the same pace, it would take 8.4 months to clear the for-sale homes off the market, the Realtors said. A more healthy supply would be in the five- to six-month range. But there are glimmers of hope for the pivotal spring selling season. The Mortgage Bankers Association reported Wednesday that applications for mortgages to buy homes increased 10 percent last week from a week earlier to the highest level since Dec. 3, according to the groups purchase index. This pickup in demand should show up in improved existing home sales in April and May, unless lending conditions tighten, said Patrick Newport, an economist at IHS Global Insight.

Post Tech

Excerpts from

FCC chairman pushes spectrum auctions

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski was eager to talk about airwave spectrum issues in a question-and-answer session before the Economic Club of Washington, but he evaded questions about a proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile. Asked about the Comcast-NBC Universal deal that the FCC approved this year, the chairman said he has made it a policy not to talk about the merger review, saying only that it was important not to prejudge transactions and to follow a fair process. Genachowski also revisited his defense of spectrum auctions, repeating his assertions that spectrum problems could damage the emerging mobile economy. He was asked about the proposal, which would free up spectrum currently held by TV broadcasters. I have no doubt that if we ran this auction, we would free up a significant amount of over-the-air broadcast spectrum, he said, adding that such an auction would result in more money for the government and a more vibrant broadcast industry. Genachowski touched briefly on several other topics on the FCCs radar, such as mobile payments. Asked if there should be a tax on Internet purchases, Genachowski said anything that discourages investment and private investment should be looked at carefully. He said the FCC did not have open proceedings on mobile payments but that the government must get it right, or the United States will fall behind other countries.

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Economy & Business


At Facebook, Obama seeks friends for deficit plan

President steps up criticism of GOP at start of West Coast tour


PALO ALTO, Calif. President Obama on Wednesday ramped up his criticism of the Republican Partys budget proposal, calling it radical and not courageous in a town hall meeting at the headquarters of Facebook. To a generally friendly audience at the social networking Web sites sprawling corporate campus, the president outlined how his plan to reduce the deficit through spending cuts and raising taxes on the rich would be done without sacrificing what he described as key social safety nets. Obama shared the stage with Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, who asked questions of his own before allowing a Facebook employee to pose one. Zuckerberg then read questions submitted by users of Facebook who watched the event through a live online stream. The presidents combative tone contrasted with the jocular mood of the event. Even though its Facebook, no poking the president, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebooks chief operating officer, joked. When Obama said wealthy taxpayers such as Zuckerberg and himself should pay their share, the youthful Facebook CEO quipped, Im cool with that, to an outburst of laughter and applause from the

audience of high-tech executives, Democratic politicians and Facebook employees. Obama touted his plans to solve the nations fiscal problems by reducing the deficit through spending cuts in areas such as defense. He said he would bring down the nations deficit by $4 trillion over a decade, with $2 trillion of that from such spending cuts. But he remained in disagreement with Republicans that social services such as Medicare and Medicaid should be cut while the government attempts to shore up its fiscal woes. Nothing is easier than solving problems on the backs of people who are poor, powerless, or people who dont have lobbyists or clout, Obama said. His appearance at Facebooks headquarters was the first stop of a West Coast tour to talk up his deficit reduction plan and raise money for his reelection campaign as well as appeal to the millions of young voters who use the social networking site and were crucial to his election in 2008. (The Washington Post Co. Chairman Donald E. Graham sits on the board of Facebook). The president left the Facebook event for two fundraisers in San Francisco, one at the Masonic Center, open to the paying public, and the other, more exclusive, at the home of chief executive Marc Benioff, which had a $38,500 entry fee. The purpose of the trip, which moves on to Reno, Nev., and then Los Angeles on Thursday, is to continue the political drumbeat of the presidents deficit-reduc-

tion plan and opposition to Republicans, who are launching similar attacks. Obama was scheduled to attend six fundraisers in the hope of kick-starting the collection of record donations for his run next year. Republicans said in response that his California speaking tour offered only vague promises. House Republicans are the only ones with a detailed plan to preserve Medicare and Medicaid, create jobs and put us on a path to paying down the debt, said a spokesman for House Speaker John A. Boehner (ROhio). By comparison, the president has offered little more than campaign speeches. Solving these challenges will require a greater degree of seriousness than the White House has thus far demonstrated. As Obama sharpened his political attacks on the Republican leadership in Washington, he did so in friendly territory. Obamas town hall meeting at Facebooks headquarters was attended by tech leaders, investors and politicians, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. The president also talked up programs to bolster math and science education and immigration reforms. What Silicon Valley cares about is bigger solutions for the future and actually creating jobs and training a future generation through efforts like science and math education programs, said Mitchell Kapor, founder of Lotus Development Corp., who was in the audience. Kapor sat by angel investor Ron Conway and musi-

cian MC Hammer. Obama touted his initiatives, such as Race to the Top, which provides grants to states for educational reforms. He said Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs also provide a platform for more Facebooks to emerge in the nation. He received loud applause when he talked of immigration reforms that would allow more skilled and educated newcomers to live in the United States. He pointed to Andy Grove, the Hungarian-born founder of Intel, as an important contributor to the economy. The president said new policies should be in place so that foreign-born talent doesnt take its high-tech start-ups to China or France instead of to the United States. The audiences reaction cooled after the president offered few details on how he would achieve those reforms, which Silicon Valley has wanted for years. Obama said the changes would be done in comprehensive immigration reforms that would have to be resolved with agreement in Congress by Republican and Democratic lawmakers. This is a nation of immigrants. . . . That dynamism is whats propelled our progress and kept us young. I think most Amricans understand that and agree with that. At the same time, most Americans think there needs to be an orderly process to do that, Obama said. Staff writer Perry Bacon Jr. in Washington contributed to this article.

The Color of Money

Treasury report pays IRS backhanded compliment

side from long waits to get tax questions answered, a decent but not great accuracy rate in the preparation of some returns by volunteer tax preparers and insufficient quality controls that could lead to fraudulent refunds, the Internal Revenue Service did a pretty good job this tax season. Such is the gist of the interim report just released by the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, whose office provides independent oversight of the nations tax agency. On the one hand, the IRS is to be commended for its sharpened focus on fraud interception and prevention, said Inspector General J. Russell George. On the other, its efforts to prevent improper credits still leave much to be desired, and customer service problems continue. Hows that for a backhanded compliment from one auditor to another? The IRS has seen a successful filing season for millions of taxpayers despite significant challenges, including late law changes that delayed return processing, said IRS spokewoman Michelle Eldridge. Through early April, IRS has processed nearly 96 million returns, and issued almost 81 million refunds totaling $234 billion. It has been a rough filing season for the IRS. But lets first focus on the positive. As of March 4, the agency was able to spot 335,341 tax returns claiming fraudulent refunds. With a capture rate of 97 percent, the agency stopped the issuance of $1.8 billion in falsified refunds. That is commendable considering the number of identified fraudulent returns has increased significantly. During the same period last year, the IRS identified 119,484 tax returns as fraudulent, preventing $721 million from being sent to tax cheats. Still, theres much to correct in the agencys systems, the auditors found. The IRS had problems processing some returns with the $7,500 first-time home buyer credit. That credit generally has to be repaid over 15 years. The IRS also has to deal with issues surrounding two other home buyer credits, one for $8,000 and another for $6,500. Thousands of taxpayers caught up in the home buyer credit glitches have posted comments on a Facebook page ( undDelays) to voice their outrage. The home buyer credits have been particularly troublesome. In a separate report, the inspector general said the lack of controls might have resulted in more than $513 million going to taxpayers, including some IRS employees, who most likely did not qualify for a credit. Nearly 220,000 individuals claimed $315 million in qualified motor vehicle deductions. The report said this was an unusually high number because to claim the tax break in 2010, an individual had to have purchased a new vehicle in 2009 but deferred paying the sales or excise tax until 2010. The American Recovery

and Reinvestment Act of 2009 allowed people to take a deduction for state and local sales and excise taxes paid on qualified new vehicles purchased after Feb. 16, 2009, and before Jan. 1, 2010. There were also problems with people claiming the non-business energy property credit. Individuals could take a credit of up to 30 percent of the costs paid or incurred in 2010 for any qualifying energy-efficient improvements and any residential energy property. But the credit was limited to a total of $1,500 over tax years 2009 and 2010. As of March 4, the Treasury auditors said they had identified more than 50,000 individuals who had erroneously claimed $34.4 million. Errors were also found in connection with tax breaks when adopting a child. Seventy-one percent of the claims had invalid, insufficient or missing documentation, the inspector generals report said. Customer service issues were

When budget ax falls, they always survive

cuts from A1 This year, the Republican-controlled House tried again. In February, it voted to strip $10.7 million, half the centers budget. Once again, the center mainly escaped the ax. After the House and Senate worked out a final deal, its budget had fallen by about $2 million basically losing the money it had picked up a year earlier. The center now also has a direct tie to Obama, whose halfsister, Maya Soetero-Ng, was hired about a year ago to work as a part-time educator. Her work is paid for by private funds. An administration official said the White House has not pushed for the centers budget to be cut this year, saying it is focused on disputes over bigger-ticket items. The White House said SoeteroNgs connection had nothing to do with this. A spokesman for Inouye said only that the senator has been a strong supporter of the EastWest Center since its inception. This is the year we thought it would change. Its the same-old, same-old in the Senate, financial crisis or not, said Rep. Edward R. Royce (R-Calif.), who supported the amendment to reduce the centers funding. For every dollar we spend on this talk-shop, we borrow another 42 cents.
Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) has championed Honolulus EastWest Center, which conducts research and exchange programs, in the face of persistent calls to cut its funding. The center and a handful of other programs are considered the federal budgets immortals, immune to cuts even in tough times.

The IRS is to be commended. . . . And customer service problems continue.

also highlighted in the report. During visits to 26 Taxpayer Assistance Centers between November and February, auditors waited an average of 62 minutes before they received help. At least auditors found their questions were answered correctly. Eldridge said that although wait times for one-on-one tax assistance can vary during peak demand periods, the IRS estimates that taxpayers wait, on average, less than 30 minutes for face-to-face assistance in walk-in sites and about 11 minutes for toll-free phone assistance. Auditors also tested the service received at Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly sites, which are IRS-sponsored tax return preparation programs that provide free basic federal tax help for low-income, elderly, disabled and limited-English-proficient taxpayers. Auditors had 15 returns prepared, of which 60 percent were done accurately. That was lower than the 86 percent accuracy rate reported during the same time last year. Im getting tired of saying this, but the inspector generals report is another demonstration of how badly we need tax reform with an emphasis on simplification.
Readers can write to Michelle Singletary at The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW,Washington, D.C. 20071. Her e-mail address is Questions are welcomed, but because of the volume of mail, personal responses may not be possible.


Buy American, overseas

At the Agriculture Department, the budget deal spared another untouchable: the Market Access Program. The program costs about $200 million a year and pays to promote U.S. agricultural products in foreign markets. That could mean holding something as simple as a taste test in the aisles of Asian supermarkets, pitting California pistachios against Iranian ones. In past years, this was one of the rare things that united Obama and the ultraconservative Republican Study Committee. The programs economic impact is unclear, Obamas 2011 budget said. It recommended a

20 percent cut. Taxpayers should not be forced to pick up the tab for this kind of corporate welfare, said the GOP committee, whose members include 175 of 241 House Republicans. It recommended eliminating the whole thing. But the program has powerful supporters: the U.S. farm lobby. Its the governments responsibility to help us counter the heavy subsidization enjoyed by our competitors, said Michael Wootton, a senior vice president at Sunkist Growers and chairman of a coalition that has lobbied to keep the Market Access Program. Sunkist, a nonprofit group of citrus growers that took in $1 billion in gross sales in fiscal 2010, got $4 million from the government through the program. Wootton said that advertising helps offset the benefits that foreign growers get from government subsidies and tariffs. With that brand, and that identity, were able to effectively overcome the price differential with cheaper foreign-produced products, Wootton said. This year, Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) proposed a budget amendment that would have cut off the money for the programs

staff. It never came up for a vote.

Quietly surviving
Other often-criticized programs have also survived without much debate. One of them, intended to clean up abandoned coal mines, sends millions every year to states that are finished cleaning up their highest-priority sites. The Republican Study Committee has called for cutting this program. So did the bipartisan debt commission. So did Obama, starting in 2009. We cut $115 million from a program that pays states to clean up mines that have already been cleaned up, Obama said the next year, as he laid out the reductions he planned in his budget. It didnt happen then. And it didnt happen this year. The program, which state governments say they still need, was not altered by Congress. Also unchanged: a program that pays cotton and peanut

farmers to store their bales and bushels in warehouses. The idea is to let farmers keep their crop off the market while prices are low. The federal government will still budget $2 million a year, despite criticism from Obama and before him George W. Bush. Not all of the budgets immortals escaped serious cuts this year. Congress eliminated $42 million for the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program, named for the longtime senator from West Virginia. It cut $10 million from the National Drug Intelligence Center, a facility in Johnstown, Pa., promoted by House titan John P. Murtha (D-Pa.). And it took more than half the federal funds from the Denali Commission, an agency created by longserving senator Ted Stevens (RAlaska). All three programs share one trait. Their champions in Congress Byrd, Murtha and Stevens all recently died.

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Tech outlook offers investors relief

technology from A1 economists are actually lowering projections for the year, concerned that prices at the pump, which are close to $4 a gallon nationally, could dampen consumer spending, the most important element of economic growth. But the news from the tech sector was relief for investors and carried the rest of the markets higher. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 1.5 percent, to 12,453.54, a level not seen since June 2008. The tech-heavy Nasdaq composite index jumped 2.1 percent. Silicon Valley has plenty of reasons to feel good about the future. With new, transformative devices such as tablets rapidly catching on with consumers, businesses investing in cloud computing, and proposals to bring high-speed Internet to the farthest reaches of the country, technology spending appears poised to accelerate. The sectors significance was reinforced by President Obamas visit Wednesday to the headquarters of Silicon Valley darling Facebook, where he discussed his strategies for reducing the national deficit (on top of wooing Bay Area campaign donors for the 2012 election). This is a bright spot in a gloomy economy, said Michael Yoshikami, the founder and chief executive of YCMNet Advisors in Walnut Creek, Calif. Were at a revolutionary point of change where how people do business is going to change. Were going to see more wireless and more cloud computing, which is going to require companies to spend money. This weeks best performances came from Intel, IBM, Apple and Juniper Networks the worlds biggest chipmaker, a leading technology consultant, a consumer electronics giant and a major manufacturer of Internet networking equipment proving that the technology sectors strength is broad-based. A downside is that many businesses that end up paying for this technology often have fewer needs to hire people. One company called Nuance makes a voicerecognition software used by airlines and medical facilities, Yoshikami said. We might not like that, but it means they dont have to hire someone with benefits who asks if your flight is international or domestic, he said. Its happening with doctors for the longest time, they were transcribing their own notes, but now Nuance sells dictation software for doctors. IBM and Intel both benefited from businesses overhauling their computer systems and from selling expensive equipment and

Oklahoma to craft its own foreclosure deal



Apple doubled its quarterly profit from a year ago and averaged more than 200,000 iPhone sales a day.

services to emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. The trend toward cloud computing and mobile devices plays to these companies strengths. Intel shares jumped nearly 8 percent after the company predicted computer sales would be far better than it had anticipated. IBMs stock fell about 0.4 percent, even though it raised its earnings outlook for the full year. Rodney Adkins, an IBM senior vice president, said in an interview that the companys offerings of data storage, encryption for online financial transactions and

analytics are helping firms save money that they can use to expand their businesses. A number of our clients are seeing real economic benefits for better managing their environments, and if they can scale in a way to manage that growth, that equates to economic savings, he said. Apple reported nearly $6 billion in profit in the fiscal second quarter, double its earnings from the same period last year, thanks largely to its iPhone, which became available with Verizon Wireless. It sold nearly 19 million sets

over the quarter the equivalent of more than 200,000 a day. Apple sold 4.69 million iPads, which is far fewer than the 6 million to 7 million tablets that analysts predicted. The company said that the lower sales were due to supply issues but that it sold every product it made. Were firing on all cylinders, Steve Jobs, Apples chief executive, said in a statement. We will continue to innovate on all fronts throughout the remainder of the year.

Oklahomas attorney general said he is prepared to break ranks with a coalition that is crafting a settlement with the nations largest mortgage servicers, underscoring the challenges law enforcement officials face as they try to address widespread problems with foreclosure practices. E. Scott Pruitt said Wednesday that he is opposed to forcing the servicers to pay at least $20 billion in fines and use the money to reduce the principal on mortgages of underwater borrowers, who owe more on their loans than their homes are worth. I have asked my attorneys to prepare me for an option that does not require that, Pruitt said in an interview. He said elements of the settlement now under discussion address issues that go beyond the problems investigated by the states. The abusive practices that prompted dismay with the firms are unrelated to underwater loans and any fines should be based solely on wrongful conduct, he said. A series of problems within the mortgage servicing industry including widespread instances of forged foreclosure documents and flawed paperwork surfaced last fall and prompted federal officials and the state attorneys general to join forces and take action against the industrys largest players. As the officials tried to hammer out details of a broad legal settlement behind closed doors, details reached the news media about the scope of fines under discussion and a possible requirement that servicers modify loans for borrowers. But Pruitt said that the lead negotiators had not shared these specifics with other attorneys general until they met in Washington last month. Rifts soon emerged, and Pruitt joined a handful of other Republican attorneys general to voice concern, including Ken Cuccinelli II of Virginia. The $20 billion to $25 billion fine came as a surprise, Pruitt said. There was a perception that there was unanimity and that was something I wanted to dispel. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, who has led the settlement

talks for the state officials, has acknowledged that some fellow attorneys general have expressed reservations about the proposals under discussion. Theres a great deal of diversity of opinion and personality; we all recognize that, Miller said in an interview last month. Some of [the attorneys general] have done that publicly; some of them have done it privately within our family. Miller said that state attorneys general usually do not pursue cases of corporate wrongdoing in such a collective fashion. Typically, officials from a handful of states conduct an investigation and work out a settlement with companies that have broken the law. Other states then decide whether to sign on. When reports surfaced last fall of widespread problems with foreclosure practices, all 50 state attorneys general joined the ensuing investigation. Maintaining unity has been difficult as the probe turned into settlement negotiations with the banks. A spokesman for Miller declined to comment Wednesday. The negotiations between the banks on one hand and state and federal officials on the other continued at a meeting in Washington last week. The two groups reached accord on some issues of the settlement, but many other items remain unresolved, said a person familiar with the talks. The regulator of the nations largest banks, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, announced last week a separate deal with financial firms that requires them, in part, to hire consultants to determine whether any borrowers were harmed by shoddy foreclosures practices and reimburse them for the damage. Some critics say this settlement, which did not include fines, was too soft. Pruitt said that the settlement talks should continue at the national level and that his office plans to engage in that process. But in the meantime, he said his attorneys will work to determine what transpired in Oklahoma and craft an alternative plan specific to the state in case he opposes the national settlement once it has been finalized.

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With PAC donations, GOP freshmen seem to be adapting to Washington

any of the Republican freshmen in the House won election vowing to shake up Washington, so its a little surprising that many of them seem to be playing an old Washington game: raising much of their campaign money from corporate political action committees. More than 50 members of the class of 87 GOP freshmen took in more than $50,000 from PACs during the first quarter of 2011, according to new campaign disclosure reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Eighteen of the lawmakers took in more than $100,000. Rep. Steve Stivers (Ohio) accepted the most PAC dollars of any of the new Republican lawmakers, $241,000 in the first quarter, or about 60 percent of the money he raised. Overall, fundraising among the large GOP freshman class is below the average raised by new Democratic members in the first quarters of 2007 and 2009, after elections when liberals won big gains in Congress. Two years ago, Democratic freshmen raised $287,000 on average, while the figure this year for the new GOP lawmakers was $176,000.

Among the Republican freshmen with big PAC receipts were Reps. Diane Black (Tenn.) with $178,000, Nan A.S. Hayworth (N.Y.) with $170,000 and Kristi L. Noem (S.D.) with $169,000. Noem scheduled at least 10 Washington fundraisers in the first quarter, according to invitations compiled by the Sunlight Foundation. An e-mail obtained by the foundation included nine events, including a pizza lunch and two dinners asking for a $1,500-$2,000 donation from attendees. A Noem spokesman declined to comment, as did a spokesman for Stivers. Sixteen freshman members of the House Agriculture Committee held a fundraiser March 14 at the Capitol Hill Club, asking for contributions of $8,000 to $16,000 from PACs. The group of lawmakers raised at least $250,000, according to an FEC report.

Whos spending what

Spending by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce dropped in the first quarter of the year to $10.9 million, according to a lobbying report filed Wednesday.

That compares with more than $100 million last year, including millions of dollars on election ads and lobbying on two huge pieces of legislation on health care and financial regulation. The Chamber spent $25 million in the first quarter of 2010 as the health-care bill was finalized. Chamber officials said the lobbying activity remained consistent with previous nonelection years. FedEx cut its lobbying spending dramatically in the first quarter, records show. The shipping company spent $3.9 million in the first three months of the year, compared with $6 million in the fourth quarter of 2010 and $4.9 million a year ago. The company had been fighting an amendment, pushed by rival UPS and the Teamsters union, to change the way the government treats FedEx employees who are seeking to unionize. The company is currently governed under the Railway Labor Act, a 1926 law intended to limit strikes. Last year, the Democraticcontrolled House passed a reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration that

would have changed the way FedEx drivers are treated under labor laws. But this year, the House, now under Republican control, passed a bill without that provision. UPS disclosed $1.6 million in spending, roughly the same as in past years. The Blackstone Group, a financial services company that runs hedge funds and privateequity partnerships, among other things, reported a 40 percent increase in lobbying spending in the first quarter compared with a year earlier. The company disclosed $1.3 million in spending on the implementation of the new financial regulation law, as well as tax issues. The Obama administration has been trying to raise tax rates for certain types of income from hedge funds and private-equity partnerships.


Corporate donations to a charity close to Boehners heart were up.

that have donated for years in honor of Boehner (R-Ohio) to an annual benefit for a charity supporting D.C. Catholic schools. This month, over objections from some District officials, the speaker pushed a revival of the program into a spending compromise with Democrats.

In honor of the speaker

House Speaker John A. Boehners strong attachment to a school voucher program for the District was evident when he choked up during a floor speech last month. That attachment was no surprise to the corporations

Last year, corporations more than doubled the amount of money they gave to the charity as Boehner prepared to win the speakers gavel in the fall elections. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the trade association for drug companies, was the top donor last year, with a $50,000 contribution. Drugmaker Amgen has been a repeat donor, giving $20,000 in 2008 and 2009. Last year, it was even more generous, cutting a $25,000 check. In total, corporations reported $192,000 in donations to the charity in honor of Boehner in 2010, according to their lobbying disclosure forms. That was up from $72,000 in 2009 and $61,000 in 2008. The speaker makes public policy decisions based on what he thinks is best for his constituents and the American people, said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel. In this case, he supports the D.C. Opportunity Scholarships because they give some of the neediest kids in our nations capital a chance at a quality education.



Shipping company FedEx reported a substantial drop in lobbying expenditures in the first quarter compared with last year, when it was fighting union-related legislation pushed by its rival, UPS.

Web poker players bankrolls frozen, livelihoods threatened by U.S. probe



las vegas Americas multibillion-dollar run at online poker tables has been interrupted by what could be a killer hand: federal prosecutions of the three biggest Web sites. The government has blocked U.S. gamblers from logging on to the offshore sites, which are accused of tricking and bribing banks into processing billions of dollars in illegal profits. Now gamblers who dreamed of enormous prizes in Las Vegas, or even used online poker to make a living, cannot access online bankrolls that in some cases reach six figures. Some predict the American online poker industry, estimated to be worth up to $6 billion, may fold under the weight of the investigations as it threatens amateur and professional players, televised tournaments, and the marketing machine that helped Texas hold em emerge from smoky casinos to become a dominant form of gambling on the Internet. It just cut the head off of everything, said Robert Fellner, a 27-year-old Las Vegas poker pro whose roughly $250,000 bankroll on PokerStars was frozen after the indictments. Its scary. Its much more scary. Pay-to-play poker sites have been on shaky legal ground for years in the United States, but the government hadnt prevented gamblers from playing on the three biggest sites PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker before last weeks indictments of 11 executives and bank officials. More than 75 company bank accounts in 14 countries have been frozen, and authorities are seeking $3 billion in fines and restitution. Poker players, meanwhile, now see an FBI notice where the Web sites once were. Some of them had treated their poker accounts as savings accounts, leaving significant portions of their net worth online and ready to wager anytime. It appears that they will get that money back, though its not clear when. The government said Wednesday that it had reached agreements with PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to restore the companies domain names so they can return money to U.S.

players. PokerStars said on its Web site that said it expected cash-outs to be available to U.S. residents within several weeks. Full Tilt said in a statement that the agreement was a good first step but that it will not be able to give players refunds until the government gives up control of those funds. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara of the Southern District of New York said in a statement that no individual player accounts were ever frozen or restrained.

Source of income
Fellner, who won more than $57,000 at a small World Series of Poker tournament in 2007, is more concerned about how he would make a living without online poker. He said cards have been his only source of income since he was 19, when he matched his annual salary working at a dry cleaner by playing online poker for three months. Since then, he said hes made more money each year and now plays for stakes that require $5,000 to $15,000 just to comfortably buy in and compete. He wouldnt specify how much he has earned so far this year. Fellner relies on online poker because the Omaha game he prefers isnt normally offered at his stakes in the vast majority of Sin Citys casinos. He said he could support himself with savings while he waits for things to play out, but he doesnt know what hell do if he cant replace his income. I have friends on Wall Street they could always get me an interview, he said. Federal authorities consider the poker sites illegal and follow a 2006 law that made it a crime to process financial transactions related to illegal online gambling. But last weeks indictments are the governments first attempt to hold poker site operators to that law. Players and companies have long argued that the 2006 law didnt properly define illegal gambling or outlaw online poker, which many consider a game that involves more skill than luck. Unlike games such as blackjack, players gamble against each other, not the casino. Casinos and Web sites that host poker collect a small percentage of each pot for running the game.

PokerStars and Full Tilt have stopped offering real-money play in the United States, while Absolute has not, according to, a site that tracks traffic and real-money play on online poker sites. All three sites have free sites using .net domain names and have switched to European domains to keep the gambling flowing outside the United States. PokerStars and Full Tilt have been telling players through Twitter and other means that their balances are safe. A customer service representative for Absolute who did not provide a last name said in an e-mail to the Associated Press that the company has suspended deposits, withdrawals and transfers for customers based in the United States. After the indictments, dubbed Black Friday in poker circles, worldwide online poker traffic dropped 22 percent from the prior week, said Dan Stewart, the owner of Before Friday, an average of more than 77,000 players were playing poker for real money in cash games online at any given moment over four days last week. That number dropped to just over 60,000 between Saturday and Tuesday, Stewart said. PokerStars traffic fell 24 percent, Full Tilt traffic fell 49 percent and traffic on the network that includes Absolute fell 45 percent. Other sites such as and have remained open to American players and saw spikes in traffic in the past week, but their increases are meager compared with the number of players who have stayed offline, Stewart said.
Associated Press


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The Federal Worker
Unions in runoff race
Neither the AFGE nor the NTEU won a majority of the votes in elections to represent transportation security officers. Federal Diary, B4

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Appointed for life

At 103, U.S. District Judge Wesley Brown the nations oldest federal justice is still hearing cases in Wichita. B4

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Liberals: Open-minded or intolerant?
In her April 17 Outlook commentary, Liberal suckers, Sally Kohn omitted an important factor amid the apparent ideological absolutes of American politics: the shifting center of gravity of independent voters. These Americans have both liberal and conservative instincts. The question is whether, at election time, they view a particular politician as one of us or one of them. Barack Obama won the presidency because the center identified with his reasonableness, a marked contrast to the disastrous tenure of hard-line Republicans. Quickly after the election, though, strategists on the right convinced centrists that, through health-care reform and government bailouts, Mr. Obama was not one of them after all. The ensuing concessions that Ms. Kohn blames on liberal tolerance are Mr. Obamas attempt to restore his credibility with the center, knowing that if he fails, any progressive agenda grinds to a halt in 2012. Pat Mackin, Springfield  I was disturbed that The Post would print the strongly anti-Catholic views of Sally Kohn regarding her idea of the perfect liberal. In her view, the perfect liberal must make the country intolerant toward those who are homophobic meaning those who do not fully embrace the homosexual lifestyle, including same-sex marriage. Does Ms. Kohn believe that all Catholics who adhere to Catholic doctrine, which has taught for more 2,000 years that homosexuality is immoral, must be marginalized and condemned? Intolerance of deeply held religious and moral beliefs of others is nothing for anyone to be proud of, particularly when such views are preached by an alleged liberal. Bob Carney, McLean  As a liberal born and bred, I believe America would be a better place if we all practiced a little more of the deep-seated dedication to tolerance I was exposed to in my family growing up. However, Sally Kohns commentary was a good reminder of the advice my civil-rights-marching, Planned-Parenthood-supporting grandmother gave me when I went off to college some 30 years ago: Just dont be so open-minded that your brain falls out. Rachel A. Bernhardt, Silver Spring

Mr. Obamas defense cuts

Would a smaller military make strategic as well as budgetary sense?
YEAR AGO, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates launched an effort to rationalize the Pentagons budget in the hope of making military spending sustainable in an era of fiscal crisis. His greatest fear, he said last August, is that in economic tough times people will see the defense budget as the place to solve the nations deficit problems. Last week Mr. Gates learned that his attempt at preventive medicine had fallen short and that his greatest fear might come true. After giving the defense chief 24 hours notice, President Obama proposed $400 billion in defense cuts over the next 12 years in effect doubling the cutbacks that Mr. Gates had identified. The president said that the reductions would come from across national defense, including the State Department, foreign aid and homeland security, and would be preceded by a new defense spending review. Supporters point out that the proposed cut is considerably less than the $1 trillion over 10 years recommended by the presidents deficit commission; one Democratic defense expert, Gordon Adams, has been arguing that $400 billion could be saved merely by holding the Pentagon budget flat in real terms, instead

of including the small annual increase Mr. Obama had previously budgeted. Still, there is little doubt that Mr. Obamas proposal would lead to real cuts in force structure and military capability, as Mr. Gates put it. His spokesman, Geoff Morrell, said that it will mean identifying missions the country is willing to have the military forgo. That should be a sobering consideration at a time when Mr. Obama a commander in chief obviously loath to embrace military expeditions has nevertheless embarked on an intervention in Libya, at a cost of more than $600 million so far, after overseeing a costly surge of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Defense savings beyond those already achieved by Mr. Gates are certainly possible and even needed though by and large they lie in areas that Congress has been unwilling to touch. As we pointed out in a recent editorial, military health care now costs as much as the war in Iraq, in part because military families including workingage retirees pay one-tenth as much for their health plans as do civilian federal workers. Pay raises for Pentagon civilians have outstripped those in the private sector in the past decade, and the workforce itself has swollen. Though Mr.

Gates has succeeded in winning congressional approval for some big cuts in weapons systems, Congress continues to fund planes and equipment including $8 billion in the new fiscal 2011 budget that the Pentagon neither needs nor wants. Even with significant trims in those areas, however, reaching Mr. Obamas goal would probably require cuts in the size of the Army and Marines beyond the reduction of more than 40,000 troops already proposed by Mr. Gates. Defense analyst Michael OHanlon of the Brookings Institution thinks it could require the elimination of more command structures and another round of base closures. What will then happen if the United States is forced into more conflicts like those of the past decade if it must intervene to prevent Irans acquisition of a nuclear weapon or respond to aggression by North Korea, for example? Mr. Gates, who is expected to leave office this year, said that big defense cuts would be disastrous in the world environment we see today. While some reductions in defense are inevitable, that is a warning that the administration and Congress cannot afford to disregard.

$2.06 million per second

The airports authority spends recklessly to put Metro underground at Dulles.
OULD YOU PAY $330 million to shave 2 minutes and 40 seconds off your trip to the airport? Or would you pocket that money and put it to better use? The authority that runs Washingtons two major airports thinks $330 million is a fair price to pay for an underground Metro station at Dulles International Airport rather than an aboveground one 500 feet farther from the terminal that would save an airport-bound passenger exactly 2 minutes and 40 seconds at a normal walking pace on an existing underground moving walkway. Thats not just a staggeringly reckless waste of public money. Its also a decision that threatens to kill the single most important public transit project in the national capital region the Silver Line extension of Metrorail to Dulles by driving its cost to $3.5 billion from $3.2 billion. A chorus of voices, including business groups, leading transit experts and government officials at all levels, has raised the alarm in opposition to the airports authoritys profligacy. The authority needs to come to its senses, and to a better decision, quickly. The stroll on the moving sidewalk from the proposed underground station would take about 1 minute and 59 seconds. The stroll from the aboveground station, which would be located in front of the existing garage, would take about 4 minutes and 39 seconds. So the airports authority is willing to spend other peoples money to the tune of $2.06 million per second of not-very-much saved time. Sharon Bulova, chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, led a gaggle of reporters along the existing underground walkway from the garage to the terminal at Dulles the other day to make the point: Tens of thousands of people use it already every month. It works. Its air-conditioned. Its efficient. Its easy. If you dont feel like walking, you can stand. In voting 9 to 4 this month to build a tunnel and underground Metro station, the airports board ignored the strenuous opposition of Fairfax and Loudoun counties, which together would pay about 20 percent of the Silver Line extension to Dulles and points west; of Republican Rep. Frank Wolf, in whose district the project would be built; of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce; and of Dulles Toll Road commuters who would pick up three-quarters of the tab through toll payments. Moreover, the authority disregarded the recommendation of its own professional staff, in whose view the aboveground option made more sense. Since that decision, members of the boards majority have offered an array of hollow arguments to justify their decision. They say the aboveground option would interfere with the view of the terminals architectural grandeur. Nonsense. The aerial station would be located in front of the existing garage. And while the aboveground Metrorail line would cut across


Montgomery doesnt need charters

The secondary headline on the April 17 editorial Charter school roadblock accused Montgomery County of restricting opportunity in Maryland because we dont support charter schools. Despite the financial struggles that all school systems are enduring in these challenging times, Montgomery schools are ranked among the best in the nation, and, by all statistical measures, are the best in the state. Montgomery students dont need charter schools. They can succeed in their traditional local public schools, and they do, in huge numbers. A school system as diverse and growing as Montgomery Countys needs every dollar available to maintain these high standards. Taking funds away from the traditional public schools to pay for a few students to attend private-style public charter schools would be a crime, and totally unnecessary, given the high quality of the Montgomery schools. Marilyn Schuman, Gaithersburg The writer is a teacher in the Montgomery County schools.

Political science
In his April 18 op-ed column, The GOPs nevernever land, Fred Hiatt took the views of some Republicans and generalized about them. Most Republicans do not refuse to believe that Barack Obama is American-born, though they may not have certain evidence. Most Republicans do not believe that taxes must always go down, but they do believe that tax entropy means that the momentum is behind taxes going up. And most Republicans do not doubt human-caused climate change, but they are skeptical that intrusive remedies are justified. Science is political to the extent that scientists have political, social and moral opinions, not to mention self-interested agendas. Most published science is sound and reliable, but to neglect to consider the political angle is imprudent. That happens to be a scientific observation based on empirical evidence, as hardly a week goes by without some scientists assertion being debunked. Thomas M. Doran, Plymouth, Mich.

the airport access road, it would also afford arriving and departing train passengers a dramatic view of architect Eero Saarinens graceful masterpiece. The authority argues that arriving passengers would be put off by having to wait in extremes of heat or cold for a Metro train to arrive at an aboveground station. But why couldnt the aboveground station platform be enclosed and climatecontrolled for a good deal less money than $330 million?

he overarching theme of the majoritys stance is that the location of the Metro station at Dulles is a critical long-term decision and that the region has to get it right lest the airport suffer dire economic consequences. As a cautionary tale, some members of the authority have cited the inconvenience suffered by Metrorail passengers at Reagan National before that airports new terminal opened, closer to the station, in 1997. But this, too, is an empty argument. Before the new terminal was built at National, Metrorail passengers were forced to walk across a street, with no protection from traffic or the elements and no moving walkway. It was a trudge and a hassle and bore no relation to the smooth underground moving walkway already operating at Dulles. Whats more, no one has offered a shred of evidence that any long-term economic harm would befall Dulles as a result of spending an extra 2 minutes and 40 seconds on an underground

moving walkway. Yes, there are concerns about the aboveground station, and it is important they be addressed. Accommodations would have to be made for the convenience of passengers arriving with heavy luggage, so that luggage could either be placed easily on the underground walkway or be checked and conveyed from the station to the terminal. Engineers designing the aboveground station would need to prioritize long-term maintenance, so that elevators conveying passengers between the platform and the moving walkway are reliable, quick and simple to use. The fight over the Metro station at Dulles has reached a dangerous impasse; as a result of the authoritys misguided stance, there is a real peril the project could collapse. Loudoun County officials have called the decision an outrage. If the county quits the deal, that would probably rob the Silver Line of thousands of daily commuters and play havoc with Metros financial projections for the second phase of the extension. Fairfax is similarly upset. There is a growing risk of litigation. If that happens, it could imperil the countys dedicated tax district, whose purpose is to cover 16 percent of the Silver Lines cost. Unless Fairfax commits unequivocally to the project by the end of this year, the tax district automatically starts a 24-month countdown to its own dissolution. If the tax district disappears, so does the second phase of the Silver Line and the prospect of a modern transit link with the regions premier international gateway airport.

The Postal Services real health

A few facts would have bolstered the April 16 editorial Trouble in the mail. Yes, U.S. Postal Service revenue has declined, but the Postal Service remains one of the largest businesses in the world. Last year it generated $67 billion in revenue. It is the central pole of a trillion-dollar industry that employs almost 9 million people at a time when job creation is critical to our economy. Taxpayers are not at risk for postal pension and health-care liabilities the Postal Service does not need or want tax dollars. The Postal Service has set aside more than $300 billion for this purpose, funding obligations at more than 80 percent. This is not counting $82 billion of overcharges my office has documented, which if returned, would fund the obligations at more than 100 percent an uncommon feat anywhere. If the Postal Service went out of business tomorrow, its real estate holdings, worth tens of billions of dollars, would more than cover remaining liabilities. The government has grown addicted to overcharging the Postal Service to rescue itself. It demands $11 billion more every year. A good question is whether the Postal Service is losing money or whether these overpayments represent an unauthorized tax on the American people, endangering a historically successful enterprise. David C. Williams, Arlington The writer is inspector general for the U.S. Postal Service.


3 Join the debate at

A tax lever for D.C. voting rights
Robert McCartneys April 14 Metro column, Can D.C. rise from Grays sit-down?, referred to the Districts second-class status. If only! To say that D.C. residents are second-class citizens is a gross overstatement: D.C. residents are actually third-class citizens, lagging behind our compatriots in Puerto Rico and the territories. They have second-class status because, like us, they have no voting representative in Congress. But, unlike the District, they are exempt from federal income taxes, and their laws and budgets are not subject to approval by Congress. We only wish we could be so second-class. In the last Congress, 11 conservative Republicans introduced H.R. 1014, proposing that residents of the District of Columbia should be exempt from paying United States Federal income taxes until the District is provided with a vote in the House of Representatives, where revenue bills originate. Since then, they have gained the support of newly elected Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.). In a recent interview, Mr. West said that until D.C. residents achieve a vote in the House, they should be exempt from federal income taxation as residents of Puerto Rico and the territories are. It is time for our delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton, to introduce H.R. 1014 again in the 112th Congress, as she did in two prior Congresses, and for our mayor and the D.C. Council to support its passage. Nelson F. Rimensnyder, Washington The writer is a member of the D.C. Republican Committee.

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Campaign paradigms for 2012

Sending in the Marine

Rep. John Kline takes on No Child Left Behind

andicapping an election 19 months away seems relevant only to political junkies except for this: Expectations, as shrewd investors know, affect actions. The Republican presidential field might be more formidable if President Obama were less strongly favored. And over time, what Congress does will be shaped by the presidential campaigns direction. Views of 2012 are heavily influenced by the metaphors that prognosticators invoke. Will it be 1984, 1988 or 1992? Obamas camp loves 1984. President Ronald Reagans popularity plummeted during the economic downturn of his first two years, and Republicans did badly in the 1982 midterms. Then the economy roared back and so did Reagan. He won the landslide Obamas handlers dream about. Republicans like 1992. In the year before the election, the smart money was on President George H.W. Bushs reelection. But out of nowhere came a young Democratic governor named Bill Clinton. He took advantage of economic discontent and the way Ross Perots independent candidacy shook up the campaign. Bush lost, with only 37.5 percent of the popular vote. Republicans want to believe Obama is as invisibly vulnerable now as Bush was then. Both comparisons are flawed. Obama will get stronger as the economy improves, but he wont be able to get close to a Reagan-like triumph, given how many core Republican states seem impossible to crack. The problem with the Republicans 1992 metaphor is that while Bush may not have seen Clinton coming, many Democrats had identified him as an awesome talent years before he ran. None of the current GOP contenders can claim this. I like 1988 (the year the first President Bush defeated Democrat Michael Dukakis) as a metaphor for the Republicans stature problem. That year, the Democratic hopefuls came to be known as the seven dwarfs. This wasnt fair to them, and it may not be fair to this years Republican field, whatever its eventual size. But the dwarf line speaks to an image deficit shared by both fields. Of the current GOP bunch, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty is the Dukakis of 2012. I say this as someone who is fond of Dukakis and believes he was an excellent governor of Massachusetts. He just wasnt a great presidential candidate. The strength Pawlenty and Dukakis share is the absence of any glaring shortcomings. Dukakis was the remainder candidate, the guy most likely to be left standing. That looks like Pawlentys role this year. But its also hard to see Pawlenty escaping Dukakiss eventual fate in a general election. Mitt Romney, the sort-of, kind-of front-runner, is intelligent and well organized. But his lack of constancy on certain issues and the Massachusetts health-care plan (which he should be proud of fathering but has had to disown) hurt him with primary voters. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is the guy you would most want to have a drink with, but thats not necessarily the key to winning a nomination. Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana is bright and substantive. He should run, but I dont think he will. Then theres the rest Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump and Jon Huntsman. I cant see any of them making it, but keep an eye on Trumps economic nationalism and his tough-on-China rhetoric. If he cans the birther nonsense, the Donald might surprise people. For the election, heres the math: With the new census, the states Obama carried last time (plus the lone elector he won in Nebraska) start him with 359 electoral votes. From his original states, Obama can lose Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia and North Carolina and still win exactly the 270 electoral votes he needs as long as he holds his other states, notably Pennsylvania and Florida, and that single elector from Nebraska. Under this scenario, if he also lost the one Nebraska vote, the Electoral College would be tied, 269-269. This gives Obama a lot of maneuvering room, but note that Pennsylvania and Florida both trended Republican last year. So Obama is certainly the favorite, but Im not in the camp that sees the election as over before it starts. And in the congressional races, something could happen in 2012 thats never happened before: Both houses could switch parties, but in opposite directions. The Democrats could take back the House the GOP is defending a lot of Democratic-leaning seats while Republicans could take over the Senate, given the difficult array of states Democrats must win. If this happens, remember, you read it here first.


Shenyang residents walk past a line of solar power panels installed in China's Liaoning province.

Behind the green China myth

Its exporting clean-energy technology more than it's using it

s the worlds factory floor, China is not an obvious environmental leader. It is beleaguered by severe pollution and generates more carbon emissions than any other nation. Yet many have trumpeted it as an emerging green giant for its non-carbon-based energy production and its aggressive promises to cut carbon emissions. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman described Chinas green leap forward as the most important thing to happen at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. But the facts do not support this green success story. China indeed invests more than any other nation in environmentally friendly energy production: $34 billion in 2009, or twice as much as the United States. Almost all of its investment, however, is spent producing green energy for Western nations that pay heavy subsidies for consumers to use solar panels and wind turbines. China was responsible for half of the worlds production of solarpanelsin2010,butonly1percentwasinstalledthere.Just as China produces everything from trinkets to supertankers, it is exporting green technology which makes it a giant of manufacturing, not of environmental friendliness. In wind power, China both produces and consumes. In 2009, it put up about a third of the worlds new wind turbines. But much of this has been for show. A 2008 Citigroup analysis found that about one-third of Chinas wind power assets were not in use. Many turbines are not connected to the transmission grid. Chinese power companies built wind turbines that they didnt use as the cheapest way of satisfying on paper government requirements to boost renewable energy capacity. Consider the bigger picture: 87 percent of the energy produced in China comes from fossil fuels, the vast majority of it from coal, the International Energy Agency found in 2010. The explosive recent growth in Chinese solar and wind generation equates to going from zilch to a small fraction: Wind today generates just 0.05 percent of Chinas energy, and solarisresponsibleforone-halfofone-thousandthof1percent. The avoided carbon emissions from all of Chinas solar and wind generation even maintained over the entire century wouldlowertemperaturesin2100by0.00002degreesFahrenheit. That is the equivalent, based on mainstream climate models, of delaying temperature rises at the end of the century by around five hours. Of course, proponents argue that China has promised to do

much more: It vowed to cut carbon intensity (the amount of emissions produced per dollar of gross domestic product) 40 to 45 percent by 2020. But this is essentially promising to do nothing new: IEA projections, using expected growth and development and absent any new policies, show carbon intensity already on track to fall 40 percent. Even with this reduction, by 2020 China will have quadrupled its emissions from 1990. China also aims for non-fossil-fuel energy sources to account for 11.4 percent of primary energy consumption by 2015. At best, this is a promise to slide backward merely slowly. Today, China gets 13 percent of its energy from non-fossil fuels, particularly biomass and hydropower, with a little nuclear energy and a minuscule amount of solar and wind power. The reason China does not use more wind and solar power is simple: Even when mass-produced with cheap labor, solar panels and wind turbines are not cost-effective replacements for fossil fuels. They appear so in the West only where politicians create generous subsidies for their implementation. There is, however, a mostly untold story from China that shows an area where the promise of a green future is not without foundation. China leads the world in the production of solar heaters. This industry doesnt receive subsidies because it doesnt need them: Solar heating is cost-effective. Heat constitutes almost half of global energy demand, much of it from households wanting to cook, heat water or warmtheirenvironments.Solarheaterscanheatwater cheaply at about one-quarter the price of an electric water heater. In China, solar heaters provide four times more energy than wind turbines. Exports of this product bring in more than $6 billion a year. Because solar heaters are cheaper than fossil fuel heating, consumers dont need to be paid large subsidies to use them. This is the green lesson China holds: A green future will result not from subsidizing immature technology today but fromdevelopingcompetitivegreentechnologythatiseffective and cheap. Wind and solar power are not yet competitive. Research would be a much better investment for Western countries than subsidizing imports of todays green technologyfromChina.Untilwecanmakealternativeenergytechnology effective and affordable for everybody, there will be no happy ending to the green success story.
Bjorn Lomborg is director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and the author of Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalists Guide to Global Warming.

Excerpts from The Posts opinion blog, updated daily at WILLIAM J. DOBSON

No Fourth Wave, yet

If the revolutions roiling the Arab world have had a shared quality, its speed. After decades of stagnation, events began to move incredibly fast. Within a month of a Tunisian fruit vendor setting himself on fire, Tunisias dictator fled to save himself. Eighteen days after the Egyptian people took to the streets, President Hosni Mubarak was cast from power. Strongmen in Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Bahrain, Syria and elsewhere began to shake as tremors spread across the region. But we cannot talk about any of these countries in democratic terms yet. The Egyptian people are still fighting to throw off the vestiges of the old regime, and the military has revealed itself to be less than a reliable guardian of the democracy the people hope to achieve. In Tunisia, political parties are struggling to ensure genuine elections. The opposition in Yemen has yet to negotiate

the exit of its dictator. Libya increasingly appears to have descended into a stalemate, with the possibility of partition. The popular rebellions in Bahrain and Jordan look to have stalled. In Syria, the regime is quickly becoming more ruthless. We should not expect these dramatic shifts to end as quickly as they began. By nature, the building will take longer than the toppling. The forces that have been unleashed are going to resonate for years, and the pressure on the Arab autocrats who weather this season will rise. Its worth looking closely at the 29 nondemocratic regimes that shifted toward democracy during the Third Wave. They were a hodgepodge of one-party states, juntas and personalized dictatorships. Twenty-three had some previous experience with democracy.ThisisnttosaythattheArabstatesinupheavalmustlapseback into authoritarianism before they reemerge as genuine democracies. But it is also improbable that all of these countries will move in lock step toward that democratic future. For some, the most successful democratic transitions come on the second try.

uring 25 years in the Marine Corps, including flying helicopters in Vietnam, Rep. John Kline, a Minnesota Republican, developed the skill of maintaining small-unit cohesion. He will need this skill in his new job. Half the Republican members of the committee he now chairs are in their first term, and he laughingly guesses that in 2010 about half of them campaigned on abolishing the Education Department. Ronald Reagan was an abolitionist, and Kline has proposed legislation to replace Ulysses Grants visage with Reagans on the $50 bill. Kline, now in his fifth term, chairs the Education and the Workforce Committee that will have jurisdiction over rethinking No Child Left Behind, which soon will be 10 years old and may not recognizably survive to see its 12th birthday. As a Marine, one of Klines assignments was to carry the football the package containing the nuclear launch codes for presidents Carter and Reagan. Education policy involvesnointimationsofArmageddon,butitwillforce conservatives to confront a contradiction between their correct theory and a stubborn fact. Their theory is that education in grades K through 12, which gets most of the Education Departments attention, is a quintessentially state and local responsibility, so the department is inimical to local control of education. Created by a Democratic-controlled Congress in 1979, the department was promised by candidate Jimmy Carter, who in 1976 became the first presidential candidate ever endorsed by the National Education Association, the largest teachers union. Unfortunately, the stubborn fact is that local control means control by the teachers unions. Most school boards are elected, often in stand-alone elections in which turnout is low and the unions organizationprevails.This,Klinesays,isexactlytheconversation Im having with my new members. He notes that in Minnesota, since school board elections were moved to regular election days, some people not supported by the unions have won. He emphatically favors a greatly reduced federal footprint in primary and secondary education. About NCLB, he is decorous, calling it well-intentioned. What do teachers in his district think? They hate it. This is understandable, given Education Secretary ArneDuncansrecentestimatethatmorethan80,000 of the nations 100,000 public schools are going to fail to meet NCLBs requirement of adequate yearly progress when that is measured in testing this spring. Duncan says 82 percent could fail, compared with 37 percent last year. Such a one-year increase would be startling, but the trend is inauspicious: 28 percent failed in the 2006-07 school year. And success make that success might be worse than failure. NCLB decrees that schools shall achieve 100 percent proficiency by 2014, which is a powerful incentive for states to define proficiency down. The New York Times reports: In South Carolina, about 81 percent of elementary and middle schools missed targets in 2008. The state Legislature responded by reducing the level of achievement defined as proficient, and the next year the proportion of South Carolina schools missing targets dropped to 41 percent. There also are reasons to suspect that NCLBs threat of labeling schools as failures constitutes an incentive to cheat. In a number of jurisdictions, including 103 schools in the District of Columbia, machines that grade the tests have detected suspiciously high levels of erasures as test-takers changed incorrect to correct answers. Klinepromisesthatthecurrentsystemformeasuringadequateyearlyprogresswillnotexistwhenwe are done. And he says we have to get rid of this highly qualified teacher thing in NCLB. He thinks qualified is shorthand for teachers processed by the normal credentialing apparatus of education schools and departments. The stress, Kline says, should be on highly effective teachers. He favors more charter schools public schools operating outside union restrictions. He notes that when unions say these schools are unfair because they work under different rules, he tersely responds: Precisely. There are 14,000 more or less autonomous school districts. Kline knows that at this moment of waning confidence in the federal government, it is strange to assume that leverage from a combination of national tests and national money can efficiently improve the system. And it is stranger still to assume that even if this combination could do so, Washington has the knowledgetomoveall14,000intherightdirection.In this Marine from Minnesota, the man and the moment have met.

The forgotten genocide in North Korea


olocaust is the word used to describe the systematic extermination of millions of innocent European Jews during World War II. In the aftermath of this mammoth failure of humanity, many nations repented and declared that never again would such inhumanity and absolute disregard for human dignity and life be tolerated. Yet on Jan. 1, the regime of Kim Jong Il warned that a nuclear holocaust would be inevitable if South Korea engaged the North in war. While the world watches peoples in the Middle East and North Africa rise up against tyranny, another people suffers on the Korean Peninsula. And that Pyongyang so irreverently invoked this term to describe its so-called necessary defense is a stark reminder of the genocidal and inhumane nature of Kim Jong Ils regime and the atrocities it has committed against millions of innocents. Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem, called on the international community in 2004 to investigate political genocide in North Korea. In response to reports of North Koreas use of gas chambers to murder and perform medical experiments on political dissidents and their families and the chilling image of the murderers coolly watching their victims death agonies . . . all too reminiscent of Nazi barbarism, the groups chairman, Avner Shalev, wrote to then-U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan that the issue is all the more severe due to North Koreas status as a member of the U.N. In other words, the worlds foremost authorities on genocide appealed to the international community, one of the few rays of hope for the North Korean people, who are trapped in a living hell. An estimated 1 million innocent men, women and

children have been murdered in North Korean political concentration camps since 1972, academics believe. Virtually nothing has been done to speed the closure of these camps since 2004, though the testimony of tens of thousands of refugees provides mounting evidence of crimes against humanity and genocide. Outside observers and nongovernmental organizations estimate that 3.5 million North Koreans died of starvation between 1995 and 1997. They continue to die in huge numbers in a government-organized famine akin to the Holodomor famine-genocide in Ukraine (1932-33), which was orchestrated by Joseph Stalin. Billions in humanitarian aid have been shipped to North Korea, more than enough to feed the nations population, but government and academic studies have revealed that North Korea systematically diverted the aid, using it to bolster its military might while millions, for whom the aid was intended, starved to death. Raphael Lemkins Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide included political murders in its first draft definition of genocide, but Stalin objected, the definition was amended and the Soviet Union was not held accountable for the tens of millions of innocents murdered without just cause by starvation and in the Gulag. Some have incorrectly concluded that mass murder and genocide in North Korea would also be exempt from prosecution under the convention. This is not the case. North Korea has been considered the worlds worst persecutor of Christians for many years by objective researchers of religious persecution such as Open Doors and Christian Solidarity Worldwide. Soon Ok Lee, one of the few survivors of the North Korean concentration camp system, has testified before Congress and later told MSNBC that since the Korean War in Korea they call it June 25

War the No. 1 enemy is God. Kim II Sung hated God most. It is common knowledge among refugees and people who follow North Korea that those discovered to have any kind of faith or religious belief and their families, to three generations are executed or sent to concentration camps for life. This constitutes genocide under Article 2 of the convention; consequently, the world has not only the moral duty but also the legal right and obligation, under Article 8, to intervene. Actions that all of us in the free world can, and must, take immediately to save the North Korean people and stop the crimes against humanity include:  An NGO strike. The nongovernmental organizations supporting the genocidal Pyongyang regime must withdraw all support from Kim Jong Il immediately and unambiguously declare their action a protest of the Norths concentration camps, systematic diversion of food aid and mass atrocities.  Use our resources effectively. The United States, South Korea, Japan and the rest of the international community must recognize that there is a way to effectively save those in desperate need. It is through the refugees, most of whom still have relatives and friends in the North with whom they are in secret communication. North Korean refugees and their ally organizations must be provided all possible resources.  Mass demonstrations. Never have more than 100,000 people gathered to protest the mass atrocities in North Korea. All who object to the genocide must organize, assemble and make their voices heard. We should get to work immediately, realizing that we are already far too late.
The writer is a human rights activist and missionary who was detained in North Korea from December 2009 to February 2010.

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For Middleton, comparisons to Diana are inevitable

wedding from A1 including her soon-to-be husband and Dianas son, Prince William. It raises an eerily familiar question for Buckingham Palace, an institution that is not amused at being upstaged: how to manage Middletons skyrocketing popularity and avoid the pitfalls that befell Dianas shot to fame. In terms of their popularity, the similarities are amazing, and this is going to be a delicate balance for the palace, said Ken Wharfe, Dianas former bodyguard and longtime confidant. The royal family does want the public popularity that Diana brought the royal family and that Kate is now getting, he continued. But they dont want someone who will co-opt their image the way Diana did, either. I get no sense that Kate has any interest in doing that. But my only fear is that whether she likes it or not, all the eyes and the cameras will be on her. To Middletons benefit, the rules of engagement for the British tabloid press have changed since Diana died in a 1997 car crash in Paris with her lover Dodi Fayed, after their intoxicated chauffeur sped away from a band of paparazzi. New government guidelines in Britain have made photographers less aggressive, and editors less willing to run ill-gotten shots. But the allure of Middleton is testing the willpower of the paparazzi. Already, Britains media watchdog was forced to issue a warning this month after photographers chased down Middletons mother and sister during a London shopping trip. And like Diana, Middleton is finding herself under a microscope, as illustrated by a run of tabloid stories about her recent weight loss she is reportedly on a crash diet ahead of her wedding day. The weight stories have dug up memories of Dianas more serious struggle with eating disorders, showing that Middleton may face a lifetime of comparisons. Clearly there is a drive to try to link them, to make her the new Diana, said Richard Kay, a Daily Mail journalist and one of those in whom Diana confided

My only fear is that whether she likes it or not, all the eyes and the cameras will be on her.
Ken Wharfe, former bodyguard and confidant to Diana, Princess of Wales, on Kate Middleton


Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Darwen, England, last week, one of their last public engagements before their wedding.

the details of her battle with bulimia. Yet this Kate weight story is tricky, and I havent wanted to write anything about it because I dont detect she is doing anything other than what most brides do before their wedding day. But because of who she is, the headlines are there.

Different paths
Despite the echoes of Dianas place in the media, though, the women share few other similarities. Born of non-noble blood, Middleton met her groom at university, and the couple dated for eight years before getting engaged. Diana, meanwhile, hailed from one of the most aristocratic families in Britain, and her courtship with Prince

Charles was seen as perfunctory and semi-arranged. Diana had just turned 20 when she and Charles wed in 1981; she was 12 years her husbands junior. Middleton, 29, is four months older than Prince William. Though both women inspired fashioned trends, Dianas style was pure couture, while Kate is more off-the-rack. And no one here is yet predicting that Middleton could match Dianas iconic status, nor perhaps would she want to. Dianas image grew larger than life in part through a warmth atypical for the royal family perhaps best illustrated by her famous ungloved handshake with an AIDS patient in 1987 but also because of her disastrous mar-

riage and tragic early death. And unlike Diana, who sought out the media as much as they sought her, Middleton has thus far displayed little interest in planting positive stories or cultivating favorite journalists. The couples inner circle has been compared by some here to the Obama administration, with insiders tight-lipped and leaks exceedingly rare. Nevertheless, the palace is going to great lengths to avoid the mistakes of the past. Unlike Diana, who was paraded out as a bauble for the media to shoot before her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981, Middleton has done only one tightly scripted TV interview alongside William and attended only a handful of care-

fully orchestrated public engagements in which the media has been kept largely at bay. Peter Hunt, the BBCs royal correspondent, went as far as to say Middleton was being hidden from public view by the palace, a fact that has only seemed to fuel media interest.

Seeking a low profile

In their one TV interview last November, Middleton appeared uncomfortable with the question of how she would deal with Dianas legacy. Obviously, I would love to have met her, and she is obviously an inspirational woman to look up to and to this day and going forward . . . shes very inspirational. But Prince William, who fa-

mously gave Middleton his mothers sapphire engagement ring, gave a more pointed response: Its about carving your own future, and no one is trying to fill my mothers shoes. In what may aid William and Kate in escaping the media eye, they will settle, at least for a time, in relatively distant Wales, where the prince is based with the Royal Air Force. And in the months to come, the young couple are likely to appear in public only for limited spikes of activity. That, many here believe, is in part to shield Middleton from too much press too soon. But Prince William is still second in line to the throne after his more awkward father, who is now married to his second wife and former mistress, Camilla. Many here privately say the handsome young couple will be keeping a relatively low profile to avoid overshadowing Charles and Camilla and to keep a lid on calls to have Prince William leapfrog his father to the throne. Hunt said the popularity of William who is a celebrity in his own right and bears a striking resemblance to his mother is also likely to take some of the pressure off his wife. He has an ease his father never had, Hunt said. When Charles and Diana went on walkabouts, and he went to one side and she the other, you would hear the crowd say, Oh, its not Diana. But you are not likely to get that with William and Kate.

Announcing the winners of The Washington Post 2011 Distinguished Educational Leadership Awards

t takes a great many people to create an outstanding school excellent teachers, terric staff, bright students and caring parents who take the time and trouble to participate in school affairs. Above all, it takes an extraordinary principal. Because we believe strong leadership is an essential ingredient of good schools and deserves all the support and encouragement we can give it, each school year The Washington Post Company Educational Foundation calls for educational leadership awards nominations from the community. Please join us in honoring this school years winners 19 people who day after day go beyond the demands of their highly challenging professions to create exceptional learning environments for our children.

Ms. Keisha Boggan

Francis C. Hammond Middle School Alexandria City Schools

Mrs. Sharon Stratton

Arundel High School Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Ms. Mary Begley

Ms. Karen Vogel

Ms. Amy DiSabatino

Dr. Chloe Marshall

Hope Community Public Charter School-Tolson Campus District of Columbia Public Charter Schools

Ms. Cheryl Warley

J.O. Wilson Elementary School District of Columbia Public Schools

Arlington Science Focus William B. Wade Sunderland Arlington Elementary School Elementary School Public Schools Calvert County Public Schools Charles County Public Schools

Dr. Maureen Marshall

Gareld Elementary School Fairfax County Public Schools

Mr. Roger Lee

Liberty High School Fauquier County Public Schools

Mrs. Kathleen Schlappal

Tuscarora High School Frederick County Public Schools

R.C. Haydon Ellicott Mills Middle School Belmont Ridge Middle School Elementary School Loudoun County Howard County Manassas City Public Schools Public Schoools Public Schools

Mr. Michael Goins

Mr. Timothy Flynn

Mrs. Rebecca Stone

Mrs. Judy Brubaker

Spark M. Matsunaga Elementary School Montgomery County Public Schools

Dr. Judith White

Dodge Park Elementary School Prince Georges County Public Schools

Mr. Andrew Buchheit Mrs. Sheila Martinez

Bristow Run Elementary School Prince William County Public Schools Our Lady of Victory School Private School

Mrs. Susie Fowler

Lexington Park Elementary School St. Marys County Public Schools

Mr. Thomas Nichols

North Stafford High School Stafford County Public Schools

We would also like to congratulate the many other area principals whose superior leadership was recognized by their nominations for this school years awards.


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thursday , april 21, 2011





Chart your misery Obituary. Igor Birman, a Russian emigre

Tree pollen has spiked to very high levels this week, as allergy sufferers are all too aware. Check out our pollen graphic for details.

Blocking BRAC moves?

Officials are being urged to use a report that says the Pentagon used faulty data to defend base transfers of 6,400 defense workers to Alexandria. B5

No small change for drivers

A pay-by-mobile-phone parking meter system is being rolled out that is one of a flurry of high-tech moves aimed at overhauling Washingtons aging network. B3

who accurately predicted the fall of the Soviet Union a decade before it occurred, was a highranking economist in Moscow before arriving in the United States in 1974. B7

More community news in the Local Living section of todays newspaper

15-year-old dies in crash

Speed called a factor; 4 other teens injured



A Shad Planking attendee tucks into a dish of the namesake fish and other fixings at the festival, held at the Wakefield Ruritan Club.

Rite of spring politics

Virginians flock to the Shad Planking, an April tradition, for fish and a taste of next years GOP Senate primary

Five teenage boys huddled in a garage Wednesday afternoon and talked about how gym class would never be the same, how a familiar walk home felt strange and how a friendship bracelet that hadnt been taken off for months was now even more special. Their friend, Kendra Kaeleen Tucker, was gone, and their world had changed. Tucker, 15, a freshman at Battlefield High School, was one of five teenagers in a 2005 Dodge Magnum that hit a deer and then a tree at about midnight Wednesday on a Haymarket road. The car, driven by an 18-year-old boy from Gainesville, was speeding west on Logmill Road, just west of James Madison Highway, when the crash occurred, Prince William police said.

Four people the driver, a 17-year-old boy from Gainesville, a 15-year-old girl from Haymarket and a 14-year-old girl from Gainesville were flown to a hospital with critical injuries. Tucker was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said that speed was a factor in the crash and that none of the teenagers was wearing a seat belt. As of Wednesday, the driver was in stable condition; the 17-year-old had been treated and released; and the teenage girls were in critical condition, with the 15-year-old facing lifethreatening injuries. Authorities did not provide the names of the injured. On Wednesday, a large gash in a tree was the only sign that something horrific had happened on Logmill Road, a hilly stretch of street that passes fields of grazing horses. The wreckage was gone. The police roadblock had been removed. But the spring break accident was another reminder of the dangers teens face as they take to the roads. Students only had to check their Facebook or Twitter accounts to learn about the crash continued on B5

horde of Virginians gathered under a canopy of pine trees in rural Sussex County on Wednesday for heaping plates of fish, political gossip and a microcosm of next years Republican U.S. Senate primary. As the front-runner in the GOP nominating contest to succeed retiring Sen. James Webb (D), former senator George Allen swamped his opponents at the annual Shad

Planking festival, offering more of everything: signs, stickers, hats, volunteers and crucially, given the hot, sticky weather cold beer. Jamie Radtke, Allens best-known foe and former head of the Virginia Federation of Tea Party Patriots, went to the Wakefield Ruritan Club southeast of Richmond with a smaller financial war chest but armed with an argument that Allen isnt conservative enough to deserve the Republican nomination that she hopes will be enough to fuel an upset.

People are looking for an alternative. They really are, Radtke said. Radtkes booth at the gathering featured a large sign contrasting her views with Allens record in the Senate including votes to raise the debt ceiling and for the No Child Left Behind law. Radtkes booth also offered bags of pork rinds with a sign saying Here is the only pork youll get from Jamie. Surrounded by outspoken supporters, Alshad continued on B6

Gay adoption push fails in Virginia

Board upholds policy that some say allows discrimination


richmond Despite emotional

The festival is named for the bony shad, which is nailed to planks and cooked over a fire. The event has been a staple of Virginia political life for more than six decades. At right, Doug and Sara James of Richmond attend their first festival.

pleas by gay-rights groups, a state board overwhelmingly voted late Wednesday to continue a practice that some argue allows faithbased organizations in Virginia to discriminate in adoptions. The State Board of Social Servicess 7 to 2 vote came after a slew of faith-based groups and adoption agencies insisted that they be able to screen prospective parents on religious or moral beliefs. Today, the State Board of Social Services told the 1,300 children already waiting for a loving, forever home that theyll have to wait longer, said Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay-rights organization. The proposed regulations, part of a massive overhaul of

adoption rules, would have added protections on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, political beliefs, disability and family status. The current rules follow federal law banning discrimination based on national origin, race and color. Its broad language would place an undue and unconstitutional burden on private faithbased child placing agencies by forcing us to compromise our religious beliefs in order to maintain our license to operate, said Andrew Brown of America World Adoption, a Christian agency that processes 400 adoptions a year. Virginia is one of 34 states where only single men and women and married couples can adopt, according to the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. Lawmakers and activists have disagreed about whether the proposed regulations would have allowed other classes, including unmarried couples heterosexual or homosexual to adopt. But Lynne Williams, director adoption continued on B6

Achoo! Tree pollen has spiked in region



That heavy dusting of yellow on your car hood and your itchy eyes should have warned you: Tree pollen has spiked to very high levels in the Washington area this week. The yellow dust is oak and pine, said Susan Kosisky, co-chief of Walter Reed Army Medical Centers Allergen Extract Lab, which tracks pollen counts daily. When they come out together, thats when the air gets saturated. Its very sticky. Allergy sufferers are well aware that the spring festival of pollen has opened. The seasonal high of 2,302 grains per cubic meter was recorded Tuesday, and the peak pollen count usually comes just about now, between April 16 and

26, Kosisky said. Very high means that almost all allergy sufferers will experience symptoms; those extremely sensitive could have severe symptoms, according to the National Allergy Bureau. Unlike last year, when the levels skyrocketed in early April, this year has been up and down, up and down, up and down, Kosisky said. Rain helps clean the air, but it also encourages blooming. Theres also been a slight upward trend in tree pollen levels during the labs 13 years of observations. This is not just an annoying rite of spring. It can be dangerous to peoples health, too. For people with allergic asthpollen continued on B5


Familys switch sends message to Redskins

an Snyder, beware. The Krogh household in Bethesda is giving up its Redskins football season tickets, which have been in the family for 40 years or more. It will use the money to buy Capitals hockey tickets instead. By traditional standards, for a longtime Washington area family like the Kroghs, this is heresy. Sacrilege. An

abomination. Surrender six precious Redskins seats, for which the waiting list has been so long in the past? And for hockey, historically a less-popular sport in the D.C. area? The Krogh family was rooting for the Redskins using some of those same tickets for six full years before the Capitals even existed. These arent just any seats,

either. Theyve got a pedigree. Family patriarch Paul H.J. Krogh, 76, a retired oral surgeon, got the original four tickets as a favor after he yanked a tooth from the mouth of former Redskins owner George Preston Marshall in Georgetown in 1968. He acquired the other two in 1971. mccartney continued on B4

The Federal Worker: AFGE vs. NTEU in runoff election

Neither union won a majority of votes in the race to represent transportation security officers. B4

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D.C. Wire

Capital BikeShare opens new station

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray opened a new Capital BikeShare station Wednesday near the John A. Wilson and Ronald Reagan buildings that he said will make it easier for city and federal workers to use the popular system. This new location couldnt be more convenient for our employees . . . and I encourage them to take advantage of this healthy, environmentally friendly and cost-effective transit service, Gray said of the site at 14th and D streets NW. Capital BikeShare, the largest bike-sharing network in the country, has been growing rapidly since it was launched last fall. Gray said the system, a joint venture between the District, Arlington County and a private firm, has 10,700 members. During the next week, the D.C. Department of Transportation also plans to install five stations downtown where workers, tourists and residents can pick up or drop off the red bicycles. The new stations will be at 17th and K streets NW near Farragut Square; 12th and G streets near Metro Center; Fourth and D streets NW near Judiciary Square; Eighth and F streets near the National Portrait Gallery; and at the Foggy Bottom Metro station. Gray said a total of 25 stations would be added in the District this summer, with dozens more likely to be installed in Arlington. We are committed to adding more bikes and more stations to meet increasing demand, Gray said.


Dishing on dining
Can you be too honest? Post dining columnist Tom Sietsema and his readers discussed the right kind of feedback to give chefs during a live chat with readers Wednesday morning.


When critiquing a dish, avoid using the mallet

Q: I had a five-course dinner at a four-star restaurant. Everything was excellent except one course. The pan-roasted squab tasted bland, its skin was rubbery even the presentation was bad with no color other than the muddy brown squab. The chef came out during dessert and asked about my dinner. I of course said everything was fantastic. Should I have been more honest? Is there a good way to critique the food directly to them without offending them? Do these chefs really want to know? Can they handle the truth? Sietsema: If you wanted to be diplomatic, I guess you could have raved about the four courses you loved and skipped mention of the squab. But what happens if the chef brings up the missing course? (An appropriate response might be, Honestly, chef, it was the lesser of our dishes tonight.) Chefs are no different from the rest of us. Arent we all plants that need some water, with some of us requiring a drop or two while others seem to need a geyser? Q: Speaking as a home chef that hosts frequently and has some caterers and former caterers amongst my friends, we definitely do want to know when something doesnt work. We often try out new recipes and need to know when something needs to be tweaked so that we dont repeat those. As with anyone else, we take pride in our work, and when something works, we want to keep it, and when something doesnt, we either tweak or replace. Most of the time, I only get comments from my wife and close friends (also frequent cooks/hosts), but since I try to cater my menu to my guests, I need to know if the vegetarians didnt like the vegan option or if the option I had for my friends keeping relatively kosher didnt work for them, or how will I know not to do that to them next time? If you arent sure about a particular chef, then Toms suggestion to rave about parts of the meal and leave the other parts conspicuously uncommented on will work. The chef should be paying enough attention and if (s)he wants to know, can ask about that course. Once (s)he asks about the course, you should feel free to mention that while it tasted fine, the presentation was a little bland or it wasnt the best presentation or tastewise, it wasnt up to the standards of the rest of the meal or however you choose to describe it. As long as youre polite about it, critique should be accepted for what it is, an effort to be constructive. Sietsema: Great advice, chef. Thanks for taking the time to write. Another way a chef can determine the success of a dish: Check to see how much of it is returned to the kitchen.



