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Digital generations bring knowledge to life

Volume 1
Issue 1
APRIL 2009

p di g i t a l’
ow n u
ac t of ‘gr
o tt o n im p
Be a survivor
You can even thrive
in hard times
Power of ‘been there’

Me Smart?
You’re kidding!
You are what you think

To transfer knowledge, older gens need to catch up digital

Once upon
a time
there was
a prince
. . . whose knowledge capabilities were trapped inside his own skin.

Along came Smar t People

and the world was never the same.

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Smart People magazine is a new media publication

awakening in you the power of knowledge much
sought after by employers worldwide. This power
has always been there but the Web has multiplied
it a million times and, unknowingly, you are using
your smarts (and those of others) every day – living,
learning, choosing, working.
Wake up to the power.
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Volume 1
Issue 1
APRIL 2009

Cover story
LIVING 4 ‘Me Smart?’ You are
what you think
9 Be a survivor Thoughts and beliefs create
Your new job description involves your reality. What you
more than just looking for another believe leads to what and
job. Time for strategic self- how you think.

10 Watch your language

6 Taking control: knowing, To improve your memory, talk to
learning deciding yourself in terms of what you left
In the digital world, the knowledge undone, not what you did.
factor is way bigger than corporate
knowledge management. 11 Apron strings keep women
out of math fields
7 Where’s the bus? In order to have flexibility outside
One rainy night two students of work – to raise children for one
develop an online tracking system so – women reject math-intensive
you can ask your PDA. careers, even when they’re good in
8 Slumdog Millionaire
Oscar winner resonates with viewers 13 Filling the knowledge gaps
in a time of economic uncertainty Better knowledge flow can help
and the power of knowledging. minimize – or even prevent –
manmade or natural disasters.

Also in this issue 14 The power of ‘been there’

A phone call from a friend saved his
Eight norms 3
life and started a company to help
Smart People profile 32 others take control of their
Lukas Laubscher rose from health.
humble waiter to general
manager by listening,
thinking, catering to the 22 Don Tapscott (Grown Up Digital)
little ones. World’s most knowledgeable authority on the Digital
The Knowledge Factor 39 Generation says they are champions at knowledge
sharing and collaboration.



16 President Obama 17 Politics 2.0 20 Death of a

fights Obama captured 70 percent salesman
of the young largely through
for The shift
a digital campaign. He’s
Blackberry America’s first Internet in the
We had better be president. power of
prepared for a White knowledge
House with an entirely from the
new way of working. seller to the
buyer has sales pros taking a new
look at the customer.

27 Great American 28 The creative economy 30 Online centers connect
Think-off Entrepreneur digitally disadvantaged
Little town in Minnesota Dave Lewis Britain tries to bridge the online
asks the world “Is it ever still thinks social divide by connecting them
wrong to do the right differently to Web sites, blogs,
thing?” It’s America’s in a world forums, videos,
premier amateur where digital galleries
philosophy contest. everyone and radio.
gets to play
in new

34 Facing the 36 Ban bullying 38 Jobs galore
new gens Nine out of 10 British employees are In spite of the economy – and high
To transfer victims which not only hurts people unemployment – there’s a shortage
existing but plays havoc with the work of knowledge workers but you can
knowledge, the environment. take advantage of the situation
old gens need to to leverage
catch up digital yourself into
– understand and a Smart People
connect with the job.
new gens.


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Thoughts and
beliefs create
your reality. True.
‘Me smart? You’re kidding!’
What you believe
leads to what and
You are what you think
how you think
. . . which leads By Alex and David Bennet patterns of neuronal consider there are about 100
to your creation Mountain Quest Institute connections and synapse billion neurons in your brain.
and sharing of strengths – can change the The brain has a high
knowledge . . . I can’t possibly be smart, physical structure of your degree of plasticity; it has the
which defines
you think. If that’s what you brain. But beware; this is a capacity to change in response
assume, you’re right. You’re two-way street. Changes in to experience and learning.
what you
not smart. Do you know why? the neural physiology of your It’s designed to co-evolve with
perceive as
Because you don’t believe you’re brain also affect the thoughts its environment – the perfect
possible . . . and
smart! That’s all there is to it. in your mind. What does that instrument for adapting and
leads to your Henry Ford got it right years mean? Well, first off, it means readapting to the increasing
actions. ago. If you think you can, you you’ve got to keep your brain Change, Uncertainty,
can. If you think you can’t, you healthy. Stop. That’s a lot on Complexity and Anxiety
can’t. the table all at once. Let’s (CUCA) that results. And even
Ford’s statement is break it down a bit. when simple information
now backed up with new comes into your brain, it
discoveries in neuroscience. Mind or brain? What’s creates a physical alteration of
And there’s more, much the difference? It’s like the the structure of neurons. This
more. You’ve got to watch what relationship between the is how you learn.
you’re thinking as well as what waves of the ocean and the
you believe. water in the ocean. The waves Learning? As long as you
Your are patterns; the water is stay alive, you are learning;
thoughts particles. Similarly, the mind the more you learn, the more
– that is, represents the patterns created you can learn. Information is
by neuronal firings, their continuously entering the
synaptic connections and brain through all of your
the strengths between the senses from the external
synaptic spaces. The brain is world. This information is
the atoms and molecules then mixed and integrated
that make up those – a process called associative
patterns. Since you patterning – with all the
can’t see your own information previously stored
mind’s patterns, to in your memory, patterns
you they are your that represent all your
thoughts, ideas, experiences, thoughts and
visions, feelings feelings. Quite literally, almost
and more. A single everything you’ve learned in
thought might be life. However, those incoming
represented by a signals are being captured in
network of a million invariant form.
neurons with each For example, that means
neuron connected only part of an image of your
to 5,000 other friend is being stored. That’s
neurons! all that’s needed. The mind/
Not as ridiculous brain develops robustness
as it sounds and deep knowledge
when you (understanding, meaning,
insights and anticipation of done before, acquiring new neurons! You don’t need to Knowledge is
the results of actions) from its knowledge. It doesn’t matter worry about overloading your the capacity
capacity to use past learning how old you are – 20 or 70; mind by learning too much (potential or
and memories to complete you can still learn and learn – that’s not a smart way to go. actual) to take
incoming information. This well if, and only if, you really In the course of your lifetime, effective action.
marvelous system allows you want to. your mind/brain will have Your mind/
to use what you know and But for goodness sakes, created many more patterns brain learns
what you’ve learned in varied don’t feel too stressed about with their connections than continuously
and uncertain situations it! Emotions impact your there are particles in the
in anticipation
– something that in the future learning, with maximum Universe.
of your future
only a biological computer learning occurring when So we’re back to the
could hope to accomplish. actions.
there is a moderate level of question we started with . . .
arousal. A little bit of stress me smart?
What about my DNA? is okay or, even better, if you And the answer is . . . it’s
DNA blueprints are not set in feel good about what you’re your choice.
concrete at the birth of the cell learning, you learn more. By
Alex and David Bennet are founders
as was once thought. Genes do the way, the same thing is of Mountain Quest Institute, a
not determine who we are or true for physical exercise. If research and retreat center situated
who we will become. Through you don’t want to do it but in the Allegheny Mountains of West
studies in epigenetics – which you do it anyway, there’s not Virginia – mountainquestinstitute.
literally means control above much gain. That’s just the way com
genetics – it is now recognized it is.
that genes cannot be expressed
without influence from the The unconscious. You
immediate environment of the may have realized by now Three myths that keep you dumb
cell. Thus nature, nurture and how much stuff is going into
our own personal choices all your unconscious. A healthy Myth #1: I am a product of my genes. FALSE. Many
play significant roles in our mind/brain is a powerful, genes are turned on and off by the environment -
learning and development. self-organizing, complex physical or learning. This can be likened to a dance
Our thoughts, feelings and adaptive learning system between two partners intricately involved as a
actions determine our success, (quite a mouthful, but it does couple in winning the big prize. Who do you choose
while our genes playing a mean something) that is to let lead?
smaller role. only limited by the quality
and quantity of incoming Myth #2: I’m too dumb to learn. FALSE. If you’re
Mind health. There information and your own alive, you are learning. The mind/brain was created
is a direct relationship choices. to help you learn in order for you to survive. If
between your health and The really good news you’re not taking advantage of that learning, that
increased levels of growth is your brain doesn’t take is a matter of choice rather than capability. Note
and integration in your mind. Starbucks breaks and doesn’t the role of nurturing and the environment have
When you exercise your body, require sleep. It’s on call 24/7. significantly more impact on learning capacity than
you increase the amount of Focused on your learning previously thought.
blood that’s flowing through and well-being, day and night
your brain which boosts your it goes about discovering Myth #3: As you grow older your mental powers
brain power. But there’s more to associations among what you decrease from loss of neurons. FALSE. As long as
it than that . . . your mind needs already know and all that you use your brain and continue to actively think
exercising too, just like the rest stuff you send in through – barring age-related disease – your brain capacity
of your body. Circuits in your your senses, building patterns will sustain a good capability. While neurons
brain that go unused grow that might help you take continue to die as you age, active brains also
weaker and eventually die. the best actions tomorrow. continue to create neurons in several areas. Carl
The very best mind exercise is Imagine the amount of social Jung did some of his best work between the ages
new learning – thinking about networking continuously of 73 and 83.
and trying things you’ve never underway among your


