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Editorial by Wolfgang Drheimer on the significance of the DTM for Audi. Champions years The five DTM titles clinched by Audi since its factory-backed comeback in 2004.

16 Magazine A variety of information on the DTM commitment under the symbol of the four rings. 18 DTM 2013 Why the human factor in the DTM is more important than ever. Audi RS 5 DTM What happens to a DTM race car between the races.


Team Directors Interview with Hans-Jrgen Abt, Ernst Moser and Arno Zensen.

90 Jobs From organizational talents to chefs occupations and people in the Audi DTM team. 94 Races 2013 The Audi drivers about Moscow and their relationships with the DTM race tracks.


30 Technology An exclusive glimpse of whats underneath the carbon fiber dress of the AudiRS 5 DTM. 32 Audi drivers Our eight DTM stars from A like Albuquerque to T like Tambay. DTM history Our story from the perspective of aformer rival. Management floor Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich aboutdefining moments in 20 years as Head ofAudi Motorsport. Management floor Dieter Gass the new man at the helm of the DTM project at Audi Sport.

108 VIP Lounge Audi and the DTM as magnets attracting celebrities from the worlds of sport, business and show biz. 110 Partners Why the companies are committed toAudi and the DTM. 114 Competition Ex-DTM star Tom Kristensen about the drivers of our competitors. 116 Statistics Interesting facts and figures on 16years of Audi in the DTM. 118 Fun This is the renowned cartoonist JimBambers idea of Audis DTM revenge.




DTM Inside


Wolfgang Drheimer With the Audi RS 5 DTM we take up the challenge of meeting with our two fiercest competitors in the premium segment in front of a large audience the DTM has corresponding importance for Audi.

UDI AGs motorsport commitment stands on three strong pillars. With the Audi R8 LMS ultra and the sister model R8 GRAND-AM our importers and an increasing number of teams worldwide are successfully active in customer sport. The Audi R18 e-tron quattro stands for innovations and a pioneering spirit in the technically most challenging endurance racing class of all. And with the Audi RS 5 DTM we take up the challenge of meeting with our two fiercest competitors in the premium segment in front of a large audience: BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

The DTM commitment has corresponding importance for our company. The track record ever since the four rings returned with a factorybacked commitment in the 2004 season has been impressive. Five times the title went to Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, three times to Stuttgart and once to Munich. That is why in the 2013 season this motto again applies to us: with the RS 5 DTM we want to be on victory lane and fight for the title again. Despite the constraints imposed by the regulations the engineers at Audi Sport explored every tiny detail for optimization potential. Due to the more compact format of the race weekends and new elements such as DRS or option tires in the 2013 DTM the human factor will be even more crucial than before. That is why people are the focal topic of this magazine in which as the name DTM Inside suggests we want to provide you with a peek behind the scenes of our racing activities. I wish you a thrilling and interesting DTM season with Audi. //

Wolfgang Drheimer Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, Technical Development

DTM Inside


What a comeback: In the year of its return to the DTM with a factory commitment, Audi achieves a veritable walkover, winning the titles in the drivers, manufacturers and teams classifications. For Mattias Ekstrm, who on winning the penultimate race here at Brno locks up the sweep, it is the first championship.

Champions years

DTM Inside

Champions years

Second title: In one of the greatest moments of his motorsport career, Mattias Ekstrms knees give out on him. He has to give his first interview as the new champion sitting on the ground right after having clinched the title against Bruno Spengler only in the finale.



DTM Inside


Shower for everyone: No one in the entire paddock begrudges Timo Scheider this party on the podium at Hockenheim. Often struck by misfortune, the German clinches his very first DTM victory at Oschersleben in 2008 and then the title at the end of the season. The rest is a big party.


Champions years


DTM Inside


He did it again: Timo Scheiders title defense makes Audi the first manufacturer ever to win three titles in succession a genuine hat-trick. And again the fans at the packed Hockenheim Motodrom dont get to see the decision until the captivating finale.


Champions years


DTM Inside


Champions years

Making believers out of them all: Martin Tomczyk commandingly wins the title at the penultimate race at Valencia and does so in a previousgeneration car: both a sensation and premiere in the new DTM plus a nice farewell gift before switching to new challenges.


16 DTM Inside

Setting the scene

Before the first race of the season, Audi celebrated a tremendous 2013 warm-up at Munichs hip restaurant Hugos. 500 guests from the worlds of sport, business and the media were in attendance when the Audi drivers unveiled the Audi RS 5 DTM, dressed in casual clothes instead of their racing suits for a change. In a relaxed atmosphere, the Audi stars swapped stories with fellow athletes such as soccer star Franck Ribry, ski jump legend Sven Hannawald or World Kickboxing Champion Dr. Christine Theiss.

Tambay and Mortara with Playboy Bunny

Consistently successful
The DTM stars that normally run in sprint races are good at endurance racing as well. In January, Edoardo Mortara and Filipe Albuquerque in the Audi R8 GRAND-AM clinched GT class victory at the Daytona 24 Hours. Previously, in 2011, Timo Scheider and Mattias Ekstrm were successful in the Spa 24 Hours. Another milestone in AUDI AGs customer sport program was the delivery of the 100th race car at the beginning of the 2013 season.

A new world
In 2016, at the latest, the DTM is to be launched in North America as well. By that time, the NASCAR and GRAND-AM organizers are planning to get a U.S. racing series for DTM race cars off the ground. At a press conference in New York, Audi went ahead and presented an RS 5 DTM sporting a Stars-and-Stripes look, which met with resounding applause by the U.S. audience. Starting in 2014, the Japanese Super GT is planning to adopt the DTM Regulations to make a launch of the popular touring cars in Asiapossible.




Audi fans have watched the video Mud Dub on YouTube by the beginning of April in which Timo Scheider in an Audi A1 drifts across the construction site of the new Audi Used Car Center in Munich.

Superhero in the race

Audi youngster Adrien Tambay advertises the film Iron Man 3 on his Audi RS 5 DTM at the season opener. In part one, the Comics Superhero drove an Audi R8 in 2008. In part three, the Action Hero played by Robert Downey Jr. again drives an Audi in his fight against evil. Tambays special graphics wont be the only ones to be featured in the 2013 DTM.

Rahel Frey: Im going to have fun

On reflection, whats your personal DTM assessment? On the whole, it was a good time in which, admittedly, there were some lows as well. But, not least thanks to the great support by Audi, there was a clear upward trend that started in the middle of last year. As a personal pinnacle, Ill mainly remember my points finish at Valencia.

Change in personnel
New race engineer for Audi DTM star Mattias Ekstrm: The Swede, supported by Alexander Stehlig in Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline since 2001, now works with Florian Modlinger, while Stehlig has switched to Ekstrms team-mate Jamie Green. You can find the other Audi DTM race engineers on the special page inserted in the cover.

So now youll be active in GT racing with Audi. Whats your impression of the Audi R8 LMS ultra? Obviously, it doesnt compare with a DTM car but its definitely a real race car. The biggest change no doubt is sharing the car with teammates. That means having to make compromises, whether in the seat adjustment or the suspension set-up. But Im sure that Im going to have a lot of fun here.

Introducing the Audi RS 5 DTM

Name change: Audis DTM race car that has been optimized in many parts for the 2013 season is called Audi RS 5 DTM. The car was presented at the International Motor Show in Geneva. Motorsport is part of the Audi DNA, said Wolfgang Drheimer, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development of AUDI AG. To document the extensive technology transfer between motorsport and production at Audi, motorsport will be featured as an eye-catcher again at many of the brands future trade fair presentations.

Can you benefit from your DTM experience in GT racing as well? Definitely. I gained a lot of technical understanding and learned quite a bit about working together with engineers as well as such things as how to prepare for a race weekend or how to perfectly organize yourself during the weekend in order to meet all the requirements. I think Im well prepared for all the things that are coming up now.


DTM Inside



DTM 2013

DTM 2013 DRS, option tires, less practice time, more error sources: The human factor has become more important than ever in the popular touring car racing series.


DTM Inside

Eight potential winners. All Audi drivers have been on the podium at least once before.


DTM 2013

The Audi drivers in the 2013 DTM: Mike Rockenfeller, Mattias Ekstrm, Edoardo Mortara, Timo Scheider, Miguel Molina, Filipe Albuquerque, Adrien Tambay and Jamie Green (from left)

DTM technology as of 2014. In the United States, the people behind the NASCAR and GRAND-AM series are intensively working on the DTM America project. This means that in the future it will be possible to not only field the Audi RS 5 DTM in Europe but in premium racing series in Asia and North America as well, says Wolfgang Drheimer, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development of AUDI AG. For Audi, as a globally operating company, this is exciting and interesting. Drheimer has declared the DTM a project of toplevel executive interest in Ingolstadt. In the competition with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi aims to be number one on the world markets as well as on the race track. Five titles the brand with the four rings has won since its return with a factory-backed commitment in 2004, Mercedes-Benz has won three and BMW one. Worldwide, Audi delivered 1.455 million automobiles last year a new record. Victories and titles in the DTM help a manufacturer with a sporting orientation like Audi to thrill even more customers. The DTM is unique worldwide. Is there any other racing series that completely does without pay drivers? The quality of the drivers and the competitiveness in

ockenheim, April 29, 2012. With the Red Bull Audi A5 DTM of Mattias Ekstrm on grid position one the DTM is starting into a new, exciting era. The three German premium manufacturers, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, together with the German Motorsport Association and the marketer ITR spent several months on fine-tuning the new DTM. The result: motorsport on the highest level and at reasonable costs, which on the first weekend alone attracted 142,000 fans to the Hockenheimring and almost one million in total during the 2012 season. The series with the three magic letters that once stood for Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft and has always been a crowd-puller between the North Sea and the Alps has now picked up even more momentum. The DTM 3.0 is turning into a global player. The Super GT Championship in Japan will be using

The only new signing in the 2013 Audi DTM driver line-up: Jamie Green


DTM Inside

the DTM are unique, says Audi racer Mattias Ekstrm, the 2004 and 2007 DTM Champion. Naming favorites before the beginning of the season is practically impossible. Of course names like Scheider, Ekstrm, Rockenfeller or Green, all of whom have previously been on the very top of the podium in the DTM, are quickly mentioned. But in the 2013 Audi driver line-up there is not a single racer who has not been on the DTM podium at least once. And every single one of them has the chance of clinching the champions title. All eight Audi RS 5 DTM cars fielded by the Audi Sport Teams Abt Sportsline, Phoenix and Rosberg are technically identical. At the first races, everyone is fighting by themselves. But another typical and traditional characteristic of the DTM is the fact that in the second half of the season the drivers with the best chances for the prestigious drivers title are supported within the brand. In 2013, this can even be done by putting the cards on the table. Just like in Formula 1 team orders are no longer prohibited.

For teams and drivers, the DTM is a balancing act between personal interests and the interests of the automobile manufacturers. Even before the days of Sebastian Vettel, we knew that race drivers have to be alphas and egotists. But in the DTM egotists are not successful over the long run. The DTM is a team sport, says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, speaking from many years of experience. In free practice, the drivers are usually assigned different tasks: tire pressures, spring rates, pitch angle, camber a DTM race car offers countless set-up options. The art lies in drawing the right conclusions from the flood of data and information that flows into the computers of the race engineers and is available to all Audi drivers. In the 2013 season, this is even more important than before, as the DTM organizers are leaving no stone unturned to bring even more action and surprises into the races. Therefore, the extensive tests on Friday were cancelled. Only 90 minutes of free practice are now available to the drivers to prepare for qualifying. The race has to be tackled with the same set-up as well, major conversions of the car are no longer allowed. The chance to be perfectly sorted is small the chance for turbulent races, as would otherwise just be the case in changeable weather, is all the greater.

The wing flap angle of the Audi RS 5 DTM can be flattened by 15 degrees by depressing a button

Unchanged at first glance, but optimized in certain details: the Audi RS 5 DTM


DTM 2013

Two tire changes are mandatory in a DTM race; the option tires have yellow markings

Two other elements are bringing more variety to the DTM game on Sundays: DRS and option tires two terms everyone is familiar with from Formula 1 but the implementation of which has been optimized for the DTM. The Drag Reduction System allows the drivers once per lap to reduce the angle setting of the rear wing by 15 degrees by depressing a button on the steering wheel if and when following the car in front closely enough at the start and finish. This increases the cars speed by up to 7 km/h and makes overtaking easier. But it is not as easy as childs play like in Formula 1. Hankook, the exclusive tire supplier, has developed a so-called option tire for the 2013 season that briefly makes clearly faster lap times possible. Both tire types have to be used in the race but the option tire may not be tested beforehand. This spices up the race as well. A DTM race lasts for a maximum of 70 minutes 70 minutes in which the drivers, engineers and strategists can make a lot of mistakes. The human factor has become more important than ever in the DTM, particularly since the technology of the DTM race cars was frozen at the level of the 2012 season finale and a further development was only possible in detailed aspects. The idea behind this is that DTM races should not be decided in the development departments alone but on the race track. //

DRS and option tires. These two elements add variety to the DTM game on Sundays.

Hockenheim in April 2012: Start into a new DTM era


DTM Inside


Audi RS 5 DTM

This must be love

Audi RS 5 DTM During the pit stops on the weekend the spotlight is on the team. But Marcus Hengeler and his colleagues deliver top performances day by day when theyre not on camera as well: a peek into the everyday life of an Audi RS 5 DTM and its mechanics.
ctually, hed be the perfect candidate for a TV show: Wanna bet that Marcus Hengeler will manage to assemble a DTM race car blind-folded? Admittedly, with around 4,000 single parts involved, this might well be an impossible feat, particularly during the limited time that a Saturday evening show is on the air. But if anyone should be able to do it, it would be Marcus Hengeler. The 39-year-old chief mechanic in the employ of Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline is arguably one of the most experienced people in the pit lane. And not only there, as the major part of the work done by a DTM team escapes the spectators and TV cameras view. Between two races, the Audi RS 5 DTM cars are

repared for their next run in the garage at the teams p home base a task that demands utmost precision, technical know-how and perfect teamwork. Around 20 times per year, a DTM race car is completely dismantled and assembled again after each race and all track tests or other runs. For Marcus Hengeler, who has been working in Kempten since 1999, this has thus amounted to around 250 dismantled and re-assembled race cars in his career so far. 250 times the same professional process, 250 times full concentration, and 250 times a zero-defects job. That leaves no room for compromises. The perfectly prepared race car is the calling card of any mechanic, says Albert Deuring, Head of Motorsport of the longstanding Audi factory team.