Mayor Vincent Gray said he expects about 25 bike stations to be added in the District and dozens in Arlington County during the summer.

The Answer Sheet


The day after Charlie Sheen took the stage at DAR Constitution Hall, readers were rehashing the appearance during a live chat with The Posts Reliable Source columnists.

Excerpt from

It is seriously refreshing to hear that just as soon as Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell announced a new teacher performance pay pilot program that would tie their pay to student standardized test scores, the states largest school system said, Thanks, but no, thanks. Jack Dale, superintendent of Fairfax County public schools, told my colleague Kevin Sieff that the districts previous experiment with performance pay, in the early 1980s, was a failure and that he would pass on the program and any attached funding that comes with it even in these financially troubled times. McDonnell, jumping on a standardized testbased performance pay bandwagon spreading across the country with the backing of the Obama administration, announced a pilot program Tuesday that would distribute a total of $3 million to districts in the state that have one or more of the 169 schools that he said were difficult to staff. Forty are in Northern Virginia, nine of them in Fairfax. Assessment experts say it is a lousy idea meaning the results are unreliable and invalid to judge teachers on how well their students do on standardized tests, but that obviously isnt stopping McDonnell, who is making use of the tests mandatory for program participants. Yet two Virginia school districts questioned why some of their schools were even on the list, saying they werent hard to staff. One of them is Loudoun County public schools, where spokesman Wayde Byard questioned the placement of five Loudoun schools. Linda Erdos of Arlington County public schools, which had the most schools, 17, on the list, also said she was perplexed about how some of the schools got on the list and why others were not included. Arlington Traditional Elementary, for example, is on the list but has been highachieving for years and hasnt struggled to hire teachers. Arlington has its own teacher pay schedule that rewards teachers based on a portfolio of actions including becoming National Board Certified that demonstrates professional standards without the use of test scores, Erdos said. So lets review: The Virginia governor issues a list of 169 schools that he says are hard to staff. At least two school systems say there are schools on the list that are not, in fact, hard to staff. The governor, at a time of great financial difficulty, finds $3 million for a pilot program that the largest school system says was tried and failed previously, and that people who really understand assessment say is bogus. At least there are some people, and school systems, in Virginia who know better.


John Kelly is away. His column will resume when he returns.

Today on


Charlie Sheen: Taking no media prisoners.

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Inviting Sheen in: This is progress?

Q: The DAR lets Charlie Sheen play Constitution Hall, but back in 1939 they wouldnt let the sublime operatic singer Marian Anderson perform there. What does this say about our culture? Amy Argetsinger: Um, that times have changed?


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Staffing to increase at youth center

Overnight officer staffing will be increased at the New Beginnings Youth Development Center after an 18-year-old beat a guard and escaped from the D.C. youth detention facility, authorities said Wednesday. Citing security reasons, Christopher Shorter, chief of staff for the Districts Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services, declined to discuss specifics of the increase. Neil Stanley, interim director of DYRS, announced the plans at a news conference Wednesday, two days after the teen escaped from the center in Laurel. His whereabouts are still unknown.
Allison Klein and Nikita Stewart

For motorists, no small change

Officials rolls out pay-by-mobile-phone parking meter system


Gray to host town halls on budget

Mayor Vincent C. Gray, who held town halls around the city after he won last years Democratic primary, will use the same approach to publicize his fiscal

2012 budget proposal. Grays town hall tour will begin at 7 p.m. Monday at Savoy Elementary School in Ward 8. Town halls will be held in every ward, the last on May 9 at 7 p.m. in Ward 2 at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.
Nikita Stewart

Broad Branch Road stays closed for work

Broad Branch Road over Soapstone Creek in Northwest Washington will remain closed for repairs after a sinkhole opened in the road last week, according to the District Department of Transportation.

A culvert beneath the road failed, DDOT said, and there is no time estimate for the repairs, which will be relatively complex, and will involve multiple local and federal agencies. The agency plans to release a timeline for the repairs later. Access has been restricted to adjacent residences and an embassy.
From staff reports

Schaefer viewing delays bill signings

Dozens of bills passed in the just-completed session of the Maryland General Assembly will have to wait a few more weeks to become law. Plans for William Donald Schaefer to lie in state Monday at the State House in Annapolis have prompted the cancellation of a bill-signing ceremony that morning. Those bills will instead get Gov. Martin OMalleys signature at one of two other scheduled ceremonies, on May 10 and May 19, said a spokesman for OMalley (D). The governor and legislative leaders already conducted one signing ceremony on the morning after the sessions April 11 adjournment. Schaefers public viewing in Annapolis is part of a grand sendoff for the former Maryland governor, comptroller and Baltimore mayor. He died Monday at age 89.
John Wagner

Parking in the District? Theres an app for that. Drivers will soon be able to use a cellphone to pay for any of the citys almost 17,000 on-street, metered parking spots. The system is one of a flurry of high-tech moves to overhaul the Districts aging meter network and address two perennial complaints of motorists: Meters are frequently broken, and hauling around fistfuls of quarters is a pain. The goal is to give people options, said John Lisle, a District Department of Transportation spokesman. A pay-by-mobile-phone pilot program is in place in Foggy Bottom, at Georgetown University Hospital and around Nationals ballpark. In June, DDOT will begin rolling it out at additional locations. Heres how it works: Drivers register their license plate numbers and credit card information online with Parkmobile, the citys contractor for the program. Drivers can then use a mobile app or place a call to start a parking session when pulling into a spot. Drivers key in a zone number, the amount of meter time wanted and then go. Fifteen minutes before the meter expires, drivers will get a text message reminder and can add additional time. The transaction appears in


The Districts new system to pay using a mobile phone helps to address two perennial complaints of motorists: Meters are frequently broken, and hauling around fistfuls of quarters is a pain.

real-time on hand-held devices used by parking enforcement officers. The mobile app is available for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry, and drivers can register multiple license plates. Parkmobile officials said more than 100 cities, including New York and Boston, are using the system. Some drivers saw it as a godsend. I always have my phone, but I dont always have change for the meter, Alexandria resident Stephen Brandon said, adding that he would use the app.

Dee Sampson, a D.C. driver who makes several stops a day for his job, said he wanted to see how well the technology worked before signing on. Just today, I was downloading an app that had a glitch thats often a problem with these things. Youre not always sure if something is going through, he said. Pay-by-phone is one of a handful of parking pilots that the city has given a test drive in the last year. DDOT has tried different iterations of pay-by-space and

pay-by-license plate-number systems using coins, credit cards and bills. Its even experimenting with embedding sensors in parking spots so drivers could digitally check to see if one is open, Lisle said. Lisle said D.C. residents will also be seeing more multi-space meters. He said the city is seeking a vendor to install the machines as coin parking meters get old and are replaced around the city. He also said the city is looking into an in-car metering system.

DISTRICT Mid-Day Lucky Numbers: Mid-Day DC-4: Mid-Day DC-5: Lucky Numbers (Tue.): Lucky Numbers (Wed.): DC-4 (Tue.): DC-4 (Wed.): DC-5 (Tue.): DC-5 (Wed.): MARYLAND Mid-Day Pick 3: Mid-Day Pick 4: Night/Pick 3 (Tue.): Pick 3 (Wed.): Pick 4 (Tue.): Pick 4 (Wed.): Match 5 (Tue.): Match 5 (Wed.): VIRGINIA Day/Pick-3: Pick-4: Cash-5: Night/Pick-3 (Tue.): Pick-3 (Wed.): Pick-4 (Tue.): Pick-4 (Wed.): Cash-5 (Tue.): 4-9-4 8-2-6-7 4-0-2-1-4 5-2-2 8-0-1 7-6-7-9 6-0-6-7 5-9-8-2-8 4-8-3-6-1 1-3-0 4-9-1-6 5-4-0 4-8-1 7-3-4-1 8-8-0-0 15-26-28-30-37 *12 2-13-15-17-19 *38 0-7-3 7-8-1-4 20-21-23-28-34 8-3-8 N/A 6-7-2-6 N/A 5-9-29-32-33 Cash-5 (Wed.): Win for Life: N/A N/A Megaplier: Powerball: Power Play: Hot Lotto: 4 N/A N/A N/A
*Bonus Ball **Mega Ball ***Powerball Hot Ball Free Ball

Unconscious man at U-Md. identified

A man found unconscious on the University of Marylands campus and later pronounced dead has been identified as a student, university officials said. Adewunmi Omisore Adepegba, 21, of Greenbelt was found

unresponsive on a roadway outside the University of Marylands Byrd Stadium just before 10 p.m. Tuesday. He was in running clothes. University officials said it is not clear what led to Adepegbas death. Police had earlier said they did not suspect foul play.
Justin Jouvenal

MULTI-STATE GAMES Mega Millions: 20-24-32-45-51 **43

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Volunteers sought to test VRE program

Virginia Railway Express needs volunteers to test a proposed ticketing program that would allow riders to board the commuter-rail using their SmarTrip card. Volunteers would need to board at the Woodbridge station and either be enrolled in the SmartBenefit or Commuter Direct programs, VRE officials said. The volunteers would also have to be willing to provide feedback to VRE on the process. VRE officials said that they have been trying to integrate with the Metro system for years, and that the commuter rail system has begun implementing the software needed to do so. Those interested in participating in the trial can e-mail VRE officials ask riders to include their name, e-mail and daytime phone number.
Jennifer Buske

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Unions contest to represent TSOs is not over

At 103, federal judge is still hearing cases

Nations oldest working justice was appointed by President Kennedy in 1962



he largest federal union organizing election is not over yet. Like two heavyweight boxers battling to a draw, neither the American Federation of Government Employees nor the National Treasury Employees Union won a majority of votes in the election to represent transportation security officers. The plain Federal Labor Relations Authority multipurpose room was quiet Wednesday afternoon as Jean Perata, the authoritys assistant to the general counsel for representation cases, read the tally and told representatives of the unions that each had failed to win the majority needed for victory. Out of 19,587 votes, AFGE took 8,369 and NTEU scored 8,095 almost a dead heat. The no union option was chosen by 3,111 voters. About 43,000 employees were eligible to vote. The union representatives, along with those from the Transportation Security Administration, decided to meet Thursday morning to plan a runoff election. Were going into this runoff confident of victory, said NTEU President Colleen M. Kelley. Her counterpart, AFGE President John Gage, said the same thing: While AFGE is disappointed that we cant begin negotiating a collective bargaining agreement right away, we are confident that TSOs will once and for all vote for AFGE in a runoff election. Although both unions had predicted victory, the virtual tie must be a special disappointment to AFGE, which says it has 13,000 dues-paying TSO members. Thats something were scratching our heads on now, Gage said. We thought we had accounted for 13,000 votes in AFGEs favor. We were shocked that our vote total was as low as it was still number one. Some TSOs might have mistakenly thought they didnt have to vote because they belong to the union, according to Gage. When he asked some workers

Joe Davidson
whether they had voted, he said they replied: Well, were already members. Given the spirited campaign waged by the unions, the no union vote seemed strong, particularly because it apparently had no widespread organized support. No union will not be an option in the runoff. I am not pro-union of any sort, said TSO Mark Levengard, who attended an AFGE campaign rally at BaltimoreWashington International Marshall Airport. Even with the no union turnout, 84 percent of the workers voted for a union. I think thats a huge statement of support, Kelley said. The two largest federal unions campaigned vigorously during the six weeks of voting that ended Tuesday, but they have been recruiting members and seeking the officers support for years. AFGE chartered its first local in 2003. Activity started heating up in November, when the authority ruled that the officers, who screen people and luggage at the nations airports, had the right to vote on union representation. It was a right that had been denied them to that point. In making that ruling, the FLRA rejected claims from Republicans in Congress and the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, which argued that allowing unionization would, in the words of the foundation, post an unacceptable threat to national security. The FLRA ruling did not grant the screeners the right to bargain as a group. That was done in February, when Transportation Security Administration

head John Pistole granted limited collective bargaining rights. No matter which union ultimately prevails, we hope and expect that they will join us to further improve TSAs performance of its critical security mission and support our frontline officers as they carry out this mission, Pistole said in a statement after the results were announced. As he had previously, Pistole defended his decision to allow collective bargaining, despite vigorous objections from conservatives. The safety of the traveling public remains our top priority and I have made clear we will not negotiate on security, he said. However, I continue to believe that employee engagement and morale cannot be separated from achieving superior security. His agency is notorious for low morale. Pistoles decision excluded bargaining on numerous items, making the scope of labor negotiations for screeners more limited than that available to other federal workers. Excluded are any issue TSA deems security related, including security procedures and the deployment of security personnel and equipment. Compensation, testing, job qualifications and discipline standards also are excluded. Items that can be negotiated under Pistoles decision include seniority, shift bids, transfers and awards. The limited scope of bargaining and the six-week election period could have been factors in holding down turnout. Kelley said some employees lost election materials and the six weeks meant there was no sense of urgency among the electorate. We think four weeks would be just fine, she said. FLRA will need time to gear up for another election, so the outcome of the contest is probably more than two months away. Said Gage: This is a campaign that seems to have no end.

WICHITA In a courtroom in Wichita, the day begins much as it has for the past 49 years: Court is in session U.S. District Judge Wesley Brown presiding. But what happens next is no longer routine; its a testament to one mans sheer determination. As lawyers and litigants wait in respectful silence, Brown, 103, carefully steers his power wheelchair behind the bench, his stooped frame almost disappearing behind its wooden bulk. He adjusts the plastic tubes under his nose that are from an oxygen tank next to the days case documents. Then his voice rings out loud and firm to his law clerk: Call your case. Brown is the oldest working federal judge in the nation, one of four appointees by President John F. Kennedy still on the bench. Federal judgeships are lifetime appointments, and no one has taken that term more seriously than Brown. As a federal judge, I was appointed for life or good behavior, whichever I lose first, Brown quipped. How does he plan to leave the post? Feet first, he says. In a profession where advanced age isnt unusual and, indeed, is valued as a source of judicial wisdom Brown has left legal colleagues awestruck by his stamina and devotion to work. His service also epitomizes how the federal court system keeps working even as litigation steadily increases, new judgeships remain rare, and judicial openings go unfilled for months or years. Senior judges keep the federal court system afloat given the rising case loads, said David Sellers, spokesman for the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Of the 1,294 sitting federal judges, Brown is one of 516 on senior status, a form of semi-retirement that allows a judge to collect his salary but work at a reduced case level if he chooses. They handle almost a quarter of federal district trials. And no one alive has logged more service than Brown, who took senior status in 1979 but still worked full time until recently. In March, he stopped


U.S. District Judge Wesley Brown in Wichita in 2007.

I will quit this job when I think it is time. And I hope I do so and leave the country in better shape because I have been a part of it.
U.S. District Judge Wesley Brown


The Washington Post featured a story last week about the brain drain at the Central Intelligence Agency as many senior staff members head to the private sector. How concerned are you that this is happening at your agency experienced staff members leaving for the private sector or considering retirement sooner rather than later? Please e-mail your answer to and include your full name, home town and the agency for which you work. We might include your response in Fridays Washington Post. When answers are particularly sensitive, we will consider a respondents request to withhold full identification.


The Fed Page

Poker industrys bad hand
The government has blocked gamblers from accessing offshore sites. A15

Getting friendly with PACs

New lawmakers play an old fundraising game. Influence Industry, A15

taking new criminal cases and lightened his case load a bit. He still takes his full share of the new civil cases. I do it to be a public service, Brown said. You got to have a reason to live. As long as you perform a public service, you have a reason to live. Brown gets a ride to the federal courthouse at 8:30 a.m. every workday from the assisted living center where he lives. Until he was in his 90s, he climbed the stairs to his fourth-floor chambers. He works until about 3 p.m., presiding over hearings, reading court filings and discussing cases with his law clerks who handle the legal research. In one concession to age, he keeps court hearings relatively short. But he listens intently to testimony and tells defendants to speak up or slow down if he has trouble following their statements. And, if necessary, he can be stern with lawyers, prodding them in a strong voice not to waste time. Brown is known for his compassion for defendants, even those he sends to prison. He also serves as senior statesman in the courthouse, giving colleagues the benefit of his long experience. He never pressures us or tells us what to do, said District Judge Eric Melgren, 54. He shares his thoughts, and we can benefit as we see fit. Brown has a computer on his desk that he uses to keep up with current events and trends. Some parties in lawsuits, however, have been skeptical about the idea of a 103-year-old judge hearing their case. Brown who was born June 22, 1907, in Hutchinson, Kan. is six years older than the next-oldest sitting federal judge. At least eight other federal judges are in their 90s, according to a federal court database. Brown was appointed U.S. district judge in 1962. Brown has asked his colleagues to notify him if at any point they feel he is no longer able to do his job. I will quit this job when I think it is time, Brown said. And I hope I do so and leave the country in better shape because I have been a part of it.
Associated Press


Longtime Redskins family giving up season tickets in a switch to the Capitals

mccartney from B1 The elder Krogh passed on the endzone seats to his son, Paul B. Krogh, 52. The latter recently held family talks with his wife, Stacy, and three children, which led to the fateful decision. The result of our kitchen-table discussions is that well put our professional sports money toward the Washington Capitals instead of the Washington Redskins, Paul said. He plans to buy part of a Caps season package from a friend. Its too soon to call it a trend. But hear all of the Kroghs reasons for making the switch, and the message to Redskins ownership is unmistakable: Dont take us for granted. We wont be suckers forever. Of course, it starts with win-loss records. The Caps are currently in the playoffs for the fourth straight year. The Skins havent been there since 2007. It helps that the Caps are winning, son Peter, 15, said. You usually come back happy. Its also the eight hours required to attend a Redskins game at Fedex Field, with much of the time sitting in traffic or cramped in a Metro train. Its the high prices at the stadium. The inebriated, foul-mouthed fans. The erratic management and sour vibes from owner Snyder. Theyre just not a team thats easy to root for, Stacy said. To top it off, the Kroghs often cant find takers when they try to sell or even give away the tickets to relatives or friends. Paul can no longer count on using them for business entertainment in his construction management work. While I cant seem to get clients to go with me to a Redskins game, I can get them to go to a Caps game, no problem, he said. It didnt help that the football season might be canceled this year because of a labor dispute, although that wasnt the deciding factor. At this point, I need to make two disclosures. First, the Kroghs live across the street from me. I heard about this when Paul mentioned it while I was out weeding my yard. Second, a friend and I share season tickets to the Redskins. Were not trading them in for hockey seats or anything else. Still, I think the Kroghs move is a plus even for loyal (or masochistic) Redskins fans like myself. If enough others pull out, it might finally convince Snyder that serious changes are needed. Although Snyder has yet to prove he can consistently field a quality team, cash flow is a subject that he clearly understands. To hear the Redskins tell it, they neednt worry. They like to talk about the 358 consecutive home sellouts. They say season ticket sales are on track for more sellouts. But that doesnt mean everybodys coming to the games. I see large numbers of empty seats at Fedex Field. Paul said the team seems awfully eager for his business, having phoned him four times so far to ask him to renew. We do everything we can for our season ticket holders. Weve spent millions of dollars, and will continue to spend, on stadium improvements, said Tony Wyllie, Redskins senior vice president for communications. We pay attention to enhance our fan experience. The Capitals say theyve sold out more than 100 games in a row, and theres every reason to think their ticket demand is hotter than ever. The team has just created a new category of 100 standing-room-only season tickets. That means people will be paying even without getting a seat. For the Kroghs, much of their discontent with the Redskins has little to do with the game on the field. Stacy was particularly annoyed over the cost of parking, food and drink. When I walk into the stadium, Im automatically on guard that theyre trying to rip us off, she said. Daughter Schuyler, 18, said her most vivid memories of Fedex Field were of people that were close to us who were falling-over drunk. She also mentioned that her high school friends showed much more interest in the Capitals than the Redskins. When there are Caps games, my Facebook feed lights up with Go, Caps, and Rock the red, and I never hear anything about football games, she said. Given the importance of Facebook to the younger generation, Snyder might see that as the direst warning of all. Im taking a brief vacation. Column returns April 28.

Victory123 THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011






Dont blame the VP for MARC delay

Boarding halted for VIP, stranding riders, but it wasnt Biden this time


Sometimes, politicians deserve our ire. But other times, they just get a bad rap. This time, in the case of Vice President Biden, its the latter. The vice president is being blamed by some in the Twitterverse for causing as many as 250 MARC commuters to miss their evening trains home Tuesday night. The only problem? Biden wasnt even in the District. About 4:20 p.m., just as the commute was ramping up, offi-

cials at Union Station received a report that a VIP was preparing to board an Amtrak train. As is protocol in such situations, all other boarding was halted to allow said VIP, complete with police escort, to board the train. But instead of allowing delayed passengers to board once the VIP situation was cleared, two MARC trains left the station without them. Several commuters at the station immediately blamed Biden. @joebiden hey bro stop preventing us from going home . . . #unionstation is stopping passengers from getting home because of u . . . #marcfail, tweeted @superridiculous, an IT contractor from Pennsylvania. Why so quick to suspect the vice president? Because its happened before.

Its kind of an unstated fact that if theres a VIP delay, its got to be Biden, said Bill Ballantyne, a MARC regular. Biden famously rode Amtrak between Washington and Delaware nearly every day while in the Senate, right up until his nomination as Barack Obamas running mate. He has also ridden it a few times as vice president which has sometimes inconvenienced other riders. The Twitter reports were picked up by the Inside Charm City blog, which has detailed previous Biden-related delays. But the blog was quick to note that Tuesdays problems were not Biden-related. It was a classic case of miscommunication, MTA spokesman Terry Owens said. We had a

VIP move at Union Station yesterday afternoon and, as is protocol, all movement stops. When that situation was clear, the trains were allowed to leave, stranding some of our passengers. We apologize. A spokeswoman for the vice presidents office said Biden was nowhere near Union Station on Tuesday. For a good part of the day, Biden was in Cleveland at an event for Sen. Sherrod Brown (D). He wasnt even in the District, Press Secretary Elizabeth Alexander wrote in an e-mail. He went from Ohio [Tuesday] back to Delaware. No word, however, on whether he returned to the District via train.

Effort to block move of 6,400 defense workers

Pentagon used faulty data to defend BRAC transfers, report says


Amalia Sacasa talks on her cellphone during a stroll through the woods in Cabin John Regional Park in Rockville. The peak pollen count usually comes just about now, between April 16 and 26, a Walter Reed Army Medical Center researcher says.

With tree pollen, quite a lot to sneeze over

pollen from B1 ma, this can have life-threatening consequences, said Mike Tringale, a spokesman for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation in Landover. For those that just have the upper-respiratory allergies, its generally not life-threatening, but its severe quality-oflife-threatening. About 25 million Americans have allergic rhinitis; for the 10 million more with asthmatic allergies, missed work days and hospital visits cost more than $32 billion annually in direct health-care costs and lost productivity, the foundation estimates. Costs for individuals include not just pharmaceutical prices, but also lost hours of sleep and decreased alertness. A foundation report issued last year with the National Wildlife Federation concluded that global warming may be increasing the number of allergies people deal with because a longer and hotter growing season prompts plants to produce more pollen. The Washington area is usually one of the top 25 to 50 most-challenging places to live for allergy sufferers, although Tringale said those numbers depend on weather patterns. Allergies are bad everywhere, he said. Michael R. Kletz, a board-certified allergist who practices in Manassas, said hes hearing this week from plenty of patients, including some new ones who either just realized they have allergies or whose over-the-counter medications no longer work. Were seeing lots of patients with allergic rhinitis, which you can call hay fever, he said. The symptoms range from runny nose to watering eyes, to wheezing and asthma for some. Henry Fishman, a Chevy Chase allergist, said the severity of the pollen season depends on how much snow or rain occurred in the previous winter and the proximity of blooming plants. Were in such a beautiful city, with all these flowering trees, he said. The best remedy, short of a doctors visit, is to stay indoors with the windows closed when pollen counts are high or shower when coming in from outdoors, experts said. Over-the-counter antihistamines work for some people, but Fishman said patients should be careful about taking medications that contain decongestants because they can be dangerous for those with high blood pressure or other conditions. Of course, trees eventually stop pollinating. But that opens the season for grasses and weeds, and theyve started to blossom. Theres something for everyone, Kosisky said. Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang contributed to this report.

A new federal report says the Pentagon used faulty data to defend its plan to transfer thousands of defense workers to a massive Alexandria office complex, and local leaders are being urged to use the report in a legal effort to block the move. The report by the Defense Departments inspector general finds fault with the 2008 Pentagon study that minimized the impact the relocation would have on the environment and traffic on already congested Interstate 395. This is what weve been saying for the last four years, said U.S. Rep. James P. Moran (D-Va.), who has opposed the move. Now we have the inspector general saying that their justification was faulty and was deficient. Moran said he had forwarded the report, available Wednesday, to officials in Alexandria and Fairfax County with the recommendation that they use it to file suit in U.S. District Court asking for an injunction to block the move. The Pentagon plans to relocate 6,400 defense workers to the Mark Center complex on Seminary Road, adjacent to I-395, on Sept. 15. Almost all employees would be moved from Crystal City, where they have access to the Metro system, to a location that would require them to commute by car. We cant add that on top of the 200,000 commuters who use 395 every day, Moran said. Sharon Bulova (D), chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, had not read the 202-page report but said she would do so with an eye toward options. Waging a lawsuit would take money and resources, Bulova said. If we were to go down that road, we need to first assess our chances for being successful. Alexandria Mayor William D. Euille (D), who had not read it either, said the city would have to weigh our options and consider our next move. Obviously a mistake was made here. The bad news is that they may not do anything about it and keep moving forward, Euille said. The inspector general said that traffic studies relied upon by the Army did not adequately

address existing and projected peak hour volumes. The Army concluded the move would have no significant impact on traffic. The inspector general said the Army should do a more thorough assessment of the potential traffic congestion and additional review of the environmental impact. The move to the Mark Center has been opposed by both Virginia U.S. senators and Northern Virginias two Democratic congressmen. The workforce relocation is part of the nationwide Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process, which will have an enormous effect on the Washington area, with major expansions at Fort Meade, Fort Belvoir and the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda. Members of Marylands congressional delegation have joined their Virginia counterparts in complaining that the Pentagon made its decisions without regard for the impact on traffic and without providing the money needed for highway improvements. In most circumstances, workers are being transferred from offices with access to mass transit to locations that lack it. A report issued by the National Academy of Sciences in February said the moves put an unfair financial burden on state and local governments. It recommended that Congress consider a one-time allocation of new money or reprogram unused stimulus money to pay for transportation improvements. Congress responded by including $300 million in the 2011 budget deal to expand roads around Fort Belvoir and the National Naval Medical Center. It didnt provide money for road improvements at the Mark Center. Last week, however, the Pentagon said it would make $20 million available for highway improvements around the Alexandria office complex . The Pentagons commitment is to be used for ramp improvements, intersections and crosswalks at the Mark Center. But a required environmental study on the ramp will delay the construction start until next year. Under its guidelines, the Pentagon is not required to help pay for transportation improvements surrounding a military base slated for growth unless its actions would cause congestion to double. For a region already burdened with some of the nations worst traffic problems, that was an impossible and undesirable standard to meet.

Victims friends mourn naturally happy person

crash from B1 crash, which occurred on the same road where two other Battlefield students were killed in August. A 15-year-old and an 18-year-old, both of Haymarket, were killed after their car spun out of control and was struck by another vehicle. Darion Romeo, 15, said he woke up to his brothers telling him about the crash, and within five minutes was heading to Tuckers house, panicked. He said he had spent every day with her this week while they were off from school. She was like my little sister, Romeo said. On his wrist he wears a woven bracelet that she made for him toward the beginning of the school year and that he hasnt taken off since. You know those people that when theyre around, everything is okay? Shes just the person who made everything feel all right. Brandon Eanes, who had been in gym class with Tucker, said the two of them had gone to see Hairspray at the high school Friday night. But they didnt watch the play; they talked the whole time. She was just naturally happy, he said. She was nice to everybody. She could never say anything bad about anybody. No matter who they are, Romeo said. In the garage, Romeo and Eanes, along with three other Battlefield freshmen, swapped stories about their friend: how she was unique and didnt follow a crowd, how she was quick with a joke, how she could keep a secret. This is the first day I cried in a long time, Romeo said. The hardest part, he said, was walking home from her house. You just remember every time you walked that exact same path with her. Gym will not be the same, Eanes said. Its never going to be the same, Carlos Corrales, 15, said. School is closed for spring break this week, but Ken Blackstone, communications director for Prince William County Schools, said grief counselors will be on hand at the high school on Saturday from 12 to 2 p.m. and when classes resume Monday.


New indictment handed down in SE drive-by shootings



A District grand jury Wednesday indicted five men in a series of 2010 shootings that culminated in a deadly drive-by with 30 charges including conspiracy, theft and assault with intent to kill while armed. The five men, all from the District, had already been indicted on 24 counts, including firstdegree premeditated murder, in the shootings that left five dead and eight injured. All five Orlando Carter, 21; his brother, Sanquan, 20; Jeffrey D. Best, 22; Robert Bost, 22; and Lamar Williams, 22 pleaded not guilty. Their trial is scheduled for 2012. The new indictment was a result of interviews by detectives

and prosecutors with four newly identified injured victims, witnesses and others thought to be involved in planning or attempting to cover up the shootings. Prosecutors said they expect charges against new defendants in the coming months but did not elaborate. A month after the shootings, Nathaniel Simms, 27, pleaded guilty to five counts of second-degree murder while armed. Simms, who agreed to cooperate with authorities, was not mentioned in Wednesdays indictment. The new indictment links a series of attacks that occurred within nine days. The first, on March 22, 2010, in the 1300 block of Alabama Avenue SE, killed

Jordan Howe and injured two others. Prosecutors said that shooting occurred after Sanquan Carter attended a party, noticed that his gold-colored bracelet was missing and suspected someone at the party of stealing it. Carter called his brother Orlando, Best and Williams to the apartment building where the party occurred and began shooting, according to charging documents. In retaliation for that shooting, prosecutors said, Orlando Carter was shot by Howes friends on March 23 in the area of Sixth Street and Chesapeake Avenue SE. Seven days later, after Howes funeral, prosecutors say, Orlando Carter, Best and Bost robbed and

fatally shot Tavon Nelson, 17, in the unit block of Galveston Street SW. The three men and Williams then carried out a drive-by shooting with an AK-47 rifle and a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol in the 4000 block of South Capitol Street, prosecutors charge. That shooting resulted in the deaths of three mourners who attended Howes funeral earlier in the day: Brishell Jones, 16, Davaughn Boyd, 19, and William Jones, 19. Six others were wounded. Each of the South Capitol Street shootings carries a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole, prosecutors said. A status hearing is scheduled for Friday.


Odyssey? Discovery?
Buy a minivan. Sell an SUV.



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Victory123 B6






Above, former Virginia senator George Allen, front-runner in the GOP nominating contest to succeed retiring Sen. James Webb (D), talks to people at the Shad Planking festival. At left, Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) works the crowd at the bipartisan event. It is widely assumed that Allen will face former governor Timothy M. Kaine (D) in the general election next year.

Fish, GOP Senate race dominate menu at annual Shad Planking

shad from B1 len seemed unperturbed and said he saw the Shad Planking as the kickoff to the general election, in which the Republican winner will probably face former governor Timothy M. Kaine (D). Ill be happy to talk about my record, Allen said in between autographing hats and posing for pictures next to his campaign booth. Many of the things I was fighting for as governor . . . and senator are more important than ever. The festival is viewed in some Virginia quarters as a show of organizational and financial strength in a race that will attract considerable national attention: The commonwealth is one of a handful of competitive states that could decide who takes control of the U.S. Senate. On the campaign trail, Allen said, people ask him most often about jobs, gas prices and federal spending in that order and dont spend much time talking about his Senate voting record. Radtke, 37, said she had a fire in the belly and compared herself to two conservative GOP freshman senators, Mike Lee (Utah) and Marco Rubio (Fla.). People are so sick of career politicians, she said. Some disagreed, including young voters Radtke would like to target. Lee Mitchell, 25, who works in marketing in Richmond, said he would vote for Allen in the GOP primary because he has the experience no one else has. Mitchell thinks that background will help Allen navigate the budget debate more effectively than a novice. In Virginia, I think we tend to go with people who have experience, he said. Joe Parker, a retired small business owner and registered independent from Charles City, Va., said he had not made up his mind on the Senate race and was attending the Shad Planking for at least the 15th time to meet the candidates. Parker said he had voted for Allen in past races, but now, Im

Susan Koscis, background, and Glenda Booth of Fairfax wade through signs near the Shad Planking festival. Allens campaign seemed to have the highest profile at the event.

not sure Allen is as conservative as I am. When I voted for him in the past, the deficit was not as big an issue as it is now, Parker said. But hes not sure what to make of Radtke, either. I thought Sarah Palin might be a good presidential candidate, too, Parker said, before he learned more about her and decided she wasnt. As a leader of the states tea party movement, Radtke had sup-

port at several local groups booths Wednesday. John Phelps, chairman of the New Kent Tea Party, said that although his group wasnt backing a candidate yet, he would vote for Radtke because shes not a politician and Allen is. I was greatly disappointed in him in the Senate when the Bush administration was spending money like theres no tomorrow, Phelps said. Hes part of the problem.

The Shad Planking, which has been held every April at the Wakefield Ruritan Club for more than 60 years, is a bipartisan event, and a few Virginia Democrats including Sen. Mark R. Warner and Rep. Robert C. Bobby Scott were there. Kaine was not, and he raised some eyebrows by not having a campaign booth at the festival. David McCormick, a Hampton Roads lawyer also running for the Republican nomination, didnt

bring beer just bottled water, some literature and bean-bag games for kids. I decided to bring the McCormick flair, he said, noting that next years Shad Planking at the height of primary season would be more important than this one. Bishop Earl Jackson is also running for the GOP nomination, and Scott said he is considering a run for the Democratic nod. TV production company owner Timothy

E. Donner has also filed papers to run for the Republican nomination. But the assumption that Allen will face Kaine in the general election is widespread enough that Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) joked about it in his speech to attendees. That colossal matchup between Jamie Radtke and Bobby Scott, McDonnell said. We just cannot wait.

Vote in Va. draws praise from faith groups, criticism from gay-rights advocates
adoption from B1 of state licensing for the Department of Social Services, told board members that unmarried couples would not have been able to adopt even if the original proposed regulations had passed. About 3,330 same-sex couples are raising about 6,700 children in Virginia, according to the Family Equality Council, a gayrights organization. Most were adopted in Virginia, allowing only one parent to have custody. Lawrence Webb and Clifton Taylor, who live in Falls Church, are considering moving out of state to adopt a child when they are ready to raise children. It would be a tough decision to make, said Webb, 36, a Falls Church City Council member and assistant dean of admissions at the University of Mary Washington. But starting a family would take precedent. It should be all about a child I dont believe someone should tell me that I cant, Taylor, 31, a government contractor in the District, said. The board, which has five Democratic appointees, voted after receiving advice last week from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R) and Social Services CommissionerMartin Brown, an appointee of Gov. Robert F. McDonnells (R). All three opposed the proposed changes. Cuccinellis office told members in a memo that the proposal does not comport with applicable state law and public policy and that the board lacks the authority to adopt this proposed language. His position reverses a 2009 decision made by his predecessor, William C. Mims, a former Republican legislator and now a Virginia Supreme Court justice. The board met in closed session with Assistant Attorney General Noelle Bell-Shaw before the debate. At least one group, Equality Virginia, questioned the legality of the closed-door session. Bell-Shaw declined to comment. Cuccinelli spokesman Brian Gottstein said later that advice in the 2009 memorandum was incorrect. In our 2009 review of the 77 pages of proposed adoption regu-

It should be all about a child I dont believe someone should tell me that I cant.
Clifton Taylor, on Virginias adoption rules.

Lawrence Webb, left, and his partner, Clifton Taylor, who live in Falls Church, are considering moving out of state to adopt a child when they are ready to raise children.

lations, we missed the fact that one line in those regulations would have created additional protected classes of citizens in Virginia, which is beyond the scope of the agency, he said. Board chairwoman Bela Sood, who was appointed by former

Democratic governor governors Mark Warner and Timothy M. Kaine, requested that the panel postpone the vote, questioning the lack of time for public comment and for the board to consider the latest advice. But the board voted 6 to 2 to deny her request.

Last year, nearly 2,500 children were adopted in Virginia, according to the Department of Social Services, but it does not track how many are adopted through faith-based groups. About 5,700 children are in the foster-care system in Virginia. Of

those, 1,300 are ready to be adopted. Kaine, who is running for U.S. Senate next year, proposed the change in regulations in November 2009, less than two months before he left office. He recently said he supports the rules but declined to say whether he supports same-sex adoptions. He has previously opposed them. Other adoption regulations approved Wednesday will be reviewed by McDonnell, the Department of Planning and Budget, and Health and Human Resources Secretary Bill Hazel. McDonnell must sign off on the new rules. McDonnell has said he opposes the changes because faithbased organizations should be able to make their policies. Todays vote by the board will ensure that Virginia remains in compliance with federal law while allowing private and faithbased organizations to continue providing vital adoption services for the large number of children who need to be placed in safe, loving homes, McDonnell spokesman Jeff Caldwell said.

Victory123 THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011






Was D.C. General anesthesiologist

sault and abuse. She also was a past president of the Alliance to the Montgomery County Medical Maria Benzinger, a GermanSociety, a nonprofit group that born physician who immigrated works to improve health care in to the United States after World the county. War II and became the chief mediMaria Gerhartz, the daughter of cal officer of anesthesiology at D.C. physicians, was born in Bonn on General Hospital in Southeast Feb. 18, 1918. She received a mediWashington, died April 2 of pancal degree in 1941 from the Univercreatic cancer at her home in sity of Innsbruck in Austria. Bethesda. She was 93. Dr. Benzinger worked at BerDr. Benzinger was a surgeon in lins Charite hospital as a resident Berlin before arriving in the Unitunder influential surgeon Ferdied States in 1950. She relaunched nand Sauerbruch, who developed her medical career with a night job a vacuum chamber that allowed running an ambulance service in for open-chest surgery. SauerPort Chester, N.Y. Over the next bruch had not previously hired several years, she learned English female doctors, Dr. Benzwhile training at hospiinger later told her family, tals in New York and and took her on only beOhio, completing resicause the war effort had dencies in anesthesiology siphoned off so many and receiving her U.S. young men. medical license. She continued to work She moved to Washin Berlin during World ington about 1960 and War II until the bombings taught at Georgetown, became so intense that Howard and George Dr. Benzinger doctors and patients were Washington universities relocated to Czechoslovakia, before joining the D.C. General where they worked until the end of staff in 1961 as chief medical officombat. cer. She retired from the hospital After the war, she worked for in 1988 and received a meritorious three years in a private Berlin hospublic service award from the D.C. pital. government in recognition of her Dr. Benzinger was a member of 27 years of service. numerous professional organizaIn retirement, Dr. Benzinger tions, including the D.C. Medical held a number of paid and volunSociety and the International Anteer positions. She advocated for esthesia Research Society. women and children as a member Her first marriage, to Dietrich of Montgomery Countys review Henke, ended in divorce. In 1960, panel for child abuse cases and she married Dr. Theodor Benzinger, helped plan the Tree House Child who was known for inventing the Assessment Center, which opened ear thermometer. He died in 1999. in 2002 and promotes healing for Survivors include a son from abused and neglected children. her first marriage, Robert Henke Dr. Benzinger was a member of Wilmington, N.C.; a daughter and past chairman of the Montfrom her second marriage, Fay gomery County Victim Services Ann Benzinger-Wilson of JohanAdvisory Board and played a key nesburg; a sister; and four grandrole in setting up a program at children. Rockvilles Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for victims of sexual


Russian emigre foretold outcome of Soviet implosion



Igor Birman, 82, a Russian emigre and economist who predicted the implosion of the Soviet economy and the fall of the Soviet Union a decade before the events occurred, died April 6 at his home in Rockville. He had a brain tumor. In the years leading up to the Soviet Unions collapse in 1991, many economists foreign and domestic foretold the Soviet economic meltdown. Dr. Birman was regarded as the first to predict the outcome, and he did so with impressive accuracy. Before arriving in the United States in 1974, Dr. Birman was a high-ranking economist in Moscow, where he worked as a director of planning for Soviet factories. In an essay in The Washington Post on Oct. 27, 1980, Dr. Birman dissected the CIAs estimates on the Soviet economy, including the agencys belief that the Soviet standard of living was equal to about half of that in America. The reality, Dr. Birman argued, was starkly different, with a standard of living closer to one-fourth or one-fifth of that in the United States. He wrote that Americans spent about 17 percent of their income on food but that residents of the Soviet Union spent about half. Practically no Soviet households had two bathrooms, and walk-in closets do not exist because people dont need them. There were at most 3,000 swimming pools, he wrote. Dr. Birman also asserted that the Soviet government spent close to 20 percent of the gross national product on the military nearly double the CIA estimate which he called a backbreaking expenditure. Dr. Birman concluded that the best strategy for the United States would be to ramp up the arms race and bankrupt the Soviet Union into submission. In subsequent articles, he said the Russian government was running a dangerous budget deficit and camouflaging that fact in its official data. He argued that the


Igor Birman once told a journalist that he was alone in the world, saying the huge CIA is wrong.

weak Soviet economy would ultimately destroy the country itself. If the Soviet Union continues to raise production of goods and services as it has done over the past 23 years, Dr. Birman said at an international conference in 1985, then it will catch up with the United States 1976 level in 62 years in fruit, 74 years in meat, 142 years in housing, 176 years in automobiles, 188 years in telephones and 298 years in roads. Dr. Birmans was a lonely voice among U.S. government experts, who widely believed the Soviet economy was stable and growing. Nicholas Eberstadt, a political economist with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, said Dr. Birmans opinions were considered biased because he was a sharp-tongued and abrasive outsider who did not build political coalitions in a way that would have been bureaucratically advantageous. Decades after his predictions, Dr. Birman was largely proved correct by records released by the Russian government. Scholars said his estimates were consistently among the most accurate,

including his prediction of extremely high Soviet military spending, later calculated to be at least 25 percent of the Soviet GNP. I was alone in the world, saying the huge CIA is wrong, Dr. Birman told journalist Ronald Kessler in an interview for his 1992 book Inside the CIA. The wonderful American press has criticized the CIA for spy operations, but never for their analysis. I did. I knew I was alone, and if I say the truth, nobody would believe me. Igor Yakovlevich Birman was born July 25, 1928 in Moscow. He received a masters degree and a doctorate in economics in Soviet universities and worked for the government as an industrial economist conducting research on the construction and lumber industries. After Dr. Birmans 1980 article was published in The Post, he was invited by Defense Department futurist Andrew Marshall to give briefings at the Pentagon and was hired as a contractor. For many years, Dr. Birman served as president of the Foundation for Soviet Studies and

published his articles in scholarly periodicals, including the journal Russia, which he helped establish. He retired in the early 1990s. His first marriage, to Maya Israilevitch, ended in divorce. Survivors include his wife of 52 years, Albina Tretyakova Birman of Rockville; a daughter from his first marriage, Julia Shildkret of Queens, N.Y.; two children from his second marriage, Dina Birman of Chicago and Igor Birman of Herndon; and six grandchildren. In 1984, Dr. Birman wrote to Robert M. Gates, then a senior CIA analyst, asking for the opportunity to discuss the Soviet economy. His request was denied, and instead he was interviewed by junior CIA officers. I tried to tell Gates in the letter that his people were not convinceable, Dr. Birman told the New York Times in 1991 shortly before Gates became director of central intelligence. Now hes castigating his people for not listening to me. Why couldnt he talk to me, especially since I was right?


Helped curb selling of baby formula to poor



Pietro Ferrero was a scion of one of Italys richest families, which has made billions producing Nutella, Tic Tac mints and sweets.


Wealthy Italian CEO dies in bike accident

Pietro Ferrero, the chief executive of the Ferrero Group holding company that produces Nutella, Tic Tac mints and other confections and a scion of one of Italys richest families, died April 18 after falling from a bicycle while on a business trip in South Africa. He was 47. Pietro Ferrero was also chairman of Ferrero S.p.A., the Italian branch of the family-run company and the heart of the candy and sweets manufacturing empire. The companys press office at its headquarters in Alba, Italy, said Mr. Ferrero, a cycling enthusiast, was riding a bike on his usual training run in Cape Town when he fell off. It said it wasnt clear what prompted the fall. With him on the business trip was his father, Michele Ferrero, who turned the company into an international sweets producer. Michele Ferrero produced successes including Nutella and Kinder in the 1960s, and helped make the Ferreros a billionaire family that is now Italys richest. Mr. Ferreros namesake, grandfather Pietro Ferrero, started the company in 1942, supplying products for a pastry shop run by his wife, Piera, in Alba, in the Piedmont region. Because it was hard to obtain ingredients for sweets during World War II, the elder Pietro Ferrero decided to exploit something Piedmont had in abundance hazelnuts and invented a confection using a sweet paste made from them. The companys line of products went international under the leadership of Michele Ferrero, son of the founder, who was the driving force behind the companys international expansions, starting with Germany in 1956, and then moving into Eastern Europe, Russia and Latin America in the 1990s. The company introduced Tic Tacs to the United States in 1969. The multibillion-dollar company has more than 20,000 employees worldwide. Pietro Ferrero began working at Ferrero Germany in 1985 after getting a degree in biology, and then moved to the Alba headquarters, working on technical and production matters. In 1992, he took on the responsibility of managing operations in the European division of the Ferrero group. He is survived by his wife and three children, newspaper la Repubblica said.
From News Services

The April 1 obituary for health economist Philip A. Musgrove mistakenly described the boat in which he was riding during a fatal accident at Iguazu Falls in South America. Citing an Associated Press report, the obituary described the vessel as inflatable. In fact, it had a fiberglass hull, according to an eyewitness and an ecotourism-company employee who sold tickets for the guided sightseeing trip to the falls.

Michael Latham, a leading nutritionist and tropical public health specialist who staunchly opposed the marketing of infant formula as a replacement for breast-feeding in developing countries, died April 1 in Boston of pneumonia. He was 82. Dr. Latham, an emeritus professor of international nutrition at Cornell University, grew up in East Africa and was known for decades as a leading advocate for the worlds poor and least privileged. After studying medicine in Ireland, he returned to Africa in the mid-1950s and served for a decade in the nation now known as Tanzania. He worked as a medical officer in the British colonial government and then continued, after the country won independence in the early 1960s, as director of nutrition in the Ministry of Health. He noticed that as breast-feeding returned to fashion in the West, foreign manufacturers of infant formula were seeking new markets in the developing world, intensifying their advertising to women in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Dr. Latham became one of the first and most successful opponents of such efforts. Impoverished mothers sought to stretch the formula, he argued, over-diluting it and thus starving their babies of calories and nutrients. Moreover, sanitation problems in many rural communities meant that women mixed the formula powder with polluted water, increasing their childrens chances of contracting diarrhea. Advertisements imply that nice people with nice houses who want nice babies, bottle feed their babies, Dr. Latham and his colleague Ted Greiner wrote in a 1976 report. Actually, they continued, in many instances, placing an infant on a bottle is tantamount to signing the death certificate of the child. Dr. Lathams arguments caught the attention of international newspapers, American politicians


Michael Latham also challenged distribution of Vitamin A capsules to poor children worldwide, saying they did nothing for their health.

and influential health and development agencies. In 1981, the World Health Organization adopted a set of voluntary restrictions on marketing formula in developing nations, helping curb the practice. Nestle, one of the foremost formula manufacturers, did not agree to the restrictions until 1984, after a years-long boycott of its U.S. products by Dr. Latham and other high-profile activists, including consumer advocate Ralph Nader, pediatrician Benjamin Spock and union leader Cesar Chavez. Dr. Latham founded the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action in 1991, continuing his pro-breastfeeding crusade throughout his career. In recent years, he had challenged popular wisdom with his criticism of a sprawling effort to

distribute Vitamin A capsules to hundreds of millions of poor children around the world. The capsules had been widely seen as a magic bullet to reduce child mortality and protect against disease. Synthesizing a raft of research articles written by scientists working around the world, Dr. Latham criticized the great Vitamin A fiasco, calling the approach ineffective at best. Distributing megadoses of a vitamin in pill form enriches pharmaceutical companies and makes foreign nations dependent on aid, but has had no discernible positive effect on childrens health, Dr. Latham wrote in the May 2010 issue of the Journal of the World Public Health Nutrition Association. He recommended instead that public health officers concentrate on what he called self-reliant ap-

proaches: promoting breastfeeding, treating parasitic infections, and encouraging people to grow and consume nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables in home, school and community gardens. Michael Charles Latham was born May 6, 1928, in Kilosa, Tanzania, then known as Tanganyika, where his father was stationed as a doctor. His mother, Gwynneth, kept a journal throughout the familys stay in Africa. Dr. Latham found the journal after her death and printed selections from it, along with his own memoirs of life abroad, in a 1995 book, Kilimanjaro Tales: The Saga of a Medical Family in Africa. He received a medical degree from Dublin University in 1952 and then continued training at hospitals in London and Los Angeles before taking an advanced degree, in 1958, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In 1965, after leaving Tanzania, he received a masters degree in public health and nutrition from Harvard University. Dr. Latham stayed on at Harvard as a member of the public health faculty until 1968, when he became a full professor at Cornell. Over the next quarter-century, he was instrumental in turning the Cornell Program in International Nutrition into one of the nations leading research and training centers in nutrition science. According to Cornell, survivors include his life partner, Lani Stephenson, and two sons. Dr. Latham wrote several books and hundreds of peer-reviewed articles. He consulted with a number of international agencies, including the United Nations and the World Bank. During the mid1990s, he also advised Fidel Castro on how to deal with an epidemic in Cuba of neuropathy, a nerve disorder. He received the Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II and in 2009 was named a living legend at the 19th International Congress of Nutrition.

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In loving memory of my husband, Jerry Casto, who passed away April 21, 2010. You were my life. I miss you every day. Until we meet in Heaven. Love Always, Jean

On Wednesday, April 20, 2011. The beloved wife of Ed Curley and the late James E. Cosh; mother of Steven (Janet) and Chris (Mary) Cosh, Cyndy Turner and Valerie (Anthony) Cusato; stepmother of Edward "Guy" (Keli) Curley. Also survived by eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Friends are invited to Barbara's Life Celebration at THE GEORGE P. KALAS FUNERAL HOME, 2973 Solomons Island Rd., Edgewater, MD on Friday from 6 to 8 p.m. Funeral service will be held at All Hallows Chapel, 864 W. Central Ave., Davidsonville, MD on Saturday, April 23 at 1:00 p.m. Interment private. An online guestbook is available for your convenience at:

Singer and guitarist appeared in D.C. clubs, recorded Preachin the Blues




A resident of Great Falls, VA and San Marino, CA on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at home in Great Falls, VA. JoAnne died peacefully surrounded by her family. She is survived by her loving husband of 54 years, Donald Albrecht, her daughter, Elizabeth Albrecht Singer and her two sons, Richard and Scott Albrecht. She will be remembered for her remarkable devotion to family and friends and her love of travel. JoAnne taught school in Hawaii, Linz, Austria and South Pasadena, CA in the 1950s. The family will be holding a memorial service at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 1125 Savile Lane, McLean, VA, Saturday, May 7 at 2 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations for the benefit of Stroke research should be made to the "JoAnne Albrecht Memorial Fund", Attention: Katie Coyle, The Georgetown University Hospital Office of Philanthropy, 1 Main, Hospital Administration, 3800 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20007-2239



Ben Andrews, 51, a traditional blues singer and acoustic guitarist who recorded several albums and performed regularly at such Washington area nightclubs as Madams Organ and the old Grog and Tankard, died April 13 at a hospital in Martinsburg, W.Va. An official with the West Virginia office of the chief medical examiner said determination of the cause of death is pending further tests. He lived in Shepherdstown, W.Va. At his death, he was preparing to record a new CD and tour the United Kingdom. Mr. Andrews was known for his interpretations of a wide array of country blues styles, including intricate ragtime-flavored pieces to the mournful, highly rhythmic Delta blues of Robert Johnson. He recorded two albums as part of the Blue Rider Trio, which featured harmonica player Mark Wenner from the blues rock band the Nighthawks and bassist Jeff Sarli. In a Washington Post review of their 1990 album, Preachin the Blues, music critic Mike Joyce praised the trio for revitalizing country blues tunes in subtle and refreshing ways and singled out Mr. Andrews vocals for capturing the musics spirit without sounding overly derivative. Benjamin Michael Andrews was born Sept. 27, 1959, in Belgrade, Serbia, then part of Yugoslavia. His birth parents were Serbian and Bosnian but he was adopted as a baby by U.S. citizens. His adoptive father was a U.S. diplomat, and Benjamin spent his childhood in Washington, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Poland. He started classical guitar studies at 8 and later gravitated to blues and folk music. We moved back to the States in the early 70s and I was very bored with Bach fugues, he told The Post in 1999. Then when I was 11 or 12 I went down to the Smithsonians Folklife Festival on the Mall and I heard Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee and Big Joe Williams. I knew right then I was going to play like that if it was the last thing on earth. I mean I really heard their music. It got inside me in a way no music had ever done before. While attending what is now

ARTHUR C. COX, 95, of Washington, DC died on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at Ingleside at Rock Creek. Beloved husband of the late Emma Jane "Billie" Gruman. He was born June 26, 1915 in Tacoma, Washington to Alice Chase and Irving John Cox. Loving father of William G. Cox (Julia) of Bethesda, Arthur C. Cox, Jr. (Elizabeth) of Chevy Chase and Suzanne C. DeFrancis (Phillip Wakelyn) of Chevy Chase. Also survived by eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Services and burial will be private. Celebration of his life will be held on Saturday, April 30 at 11 a.m. at The Chevy Chase Club, 6100 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase, MD. In lieu of flowers, the family invites donations to the Alzheimer's Association, National Capital Area Chapter, 3701 Pender Drive, Suite 400, Fairfax, VA 22030.

On Tuesday, April 19, - Gail B. Bean of Olney, MD. Beloved wife of 16 years to Joseph Bean; cherished daughter of the late Alex and Fay Tossman; devoted and loving mother of Michael (Donna) Rothkin, Marcy Rothkin, Andy Rothkin, Joey Bean, and Kelly (Tim) Marshall; dear sister of Howard (Helaine) Tossman, and Lori (Bill) Askinazi; adored grandmother of Emily, Ben, Allison, Mitchell, Sophie, Brooke, and Brady. Also survived by many loving nieces, nephews, friends, and colleagues. A funeral service will be held on Friday, April 22, 10 a.m. at Danzansky-Goldberg Memorial Chapels Inc 1170 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD. Interment to follow at Mt Lebanon Cemetery - Adelphi, MD. The family will receive friends immediately following the interment at the Bean residence through Friday evening at 6 p.m. and on Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society


John Lawrence Cox, III, passed away at home on Tuesday, April 19, 2011. He was born on the November 16, 1948 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. A more detailed and specific obituary is to be published in this weekends Sunday edition. A memorial service is to be conducted at 2 p.m., on Saturday, April 30, in the Jasek Chapel of Geo. H. Lewis & Sons, 1010 Bering Drive in Houston. In lieu of customary remembrances, the family requests memorial gifts be directed to the Hospice at the Texas Medical Center, 1905 Holcombe Blvd., Houston, TX, 77030. Arrangements in Houston are with Geo. H. Lewis & Sons The Funeral Directors Since 1936, 713- 789-3005,


Of Bowie, Maryland on April 13, 2011. Now one of God's precious angels watching over his beloved parents Sean and Kim Bennett and cherished sister Klarke. Kyle's multitude of family and friends are welcome to a celebration of his life Thursday April 21, 2011 at Ebenezer AME Church, 7707 Allentown Rd., Ft. Washington, MD 20744. Visitation at 10 a.m. with services to follow at 11 a.m.



Died peacefully April 16, 2011 at 6:30 a.m. at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD. He was a resident of Bethesda for 54 years. He retired as the Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. He leaves five children; three step-children; 22 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his wife, Rev. Dr. Joy I. Dale. Memorial Services will be held on April 25, 2011 at 3 p.m. at the River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Bethesda, MD. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Minority Scholarship Fund at River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

Ben Andrews, who performed at nightspots including Madams Organ and the Grog and Tankard, was introduced to blues and folk music at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival when he was a preteen.


Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Fla., he briefly played electric guitar in a blues band. He went back to performing acoustic country blues styles, primarily as a soloist, when he returned to Washington in the early 1980s. Television journalist and blues fan Dave Marash, then an anchorman at WRC-TV, heard Mr. Andrews perform at the Grog and Tankard and introduced him to producer Pierre Sprey of Mapleshade Records, a Marylandbased label specializing in blues and jazz. Sprey persuaded Mr. Andrews to record two albums, Preachin

the Blues and Harp, Steel and Guts (2000), in a trio format because he thought it would be more salable than solo material. Sprey said that Mr. Andrews preferred to work regular weekly engagements where he could see the same people and observe what they liked. Mr. Andrews was a founding member of the D.C. Blues Society, the organization that promotes the annual D.C. Blues Festival. His marriage to Karen Bell ended in divorce. Survivors include his partner of seven years, Elizabeth McCullough of Shepherdstown; three children from

his marriage, Ian Andrews, Amelia Andrews and Eliza Andrews, all of Rockville; his mother, Dana Andrews of Solomons, Md.; a sister; and a brother. Ben had the belief that if you were a good enough guitarist you could take a $25 guitar and make it sound fabulous, said Sprey. But he said that you had to play it for a year first. And he did that, added Sprey. He took a $25 guitar and, by the end of the year, because of his dexterity, he could adjust his touch to bring out good tone and quality from the instrument.

Of Washington, DC passed away on Saturday, April 16, 2011. She is survived by three daughters, Cynthia (Myron) Brooks, Terry (Jeffery) Harris and Annette Brooks; three sons, Bernard, Jonathan and Jerome (Cleshette) Brooks. She is also survived by two sisters, one brother, 22 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews and other relatives. On Saturday, April 23, 2011 from 9 a.m. until service time, 11 a.m., friends may visit with the family at Greater First Baptist Church, 2701 - 13th St., N.W. Interment Rock Creek Cemetery. Send condolences to


On Tuesday, April 19, 2011 of Springfield, VA.Beloved wife of the late Garfield Dick Dawson; mother of Jackie Radcliffe; sister of Eunice Wright; grandmother of Susan Nall; great-grandmother of Lindsay Cardinal (Jeremy) and Jason Nall. Relatives and friends may call at Jefferson Funeral Chapel, 5755 Castlewellan Dr. Alexandria, VA on Saturday, April 23 from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Funeral service at Peace Lutheran Church, 6362 Lincolnia Rd. Alexandria, VA 22312 on Monday, April 25 at 11 a.m., with interment following at Stonewall Memory Gardens at 3 pm. Memorial contributions may be made to Peace Lutheran Church or Greenspring Hospice, 7410 Spring Village Dr. Springfield, VA 22150.


On Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at Fairfax Hospital, Rev. ROBERT CARROL BRUCE. Loving husband of Frances Kirkpatrick Bruce; loving father of Anna Bruce (John), Robert C. Bruce, Jr. (Debbie) and Mona Bruce Savino (Dave); brother of Herbert Bruce, Jr., Jamie Bruce, Jerry Bruce and Doris Bruce; devoted grandfather of John and David Thomas, Sarah and Anna Bruce, Wil, Emma and Nate Savino. A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, April 22, 11 a.m. at St. Matthews United Methodist Church, 8617 Little River Tnpk., Annandale, VA 22003. Interment private. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Midway College, c/o Roy Munday, VP of Development, 512 E. Stephens, Midway, KY 40347.


Douglas C. Wendt
DENTIST Douglas C. Wendt, 87, who operated a dental practice in Northern Virginia for more than 50 years, died March 17 at Tall Oaks Assisted Living in Reston after a stroke. Dr. Wendt moved to the Washington area in the early 1950s and specialized in prosthodontics, or the replacement of missing teeth. Over the years, he practiced in Arlington County, Fairfax City and Springfield. He retired in 2007 and moved from Springfield to Tall Oaks. Douglas Charles Wendt was a native of Milwaukee and a 1944 graduate of the University of Wisconsin. He received a second bachelors degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., in 1946 and a masters degree in dentistry from Oregon State University in 1954. He served in the Air Force in the late 1940s and retired as a lieutenant colonel in 1951. Dr. Wendt was a past president of the Northern Virginia Dental Society and a member of the Virginia Dental Association and the American Prosthodontic Society. His marriage to Jocile Leonard ended in divorce. His wife of 34 years, Josephine Bullis Wendt, died in 2010. Survivors include five children from his first marriage, Douglas Wendt Jr. of Valrico, Fla., Steven Wendt of McLean, Matthew Wendt of St. Cloud, Fla., and Vicki Jo Burman and Pamela Miller, both of Annandale; four children from his second marriage, Carolyn McDonald of Annandale, Christine Gentry of Bristol, Va., Bob Parsons of Norfolk and Nancy Powell of Manassas; 13 grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.
Megan Buerger

moved from Boyds to Laytonsville shortly before his death. Timothy Alan Keesey was born in Washington and was a 1968 graduate of Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda. He supported himself through college, graduating from George Mason University in 1977. He taught science and reading for one year at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in the District, then worked as an editor for the International Medical News Group in Rockville from 1979 to 1988. Mr. Keesey became a parttime real estate agent in 1985 before going full time in the late 1980s. He worked for several companies before joining a Bethesda branch of Long & Foster in 1996, where he worked until his death. He won many local and national awards as a top salesman. Mr. Keesey volunteered from 1989 to 1993 as a basketball coach with what is now the Olney Boys & Girls Community Sports Organization. He was also on the board of directors of the Washington Christian School in the late 1980s. He attended Mother Seton Catholic Church in Germantown. Survivors include his wife of 35 years, Kristine Oxaal Keesey of Laytonsville; two children, Timothy M. Keesey of Glendale, Calif., and Charlotte Keesey Hipolito of Brooklyn, N.Y.; a brother; and a granddaughter.
Matt Schudel

tional Capital Park and Planning Commission. Bernard Horn was a Cleveland native and a 1942 graduate of Ohio University, where he was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. Born to RussianJewish immigrants, he spoke Yiddish and served as a German interpreter in the Army in Europe during World War II while working in military intelligence. On the GI Bill, he received a masters degree in economics from Columbia University. At Columbia, he completed work all but the dissertation toward a doctorate in economics. His memberships included Temple Shalom, a Reform synagogue in Silver Spring. His wife, the former Miriam Mitzi Goldstein, whom he married in 1946, died in 2006. Survivors include two daughters, Leslie Braunstein of North Potomac and Natalie Holland of Falls Village, Conn.; and four grandsons.
Adam Bernstein

Leonard J. Farello
D.C. TEACHER AND COACH Leonard J. Farello, 66, who taught physical education and coached baseball, basketball, football and soccer at Calvin Coolidge Senior High School in the District, died March 25 at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring. He had cancer. Mr. Farello, who taught health, physical education and first aid, began his coaching career at Coolidge in 1969 as head coach of the baseball team. In the 1970s, he became assistant coach of the soccer team, and he served as an assistant coach of the football and basketball teams in the 1980s. When Coolidges head basketball coach, Frank Williams, died in 1987, Mr. Farello took over. He then focused exclusively on basketball until his retirement in 2000. Mr. Farellos teams won a combined 11 championships in the West Division of the D.C. Interscholastic Athletic Association. He served as what is now called the D.C. Interscholastic Athletic Associations West Divi-

sion All-Star baseball coach 10 times. He also served as baseball chair of the D.C. Coaches Association and was inducted into the associations hall of fame, one of many recognitions and awards for his contributions to community athletics. In October, Mr. Farello will posthumously receive an award from the Coolidge Alumni Association for his service to the school. Leonard Joseph Farello was a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. Shortly after graduating from high school in 1962, he signed a contract to play baseball for the Miami Marlins, a Philadelphia Phillies farm team. After three years with the Marlins, Mr. Farello enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi. He received a bachelors degree in 1968 and a masters degree in education from American University in 1972. Survivors include his wife of 44 years, Toni Stephens Farello of Silver Spring; four children, Leonard Farello of Rio Rancho, N.M., Theresa Farello of Silver Spring and Tony Farello and Gabrielle Farello, both of Kensington; and seven grandchildren.
Megan Buerger

George Charles DeLany, Jr., 21 of Frederick, MD, on or around Saturday, March 12, 2011. Born on November 4, 1989 in Washington DC., son of George and Susan DeLany; brother of Caroline DeLany, all of Frederick. Friends will be received on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 from 3 to 5 and from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Keeney & Basford Funeral Home, 106 E. Church St., Frederick. A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated at Saint John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church, 118 E. 2nd St., Frederick, MD 21701 on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. Interment St. John's Cemetery, Frederick. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in George's name to the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, 112 E. 2nd St., Frederick, MD 21701. Please view and sign the family guest book by going to


Margot Irene Cantillon, 85, passed away on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 with her family at her side, in Fredericksburg, VA. The family will receive friends from 5 to 9 p.m., on Friday, April 22 at Mullins & Thompson Funeral Service, 1621 Jefferson Davis Hwy Fredericksburg, VA. Services will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 23 at the funeral home. Interment will be at 10 a.m. on Monday, April 25 in Quantico National Cemetery in Triangle, VA. Online condolences may be made at



On Wednesday, April 13, 2011, of Silver Spring, MD. Beloved husband of 69 years of Wilma K. Dilts; father of Donna D. Bennett (Randy), Gary E. Dilts and Brent R. Dilts (Christine Lindhorst); grandfather of Brent, Jr. (Alicia), Chase, Logan and Sarah; great-grandfather of Riley; brother of Evelyn Gore (James) and Peggy Herz (Philip Smith). Also survived by other loving relatives and friends. Preceded in death by his brother, Robert, in 2010. Memorial Service at Historic Chapel of Oakdale Emory United Methodist Church, 3425 Emory Church Road (at Georgia Avenue), Olney, MD on Saturday, April 23 at 11 a.m. Private Interment Arlington National Cemetery Columbarium at a later date. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to American Lung Association, National Headquarters, 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20004 or to Holy Cross Hospital Foundation Office, 11801 Tech Road , Silver Spring , MD 20904 .




Bernard Horn
HUD OFFICIAL Bernard Horn, 89, who retired in 1979 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as acting director of the economic analysis division, died April 4 at the Riderwood Village retirement community in Silver Spring. He had congestive heart failure. Mr. Horn, a longtime Silver Spring resident, spent 31 years at HUD and its predecessor, the Housing and Home Finance Agency. In retirement, he worked several years for the Maryland-Na-

Timothy A. Keesey
REAL ESTATE AGENT Timothy A. Keesey, 60, who was a Washington area real estate agent for more than 25 years, died March 10 of cardiopulmonary arrest at Montgomery General Hospital in Olney. He had

Happy Birthday Mom, Grandma. It has only been a little while since you left us and we miss you so much. You are with us every day and we remember the good advice you always gave us. We miss your warmth and caring ways. Love, James, Julius, Unika, all your nieces & nephews and friends


Jane Cheeseman Picot, a resident of St. Indigoes, MD died suddenly on February 7, 2011 while vacationing with her husband in Vero Beach, Florida. She was 53. Cause of death was said to be a massive infection. She had battled celiac disease for the past year. Jane McPherson Cheeseman was born June 28, 1957 in Alexandria VA, the daughter of Richard and Jeane Cheeseman. She attended and graduated from St Agnes School in Alexandria in 1975, then Tulane University in 1979, majoring in Latin American Studies. Moving to Miami Florida she began a 20 plus year career in advertising and travel industry marketing. Working with such publications as Travel and Leisure, Food and Wine, Florida Trends and Travel Holiday. Fluent in Spanish, she traveled widely in particular the Caribbean and Latin America for both business and pleasure. In Miami she met and married Michael Picot in 1985. After moving to Maryland in 2002 Jane was active in the southern Maryland Audubon Society. Her online moniker was Bird Brain Jane. She loved the outdoors, was an avid sailor, tennis player and swimmer. She had a sharp wit and fondness for practical jokes. In addition to her husband, Jane is survived by four siblings, John and David Cheeseman of Alexandria, VA. Andrew Cheeseman of Kansas City, MO and Margaret Cheeseman of San Diego, CA., as well as six nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held by the Cheeseman family later this summer in Alexandria.


On Friday, April 15, 2011 at his residence in Middletown, VA, WILLIAM T. DOYLE; loving husband of Kathleen Doyle; devoted father of Robert Charles (Angie) Doyle, Joyce Ann (Jeff) Harrop, Terry Lee (Katie) Doyle, Georgia, Bill and Pam; cherished grandfather of 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. He is also survived by one sister, Joyce Davey. Friends may call at the EVERLY FUNERAL HOME, 10565 Main St., Fairfax, VA on Friday, April 22 from 6 to 8 p.m. where a funeral service will be held on Saturday, April 23 at 12 Noon. Interment to follow at Fairfax City Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Kidney Fund, 6110 Executive Blvd., Suite 1010, Rockville, MD 20852.


Victory123 THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011





On Wednesday, April 20, 2011, KAREN DUBIN of Bethesda, MD. Beloved wife of Rob Litowitz; devoted mother of Dana, Drew and Reid; beloved daughter of Claire Dubin and the late Joseph Dubin; loving sister of Risa and Shelley. Funeral service will be held on Friday, April 22, 2011, 11 a.m. at Congregation Beth El of Montgomery County, 8215 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda, MD. Interment Garden of Rememberance, Clarksburg, MD. Shiva to be announced. Memorial contributions may be made to American Jewish World Service, 45 West 36th St., New York, NY 10018. Arrangements by HINES-RINALDI FUNERAL HOME, INC. under Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington Contract.

Of Springfield, VA passed away on April 18, 2011. He is survived by his wife of 26 years, Ursula; his three children, Patrick, Matthew (Katherine), Jill (Danny) and step-daughter Dina. He is also survived by his grandchildren Jamie, Dakota, Christian, Sebastian and his greatgrandchildren Rivers and Violet. Vince had an illustrious government career working for the Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army and thereafter as the Director of Design and Construction for the U.S.P.S. A celebration of Vince's life will be held at the EVERLY FUNERAL HOME, 10565 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22030, on Monday, April 25, from 6 till 8 p.m. Memorial contributions may be made in Vince's memory to: American Heart Association or Operation Smile.

Departed this life on April 17, 2011. Beloved wife of the late Lonnie Robertson; loving mother of Margerit Slaughters, Margaret Jackson, Mable Semple, Lonnie Robertson, Jr., Ronald Robertson, Denise Dimares, Maurice Robertson, Lilliemae Robertson and the late Debbie Robertson. She is also survived by 20 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, three great, great-grandchildren; and four sisters, Geraldine Kinser, Georgia Brooks, Mary Brooks and Alice Jones. Visitation will be held on Saturday, April 23 at 12:30 p.m. followed by service at 1:30 p.m. at the FORT LINCOLN FUNERAL HOME, 3401 Bladensburg Rd., Brentwood, MD.

On Tuesday, April 12, 2011. Viewing 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, April 22 and 10 a.m. until time of service 11 a.m. Saturday, April 23 at HENRY S. WASHINGTON & SONS FUNERAL HOME, 4925 Nannie H. Burroughs Ave., NE. Interment Harmony Memorial Park.







On Monday, April 18, 2011, DOROTHY K. WHITE of Arlington, VA. Beloved wife of Harold O. White; devoted mother of Harold O. White, Jr. and Emily B. White. Also survived by three grandchildren, Haley, Holden and Harold White, III. Friends may call at the Arlington Funeral Home, 3901 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA on Monday, April 25, 2011 from 5 to 8 p.m. A memorial service will be held at Cherrydale United Methodist Church, 3701 N. Lorcom Lane, Arlington, VA 22207 on Wednesday, April 27 at 3 p.m. Interment at a later date. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Cherrydale United Methodist Church.