LIVING Taking control

Knowing, learning, deciding on the home front
By Jerry Ash began to rise. “Humph,” I importantly, I make an
Smart People magazine said. “I’m much smarter than informed decision about my
I think.” own health care!
In the digital world, the Then I began to realize The knowledge factor is
knowledge factor is a lot more something else about my not unique to me and it’s not
than a new critical success knowledge power – whenever peculiar to the young who
factor for the business world. I didn’t know something, I have grown up digital. We use
It’s way bigger. could find out. Just Google the power of knowledge in
I can’t believe how smart it. “How come the weird almost every aspect of human
I’ve become over the past 20 scoring in tennis? Like love life and we do it a thousand
years. I’ve learned so much instead of zero?” Answer: The times better than before.
and when I need to know French started it by using the The consequences: dramatic
something, the very need word oeuf, meaning egg (as changes in the patterns of
sometimes triggers the answer in goose egg or zero). Is that human life.
unknowingly stored in the really true? I don’t know. But Another example: It’s time
dusty corners of my mind. it’s a great story on the tennis to buy a new car. Before, we
Same with everyone. court! relied on ads and salesmen.
My wife was watching I’ve also noticed how This second largest purchase
a quiz show on television much more I depend on the most of us make was based
one night and blurted out an Internet for information and primarily on impulse driven
answer. Then she turned to knowledge to help me make mostly by someone else.
me. “I didn’t know I knew important decisions about Consumer Reports has filled
that!” she said. “And, I don’t things I used to leave in that void for many years, but
know how I knew that!” the hands of ‘experts’ – like now we have so much more.
Well, she’s the trivia medical decisions. In the old We cut out the middleman
queen, but I began to notice in days I would go to the doctor by doing our own research
my own self some of the same when I didn’t feel good. online, coming to our own
qualities and my self-image “How do you feel?” conclusions. We use blogs
“Not good, Doc.” and discussion boards and
“What are your networks to know the real
symptoms?” he would ask. skinny.
In the end he would tell When we walk into the
me what he thought I had dealership, we cut the sales
and prescribe some pills. pitch short. “Tut, tut, old
Faithfully, I took them. man. I’ll tell you what I want.”
Today, when I have Heck, we may not even go to
an ailment, I ask myself a dealership. I just bought my
about the symptoms and first motorcycle online!
then either Google it or go So, there you have it. The
to my trusted health thinking behind Smart People
information Web magazine’s living section.
sites. By the Enjoy, learn, improve your
time I get to knowledgeability.
the doctor’s
office, I’m
already an informed patient
and we have a consult, just
like two doctors. And, most


the bus?
One rainy night leads
two students to solve the
It’s a question heard at
countless bus stops: “Have
you seen the number 48 go
Cold, impatient bus
riders stamp their feet,
check their watches, and
wonder if that bus is ever from
going to come. But in Seattle, a any phone.
cell phone and the ingenuity of “A robotic voice
two University of Washington answers: “Where is your bus? time
(UW) students has come to the Let’s find out.” Users then is passing.
rescue. punch in their stop number if So if you’re standing
Brian Ferris, a doctoral they know it already, or follow at a bus stop for five minutes,
student in computer science, the prompts to look it up. you perceive that time to Brian Ferris
spent one too many rainy A computer checks a be 10 minutes,” Watkins checks in with
nights waiting for the bus. database of current bus said. Knowing the wait time OneBusAway
“I’m an avid bus rider,” locations, and the voice changes the situation. “If I
said Ferris. “If you ride the announces how long until to see when
know ahead of time, I can grab
bus enough, you spend a lot of your bus arrives. Users can his bus will be
that cup of coffee and be back
time waiting; even on the best also access the system online arriving.
in time to catch my bus. That
of days buses can run late.” at or kind of information makes
by using an iPhone. taking public transit so much
OneBusAway keeps
Most bus stops have a more livable.”
tabs on the bus
timetable of when the bus is OneBusAway is an
Over the past year and one-
supposed to come, and digital offshoot of MyBus, an online
half, Ferris and Kari Watkins,
screens at some central hubs service Ferris calls “the great
a UW doctoral student in
show projected arrivals. But granddaddy.” MyBus, created
civil and environmental
most lonely bus riders waiting in mid-1990s by UW electrical
engineering, have created a
by the curb, scanning the engineering professor Daniel
tool, OneBusAway, that allows
horizon for any sign of a bus, Dailey, allows people to type in
bus riders to use a cell phone,
have no idea how long they a bus route and stop number to
iPhone or computer to keep
have to wait. get anticipated arrival times. It
tabs on their buses.
OneBusAway has Knowing makes waiting combines odometer readings,
processed 30,000 automated seem half as long which regularly get beamed
phone calls since launch in Research shows that back to dispatch, and route
June, 2008. The Web site gets removing uncertainty cuts information to estimate each
an average of 1,000 hits a day. frustration, says Watkins, bus’ current position. MyBus
People have found out about who works on transportation forms the basis for municipal
the tool on blogs, from stickers issues. She and Ferris met bus-tracking services in Seattle
at a few UW campus bus stops, through a transit blog and and Chicago.
from a mention in a Seattle combined their expertise to Ferris and Watkins set out
magazine and by word-of- create OneBusAway. to expand on MyBus to make a
mouth. To use OneBusAway in “When people have to more user-friendly tool people
Seattle, just dial 206.456.0609 wait, they think twice as much NEXT PAGE


Slumdog Millionaire ­­Where’s the bus?

‘Poverty porn’ or ‘power of popular culture’? CONTINUED feature now offered by King
Slumdog Millionaire, the new film from British
County Metro and Google
director Danny Boyle showcasing a star-studded could access while away from
cast, continues its steady accumulation of movie their computers. So far Ferris,
awards – including seven Oscars and a best The result is a trip
a self-described “transit nerd,”
film award from the British Academy of Film and planner that would adjust its
has invested about $70 of his
Television Arts. recommendation depending
own money to buy the domain
And, while the movie about a poor orphan in on whether buses are
name and professional voice-
Mumbai who competes on a television quiz show running on time. Yet another
generating software. The
has also been scoring big at the box office, some prototype finds businesses
phone number connects to a
in India are calling the film an example of ‘slum that can be easily accessed in
tourism’ or ‘poverty porn.’ free service that relays phone
a single bus trip. That’s the
But, according to Temple English professor calls over the Internet.
idea that originally inspired
Priya Joshi, Slumdog’s message is one of Running on shoestring, the name OneBusAway.
globalization and the power of popular culture to “Maybe I’d like to go out
prayer and an occasional beer
spread new ideas. to eat, say Chinese food, but
“I’m kind of running
“In India, members of the middle and upper I don’t care what restaurant
classes, who want to think of themselves as this on a shoestring and a
prayer. I’ve had people offer I can get to as long as I can
sophisticated, global elites, were shocked by
Slumdog’s depiction of poverty, but it has not to buy me a beer, anything get there easily on the bus,”
stopped them from flocking to the theaters,” said they can do to help,” Ferris Watkins said. “The goal is to
Joshi. said. “Now that it’s becoming one day have a whole bunch
Slumdog has been a commercial success popular, a lot of people of different programs that
in India with the film drawing capacity crowds are becoming would make transit easier to
to both the English and the Hindi versions. Joshi dependent on it.” navigate.”
observes that the Indian responses to Slumdog fall Ferris
into two categories: those who find the film depicts Dreaming a suite of tools
programs the for any transit agency
an Indian underbelly of violence and poverty that site in his spare
they’d rather not expose to the West, and those Eventually the two
time, maintains a envision offering a suite of
viewers who immediately get the film and
OneBusAway blog, bus-riding tools that any
see it as a metaphor for the times.
According to Joshi, Slumdog and scans other transit agency could connect
Millionaire may best be compared to blogs and to its database to encourage
Cinema Paradiso. “In the same way Twitter more people to use public
that Cinema Paradiso paid homage to feeds transit. Someday buses
the transformative power of Hollywood for people may be equipped with GPS
movies of the 1950s, Slumdog experiencing antennas that would allow
testifies to the power of Bollywood’s problems. He’s even better tracking.
blockbusters from the 1970s.” gradually adding For Ferris, he says
The most interesting question more features. this project fits with
for Joshi, however, might be why Anyone can write his philosophy of using
a film filled with maiming, murder and the torture features for the open-source
of children, has won the hearts of Americans? “I technology to support social
tool. One person wrote a patch causes, and it’s a chance to
guess the movie has resonated with an American
to allow you to view two create something that people
audience in this time of economic uncertainty
because it captures, and assuages a vulnerability different routes on the same like to use. But that’s not
we all feel,” said Joshi. “We might not all become computer screen, so you can the only reason he built the
quiz show millionaires, but at least we can feel load one page to see which service.
good watching someone else get the moolah and bus will come first. “I’m a big user of
the girl.” More features are in the OneBusAway,” he said. “I
Joshi is the prizewinning author of In Another works. Ferris and Watkins like to know when my bus
Country: Colonialism, Culture, and the English have built a prototype that is going to come as much as
Novel in India. integrates real-time tracking anybody else does.”
with the popular trip-planner