DTM Inside

The Audi RS 5 DTM and its mechanics certainly have enough time to get to know each other during the season. It takes about two days to dismantle a car after the race. We are three colleagues working on one car in that case, says Hengeler. Their job list is long. First, the bodywork is taken off, the suspension removed, the transmission pulled and the clutch measured and calibrated. During the process, each part is carefully inspected, cleaned and the mileage checked as needed. Damaged components usually body parts are sent to the repair shop and expired components are replaced. Speaking of damage: Doesnt it hurt a chief mechanic to see his car being wrecked in the on-track commotion? Marcus Hengeler shrugs this off with a smile. Of course, you always hope that everything stays intact, he says. But the spectators want to see action thats simply part of it. As in 2012, Hengeler, who was originally trained as an automotive electrician, is responsible for the RS 5 DTM of Adrien Tambay. The Frenchman was just eight years old when the man who today is his chief mechanic spent his first DTM weekend of working on the Abt Audi TT-R of ChristianAbt. Afterward, Hengeler supported Laurent Aiello in his championship-winning year of 2002, subsequently the Le Mans record winner Tom Kristensen, then

The job list after a race weekend is long. It takes the team of three mechanics about two days to dismantle the DTM car.


Audi RS 5 DTM

times a mechanic has dismantled and re-assembled a race car in 13DTM years. Obviously, this builds arelationship.



DTM Inside

Perfect planning: The teams have clearly assigned tasks

Sometimes the team has to hurry. Assembling an Audi RS 5 at home base takes a week. At the race track, the team may only have one night.

Precision work: The new DRS wing system is meticulously prepared as well

Oliver Jarvis. Laurents title was a really special moment, he says, while recalling horrible experiences as well, Toms serious accident in the first race in 2007 at Hockenheim was the absolute low point. Highs and lows all with his car. Naturally Ive got a personal relationship with my car, says Hengeler. But that doesnt mean that he, as some do in Formula 1, has ever nicknamed any of his cars. And he doesnt want to speak of love in this context either, Now I wouldnt fall in love with a car, would I! For a relationship to be filled with passion theres also too much work involved, as the dismantling process and all the checks are followed by re-assembling the car. What is occasionally accomplished in a nightshift after a racing accident normally takes a week. On a race weekend, its crucial to get the car ready again for the next practice session, qualifying or the race so speed is the only thing that counts, explains Albert Deuring. By contrast, in the garage every detail, no matter how small, is carefully looked at, serviced and re-installed. Every team is committed to putting an absolutely perfectly prepared car on track. Not 99 percent, but 100 percent always. A condition that in 2013 is even more important than ever. Due to the compact race format with just one free practice session before qualifying any finetuning work after arrival at the race track is practically excluded. This requires a team with experience of working together. Its important that the same mechanics always work on their car, says Deuring. Because even though all Audi cars are of course identical on paper, each one has its own peculiarities, special aspects and unique character. Almost like a good friend. //

Albert Deuring knows how important the relationship is between the team and the car


Audi RS 5 DTM

1 2 3

Zero tolerance. In the DTM, millimeters as a maximum are often crucial And ready: In the final move, the RS 5 DTM receives its hood Teamwork: The mechanics in Kempten work hand in hand


DTM Inside

RS 5 DTM unplugged
One for all: The rear wing is identical for all DTM race cars Maximum safety for the driver: carbon fiber monocoque, combined with steel tubes

The 18-inch wheels at the rear are one inch wider than the front wheels. Hankook is the exclusive tire supplier

The tailpipes of the RS 5 DTM sit at the left and right behind the doors

4,000 parts
An Audi RS 5 DTM consists of more than 4,000 single parts. It takes five people almost two weeks to assemble the car.



Audi RS 5 DTM Striptease of our hottest RS model: Here you can catch a glimpse of whats underneath the carbon fiber dress of a DTM race car.

Light weight: The clutch of the Audi RS 5 DTM only weighs 3,000 grams

Flics at the front increase downforce at the front axle

Typically Audi: Headlights with LED daytime running light

Quality mark: RS stands for the sportiest Audi models

Functionality dominates the cockpit. A central display provides the driver with all the key information. The pedals are an example of lightweight design


DTM Inside

8 x 4 Rings
Our DTM stars Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich is convinced: The 2013 driver line-up is the strongest Audi has ever had in the DTM. Read on to find out more about our eight guys from A like Albuquerque to T like Tambay.

# 12 Jamie Green
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#6 Filipe Albuquerque
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# 11 Mattias Ekstrm
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#5 Edoardo Mortara
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Audi drivers

# 24 Adrien Tambay # 20 Miguel Molina

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# 23 Timo Scheider
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# 19 Mike Rockenfeller
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DTM Inside


Audi drivers

Good prospects
Filipe Albuquerque A good movie, a nice theater for the Portuguese in the Audi team, this is the perfect way to relax, but hes not about to handle this DTM season in such a laid-back style. Hes aiming for his first victory.


DTM Inside

Under the symbol of the four rings: Karting is one of Filipe Albuquerques many hobbies A nice couple: Albuquerque with partner Joana A peek behind the scenes: Filipe Albuquerque in the projection room of his favorite movie theater. In modern cinemas, celluloid film reels are increasingly being replaced by digital projection though

1 2 3

elaxing is one of Filipe Albuquerques favorite words. And whenever the smart Portuguese in Audis DTM driver line-up talks about the way he spends his free time to unwind from the full-throttle business the conversation soon turns to movies. Not that hed call himself an authority on the subject. He wont give you a memorized run-down of the ten most successful Hollywood directors of all time. But the professional racer who lives in Coimbra, Portugal, certainly is a movie fan. That the next movie theater is just 20 meters away from the front door of his apartment complex suits him well. Of course it always depends on whats being shown, but on average I go there at least once a month to watch a movie, reveals the driver of Audi Sport Team Rosberg. As youd almost expect of a racer, action movies are his favorite genre. Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx is one of his absolutely favorite blockbusters. But it

doesnt always have to be boom, boom, bang. Albuquerque liked the musical drama film Les Misrables with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway quite well in 2012, and the comedy-drama film The Intouchables even better. With around nine million viewers, this film in 2012 was the biggest box office hit in Germany as well. With a lot of humor, it conveys an important message. That makes it so special, says Albuquerque. But having fun isnt all that counts for Filipe Albuquerque. When the slim Portuguese hurries through the DTM paddock with his typical, mischievous smile he may look like a school boy thinking up his next prank but when it comes to his sport its no longer fun and games. This becomes obvious when he proudly talks about the title win in the European Cup of the Formula Renault 2.0 feeder series in 2006, which he calls his biggest sporting success not, as could be suspected, the victory at the 2010 Race of Champions in Dsseldorf when he consecutively eliminated the reigning World Champions Sebastian Vettel (Formula 1) and


Audi drivers

Sbastien Loeb (Rally) in a direct duel and thus became known to a larger motorsport fan community. Albuquerque tends to assign this event to the rubric of entertainment. Well like Hollywood in a way But the bit about the biggest sporting success is to change this year anyway. I want to clinch my first DTM victory! This said, Albuquerque suddenly turns dead serious. Sparkling eyes and clenched fists underscore his call for battle. The movie fan has no illusions about the competition being fierce. In many series, a top driver doesnt have to watch out for the back-markers. He can rely on them not playing a role. Thats different in the DTM. The quality of the cars and drivers is close. Every entrant is an opponent to be taken seriously. But then a mischievous grin briefly appears on his face again, Of course everyone drives on his own but the main thing is to beat the colleagues in the cars from BMW and Mercedes.

This season, however, the Portuguese has to outperform a number of Audi colleagues to achieve the aim he has set himself. In the first two DTM years, he clinched a podium (second place at Valencia in 2011). Edoardo Mortaras victories in 2012 have shown that Audi and my Rosberg team are capable of winning. Now Ive got to prove that I can achieve this as well, says Albuquerque, putting himself under pressure. Whether his race will turn into a thrilling blockbuster or a boring road movie is totally immaterial to him, as long as it doesnt turn into a disaster movie //

New partner: In the 2013 season, Albuquerque drives in the colors of Audi Financial Services

Never give up. This is Filipe Albuquerques motto, who says of himself, Racing is my life.


DTM Inside


Audi drivers

Go hard
Mattias Ekstrm Go hard or go home. The motto on his helmet applies to the two-time champion not only on the DTM race track. Keeping his pace and staying clean is no mean feat.


DTM Inside

Doing things by halves is not his thing. That applies to the race track as well as to everyday life.
Traditional outfit: Mattias Ekstrm is again competing in the Red Bull colors in 2013

Tender loving care: Mattias Ekstrm with his dogs Lou and Moss (in the car)

hen Mattias Ekstrm comes home from an afternoon with friends its not uncommon for his partner Heidi to show some reluctance about letting him back into the house. And its certainly not because he might be inebriated the Swede is still in the habit of steadfastly refusing any drink beyond a glass of fine red wine. The reason is that Ekstrms hobbies arent really compatible with a tidy home. He loves action, he loves mud and he loves it when the going gets rough. Doing things by halves is not his thing that applies to the DTM as well as to his private life. Since 1999, Ekstrm has been a member of the Audi family, since 2001 hes been competing in the DTM. Initially for the private team Abt Sportsline, then as an Audi factory driver. He learned his trade as an aide to super star Laurent Aiello in whose slipstream he clinched his first victory in 2002 and whom


Audi drivers

Do-or-die: Anyone joining Mattias Ekstrm on one of his outings should bring a change of clothes

Grueling pleasure: Training on his mountain bike is part of the regular program at Lake Constance

he outperformed just a year later. Today, hes the most successful Audi driver of all time. He has won two titles and barely lost a few others. And hes more than just a racer who battles for victory on the weekend. He delves into technical details, structures and processes, and tries to drive things outside the cockpit as well. He regards his responsibility as being more than just the quick man for Saturday and Sunday afternoons for Audi and his team. Hes unable to stop this forward drive even after hes left the DTM paddock. Regular quad tours with his friend Edward Sandstrm, who lives in the next town, are part of this not cruising through the countryside but rough racing with a winner and a loser as befits two race drivers. Activities of the type Mattias Ekstrm became familiar with as a child when hed be romping around in the sand with fellow students and, on showing the slightest indication of giving up, was told, Go hard or go home. Today, this sentence on the back of his helmet is his trademark.

A number of big names in motorsport, inside and outside the DTM, have personally experienced the meaning behind this. Seasoned rally pros he outperformed on guest runs in the WRC. Or numerous U.S.racers who were impressed with his foray into the NASCAR series. And of course Formula 1 record World Champion Michael Schumacher, who was defeated by Ekstrm in the finale of the Race of Champions, a competition in which the best drivers of all motor sport categories meet. Paris, London, Beijing the Audi driver won three times. Scene change to Switzerland: Being in the limelight on weekends and also basking in it to some extent is equaled by his desire to enjoy his personal life in privacy. This goes for his close friendship with Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel as well as for his family, as family is Mattias Ekstrms other great passion. This includes his partner Heidi, son Mats born in 2011 and daughter Hanna born in early 2013. And for the sake of completeness the Jack Russell Terriers Moss and Lou should not be forgotten either. Lots of room, a beautiful view of Lake Constance, plenty of technical toys for the right sound and the perfect image plus an office brimming with all the variations available from the Apple world: and a gas grill in the yard on which Mattias Ekstrm could easily supply Mats entire kindergarten group with hot dogs. As said before, both on and off the track: doing things by halves is not his thing. //


DTM Inside


Audi drivers

Super sportsman
Jamie Green Youre seeing: two new members of the Audi family in the same photo. In the Audi RS 5 Cabriolet Jamie Green is getting to know the sportiest side of the four rings.

he first thought that comes to mind is that these two are made for each other. Jamie Green, the RS 5 Cabriolet, Monaco, sunshine there are days when everything just perfectly fits together. So it comes as no surprise that the new member of the Audi squad is only willing to part with the 450-hp sports car during the photo shoot under protest. Again and again, he pushes the RS 5 to pedal an intermediate sprint by briefly tapping the gas and is obviously pleased to hear the unmistakable sound of the 4.2-liter engine. Theres no doubt about Jamie Green having arrived at Audi. His switch from Stuttgart to Ingolstadt was no doubt the most spectacular transfer last winter. After having been fierce on-track competitors for many years, Green and Audi have now joined forces an unusual situation for both in which the ice was broken quickly though. On the first night with my team, Hans-Jrgen Abt threw an after-work party for all the employees where they served fish & chips and English beer just because of me, says Green. The spirit of friendship and family atmosphere there are great.


DTM Inside

For Jamie Green, family and motorsport are on the front row of the grid. With his wife Ginny he has two sons: Zachary James and, since spring of 2013, little William. My two sons manage to clear my mind very quickly, just by their laughter or asking me to play, says Green. Theyre so young they dont care at all whether daddy has just won a race or finished in last place. That puts a lot of things back into proper perspective.

Family outing: Jamie Green with his wife Ginny and his sons Zachary James and William

Jamie Green is still lacking the title. Sounds like a nice joint aim to pursue with his new employer Audi.


Audi drivers

Soccer, if anything, might have been an alternative to motorsport for Green. He still follows the English Premier League and keeps his fingers crossed for Liverpool FC. But actually theres never been anything else for me than motorsport ever since I was ten, he says. Initial outings at the wheel of a Mini in stock car races were followed by a typical kart and single-seater career with the title in the Formula 3 Euro Series as a stepping stone to the DTM. That was in 2004. Victories, pole positions, fastest race laps and, in 2012, third place in the final standings as the best result the Briton has so far only been deprived of the title. That certainly sounds like a solid common goal to pursue with his new employer. The prerequisites for this have been created. He is sharing a garage in the pit lane with his former rival Mattias Ekstrm and in Ekstrms former vehicle manager Alexander Stehlig is backed by the most successful race engineer of the Audi squad. Green grew up in a village near the city of Leicester in England and has been living in Monaco with his family for about two years. At the same time, the passion for his greatest hobby cycling emerged. The weather here is always good, there are mountains that are good for training and Ive got friends here I can ride together with there are many good reasons for cycling, says Green. He shares the nicest vistas or breakfast places with his fans on Twitter. I like Twitter. Youve only got a few characters and symbols but you can give everyone a brief peek behind the scenes and stay current yourself as well.

A matter of habit: In 2013, Jamie Green is running in the colors of Red Bull. His helmet sports the design of the long-standing Audi partner too

So why not share a quick photo of the Monaco Marina shot from the Audi RS 5? Ah well, sighs Green, if my children were only a little older this would exactly be my car. Its perfect for the Riviera because I could drive with the top down the whole year. Instead, hell continue to drive the Audi Q7 for the time being, with a positive side effect: his bicycle fits in it as well. //

Horsepower team: Jamie Greens bicycle group includes several stars from the motorsport scene New team: Alexander Stehlig supports the Briton as his race engineer


DTM Inside

At the controls
Miguel Molina Actually, the Spaniard had been excluded from the Audi DTM squad. But then the slot car racing enthusiast received an unexpected chance. Hes determined to use it and is even moving from Spain to Germany. His aims for 2013: learning to speak German, learning how to win.