On Monday, April 18, 2011. The beloved wife of the late John H. Jones, Jr.; mother of Donald C. (Maria) and Ronald W. (Linda) Jones; sister of the late Edward, Mary, William and Margaret. Friends are invited to Agnes' Life Celebration at the GEORGE P. KALAS FUNERAL HOME, 2973 Solomons Island Rd., Edgewater, MD on Monday, April 25 from 11:30 a.m. until her funeral service begins at 1:00 p.m. Interment Ft. Lincoln Cemetery. An online guestbook is available for your convenience at:

Age 86, a resident of Springfield, VA passed away on April 18, 2011. He was a retired Wholesale Lumber Salesman. He is survived by his son, F.D. Rosenberger II and wife, Amy; his daughter, Mary Fleta Rosenberger Berry and husband Bob; four grandchildren, Jeremy Berry, Olivia Rosenberger, Darragh Rosenberger and Cole Rosenberger. Visitation will be today, Thursday, April 21, 2011 from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. with Memorial Service at 7 p.m. at Demaine Funeral Home Springfield. Visitation and Service will also be at Whitten Funeral Home in Lynchburg, VA on Friday, April 22, 2011 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Graveside service at Spring Hill Cemetery Lynchburg, VA will be on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. with reception following. Those who wish may make a donation in memory of Dennis to American Cancer Society, Arrangements entrusted to Demaine Funeral Home 5308 Backlick Rd Springfield. VA, 703-941-9428,, Whitten Funeral Home 1336 Park Ave. Lynchburg, VA 24501, 434-845-4521.





Peacefully departed this life on April 11, 2011. Survivors include his devoted mother, Blanche Ellis Johnson; daughter, Jheena; sons, Jason and Jared; brothers, Leroy and Tyrone (Ava); sister Frances; and a host of beloved relatives and friends. He was preceded by his father, Francis L. Sr. and brother, Anthony. Family will receive friends on Friday, April 22 from 10 a.m. until time of service, 11 a.m. at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center, 2261 Oxon Run Dr., Temple Hills, MD 20748. Interment Harmony National Memorial Park. Arrangements by STEWART FUNERAL HOME.


Lonnie A. Jones departed his life on April 17, 2011. Born in 1932 in Wayne County NC, for many years he owned The Neighborhood Barbershop in Washington, DC. Viewing will be held on Thursday April 21, 2011 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at McGuire Funeral Home, 7400 Georgia Ave., NW, Washington DC 20011. Homegoing service will be held on Saturday April 23, 2011 at Mount Gilead Baptist Church in Mount Olive NC at 11 a.m.

Early on the morning of Monday, April 18, 2011 Douglas passed away suddenly. He was the beloved husband of Denise Jones Rice; devoted father of Demetrius and David Rice, and the only son of Margaret Calla Rice. Douglas was a very loving person and he was loved by all who knew him. He was faithful and devoted to his heavenly father Jehovah God until his untimely death. Douglas Rice will lie in state at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness, 4702 Wheeler Rd., Oxon Hill, MD, 20745 on Friday, April 22, 2011, 12 noon until Service at 1 p.m. Services by STEWART.




One day shy of his 89th birthday, RAYMOND FAVALI passed away on April 13, 2011 in his sleep. He was the oldest survivor from his Italian family of three children, raised in both Wellsburg, West Virginia then Clinton, Indiana. Upon graduating from HS he joined the Marines in WWII. He traveled to Washington to work in the construction industry. There he met and married Josephine DeLucca, who was a legal and administrative assistant for the federal government. They both raised their three children, Louis, Geoffrey, and Flavia; eight grandchildren, Tony, Joey, Alicia, Joshua, Veronica, David, Caleb and Felipe, and five great-grandchildren. Memorial celebration will be held for both Jo and Ray in their home on Sunday, May 15, at 3 p.m. Interment private at Gate of Heaven.



Hoke Scales, passed away on April 16, 2011 at his home in Purcellville, VA after a courageous battle with cancer. He was born on September 7, 1939 in Adamsburg, S.C. Stan was the son of the late Hoke Smith and Annabel Bentley Scales. He served in the US Air Force and retired from the US Government after 31 years of service. His lifelong passions were being with his beloved wife and spending time playing golf. He is survived by his wife, Marsha, and his children, Linda K. Miller of Harrisonburg, VA and Lisa A. Miller of Alpharetta, GA. Family and friends are invited to a visitation in the chapel of the Colonial Funeral Home, 201 Edwards Ferry Rd, NE, Leesburg, VA 20176 on Saturday, April 23, 2011 between the hours of 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. A memorial service will follow starting at 3 p.m. In lieu of flowers the family is requesting donations be made in his name to Evercare Hospice, 12018 Sunrise Valley Dr. Suite 400, Reston, VA 20191. Please leave condolences at

On Tuesday, April 19, 2011, of Kensington, Maryland. Beloved wife of Dr. Nathan Katz, and loving mother of Mark Immerman (Robin Freedenfeld) of Northampton MA, Sue Immerman (Tom Kenney) of Takoma Park, MD, Liz Katz (Ric Hernandez) of Montgomery Village, MD, and Laura Lawson of Martinsburg, WVA. She was preceded in death by her beloved daughterAnita Schwartz (Bradley Schwartz). She also leaves nine beloved grandchildren, Annie and Daniel Hirsch, Alicia Schwartz and Ryan Miller; Alex and Graham Immerman; Andrew, Sarah, and Eve Kenney and Leah and Daniel KatzHernandez; her cousin, Mendelle T. Woodley and innumerable extended family and friends. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. on Thursday, April 21, at Adas Israel Synagogue, 2850 Quebec Street, N.W., with interment at Judean Gardens Cemetery, Olney, MD. Shiva will be observed at the Katz home. Contributions may be made to The Dial-in Program of Adas Israel, JSSA Hospice, 6123 Montrose Road, Rockville, MD 20852 or Polycystic Kidney Foundation 8330 Ward Parkway, Suite 510, Kansas City,MO64114. Funeral arrangements by Hines-Rinaldi Funeral Home.



Rest in Gods loving arms. We love and miss you. Your Wife, Ruth E. Harris and Family

MILTON E. HARRIS, JR. April 30, 1932 - April 21, 2006

Dr. Preston Garrison Freeman, 78, known to family and friends affectionately as Gary was welcomed into his new life on the morning of Tuesday, April 19, 2011. A Memorial gathering will be held Friday April 22, 2011 from 3 p.m. until the Memorial Service at 5 p.m. at the Lohman Funeral Home Palm Coast, 220 Palm Coast Pkwy., SW, Palm Coast FL. Gary was born April 12, 1933 in Washington D.C. to the late Preston Booker T. Freeman and Mollie Moore Freeman. He was a graduate of Morgan State College and received his Doctorate from Catholic University of America. The majority of his professional career was in service to the District of Columbia Public Schools. In his retirement, he continued to work teaching golf as a PGA Golf Pro at the Palm Harbor Golf Club in Palm Coast, Florida. This led him to a long term coaching appointment for Floridas Bethune-Cookman University, where he remained until recent months. He is preceded in death by his brother Arthur Everett Freeman. Gary is survived by his loving wife of 56 years, Jean Hall Freeman. He was also a devoted father to his daughters Jacqui Freeman, Shellie Freeman, Nikki Freeman-Sloan, and Monica Freeman. The beloved grandfather of Raymond Williams, Candyce Nedd, Aja Freeman Bennett and Christina Sweetpea Sloan, great grandfather of Kidada Bowden and Ricky Costen. He was a lifetime member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Gary remains in loving thoughts of all he has touched. Friends, no flowers please, however monetary donations can be made to his beloved golf teams of Bethune-Cookman University. Condolences may be shared with the family online at .





On Monday, April 11, 2011, peacefully in her sleep. She was born January 2, 1915 to Jesse and Seldea Kennedy. Survived by three daughters; 13 grandchildren; and 16 great-grandchildren. Service held. In lieu of flowers, send donations to Arlington Captial Caring Hospice.


Suddenly on April 18, 2011. Loving husband of Raquel A. Logan; beloved father of Camilla A. Logan, age three of Laurel, MD; beloved son of Leonard J. and Grace T. Logan of Waldorf, MD. He is also survived by one sister, Alicia Logan of Baltimore, MD; father-in-law, Santos Rivera; mother-in-law, Violeta Rivera of Silver Spring, MD; grandmother, Betty Jo Thomas of Leesburg, VA; grandfather, Harry L. King of Waldorf, MD; two brothers-in-law, Jairo Rivera of Columbia, MD and Kairo Rivera of Silver Spring, MD; one sister-in-law, Glenda Canales of Columbia, MD and a host of other relatives and friends. A Viewing will be held on Friday, April 22 from 11 a.m. until time of service 1 p.m. at Mision Cristiana Jesucristo El Rey, 1479 Berger St., Odenton, MD 21113. Interment Meadowridge Memorial Park, Elkridge, MD. Funeral arrangements by LYLES FUNERAL SERVICE, 1-800-388-1913, Serving Northern VA. Eric S. Lyles, Director. Licensed VA, MD, DC


Born April 24, 1950, died April 17, 2011. Survived by his wife of 31 years, Claudia and his two children, Alexander and Nathalie. He was a pianist, teacher, engineer and loving father. He was one who lived his life in pursuit of intellectual gain and dedication to family. An immigrant from Romania in 1985 Marian left behind three brothers back home. His family knew him as a true renaissance man who enjoyed traveling and had a passion for nature, animals and an appreciation of art. A visitation will be held on Monday, April 25 at Saint Marys Orthodox Church, 7223 Roosevelt Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22042, from 3 to 7 p.m., where funeral services will be held on Tuesday, April 26 at 11 a.m. Interment in Columbia Gardens Cemetery, 3411 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201. Memorial contributions may be made in Marian's name to the American Youth Philharmonic Orchestras, 8115 Gatehouse Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042,


On Monday, April 11, 2011 of Washington, DC. Beloved brother of Florence Vines, Frances Addison and Lillie Frye; life-time friend, Luther Ruth; and life-time brother, Jerome Parsons. He is also survived by a host of nieces, nephews and other relatives. On Saturday, April 23, 2011, from 10 a.m. until service time at 11 a.m., friends may visit with the family at MARSHALL-MARCH FUNERAL HOME, 4217 - 9th St. N.W. Interment Quantico National Cemetery on Monday, April 25, 2011 at 11 a.m. Send condolences to:


On Monday, April 11, 2011. Beloved wife of the late William Frye, Sr.; loving mother of Terry, Pamela, William, III and Bethany Frye. Grandmother of three and great-grandmother of one; sister of Pamela Wilkerson (Everett) and Dwight Glover (Pat). Also survived by a host of other relatives and friends.


Of Myrtle Beach, SC died Saturday, March 5, 2011. She was born in Chesterfield, SC, the daughter of John and Marie Merriman. She was an elegant woman with a fascination for shoes and fashion, and enjoyed golf and gardening. She was preceded in death by her husband, Paul Garbelman of Washington, DC. She is survived by her brother, two sons and three grandsons. Interment will be at Arlington Cemetery on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 2 p.m.


Officers and members of Plumbers Local #5 are regretfully notified of the death of Bro. Monaco, who passed away April 15, 2011 in New Carrollton, MD. A private graveside service was held on Monday, April 18, 2011 at Fort Lincoln Cemetery. #1129 James E. Killeen, III, Bus. Mgr.


On April 16, 2011. Beloved husband of the late Amelia M. Sheely; devoted father of Elizabeth Sheely Godkin (Jack) and Susan Grooms (Roger); loving grandfather of Amelia and William Grooms. Also survived by one brother, Raymond M. Sheely. He was preceded in death by a daughter, Mary Ellen Tolsdorf; two grandchildren, Sarah and Michael Tolsdorf. Friends may call at EVERLY-WHEATLEY FUNERAL HOME, 1500 W. Braddock Rd., Alexandria, VA on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 from 6 to 8 p.m. Services will be held at Fairlington United Methodist Church, 3900 King St., Alexandria, VA on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. Interment Ivy Hill Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to The Rotary Foundation, c/o Belle Haven Country Club, 6023 Ft. Hunt Rd., Alexandria, VA 22307.


The family will receive friends at the Cedar Hill Funeral Home, 4111 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suitland, MD on Friday, April 22 from 10 a.m. until the funeral service at 11 a.m. Arrangements by CEDAR HILL FUNERAL HOME, INC.


MONDAY- FRIDAY 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. SATURDAY-SUNDAY 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. To place a notice, call: 202-334-4122 800-627-1150 ext 44122 FAX: 202-334-7188 EMAIL: Email and faxes MUST include name, home address & home phone # of the responsible billing party. Fax & email deadline 3 p.m. daily CURRENT RATES: MONDAY-SATURDAY Black & White



Of Potomac, MD, passed away Tuesday, April 19, 2011 from complications following lung surgery last September. She was born in Kansas City, MO. She is survived by her daughter, Jennifer Lee Greene; her mother, Lilla H. Nash of Bluffton, SC; a brother, Barclay A. Greene of Sarasota, FL and Washington, DC and a sister, Sarah D. Lowry of Seattle, WA. She is also survived by Gary Lee Nash of Delaplane, VA, Gail Isenberg of Cornwall, VT; two loving nieces, Abigail and Charlotte Greene as well as many other nieces and nephews. Her beloved stepfather, Bernie Nash, predeceased her in March, 2010. Memorial service will be held at PUMPHREYS COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME, 300 West Montgomery Avenue(Rte. 28 , just off I270), Rockville, MD on Saturday, April 23 at 1:00PM. Interment private. Please view and sign family guestbook at


On Wednesday, April 13, 2011. Loving and devoted wife of the late Capt. Thomas M. Sims, Jr., USN SC; and mother of Kathleen Sims. A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, April 23 at 2 p.m. at St. Matthew's United Methodist Church, 8617 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003 followed by a Celebration of Life reception. Inurnment will be held at the U.S.N.A Columbarium on Monday, April 25 at 12 p.m.

MAYOTHA M. (Barham) SIMS "Marge"

On Saturday, April 16, 2011 of Ft. Washington, MD. Loving husband of Lolita Nicolas; devoted father of Measia, Marquis and GJean Richard Nicolas. Also survived by two sisters, five brothers, three grandchildren, mother-in-law Regina Davis and a host of other relatives and friends. Family will receive friends on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at Beltway Church of Christ, 6000 Davis Blvd., Camp Springs, MD from 10 a.m. until time of funeral service at 11 a.m. Interment Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Suitland, MD. Arrangements by STRICKLAND FUNERAL SERVICES. Send condolences to:


Peacefully entered into eternal rest on Sunday, April 17, 2011. Beloved wife of Birchard Smothers; loving mother of Reginald Smothers; dear sister of Lula Buck, Rhunett Green, Mattie Billie, Myrtle Pankey, Deborah Quico, Dwight Young, Karen, Williard and Clarence Cunningham. She is also survived by a host of other relatives and friends. Visitation on Saturday, April 23 from 10 a.m. until time of service 11 a.m. at The National Church of God, 6700 Bock Rd., Fort Washington, MD. Interment Resurrection Cemetery. Arrangements by BRISCOE-TONIC.


Robert G. Haggerty passed peacefully on April 15, 2011 at home in Compton, MD. Robert was born at Quantico Marine Corps Base on June 3, 1931 to John W. And Juanita Haggerty and was a long time resident of Woodbridge. He served in the Marine Corps from 1950-1952, during which time he served on the battleship USS New Jersey. Robert worked as an electronics engineer at ESystems Melpar/Raytheon for 40 years. He is a Past President and Life Member of the OWL Volunteer Fire Department in Woodbridge, VA. He also served in the Falls Church Volunteer Fire department, Co. 18, in Fairfax County and the Avalon Shores Volunteer Fire Department in Anne Arundel County, MD. He is survived by his devoted wife of 51 years, Laura, his sons Robert G. Haggerty, Jr. and Lans Griffith wife Brenda, grandchildren Amanda and Nick, great grandchildren Carmien and Brayden, brother John W. Haggerty III, and sisters Virginia Sibley and Blanche Janet Starke. He is preceded in death by his sisters Jacquelin Schultz and Kathleen Haggerty. A wake will be held on May 25, 2011 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Mountcastle Funeral Home, 13318 Occoquan Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22191. Interment will be at Quantico National Cemetery at 11 a.m. on May 26, 2011. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the OWL Volunteer Fire Department, 910 Highams Ct., Woodbridge, VA 22191.


Prince Georges County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association will hold a memorial service for John M. Page, Jr., P.C. of Company 18 on Saturday April 23, 2011, 2 p.m. at the Glenn Dale Fire Association, Inc., Glenn Dale, MD. William L. Smith, Jr. Pres. Rev. W.H. Litchfield, Chief Chaplain


On Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011, MARCIANA DE LAS MERCEDES PEREZ PILSON, beloved wife of 53 years to Edwin H. Pilson, Jr.; adoring mother of Elizabeth Elena H. Crump; loving motherin-law of Robert W. Crump, Jr.; aunt of Maria Elena, Sunny, Fulgencio, Nidia, Carmen, Alicia, and Paula; sister-in-law of America Perez. She is also survived by three daughters residing in their homeland of Cuba; Marta, Ida Elba and Rosita. She will be missed by sisterin-law Betty Imirie and family, brother-in-law Benjamin Pilson and family, and a multitude of other family members and friends. Visitation will be held at HARRY H. WITZKES FAMILY FUNERAL HOME, INC., 4112 Old Columbia Pike, Ellicott City on Saturday, April 23 from 2 to 4 p.m. followed by a private gathering to celebrate her life. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that memorial donations be made to La Clinica del Pueblo, a Community Health Center serving the Latino community at 2831 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 or Doctors Without Borders USA, PO Box 5030, Hagerstown, MD 21741.

On Friday, April 15, 2011 after a long illness, Minyon went home to eternal rest. She is survived by her mother Barbara Tillery; brother Curtis A.; aunt Carol; and a host of family and friends. Homegoing Service will be held at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, 610 Rhode Island Ave. NE; Viewing 10 a.m. Service 11 a.m. on Friday, April 22. Archbishop Alfred A. Owens, Pastor. Interment Glenwood Cemetery. Services by R.N. HORTON COMPANY.



Elaine Gregory Holmes, of natural causes, on April 15, 2011. Born Elaine Violetta Gloria Graham in Baltimore, MD on September 24, 1924 to Janie McPherson and Henry Douglas Graham, a steamship steward, Elaine was raised in Savannah, GA. Fiercely independent, she came to Washington, DC at eighteen and worked for the War Department and Department of the Navy as an administrative assistant. Elaine married Eugene Chandler Gregory in 1943 and had two children, Robin and Douglas. After her marriage to Eugene ended she married Talley R. Holmes, Jr in 1965, and together they built a successful real estate business. Elaine was beloved by all who knew her. She was beautiful, elegant, intelligent, kind and gracious. She had a keen sense of humor and sharp wit, and kept all around her in laughter and good spirits at all times. A broad-minded adventuress, she was open to new ideas and experiences, loved to travel, experience different cultures, and meet new people. She will be sorely missed; the world is a sadder place without her. Elaine is survived by her husband, Talley Holmes, and her legacy lives on through her daughter, Robin Gregory; step-daughter, Talley Roberta Holmes; grandchildren, Aisha Tyler, of Los Angeles; Feri Tyler Gatewood, of Las Vegas; Paloma Holmes, of Washington, DC; and greatgrandchildren Deiyanna and DeMia Gatewood, and Jevaeh McQueen; as well as many relatives and close friends. She was predeceased by her beloved son, Douglas Gregory, in 2009. Viewing at 6 p.m. and Service at 7 p.m., on Good Friday, April 22, 2011, at Stewart Funeral Home, 4001 Benning Road NE, Washington, DC.



Dr. Theodore Leo Maguder, Jr., 71, from Woodbridge, Virginia passed away on April 13, 2011 at the Sentara Potomac Hospital in Woodbridge, Virginia. Theodore was born on Oct. 14, 1939 in New Haven, son of Theodore and Viola Maguder of Meriden, Connecticut. He attended Norwich Military Academy and held a B.S. from Fairfield University, a M.S. from St. Johns University, and a Ph.D. from Syracuse University. He is survived by his brother, James Maguder, of Meriden, and sisters Marjorie Pfeffer of Guilford, and Linda Riccardi of Middletown, his loving wife of 47 years Elizabeth Maguder, and his four children; Theodore L. Maguder, III, Kevin P. Maguder, Patricia M. Ward, and Timothy D. Maguder. He was most proud of his eight grandchildren; Connor, Emily, Nathan, Gabriela, Natalia, Sofia, Victoria, and Margaret. Dr. Maguder was Dean of Sciences at Northern Virginia Community College from 2001-2008, Program Director /Dean of the Natural Science division of St. Petersburg Junior College from 1994-2001, and Professor and served as Chairman of the Biology department at the University of Hartford from 1968-1994. He was known as a Civil War author and researcher with articles published in several newspapers and periodicals. He also was published in wildlife field manuals and journals for collegiate coursework. He was awarded a sabbatical in 1981 at Wind Cave National Park in Hot Springs, South Dakota. He will be remembered for the summer courses he taught at Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk, Connecticut; and at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies on Cape Cod. He enjoyed coaching little league for his sons, announcing for Hartford and Milford Jai Alai, being the faculty advisor for the University of Harfords football club, and most recently his volunteer work at the Manassas Battlefield for the National Parks Service. The funeral service will be at St Stanislaus Catholic Church in Meriden, Connecticut on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 10 a.m. followed by the burial. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Manassas National Battlefield Park; for more information, please call 703 754-1861 or go to yourpark/donate.htm


2" - $285 3" - $410 4" - $450 5" - $570 6"+ - $125 for each additional inch -----SUNDAY Black & White 2" - $315 3" - $455 4" - $480 5" - $620 6"+ - $125 for each additional inch -----MONDAY-SATURDAY Color 4" - $485 5" - $610 6"+ - $125 for each additional inch -----SUNDAY Color 4" - $555 5" - $695 6"+ - $125 for each additional inch All prices include cost of photo. ALL NOTICES MUST BE PREPAID MEMORIAL PLAQUES: All notices over 3" include complimentary memorial plaque. Additional plaques start at $25 each and may be ordered. All Paid Death Notices appear on our website through LEGACY.COM Included in all death notices Optional for In Memoriams PLEASE NOTE: Notice must be placed before you come to The Washington Post to drop off photos. We no longer can accept notices in person.


On Sunday, April 10, 2011. Beloved father of Bryson Washington; loving son of Maria A. Washington; brother of LaShawn Wagoner, Tiffany Wagoner, Timothy Wagoner and Terrence Washington. He is also survived by a host of other relatives and friends. Mr. Washington may be viewed at the STEWART FUNERAL HOME, 4001 Benning Rd. N.E. on Friday, April 22 from 12 Noon until funeral service at 1 p.m. Interment Ft. Lincoln Cemetery.

hostilities on the Korean peninsula, he trained at Fort Benning's elite Airborne School after which he served in the Korean Conflict. He went on to serve a total of 23 years in Korea, Japan, Germany and most proudly with the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Sky Soldiers) in Vietnam between 1966 -1967. Upon retirement from the military in 1973, he pursued his 3rd Masters degree, this one in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University and ended his career as Director of Fund Raising at Hadley Memorial hospital in Wash. DC. He is survived by a sister, Janice L. Gross of East Brunswick, NJ; nephews James R. Gross of Charlton, NY and Dwayne S. Gross, his wife Astrid N. Gross and son Philip Tiberius NaessGross, all of NYC. In the last years of his life Jim could be found basking in his new role as the "wise man of the patio", glass of wine in hand, "Sky Soldier" dispensing stock market advice and other wisdom acquired during his remarkable life. James R. Mailler passed away peacefully at A gifted raconteur, he mesmerized all with home with his family by his side on March 21, tales of love, war, Japanese Art and literature. 2011 in Arlington, VA. Jim had a special fondness for humor, irony He was born September 23, 1927 in Middle- and Haiku. He had this ancient Japanese town, NY to Welding Ring Mailler and Alice haiku posted to his front door shortly before Kent Mailler. He was a graduate of Middle- his death for all to see: town, H.S., class of 1946. While attending high school he was also an announcer for radio My hut in spring! station WALL. True. There is nothing in it There is everything! A graduate of Syracuse University, he was also a member of its fencing team and Never one to waste a dollar, he would think ROTC program. While there he worked at this obituary already too long and costly! radio station WAER with future luminaries Dick Clark and William Safire. Immediately James R. Mailler's ashes will be interred at following graduation and the outbreak of Arlington National Cemetary.


On April 14, 2011. Wife of the late Bedford C. Hall; mother of Harold Hall. She is also survived by grandsons, Chris Hall and Ronnie Petti; her half-brother, Donald Mason; and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her daughter, Carol Petti. Visitation will be held on Tuesday, April 26 from 9 a.m. until service begins at 10 a.m. at Advent Funeral Service, 7211 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA. Interment to follow at Mt. Comfort Cemetery, Alexandria, VA.


It is with regret that we notify the members of Steamfitters Local #602 of the death of Bro. Charles Poe. Services held by family. Notice #1397 J.C. Savia, Sr., FST

On April 18, 2011 Doris Evelyn of Hyattsville, MD. Beloved wife of the late Alton L. Watkins, Sr.; loving mother of Gloria Jean Mead, Elwood Earl "Woody" Watkins and his wife Bonnie Hartley Watkins and the late Corporal Alton L. Watkins, Jr.; sister of Irene Johnson, Audrey Dustin, Marianna Klopfer, Edna Powell and the late George and Leroy Duvall; grandmother of Pamela Jean Frymark, Sandra Gail Boyle, Elwood Lamontt, James Earl, and Blair John Watkins; greatgrandmother of Rachel, Nicholas, Sarah, Emily, Matthew, Zachary, and Hailey. Visitation will be held on Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. at DONALDSON FUNERAL HOME, P.A. 313 Talbott Avenue, Laurel, MD 20707 and Saturday from 10 to 11 a.m. at Spencerville Free Methodist Church, 2100 Spencerville Rd, Spencerville, MD 20868 where services will begin at 11:00 a.m. Interment will follow at Union Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to Spencerville Free Methodist Church. www.donaldsonfuneralhome. com


On Tuesday, April 19, 2011, of Olney, MD. Beloved husband of Marie Preusse; father of Matthew (Debra) Preusse, Laurie (Tom) Clark, Jeffrey Preusse and the late Linda Preusse; grandfather of Jaclyn and Jenna Preusse, Kevin and Sammie Clark; uncle of Jan (Dino) Ciccone; cousin of Michael Nestor. Relatives and friends may call at Collins Funeral Home, 500 University Boulevard, West, Silver Spring, MD, Monday, April 25, from 10 to 11 a.m where funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Interment at a later date. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to Wounded Warrior Project, 7020 A.C. Skinner Pkwy Suite 100, Jacksonville, FL, 32256.


Charles R. James passed away peacefully on Friday, April 15, 2011. He is survived by companion LaVera Marshall; three children, Eric Marshall, Brenda Marshall and Antoine Marshall. He is also survived by nine grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; two nieces; and a host of other relatives and friends. Visitation Friday, April 22, 10 a.m. until time of Service 11 a.m. at Central Baptist Church of Camp Springs, 5600 Old Branch Ave., Camp Springs, MD. Interment Heritage Memorial Cemetery. Arrangements by Bianchi Funeral Home.


JAMES R. MAILLER Lt. Col, US Army (Ret.)

Victory123 B10





The cold front is out, and high pressure builds up. That means skies will be turning mostly sunny with highs in the 60s. Breezes are steady but refreshing, from the northwest about 15 mph with some higher gusts. Looks like well stay dry through most or all of the night.


News, trafc, weather. Now.

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Annapolis ....................... 410-266-7182........2091 W. Street, next to Pier One Imports Annapolis Mall................ 410-266-8526........1120 Annapolis Mall, near Food Court Alexandria ...................... 703-212-9040........382 South Pickett St, next to Home Depot Alexandria ...................... 703-660-8566........7520 Richmond Hgwy, across from Peking Duck Arlington ........................ 703-243-8974........3632 Lee Hgwy, across from Safeway Arlington (Pen. Row)...... 703-418-9800........1201 South Joyce St, next to Champps Arlington ........................ 703-807-0779........3807 Wilson Blvd, across from Staples Arundel Mills .................. 410-799-3681........7659 Arundel Mills Blvd, next to HH Gregg Ashburn ......................... 571-223-2651........20020 Ashbrook Comm Plaza, Harris Teeter Baileys Crossroads ........ 703-931-8956........3517 S. Jefferson St, across from Giant Bethesda ........................ 301-656-1570........6930 Wisconsin Ave, free parking! Bethesda (Mont. Mall).... 301-365-0640........Montgomery Mall, next to Macys Home Capital Centre ................. 301-499-2871........801 Capital Centre Blvd, next to Magic Theatre Centreville ...................... 703-830-3322........14100 Lee Hgwy, next to Trader Joes Chantilly ......................... 703-817-1743........13806 Metro Tech Dr, at Rt.50 in front of Lowes Chantilly/Dulles .............. 703-956-6303........3857 Dulles S. Ct., facing Rt.50 west of Chantilly Auto Charlottesville................. 434-973-3222........304 Connor Drive, next to Target & Bonesh Charlottesville................. 434-975-1171........1646 Seminole Trail, across from Fashion Sq Mall Charlottesville................. 434-964-1300........1500 Seminole Trail, next to Starbucks Charles Town.................. 304-725-1791........116 Flowing Springs Rd, across from Hollywood Casino Clinton............................ 301-856-8573........8847 Woodyard Rd, between Giant & Sears Columbia........................ 410-309-9655........9400 Snowden River Pkwy, Columbia Marketplace Columbia........................ 410-964-0749........6110 Dobbin Road, next to new Toys-R-Us & REI Crofton ........................... 410-451-9544........2612 Brandermill Blvd, Village of Waugh Chapel Culpeper......................... 540-829-7891........15131 Montanus Drive, behind Chilis next to Lowes Dumfries ........................ 703-445-9877........3966 Fettler Park Dr, at Rt.234 next to Ihop Dunkirk........................... 410-257-0316........10730 Town Center Blvd, next to Wal-Mart Easton ............................ 410-822-7742........8058 Ocean Gateway, next to Wawa Edgewater ...................... 410-956-3062........3059 Solomons Island Rd, next to 5 Guys & Starbucks Fairfax ............................ 703-383-0152........11002 Lee Hgwy, next to new Walgreens Fairfax Turnpike.............. 703-426-2600........9502 Main St, Turnpike Shopping Center Frederick Outlet .............. 301-682-8882........7315 Grove Road, facing I-270 Frederick ........................ 301-846-9741........1046 W. Patrick Street, next to Starbucks, Kinkos Fredericksburg ............... 540-785-1673........1240 Carl D. Silver Parkway, in front of Target Fredericksburg ............... 540-710-7525........10119 Jefferson Davis Hgwy, next to Red Robin Fredericksburg ............... 540-548-0445........5723 W.Plank Road, between Home Depot & Giant Front Royal..................... 540-636-7800........50 Riverton Commons, next to Wal-Mart Gainesville ...................... 703-753-0789........5131 Wellington Rd, next to Buffalo Wild Wings Gaithersburg .................. 301-869-9727........451 N. Frederick Ave, across from Mont. Square Germantown................... 301-515-3000........13052 Middlebrook Rd, next to Giant Greenbelt........................ 301-220-0374........5506 Cherrywood Lane, next to Atlanta Bread Hagerstown .................... 301-766-0740........18011 Garland Groh Boulevard, next to Best Buy Hagerstown .................... 301-582-3766........17301 Valley Mall Road, next to Toys-R-Us Herndon ......................... 703-481-7900........491 Elden Street, across from K-Mart Kentlands ....................... 301-355-7240........178 Kentlands Boulevard, next to Ballys Fitness Langley Park .................. 301-431-5737........1425 University Blvd, University Plaza West Lanham .......................... 301-577-7634........9002 Lanham Severn Rd, next to Darcars Ford LaPlata ........................... 301-392-6280........38 Shining Willow Way, next to Safeway & Target Laurel ............................. 240-568-0347........14263 Baltimore Boulevard, next to Duron Paints Leesburg ........................ 703-443-8000........625 Potomac Station Dr, next to Best Buy & Giant Leesburg ........................ 703-443-2505........536 Fort Evans Road, in the Old Circuit City Lexington Park ............... 301-866-1956........23105 Three Notch Rd, next to Starbucks Lorton ............................ 703-490-2760........14006 Jefferson Davis Hgwy, across from Five Guys Manassas I-66 Outlet ..... 703-331-0637........10372 East Balls Ford Rd, facing I-66 Manassas ....................... 703-367-9177........9654 Liberia Ave, next to Ledos & Starbucks Manassas ....................... 703-257-5768........8376 Sudley Road, in front of Manassas Mall Martinsburg ................... 304-262-0113........784 Foxcroft Avenue, behind Outback Montclair ........................ 703-445-9877........3966 Fettler Park Dr, at Rt.234 next to Ihop Falling Waters/WV.......... 304-274-1127........5724 Hammonds Mill Rd, next to new Wal-Mart Olney .............................. 301-570-2300........18050 Georgia Avenue, next to McDonalds Potomac Mills ................ 703-497-9600........2800 Prince William Pkwy, next to Best Buy Prince Frederick ............. 410-414-7440........721 Prince Frederick Blvd, next to Starbucks Ranson........................... 304-724-7800........38 Joshua M Freeman Blvd, across from Home Depot

Rehoboth Beach ............. 302-645-9625........18756 Coastal Hgwy, next to Pier 1 Imports & Starbucks Rockville......................... 301-738-3764........9701 Traville Gateway Drive, next to Giant Rockville Outlet .............. 301-230-2337........12127 Rockville Pk, next to Ofce Depot, Pike Ctr Rockville Extra................ 301-881-1434........12212 Rockville Pk, across from Montrose X-ings Seven Corners................ 703-237-2277........6381 Seven Corners Ctr, in front of Shoppers Silver Spring .................. 301-445-5144........10165 New Hampshire Ave, 1 block outside beltway Silver Spring .................. 301-587-7700........8204 Georgia Ave, south of 410 East West Hgwy Springeld...................... 703-569-7891........6119 Backlick Rd, next to Mikes Grill Springeld...................... 703-866-7066........8414 Old Keene Mill Rd, next to Whole Foods Stafford .......................... 540-657-1554........370 Garrisonville Rd, Doc Comm, next to Home Depot Staunton......................... 540-886-1122........1209 Richmond Ave, next to Starbucks Sterling........................... 703-421-3664........45591 Dulles Eastern Plaza, across from Havertys Stone Ridge.................... 703-542-8567........42015 Village Center Plaza, next to Harris-Teeter Tenleytown, DC .............. 202-537-9353........4437 Wisconsin Ave, across from Library Tysons Corner ............... 703-790-0241........1986 Chain Bridge Rd, next to Dominics Waldorf .......................... 301-638-0990........3368 Crain Hgwy, next to Pep Boys Warrenton ...................... 540-351-0056........310 Broadview St, next to Jiffy Lube Wheaton......................... 301-929-0365........2704 University Blvd W, at Viers Mill Rd Winchester ..................... 540-662-6621........1869 S Pleasant Valley Rd, across from Best Buy Woodbridge.................... 703-490-2760........14006 Jefferson Davis Hgwy, across from Five Guys


thursday , april 21, 2011

Its the Bill Cosby of weeklong television blocks dedicated to sea animals. The TV Column, C4





Renewable energy needed, stat

2 Speech & Debate


Modern teen issues are tackled with campy humor. C3

Kate Walsh of Private Practice comes to the Hill on the anniversary of the gulf oil spill to advocate for alternative fuels. C2

The very spirit of the Bard

The Tragedy of Arthur could be an unknown Shakespeare play or a new novel, as you like it. C2

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Fighting in Libya kills two reporters

Oscar-nominated director, acclaimed photojournalist are slain in rebel clash


misurata, libya On Saturday evening, Tim Hetherington, the director of the Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo, and Chris Hondros, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer, hitched a ride to this besieged city on the Ionian Spirit, where they prepared sandwiches for refugees and talked about their plans back home. On Wednesday evening, the ship ferried the bodies of the two renowned journalists back to Benghazi. The two journalists were fatally wounded during an attack by Moammar Gaddafis forces against rebels in Misurata. Two other photojournalists suffered injuries, some critical, according to doctors at the hospital where they were treated. Hetherington, 40, a photographer and filmmaker who famously recounted the plight of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, died shortly after the attack, according to his family and a Washington Post reporter at the scene.

HIS SERVE: British author Howard Jacobson, who was honored for The Finkler Question last year, plays a game of table tennis at Comet Ping Pong.

Table tennis, anyone?

After winning the Booker prize, Howard Jacobson finds himself on the literary worlds show court


Anthropomorphically speaking, ping-pong players get shafted. The tiny rubber bumps covering their paddles are known, rather unfortunately, as pimples. Pimples! Even weekend duffers get to describe the indentations on golf balls as dimples. How likable. Who isnt charmed by dimples? Not so with the ping-pong set. Theyre condemned to the vocabulary of teenage insecurity, dermal irritation and Clearasil ads. Not exactly a formula for impressing chicks. Yet Howard Jacobson, the wickedly funny British novelist, and his literary embodiment, Oliver Walzer, both deluded themselves, for a time at least, into thinking that competitive ping-pong would bring them fame, riches and the affections of beautiful women. They more often found spectator-free gymnasiums and hormonally exacerbated frustration. The empty or near-empty room is generally what Jacobson

encountered the last time he toured America, back when he was promoting his critically acclaimed 2006 novel, Kalooki Nights. The highlight, he says one afternoon as we enter Comet Ping Pong, Northwest Washingtons cathedral to all things ping-pongy, was an odd encounter with a 90-year-old woman at one of his readings in California. She placed something around his neck. A laurel? A medal? A lei? None of the above. Inexplicably, it was her hearing aids, attached to long cords. He never really figured out what she was trying to express. That, Jacobson says, was the highlight. The highlight! Abysmal. This time, though, things are different. Jacobsons suddenly a literary star with transcontinental appeal, and hes playing to generous crowds at readings in the United States, a country that once essentially ignored him. Winning the prestigious Man Booker Prize in October transformed him into a headliner after three decades marked by lessthan-blockbuster sales, frequent jacobson continued on C5


LIBYA, APRIL 20: Hours before his death, Tim Hetherington, center, is helped by rebels as he climbs from a building in which gunfire rang out.


D.C. companies put out welcome mat

Shakespeare Theatre, Arena Stage host productions city might otherwise miss



NOTES FROM THE ROAD: Sahr Ngaujah in Fela! A U.S. tour will start at Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Reflecting the growing hunger among Washingtons nonprofit theaters to expand their audience base and diversify their offerings, Shakespeare Theatre Company will serve as the launching site for a national tour of the original production of Fela!, an unconventional, Broadway-tested musical about the life of the Nigerian singer-activist Fela Kuti.

Shortly after the month-long stay of Fela! in the fall, in the 775-seat Sidney Harman Hall, the troupes Lansburgh Theatre will serve as the U.S. staging ground for another theatrical event: British actor John Hurt in the Samuel Beckett absurdist classic Krapps Last Tape. The significance of the additions to the schedule of the citys leading classical company goes beyond whatever appeal these artistically intriguing projects have for the regions theatergoers. They also represent another advance in an increasingly lively campaign by the capitals flagship companies to open more widely doors to performers and productions that previously might have bypassed Washington. This perhaps coincidental collective

initiative has gained traction across the city but is most apparent in the agendas of two prominent institutions. The Shakespeare has taken the lead with British and Irish theaters, hosting well-received and well-attended visits this season by Tricycle Theatres The Great Game: Afghanistan and the National Theatre of Scotlands Black Watch. (Krapps Last Tape comes courtesy of Irelands Gate Theatre.) Arena Stage, by contrast, is embarked on a more domestic trajectory, inviting in Chicagos Steppenwolf Theatre and its Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf? this season, and next, Oregon Shakespeare Festivals production of Equivocation theater continued on C10

Hondros, 41, a photographer for Getty Images, died several hours later, according to Emma Daly, a spokeswoman for the New York-based group Human Rights Watch. Hondross depictions of wars toll have appeared in many magazines and newspapers, including the front page of Wednesdays Post. The journalists had accompanied rebel fighters to Tripoli Street in the city center, which Gaddafis forces pounded with mortar fire in an attempt to retake the strategic road that divides Misurata. An ambulance took Hetherington and Guy Martin, 28, a British freelance photographer working for the news agency Panos, from the battle to the makeshift triage tent next to the Hikma hospital about 5 p.m. Hetherington was bleeding heavily from his leg and looked very pale. Come with me. Come with me. Everybody is injured, an American photographer who had seen the attack shouted to ambulance drivers, imploring them to return to the scene. Her bulletproof vest was splattered with blood. Ill come with you. Ill show you where they are. As she sought help, doctors attended to Hetherington and Martin, who had suffered a stomach wound and remained in surgery Wednesday evening. About 15 minutes after the ambulances arrival, doctors in the tent pronounced Hetherington dead. About 10 minutes later, another ambulance carried Hondros and Michael journalists continued on C9

Victory123 C2






Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger

Charlie Sheen postscripts

 Guess who got a high-speed police escort to DAR Constitution Hall on Tuesday night? Sheen arrived from Los Angeles late, and his SUV (going 80 mph, according to his picture posted on Twitter) was surrounded front and rear by two police cars with flashing lights. We ran more red lights than Brooke Mueller heading to a pawn shop, Sheen told the Daily Caller. On Wednesday, police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump told our colleague Paul Duggan the matter is under investigation.  Injured Nats player Ryan Zimmerman gave Sheen a tour of the teams locker room Wednesday, reports our colleague Cindy Boren. Another picture, this time with Zimmerman wearing a dubious shirt and this tweet from Sheen: thank u DC! awesome night! epic day. the Warlock with the Zim! Nats park a beauty! and TZ is a Rock Star, NOT TMZ.

Three Cups of Tea scandal boils into Montana inquiry

The Three Cups of Tea controversy just gets messier and messier. Montanas attorney general has opened an investigation into Greg Mortenson and his Central Asia Institute based in the state, reports the Associated Press. My office will not jump to any conclusions but we have a responsibility to make sure charitable assets are used for their intended purposes, Steve Bullock said in a statement. Mortenson, accused by 60 Minutes of fabricating facts and mismanaging charity funds, denies any wrongdoing and blames co-author David Oliver Relin for inaccuracies in the book: There were some omissions and compressions . . . I would squawk about it and be told that it would all work out, he told Outside magazine. Relin has refused all requests for interviews since the scandal broke. In 2008, he gave an interview to Michael Werner for Etude literary magazine and said that he alone wrote the book after interviewing Mortenson, his supporters and critics. Thats been the only negative thing about this whole adventure for me, said Relin. After I turned in the manuscript, I received a galley back from the publisher with two names on it. It was published that way over my objections. The best-selling book, of course, went on to make millions; Relin presumably shared a piece of that very big pie. Relins rep and publisher Viking did not respond to requests for comment.


Kate Walsh spends the anniversary of the gulf oil spill advocating for ocean preservation.

Its springtime in Washington, and the warm weather is once again beckoning our favorite migratory creatures stars with causes. Wednesdays gorgeous fly-in: Kate Walsh.


Lauren Graham and Peter Krause: in the mood for sandwiches.

HEY, ISNT THAT . . . ?

 Lauren Graham and Peter Krause waiting in line at Furins sandwich shop in Georgetown on Wednesday she in black pants and tall black leather boots, he in a blue chambray shirt, untucked and sleeves rolled, sports coat under his arm. The Parenthood co-stars and sweethearts took their Thai chicken salad and curried tuna-on-rye to a window-side table they shared with a handsome older man . . . Google, Google, yes! . . . her dad, Larry Graham, president of the National Confectioners Association.

etting: Upper Senate Park, across the street from the Capitol. Cause: Warning about the risks of offshore drilling on the first anniversary of the gulf oil spill. Bona fides: Has worked for two years with ocean conservation advocacy group Oceana; plays a doctor on Greys Anatomy spinoff Private Practice. Wingmen: Seven-time Olympic medalist swimmer Aaron Peirsol; a team of youths in yellow hazmat suits who dramatically reenacted gulf cleanup efforts by scrubbing down oil-covered stuffed-toy porpoises. What she wants: For Americans to ditch fossil fuels in favor of clean-energy sources.

How she looked: Vibrant gingery hair, emerald-green dress, pearl-colored heels. How she sounded: Nervous, with a hint of boredom, reports our colleague Aaron Leitko. I know we live in a culture of, you know, lots of things are happening in this world and people are busy living their lives, she said, stammering slightly through a five-minute speech. . . . But its our responsibility to not forget. Why she cares about ocean preservation: Not just for all the great aesthetic values, but, you know, the fact that it is a food source for 4 billion people on this planet. Would be great to keep that going.


Greg Mortenson with his son, Khyber, and daughter, Amira, at the Gultori war refugee school in Pakistan in 2008.

Do I need therapy to break myself from playing Angry Birds?


Actress Anna Kendrick paying tribute to addictivecomputer-game designer Peter Vesterbacka, honored as one of the Time 100 in the magazines annual most-influential list. (The other pairings are more traditional: President Obama lauding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Rush Limbaugh praising Rep. Michele Bachmann, Davis Guggenheim on Michelle Rhee, etc.)




However you view it, a literary treasure unearthed



hat is The Tragedy y of Arthur? Is it, as the evidence suggests, an edition of an unknown play y by y William Shakespeare, prefaced, ced, quite properly, with a detailed iled d history of the events leading g up to the discovery of the 1597 7 quarto, the basis for the present sent t Random House text? The reader ader must judge. Given our contempomporary inclination to skepticism ism about everything, it is only natuatural that some uncertainties will always remain about the plays ays authorship. Much of the critical introducduction by Arthur Phillips does sound to be charitable rather like typical family memoir. But then Phillips is no scholar of the Elizabethan stage, simply the lucky owner in a sense, the onlie begetter of the single surviving copy of The Tragedy of Arthur. By trade a novelist, he admits that his own feelings for Shakespeare, shaped largely by paternal bardolatry, are ambivalent at best. In these very pages he even names Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as the real greatest writer in English literature! Perhaps a kindhearted reader grateful for Phillipss role in bringing to light this masterpiece should just shrug off the writers egregious allusions to his own life and every one of his books, starting with Prague. It does seem strange, however, that Jennifer Hershey, the Random House editor behind this project, permitted Phillips to quote at length from

THE TRAGEDY OF ARTHUR Novel AN No vel Phillips By Arthur ur Phil P hillip lips Random House. 368 pp. $26

their heated private th heir sometimes so correspondence. cor rrespo Given Given that none of the tests of paper, paper ink and style, by several experts expe erts have proved inconsistent with wit what the play appears to be, be, its little wonder that Random House has gone ahead and published, with considerable pub fanfare, fanfa fare, The Tragedy of Arthur. The text is printed in its entirety, with footnotes, albeh explanatory exp it with with Elizabethan spellings modernized for the present-day mod dern reader. rea ader. Such a presentation will hardly Shakespeare scholha ardly satisfy s ars, ars, but for anything more sophisticated we will have to wait phistica for the New Arden edition, which, we w can only hope, will be overseen by someone at least as accomplished as the late William Henry Ireland. Of course, there are those who deny outright the plays authenticity and others who may even accuse Arthur Phillips of nothing less than fraud. To minimize any possible unpleasantness, Phillips has tried to cover himself, rather feebly, by insisting that the dust jacket of The Tragedy of Arthur declare, in tiny type, a novel by Arthur Phillips. But whos fooling whom? The first line of the books actual preface forthrightly, boldly proclaims: Random House is proud to present this first modern edition of The Tragedy of Arthur by William Shakespeare. One could hardly be less ambiguous than that. Besides, would any sane 21stcentury author spend uncounted hours fabricating a five-act drama in Elizabethan blank verse?

Even without all the expert testimony, The Tragedy of Arthur certainly sounds Shakespearean: Our backs are pressed to thraging Humbers waves; / There is no way but forward, as in life. Admittedly, the speeches do contain a few unsettling observations about the relationship between the real and the counterfeit, as when Arthur tells his beloved Guenhera, What can I say that was not elsewhere false? or later soliloquizes, So abjuration is forbidden me. / I am no author of my history. Still, even the most cursory reading of the more than 250page preface makes clear Phillipss complete, virtually confessional honesty. He doesnt try to hide the fact that his con artist father was sentenced to prison for forgery. If anything, he is overzealous in his need to tell us everything that might influence our understanding of The Tragedy of Arthur. He describes his deep affection for his twin sister, Dana, an actress well known to theatergoers in the Twin Cities. He makes no secret of his ambivalent feelings for his often absent dad, nor does he hide the various erotic escapades of his youth and the breakup of his marriage to a Czech model. Being a novelist, he naturally falls into a style of reminiscence that could be likened to fiction. But is a man to be suspected of contrivance simply because he happened to be born on April 23, the same day as William Shakespeare? I suspect that most readers will greatly enjoy Phillipss

easygoing and digressive, if admittedly self-absorbed introduction. Just think of the joyless academic prose that a professional Elizabethan might have produced! As for the occasional parallels between the plays action and elements in Arthur Phillipss own life, are these not simply further proof of Shakespeares universality? In the mirror of his genius, we all see ourselves. Yet there is, as it happens, some third-party evidence to lend support to the genuineness of The Tragedy of Arthur. Through some sort of editorial inadvertence, the publicity packet sent to reviewers included a letter between Phillips and Random House attorneys about a possible breach of contract as well as a disturbing report from a firm of well-known investigators. From these, it is clear that Phillips did all he could to distance himself from the play and, indeed, to prevent its appearance. Why? Because he could not shake off his suspicion that it had been created through means unknown to science by his own father. Fortunately, Phillipss contract and the preponderance of scholarly opinion have ensured that the world is now able to read, and appreciate as it deserves, The Tragedy of Arthur. Still, mysteries remain concerning the plays provenance and just how it came to be found in Minneapolis. One possible explanation takes an anti-Stratfordian line. Shakespeare, Phillipss sister has suggested, was

merely the frontman for the true authors of his supposed works, a secret duo consisting of Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, and an unsung Jewish poet of genius named Binyamin Feivel, who later changed his name to Ben Phillips. The 1597 quarto of The Tragedy of Arthur its cover reproduced as a frontispiece in this Random House edition was simply passed down in the Phillips family until it reached the present day. Despite all this corroborative material and reasonable guesswork, there are doubtless readers who will still regard The Tragedy of Arthur as some kind of post-modern, tongue-in-cheek trick, as an elaborately structured comic novel in the form of a memoir about a Shakespeare-obsessed, dysfunctional family. In such a view, Arthur Phillips has simply used his own artistry, so similar to his fathers con-artistry, to create a mirage, an illusion, an elaborate textual trompe loeil. Pfui. As soon doubt the truthfulness of Lucians True History or impugn the careful editorial commentary in Nabokovs Pale Fire. Certainly, The Tragedy of Arthur, however you view it, shows off a writer at the top of his game. Just remember what Touchstone says in As You Like It: The truest poetry is the most feigning. Dirda reviews books for The Post every Thursday. Visit his book discussion at readingroom.


by Garry Trudeau


by Richard Thompson

Victory123 THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011






BUGGY & TYLER: Buddies wisecrack after hitting Burning Man.

DREAMTRIPPIN : Co-workers grapple with a confession of love.

NEBRASKA BY NOON: A drive becomes tense for a family.

3-stop road trip not without its bumps

Delightful, dark journeys in Car Plays occasionally stall


Buggy & Tyler, the comic sketch that opens The Car Plays, Taffety Punk Theatre Companys triptypch of automobile-themed one-acts at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, is not destined for long-term parking in the canon of theatrical classics. Newly penned by Taffety Punks resident dramatist Gwydion Suilebhan, its a lightweight piece about two roadtripping college buddies and its best line, by an odometer-certified mile, is Do you think maybe I ran over a marmot?

Still, as that question might indicate, Buggy & Tyler is lightweight in a pleasantly kooky way. It gives an energetic launch to The Car Plays, a high-concept but intermittently stalling production that also showcases Briandaniel Oglesbys Nebraska by Noon and Thomas Michael Campbells dREAMtRIPPIN, both previously produced elsewhere. A Taffety Punk news release on The Car Plays says that the typical American spends more than 80 minutes a day in a two-axle conveyance. Moving from statistics to dramaturgy, the release suggests that the enclosed space of an automobile is inherently just the kind of pressure-cooker environment likely to provoke spotlight-worthy conflict. (This is not a new idea: Other theatrical entities, includ-

ing Actors Theatre of Louisvilles Humana Festival of New American Plays, have staged similar dramas in actual cars.) Suilebhan does rev up a goofy clash of wills in Buggy & Tyler, whose eponymous characters he has featured in previous work. In this script, directed by Joel David Santner, the scruffy, laid-back Buggy (a slightly slapdash Eric M. Messner) and the nerdy, uptight Tyler (the amusing Jason Lott) are bickering their way back to college from the annual Burning Man celebration. Suilebhans banter can be fun; Lotts shocked expressions are quite entertaining; and a key plot twist proves courageously eccentric. Motoring the vehicle motif down a far darker highway, Nebraska by Noon directed by Sonya Robbins chronicles a

tortuous interstate drive by a family in crisis. The harried Sheila (an able Sheila Hennessey) has learned how to do police-style searches of her violent 14-yearold son, Nate (Alex Vaughan) but controlling a kid is harder when youre doing 65 on the highway. Vaughan is splendidly sullen as Nate, and young performer Sylvie Ashford is terrific as Nates little sister, Miri. But as the play heads toward its admittedly heart-wrenching denouement, it provides an overly generous sampling of the tense, boring, claustrophobic moments we all know too well from our own car trips. DREAMtRIPPIN, directed by Kelsey Mesa, dives into the car-lulled dreams of two colleagues driving to a professional conference in Middle America. Has the mild-mannered Karen (a

compelling Esther Williamson) declared her love for the obnoxious or maybe just moody Steven (the spot-on Mark Krawczyk)? Or was the incident just overactive R.E.M. activity? Playwright Campbells gotcha-style tricks with dream narratives quickly become tedious. Given the spatial setup of the average gas guzzler, The Car Plays were bound to have a visually static quality lots of tableaux of people sitting in chairs, with one characters hands poised on an invisible steering wheel. But the directors have come up with a few clever ways to suggest movement (mostly involving stage hands); the sound design by Josh Taylor and Marcus Kyd supplies sirens, insects droning at rest stops and other evocative noises; and Chris Curtiss stylized lighting helps

clarify the oneiric world of dREAMtRIPPIN. All in all, The Car Plays is not a memorable production, but it beats sitting in traffic on Leesburg Pike. Wren is a freelance writer.

The Car Plays

Three one-act plays: Buggy & Tyler by Gwydion Suilebhan, directed by Joel David Santner; assistant director, Chris Curtis. Nebraska by Noon by Briandaniel Oglesby, directed by Sonya Robbins. DREAMtRIPPIN by Thomas Michael Campbell, directed by Kelsey Mesa. Costumes, Sarah Kendrick; choreography, Micheline Heal; fights, Paul Gallagher. About two hours. Through Saturday at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, 545 Seventh St. SE. Call 800-838-3006 or visit

Plenty of pros for Speech & Debate



You might think a play that grapples with serious modern social issues homophobia, teenage alienation, the limits of online privacy would have no room for a warbling Abraham Lincoln doing an interpretive dance. But then you might not expect to encounter a piece of theater as ingenious and cannily plotted as Stephen Karams Speech & Debate. A suspenseful tale that fuses keen-eyed civic critique with riotous and even campy humor, Karams work is currently on view in a resonant and marvelously acted Rep Stage production, directed by Eve Muson. If you have never seen the nations 16th president sing about tolerance while doing disco moves in a stovepipe hat, now is your chance. Speech & Debate focuses on three maladjusted Oregon teenagers who, feeling slighted by the adult world, join forces in an alliance thats part self-defense, part mutual manipulation and part strategic showmanship. When Solomon (Sam Ludwig), an overly serious kid who writes for his school paper, hears rumors about a sex scandal involving a teacher, he resolves to get the scoop. His sleuthing leads him to Howie (Parker Drown), an openly gay 18-year-old whos new to town, and Diwata (Florrie Bagel), a flamboyant would-be actress. Having failed to snag the lead in a school production of Once Upon a Mattress, Diwata has settled for the extracurricular discipline known as speech and debate, and the two young men, grudgingly, allow her to recruit them into a speech-and-debate club an activity that, she assures them, will advance all of their interests. A co-author of columbinus, a play about a high school shooting that Round House Theatre produced in 2005, Karam is aware that adolescence can be a dangerous business. The three protagonists of Speech & Debate know theyre living in a social minefield, where peers are judgmental, adults are dictatorial and condescending, and the Internet has opened up a new realm of promise and threat. For the audience, the storys menace quotient only adds to the delectable giddiness of the comic scenes, which include numbers from Diwatas wholly unauthorized musicaltheatre adaptation of The Crucible (a text that, not coincidentally, is itself a portrait of communal pressures and accusations). After she splices the character of a time-traveling Lincoln into her show (dont ask), Howie solemnly tackles the role. In director Musons hands, the


PEER GROUP: Sam Ludwig, Florrie Bagel and Parker Drown in Speech & Debate at Rep Stage.

moments of outrageous humor fuse seamlessly with the gripping naturalistic narrative and the portraits of teenage angst. Her actors are a major asset. Drown (a Helen Hayes Award winner for his role in Keegan Theatres Rent) plays up the incongruity of Howies song-and-dance turn, and the actor is even better in serious scenes, modulating his characters quiet, fragile demeanor with flashes of skepticism and self-assurance. Ludwig is splendidly stubborn, nerdy and haunted as the journalism-obsessed Solomon, and Bagel is a hoot as Diwata, whose habits include improvising sung updates to her video blog when shes tipsy. Karen Novack ably doubles as two adults who are out of touch with the students reality, while costume designer Melanie Clark bolsters all the characterizations with telling details, such as Diwatas sweat shirt-and-leggings look. As if to remind us that social reality is all a matter of rhetoric and display, Karam has given each scene a title borrowed from the lexicon of speech-and-debate (Extemporaneous Commentary, for instance). Lighting and projection designer Dan Covey turns these titles into patterns that splay across the backdrops rectangular frames, behind set designer James Fouchards spare evocation of homes and classrooms. The projected words call to mind school presentations, but

The moments of outrageous humor fuse seamlessly with the gripping naturalistic narrative and the portraits of teenage angst.

also cyberspace. References to investigating the world via Google crop up often in Speech & Debate: For Diwata, Howie and Solomon, the Internet is far more trustworthy than any adult.


Speech & Debate

by Stephen Karam. Directed by Eve Muson; music direction, Aaron Broderick; sound design, Elisheba Ittoop; properties, Lian French; choreography, Renee Brozic Barger. Two hours. Through May 1 in the Studio Theatre of the Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center, Howard Community College, 10901 Little Patuxent Pkwy., Columbia. Call 443-518-1500 or visit

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Victory123 C4





iscovery Channel broke with tradition last year, naming its first nonDiscovery-star to host Shark Week : CBS late-night personality Craig Ferguson. Shark Week last year was sampled by the largest audience ever: Nearly 31 million people checked it out for at least six minutes and some, of course, watched much longer. Coincidence? I think not. Neither does Discovery, which Wednesday named another broadcast TV late-night comic to host this years Shark Week. That someone is Andy Samberg, a member of NBCs Saturday Night Live cast. Samberg has a better agent than Ferguson; we know this because hes gotten a better title. Samberg will be Shark Weeks CSO Chief Shark Officer. Shark Week is about being scared out of your swim trunks, but its also about being entertained and learning something new, Discovery Channel President Clark Bunting said in Wednesdays announcement, wisely leaving the funny business to Samberg. Discovery says Shark Week is the longest-running programming event in cable history. Everyone loves Shark Week. Its the Bill Cosby of week-long television blocks dedicated to sea animals, Samberg said in his canned quote.

viewers a glimpse of The Voice, which will premiere Tuesday. In the 12-minute sneak peek that will air before the Tonight Show, viewers will see the celebrity coaches of The Voice Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Maroon 5s Adam Levine join together to perform Greens hit Crazy. It will also include informative vignettes from the new show, NBC said. A shorter version of that performance will air before SNL. SNL will air its complete broadcast from approximately 11:30 p.m.-1:02 a.m. (ET) that night, NBC hastened to add. Too late. The press had already broken out in an eczema of outrage: Its an extraordinary move for NBC, fumed one. NBC Steals Time From SNL and The Tonight Show So Well Watch The Voice, railed another. This move is certainly raising some eyebrows, that one sniffed. Where were these guys all those years NBC delayed the start of The Tonight Show for those 15-minute tennis highlight reels during Wimbledon? NBC hardly invented the sneak peek infomercial in the midst of its shows. You cant throw a brick without hitting one if youre a regular viewer of American Idol.

Keep track of your favorite television shows and movies with our interactive TV listings at

From TVs top shows to industry buzz, get the latest television news in the TV Column blog at

SNLs Samberg braves the waters of Discoverys Shark Week

And yet NBC seemed to sense that Wednesdays announcement was going to cause a stir. The announcement was made by Bob Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC Entertainment, NBC said in Wednesdays news release. But there was no accompanying beauty-pageant quote from Greenblatt. An announcement from a network exec without a beautypageant quote? Now thats a first. The Voice, featuring Aguilera, Green, Levine and Shelton as coaches/judges of singing wannabes, is an important piece of programming for NBC, which is in sore need of a prime-time hit. The network is pulling out all the stops to try to launch this franchise. Remember back in December while the press was navel-lintgazing over the whole kerfuffle of American Idol vs. Simon Cowells The X Factor shaping up at Fox how NBC went and pulled a fast one, announcing that it would get the jump on Cowells show, having landed U.S. broadcast rights to a Dutch singing competition format called The Voice of Holland that it would launch? Well, now. The X Factor isnt scheduled to premiere on Fox until this fall. Mark Burnett of Survivor and Sarah Palins Alaska fame is exec-producing The Voice, as is John de Mol, who created the shows Dutch format and executive-produces that version. De Mols also the guy to hold responsible for Big Brother and Fear Factor.

BETs new moves

BET says it has ordered a new scripted comedy series called Reed Between the Lines, in which Malcolm Jamal-Warner plays an English professor and Tracee Ellis Ross plays a psychologist. They are the parents of teenage twins and an outspoken 7-year-old. The network did not provide information as to the creative team behind the show but did say that it was scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter. Season 5 of The Game is also a lock on the cable network, premiering in the first quarter of next year. When that canceled CW series was resurrected on BET in January, it clocked 7.7 million viewers a BET record after which, BETs new sitcom, Lets Stay Together averaged 4.4 million. BET also announced that it had picked up a second season of Lets Stay. The network also plans to telecast a four-part documentary about hip-hop music called The Message. BETs returning series include its music-video countdown 106 & Park, The MoNique Show, The Wendy Williams Show and the gospel competition Sunday Best.


FROM LASER CATS TO SCARY FISH: Andy Samberg, left, shown with the singer Akon at a recent awards show, will host Shark Week.

Lisa de Moraes
Raise your right hand if you think he just made Cosby the butt of a gag. Raise your left if you think Shark Week was on the receiving end. Raise both hands if you think Samberg should have put more thought into his canned quote. Discovery thinks the week has become a pop culture phenomenon because Tracy Morgan of 30 Rock once told the character of NBC page Kenneth: Live every week like its Shark Week. Oh, and in case that sixminute-sampling thing has you

scratching your head: The sixminute-sampling stat is one that Nielsen generates for advertisers sake because its assumed that anyone who watches six minutes was subjected to an ad break.

Sliding in The Voice

NBC announced Wednesday that it would slide the start of Thursdays The Tonight Show With Jay Leno by 12 minutes to give Lenos audience an early look at the networks new singing competition series, The Voice. The network also announced it would slide the start of this weekends Saturday Night Live by two minutes to give its


A NEW SERIES? Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan appear as guest stars on Bones, which has prompted spin-off scuttlebutt.

American Idol (Fox at 8) sends another contestant home, leaving just six singers in the competition. But former Idol winner David Cook and pop star Katy Perry perform before the next round of cuts. Troys pet monkey returns on Community (NBC at 8), but then it runs away again. In more important news, the study group gets nostalgic and looks back fondly on neverseen flashbacks from the past school year. Bones (Fox at 9) has a couple of new guest stars, because in addition to Booth and Brennan heading to the Everglades to help solve the murder of a maritime museum security guard, this episode also serves as a potential backdoor pilot for a Bones spin-off. Cue appearances by Geoff Stults, who stars as Booths former pal and a soldier with impressive tracking abilities, and Michael Clarke Duncan, who plays a legal adviser. Leslies never had much luck in love, so she decides to join an online dating site on Parks and Recreation (NBC at 9:30). But much to her surprise, she gets matched up with a potential soulmate who turns out to be someone she already knows. 30 Rock (NBC at 10) celebrates 100 episodes, both in reality and on the fictional comedy TGS, with an hourlong episode. Unfortunately, the celebration is short-lived for the TGS cast as Hank Hooper threatens to cancel the series. Therefore, its up to Liz to make No. 100 the Best Show Ever. Sarah Palin is the latest subject profiled in a True Hollywood Story (E! at 10). The hour-long program looks back at Palins past in Alaska and talks to everyone from a Palin biographer to Palins former boss at a television station in Anchorage. Actress Reese Witherspoon and actor Kevin McHale are guests on Conan (TBS at 11), and the Head and the Heart performs. Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (CBS at 12:35) hosts actor Alfred Molina.
Emily Yahr

A mom struggles to connect with her teen daughter

Dear Amy: I have an almost-15-year-old daughter thats scary in itself, right? I understand that teenagers need to become independent and dont want their parents in their lives (unless its to buy them something or take them somewhere), but how do I stop feeling so trampled on and distant from my daughter? She does okay in school, is popular (or at least has friends) and has a boyfriend. Im just so sad that my only daughter seems to be pulling away from me, and the more I try to engage her or bring her back, the more she says its better not to talk about our distance because all we do is argue. My husband is very supportive of me, and he feels frustrated, too, but we have no real answers. What can you tell me? Wondering Mom

of which you will never know about. But they still need and must have limits, boundaries and consequences. Everyone wants to feel heard. And teenagers respond well when adults listen with interest and dont comment or offer advice or suggestions. Ask your daughter her opinion about things, whether its an issue in homeroom or an event in the wider world. And even if she doesnt answer or is snide or rolls her eyes and walks away, she will remember being asked and she may come to you two hours later with an answer. You cannot be your daughters best friend right now. But you can and should be her mother. No matter what she is going through, she should never trample you or your husband. You may feel ignored or taken advantage of, but you will have to learn to

overlook some of the obnoxiousness, focus on the positive stuff, pick your battles with great care and lay down reasonable consequences when she is disrespectful. You can say to yourself (and to her): Well, I was a teenage girl once, too. And sometimes you just have to put up with your parents. The boyfriend issue gives me pause. If your daughter is dating, this boy should be a regular presence at your dinner table. I highly recommend the book Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall?: A Parents Guide to the New Teenager, by Anthony Wolf (2002, Farrar, Straus and Giroux).
Dear Amy: I am a 65-year-old retired man. To keep busy until my wife retires, I work part time in a restaurant with people much younger than I. One of these people is a young man in his late 20s. This man gets extremely drunk at

least twice a week; usually three or four times a week. I have tried inviting him to various activities that would keep him from drinking. He thanks me and declines. I know his parents are aware of his drinking. They have taken away his drivers license, and he does not have a car. I have joked about his joining a 12-step program, and I have encouraged him to find outside activities instead of drinking. Is there anything else I can do? Caring Friend

know that he will not stop drinking until he is ready.

Dear Amy: I am responding to the letter from the mother of the groom wondering how to dance with her son at his wedding when she is in a wheelchair. My niece had that very same issue, so she and her son picked a song, and he put together pictures of himself and his mother as he was growing up, which were shown in the reception room for all to see. He stood next to her and leaned over to comment with her. It was beautiful. Loving Aunt

Teenage girls sometimes act like despots of the household, and their moods rise and fall according to myriad conditions, many

You sound like a great guy, and you are trying to mentor a younger man. Good for you. Stop joking about 12-step programs. Addiction and recovery are not joking matters. Instead, be a rock-steady example of sobriety and maturity. Tell your friend you worry about him. Continue to invite him to spend time with you. Encourage him to choose sobriety, but

This sounds lovely.

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Howard Jacobsons unexpected ace

jacobson from C1 critical acclaim and no small measure of critical disdain one reviewer called him the most phallocentric English-language author. Jacobson was honored for his novel, The Finkler Question, a satire that pivots on the lives of a gentile who longs to be a Jew and a Jew who joins a group called the ASHamed Jews. The award was a surprise because comic novels even darkly comic ones seldom win. In years past, two of Jacobsons novels had been long-listed twice for the award but fallen short. There is a particular pleasure in seeing somebody who is this good finally getting his just deserts, Sir Andrew Motion, chairman of the judges, said of the choice. Jacobson revealed the most about himself in The Mighty Walzer, a 1999 semi-autobiographical coming-of-age novel recently released in the United States, as his publishers attempt to piggyback on his newfound celebrity. A half-century has passed since Jacobson was a top-10-ranked teenage ping-ponger growing up in 1950s northern England. He is still a purist at the table. In the backroom at Comet Ping Pong, he considers, then quickly rejects, a modern sponge paddle, a smoothfaced design that gives players more control over shots but mutes the satisfying plock-plock produced by harder old-school paddles . . . the ones with visible, rather than concealed, pimples. Jacobson arches one of his thick eyebrows while assessing the paddles. He has a long, weathered face with satchels of puffed skin beneath his eyes. His gray beard and wavy, nearly shoulder-length hair seem to refuse to be tamed, inflating in places and matting in others. One could imagine him playing King Lear, howling into the wind and people stopping to listen to every word. three or four years of small, sensitive books winning, he says. The grand ambitions of the novel were being undervalued. No better example than The Bone People, he says, referring to the Keri Hulme novel set among the Maori people in New Zealand that won in 1985. I remember hitting the roof. Good-cause literature is one of the things that has bedeviled the Booker prize. Jacobson doesnt do causes. And so it was, he says, that he finished Finkler, and I had no hopes. Of my last five novels, this is the last one I thought would do good things. He turned to other, darker ideas. He pondered writing a novel about The End of the Word. The End of Everything. Everything being murdered by Facebook, Twitter. The End of Literary Civilization. Then he won the Man Booker Prize. And his mood brightened. Maybe he wont go forward with that other book after all. Is this to be the greatest irony? he wonders. What might have been my greatest novel ever ruined by my success? Winning the prize led, inevitably it seems, to comparisons. Im called the new Philip Roth, the English Philip Roth, Jacobson says. Im not insulted by the comparison. He probably would be. I ask if theyve ever met. Once, Jacobson says. But there was no discussion of Jacobson somehow assuming Roths mantle. Hes a forbidding fellow. Hes got a seriousness about him, Jacobson says. Thats one angry writer. Whats he so angry about? Jenny has wandered off to the restroom and returns full of delight about the murals she discovered. Youve got to have a look, she says to her husband. For a moment, hes confused. How did she see the one in the mens room? I went in, she says. The mural depicts a game of ping-pong in a lovely setting, a kind of paradise. Ping-pong without pimples.


PADDLE OR NO: In Northwest Washington, Jacobson uses a copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to play table tennis, a nod to a passage in his semi-autobiographical novel The Mighty Walzer. The British novelist has become a star since winning the prestigious Man Booker Prize.