Be a survivor
You can even thrive in hard times
By Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD
Kinsey Consulting Services

With many of us feeling the pain of an economic slowdown, it’s

important to be aware of – and proactive about – possible changes
in our organizations. While we can’t control the economy or the
other forces of change, we can position ourselves to survive and
even thrive in these challenging times.
Here are a dozen tips to consider, whether you feel secure or think your job may soon disappear:
1. Don’t get caught unaware. Too 4. Keep a positive attitude. You 7. Read the body language of your
often, workers fail to recognize never know when a seemingly boss. Only a small part of what you
the early signs of looming layoffs, negative situation may turn out to subconsciously interpret from what
downsizing or shutdowns and are be for the best. If your job changes people say to you comes from the
caught by surprise when they find or disappears, it’s an excellent words they use. You get most of the
themselves without a job. Keep chance to learn something new, message (and all of the emotional
your eyes open for signs of trouble: discover untapped skills and meet nuance behind the words)
Notice if there are large-scale new people. If you keep a positive from vocal tone, pacing, facial
layoffs throughout your industry; attitude, you’ll be able to rally expressions and body language.
if new competitors are increasingly your energy toward furthering Now is the time to hone this innate
crowding the market; or if demand your career – regardless of the but latent ability and turn it into a
for your company’s product or circumstances. survival skill.
service is dropping.
5. Stay in the game. In tough 8. Get a life. It’s a fact documented
2. Imagine the worst-case scenario times, your first reaction may be to by my 25 years of research:
and make a plan. What if you lost hunker down. Nothing could be less people with interests beyond their
your job? What would you do? helpful. This is a time to become professions and organizations are
When you examine and confront very visible in your organization. more resilient under stress and
the situation, you can consider In a recent survey of 150 business more effective on the job. From
possible options. At the very least, executives, 49 percent said they art to music to sports to friends
you will feel that you have more consider an employee’s dedication and family, you’ll deal better with
control over your reactions if that to the company’s mission and work-related transition and trauma
scenario should indeed occur. values when downsizing. So when your life includes a healthy
Here’s the trick: Once you have volunteer for projects, take credit counterbalance.
a plan of action, stop focusing for your success, and speak up. And
9. Never stop learning. Now
on the potential downside and if you can come up with ways your
and in the future, your value to
start searching for potential organization can save money – now
any organization depends less
opportunities. is your time to really shine!
on what you know, and more on
3. Neutralize your fear. 6. Watch what you don’t say. how quickly you can update your
Neuroscience tells us that when the Use positive body language in knowledge to respond to changing
fear system of the brain is active, meetings: maintain good eye conditions. If you haven’t already
exploratory activity and risk-taking contact, sit forward in your chair, done so, now is the perfect time to
are turned off. You can start to and lean slightly toward the person join a professional association, talk
neutralize that system by avoiding who is speaking. All of these are with colleagues, and read trade
people who are all doom and gloom nonverbal signals that you are magazines in your field to update
about the economy and by turning engaged and energized. your knowledge of trends and
off the constant barrage of bad news issues.
from the media. NEXT PAGE


Thrive in hard times

Watch your language CONTINUED

What I was doing vs. what I did 10. Network, network, network.
First, understand the importance
If you want to improve your memory, you should carefully consider how you of social capital. Capital is defined
frame your past actions in your mind. as “accumulated wealth, especially
In a new study reported in the Journal of the Association for as used to produce more wealth.”
Psychological Science, psychologists William Hart Social capital is the wealth (or
of the University of Florida and Dolores Albarracín benefit) that exists because of your
from the University of Illinois at Urbana- social relationships. Think of social
Champaign reveal the way a statement capital as the value created by your
is phrased (and specifically, how the connections to others. There is no
verbs are used) affects our memory more valuable commodity in today’s
of an event being described and may volatile business environment.
also influence our behavior.
In these experiments, a group of 11. Take time to mourn. The
volunteers was interrupted prior to beginning of anything new
finishing a word game and were then asked to always means the death of the old.
describe their behavior using the imperfective Restructuring means changing the
(e.g., “I was solving word puzzles”) or perfective way work gets done and walking
(e.g., “I solved word puzzles”). away from the competence and
The volunteers then completed a memory confidence you gained under the old
test about the word game itself. system. Losing a job means leaving
It turns out the volunteers who had a workplace, friends and mentors.
described their behavior using the imperfective With every ending comes a period
were able to recall more specific details of of mourning where it is natural (and
their experience compared to volunteers healthy) to grieve for what you have
who had described their behavior in the lost. In fact, doing so will help you let
perfective aspect. go of the past so that you can more
The volunteers writing in the quickly move on to whatever the
imperfective aspect also performed better on future holds.
a second word game and were more willing to
complete the task than did volunteers who used 12. Go for it! An uncertain future
the perfective to describe their experience. can be stressful and traumatic. But
The authors surmise that when we think about it can also be exhilarating and fun.
our past behavior in the imperfective (e.g., what we Make a conscious choice to embrace
were doing), we tend to imagine that behavior as change as an incredible adventure.
ongoing (and not completed yet). This enables us to Savor it. Exploit it. Enjoy it!
easily think about what went into that behavior and Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD, is an author and
may help us improve performance on similar tasks in keynote speaker who addresses association,
the future. government, and business audiences around
These findings may be relevant to behavioral the world. Her latest book and program topic
therapy. They suggest that “decreasing the is The Nonverbal Advantage – Secrets
frequency of unhealthy behaviors might be facilitated by discussing these and Science of Body Language at Work.
behaviors in terms of “what I did.” In contrast, increasing the frequency For more information, contact Carol by
of healthy behaviors might be facilitated by discussing these behaviors in phone: 510.526.1727, email: CGoman@CKG.
com, or through her Web sites: www.CKG.
terms of “what I was doing.”
com and
For a copy of the article and access to other Psychological
Science research findings, contact Barbara Isanski at bisanski@


Glass ceiling?
Apron strings keep women out of math fields
Women don’t choose “Career preferences and Women today compose
careers in math-intensive lifestyle needs largely dictate approximately 50 percent
fields, such as computer why women aren’t choosing of medical school classes;
science, physics, technology, physics or engineering as their however, despite these gains,
engineering, chemistry and profession,” says lead author women who enter academic
higher mathematics, because Stephen J. Ceci, PhD. medicine are less likely
they want the flexibility to than men to be promoted or
raise children, or because Timing of child bearing serve in leadership posts, the
they prefer other fields of authors said.
science that are less math- coincides with the most As of 2005, only 15 percent
intensive – not because they demanding periods of a of full professors and 11
lack mathematical ability, percent of department chairs
according to a new study.
woman’s career were women. Non-math fields
The study, an integrative are also affected: for example,
Women with advanced
analysis of 35 years of research only 19 percent of the tenure
math abilities choose non-
on sex differences in math, track faculty in the top 20
math fields more often than
offers explanations for why philosophy departments are
men with advanced math
women are underrepresented women.
abilities. They also drop out
in math-intensive science
of scientific fields – especially
careers. The findings
math and physical science
appear in the March issue
– at higher rates than do men,
of Psychological Bulletin,
particularly as they advance,
published by the American
says Ceci,
Psychological Association.
A major reason why
women are underrepresented
Women are not only in math-intensive
fields but also in senior
underrepresented leadership positions in most
in math-intensive fields is that many women
science careers. choose to have children, and
the timing of childrearing
Researchers from coincides with the most
Cornell University reviewed demanding periods of their
more than 400 articles and career, such as trying to get
book chapters to reconcile tenure or working exorbitant
conflicting evidence on why hours to get promoted.
math-proficient women are Further, if women enter Hormonal, brain and other
underrepresented in math- these fields, they are more biological sex differences did
intensive fields such as likely to drop out before they not emerge as primary factors
engineering; why they choose advance very far due to the explaining why women were
less math-intensive fields (such need for greater flexibility and underrepresented in science
as biology, medicine, dentistry the demands of parenting and careers.
and veterinary medicine); and caregiving, says co-author And the authors found
why when they do choose Wendy M. Williams, PhD. studies on social and cultural
math-intensive careers, they “These are choices that all effects to be inconsistent and
are more likely to drop out as women, but almost no men, inconclusive.
they advance. are forced to make.” NEXT PAGE