Audi drivers

nstead of keeping his fingers crossed Miguel Molina prefers to use them, or putting it more precisely, to use his index finger. And he doesnt do so to wish someone good luck either. Molina is an ace, as a slot car racer. Using his left index finger, he controls the speed of his electrically powered car on the slot car race track. In 2012, he thus managed to clinch a victory at the Audi DTM Challenge on the fringes of the DTM race at Oschersleben. Aside from two points finishes in the DTM, that was one of the seasons highlights for the smart Spaniard. Thats why, after a good debut year in 2010 and a strong season in 2011 with two pole positions and a podium at the season finale at Hockenheim, his career was under threat of suffering a dent in 2012. Unexpected help came from the DTMs rule-makers who shortened the race weekend to two days in 2013. Now its crucial to find the perfect set-up in an extremely short period of time. Thats why experience is worth its weight in gold, recognized Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich and brought Miguel Molina back into the DTM squad. The Spaniard is now planning to use this unexpected chance in any way he can. Instead of the popular tourist resort Lloret de Mar in the north-west of Spain, Adenau is now home to the 24-year-old at least during the season. It wasnt an easy decision for me to leave my family and my friends. Plus the weather in Spain is usually better than in Germany. But the posi-


DTM Inside

tive aspects predominate. Im closer to my Audi Sport Team Phoenix and also closer to Audi Sport. And of course this is the perfect opportunity to improve my German, says Molina, explaining the reasons for hisrelocation. Remaining in the drivers seat at Audi has inspired the Spaniards ambition to continue the successes from the season two years ago. My aim is to drive at least at the same level as at the end of 2011. In plain language, this means being in contention for pole positions in the qualifying sessions and for podium positions in the races. And maybe full concentration on the sport in the new environment will also help him learn how to win. That he is able to win races Molina proved prior to his DTM career by achieving successes in Formula Renault 3.5. In the DTM, he has so far been deprived of a position at the very top of the podium. This is to change now.

2 3

Ambitious: In the Audi RS 5 DTM, Molina aims to continue his 2011 successes in 2013 Mini-races: Mortara, Albuquerque and Molina in a slot car battle Diligent: Molina is working hard to improve his knowledge of German


Audi drivers

But Molina is also planning to continue to use the controls in slot car racing in the place he now calls home. Fortunately, due to the extension of the contract with Audi Ive been so busy lately that I had no time left for this. But Ive still got all my equipment. Im going to thoroughly check it in the near future and prepare the car. Then Ill only have to look for a newclub. A worthy opponent in this competition might be the former Audi factory driver and five-time winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours, Frank Biela. He is active in a slot car club in Nuremberg. Oh really? says an interested Molina. Thats not very far away from Ingolstadt. No doubt, the man is planning to go flat-out again this year: with a heavy foot in the Audi RS 5 DTM and quite gently with his index finger on the slot car controller. Arriba, Miguel! //

Clothes make the man: A racing or a business suit they suit Molina equally well

A second home in Germany. For more success in the DTM, Molina has even left the sun of Spain.


DTM Inside


Audi drivers

A zest for speed

Edoardo Mortara Higher, farther, faster the Italian-French racer enjoys extremes: at least when it comes to moving with maximum sportiness.


DTM Inside

High expectations: Mortara before the flight with helicopter stunt pilot SiegfriedSchwarz

oving from one place to another at a leisurely pace is not Edoardo Mortaras style. Hes got to move fast. I love anything thats extreme, says the ItalianFrench racer who lives in Switzerland, making no secret of the fact that hes a speed junkie. Whether hes snowboarding or kite surfing, its always about trying to be yet a bit faster plus having plenty of action, of course. Ive just done my first somersaults on a snowboard, Mortara cheerfully announced on Facebook before the start of the season. Naturally, he has even more fun when engines enter the picture. 26-year-old

Hard work: Posing with a Playboy Bunny

(Almost) no change: Mortara in the black-red Playboy Audi

For Mister Speed theres no such thing as fast enough. EdoardoMortara aims to confirm the good 2012 results in this DTM season.

Mortara, who has a private pilots license himself, derives maximum pleasure, for instance, from flying over the Alps in a fighter jet as a co-pilot to his father who is a professional pilot. Great fun Theres no holding him back either when Mortara has the chance to climb into the helicopter flown by a stunt pilot of the Flying Bulls aerobatics squad as a passenger. Thats when the steel blue eyes of the racer who has been driving for Audi in the DTM since 2011


Audi drivers

Student: Aside from race victories with Audi an MBA is Mortaras second aim for the season

shine even brighter than usual. But with paved ground underneath the wheels he doesnt mind a bit of extra speed either. A chance to take a tour of the Alps powered by 570 hp in a Gallardo Superleggera of Audis subsidiary Lamborghini well, you dont have to ask Mortara twice. Its a good thing for Audi that Mortara indulges his zest for speed on the race track as well. In 2012, the 2010 Formula 3 Euro Series Champion clinched his first two DTM victories at Spielberg and Zandvoort. In November, he put the finishing touches on a successful season on winning the GT race on the legendary city street circuit in Macau in an Audi R8 LMS ultra marking an amazing fourth consecutive victory for Mortara on his favorite track. Even when the DTM was still in hibernation in January 2013 Mortara was already successful. In an Audi R8 GRAND-AM, together with his DTM colleague Filipe Albuquerque plus Oliver Jarvis and Dion von Moltke, he won the GT class at the Daytona24Hours. But successes also lead to growing expectations on and off the race track. Mortara is not only an Audi factory driver but enrolled as a student at the Universit Institut de Finance et Management (IFM) in Geneva. After having earned his Bachelor of Business

dministration (BBA) degree he will start an MBA A program there this summer. So that means putting the pedal to the metal in this field as well. But his primary aim is to confirm his good 2012 results in the current DTMseason. To do so, Edoardo Mortara is planning to further perfect the cooperation with Audi Sport Team Rosberg and to pick up a lot of momentum again in his Audi RS 5 DTM. I can only influence my own performance though. To be really successful in the DTM all the elements have to perfectly fit together, in other words the car, the work of the team and of course the performance of the driver. If just one parameter isnt right then the results wont be either, says Mortara. And only the first race of the season will show how fast we really are in 2013. //


DTM Inside

At home anywhere
Mike Rockenfeller Vorsprung durch Technik at the race track as well: Last years best-placed Audi driver lives in his own motorhome on DTM weekends.


Audi drivers


DTM Inside

Some like it hot: During the show-cooking event at the Audi DTM Hospitality Rockenfeller cooks up a storm

Drivers license and championship. Mike Rockenfeller has quite a bit on his agenda for this year.

orsprung durch Technik, for Mike Rockenfeller, this not only applies to the race track. Thats why for the first time this year the Audi factory driver has treated himself to some extra equipment for his motorhome that serves as his mobile home on DTM weekends. Actually, motorhomes are always fully equipped. But my vehicle for the 2013 season now has additional pneumatic supports, Rockenfeller enthuses about the new technical gimmick. With its help his rolling home is immediately leveled and thus ready for him to move into after arriving at the paddock. For years, Mike Rockenfeller has been traveling to the DTM races in motorhomes provided to him by his sponsoring partner Niesmann und Bischoff. A hotel room is no option for the Audi driver. I think everyone knows the feeling that you get the best sleep in your own bed. Im no exception, says the DTM camper and starts to list the advantages of a motorhome which go on and on. No need to drive between the race track and the hotel on the race weekend. That means your day ends earlier at night and you can sleep longer in the morning. Ive also got my usual environment and my personal things around me. That way, I can start to relax sooner in the little bit of free time on a race weekend, have my peace and quiet if thats what I want, and am still really close to the action. I like that extremely well. And when the DTM round is over on a Sunday afternoon and the crowds try to beat each other to the


Audi drivers

autobahn Rockenfeller chills out, starts the grill now and then, and may even have a beer. We dont start heading back before all the roads are clear again. By the way, after the pneumatic supports have been retracted and the motorhome starts rolling home Rockenfeller always has to sit in the passengers seat. Unfortunately, my drivers license doesnt allow me to take the wheel myself. But Ive got firm plans of tackling the required category of a drivers license in the near future, says Rocky. Until then usually his father or, occasionally, a mechanic from his Phoenix team, have to serve as chauffeurs. I enjoy these tours. Thats when youve got some time to talk about everything under the sun. Finally being able to use the throttle of his mobile DTM home himself definitely isnt Rockenfellers only aim for this year. The driver who lives in Landschlacht on Lake Constance in Switzerland has also set himself ambitious sporting aims. Actually, its the same thing every year: of course I want to become champion. In quite a serious vain, without his typical mischievous grin, he issues this casual verbal statement. But then adds a caveat: The future will tell whether were good enough for this. The past has shown that hes personally good enough. Mike Rockenfeller has been able to call himself a Le Mans winner since his triumph at the endurance classic in 2010 in an Audi R15 TDI. And in the DTM (Zandvoort 2011) he has previously finished as a winner in an Audi as well. And what will the 2013season bring?

My car: In 2013, Rockenfeller is running in the Schaeffler Audi RS5 DTM fielded by Audi Sport Team Phoenix

2010 Le Mans winner: Rockenfeller left his handprint at the endurance classic

Rockenfeller surely has no doubt that Audi will be stronger this year than in the 2012 season in which not everything went according to plan but which Rocky, in fourth place of the standings, at least finished as the best Audi driver. Back then, we didnt always correctly understand the car. Thatll definitely be better this year. Even though the rules preclude outstanding development leaps weve still got a lot of potential in terms of the set-up. I dont know whether well be at 100 percent at the start of the season right away. But Im sure that well clearly be closer to 100 percent than in 2012. //


DTM Inside


Audi drivers

Fighter with a heart

Timo Scheider The two-time Champion is the only founding member of the new DTM in the current driver field. More than learning how to celebrate he has learned how to fight during this time.


DTM Inside

Fast for a good cause: Scheider finished the Braveheart Battle in 197th place in a field of 2,700 entrants

Timo Scheider is the only founding member of the new DTM in the field of the 2013 season, has been driving for Audi since 2006 and celebrated his biggest successes on winning his two titles in 2008 and 2009. Sounds like a textbook career but is far from it. Scheider also had to cope with a dent in his DTM biography. Despite being the best driver of his brand he suddenly found himself without a cockpit after the 2004 season. What followed was a successful foray into GT racing but his heart was always beating for the DTM. It was in December of 2005 that Scheider and Head of Audi Sport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich jointly attended a weekend of fun and games for the whole DTM family. One of the challenges at the event was building a snow sculpture and Scheider built an Audi race car. A conversation ensued, rapport was established, and the rest is history. Perhaps its necessary to know these little anecdotes to understand Timo Scheider as a person. When he lets the third latte macchiato get cold in order to fulfill even the last childs wish in the paddock for a photo, or to explain something to a fan wearing an Audi cap, this is no pretended professional friendliness. Even after all his successes he still appreciates his privilege of being an Audi factory driver in the DTM. He enjoys it an attitude he has retained even after victories and titles. Just like a healthy self-assessment. 2012 was a cruel year, theres no point in denying that, says Scheider. But, as in most cases, he refrains from putting the blame on anyone. Instead of pointing the finger at someone else, he prefers, once more, to accept responsibility himself. Especially in difficult times its great to be a member of the Audi family. Its nice to see everyone pulling together and fighting to be at the very front again: the engineers with respect to development, the mechanics at the pit stops, and Scheider in the cockpit. Happily residing above Lake Constance with partner Jessica and their Toy Maltese dog Mabou, the proud daddy of Loris, who is just doing his first ski stunts, and his parents living only a few kilometers away is everything okay for Scheider, the family man? Almost. After the birth of my son I began to increasingly appreciate how lucky Ive been in life. And I dont mean

Dream team: Scheider lives in Lochau, Austria, together with his partner Jessica

on the first day 80, 60 the next, then 90 twice I expect well be doing around 900 kilometers again. When Timo Scheider plans his training camps in Majorca, a purported holiday island, this could put the fear into quite a few hobby cyclists but not into the 34-year-old German. Working hard and pursuing success with dogged determination is what he is used to and has, as the saying goes, been character-building in his case. That, despite his successes, he has kept both feet on the ground and doesnt just think about himself, makes him one of the most popular drivers in thepaddock.


Audi drivers

my fast laps or titles, but things like health or family, says Scheider. Thats why, for years, hes been giving something back to a large number of less fortunate people. As ambassador for the Wings for life foundation, as an initiator of charity functions or as a participant in such crazy events as the Braveheart Battle that took the contenders across 26 kilometers of offroad terrain with 2,400 meters of vertical difference for a charitable cause. Its a good thing he previously tackled the grueling tour of Majorcas mountains. //

Timo Scheider is a family man. Fastest race laps dont mean everything.

Back in black: In 2013, Scheider has returned to his favorite car color

Team player: Scheider likes it when everyones pulling together


DTM Inside

We Are Family
Adrien Tambay The Frenchman has long been more than just the son of the Formula 1 driver Patrick Tambay. The youngest Audi racer truly enjoys delving into the past with his father nonetheless. It never hurts to know where you come from.


Audi drivers


DTM Inside

His colors: Tambay advertises Audis ultra-lightweight technology again on his RS5DTM in 2013

f you didnt know that theyre father and son you might think that Patrick and Adrien Tambay were good buddies looking at photos of the last summer vacation they spent together. Again and again, a finger shoots out to point at a picture, theres plenty of laughter, acknowledging nods from time to time and a lot of silent admiration. What the two are looking at together are scenes from a great motorsport career. 114 Formula 1 races Patrick Tambay contested between 1977 and 1986, winning two of them. Plus there are pictures of his sons first steps in motorsport. For Adrien, who is just 22 years old, his fathers career is not a burden. It inspires him. Talking about the old days is very emotional for me, Adrien Tambay freely admits. Looking at the youngsters demeanor and speed today its hard to believe, but his path into professional motorsport was by no means straight-forward and mapped out. It was a stony road, it was never particularly easy for me, says Tambay. He says it in a way a person would tell a thrilling story. He doesnt complain. Once it was a sports injury that threw him out of his rhythm in the middle of the season and then again hed have to switch through several racing series within the same season because he wasnt able to plan with a fixed budget. Highlights are part of the story as well. His victory after having started from the last grid position at his only GP3 race is one of the YouTube highlights among motor sportfans.

Tambay is the youngster in the team. I feel comfortable in this role. Im learning a lot and can show my ability.