A winning player
Hes properly rumpled and a bit weary with all the jetting here and there to be feted. In England his victory was greeted rhapsodically by the Jewish community, he tells the audience the night before during a Politics and Prose event at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. But with paddle in hand, hes instantly nimble and energized in a way that defies his 68 years. He slashes sizzling shots that nick the white line at the edge of the table and dips to scoop spinning backhands, talking all the while. Is it true, as noted last year in the New York Times, that Salman Rushdie once refused to play him in ping-pong? Indeed it is, he says. In between shots, Jacobson declares he would have murdered Rushdie if theyd played. Uh, not the best choice of words, Jacobson acknowledges. Salman and I dont get on, Jacobson says, but hes back to the plock-plocking before going any further down that trail. Hes sweating through his shirt and getting hungry. But he doesnt hesitate when presented with the

pouring out of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Oliver, who is consumed with being grandiose, takes to losing as a refuge from mediocrity, from the inevitable conclusion which he reaches at the end of the novel that he is not The Mighty Walzer but the So-So Walzer. Before his moment of self-understanding, Oliver wants to lose big or win big. Losing, of course, is easier; its something he can control. So he lets the lovely Lorna Peachley, the object of his most tortured desires, win and win and win at the pingpong table. I was luxuriating in the same rotting sweetness of selfpity that came with those defeats, Oliver realizes. What was the pleasure in that pain? Why did it feel so good to be bad? What was it about losing that I liked so much? That it all sounds a bit masochistic, Jacobson doesnt dispute. I think masochism is fantastic to write about, he says. All men, he presumes, secretly fantasize about yielding to a super-powerful woman, especially when theyre in their cups. But the author, on this day, is not intent on yielding. Unlike Oliver, in The Mighty Walzer, he clearly wants to win, even if hes going to be disadvantaged by playing with literature literally. He considers his options seriously, taking each copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in hand and testing its weight, flicking his wrist pantomiming shots, a little like a swordsman trying out a new

Eventually, Jacobsons article was published in 1999 in an, ahem, somewhat less prestigious forum Table Tennis News, a now-defunct publication of the English Table Tennis Association. Its a long, long way from Table Tennis News to the Man Booker Prize. All this reminiscing about Reisman may be distracting. Or, more likely, hampered by playing with a book, the score tightens a bit. At 12-8, Jacobson reconsiders his approach. He switches to the largeprint Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, setting aside the Everymans Library copy. Not my favorite edition, he quips. With the larger book in hand, he regains control. Less power, more steady, patient volleying. He forces his opponent to make mistakes. And it works. He wins 21-16 . . . with a book as a paddle. By now, mercifully, hes famished and a bit too winded for a second game. Comet Ping Pongs ever-affable owner, James Alefantis, is setting out pizzas and glasses of a nice rose, and Jacobson finds his way to a table painted, of course, like a ping-pong table. Jenny De Yong a documentary producer and, as Jacobsons fond of calling her, his third and final wife waits there reading a book on her Kindle.

would be Oy, he says. That could be the end of the book. Jenny looks up from her Kindle. She catches Jacobsons eye, and he reverses course. What Ive told you in this instance is untrue, he says without a hint of self-consciousness. It turns out that Jenny made a key suggestion Jacobsons original idea was for all the main characters to be roughly the same age as Libor Sevcik, a 90-year-old Czech Jew and former schoolteacher who has recently lost his wife. Maybe, in the back of my mind, I was trying to pull off a kind of Sunshine Boys, Jacobson says.

Instead, he created two middleaged main characters Julian Treslove and Sam Finkler and set them at the center of the narrative along with Sevcik, their elderly former teacher. More light and shade, Jacobson says. Still, he expected little and certainly not a Man Booker Prize. No one has been ruder about the Man Booker Prize, he says of himself. Indeed, in the past, he has publicly declared the prize an abomination. He sneers at the idea of literary laurels going to books about growing up in Afghanistan or being a clerk in India. There were

ON THE WEB Read book critic Ron Charless review of Howard Jacobsons Booker-winning The Finkler Question at



Shrieks of laughter night after night. - The Washington Post

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Getting feedback
The couple spent a month in Washington last year while he was serving as U.K. writer-in-residence at George Washington University. Their arrival coincided with snowmageddon,and they found themselves trapped in the Washington Suites Hotel, shuffling across to a Trader Joes nearby for sustenance while the city shut down. He remembers asking for a dining room table and a staffer telling him that he already had a desk. Not exactly the treatment one would expect for a Great Man of Letters but then again, he hadnt won the Man Booker Prize yet. I said, Come on, were here for a month. When the table arrived, he had to make another request: Can we have a couple of chairs? With all that time on his hands, Jacobson got to tinkering with Finkler. The manuscript was complete. But an editor had made a small suggestion, Jacobson says, and then he started reconsidering some elements. He chopped speeches made by characters arguing in favor of and against Israel. I thought there was perhaps too much, he says. He didnt want to turn the book into an overtly political narrative about Israel. My argument is not with their policies its that theyre selfrighteous. That sense of ENOUGH ALREADY pervades his fiction. In The Mighty Walzer, one of Olivers ping-pong teammates flees his heavily Jewish neighborhood in Manchester for Israel to get away from all the talk about the Jews. I ask Jacobson if he ever shows his early-stage incomplete work to anyone, and he launches into an explanation of how dangerous that would be. If someone were to criticize a work in progress, It

Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival

By Mary Zimmerman, Minnesota State University, Mankato Adapted from the Robert Fitzgerald translation

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Thursday, April 21 at 7:30 p.m. The Witching Hour

Featuring the winner of the high school concerto competition, Zachary Sherburn, performing Marimba Concerto, Opus 12. Program also includes The Sorcerer's Apprentice,The Noon Witch, Sousas "Harmonica Wizard" march, and selections from Wicked featuring mezzo-soprano SSgt Sara Dell'Omo. Hylton Performing Arts Center 10960 George Mason Circle Manassas, Va.

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I had no hopes. Of my last five novels, this is the last one I thought would do good things.
Howard Jacobson on winning the Man Booker Prize for The Finkler Question

The Studio Theatre

A twisted passion play! City Paper

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by Enda Walsh I directed by Matt Torney

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chance to play an actual game, instead of just knocking the ball back and forth. He smashes forehands, then delicately spins finesse shots. Hard. Soft. Left. Right. Hes good. Jacobson leads 10-5 when I concede that Ive got little hope. So I reach for my briefcase. Anticipating trouble keeping up with him, Ive brought along two copies of Robert Louis Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jacobson roars. In The Mighty Walzer, Oliver first comes to love ping-pong while playing using Stevensons classic novel instead of a paddle. Oliver is a wrenchingly introverted boy afflicted with the terrible contradiction at the heart of shyness. You think everybodys looking and you fear no one is. Even though he is an ace, he feels more comfortable as a loser than a winner. Call it compound existential bashfulness, Oliver says of himself in the book. 1) I was ashamed of existing, and 2) I was ashamed of existing so successfully. Five, six unbeatable backhands on the run and my hand would be on fire with consciousness of its temerity; a couple more thered be smoke

blade. He opts for a pocket-size 1974 hardback published by Everymans Library with a wild-eyed movie version of Mr. Hyde on the cover over a large-print edition with a sketch of Dr. Jekyll. An image of madness wins out over an image of madness to come. The equipment switch gets Jacobson talking about Marty Reisman, the eccentric American table tennis legend who toured with the Harlem Globetrotters and was so good that he could beat mere mortals using his shoe or an eyeglass lens instead of a paddle. Jacobson once set out to profile Reisman for the New Yorker. After meeting Reisman, Jacobson wrote about lamenting the high-speed Asianized ping-pong of today and pined for another eras slow, probing, witty cat-and-mouse encounters between the great lugubrious European players of the 1930s and 40s, lovers of labyrinthine prose and existential narrative, readers of the secrets of anothers souls what Marty calls the dialogue of ping-pong, the classical drama that has a beginning, a middle, and a resolution. The magazine killed the piece, he says. education/actf/festival.html
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Tickets $20 7:30 p.m. | Terrace Theater For complete performance schedule and tickets, go to


Walsh is one of the Englishspeaking worlds most accomplished young playwrights Examiner



by Enda Walsh I directed by Matt Torney

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Oratorio on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

by George Frideric Handel Good Friday Service April 22 at 7:30 p.m.
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Both plays are part of New Ireland: The Enda Walsh Festival

Performed by St. Johns Choir with instrumental and organ accompaniment. 6715 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Virginia 202-332-3300

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Raymond Boyer

Plenty of punch linesa thread of poetic longing steadily entertaining

By Anna Ziegler I Directed by Daniella Topol

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Home delivery makes good sense.


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Sunday April 24, 4:30pm: Post-Show Talkback: Gender Equity in Science Education

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Sheens Torpedo of Truth tour: Mild rather than wild



A couple of thousand people were held hostage by Charlie Sheens ego Tuesday night in an auditorium named after the female descendants of the American Revolution, half a mile from the World War II Memorial in the capital of the free world. This prompts an icky existential question: If the abusive ex-star of a CBS sitcom can compel a legion of citizens to pay $104.25 apiece to be doused in cultural bile, is the free world a little too free? The answer, of course, is no. Mostly no. No, except for the five seconds after Sheen seemed to imply that he believes President Obama wasnt born in the United States, triggering boisterous applause from the mostly young, near-capacity crowd at the 3,700seat DAR Constitution Hall. Sheen seemed to toy with the idea of running for president (with Nicolas Cage) and noted that his birth certificate was not Photoshopped. The man has become so unreadable that it was hard to tell whether he was joking or serious. He was, though, noncommittal about running and occasionally circumspect. Every day is just one day, Sheen

said at the top of the show. Tomorrow is not here yet. It was the end of a long day for Sheen, who deployed his lawyers to twocourt hearings in SouthernCalifornia on Tuesday morning, charioted himself in a black Rolls-Royce to the Van Nuys Airport that afternoon, and blazed across the continent in a private jet to walk onstage 67 minutes late for his show in downtown Washington, the halfway point in his 20-city tour titled ViolentTorpedoofTruth:DefeatIs Not an Option, a kind of Shermans March of the male libido. Washington as a whole greeted Sheen with a feisty, inebriated bear hug, but there was some wonky thoughtfulness in the crowd. I came here to see Charlie Sheen on an extended loop and be both horrified and entertained, said a 34-year-old lobbyist who declined to give her name because shes a professional girl who cares about my future. Not often can you see a public figure implode in front of your eyes usually you can only see that through the media, said her 40year-old lobbyist friend, who was also too embarrassed to be identified. We perpetuate this image that


AT DAR CONSTITUTION HALL: Charlie Sheen arrived late for his show, which was a monologue followed by a sit-down interview.

is fake and a lie, and we put it on television,railedaTVreporterinto her cellphone presumably to an editor as she prepared to do a spot from outside the venue before the show started. Thats how I feel as a journalist. Me, too, but heres the straightest scoop deliverable: The show began with a stream-of-consciousness monologue about Sheens hatred of ex-wives and his failure to secure sole custody of his children earlier

in the day. It lurched onward to a dry sit-down interview led by much-booed WBIG (100.3 FM) host Tommy Griffiths about the first time Sheen met Marlon Brando. The crowd quaked with catcalls whenever Sheen wasnt talking about doing drugs or manhandling women. ENTERTAIN US, boomed a male voice as Sheen waxed philosophical on the hard living of the late actor Dennis Hopper.

SHUT THE [EXPLETIVE] UP AND SAY SOMETHING WEIRD, demanded another. It has been less than two months since Sheen outed himself as a warlock who is capable of ingesting epic amounts of cocaine, vanquishing addiction with his superhuman mind, shrugging off his nearly $2 million-an-episode job with the hit comedy Two and a Half Men and orating on national television about the vague, seemingly mutable bylaws of nature and space-time (Google winning and tiger blood and Adonis DNA and so on). In the first week or so of his renaissance (or breakdown, depending on your standards), it seemed as if Sheen was onto something, as if he were imbued with a spiritual clarity reserved for prophets, as if he were pulverizing and remolding the very notion of celebrity. That notion of celebrity now seems to belong to his audiences or at least the one at DAR, whose restlessness guided the rhythms of the show and whose outbursts were often more entertaining than the ramblings of Sheen or his better-received guest, stand-up comic Jeff Ross.

Curiosity about exploitation was why 33-year-old Arlington salesman Johnny Champane came with three friends at the last minute. Exploitation of himself. Of us. We bought tickets, didnt we? Since this was Washington, Griffiths asked Sheen how hed handle Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi (Id make him marry [my exwives] Brooke and Denise) and about what hed defund to balance the budget (disband the Fed and send the IRS to prison). The crowd veered between boos and applause so frequently and quickly that one was indistinguishable from another. Geez, you guys hate everything, Sheen said at one point. Recognizable Washingtonians in attendance included Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the infamous White House gate-crashers and erstwhile reality-TV personalities, who signed autographs in the lobby, where they inadvertently created the event-horizon of a cultural black hole. See video of D Sheen fans giving reviews of the performance at


AMC Loews Georgetown 14 3111 K Street N.W.


P and G Old Greenbelt Scream 4 (R) 1:20-4:00-7:10129 Centerway 10:10 Jane Eyre (PG-13) 2:30-5:00-7:30 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (PG) 1:45-4:05-6:55-9:40 Regal Bethesda 10 Soul Surfer (PG) 1:15-3:557272 Wisconsin Avenue 7:05-9:55 Your Highness (R) 2:50-5:20Source Code (PG-13) 1:55-4:357:50-10:15 Hanna (PG-13) 1:50-4:40-7:30- 7:45-10:45 Rio 3D (G) (!) 1:00-3:40-6:50-9:50 10:05 Rio 3D (G) (!) 1:45-4:15-6:45-9:15 Insidious (PG-13) 1:05-4:40Source Code (PG-13) 2:10-5:10- 7:50-10:30 Arthur (PG-13) 1:25-4:25-7:357:40-10:00 10:15 Soul Surfer (PG) 2:00-4:30Hop (PG) 1:40-4:20 7:00-9:30 Arthur (PG-13) 2:15-4:50-7:20- Rio (G) (!) 1:30-4:10-7:20-10:20 Limitless (PG-13) 2:05-4:459:55 Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (PG-13) 7:15-10:00 Scream 4 (R) 1:50-4:30-7:402:25-4:45-7:15-9:40 10:40 Hop (PG) 1:20-3:40-6:50-9:10 Hanna (PG-13) 1:35-4:15-7:30Scream 4 (R) 3:00-5:30-8:0010:05 10:20 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 7:25 Limitless (PG-13) 4:10-9:50 Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 1:30-7:10 Family (PG-13) 12:01AM Regal Cinemas Bowie Crossing Water for Elephants (PG-13) Stadium 14 12:01AM 15200 Major Lansdale Boulevard Regal Rockville Stadium 13 Hop (PG) 2:45-5:00 199 East Montgomery Avenue Scream 4 (R) 3:15-5:45-7:30Your Highness (R) 2:10-4:508:15-10:15-10:40 Soul Surfer (PG) 2:30-5:15-7:50- 7:50-10:30 Scream 4 (R) 1:50-4:30-7:4010:25 Rio 3D (G) (!) 1:30-3:55-6:25-8:55 10:20 Source Code (PG-13) 2:40-5:05- Soul Surfer (PG) 1:20-3:506:50-9:50 7:40-10:20 Rio 3D (G) (!) 1:30-4:10-7:00-9:40 Insidious (PG-13) 3:20-5:50Source Code (PG-13) 2:00-4:408:20-10:50 Arthur (PG-13) 2:15-4:55-7:35- 7:30-10:00 Insidious (PG-13) 2:40-5:2010:10 8:20-10:45 Rio (G) (!) 2:20-4:45-7:25-9:50 Arthur (PG-13) Open Caption: Your Highness (R) 3:05-5:402:20-10:40; 5:00-8:00 8:05-10:35 Rio (G) (!) 12:40-3:10-6:00-8:40 Limitless (PG-13) 2:05-4:40Hop (PG) 2:30-5:10-8:10-10:35 7:20-9:55 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Limitless (PG-13) 12:50-3:30Rules (PG) 1:35-4:00-6:30-9:00 6:30-9:20 Hanna (PG-13) 2:35-5:10-7:45- Hanna (PG-13) 1:00-3:40-6:409:30 10:30 Regal Cinemas Germantown The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:303:20-6:20-9:10 Stadium 14 The Conspirator (PG-13) 1:1020000 Century Boulevard 4:00-7:10-10:10 Your Highness (R) 3:00-5:30Regal Westview Stadium 16 8:00-10:40 5243 Buckeystown Pike Scream 4 (R) 2:20-5:00-7:4510:30 Hop (PG) 12:00-2:15-5:00-7:3010:00 Soul Surfer (PG) 1:30-4:107:10-9:50 Your Highness (R) 3:00-10:30 Rio 3D (G) (!) 2:00-4:30-7:15-9:45 Scream 4 (R) 2:00-4:30-7:15-9:45 Arthur (PG-13) Open Caption: Rio 3D (G) (!) 12:15-2:45-5:155:10-10:20 7:45-10:15 Source Code (PG-13) 1:40-4:20- Arthur (PG-13) 2:00-4:45-7:157:40-10:00 10:00 Insidious (PG-13) 2:30-5:20Source Code (PG-13) 12:45-3:158:10-10:45 5:45-8:15-10:50 Arthur (PG-13) 2:15-7:50 Insidious (PG-13) 11:45-2:155:00-7:45-10:15 Rio (G) (!) 1:00-3:30-6:15-8:45 Soul Surfer (PG) 1:00-4:15Hop (PG) 1:15-2:10-3:40-4:407:00-9:30 6:00-7:00-8:30-9:30 Arthur (PG-13) 1:30-4:00-6:30Limitless (PG-13) 1:45-4:459:00 7:20-10:15 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rio (G) (!) 1:45-4:15-6:45-9:15 Rules (PG) 1:20-3:50-6:30-9:00 Hop (PG) 1:15-4:00-6:30 Hanna (PG-13) 1:50-4:50-7:30- Battle: Los Angeles (PG-13) 9:00 10:10 Your Highness (R) 12:15-4:30The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 1:105:30-7:00-8:00-9:30 4:00-6:45-9:20 Scream 4 (R) 12:30-3:00-5:308:15-10:45 Regal Cinemas Majestic Stadium 20 & IMAX Limitless (PG-13) 3:45-9:15 900 Ellsworth Drive Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rio (G) (!) 1:00-3:30-6:00-8:35 Rules (PG) 1:15-6:45 Hop (PG) 12:10-2:40-5:10-7:40- Hanna (PG-13) 12:00-2:30-5:1510:10 8:00-10:45 Your Highness (R) 11:30-1:45The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:45 4:20-7:00-9:35 The Conspirator (PG-13) 1:30Scream 4 (R) 1:10-3:45-6:204:45-7:30-10:30 8:50-11:05 The Movies at Montgomery Mall Limitless (PG-13) 12:25-3:007101 Democracy Blvd. 5:20-7:45-10:15 Rio 3D (G) 11:15-2:00-4:30The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:50- 6:50-9:15 3:25-6:25-9:10 Hop (PG) 12:20-2:35-4:50-7:05Soul Surfer (PG) 1:15-3:40-5:55- 9:20 8:20-10:45 Arthur (PG-13) 11:00-1:30-4:20Arthur (PG-13) 1:20-3:50-6:10- 7:10-9:45 8:35-10:55 UA Snowden Square Source Code (PG-13) 1:40-3:55Stadium 14 6:15-8:40 9161 Commerce Center Drive Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:20-12:35-1:30- Hop (PG) 11:30-1:50-4:20-7:002:55-4:00-5:15-6:35-7:35-8:559:40 10:05 Your Highness (R) 4:10-9:20 Insidious (PG-13) 12:45-3:05Scream 4 (R) 12:00-2:30-5:105:25-7:55-10:20 7:40-10:20 Rango (PG) 11:55-2:20 Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:45-2:10-4:40Arthur (PG-13) 6:45-9:15 7:20-10:00 Scream 4 (R) 11:40-2:05-4:50Arthur (PG-13) 1:40-4:30-7:307:25-10:00 10:10 Sucker Punch (PG-13) 1:00 Source Code (PG-13) 12:20-2:50Hop (PG) 11:35-1:50-4:05 5:30-8:20-10:35 Rio (G) (!) 12:00-2:15-4:30-7:05- Insidious (PG-13) 12:35-5:409:30 8:10-10:45 Your Highness (R) 3:35-6:05Win Win (R) 12:10-2:40-5:208:25-10:50 8:00-10:40 The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13) Soul Surfer (PG) 11:40-2:20-5:0012:30 7:50-10:30 Scream 4 (R) 3:10-5:35-8:05Rio (G) (!) 12:45-3:40-6:20-9:00 10:35 Your Highness (R) 1:30-6:40 Hanna (PG-13) 12:40-3:15-4:40- Limitless (PG-13) 3:00 6:00-7:15-8:45-9:55 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (PG) 1:00-3:20-6:10 Rules (PG) 12:15-2:25-4:45Hanna (PG-13) 1:20-4:00-6:507:10-9:25 9:30 The Conspirator (PG-13) 11:45- Thank You (NR) 8:50 2:30-5:40-8:30 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 1:10African Cats (G) 12:01AM 3:50-6:30-9:10 Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy The Conspirator (PG-13) 12:30Family (PG-13) 12:01AM 3:30-7:10-9:55 Regal Hyattsville Royale Stadium 14 6505 America Blvd.

Hop (PG) Closed Caption: 1:003:30-6:00-8:40 Your Highness (R) 2:50-5:30-8:10 The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13) 5:40 Hanna (PG-13) 1:45-4:40-7:3010:10 The Conspirator (PG-13) 2:055:05-8:15 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 2:155:25-8:20 Insidious (PG-13) 3:00-8:25 Win Win (R) 3:20-6:05-8:45 Rio 3D (G) 1:50-9:40 Arthur (PG-13) 1:40-4:20-7:2010:05 Source Code (PG-13) 2:40-5:207:50-10:20 Soul Surfer (PG) 2:00-4:50-7:4010:15 Hop (PG) 1:00-3:30-6:00-8:40 Scream 4 (R) 1:20-2:20-4:105:10-7:00-8:00-9:45 Limitless (PG-13) 2:10-5:007:45-10:25
AMC Loews Uptown 1 3426 Connecticut Avenue N.W.

Scream 4 (R) 4:00-7:00

AMC Mazza Gallerie 5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Your Highness (R) 2:10-4:507:20-9:50 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 1:504:45-7:50-10:30 Source Code (PG-13) 12:30-3:005:30-8:00-10:20 Arthur (PG-13) 12:10-2:40-5:107:40-10:10 Hop (PG) 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:20 Rio 3D (G) 12:00-2:30-5:007:30-10:00 Limitless (PG-13) 1:50-4:207:10-9:40
Albert Einstein Planetarium National Air & Space Museum 6th Street and Independence Ave SW

Journey to the Stars (NR) 11:301:30-2:30-3:30-4:30-5:30-6:30 Cosmic Collisions (NR) 11:0012:00-1:00-2:00-4:00-5:006:00-7:00 The Stars Tonight (NR) 10:30AM One World One Sky: Big Birds Adventure (NR) 12:30-3:00
Avalon 5612 Connecticut Avenue

From Subway with Love (Roman pro zeny) (NR) 8:00 Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune (NR) 3:30-5:45 The Last Lions (PG) 12:45 Mia and the Migoo (PG) 10:30AM Bill Cunningham New York (NR) 10:30-3:00-5:15-7:30 Rango (PG) 1:00
Landmark E Street Cinema 555 11th Street NW

Win Win (R) 1:30-3:00-4:00-5:306:45-8:00-9:15 Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (PG-13) (!) 2:15-4:45-7:15-9:45 Bill Cunningham New York (NR) 1:40-3:40-5:40-7:30-9:30 Heartbeats (Les amours imaginaires) (NR) 2:20-4:50-7:20-9:50 Rubber (R) (!) 1:00-3:15-5:307:45-9:55 Jane Eyre (PG-13) 1:00-2:154:00-5:15-8:15-9:40
Regal Gallery Place Stadium 14 707 Seventh Street NW

Hop (PG) 11:55-2:10-4:35-6:509:10 Your Highness (R) 11:50-2:154:45-7:10-9:50 Scream 4 (R) 12:50-4:00-7:1010:00 Limitless (PG-13) Open Caption: 2:50-10:30 Hanna (PG-13) 1:00-4:00-7:0010:05 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 1:204:10-7:05-9:55 Rio 3D (G) (!) 12:00-2:20-4:407:00-9:20 Arthur (PG-13) 1:30-4:20-7:3010:25 Source Code (PG-13) 12:15-2:405:10-7:50-10:15 Insidious (PG-13) 12:45-3:155:40-8:20 Soul Surfer (PG) 12:00-2:30-5:007:40-10:20 The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13) 1:40-4:30-7:15-9:40 Scream 4 (R) 12:10-2:50-5:308:10-10:50 Limitless (PG-13) 12:20-5:208:00 The Conspirator (PG-13) 12:404:10-7:20-10:10 African Cats (G) 12:01AM Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family (PG-13) 12:01AM Water for Elephants (PG-13) 12:01AM
Smithsonian - Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater 601 Independence Avenue SW

To Fly (NR) 11:20-2:00 Hubble 3D (G) 12:00-2:40-4:406:40 Legends of Flight (NR) 10:251:00-3:40-5:40

Sucker Punch (PG-13) 11:305:00-10:35 Rio (G) 10:25-11:45-1:05-2:253:45-5:05-6:25-7:45-9:15-10:30 Hop (PG) 10:40-11:40-1:10-2:10Grand Canyon Adventure: River Hop (PG) 10:30-1:10-4:00-6:50- 3:50-4:50-6:30-7:15-8:55 at Risk 3D (NR) 10:25-12:25 Paul (R) 9:40 9:20 Born To Be Wild IMAX 3D (G) Battle: Los Angeles (PG-13) Your Highness (R) 11:20-2:2011:25-1:25-3:25-5:25 2:15-7:40 4:45-7:45-10:10 West End Cinema Your Highness (R) 11:20-12:20Limitless (PG-13) 11:40-2:302301 M Street NW 1:50-2:50-4:20-5:20-6:55-7:505:10-7:50-10:20 9:30-10:25 Winston Churchill: Walking With Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:30-2:00-4:30Limitless (PG-13) 11:15-1:557:00-9:30 Destiny (NR) 3:15 Source Code (PG-13) 11:10-2:10- 4:35-7:20-10:00 I Will Follow (NR) 3:00-5:00Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick 4:50-7:15-9:50 7:00-9:00 The Music Never Stopped (PG) Arthur (PG-13) 10:40-1:40-4:15- Rules (PG) 10:30-12:55-3:20-5:50 Hanna (PG-13) 10:35-1:15-4:007:20-10:00 5:15 Scream 4 (R) (!) 11:00-1:50-4:40- 5:15-6:40-7:55-9:20-10:40-11:55 Fly Away (NR) 3:30-5:30-7:30Water for Elephants (PG-13) 7:30-10:15 9:40 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick 12:01AM Cedar Rapids (R) 7:20-9:30 Rules (PG) 1:20-4:10-6:40-9:15 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:30Hanna (PG-13) 10:50-1:30-4:20- 3:30-6:40-9:35 Source Code (PG-13) 10:257:10-9:45 AFI Silver Theatre Cultural 12:50-3:10-5:40-8:20-10:45 AMC Loews White Flint 5 Center Insidious (PG-13) 11:35-2:2011301 Rockville Pike 8633 Colesville Road 4:55-7:30-10:15 Win Win (R) (!) 12:30-2:45-5:00- Hop (PG) 11:45-2:30-5:30-8:00 Soul Surfer (PG) 12:00-2:40Soul Surfer (PG) 10:45-1:307:15-9:30 5:30-8:00 Jane Eyre (PG-13) (!) 12:00-2:20- 4:15-7:00 Rio 3D (G) 11:15-2:00-5:00-7:30 Rio 3D (G) 11:05-12:25-1:45-3:054:40-7:00-9:20 4:25-5:45-7:05-8:30-10:05 Gentlemen prefer blondes (1953) Arthur (PG-13) 11:30-2:15Scream 4 (R) 10:45-11:00-12:455:15-7:45 (NR) 6:45 1:25-2:05-3:25-4:05-4:45-6:00Scream 4 (R) 11:00-1:45-4:30Driving Miss Daisy (PG) 8:30 6:45-7:25-8:45-9:25-10:05-11:15 7:15 AMC Columbia 14 Arthur (PG-13) 10:55-12:35-1:40AMC Magic Johnson Capital 3:35-4:30-6:20-7:10-8:15-9:0510300 Little Patuxent Parkway Center 12 Hop (PG) 10:30-1:00-3:45-6:159:50-11:00 800 Shoppers Way 8:45 Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Hop (PG) 11:50-2:30-5:00-7:40- Family (PG-13) 12:01AM Your Highness (R) 12:00-2:3010:10 5:15-7:50-10:25 The Conspirator (PG-13) 12:40Scream 4 (R) (!) 12:00-3:00Scream 4 (R) (!) 10:00-12:453:40-6:50-9:45 6:00-9:00 3:35-6:25-9:15 Scream 4 (R) 12:05-2:45-5:25Hanna (PG-13) (!) 11:35-2:20Limitless (PG-13) 11:40-2:158:05 5:10-7:50-10:35 5:00-7:45-10:30 Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Insidious (PG-13) 11:10-1:50Family (PG-13) 12:01AM 4:30-6:55-9:30 Family (PG-13) (!) 12:15AM Hoyts West Nursery Cinema 14 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:00-1:50-4:401591 West Nursery Rd. 7:30-10:20 Rules (PG) 11:00-1:40 Source Code (PG-13) 1:55-4:30Arthur (PG-13) (!) 11:30-2:10The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 4:106:55-9:20 4:50-7:50 7:10-10:05 Insidious (PG-13) 2:10-4:40Source Code (PG-13) 9:50-12:15- Source Code (PG-13) 12:30-3:10- 7:45-10:10 5:40-8:10-10:40 3:00-5:30-8:15-10:45 Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Soul Surfer (PG) 1:05-4:00Insidious (PG-13) 11:20-2:006:30-9:00 Family (PG-13) 12:01AM 4:45-7:30-10:15 Arthur (PG-13) 1:35-4:15-7:05Sucker Punch: The IMAX Experi- Rio (G) (!) 10:00-12:50-3:409:40 6:30-9:20 ence (PG-13) 6:00-8:50 Your Highness (R) (!) 12:10-2:40- Rio (G) 1:00-1:45-3:25-4:35-6:35Born To Be Wild IMAX 3D (G) 7:35-9:05-10:05 5:20-8:00-10:45 10:15-11:45-1:15-2:45-4:15 Scream 4 (R) (!) 10:10-1:00-4:00- Hop (PG) 2:00-4:20-6:45-9:10 Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:15-1:45-4:20Your Highness (R) 2:15-4:507:00-10:00 7:00-9:35 7:30-9:55 Arthur (PG-13) 10:10-12:40-3:10- Limitless (PG-13) 12:40-3:35Scream 4 (R) 1:05-2:05-3:406:40-9:25 5:40-8:10-10:40 4:55-6:40-7:40-9:30-10:15 Soul Surfer (PG) 10:45-1:30-4:30- Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Limitless (PG-13) 1:50-4:4510:50-1:45-4:20Rules (PG) 7:15-10:00 7:20-9:50 7:20-9:40 African Cats (G) (!) 12:01AM Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Academy Stadium Theaters Water for Elephants (PG-13) (!) Family (PG-13) 12:01AM 6198 Greenbelt Rd. 12:01AM Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rio (G) (!) 9:45-12:30-3:05-5:45- Hop (PG) 12:45-3:00-5:30-7:40 Rules (PG) 1:30-3:55-6:40-9:15 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick 8:30-11:00 Hanna (PG-13) 1:10-4:05-6:50Scream 4 (R) (!) 11:30-2:20-5:10- Rules (PG) 12:30-2:50 9:25 Insidious (PG-13) 5:20 8:00-10:50 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 1:25Hanna (PG-13) 10:20-1:10-4:00- Scream 4 (R) (!) 12:15-2:504:10-7:00-9:45 5:25-7:50 6:45-9:30 Kentlands Stadium 10 Tyler Perrys Madeas Family AMC Loews Center Park 8 629 Center Point Way Reunion (PG-13) (!) 12:00 4001 Powder Mill Rd. Arthur (PG-13) (!) 12:00-2:30Hanna (PG-13) 12:15-2:50Your Highness (R) 11:40-2:155:00-7:15-9:25 5:25-7:50 4:45-7:15-10:00 Soul Surfer (PG) (!) 12:05-2:35Diary of a Mad Black Woman Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:05-1:25-4:005:05-7:20-9:25 (PG-13) (!) 2:30-7:30 6:30-9:15 Rio (G) (!) 1:00-4:15-6:30-8:45 Tyler Perrys Madea Goes to Jail Source Code (PG-13) 12:30-3:00Insidious (PG-13) 7:25-9:30 (PG-13) (!) 5:00 5:30-7:45-10:15 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Arthur (PG-13) 12:10-2:40Insidious (PG-13) 1:50-7:00 Rules (PG) 12:05-2:25-5:005:10-7:45 Arthur (PG-13) 11:15-4:20 7:10-9:15 Hop (PG) 11:55-2:30-5:00-7:20- Rio (G) (!) 12:45-3:00-5:30-7:40 Rio 3D (G) (!) 12:10-2:40-5:05Your Highness (R) 12:30-3:009:40 7:15-9:20 Scream 4 (R) (!) 11:00-1:35-4:10- 5:25-7:50 Scream 4 (R) (!) 12:00-2:20-4:50Source Code (PG-13) 7:30 6:45-9:30 7:20-9:30 Bow Tie Annapolis Mall 11 Hanna (PG-13) (!) 11:25-2:00Limitless (PG-13) 12:05-2:251020 Annapolis Mall 4:35-7:10-9:50 4:55-7:10-9:20 AMC Loews Rio Cinemas 18 Rio (G) 10:30-12:50-3:40-6:20The Kings Speech (PG-13) 8:50 9811 Washingtonian Blvd. 4:50-7:15-9:35 Hop (PG) 10:55-12:30-1:25-2:55- Hop (PG) 10:20-11:00-12:40-1:30- Rango (PG) 12:10-2:35-4:55 3:10-4:00-5:40-6:30-8:10-9:00 3:55-5:25-6:25-8:45 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:00Battle: Los Angeles (PG-13) Your Highness (R) 12:10-2:452:30-4:55-7:20-9:35 10:20 5:30-8:05-10:35 Gnomeo & Juliet (G) 12:15-2:25 Your Highness (R) 11:20-2:10Scream 4 (R) 11:00-2:00-5:00Landmark Bethesda Row 5:00-7:30-10:10 8:00 Cinema Scream 4 (R) 11:40-12:30-1:00Jane Eyre (PG-13) 11:50-2:507235 Woodmont Avenue 2:30-3:20-4:10-5:30-6:10-7:109:10 Win Win (R) 1:45-2:45-4:15-5:158:20-9:10-10:00 Hanna (PG-13) 1:30-4:15-7:05Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy 7:00-8:00-9:30 9:45 Certied Copy (Copie conforme) Family (PG-13) 12:01AM The Conspirator (PG-13) 1:20Source Code (PG-13) 10:50-1:20- (NR) 2:15-4:45-7:15-9:40 4:20-7:20-10:15 Jane Eyre (PG-13) 1:25-4:054:20-7:20-9:50 Win Win (R) 10:45-1:35-4:10Rio 3D (G) 11:10-12:00-2:00-2:40- 6:45-9:25 7:05-9:40 In a Better World (Haevnen) (R) 4:30-5:20-7:00-8:00-9:40 Rio 3D (G) 11:35-2:10-4:45Arthur (PG-13) 10:40-1:10-3:50- 1:20-4:00-6:50-9:45 7:20-9:55 Of Gods and Men (Des hommes Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (PG-13) 6:40-9:30-10:15 et des dieux) (PG-13) 1:30-4:10Bow Tie Harbour 9 11:10-2:35-5:55-9:15 6:55-9:35 2474 Solomons Island Road Urban Roots (NR) 6:30 Miral (PG-13) 2:00-4:30-7:10-9:55 Source Code (PG-13) 12:40-3:00- Insidious (PG-13) 1:00-4:00The Conspirator (PG-13) (!) 1:356:50-10:00 5:30-7:55-10:25 4:20-7:05-9:50 Win Win (R) 11:20-2:10-4:50Insidious (PG-13) 11:40-2:10Marlow 6 Theatre 7:40-10:10 4:50-7:25-10:00 3899 Branch Ave Soul Surfer (PG) 11:15-1:50-4:30- Soul Surfer (PG) 11:30-2:00-4:30Rio (G) 4:15-6:15-8:15 7:00-9:30 7:15-10:05 Hop (PG) 4:05-6:05-8:05 Arthur (PG-13) 11:25-2:00-4:35- Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (PG-13) Your Highness (R) 4:30-6:30-8:30 11:40-2:20-5:10-8:00-10:30 7:10-9:50 Scream 4 (R) 3:40-5:50-8:00 Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Limitless (PG-13) 6:40-9:40 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Hanna (PG-13) 5:10-7:20 Family (PG-13) 12:01AM Insidious (PG-13) 4:20-6:20-8:20 Rules (PG) 10:40-1:10-3:30 Rio (G) 10:50-12:35-3:10-5:45Montgomery Royal Theatres Jane Eyre (PG-13) 10:50-1:308:20 11006 Viers Mill Road 4:20-7:10-9:50 Battle: Los Angeles (PG-13) Hanna (PG-13) 11:50-2:30-5:00- Your Highness (R) (!) 2:30-5:0010:45 7:30-10:20 7:25 Scream 4 (R) 1:00-4:00-7:00The Conspirator (PG-13) 10:30- Hop (PG) 2:00-4:00-6:05-8:05 10:00 1:50-4:40-7:20-10:10 Limitless (PG-13) 11:35-2:15Arthur (PG-13) (!) 2:35The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:20- 5:00-7:25 5:00-7:45-10:40 3:00-6:00-9:00 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Teen Maar (NR) (!) 4:00-7:00 Rules (PG) 12:55-3:30-6:00-8:20 Cinemark Egyptian 24 and XD Scream 4 (R) (!) 2:35-5:10 Water for Elephants (PG-13) 7000 Arundel Mills Circle -7:25 12:00AM Rio (G) (!) 2:00-4:00-6:05-8:05 Rango (PG) 11:55-2:35

Smithsonian - Samuel C. The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 7:50Johnson IMAX Theater 10:30 10th Street and Constitution Avenue NW AMC Loews St. Charles Town Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of PatagoCtr. 9 nia (NR) 2:25-4:25-6:25 11115 Mall Circle


Rango (PG) 9:20AM Sucker Punch (PG-13) 10:00 Rio (G) (!) 10:15-12:45-3:20-5:508:25-10:55 Hop (PG) 9:35-10:35-12:10-1:052:30-3:30-5:00-6:00-7:25-9:55 Your Highness (R) Closed Caption: 10:00-12:30-2:55-5:25-8:05-10:35 The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13) 8:20-11:00 Scream 4 (R) (!) 10:55-1:45-4:357:20-10:10 AMC Hoffman Center 22 Limitless (PG-13) 9:45-12:35206 Swamp Fox Rd. 3:15-5:45-8:15-10:45 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rango (PG) 10:15-12:45 Rules (PG) 9:15-11:35-2:00Sucker Punch (PG-13) 3:254:40-7:35 6:10-9:15 Hanna (PG-13) 10:10-1:10-4:00Hop (PG) (!) 10:30-11:30-1:007:05-9:50 2:10-3:30-4:30-6:30-7:35-8:55The Conspirator (PG-13) (!) 9:55 10:25-1:25-4:15-7:15-10:05 Battle: Los Angeles (PG-13) The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:0011:40-5:10-10:45 Your Highness (R) (!) 11:50-2:30- 2:40-5:20-8:00-10:40 Insidious (PG-13) 9:50-12:205:15-7:50-10:20 3:00-5:30-8:00-10:30 Scream 4 (R) 12:05-1:05-3:05Soul Surfer (PG) Closed Caption: 4:00-6:05-7:05-9:05-12:10 Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy 10:30-1:20-4:20-7:00-9:40 Family (PG-13) 12:01-12:10-12:15 Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:25-1:55-4:30Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick 7:10-9:45 Source Code (PG-13) 9:05-11:20Rules (PG) 11:35-2:05-4:451:40-4:10-6:55-9:35 7:25-10:05 Arthur (PG-13) (!) 9:25-12:05The Conspirator (PG-13) (!) 2:45-5:15-7:45-10:20 10:00-12:45-3:30-6:20-9:10 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 10:45- Scream 4 (R) (!) 9:30-12:15-3:055:55-8:35-11:15 1:40-4:40-7:30-10:15 Source Code (PG-13) Closed Airbus IMAX Theater Caption: 10:05-12:25-3:00-5:3014390 Air and Space Museum Parkway 8:05-10:35 To Fly (NR) 1:00-3:45 Win Win (R) (!) 10:50-1:25-4:05- Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag 6:40-9:25 (G) 12:00-2:45 Soul Surfer (PG) (!) 11:20-1:55- Legends of Flight (NR) 11:004:35-7:15-10:10 1:45-4:30 Rio 3D (G) 12:15-2:50-5:25-8:00 Alexandria Old Town Theater Arthur (PG-13) (!) 12:20-3:20815 1/2 King St 6:20-9:20 Hanna (PG-13) (!) 5:30-7:50 Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (PG-13) Your Highness (R) (!) 5:15-7:30 11:30-2:00-4:40-7:15-9:50 Source Code (PG-13) 10:0512:25-3:00-5:30-8:05-10:35 Insidious (PG-13) 11:10-1:504:25-7:10-9:45 Arthur (PG-13) (!) 10:25-1:204:20-7:20 The Kings Speech (PG-13) 10:55-2:00 African Cats (G) 12:01AM Water for Elephants (PG-13) 12:01AM Rio (G) 11:00-1:35-4:10-6:45-9:20 Paul (R) 2:40-8:10 Scream 4 (R) 4:55-7:45-10:30 Limitless (PG-13) 12:10-2:555:35-8:20-11:00 Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family (PG-13) 12:20AM Red Riding Hood (PG-13) 10:00 Hanna (PG-13) (!) 10:35-1:154:15-7:00-9:40
AMC Loews Shirlington 7 2772 South Randolph St.

Jane Eyre (PG-13) 10:45-1:304:20-7:10-9:55 The Conspirator (PG-13) (!) 10:50-1:50-4:40-7:20-10:00 Source Code (PG-13) 11:40-2:104:50-7:30-9:45 Soul Surfer (PG) 11:10-1:40-4:106:45-9:15 Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:00-1:45-4:307:00-9:30 Arthur (PG-13) 11:30-2:20-5:007:50-10:15 The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13) 11:15-2:30-5:10-7:40-10:10

AMC Tysons Corner 16 7850 Tysons Corner Center

Source Code (PG-13) 11:20-1:554:35-7:05-9:35 Insidious (PG-13) 12:15-2:505:20-8:15-10:50 Soul Surfer (PG) 11:45-2:20-5:057:40-10:15 Rio 3D (G) 12:00-2:30-5:008:00-10:30 Arthur (PG-13) 11:25-2:05-4:457:25-10:05
Rave Motion Pictures Fairfax Corner 14 11900 Palace Way

Jane Eyre (PG-13) 1:30-4:20-7:00 In a Better World (Haevnen) (R) 1:20-4:00-6:30 Of Gods and Men (Des hommes et des dieux) (PG-13) 1:103:50-6:50 The Conspirator (PG-13) (!) 1:504:30-7:10 Win Win (R) 12:25-1:40-2:504:10-5:15-6:40-7:40 Kill the Irishman (R) 2:00-4:407:20
AMC Potomac Mills 18 2700 Potomac Mills Circle

Hop (PG) 1:10-3:50-7:00-9:35 Your Highness (R) 2:00-4:507:55-10:35

AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 2150 Clarendon Blvd.


Hop (PG) 11:20-2:00-4:15-6:309:00

Rango (PG) 9:55-12:35-3:05 Hop (PG) 9:45-10:40-12:051:05-2:30-3:30-5:00-5:55-7:258:20-9:55 Your Highness (R) 10:50-1:204:00-6:30-9:00 Scream 4 (R) (!) 10:15-11:101:15-1:55-4:15-5:00-7:15-7:5510:00-10:40 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (PG) 11:15-1:40-4:056:40-9:05 Hanna (PG-13) Closed Caption: 10:25-1:05-3:45-6:35-9:15 Water for Elephants (PG-13) (!) 12:01AM The Conspirator (PG-13) (!) 10:35-1:30-4:20-7:15-10:10 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 5:408:25-10:40 Insidious (PG-13) 11:45-2:154:50-7:30-10:05 Rio 3D (G) (!) 10:00-12:30-3:005:30-8:00-10:30 Source Code (PG-13) 12:00-2:205:05-7:30-9:50 Soul Surfer (PG) 10:20-1:00-4:106:50-9:35 Arthur (PG-13) 11:40-2:10-4:557:40-10:25 African Cats (G) (!) 12:01AM Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family (PG-13) (!) 12:01AM Hanna (PG-13) 10:25-1:05-3:456:35-9:15 Sucker Punch (PG-13) 11:202:05-4:45-7:20-10:00 Rio (G) (!) 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:009:30 Paul (R) 9:50-3:05-8:15 Battle: Los Angeles (PG-13) 12:20-5:35-10:45 Limitless (PG-13) 11:50-2:255:15-7:50-10:20

Hop (PG) 11:30-12:30-2:505:05-7:30 Your Highness (R) 1:45-4:156:40-9:05 Scream 4 (R) 12:35-3:00-5:258:05-10:30 Hanna (PG-13) 12:40-3:506:45-9:30 Soul Surfer (PG) 11:40-2:10-4:407:20-10:00 Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:30-12:50-1:503:10-4:10-5:30-6:35-7:55-9:0010:20 Source Code (PG-13) 11:55-2:154:30-6:50-9:10 Arthur (PG-13) 12:05-2:35-5:107:45-10:25 Regal Ballston Common 12 Insidious (PG-13) 11:50-2:204:45-7:40-10:15 671 N. Glebe Road Rio (G) (!) 12:10-2:30-4:50-7:15Rango (PG) 1:55-4:30 9:40 Scream 4 (R) 2:20-5:10-7:05Scream 4 (R) 11:35-2:00-4:257:50-9:50-10:40 Hanna (PG-13) 2:10-4:50-7:40- 6:55-9:25 Limitless (PG-13) 12:55-3:3510:30 6:25-9:15 Insidious (PG-13) 2:00-4:35Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick 7:10-9:55 Win Win (R) 2:05-4:55-7:35-10:20 Rules (PG) 12:20-2:40-5:00-7:25 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 1:00Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (PG-13) Bow Tie Cinemas Reston Town 3:55-7:00-9:45 2:30-5:00-7:30-10:00 Center 13 The Conspirator (PG-13) 1:05Your Highness (R) 2:50-5:2011940 Market Street 4:05-7:05-10:05 Source Code (PG-13) 1:00-3:30- 8:00-10:35 Limitless (PG-13) 3:00-5:40-8:20 African Cats (G) 12:01AM 5:40-8:10-10:15 Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Insidious (PG-13) 3:50-9:20 Rules (PG) 1:50-4:20-6:50-9:30 Family (PG-13) 12:01AM Win Win (R) 12:10-2:50-5:20Water for Elephants (PG-13) The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 2:407:50-10:05 12:01AM 5:30-8:10 Soul Surfer (PG) 12:50-3:40Regal Potomac Yard 16 Regal Cinemas Manassas 6:25-9:00 3575 Jefferson Davis Highway Stadium 14 & IMAX Arthur (PG-13) 12:00-2:30-5:1011380 Bulloch Drive Hop (PG) Open Caption: 1:55-9:20 7:45-10:10 Rio (G) 11:40-2:10-4:40-7:10-9:40 Hop (PG) 11:40-1:50-4:20-6:40- Your Highness (R) 12:35-3:059:10 5:35-8:05-10:35 Hop (PG) 11:45-2:05-4:20-6:40Scream 4 (R) 12:00-2:20-5:10Scream 4 (R) 12:30-3:00-5:308:50 6:10-7:20-9:00-10:00 8:00-10:30 Your Highness (R) 12:30-3:00Born To Be Wild IMAX 3D (G) (!) Hanna (PG-13) 1:05-3:50-6:255:30-8:00-10:25 11:50-1:10-3:10-4:30-6:00 9:00 Scream 4 (R) 11:50-2:20-5:00Soul Surfer (PG) 1:30-4:10Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:50-2:20-4:507:40-10:20 6:50-9:30 7:20-9:50 Limitless (PG-13) 1:40-4:10Rio 3D (G) (!) 11:20-12:20-1:40- Source Code (PG-13) 12:40-2:556:50-9:10 2:40-4:00-7:00-9:20 5:15-8:20-10:30 Jane Eyre (PG-13) 1:20-4:00Source Code (PG-13) 12:50-3:00- Arthur (PG-13) 1:15-4:00-6:457:00-9:50 5:40-8:20-10:50 9:30 Hanna (PG-13) 12:20-3:20Insidious (PG-13) 12:30-3:30Insidious (PG-13) 12:20-2:506:45-9:30 5:30-8:10-10:45 5:20-7:50-10:20 The Conspirator (PG-13) 1:30Arthur (PG-13) 11:00-2:30-5:00Soul Surfer (PG) 11:20-2:00-4:304:30-7:20-10:00 7:40-10:20 7:05-9:45 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 1:10-6:30 Scream 4 (R) 8:00-10:40 Rio (G) (!) 11:10-1:40-4:10-6:40Cinema Arts Theatre 9:10 Rio (G) (!) 1:00-3:20-6:20-8:40 9650 Main St Hop (PG) 11:25-4:25-6:50 Your Highness (R) 12:10-2:50Win Win (R) 10:05-12:15-2:455:20-7:50-10:10 Your Highness (R) 12:00-2:355:10-7:50-9:55 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick 5:05-7:35-10:05 The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13) Rules (PG) 12:40-3:50-6:30-8:50 Limitless (PG-13) 11:45-2:154:40-9:25 Hanna (PG-13) 11:30-2:10-4:40- 4:45-7:15-9:45 Jane Eyre (PG-13) 9:40-12:007:10-9:40 The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13) 2:30-5:00-7:30-9:45 The Conspirator (PG-13) 11:10- 12:10-2:40-5:10-7:55 In a Better World (Haevnen) (R) 2:00-4:50-7:30-10:30 Scream 4 (R) 11:40-2:10-4:4010:10-12:25-2:35-7:20 7:30-10:10 Regal Countryside 20 Of Gods and Men (Des hommes Hanna (PG-13) 11:00-1:45-4:2045980 Regal Plaza et des dieux) (PG-13) 9:457:00-9:35 Hop (PG) 1:00-3:30 12:05-2:25 African Cats (G) 12:01AM Scream 4 (R) 2:15-4:55-6:15The Conspirator (PG-13) 9:55Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy 7:30-8:50-10:05 12:20-2:50-5:15-8:00-10:15 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Family (PG-13) 12:01AM The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 9:50The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 1:00Rules (PG) 2:05-4:35-7:05-9:35 12:10-2:40-5:05-7:40-10:00 3:45-6:30-9:15 Phoenix Theatres Worldgate 9 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:45Water for Elephants (PG-13) 3:45-6:35-9:25 13025 Worldgate Drive 12:01AM Hop (PG) 12:25-2:40-4:55-7:15- Soul Surfer (PG) 12:40-3:35Tally Ho Theatre 6:20-8:55 9:30 19 West Market Street Source Code (PG-13) 12:35Your Highness (R) 11:30-2:005:20-7:55 Rio (G) (!) 11:30-1:45-4:00-6:004:30-7:00-9:40 8:00-10:00 Insidious (PG-13) 2:35-5:10Scream 4 (R) 12:15-2:45-5:157:45-10:20 Scream 4 (R) (!) 5:30-7:45-10:15 7:45-10:15 Hop (PG) 11:15-1:15-3:30 Hanna (PG-13) 11:40-2:15-4:45- Rio 3D (G) (!) 12:30-1:45-3:004:15-5:30-6:45-8:00-9:15-10:30 UA Fairfax Towne Center 10 7:30-10:00 4110 West Ox Road Source Code (PG-13) 11:55-2:10- Source Code (PG-13) Open Caption: 2:55-10:25 Hop (PG) 1:50-4:20-7:10-9:40 4:40-7:10-9:45 Soul Surfer (PG) 12:10-2:30-5:00- Arthur (PG-13) 1:05-3:45-4:40- Win Win (R) 1:15-3:50-7:05-9:45 6:25-7:25-9:10 7:25-9:55 Soul Surfer (PG) 1:40-4:40-7:20Win Win (R) 2:25-5:00-7:35-10:10 10:05 Rio 3D (G) 11:25-1:55-4:25Rio (G) (!) 1:10-2:20-3:40-4:506:55-9:25 Rio 3D (G) (!) 1:10-3:40-6:40-9:10 Arthur (PG-13) 12:00-2:25-5:10- 6:10-7:20-8:40-9:50 Source Code (PG-13) 12:50-3:10Hop (PG) 1:50-4:20-6:50-9:20 7:40-10:10 5:30-7:50-10:10 Your Highness (R) 12:50-2:00Teen Maar (NR) 12:50-4:15-7:55 Arthur (PG-13) 1:20-2:10-4:003:55-6:30-9:00-10:15 4:50-6:50-7:40-9:30-10:20 Rave Motion Pictures Limitless (PG-13) 1:40-4:30Hop (PG) 1:00-3:30 Centreville 12 7:10-9:45 6201 Multiplex Drive Limitless (PG-13) 1:30-4:10Rio (G) 11:00-1:30-4:00-7:00-9:30 Hanna (PG-13) 1:20-4:00-6:55- 7:00-9:50 9:40 Rio (G) (!) 2:00-4:30-7:30-10:00 Hop (PG) 11:15-1:45-4:15-7:15The Conspirator (PG-13) 1:159:45 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 6:30-9:20 4:05-7:00-9:55 Your Highness (R) 12:25-2:555:35-8:10-10:40 Scream 4 (R) 11:30-2:00-4:307:30-8:25-10:00-10:55 Limitless (PG-13) 3:35-10:25 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (PG) 12:10-3:00-5:45 Hanna (PG-13) 11:35-2:35-5:157:55-10:35 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:457:35

Rango (PG) 11:55-3:00 Sucker Punch (PG-13) 10:25 Paul (R) 3:40-9:55 Battle: Los Angeles (PG-13) 12:25-7:00 Your Highness (R) 11:45-1:502:30-4:20-5:10-6:55-7:40-9:3010:15 The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13) 11:50-2:35-5:15-8:05-10:45 Scream 4 (R) 11:30-12:10-1:252:10-2:50-4:10-4:50-5:30-6:407:20-8:00-8:40-9:20-10:00-10:40 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (PG) 11:40-2:20-5:00-7:35 Jane Eyre (PG-13) 12:15-3:207:30-10:35 Hanna (PG-13) 12:40-3:45-7:1010:30 The Conspirator (PG-13) 12:303:35-7:15-10:05 Insidious (PG-13) 1:15-4:408:10-10:50 Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (PG-13) 1:45-4:30-7:50-10:20

Insidious (PG-13) 1:20-4:006:40-9:15 Soul Surfer (PG) 1:40-4:207:10-9:50 Arthur (PG-13) 2:10-5:00-7:4010:30 Rio (G) (!) 1:10-3:40-6:10-8:40 Hop (PG) 12:50-2:40-3:30-5:306:20-8:20 Your Highness (R) 12:25-3:005:40-8:10-10:45 The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13) 8:50 Limitless (PG-13) 1:30-4:106:50-9:20 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (PG) 12:40-3:10-6:00-8:30 The Lincoln Lawyer (R) 12:303:20-6:30-9:10
Regal Kingstowne 16 5910 Kingstowne Towne Center

Gnomeo & Juliet (G) 12:15-2:00Hop (PG) 1:50-4:40-7:20-9:40 3:45-5:30 Scream 4 (R) 2:20-4:50-7:30Mars Needs Moms (PG) 12:0010:00 1:45-3:30-5:15 Hanna (PG-13) 2:30-5:10-8:00- The Kings Speech (PG-13) 10:40 4:30-7:15-9:35 Rio 3D (G) (!) 12:20-2:00-2:50Gullivers Travels (PG) 12:30-2:30 4:30-5:20-7:00-7:50-9:30-10:20 Just Go With It (PG-13) 7:40-9:55 Source Code (PG-13) 1:00-3:50True Grit (PG-13) 7:30-9:45 6:45-9:00

Regal Fox Cinemas 22875 Brambleton Plaza

University Mall Theatre 10659 Braddock Road

Victory123 THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011




Victory123 C8





Victory123 THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011






LIBERIA, JULY 20, 2003: Chris Hondros was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2004 for his powerful and courageous coverage of the bloody upheaval.

AFGHANISTAN, SEPT. 20, 2007: Tim Hetheringtons photograph of a U.S. soldier in the Korengal Valley won the 2007 World Press Photo Award.

2 photojournalists die in Libya


LIBYA, APRIL 20: Among Hondross last photographs was this one of a rebel fighter running up a burning stairwell during house-to-house fighting on Tripoli Street in downtown Misurata.

journalists from C1 Christopher Brown, who also suffered shrapnel wounds, to the triage unit. Doctors examining a scan of Hondross brain explained that shrapnel had hit the photographer in the forehead and passed through the back of his head. They asked a reporter at the hospital to look after his battered helmet. Browns medical condition was considered less dire. The group of American and British photojournalists were following rebels into heavy fighting. I told them not to gather, one rebel outside the tent recalled advising the photographers about the dangers of sticking too close together. They hit groups. I told them not to. Hetheringtons family released a statement mourning the loss: It is with great sadness we learned that our son and brother photographer and filmmaker Tim Hetherington was killed today in Misrata, Libya by a rocket-propelled grenade. They added, Tim was in Libya to continue his ongoing multimedia project to highlight humanitarian issues during time of war and conflict. He will be forever missed. Cathy L. Saypol, Hetheringtons manager, said in an interview that she learned of his death as she spoke on the phone with author Sebastian Junger, with whom Hetherington had directed the Oscar-nominated documentary. There is no way to express my devastation and sorrow at the death of my dear friend, Junger said in a statement. He added, I cant believe hes truly gone. Hetherington and Junger were recently in Libya together, working on an assignment for Vanity Fair, according Beth Kseniak, a spokeswoman for the magazine. Hetherington was not on assignment for the magazine at the time of his death, she said. Hetherington and Hondros are the third and fourth journalists, and the first Western journalists, killed in Libya since fighting began in February, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. Hetherington, the recipient of the 2007 World Press Photo Award for his photos of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan for Vanity Fair, reported on the heavy bombardment earlier in the week via his Twitter account. In besieged Libyan city of Misrata, he wrote. Indiscriminate shelling by Qadd-


LIBYA, APRIL 20: Before the fatal attack, Hondros took this photograph of rebel fighters discussing how to dislodge government loyalists who were firing upon them. Hondros and Hetherington were fatally wounded Wednesday while documenting the fighting.

afi forces. No sign of NATO. It is overall quite bad, Gypsy Guillen Kaiser, a spokeswoman for the committee, said of the situation in Libya. As we speak, there are journalists at least 18 missing and detained, and we dont know their fate. Last week, Hondros and Hetherington joined other colleagues on the Ionian Spirit, dispatched to evacuate foreign workers from the embattled city. During the 20-hour voyage, Hetherington ate chips while Hondros told the

colleagues about his recent engagement to a woman from New York. I dont want to be a really old dad, he confided. On Wednesday evening, that same vessel waited at port in Misurata for another cargo of migrant workers but was enlisted for a different mission. Before Hondros died at 10:45 p.m., Human Rights Watch reached out to the ships handlers and asked whether it could be used to transport him and Martin back to Benghazi for additional medical care. Instead, the bodies of

Hetherington and Hondros were due to leave aboard the Ionian Spirit on Wednesday evening. Horowitz reported from Washington. See a photo gallery of I Chris Hondross work in Libya at

Victory123 C10

As of 2009, about 21 percent of NBA players had graduated from college.





TODAY: Sunny and breezy


65 46

s THE SCORE by Fred Bowen


Pros can learn and teach in classrooms

ts that time of year again: College basketball players are deciding to leave school so they can go pro. Hoops stars including Kyrie Irving (a Duke freshman) and Derrick Williams (a sophomore at the University of Arizona) have made themselves eligible for the National Basketball Association (NBA) player draft. Its also the time when lots of folks say these players should stay in school to finish their education. I think education is very important. But I think it is also important to remind everyone of something so obvious that lots of folks forget it: Irving and Williams and all the players who are leaving school and turning pro can still go to college. No one is saying they cant continue their education. They just cant play college basketball after they turn pro. In fact, Ive always wondered: Why doesnt NBA superstar LeBron James go to college? James was the No. 1 draft pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers right after he left St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Ohio in 2003. So he never went to college. I dont mean to pick on LeBron James. I know hes busy right now trying to lead the Miami Heat to the NBA championship. But couldnt he take courses at the University of Miami after the playoffs are over? You may say that James has plenty of money. After all, he makes millions of


dollars playing pro basketball and endorsing products such as soft drinks and basketball shoes. But going to school and getting an education is about more than just making money. Its about becoming a smarter and better person. Perhaps James could take courses in math and economics so he could learn how to take better care of his money. Or maybe he could take courses to learn another language. James has two children. Maybe he could take a course in childrens literature so he can pick out good books to read to his kids at bedtime. By going to school and studying, he would also set a good example for his children the next time they dont want to do their homework. Wouldnt it be a great example for kids everywhere if LeBron James or Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic or the Washington Wizards Andray Blatche or any of the pro athletes who never went to college declared they wanted to go back to school? Not to play sports, but to go to class and learn new things. Some pro athletes, including NBA stars Kevin Durant and Chris Paul, do attend classes in the off-season. But wouldnt it be great if instead of always hearing about college players leaving school to become pros, we heard about more pros becoming students? Fred Bowen is the author of 16 sports books for kids. His latest book is Real Hoops.


Rio is the latest animated film to become a weeks No. 1 movie.

Whats popular on the big screen? Cartoons!

Animated movies are hot, hot hot. Rio, the story of macaws, is the No. 1 movie in the country right now. It knocked Hop, the bunny movie, out of the top spot. And just a few weeks before that, Rango, the Western-themed story of a chameleon, earned more money at the box office than any other movie. So why are movies with cartoon characters so popular? Well, animated movies can appeal to kids and grown-ups in a way that traditional (sometimes called live-action) movies dont. Lets face it: Your folks enjoyed Toy Story 3 at least as much as you did, didnt they? Animated movies usually take three to four years to make, compared with one or two years for a live-action film. Some companies are trying to change that, though. Hop, for example, was made in less than a year. Dont expect the trend the change: Animated movies coming up in the next few months include Kung Fu Panda 2, Cars 2 and Winnie the Pooh.


Eager grandparents, overloaded mom and fears of unfriendly skies

Adapted from a recent online discussion.

TITLE ROLE: Sahr Ngaujah, above, as the Nigerian singeractivist Fela Kuti.


POWER BALLAD: Patti LaBelle in Fela!, which ran a year on Broadway.


MARQUEE NAME: John Hurt in Gate Theatres Krapps Last Tape, also coming to Washington.

Companies opening their stage doors

theater from C1 and the Goodman Theatre of Chicagos Red. Although the Kennedy Center remains the arts outpost with the broadest boundary-crossing reach, the presentational fever has been spreading to organizations with more modest budgets. Studio Theatre, for instance, welcomed Druid Theatre of Ireland and its Penelope into a festival of the work of Irish dramatist Enda Walsh, and Theater J made a home for the Cameri Theatre of Tel Avivs provocative Return to Haifa. These burgeoning links to the outside theater world are helping redefine the role that mid-size and larger regional theaters can play in a crossroads, cosmopolitan city: Heretofore a theater such as the Shakespeare or Arena was essentially the sum of the five, six or seven home-grown shows it whipped up every year. The craftsmanship, of course, comes in striking a balance, so imported productions dont divert artistic energy from a companys core programming. One senses that the Shakespeare is still fine-tuning its search for that equilibrium; this season, the most exciting drama in Harman Hall has been from Britain. Even so, the diverse new enhancements to the 2011-12 seasons schedule seem both different from and yet compatible with the Shakespeare program. After all, the concert-style Fela!, directed and choreographed by Bill T. Jones, is in no way standard Broadway fare, and its effort to communicate the essence of Kutis story and philosophy through Afro-beat rhythms gives it geopolitical heft. Its a musical for a city with the world at its feet. It was clear to me it wasnt a work that would have a traditional path, said Shakespeares managing director, Chris Jennings. That made it appropriate, he added, for a hall such as the Harman, which has roughly half the seating of the theaters that usually house Broadway musicals. Although Fela! ran for more than a year on Broadway, some associated with the critically lauded production, including Jones, were disappointed that it didnt stay longer. Its subsequent success at Londons National Theatre where it will return for a second engagement before its Washington premiere bolstered the argument for the Harman as a venue. It will sit beautifully in the Harman, Fela! lead producer Stephen Hendel said by phone from Lagos, Nigeria, where the musical is giving a week of performances. Being in an undersized theater is more powerful than being in an oversized theater. Fela! begins performances in the Harman with its original Broadway cast Sept. 13 and will run through Oct. 9; tickets go on sale to the general public in late May. Krapps Last Tape starts in the Lansburgh on Nov. 29 and runs through Dec. 4. Hurt, an accomplished stage actor known to U.S. moviegoers for a variety of performances but perhaps most memorably as John Merrick in the 198o film The Elephant Man, has had a long association with Becketts one-man play and the Gate production. In 2000, he appeared in a film version, directed by Atom Egoyan. After the Washington engagement, he is expected to take the performance to New York. It was Hurts participation that sealed the compact with the Gate. As Jennings noted, Beckett is not everybodys cup of tea. Youve got to do it with high-caliber work.

Dear Carolyn: Ive got 6-month-old twins and a husband in a wheelchair, recovering from surgery. Ive also got parents on the opposite coast who are dying to see the babies in person, which they never have. They wont visit me because they have severe hang-ups about travel: They find security disorienting, one has knee problems that make it difficult to sit still for hours, one gets anxious to the point of needing Valium when she flies, and they hate layovers, which are generally unavoidable. Plus, its expensive and their budget is fixed. So they want me to fly with the babies to visit them, which sounds like a nightmare for me without the help of my husband. Id be much more willing to bite the bullet and go if I didnt feel like so many of their objections to flying were surmountable, but part of me thinks Im just being unsympathetic and making excuses. What do you think? Walla Walla, Wash.


Have to admit, Im torn here, too. On the one hand, I can think of a bunch of practical ways you can accommodate their non-flying stance. You can help them pay for a combination of car/rail travel, for example, or they can chip in for you to bring a friend or nanny to help you travel (expensive, but one tickets cheaper than two). You can assure them youre coming as soon as your husband is healed . . . which strikes me as a no-brainer, since he probably needs you for his own reasons. Anyway. On the other hand, I have a real problem with someone who thinks its too terrifying for her to fly but is fine with having her 6-month-old grandbabies airborne, or who declares it too much of a hassle or physical strain, but pressures a new mom of twins to shoulder the hassles herself. To please them, no less. Assuming you have the same conflicting impulses, I think you can reconcile them if youre able to decide which impulse is of more immediate importance to you: having your parents meet their grandchildren, or keeping your already substantial stress to a minimum. Choosing the latter doesnt have to be final; you can revisit your

decision periodically as conditions improve. If youre still torn, then its time to speak openly with your parents: I could conceivably fly out there without Husband, but that promises to be extremely difficult for all four of us, and its bothering me that youd rather have the babies fly than to confront your fears or at least be patient until its easier for us. If you go that route, though, you might want to prepare beforehand to help them undertake the trip: check for and price direct flights; offer X percent of the cost; inquire about special services at the airports to help them with security; research ground transportation options, etc. When youre taking a hard line on people you love, being ready with a softener can make the difference between a solution and a slap in the face. Have some potential solutions in hand, ones that say, I want to see you, too.
Write to Tell Me About It, Style, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071, or Read the whole transcript or join the 3 discussion live at noon Fridays at



thursday , april 21, 2011





Capps closes again

Matt Capps has validated the Twins trade with the Nats for him, even if it came at a high price. D5

Capitals chat Today, 11 a.m. Tracee Hamilton discusses last nights Game 4 and more. Caps video chat Today, 1 p.m. Adam Kilgore blogs from Washingtons series finale in St. Louis. Baseball Insider Post staffers bring you previews, statistics and oddities from around the league.

Redskins go camping

Attendance increases for the second day of a voluntary, player-led minicamp in Northern Virginia. D2

Capitals 4, Rangers 3 (2OT)

Caps come all the way back


Jason Chimera, left, knocks the Caps game-winning goal into Henrik Lundqvists net at 12:36 of the second overtime. Washington recovered from a 3-0 deficit to move within one win of reaching the second round.

The city that never sleeps sure can get quiet


Washington scores three times in the third period, then silences Rangers with Chimeras game-winner

ame 4 of the NHL playoff series between the Capitals and Rangers will be remembered for its thrills, for an early 3-0 New York lead and a three-goal Washington rally in the third period to force overtime. And, of course, it will stay vivid for its final image of a 4-3, double-overtime Capitals victory for a three-games-to-one lead with the series headed back to Washington for Game 5 on Saturday. In the end, with 7 minutes 24 seconds left in the second overtime, Capitals winger Jason Chimera found himself entirely

new york


behind the entire Rangers defense, including goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who couldnt control a deflection, to flip the puck into an empty net for a victory that totally shifts this series toward the Caps and neuters at least some of the toxicity of their dismal misadventures last April. boswell continued on D8
Marcus Johansson goes airborne to lift Washington into a 3-3 tie, deflecting the puck past Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist.

new york The Washington Capitals entered the third period Wednesday night facing their stiffest test of how far theyve come as a group. Trailing the New York Rangers by three in Game 4 in a rabid Madison Square Garden, they roared back with one of their most dominant showings. The Capitals scored three goals, two by rookie center Marcus Johansson, on 13 shots in the third to knot the score and force overtime. With momentum on their side in the second overtime peri-

od, Jason Chimera scored the game-winner when he knocked a loose puck into the Rangers net unassisted to clinch a 4-3 triumph in the 93rd minute of play. It was a gritty victory that put the Capitals up three games to one in this Eastern Conference quarterfinal after many might have written them off when they trailed by three. It also marked a win in a game that featured as many emotional ebbs and flows as an entire series might, a contest that could offer a big momentum capitals continued on D8

After surgery, Pontius has regained his moves

United midfielder back to accelerating, cutting with healed hamstring

Nationals split the difference with Cardinals

Washington hangs on in first game after taking big early lead


In the first half Saturday, with a defender in his path and the net as distant as the last time he scored a goal for D.C. United, Chris Pontius accelerated past a Toronto player with the grace he had exhibited as a rookie two years ago. In the second half, when a defender threatened to interrupt his surge into the penalty area, Pontius deadened his run and cut

sharply to facilitate a clear look at the target. Each sequence resulted in a goal, the first and last strikes during Uniteds 3-0 away victory. Had he attempted either of those moves in 2010, when a hamstring injury cursed his season, Pontius might have surrendered the ball or failed to shed his man. Although the midfielderforward started almost half of the regular season, the ailment shackled his improvising instincts. I wouldnt have been able to reach a couple of those gears that I did in Toronto, Pontius said, reflecting on last year and last united continued on D3


st. louis The Washington


Washingtons Laynce Nix, right, is congratulated in Game 1 by teammate Adam LaRoche after scoring in the third inning.

Nationals, even at their best moments, even when they reel off enough wins to stake a claim as baseballs hottest team, possess a special knack for making things hard on themselves. Wednesday afternoon, they took a one-touchdown lead but still had to face the baddest hitter on the planet while he represented the go-ahead run before they won. Wednesday night, they erased two deficits only to give themselves one they could not.

After the Nationals escaped Game 1 of their doubleheader against the St. Louis Cardinals with an 8-6 victory, they had run their winning streak to four games, the longest in the major leagues at that moment. Late at night, after the Cardinals beat them, 5-3, in Game 2, they were right back to where they started when they walked into Busch Stadium some 12 hours earlier. The Nationals continued the offensive outburst that started during Sundays doubleheader sweep over the Milwaukee Brewers with a six-run ambush in the third of Game 1 that included the first steal of home in team history. That gave them a 7-0 lead, which they would preserve only after the Cardinals sent the trying nationals continued on D5







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Redskins schedule for 2011 ranks fourth-easiest in the league

M IKE J ONES After going 6-10 while playing the eighth most-difficult schedule in the NFL last season, the Washington Redskins appear to have an easier road in the 2011 NFL season The Redskins 2011 opponents went a combined 121-135 for a .473 winning percentage last season, and only four of them the Jets, Patriots, Seahawks and Eagles made the playoffs in 2010. Washingtons schedule ranks fourth-easiest in the NFL, after only Arizona (.441), Baltimore (.457) and San Francisco (.465). The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals schedules rank equally as difficult as the Redskins. The most difficult schedule belongs to the Carolina Panthers, who last season went 2-14 and have the first pick in next weeks draft. Carolinas 2011 opponents went a combined 142-114 in 2010, a .555 clip. The Redskins open the year against an NFC East opponent, the New York Giants, who last season went 10-6 but missed the playoffs. From there, they play Arizona, which went 5-11 last year. Up next is a date with another divisional foe: the Dallas Cowboys, who last season went 6-10 and split games with Washington. The Redskins won the season opener over their rivals by a score of 13-7. But Dallas pulled off a 33-30 victory in the rematch in December. The Week 3 meeting with Dallas this season is the Redskins only prime-time matchup of the year. Games against St. Louis (7-9 last year), Philadelphia (10-6), Carolina, Buffalo (4-12), San Francisco (6-10), Miami (7-9), Dallas, Seattle (7-9), the New York Jets (11-5), New England (14-2), the Giants, Minnesota (6-10) and Philadelphia all will be played at either 1 p.m. or 4:05 p.m. Hey, thats fine. No primetime games, said linebacker Brian Orakpo. I hate those. We dont do well in those. Only 1 oclock games, please. The Redskins last season had three prime-time games and went 1-2. The win over the Cowboys, a 27-24 loss to the Indianapolis Colts and a 59-28 drubbing by the Eagles. Starting times of Redskins games late in the season could be changed because of the NFLs flex scheduling system. But if Washington isnt competing for a playoff spot, they arent likely to have their games moved. Five teams Tennessee, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Arizona and Carolina dont play a single prime time game this season. All of those teams posted losing records last year.