one percent in math ability,

Glass ceiling? Ceci said. “Women would
comprise 33 percent of the
positions until their children
get older.
“It appears that the
CONTINUED professorships in math- family-career trade-offs
intensive fields if it was based constitute a major factor in
Much of the evidence on
solely on being in the top one the dearth of women in fields
discrimination was dated or
percent of math ability, but such as engineering, physics,
anecdotal, the authors said,
they currently comprise less computer science and in
and the effects were not strong
than 10 percent.” higher-level positions in non
enough to explain women’s
Several large surveys math-related fields,” said Ceci.
current low numbers in math-
examined in the analysis “Women who are good
intensive fields. “Even though
found that lifestyle choice had in math seem to have more
institutional barriers and
the largest influence on career career options. Those who are
discrimination exist, these
preferences. highly competent in math are
influences still cannot explain
why women are not entering more likely than men to have
or staying in STEM (science, If it weren’t for child- high verbal competence, too,
thus opening up the option
technology, engineering and rearing duties, the of going into the humanities
math) careers,” said Ceci.
The evidence did not
male-female ratio or law, which may offer more
show that removal of these would be much different flexibility in their career
barriers would equalize the at the top. There are ways to remedy
sexes in these fields, especially
given that women’s career the situation, the authors said.
In a survey of 2,000 They suggest that universities,
preferences and lifestyle 33-year-old academic
choices tilt them toward other professionals in science careers other institutions and
careers such as medicine and companies create options for
who were in the top one women with math talents who
biology over mathematics, percent of their high school
computer science, physics and math classes, the men devoted want to pursue math-intensive
engineering. careers.
more time to their current job These could include
Men did outscore women and said they would devote deferred start-up of tenure-
on spatial ability tests, a even more time in their dream track positions and part-time
measure that predicts later job compared to the women, work that segues to full-time
mathematics achievement suggesting that this could tenure-track work for women
but, said the authors, this still lead to more productivity and
who are raising children,
doesn’t account for the low promotions. and courtesy appointments
numbers of women in the Science, technology, for women unable to work
STEM fields. engineering and math are not full-time but who would
Moreover, studies showing the only professions affected
benefit from use of university
men’s scoring in the top 1 to by women’s career choices, said resources (email, library
0.1 percent on the SAT-M and the authors. resources, grant support) to
GRE-Q exams more frequently Several studies showed continue their research from
than women cannot account that while women are home.
for the low numbers of women well-represented in less
in math-intensive careers. math-intensive fields, such Source: “Women’s
The evidence shows that as medicine, law, biology, Underrepresentation in Science:
if math ability were solely a psychology, dentistry and Sociocultural and Biological
function of sex, there would Considerations,” Stephen J. Ceci,
veterinary science, they are
be roughly double the number still underrepresented in the PhD, Wendy M. Williams, PhD,
and Susan M. Barnett, PhD, Cornell
of women in math-intensive top positions of these fields. University; Psychological Bulletin,
careers compared to what They are either not on Vol. 135, No. 2. Full text of the
exists now, assuming a 2:1 tenure track, drop off tenure article is available at
male-female ratio at the top track or opt for part-time journals/releases/bul1352218.pdf


Filling the knowledge gaps

Like Katrina, 9/11, space shuttle Challenger
Disasters, whether man-made or acts of government by enabling and • Awareness campaign and Web
nature, can be prevented or minimized instilling knowledge management presence. To communicate
by better knowledge flow. Seven hundredpractices in government. the serious need for KM and
people in federal government are working Knowledge Management (KM), distribute content “from those
to enable people to share knowledge a discipline that uses management who know to those who need to
sooner, better, more effectively. tools along with culture change and know.”
human enablement, has worked in • Build a knowledge sharing
Is American know-how the private sector. culture in the federal
disappearing from the federal Some agencies have succeeded government. Change the federal
government? Or is it that there’s no at KM, including NASA and the mindset from need to know to
real knowledge sharing system to US Army, but there is no formal need to share.
enable the knowledge of its people federal program. There is no policy,
to flow at the right time and to the standards or direction. There is no
right places. central clearinghouse of lessons
In recent years, federal failures learned or what works.
to share knowledge have resulted in So agencies and departments
disasters, preventable by a word to must spend scarce consulting
the wise. dollars to find their own way,
• Hurricane Katrina: The federal reinventing the wheel in a wasteful
response to the preparation and duplication of effort. To fill this
aftermath of Katrina was marked leadership void, the Federal KM
by now infamous failures to Working Group presents an
communicate. Action Plan calling for formal KM
• 9/11 attacks: The FBI was already governance, with these goals:
investigating foreign students • Establish a Federal Knowledge
learning to fly – but not land Management Center to serve
– large jet planes. as a centralized resource for
• The Space Shuttle Challenger: agencies in carrying out their • Train federal workers in
NASA engineers already knew own knowledge management KM skills. By learning KM
the dangers of freezing the O- efforts. The center will provide competencies, they will also
ring that failed, leading to the consulting and serve as a acquire a deeper understanding
loss of the Challenger. clearinghouse of federal KM and appreciation of the value of
The impaired response to resources, such as software, knowledge sharing.
Hurricane Katrina, the 9/11 disaster expertise and lessons learned. • Meet the challenges of the
and the Challenger explosion • Establish a federal CKO retirement ‘Age Wave.’ KM
all could have been averted. Position. This person, the face includes knowledge retention,
Government must improve its of Federal KM, will coordinate an effort to minimize brain
knowledge sharing networking with federal departments to drain due to the thousands
in order to enable its people to explain the benefits of sharing of retiring baby boomers.
communicate, to share and utilize and collaborating across The other side of the coin,
information and knowledge. agencies. today, is the federal challenge
The Federal Knowledge • KM governance. Enact in recruiting Generation Y
Management Working Group, government-wide policies, employees, who have been
comprised of over 700 federal standards and practices that raised on Web 2.0 and social
employees and contractors, has specify the general direction computing tools.
mounted a campaign to restore and intent of federal knowledge
American know-how to the federal sharing efforts.


The power of ‘been there’

A phone call saved my life, inspired a mission
By Keith Schorsch every night. I could no longer doctor urged that I undergo a
Founder and CEO, Trusera dress myself; just lifting my craniotomy (drilling a hole in
arms caused wrenching pain. my skull), insisting I had 48
I remember the day well. My memory began to hours to decide. Thankfully,
I had settled into my seat slip; I began carrying Post-It I decided not to. Still, I was
to watch the Seattle Mariners notes around the house to confused and exhausted.
play on a beautiful August remember why I had entered Ten doctors, 12 weeks.
evening. What could be a certain room. Being with my Still, no diagnosis.
better? one and one-half and three
I was and one-half year old sons Phone call from a friend
enjoying the became unbearable, since I
game when couldn’t filter out noise or be with Lyme Disease:
the vision in touched without pain. “Don’t make the
my left eye My whole world felt
began to blur. upside down. I had always
mistake I made. Get
Two innings prided myself on my ability checked for Lyme.”
later, I heard to think. More than that, my
a ringing brain was a solid chunk of my That’s when a friend
and nearby identity, and my livelihood. called. Her message said, “I
cheering Before the incident I was heard about your symptoms.
sounded like – as a senior executive at I think you have Lyme
someone – contributing disease. I moved to Seattle
was yelling to the company’s early from Connecticut with Lyme,
directly in my growth from $16 million though I didn’t know it. Don’t
ear. Strange, I to $3.2 billion in sales and make the mistake I made. Get
thought. from 90,000 to 35 million checked for Lyme.” So I did.
At home customers. I had doubled That phone call saved my
an hour later, up on time at Harvard life.
the whole left (college and business school). It took six weeks of heavy
side of my Thinking was important to intravenous antibiotics,
face sagged. me. Would I ever be able to injected by my wife twice
“Honey, stop work again? daily, until I had “beaten” the
fooling around,” my wife bugs. The pain had subsided.
said. “What do you mean?” I Finally, I could begin the long
responded. “Half of your face My whole world healing process. Today, I am
is frozen,” she said with a mix felt upside down. I had 100 percent well – if you don’t
of fear and confusion. I looked count a slight sag on the left
in the mirror, and my mind
always prided myself side of my face.
went blank. on my ability to think.
Thus began my battle with The power of ‘been there’
Lyme disease, a debilitating The physical pain and With the mental fog and
disease caused by a tick bite. emotional toll were bad pain under control, a light
Over the next 12 weeks, enough. The confusion began to dawn. It occurred
I became systematically around my conflicting to me that if I had been in a
disabled. Besides the facial diagnoses made it worse. northern New Jersey diner
palsy came excruciating joint The doctors couldn’t figure when the disease presented
pain, causing me to wake out what was wrong with itself, I could have gone to the
screaming three to four times me. One well-regarded cook, the server, or someone