Audi drivers

My father helped me, has always supported me and given me a lot of advice. Im very thankful to him for this, says Tambay. He was such a successful racer. And if hes proud of me now, that really means a lot to me. Dad certainly has a reason to be proud. At the beginning of 2012, his son has reached the aim of his dreams for the time being on starting as a factory driver in the DTM. Hes the young gun in the team, a part he really enjoys. I feel comfortable in this role. Im learning a lot and am happy about the chance to show people my abilities. For example, how to clinch a podium in ones first year and finishing in the top ten of the championship: in front of colleagues whose names are Scheider, Coulthard or Schumacher. A professional arrival and a personal one? That too, in a way. Tambay now lives in Lochau near Bregenz, Austria. Before that, he could have arguably been called a globetrotter: born in Paris, one year in Chamonix, back to Paris for ten years, then to a place near Cannes, from there on to Switzerland and a brief excursion to Aix-en-Provence, France. Having set up his home at Lake Constance hes got many of his driver

colleagues within reach, traveling to the Abt team in Kempten by car takes just a bit more than an hour. Ideal prerequisites for being in even closer touch and to continue learning. And this is clearly Adrien Tambays aim. My father has given me a lot of advice, for instance, how to tackle a race weekend or how to act in certain situations. The most important thing though is to stay true to yourself. Because he has taken this to heart, he impresses in the DTM. His team values his reliability and honesty, journalists and fans his open-minded and easy-going nature. This is the demeanor of someone who knows where he comes from. A time journey through old photo albums with his father reminds him of it now and again. //

On target: Adrien Tambay is receptive to new types of sports and challenges Variety: In winter, the Frenchman stays fit in Trophe Andros races Uncompromising: Tambay has been used to rough practice for years

1 3


DTM Inside

Who is who? 8 childrens photos, 17identical questions, 136interesting answers do you recognize our DTMstars?

Did you have a nickname as a child?


My father used to call me Tias. Later, in school, I was called Junior.

My parents used to call me Jobs. That had to do with a childrens program on TV.

What was your dream job as a child?

First a prince and later Superman. An old 106 that my sister and brother had driven before. My big idol was Ayrton Senna. The cars, the close competition and, of course, the fans. The fans should get to see even more on-board footage.

Rally driver.

Soccer player.

Your first car was ? What sportsman did you admire when you were young? What do you like about the DTM?

A VW Beetle.

A Mini for stock car races and a Peugeot 306 as a roadcar. When Jenson Button was European Kart Champ I had a photo of him on my wall. Its safe and challenging. The cars are fast and have a greatsound.

Juha Kankkunen he was always so cool, sitting in his rally car.

My quick team-mates.

What would you improve about the DTM?

Provide the cars with less downforce but more power.

Id like to have more and longer races.

What track would you like to drive a DTM race on some day? What are the three best corners on a race track for you?

At Kyalami in South Africa.

At Bathurst, Laguna Seca and on the Nordschleife of the Nrburgring. Corkscrew (Laguna Seca), Eau Rouge at Spa and Schwedenkreuz on the Nordschleife.

At Spa, Silverstone and Istanbul.

Eau Rouge at Spa, the Warsteiner-Kurve on the Nrburgring and the finish turn at Portimo. Tennis is the worlds fairest sport for me. But I also like playing soccer. Jumps with a bicycle. Or stand-up somersaults thats got to be cool. Everything actually, preferably R&B and pop.

Arrabbiata at Mugello, turn seven at Zandvoort and turn one at Silverstone. Soccer. Whenever I can I watch matches of LiverpoolFC. Languages. Improving my German as well as Italian andFrench. No particular style. Pop, house or oldies, there are a lot of things I enjoy listening to. Italian cuisine in general, especially pasta and pizza. A cup of good English tea with milk and a spoonful ofhoney.

What types of sports are cool in your opinion?

I really enjoy playing tennis.

What else would you like to learn?

Even more languages.

What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

Mainstream. I like to listen to anything thats being played on the radio.

Whats your favorite food?

A big steak. But I also like sushi a lot.

A nice beef tenderloin steak.

Your favorite drink?

Water and coke.

Red Bull Cola and apple juicespritzer.

Are you superstitious?

Yes. I question underwear or helmet visors when things arent going well. Preferably at a place Ive never been to before. Audi TT RS plus

No, Im too old for that.


Where do you prefer spending your vacation?

Wherever its warm.

Where the sun shines.

Audi A6 Avant

Audi A1

Your next Audi will be ?

Audi is ?



my new team.

Jamie Green

Mattias Ekstrm

Filipe Albuquerque


Audi drivers


Ive simply always been Edo.

When I started driving karts I was called Rocky right from the beginning. A farmer, because as a child I spent a lot of time on my grandparents farm. A VW Beetle. Thats when I was about seven or eight years old.

Unfortunately not. I was always upset about that.

My friends call me Adrie. On the ski slopes, Im sometimes called Tambay-flex. I always wanted to become a racer, so Im currently living my dream.

Pizza baker.

I didnt have a dream job until I started in motorsport: Formula 1 driver.

Car designer.

A mini-van, an old Fiat Dobl from my mothers flower shop. There was no superhero I was trying to emulate.

An Audi A2.

A VW Polo.

An Audi TT.

I always wanted to be likeMichael Schumacher one day. The high technical standard plus the first-class technical staff, drivers and cars. The DTM is one of the best series. That means there isnt too much the organizers could have been doing wrong.

Michael Schumacher.

In terms of motorsport, Ayrton Senna was my rolemodel. That I was able to turn my hobby into a job in a professional environment. Building cars that allow you to drive even harder without losing any parts in the process. Spontaneously, Surfers Paradise in Australia comes to mind. If we we were driving on the Nordschleife wed have so many great turns I couldnt even start to name them. Biathlon. But I also enjoy watching motorsport on four or on two wheels Id really like to be able to speak Italian fluently. R&B, hip-hop, rock, pop, but I also like some classical music for a change.

My father of course. I always wanted to be like him. The high competitiveness. Theres nothing better when it comes to touring cars. More power for the cars and more possibilities to overtake in the race. At Mugello and I wouldnt mind returning to Valenciaeither. Eau Rouge and Pouhon at Spa plus the Loews corner inMonaco.

The high level of the drivers.

The close competition that forces us to prove ourselves again and again in each race.

It would be nice to have more races.

The possibility to overtake in the races.

At Barcelona. I particularly like this track.

At Spa, Monza and Macau.

On the NrburgringNordschleife. Eau Rouge at Spa, Corkscrew at Laguna Seca plus Fuchsrhre on the Nordschleife. Soccer. And on TV I also really like watching downhill ski races. Id like to play an instrument and have more talent for languages.

Eau Rouge, Corkscrew and the Parabolica at Monza.

The finish turn at Macau, turn one at Hockenheim and Eau Rouge at Spa.

I watch a lot of rink hockey because some friends of mine play it. A lot of things, even though I cant spontaneously say what exactly. Rock, pop, anything thats currently in the charts. But I really like Spanish music too.

Any kind of extreme sport.

Skiing, wakeboarding and squash. Im learning German at the moment. But you learn something new every day. Theres something I like in every genre.

I simply want to continue to develop as a human being and a personality. That ranges from rap and hip-hop through to house.

Anything, you name it.


Good pasta is a good meal for me. Not too often, but from time to time I enjoy a glass of fine red wine. In the past yes, but not anymore.

I enjoy all kinds of food.


Italian cuisine in general, but I also like sushi a lot. I drink water because thats important even though its not my favorite drink. I get into the car with my right foot first and out of it too, even though thats difficult. My next destination will be the United States. Ive often been there but never on vacation. Audi RS 6

Non-sparkling water. I dont like any carbonated drinks.

Apple juice spritzer.

Latte macchiato, apple juicespritzer. I believe in a supernatural power but without being able to precisely define it. In warm places, because thats where you can do themost. Audi RS 6

Yes. I always put my right shoe on first before a race.


On a remote island.

At any place thats nice andwarm. Audi RS 5

Vacationing to me means living into the day wearing shorts, a T-shirt and flip-flops. Audi RS 6

Audi RS 4 or Audi RS 5

my motorsport family which gives me the chance to drive races as a pro. Miguel Molina

my employer who gives me the chance to live my dream job. Edoardo Mortara


for me, a partner that I was able to celebrate my biggest successes with. Timo Scheider


Adrien Tambay

Mike Rockenfeller


DTM Inside

Time journey


DTM History

DTM history Audi has won eight DTM titles to date. For eight years, Jamie Green was a tough rival in the DTM. Now hes joined the Audi squad and reveals what it felt like to battle against the four rings in the DTM and which Audi impressed him most.


DTM Inside

ednesday, January 9, 2013. Its cold and gray in Ingolstadt when Jamie Green visits his new employer for the first time. Four weeks ago, the Briton was announced as the new Audi driver for the 2013 DTM. The headline read, Audi signs King of the Norisring. So there he is, the man who thwarted Audis plans in a major way for years at its home round of all places. In 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012, Green won at the Norisring. Unforgotten is the race in 2009 when the Briton after a fascinating duel overtook Timo Scheiders Audi A4 DTM just shortly before the finish and foiled an Audi success on the Dutzendteich yetagain. That was a really special race, recalls the newcomer. Tough but fair racing the way you want it to be. And of course I know that the Audi fans are hoping for me to win at the Norisring again this year. But the successes of the past are no guarantee that itll work out again.

With the Audi A4 DTM and the title win by Mattias Ekstrm Audi managed a perfect DTM comeback in the 2004 season.


DTM History

There were times when it was really difficult to fight against Audi. Jamie Green
first time. It marked the beginning of Audis big success story in motorsport. Green knows the Audi V8 quattro with which Audi as a DTM newcomer clinched the title twice in succession in 1990 and 1991 as the first automobile manufacturer in history only from books and films. The DTM wasnt so well-known in England at that time, he relates. I only developed an interest in the DTM in 2002 when I started racing cars myself. That was the year in which Laurent Aiello in the Abt-Audi TT-R surprisingly won the DTM. Title number four for Audi followed in 2004 on the brands return with a factory-backed commitment with the A4 DTM and Mattias Ekstrm as the driver. Green remembers this well: In 2004, I won the Formula 3 Euro Series it was held as part of the DTMs supporting program. The Briton is not liable to live in the past anyway. Im a person who prefers to look ahead. I feel very comfortable with my new employer and think its great to be given this opportunity I want to use it as best I can and win the DTM title. Audi has often enough shown how to do this. On his first day of work, a seat fitting in the RS 5 DTM is on the agenda, a meeting with Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, a visit to the Audi Forum and a tour of the Audi museum mobile during which Jamie Green learns more about the history of his new employer motorsport and DTM included. Of course I know that Audi has a proud history in rally racing, he says with a view to the legendary original quattro. But I think that was before I was born. Hes almost right. When little Jamie was born on June 14, 1982, Michle Mouton had just won the Acropolis Rally in Greece. In 1982, Audi contested its second year in rally racing and at the end of the season won the Manufacturers World Championship for the Since 2005, the Briton has been active in the DTM himself and has witnessed Audis victories and champions titles from a competitors perspective. In these eight years, Audi was very successful in the DTM there were times when it was really difficult for us to fight against Audi, he says. In 2005 and 2006, Mercedes had a really good car but from 2007 on Audi was very strong and won the DTM title three times in succession. Especially the car Audi launched in 2008 was a big step. With its cutouts in front of the rear wheelhouses it looked pretty extreme. Im not an engineer but I immediately thought that Mercedes somehow missed the boat there. Audi was very clever and dominant with this car for years. With the models internally designated as R13 and R14 Audi was the first manufacturer to win three consecutive titles. In 2007, Mattias Ekstrm, Greens new team-mate at Audi, won and in 2008 and in 2009, Timo Scheider did.


DTM Inside

The car that Audi launched in 2008 was a big step it looked extreme and was dominant for years. Jamie Green


DTM History

Of course I know that the Audi fans are hoping for me to win again at the Norisring this year. Jamie Green

The tires used in 2010 didnt harmonize with the Audi A4 DTM. Thats why Mercedes managed to counter despite the freeze that had been imposed on the technology. In 2011, Audi turned the tables again and clinched title number eight. It also marked the first title in the DTM for the driver of a year-old car. Audi has achieved 63 victories in the DTM to date. With 17 triumphs under his belt, Mattias Ekstrm, who in 2013 competes together with Jamie Green in Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline, is the most successful driver. Two rivals, who in the past eight years fought many fierce on-track duels, are thus becoming teammates. I think its cool to drive in the same team with him, says Green. Weve got a similar mentality, a similar background and a similar amount of experience in the DTM. Were both mature and respect each other the team and Audi are going to profit from this. Since January 9, 2013, Jamie Green has been familiar with Audis history in more detail. And hes going to do everything within his means to become part of the successful DTM history of the four rings himself even though he prefers looking ahead to looking back ... //

2011: DTM title number eight for Audi the only one achieved by a year-old car to date.

V8 quattro, TT-R, A4 DTM the cars with which Audi clinched its previous eight DTM titles. Four of them Jamie Green experienced as an opponent


DTM Inside

Intensive moments
Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich A man who has been at the helm of Audi Sport for 20 years has experienced a lot. The Head of Audi Motorsport talks about defining moments with the four rings.


Management floor


DTM Inside

A shock for starters

Herbert Demel, whom I knew from my university days, was the man who brought me to Audi. But Id hardly arrived in Ingolstadt when he broke the news to me over dinner that 1993 was a bad year for the automotive industry and that thered been a discussion at the last management board meeting about suspending Audis motorsport activities. That of course was a shock for me since Id just burned all my bridges to my previous employer and had experienced a similar situation a few years earlier. My direct superior in Technical Development at that time was Herwart Kreiner. He left no stone unturned for us to ultimately get permission for 1994 to start with a relatively small program of Super Touring Cars in Germany and Italy. Thats how I experienced my first race as Head of Sport at Monza. This soon evolved into a worldwide and important commitment for Audi that was centrally managed from Ingolstadt.

Two races on a single day

1996 was the year in which we won everything worldwide with the Audi A4 quattro at the Super Touring Car events. After the finale of the STW Cup at the Nrburgring the time difference between the continent and England made it possible for us to fly to Brands Hatch together with the (then) Management Board Member for Technology and to be on location when Frank Biela clinched the champions title there. We subsequently packed up Frankie and took him with us to Emanuele Pirros Championship party at the Nrburgring.

Positive headwinds
The Audi A4 quattro was the first completely new race car that was put on its feet under my direction. Of course thats a lasting memory not least because the A4 became a very successful Super Touring Car with which in 1996 we clinched seven championships in one year. As a result, we encountered headwinds from the FIA in a major way and permanent all-wheel drive was ultimately banned from circuit racing. At first, that was a severe blow for us but actually it became part of our motivation to take the next huge step from production car based circuit racing to prototype sport. That came at exactly the right time because the Audi brand was continuing to develop and it was important to put motorsport on corresponding level as well. a

Extreme thrill
With the Audi R8R the entire Audi Sport squad entered new territory. That was an extreme thrill. The first sports car was still very conventional because we wanted to start at a level that was acceptable to the Audi brand but didnt want to risk a poor showing. This conservative approach worked out well and immediately earned us a podium, both on our debut at Sebring and in our first run at Le Mans. The experiences were then fed into the R8, a car showing at first glance that it represented the next generation of the sports prototypes. It was far ahead of its competitors at that time the long period in which the R8 was successful reflects this as well.