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Talks postponed until middle of May

Mediated talks between the NFL and its locked-out players were put on hold until mid-May on Wednesday, leaving the two sides waiting for a ruling by a federal judge on the players request for an injunction to end the sports shutdown. That ruling, by U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson, could come soon. She told attorneys for the league and the players at the end of an April 6 hearing that she would need a couple of weeks to rule on the players request for a preliminary injunction to lift the lockout. The talks were adjourned until May 16. The break enables Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur J.

Boylan, who was appointed by Nelson to mediate the talks, to return to his caseload while the league and the players side focus on Nelsons ruling and the legal maneuvering that will follow. The players side also released a letter from a law firm, which it did not identify, to players saying the firm hopes to represent 70 or more current or potential NFL players who have expressed an interest in having a say in the negotiations and litigation. The letter said the firm intends to work with the players currently represented in the litigation but believes its clients will be more typical of the average player. The NFL Players Association, now a trade association for the players, on its Twitter account called the letter another attempt to divide players.
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Weve got something on the plate. Ill just give you a little hint: It will be a throwback an MLS throwback.
Forward Charlie Davies, on the post-goal celebration he and his D.C. United teammates have planned should they score Thursday against the Red Bulls


Quarterbacks Rex Grossman, left, and John Beck, right, were among the 30 players attending the Redskins second day of minicamp.

Player-led minicamp grows




12:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 7 p.m. Arizona at Cincinnati MLB Network Washington at St. Louis MASN, WHFS (1580 AM) Chicago White Sox at Tampa Bay MLB Network Minnesota at Baltimore MASN, WWXT (92.7 FM), WWXX (94.3 FM), WTEM (980 AM)

8 p.m. MLS, D.C. United at New York ESPN2

7 p.m. 8 p.m. 10:30 p.m. Chicago at Indiana NBA TV Miami at Philadelphia TNT Dallas at Portland TNT

7 p.m. 10 p.m. Boston at Montreal Versus Chicago at Vancouver Versus

3 p.m. PGA Tour, the Heritage Golf Channel

For a second straight day, Washington Redskins players convened for a voluntary, self-led minicamp with the aim of staying in shape and being ready if the NFL lockout is lifted. Meeting at a high school in Northern Virginia, the 30 players went through agility and position drills before running through a script of passing plays so quarterbacks could regain their timing with receivers and defensive players could brush up on coverage assignments. The circumstances werent perfect. At times defensive lineman Kedric Golston lined up at free safety to help out free safety Macho Harris, and at one point, nose tackle Maake Kemoeatu went on a pass route so linebacker Rob Jackson had someone to cover. But the Redskins said they appreciated the two-day reunion, their first since last season ended Jan. 2 at a disappointing 6-10. Its good just to get with the guys, get that team atmosphere and get that swagger back with the guys, said Kemoeatu, who finished last season on injured reserve after shoulder surgery.

On Tuesday, 25 players turned out for the minicamp, which players led because lockout restrictions prohibit coaches from having any contact with members of the team. Of the 30 on hand Wednesday, 22 were repeat participants, and eight came out for the first time. Some were well-entrenched starters such as cornerback DeAngelo Hall and fellow Pro Bowlers London Fletcher and Brian Orakpo. Special teams captain Lorenzo Alexander, tight end Chris Cooley and seasoned veterans such as fullback Mike Sellers and defensive end Phillip Daniels were also there. But a strong majority of the participants were younger players such as Harris, defensive end Jeremy Jarmon, Jackson, wide receiver Malcolm Kelly, running backs Keiland Williams, Ryan Torain and Andre Brown, offensive lineman Selvish Caper and others who will be battling for roster spots and playing time this fall. Anthony Armstrong was the only starting wide receiver, but Kelly who was on injured reserve all of last season with a hamstring tear and second-year receivers Brandon Banks and Terrence

Austin were there. Armstrong, Kelly and Austin ran routes while Banks mainly fielded kicks from Graham Gano. You can see the commitment these guys have to our team, said Fletcher, who organized the workouts. We want to play football. With the owners locking us out, were just trying to make the best of the situation and hopefully theyll get this thing settled pretty soon so we can get back to what we love to do. Quarterback Rex Grossman, who ended the year as the starter but has no contract for next year, came out for a second day. He flew up from Florida this week to reconnect with pass catchers. Fellow quarterback John Beck, who is under contract but didnt appear in a game last season, flew in from San Diego. Said Grossman: Im just trying to get ready for the season. There are a lot of uncertainties throughout the season from A to Z. Im trying to get ready, and it was nice to throw to some familiar receivers. . . . Ive got a few things in my mind that I hope happen, but Ill be ready in whatever scenario comes out.

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Barcelona, Real Madrid are best-paid teams

Barcelona and Real Madrid have overtaken the New York Yankees as the best-paid global sports teams, according to a British study. The review published Wednesday showed annual average pay during the 2009-10 season was $7.9 million at Barcelona and $7.4 million at Real Madrid. The Yankees are paying their players an average of $6.8 million this season. The team last year topped the review, which is compiled by and is being published by ESPN The Magazine. The NBAs Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic occupy the fourth and fifth spots, followed by English Premier League champion Chelsea.

dered Jason Shorter to return to court for a preliminary hearing on May 18. Shorter, 24, is charged with attacking Banks and a friend, Christoper Nixon, outside of The Park nightclub in the 900 block of 14th Street NW. Knowles also ordered Shorter to stay away from the vicinity of the nightclub and from Banks and Nixon. Shorter, represented by attorney Kristin McGough, also has to check in with pre-trial court services weekly.
Keith L. Alexander

del County police have charged him with assault, reckless endangerment and other offenses. Police say they responded to a barbecue in Arnold on Sunday night after a man reported being struck in the face and head by a pistol. . . . Former NBA player Jalen Rose told authorities he hadnt been drinking and performed poorly on several tests to determine if he was intoxicated after rolling his Cadillac Escalade on a snowy Michigan road on March 11, according to a police report. Rose, 38, was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

A Laurel man charged with assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a February altercation with Brandon Banks of the Washington Redskins outside a D.C. nightclub was ordered released from electronic monitoring by a D.C. Superior Court judge. Judge Kimberley S. Knowles or-

Shaquille ONeal will miss his third straight playoff game for the Boston Celtics with a right calf injury when they meet the New York Knicks on Friday night. Coach Doc Rivers said he doesnt know if ONeal will travel to New York but, if he does, hell probably play in Sundays Game 4. . . . Former NBA player Oliver Miller has been arrested and accused of pistol-whipping a man at a cookout near his Maryland home. Miller, 41, was taken into custody Wednesday morning. Anne Arun-

An attorney for an Alabama fan suspected of poisoning landmark trees at Auburn Universitys Toomers Corner said prosecutors had rejected a plea deal that would have spared the man jail time. Defense attorney Glennon Threatt Jr. didnt detail what he called a low-ball offer to the district attorneys office on behalf of Harvey Updyke Jr., who wore a crimson-colored tie to a preliminary hearing. Updyke, who spent a night in jail after his arrest, is free on bond. He is charged with first-degree criminal mischief in the poisoning

of the trees, where Auburn fans celebrate victories by heaving toilet paper into the branches of the 130-year-old oaks. If convicted, he could face one to 10 years in prison. Updyke later told an officer he was attacked when he stepped out of his car at a gas station shortly after leaving the courthouse. Capt. Allan Elkins said Updyke believes there was more than one person involved and that he was punched in the head, but didnt see who did it. Updyke was treated and released at East Alabama Medical Center with several small bruises and scratches. . . . Mitch Henderson is coming back to Princeton to replace former teammate Sydney Johnson as the Tigers basketball coach. This will be the first head coaching job for Henderson, who spent the past 11 seasons as an assistant at Northwestern under Bill Carmody, another former Princeton coach. . . . Kentucky freshmen Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight and junior DeAndre Liggins declared for the NBA draft. The school said in making the annoucement that none of the three players will sign with an agent, clearing the way for them to return to school next fall if they change their mind by May 8. . . .


Celtics center Shaquille ONeal talks to teammate Ray Allen. ONeal, battling a right calf injury, will miss Game 3 against the Knicks.

North Carolina radio play-byplay announcer Woody Durham said the time is right for him to retire after 40 years of calling some of the biggest sports moments in school history. Durham, 70, had been the Voice of the Tar Heels since 1971, calling more than 1,800 football and mens basketball games. That included four NCAA mens basketball championship victories the 1982 and 1993 titles under Dean Smith as well as the 2005 and 2009 titles under Roy Williams. . . .

Former Virginia womens basketball star Wendy Palmer, who spent the past two seasons as a Cavaliers assistant, was named head coach at UNC Greensboro. . . . Maryland placed a league-high six players on the all-ACC womens lacrosse team: Brittany Dipper, Katie Gallagher, Karri Ellen Johnson, Laura Merrifield, Sarah Mollison and Katie Schwarzmann. The undefeated Terrapins are the top seed in this weekends ACC tournament.
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Victory123 THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011


Best-of-7; x-if necessary




Best-of-7; x-if necessary

Stats entering Wednesdays games
SCORING AVERAGE G Durant, OKC ........................ 1 Howard, ORL ....................... 2 Rose, CHI ............................ 2 Bryant, L.A.L. ...................... 1 Paul, NOR ............................ 1 Westbrook, OKC ................. 1 Nowitzki, DAL ..................... 2 Anthony, NYK ..................... 2 Aldridge, POR ..................... 2 FG 13 25 21 13 11 12 16 19 21 G 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 G 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 2 2 2 FT PTS. AVG. 12 41 41.0 29 79 39.5 31 75 37.5 7 34 34.0 9 33 33.0 4 31 31.0 28 61 30.5 13 57 28.5 9 51 25.5 AST. 14 10 8 16 16 14 7 STL. 4 4 3 3 5 2 4 2 4 4 4 4 AVG. 14.0 10.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 7.0 7.0 AVG. 4.00 4.00 3.00 3.00 2.50 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00


Game 1: at Chicago 104, Indiana 99 Game 2: at Chicago 96, Indiana 90 Thursday: Chicago at Indiana, 7 Saturday: Chicago at Indiana, 2:30 x-Tuesday: Indiana at Chicago, TBD x-Thursday, April 28: Chicago at Indiana, TBD x-Saturday, April 30: Indiana at Chicago, TBD


Game 1: Memphis 101, at San Antonio 98 Wednesday: Memphis at San Antonio, Late Saturday: San Antonio at Memphis, 7:30 Monday, April 25: San Antonio at Memphis, TBD x-Wednesday, April 27: Memphis at San Antonio, TBD x-Friday, April 29: San Antonio at Memphis, TBD x-Sunday, May 1: Memphis at San Antonio, TBD


Game 1: at Miami 97, Philadelphia 89 Game 2: at Miami 94, Philadelphia 73 Thursday: Miami at Philadelphia, 8 Sunday: Miami at Philadelphia, 1 x-Wednesday, April 27: Philadelphia at Miami, TBD x-Friday, April 29: Miami at Philadelphia, TBD x-Sunday, May 1: Philadelphia at Miami, TBD


Game 1: New Orleans 109, at L.A. Lakers 100 Wednesday: New Orleans at L.A. Lakers, Late Friday: L.A. Lakers at New Orleans, 9:30 Sunday: L.A. Lakers at New Orleans, 9:30 x-Tuesday: New Orleans at L.A. Lakers, TBD x-Thursday, April 28: L.A. Lakers at New Orleans, TBD x-Saturday, April 30: New Orleans at L.A. Lakers, TBD


Game 1: at Boston 87, New York 85 Game 2: at Boston 96, New York 93 Friday: Boston at New York, 7 Sunday: Boston at New York, 3:30 x-Tuesday: New York at Boston, TBD x-Friday, April 29: Boston at New York, TBD x-Sunday, May 1: New York at Boston, TBD


Game 1: at Dallas 89, Portland 81 Game 2: at Dallas 101, Portland 89 Thursday: Dallas at Portland, 10:30 Saturday: Dallas at Portland, 5 x-Monday: Portland at Dallas, TBD x-Thursday, April 28: Dallas at Portland, TBD x-Saturday, April 30: Portland at Dallas, TBD

ASSISTS PER GAME Paul, NOR .......................................... Conley, MEM ..................................... Felton, DEN ....................................... Iguodala, PHL .................................... Rondo, BOS ....................................... Miller, POR ........................................ Westbrook, OKC ................................ STEALS PER GAME Hill, SAN ............................................ Paul, NOR .......................................... Parker, SAN ....................................... Lawson, DEN ..................................... Holiday, PHL ...................................... Hilario, DEN ....................................... Garnett, BOS ..................................... Smith, NOR ....................................... Granger, IND ..................................... Noah, CHI .......................................... Terry, DAL ......................................... Collins, ATL .......................................


Game 1: Atlanta 103, at Orlando 93 Game 2: at Orlando 88, Atlanta 82 Friday: Orlando at Atlanta, 8 Sunday: Orlando at Atlanta, 7 Tuesday: Atlanta at Orlando, TBD x-Thursday, April 28: Orlando at Atlanta, TBD x-Saturday, April 30: Atlanta at Orlando, TBD


Game 1: at Oklahoma City 107, Denver 103 Game 2: at Oklahoma City 106, Denver 89 Saturday: Oklahoma City at Denver, 10 Monday: Oklahoma City at Denver, 10:30 x-Wednesday, April 27: Denver at Oklahoma City, TBD x-Friday, April 29: Oklahoma City at Denver, TBD x-Sunday, May 1: Denver at Oklahoma City, TBD





Uniteds Chris Pontius, left, looks upfield while being pursued by Torontos Jacob Peterson last Saturday night. Pontius, back after hamstring surgery last fall, scored twice in Uniteds 3-0 victory.

Pontius feeling good after surgery

united from D1 weekend. Accelerating, cutting, it wasnt going to happen. Pontius is likely to make his sixth consecutive start Thursday evening when United (2-2-1) hosts the New York Red Bulls (2-1-2). Most hamstring injuries heal on their own over weeks or months. Pontiuss chronic problem required surgery. Three tendons in the hamstring were tearing from the pelvic bone. His problems began while playing at UC Santa Barbara, then flared in January 2010 while at the U.S. national teams training camp. He recovered in time to start in Uniteds first four matches last year, but late in the first half against the Chicago Fire, he removed himself. Pontius returned a month later but was not the same. A two-goal performance at Seattle in June was the high mark in a low summer. He could play, but he couldnt play to his maximum potential, and thats frustrating both for him and for us because we didnt necessarily know what it was, Coach Ben Olsen said. He goes in [for surgery] and finds out that some real stuff is going on in there. In September, with his year in ruin and United enduring the worst season in club history, Pontius underwent repairs. Others in MLS had returned from similar procedures, but the rehabilitation timetable was four to six months. The surgery was performed in

D.C. United vs. New York Red Bulls

Where: RFK Stadium. When: 8 p.m. TV: ESPN2. Records: United 2-2-1, seven points; Red Bulls 2-1-2, eight points. D.C. probable starters (4-4-2 formation): GK Bill Hamid; Ds Chris Korb, Perry Kitchen, Dejan Jakovic, Marc Burch; MFs Fred, Clyde Simms, Dax McCarty, Chris Pontius; Fs Josh Wolff, Charlie Davies. N.Y. probable starters (4-4-2 formation): GK Bouna Coundoul; Ds Jan Gunnar Solli, Tim Ream, Rafa Marquez, Roy Miller; MFs Dane Richards, Dwayne De Rosario, Teemu Tainio, Joel Lindpere; Fs Luke Rodgers, Thierry Henry. Steven Goff

Los Angeles, allowing Pontius to recover at his parents home in Orange County. He was bed-ridden for almost two weeks his mom baked him sweets and picked up In-NOut burgers and began jogging about a month later. Over the winter, he shuttled between California and Washington for rehab stints. For me, it was peace of mind that I got it done and wouldnt have to deal with it again. I had been dealing with it for so long, he said. At the very least, it was just going to take away the pain and let me play again. It did more than that. I didnt expect to come back feeling better than ever stronger, faster, added Pontius, who performed well enough in preseason to regain his starting job. Against Toronto, he rekindled

memories of his debut season in 2009, when he scored in the opener, finished with four goals and three assists in 28 appearances (23 starts), and was an MLS rookie of the year finalist. In the fifth minute Saturday, he collected a stray ball and dashed past Jacob Peterson before firing into the far corner from 16 yards. Early in the second half, he made an assertive run to gather Josh Wolff s flick and was taken down by Ty Harden, who was red-carded. And in the 73rd minute, when Fred set him up in stride on the left, Pontius discarded Dan Gargan with an abrupt move to the inside and curled a 15-yarder to the far side of the net. Aside from the goals, Pontius combined with Fred on the flanks to diversify the attack and relieve pressure on Wolff and leading scorer Charlie Davies. You could see Toronto [act] like, Oh God, theres another guy we werent accounting for, said Davies, who scored the second goal. He was very active and opened a lot of space. Its great to have him starting to come along. Were starting to see the potential of a player who could be a force. From California, family and friends texted and called Pontius with congratulatory messages. They were excited and they want to see more of it, he said. I want to see more of it. D.C. fans want to see more of it. I want to put up some numbers this year, and it was a good way to get it started.

Kevin Durant scored 23 points, Russell Westbrook added 21 and Oklahoma City built a huge first-half lead on their way to the victory over the Denver in Game 2 of their Western Conference quarterfinal series. The series shifts to Denver on Saturday night, with Oklahoma City leading two games to none. The Thunder relied heavily on its all-star duo in Game 1, getting a combined 72 points from Durant and Westbrook. But Oklahoma City got contributions from everyone to build a 26-point lead early in the second quarter of a dominant victory in Game 2. Ty Lawson scored 20 points to lead Denver, which got as close as 10 in the fourth quarter.
DENVER .............................. 15 OKLAHOMA CITY ............... 31 DENVER Gallinari Martin Nene Lawson Chandler Felton Smith Andersen Harrington Koufos Forbes TOTALS 29 28 22 22 23 89 25 106

Late Tuesday Portland must feel like it is in an NBA time warp. First it was beaten by Jason Kidd, now Kidd and Peja Stojakovic. Even Dallas is feeling the retro mood. Theyre up 2-0 in a playoff series for the first time since 2006. Stojakovic tied his career playoff best with five 3-pointers and had 21 points, and Kidd continued his surprising scoring surge with 18 points in Game 2 of their first-round series. Dirk Nowitzki led Dallas with 33 points, but he was practically a complementary player. He scored 14 points in the fourth quarter including the teams final 11 to help the Mavericks keep the Trail Blazers from ever making a serious push. LaMarcus Aldridge scoring 24 to lead Portland, and Gerald Wallace and Wesley Matthews regained their scoring touch after struggling in Game 1.
PORTLAND ......................... 24 DALLAS .............................. 22 PORTLAND Wallace Aldridge Camby Miller Matthews Batum Fernandez Roy Mills TOTALS 28 28 20 23 17 89 28 101

Late Tuesday
Kevin Garnett sank the go-ahead basket with 14 seconds left, then stole the ball with four seconds remaining as New York gave Boston all it could handle in falling into an 0-2 hole in the Eastern Conference first-round series. Chauncey Billups sat out with a strained left knee and his status for Game 3 on Friday night at Madison Square Garden is uncertain. Amare Stoudemire had back spasms and missed the second half but expects to be back when the best-of-seven series resumes. Carmelo Anthony led all scorers with 42 points. He matched his career playoff high for points and set a new high with 17 rebounds as the Knicks held a 53-37 advantage on the boards. Rajon Rondo led the Celtics with a career playoff-high 30 points, 14 of them in the first quarter when he kept driving to the basket.
NEW YORK ......................... 21 BOSTON ............................. 23 NEW YORK Anthony Stoudemire Turiaf Fields Douglas Carter Walker Jeffries ShaWilliams Mason TOTALS 24 21 22 30 26 22 93 96

MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS 37:12 3-8 0-2 0-3 1 4 7 22:23 2-6 3-4 1-6 0 1 7 35:39 2-8 12-18 2-9 1 4 16 36:41 7-13 5-5 1-4 3 2 20 29:38 0-6 4-4 0-4 1 2 4 35:59 5-11 4-4 0-0 2 4 16 6:42 1-6 0-0 0-0 2 1 2 6:09 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 1 0 25:17 6-9 0-0 1-4 2 2 15 2:10 1-1 0-0 0-0 0 0 2 2:10 0-1 0-0 0-1 0 0 0 240 27-69 28-37 5-31 12 21 89

Percentages: FG .391, FT .757. 3-Point Goals: 7-16, .438 (Harrington 3-4, Felton 2-4, Lawson 1-2, Gallinari 1-3, Smith 0-1, Chandler 0-2). Team Rebounds: 9. Team Turnovers: 11 (11 PTS). Blocked Shots: 1 (Lawson). Turnovers: 11 (Chandler 2, Gallinari 2, Lawson 2, Smith 2, Harrington, Nene, Martin). Steals: 7 (Gallinari 2, Lawson 2, Chandler, Nene, Smith). Technical Fouls: Martin, 6:06 first OKLAHOMA CITY Durant Ibaka Perkins Westbrook Sefolosha Collison Harden Mohammed Maynor Cook TOTALS MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS

MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS 38:00 6-11 5-8 1-7 6 3 18 43:37 9-18 6-8 1-10 2 4 24 35:51 2-5 0-0 3-8 1 3 5 38:30 5-10 6-7 1-6 8 5 18 36:04 6-11 0-0 1-1 0 4 13 24:51 4-7 0-0 0-0 2 2 10 10:53 0-1 1-2 0-3 1 1 1 7:59 0-1 0-2 0-0 0 0 0 4:16 0-2 0-0 0-1 0 0 0 240:01 32-66 18-27 7-37 20 22 89

MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS 43:54 14-30 10-11 5-17 6 5 42 17:39 2-9 0-2 2-5 1 0 4 22:26 1-3 4-4 3-3 3 0 6 15:29 2-4 0-2 0-0 0 0 4 34:25 5-16 2-2 1-7 2 4 14 7:52 1-3 0-0 1-2 0 0 2 32:31 0-11 2-2 2-8 1 1 2 25:34 5-7 0-0 4-6 0 3 10 22:27 1-3 3-4 1-4 1 2 6 17:43 1-4 0-0 1-1 0 2 3 240 32-90 21-27 20-53 14 17 93

Percentages: FG .485, FT .667. 3-Point Goals: 7-14, .500 (Miller 2-2, Batum 2-5, Camby 1-1, Matthews 1-2, Wallace 1-3, Mills 0-1). Team Rebs: 8. Team Turnovers: 13 (14 PTS). Blocked Shots: 4 (Aldridge 3, Matthews). Turnovers: 12 (Matthews 3, Batum 2, Wallace 2, Aldridge, Camby, Miller, Mills, Roy). Steals: 2 (Batum, Fernandez). Technicals: Def. three second, 6:35 second. DALLAS Marion Nowitzki Chandler Kidd Stevenson Haywood Terry Stojakovic Barea Brewer Cardinal TOTALS MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS 26:32 3-5 0-0 0-3 2 3 6 37:48 9-22 15-17 1-7 4 2 33 27:32 2-4 0-0 4-10 0 4 4 33:25 7-11 1-1 0-4 8 0 18 13:13 0-1 1-2 0-0 0 1 1 20:28 1-1 0-4 4-5 1 4 2 33:06 5-12 0-0 0-1 1 0 10 27:03 8-13 0-0 1-5 0 2 21 16:16 2-7 2-2 0-0 4 2 6 3:34 0-0 0-0 0-1 0 2 0 1:03 0-0 0-0 0-1 0 0 0 240 37-76 19-26 10-37 20 20 101

Percentages: FG .356, FT .778. 3-Point Goals: 8-25, .320 (Anthony 4-8, Douglas 2-6, Sha.Williams 1-2, Mason 1-3, Fields 0-1, Walker 0-5). Team Rebounds: 12. Team Turnovers: 13 (12 PTS). Blocks: 5 (Anthony 2, Jeffries 2, Fields). Turnovers: 12 (Jeffries 2, Stoudemire 2, Sha.Williams 2, Anthony, Carter, Douglas, Fields, Turiaf, Walker). Steals: 8 (Douglas 2, Walker 2, Jeffries, Mason, Turiaf, Sha.Williams). Technicals: Walker, 5:25 third. BOSTON Pierce Garnett JO'Neal Rondo Allen Davis West Krstic Green TOTALS MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS 45:01 8-18 3-3 0-5 2 4 20 36:13 6-16 0-0 2-10 6 1 12 20:24 1-3 0-0 2-3 1 4 2 42:07 13-23 4-7 0-4 7 0 30 38:39 6-8 2-2 0-4 2 3 18 26:57 2-3 0-0 2-6 2 4 4 15:28 1-4 2-2 1-2 1 1 4 2:59 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 12:12 2-8 1-2 2-3 0 5 6 240 39-83 12-16 9-37 21 22 96

39:30 7-15 6-7 2-5 5 2 23 23:05 5-8 2-2 3-12 0 4 12 25:39 2-6 3-5 6-11 0 6 7 32:58 7-18 4-4 1-4 7 3 21 22:17 3-7 0-0 1-3 0 2 6 25:22 4-5 2-2 3-8 1 1 10 28:12 5-9 6-6 1-5 1 4 18 11:16 0-1 0-0 0-0 0 3 0 15:02 1-6 1-2 0-1 5 0 3 16:38 2-7 0-0 0-5 0 1 6 239:59 36-82 24-28 17-54 19 26 106

Percentages: FG .439, FT .857. 3-Point Goals: 10-30, .333 (Westbrook 3-6, Durant 3-7, Harden 2-5, Cook 2-7, Maynor 0-2, Sefolosha 0-3). Team Rebounds: 7. Team Turnovers: 17 (18 PTS). Blocked Shots: 3 (Ibaka 2, Westbrook). Turnovers: 15 (Westbrook 7, Ibaka 2, Sefolosha 2, Cook, Durant, Harden, Perkins). Steals: 6 (Sefolosha 3, Durant, Maynor, Westbrook). Technical Fouls: Defensive three second, 5:41 second. Flagrant Fouls: Perkins, 10:25 first.

Percentages: FG .487, FT .731. 3-Point Goals: 8-19, .421 (Stojakovic 5-10, Kidd 3-6, Barea 0-1, Terry 0-2). Team Rebounds: 7. Team Turnovers: 6 (7 PTS). Blocked Shots: 3 (Kidd, Marion, Nowitzki). Turnovers: 6 (Barea 2, Chandler, Haywood, Nowitzki, Terry). Steals: 6 (Terry 2, Chandler, Nowitzki, Stevenson, Stojakovic). Technical Fouls: Chandler, 1:08 second. A: 20,620 (19,200). T: 2:34.

Percentages: FG .470, FT .750. 3-Point Goals: 6-11, .545 (Allen 4-4, Green 1-2, Pierce 1-3, Rondo 0-1, West 0-1). Team Rebounds: 10. Team Turnovers: 10 (11 PTS). Blocked Shots: 5 (J.ONeal 2, Pierce 2, Garnett). Turnovers: 10 (Rondo 4, Garnett 3, Pierce 2, Allen). Steals: 8 (Allen 3, Rondo 2, Davis, Garnett, Pierce). Technical Fouls: Defensive three second, 6:46 first. A: 18,624 (18,624). T: 2:34.



MLB assumes control of the Dodgers

Team consumed by bitter divorce of the McCourts
A SSOCIATED P RESS one week after her husband fired her as the teams chief executive. Commissioner Bud Selig told Frank McCourt on Wednesday he will appoint a MLB representative to oversee all aspects of the business and the day-to-day operations of the club. At the same time, Frank McCourt was preparing to sue MLB, a baseball executive familiar with the situation told the Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity because McCourt had not made any statements. I have taken this action because of my deep concerns regarding the finances and operations of the Dodgers and to protect the best interests of the club, Selig said in a statement. A person familiar with Seligs thinking said the commissioner may choose to force a sale. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because Seligs statement did not mention that. Baseball officials could not recall another instance in modern times when the commissioner seized control of a team from its owner. Before Tom Hicks sold the Texas Rangers last year, Selig appointed John McHale to monitor the Rangers but technically left Hicks in charge of the franchise while McHale worked behind the scenes.

Late goal gives Real Madrid cup title

Barcelona has chance at redemption in Champions League
A SSOCIATED P RESS Cristiano Ronaldo headed home the winner in extra time as Real Madrid won Spains Copa del Ray trophy for the first time in 18 years with a 1-0 victory over its biggest rival, Barcelona, on Wednesday in Valencia, Spain. Ronaldo guided Angel Di Marias 103rd-minute pass back across goal and past the outstretched hand of goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto into the top corner as Madrid won silverware for the first time since a 2007 Spanish league title. It was a very tough game, Barcelona played very well, but, as you know, whoever scores wins, Ronaldo said. We are very happy. Madrid had not won this cup for many years. Coach Jose Mourinho bowed before King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia as he received his mini-trophy, while Madrid goalkeeper Casillas hugged the pair before using the king as support to climb up on a support and hoist the trophy high. A great game of football, Mourinho said after bringing silverware to the club in his first season, while Barcelona Coach Pep Guardiola saw his side fail for the first time with a trophy on the line under his stewardship. Its always better to win than lose, but we have to recover because thats life. Life has its knocks too, Guardiola said. Will we pick ourselves up from this? Of course. Barcelona will get its first Barcelona had won three of the five previous cup finals between the two, including the last one in 1990.  PREMIER LEAGUE: Chelsea overtook Arsenal as Manchester Uniteds closest rival for the English Premier League title after the Gunners surrendered a two-goal lead to draw, 3-3, at Tottenham. Arsenal led 3-1, but Tom Huddlestone got a goal back before halftime and Rafael van der Vaart equalized with a 70thminute penalty kick to push its fiercest rival down to third place in the standings. Defending champion Chelsea moved above Arsenal on goal difference after Florent Malouda scored twice and Salomon Kalou also connected for a 3-1 win over Birmingham. United is six points ahead with five games remaining, but must still play both Chelsea and Arsenal.  SCOTLAND: The four parcel bombs sent to Celtic Manager Neil Lennon and two prominent supporters of the Glasgow club were live devices that could have caused significant harm, police said. The devices were sent in the weeks after a tumultuous match between Celtic and fierce Glasgow rival Rangers, two clubs with a history of sectarian conflict. The packages were intercepted before reaching their targets and did not explode. Detective chief superintendent John Mitchell of Strathclyde police said, after initial suspicion that the packages may have been a hoax, forensic tests showed they were viable devices. They were definitely capable of causing significant harm and injury to individuals if they had opened them, he said.

new york Major League Base-

ball is taking the extraordinary step of assuming control of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team increasingly paralyzed by its owners bitter divorce. The Dodgers have been consumed by infighting since Jamie McCourt filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage in October 2009,


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his teams first trophy since 2007.

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chance next Wednesday when the teams meet for the first of a two-legged Champions League semifinal series. Those will be the third and fourth games in 18 days betweeen the arch rivals. The first, a league match last week, ended in a 1-1 tie. Madrid dominated the first half on Wednesday and then relied on Casillass second-half stops as Barcelona took control in an electric atmosphere at the Mestalla Stadium. Madrids 18th domestic cup also ends a six-game winless run against Barcelona, which lost for only the 10th time in its 35th final appearance. The winning players practically roared after the final whistle sounded. We are very happy, because we knew that we could, said Di Maria, who was sent off late as Madrid finished with 10 men against Barca for the second time in five days. The red card had no influence on the outcome.

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1300 Rockville Pike R o c k v i l l e, M a r y l a n d 2 0 8 5 2 3 0 1 - 9 8 4 - 8 9 8 9 V O B B M W . c o m









Phila. Florida Wash. xAtlanta New York

11 10 9

6 .647 6 .625 8 .529

6-4 W-1
1/ 2

Chicago Cincinnati Milw. St. Louis Pittsburgh Houston

9 9 9 9

9 .500 9 .500 9 .500 9 .500

5-5 L-1 3-7 L-4 6-4 L-1 6-4 W-1 1 3-7 L-2 2 6-4 W-2

Colorado San Fran. Arizona xL.A. San Diego

13 10 8

5 .722 8 .556 8 .500

7-3 W-1 3 6-4 L-1 4 5-5 W-3 5 3-7 L-1 5 4-6 W-1 x-Late game

New York T.B. Baltimore Toronto Boston

10 9 8

6 .625 9 .500 9 .471

6-4 W-1 2 8-2 W-3 21/2 2-8 W-2 3 3-7 L-1 41/2 5-5 W-1

xCleveland 12 xK.C. Detroit Chicago Minn. 11

5 .706 6 .647

7-3 L-1 1 7-3 W-1 4 6-4 W-1 51/2 2-8 L-7 61/2 3-7 L-2

xL.A. xTexas Oakland Seattle

11 11 9

6 .647 6 .647 9 .500

8-2 W-1 5-5 L-1 21/2 6-4 L-1 6 4-6 L-1 x-Late game

7-3 W-2

2 7-3 L-1 31/2 4-6 W-1 61/2 1-9 L-2

9 10 .474 7 11 .389 6 12 .333

8 10 .444 5 13 .278

8 10 .444 8 10 .444

8 10 .444 6 11 .353

6 13 .316

8 10 .444 7 11 .389


In Philadelphia, a swing in momentum

1-1 2-1 0-3 2-1 1-0 2-2 1-2 1-1 0-3 1-1 2-1 0-2

Gorzelanny (L) Lohse (R) Hudson (R) Leake (R) Jurrjens (R) Kershaw (L) Happ (L) Capuano (L) McDonald (R) Volstad (R) Oswalt (R) Latos (R)

0-1 2-1 0-3 2-0 1-0 2-2 1-2 1-1 0-1 0-1 2-0 0-2

5.56 2.82 4.26 5.40 0.00 2.96 5.79 8.53 7.47 5.59 2.50 5.84








at Nationals 8, Cardinals 6 (1st game) at Cardinals 5, Nationals 3 (2nd game) Phillies 4, Brewers 3 Cubs 2, Padres 1 (11 innings, 1st game) Rockies 10, Giants 2 Padres 5, Cubs 4 (2nd game) Diamondbacks 3, Reds 1 Astros 4, Mets 3 Marlins 6, Pirates 0 Braves at Dodgers, Late

Placido Polanco ties the game vs. Milwaukee with a three-run homer in the sixth.

Nationals at Cardinals, ppd. (rain) Brewers 9, at Phillies 0 Diamondbacks 5, at Reds 4 Astros 6, at Mets 1 at Marlins 6, Pirates 0 Giants 6, at Rockies 3 Braves 10, at Dodgers 1 Padres at Chicago, ppd. (rain)

It is interesting to me as a Cubs fan and a historian of Chicago that both teams could be involved in back-to-back years.
Peter Alter, Chicago History Museum archivist who examined a 1920 court deposition in which Eddie Cicotte, a member of the 1919 White Sox, vaguely suggested a Cub or Cubs were offered $10,000 to throw the 1918 Series



Ty Wigginton, Rockies Hit a three-run homer and tied a career high with four RBI

Nationals at Cardinals 1:45 p.m., MASN The Nationals look to continue their winning ways as Tom Gorzelanny takes the mound against St. Louiss Kyle Lohse when the teams wrap up their three-game series in a matinee at Busch Stadium.

Giants: 3B Pablo Sandoval was scratched from the starting lineup against Colorado after straining his right triceps during batting practice. Sandoval, listed as day-to-day, was replaced by Mark DeRosa. Marlins: LF Logan Morrison had an MRI exam on his left foot, one day after leaving a game with what was originally diagnosed as a strained arch. Rangers: Recalled RHP Brett Tomko from Class AAA Round Rock along with C Taylor Teagarden after the team put RHP Mason Tobin on the DL and optioned LHP Michael Kirkman. Tigers: Activated RHP Ryan Perry (infected eye) from the DL and sent RHP Enrique Gonzalez to Class AAA Toledo. Also, reliever Joel Zumaya will delay surgery on his right elbow for six weeks to see if he can pitch this season. White Sox: RHP Jake Peavy hopes to make a minor league rehab start next week. Peavy left his last start for Class AA Birmingham on Monday after 15 pitches because of muscle tenderness and irritation in his surgically repaired right shoulder. Yankees: 3B Alex Rodriguez was back in the lineup against the Blue Jays after missing the past two games because of a sore left side.
CUBS 2, PADRES 1 (11)

Britton, Wieters key to Os win over Twins


baltimore If there was a blueprint that Oriole fans

hoped that the team would find on many nights during the 2011 season, it would go something like this: Young starter survives some command problems to pitch reasonably deep into the game. The back end of the bullpen holds the lead. Young hitters supply big swings and a veteran slugger provides the exclamation point with a long home run. The Orioles followed that template perfectly on Wednesday night and the result was a second consecutive victory, a 5-4 decision over the struggling Minnesota Twins in front of 13,825 at Camden Yards. Rookie left-hander Zach Britton battled flu-like symptoms and his command for much of the night, but held the Twins to three runs over six innings, winning for the third time in four big league starts. After a dominant, eight-pitch scoreless seventh inning by Jim Johnson, Koji Uehara took the ball in the eighth and allowed an RBI single to Danny Valencia that cut the Orioles lead to one. However, Uehara retired Luke Hughes to end the inning and strand two base runners. Kevin Gregg then pitched a perfect ninth for his second save. Center fielder Adam Jones made a running catch at the wall on Denard Spans drive to end the game. Adam Jones broke the ice with a two-run double in the second. Two batters later, catcher Matt Wieters slammed a two-run homer, improving to 6 for 6 with 10 RBI with runners in scoring position this season. Vladimir Guerrero then tacked on an important insurance run for the Orioles with a third-inning solo homer off Minnesota Twins starter Nick Blackburn, his third of the season and his second in as many nights. Michael Cuddyer led off the second by crushing Brittons 1-0 pitch into the center field bleachers. Britton then walked the next hitter, Jim Thome, but didnt allow any more runs in the inning. Baltimore Sun
MINNESOTA AB Span cf .................. 5 Repko lf ................. 3 Kubel rf.................. 4 Cuddyer 1b ............ 3 Thome dh .............. 2 A.Casilla pr-dh ...... 0 Valencia 3b............ 4 L.Hughes 2b .......... 4 Holm c ................... 4 Tolbert ss .............. 4 TOTALS 33 BALTIMORE AB B.Roberts 2b ......... 4 Markakis rf............ 4 D.Lee 1b ................ 4 Guerrero dh ........... 4 Scott lf .................. 3 Pie lf ...................... 0 Ad.Jones cf............ 3 Mar.Reynolds 3b ... 3 Wieters c............... 2 Andino ss .............. 3 TOTALS 30 R 0 1 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 R 0 0 0 2 1 0 1 0 1 0 5 H BI BB SO AVG 1 0 0 1 .306 0 0 1 2 .200 2 0 0 1 .323 1 1 1 0 .254 0 0 2 0 .163 0 0 0 0 .128 2 3 0 1 .238 1 0 0 0 .200 0 0 0 0 .182 0 0 0 1 .188 7 4 4 6 H BI BB SO AVG 1 0 0 1 .274 2 0 0 0 .215 0 0 0 0 .206 2 1 0 1 .268 1 0 0 1 .211 0 0 0 0 .278 1 2 0 1 .237 0 0 0 1 .200 1 2 1 0 .250 0 0 0 0 .318 8 5 1 5


Baker (R) Guthrie (R) Floyd (R) Niemann (R) Tomlin (R) O'Sullivan (R) Beckett (R) Chatwood (R) McCarthy (R) Hernandez (R)

0-2 1-2 1-1 0-2 3-0 1-1 2-1 1-1 1-0 1-2

4.50 3.32 4.29 6.32 2.75 5.00 1.80 3.75 2.45 4.33

0-3 1-2 1-2 1-2 3-0 1-0 2-1 1-1 1-2 2-2




Shane Victorino hit a tiebreaking homer in the eighth inning, Placido Polanco had a three-run shot, and the Phillies avoided being swept. Polanco connected off starter Chris Narveson to tie it in the sixth. Two innings later, Victorino hit the game-winning homer off Brandon Kintzler.
MILWAUKEE AB Weeks 2b .............. 5 C.Gomez cf ............ 5 Braun lf ................. 5 Fielder 1b .............. 3 McGehee 3b........... 4 Y.Betancourt ss .... 4 Almonte rf............. 4 Lucroy c ................. 3 Narveson p ............ 3 Kotsay rf ............... 1 TOTALS 37 PHILA. AB Victorino cf............ 3 Polanco 3b ............. 4 Rollins ss............... 4 Howard 1b............. 3 B.Francisco rf ........ 4 Mayberry lf ........... 3 Ruiz c..................... 3 W.Valdez 2b .......... 2 Cl.Lee p.................. 1 M.Martinez ph ...... 1 Ibanez ph............... 1 TOTALS 29 R 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 R 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 H BI BB SO AVG 1 0 0 1 .273 1 0 0 0 .197 1 0 0 1 .359 3 2 1 0 .368 1 0 0 0 .261 1 0 0 0 .210 0 0 0 1 .111 1 1 1 1 .364 1 0 0 0 .111 0 0 0 1 .212 10 3 2 5 H BI BB SO AVG 2 1 1 1 .324 1 3 0 0 .352 0 0 0 0 .261 1 0 1 0 .286 1 0 0 0 .242 1 0 0 1 .333 0 0 0 2 .269 0 0 1 1 .286 0 0 0 1 .000 0 0 0 0 .182 0 0 0 1 .219 6 4 3 7

Rick Porcello held Seattle to one run and four hits while pitching into the seventh inning for Detroit. Porcello ran into trouble in the seventh, yielding his first walk of the game to Luis Rodriguez along with two wild pitches. Ryan Perry came in and struck out Jack Wilson to end the inning, and Joaquin Benoit worked a routine eighth.
DETROIT AB A.Jackson cf .......... 4 Raburn 2b-lf .......... 4 Ordonez dh ............ 3 Mi.Cabrera 1b........ 3 Jh.Peralta ss ......... 4 Boesch lf ............... 3 Inge 3b................... 3 C.Wells rf .............. 4 O.Santos c ............. 4 TOTALS 32 SEATTLE AB I.Suzuki rf.............. 4 Figgins 3b.............. 4 A.Kennedy 1b ........ 4 Cust dh .................. 4 M.Saunders cf ....... 4 L.Rodriguez ss....... 2 Bradley ph ............. 1 Peguero lf.............. 4 J.Wilson 2b ........... 3 C.Gimenez c........... 3 TOTALS 33 R 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 R 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 H BI BB SO AVG 1 0 1 1 .157 1 1 1 1 .230 0 0 1 0 .182 1 1 1 0 .333 0 0 0 1 .250 1 1 0 0 .333 1 0 1 0 .203 1 0 0 0 .238 0 0 0 0 .200 6 3 5 3 H BI BB SO AVG 1 1 0 0 .284 0 0 0 2 .176 2 1 0 0 .314 1 0 0 2 .194 1 0 0 1 .238 0 0 1 1 .200 0 0 0 1 .250 0 0 0 3 .000 1 0 0 1 .189 0 0 0 0 .250 6 2 1 11

Jorge De La Rosa pitched seven sharp innings and Ty Wigginton tied a career high with four RBI, including a three-run homer, in Colorados win. De La Rosa didnt appear to be bothered by a blister on his middle finger that has plagued him this season.
SAN FRAN. AB Rowand cf ............. 4 Affeldt p................ 0 F.Sanchez 2b ......... 3 Huff 1b .................. 4 Posey c .................. 3 Whiteside c ........... 1 C.Ross rf................ 4 Burrell lf ................ 4 Tejada ss ............... 3 DeRosa 3b ............. 2 Cain p..................... 2 Fontenot 3b........... 1 TOTALS 31 COLORADO AB Fowler cf ............... 5 Herrera 2b ............. 5 C.Gonzalez lf ......... 4 Tulowitzki ss......... 5 Helton 1b............... 3 S.Smith rf.............. 3 Wigginton 3b ........ 4 J.Morales c ............ 4 De La Rosa p.......... 3 Spilborghs ph ........ 1 TOTALS 37 R 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 R 0 0 0 3 1 3 1 1 0 1 10 H BI BB SO AVG 1 0 0 2 .315 0 0 0 0 .000 2 0 1 0 .329 0 0 0 1 .239 2 2 0 0 .308 0 0 0 1 .200 0 0 0 0 .000 0 0 0 3 .208 0 0 0 0 .203 0 0 1 1 .375 0 0 0 1 .000 0 0 0 1 .176 5 2 2 10 H BI BB SO AVG 1 0 0 4 .274 1 0 0 1 .341 0 0 1 2 .257 3 0 0 0 .343 1 0 0 0 .333 2 2 1 0 .333 1 4 0 2 .217 2 1 0 2 .333 1 0 0 1 .300 1 3 0 0 .189 13 10 2 12

Reed Johnson homered in the 11th inning to lift Chicago in the opening game of a doubleheader. Johnsons first homer of the season came off Luke Gregerson (0-1), the fifth Padres pitcher.
SAN DIEGO AB Venable rf.............. 5 Bartlett ss............. 4 O.Hudson 2b.......... 3 Headley 3b ............ 4 Hundley c............... 6 Ludwick lf.............. 4 Hawpe 1b .............. 5 E.Patterson cf ....... 2 Denorfia ph ........... 1 Cantu ph ................ 1 Alb.Gonzalez ph .... 1 Moseley p.............. 2 Maybin ph-cf ......... 2 TOTALS 40 CHICAGO AB S.Castro ss ............ 5 Barney 2b .............. 5 Byrd cf ................... 5 Ar.Ramirez 3b ....... 4 C.Pena 1b .............. 4 A.Soriano lf ........... 3 Je.Baker ph ........... 1 Re.Johnson rf........ 1 Colvin rf-lf............. 4 Soto c .................... 4 Garza p .................. 2 Fukudome rf.......... 2 TOTALS 40 R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 H BI BB SO AVG 1 0 1 2 .154 3 1 1 0 .240 0 0 3 3 .263 0 0 2 2 .241 2 0 0 1 .339 2 0 1 1 .161 0 0 0 3 .119 0 0 0 0 .071 0 0 0 0 .259 0 0 0 0 .158 0 0 0 0 .263 1 0 0 1 .333 0 0 1 1 .224 9 1 9 14 H BI BB SO AVG 0 0 0 1 .382 1 0 0 0 .300 1 1 0 1 .270 1 0 1 0 .328 0 0 1 2 .196 1 0 0 0 .254 0 0 0 0 .357 1 1 0 0 .250 0 0 0 2 .136 2 0 0 1 .273 0 0 0 1 .000 2 0 0 0 .370 9 2 2 8

Kevin Youkilis and Jed Lowrie homered as Boston earned its first road win of the season. Clay Buchholz allowed a leadoff home run to Coco Crisp and nothing else in 51/3 innings as the Red Sox snapped the longest season-opening road slide in team history.
BOSTON AB J.Drew rf ............... 4 Pedroia 2b ............. 3 Ad.Gonzalez 1b ..... 4 Youkilis dh............. 4 Lowrie 3b............... 4 Scutaro ss ............. 4 Crawford lf ............ 4 Varitek c................ 4 Ellsbury cf ............. 4 TOTALS 35 OAKLAND AB Crisp cf .................. 5 Barton 1b .............. 4 DeJesus rf ............. 5 Matsui dh .............. 4 Sweeney lf ............ 5 M.Ellis 2b .............. 4 Powell c ................. 3 K.Suzuki pr ............ 0 Kouzmanoff 3b...... 2 C.Jackson ph ......... 0 An.LaRoche 3b ...... 1 Willingham ph....... 1 Pennington ss ....... 5 TOTALS 39 R 1 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 5 R 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 H BI BB SO AVG 1 1 0 2 .279 1 0 1 1 .306 1 0 0 2 .277 2 1 0 1 .218 2 2 0 0 .462 2 0 0 0 .222 1 1 0 1 .149 0 0 0 2 .050 0 0 0 3 .182 10 5 1 12 H BI BB SO AVG 2 2 0 0 .239 0 0 1 1 .246 1 0 0 1 .246 2 0 1 1 .246 1 0 0 0 .286 2 0 0 1 .246 1 1 2 1 .455 0 0 0 0 .241 1 0 0 0 .200 0 0 1 0 .296 1 0 0 0 .267 0 0 0 0 .200 1 0 0 1 .204 12 3 5 6



MINNESOTA ......010 002 010 4 7 0 BALTIMORE .......041 000 00X 5 8 0 LOB: Minnesota 6, Baltimore 2. 2B: Ad.Jones (1). HR: Cuddyer (1), off Britton; Wieters (3), off Blackburn; Guerrero (3), off Blackburn. RBI: Cuddyer (1), Valencia 3 (9), Guerrero (8), Ad.Jones 2 (8), Wieters 2 (11). MINNESOTA IP H R ER BB SO ERA Blackburn ................7 7 5 5 1 4 4.01 Perkins ....................1 1 0 0 0 1 0.00 BALTIMORE IP Britton ....................6 Ji.Johnson...............1 Uehara.....................1 Gregg ......................1 H 5 0 2 0 R 3 0 1 0 ER BB SO 3 3 3 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 ERA 3.16 4.05 1.59 4.50

Orioles 5, Twins 4 Red Sox 5, Athletics 3 Tigers 3, Mariners 2 Rays 4, White Sox 1 Yankees 6, Blue Jays 2 Angels at Rangers, Late Indians at Royals, Late

at Orioles 11, Twins 0 at Rays 2, White Sox 1 at Blue Jays 6, Yankees 5 (10 innings) Angels 15, at Rangers 4 at Royals 5, Indians 4 at Athletics 5, Red Sox 0 at Mariners 13, Tigers 3

MILWAUKEE ......101 100 000 3 10 0 PHILA. ................000 003 01X 4 6 1 E: W.Valdez (1). LOB: Milwaukee 9, Philadelphia 4. 2B: Fielder (7), Howard (5), Mayberry (1). HR: Lucroy (1), off Cl.Lee; Polanco (2), off Narveson; Victorino (2), off Kintzler. MILWAUKEE IP Narveson.................6 Kintzler ................1.2 Stetter ....................0 Loe .......................0.1 PHILA. IP Cl.Lee ......................6 K.Kendrick...............1 Madson ...................1 Contreras ................1 H 4 1 1 0 H 8 0 1 1 R 3 1 0 0 R 3 0 0 0 ER BB SO 3 3 4 1 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 ER BB SO 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 2 ERA 2.19 3.86 2.08 3.72 ERA 3.91 2.57 1.29 0.00

SAN FRAN..........100 001 000 2 5 1 COLORADO.........040 020 40X 10 13 0 E: Runzler (1). LOB: San Francisco 4, Colorado 6. 2B: Rowand (5), Posey (1), Tulowitzki 2 (5), Helton (4), J.Morales (2). HR: Wigginton (1), off Cain; Spilborghs (2), off Mota. SAN FRAN. IP Cain ......................4.2 Runzler.................1.2 Mota.....................0.2 Affeldt ....................1 COLORADO IP De La Rosa ..............7 R.Betancourt ..........1 Street......................1 H 9 2 2 0 H 4 1 0 R 6 2 2 0 R 2 0 0 ER BB SO 6 2 6 2 0 3 2 0 2 0 0 1 ER BB SO 2 2 6 0 0 2 0 0 2 ERA 3.42 6.75 3.46 2.45 ERA 3.00 3.24 2.19

DETROIT.............101 010 000 3 6 1 SEATTLE ............001 000 001 2 6 0 E: C.Wells (1). LOB: Detroit 8, Seattle 5. 2B: M.Saunders (3). HR: Raburn (2), off Bedard; A.Kennedy (1), off Valverde. DETROIT IP Porcello ................6.2 Perry ....................0.1 Benoit .....................1 Valverde..................1 H 4 0 0 2 R 1 0 0 1 ER BB SO 1 1 6 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 3 ERA 4.76 4.50 1.04 1.17

SAN DIEGO ..... 000 000 001 00 1 9 2 CHICAGO ........ 001 000 000 01 2 9 1 E: Hawpe (1), Bartlett (2), S.Castro (3). LOB: San Diego 16, Chicago 10. 2B: Soto (3). HR: Re.Johnson (1), off Gregerson. SAN DIEGO IP Moseley ..................6 Neshek .................1.2 Luebke..................0.1 Adams.....................1 Gregerson ...............1 H 5 1 0 1 2 R 1 0 0 0 1 ER BB SO 0 1 4 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 ERA 1.40 2.57 10.2 0.90 1.93

BOSTON .............010 102 100 5 10 0 OAKLAND...........100 000 011 3 12 1 E: M.Ellis (1). LOB: Boston 4, Oakland 15. 2B: Sweeney (2), M.Ellis (7). HR: Youkilis (3), off G.Gonzalez; Lowrie (3), off G.Gonzalez; J.Drew (1), off Blevins; Crisp (1), off C.Buchholz. BOSTON IP C.Buchholz ...........5.1 Bard......................1.2 Jenks....................0.2 Papelbon ..............1.1 OAKLAND IP G.Gonzalez..............6 Blevins ....................1 Purcey .....................2 H 6 1 3 2 H 8 2 0 R 1 0 1 1 R 4 1 0 ER BB SO 1 4 2 0 0 1 1 1 2 1 0 1 ER BB SO 4 1 9 1 0 1 0 0 2 ERA 5.31 5.40 8.44 2.84 ERA 1.80 3.38 6.23

WP: Britton (3-1); LP: Blackburn (1-3); S: Gregg (2). WP: Blackburn. T: 2:18. A: 13,825 (45,438).

Entering Wednesdays games Batters Avg H 2B HR RBI BB SO Andino .368 7 0 0 0 3 3 Pie .278 5 0 0 0 0 2 Roberts .275 19 3 3 14 2 8 Guerrero .254 17 1 2 7 0 10 Wieters .239 11 3 2 9 4 8 Izturis .235 4 0 0 1 2 4 Jones .232 13 0 3 6 2 12 Lee .220 13 1 1 2 9 13 Reynolds .212 11 5 1 10 6 16 Hardy .200 3 3 0 2 2 5 Scott .200 7 2 2 4 4 10 Markakis .197 12 2 2 6 6 6 Fox .143 2 0 1 1 1 0

Entering Wednesdays games

Kemp, LA ................ .438 Castro, Chi .............. .408 Votto, Cin ............... .407 Montero, Ari ........... .380 Braun, Mil ............... .373 Phillips, Cin ............ .365 Rasmus, StL ........... .364 Ethier, LA ............... .362

Tulowitzki, Col ............ 7 Berkman, StL .............. 6 Gomes, Cin .................. 6 Soriano, Chi ................. 5 Burrell, SF ................... 5 Braun, Mil .................... 5 Sandoval, SF ................ 5

SEATTLE IP H R ER BB SO ERA Bedard.....................5 5 3 3 5 2 7.71 Pauley .....................4 1 0 0 0 1 1.50 WP: Porcello (1-2); LP: Bedard (0-4); S: Valverde (4). Inherited runners-scored: Perry 1-0. HBP: by Bedard (Boesch). WP: Porcello 2, Bedard. T: 2:32. A: 13,339 (47,878).

WP: Madson (2-0); LP: Kintzler (1-1); S: Contreras (4). Inherited runners-scored: Loe 1-0. T: 2:38. A: 45,743 (43,651).

WP: De La Rosa (3-0); LP: Cain (2-1). Inherited runners-scored: Runzler 1-0, Mota 1-1. IBB: off Cain (S.Smith). HBP: by Cain (Helton). Balk: De La Rosa, R.Betancourt. T: 3:04. A: 27,758 (50,490).

CHICAGO IP H R ER BB SO ERA Garza.......................6 6 0 0 3 9 4.74 Grabow.................0.2 0 0 0 0 0 9.53 Mateo......................0 0 0 0 1 0 8.44 Marshall...............1.1 0 0 0 1 1 1.00 Marmol ...................1 1 1 1 1 1 2.79 Samardzija..............2 2 0 0 3 3 4.09 WP: Samardzija (1-0); LP: Gregerson (0-1). WP: Samardzija. T: 3:59.

WP: C.Buchholz (1-2); LP: G.Gonzalez (2-1); S: Papelbon (3). Inherited runners-scored: Bard 3-0, Papelbon 3-0. HBP: by Papelbon (M.Ellis). T: 3:09. A: 29,045 (35,067).

Tulowitzki, Col ....... .742 Berkman, StL ......... .692 Braun, Mil ............... .678 Kemp, LA ................ .656 Gomes, Cin ............. .642 Morrison, Fla .......... .636 Smith, Col ............... .625 Montero, Ari ........... .620 Votto, Cin ............... .610

Fielder, Mil ................ 17 Howard, Phl ............... 15 Tulowitzki, Col .......... 14 Espinosa, Was ........... 14 Gomes, Cin ................ 14 Sandoval, SF .............. 13 Kemp, LA ................... 13 Berkman, StL ............ 13 Huff, SF ..................... 13 Young, Ari ................. 13







Votto, Cin ............... .520 Kemp, LA ................ .514 Braun, Mil ............... .493 Montero, Ari ........... .456 Tulowitzki, Col ....... .442 Rasmus, StL ........... .440 McCann, Atl ............ .433 Castro, Chi .............. .432

Braun, Mil .................. 16 Votto, Cin .................. 16 Bourn, Hou ................ 15 Rasmus, StL .............. 15 Berkman, StL ............ 14 Weeks, Mil ................ 14 Phillips, Cin ............... 14 Castro, Chi ................. 14 Tabata, Pit ................. 14

Wade Davis pitched seven solid innings, John Jaso homered and Tampa Bay won for the eighth time in nine games with its victory over Chicago. The Rays (9-9) became just the second team since 1900 joining the 1991 Mariners to reach .500 in April after starting the season with a six-game losing streak.
CHICAGO AB Pierre lf ................. 4 Beckham 2b........... 4 Quentin rf.............. 3 Konerko 1b ............ 4 A.Dunn dh ............. 3 Rios cf ................... 4 Pierzynski c ........... 3 R.Castro c.............. 1 Al.Ramirez ss........ 4 Teahen 3b.............. 3 TOTALS 33 TAMPA BAY AB Fuld lf .................... 4 Zobrist 2b.............. 4 Joyce rf.................. 3 F.Lopez 3b ............. 4 S.Rodriguez 3b ...... 0 D.Johnson dh ........ 4 B.Upton cf ............. 3 Kotchman 1b ......... 4 Jaso c..................... 3 Brignac ss.............. 3 TOTALS 32 R 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 R 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 4 H BI BB SO AVG 0 0 0 0 .263 0 0 0 0 .222 1 1 1 0 .309 1 0 0 1 .300 1 0 1 1 .175 0 0 0 0 .183 1 0 0 0 .259 0 0 0 0 .167 1 0 0 0 .266 1 0 0 1 .304 6 1 2 3 H BI BB SO AVG 0 0 0 1 .344 0 0 0 0 .188 2 1 1 0 .321 0 0 0 0 .261 0 0 0 0 .206 0 0 0 1 .130 0 0 1 2 .220 2 1 0 0 .350 1 2 0 1 .182 2 0 0 0 .244 7 4 2 5

Braun, Mil .................. 15 Gomes, Cin ................ 15 Votto, Cin .................. 14 Tulowitzki, Col .......... 14 Iannetta, Col .............. 14 Herrera, Col ............... 12

Castro, Chi ................. 29 Kemp, LA ................... 28 Ethier, LA .................. 25 Rasmus, StL .............. 24 Polanco, Phl ............... 24 Votto, Cin .................. 24

Chris Coghlan drove in three runs, two of them on a second-inning infield single, and Ricky Nolasco struck out eight in seven innings as Florida shut out Pittsburgh for its fifth win in six games. Emilio Bonifacio had two hits and scored from second on Coghlans slow roller to highlight a four-run Marlins second. Nolasco gave up four hits, walked one and threw 66 of his 96 pitches for strikes.
PITTSBURGH AB Tabata cf ............... 4 Diaz lf .................... 4 Overbay 1b ............ 3 Bowker ph ............. 1 Walker 2b.............. 4 G.Jones rf.............. 3 Alvarez 3b ............. 2 Snyder c................. 3 Cedeno ss .............. 3 Morton p ............... 1 Pearce ph-1b ......... 2 TOTALS 30 FLORIDA AB Coghlan cf ............. 5 Infante 2b.............. 3 H.Ramirez ss......... 4 G.Sanchez 1b......... 4 Dobbs 3b................ 4 Stanton rf.............. 3 J.Buck c ................. 4 Bonifacio lf............ 4 Nolasco p............... 2 Cousins rf .............. 1 TOTALS 34 R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 R 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 6 H BI BB SO AVG 0 0 0 2 .286 2 0 0 0 .281 1 0 0 1 .239 0 0 0 1 .250 0 0 0 2 .261 0 0 0 1 .273 0 0 1 1 .177 1 0 0 1 .375 0 0 0 0 .170 1 0 0 0 .125 0 0 0 1 .263 5 0 1 10 H BI BB SO AVG 2 3 0 2 .279 1 0 1 0 .212 1 1 0 0 .235 1 0 0 0 .328 1 0 0 1 .391 1 0 1 2 .216 2 0 0 1 .246 2 1 0 1 .364 0 0 1 2 .143 0 0 0 0 .182 11 5 3 9

Ryan Ludwick had three hits, including one of the Padres three home runs, and San Diego beat Chicago in the second game of a doubleheader. Cameron Maybin and Chris Denorfia also homered off James Russell.
SAN DIEGO AB Denorfia rf............. 5 Bartlett ss............. 4 Headley 3b ............ 3 Cantu 1b ................ 4 Maybin cf .............. 4 Ludwick lf.............. 4 Ro.Johnson c ......... 4 Alb.Gonzalez 2b .... 1 Harang p................ 3 O.Hudson ph.......... 1 TOTALS 33 CHICAGO AB Fukudome rf.......... 5 Barney 2b .............. 5 S.Castro ss ............ 4 Ar.Ramirez 3b ....... 4 C.Pena 1b .............. 2 Stevens p .............. 0 Byrd ph .................. 1 DeWitt ph.............. 1 A.Soriano lf ........... 4 Soto c .................... 4 Re.Johnson cf........ 4 J.Russell p............. 1 Je.Baker 1b ........... 3 TOTALS 38 R 1 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 5 R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 4 H BI BB SO AVG 3 1 0 0 .313 1 0 0 0 .241 0 0 0 0 .230 1 0 0 0 .167 2 1 0 0 .242 3 2 0 1 .200 1 0 0 1 .400 0 1 2 0 .250 1 0 0 0 .143 0 0 0 0 .259 12 5 2 2 H BI BB SO AVG 2 0 0 1 .375 2 1 0 2 .309 1 0 0 0 .375 1 0 0 1 .324 0 0 0 2 .188 0 0 0 0 --0 0 0 1 .267 1 0 0 0 .231 2 2 0 0 .269 0 0 0 1 .254 3 1 0 0 .375 0 0 0 1 .000 1 0 0 1 .355 13 4 0 10

Bartolo Colon pitched into the seventh inning to earn his first win in two years as New York beat Toronto. Curtis Granderson homered for the AL East-leading Yankees, who won for the fifth time in seven games and remain the only major league team not to lose consecutive games this season.
NEW YORK AB Jeter ss ................. 5 Swisher rf ............. 3 Teixeira 1b ............ 5 Al.Rodriguez 3b..... 2 Cano 2b.................. 3 An.Jones lf ............ 4 Posada dh.............. 3 Martin c................. 3 Granderson cf........ 4 TOTALS 32 TORONTO AB Y.Escobar ss.......... 5 C.Patterson cf ....... 4 Bautista rf............. 4 Lind 1b................... 3 Encarnacion dh...... 3 Arencibia c ............ 3 Snider lf................. 4 J.Nix 2b ................. 3 Jo.McDonald 3b..... 4 TOTALS 33 R 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 6 R 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 H BI BB SO AVG 0 1 0 0 .219 1 0 2 0 .273 3 0 0 2 .259 0 1 2 2 .366 1 2 0 0 .303 0 0 0 1 .250 0 0 0 2 .160 2 0 1 0 .314 2 2 0 1 .273 9 6 5 8 H BI BB SO AVG 2 0 0 0 .322 0 0 0 2 .243 1 0 0 1 .304 0 0 1 0 .232 1 0 1 0 .288 1 1 1 1 .289 2 0 0 2 .175 1 1 1 1 .244 0 0 0 2 .308 8 2 4 9

Ian Kennedy overcame a nasty spill on the mound while pitching into the sixth inning, and Arizona beat Cincinnati, dropping the defending NL Central champion to .500 for the first time since May 8. The Reds have lost six of seven, falling to 9-9. The last time they were at the breakeven mark was 30 games into last season.
ARIZONA AB Bloomquist lf ........ 4 K.Johnson 2b......... 4 J.Upton rf .............. 3 Branyan 1b ............ 3 C.Young cf ............. 4 S.Drew ss .............. 4 R.Roberts 3b ......... 3 Montero c .............. 3 I.Kennedy p ........... 2 Nady ph ................. 0 TOTALS 30 CINCINNATI AB Stubbs cf ............... 2 Phillips 2b.............. 4 Votto 1b ................ 4 Rolen 3b ................ 4 Bruce rf ................. 3 Gomes ph .............. 1 Hermida lf ............. 4 Hanigan c .............. 2 Janish ss ............... 3 Arroyo p ................ 2 Heisey rf................ 1 TOTALS 30 R 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 3 R 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 H BI BB SO AVG 1 0 0 1 .311 1 0 0 2 .182 0 1 0 1 .286 0 0 1 2 .286 0 0 0 1 .250 2 0 0 0 .326 1 1 1 1 .378 0 0 1 1 .358 0 1 0 0 .000 0 0 1 0 .250 5 3 4 9 H BI BB SO AVG 0 0 2 0 .271 0 0 0 0 .339 2 1 0 0 .413 0 0 0 1 .217 1 0 0 1 .254 0 0 0 1 .241 0 0 0 2 .000 1 0 1 0 .229 0 0 0 0 .291 0 0 0 1 .143 0 0 0 1 .280 4 1 3 7

Hunter Pence hit a blistering go-ahead home run in the eighth inning, and Houston used two smart fielding plays late to give New York its worst home start ever. The Mets fell to 1-8 at Citi Field. They began 1-7 at the Polo Grounds during their 1962 expansion season before winning their next home game.
HOUSTON AB Bourn cf................. 4 Ang.Sanchez ss..... 4 Pence rf ................. 3 Ca.Lee lf ................ 4 Wallace 1b............. 4 C.Johnson 3b......... 4 Hall 2b ................... 2 M.Downs 2b .......... 2 Towles c ................ 2 Norris p ................. 2 Inglett ph .............. 1 Bourgeois lf........... 1 TOTALS 33 NEW YORK AB Jos.Reyes ss.......... 5 Thole c ................... 5 D.Wright 3b........... 3 Beltran rf............... 4 I.Davis 1b .............. 4 Pagan cf................. 3 Harris lf ................. 4 Dan.Murphy 2b...... 4 Dickey p................. 3 Turner ph............... 1 TOTALS 36 R 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 R 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 3 H BI BB SO AVG 2 1 0 0 .297 0 0 0 1 .290 1 1 1 2 .282 0 0 0 0 .236 2 0 0 0 .293 2 0 0 0 .211 0 0 0 1 .197 0 0 0 0 .333 0 0 1 0 .391 1 1 0 0 .333 0 0 0 0 .133 0 0 0 0 .278 8 3 2 4 H BI BB SO AVG 4 0 0 0 .329 0 0 0 2 .236 0 0 2 2 .229 3 1 0 0 .286 1 0 0 1 .290 0 0 1 0 .167 1 0 0 1 .265 3 2 0 1 .286 0 0 0 0 .125 0 0 0 1 .200 12 3 3 8

Entering Wednesdays games

Izturis, LA ............... .388 Rodriguez, NY ........ .385 Fuld, TB .................. .368 Butler, KC ............... .367 Gordon, KC .............. .361 Young, Tex .............. .348 Hafner, Cle ............. .346 Callaspo, LA ............ .339

Teixeira, NY ................. 6 Beltre, Tex ................... 5 Cabrera, Det ................ 5 Granderson, NY ........... 5 Posada, NY .................. 5 Kendrick, LA ................ 5 Cruz, Tex ...................... 5

Rodriguez, NY ........ .821 Cabrera, Det ........... .635 Hafner, Cle ............. .635 Granderson, NY ...... .608 Martin, NY .............. .604 Quentin, Chi ........... .600 Cano, NY ................. .587 Teixeira, NY ............ .585

Teixeira, NY ............... 16 Beltre, Tex ................. 16 A. Cabrera, Cle ........... 14 Roberts, Bal ............... 14 Gordon, KC ................. 13 Cabrera, Det .............. 13 Konerko, Chi .............. 13 Damon, TB ................. 13 Cruz, Tex .................... 12 Francoeur, KC ............ 12

CHICAGO ............000 001 000 1 6 1 TAMPA BAY.......020 110 00X 4 7 0 E: Al.Ramirez (5). LOB: Chicago 7, Tampa Bay 6. 2B: Konerko (2), A.Dunn (2), Joyce 2 (7), Kotchman (1). HR: Quentin (4), off W.Davis; Jaso (1), off Humber. CHICAGO IP Humber ................5.1 Ohman ....................1 T.Pena ..................0.1 Sale ......................1.1 TAMPA BAY IP W.Davis ..................7 Jo.Peralta................1 Farnsworth .............1 H 6 1 0 0 H 6 0 0 R 4 0 0 0 R 1 0 0 ER BB SO 4 1 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 ER BB SO 1 2 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 ERA 4.42 9.95 6.43 6.23 ERA 2.73 2.16 1.42

SAN DIEGO.........020 111 000 5 12 0 CHICAGO ............000 020 020 4 13 0 LOB: San Diego 5, Chicago 7. 2B: Ludwick 2 (3), Harang (1), A.Soriano (3), Re.Johnson (2). HR: Ludwick (2), off J.Russell; Maybin (3), off J.Russell; Denorfia (2), off J.Russell; A.Soriano (6), off Qualls. SAN DIEGO IP Harang ....................6 Frieri .......................1 Qualls......................1 Bell ..........................1 CHICAGO IP J.Russell .................4 Stevens...................2 Mateo......................2 Grabow....................1 H 9 1 2 1 H 7 2 2 1 R 2 0 2 0 R 4 1 0 0 ER BB SO 2 0 5 0 0 2 2 0 2 0 0 1 ER BB SO 4 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 ERA 1.88 1.86 3.12 1.13 ERA 8.00 2.45 6.14 8.10

NEW YORK.........120 020 001 6 9 0 TORONTO...........010 000 100 2 8 0 LOB: New York 7, Toronto 8. 2B: Teixeira 3 (4), Encarnacion (5), Snider (4). 3B: Granderson (1). HR: Granderson (6), off F.Francisco; Arencibia (3), off Colon. NEW YORK IP Colon ....................6.2 Robertson ...............1 Logan ...................0.1 Pendleton.............0.1 R.Soriano .............0.2 TORONTO IP Cecil.........................5 Janssen................1.2 L.Perez .................0.1 Dotel .......................1 F.Francisco..............1 H 5 2 0 1 0 H 6 2 0 0 1 R 2 0 0 0 0 R 5 0 0 0 1 ER BB SO 2 2 7 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 ER BB SO 5 4 4 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 ERA 3.50 0.00 5.40 0.00 6.48 ERA 6.86 0.00 9.00 5.40 9.00

ARIZONA............110 000 100 3 5 0 CINCINNATI .......000 001 000 1 4 0 LOB ARZ 5, CIN 5 2B Bloomquist (4), K.Johnson (4), S.Drew (5), R.Roberts (2), Votto (5) ARIZONA IP I.Kennedy .............5.1 J.Gutierrez ...........0.2 Demel......................1 D.Hernandez ...........1 Putz.........................1 CINCINNATI IP Arroyo ..................6.1 Chapman ..............1.2 Cordero ...................1 H 4 0 0 0 0 H 5 0 0 R 1 0 0 0 0 R 3 0 0 ER BB SO 1 2 3 0 0 1 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 ER BB SO 3 1 8 0 2 1 0 1 0 ERA 5.64 6.48 4.05 0.00 1.13 ERA 4.24 0.00 1.29

HOUSTON ..........030 000 010 4 8 0 NEW YORK.........001 002 000 3 12 0 LOB: HOU 5, NY 9. 2B: Wallace (3), C.Johnson (3), Beltran 2 (6), Harris (5). HR: Pence (2), off Dickey; Dan.Murphy (1), off Norris. HOUSTON IP Norris ......................6 Melancon ................1 Abad.....................0.1 J.Valdez ...............0.2 Lyon ........................1 H 10 0 1 0 1 R 3 0 0 0 0 ER BB SO 3 1 6 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 ERA 4.91 1.86 3.52 0.00 4.26

Rodriguez, NY ........ .500 Butler, KC ............... .493 Cabrera, Det ........... .456 Bautista, Tor .......... .455 Callaspo, LA ............ .426 Izturis, LA ............... .423 Boesch, Det ............ .418 Barton, Oak ............ .417

PITTSBURGH......000 000 000 0 5 1 FLORIDA.............042 000 00X 6 11 0 E: Tabata (1). LOB: PIT 4, FLA 7. 2B: Diaz (1), Snyder (2), Morton (1), Stanton (6). PITTSBURGH IP Morton ....................5 Resop ......................2 Meek .......................1 H 10 0 1 R 6 0 0 ER BB SO 6 3 6 0 0 3 0 0 0 ERA 3.33 1.80 6.00

Cabrera, Det .............. 17 Gordon, KC ................. 15 Teixeira, NY ............... 13 Boesch, Det ............... 12 Bautista, Tor ............. 12 Rodriguez, NY ........... 12 Kinsler, Tex ............... 12

Abreu, LA .................. 16 Youkilis, Bos .............. 15 Bautista, Tor ............. 14 Butler, KC .................. 14 Barton, Oak ............... 14 Cabrera, Det .............. 14

Izturis, LA .................. 26 Gordon, KC ................. 26 Young, Tex ................. 24 Suzuki, Sea ................ 22 Butler, KC .................. 22

WP: W.Davis (2-2); LP: Humber (1-2); S: Farnsworth (4). Inherited runners-scored: T.Pena 1-0, Sale 1-0. T: 2:30. A: 13,214 (34,078).