eating dinner near me and on great consumer ideas Personal experience

said, “I have the flu and a in technology at Amazon, has value. Sharing that
weird rash . . . what is going McCaw and AT&T Wireless experience has power. The
on?” Nine out of 10 could have combined with my personal power to change outcomes
told me to get checked for experience and commitment and to change lives. Trusera
Lyme. to wellness. I realized that has helped me find meaning.
The friend who had been technology could unlock But more importantly, it has
through Lyme disease and wisdom. unlocked wisdom and insight
called did what 10 doctors After I learned I had Lyme that all can share.
and 12 weeks could not disease, I had tried to find
– figure out what was wrong. information online. What
Her experience had given I discovered fell into two
her unique expertise. It had extremes: the same boilerplate
power – the power to change medical description of Lyme
my outcome and my life. disease on multiple sites,
The power of been there. And and a bunch of noise on
that power was completely message boards and groups,
untapped. information that was hard to
read, hard to find, and did not
How sharing inspired a apply to me.
company: Trusera I had simply wanted to
I like to dream, and find half a dozen people in the
I understand the power greater Northwest who had
of technology. So I began been through this: credible
thinking: How could people who had had a similar
the power of technology experience and had shared
unleash the power of shared useful insights. But I couldn’t,
experience? How could it so I started a site that enables
do so in a relevant, credible, others to do so.
purposeful way?
My answer? Trusera. What’s gratifying about
Two years ago, I launched a
company – Trusera – to tap Trusera is that it
into the power of shared gives people a voice
experience. It’s an online
health network where people
and a platform where
can find and share real world they can be heard.
experience from others who
have been there. What’s gratifying about
After my illness, I had Trusera is that it gives people
begun searching for meaning. a voice and a platform where For the full story of Keith’s battle
I took stock of all the things they can be heard, and in with Lyme and the inspiration
that had happened to me and doing so, it allows them to be for Trusera, hear his video story
realized that though I couldn’t advocates for their health or <
control what I was given, I the health of a loved one. health/stories/storyguy/lyme-
could control what I did with Trusera has enabled disease-a-phone-call-saved-my-
it. people to take control of their life-and-inspired-trusera> or
It felt like connecting health and to begin their reach his entries < http://www.
all the dots to what became journey on the shoulders of
Trusera. The personal and others, building off of others’ storyguy>. To learn more about
professional paths I’d followed practical and emotional Trusera visit http://www.trusera.
had converged – working experience and insights. com/health


CHOOSING You want my Blackberry?

Obama answers in the words of Charlton Heston
By Neil Olonoff based. And where Bush’s Guantánamo Bay detention
Federal KM Working Group management style was a center, the memo on
rather traditionalist B-school Open Government and
A few weeks ago, Washington “management by objectives” Transparency contains an
was all atwitter with the approach, the Obama even more abrupt about
news that President Obama administration seems to be face from the Bush style.
had approximately the headed for a much more That memo uses the words
same relationship with his expansive, collaborative style. collaboration and government
Blackberry that Charlton Or at least that is what we in the same sentence in a
Heston had with the rifle he read in the few tea leaves Presidential communication
hoisted at an National Rifle strewn by the memos issued for the first time in a great
Association convention: “You in the first weeks. while – perhaps ever.
won’t take this away from me Under President Bush, From a knowledge and
unless it is from my cold dead we spent eight years with information sharing point
hands!” the drapes pulled closed on of view, this is a major
The corporate road
warriors watching CNN We had better be prepared for a White House
from Aero Saarinen-designed with an entirely new way of working
seats in airline clubrooms
immediately got it; hey, he’s the windows of government. milestone. And it comes none
one of us. Meaning digital When AG Alberto Gonzales too soon. With an influx
native, mobile professional, was vetted by Congress he of 100,000 to 250,000 new
wired into the Internet, savvy was asked if he would review workers needed to meet the
grokker of Web 2.0, etc. the then-infamous Ashcroft demands of administering
All right. But every time Freedom of Information Act the stimulus bill, agencies
President Obama’s Blackberry (FOIA) Memo of October are going to need all the
buzzes, it is signaling a 2001. That memo referred collaborative smarts they can
presidential mindset that to “Weapons of Mass muster.
goes well beyond a simple Destruction” and Terrorists, Right now, groups such
desire to stay in touch with and erred on the side of as the Federal Knowledge
his friends in Chicago. The caution and secrecy in letting Management Working Group
message buzzing on that smart out information. are trying to identify how
phone might as well be a paid Little did we know then agencies can work smarter
political message, not from the that Gonzales would prove to and faster to meet the goals
political left or right, but from be even more of an avoider of that may come in a message
our technological future. In sunlight than was Ashcroft. sent directly from President
fact, we had better be prepared Obama wasted little time in Obama’s Blackberry.
for a White House with an pulling back the drapes and
entirely new way of working, letting in the sun. Obama’s Neil Olonoff is Leader, Federal
and one that is diametrically version urges agencies to Knowledge Management Initiative,
opposed to the Bush style. err on the side of disclosure Federal KM Working Group [http://
Where Bush was closed, rather than secrecy when]. Personal profile [http://
they respond to Freedom].
Obama promises to be open.
Blogging []. Email
Where Bush’s science policies of Information Act (FOIA)
were frequently tinged with requests.
faith and politics, Obama has Maybe even more
pledged to be, um, science dramatic than closing the


Politics 2.0
Effect of America’s first digital president
By Matthew Fraser YouTube, but also MySpace, Twitter, 35,000 volunteer groups that raised
and Soumitra Dutta Flickr, Digg, BlackPlanet, LinkedIn, $30 million on the site. On YouTube,
Thought leaders at INSEAD and other Web 2.0 platforms. the Obama channel attracted more
At 47, Obama was older than 97 million video views by
Barack Obama’s electoral triumph than the average Facebook some 18 million channel
was the first American presidential member, but he proved to visits.
election won on the Web. be a natural Web politician.
If Franklin Delano Roosevelt On his personal Facebook
was America’s first radio president profile, he named his
and John F. Kennedy was the favorite musicians as Miles
country’s first television president, Davis, Stevie Wonder and
Barack Obama is its first Internet Bob Dylan, and listed his
president. pastimes as basketball,
This watershed was largely writing and “loafing
overlooked during the presidential w/kids” (note the hip
campaign. While most pundits were shorthand).
focused on the question of race, The 72-year-old
speculating whether Americans John McCain, by
would elect a black man to the contrast, never
White House, Obama was busy managed to connect
defeating his rival thanks to his with voters online.
powerful techno-demographic
appeal. His popularity with young McCain:
voters was especially high. Missing in
action on the
Obama enjoyed a Internet
groundswell of support campaign
among the Facebook struggled
to give its
generation. candidate
a Web presence, but
Obama captures
compared to Obama’s online
70 percent of young
blitzkrieg, the former war hero was Compare
On Election Day, he captured
missing in action on the Internet. that to McCain’s to
nearly 70 percent of the vote among
The cold numbers tell the story. YouTube presence: only 330 videos
Americans under 25. In a word,
Obama counted some three million were uploaded to the JohnMcCain.
Obama enjoyed a groundswell
“friends” on Facebook and two com channel, which attracted just
of support among the Facebook
million more on 15 other social over 28,000 subscribers.
generation. The vote has even been
networking sites. He also boasted The McCain channel attracted
dubbed the “Facebook election.”
13 million names on an email list barely more than million visits
Obama, who was constantly
and three million receiving SMS and some 25 million video views.
thumbing his BlackBerry during
messages coming directly from Obama beat McCain four to one on
the campaign, had a shrewd
Obama’s famous Blackberry. YouTube. Obama attracted double
understanding of the electoral
The Web the Web site traffic and had five
power of direct Web-based political
site was clocking more than eight times more Facebook friends. On
mobilization. His campaign
million monthly visits, including
leveraged not only Facebook and NEXT PAGE