Management floor

Vorsprung durch Technik

The Audi R8 contained a lot of good ideas. One of them was the change of the rear end, an idea that was born out of necessity. Before we started to run at Le Mans we looked at the most frequent reasons for retirements and the transmission prominently stood out in this analysis. During the development we soon realized that this was no coincidence. So we said to ourselves: if its so difficult to ensure the life of a transmission for Le Mans then lets come up with something that allows us to change the transmission as quickly as possible. Thats how the idea was born to change the entire rear end because that also killed two birds with one stone. In the race there are frequent incidents of minor body contact in which the suspensions may be damaged. In the transmission development we subsequently made such major strides that the rear end hardly ever had to be changed because of the transmission but often after accidents. That was a huge advantage over the competition because our R8 cars were back in the race after a few minutes. Some of the drivers couldnt believe that they were being overtaken by a car theyd just before seen lying in the guard rails. The spectators, too, were always thrilled with the spectacle of the rear end change. That was Vorsprung durch Technik in its own way. Unfortunately, similar to quattro drive, it was subsequently banned.

Expect the unexpected

The first victory in a sports car race in 2000 at Sebring, immediately following the presentation of the R8, was a milestone achievement not least because the car marked a major technological step as well. But we could also see at the time that there was still quite a bit left for us to do on our road toward our big aim, the Le Mans 24 Hours. We still had a few problems which we were trying to solve right up to the time of the race. Accordingly, the relief on winning at Le Mans with a completely new car right away was huge. You can only understand the intensity of these 24hours if youve experienced Le Mans yourself. No matter how well youre prepared, youll always encounter complete surprises that youve got to respond to very quickly and correctly.

Two simultaneous projects Loss of a friend

In Michele Alboreto we not only lost a race driver in 2001 but a good friend. Michele was very popular with the entire squad and something like a father figure to our drivers. His fatal accident was a horrible event that was very painful. It was incredibly important at the time to stick together and not to start doubting the safety of the R8. We were able to analyze the cause of the accident very quickly and learned from it for the future. We did everything within our means to develop a continuous tire pressure monitoring system within an extremely short period of time and to assure that such an accident could not happen again. On developing the Audi A4 DTM we simultaneously ran two major projects for the first time with a team that previously had actually been able to concentrate on just a single program. We knew that it would be a great challenge to run the DTM and the sports prototypes in parallel. The really big task was to ensure that both projects were treated equally. There are still some people today who say that the race at LeMans is the most important thing for Audi and that everything else is just on the fringes. But if that had really been our approach wed have never been as successful in the DTM as weve been since our comeback in 2004.


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Big party
The first title win with the Audi A4 DTM in Brno was something special. Developing a car for a new set of regulations and immediately being in contention for victory underscores the quality of the entire squad. It was a great reward for the people who were working on the DTM program and sometimes had the feeling of being only the secondary program alongside the sports prototypes. This showed that they did a fantastic job nonetheless. Accordingly, there was a big party after the title win at Brno. I still remember the photos that were shot then very well this one here is one of the more harmless ones ...

A dream comes true

Today, its normal to win races with a TDI and to view it as a sporty product. But when we approached our suppliers with the idea of a diesel race car for Le Mans they tended to shake their heads in horror. Fortunately, our development partners recognized the potential of this idea relatively soon and saw that something very special could be created as a perfect fit for the Audi brand with its diesel and direct injection know-how. On the development side, this has been the most difficult project weve ever accomplished. We not only had to get the engine up and running but to develop a car that met the very specific demands of the engine. That this concept was capable of winning so quickly made a dream come true.

Horror crashes
The most negative incident for me in the DTM to date has been the serious accident in which Tom Kristensen and Alexandre Prmat were involved at the 2007 season opener at Hocken heim. The scenes on the monitor looked horrible and the time until I was able to personally talk to our two guys at the Medical Center seemed endless. Tom had no external injuries but suffered such a severe whiplash that he wasnt able to race for a long time. We gave him the time he needed before, at Brands Hatch, he secretly and with another helmet drove a race car for the first time again. The spectacular roll-over by Alexandre Prmat at Adria two years later also showed the DTM cars high level of safety. The new regulations were another significant step forward. But the theoretical parameters are enough in my book I can do without real proof in the race such as in the case of Tom and Alexandre.


Management floor

A storm that clears the air

The withdrawal of our cars at Barcelona in 2007 was a storm that cleared the air which, for some reason, was necessary in that DTM season. Maybe the situation could have been resolved in a different way on that day but after some heavy thunder and lightning the air was fresh again. For me, it was the only right decision at the time, which the Chairman of our Management Board, who was personally on location, and I jointly made. I had the feeling that things were escalating and that we might not be able to control them any longer unless we reacted. Im certain that such a situation will never occur again.

Playing with the wind

The A4 DTM with the project name R14 and the R15 TDI were not only close together in terms of numbering but their concepts with airflow through the body were very similar too. Our engineers developed this idea and purposefully implemented it. For a DTM car, this was a visibly different concept that works very well and has earned us three titles. The new DTM regulations prohibit this concept because its easier to design a race car without air flowing through the body. I do believe though that car a concept with this kind of airflow could have been implemented at similarly low costs. But the fact that weve got the greatest experience with this probably played a role as well in the back of our competitors minds. So this is another example of good ideas by Audi Sport that were subsequently banned.

Fun with young guns

Its very pleasing to see that actually all the young drivers weve brought into the DTM typically showed in their first season that it was the right decision to include them in the Audi squad. In the beginning, there are often discussions about where we might have picked up this driver again. But I believe that the concept weve been pursuing in the DTM for years is right and that in total weve got a very strong driver squad with a young average age.

Step into the future

In terms of its overall complexity, the Audi R18 e-tron quattro that won the Le Mans 24 Hours as the first hybrid race car is arguably the most intensive project weve ever had at Audi Sport. It could only be accomplished because we made technological progress with each project. It was a big step in a new direction in which we received very intensive support from Technical Development. The development time was extremely short, which makes the result all the more impressive.


DTM Inside

The new man

Dieter Gass His word is everyones command: Who is the man that took over as head of the DTM project at Audi Sport in April?


Management floor


DTM Inside

he new man is an old acquaintance at least on Roderstrae in Ingolstadt. Dieter Gass, who is 50 years old now and has been heading the DTM project of AUDI AG since April has worked here before. From November 1994 to March 2001, Gass was an engineer at Audi Sport. Then he followed a call from Formula 1. After around eleven years at Toyota and Lotus, the native of the German state of Hesse returned to the four rings in early 2012: initially as Head of Racing Commitments and now as Head of DTM. Conse quently, at Audi Sport, Dieter Gass is responsible for the success or failure of the brand in the most popu lar international touring car series not an easy task, particularly as he only assumed his new role shortly before the start of the season. Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich is convinced that Gass is the right man for the job. It was Ullrich who brought him back to Audi and let him look over his shoulder for a year. At the Nrburg ring 24 Hours and events in the FIA World Endurance Championship, Gass deputized for his boss in the 2012 season when dates clashed with the DTM and did so successfully.

So now its the DTM, in which Gass meets a lot of people hes known from the past. With Head of BMW Motorsport Jens Marquardt he worked at Toyota in Formula 1. Hans-Jrgen Abt, the Team Director of the most successful Audi DTM team, he knows from joint Super Touring Car days. And at Audi Sport as well, he found a lot of familiar faces on his return. That was a pleasant surprise for me, says Gass. Because it sug gests that theres strong stability within Audi Sport and thats a fundamental prerequisite for successfully acting in racing. Gass first got in touch with racing as a child. His father drove rallies and took junior along to the 1000-kilometer race at the Nrburgring. It was the heyday of endurance racing with legendary sports cars like the Porsche 917. The spark ignited the fire and it hasnt been extinguished to this day. After studying mechatronics at the Technical Uni versity in Darmstadt, Gass ended up in production de velopment at Bugatti. When a project for the Le Mans 24 Hours was being launched Gass assumed respon sibility for technical support. From then on, I didnt want to do anything else than motorsport From Bugatti he moved on to Audi Sport just one year after Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich with whom, even

Back to the roots. From November 1994 to March 2001, Dieter Gass worked as an engineer at Audi Sport in Ingolstadt.


Management floor

Same wavelength: Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich and DieterGass

later during his time in Formula 1, he always stayed in close touch. I consistently followed what Audi was doing in motorsport, said Gass. Audi, for me, is THE premium manufacturer with products featuring ex tremely high-end technology, many innovations and superbdesign. Gass, a father of two, who was born in Gieen, Germany, came to know Formula 1 from two highly different perspectives: a large organization with a big budget at Toyota and a small team with limited means at Lotus, todays Caterham team. Both have been very educational. And of course Im trying to contribute this knowledge at Audi Sport. Gass career path as an engineer has been in racing. He is well-versed in project planning and organization. Speaking English, French and Italian fluently, he has command of three foreign languages that are impor tant in motorsport and was at the wheel himself in the past. In 1991, shortly after graduating from universi ty, he won the Renault Clio Cup in Germany as a driver. Then, at the age of 28, it was too late for him to start a career as a professional racer. For his new job at Audi Sport hes at the best age. //

Dieter Gass: Stations at Audi Sport

1995: Technical Team Coordination STW Germany

1996: Technical Team Coordination STW Italy

Successful return: In 2012, Dieter Gass (pictured at far left) was involved in the title win with the Audi R18 e-tron quattro in the FIA World Endurance Championship

1997: Responsible for Audi A4 Super Touring (front-wheel drive)

1998: Technical Project Manager Super Touring Cars

1999: Type Supporter and Technical Team Supporter Audi R8C

2000: Race Engineer LeMans 24 Hours and American LeMansSeries

2012: Head of Racing Commitments

2013: Head of DTM


DTM Inside

Theyre in command


Team Directors

Command post Many people only know Arno Zensen, Hans-Jrgen Abt and Ernst Moser from the pit wall. In an interview, the team directors of the three Audi factory teams talk about their tasks between the races and their skills as psychologists as well.

Team director in an Audi DTM factory team: a dream job for you? Ernst Moser: Yes, you can put it like that. If you work in professional motorsport and then go into business for yourself, as I did at the time, its clearly your dream goal. Its nice that its been working out so successfully for many years now. Hans-Jrgen Abt: Thats exactly the way I see it too even though, naturally, there are good days and days that arent so good there in front, at the command post. But I grew up with motorsport and enjoy switching between the office and the race track. Arno Zensen: In my case, its actually a bit different than in yours, Hans-Jrgen. Normally, the owner of a race team is the team boss so my job actually doesnt exist. Im a career changer whose dream has come true.

Racers are sometimes really special characters. In dealing with them on a race weekend, do you need to be psychologists as well? Zensen (laughs): Absolutely. There are drivers that youve got to take into your arms and pat on the back all day long and others who need a kick in the butt but thats precisely what makes this job such a nice challenge. Abt: In our 13 DTM years, weve had quite a few very special characters in our squad. For instance, some of the really unique types, like Laurent Aiello, Tom Kristensen and of course my brother Christian, come to mind, plus a lady now and then. Every one of them had their special traits and needed their own form of attention. But I wouldnt want to do without any of my race drivers. Moser: I do believe thats part of it. Every race driver needs to be supported in his own special way some more and others less. Youve got to give a driver support but sometimes let him feel the pressure that youre under yourself as well. The important thing is for the driver to be backed by the whole team and by me all the time. Sometimes we have one-to-one discussions to go over a few issues and then we close the book on them.


DTM Inside

Hans-Jrgen Abt: Im always up to speed because I want to always be approachable. Thats what my employees expect of me.
1 Comes across cool, but isnt always: Hans-Jrgen Abt is responsible for fielding four Audi RS 5 DTM cars Family affair: Hans-Jrgen Abt with his wife Margit, daughter Marina and son Daniel

irection in which their work is heading. Plus: showd ing up at the offices from time to time without prior notice, asking questions and keeping up peoples momentum thats part of it too. Zensen: Weve got an established program between two races, like you probably do too. On Tuesdays, we sit together with the engineers and watch the qualifying session and the race again. The next day, we have breakfast with the mechanics, which starts at ten and may last a few hours. At that time, we discuss what were going to do differently the next time. Everyone is allowed to express constructive criticism. The cars are dismantled and reassembled according to Audis instructions, in between we repeatedly have pit stop training sessions and after a roll-out were heading back to the next race track.

What does the work of a team director look like between the race weekends? Abt: Im fortunate to have a strong motorsport team. The guys cover for me when I take care of our tuning business with around 160 employees in our company, there are obviously a few things to be done on that front too. The process in the DTM department is highly professional and precisely scheduled. Its really enjoyable to watch the teams work. Im in the workshop every day and always stay up to speed. Thats important to me because I always want to be approachable. Our employees have a right to expect this of me. Moser: Our day-to-day business has a lot to do with finances, manpower and processes. Keeping up motivation and promoting the interaction within the team is another important subject. Of course I have discussions with the engineers and listen to the

Can you still exert any influence during the race? Moser: From the command post, I do try to influence the race in the right direction with the right strategy. Quickly making or changing a decision there is also part of the business. Zensen: I stopped doing that. A few years ago, they wanted to kick me out of the command post,


Team Directors

now I just sit there and listen. Only if theres a change in weather, or someone retires or receives a penalty, and my colleagues are too wrapped up in the situation, I may briefly say something. Except for this, the whole thing works completely without me and some people say it now works even better than in the past. Abt: Weve always got a nice and sometimes heated round at the pit wall. We discuss and weigh various options with Albert (Deuring) and Wolfgang (Dr. Ullrich) and sometimes we may even decide to make a bold strategy move. Communication though is in Alberts hands and those of the engineers. After the finish, I go on the air with congratulations or a few words of encouragement.

is concentrated one hundred percent and gives everything to achieve success that applies to the guys in the cars just like it does to the team in the pits. Zensen: Thats the way I see it too. Every single member of the team can lose a race but we can only win it together. Ive got to say that in 2012 being at the command post was more exciting than it had been in a long time. Now while thats pretty s trenuous its

How hard is the situation at the command post when success or failure during a race is in the hands of the race driver? Moser: Ive often been told that if the driver heard some of the things Im saying during the race hed never talk to me again. But those are emotions and fortunately nobody records what Im saying. Now this is not being recorded, is it? Abt (laughs): I hope its not! Of course emotions run high sometimes. But first of all Ive got full confidence in our drivers and second the following principle applies: we win together and we lose together, if we cant avoid it. But its important that everybody

Ernst Moser: It took a long time for all the team members to actually realize what we managed to do in 2011.
3 Strong duo: Ernst Mosers partner Petra Tille supports the team at the race track Sometimes not meant for everyones ears: Ernst Moser communicates from the command post


DTM Inside

also what this job is all about. If thats not your cup of tea you shouldnt be in the DTM.

Youre saying yourself that it was more exciting than it had been in a long time. After a long barren spell, you experienced your most successful DTM year. How was the mood in the team? Zensen: Sensational although, actually, were never in a bad mood. We always knew our potential but were never really able to show it before. That gave the guys even greater motivation and everyone kept pushing everyone else. Im very proud of this.