FLORIDA IP H R ER BB SO ERA Nolasco ...................7 4 0 0 1 8 3.00 Mujica .....................2 1 0 0 0 2 3.52 WP: Nolasco (2-0); LP: Morton (2-1). WP: Morton. T: 2:22. A: 10,112 (38,560).

WP: Harang (4-0); LP: J.Russell (1-2); S: Bell (5). J.Russell pitched to 1 batter in the 5th. IBB: off J.Russell (Alb.Gonzalez). HBP: by Stevens (Headley). T: 2:49. A: 35,095 (41,159).

WP: Colon (1-1); LP: Cecil (1-2); S: R.Soriano (1). Inherited runners-scored: Robertson 2-1, Logan 1-0, R.Soriano 2-0, L.Perez 1-0. HBP: by Janssen (Posada). WP: Janssen. T: 2:59. A: 26,062 (49,260).

WP: I.Kennedy (2-1); LP: Arroyo (2-2); S: Putz (5). Inherited runners-scored: J.Gutierrez 1-0, Chapman 1-0. T: 3:05. A: 14,915 (42,319).

NEW YORK IP H R ER BB SO ERA Dickey .....................8 8 4 4 2 4 4.10 Isringhausen ...........1 0 0 0 0 0 2.45 WP: Melancon (2-1); LP: Dickey (1-3); S: Lyon (4). Inherited runners-scored: J.Valdez 2-0. HBP: by Dickey (Towles). WP: Dickey. PB: Thole. T: 2:50. A: 27,380 (41,800).

Victory123 THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011

WASHINGTON AB Espinosa 2b...................5 Ankiel cf ........................4 Werth rf ........................4 Ad.LaRoche 1b ..............3 Desmond ss...................4 L.Nix lf...........................4 I.Rodriguez c .................3 Cora 3b ..........................4 Storen p ........................0 Lannan p........................3 Gaudin p ........................0 Slaten p.........................0 Clippard p ......................0 S.Burnett p ...................0 Hairston Jr. 3b ..............1 TOTALS 35 R H 2 3 1 1 1 2 1 0 1 1 2 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 10 R H 0 4 1 2 1 2 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 6 14 BI BB SO AVG 0 0 0 .292 0 1 0 .213 1 0 1 .220 1 1 1 .231 2 0 1 .219 2 0 1 .286 1 1 0 .172 0 0 0 .158 0 0 0 --0 0 1 .000 0 0 0 --0 0 0 --0 0 0 --0 0 0 --0 0 1 .148 7 3 6 BI BB SO AVG 1 0 0 .338 3 0 0 .366 2 1 0 .254 0 0 1 .436 0 0 0 --0 2 0 .309 0 1 1 .333 0 1 0 .250 0 0 1 .211 0 0 0 .261 0 0 0 .333 0 0 1 .231 0 0 0 .222 0 0 0 .000 0 1 0 --0 0 0 --0 0 0 1.00 6 6 4 8 10 6 14 1 1



Twins are happy to have Capps

Ex-Nats closer returns to 9th-inning role as Ramos thrives in D.C.



Nationals reliever Drew Storen and catcher Ivan Rodriguez celebrate Washingtons fourth straight win in Game 1. The Nationals scored six runs in the third inning to give them a lead they would not relinquish.

Nationals, Cardinals split the difference

nationals from D1 or go-ahead run to the plate eight times in the final four innings. The offense dried up at night against Jaime Garcia and the Cardinals bullpen, which held the Nationals to four hits, all singles, as Jordan Zimmermann allowed five earned runs the same number hed allowed in first three starts combined. Despite the dearth of offense in Game 2, the Nationals managed to tie the game twice, once in the fourth after falling behind 1-0 and again in the fifth after falling behind 3-1, the final two runs scoring on RBI singles by Danny Espinosa and Rick Ankiel. But after the heart of the Cardinals order struck Zimmermann with a two-out rally in the fifth in which four straight Cardinals reached base, the Nationals could not recover. Early on, even with the second game looming, Manager Jim Riggleman had to empty both bullpen barrels, using Tyler Clippard, Sean Burnett and Drew Storen for the final 10 outs, limiting his options for Wednesday nights game. In the end, the Nationals cared more about the result, which ensured Ian Desmonds steal of home, the back end of a double steal, wouldnt be for naught. You just cant let them get back in the game, Riggleman said. It was just a tough-fought win for a 7-0 ballgame. To have to grind it out like that, it just speaks to, you have to keep adding on. The Nationals, coming off two straight days off that followed the Sunday doubleheader, started fast. In the first three innings, six Nationals base runners had an opportunity to take two bases on a single. And all six of them -Espinosa, Ankiel, Jayson Werth, Adam LaRoche, Ian Desmond and Espinosa again went either first to third or second to home. When Ankiel raced from first to third on Werths single, his spike fell off his foot between second and third. He still slid in safe, headfirst. While Ankiel slid into third, Werth saw the throw to third and alertly scampered to second. Werth, who also used a hard slide to break up a double play in the first, excels at those subtle baserunning details. That kind of play shows how our attitude is this year, Storen said. Down in the bullpen, we saw that, and we get fired up about that stuff. With his talent, he doesnt need to do that stuff. But he does. He grinds it out. The Nationals almost squandered their lead with a calamitous sixth inning. Chad Gaudin replaced starter John Lannan with a man on first and no outs and promptly induced a 6-4-3
at Cardinals Today, 1:45 (MASN) at Pirates Tomorrow, 7:05 (MASN2) Sat., 7:05 (MASN2) Sunday, 1:35 (MASN2) vs. Mets Tuesday, 7:05 (MASN2) Wed., 7:05 (MASN2) April 28, 7:05 (MASN)

ST. LOUIS AB Theriot ss......................5 Rasmus cf .....................5 Pujols 1b .......................4 Holliday lf......................5 Motte p .........................0 Berkman rf ....................3 Freese 3b.......................4 Laird c............................2 Jay ph ............................1 Y.Molina c .....................1 Greene 2b......................3 Descalso ph-2b..............2 Westbrook p .................1 Salas p...........................1 Punto ph........................0 Franklin p ......................0 M.Hamilton ph-lf ..........1 TOTALS 38

baltimore When his pitch-

WASHINGTON ......... 106 000 010 ST. LOUIS ................. 001 013 010

E: Desmond (4), Greene (1). LOB: Washington 3, St. Louis 11. 2B: I.Rodriguez (2), Laird (3), Greene (1). 3B: Espinosa (2). HR: L.Nix (2), off Franklin; Pujols (5), off Lannan; Rasmus (3), off Lannan. RBI: Werth (3), Ad.LaRoche (6), Desmond 2 (8), L.Nix 2 (6), I.Rodriguez (8), Theriot (8), Rasmus 3 (8), Pujols 2 (12). SB: Desmond (7), L.Nix (1), Greene (4). DP: Washington 4 (Desmond, Ad.LaRoche), (Espinosa, Desmond, Ad.LaRoche), (Desmond, Espinosa, Ad.LaRoche), (Espinosa, Desmond, Ad.LaRoche); St. Louis 2 (Pujols, Theriot), (Pujols, Theriot, Pujols). WASHINGTON IP Lannan .........................5 Gaudin.......................0.2 Slaten ..........................0 Clippard.....................1.1 S.Burnett ..................0.2 Storen .......................1.1 ST. LOUIS IP Westbrook ...................3 Salas ............................3 Franklin........................2 Motte...........................1 H 7 2 1 1 3 0 H 7 1 1 1 R ER BB SO NP ERA 2 2 3 2 101 3.43 3 0 1 0 25 7.04 0 0 0 0 4 0.00 0 0 1 2 29 1.46 1 1 0 0 13 3.24 0 0 1 0 17 0.77 R ER BB SO NP ERA 7 7 2 1 67 9.82 0 0 0 3 37 2.25 1 1 1 1 26 9.45 0 0 0 1 13 2.25

double play. The Nationals were cruising . . . until they werent. Laird ended an 11-pitch at-bat by lacing a double to right, just out of Werths reach. Desmond bobbled a backhand play, a chance to get out of the inning wasted, and the next three batters reached base, too, before Colby Rasmuss bases-loaded bloop single scored two runs. Minutes earlier, the Nationals had a five-run lead, the bases clear and a win halfway in their pocket. Now they led by two, the tying runs were on base and walking to the plate was Albert Pujols. Riggleman summoned Clippard, the reliever he always calls for when the Nationals are in their worst jams. You have to stick to your strengths, Clippard said. Albert does what he does, and everyone knows that. But at the end of the day, were out there as well, doing our thing. You have to stick to your strengths, and thats what I did. I didnt want to give into him. I went right after him. On the eighth pitch of the at-bat, after he had fouled off two fastballs and a change-up, Pujols lofted a 94-mph fastball to left field. The crowds roar died when Laynce Nix settled under the ball and clasped his mitt around it, finally stopping the rally. Clippard squelched another scoring chance in the seventh, this one self-made. He put the first two runners on before he induced a popup and struck out two pinch-hitters. Clippard needed 29 pitches, but he recorded perhaps the five most important outs of the game. Nix blasted a solo home run in the eighth, which broke a string if 13 straight outs. When he did that, Riggleman said, it reminded us we could still score, too. The 417-foot homer seemed like necessary insurance when Pujols lined an RBI single off Burnett in the bottom of the inning. Storen recorded the final four outs, pitching around a one-walk in the ninth, for his second save this year. The final out came when Werth slid to snag a sinking liner. Even when they won Wednesday, it did not come easy.

WP: Lannan (2-1); LP: Westbrook (1-2); S: Storen (2). Lannan pitched to 1 batter in the 6th. Slaten pitched to 1 batter in the 6th. Inherited runners-scored: Gaudin 1-0, Slaten 3-2, Clippard 2-0, Storen 1-0. T: 3:20. A: 32,340 (43,975).


NATIONALS FIRST Espinosa infield single. Ankiel lined out. Werth singled, Espinosa to third. Ad.LaRoche grounded into fielders choice, Espinosa scored, Werth out. Desmond popped out to second baseman Greene. Nationals, 1-0 NATIONALS THIRD Lannan grounded out. Espinosa infield single. Ankiel walked, Espinosa to second. Werth singled, Espinosa scored, Ankiel to third. Werth to second. Ad.LaRoche walked. Desmond singled, Ankiel scored, Werth scored, Ad.LaRoche to third. L.Nix singled to right, Ad.LaRoche scored, Desmond to third. Desmond stole home. L.Nix stole second. I.Rodriguez doubled, L.Nix scored. Cora grounded out, I.Rodriguez to third. Lannan grounded out. Nationals, 7-0 CARDINALS THIRD Theriot singled. Rasmus hit into a double play, Theriot out. Pujols homered. Holliday singled. Berkman walked, Holliday to second. Freese struck out. Nationals, 7-1 CARDINALS FIFTH Theriot grounded out. Rasmus homered. Pujols grounded out. Holliday struck out. Nationals, 7-2 CARDINALS SIXTH Berkman singled. Freese hit into a double play, Berkman out. Laird doubled. Greene safe at first on Desmonds error, Laird to third. Greene stole second. Punto walked. Theriot infield single, Laird scored, Greene to third, Punto to second. Rasmus singled, Greene scored, Punto scored, Theriot to third. Pujols flied out. Nationals, 7-5 NATIONALS EIGHTH Desmond struck out. L.Nix homered. I.Rodriguez walked. Cora hit into a double play, I.Rodriguez out. Nationals, 8-5 CARDINALS EIGHTH Hamilton singled. Theriot singled, Hamilton to second. Rasmus hit into a double play, Hamilton to third, Theriot out. Pujols singled, Hamilton scored. Holliday grounded out. Nationals, 8-6

ing coach tapped Matt Capps on the shoulder Sunday morning and said, Be ready to pitch the ninth inning, Capps simply nodded his head. He already knew what had happened. Joe Nathan, the Minnesota Twins four-time all-star closer, had walked into the managers office and relinquished his ninth-inning duties, for the sake of the team. He wants to win, Capps said of Nathan, who has struggled with consistency since returning this spring from elbow ligamentreplacement surgery he underwent in March 2010. And so do I. Id be the first guy to [give up the ball] if I didnt feel like I could do this. Ive been in a situation where somethings not right. And its not fair to the other 24 guys in here to keep going out there. That day, and the next night, as Capps was locking down wins against the Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles Minnesotas first back-to-back victories of the season, as the two-time defending American League Central champs attempt to rescue their season following a 4-10 start the Twins were thankful they had Capps, who arrived via trade last July, to fill in for Nathan as closer. But thats not to say the Twins wouldnt like to have back the guy they gave up for him. Because, even as Capps lessens the sting of Nathans absence, the Twins can check the box scores and see what catcher Wilson Ramos is doing in Washington a .414 batting average and .983 on-base plus slugging percentage before going 0 for 4 Wednesday night, while slowly forcing the Nationals into a decision regarding likely future Hall of Famer Ivan Rodriguez. It was Ramos who, roughly nine months ago, was reluctantly handed over to the Nationals by the Twins management in order to pry away Capps, who converted 26 of 30 save chances for


Closing is something almost every guy in the bullpen wants to do, said Matt Capps, above, who saved 42 games last season.

Washington. The trade had the desired short-term effect: Capps went 2-0 with a 2.00 ERA in 27 appearances for the Twins, converting 16 of his 18 save attempts and helping the Twins hold off the Chicago White Sox and reach the playoffs for the sixth time in nine years. But with Twins catcher Joe Mauer, like Nathan a fourtime all-star, sidelined indefinitely with a mysterious ailment described as bilateral leg weakness, they could sure use Ramos now. Ramos might not make the Twins forget Mauer, but he would be a significant upgrade over their current catching tandem of Drew Butera, a career backup who hit .235 in his best minor league season, and Steve Holm, who has spent nearly all of the last 11 seasons in the minors. Which is greater: the Twins regret over losing Ramos, or their gratefulness for having Capps? Weve taken a lot of heat over that, getting rid of a catching prospect like we did, said Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire. But to get a good player and help yourself out, you have to give up a good player and we gave up a good player. As [for] Capps, not only is he a really good pitcher, but on the [scouting] scale of two to eight that we use, hes an eight in makeup. Hell do anything you ask. Hell pitch wherever you ask him to pitch. Were lucky weve got the young man. Capps, 27, knew all along his role this season would be dependent upon Nathans health. The mere fact the Twins would pay him $7.15 million this season in

his final year before reaching free agency a steep price for a setup man, particularly for a small- to mid-market team like the Twins suggested the team knew it might need his services in the ninth inning at some point. And Capps, who had been almost exclusively a closer for the previous four years, was perfectly fine being the setup man for Nathan, who is both one of the most accomplished closers in the game, and one of its most gracious gentlemen. Over the last six or seven years, Capps said, hes been as good as anybody. But when Nathan, following consecutive blown saves at Tampa Bay, decided to relinquish the closers job, and when the Twins subsequently told Capps to be ready to pitch the ninth inning, it sounded as if they were telling him, Welcome home. Closing is something almost every guy in the bullpen wants to do. Its the way were wired, Capps said. We want that job. We want that pressure. A lot of guys feed off it. Im no different. Joes no different. We both want to do it. But its kind of unfair to ask him, after sitting out a full year, to step in and be that guy right out of the chute. Perhaps one day, and perhaps soon, Wilson Ramos will make the Twins look like fools for giving him up. But for now, even that black hole where their catcher is supposed to be isnt enough to change this fact: The Twins are glad they have Matt Capps on their side.

WASHINGTON AB Espinosa 2b...................4 Ankiel cf ........................4 Werth rf ........................4 Ad.LaRoche 1b ..............2 W.Ramos c ....................4 Morse lf.........................4 Desmond ss...................4 Hairston Jr. 3b ..............3 L.Nix ph .........................1 Zimmermann p .............1 Cora ph ..........................1 Balester p......................0 TOTALS 32 ST. LOUIS AB Theriot ss......................5 Rasmus cf .....................4 Pujols 1b .......................3 Holliday lf......................2 Berkman rf ....................4 Boggs p .........................0 Y.Molina c .....................3 Punto 2b........................4 Descalso 3b ...................4 J.Garcia p ......................1 Motte p .........................0 M.Hamilton ph ..............1 E.Sanchez p...................0 Jay ph-rf........................0 TOTALS 31 R 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 R 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 5 H 1 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 5 H 0 1 0 1 3 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 9 BI BB SO AVG 1 0 2 .288 1 0 0 .231 1 0 1 .206 0 2 1 .222 0 0 1 .364 0 0 0 .186 0 0 2 .221 0 0 0 .167 0 0 0 .276 0 0 1 .125 0 0 0 .150 0 0 0 --3 2 8 BI BB SO AVG 0 0 1 .316 1 0 1 .360 0 1 1 .243 0 2 0 .439 2 0 0 .339 0 0 0 .000 1 0 0 .286 1 0 0 .250 0 0 0 .233 0 0 0 .000 0 0 0 --0 0 1 .500 0 0 0 .000 0 0 0 .211 5 3 4 3 5 5 9 0 3

WASHINGTON ......... 000 120 000 ST. LOUIS ................. 001 220 00X

E: Y.Molina (1), Holliday (1), J.Garcia (1). LOB: Washington 5, St. Louis 8. 2B: Berkman (3), Y.Molina (5). RBI: Espinosa (15), Ankiel (5), Werth (4), Rasmus (9), Berkman 2 (15), Y.Molina (6), Punto (1). SB: Ankiel (3). S: Zimmermann, Y.Molina, J.Garcia. WASHINGTON IP Zimmermann ...............6 Balester .......................2 ST. LOUIS IP J.Garcia ........................5 Motte...........................1 E.Sanchez ....................2 Boggs ...........................1 H 8 1 H 4 0 0 1 R ER BB SO NP ERA 5 5 2 3 96 3.70 0 0 1 1 34 0.00 R ER BB SO NP ERA 3 1 2 4 101 1.44 0 0 0 1 12 2.00 0 0 0 2 25 0.00 0 0 0 1 15 1.80

Nationals Journal
Excerpts from

WP: J.Garcia (3-0); LP: Zimmermann (1-3); S: Boggs (1). J.Garcia pitched to 1 batter in the 6th. Inherited runners-scored: Motte 1-0. HBP: by Balester (Jay). Balk: Balester. T: 2:43. A: 33,714 (43,975).


CARDINALS THIRD Descalso singled. J.Garcia sacrificed, Descalso to second. Theriot grounded out, Descalso to third. Rasmus singled, Descalso scored. Pujols flied out. Cardinals, 1-0 NATIONALS FOURTH Ankiel safe at third on Hollidays error. Werth grounded out, Ankiel scored. Ad.LaRoche walked. W.Ramos popped out. Morse flied out. Nationals, 1-1 CARDINALS FOURTH Holliday walked. Berkman doubled, Holliday scored. Y.Molina sacrificed, Berkman to third. Punto singled, Berkman scored. Descalso grounded out, Punto to second. J.Garcia grounded out. Cardinals, 3-1 NATIONALS FIFTH Desmond flied out. Hairston Jr. singled. Zimmermann sacrificed, Hairston Jr. to second. Espinosa singled, Hairston Jr. scored. On J.Garcias error on a pickoff attempt, Espinosa to third. Ankiel singled, Espinosa scored. Werth grounded out. Tied, 3-3 CARDINALS FIFTH Theriot grounded out. Rasmus popped out. Pujols walked. Holliday singled, Pujols to second. Berkman singled, Pujols scored, Holliday to second. Y.Molina singled, Holliday scored, Berkman to second. Punto lined out. Cardinals, 5-3

Lannan might pitch on short rest Sunday

When John Lannan walked off the mound Wednesday afternoon, he stopped thinking about that days start and began thinking about his next one. Usually, Lannan has time to reflect. Not Wednesday, and not when he could start Sunday on three days rest for the first time in his major league career. Right now, Lannan said in the Nationals clubhouse, Im mentally getting ready for that start. The Nationals still havent decided whether theyll give the ball to Lannan, who threw 101 pitches in five-plus innings against the Cardinals, on Sunday in Pittsburgh or let the bullpen cobble together nine innings. Manager Jim Riggleman and pitching coach Steve McCatty will monitor Lannan and decided later this week. Well analyze that as we go, Riggleman said. The number of pitches is not that big a deal. Well kind of look at that in the next couple of days

Ankiel thanks Cards fans

During his first trip back to St. Louis as an opposing player, Rick Ankiel thanked Cardinals fans with an advertisement on page C7 of Wednesdays St. Louis PostDispatch. Many Thanks to Cardinals fans and the City of St. Louis for your support and cheers over the years, the ad read, with a picture of Ankiel smiling. It was a privilege and an honor.

Desmonds almost a dad

Soon, Ian Desmond will take paternity leave for one to three days to be with wife, Chelsey, who is about to give birth to the couples first child. Desmond, 25, will leave whenever he receives the phone call telling him its time. Major League Baseball instituted new paternity leave rules, allowing teams to call someone up for one to three days when a player becomes a father. Desmond plans to stay with his wife for one or two days, but hell stay longer if necessary.
Adam Kilgore

Batters Flores Ramos Zimmerman Espinosa Nix LaRoche Desmond Ankiel Morse Cora Werth HairstonJr. Rodriguez Stairs Totals Avg AB 1.00 1 .414 29 .357 28 .256 43 .250 24 .245 49 .217 60 .211 57 .205 39 .200 15 .200 55 .154 26 .154 26 .000 8 .226 487 R H HR RBI BB SO 0 1 0 0 0 0 6 12 0 2 5 7 5 10 1 4 7 5 8 11 2 14 7 11 3 6 1 4 0 8 4 12 2 5 7 7 6 13 2 6 4 16 7 12 1 4 6 13 3 8 0 4 4 13 1 3 0 1 3 2 9 11 2 2 8 13 3 4 1 4 4 6 5 4 1 7 1 4 1 0 0 0 4 3 62 110 13 61 62 113

Victory123 D6





For new AD Nero, its business and pleasure

GW makes hire based on extensive fundraising experience


When George Washington went looking for an athletic director, university officials followed a path that many other schools have been taking recently. They didnt go after a former coach who was looking to stay involved in athletics. Instead, they went for someone with a background in fundraising and marketing whose business expertise can help the school better position its brand in a crowded marketplace. Patrick Nero, who was intro-

duced at a standing-room-only news conference at Smith Center on Wednesday morning, didnt play a varsity sport or coach a team in his nearly quarter-century in intercollegiate sports. But the 45-year-old, who previously was the commissioner of the America East Conference, has spent his career negotiating the economics of athletics. He has all the right skills and experience and a strong commitment to excellence, GW President Steven Knapp said. He brings to his new position 23 years of experience in intercollegiate athletics, including numerous leadership roles within the NCAA, extensive fundraising and compliance background and a strong grasp of the role of athletics in the university as a whole.

With a nod to GWs school colors, Nero wore a buff-andblue-striped tie. He told the assembled crowd including Atlantic 10 Commissioner Bernadette McGlade and his father,

the university, and thats to make you as proud of the athletic program as you are the rest of the campus, and we will live up to the expectations and the mission of this university.

What youve built here, I will respect that and do everything I can to live up to what youve set for me.
Patrick Nero, new athletic director at George Washington, to outgoing AD Jack Kvancz, who spent 17 years in the job

William Nero, a former vice president at Providence College how happy he was to be at GW. Speaking directly to Knapp, Nero said: I have one goal in working with you and working at

Nero also thanked outgoing Athletic Director Jack Kvancz, who is retiring on June 30 but will remain as an adviser to the athletic department. The last 17 years, what youve

built here, I will respect that and do everything I can to live up to what youve set for me, Nero said. Neros hiring appears to signal GWs recognition of the importance that finance plays in athletics these days. The university has spent $43 million to renovate the nearly 36-year-old Smith Center, yet its signature sport, mens basketball, attracted the lowest average home attendance in the Atlantic 10 in 2010-11. An average of 1,788 fans watched the Colonials at home this past season. UMBC Athletic Director Charles Brown, whose school is a member of the America East, was on the committee that selected Nero to be the conference commissioner in 2005.

Brown was at Wednesdays news conference. Theres a whole new breed of athletic administrators, Brown said. Patrick is a leader in that area. He is part of the new generation. Nero gave Loyola Athletic Director Jim Paquette his first job in athletics as a student worker at Providence College, and they have remained close since. Paquette also attended the news conference. Patrick is certainly respected in college athletics as one of the best fundraisers in the country, Paquette said. He really cares deeply about the student-athlete. Its about their experience. He will think of them as his own children. He will care deeply about their experience.


All-Met Sports
Excerpts from The Washington Posts high school sports section

Gonzaga, which locked up the top seed in the WCAC tournament this week, grabs the top spot after losses by Georgetown Prep and St. Mary's-Annapolis. . . . Bullis beat the Little Hoyas, 8-7 in overtime, on April 13 for its first win against the North Bethesda power since 1989.

Reservoirs Pipik has bases covered

As his teammates and coaches gathered on the infield for a postgame photo, T.J. Pipik wanted to keep everyone smiling, so he quickly did a headstand in front of the group. It seemed only natural for the senior standout, who has done nearly everything else to make those rooting for Reservoirs baseball team happy this spring. After pitching a perfect game last week, Pipiks grand slam capped Wednesdays 14-1 victory over previously undefeated Bowie in the opening round of the Gator Invitational Tournament in Fulton. Just joking around, got to keep it light on the field and keep everybody laughing, Pipik, a fourth-year varsity member who pitches and plays shortstop, said of his gymanastics. Cant always be serious. Reservoir (12-0) had plenty of fun Wednesday. Kyle Alexander allowed one unearned run in four innings and added a pair of run-scoring singles. Designated hitter Lee Lawler singled twice, walked and drove in three runs as the Gators continued their strong start. They followed that up by winning the tournaments title game in the afternoon, as Lawler and Pipik combined to shut out Oakland Mills, 2-0. Leading the way has been Pipik, who while batting leadoff has all of Reservoirs five home runs this season. He also has made his mark on the mound, going 5-0 while taking a perfect game into the seventh inning of a victory over Centennial and then retiring all 15 batters he faced in his next start, against Hammond. I dont think [the perfect game] is a big deal, its just another game, said Pipik, who plans to play baseball at Catonsville Community College next year. I dont count it because it was only five innings. Wednesdays game against Bowie also went five innings before being stopped because of the 10-run mercy rule. Bowie had outscored its previous eight opponents 104-13.
Josh Barr

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Gonzaga Georgetown Prep Landon St. Marys-Annapolis Bullis Episcopal Langley St. Marys Ryken Wootton Arundel

(14-2) (10-2) (12-2) (9-3) (9-3) (14-2) (7-1) (10-3) (5-1) (8-0)

Records through Tuesday

Alli Dawson scored five goals to lead Broadneck to a 14-4 win against South River on Friday. . . . Good Counsel suffered its first loss Saturday, 10-6 against nationally ranked Mendham (N.J.). . . . Severna Park has outscored opponents, 140-37.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Good Counsel Severna Park St. Stephens/St. Agnes Broadneck Chantilly South River Mount Hebron Marriotts Ridge Centennial Madison

(13-1) (8-0) (14-2) (6-1) (12-0) (6-2) (7-1) (8-1) (5-1) (7-0)

Records through Tuesday

With teams returning to action next week from spring break, the rankings remain nearly intact except for one spot. After rattling off seven straight wins to start the season, undefeated Osbourn enters the Top 10 at No. 10. The Eagles will play Cedar Run District rival Battlefield, ranked No. 9, on Tuesday.


Bowies David Webster dives for a ball as Reservoir's Drew Reed steals second base. The undefeated Gators won their home tournament.

Sprint lacrosse
Senior Mike Dwarshuis and his Arundel defensive teammates spend most lacrosse

practices chasing the offense through full-field drills, stopping fast breaks and starting counter attacks in rapid succession. The sessions give Arundel Coach Kevin Necessary a chance to hone his self-described runand-gun offense against a highpressure defense bent on creating turnovers. The frenetic pace generally continues through most of the roughly two-hour workout. But after gutting through the final minutes of a practice, the general feeling is usually the same: If they can keep up with each other, theyll be able to stay with most teams in the area. The defense is dead after every practice, Dwarshuis said, but by the next day were all refreshed and ready to go again. Its great because it makes everybody better. Those aggressive principles have helped the 10th-ranked Wildcats (8-0) outscore opponents by more than 10 goals per game. After Fridays 12-8 win against previously unbeaten Chesapeake, Arundel has the inside track for its first county title since 1999.

Some of the areas most proven lacrosse minds have shaped Necessarys coaching style. Legendary former University of Maryland coach Dick Edell coached Necessary in college; he taught Necessary the importance of building positive relationships with players. Necessarys mentor is former Arundel coach Clint Gosnell; he coached Arundel for 31 seasons. But when discussing his coaching background, Necessary also likes to mention one less obvious influence: Arundel football Coach Chuck Markiewicz. Necessary, the receivers coach under Markiewicz, likens his squads up-tempo pace to Markiewiczs no-huddle, spread offensive attack. Its fun, Necessary said. Its an attitude that many of the coaches here have embraced. As an athletic department, we train kids to fit that philosophy. Necessarys players appreciate that freedom to create plays on the lacrosse field. Junior midfielders Hunter Cetrone, Collin Potter and Tyler Young spark the fast-paced

offense, which has seven players who have scored at least 10 goals. With games against traditional powers Severna Park and South River looming, Arundel has plenty of work to do in the final weeks of the regular season. But those intense practices have given the Wildcats a good idea of their strengths, and theyre not shy about showcasing them. We have really good athletes, and we know we can run by most teams, said senior attackman T.J. Holston, who has 14 goals and 14 assists this season. If we get a fast break chance, were going to take it.
Eric Detweiler

Better than ever

Forest Park sophomore Nigel Robinson was trying to find his way out of three defenders in a Virginia AAA Northwest Region boys soccer quarterfinal last season when he was shoved, lost his balance and felt his knee snap. As he sat on the field in pain, Robinson hoped the injury wasnt as bad as it felt. Later, when he learned it was a torn

anterior cruciate ligament that would require an extended recovery and physical therapy, Robinson vowed to get back and show what I really have. Just a month after being cleared to return to the field, he won Forest Parks fitness competition. Robinson (six goals, two assists) is using his speed to beat defenders and lead the secondranked Bruins (6-0-1) are off to an unbeaten start. The winger had winning goals in Forest Parks 1-0 wins over Hylton and FreedomWoodbridge. I just knew that this year it was a new year and I just got off my injury, Robinson said. Im ready to play, and I came into it and knew I needed to step up and show its not going to knock me down. Robinson has been the spark offensively, but perhaps the most impressive aspect of their start to the season has come on the opposite side of the field. Forest Park has given up just one goal, in a 1-1 tie with thenNo. 1 Battlefield. Led by center backs Brice Colcombe and Brandon English, whom Bruins

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Stone Bridge Centreville Westfield Robinson Broad Run W.T. Woodson Chantilly Forest Park Battlefield Osbourn

(6-0-1) (9-0) (7-0-2) (3-1-2) (5-0) (6-0-1) (4-3-1) (5-0-1) (7-0-1) (7-0)

Records through Tuesday

Since a surprising 4-3 loss to Oakton on April 1, Washington-Lee has roared back to life, scoring 16 goals in three wins, including a 2-0 triumph over previously undefeated Mount Vernon. Luis Torres (12 goals), Keith Ricks (nine goals) and Eric Schmidt (seven goals) may be the most dangerous trio in the area.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Langley Forest Park McLean Herndon Washington-Lee North Stafford Osbourn Mount Vernon Broad Run West Springfield

(8-0) (6-0-1) (7-0-2) (9-0) (8-1-1) (6-2-1) (4-1-2) (8-1) (7-0) (6-0-3)

Records through Tuesday

Coach Justin Joswick called the glue of the defense, as well as goalkeeper Stephen Schweitzer, the Bruins have been one of the areas top defensive teams. Mostly its were getting to know each other more, Robinson said. Our defense is believing in each other.
Paul Tenorio


Landon cruises past Georgetown Prep



As the Landon lacrosse team walked off the field following its 10-5 win on Wednesday against Interstate Athletic Conference rival Georgetown Prep, senior captain Patrick Keena called his team into a huddle.


Keena, ever the leader, used the moment to remind his teammates that because of a rule change the conference title this season will be awarded to the winner of the IAC tournament. Even after taking a big step toward earning the top seed in the tournament, the attackman said the Bears should remember

that the home win ultimately brought them no closer to the conference title. Then, after a break to stretch, Keena and his teammates once again basked in the euphoria of the win, celebrating with the assembled student body. After all, the No. 2 Bears had just handily dispensed with one of the areas perennial powers. Its always nice to beat Prep, Keena conceded afterward. Its a great rivalry. Landon (13-2, 3-0 IAC) shook off a slow start with a five-goal third quarter to take a comfortable lead. Keena scored three goals and assisted two others to help the Bears to one of their most convincing wins in recent memory against the No. 4 Little Hoyas. Its been a long time since I can remember beating them by

more than a goal, said Landon Coach Rob Bordley, whose team split with Georgetown Prep last season with both games being decided by a goal. Usually youre holding on for dear life at the end of this game. Landon turned a close contest into its 12th straight win after several players stepped up at the right time. Keena shrugged off constant double teams to become a factor in the offense. Junior goalie Alex Joyce finished with 15 saves, including 10 after halftime as Landon built its lead. Bordley called the Georgetown commits performance as good as Ive seen from him. Senior Justin Murphy shined on face-offs, winning 11 of 15, with many of them coming against Georgetown Prep standout Bob-

by Gribbin. Gribbin, a Penn State-bound senior, led the Little Hoyas (10-3, 2-2) with two goals. But after jumping out to an early two-goal lead, the visitors mostly struggled offensively. The Bears capitalized by scoring 10 of the last 13 goals, but even after enjoying a brief celebration with their rowdy student section, players kept Keenas message on their minds. That keeps it in perspective for us, said senior defenseman Luke Howard, who scored his first goal of the season. Its always great to beat Georgetown Prep, but we have to remember we have a lot of season left to play before the tournament.

Landons Hank Brown brings the ball upfield in front of Georgetown Preps Joel Blockowicz. The Bears scored 10 of the final 13 goals.

Victory123 THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011

MARYLAND Bowie 21, Springbrook 5 (5) C.H. Flowers 6, Wise 3 Mount Hebron 5, Glen Burnie 3 Paint Branch 17, Long Reach 11 Reservoir 14, Bowie 1 Oakland Mills at Springbrook Southern at Patuxent Thomas Johnson at Linganore Walkersville at Urbana Watkins Mill at Poolesville VIRGINIA Kettle Run 4, Fairfax 3 Lake Braddock 10, Princess Anne 5 McLean 10, Robinson 2 Park View 8, Heritage 3 W.T. Woodson 13, Wakefield 5 West Potomac 12, South Lakes 7 Woodbridge 3, Stone Bridge 2 Robinson 10, Langley 2 Yorktown 6, Langley 5 West Springfield at Osbourn Park Edison vs. Lee at McLean PRIVATE DeMatha 5, Bishop Ireton 0 Good Counsel 12, St. John's 10 Maret 9, Potomac School 4 O'Connell 12, St. Mary's Ryken 3 Sidwell Friends 12, Georgetown Day 2 (6) Spalding 6, St. Paul's 3 Gonzaga 10, McNamara 0 Boys' Latin at St. Mary's-Annapolis Paul VI Catholic at Middleburg Severn at Annapolis Area Christian St. Andrew's at St. James NONLEAGUE Gar-Field 9, Myrtle Beach 8 (8) Middleburg 7, Mount Vernon 5 Westfield 3, Fort Dorchester 0

EAST Philadelphia New York Houston Columbus D.C. United New England Toronto FC Chicago Sporting K. C. W 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 2 L 0 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 T PTS 1 10 2 8 2 8 2 8 1 7 3 6 3 6 1 4 1 4 T PTS 0 12 3 12 0 9 1 7 3 6 3 6 2 5 1 4 3 3 GF 4 5 6 4 9 5 6 8 8 GF 8 7 8 9 9 6 5 6 3 GA 2 2 4 3 8 7 9 11 9 GA 1 7 6 10 10 7 7 8 5



At Real Club de Tenis Barcelona; In Barcelona Purse: $2.88 million (WT500); Surface: Clay-Outdoor

In New York; April 28-30

Best-of-seven; x-If necessary

Best-of-seven; x-If necessary

TEAM.......................................................W-L 1. Carolina .............................................. 2-14 2. Denver ................................................ 4-12 3. Buffalo................................................ 4-12 4. Cincinnati ........................................... 4-12 5. Arizona ............................................... 5-11 6. Cleveland ............................................ 5-11 7. San Francisco ..................................... 6-10 8. Tennessee .......................................... 6-10 9. Dallas.................................................. 6-10 10. Washington...................................... 6-10 11. Houston ............................................ 6-10 12. Minnesota ........................................ 6-10 13. Detroit .............................................. 6-10 14. St. Louis.............................................. 7-9 15. Miami.................................................. 7-9 16. Jacksonville ........................................ 8-8 17. New England (viaOAK) ...................... 8-8 18. San Diego............................................ 9-7 19. N.Y. Giants ....................................... 10-6 20. Tampa Bay........................................ 10-6 21. Kansas City....................................... 10-6 22. Indianapolis ...................................... 10-6 23. Philadelphia...................................... 10-6 24. New Orleans ..................................... 11-5 25. Seattle................................................ 7-9 26. Baltimore.......................................... 12-4 27. Atlanta ............................................. 13-3 28. New England .................................... 14-2 29. Chicago ............................................. 11-5 30. N.Y. Jets ........................................... 11-5 31. Pittsburgh ........................................ 12-4 32. Green Bay ......................................... 10-6 PCT .125 .250 .250 .250 .313 .313 .375 .375 .375 .375 .375 .375 .375 .438 .438 .500 .500 .563 .625 .625 .625 .625 .625 .688 .438 .750 .813 .875 .688 .688 .750 .625


Game 1: at Washington 2, N.Y. Rangers 1, OT Game 2: at Washington 2, N.Y. Rangers 0 Game 3: at N.Y. Rangers 3, Washington 2 Wednesday: Washington 4, at N.Y. Rangers 3 (2OT) Saturday: N.Y. Rangers at Washington, 3 x-Monday: Washington at N.Y. Rangers, TBD x-Wednesday: N.Y. Rangers at Washington, TBD


Game 1: at Vancouver 2, Chicago 0 Game 2: at Vancouver 4, Chicago 3 Game 3: Vancouver 3, at Chicago 2 Game 4: at Chicago 7, Vancouver2 Thursday: Chicago at Vancouver, 10 x-Sunday: Vancouver at Chicago, 7:30 x-Tuesday: Chicago at Vancouver, TBD

SECOND ROUND Santiago Giraldo, Colombia, def. Albert Ramos, Spain, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3; Kei Nishikori, Japan, def. Rui Machado, Portugal, 6-1, 6-4; Juan Carlos Ferrero, Spain, def. Mischa Zverev, Germany, 6-4, 7-5; Simone Vagnozzi, Italy, def. Juan Monaco (16), Argentina, 6-3, 6-2; David Ferrer (4), Spain, def. Carlos Berlocq, Argentina, 6-2, 6-2; Albert Montanes (11), Spain, def. Benoit Paire, France, 6-7 (7-3), 6-1, 6-4; Victor Hanescu, Romania, def. Kevin Anderson (14), South Africa, 6-4, 6-4; Feliciano Lopez, Spain, def. Guillermo Garcia-Lopez (12), Spain, 6-7 (7-2), 6-3, 6-4; Richard Gasquet (9), France, def. Blaz Kavcic, Slovenia, 6-3, 4-6, 6-2; Rafael Nadal (1), Spain, def. Daniel Gimeno-Traver, Spain, 6-1, 6-1; Jurgen Melzer (6), Austria, def. Marcel Granollers, Spain, 6-1, 6-3; Nikolay Davydenko, Russia, def. Edouard Roger-Vasselin, France, 6-2, 7-6 (13-11); Ivan Dodig, Croatia, def. Robin Soderling (3), Sweden, 6-2, 6-4; Milos Raonic (15), Canada, def. Simon Greul, Germany, 6-3, 4-6, 7-6 (7-5).


Game 1: Buffalo 1, at Philadelphia 0 Game 2: at Philadelphia 5, Buffalo 4 Game 3: Philadelphia 4, at Buffalo 2 Wednesday: at Buffalo 1, Philadelphia 0 Friday: Buffalo at Philadelphia, 7:30 Sunday: Philadelphia at Buffalo, 3 x-Tuesday: Buffalo at Philadelphia, TBD


Game 1: at San Jose 3, Los Angeles 2, OT Game 2: Los Angeles 4, at San Jose 0 Game 3: San Jose 6, at Los Angeles 5 Thursday: San Jose at Los Angeles, 10:30 Saturday: Los Angeles at San Jose, 10:30 x-Monday: San Jose at Los Angeles, TBD x-Wednesday, April 27: Los Angeles at San Jose, TBD

WEST W Real Salt Lake 4 Los Angeles 3 Colorado 3 Portland 2 Vancouver 1 Seattle 1 San Jose 1 Dallas 1 Chivas USA 0


Game 1: Montreal 2, at Boston 0 Game 2: Montreal 3, at Boston 1 Game 3: Boston 4, at Montreal 2 Thursday: Boston at Montreal, 7 Saturday: Montreal at Boston, 7 x-Tuesday: Boston at Montreal, TBD x-Wednesday, April 27: Montreal at Boston TBD


Game 1: at Detroit 4, Phoenix 2 Game 2: at Detroit 4, Phoenix 3 Game 3: Detroit 4, at Phoenix 2 Wednesday: Detroit at Phoenix, Late x-Friday: Phoenix at Detroit, 7 x-Sunday: Detroit at Phoenix, TBD x-Wednesday, April 27: Phoenix at Detroit, TBD

FIRST ROUND Santiago Gonzalez, Mexico, and Scott Lipsky, United States, def. Pablo Carreno-Busta and Albert Ramos, Spain, 6-7 (7-0), 6-2, 10-8 tiebreak; Marc Lopez, Spain, and Juan Monaco, Argentina, def. Marcelo Melo and Bruno Soares, Brazil, 6-2, 6-4; Pablo Andujar and Daniel Gimeno-Traver, Spain, def. Guillermo Garcia-Lopez and Albert Montanes, Spain, 6-1, 1-6, 10-2 tiebreak. SECOND ROUND Max Mirnyi, Belarus, and Daniel Nestor (2), Canada, def. Pablo Cuevas, Uruguay, and Lukas Dlouhy, Czech Republic, 6-2, 4-6, 14-12 tiebreak; Kevin Anderson, South Africa, and Simon Aspelin, Sweden, def. Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski (5), Poland, 7-5, 7-5; Lukas Kubot, Poland, and Oliver Marach (4), Austria, def. Alexandr Dolgopolov, Ukraine, and Xavier Malisse, Belgium, 6-3, 6-4.


Game 1: at Pittsburgh 3, Tampa Bay 0 Game 2: Tampa Bay 5, at Pittsburgh 1 Game 3: Pittsburgh 3, at Tampa Bay 2 Wednesday: Pittsburgh 3, at Tampa Bay 2 (2OT) Saturday: Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh, Noon x-Monday: Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay, TBD x-Wednesday, April 27: Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh, TBD


Game 1: at Nashville 4, Anaheim 1 Game 2: at Anaheim 5, Nashville 3 Game 3: at Nashville 4, Anaheim 3 Wednesday: Anaheim 6, at Nashville 3 Friday: Nashville at Anaheim, 10 Sunday: Anaheim at Nashville, TBD x-Tuesday: Nashville at Anaheim, TBD

New York at D.C. United, 8

At Churchill Downs; In Louisville For race on May 7 HORSE..................................CURRENT Dialed In ..........................................5-1 Archarcharch ...................................8-1 Toby's Corner ..................................8-1 Nehro.............................................10-1 Uncle Mo........................................10-1 Midnight Interlude........................12-1 Master of Hounds .........................15-1 Comma to the Top.........................20-1 Mucho Macho Man ........................20-1 Pants On Fire.................................20-1 Shackleford ...................................20-1 The Factor .....................................20-1 Jaycito ...........................................30-1 Soldat ............................................30-1 Sway Away....................................30-1 Stay Thirsty ..................................35-1 Twinspired ....................................35-1 Animal Kingdom............................40-1 Brilliant Speed ..............................40-1 Santiva ..........................................40-1 Silver Medallion ............................40-1 Twice the Appeal ..........................40-1 Anthony's Cross............................50-1 Brethren ........................................50-1 Decisive Moment ..........................50-1 Watch Me Go.................................50-1 OPENING 100-1 100-1 150-1 200-1 40-1 200-1 200-1 200-1 200-1 150-1 200-1 200-1 200-1 150-1 75-1 75-1 125-1 75-1 200-1 200-1 200-1 200-1 200-1 150-1 150-1 200-1

MARYLAND Tuscarora (Md.) at Liberty (Md.) Blair vs. Clarksburg at Battle at the 'Burg Tournament Northwest vs. Churchill at VIRGINIA Chantilly 10, Oakton 9 Albemarle at Stafford Brooke Point at North Stafford Colonial Forge at Mountain View Stonewall Jackson at Woodgrove Westfield vs. Madison at West Springfield Edison vs. Lake Braddock at Woodgrove PRIVATE Landon 10, Georgetown Prep 5 St. Andrew's 12, Trinity Episcopal 2 Bishop Ireton at Potomac School Maret at St. James NONLEAGUE Hamburg 10, Langley 9 (OT) Canisius at Wootton Coronado at Wootton McDonogh at Severna Park Frontier vs. West Springfield at West Springfield Mount Vernon vs. Williamsburg Christian at Woodgrove Marriotts Ridge vs. Canisius at Wootton

Major League Baseball: Announced it is taking over business and day-to-day operations of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Detroit Tigers: Activated RHP Ryan Perry from the 15-day DL. Assigned RHP Enrique Gonzalez outright to Toledo (IL). Los Angeles Angels: Activated RHP Bobby Cassevah from the 15-day DL and optioned him to Salt Lake (PCL). Texas Rangers: Recalled RHP Brett Tomko and C Taylor Teagarden from Round Rock (PCL). Placed RHP Mason Tobin on the 60-day DL. Optioned LHP Michael Kirkman to Round Rock. New York Mets: Assigned LHP Pat Misch outright to Buffalo (IL). Philadelphia Phillies: Assigned RHP Chance Chapman from Lehigh Valley (IL) to Reading (EL). Promoted RHP Tyson Brummett from Reading to Lehigh Valley. San Francisco Giants: Activated OF Cody Ross from the 15-day DL. Optioned INF Brandon Belt to Fresno (PCL).



At Porsche-Arena; In Stuttgart, Germany Purse: $721,000 (Premier); Surface: Clay-Indoor

SECOND ROUND Vera Zvonareva (2), Russia, def. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Russia, 3-6, 6-4, 6-2; Kristina Barrois, Germany, def. Marion Bartoli, France (8), 6-4, 6-2; Agnieszka Radwanska, Poland, def. Francesca Schiavone (3), Italy, 6-1, 6-3; Sam Stosur (5), Australia, def. Daniela Hantuchova, Slovakia, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4; Sabine Lisicki, Germany, def. Li Na (6), China, 6-4, 7-5; Caroline Wozniacki (1), Denmark, def. Zuzana Kucova, Slovakia, 6-1, 6-2; Andrea Petkovic, Germany, def. Jelena Jankovic (7), Serbia, 3-6, 6-1, 6-3; Julia Goerges, Germany, def. Victoria Azarenka (4), Belarus, 4-6, retired.

Fort Worth Cats: Traded RHP Jason Fernandez to Shreveport-Bossier for a player to be named. Grand Prairie Airhogs: Signed OF Greg Porter. Shreveport-Bossier Captains: Signed RHP Dan Griffin. Wichita Wingnuts: Signed RHP Anthony Shawler and LHP Ryan Hinson. Traded RHP Jacob Wiley to Yuma (North American) for future considerations.

VIRGINIA Stafford at Mountain View BOYS' TENNIS Potomac School 6, Maret 1 Sidwell Friends 5, Georgetown Day 2 St. Albans 6, Gonzaga 3

Ryan Miller made 32 saves for his second shutout of the playoffs to lead Buffalo over Philadelphia to even the first-round playoff series at 2. Jason Pominville scored at 9:38 of the first period to help the Sabres rebound from two consecutive losses. It was Millers third career playoff shutout and second of the series after he stopped 35 shots in Buffalos 1-0 victory in Game 1. Millers best stops came in the final nine minutes. First, there was his glove save in stopping Flyers RW Danny Briere, who was set up alone in front. A few minutes later, Miller reached back with his stick to prevent Mike Richards from slipping a shot into an open left side.
PHILADELPHIA ........................ 0 BUFFALO ................................. 1 0 0 0 0 0 1

Late Tuesday Los Angeles was cruising along with a four-goal lead. Then came an offensive barrage by San Jose so swift and stunning that the Kings did not have an answer. Devin Setoguchi scored 3:09 into overtime to give the Sharks a 2-1 lead in their first-round playoff series. It was San Joses second overtime win in three games.
SAN JOSE .......................... 0 LOS ANGELES .................... 3 5 2 0 0 1 0 6 5

Scoring: 1, LA, W.Mitchell 1 (Lewis, Westgarth), 2:26. 2, LA, Clifford 2 (Richardson, Simmonds), 2:39. 3, LA, Handzus 1 (Penner, Brown), 18:22.

Scoring: 4, LA, Richardson 1, :44. 5,SJ, Marleau 1 (Boyle, Thornton), 3:08. 6, SJ, Clowe 1 (Couture, Demers), 6:53 (pp). 7, SJ, Couture 2 (I.White, Wallin), 13:32. 8, LA, Smyth 1 (Stoll, Johnson), 13:47. 9, SJ, Clowe 2 (Boyle, Heatley), 18:35. 10, SJ, Pavelski 2 (I.White, T.Mitchell), 19:29.

In Washington

QUARTERFINALS Kristina Barrois and Jasmin Woehr, Germany, def. Liezel Huber, United States, and Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez (1), Spain, 6-4, 6-4; Vitalia Diatchenko, Russia, and Mariya Koryttseva, Ukraine, def. Emma Laine, Finland, and Laura Siegemund, Germany, 6-0, 6-2; Katalin Marosi, Hungary, and Kathrin Woerle, Germany, def. Klaudia Jans and Alicja Rosolska (4), Poland, 1-6, 6-2, 10-8 tiebreak.

Evansville Otters: Signed RHP Scott Kelley. Lake Erie Crushers: Signed SS Jodam Rivera to a contract extension. Signed INF Chase Fontaine. Rockford Riverhawks: Released SS Jorge Gutierrez, INF Bryan Marquez, C Jett Ruiz and OF Eric Suttle. Traverse City Beach Bums: Signed RHP Eric Thomas. Placed C Andrew Marshall on the suspended list. Windy City Thunderbolts: Signed LHP Bradley Blanks.

Scoring: 1, BUF, Pominville 1 (Niedermayer, Ennis), 9:38.

Scoring: 11, SJ, Setoguchi 1 (Marleau, Wallin), 3:09.

PRIVATE National Cathedral 13, Sidwell Friends 9 St. Paul's 15, St. Mary's-Annapolis 13 St. Timothy's 15, Pallotti 14 NONLEAGUE St. Stephen's/St. Agnes 21, Oakton 6

1. Ted Poulos, McLean, 5:25; 2. Kevin Stack, Reston, 5:40; 3. Dustin Palmer, Oakton, 6:12; 4. Rodney Wells, Manassas Park, 6:40; 5. Peter Blank, Annandale, 6:45.

PHILADELPHIA ...................... 11 10 11 32 BUFFALO ............................... 13 8 8 29 Power-play opportunities: Philadelphia 0 of 3; Buffalo 0 of 4. Goalies: Phila, Boucher 2-1-0 (29 shots-28 saves). Buffalo, Miller 2-2-0 (32-32). A: 18,690 (18,690). T: 2:42.

SAN JOSE .......................... 7 18 9 2 36 LOS ANGELES .................... 9 8 5 0 22 Power-play opportunities: San Jose 1 of 3; Los Angeles 0 of 4. Goalies: SJ, Niemi (10 shots-6 saves), Niittymaki 1-0-0 (0:44 second, 12-11). LA, Quick 1-2-0 (36-30). A: 18,216 (18,118). T: 2:55.

Newark Bears: Signed OF Danny Santiesteban, INF Todd Gossage and RHP Mikey Mehlich. Pittsfield Colonials: Signed C Chris Torres.

Bullis 193, O'Connell 226 Georgetown Prep 216, Mercersburg Academy 227

MEN 1. Victor Papagno, Hughesville, 10:14; 2. Mike Piet, Arlington, 11:24; 3. Max Ahmadi, Dunn Loring, 12:30; 4. David Buffum, Washington, 13:34; 5. Dale Johnson, Washington, 13:34. WOMEN 1. Simonetta Nussio, Arlington, 13:23; 2. Bernadette Flynn, Springfield, 19:58.


At Royal Tennis Club de Fes; In Fez, Morocco Purse: $220,000 (Intl.); Surface: Clay-Outdoor

Memphis Grizzlies: Signed F Zach Randolph to a fouryear contract extension.

MARYLAND Urbana 7, Walkersville 3 PRIVATE Bishop Ireton 10, Holy Cross 2 Georgetown Visitation 6, Potomac School 1 McNamara 11, St. John's 1 (6) National Cathedral 7, Stone Ridge 5 (11) O'Connell 12, Paul VI Catholic 2 (6)


Entering Wednesdays games

FIRST ROUND Alize Cornet (8), France, def. Andrea Hlavackova, Czech Republic, 6-3, 6-3; Melanie Oudin, United States, def. Lourdes Dominguez Lino (3), Spain, 4-6, 6-1, 6-2; Polona Hercog, Slovenia, def. Chanelle Scheepers, South Africa, 6-7 (8-6), 7-6 (7-1), 6-2. SECOND ROUND Greta Arn (4), Hungary, def. Kristyna Pliskova, Czech Republic, 6-4, 6-4; Simona Halep (7), Romania, def. Alla Kudryavtseva, Russia, 6-2, 6-4; Nadia Lalami, Morocco, def. Aravane Rezai (1), France, 2-6, 7-6 (7-5), 6-4; Kirsten Flipkens, Belgium, def. Eleni Daniilidou, Greece, 6-4, 7-5.

Minnesota Lynx: Signed F Amber Harris.

1. Karsten Brown, Front Royal, 17:25; 2. Bill Stahr, The Plains, 20:53; 3. Noah Wood, Catonsville, 21:06; 4. Andy Garin, Washington, 23:32; 5. Tristan Worthen, North Beach, 26:02.


Edmonton Eskimos: Signed DT Marcus Adams and LB J.C. Sherritt.


USA Football: Named Steve Bernstein, Derrick Williams, Erik Raeburn, Mickey Joseph, Adam Austin, Jordan Brown and Matt Webb assistant coaches for the international team.

Penn State 4, Maryland 2 UMBC 6, George Washington 3 Virginia 12, Richmond 1

Lynn Keith won the 18-holers Israel Cup opening day event with 37.

New York Islanders: Agreed to terms with F Tyler McNeely on a one-year contract. Tampa Bay Lightning: Reassigned D Charles Landry to Montreal (QMJHL).

FIRST ROUND Irina-Camelia Begu and Elena Bogdan, Romania, def. Alize Cornet, France, and Ioana Raluca Olaru (2), Romania, 5-7, 7-5, 10-7 tiebreak; Polona Hercog, Slovenia, and Ksenia Pervak, Russia, def. Alla Kudryavtseva and Arina Rodionova, Russia, 6-4, 1-6, 10-6 tiebreak; Nina Bratichikova, Russia, and Sandra Klemenschits, Austria, def. Jill Craybas, United States, and Chanelle Scheepers, South Africa, 7-6 (7-1), 5-7, 10-7 tiebreak. QUARTERFINALS Andrea Hlavackova and Renata Voracova (1), Czech Republic, def. Ahsha Rolle and Mashona Washington, United States, 6-0, 6-2.

James Madison 4-2, George Washington 2-1 Wilson 10-14, Gallaudet 2-0

Jay West and Randy Milligan won first net with 65. Chris Lamond and John Coleman won first gross with 69.

NCAA: Granted Massachusetts womens basketball G Megan Zullo a sixth year of eligibility due to injuries she sustained as a freshman and junior. George Washington: Named Patrick Nero athletic director. Kennesaw State: Named Lewis Preston mens basketball coach. Lakeland: Named Lindsey Vande Hoef womens basketball coach. Massachusetts: Announced its football team is joining the Mid-American Conference for the 2012 season. Michigan State: Named Dane Fife mens assistant basketball coach. Princeton: Named Mitch Henderson mens basketball coach. Stetson: Named Casey Alexander mens basketball coach. Texas: Named Edwina Brown womens basketball assistant strength and conditioning coach. Xavier: Promoted womens assistant basketball coach Amy Waugh to head coach.

James Neal scored 3:38 into the second overtime to give Pittsburgh a victory over Tampa Bay in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series. Marc-Andre Fleury stopped 29 shots 12 of them in the extra periods to help the Penguins take a commanding 3-1 lead in the series. Neal gathered a loose puck along the boards and sent the winning shot past G Dwayne Roloson, who had 50 saves for Tampa Bay.
PITTSBURGH ............... 1 TAMPA BAY ................. 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 3 0 2

Player Daniel Sedin Mike Fisher Ryane Clowe Pavel Datsyuk Corey Perry Teemu Selanne Martin St. Louis Shane Doan Drew Doughty Alex Ovechkin Radim Vrbata Dave Bolland Eric Brewer M. Cammalleri Ryan Getzlaf Team GP Vancouver ................ 4 Nsh ........................... 3 San Jose ................... 3 Detroit ...................... 3 Anh ........................... 3 Anh ........................... 3 Tampa Bay ............... 3 Phoenix .................... 3 Los Angeles .............. 3 Washington ............. 3 Phoenix .................... 3 Chicago ..................... 1 Tampa Bay ............... 3 Montreal .................. 3 Anh ........................... 3 G 4 3 2 2 1 4 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 A Pts 2 6 2 5 3 5 3 5 4 5 0 4 1 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 G 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Player Daniel Sedin Teemu Selanne Mike Fisher Patrick Sharp Martin St. Louis Arron Asham Danny Briere Kyle Clifford Ryane Clowe Logan Couture Pavel Datsyuk Shane Doan Drew Doughty Johan Franzen Brian Gionta Jannik Hansen Duncan Keith Alex Ovechkin Joe Pavelski Brian Rafalski Team GP Vancouver ...................... 4 Anaheim ......................... 3 Nashville ........................ 3 Chicago ........................... 4 Tampa Bay ...................... 3 Pittsburgh ...................... 3 Philadelphia .................... 3 Los Angeles .................... 3 San Jose ......................... 3 San Jose ......................... 3 Detroit ............................ 3 Phoenix ........................... 3 Los Angeles .................... 3 Detroit ............................ 3 Montreal ......................... 3 Vancouver ...................... 4 Chicago ........................... 4 Washington .................... 3 San Jose ......................... 3 Detroit ............................ 3


McDaniel Twilight Invitational, In Westminster, Md. Led by three first-place finishes from freshmen throwers, the Navy womens track team won five of the six events it competed in and claimed first place in the team standings.

Dick Curtin, Bob Chaney, Barry Rubin and Jerry Lake won the MISGA event between Cross Creek Manor and Leisure World with 126.

Scoring: 1, PIT, Kennedy 2 (Michalek, Letestu), 8:14 (pp).

Scoring: 2, PIT, Asham 3 (Lovejoy), 2:39. 3, TB, St. Louis 4 (Lecavalier, Purcell), 17:14.

Barbara Mathis won the LGA-nine ladies day grandmothers bowl with 35.

Scoring: 4, TB, Bergenheim 1 (St. Louis, Kubina), 16:43.



Caps Insider

Katie Carerra chronicles the Caps playoff run

In a MISGA mixer with Fort Meade, Fairway Hills, Hobbits Glen and Hog Neck, Jack Hodges, Walter Wright, John Rosado and Joe Hutchinson won with 127. Keith Lenhart won low gross with 78. Pete Sorge won low net with a 66.

Scoring: 5, PIT, Neal 1 (Staal, Martin), 3:38.


PIT .............................. 12 18 10 11 2 53 TB ................................. 6 8 8 8 1 31 Power-play opportunities: PIT 1 of 3; TB 0 of 4. Goalies: PIT, Fleury 3-1-0 (31 shots-29 saves). TB, Roloson 1-3-0 (53-50). A: 20,326 (19,758). T: 3:42.

In the senior face-off event, Tom Killian won low gross with 79. Gary Fitzgerald won low net with 67.

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Game 1 Capitals 2, Rangers 1 (OT)

Game 2 Capitals 2, Rangers 0

Game 3 Rangers 3, Capitals 2

Game 4

Game 5 Saturday at Verizon Center 3 p.m. (NBC)

Game 6* Monday at New York time TBA (CSN)

Game 7* Wednesday at Verizon Center time TBA (CSN) *if necessary

Capitals 4, Rangers 3 (2OT)

Shot tracker: Take an in-depth look at every Caps playoff game with our interactive graphic. Photos: View shots of the scene at Madison I Square Garden and all the on-ice action.

Washington leads quarterfinal series, 3-1

Video chat: Dan Steinberg and Tarik El-Bashir will be online at 1 p.m. to break down Game 4.


Michal Neuvirth deflects a shot against the Rangers as Brian Boyle creates traffic in front. Neuvirth made 36 stops and earned the win after trailing 3-0 through two periods.

Stirring comeback gives Washington a 3-1 lead

capitals from D1 boost for the victor. To even send the game into the sudden-death periods, Washington needed to create one of its more memorable comebacks of the season after spotting the Rangers a 3-0 lead through two periods. Two minutes and 47 seconds into the third, the Capitals began to claw their way back. Alexander Semin took a shot that sent the puck knuckling through New York goaltender Henrik Lundqvist (49 saves), who couldnt find the puck loose behind him. Semin followed up on the play, which was not whistled dead by the referee behind the net, and poked the puck over the goal line to make it 3-1. Fifty-seven seconds later, the Rangers lost Johansson directly out in front, where he knocked the puck home to shrink the deficit to one. At that point, Washington had created something of an informal power play. The action on the ice was still five-on-five, but the Capitals had finally established sustained pressure in the offensive zone and were finding success near Lundqvists crease. Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth (36 saves) made a few nice stops, including a shot off a rebound by Brian Boyle, to ensure the Rangers couldnt jump ahead further until finally Washington caught up. Washington defenseman John Carlson fired a shot from the point with heavy traffic in front of the New York net that was redirected by Johansson, his second career NHL playoff goal, to complete the rally and tie it at 3, but it was a mighty shift from the way the first 40 minutes went. Earlier this week while making a radio appearance, Coach Bruce Boudreau said Madison Square Garden, the NHLs oldest building, was nothing and not that loud. Whether it was intended to create a stir was irrelevant, because the comments provoked the New York faithful to make themselves known. A sold-out Garden was raucous when the teams hit the ice. Rangers fans quickly turned to their new enemy, chanting Boud-reau Sucks! in unison. They even replaced Denis Potvins name with the coachs in the famous Hot Cross Buns tune that Rangers fans have been singing, regardless of opponent, since 1979. With the boiling atmosphere as the backdrop, the Capitals and Rangers started the fourth installment of the series as they have each game prior with plenty of hits on both sides. Both teams garnered scoring chances in the opening frame, but as it was in the three previous games, the first period ended in a scoreless tie. Neither the Capitals nor the Rangers have scored a goal in the opening frame throughout this series. The Rangers would tally the first goal, though, something that isnt to be underestimated with legions of supporters boosting the air in the arena to their favor. Less than six minutes into the second, after Washington killed off a fourth penalty, Artem Anisimov chipped the puck from behind the Capitals goal line. The shot redirected off Matt Hendrickss skate and past Neuvirth to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead. It was the second bounce in as many playoff games that has gone against the Capitals and it only seemed to galvanize the Rangers. The contest didnt unfold in the same tedious, defensively-methodical manner that both teams had exhibited previously. Rather, each made their share of turnovers and committed bad line changes, leading to more oddman rushes and breaks on both sides. The Rangers were creating the better opportunities as the second period progressed into a crescendo before the 14-minute mark. Ruslan Fedotenko made a no-look pass to the right post of the Capitals net, where an unguarded Marian Gaborik swept the puck into the net to make it 2-0. Seven seconds later, Brandon Dubinsky corralled the puck as it bounced off the boards to make it 3-0. It was then, after a goal by Brandon Dubinsky, that a rabid crowd at Madison Square Garden started yelling a question, presumably to Boudreau. Can you hear us? They screamed, growing louder by the second, but these werent the same Capitals who suffered a blowout loss here back on Dec. 12.


After double-overtime win, Capitals enjoy the silence

boswell from D1 An omen of a much different future? The Caps are entitled to build upon that theory. But this game was more. It was a microcosm of one of the most exciting recurrent scenes in sports a packed-house New York crowd as it reaches the heights of rooting ecstasy and the deepest gloom of impending defeat. New York is pride, power and competition. And aggravation. Nowhere does it seem that a citys worldview, its sense of itself, so closely hangs in the balance with its teams. Decade after decade, they risk. They suffer. No crowds gloat so gloriously, blending smarts and gall. Can you hear us? they taunted Caps Coach Bruce Boudreau who, on Monday, said that Madision Square Garden was kind of an old dump and that the crowds at Verizon Center were louder than they are here. Losers, losers, they chanted as the Caps fell behind, trying to remind Washington of its burden as the only franchise in pro sports that has blown a twogame lead in eight different season-ending playoff series. And no crowds fall so gloriously silent as those here. When Alexander Semin and Marcus Johansson scored just 57 seconds apart early in the third period to cut that 3-0 lead to 3-2, you never saw a sports arena turn into a vast haunted house so quickly. New Yorkers know. And they knew a third Caps goal to tie was coming. They were often nearly mute, their dread perhaps infecting their team, as they waited for the blow to fall, as it finally did when the rookie Johansson scored again with 7:53 left in the third period. And finally, throughout a scoreless overtime and then a second extra period, they screamed and slapped their heads, stood then collapsed in their seats, gasped with delight or fear as minute after agonizing minute nobody scored. When Alex Ovechkin broke away so completely that he had the equivalent of a penalty shot against the Rangers great goalie, (King) Henrik, in the first overtime then saw his shot batted away the whole Garden erupted as if its soul (or a little of it) had been saved. Decade after decade, we almost take for granted the energy, the profound silly joy and the raw sore-loser caring that New York fans provide. But we shouldnt. This city probably has the most obsessed and smartest sports crowds in the country. In some towns, people have one or two favorite teams. But, give New York its due; here everybody knows everything about every Marconi invented radio itself in 1895. But, at times, under extreme duress, New York shows a frontrunning streak. Thats also a New York tradition. So, the flip side of all that heart, knowledge and passion is a catatonic sadness when something that seemed wonderful, and almost certain, suddenly goes terribly wrong. And the silence that accompanies that New York melancholy in defeat is a nonsound that, to New York rivals, is a sweet as any victory cheer. For much of the third period, and plenty of those overtimes, the Caps had the hearts of the Rangers fans in their mouths. And you just cant yell that way. The whole glorious and despondent range of New York sports moods was on display in this game. In few other places in sports is there a press-box seat just 20 feet from the glass behind one goal and so close to the crowd that you can reach out and touch a half-dozen Ranger fans. If you want color, volume and detail, you got it here. No hangin around the net, they bellow until a Rangers defenseman blasts a Cap out of the crease. Cut the crap and shoot it, they yell when the Rangers dawdle on a power play. Aw, ya gotta be kidding me, they moan as the Caps chew up their lead. This evening may even put the life work of numerous New York artists in a different perspective. For example, Woody Allen probably doesnt have a clue about existential angst or being and nothingness. Hes just a typical sport-saturated New York fan. Who exhorts the crowd here between periods? Venerable rocker Cyndi Lauper, belting out the names of all the boroughs, then screaming, Come on, we can do it, New York! When the second period of this game produced three Rangers goals two of them within seven seconds the throng went into a delightful spasm of improve creativity. But when that lead evaporated, you were reminded of Yankee Stadium last October as the Texas Rangers the who? marched toward the World Series, not the Yankees. As it was that night, the final scene here was complete delicious New York silence. A gasp escaped from thousands of throats involuntarily on Chimeras goal. Then that quiet which New Yorks rivals enjoy so deeply. As the crowd filed out, a few Caps fans cheered. A grown woman beside me, her hair died purple, yelled repeatedly, Shut up! And get out of my house. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE. They care so much, just like they should. You hate em. And, oh, do you love to beat em.


Rangers fans enjoy hits like the one Michael Sauer, left, delivered on Alex Ovechkin. But the Capitals had the last laugh in overtime.

sport. Just ask them. To be crazed about less than a handful of teams almost makes you a

social outcast here. Wild guess: New York invented 24/7 sporttalk radio before Guglielmo


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Get inspired
A Virginia landscape goes from cluttered to stately Plus: A list of garden tours


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4 Natural-fiber rugs 6 House Calls 8 Cover story: Adrian Higgins on the landscaping makeover of a 300-year-old home in Fauquier County. 10 Spring home and garden tours 12 A Cooks Garden 14 Home sales The How To column will return next week. 6

THU | 21
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind The Neo-Futurists present 30 plays in 60 minutes, back at Woolly Mammoth with a new cast and a new roster of plays. Opens Thursday at 8 p.m., continues Friday-Saturday at 7 and 9 p.m., Sunday at 3 and 7 p.m. Through May 1. Woolly Mammoth Theatre, 641 D St. NW. 202-393-3939. $30-$45. D.C. United The soccer team plays the New York Red Bulls. 8 p.m. RFK Stadium, 2400 East Capitol St. 202-587-5000. $23-$52, college students with ID $20 day of game or $15 in advance from a .edu e-mail account. Michael McDonald The 10-year MadTV veteran and writer, director and producer for ABCs Cougar Town performs stand-up comedy. He has appeared on Scrubs, Desperate Housewives and other shows, and recorded an hour-long Showtime special, Michael McDonald: Model Citizen. Thursday at 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 8 and 10:30 p.m. DC Improv, 1140 Connecticut Ave. NW. 202-296-7008. $20. Directions: Grazia Toderi The video artist calls her large-scale projections frescoes of light, made using urban night surveillance and satellite footage. Opens Thursday. Through Sept. 30. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Seventh Street and Independence Avenue SW. 202-633-1000. Free.