CONTINUED 2.0 platforms have emerged as Reactionary hostility in

powerful tools of social interaction, authoritarian regimes
the microblogging platform Twitter, civic engagement, and political One measure of the Web’s role in
Obama could count on more than mobilization. Unlike traditional providing a political voice to citizens
112,000 supporters “tweeting” to means of civic action dependant on is, paradoxically, the reactionary
get him elected. McCain, for his complex organizations like political hostility it provokes in authoritarian
part, had only 4,600 followers on parties, there are no barriers regimes that oppose democracy. No
Twitter. In the world of politics to entry in the Web 2.0 sphere, wonder dictatorships resent, and
where victories and defeats can which as the Obama campaign frequently suppress, free expression
be measured with great precision, demonstrated is low cost and high on Web 2.0 networks like MySpace,
these stats graphically illustrate impact. Facebook and YouTube. Syria’s
how Obama crushed McCain on Web 2.0 networks like Facebook autocratic state has jailed bloggers
the Web. not only allow citizens to organize and blocks Web sites deemed as a
The YouTube coup de grace themselves by bypassing traditional security threat. On Syria’s black list
was the blockbuster “Yes We Can” organizational structures, they are both Facebook and YouTube.
videoclip. The viral circulation of also allow political and business Even in Egypt, an Arab country that
that video, watched by millions of leaders to engage and communicate enjoys open diplomatic relations with
Americans only days after it was directly with their constituencies the West, the government takes a
first posted, gave Obama solid without going through traditional hard line towards online criticism of
electoral credibility in Middle intermediaries like the media. the state.
America. Suddenly he was like
a pop star on MTV. The video
wasn’t even made by the Obama Obama’s masterful leveraging of Web 2.0 platforms
campaign team: it was produced marked a major e-ruption in electoral politics –
spontaneously by the hip hop star in America and elsewhere., from the group Black
Eyed Peas.
President Obama, for example, The Chinese regime has also
That video offered a classic
used his site to speak imprisoned cyber-dissidents
example of bottom-up civic
directly to Americans and today a and, in March 2008, shut down
engagement and its viral network
White House blog serves the same 25 Web sites including YouTube.
effects. Obama’s masterful
purpose. Indonesia meanwhile has banned
leveraging of Web 2.0 platforms
He is also the first president both YouTube and MySpace. Other
marked a major e-ruption in
who, during a White House press states that have banned Web sites or
electoral politics – in America and
conference, has called regarding imprisoned cyber-dissidents include
elsewhere. Political campaigning is
a question from a Web-only Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Belarus,
now shifting from old-style political
journalist. These are signs of Burma, North Korea, Tunisia,
machines, which are vertical top-
powerful changes. Web 2.0 social Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and
down organizations, toward the
networks diffuse power away from Vietnam.
horizontal dynamics of online
institutions and toward people, An OpenNet Initiative survey
social networks.
providing effective platforms for a published in 2007 reported that
Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook
genuine expression of bottom-up 25 of 41 countries surveyed were
and Twitter, by their basic social
expression of citizen sovereignty. engaging in some form of Internet
architecture, are a perfect medium
Web-based citizen censorship. Clearly, there is
for grassroots political movements.
empowerment can potentially something about free and open
There are no barriers to entry on
strengthen liberal democracies and, sites like MySpace, Facebook and
sites like Facebook and YouTube.
more importantly, bring democracy YouTube that non-democratic
Everybody can participate, building
to countries currently living under regimes find threatening.
social capital online.
tyranny and despotism in its many
forms. Insurgence of ‘anti-democracy’
Resurgence of social capital
Call it Politics 2.0. Some contend that Web 2.0
For those who a decade ago
were lamenting the decline of platforms are anti-democratic. They
‘social capital’ in America, Web warn that, even in Western countries

including the United States, there
is an ever-present danger that
states will succumb to Big Brother
temptations and pry into social
networking sites to spy on their
There are even conspiracy
theories that claim Facebook was
started by the CIA through alleged
links between the site’s original
venture capital backers and the
American spy agency. While
the CIA admits openly it uses
Facebook for recruitment purposes,
there doesn’t appear to be any
operational linkage between the
two organizations.
The CIA’s seemingly innocuous
use of Facebook nonetheless
has raised concerns among civil
libertarians. Facebook’s privacy
policy, for example, states it does claim that terrorists are using Web for securing U.S. Internet
not share personal information platforms like Google Earth to infrastructure. He also gave broad
with third-party companies ­– but locate potential targets, especially powers over cybersecurity to the
adds that, in order to comply in countries like Israel. This may National Security Agency (NSA)
with the law, it may give personal explain why Google has, in fact, – one of 16 U.S. intelligence agencies
information to ‘government pixilated sensitive zones in Israel and – under the direction of General
agencies.’ elsewhere in the world that could Keith Alexander.
If Web 2.0 platforms promote come under a terrorist attack. While the NSA’s work is
social capital and civic engagement, top secret, it’s believed that its
the same self-organizational NATO prepared for cyber warfare cybersecurity efforts include
opportunities are available to While the Kremlin denied any blocking thousands of foreign
criminals and terrorists. The involvement in the cyberattacks electronic attacks on U.S. systems
findings of a “Dark Web” research after they first occurred in 2007, that occur every day. Russia and
project at the University of Arizona, the incident prompted the NATO China, in particular, are believed
tracked Jihadist extremist groups military alliance to step up its to have developed advanced
using Web 2.0 media, provide a readiness for cyber warfare. In early cyberwarfare capacity.
particularly disturbing example of 2009, a pro-Kremlin youth group Barack Obama won the U.S.
how Web 2.0 platforms can become admitted it was responsible for presidency thanks to Politics 2.0,
vehicles for terrorism. The study, cyberattacks against Estonia. and it now appears like his
published in 2008, came across President Obama, a leader who American foreign policy will be
an alarming number of Jihadist understands the power of Web 2.0 driven by Geopolitics 2.0.
blogs, including one that post news platforms, is taking these threats
updates about so-called “occupied seriously. During the presidential Matthew Fraser is Senior Research
Islamic countries.” Fellow and Soumitra Dutta is Roland
election campaign, he promised to
Berger Chaired Professor of Business
Jihadist bloggers were also elevate cybersecurity as a national and Technology at INSEAD. Their book,
active on YouTube, uploading priority and appoint a cyber-czar Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom:
videos featuring explosives, attacks, reporting directly to him in the How Online Social Networking Will
bombings and hostage-taking. On White House as part of an ambitious, Change Your Life, Work and World, is
Second Life, meanwhile, a ‘Terrorist $30 billion Comprehensive National published by Wiley. The book’s Web site
of SL’ attracted 228 members and Cyber Initiative. can be found at
another group called ‘Liberation After taking office, President
Front’ counted 65 followers. Some Obama earmarked $335 million

Death of a salesman
Or: The shift of knowledge power to the smart customer
Here’s an ‘intercepted’ message from our prospects have made us work refuse to return your emails and
Sean McPheat – known as the ‘UK’s #1 harder and harder for our sales calls.
authority on modern day selling’ – to the (thanks!). Yes, something’s definitely
typical sales professional beleaguered There’s a new kid in town going on!
by demands of today’s informed buyer. too. Or should I say, there’s a new Even gatekeepers are tougher
McPheat tells entrepreneurs and their objection doing the rounds . . . . to get through – it’s as though some
people how they can start to redress of them have been through combat
the balance of power in the customer “Due to the present economic training to fend off your calls.
relationship! Clear evidence that climate…”
the knowledge factor has changed I bet you’re sick of hearing that It’s not that the current
everything. one! techniques no longer work,
You see, cold calling is getting to
By Sean McPheat the point where a lot of companies it’s just that the audience
MTD Sales Training are asking themselves whether it’s they were designed for no
really worth the hassle; the buyer of
More objections, more price bashing, today wants more and more and, at
longer exists!
the economy excuse, stalling tactics, the same time, wants to pay less and
gatekeepers from hell and elusive less! And if that’s not enough, after
decision makers! Just what is Does this sound familiar? Have the incredible time and effort
happening in the world of selling? you also found that your prospects invested into obtaining the sale or
The world of selling is changing seem to be more aware of what’s the account, keeping the customer
rapidly and is a very different going on too? and maintaining the relationship
animal to years gone by. I mean they seem to have a – while once a reliable and even
The economy is in the worst state lot more knowledge about your assumed prize – has now become
it has been since the eighties and products and services than they a roll of the dice. Customers are
during used to. They also seem to know ready to run to the competition
the past a lot about your industry too and at the drop of a hat, leaving you
couple of they also know a lot about your wondering if customer loyalty
years we’ve competitor’s products and services. means anything any more.
all found And have you noticed what You see, you’ve read the
has happened books that tell you “Thirty-four
to sales cycles ways to close the deal”; you’ve
lately? read the articles that tell you the
Buyers exact words and phrases to use to
either know “overcome those objections”; and
what they you’ve even listened to your sales
want almost manager’s pass-me-down “tips of
immediately the trade,” yet still you find it hard
and purchase to make your quota!
from you or not So why is this?
or they seem Well, the approach you’re
to play you currently using to try to fix the
off against the problem is similar to that of
competition, looking for a band aid to cure
playing silly cancer.
buggers with • You’ve most likely been looking
the pricing for an exact sentence or two to
or just simply respond to the economy excuse;