Your colleague Moser can probably relate to that. On winning the title with the year-old car you managed a sensation in 2011. Was that a milestone for your team as well? Moser: It took a long time for all the team members to actually realize what we managed to do there. That stayed with us throughout the winter. When youre the Champion there are a lot of parties, youre invited and approached by everybody. So in 2012, we traveled to the first race with great pride, the guys really enjoyed that.

Arno Zensen: Edoardo Mortara and Filipe Albuquerque were my drivers of choice right from the beginning. Andthey still are.

Stylish in and outside the paddock: ArnoZensen with his wife Antonia Listens but rarely talks: Arno Zensen maintains the overview in hot situations 6

That suggests that the Abt squads hunger for success is huge, doesnt it? Abt: To quote soccer coach Jrgen Klopp: If you filled our motivation into bottles and sold them youd go to jail for that. But seriously, we were weak last year, theres no point in denying that. But weve already won five DTM titles and know our strengths. And one of them is to shake your body after being defeated, get up and attack again. And thats exactly what the fans and our competitors can expect us to do in the 2013 season.

Abt: I believe family is the right word here. Our team has been active in motorsport for over two decades now and has always been with the Audi brand. We know and trust each other, and know that we can rely on each other. Ernst, I completely agree with you: thats the key to success when the going gets really rough on the race track.

All three of you have been involved in motor sport for a long time. How important is experience in theDTM? Abt: For me, its the right mix of experience and a fresh breeze that leads to success. Im always happy to hear the seasoned engineers in our team discussing new ideas with the young newcomers, learning from each other and jointly driving things forward. Moser: I think Ive been in the DTM since 1988. Of course weve now got new cars, new rules and new systems but at the end of the day theres nothing that can replace experience. That goes for the team directors as well as for the engineers and race d rivers. They, too, benefit from their experience when it comes to how hard you can be on the tires, or what rival you can best try to overtake in what turn.

How important in good as well as in difficult times is the trusting cooperation with Audi? Moser: Without trust, you cant do anything in motorsport. I attach great value to being loyal to my principal, Audi. Thats the only way you can be successful together in this business. Zensen: Exactly. Were proud to be part of this great family. Especially in Audis case, with three teams on equal terms, a base of trust is important and Im happy that this can be taken for granted atAudi.


Team Directors

Zensen: Last years a good example of what youre saying, Ernst. A team like Schnitzer returns to the DTM after many years and is immediately s uccessful. That shows the importance which experience with processes and certain routines can have. This is a key element in the DTM, but of course its not everything.

already gave us a lot of pleasure last year and Jamie is bringing a fresh breeze from Stuttgart. If I had my pick from all 22 drivers, Id take these guys.

What headlines about your team are you wishing for in October? Abt: What a comeback Audi takes all three titles in the DTM. Moser: After a somewhat difficult year back at thetop. Zensen: Quite clearly: That we won the DTM title. //

Eight drivers in three teams are you competing with the squads of your choice? Moser: Rocky (Mike Rockenfeller) is my driver of choice, quite clearly. And together with Miguel (Molina) weve still got some unfinished business with the DTM. Last year, we didnt achieve what wed both been planning for. Now weve been given a second chance and were going to use it. Zensen: Edo (Edoardo Mortara) and Filipe (Albuquerque) were my drivers of choice and still are. As early as during the initial track tests I asked Wolfgang (Dr. Ullrich) if I could work with both of them and fortunately my wish was granted. Abt: Timo (Scheider) and Mattias (Ekstrm) are already part of the family. Theyve had a key to our workshop for a long time. Adrien, simply a great guy,


DTM Inside

One forall
Volker Nossek There are many exciting jobs in Audi Sports DTM squad. A really special one is held down by a man who learned how to improvise in rally racing.

ore than 100 employees are in action for Audi on a DTM weekend. And whether theyre race drivers, head of motorsport or mechanics, theres hardly anyone who doesnt need something from Volker Nossek now and then even if its just a phone number or some good advice. The 51-year-old describes himself as a small cog in a gigantic transmission. But without him this transmission would grind quite a bit at times. Its just that things keep happening which you cant plan for in advance, he says. My job is to put out fires as soon as the first sparks appear. As Project Leader Organization DTM at Audi Sport in Ingolstadt, Volker Nossek is a Girl Friday and sometimes a kindergarten teacher and psychologist as well. He likes to compare the race drivers with high-bred horses: some of them are robust and others sensitive. Throughout the squad there is a wide range of characters and camps and he sometimes has to act as a mediator between them. The DTM is teamwork, Nossek knows. Every individual is looking for the perfect solution for themselves but in the end, its always about achieving the best compromise. Nossek learned how to improvise in the World Rally Championship for ten years. At a time when there were no cell phones, laptops or GPS. Maybe thats why even today he prefers a paper notebook to an electronic organizer. I think Im sort of a motor sport dinosaur, but I can easily live with that.


contacts are stored in Volker Nosseks cell phone. Theres hardly anyone else with such an extensive network in the DTM scene as the Project Leader Organization DTM at Audi Sport.



Since 2000, Nossek has been part of the DTM scene where he initially supported the customer team Abt Sportsline for which hes still the liaison person. In all the years, hes built an invaluable network of contacts for Audi Sport. Youve got to know the right people in the right places thats of huge help. Whether its race organizers, race track operators, the DMSB or the ITR, Nossek knows who to talk to in which situation. Hes the first person to arrive at the race track for Audi on a DTM weekend. He monitors setting up the pit garages, checks if the team trucks are parked in the right places and coordinates all the key meetings on a race weekend. Hes the point of contact for regulatory questions and stays in touch with the race directors. And if after a race a penalty or even disqualification threatens Nossek goes to see the sportstewards. Within Audi, hes often a mediator between different worlds as well. For the engineers and mechanics, every minute theyre robbed of for PR or Marketing events is painful, he says. But, lets face it, thats one of the reasons why were in the DTM in the first place. This is another area in which I try to act as a gobetween so that everyone gets what they need. The DTM is not a nine-to-five job, theres hardly any peace and quiet for Nossek during a DTM season. The first day after the race is the first day before the next race, he says. Taking a breather on Monday, going home and having time for the family, that unfortunately doesnt happen. On Monday, the problems from the race weekend have to be resolved. In many cases, we dont have much time to respond before the next race. Although he often has to make sacrifices in his private life he wouldnt want any other job. Matchbox and Top Trumps with car themes even as a child my whole life revolved around automobiles, says Nossek. I enjoy this life. The level of gasoline with a high octane rating in my blood has got to be very high //

His workplace can be anywhere: Volker Nossek in the mobile DTM conference room of Audi Sport


DTM Inside

Team Besides the race drivers, engineers and mechanics a strong team in front of and behind the scenes takes care of the process on a DTM weekend. Heres a brief tour.

Car support team. They are the experts for fans who are interested in the most current models.

Team doctor. Hes on location at every race and test and is happy when theres as little to do for him as possible.

Shop sales clerk. Always friendly, always competent: The team at the Audi Shop offers a large selection to choose from.

Physiotherapists. They quickly liven up the tired muscles of the race drivers.

Bunnies. The ambassadors of the Audi partner turn every photo into eyecandy.



Catering. Pros take care of providing guests and athletes with food and drinks.

Organization. Audi Sports Organization team is the hub for all the players involved. The common schedule is created here.

Spare parts. Bolts or hoods: The spare parts truck is staffed with specialists who know exactly where the required item is located.

Balloonists. They make sure that the four rings are not only present on the tarmac but in the sky as well.

Team manager. Alongside the team director, he ensures that all the drivers and team members are at the right place at the right time.


DTM Inside

DTM calendar 2013 In August, the DTM will make its debut in Russia. A visit to the venue. The other tracks are remembered by the Audi drivers in special ways as well.


Races 2013


DTM Inside

the Magdeburg flatlands or the London suburb Brands Hatch. But as varied and exciting as the stories about the city may be, for the 22 DTM drivers who will come to visit on the first weekend in August, its a blank sheet of paper in terms of motorsport. None of them has ever contested a race at the Moscow Raceway before. Considering the DTMs compact weekend program this year, itll no doubt be a thrilling experience. This also brings back memories of former, equally thrilling experiences. The visits to the city street circuits in the Chinese metropolis Shanghai in 2004 and 2010 for example or the trip to Istanbul in the 2005 season. I think the pursuit of new challenges is the essence of the DTM, says Ekstrm. And since theres a great community spirit in the DTM despite the competition its almost a bit like an outing with friends or a school class when you discover new things together. And theres definitely a lot to be discovered in Moscow: 300 churches, the Kremlin and Red Square as monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List and numerous other sights. The architecture is impressive. No matter who may have had any say in this in the past decades, the result is outstanding, thinks Ekstrm. Plus the people: wherever you go you can hear the call Davai, davai, as everybodys eager to move forward and get a great event off the ground. Ekstrm and Mortara extensively shared their experiences and impressions with their team-mates. The date for the next visit has already been set: August 3 and 4, 2013, DTM at the Moscow Raceway. //

kstrm or Mortara, Rockenfeller or Scheider, Tambay or Molina. No matter which Audi driver you approach with the subject of the DTMs premiere in Russia you can tell that theyre all incredibly excited about a new adventure coming up in the racing series. And its no exaggeration to call the visit to the Moscow Raceway an adventure. We need solid travel planning, muses Mattias Ekstrm for example. With traffic being the way it is around the city even the shortest distance is incalculable itll be a thrill. And not only that The Swede knows what hes talking about. Together with his brand colleague Edoardo Mortara he traveled to Russias capital for two days in early February to present the DTM to the journalists and motorsport fans. After the race was announced, Audi was the first brand to go to Moscow, carrying not only loads of autograph cards in its baggage but also taking along an Audi RS 5 DTM for a photo shoot on Red Square. Since the landing of a Cessna many years ago, this was probably the most exotic vehicle the venerable Kremlin hasseen. And thus it doesnt take very long for numerous Muscovites and tourists to gather around the DTM car. Cameras are held up in the air, friends called to share the thrill and loads of questions asked. First a little shyly but then the ice is soon broken because Ekstrm and Mortara obviously enjoy their mission. The questions showed that the people here have an avid interest in the DTM that was nice to hear, says Mortara. Mattias and I tried to present our series as best we could and to spark peoples curiosity. A population of more than eleven and a half million, an area of over 2,500 square kilometers and a cultural history that dates back almost 1,000 years. Thats quite impressive compared to Oschersleben in

Adventure in Asia
The DTM took its longest trip to Shanghai in 2004 and 2010. While the first event in the heart of the metropolis was still a show race, 2010 even saw the title fight being staged in the Far East. Paul Di Resta clinched the DTM title on finishing the season finale as the runner up. Timo Scheider took a podium place as well.


Races 2013

The Moscow Raceway is located around 80kilometers north-west of the Russian capital. The DTM will race on the short configuration of the circuit

Hockenheim 19/05 Brands Hatch 02/06 Red Bull Ring 16/06 Lausitzring 14/07 Norisring 04/08 Moscow Raceway 18/08 Nrburgring 15/09 Oschersleben 29/09 Zandvoort 20/10 Hockenheim


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My absolutely favorite track

Mattias Ekstrm
Ive got so many memories of Hockenheim good ones and bad ones. In 2007, I became Champion there, had one of the best weekends of my entire DTM career there as well as retirements, for instance after a puncture. Particularly sweet was the first victory with the (then) latest version of the Audi A4 DTM at the beginning of the 2008 season. My crash-boombang with Jean Alesi on the last lap in 2004 was definitely a highlight Ill never forget. That also goes for the unusual double pit stop we tried at the finale in 2006 or the last lap at the opening race in 2011 when the rear suspension of my car broke and I still finished third. A lot has happened at Hockenheim. Its absolutely my favorite track. I love the layout. You can overtake and fight tough duels. Technically, the first sector with turns 1 and 2 is particularly challenging. The best overtaking opportunity is at the end of the Parabolica on the way to the hairpin turn . Another very important place is the last section with the Sachs corner and the two Opel corners. Hockenheim has simply got everything you wish for as a racer for me, its the highlight of the year that is always attended by many fans as well. //

Top speed

Race distance

DTM track record

258 km/h

42 laps

1m 32.244s


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Brands Hatch

An old-school track
Miguel Molina
Brands Hatch similar to Zandvoort is an old-school track I immediately felt comfortable on. I like tracks like this, and at Brands Hatch things have so far always been going well for me. In 2010, in my first DTM year, I immediately took fifth place there although I didnt know the track before. Last year, I achieved my best result of the season there. The atmosphere at Brands Hatch is nice and a lot of fans always come to the event. The Indy Circuit isnt very long but tricky nonetheless also because of the small run-off areas. Theres little room for mistakes, youve always got to be fully concentrated. Turn 1 is really special. You can feel how steep you go downhill after this pretty fast turn and how much the car and your body are compressed down in the dip. And then the best and almost only place for overtaking follows. A specialty of Brands Hatch is the number of laps were driving there. I always tell my mechanics not to start counting down on the pit board before the last 20 laps. When you see 98, 97, 96 etc. your mind gets all cluttered Id love to drive my Audi RS 5 DTM on the Grand Prix track too one day. Unfortunately, Ive only had the chance to ride my motor scooter there so far. //

Top speed

Race distance

DTM track record

225 km/h

98 laps



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Red Bull Ring

One of those race tracks which are good for overtaking

Edoardo Mortara
At the Red Bull Ring, I won my first DTM race last year and I always enjoy returning to Spielberg. Still, there are race tracks that mean even more to me personally like Macau. But the Red Bull Ring is also a very nice track set in a wonderful landscape with the mountains and green natural surroundings. Plus its one of those race tracks which are good for overtaking. One of the reasons is that the fast straights are followed by slow turns such as turn 2 . Racing at Spielberg is usually very intense as you could see again last year when I clinched victory. Theres always a large crowd at Spielberg. All this makes for a great atmosphere. Although the track is relatively short, it offers everything: fast turns as well as slow ones. And the spectators almost have a total view of the circuit. Another reason why Ill always remember Spielberg is the chance I had last year to experience stunts on board of a helicopter not many people get to do this. //

Top speed

Race distance

DTM track record

230 km/h

47 laps

1m 25.784s


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Incredibly impressive maingrandstand

Timo Scheider
I still remember exactly when I was running out of the pit lane at the Lausitzring and standing in front of this incredibly impressive main grandstand for the first time that was an initial impression that sticks in my mind. The layout of the track is very unusual and the surroundings and the atmosphere are different from other venues you come across. But I always like returning to Lausitz and have had many nice moments there in the DTM just like in the A1 Grand Prix Series or while shooting a TV commercial. I also wont forget the first DTM race at the Lausitzring in 2000 when the rain water wouldnt run off the new tarmac. After a few laps behind the safety car the race had to be stopped. Since then, a lot of different track configurations have been tried with the DTM including turn 1 in the oval. The thing I like best at the Lausitzring is the ultrafast long right-hand turn in the infield. You can really feel the downforce of a DTM car there and thats always nice again. //