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River of RenewalCarlos Bolados 2009 documentary about conflict among farmers, ranchers and local tribes over Oregons waterways will be followed by a question-andanswer session moderated by American University film professor Chris Palmer. 12:30 p.m. National Museum of the American Indian, Rasmuson Theater, Fourth Street and Independence Avenue SW. 202-633-1000. Free. Pictures of the Year More than 60 news photos capture key moments from 2010. Opens Friday. Through Oct. 31. Newseum, 555 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. 888-639-7386. $21.95; seniors, military and students $17.95; ages 7-18 $12.95; age 6 and younger free. So Much Need of Service The Diary of a Civil War Nurse Letters and diaries by Amanda Akin, who worked at Armory Square Hospital in the District from 1863 to 1864, are displayed along with a photo album belonging to another nurse, Anna Lowell, and two issues of the hospital staffs Armory Square Hospital Gazette. Opens Friday. Through July 29. National Museum of American History, Albert H. Small Documents Gallery, second floor west, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW. 202-633-1000.



Bands and childrens entertainers perform Monday at an Easter event with an egg hunt, animal demonstrations and talks, field games and more. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. National Zoo, 3001 Connecticut Ave. NW. 202-633-3040. Free.

African American family celebration




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Walking on Turtle Island Robert OwensGreygrass portrays 21 Native American characters from his reservation as part of the Wattage Theater Festival, a showcase of tradition- and survival-themed plays). Presented by Capital Fringe and the National Museum of the American Indian. Opens Saturday at 2:30 p.m., continues Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. Through May 7. National Museum of the American Indian, Rasmuson Theater, Fourth Street and Independence Avenue SW. 866-811-4111. $25, $20 with a Fringe button. Seascape American Century Theater produces a reading of the play in which a couple interacts with two large reptiles at the beach. Part of Arena Stages Edward Albee Festival. Thursday and Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Closes Saturday. Arena Stage, 1101 Sixth St. SW. 202-488-3300. Free, reservations required. Intervention #7 In this series, choreographer Wally Cardona works with a local public figure over the course of five days to create a new dance. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Silas Grant is the guest collaborator. 8 p.m. Dance Place, 3225 Eighth St. NE. 202-269-1600. $8-$22. RuinedLynn Nottages 2009 Pulitzer Prizewinning drama tells the story of Mama Nadi, who ran a brothel in war-torn Congo. Opens Friday at 8 p.m. (sold out), continues Saturday at 8 p.m., Sunday at 2 p.m., TuesdayWednesday at 7:30 p.m. Through June 5. Arena Stage, 1101 Sixth St. SW. 202-488-3300. $55-$90 (subject to increase). The Slackers The New York ska band performs. With the Thrilltones. Doors open at 9 p.m., show at 10 p.m. Rock & Roll Hotel, 1353 H St. NE. 202-388-7625. $15.

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Cyrano Folger Elizabethan Theatre presents Edmond Rostands tale of a love triangle and one very large nose, directed by Aaron Posner. Opens Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., continues Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Through June 5. Folger Theatre, 201 East Capitol St. SE. 202-544-7077. $30-$60.

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Old Partner Lee Chung-ryouls 2008 documentary offers a glimpse into the lives of an octogenarian farm couple and their cherished old ox. In Korean with English subtitles. 1 p.m. Freer Gallery, Meyer Auditorium, Jefferson Drive and 12th Street SW. 202-633-1000. Free. Photograph 51 Anna Zieglers new play about the life of biophysicist Rosalind Franklin won the 2008 Stage International Script Competition for Best New Play About Science and Technology. Thursday at 7:30 p.m., Saturday at 8 p.m., Sunday at 3 p.m., closes Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Theater J, 1529 16th St. NW. 800-494-8497. $35-$55. This is not your fathers Michael McDonald (You know, the Doobie Brother?); this is Michael McDonald the comedian, from MadTV, and hes coming to DC Improv.

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Five Hours From Paris A divorced Israeli taxi driver with a fear of flying falls for his sons music teacher, who is a married Russian immigrant, in this 2009 film by Leonid Prudovsky. In Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles. 8 p.m. Avalon Theatre, 5612 Connecticut Ave. NW. 202-966-6000. $11, seniors $8.25, students $9. Compiled by Carrie Donovan from staff reports


Orchids: A View From the East More than 300 cattleya, brassavola, sobralia, maxillaria and nearly 50 other varieties make an appearance at the Smithsonians 16th annual orchid exhibition. Closes Sunday. National Museum of Natural History, 10th Street and Constitution Avenue NW. 202-633-1000. Free.

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Calvin Jones Big Band Jazz Festival The UDC, Howard University and University of Maryland jazz ensembles perform in celebration of Jones, a former professor and director of the UDC Jazz Program. 8 p.m. University of the District of Columbia, Auditorium, Building 46-West, 4200 Connecticut Ave. NW. 202-274-5803.


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Why sisal rugs are always underfoot



isal rugs have become the jeans of home decor. You can dress them up, dress them down and layer them. And you can afford them.
Sisal speaks to a casual lifestyle, says Eileen Applebaum, Crate and Barrels product manager for rugs. I think of rooms with sisal rugs and slipcovered sofas sort of like Gaps khakis and T-shirts. Its a utilitarian, casual basic that always looks great. Sisals, as well as cousins sea grass, jute and other natural-fiber rugs, have been around for centuries in tropical islands and country homes. In the 1980s, these crisp floor coverings showed up in Americas living rooms, stairways and foyers. They never left. Now, they are commonly found throughout the house and are sold at places from Wal-Mart to the Washington Design Center. Pottery Barn has versions that mix natural grasses with other fibers for strength and comfort. Crate and Barrel sells faux sisal made of polypropylene that can be hosed off, making it well-suited for kitchens and mudrooms. Interior designers continue to evolve the earth-friendly look. They are part of almost every job I do. They are a note of modern in a home, says D.C. designer Darryl Carter. He likes to use hemp flat-weaves from Logan Circles Timothy Paul Carpets under smaller antique rugs. Its sort of like matting out a piece of art, he says. Alexandria designer Shazalynn CavinWinfrey is drawn to the cooler, grayer colors of natural fibers these days. She prefers the chunkier weaves. They look updated, she says. Right now, shes having

a greige thickly woven sisal installed wallto-wall in her family room. (She is using the Sunshade color from the Sun Sisal collection at Sisal Rugs Direct.) Another plus: They act as a great foundation throughout the year, not just the summer season, says Laurie Furber, Pottery Barns senior vice president of merchandising. They are cool and relevant for todays home. Furber says the sisal rugs of the 1980s were different: very fine weaves that were rough on your feet and bad for bedrooms. Now there are so many different fibers that people use to create these beautiful rugs. They are weaving in cotton, wool, chenille to make a very rough rug something very durable. Many come with latex backings that dont require rug pads. Washington designers still recall the gasps in 1989 when Georgetown decorator Antony Childs lined the formal entrance hall and grand staircase of a gilded Embassy Row show house with blackbordered sisal carpet. Childs, an early adopter of natural-fiber rugs, told The Post at the time: I like the idea of dressy furniture on something as rough and tough as sisal. It brings a traditional room into the 20th century. And even into the 21st. Follow @JuraKoncius on Twitter.

Chat Thursday at 11 a.m.


Alexandria designer Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey joins staff writers Jura Koncius and Terri Sapienza for our weekly online Q&A. Submit questions about naturalfiber rugs and other decorating or household concerns at

Darryl Carter layers sisal with a hemp rug from Timothy Paul Carpets in Logan Circle.

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Natural fiber

Pros Probably the strongest of the natural fibers. Classic look. Good for high-traffic areas, especially stairs. More forgiving of stains. Spills dry quickly. Sheds least of all. Attractive matte finish. Some pet owners say getting stains out of sea grass is easier than from sisal. Often the most inexpensive choice. Gives a chunky look and adds texture. Softer feel. Good for medium-traffic areas. Its natural greige or taupe color is a very hot neutral right now in design magazines and blogs. Minimal shedding. Functions well as a doormat in covered areas because its abrasive and mildew-resistant. Good for entrance halls.

Cons A little scratchy for bedrooms. Stains should be cleaned immediately to avoid discoloration. Cats might claw it. Not great for stairs or damp areas.

from agave cactus plant


tropical grass


vegetable fiber

Sheds. Not good for rooms where kids roll around on the floor. Has tendency to fall apart with heavy use because it is loosely woven. Because its still mostly hand-woven and not widely available, prices tend to be higher than those of other natural fibers. Not great for family rooms or bedrooms, because the coarseness that cleans the bottom of shoes would be painful on bare feet.


mountain grass


from coconut husks


Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey used a sisal rug to create a neutral backdrop for a bedroom in her weekend home. (Sun Sisal collection in Sundial from Sisal Rugs Direct.)





Island Chevron rugs jute-and-sisal rugs, $499 for 8 by 10 feet at Crate and Barrel.

Flat-braided jute rug, $499 for 8 by 10 feet at Pottery Barn.

Sisal rugs in almond or chocolate, $299 for 8 by 10 feet at Crate and Barrel.

Seabasket sea grass rug, $295 for 8 by 10 feet at Sisal Rugs Direct.



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Teak Party

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HOUSE CALLS by Terri Sapienza

A modern look with dabs of color

Bertoia diamond lounge chair ($1,010,

Arco arc lamp ($2,696,

. . . OR SAVE

Hatfield grellow rocker ($200,

Reupholster the existing chairs. Place the existing Tulip side table between them.

A modern arc floor lamp helps bring down the large scale of the room.

Several conversational spaces are convenient for entertaining.

A chair in a different style, scale and pattern than the rest will add dimension to the room.

Curtain panels accentuate the rooms height. The vibrant pattern sets the tone for the room.

Place a sectional against the stone wall to allow access through the glass doors.

A painted wall application gives the old stone wall new life.

Big dipper arc lamp ($200,


Trish Philips and Robert Sullivan of Great Falls are having trouble pulling together their 19by-16-foot living room. Their attempts have always been awkward or unwelcoming, she writes.




By arranging several furniture groupings and infusing subtle bits of color, designer Charlotte Bravo creates a space that complements the modern architecture and allows for easy entertaining. Bravo, of the Vintage Vogue Design Studio (443-653-5029, 3, is based in Baltimore.

Furniture. Lorimer sectional with chaise ($1,500,; metal accordion side table ($64,; pebble side table ($149,; plank house coffee table ($598,; frame console table ($600, Lighting. Baluster outline lamp ($279,; Marina task floor lamp ($300, Accessories. Stockholm Blad curtains ($60,; Mota 2 rug (from $1,555,; Casablanca lanterns (from $8,; mango lacquer vase ($60,; teardrop wall application ($42,; Zenith pillow ($40,; Halina pillow ($35,

See more photos of this project at housecalls. Tell us your design challenge. Send photos, room dimensions and contact information to makeover@






Fake flowers, the easily avoidable faux pas

Mona Hajj, who owns the Baltimore-based design firm Mona Hajj Interiors and recently released her first book, Interior Visions, was the guest last week on our Home Front online chat. Here is an edited excerpt. What is your feeling on fake flowers? My husband and I are beyond busy but love the look of flowers in our home. However, consistently watering and replacing them has proved to be a challenge! Are fake flowers really that bad? We dont want to be that couple. You knew my answer. I would get rid of them immediately. I would rather have none than have fake. Saying that, I love how flowers make you feel, so a good alternative is to get whats fresh in the season and mix it with a lot of greens, because greens live longer. You can even have a full vase of greens like ivy or some small hypericum. They truly live well. Reader: Try my new favorite: live mini calla lilies. They come in gorgeous colors and last a long time. Reader: I am also too busy for fresh flowers. My alternative is to get small potted plants that flower. The flowers last longer, and even when there are no flowers, the green brings some life into my apartment. What do you recommend be placed on top of a dining room sideboard? Im having a hard time getting a good look. Candelabra are nice when grouped together as a series. Also, try a pretty runner with a vase of fresh-cut flowers. Pair both of these looks with a collection of beautiful pottery, and youre set. I have a condo where the living and dining space is limited. Are there rules of thumb for positioning furniture so that we create an atmosphere for conversation without feeling too cramped? We want to avoid having everything face the TV. This is a rectangular room, so I would group seating areas together to give it an intimate feel. Arrange the dining room at one end and the living room at the other. In the middle, create a third seating area for people who do not want to watch TV. Groupings need to be tight to achieve this look yet still open to include conversation. Our kitchen is open to our dining room, which has off-white bead board and trim on the lower half of the walls. We want to paint the kitchen cabinets a creamy white. Do they all need to match? Its okay for them not to match, but you need to be careful with selecting a color for the cabinets. I recommend keeping everything simple. Matching them is a safe bet and will look much more finished and clean.

They are timeless and work with modern and traditional. Im decorating my 8-year-old daughters bathroom. The shower curtain is turquoise with white circles, and the towels have stripes of pink, red and two shades of green. I plan to paint the walls white with pink and red circles. As far as floor mats go, do you think that red would be overwhelming? You sound like you love color. I am with you, except sometimes we need to edit for the look to come through. The walls might need to calm down a little and go with a bright but subtle color. It could be the turquoise, pink or red. Its difficult for me to make a decision without seeing it, so if you think the red, white and pink is going to give your little girl what she likes, go for it. What is your favorite white paint color? Where do I start? Niveous and Floral White by Benjamin Moore, among others.
More chat Read the rest of this Q&A and submit questions to the next live chat about decorating, Thursday at 11 a.m., at

Mini calla lilies are low-maintenance and long-lived.

What finish would you recommend for a dining table in a room with greige walls and white trim? I always love rich, dark wood tones.

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If you dont get it, you dont get it.
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A big job, for lands sake

An eight-year makeover reconnects a historic home with its grounds
ow in its third century, a handsome Virginia country home called Orlean House has seen its share of residents. Some just wont leave. At least three ghosts linger, according to owners Jack Krumholtz and Kevin DiLallo. Theres the one who kept some guests up all night after knocking on their door, there is the wandering chambermaid, and then there is Florence Love. If a room is suddenly perfumed with rose scent, the longtime grande dame of Orlean House is doing her rounds. What was harder to live with, Krumholtz and DiLallo say, was the way previous owners had slowly cluttered the landscape and visually and emotionally separated the house from its hillside location in Fauquier County. Eight years on, a new garden is maturing as an exemplar of the landscape designers art: It fixes flaws, adds desired elements and brings an understated unity and coherence to the whole site. (The interior of Orlean House was extensively renovated as well.) When someone looks at the property and says, Its been like this forever, thats a huge compliment, said Richard Arentz, the D.C.- and Virginia-based landscape architect who led the project. The house and grounds are open to the public Thursdayas part of Historic Garden Week in Virginia. Arentzs own nearby property, as well as the garden of another client, are open, too, for the Warrenton tour (visit www.vagardenweek. org for details). Orlean House had been a work in progress almost from the start: The original clapboard house of 1795 received a major stone addition in 1812. By the time Krumholtz and DiLallo came to it, it was essentially a horse farm in a part of Fauquier where the equestrian life runs deep. Arentz was instructed to rework the landscape to include a tennis court and swimming pool. These are normal, if major, requests. What was more fundamental for Arentz was the need to sort out the houses relationship to its 18acre site. Orlean is a village west of Warrenton; the two intersecting country roads that locate the community also frame two sides of the Orlean House homestead. The property contains a guest cottage, a large stable building and a historic barn, as well as a willow-lined pond alongside Leeds Manor Road. Before the improvements, a service drive connected the road to a




Eight years into a major landscape renovation, the gardens at Orlean House in Fauquier County are beginning to mature. The property is open to the public Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Warrenton tour, part of Historic Garden Week in Virginia.

parking area near a grove of trees at the corner of the main house. There was a steppingstone path that led you to the back door, said Arentz. It wasnt presenting the house. He saw the stone wing as the houses main facade and set about creating an entrance. He designed a parking court to deliver guests to the new portal. Masons reworked the original stone retaining wall, enlarging the stairs to the house. Two overgrown boxwood were removed, a brick path laid, and the porch and steps to the house rebuilt. Arentz also moved the driveway so that it connected to the other road, traversed much of the property and encircled outbuildings in a way that tied them together. The old parking area was transformed into a woodland garden. Arentz set about creating a stately solution to the front of the original house. Here, an open porch was enclosed, and the resulting breakfast room now looks out to a herringbone brick dining terrace and beyond, to the defining feature of Orlean House: a large,


A stone patio marks the boundary between the formal terraces and a hillside planting of flowering native trees and perennials. Storm water from the hill is channeled to underground drains and to the pond at the lower edge of the property.


The pool terrace was built next to the central feature of the hedge-framed lawn.


Insiders guide to the outside

Landscape designers approach each project differently, driven by a sites size, context, topography, the needs of the owners and, of course, the budget. But some of the basic challenges and fixes at Orlean House in Orlean, Va., involved considerations that apply universally.

Tens of thousands of tulips and other spring bulbs herald the season. The owners three dogs keep deer at bay.

Dont assume that existing elements such as decks, paths and patios are in the right place, are correctly scaled or bring unity to the landscape. Often they dont, especially if they were added piecemeal over many years by previous owners. For example, a deck perched off the back of the home offers usable outdoor space, but it may be too exposed and disconnected from the garden. When Julie Moir Messervy, a landscape architect and author of Home Outside (Taunton Press, 2009), designs a deck, she creates different levels and landings, and establishes a lower sitting area where you are nestled, she says, in a harboring environment.

Overgrown foundation plants or other vegetation can mask the house or impede a view of its architecture. The idea of breathing room is important for a house, Messervy says. You need to give it its due.

In our culture, people tend to be afraid of expressing themselves in the landscape, especially in the front. A low hedge or fence around the front yard is not unneighborly, says Messervy, but tells the world that you respect the little bit of land that you have and you find it valuable. For me, its also the notion that home starts at the front gate, not when you walk through the front door.

At Orlean House, the organizing idea was one of a journey to the house. Even in small city and suburban lots, the same principle applies. The entrance to the path should be clear with a gateway, for example. You need to create a really important visual cue; this is where you start, says Messervy. You dont need to see the destination, the front door, but you do need to know that if you go that way, you can trust it will get you there. Adrian Higgins


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Jack Krumholtz and Kevin DiLallo stroll the woodland garden with their dog Potus. Reclaiming the area was part of the effort by landscape architect Richard Arentz to remove the clutter of previous outdoor uses and allow the land to relate to the historic house. Formerly, the woodland path was a parking area next to a series of paddocks on the 18-acre property.



ceremonial lawn framed in a clipped hedge of yew. The lawn has become the setting for important events: the party to mark the owners 25-year partnership as well as the outdoor wedding of Krumholtzs sister. The swimming pool and its terrace are tucked to the side and lead to a hillside of wildflowers. In front of the distant guest cottage, Arentz placed a terrace containing a lawn and flower beds. Before, he said, it

appeared as if the house might tumble down the hill. Farther up the hillside, the tennis court and its viewing platform recede into the contours of the slope, but within them they offer a perch to view the Blue Ridge Mountains and the setting sun. It is a view DiLallo and Krumholtz, both lawyers, never tire of. The transformation of the landscape was not timid and clearly not cheap, but it is subtle, and for the owners, a disjointed

property now functions not just aesthetically but in a practical way. In the warm months, they spend much of their day living outdoors. Arentz knew early on what he had to do remove all the accumulated chaos of decades of prior ownership but the way to achieve that was to take down horse paddocks, frame a new road and create a calm journey to the house. For me, it was all about the sense of arrival, he said.

Chat Thursday at 1 p.m. Join Adrian Higgins for a live Q&A, one in a series of monthly chats during the growing season. Photos See more images of the landscape at Orlean House, and share your own gardening photos in a reader gallery. Video In his community garden, Higgins shows viewers how to clean up winters mess and prepare the ground for seeding, and what to plant now for the season ahead. Twitter Follow @adrian_higgins for updates on gardening and other cosmic events.

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This spring, homes and gardens across the area are opening their doors for tours. Here is a selection of whats happening in the next six weeks.

202-636-2408. $10. The nine gardens of the Georgetown Garden Tour are all within walking distance of one another. May 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets include admission to a tea from 2 to 4 p.m. at Christ Church, Keith Hall, 31st and O streets NW. 202-965-1950. $30 through May 2, $35 after. This years Capitol Hill Restoration Society Mothers Day House and Garden Tour showcases more than a dozen properties and gardens in southeast Capitol Hill, including a preview of the $10 million renovation of the Old Naval Hospital into the Hill Center, a community building dedicated to education. May 7 from 4 to 7 p.m. and May 8 from 12 to 5 p.m. 202-543-0425. $25 in advance, $30 the weekend of the tour.

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During Historic Garden Week in Virginia, more than 250 gardens, homes and landmarks across the state are open to the public. Through . 804-644-7776. $15-$40.

The Georgetown House Tour 2011 features up to a dozen of the neighborhoods homes and accompanying gardens. April 30 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets include admission to a Parish Tea in Blake Hall at St. Johns Church, 3240 O St. NW. 202-338-1796. $50 through , $55 after.



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Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens offers docent-led garden tours with the price of admission. Tuesday through Saturday at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Through June 12. 4155 Linnean Ave. NW. 202-686-5807. $15, seniors $12, college students $10, age 18 and younger $5, age 6 and younger free. This year, Washington National Cathedrals Olmsted Woods Walks will host two garden tours with guest speakers Annette Lasley, a wildflower specialist, and cathedral horticultural manager Deanne Eversmeyer. April 28 and May 17 at 10 a.m. Participants should meet at the George Washington statue on Pilgrim Road, on the south side of the cathedral. Wisconsin and Massachusetts Avenues NW. 202-537-2319.

The theme of this years self-guided Takoma Park House and Garden Tour is Origins: Early Takoma, with a focus on the citys earliest residential blocks. May 1 from 1 to 5 p.m. The tour departs from 101 Philadelphia Ave., Takoma Park. 301-270-2831. $15 in advance, $20 the day of the tour. The Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage includes tours in Baltimore and in Prince Georges, Calvert, Anne Arundel and Kent counties over four weekends in May, starting May 1. 410-821-6933. $30 per tour in advance, $35 the day of the tour. Ten homes are part of the 11th annual Brookland House and Garden Tour, which is followed by a reception. May 5 from noon to 5 p.m. Tickets are available at Petals Ribbons and Beyond, 3906 12th St. NE.

See Capitol Hill Restoration Society Mothers Day House and Garden Tour above.


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The Ashton Heights 90th Anniversary House Tour includes at least 11 homes, as well as vintage cars and period actors, with an emphasis on environmentally friendly development. May 15 from 1 to 4 p.m., with a post-tour reception. Tickets will be available at the Lyon Park Community Center, 414 N. Fillmore St., Arlington, starting at noon on tour day. 703-522-7757. $25, age 12

Enroll by April 30th at

DC License No. GA03-3 l DC License No. EA-00-6 MD License No. IR-227 l MD License No. IR-324 VA License No. G-8 WGES is not the same company as Washington Gas, a regulated utility. WGES price is not regulated by the Public Service Commission or State Corporation Commission.You are not required to purchase services from WGES in order to receive the same quality service from your local utility. For pricing, terms and conditions, please visit *Virginia residents are eligible for natural gas only.



The 39th annual Clifton Charity Homes Tour and Marketplace features four historic houses. One is a log cabin dating back to the early 1800s that serves as a tasting room for Paradise Springs Winery. May 19 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 703-322-1811. $10 to visit a single home; $20 for the full tour in advance, $25 the day of the tour. The Sandy Spring Museum Garden Clubs Biennial Garden Tour includes private gardens from the Layhill and Ashton areas in Montgomery County, as well as the show garden of Silver Spring-based Garden Gate Landscaping. May 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 301-774-0022. $12 in advance, $15 the day of the tour. Box lunches are $7 and must be ordered before May 18. Seven homes and three gardens in Arlington are part of the 11th annual Tuckahoe Elementary Home and Garden Tour, which benefits the outdoor classroom program Discovery Schoolyard. May 21 from noon to 5 p.m. $20 in advance, $25 the day of the tour.



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Washington National Cathedral offers free garden tours. and younger $5. The 32nd annual Historic Hyattsville House Tour celebrates the citys 125th anniversary with a self-guided tour of nine homes, an organic flower garden, a stone church and a 19th-century manor. May 15 from 1 to 5 p.m. Tour begins at the Hyattsville Municipal Building, 4310 Gallatin St. 301-524-6082. $10 in advance, $12 the day of the tour.

The self-guided Shepherd Park Garden Tour takes visitors to seven gardens in the Northwest Washington neighborhoods of Shepherd Park, Colonial Village and North Portal Estates. May 22 from 1 to 4 p.m. The tour departs from 7800 14th St. at Kalmia Road NW. 202-829-6886. $15.


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sell some form of French Breakfast. I favor the variety DAvignon, sold by High Mowing (www.highmowingseeds. com), the Cooks Garden ( and Johnnys Selected Seeds ( Its pointed, with a bit more resistance to pithiness. These radishes are the handiest of snacks for the table. I just put out a bowl of them plain at meals, but the shape also makes them great for dipping. In France they are sliced lengthwise, spread with butter and salted, or placed atop a buttered baguette for a tartine. The English chef Fergus Henderson butters them, too. He also suggests collecting the tops in a bowl as you go and turning them into a spicy salad with vinaigrette. You might try slicing both roots and leaves for a stirfry, or sauteeing them in butter. Occasionally I have come across this sort of radish referred to as English Breakfast, and I wonder whether the radish-forbreakfast idea got more traction across the Channel. The traditional English breakfast resembles most peoples midday or evening meal. Then again, a French Web site

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These were among sales data recorded recently by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue and supplied to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes in D.C. and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit





70 80 90



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Ava Cir., 601-K. Hovnanian Homes of D.C. Corp. to Kimberly C. Page, $413,254. Capitol Ave., 1840-Plus Properties Corp. to M and S Contracting Corp., $75,000. Cromwell Terr., 224-Residential Mortgage Trust to Alexandra Rogers, $210,000. Elliott St., 619-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Thomas C. Paxson, $600,000. G St., 618-Katherine J. Spencer, personal representative, and estate of Martha Jordan to Dilan Investment Corp., $415,000. H Pl., 1810-EHB Holdings Corp. Series 678 to Carlos E. Brinckhaus, $190,000. Just St., 5094-The Everyday Homebuyers Corp. to Tawanda D. Johnson, $162,000. Neal St., 1152-Catherine Creek and Michelle Wynn to Victor Tabbs, $170,000. Third St., 615, No. 7-James W. Crawford to Anthony D. Sanchez, $334,000. 10th St., 813-Pamela R. Shaw to Mike B. Doyle, $410,000. 14th Pl., 241-Gavin H. Daniels to Sharon M. Behn, $397,000.

Military Rd., 4301, No. 606Mahmud Razavi to Lillian Su, $590,000. N St., 3239, No. 12-Pamela Ewell to Sy Majidi, $432,000. Newport Pl., 2151-The 22nd Street Associates Corp. to Mark A. Zeizel, $499,000. R St., 1800, No. 208-Scott M. Perry to Ladan Mohaddes, $405,000. Roxanna Rd., 1616-Michael W. Eschenburg to Quince T. Brinkley, $635,000. S St., 1900, No. 4-Katherine Vierk to David Groemping, $263,000. T St., 1329-Michael L. Klein and Jeffrey J. Ward to Patrick S. Davies, $1.15 million. Tunlaw Rd., 4000, No. 1130-Dmitry Novik to David Perkins, $339,000. Warren Pl., 5116-John M. Fedders to Vincent Lambiase and Valerie Reynolds, $1.52 million. First St., 1225-Michael P. Thiem to Amy Swanson, $460,000. Fourth St., 811, No. 1015-Cassie Sullivan to Denison M. Wright, $380,000. Fifth St., 4627-Reginald J. Bryant to Albertino Silveira, $241,000. Ninth St., 3726-Timothy Chamberlain and 3726 Ninth Street Corp. to Sharad A. Tandon, $474,000. 14th Pl., 6723-Carol J. Smith to Kiersten M. Randolph, $373,000. 18th St., 1545, No. 616-John Schroder to Elizabeth Stanko, $310,000. 24th St., 922, No. 317-Leo Halpert to Liang Wang, $250,000. 30th St., 1515-John M. Breen to John W. Warner, $4.05 million.



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Bending Lane, 4821-Leslie Nestingen, personal representative, and Geraldine A. Nestingen estate to Shaha Riza, $906,500. Chesapeake St., 4904-Mary Pumphrey to Suzane Reatig, $620,000. Connecticut Ave., 2801, No. 24Gregory J. Radford to Timothy W. Newman, $621,500. Davenport St., 4627-David H. Potten to Michael G. Sergeev, $875,000. Florida Ave., 1634-Konstantinos Siozios to Vimesh Patel, $672,500. Gresham Pl., 625-Read Investment Corp. to Audrey Yiadom, $360,000. Irving St., 1605-Nigel Gragg to Barry Wohl, $628,500. K St., 475, No. 915-City Vista K Street Corp. to Jonathan R. Zelnik, $659,000. Kilbourne Pl., 1828-Jeff Dygert, trustee, and the Thiess Survivors Trust to Sofie F. Michaelsen and A.A. Rodriquez, $645,000. Longfellow St., 15-Louise B. Stuart to Madison Properties Inc., $442,480.

Branch Ave., 2150-Calvin D. Wineland to William Anderson, $535,000. Chesapeake St., 724-Yohannes Kifle to Rajdeep Parmar, $87,550. D St., 3300-American Trust Corp. to Niesha J. Bedney, $202,000. G St., 911-Benjamin Solomon to Stephanie Sanok, $565,000. K St., 1334-Walter Bohl, personal representative, and estate of Gary Lee Bohl to Elio H. Pineda, $275,000. Wade Rd., 2640, No. 34-Federal National Mortgage Association to Labros D. Hydras, $25,188. 12th St., 221-Ethan W. Brown to Alan Wyatt, $775,000. 17th St., 114-Christina M. Mosser to John T. Ohm, $415,000.

M St., 300, No. N402-Sanil Gopalkrishna to Dwayne A. McFarlane, $199,000. Third St., 1101, No. 415-Centre Square Corp. to Ann Bouganim Hara, $406,500.

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One of the more interesting parts of this job is the endless stream of product pitches I receive from the multibilliondollar fitness industry. Much of it is junk or snake oil, easily ignored. Some of it is revealing: Based solely on my e-mail inbox, we are a nation obsessed with foot odor. But every once in a while, a true gamechanger comes along, an offer so intriguing or different that I have to give it a try. I had been reading about antigravity treadmills in running magazines for a couple of years, wondering occasionally how such a thing could work, when I received an offer from Gainesville chiropractor Kevin Maggs to try one. At his office, Maggs helped me slip on a specially designed pair of shorts before I stepped onto the treadmill he bought a few weeks ago from the AlterG company of Fremont, Calif. He raised a plastic bubble that enclosed the device up to my waist, and I zipped the shorts to it, creating an airtight seal. Like any other treadmill, this one had speed and incline controls, and I started walking, just as I have during countless other warm-ups. But then I began to take weight off my feet in 1 percentage-point increments by pumping air into the clear bubble. Slowly the air pressure began to support me. At 80 percent of my body weight, I felt as if I could fly. I told Maggs to go home; Id be here running all day. At 20 percent of my body weight, the least the machine allows, my toes were barely touching the treadmill.

recovery, Maggs said. Some health insurance may cover the therapy, he said. Its very hard to tell a runner not to run, said Maggs, who estimates that about 80 percent of his patients are runners and triathletes. We are an obsessive lot, prone to persisting through injuries no matter how much long-term damage were doing. Joe Kehoe swears the treadmill saved his half-marathon in March. The 35-yearold Haymarket resident had been training diligently for the race when he strained a calf muscle trying to alter his gait. I would have had to completely stop running, Kehoe told me. Instead, Maggs treated him, then put him on the device at a slower speed than normal and at about 60 percent of his body weight. As his injury healed, Kehoe gradually increased both. He said he ran a personal best in the 13.1-mile race. And at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, wounded veterans, most of whom suffered limb damage from roadside bombs, are using the treadmill. It lets them run with confidence, said physical therapist Bo Bergeron. Theyre not going to fall. And if they stumble, theyre not going to hit the treadmill. The treadmill isnt perfect. The model for athletes sells for $75,000; the one designed for medical use costs $30,000. Therapists cant get at a patients legs to help while hes walking. It gets really warm in that bubble, the shorts and air pressure are somewhat uncomfortable and when you remove the air you feel the toll in your quads. So far, there are only a handful in this area, according to the companys Web site.

Joe Kehoe of Haymarket, Va., runs on the anti-gravity treadmill at chiropractor Kevin Maggss Gainesville office. After an injury that couldve knocked him out of training for a half-marathon, Kehoe used the machine and ended up running his best time yet.


Where to try it
3 Active Spine and Sport. 7400 Heritage Village Plaza, No. 101, Gainesville. 703-753-5599. $30 for 30 minutes by appointment. 3Harborview Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. 2900 S. Hanover St., Suite 102, Baltimore. 410-350-8372. $25 for 30 minutes with a doctors prescription.

You feel invincible, said Lachlan Leach, who was walking slowly on the treadmill when I arrived, the first steps of her rehabilitation for a stress fracture in her foot. You feel like you can just take off running. She can't; that wouldnt be good therapy. But placing a small load on the stress fracture while it heals, and staying in shape rather than eliminating all cardiovascular activity, will speed her

The idea of supported running is nothing new. Rehab facilities feature treadmills with harnesses that hold up patients as they recover from leg injuries and strokes. Coaches and physicians have been sending injured athletes to work out in the pool for years. These are much cheaper and, in most cases, more accessible alternatives. But they also are much less precise, and water will not support as much weight. The treadmills purpose isnt only therapeutic. Athletes, especially elite runners, have figured out that they can train at faster paces while saving wear on their legs. Theres even a formula, worked out by the company: For every 10 percent decrease in body weight on the treadmill, cardiovascular fitness can be maintained by increasing speed 0.6 miles per hour.

The development of the anti-gravity treadmill is a story in itself. NASA scientist Robert Whelan spent years working on technology that would help keep weightless astronauts in space on their treadmills. For a graduate school engineering project, his son, Sean, decided to reverse the concept and build a treadmill that takes weight off runners legs.

He later formed a company and in 2006 demonstrated the first one for Alberto Salazar, the legendary former marathoner who coaches elite U.S. distance runners at the Nike Oregon Project, according to Kate Yanov, director of marketing for AlterG. Salazar bought five, she said. From there, the treadmill spread to more than 80 professional and collegiate football, basketball and soccer teams, including the Washington Redskins, the New York Knicks and AC Milan, according to the companys Web site. The U.S. military has bought them to help rehabilitate troops with leg wounds and traumatic brain injuries, Yanov said. Top women marathoners have trained on them during their pregnancies. The company has sold more than 400 to date, Yanov said, about 65 percent to medical facilities and the rest to athletic teams or sports facilities.


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Marguerite Kelly answered questions recently in an online chat. Here is an edited excerpt: I have twin boys and have noticed that preschool tuition is around $6,000 for each. They were preemies, so I was thinking of doing an extra year for them. That means Id be spending $36,000 for three years for a part-time program. Thats some expensive finger paint! Can I home-school preschool since they have each other for socialization? Kelly: Preschool is wonderful, but so is $36,000. Id keep them home at 3 and 4, for several reasons. Because boys mature about six months later than girls, because your boys have each other and because youre saving a bunch of money. You should take full advantage of library hour, set up play dates as often as you can especially in the morning when theyre not tired and, if possible, join a babysitting co-op or take care of another child as a family day-care provider. Reader: Check out churches in your area for preschool programs. My daughter went two days a week and it was nowhere near $6,000. It did help her in kindergarten because she already understood things like asking to go to the bathroom, how to use her lunchbox, etc. Preschool was more important for those kinds of social skills, especially in a world where most kids are in day care all day. Kelly: Thats a nice idea, or try to join a preschool or nursery school co-op. It will not only be cheaper, but youll also see how other parents handle problems that you may be wrestling with. And definitely ask if you can pay less since you are enrolling two kids at once. Many schools do that. My 6-year-old daughter is a finger sucker. We typically let bad habits run their course, but its getting to be time for the sucking to stop. She only does it at night to help fall asleep or if shes resting during the day, and recently shes shown signs of embarrassment about it, so should we just wait and see? Kelly: Youve done so well so far. Shes about to quit sucking her thumb because shes embarrassed about it, so let her decide when to stop. If it starts to affect her bite, it should be the dentists job to explain the problem to her and you, and he should help her find a stuffed animal to rub if she needs it to put herself to sleep. Reader: When my daughter was 7 and I realized she wasnt going to stop sucking her thumb on her own, I told her I would fine her a penny for each time I saw her sucking during the day. I became richer by three pennies, and then she stopped.



Mom, I want a divorce




My mother, a difficult, selfcentered woman, has problems that have profoundly affected me. Im a middle-aged, divorced professional and the mother of two sweet, bright, funny, empathetic and bipolar boys, ages 16 and 12. The older one also has a bad case of Tourettes syndrome, and the younger one has obsessivecompulsive disorder.
My mother ignored and neglected my sister and me when we were children, and she said that my sister was pretty but I was smart (and fat and unfeminine). Im only close to normal because I had a good relationship with my grandparents and took extra courses so I could graduate and leave home at 16. I now live 2,000 miles away and have a social life, support from my church, a niche for myself and my children, and the knowledge that Im really petite, attractive and feminine. My mothers preferential behavior continues, however. She now says that my sister is a perfect mother, with perfect children, and that I caused my older sons problems and favor my younger son. She also ignores the remarkable progress theyve made, primarily because of the early intervention, medication and psychotherapy they got, at great expense,

and because of all the attention I gave them in the early years when their problems were so severe. We could barely leave the house in those days, so my father paid a cleaning service to lighten my load, but my mother wouldnt even drop by with a bag of cookies and a movie. And when my husband became abusive, she wouldnt let my sons and me move in because she didnt want the family to know that she was having an affair. She did watch my children while I took a licensing exam, however; she helped me out financially sometimes, and she paid for the boys summer camp. But she wouldnt help when my older son was suicidal and hospitalized for weeks. Instead, she said that it was my fault because I only think about myself. This time, something snapped. I told my mother that she was out of line, and for the first time, I swore at her and called her a bad name. We are now estranged. I didnt answer her long, self-justifying e-mail, and I wont let her pay for camp anymore. I just dont have the emotional energy to fend off my mother and take care of my children, too. I know that shes turning 70, that she feels insecure and helpless, and that she gets angry and vicious if she cant fix a problem. But I cant care about that anymore. Or am I missing something? No, unfortunately youre not missing anything. Your mother is a self-focused woman who wants to lay her own failings on your doorstep, not because they belong there but because she is so desperate to get rid of them. As much as she wants to turn her mistakes into your mistakes, however, you cant let that happen. And as much as you

want her to turn into a warm and loving mom, you cant make that happen because you cant fix the unfixable. One day, when your life calms down and your sons are better, you may be able to accept her flaws with compassion and grace. But not yet, not now. As harsh as it sounds, you must divorce your mother as you once divorced your spouse, even though your long relationship with her may make it hurt much more. The rules of separation are the same. When shes kind to you, be friendly but keep your guard up. When shes mean, be distant and unavailable, but dont let her know that she has hurt your feelings again, and dont even apologize for dropping that curse word in her lap. Your mother would wave your apology around like a scepter. You shouldnt bring up her past mistakes either, because she will dredge up some mistakes youve made, or that she thinks youve made, which will put you back on the treadmill again. If you want an independent, pain-free life, you have to ignore whats gone before. When the memories get too much for you and they will write about them in a journal, confide in a psychotherapist. Or read Toxic Parents by Susan Forward and Craig Buck (Bantam, 1990) or When You and Your Mother Cant Be Friends by Victoria Secunda (Delta, 1991), the two classic books about troubled, troubling mothers. Another book to consider is Will I Ever Be Good Enough? by Karyl McBride (Free Press, 2009). The clarity of her writing may make this book the best one for you, or for anyone who has to deal with a judgmental parent.
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Chat Thursday at noon Join Marguerite Kelly for her monthly live Q&A about parenting and family relationships at






An interesting solution to admissions pressure

I once knew a father who decreed that his academically talented daughter, a leading candidate for Ivy League admission, had to get seven hours of sleep a night. He meant well. He had grown up in a culture where a fathers orders were usually obeyed. He saw the fatigue in the girls eyes at breakfast after a 2 a.m. bedtime. He thought he was helping her by providing structure at home that would keep her healthy. She was a friend of my daughters, so I heard her side, too. Her fathers new rule made her life worse, not better, she said. She felt trapped. She knew how much work she had to do to get the grades that would help her realize her dreams. To her, a normal bedtime was like being sent to jail. I was reminded of that familys bad moment as I read a new essay by social critic Caitlin Flanagan in the Atlantic. She was discussing one of my favorite topics, the documentary Race to Nowhere. It argues that we are killing our kids with too much schoolwork. I thought the film grossly distorted reality because it failed to mention that usually only the most affluent 10 percent of families have children doing too much homework. The vast majority of U.S. teens do too little, less than an hour a night compared with the two or three hours they spend with TV, video games and other less stressful pastimes. Flanagan thought the films flaw was its earnest conclusion that we can change the experience and reduce the stress and produce happier kids, so long as we all work together on the problem, she wrote in her piece, The Ivy Delusion. The film insisted, she said, that no parent can do this alone; everyone has to agree to change. Not so, Flanagan said. Parents such as that father I knew could limit the number of advanced courses, impose bedtimes and cure stress and exhaustion all by himself if he made one crucial adjustment. Its what I like to call the Rutgers Solution, Flanagan wrote. If you make the decision and tell your child about it early on that you

These were among cases handled by the Washington Humane Society, which operates its shelter at 7319 Georgia Ave. NW and the Districts at 1201 New York Ave. NE. For information or assistance, call 202-723-5730 or go to www.wash Cat abandoned: Fourth St. SE, 4200 block, April 8. After monitoring an apartment where no one tended to a tabby for days, a Humane Society officer impounded the cat, which is being cared for by the society. Animals are seized from a home: Harvard St. NW, 700 block, April 8. Police called about animals living in unsanitary conditions. A Humane Society officer found two Tiberian mixes, one in a cage and the other chained to a crate on a short leash. Both were surrounded by urine and feces. There were also three parakeets, two doves, two love birds and a conure, all living in filthy cages without food and clean water. All the animals were impounded. Severely injured cat dies: Horner St. SE, 3700 block, April 11. Responding to a call about a cat hit by a car, a Humane Society officer met with an owner who refused to have the animal seen by a veterinarian. The domestic shorthair tabby could not use its hind legs. The cat was surrendered. Its pelvis was broken and bladder was severely damaged. The cat was euthanized. These were among cases handled by the Washington Animal Rescue League, 71 Oglethorpe St. NW. For information, call 202-726-2556 or go to Cat may recover from accident: Baltimore, Stockholm St., 300 block, March 17. The league picked up a cat injured in a car accident from a Baltimore animal shelter. The cat was being monitored. Pit bulls sterilized: Oglethorpe St. NW, April 11. The league spayed, neutered and vaccinated 19 pit bulls during the free monthly clinic. Rescue Me gala: The Washington Animal Rescue League will hold a fundraiser for the Disaster Rescue Fund. The gala, for people and dogs, will include vegetarian and vegan cuisine, an open bar and silent auction. It will be from 8 to 11 p.m. April 30 at Union Station. Tickets are $175; reception and gala, $250. 202-726-2556, Compiled by Ria Manglapus

totally support her, youre wildly engaged with her intellectual pursuits, but you will not pay for her to attend any college except Rutgers, everything will fall into place. Shell take AP calculus if shes excited by the challenge, max out at trig if not. It doesnt matter, either way Hello, New Brunswick! Readers like me laughed at that. But she was right, in a way. Instead of imposing a seven-hour sleep rule, that father could have told his daughter he would only support her attendance at the local equivalent of New Jerseys Rutgers. Salisbury University in Maryland and James Madison University in Virginia have admission rates close to Rutgers. They take most applicants. Would the heavy pressure be gone? No. Parents of such children would be horrified at the Rutgers Solution. The nowhere in Race to Nowhere, Flanagan theorized, more or less is Rutgers. Some of the overstressed students whose health so concerns us wouldnt buy the Rutgers Solution, either. In some parts of this country, they might even be able to get a psychiatrist to persuade Child Protective Services that a parent demanding his 2200 SAT daughter go to Rutgers is guilty of child abuse. The saving grace is that many Rutgers graduates prove to be just as successful as the ones who attend the Ivy League school that my daughters friend, freed from the early-tobed rule, eventually attended. We have some at The Post, such as our intrepid foreign correspondent Emily Wax. She is talented and energetic, appreciative of what the university gave her and thousands of others who graduated from that fine New Jersey state university. That is the kind of Rutgers Solution, or Madison Solution, or Salisbury Solution, we can all embrace.


Bear was put into foster care after her owner died. The 7- to 8-month-old tabby was made available for adoption.

The D.C. Animal Shelter, 1201 New York Ave. NE, and the Washington Humane Society Shelter, 7319 Georgia Ave. NW, offer animals for adoption. The D.C. shelter has viewing and adoption hours from noon to 8 p.m. weekdays except Wednesdays and noon to 5 p.m. weekends. Hours at the societys shelter are noon to 7 p.m. daily. Pictures of other available animals can be seen at For information, call the D.C. shelter, 202-576-6664, or the societys shelter, 202-723-5730.


Unscrupulous breeders can create a lifetime of health problems for dogs

Dear Dr. Fox: Our collie had colitis from the time he was a pup. The vets gave him pills, which didnt help, so I ended up cooking for him for 91/2 years. When he had stomach cramps, the only thing that would help his diarrhea was Kaopectate about two or three times a week. We didnt know that he was inbred until we had to put him down because of a combination of health problems. His immune system wouldnt kick in, no matter how many antibiotics we gave him from the vet. We discovered he was inbred when we got another dog from a rescue site. A woman there said our collie was probably inbred if he was constantly sick from his earliest years. I know there were 10 puppies when we got ours. I wonder how many owners went through what I did. I decided never to go to a breeder again. We went to a rescue site and got a dog that is an Australian shepherd and border collie mix, and she is a great, healthy dog. C.G., Norfolk DF: I appreciate your sharing your financially and emotionally costly experience with a sickly, highly inbred purebred dog. Because of these problems, commercial breeders (many of whom operate abominable puppy mills) are producing designer half-breeds such as Labradoodles and cockapoos that are not without problems. Rescue sites and animal shelters fudge a bit when they guess that a great-looking mutt is half-shepherd and half-Labrador or half-schnauzer and halfpoodle (a schnoodle) and arent certain about the animals ancestry. But does that matter? People who want a particular breed of puppy should never go online or purchase from a pet store. Visit the breeder and assess conditions at the facility and the temperaments of the puppies parents. If such visits and evaluations are denied, you should look elsewhere. I have been to puppy-breeding factories that would make you weep, and many states still resist stricter legislation and oversight. Money rules, to the detriment of dogs and our humanity.
Michael W. Fox, author of a newsletter and books on animal care, welfare and rights, is a veterinarian with doctoral degrees in medicine and animal behavior. Write to him at United Feature Syndicate, 200 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y. 10016.
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Report: Nonresidents enroll with impunity



Staff writer Bill Turque writes a blog about D.C. public schools at voices.washington Here are excerpts. Parents who live outside the District and illegally enroll their children in D.C. public schools arent running much of a risk even if theyre caught, according to figures put together by Deputy Mayor for Education DeShawn Wright. Of the 487 students investigated by the D.C. schools residency office from 2007 to 2010, 235 were determined to be nonresidents. Of those, 53 were assessed nonresident tuition, which is equal to the uniform per pupil level of at least $8,945. Families that D.C. schools collected from after they were caught: zero. Wright, who assembled the data at the request of D.C Council member Sekou Biddle (D-At Large), said in a letter that the collection rate was among the many challenges faced by the residency office, staffed by two people who cope with a very sizeable caseload. Wright did not say whether any paid the $500 fine that the current law provides. The residency issue gained a higher profile last month when a fourth-grader who took cocaine to Thomson Elementary School was found to be living in Prince Georges County. This month, D.C. Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown (D) introduced legislation that would establish a hotline for reports of residency fraud and boost the fine from $500 to $2,000.


A celebration of freedom
Dveah Holman, 5, of the District, above, cuts wool to decorate a flag shes making at the DC: I AM: An Emancipation Day Celebration at the National Geographic Museum in Northwest. Right, Malari Moore of Farafina Kan, a percussion orchestra, plays during the festivities. Saturdays event commemorated President Abraham Lincolns signing of the D.C. Compensated Emancipation Act, which abolished slavery in the District, on April 16, 1862.


Thou shalt not snitch. That was the headline on a story in the spring issue of the Insider, the H.D. Woodson High School paper. The anti-snitching culture in many

schools and neighborhoods is not news. But theres something about seeing it captured in a survey that compels attention. The Insider asked 107 students under what circumstances they would share information with an authority figure. Woodson has about 450 students. Among the results: 3 If they saw someone dealing drugs at school: 9 percent said they would speak up. 3 Someone dealing bad drugs that you knew would kill someone: 23 percent. 3 Someone with a gun at school: 24 percent. 3 Someone with a gun threatening to kill a friend after school: 40 percent. 3 Telling a best friend if they saw a boyfriend or girlfriend cheating: 32 percent. 3 Someone stealing a teachers wallet: 14 percent. The Insider did the survey to accompany an article on a school visit in January by U.S. Attorney Ron Machen, who urged students to come forward anonymously if they had information for the police. It isnt snitching. Its citizenship, Machen said. Some students told the Insider that the survey results might not be an accurate reflection of what students would do. Maybe the students filling out the survey didnt want anyone seeing them say they might snitch, sophomore Demka Moore said. If they knew their friend might get killed by a gun, they might tell a parent or principal or teacher. Theres a difference between filling out a survey and real life. History teacher Nicolas Ojeda agreed: I would think that in real life, most H.D. Woodson students would do the right thing.


The D.C. Youth Orchestra is seeking donations for its scholarship fund, which helps pay for students to attend the orchestras summer music camp. The camps, which will be at the Eastern Senior High School, include band and string day camps from June 20 to July 4 and beginner classes in the evenings from July 11 to 29. Students ages 41/2 to 19 can participate. The program consists of classes for individual instruments and sections, two full orchestras, four wind ensembles, four string orchestras,

D.C. Youth Orchestra needs donations for summer camp

chamber groups, flute choir and a jazz ensemble. Financial aid is available for qualifying students. To apply for camp or to donate, call 202-698-0123 or e-mail

Casey Trees to celebrate Arbor Day with an open house

In honor of Arbor Day, Casey Trees is having an open house at its new office, 3030 12th St. NE , from noon to 5 p.m. April 30. Activities include tree mapping, presentations on rain gardens and green

workplaces, tree walks, a crash course in tree identification and childrens programs. The new office features three green roofs and a bioretention planter capable of handling four inches of rain. The tree yard includes a rain garden with a mix of trees and plants to mitigate stormwater. To register, go to

D.C. filmmakers may enter inaugural film competition

The inaugural Washingtons Best Film competition is accepting submissions from District filmmakers.

Judges will select one documentary and one narrative film as the grand prize winners. Finalists will be announced in August, with screenings Sept. 17 and 18 at the E Street Cinema. SnagFilms, which has distributed more than 2,000 documentaries online, will include the winning films in its online library. Films must be more than 50 minutes long. Shorter films will be considered for screening with non-competition films. The deadline is June 1. The entry fee is $35. For information, go to Compiled by Terence McArdle


This is the meeting schedule for the D.C. Council and its committees for the coming week. All meetings are in the Council Chamber of the John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, unless otherwise noted. Thursday Housing and Workforce Development public hearing, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Room 120. Agenda: Department of Employment Services. Finance and Revenue public hearing, 9:30 a.m. Agenda: Washington Convention and Sports Authority, Board of Real Property Assessments and Appeals, D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board and Office of the Chief Financial Officer, to include the Office of Tax and Revenue, Office of Integrity and Oversight, Office of Finance Resource Management, Office of Finance and Treasury and Office of Revenue Analysis. Human Services public hearing, 10 a.m., Room 412. Agenda: Department of Disability Services. Public Works and Transportation public hearing, 10 a.m., Room 123. Agenda: D.C. Department of Transportation. Government Operations and the Environment public hearing, 2:30 p.m. Room 120. Agenda: D.C. Department of the Environment. The council will recess from Friday to next Thursday. For updates, call 202-724-8554 or visit




Metros merits more subtle, ex-New Yorker notices

Dear Dr. Gridlock: I hope that saying a few complimentary words about Metro isnt forbidden. Despite Metros incompetence about keeping the escalators moving why not learn from the department stores? Do they think Macys has that problem? I am always pleased when using Metros Red Line. Why? Because I am an ex-New Yorker and had to put up with torn seats, dirty stations and trains that seemed to run on schedules that left riders looking and wondering. Those of you who ride Metro enjoy the warning lights indicating that the train is coming and signage to let you know how many minutes you will have to wait. Upon entry, most of the Red Line rail cars seem clean. Yes, you have to put up with the monotony of please move to the center of the car, but in my heyday in the Big Apple, during rush hours there was no voice, only New York City Transit personnel whose jobs were to help push riders into the train so that doors could be closed. It is not that the system is perfect. I am a senior citizen who is supposed to be able to sit in reserved seats. It is a federal offense to sit there, just as it is illegal to fail to pick up after your dog. I frequently find those seats occupied by young people whose parents have never taught them courtesy. It is kind of embarrassing to see a child in the senior and disabled seats while other riders have to offer theirs. (That happens many times.) You have to wonder why we pass laws that are difficult to enforce, such as no hand-held cellphones while driving. The next time anyone feels they have a real gripe about Metro, take a ride on the New York transit system. The grass is not always greener. Cary Cohen, Gaithersburg DG: Its not exactly a rave review for Metro, but these days, transit leaders probably will settle for a few scraps of praise. One thing Ill concede: Theyve got a bigger problem with their escalators than Macys does. They wish they could place their 588 escalators in such sheltered spaces with comparatively few users. Ive had mixed experience with the cleanliness of the Red Line. The cars look much better at the beginning of the day than the end. Papers are scattered about, and empty soda bottles

skitter across the floor. But thats largely our fault. Theres no reason riders cant pick up after themselves. And about those priority seats for seniors and people with disabilities: I never sit in them for fear that Id become absorbed in reading and miss spotting someone who needs the seat. And people who need them are sometimes too shy about asking for them. But its not a federal offense for others to sit there. The federal law involved is the Americans with Disabilities Act, and it requires public transit authorities to provide those priority seats. But the key word is priority, not reserved.
ONLINE Robert Thomson is The Washington Post's Dr. Gridlock. He is online Mondays at noon to take all of your transit questions. For up-tothe-minute traffic reports from The Post's transportation team, go to drgridlock.


These food establishments were closed because of health code violations. The list, compiled from health department reports, reflects actions taken by the departments.

a license, circumstances that might endanger public health and operating without a certified food manager. Reopened April 12. Pavilion Burrito 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Closed April 8 for operating without a license. Reopened April 12. Tower Grill 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Closed April 8 for operating without a license.

9680 Lottsford Ct., Upper Marlboro Closed April 12 for operating without hot water. Reopened that day.

Exxon 4501 14th St. NW Food service closed April 13 for failure to minimize insects, rodents and other pests. Banderas Market 1730 Kalorama Rd. NW Closed April 8 for operating without

McDonalds 3510 Duke St., Alexandria Closed April 11 for operating without hot water. Reopened that day. Ricos Tacos Moya Restaurant 3 8685 Richmond Highway, Alexandria Closed last Thursday for operating without hot water. Reopened Friday. Compiled by Terence McArdle

Ruby Tuesday

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Thursday, April 28th, 6:30PM 555 12th Street Northwest Washington, D.C. (202) 347-0176
In this eye-opening account,publisher Larry Flynt and historian David Eisenbach expose the sexual peccadilloes of American icons like Ben Franklin,Eleanor Roosevelt,and JFK,explaining how their private affairs affected public policyand changed the course of U.S.history.
Larry Flynt and David Eisenbach will sign One Nation Under Sex only.No other books,magazines,or memorabilia,please.

Get more info and get to know your favorite writers at BN.COM/events.All events subject to change,so please contact the store to confirm.

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Genealogy Fair: Become Your Familys Detective, a showcase of the federal records at the National Archives that are helpful for family history research; plus lectures, workshops and exhibits. 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., National Archives, and Pennsylvania Avenue Plaza, 700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Free. 202-357-5000. Junkyard Pirates With DinoRock, musical lesson in ecology and recycling. 10:15 and 11:30 a.m. Thursday-Friday, Discovery Theater at S. Dillon Ripley Center, 1100 Jefferson Dr. SW. $6; ages 2-16, $5; 1 and younger, $3. 202-633-8700 or www.discovery Jazz on at the Mall, a festival created by youths for youths, with performers from high schools, colleges and military organizations and members of the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra; volunteers needed. 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursday-Friday, Sylvan Theater, on the Washington Monument grounds near 15th Street and Independence Avenue SW. Free. 202-544-3230 or Abraham Lincoln portrait talk, researcher Warren Perry discusses the Civil War-era president. 6 p.m., National Portrait Gallery, Eighth and F streets NW. Free. 202-633-1000. Jazz by the Jolley Twins group, 6 p.m., Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage, 2700 F St. NW. Free. 202-467-4600. Worlds fairs, Renee Ater, University of Maryland professor of art history and archaeology, discusses the intersection of architecture, the fine arts and culture at the 1930s worlds fairs, in conjunction with the exhibit Designing Tomorrow: Americas Worlds Fairs of the 1930s. 6:30 p.m., National Building Museum, 401 F St. NW. $20; students, $12. 202-272-2448. Jazz Is Jazz panel discussion, David N. Baker, John Edward Hasse, Dan Morgenstern and Richard Burgess discuss what makes jazz important; plus sound clips of performances by Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and others. 6:45 p.m., S. Dillon Ripley Center, 1100 Jefferson Dr. SW. $25. 202-633-1000. Poetry readings, Forrest Gander and Robert Bringhurst read from their works. 6:45 p.m., Library of Congress, Madison Building, Mumford Room, 101 Independence Ave. SE. Free. 202-707-5394. Children in Athenian Funerary Art, John H. Oakley of the College of William and Mary discusses the portrayal of children in the funerary art of Athens from 431 to 494 B.C. 7 p.m., George Washington University, Funger Hall, Room 103, 2201 G St. NW. Free. 202-338-6536. From Subway With Love, Filip Rencs 2006 romantic film comedy about a mother and daughter who are

both looking for Mr. Right, in Czech with English subtitles. 8 p.m., Avalon Theatre, 5612 Connecticut Ave. NW. $11; students, $9; seniors, $8.25. 202-966-6000.

an old woman who finds solace in artistic expression as she confronts her mortality, in Korean with English subtitles. 7 p.m., Freer Gallery, Meyer Auditorium, Jefferson Drive and 12th Street SW. Free. 202-633-1000. Ruined, Lynn Nottages play about peace-keeping Mama Nadi in the wartorn Congo. 8 p.m. Fridays, 2 and 8 p.m. Saturdays, 2 and 7:30 p.m. Sundays, 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays-Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Thursdays, through June 5, Arena Stage, Fichandler, 1101 Sixth St. SW. $55-$85, price subject to change. 202-488-3300 or

950 Independence Ave. SW. Free. 202-633-4600. Dance concert, participants in the Kennedy Center Dance Theatre of Harlem Pre-Professional Residency program perform. 6 p.m., Kennedy Center, Concert Hall, 2700 F St. NW. Free. 202-467-4600. Intervention dance recital, Wally Cardona performs his solo choreography; followed by a questionand-answer session. 8 p.m., Dance Place, 3225 Eighth St. NE. $22; seniors and students, $17; age 17 and younger, $8. 202-269-1600.

storytelling, performances by an a cappella gospel quintet, childrens musician Mr. Derby, zookeeper talks, animals and more. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., National Zoo, 3001 Connecticut Ave. NW. Free. 202-633-3040 or Classical music concert, students from the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University perform works by Liszt, Poulenc, Mozart, Offenbach and others. 6 p.m., Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage, 2700 F St. NW. Free. 202-467-4600. Shakespeare-era lecture, Wendy Wall, a Northwestern University professor of English literature, discusses Recipes for Thought: The Art of the Kitchen in the Age of Shakespeare. 7:30 p.m., Folger Shakespeare Library, 201 East Capitol St. SE. Free. 202-544-7077. Calvin Jones Big-Band Jazz Festival, the UDC, Howard University and University of Maryland jazz ensembles perform. 8 p.m., University of the District of Columbia, Building 46-West, auditorium, 4200 Connecticut Ave. NW. $20; seniors, $15. 202-274-5803.

Earth Day migratory bird walk, for age 8 and older, a National Park Service ranger discusses why migratory birds choose the park for their seasonal stopovers. 9 a.m., Rock Creek Park, 3545 Williamsburg Lane NW. Free. 202-895-6000. Eisenhower 1956: The Presidents Year of Crisis : Suez and the Brink of War, David A. Nichols discusses his book. Noon, National Archives, Constitution Avenue and Ninth Street NW. Free. 202-357-5000. Friday Morning Music Club twopiano recital, faculty members from the Levine School of Music perform works by Milhaud, Schubert and Stravinsky. Noon, Levine School of Music, 2801 Upton St. NW. Free. 202-333-2075. River of Renewal, screening of Jack Kohler and Stephen Mosts 2009 film about the conflict among farmers, ranchers and local tribes over Oregons waterways; American University film professor Chris Palmer moderates a question-and-answer session after the screening. 12:30 p.m., National Museum of the American Indian, Rasmuson Theater, Fourth Street and Independence Avenue SW. Free. 202-633-1000. Meeting Metsu: Another Dutch Master, discussed by Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., curator of northern baroque paintings; Pieter Roelofs, curator of 17th-century paintings at Rijksmuseum; and Adriaan E. Waiboer, curator of northern European art at National Gallery of Ireland. 3 p.m., National Gallery of Art, East Building, Fourth Street and Constitution Avenue NW. Free. 202-737-4215 or Classical pianist Niklas Sivelov, 6 p.m., Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage, 2700 F St. NW. Free. 202-467-4600. World War II operations and vehicles, a National Park Service ranger discusses how these influenced the wars outcome and leads a tour of the memorials bronze time-line panels and photographs. 6 p.m., National World War II Memorial, 17th Street and Constitution Avenue NW. Free. Call Victor Pillow, 202-286-1624. Classical choral concert, soprano Elaine Dalbo, contralto Susan Sevier, tenor Jason Rylander and organist Christian Clough perform works by Max Reger and J.S. Bach, proceeds to benefit the Shalom scholarship fund. 7:30 p.m., Calvary Baptist Church, 755 Eighth St. NW. Suggested donation, $10. 202-347-8355. Poetry, Lee Chang-dons story about

Cival War symposium, hosted by the U.S. Naval Institute and the U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command; keynote speaker Craig Symonds, historians and authors discuss the wars blockades and major sea battles; historic memorabilia and artifacts will be displayed. 9 a.m.-3 p.m., U.S. Navy Memorial Heritage Center, Burke Theater, 701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Free. 202-737-2300 or Flowering tree walk, Shawn Walker, Casey Trees urban forester, leads a walk over hilly and uneven terrain and discusses how to use flowering trees in a landscape. 10 a.m.-noon, U.S. National Arboretum, 3501 New York Ave. NE. Free, registration required. 202-245-4521. Bird walk, a National Park Service ranger shows how to locate and identify birds in West Potomac Park. 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Ohio Drive NW. Free. Call Robert Steele, 202-438-9574. Junior Ranger Day open house, for children, with hikes, crafts and storytelling. 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Rock Creek Park Nature Center, 5200 Glover Rd. NW. Free. 202-895-6070. Arthur Rimbaud, a Biography, Richard Dindos 1991 documentary about the turbulent career, drug addictions and early death of the symbolist poet, in French with English subtitles. 1 p.m., National Gallery of Art, East Building Concourse, auditorium, Fourth Street and Constitution Avenue NW. Free. 202-842-6799. 1861: The Civil War Awakening, historian, journalist and travel writer Adam Goodheart discusses his book about the wars early days. 2 p.m., National Portrait Gallery, McEvoy Auditorium, Eighth and F streets NW. Free. 202-633-1000. Earth Day weekend hike, for age 7 and older, a National Park Service ranger leads a two-mile hike to explore the recreational, spiritual, economic and environmental significance of urban natural parks. 2 p.m., Rock Creek Park Nature Center, 5200 Glover Rd. NW. Free. 202-895-6070. Origem: Sounds From Brazil, 2 p.m., National Museum of African Art,

Migratory bird walk, for age 8 and older, a National Park Service ranger discusses why migratory birds choose the park for their seasonal stopovers. 9 a.m., Rock Creek Park Nature Center, 5200 Glover Rd. NW. Free. 202-895-6070. Family bike tour, a National Park Service ranger leads a ride with stops to discuss stories about George Washingtons wooden teeth, the Lincoln Memorial and more. Take a bike and water. Helmet required. 10 a.m.-noon, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, 900 Ohio Dr. SW. Free. Call Richard Ayad, 202-438-3456. Park tours on horseback, for age 12 and older, a National Park Service ranger-led one-hour ride along a creek. Horses provided, plan to arrive 30 minutes before the ride begins. 11 a.m., Rock Creek Park Horse Center, 5100 Glover Rd. NW. $40, reservations required. 202-362-0117. Guided bike ride, about three hours, led by a National Park Service ranger, with stops to discuss statues and urns. Take a bike and water. Helmet required. 1 p.m., Thomas Jefferson Memorial, 900 Ohio Dr. SW. Free. Call Richard Ayad, 202-438-3456. Old Partner, Lee Chung-ryouls 2008 film about an elderly farming couple and their ox, in Korean with English subtitles. 1 p.m., Freer Gallery, Meyer Auditorium, Jefferson Drive and 12th Street SW. Free. 202-633-1000. Scott Dettra organ recital, works by Cesar Franck, J.S. Bach, Charles Tournemire, Charles-Marie Widor and Louis Vierne. 5:15 p.m., Washington National Cathedral, Wisconsin and Massachusetts avenues NW. Suggested donation, $10. 202-537-6200 or Blues Alley big-band jam, the Blues Alley Youth Orchestra performs works by Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and other jazz composers. 6 p.m., Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage, 2700 F St. NW. Free. 202-467-4600.

A Conversation on Human Dignity, George Chrousos, Roshi Joan Halifax, Abdulkarim Soroush, John Witte Jr. and others discuss dignity from a variety of historical, philosophical, religious, medical and social perspectives. 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Library of Congress, Jefferson Building, Room 119, 10 First St. SE. Free. 202-707-7678. Friday Morning Music Club Orchestra recital, works by Vivaldi and Mozart. Noon, Church of the Epiphany, 1317 G St. NW. Suggested donation, $5. 202-333-2075. Jazz history, curator John Edward Hasse discusses the Smithsonians latest jazz projects and answers questions. 4 p.m., National Museum of American History, Presidential Reception Suite, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW. Free. 202-633-1000. San Francisco Conservatory of Music, works by Sahba Aminikia, Garrett Ian Shatzer, Anthony Porter, Liszt and Prokofiev. 6 p.m., Kennedy Center, Terrace Theater, 2700 F St. NW. Free. 202-467-4600. Smithsonian Gardens: The Museum in Bloom, author Carole Otteson, Smithsonian horticulture associate director Barbara Faust and Washington Post garden columnist Adrian Higgins discuss photos of historic, exotic and rare species found in the museums gardens. 7-8:30 p.m., S. Dillon Ripley Center, 1100 Jefferson Dr. SW. $25. 202-633-3030. Art collectors roundtable with Helen Zell, museum directors, curators, collectors, art dealers and consultants


An African American Family Tradition, the Easter Panda, Easter egg hunt, field games and activities,

events continued on 23




Sample Ballot April 26, 2011Special Election

Online Voter Guide
You can find your polling place, confirm your voter registration and learn more about the election at

Voting Hours
You can cast a ballot at your assigned polling place from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. You must be in line by 8:00 pm.

Cant Get to the Polls?

You can cast an absentee ballot in person at the Boards ofce: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm from now until Saturday, April 23 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm on Sunday, April 24 8:30 am - 4:45 pm on Monday April 25

Need to Register?
To register at the polls, bring a drivers license or DMV identication card. If you do not have one, you can also bring:

This contest will appear on the ballot for ALL voters

This contest will ONLY appear on the ballot in Ward 4

This contest will ONLY appear on the ballot in Ward 8

Drivers license Bank statement Bank statement Utility bill Utility bill Lease or residential agreement Lease or residential agreement Occupancy statement Occupancy statement University housing or tuition bill University housing document or tuition bill Other government Other government document ...showing your current name and ...showing current name and address in your the District address in the District


Telephone: (202) 727-2525 Web: Twitter: @DCBOEE

DC Victory123 22 COMMUNITY


These were among incidents reported by D.C. police. For information, call your police district station. Sixth St. and Neal Pl., 2:30 p.m. April 9. Two males attacked a pedestrian and robbed him of property. 12th St., 2400 block, 2 a.m. April 9. A man robbed a male pedestrian of cash at gunpoint. 22nd St., 3700 block, 1:15 p.m. April 12. A man at a bus stop robbed a female of property, then fled with an accomplice. 24th St., 600 block, 12:35 p.m. April 10. A male robbed a male pedestrian of property. 45th St., 200 block, 8:10 a.m. April 10. A man robbed two pedestrians of cash and property at gunpoint, then fled with several accomplices. 50th St., 300 block, 12:15 to 12:20 p.m. April 12. Two men robbed a male at a residence of property at gunpoint. THEFTS/BREAK-INS Benning Rd., 1800 block, 5:43 to 5:45 a.m. April 9. Property was stolen from a restaurant. Bladensburg Rd., 1000 block, 1 to 1:12 p.m. April 11. Property was stolen from a restaurant entered through an unlocked front door. Channing St., 200 block, 4:30 to 5:40 p.m. April 7. Property was stolen from a residence entered through a basement door. Fitch Pl., 4900 block, 12:01 to 1 a.m. March 28. Property was stolen from a residence entered through a bathroom window. H St., 700 block, 5:30 p.m. April 6 to 10 a.m. April 7. Property was stolen from a convenience store entered by breaking a window. Jackson St., 700 block, 11:45 to 11:50 a.m. April 12. Property was stolen from a residence entered by forcing a back door. A male was seen fleeing with the property in a vehicle. Maryland Ave., 2100 block, 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 7. Property was stolen from a residence entered by kicking in the front door. Michigan Ave., 1700 block, 11 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. April 12. Property was stolen from a residence entered by kicking in a back door. Montana Ave., 1500 block, 11:23 to 11:30 a.m. April 7. Property was stolen from a residence entered by breaking glass in a door. Taylor St., 200 block, 7:20 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. April 11. Property was stolen from a residence entered by forcing a bedroom window. 11th St., 800 block, 6:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. April 12. Property was stolen from a residence. There was no sign of forced entry. 17th Pl., 300 block, 12:50 p.m. April 11 to 1 a.m. April 11. Property was stolen from a residence entered through a basement window. 20th St., 4000 block, 6:45 a.m. to 3:25 p.m. April 7. Property was stolen from a residence entered through a window. 55th St., 500 block, 3 p.m. April 9 to 2 a.m. April 10. Property was stolen from an apartment entered through an unlocked window. 59th St., 500 block, 7:30 to 9:15 a.m. April 12. Property was stolen from a residence entered through an unlocked rear window.