• You’ve probably been trying The sales profession
different rapport building is missing the boat
techniques; We work tirelessly to upgrade
Seven tips to redress
• You’ve probably been tinkering our techniques and the tools of the balance of power
with your sales presentations too, our trade; however, most fail to Here are some top tips to start
haven’t you? understand the patient has changed! tipping the scales in your favor:
Your job has been getting The modern buyer is an entirely 1. It’s more effective to be different
a littler harder every year and different animal from those in the than to be better – most
the typical response from your past. businesses have the
manager has been to concentrate on Therefore, the overwhelming same USPs (Unique
three issues: majority of sales techniques and Selling Point) and
strategies and all of the old-tried benefits, so what
• Work harder; makes you
and true gems and rock solid closes
• Develop more effective tactics, different?
are simply no longer valid.
tricks and closing techniques; 2. Know your
It’s not that they do not work;
• Lower prices to be more competitor
it’s just that the audience they were
competitive. products/
designed for no longer exists. Much
However, you may have also of the knowledge and experience services inside out
noticed improvement in these areas of the old sales pros has become – your prospects will
has still not solved the problem. You irrelevant. and they will use this
have probably found that by putting I’m not being disrespectful of against you.
in more hours, making more calls those long-time professionals who 3. Open your cold
and studying more books for that have been in the business for years calls in a
latest trick or objection-handling and are still seeing great success. different way
response still has not improved The point is that much of what to the norm
your sales to the desired level. we learned in the past simply has – everyone
So what is the problem? no relevance when dealing with sounds the
Actually, it is quite simple: All the educated, modern consumer of same.
of the problems you are currently today. 4. Have different
facing are actually symptoms of With the explosion and sales processes for
a bigger problem – you are trying availability of information due to different buyers – if someone
to communicate with a prospect/ the Internet, modern day buyers already knows what he wants
buyer who no longer exists! can lay their hands on nearly every as opposed to someone who
• They’ve read the same books as piece of information, education and does not know, you should have
you; opinion online about your products a different approach for each.
• They’ve been on the same and services. 5. Become a trusted advisor – get
Psst . . . they can then do exactly away from being viewed as a
courses as you;
the same with your competitor’s salesman and come across as a
• They can log on to the Internet
products and services too! trusted and respected advisor.
and compare prices with your
In short, whether we like it or 6. Raise your standards – you need
competitor’s products within
not, it’s a buyer’s market. to raise your game so you know
everything there is to know about
• They can ask for Truth is this isn’t an intercepted your products and services and
recommendations using all types message. Sean McPheat actually wrote your industry as a whole.
of social media like Facebook this article specifically for Smart 7. Become a statistics junkie – you
and LinkedIn. People magazine. He is the founder really need to understand your
Yes, today, your prospects and and managing director of MTD Sales numbers and performance at
clients are more knowledgable and Training which has served over 700 every stage of the sales cycle.
sales savvy than ever before so the companies and in excess of 10,000 sales You need to become engrossed
question you need to ask yourself professionals. Sean is a thought leader in understanding the science
is this: Are you and your staff within the sales industry and is a much of your selling and use this to
properly trained to meet with the sought after conference and motivational continually improve.
demands of the modern day buyer? speaker.


LEARNING Grown up digital

Into collaboration,
innovation, fun
By Don Tapscott
Author, Grown Up Digital
The world of work, and its traditional
resistance to sharing knowledge, is about
to be challenged by a new generation of
employees – young people who have grown
up digital.
As the first generation in history to be
immersed in digital technology, they have
a natural feel for digital tools that keep
them connected with friends, sometimes
hundreds of them, all day long. For the
Net Generation, as I call them, sharing
knowledge and collaborating with each
other is as natural as breathing. Their way of competence, more mobile and less
sharing, so powerfully demonstrated in the dependent on geography. This means
way they propelled President Barack Obama knowledge must be shared effectively
to the White House, is now about to enter the so that teams around the world can
workplace. collaborate on tricky problems.
Work – and how we work together Yet for many organizations, sharing
­– may never be the same. Organizations knowledge has been a challenge.
should take a long look at how these Net
Geners operate. Their new modus Now executives rate
operandi could offer companies a huge
competitive advantage in this digital age.
knowledge management as one
Right now, the nature of work is changing. of the worst management tools
Work has become more cognitively complex, in business.
more team-based and collaborative, more
dependent on social skills, more time- Corporate knowledge sharing
pressured, more reliant on technological — an expensive failure
Companies in North America have
spent billions of dollars on knowledge
Don Tapscott is the world’s single management systems designed to
most knowledgeable source on the capture and share knowledge embedded
impact of the digital revolution on inside organizations with a view to
making them more productive and
the Net Generation and, in turn, on profitable.
the changes it will bring to the way Knowledge management, according
we work. The future is for smart to a survey by Bain & Company, the
Boston-based management consultancy,
people who have learned the power has been one of the top 10 management
of sharing and collaborating online tools used by executives worldwide.
and in life. Yet most of the time, it’s been an
expensive failure. Although knowledge

management has been a mean containing or restricting a writer, a talker, an active
popular tool, executives have it, or handing it down, from participant – not just a mute
usually been disappointed top to bottom. Instead, member of the audience.
with the results. In fact, in organizations should think He’s rarely alone. Even the
Bain’s most recent survey, about sharing knowledge as computer games he plays are
worldwide executives rated the new mental infrastructure collaborative affairs. You win,
knowledge management as for the 21st century way to or lose, together.
one of the worst management work. If knowledge is power, This immersion in
tools in business. as Francis Bacon and so many interactive technology has
Knowledge management others have said, this may well had a profound effect on
was bound to fail because mean new knowledge systems everything the Net Generation
it’s based on a faulty will change organizations and does. When they do homework,
understanding of how the way we work. Hierarchies they consult each other. When
knowledge should be handled. that are propped up by access they think of buying a new
The traditional way is to to insider knowledge will be music player, they check with
contain knowledge, as if it eroded. Sharing knowledge friends about the brand and the
were a finite resource captured will encourage a new form of price before going to the store,
in containers and then made collaboration. or ordering it online.
available through depositories. They’re accustomed to
This mental model drove The Net Generation having hundreds of friends on
many knowledge management has been profoundly Facebook – friends they keep
efforts – such as directories, up with
elaborate company intranets/ influenced by their on a
portals, and reward systems immersion in digital regular
for information. basis.
Right away it was plagued
technology. Boomers
by problems. As it turned out, The people primed to share
lots of people didn’t feel like knowledge in this new way are
sharing the knowledge they the youngest employees, the
knew, and the information that Net Generation that has grown
was gathered was fragmentary up digital. This generation,
and dated. children of the Baby Boomers,
The fundamental problem, are turning 12 to 32 this
though, was this: Treating year. I call them the Net
knowledge like a rare bottle of Generation because they’ve
wine, as a precious and finite been profoundly influenced
resource, makes no sense in by their immersion in digital
technology. like me are astonished at the
the 21st century digital world.
Take a look at a teenager way Net Geners share private
These days information is not
on any weeknight. While he’s pictures and stories with
limited; it’s infinite and it’s
doing his homework, he may hundreds of friends, but to the
amazingly quick to spread on
be listening to music, taking Net Generation, this kind of
the Internet.
calls on his mobile phone, sharing is the new normal.
checking in with friends on They share; they
Net Gen prefers sharing
Facebook, writing blogs or collaborate. This affects the
knowledge outside the
Twitters and perhaps playing way they like to work. Boomers
control of hierarchies
his favorite computer game. grew up with hierarchies – at
New knowledge
If the TV’s on, it’s home, at school, at work. The
management has to operate
background noise, like Muzak. goal in a hierarchy is to move
under a new premise, that
He doesn’t just watch, as up and have more people
knowledge is endless and
his parents did. The media reporting to you. But as Tamara
largely outside of the control
he consumes is, at its core, Erickson, a widely respected
of the authorities in business.
Managing knowledge does not interactive. He’s a player, NEXT PAGE