Top speed

Race distance

DTM track record

239 km/h

52 laps

1m 17.628s


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A pretty strange track

Jamie Green
On my first Norisring run I took two pole positions in Formula 3 and in the DTM Ive won four times in front of this great crowd that always completely fills the grandstand at the start and finish. So obviously, Im getting along quite well there, despite the fact that the Norisring is a pretty strange track that isnt the most enjoyable one to drive on. There are tracks and turns that are more fun. At the Norisring, its mainly about braking, slow turns and driving with little downforce in a way we dont normally do in the DTM. Because there are only straights and slow turns you can follow the car in front of you more closely and thats why the duels there are better than in other . A particularly good example was my DTM races victory in 2009 when shortly before the end I overtook Timo Scheider. That was hard racing, absolutely at the limit but fair. Thats how racings got to be. But my victory last year was something special too, of course. Every year, I enjoy returning to the Norisring. But youve got to be realistic: even though Ive had a lot of success there, thats no guarantee for the future. And Im hoping that I can continue to avoid ending up in the Dutzendteich after a race because the lake doesnt look particularly clean ... //

Top speed

Race distance

DTM track record

245 km/h

83 laps



Races 2013


Moscow Raceway

What connections the Audi DTM drivers have had to Russia so far.
Filipe Albuquerque: My only point of contact with Russia so far has been vodka. Im already very excited about going to Russia. The DTM weekend will probably be different than at other European venues. Im very happy that were driving there with the DTM. Mattias Ekstrm: My only relationship with Russia up to now has been when Id get upset about Sweden losing against Russia in ice hockey. I only know the circuit from YouTube. Im very excited. When we were in Moscow in February with Audi the people there were veryfriendly. Jamie Green: Ive never been to Russia and have to remember to get my visa in time. I havent traveled outside Western Europe very much yet in general. I was in China twice with the DTM, in Turkey and once on vacation in America. Russia will be a new experience. And yes, Ive also tried vodka before Miguel Molina: Miguel Molina: Last year, I had a Russian driver in my go-kart team. Im very much looking forward to the DTM in Russia even though we dont know whats awaiting us there. Itll be a similarly new experience as China in 2010. I enjoy traveling and getting to know other cultures. Edoardo Mortara: I once had a Russian girlfriend who taught me a few words. But this relationship didnt last long. Russia is different than Europe, America and Asia. In a nice way, if you ask me. When I was in Moscow for the first time I was positively surprised. Im happy about returning to Russia. Mike Rockenfeller: Except for mixed drinks with a Russian additive Ive got no experience with the country even though I had some school-mates and friends who came from Russia. Im looking forward to a new track and a new environment. Thats always nice. Ill let myself be surprised and hope that the DTM will be well received in Russia and that well have a lot of spectators. Timo Scheider: My experience with Russia is limited to girls I met at the disco and Vodka Red Bull. Im happy because itll be a new experience. Well, there are some people whove got certain prejudices against Russia. But the fans there like motorsport.

Adrien Tambay: I once had a team-mate from Russia, Sergey Afanasiev. I think he lives in Moscow. Ill give him a call to get together with him. Ive heard a lot of stories about Russia and am already very eager to form my own impression. Unfortunately, the track is relatively far away from Moscow. Im still going to take some time out for a visit.

Top speed

Race distance

241 km/h

74 laps


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One of the worlds nicest corners

Filipe Albuquerque
I like the Nrburgring a circuit Ive got fond memories of and that Ive always been quick on. Ive won races there before. In the DTM, I took grid position three there last year but then unfortunately let the clutch burn at the start. The sprint track looks pretty easy at first glance but, like any track, the Nrburgring has its technical aspects and secrets youve got to decode first. The best place for overtaking is at the end of the start-finish straight. But the corner I like best by far is the right-hander that leads to the back-straight. For me, this is one of the worlds nicest corners. You exit the left-hand turn in front of it in third gear and stay in this gear. Youve got to precisely position the car, which suits me particularly well. You go downhill and at the exit the car slides toward the curbs. You get the feeling of sliding off track but the curbs catch the car. A really cool corner! Of course the Nordschleife is great too. Ive never driven a race on it but I use every chance I get to do a lap on it. With Edo (Mortara) we even drove the Nordschleife in reverse with two Audi R8 cars for a film shoot that was huge fun even though it almost came to an end in the Karussell ... //

Top speed

Race distance

DTM track record

240 km/h

49 laps

1m 22.793s


Races 2013



So many different charactersof turns

Timo Scheider
Ill never forget the day of my first DTM victory at Oschersleben in 2008 thats when a big load came off my chest after all those years. Ive always felt comfortable at Oschersleben and no matter how good the car was Ive always had the right rhythm from the first turn on. Thats not been quite the same for me on any other track. Of course thereve also been days at Oschersleben when nothing would fit together. But on the other hand, Ive experienced weekends when I was totally dominant from the first lap in the first free practice to the fastest lap in the race. I also like the trackside ambience including the hotel. The feel-good factor is extremely high for me at Oschersleben. And theres hardly any other track in my book that combines so many different characters of turns. With the artificial braking chicane in turn1 an additional opportunity for overtaking has been created. The ultra-fast right-left-right chicane on the other side of the track eats a lot of material but also requires great sensitivity. If you run the curbs a bit too hard you might damage the car or careen off track. Theres a slow hairpin, an ultra-long 180-degree turn, a fast and a slow chicane and in the infield theres even a banked corner. All this combined makes Oschersleben so special. //

Top speed

Race distance

DTM track record

223 km/h

51 laps

1m 20.632s


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Double right-hander causes adrenalin surges

Adrien Tambay
In Formula 3, I had a few problems at Zand voort, so last year I arrived there with mixed feelings. But in the end, things went very well for me. In a tough race with lots of pressure from behind I was able to keep Bruno Spengler and Martin Tomczyk at bay and score my first points in the DTM. That was a big relief and something like a small breakthrough for me in the DTM. Before that, Id shown good performances but was simply unfortunate. In the DTM Audi, the track at Zandvoort is really good fun. Maybe I just didnt have the right set-up back in Formula 3... I think everyone knows the Tarzan corner at the end of the start-finish Its really cool too. But my favorite secstraight. tion is the fast downhill double right-hander at the end of the track. Its extremely fast and very bumpy. You drive at the limit and have adrenalin surges. I like that! The old, long track must have been similar. Ive seen onboard footage of my father very impressive, but very dangerous too ... //

Top speed

Race distance

DTM track record

246 km/h

44 laps

1m 31.012s


Races 2013



The home of the DTM

Mike Rockenfeller
Unfortunately, I never had the chance to drive on the old Hockenheim track that I always used to admire on TV. At least I once took a walk over it. But the new Hockenheimring is demanding as well and really good fun and its something special because in a way its the home of the DTM. At least thats the way I feel about it. After all, we traditionally drive the opening race and the finale there. I feel very comfortable there and particularly at home at Hockenheim although the Nrburgring is actually my home track. Its also a good area in general with a really large number of motorsport and DTM fans. We always have full grandstands there, especially at the finale. Of course for us as drivers, the feeling at the finale is different than at the first race. At the finale, you know how the season went. After a bad season youre glad its over. After a good one, you may still be battling for the title. And afterward, theres always a good party. The most difficult place at Hockenheim, for me, is the hairpin turn. You arrive at very high speed and have to hit the brakes very hard. Theoretically, there are several lines because the track is so wide. But in the end, theres just one fast line. And to hit it is something I personally find very difficult. Ive got to specially focus on this every time. //

Top speed

Race distance

DTM track record

258 km/h

42 laps

1m 32.244s


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Welcome to the DTM!

Celebrity lane The DTM always attracts guests from show biz, sports and the media to the paddock. A time journey through the past VIP decade.

Lewis Hamilton

Doro Pesch

Lionel Messi

Michle Mouton

Rosanna Davison

Nico Rosberg

Frank Zander

Christina Strmer

Arthur Abraham

Pep Guardiola

Adel Tawil

Tokio Hotel

Audi Sailing Team Germany

Monica Ivancan

Karl-Heinz Riedle and Andreas Brehme

Till Demtrder

Judith Rakers


VIP Lounge

Django Asl

Bettina Zimmermann and Rupert Stadler

Demond Greene and Steffen Hamann

Yvonne Catterfeld

No Angels

Roger Moore


Britta Heidemann

Hansi Hinterseer and his family

Liz Baffoe

Thomas Mller

Fritz Wepper

Viktoria Rebensburg and Kathrin Hlzl

Manuel Neuer

Alexandra Maria Lara

The DFB Cup

Maria Hfl-Riesch

Johann Lafer

Kai Pflaume

Daniel Brhl

Moritz Bleibtreu

Kai Ebel


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A strong team
Eibach//Swantje Eibach
In 2007, Audi Sport and Eibach sealed their competence partnership. The aim has been to strive for a long-term technology partnership in order to celebrate joint successes. Ultimately, both partners share the same will-to-win attitude. Meanwhile, four DTM titles have crowned the longstanding cooperation. Under the partnership, Audi Sport relies on the Eibach Race Spring System (ERS) and numerous customized products that are jointly developed to achieve an optimum set-up. The collaboration with the colleagues from Audi Sport is smooth and friendly. This makes working together not only a pleasure but leads to the desired results as well.

Partners and sponsors Audi Sport can again rely on strong partners at its side in the 2013 season. Why have these companies opted for commitments to Audi and the DTM? Its best to let their representatives explain the reasonsthemselves.

Audi Financial Services//

Anthony Bandmann, Managing Director

We support Audi in the DTM because as Audi Financial Services/Audi Bank, were firmly convinced of the strong Audi squads success. With the Audi RS 5 DTM that celebrated its world debut at the International Motor Show in Geneva, the brilliant results of the past are sustainably assured and extended. For us as the financial services provider of the Volks wagen Group brands, a commitment to this multi-faceted sport together with this great Audi team is a natural choice.

Red Bull
Aside from the relevance of the series in the German-speaking region, one of the decisive factors for entering the DTM was the possibility of cooperating for the long term with a strong partner from the automobile industry that perfectly fits our brand in terms of image as well.

Gerolsteiner//Thomas Nehrenheim, Regional Manager Region South

Uniqueness is the connecting element that makes Audi an ideal sponsoring partner for us. The fascination with technology at Audi is reflected in high-quality cars that are unequaled on the market. Also unique, in taste, is the mineral water from the Gerolsteiner Brunnen source. Mineralized in a well-balanced way, it supplies the body with a wealth of valuable minerals and trace elements. A passion for always giving ones best is another connecting element between the two companies. And last but not least, Audi, like Gerolsteiner, looks back on more than a 100-year-company history. We are delighted about being partners again.



Schaeffler// Alpinestars//
Eduardo Munoz Torres
The physical strains that the Audi drivers are exposed to in the DTM provide our engineers with perfect feedback for the development of new and even better products. Not only the race drivers in the DTM profit from this but so do all the consumers who buy our products. Alpinestars and Audi share a passion for developing innovations on the race track and using them for the benefit of their customers.

Marcus Brans, Head of Communications & Marketing

Schaeffler has had motorsport commitments for over two and a half decades, and the colors yellow and green even adorned the Audi cars back in 1987 and 1988 when Armin Schwarz decided the German Rally Championship in Audis favor. Our support to DTM teams through a brand sponsoring commitment of our LuK brand dates as far back as the second half of the eighties. This success story was intensified in 2006 and ever since then Schaeffler has been running together with Audi in the DTM. In 2011, we re-launched our sponsoring strategy, opting to send an Audi with 100-percent Schaeffler branding into the race with Audi Sport Team Phoenix, and immediately managed to win the Championship. Our motorsport commitment, alongside our activities in the number-one public sport soccer is an essential element of our brand strategy. Due to racings emotive quality and proximity to the products of our company, motorsport in Germany provides an ideal platform to improve public awareness and positioning of our brand. Furthermore, the DTM format opens up numerous options for communicating with our customers, employees and members of the media. Right in the 2011 season, we had every reason to believe that this would pan out, as the effect of merely announcing the Schaeffler Audi by far surpassed our hopes and expectations in every respect. Corporate Communications and Marketing were faced with an onrush of requests for posters, photos, caps and autograph cards. The phone calls and e-mails skyrocketed we had not expected such an overwhelming response. In a nutshell: we have been experiencing an incredible DTM euphoria about the Schaeffler Audi to this day! Obviously, this received a further boost by the Championship win and in 2012, Mike Rockenfeller and the members of Team Phoenix again had the opportunity to come into close touch with the motorsport enthusiasm of our employees on several occasions. I told Mike and the Phoenix squad that over 76,000 Schaeffler employees worldwide are backing them and that the races are watched around the globe on satellite television. Our 70 plants around the world and our office facilities are brimming with posters of the Schaeffler Audi. Autograph cards, model cars and signed caps are not just highly coveted by our customers. Our prizewinning competitions for employees are incredibly successful too, the DTM autograph sessions at our plants are legendary and our merchandising articles are usually sold out within a very short period of time. Of course we all continue to be absolutely thrilled with the fact that right in the first year of this new form of sponsoring a dream came true on winning the Championship with Audi Sport Team Phoenix a show car featuring the Championship graphics is on display at our conference center and is a very popular photo subject. In 2012, we again celebrated the Schaeffler Audi as the best Audi car and are keeping all our fingers crossed for Audi, Mike and Team Phoenix again for this season.

Audi Top Service//

Achim Bhr, Head of Service Strategy and Development
Service plays a crucial part in retaining customers. Through perfect service Audi Top Service at the dealership level Audi delivers on its exclusive brand and product promise. Audi Top Services aim is to offer its customers the best service in the premium segment and to become best-in-class with respect to customer satisfaction. The mechanics at dealerships as well as the mechanics of the Audi DTM teams make an important contribution to this. Top service delivered by the teams is a crucial factor in motorsport and makes it possible for the drivers to squeeze the optimum out of their Audi RS 5 DTM cars.


DTM Inside

AUTO TEST//Olaf Schilling, Editor-in-Chief

AUTO TEST together with its sister publication AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT has now been an active partner in the DTM for many years, but particularly for Audi and Timo Scheider. The cooperation with the team and driver has been perfect right from the beginning an outstanding symbiosis of technology, passion and performance. As such, we see AUTO TEST in a position of serving as a monthly purchasing guide for AUTO BILD. We continually endeavor to communicate the same values and thus find close ties to the sport over and over. Furthermore, in Timo Scheider we have found the perfect representative of our two brands, AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT and AUTO TEST, who is active in many off-track areas for us as well. With his sporting qualities and consistently contagious enthusiasm he keeps the passion of the editorial team and efforts to market the DTM itself running high. Audi has superbly positioned us as a partner for many years now and given us the feeling of a very lively cooperation in terms of business as well as human relations. The success is measurable for us in many areas and therefore we are happy to continue our journey together in 2013.