ROBBERIES Benning Rd., 2000 block, 8:30 p.m. April 12. A man attacked a pedestrian and robbed him of property at gunpoint, then fled with an accomplice. H St.,800 block, 1:10 p.m. April 9. A man robbed a business of cash and property at gunpoint, then fled with an accomplice. Minnesota Ave., 3700 block, 10:30 to 11 p.m. April 11. Two males attacked a pedestrian and robbed him of property. Perry St., 1000 block, 9:47 p.m. April 7. A man robbed a male pedestrian of property at gunpoint. Rhode Island Ave.,1-99 block, 12:10 a.m. April 12. A man entered a residence through a bedroom window, attacked a female occupant, and fled with property. Staples St., 1400 block, 9:55 p.m. April 10. Two women at a residence attacked a male and tried to rob him of property. Two women, 29 and 33, were arrested. Taylor St., 300 block, 1:19 a.m. April 10. Property was stolen from a residence entered through a bedroom window. An occupant chased the intruder and was able to retrieve his property. Third St., 1900 block, 3:01 p.m. April 8. Three men forced their way into an apartment through the front door at gunpoint, then fled with property.

HOMICIDES First and Irving streets, 12:21 a.m. April 10. Kevin Andre Washington, 20, of the District was found on a roadway near Washington Hospital Center, suffering from gunshot wounds. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. ROBBERIES Benton St.,4000 block, 1:45 a.m. April 9. Two people attacked a pedestrian from behind, forcing her to the ground, then fled with her purse. Clifton St.,1300 block, 2:50 p.m. April 12. A male teenager approached a pedestrian from behind and tried to grab his cellphone, then fled emptyhanded. Connecticut Ave.,3500 block, 12:25 a.m. April 9. A gunman entered a restaurant, then robbed a person of cash and took a cellphone from a counter. Harvard St., 1300 block, 9 a.m. April 8. A male approached a pedestrian from behind and demanded cash at gunpoint. When the victim said she had no cash, the assailant pushed her to the ground and fled. After a brief foot chase, a 17-year-old male was arrested. Police said that a service weapon was discharged during the chase. Hiatt Pl.,3200 block, 10:05 p.m. April 6. A man robbed a female pedestrian of property at gunpoint. I St.,600 block, 4:39 p.m. April 12. A man threatened a pedestrian and demanded his bag, then pushed him to the ground. After taking property from the bag, the assailant fled. The victim was treated for injuries at George Washington University Hospital. Irving St., 1100 block, 1:40 a.m. April 7. Four men forced a pedestrian into an alley and robbed him of property from his pockets at gunpoint. The victim was treated for injuries at the scene. K and North Capitol streets,12:55 a.m. April 9. A male teenager robbed a pedestrian of his wallet at knifepoint. M St., 900 block, 9:40 p.m. April 9. Two men forced a back door to an office building and robbed four people of cash and property at knifepoint. A 20-yearold man was arrested a short time later. New Hampshire Ave.,5000 block, 1:05 a.m. April 11. Three male teenagers attacked a pedestrian, knocking him to the ground, then robbed him of property from his pockets. Park Rd.,500 block, 9:35 p.m. April 12. Three male teenagers attacked a pizzadelivery driver, knocking him to the ground, then fled with cash. Park Rd.,1600 block, 9:30 p.m. April 8. A man robbed a male sitting in a vehicle of property at gunpoint. Pennsylvania Ave.2500 block, 3:55 p.m. April 11. Two male teenagers asked restaurant patrons for cash. After being refused, one grabbed a purse from a table, and both tried to flee the

Birthdays, Graduations and Special Events

Happy Birthday
Happy 100th Birthday! Fannie Marie Goldston

April, 20, 1911

Congratulations Mother Fannie Marie Goldston on the celebration of your special day and may it be filled with all the happiness and love that God can bestow. We pray that the Lord continue to keep and sustain you. HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY! From the Padilla and Harrison Family

premises. A 14-year-old male was arrested. The property was recovered. S St.,800 block, 10 p.m. April 8. Four men robbed two males near their vehicle of cash and property at gunpoint. T St.,100 block, 3:45 p.m. April 11. A male teenager walking on an athletic field near a school snatched a video game console from a male, then ran off. The victim and a passerby gave chase and caught up with the teenager, who was standing with two accomplices at a bus stop at Florida Avenue and North Capitol Street. The three attacked the male when he asked for his property, then fled with his cellphone after a brief struggle. T St.,800 block, 8:20 p.m. April 11. A man approached a pedestrian from behind while she was walking a dog and snatched a cellphone from her hand, then fled with a male accomplice. T St.,1700 block, 10:30 p.m. April 6. A man approached a pedestrian from behind while he was walking a dog, then fled with property from his shoulder. Seventh St.,700 block, 5:13 p.m. April 8. During an argument in a bar, a woman threatened an acquaintance and robbed her of a necklace. A woman, 31, was arrested. Seventh St.,1800 block, 1:30 p.m. April 12. A male teenager asked a female at a bus stop if he could borrow her cellphone, then snatched it and fled. 11th St.,1900 block, 3:02 a.m. April 7. Three people robbed four pedestrians of property at gunpoint. 13th and N streets,12:20 a.m. April 8. A male approached a pedestrian from behind and tried to grab her purse, then fled empty-handed when he saw a police car. 14th St.,3700 block, 2:38 p.m. April 8. Two men entered a store, threatened an employee at knifepoint, and fled with property. 14th St.,5800 block, 8:35 p.m. April 11. Several males attacked a pedestrian and robbed him of a backpack. The victim was treated for injuries at the scene. The backpack was recovered nearby. A wallet and a cellphone had been stolen. 15th St. and Columbia Rd.,11:42 p.m. April 10. A man attacked a pedestrian and robbed him of property. A man, 19, was arrested. 16th St. and Park Rd.,1:25 p.m. April 8. A male approached a pedestrian from behind and snatched her purse. Two witnesses got out of a vehicle and followed him. One recovered the purse, which had been dropped. A male, 16, was arrested. THEFTS/BREAK-INS Belmont St.,1400 block, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. April 8. Property was stolen from an apartment entered by forcing the front door. Bryant St., 100 block, 1:48 to 1:52 p.m. April 8. Property was stolen from an occupied residence entered through a back door. Butterworth Pl., 4200 block, 11:45

a.m. to 4:35 p.m. April 11. The contents of a jewelry bag were among property stolen from an apartment. There was no sign of forced entry. Connecticut Ave., 3500 block, 8 p.m. to April 7 to 8:30 a.m. April 8. Property was stolen from an office entered by forcing a door. Ellicott St., 4500 block, 6 p.m. April 9 to 8 p.m. April 10. Property was stolen from a residence entered by kicking in a back door. Euclid St., 800 block, 9 a.m. to noon April 8. Property was stolen from a residence entered by forcing the front door. Euclid St., 800 block, 7:48 to 7:50 p.m. April 9. Property was stolen from a residence entered through a back door. An intruder fled through the door when confronted. Irving St., 1200 block, 5:50 to 6:23 a.m. April 12. A laptop computer and a TV were stolen from an occupied residence. There was no sign of forced entry. Keefer Pl., 600 block, 1 to 11:50 p.m. April 8. Property was stolen from a residence entered through a bedroom window. Lamont St., 1200 block, 8 p.m. April 7 to 9:58 a.m. April 8. Property was stolen from a basement apartment entered by forcing a door. Monroe St., 1300 block, 9:15 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. April 12. Property was stolen from a residence entered by breaking a window accessed from a balcony. N St., 1700 block, 7:20 to 7:22 p.m. April 11. A wallet was stolen from a purse in a conference room entered by forcing a door to an office. New Hampshire Ave., 1600 block, 9:45 p.m.April 9. Property was stolen from an office. There was no sign of forced entry. New Jersey Ave., 1100 block, 4:40 to 5 a.m. April 9. Two computers were stolen from a school entered by breaking glass in a back door and then in a classroom door. P St., 3200 block, 4 p.m. April 10 to 10:55 a.m. April 12. Property was stolen from a file cabinet in a store entered by forcing a back door. Shepherd St., 1400 block, 8:25 a.m. April 11. A stairwell was entered by breaking glass in a door. A man fled from the building when confronted. Nothing was reported missing. Thomas St., 100 block, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. April 12. Property was stolen from a residence entered by forcing the front door. Wisconsin Ave., 4900 block, 5 p.m. to 8:45 a.m. April 10. Property was stolen from a store entered by breaking a display window. First St., 1400 block, 10 p.m. April 8 to 7 a.m. April 9. Property was stolen from a school entered by breaking a rear window. Second St., 5500 block, 4:30 p.m. April 7. Property was stolen from a residence entered through an unlocked window. A male teenager was seen leaving with the property.

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Petworth library jazz program, jazz performers ages 14 to 18 join bassist Michael Bowie, one of several Music Teaching Project All-Stars, in a concert; with discussion of music history. 7 p.m., Petworth Interim Library, 4200 Kansas Ave. NW. Free. 202-243-1188. Jazz pianist Michel Reis, and buffet reception with dessert and wine. 7:30 p.m., Embassy of Luxembourg, 2200 Massachusetts Ave. NW. $80. 202-625-2361 or www.embassy Five Hours From Paris, film about the love of an Israeli taxi driver for a Russian immigrant music teacher; in Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles. 8 p.m., Avalon Theatre, 5612 Connecticut Ave. NW. $11; students, $9; seniors, $8.25. 202-966-6000.



events from 20
discuss collecting art. 7 p.m., Smithsonian American Art Museum, McEvoy Auditorium, Eighth and F streets NW. Free. 202-633-1000. Cyrano, Aaron Posner directs his adaptation of Edmond Rostands play about a 17th-century love triangle. Pay-what-you-can preview, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday; regular previews, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday-April 28, 8 p.m. April 29, 2 and 8 p.m. April 30, 7 p.m. May 1; play continues, 7:30 p.m. TuesdaysThursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays, 2 and 8 p.m. Saturdays, 2 and 7 p.m. Sundays, through June 6, Folger Shakespeare Library, 201 East Capitol St. SE. Pay-what-you-can Tuesday preview, cash only; regular previews, $30-$40; regular performances, $39-$60. 202-544-7077 or

crime from 22
Ninth St., 1900 block, 11:14 to 11:30 a.m. April 7. A man was seen entering an unlocked garage. A man, 30, was arrested and charged with burglary. Ninth St., 1900 block, 1:44 to 11 a.m. April 7. Property was stolen from a restaurant entered by breaking a lock on the back door. 11th St., 3600 block, 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. April 11. A flat-screen TV and a laptop computer were among property stolen from a residence entered by forcing the front door. 13th St., 1900 block, 6:53 p.m. April 6. Property was stolen from four offices entered by forcing doors. 16th St., 1300 block, 7:47 a.m. April 7. A laptop computer and cash were stolen from an office in a building entered by prying open a door. 20th St., 1700 block, 2:30 to 4:50 p.m. April 8. Property was stolen from an apartment. There was no sign of forced entry. 20th St., 1700 block, 8:30 a.m. to 6:20 p.m. April 11. Property was stolen from a residence entered through an unlocked bathroom window near a fire escape. 20th St., 1700 block, 8:45 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. April 11. Property was stolen from a residence entered through an unlocked window near a fire escape.

Azalea collection tour, azalea collection curator Barbara Bullock leads a walk through thousands of blooming azaleas, gives growing tips and discusses the history of the arboretums breeding program. 10 a.m.-noon, U.S. National Arboretum, 3501 New York Ave. NE. $12, registration required. 202-245-4521 or Newmans Idea of a University: Some Misunderstandings, discussed by Ian Ker, senior research fellow in theology. 4:15 p.m., Catholic University, Pryzbyla Center, 620 Michigan Ave. NE. Free. 202-319-5600. The Two Roosevelt Presidents, a National Park Service ranger discusses the distant cousins, their similar paths to the presidency, how they are remembered and their political differences. 5 p.m., Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Ohio Drive NW. Free. Call Paul OBrian, 202-438-7066. The Life and Music of Kenny Davern: Just Four Bars, Edward Meyer discusses his biography of the jazz clarinetist. 6 p.m., National Portrait Gallery, Eighth and F streets NW. Free. 202-633-1000. The Yale Cellos, a performance of classical works. 6 p.m., Kennedy Center, Terrace Theater, 2700 F St. NW. Free. 202-467-4600. Cromwell history talk, Cromwells Heirs: Power, Politics and the Puritans in New England, curator Dwight Bowers discusses the Puritans escape from Englands religious and political persecution. 6:45 p.m., S. Dillon Ripley Center, 1100 Jefferson Dr. SW. $40. 202-633-3030. Heart of the City: Nine Stories of Love and Serendipity on the Streets of New York, Ariel Sabar discusses his book about iconic public spaces that could possibly encourage people to take the first steps toward falling in love. 7 p.m., National Portrait Gallery, Eighth and F streets NW. Free. 202-633-1000.

History and folklore of flowers, wildflower specialist Annette Lasley leads a walk and discusses wildflowers and their natural history, religious symbolism and folklore, wear sturdy waterproof shoes, meet at the George Washington statue on Pilgrim Road. 10 a.m., Washington National Cathedral, Wisconsin and Massachusetts avenues NW. Free. 202-537-2319. Classical piano recital, Jenny Lin performs pieces that reflect three centuries of Chinas influence on western music, from Couperins Les Chinois to Zhou Longs Pianogongs and pieces by Leo Ornstein, John Adams, Morton Gould and others; arrive at 6:45 p.m. for a pre-concert tour of the exhibit Chinamania. 7:30 p.m., Freer Gallery, Meyer Auditorium, Jefferson Drive and 12th Street SW. Free. 202-633-1000. George Bernard Shaws The Apple Cart, Bill Largess directs the Washington Stage Guild in its performance of the political play. 7:30 p.m. Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays, 2:30 and 8 p.m. Saturdays, 2:30 p.m. Sundays, through May 22, Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, Undercroft Theatre, 900 Massachusetts Ave. NW. FridaySaturday evenings, $50; other performances, $40. 240-582-0050 or Compiled by Gerri Marmer TO SUBMIT AN EVENT E-mail: districtlocalliving@washpost. com (to the attention of Gerri Marmer) Mail: Community Events, District Local Living, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C., 20071. Details: Announcements are accepted on a space available basis from public and nonprofit organizations only and must be received at least 14 days before the Thursday publication date. Include event name, dates, times, exact address, prices and a publishable contact phone number.

HOMICIDES Congress St., 1300 block, 9:25 p.m. April 7. Ra-Heem Jackson, 16, was found in the courtyard of his apartment building suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Elvans Rd., 2300 block, 8:12 p.m. April 8. William Parker, 45, of Capitol Heights was found in a residential area suffering from gunshot wounds. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Yuma St., 700 block, 11:22 p.m. April 7. Joshua Ruffin, 20, of Condon Terrace SE and Reginald L. Williams Jr., 22, of Adams Street NE were found suffering from gunshot wounds. They were pronounced dead at a hospital. SEXUAL ASSAULTS Barnaby Rd., 4000-4400 block, 3:15 a.m. April 8. A male sexually assaulted a female at a residence. ROBBERIES Knox Pl., 2900 block, 11:20 p.m. April 10. A gunman took property from a male getting out of a vehicle, then fled with two accomplices. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., 2400 block, 12:14 a.m. April 8. A group of people attacked a male in a restaurant, then fled empty-handed. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., 2700 block, 3:38 p.m. April 7. A man demanded property from an employee at a business at gunpoint, then fled empty-handed with an accomplice. Massachusetts Ave., 2900 block, 10:55 a.m. April 8. A man forced his way into a residence through the front door at gunpoint, then fled with property. 11th Pl., 3300 block, 5:20 a.m. April

10. A male broke into a residence and robbed an occupant of property at knifepoint. A female accomplice was arrested. 12th St., 1000 block, 10:45 p.m. April 6. A male threatened a male in an elevator and robbed him of property. 19th St. and Massachusetts Ave., 12:15 a.m. April 12. A male at a bus stop threatened a female and robbed her of property, then fled on a bus. 30th St., 3000 block, 6:30 p.m. April 7. Two males forced their way into an apartment after a male occupant opened the front door. The intruders fled with property. 57th Pl., unit block, 11:30 to 11:40 a.m. April 8. A group of males forced their way into a residence after a male occupant opened the front door. The intruders fled with property. THEFTS/BREAK-INS Atlantic St., 400 block, 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. April 11. Property was stolen from an apartment entered through an unlocked front door. B St., 4400 block, 11 to 11:25 a.m. April 8. Property was stolen from an apartment entered by forcing the front door. Benning Rd., 4500 block, 12:30 to 4:45 p.m. April 12. Property was stolen from a residence. There was no sign of forced entry. C St., 1500 block, 12:43 to 6:45 p.m. April 7. A residence was entered through an unlocked kitchen window. Nothing was reported missing. Good Hope Rd., 2400 block, 4:20 to 4:30 p.m. April 10. Property was stolen from an apartment. There was no sign of forced entry. Good Hope Ct., 2300 block, 1:30 to 4:45 p.m. April 8. Property was stolen from a residence. There was no sign of forced entry. Halley Terr., 3800 block, 10:33 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. April 11. Property was stolen from a residence entered by breaking a kitchen window.

High St., 2500 block, 1 p.m. Mar. 31 to 12:30 p.m. April 8. Property was stolen from an apartment entered by breaking a bedroom window. Savannah Pl., 1200 block, 5:30 to 9 p.m. April 7. Property was stolen from a residence entered through a basement window. Stanton Rd., 3000 block, 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. April 12. Property was stolen from a residence entered through a kitchen window. Stevens Rd., 1100 block, 10 p.m. April 10 to 9 a.m. April 11. Property was stolen from a residence entered by forcing a back door. Stevens Rd., 1200 block, 5 to 8:30 p.m. April 8. Property was stolen from a residence entered through an upstairs window. Sumner Rd., 1100 block, 3 p.m. April 8 to 5 a.m. April 9. Property was stolen from a residence entered by breaking a bedroom window. Trenton Pl., 100 block, 4:30 to 4:32 p.m. April 9. Property was stolen from a residence. Police said that there were four intruders. A female was arrested. Sixth St., 3300 block, 4 a.m. April 7 to 2 p.m. April 9. Property was stolen from a residence entered by breaking a bedroom window. 22nd St., 3400 block, 2:40 to 8:10 p.m. April 7. Cash was stolen from a residence entered by forcing a bedroom window. 46th St., 600 block, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. April 11. Property was stolen from a residence entered by prying a rear door.

THEFTS/BREAK-INS Forrester St., unit block, 5 a.m. April 8 to 5 a.m. April 9. Property was stolen from a residence entered by breaking two locks on the front door. Compiled by Tamika L. Gittens and Timothy Wilson




ALFREDOS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Specialists in: Concrete Driveways Patio Bricks Stone Flagstone Patios Info/references: (301) 316-1603

Very low rates. Yards, attics, basements, cleaning and hauling, construction debris, appliances and furniture. Dependable.



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ELLICOTT CITY 4350-G Montgomery Rd. (Long Gate Shopping Ctr) 410-465-1689 TIMONIUM 2066 York Rd. (just S. of West Timonium Rd.) 410-252-6807 PIKESVILLE 1500 Reistertown Rd.(Next to Goldbergs NY Bagels) 410-484-4057 NORTH EAST 2540 W. Pulaski Hwy (North East Stn, Nxt to Food Lion) 410-287-3710 # LAUREL 14190B Baltimore Ave. (Laurel Lakes Centre, Next to Best Buy) 240-568-6190 COLUMBIA 6131 Columbia Crossing Dr. (Dobbin Rd. & Rt 175) 410-312-4724 GLEN BURNIE 6918 Ritchie Hwy. (Opp. Wilkins Buick) 410-768-2161 PASADENA 8221 Ritchie Highway (1/4 Mi South of BJs) 410-647-8036 HANOVER 7645 Arundel Mills Blvd. (Next to Safeway) 410-799-2190 CROFTON 1665 Crofton Center (Near Shoppers Food Market) 410-721-2427 # BOWIE 15758 Annapolis Rd (Free State Shop. Ctr, Nr Office Depot) 301-464-8908 SHREWSBURY 472 Shrewsbury Commons Ave. (Nxt to McDonalds) 717-235-1437 CHAMBERSBURG 935 Norland Ave. (Off I-81 & Walker Rd.) 717-261-2567 EASTON 28598 Marlboro Ave (In Target Shopping Center) 410-770-4910 FENWICK ISLAND 901-B Coastal Hwy (Nr Mancinis Brick Oven Pizza) 302-539-6032 REHOBOTH BEACH 2 Lighthouse Plaza (Next to Ruby Tuesday) 302-226-3052 SEAFORD 22876 Sussex Highway (In Front of Lowes) 302-629-9137 SALISBURY 2618 North Salisbury Blvd. (Next to Lowes) 410-334-3045 DELMAR 38661 Sussex Hwy. (Delmar Commons, nr Happy Harrys) 302-846-3718 OCEAN CITY 12641-98 Ocean Gateway (White Marlin Mall) 410-213-0515 MILLSBORO 26670 Centerview Dr. (Near BJs & Lowes) 302-934-6025 LONG NECK 25935 John J. Williams Hwy. (behind McDonalds) 302-947-4070 # Clearance Merchandise Available

For nearest locations: 1-800-SLEEPYS(753-3797) or visit NATIONWIDE DELIVERY conditions permitting. Available on in stock models. NEXT DAY DELIVERY WHEN YOU WANT IT Road Excluding holidays, store pick-ups and Thurs. Delivery fees apply. Hours: Mon thru Sat 10am to 9pm, Sun 11am to 7pm 2011 SINT, LLC.

6699 E. Frontier Dr. (Nr Blinds To Go & Dunkin Douts)


11219 Fair Lakes Promenade Dr. (Near Fair Oakes Shopping Center)







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Found Rucksack on MetroBlack Tires Wheels$50 2 tires on rims Winged Back Chair$100 Arlington, 2 Katie Kruse Baby Dolls$65 each, MALTESE PUPS/Easter Pups-AKC,
tourist bag with red windbreaker, sunglasses, etc. 240-994-4282
Goodyear Eagle GTII 235/60/15 From 71 Chevelle 3019468537



1920's Dresser$100.00 41" wide, 30" tall or 70" w/mirror, graining, Alexandria, VA, 571-331-0582 Antique car parts$10.00 and up. GM & misc. + books & manuals. Sat. 8 - 4 8915 Falls Farm Dr Potomac Antique Rugs Wanted$0 private, fair, reputable, 202-450-2564, Antiques$20.00 and up. Nice selection this Sat. 8 - 4 8915 Falls Farm Dr. Potomac 20854 Antiques8 Italian made Louis XVI dining chair reproductions and beveled glass top table $600, Manassas, VA, 703-791-3934 Antique Toys$10.00 and up. Big selection cars, etc. & wind up Sat. 8915 Falls Farm Dr Potomac 20854 Antque VW Beetle Parts$35.00 Ea.& up. Barn Full of Old VW Beetle Parts. Rockville, MD, 301-774-4047 Brass/Copper Fire Extinguisher$100 for two,Burke, VA, 703455-8306

32 Zenith HDTV EXCL cond$150 with Remote Model C32V37 Fairfax 703-691-1960 Panasonic DVD Player$30 Works well, good condition. Potomac, MD, 3012995354 SONY BETAMAX$110.00 IN EXCELLENT Condition, HARD 2 find


Heavy Equipment, Machinery & Tools

10" Electronic Radial Saw$249 Dale City, VA, 703-590-1393 AIR COMPRESSOR$240.00 12 Gallon Tank on Wheels, Arlington, VA, 703-524-6964 Drill Press$75 13 Inch Drill Press. 6.5 Inch Throat. Half inch chuck. Annandale, VA, 703-307-5732. FOR SALE$150 Sears 10" Radial Saw, as is, w/ 6 drw. cabinet, buyer pick up, $150, 703-971-7297 FOR SALE$150 DeWalt 12" Miter Saw, DW705, as is, $150. Buyer pick up. Franconia. 703-971-7292 208 FOR SALE$245 Honda Generator, as is, $245. Buyer pick up. Franconia. 703-971-7297. 2 large 2 small speakers$60 Woodbridge, VA, 703-491-2357 Gym Equipment$100 Takoma Park, MD, 301-728-0676.Weider Pro 4900 50 GAL GAS WATER HEATER$99.00 Weight System Exerciser. NEW; slightly dented. Whirlpool Energy Star; Moving 301-455-6101 PUMP JACK$75.00 Great condition. Arlington, VA, 703-524-6964 BREAD MAKER - WELBILT$29 Fully automatic with Manual. Nice router bits$249 fall church, VA, Cond...Rockville.... 301-762-7775 703-618-8833 15 NEW Dewalt 9 saw blades ALL NEW GE DISHWASHER$75.00 Built in; works great, white color (remodel- Tires$240 2 Brand new Michelin ing) must go! 301-455-6101 tires MXM4 XSE 245/50 R17 98V Fairfax, VA, 703-573-9641 microwave white$20 Woodbridge, VA, 703-491-2357 Troy Bilt LEAF VACUUM$125 24" with hose. 5.5 hp "Billy WASHER & DRYER Goat" Fairfax 703-691-1960 Top of the line Maytag CT3000 he. Like new $1350. 260 Call now 240-409-4264 WASHERS/ DRYERS/ RANGES/ 1 Brand New QN Pillowtop Set$45, REFRIGERATORS-Stackable, mattress and box set, still in plastic Warranty, Delivery. 301-537-3500 w/ warranty, can deliver, 703-8877666 210 1 Pillowtop Qn Matt Set $45! Framed Artwork$60 Beautiful New in Plastic Can Del. 301-343-8630 abstract 3D Native American. Pas- 2 Club Chairs$220 Arlington, VA, 703-599-9576. Lt Pink.Swivel.Excel tel colors. Potomac, 3012995354 cond.Smoke free.Moving Sculpture$90.00 Auguste Rodin's The Kiss 11" H Alabaster/Marble. "2-Step" Stool$40.00 Extremely sturdy and durable. Alexandria, VA, Arl 703-508-3620 703-971-2309 215 3Pc king pillowtop matt set.$215New in plastic. 301-399-7870. Can del British Guitar magazines$100.00 4 chairs solid-oak artsy$100 total 100 issues, many w CDS burwhite seat like-new living room tonsville, MD, 301-890-6715 3012338376 Guitar Magazines$125.00 200 5' Oak Veneer Desk$35 Dale City, issues, GTR Player, others burVA, 703-590-1393 tonsville, MD, 301-890-6715 5PC BDRM Brand New Cherry 225 Set$189, headboard, rails, dresser, mirror, nightstand, still in boxes, can AURORA SLOT CARS Wanted$100 deliver, 703-887-7666 & up cars/sets. 1960s Model Motor- 5PC Bedrm Cherry Set new in boxes ing, Atlas, Tyco, AFX. 703-960-3594 $245 Can Deliver. 301-399-7870 Austin Nichols Wild Turkey$25.00 BABY STROLLER$30 Eddie Bauer. Ea.&Up.Beautiful Glass Decantors Great cond. Folds easily. Pack 'n Rockville, MD, 301-774-4047 Play $30. UpprMarlb. 301-627-5770 Civil War chess set,col ed.$50.00 BEDROOM & DINING ROOM SET Temple Hills, MD, 240-274-7107 BR set, traditional, Thomasville, Collectibles$20.00 and up. Nice 5 pcs, excellent condition. $2500. selection this Sat. 8 - 4 8915 Falls DR Set , Thomasville, 9 pcs, excl Farm Dr. Potomac, MD. 20854 condition $2500. 631-987-5696 Collectibles$45.00 - Three (3) Colonial Period Silhouettes. Bookcase$50.00 Fredericksburg, VA, 2 shelves, 60"H,25"W,13"D 540Falls Church, VA. - 703-820-8622 373-4108 Collectibles$50.00 Falls Church, Fredericksburg, VA, 703-820-8622 Many Cabinet$50.00 VA, 36"W,32"H,17"D 540-373-4108 Squirrel figurines; all sizes & colors. Donna Reed Seed Package$10.00 Chest - beech wood$95 Silver Spring, MD, 301-754-1517 Unopened Burpee seeds from early 47x43x16. Perfect cond. Cash only. 60"s Sterling, VA, 703-864-4884 Ships Wheel$100 3' diam. solid couch with six matching pillow$60.00 Woodbridge, VA, 703cherry Ships Wheel w/wall mount. 491-2357 Daytime 202-387-6383 DESK$99 falls church, VA, 703WANTED: $ FOR MILITARY: WWI, 618-8833 LOVELY6DRAWERS BY WWII, VN. Jackets, Hats, Knives, lYON 30X60" Medals, ETC. $100/MORE FOR SOME OLD HELMETS, BUT DON'T CLEAN Entertainment Center$190 LightANY STUFF! 301-657-8994 colored wood. Paid $1700, giveaway price. Potomac, 3012995354 229 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER$200 LARGE OAK,4 DRS,4 SHELVES,SLIDING TRAYS 240-605-5216 Asics Running Shoes$75.00 MenSz four dining room chairs wood$30 Woodbridge, VA, 703-491-2357 11,New,Gel-Kushon 2, Blk/Slv/Red, Columbia 941-538-8881 Handcrafted Wooden Shelf$50.00 Beautifully detailed. Alexandria, VA, Brass Lamps$45.00 Forestville, 703-971-2309 MD, 301-325-9676; 2 Brass Lamps with Shades; both for 50.00 Handcrafted Blanket Chest$150.00 Beautiful, large, white chest. Men's Laredo w. boots sz. Alexandria, VA, 703-971-2309 9.5$50.00 Temple Hills, MD, 240LazyBoy recliner$80.00 Burke, VA, 274-7107 703-239-9766 SUNGLASS$99 Ray-Ban aviator. blue color,great shape Worn few times. Orig. $149. LEELeather Chair$240 Arlington, VA, BURG, VA, 240-461-1445. 703-599-9576. Very comfy. Great233 Cond.Mushrm Color Moving Leather Sofa$240 Arlington, VA, computer$159 used desktop set 703-599-9576.Mushrm color Very 2.0ghz 1gb 40gb dvd cdrw printer Comf,Moving.90x36x36 2011 linux xp cds 703-461-3187 Leather Sofa, Love Seat ChairBrn COMPUTER$79 tower set works used 1.8G 512M 40G dvd cdrw xp7 Leather Sofa, love Seat and Chair. 2010 tux cds printer 703-751-0451 Good Condition. Cash only - pickup $900, Gainesville, VA, 7032200531 COMPUTER$79 tower set works Luv Seat Dark Blue$25 Dale City, used 1.8G 512M 40G dvd cdrw xp7 VA, 703-590-1393 2010 tux cds printer 703-751-0451 Oak Entertainment Center$245.00 Dell Computer core 2$245 Win3pcs. Beautiful, excellent dows 7 System 19inch monitor condition Fairfax 703-691-1960 included. Call Mr. Ray 202 710 1106 PATIO CHAIRS (4)$79 Lightweight DELL LAPTOP$249 Latitude D610, and great for outdoor games. LeesReburbished, CDRW DVD, Windows burg, VA, 240-461-1445. XP, Looks New, 301-864-001 Scan Furniture$248.00 4 dining DELL LATITUDE D600 LAPTOP$199 table chairs, more burtonsville, MD, Pm1.6 Wifi COMBO XP (301)931301-890-6715 6630; (703)821-1400; Teak Bookcases$100.00 82" tallHewPack destop xp$45 rkl, MD, $100 and up--burtonsville, DC, 301240-449-9470 1.4ghz dvd-cdrw 890-6715 IBM XP tower$30 rkl, MD, 240-449- This End UP Bookcases$135.00 9470 933mhz full ok extremely sturdy, more burtonsville, MD, 301-890-6715 sony comp$69 1GRAM, 80GHD shady grove, bus 55, near g-burg lib two orange plush chairs$40.00 3012338376 Woodbridge, VA, 703-491-2357




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VA, 703-599-9576, .Nice. Lt Floral vinyl boy & girl, new in box, or $100 Carved Legs.Moving set, Alexandria, VA, 571-331-0582 world war 2 ruble tables$100.00 Collectible Toy Tractor by Int$38.00 Woodbridge, VA, 703-491-2357 gaithersburg, MD, 240-750-0426 Harry Potter Doll by Gotz$85 18" 265 tall, new in box. Alexandria, VA, 571-331-0582 Andersen Windows-new$150 tilt out+screens+grills DH series 200 JEEP STROLLER$65 Urban Terrain, Liberty Limited. N. Arl, VA, 703-536save $100/window, 301-502-7644 7497 Bed Sheets$20.00 Brand new 1200 TC 6 piece bed sheets 6 sizes, 16 K'NEX TERRAIN TREKKER$30.00 Retired. Brand new in box colors call 571-435-6214 Fairfax 703-772-6371 Birdhouse w/Hexagon Roof$125.00 Handcrafted, 4-unit, very unique. Polish Pottery Toy Tea Sets$20 12 pieces, several patterns available, Alexandria, VA, 703-971-2309 Alexandria, VA, 571-331-0582 Coffee Can Wren House$25.00 Handcrafted and very unique. 355 Alexandria, VA, 703-971-2309 Elephant Side Tbls$99.99 For The Baileys Crossroads7am-2pm Pair, 26" tall, pft cond. stone 3601 Danny's La. Furniture,office w/glaze, Alex., VA, 703-379-4699 desk/chairs,household goods,kids FIG TREES$25.00 Alexandria, VA, stuff,microwave,etc. April 23, 2011 703-963-3525 $10 ft & Up depend- LovettsvilleBARN SALE. Antiques ing on branching Call after 6pm. & more. 38150 Long Ln, Lovettsville, FRIG/FREEZER COMBO$85 BY VA, 4/22 8-6 and 4/23 8-3. FRANKLIN CHEF, LIKE NEW, DULLES, 358 VA, 703-473-4742 Home Grown Euonymus$5.00 Three beautiful varieties. Alexandria, VA, 703-971-2309 HOSTA PLANTS GIANT$30.00 ARLINGTON, -Antiques, antique tools, ALEXANDRIA, VA, 703-963-3525 garden home decor. Great cond. Priced per size CALL AFTER 6 pm 4/23, 9-12. 2619 N. Rockingham St. JEN-AIR GAS GRILL$249.00 Stain- Ashburn44070 Florence Terr, less Steel w/side burner Xcel Cond 4/23, 8am-noon, 4/22 early birds Moving (paid $800)301-455-6101 welcome noon-5pm. Hshld items, LawnMover$110 Craftsman 6.25 couch, pool table, gym equip. Hp, Self Propelled, Like New. Call 360 301-933-2790 Lawnmover$40 Lawnmover repair and services. cheap price. call 301BETHESDA- 5303 Elliott Rd, Thurs933-2790 day- Saturday 10-4, Victorian Bamboo furniture, art, primitives, Lawnmower$85.00 High end country furn, stickley table and mower ex.cond. serviced chairs, decoys. Cash Only Terry tuned,sharp, 703-591-4271 Mikasa Cups & Saucers$45.00 Set DC1513 Upshur St NW. Thur-Sat of 10. Excellent condition 9:30-3. Home of 106 yr old Matriarch. Fairfax 703-772-6371 Antique furn(1930s & up), books, MOVING SALE$5.00 and up. Big china, glass, silver, jewelry, art, colselection this Sat. 8 - 4 8915 Falls lect. Farm Dr. Potomac, MD 20854 408 Mower$15.00 Snapper 19E05, Electric w bag, very clean. Needs repair. Arlington, VA, 703-528-0726 ORIOLES vs YANKEES & RED SOCKSPremium lower box seats, behind Outdoor Bistro Table$90.00 Black dugout & plate, front row. First 8 wrought iron 31" round, 2 chairs, rows, up to 8 seats.Call 443-875-7364 center hole for umb. 703-508-3620 Outdoor Lawn Furniture$249.00 601 Comp. set w/chairs, table, more. Wrought Iron Xcond 301-455-6101 Beagle/Jack Russell LOST in DC but could be 10 miles away by now! Outdoor sweeper$5.00 Haaga Top Female, tricolor, 3.5 yrs, pics at 550, rotating brush, walk behind. 202-664-2301 As is. Arlington, VA 703-528-0726 Riding Lawn Mower$240.00 Older 610 Craftsman model. 18 HP engine. Needs new battery. 301-384-8399 AKC French Bulldogs $2000.00, 8 weeks old, 804-224-0399 http://waysidebulldogs. 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Garage Sales, VA

Damyr Borrego to Josuell Damyr Liriano Ramon. The petitioner is seeking a name change because: to have his real father's last name. Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 6th day of May, 2011. The objection must be supported by an affidavit and served upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1321. Failure to file an objection or affidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by default or the granting of the relief sought. This Notice is to be published in the Washington Post newspaper of general circulation in Montgomery County, Maryland, one successive week on or before the 21st day of April, 2011. /s/ Loretta E. Knight CLERK, Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND IN THE MATTER OF GUNJA JITENDRAKUMAR DAVE FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO GUNJA KEYUR PATHAK FAMILY LAW NO. 93727 FL PUBLICATION NOTICE The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name in which he/she seeks to change his/her name from Gunja Jitendrakumar Dave to Gunja Keyur Pathak. The petitioner is seeking a name change because: marriage. Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 6th day of May, 2011. The objection must be supported by an affidavit and served upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1321. Failure to file an objection or affidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by default or the granting of the relief sought. This Notice is to be published in the Washington Post newspaper of general circulation in Montgomery County, Maryland, one successive week on or before the 21st day of April, 2011. /s/ Loretta E. Knight CLERK, Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIVIL DIVISION ORDER OF PUBLICATION CHANGE OF NAME IN RE DANIEL MATTHEW VOORHEES CASE NUMBER: 0002568-11 Daniel Matthew Voorhees, having filed a complaint for judgment changing his name from Daniel Matthew Voorhees to Daniel Matthew Vorobek and having applied to the Court for an order of publication of the notice required by law in such cases, it is by the Court, this 4th day of April, 2011 hereby ORDERED that all persons concerned show cause, if any there be, on or before the 13th day of May, 2011, why the prayers of said complaint should not be granted; PROVIDED, that a copy of this order be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks before said day in the Washington Post newspaper. PROVIDED FURTHER, that pursuant to SCR 205(b) notice be sent to the applicant's creditors by registered or certified mail & that proof of service of mailing be made in the manner provided in SCR Probate Rule 19(b). /s/ Robert Tignor, Judge SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001 CIVIL DIVISION ORDER OF PUBLICATION IN RE NATRICIA MERLENE TAYLOR CASE NO.: 0001921-11 Natricia Merlene Taylor, having filed a complaint for judgment changing Natricia Merlene Taylor name to Trish Su-Ling Moolenaar Frampton and having applied to the Court for an order of publication of the notice required by law in such cases, it is by the Court, this 14th day of March, 2011 ORDERED that all persons concerned show cause, if any there be, on or before the 20th day of April, 2011, why the prayers of said complaint should not be granted; PROVIDED, that a copy of this order be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks before said day in the Washington Post newspaper. PROVIDED FURTHER, that pursuant to SCR 205(b) notice to be sent to applicant's creditors by registered or certified mail & that proof of service of mailing be made in the manner provided in SCR Probate Rule 19(b). /s/ Henry Greene, Judge SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 ADM 298 RICHARD P. CLAUDE PRO SE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Eric J. Claude, whose address is 1211 Delta Glen Court, Vienna, VA 22182, was appointed personal representative of the estate of Richard P. Claude, who died on March 17, 2011 with a will and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment (or to the probate of decedent's will) shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before October 14, 2011. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before October 14, 2011, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Eric J. Claude PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 ADM 277 REGINALD BLACK, SR. PRO SE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Reginald Black, Jr., whose address is 720 Madison St., N.W., Apt. 102, Washington, D.C. 20011, was appointed personal representative of the estate of Reginald Black, Sr., who died on March 23, 2011 without a will and will serve with Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before October 14, 2011. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before October 14, 2011, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Reginald Black, Jr. PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS

SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 ADM 279 LORRAINE TART-BEY PRO SE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Larry Carter and Sonda Ward, whose addresses are 12908 Sutters Lane, Bowie, MD 20720 and 3266 Greenwich Court, Waldorf, MD 20602, were appointed personal representatives of the estate of Lorraine Tart-Bey, who died on February 9, 2011 with a will and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment (or to the probate of decedent's will) shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before October 21, 2011. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before October 21, 2011, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Larry Carter Sonda Ward PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 FEP 45 FLORENCE OCTAVIA HAYES NAME OF DECEDENT February 1, 2008 DATE OF DEATH NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF FOREIGN PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS McKinley M. Hayes, whose address is 8803 Brightwood Drive, Fort Washington, MD 20744, was appointed personal representative of the estate of Florence Octavia Hayes, deceased, by the Register of Wills for Prince George's County, State of Maryland, on February 28, 2008. Service of process may be made upon Deborah Jackson, 23 Todd Place, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002, whose designation as District of Columbia agent has been filed with the Register of Wills, D.C. The decedent owned the following District of Columbia real property: 318 36th Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20019. The decedent owned District of Columbia personal property. Claims against the decedent may be presented to the undersigned and filed with the Register of Wills for the District of Columbia, 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001 within 6 months from the date of first publication of this notice. McKinley M. Hayes PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 FEP 43 JURLE LEE BUTLER NAME OF DECEDENT May 31, 2004 DATE OF DEATH NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF FOREIGN PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Emma Richardson Butler, whose address is 6707 Highland Park Drive, Landover, Maryland 20785, was appointed personal representative of the estate of Jurle Lee Butler, deceased, by the Register of Wills Court for Prince George's County, State of Maryland, on October 6, 2004. Service of process may be made upon Janet R. Wooten, 3921 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E., #301, Wash., D.C. 20020, whose designation as District of Columbia agent has been filed with the Register of Wills, D.C. The decedent owned the following District of Columbia real property: 50th Place N.E., Washington, D.C. 20019 (Lot 0082, Square 5175). The decedent owned District of Columbia personal property. Claims against the decedent may be presented to the undersigned and filed with the Register of Wills for the District of Columbia, 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001 within 6 months from the date of first publication of this notice. Emma Richardson Butler PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 ADM 285 JIM PHILLIPS PRO SE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Cecilia Polistina, whose address is 703 S. Fourth Ave., Galloway, NJ 08205, was appointed personal representative of the estate of Jim Phillips, who died on August 14, 2009 without a will and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before October 21, 2011. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before October 21, 2011, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a

copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Cecilia Polistina PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 ADM 228 MYRTLE T. SAHM a/k/a MYRTLE TODD SAHM Theodore P. Stein, Esquire 110 North Washington St., Suite 501 Rockville, Maryland 20850 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Steven A. Solomon, whose address is 51 Monroe St., Suite 1500, Rockville, Maryland 20850, was appointed personal representative of the estate of Myrtle T. Sahm a/k/a Myrtle Todd Sahm, who died on October 15, 2010 with a will and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment (or to the probate of decedent's will) shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before October 14, 2011. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before October 14, 2011, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Steven A. Solomon PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 ADM 283 BETTY J. FERGUSON PRO SE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Wandell Roy and Danielle Ferguson, whose address is 311 56 St., NE, Washington, D.C. 20019, were appointed personal representatives of the estate of Betty J. Ferguson, who died on March 13, 2011 without a will and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before October 14, 2011. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before October 14, 2011, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Wandell Roy Danielle Ferguson PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 ADM 284 JOHN SLUJNSKI PRO SE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Phillip Matie, whose address is 11096 Wooster St., N.W., Massillon, OH 44647, was appointed personal representative of the estate of John Slujnski, who died on September 9, 2010 with a will and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment (or to the probate of decedent's will) shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before October 14, 2011. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before October 14, 2011, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Phillip Matie PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 ADM 261 FREDERICK W. WAY a/k/a FREDERICK WILLIAM WAY PRO SE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Martha Elaine Way Scruggs, whose address is 103 Kirk Road, Greensboro, NC 27455, was appointed personal representative of the estate of Frederick W. Way a/k/a Frederick William Way, who died on December 20, 2010 with a will and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment (or to the probate of decedent's will) shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before October 14, 2011. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register

of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before October 14, 2011, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Martha Elaine Way Scruggs PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001-2131 2011 ADM 304 T. HUNTER F. WATERS a/k/a THOMAS HUNTER FERRANTE WATERS PRO SE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Kristine Michele Coratti, whose address is 1651 C Street NE, Washington, D.C. 20002, was appointed personal representative of the estate of T. Hunter F. Waters a/k/a Thomas Hunter Ferrante Waters, who died on February 26, 2011 with a will and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment (or to the probate of decedent's will) shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before October 14, 2011. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before October 14, 2011, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Kristine Michele Coratti PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Anne Meister REGISTER OF WILLS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIVIL DIVISION ORDER OF PUBLICATION CHANGE OF NAME IN RE CHRISTOPHER JOHN DOROBEK CASE NUMBER: 0002570-11 Christopher John Dorobek, having filed a complaint for judgment changing his name from Christopher John Dorobek to Christopher John Vorobek, and having applied to the Court for an order of publication of the notice required by law in such cases, it is by the Court, this 4th day of April, 2011 hereby ORDERED that all persons concerned show cause, if any there be, on or before the 13th day of May, 2011, why the prayers of said complaint should not be granted; PROVIDED, that a copy of this order be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks before said day in the Washington Post news-

paper. PROVIDED FURTHER, that pursuant to SCR 205(b) notice be sent to the applicant's creditors by registered or certified mail & that proof of service of mailing be made in the manner provided in SCR Probate Rule 19(b). /s/ Robert Tignor, Judge SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA FAMILY COURT ORDER OF PUBLICATION CHANGE OF NAME IN RE UYEN THOAI LUU CIVIL ACTION NUMBER: 2479-2011 Uyen Thoai Luu, having filed a complaint for judgment changing Kenny Thanh Luu name to Kenny Thanh Cruz-Luu and having applied to the Court for an order of publication of the notice required by law in such cases, it is by the Court, this 31st day of March, 2011 ORDERED that all persons concerned show cause, if any there be, on or before the 6th day of May, 2011, why the prayers of said complaint should not be granted; PROVIDED, that a copy of this order be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks before said day in the Washington Post newspaper.

Moving Sale

Estate Sales

PUPPIES DC-VA-MD-WV-PA. SEE Our Puppy Pics At: 304-904-6289. OFF I-81 exit 16E. OPEN: Fri 12-6pm Sat 11-7pm & Sun-12-6pm Or call JEN for pvt appt. Tiny Yorkies, Cav-A-Chon, Shihtzu, Shih-Chon, AKC Bulldogs, Bullgle, Puggles, lab mix, Mal-Shih, YorkiePoos, Black & Fawn Pugs, Westies & many more, & non-allergy. 59 East Rd. Martinsburg WV: Exit 16 E. off I-81 then 1.8 mi E on Rt 9 then Left on Eagle School Rd. to Right Behind Mcdonalds $100 off w/ad. cash, check, cc, 304-904-6285 Rottweiler$350.00, 3 Male pups, 8 wks old, beautiful & adorable, parents on premises, 1st shots & dewormed 240-603-5708 Shih zuPuppies, Waiting for you! Males & female, tri colored, adorable playful, family raised, vet cked, s/w, $500 301-268-6988 SIBERIAN HUSKY PUPPIESBlk & white/ Gray & white, blue eyes AKC reg. Shots included, 8 wks old 540-877-1567


Official Notices

On March 9, 2011, the Wells Fargo Bank Acct#2000040947008 in the amount of $10,539.25 and Wells Fargo Bank Acct# 2000040948599 in the amount of $321,887.28 were seized for administrative forfeiture from Modern Junk and Salvage Company and Joseph Brightman at Wells Fargo Bank, 7 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 for violations of 31 U.S.C. 5324. Pursuant to Title 18 U.S.C., Section 981, this property is subject to forfeiture. Any person claiming an ownership interest in this property must file a claim on or before 30 days from the date of the last publication, otherwise, the property will be forfeited and disposed of according to law. The claim should be mailed to the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation Division, Special Agent in Charge, 8401 Corporate Drive, Suite 390, Landover, MD 20785, Attn: Asset Forfeiture Coordinator by close of business on May 31, 2011; otherwise, the property will be forfeited and disposed of according to law.

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Dogs for Sale

WheatenCairnCav-OOPS! Meet the parents. SOFT NO shed/allergies, crt/ppr trnd, Social, lap dogs 10wks 540-286-0633 Yorkie$800, F, 11 wks, all records, food, toys, CKC papers, 301-4557992. YORKIE$995, 12wks yrs old, 301800-0793 YORKSHIRE TERRIER PUPS Champion AKC, shots & wormed, home raised, males and females, 8 weeks $950. Cash only. Call 540-347-7051


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A BEST DAWG FRIEND WAITS FOR YOU!! Over 40 healthy DAWGs, all ages, sizes, diff. ea. week! Beltsville PETCO, (495/Rt 1, 1 mi. N of IKEA). Sat .April 23nd, 12-2:30pm.

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Official Notices

Medical Equipment

Adopt a buddy for life. Sat, April 23rd , Noon-3pm. PETCO 10708 Lee Hwy, Fairfax Mutt Love Rescue "Mutts"

Maryland Department of the Environment Land Management Administration

Notice of Tentative Determination and Opportunity for Public Hearing
In accordance with Sections 1-601, 1-602, and 1-604 of the Environment Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Maryland Department of the Environment (the Department) has made a Tentative Determination to renew a Groundwater Discharge Permit Application submitted by Brandywine Enterprises, Inc. The application is for the continued discharge of wastewater generated by rainwater percolating through the landfill cell floor of the closed Brandywine/Crossroad Trails Rubble Landfill into groundwater via infiltration/percolation. This landfill is located at 11151 Crossroad Trails, Brandywine, Prince Georges County, Maryland 20613. The current permit requires the semi-annual monitoring of the groundwater for metals and organic compounds. The proposed permit allows the Department to set and maintain requirements for the continued monitoring of groundwater quality at the closed rubble landfill, and does not authorize an expansion or other change to the facility. A Public Hearing will be held on the Departments Tentative Determination on this permit application if a written request is received on or before May 18, 2011. The request should indicate the name, address, and daytime telephone number of the person making the request, the name of any party whom the person making the request may represent, and the name of the facility. Any written comments concerning the tentative determination must be received by the close of business on May 30, 2011. Requests for a public hearing or written comments should be sent to: Mr. Horacio Tablada, Director, Land Management Administration, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore MD 21230-1719. Upon prior request, the Department will provide an interpreter for the deaf or hearing-impaired persons. The application, supporting documents, and draft permit will be available for review after April 20, 2011 at the Prince Georges County Public Library located at 13603 Baden-Westwood Road, Brandywine, MD and at the Department by appointment. For further information regarding this notice, to schedule an appointment to review the application, or to request an interpreter, please contact Ms. Gail Castleman, Hearings Administrator at (410) 537-3310.


Fair Lakes, Va Petsmart Fri,6:30-8:30 7 Corners, Va Petsmart Sat,12-3pm Fair Lakes, Va Petsmart Sat,1-4pm Rockville, Md Petco Sat, 1-4pm Rockville , Md Bark Sat, 1-4 pm Reston, Va Petsmart Sun,1-4pm Make CFCNCA contributions to LDCRF using #97890 For more info. & photos on available dogs, go to: or call (703) 295-DOGS

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A TUBE HI-FI GEAR$249 WANTED 1950-1970 HI-FI SPEAKERS, TUBES, PARTS BEST PRICE 410-740-5222 COPY MACHINE- Senior Citizen in search of new or gently used copy machine. Call 202-332-8808


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English Bulldog-miniature
6 Cuddly Little AKC Butterballs M/F, All colors, 8 - 10 Wks. $2500 703-507-1996 or 540-338-3047

ADOPT A CAT/KITTEN Vet checked. Call Feline Foundation. 703-920-8665

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Convert LPs to CDs$120 Arlington, VA, 703-599-9576.Easy 2 use;Nice furn.Plays well. Grand Piano1995 C-3 Yamaha, 6'1" Polished Ebony, $13,200, Powerful, rich tone. University Park, MD, 301922-7511 Guitar$85.00 Valencia VG-180. Perf cond. Sounds Great! Annapolis, MD, 410-268-7725 Wurlitzer Piano$249 Dale City, VA, 703-590-1393

ADOPT - CATS & KITTENS 7 Corners, Va Petsmart Sat,12-3pm Leesburg, Va Petsmart Sun, 1-4pm Reston, Va Petsmart Sun,1-4pm Alexandria, Va Petsmart Sun, 1-4pm Make CFCNCA contributions to LDCRF using #97890 For more info. & photos on available cats, go to: or call (703) 295-DOGS

Prince Georges County State Discharge Permit Application:
Zachair Co, 10399 Piscataway Road, Clinton, MD 20735 submitted an application to modify the individual permit to discharge variable volumes of storm water from a construction site named Hyde Field Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for Surcharge Phase 1 and 4 consisting of 213.8 acres located at 10399 Piscataway Road, Clinton, MD 20735. An informational meeting will be held to discuss the application and the permitting process if a written request is received by May 5, 2011. The request should be forwarded to the Maryland Department of the Environment, Water Management Administration, 1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 420, Baltimore, Maryland 21230-1708, Attn: Ms. Karen Smith. Hearing-impaired persons may request an interpreter at the informational meeting by contacting Ms. Smith at least ten working days prior to the scheduled meeting at (410) 5373401 or at the above address.

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CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-627-1150

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CLASSIC 1978 250 INTERCEPTOR - 25ft, 1985 EZ trailer included. $4000/OBO for sale or trade for S10 Pickup or Honda Civic. Arnold, MD. Call 410-757-6598

ANNAPOLIS, MD BOAT SLIP 40' Slip, back creek, elec incl. 8' Depth. 13' Beam. $4000/yr. Call 410-271-0112
Chesapeake Harbour Marina Resort marina in Annapolis 30' to 85Slips avail w/restaurant, beach & upgraded amenities. 1-800-989-4741


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Horizon 2004 HouseboatExcellent cond, White, 82 ft, 276-694-5007 Located Smith MT Lake,VA.Estate Sale!! $250,000. 62


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CANOE- 15' aluminum, paddles, yoke, life vests. $400. Call for further information: 703-970-3881


Annapolis Maryland Capital Yacht Club- 25' to 50' protected slips, lift slips, club house, tennis, swimming pool, wireless internet, cable. Call 1-800-913-9036

R vision Travel lite 2005 Precor 923i treadmill 1 TL8270$10750 obo, Trailer, Must owner$249.00 Must sell, Fairfax sell, Great cond, Sleeps 8, nice floor VA 703-322-0101 plan, Bunk, sofa, booth & queen rossignol skis$8 rkl, MD, 240-449beds, 703-475-5044 9470 kid or adult fine shape Skis - Rossignol Quantum QS N$35 76.75" (195cm)Tyrolia 480 Ski Bindings.Nice Cond..301-762-7775 Wilson raquetball equipment$20.00 Falls Church, VA, 69 703-820-8622

English Springer Spaniel Pups- AKC, 650 L/W, vetted, fam raised, M $550, F/G. Ready 5/9. 410-939-1379 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS- AKC, 284 German/Czech work lines, Black Bi F, M's & F's dark sable. S/W. up to 11 wk, Tat Guar. $1,000+. 540-219-9550 Board for retired horses $175 Feed, hay and deworming shelter Fire Proof file cabinet$249.00 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS Gentle Call 540-833-2311 for more info colesville, MD, 301-421-9197 Fire Giants. Intelligent, companion and protection for children/adults. AKC. Prood File Cabinet. 4 drawer file 8 wks. $1000. Guarn. 540-667-3568 815 OFFICE FURNITURE LIQUIDATION Has to be out by 4/30. Come by IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR 4/23 9a-5p or earlier, to see the MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND assortment of desks, chairs, filing CASE NO. FL89502 cabinets, work stations, tables etc. TYNETTA HALL, Plaintiff v. 13484 New Hampshire Ave. SHELDON ARRINGTON, Defendant Silver Spring 240-441-7919 AMENDED NOTICE OF PUBLICATION The object of Plaintiff, TYNETTA 291 HALL's suit is to obtain Custody of BLESSEN HALL; the child's father is SHELDON ARRINGTON. GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES - Ready The Complaint recites that Plaintiff 1940 RETIREMENT GIFT$100.00 4/30, parents AKC, vet checked, is a resident of Montgomery County, Sterling, VA, 703-568-1301 split ready for their forever home. Maryland; that Plaintiff is the mothbamboo rod,Penn Reel,tackle box er of a minor child, BLESSEN HALL, $900. Call 540-718-4866 BASEBALL GLOVES/BATS$10 each. born January 16, 2001; that DefenVarious sizes, good cond-12. EastGREAT DANE PUPS - AKC, BLUES, dant is the father of said child; on,Rawling,Mizuno. 301-627-5770. M & F, Rdy 3/20, beautiful, that the child lives with the father very sociable! S/W, POP. Fishing rod & Reel$18 Steelers 2 pc in Passiac, New Jersey; that as a $850-$1000. Call 757-421-0301 rod & spinning reel NEW Rockville, result of a Juvenile case filed in MD, 202-215-6644 Montgomery County, the child was HAVANESE - AKC, 5 pups, 8 weeks. placed with the father; that the For information contact GIFT CARD -REI$169 Card worth Defendant has refused to allow the $187--10 per cent savings to you. Plaintiff visitation with the child; N. Arl, VA, 703-536-7497 HAVANESE - AKC, home raised, that it is in the best interests of the best health guar, 8 weeks old. Golf Club$149 Almost new starter child to be in the parties' full legal Call (262) 993-0460 set 2-pw w/ steel shaft. Come with and physical custody. a bag. Leesburg, VA, 240-461-1445. It is, therefore, this 1st day of April, GOLF CLUBS$169 Irons 3-pw w/ ITALIAN GREYHOUND Neutered male, 2011, ORDERED by the Circuit Court steel shaft. come w/ a bag. Like 10 months old, red w/some white, for Montgomery, Maryland, that the new. Leesburg, VA, 240-461-1445. healthy, energetic. A really nice Plaintiff cause a copy of this Notice HORSEBACK RIDING HELMET$25 young dog. Fam hlth problems cause to be published at least once a week for three consecutive weeks in the TIPPERARY. Size Small. Like New. this action. $300 540-972-5717 newspaper of the Washington Post Upper Marlboro, MD. 301-627-5770 of general circulation published in JOGGING STROLLER$30 Excellent Montgomery County, Maryland; condition. Folds easily. Not bulky. publication to be completed by April Upper Marlboro. 301-627-5770. 21, 2011; Defendant must file a NEW PENN SURF REEL 704Z$75.00 response on or before May 23, Sterling, VA, 703-568-1301 Horizon 2011; Defendant is warned that failGraphite Surf Rod 705H100 ure to file response within the time allowed may result in the entry of olympic barbell$100 reston, VA, default judgment and/or the granti703-867-2567 300 lb olympic barng of the relief sought. bell set in mint condition LAB PUPS- AKC, yellow, black, S/W, /s/Loretta E. Knight, Clerk of the M/F, sire, all clearances, health PING PUTTER$79 Ping Pal2 with Circuit Court for Montgomery Counguaranteed, 8 wks. Convenient to insert. Good condition. Leesburg, ty, Maryland I-95 VA . $350. 804-994-3171 VA, 240-461-1445.

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Any person wishing to review the application should contact Ms. Smith at the above telephone number to schedule an appointment. Copies may be obtained at a cost of $0.36 per page.


7300-7308 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
The property located at 7300-7308 Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park, Maryland has been accepted into Marylands Voluntary Cleanup Program. A proposed response action plan (RAP) has been submitted to the Maryland Department of the Environmental (MDE) for approval. Soil gas sampling conducted beneath the concrete building slab identified vapors containing the dry cleaning solvent perchloroethylene (PCE) beneath the building. The property owner proposes to install a sub-slab depressurization system to prevent vapor intrusion to indoor air at the site. The system is designed to eliminate migration of contaminants to indoor air by extracting subslab vapors and venting them to the exterior of the building. This RAP is based upon future use of the property for commercial purposes. Participant: Thomas Oliff P.O. Box 496 Linthicum, MD 21090-0496 Michael Wolf ATC Associates Inc. 443-336-3845 7300-7308 Carroll Avenue Takoma Park, MD 20912

Department of Justice Antitrust Division

Take notice that a proposed Final Judgment has been filed in a civil antitrust case, United States of America v. Google Inc. and ITA Software Inc., Civil Case No. 1:11-cv-00688. On April 8, 2011, the United States filed a Complaint alleging that Googles proposed acquisition of ITA Software Inc. would substantially reduce competition in the online travel planning industry, in violation of Section 7 of the Clayton Act, 15 U.S.C. 18. The proposed Final Judgment would require Google to continue licensing ITA Softwares products for a period of five years following the merger. A Competitive Impact Statement filed by the United States describes the Complaint, the proposed Final Judgment, the industry, and the remedies available to private litigants who may have been injured by the alleged violation. Copies of the Complaint, proposed Final Judgment and Competitive Impact Statement are available for inspection at the Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, Antitrust Documents Group, 450 Fifth Street, N.W., Suite 1010, Washington, D.C. 20530 (telephone: 202-5142481), on the Department of Justices Web site at http://www.justice. gov/atr, and at the Office of the Clerk of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Interested persons may address comments to James J. Tierney, Chief, Networks and Technology Section, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 450 Fifth Street, N.W., Suite 7100, Washington, D.C. 20530 (telephone: 202-307-6200), within 60 days of the date of this notice. Such comments, and responses thereto, will be published in the Federal Register and filed with the Court.


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LAB PUPS-Black, yellow AKC & CKC reg. Bred to US champ son. Great disposition. All have 2 worming, 2 shots, vet certified, OFA certified. Call after 6pm or lve msg weekdays, anytime weekends 410-635-8101. 9 weeks old , will hold for Easter LABRADOODLE PUPS-Stand size, gorgeous, nonshed, F2, cream, also black, 9 wks, S/W, health guar. $495-545 cash. 301-797-5645

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND IN THE MATTER OF JOSUELL DAMYR BORREGO FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO JOSUELL DAMYR LIRIANO RAMON FAMILY LAW NO. 93688 PUBLICATION NOTICE The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name of a Minor in which he/she seeks to change his/her name from Josuell

Public Informational Meeting: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 7:00 pm, Takoma Park Community Center (Azalea Room), 7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland Any person wishing to request further information or make comments regarding the proposed RAP must do so in writing. Comments or requests should be submitted to the attention of the Voluntary Cleanup Program manager, Irena Rybak, at the Maryland Department of the Environment, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 625, Baltimore, Maryland 21230; telephone (410) 537-3493. All Comments and requests must be received by the Department in writing no later than May 23, 2011

HONDA 1989 SHADOW - VT1100cc, excl cond, blue, 28K, + battery charger. Fairfax. $3000. 703-864-6241

If only you had home delivery. 1-800-753-POST SF

LHASA-POOS - Absolutely Adorable balls of fluff, 2 Males, 12 weeks, Shots & Wormed, health guar. $300. Call 301-606-1269

Wake up to home delivery. 1-800-753-POST SF

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Montgomery County

Montgomery County


Montgomery County


Montgomery County

Montgomery County


Montgomery County


Montgomery County

Montgomery County

Samuel I. White, P.C. ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW 5040 CORPORATE WOODS DRIVE, SUITE 120 VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23462 SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE FEE SIMPLE PROPERTY KNOWN AS 15124 RED CEDAR DRIVE BURTONSVILLE, MD 20866 Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from MEMUNA WARITAY to LARRY RICE, Trustee(s), dated June 17, 2005, and recorded among the Land Records of MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND in Liber 31625, folio 412, the holder of the indebtedness secured by this Deed of Trust having appointed the undersigned Substitute Trustees, by instrument duly recorded among the aforesaid Land Records, default having occurred under the terms thereof, and at the request of the party secured thereby, the undersigned Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at public auction at the FRONT OF THE MONTGOMERY COUNTY COURTHOUSE LOCATED AT 50 MARYLAND AVENUE, ROCKVILLE, MD ON, MAY 9, 2011 at 10:02 AM ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND and improvements thereon situated in MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD and described as follows: LOT NUMBERED EIGHT (8) IN BLOCK LETTER "I" IN THE SUBDIVISION KNOWN AS "VALLEY STREAM ESTATES" AS PER PLAT RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 140 AT PLAT NO. 16099, AMONG THE LAND RECORDS OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND. The property will be sold in an "AS IS" condition without either express or implied warranty or representation, including but not limited to the description, fitness for a particular purpose or use, structural integrity, physical condition, construction, extent of construction, workmanship, materials, liability, zoning, subdivision, environmental condition, merchantability, compliance with building or housing codes or other laws, ordinances or regulations, or other similar matters, and subject to easements, agreements and restrictions of record which affect the same, if any. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $30,000.00 payable in cash, certified check or by a cashier's check will be required from purchaser at time of sale, balance in cash upon final ratification of sale by the Circuit Court of MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND interest to be paid at the rate of 5.375% on unpaid purchase money from date of sale to date of settlement. The secured party herein, if a bidder, shall not be required to post a deposit. The purchaser will be required to complete settlement of the purchase within TEN (10) DAYS of the ratification of the sale by the Court otherwise the purchaser's deposit shall be forfeited and the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All other public charges or assessments, including water/sewer charges, ground rent, condo/HOA dues whether incurred prior to or after sale, shall be borne by purchaser. Taxes if any, to be adjusted to date of sale. Cost of all documentary stamps and transfer taxes and all other costs incident to the settlement shall be borne by the purchaser. If applicable, condominium and/or homeowner association dues and assessments that may become due after the time of sale will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Purchaser agrees to pay $275.00 at settlement to the seller's attorney, for review of the settlement documents. If the sale is rescinded or not ratified for any reason, including post sale lender audit, or the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey insurable title or a resale is to take place for any reason, the purchaser(s) sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of the aforementioned deposit. Upon refund of the deposit, this sale shall be void and of no effect, and the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Substitute Trustees. The sale is subject to post-sale review of the status of the loan and that if any agreement to cancel the sale was entered into by the lender and borrower prior to the sale then the sale is void and the purchaser's deposit shall be refunded without interest. File No. (50-008268-10) DANIEL J. PESACHOWITZ, Esquire, RANDA S. AZZAM, Esquire, LAURA D. HARRIS, Esquire, ROBERT E. FRAZIER, Esquire, JOHN E. DRISCOLL III, Esquire, DEENA L. REYNOLDS, Esquire, Substitute Trustees

APRIL 21, 28, MAY 5 , 2011


TRUSTEE'S SALE Trustee's Sale of valuable fee simple property improved by premises known as 14616 BAUER DR, UNIT 1, Rockville, MD 20853. By virtue of the power and authority contained in a Deed of Trust from JAQUELINE TOVAR, dated June 4, 2007, and recorded in Liber 34449 at Page 547 among the land records of the COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY, in the original principal amount of $214,700.00 with an interest rate of 6.75% . Upon default and request for sale, the undersigned trustees will offer for sale at public auction at the front of the Courthouse for the COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY, 50 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, Maryland, on April 27, 2011 at 12:04 PM, all that property described in said Deed of Trust including but not limited to: Being known and designated as Condominium Unit No. 1, in Building 14616 in "NORTH CREEK PLACE CONDOMINIUM", Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland and the percentage interest in the Common Elements appurtenant thereto, pursuant to the Declaration recorded in Liber 6580 at folio 248, re-recorded in Liber 6581 at folio 1, among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Maryland and the plat recorded in Condominium Plat Book 35, plat no. 3742, et seq., among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Maryland. Said property is in fee simple and is improved by a dwelling and is sold in "as is condition" and subject to all superior covenants, conditions, liens, restrictions, easement, rights-of-way, as may affect same, if any. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $21,500.00 cash or certified funds shall be required at the time of sale. The balance of the purchase price with interest at 6.75% per annum from the date of sale to the date of payment will be paid within TEN DAYS after the final ratification of the sale. Adjustments on all taxes, public charges and special or regular assessments will be made as of the date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. If applicable, condominium and/or homeowner association dues and assessments that may become due after the time of sale will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Title examination, conveyancing, state revenue stamps, transfer taxes, title insurance, and all other costs incident to settlement are to be paid by the purchaser. Time is of the essence for the purchaser, otherwise the deposit will be forfeited and the property may be resold at risk and costs of the defaulting purchaser. If the sale is not ratified or if the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey marketable title in accord with these terms of sale, the purchaser's only remedy is return of the deposit. Trustee's File No. 10-185129P. LOAN TYPE = Conventional. John S. Burson, William M. Savage, Gregory N. Britto, Jason Murphy, Kristine D. Brown and Erik W. Yoder, Substitute Trustees. SHAPIRO & BURSON, LLP, 13135 LEE JACKSON HWY., SUITE 201, FAIRFAX, VA 22033 (410) 769-9797

Samuel I. White, P.C. ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW 5040 CORPORATE WOODS DRIVE, SUITE 120 VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23462 SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE FEE SIMPLE PROPERTY KNOWN AS 456 GIRARD STREET GAITHERSBURG, MD 20877 Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from KARA HOLSTON AKA KARA D. HOLSTON to VALORIE KACHERIAN, Trustee(s), dated October 27, 2006, and recorded among the Land Records of MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND in Liber 33330, folio 188, the holder of the indebtedness secured by this Deed of Trust having appointed the undersigned Substitute Trustees, by instrument duly recorded among the aforesaid Land Records, default having occurred under the terms thereof, and at the request of the party secured thereby, the undersigned Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at public auction at the FRONT OF THE MONTGOMERY COUNTY COURTHOUSE LOCATED AT 50 MARYLAND AVENUE, ROCKVILLE, MD ON, MAY 9, 2011 at 10:04 AM ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND and improvements thereon situated in MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD and described as follows: UNIT NUMBERED THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX (376) IN A SUBDIVISION KNOWN AS "SECTION III, VILLA RIDGE CONDOMINIUM", AS ESTABLISHED PURSUANT TO A CERTAIN DECLARATION OF VILLAGE RIDGE, INC., A MARYLAND CORPORATION DATED JANUARY 8, 1975 AND RECORDED AMONG THE LAND RECORDS OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND IN LIBER 4621 AT FOLIO 109, AS AMENDED BY SECOND AMENDMENT TO DECLARATION OF VILLA RIDGE CONDOMINIUM, SECTION 1, DATED NOVEMBER 16, 1975 AND RECORDED AMONG SAID LAND RECORDS IN LIBER 5008 AT FOLIO 123, AND PURSUANT TO THE APPROPRIATE PLATS DESCRIBED IN SAID DECLARATION AS AMENDED, RECORDED AMONG THE AFORESAID LAND RECORDS IN CONDOMINIUM BUILDING PLAN BOOK 16 AT PLATS 1613 THROUGH 1617, INCLUSIVE AND IN CONDOMINIUM BUILDING PLAN BOOK 17 AT PLATS 1673 THROUGH 1677, INCLUSIVE AND IN CONDOMINIUM BUILDING PLAN BOOK 17 AT PLAT 1726 THROUGH 1730, INCLUSIVE AND IN CONDOMINIUM BUILDING PLAN BOOK 18 AT PLATS 1789 THROUGH 1795, INCLUSIVE. The property will be sold in an "AS IS" condition without either express or implied warranty or representation, including but not limited to the description, fitness for a particular purpose or use, structural integrity, physical condition, construction, extent of construction, workmanship, materials, liability, zoning, subdivision, environmental condition, merchantability, compliance with building or housing codes or other laws, ordinances or regulations, or other similar matters, and subject to easements, agreements and restrictions of record which affect the same, if any. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $10,000.00 payable in cash, certified check or by a cashier's check will be required from purchaser at time of sale, balance in cash upon final ratification of sale by the Circuit Court of MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND interest to be paid at the rate of 3.75% on unpaid purchase money from date of sale to date of settlement. The secured party herein, if a bidder, shall not be required to post a deposit. The purchaser will be required to complete settlement of the purchase within TEN (10) DAYS of the ratification of the sale by the Court otherwise the purchaser's deposit shall be forfeited and the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All other public charges or assessments, including water/sewer charges, ground rent, condo/HOA dues whether incurred prior to or after sale, shall be borne by purchaser. Taxes if any, to be adjusted to date of sale. Cost of all documentary stamps and transfer taxes and all other costs incident to the settlement shall be borne by the purchaser. If applicable, condominium and/or homeowner association dues and assessments that may become due after the time of sale will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Purchaser agrees to pay $275.00 at settlement to the seller's attorney, for review of the settlement documents. If the sale is rescinded or not ratified for any reason, including post sale lender audit, or the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey insurable title or a resale is to take place for any reason, the purchaser(s) sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of the aforementioned deposit. Upon refund of the deposit, this sale shall be void and of no effect, and the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Substitute Trustees. The sale is subject to post-sale review of the status of the loan and that if any agreement to cancel the sale was entered i