Vernon von Klitzing, Director Finance & Operations

Audi racer Eduardo Mortara is exactly the right man for the Playboy Audi and one of the most talented drivers of the DTM. The spectator gets to watch touring car sport at the highest level with spectacular races. DTM means sheer passion and motorsport two themes that Playboy can perfectly identify with.

quattro GmbH//
Franciscus van Meel, Managing Director
As a subsidiary of AUDI AG, quattro GmbH covers three business segments. In addition to vehicle individualization plus Audi Accessories and customer motorsport, quattro GmbH is responsible for the development and construction of Audis high-performance models, namely the RS and R8 types. This year, Audi Sport is starting into the season with the RS 5 DTM, which emphasizes the proximity between motorsport and production at Audi yet again. This is yet another reason for us to be featured in the DTM as quattro GmbH and to thus underscore the sportiness of our RS and R8 models.

Wrth//Dieter Mnch
Wrth is a strong partner of the automotive trade. That is why we have had motorsport commitments for more than 35 years. We have always sponsored partners that match our values and attract attention by achieving exceptional successes. Audi has decided the DTM in its favor four times in the past six years and Timo Scheider was Champion even twice in succession. For this reason, we are happy and proud to be able to present ourselves as partners of Audi. The brand attributes of Audi and Wrth superbly fit each other from our point of view.



Hofmhl//Benno Emslander, Owner

Audi Sport and Privatbrauerei Hofmhl share the same passion for competition and strong will to win. For years, Hofmhl beers, as well, have been taking up the challenge of any contest. In numerous national competitions, the World Beer Cup, the World Beer Championship or the European Beer Star, they have clinched far more than 100 victories or podium places. Particularly as an ecofriendly model company in the Ingolstadt/Eichsttt region, we support Audi Sport, as tomorrows environmental technology is being developed in motorsport. Furthermore, in view of the large number of Hofmhl customers who work directly or indirectly for Audi, Privatbrauerei Hofmhl thus strengthens its ties to the region.

Uro Rosa, CEO Akrapovi d.d.
In the course of our successful cooperation, Audi Sport with exhaust systems from Akrapovi has achieved victories at Le Mans and last year won the World Sports Car Championship title for the first time. It was only a question of time before we were going to extend our collaboration to the DTM. Furthermore, our experiences from motorsport assist us in the development of exhaust systems for production cars such as the Audi RS 4 or the Audi RS 5.

kicker//Axel Nieber,

Head of Marketing Print and DigitalMedia

kicker magazine has a commitment to Audi in the DTM because motorsport, after soccer, is the second favorite subject of the kicker fans!

TAG Heuer//Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO and President TAG Heuer SA

TAG Heuer (18602013) as the worlds fourth-largest luxury watch manufacturer truly has gasoline running in its veins and motorsport in its genes. The brand views its partnership with Audi Sport within the scope of the DTM as being rooted in the foundation of its long and authentic ties to automobile racing. No other watch brand has a DNA with an equally strong association with the automobile. Like TAG Heuer, Audi Sport ontinually pursues innovative and avant-garde c technologies. This is another reason that converts this combination into a very successful synergy on the race tracks of this world. TAG Heuer has been associated with Audi Sport in the sports car sector since 2010, and since 2012 the distinctive company logo has been adorning the flared fenders of the cars of Mattias Ekstrm and Mike Rockenfeller in the DTM.


DTM Inside

Our rivals
BMW and Mercedes-Benz Tom Kristensen has won LeMans eight times and competed for Audi in the DTM for six years. That makes him the ideal person to talk to when it comes to casting a glance at the competition.

he first response is a frown. Its fol lowed by a deep breath and a longer pause for reflection. With his motor sport successes and his roles as TV expert or FIA stew ard at several Formula 1 races, Tom Kristensen is in disputably one of the really big names in motorsport. But venturing a prediction of who might emerge as the most dangerous opponents to the Audi racers from the BMW and Mercedes-Benz camps this year is obviously difficult for the Dane. The DTM has only got strong drivers. Some may be a bit inexperienced but theyve all got speed that was even the case in my day and it hasnt changed, Kristensen clearly states. With regard to the title de fenders from Munich, he again sees Champion Bruno



With 19 victories under his belt, is one of the most successful DTM racers. Gary Paffett

Spengler on the front row. To be perfectly honest, Bruno surprised me last year. Id have thought that he wouldnt hold up to the pressure at the end of the season. But he did and how! Thats why, for me, hes clearly the man to be beaten in 2013. The experienced squad of Team Schnitzer that Spengler knows is back ing him plays a role in this too, he says. Kristensen views the Brazilian Augusto Farfus, who showed his class in a flash on winning at Valencia in 2012, at almost the same level as the reigning Cham pion. And naturally I wouldnt begrudge my friend Andy Priaulx having at least a bit more success, be cause hes really a great guy. As he was asked to name only three drivers from each camp, Kristensens list omits his former brand colleague Martin Tomczyk and Timo Glock, the newcomer from Formula 1. Regarding the Mercedes-Benz line-up, the fourtime DTM race winner first mentions Gary Paffett, as

The Canadian is starting into his second DTM season. Robert Wickens

The Spaniard experienced his DTM debut in 2013. Daniel Juncadella

expected. Hes an experienced campaigner, has won the title once before and in my book is simply a true racer with motorsport running in his veins, says Kris tensen. Gary knows all the tricks of the trade but is a fair sportsman on track. Of the young guns in the Mercedes team, Kris tensens assessment sees Robert Wickens as the stron gest driver. Although he only finished in the top ten three times last year, I believe that hell be coming on strong this year. With respect to those lying in wait, its not Roberto Merhi or Christian Vietoris, who are both entering their second DTM year, that Kristensen sees here but new signing Daniel Juncadella. Daniel may not be in a position yet to attack at the very front this season, but hes quite clearly a guy for the future. Observing the competition seems to have sparked his curiosity. The fans can look forward to a thrilling battle between the three brands, says Kristensen. I, for one, am certainly not going to miss the opportunity of watching some of the races on location. //

The Canadian, afterswitching to BMW, picked up momentum and is now the title defender. Bruno Spengler

Made an impression on scoring his first victory in his first DTM year. Augusto Farfus

The Briton was World Champion three times and in2012 was beaten below his potential in Kristensens view. Andy Priaulx


DTM Inside

Four rings, many numbers

Audi in the DTM 2013 marks the 17th DTM season tackled by Audi. Here youll find some interesting facts and figures on the past 16 years.


63 wins



fastest laps

Champions titles



pole positions

multiple victories

vehicle models (V8 quattro, TT-R, A4 DTM, A5 DTM)

(2007, 2008, 2009)

title hat-trick

200 podiums



Best Audi drivers

1990 1991 Hans-Joachim Stuck Frank Biela (Champion) (Champion)

1992 Frank Biela (15th)

2000 Laurent Aiello (16th)

2001 Laurent Aiello (5th)

2002 Laurent Aiello (Champion)

2003 Mattias Ekstrm (4th)

2004 Mattias Ekstrm (Champion)

2005 Mattias Ekstrm (2nd)

2006 Tom Kristensen (3rd)

2007 Mattias Ekstrm (Champion)

2008 Timo Scheider (Champion)

2009 Timo Scheider (Champion)

2010 Timo Scheider (4th)

2011 Martin Tomczyk (Champion)

2012 Mike Rockenfeller (4th)

Most successful Audi drivers (victories)

17 11 7 7 7 6 4 2 1 1

Most successful Auditeams (victories)

Abt 39 SMS 12 AZK 7 Phoenix 3 Rosberg 2

Mattias Ekstrm

Hans-J. Stuck

Frank Biela

Laurent Aiello

Martin Tomczyk

Timo Scheider

Tom Edoardo Kristensen Mortara

Walter Rhrl

Mike Rockenfeller

All Audi victories

1990 (Audi V8 quattro): 8/22* Avus 1 Avus 2 Wunstorf 1 Wunstorf 2 Norisring 1 Hans-Joachim Stuck Hans-Joachim Stuck Hans-Joachim Stuck Hans-Joachim Stuck Hans-Joachim Stuck 2002 (Abt-Audi TT-R): 5/10* Hockenheim 1 Laurent Aiello Zolder Sachsenring Norisring Zandvoort 1991 (Audi V8 quattro): 10/24* Avus 1 Avus 2 Norisring 2 Diepholz Singen 1 Singen 2 Hans-Joachim Stuck Frank Biela Hans-Joachim Stuck Hans-Joachim Stuck Frank Biela Hans-Joachim Stuck 2003 (Abt-Audi TT-R): 1/10* Nrburgring 2 Laurent Aiello 2004 (Audi A4 DTM): 5/11* Adria Lausitzring Oschersleben Zandvoort Brnn Mattias Ekstrm Mattias Ekstrm Tom Kristensen Mattias Ekstrm Mattias Ekstrm 2008 (Audi A4 DTM): 6/11* Hockenheim 1 Mattias Ekstrm Oschersleben Zandvoort Brands Hatch Le Mans Timo Scheider Mattias Ekstrm Timo Scheider Mattias Ekstrm 2012 (Audi A5 DTM): 2/10* Spielberg Zandvoort Edoardo Mortara Edoardo Mortara Laurent Aiello Laurent Aiello Laurent Aiello Mattias Ekstrm 2007 (Audi A4 DTM): 3/10* Hockenheim 1 Mattias Ekstrm Zandvoort Nrburgring Martin Tomczyk Martin Tomczyk 2001 (Abt-Audi TT-R): 2/10* Nrburgring 1 Laurent Aiello Nrburgring 2 Laurent Aiello 2006 (Audi A4 DTM): 4/10* Oschersleben Brands Hatch Zandvoort Barcelona Tom Kristensen Mattias Ekstrm Tom Kristensen Martin Tomczyk 2011 (Audi A4 DTM): 7/10* Zandvoort Spielberg Lausitzring Nrburgring Brands Hatch Oschersleben Valencia Mike Rockenfeller Martin Tomczyk Martin Tomczyk Mattias Ekstrm Martin Tomczyk Mattias Ekstrm Mattias Ekstrm 2010 (Audi A4 DTM): 2/11* Valencia Adria Mattias Ekstrm Timo Scheider Lausitzring Mattias Ekstrm Nrburgring Barcelona Martin Tomczyk Timo Scheider

Nrburgring 6 Walter Rhrl Hockenheim 3 Hans-Joachim Stuck Hockenheim 4 Hans-Joachim Stuck

Hockenheim 3 Frank Biela Hockenheim 4 Frank Biela Donington 1 Donington 2 Frank Biela Frank Biela

Hockenheim 2 Timo Scheider 2009 (Audi A4 DTM): 4/10* Hockenheim 1 Tom Kristensen Oschersleben Timo Scheider Total number of races contested * byAudi in the season

2005 (Audi A4 DTM): 3/11* 1992 (Audi V8 quattro): 1/12* Nrburgring 1 Frank Biela Brnn Nrburgring Mattias Ekstrm Mattias Ekstrm


DTM Inside

Bambers view Jim Bamber is one of the most renowned motorsport cartoonists. This is the Britons idea of Audis revenge.

Audi Communications Motorsport

Services for media

The Audi Communications Motorsport team is on location at all DTM events and provides journalists and photographers with extensive media services.

Meet the Team

On Saturday after qualifying and on Sunday after the race, all Audi drivers and the management of the Audi DTM squad are available for interviews at the Team & Media Hospitality.

Audi Motorsport media database

Photographs, sound bites, TV footage and comprehensive information on Audis motorsport commitment can be obtained from our media database at info for which an online accreditation facility is available. To be included on our press mailing list, please use the registration facility in the database.

Technology Roundtable
A technologist from Audi Sport explains technical details of the Audi RS 5 DTM at all DTM races. Times and dates are announced on location.

DTM tipping competition

At the races, members of the media can tip the results of the DTM rounds and win attractive prizes: an Audi of choice for ten days, a set of Hankook tires and an annual Playboy magazine subscription. Further information is available on location.

All press releases are available in German and English. For the races at Moscow and Zandvoort, they are additionally provided in the corresponding national languages.

News bits
The Audi Communications Motorsport team regularly provides you with current info on the DTM commitment in the form of news bits. They can be accessed on the media database at

Audi Sport App

All the information on Audis motorsport commitment, including all press releases, sound bites and preview thumbnails of press pictures, is available for iPhones and Android smart phones. The Audi Sport app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play free of charge.

Photographs and sound bites

Current photographs, text and archive material can be downloaded from the media database. Photographs used for press purposes are royalty-free and copyright-free. In addition, sound bites from the Audi drivers and ocials are available for downloading as mp3 les in radio broadcast quality.

Audi Express for iPad and Android tablets

Audi Communications Motorsport oers the digital Audi Express for iPad and Android tablets as an additional source of information free of charge. It is published on the Tuesday following any factory-backed racing commitment.

TV footage
Audio-visual media can download TV footage from the media database. Current video clips and video sound bites are available for downloading at the DTM events.

Facebook and Twitter

Current information on Audis DTM commitment is available on and @Audi__Sport on Twitter.

Interview requests
If you wish to conduct interviews with any of our factory drivers, Audi Sport ocials or the Team Directors please contact the Audi Communications Motorsport team. We will endeavor to meet all interview requests.

DTM 2013

Telephone press conference

Before all DTM events journalists will have the opportunity to participate in a telephone press conference. Conference dates are announced shortly before each event.

Team & Media Hospitality

The Audi Team & Media Hospitality is the central hub in the paddock. Members of the Audi Communications Motorsport team at the counter will be happy to assist you. Please understand that admission to the catering area is limited.

AUDI Komm D-850

Telefo Telefa E-Mai

Your contacts
AUDI AG Communications Motorsport D-85045 Ingolstadt Phone Fax E-mail +49 841 8934200 +49 841 8938617

Jrgen Pippig Head of Audi Communications Motorsport Phone +49 841 8934200

Daniel Schuster Communications DTM Phone +49 841 8938009

Petra Strack Communications Motorsport Phone +49 841 8954457

Virginia Brusch Communications Customer racing Phone +49 841 8941753

Eva-Maria Veith Communications LMP Phone +49 841 8933922

Additional contacts at the DTM races

Thomas Voigt MediaInfo Mark Schneider Team coordination Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline

Julia Koop Team coordination Audi Sport Team Phoenix

Volker Paulun Team coordination Audi Sport Team Rosberg

Information sources
All texts and photographs contained in this MediaInfo magazine are available for downloading from the internet (accreditation required):

AUDI AG D-85045 Ingolstadt Responsible for the content Jrgen Pippig, Head of Communications Motorsport I/GP-P4 Editors Mark Schneider, Thomas Voigt

AG munikation Motorsport 045 Ingolstadt

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on +49 841 8934200 (iPad/Android) ax +49 841 8938617 il

Audi Express

Twitter @Audi__Sport

AUDI AG Communications Motorsport D-85045 Ingolstadt Phone Fax E-mail +49 841 8934200 +49 841 8938617