CONTINUED The power of collaboration sharing, or what we call

expert on organizations and is easy to underestimate knowledge collaboration.
the changing workforce, has Look at how the Net This approach is a key to
observed, this generation Geners helped President unleashing and harnessing
is not turned on by status Obama win his epic the knowledge contained not
presidential race last year. At only within an enterprise, but
the outset, Sen. Hillary Clinton outside its boundaries. This
was the powerhouse. She will accelerate the creation
had the money, the powerful of new ideas and increase
backers, the numbers. competitive advantage.
But even Clinton, a Look at CoreMedia, a
seasoned political professional, 150-person German content-
did not grasp the full power management software firm.
of Net Generation style It has not only embraced
collaboration. Obama did – and the latest digital tools for
recruited the co-founder of collaboration, but it has
Facebook, 23-year-old Chris changed the way it works
Hughes, to run his online to be truly collaborative
campaign. – so much so that CEO Sören
The Obama campaign Stamer thinks his company
gave the power to its people operates like a giant brain.
– to supporters – to organize CoreMedia employees are
events, raise money and tell remarkably networked when it
their friends. This was a major comes to sharing infor­mation,
or hierarchy. They want to change from the traditional using tools from wikis to
do challenging work, but political campaign that was Twitter-style microblogging
they don’t necessarily want directed from the top, and as part of their daily work.
organizational responsibility. it worked. This remarkable These tools, together with a
Their dream job, she grassroots campaign changed unique organizational culture,
says, is something like this: the game of politics and made have helped CoreMedia
A job with a goal no one history. dispense with the traditional
knows how to solve and lots organizational hierarchy, my
of great people to work with. Knowledge colleague Alan Majer reported
in a paper for nGenera, the
How different that is from collaboration will think tank I founded.
the workplace I entered after
college, where the goal was to accelerate the creation “In its place is a much
have a corner office (which I of new ideas and more open and bottom-
occupied at one point, which, I up set of operations and
have to admit, felt good.)
increase competitive processes,“ Majer reported.
That was power over the advantage. “CoreMedia has attempted
people. But collaboration, a bold experiment: instead
as Net Geners know it, is Now, as the first wave of fitting a collection of self-
achieving something with of Net Geners enter the interested individuals into a
other people, seeking power world of business, they bring rigid corporate structure, the
through other people, not with them a new approach company fosters a flexible
by ordering a gaggle of to sharing knowledge and and highly networked
followers to do your bidding. collaborating. Powerful new structure where individuals
Collaboration is how Net collaboration tools such as collectively steer the firm. It’s
Geners get things done. It’s in wikis, blogs, social networks, a transformational approach
their gene pool. search, tags, RSS feeds, jams, that promises to improve
telepresence and content everything from the pace of
management enable a new innovation to the quality of
form of real-time knowledge decisions.”

The company uses a by experts in the Harvard waiting for the HR department
variety of collaborative tools. Business Review as backwards to issue an invite to an off-
Every quarter the company and counterproductive. But it campus weekend session, they
holds workshops in which makes even less sense to the gather together online to set up
participants can choose a topic. Net Gener. ‘camps’ to address an important
Then there’s microblogging It’s a one-way professional issue.
tool called Trillr which takes communication – boss to Then they bill themselves
the emotional pulse of the employee – that usually as Case Camps – a “free
enterprise. ignores the employee’s communications and social
CoreMedia has also wishes and desires. It media unconference,” that has
created its own blogging happens once a year – long the extra benefit of “fantastic
platform called CoCo which after the performance took networking and interactive
includes the ability to evaluate place. It rewards or punishes art in the bar.” They set a date,
postings with thumbs up or individual performance – not choose a topic and pick a real-
thumbs down, or to share the collaboration that Net life location. Anyone can give
related topics that have Geners treasure. It’s more about a 15-minute talk at the camp
received similar votes. It helps compensation and promotions – and several heavy hitters have
CoreMedia’s teams stay in than improving performance. volunteered. Camp takes place,
sync. Naturally, the company sponsors pay for the costs, but
has a wiki – a good vehicle Annual performance participants go for free.
for employees to turn an These are the early
idea they’ve discussed into a
review too little, too late. signs of a new way to work
product. New approach springs for a generation that finds
This has produced directly from the Net knowledge sharing
positive results, according to and collaboration to be
Majer: “Today, the company Generation’s need for
is more agile, the dialogue more timely feedback.
is richer, and decisions are
Now a new Toronto-based
more effective.” What’s more,
company called Rypple has
individual employees feel
proposed a new form of
that they can fix a problem or
propose a solution without feedback. It’s a Web-
waiting for instructions from based service that springs
a supervisor. “You just have to directly from the Net
open your eyes and see what’s Generation need
on the blog and the Trillr,” saidfor continuous feedback. 
Stamer, the CEO. Instead of waiting an
entire year to
Net Gen wants continuous find out what
feedback, not the traditional managers
annual review think of them,
CoreMedia is clearly on employees can send out a
the cutting edge, but young quick (50 words or less)
people are introducing question to people
tools that could affect the they trust – a manager,
way knowledge is spread a co-worker sitting in
in traditional businesses. the meeting, even a
Take the standard annual client or a supplier.
performance review, in which They can chart their
the boss is supposed to tell the progress on issues
underling how he or she rates and improve. Or look
against corporate objectives. at the way Net Geners
It’s been criticized for years handle job training. Instead of


CONTINUED To be sure, some I believe that companies

perfectly natural. Yet older information must be kept that work in the Net Gen
within company boundaries. way will be the winners of
employees don’t get it.
the future. The new Web
Many still criticize the Net But that shouldn’t give
companies a reason to ban – which allows you to not
Generation as entitled, lazy,
blogging. only hunt for information,
coddled by the parents, and
Instead, employers but contribute – offers the
“woefully ill prepared,” as a
Don Tapscott should explain the rules to technology to help us harness
U.S. employers group put it.
human skill, ingenuity and
is chairman They suspect that these social new Net Gen employees,
says Danah Boyd, a fellow at intelligence more efficiently
of nGenera networking tools are a big
The Annenberg Center for and effectively than anything
[http://www. waste of time.
Communications, University we have witnessed previously.] By mobilizing the
of Southern California: “You
and the author How to mitigate clashes have a guideline on it. You collective knowledge,
of 13 books between young and old
have to make it very, very clear capability, and resources
on the impact It is perhaps inevitable,
that there is zero tolerance for embodied within broad
then, that the new generation
of the Internet [sharing company information] networks of participants,
and the old should clash over
on society. with the penalty of being fired
how work works.
His latest The Net Gener arrives at for cause.” Future winners will
book, Grown work, eager to use his social There’s no question that unlock structures,
Up Digital, is sharing knowledge and
now available
networking tools to collaborate
learning to collaborate is a reach outside
and create and contribute to
through the company. challenge, but it only begins boundaries and tap
with the adept use of tools like
your favorite For starters, he’s shocked
social networking. Companies
into vast pools of
to find the company’s
technological tools are more have to change in a far deeper intellectual capital.
primitive than the ones he way to adapt to the Net smart firms can accomplish
used in high school. The Gen’s way of working in a great things.
company he works for still collaborative way. People throughout a
thinks the Net is about Web Companies will have firm, locked into traditional
sites, presenting information, to completely rethink the organizational structures, can
way they handle them, from be freed to share knowledge
Sure, some info must be kept within the first contact until after and ingenuity.
they leave the company. Further, companies can
company boundaries. But that Companies need to discard reach outside their boundaries
doesn’t justify a ban on blogging. the old model of top-down to tap into vast pools of
employee development, labor available in the global
rather than a Web 2.0 which calls on managers to economy.
collaboration platform. recruit, train and supervise Whether designing
The Net Gener is surprised, employees, and replace it with an airplane, assembling a
perhaps naively, to learn that a more appropriate employer- motorcycle, or analyzing the
corporations have antiquated employee relationship for this human genome, the ability
ways of working. Then the generation. to integrate the talents of
company bans Facebook at dispersed individuals and
the office because it suspects New model is about organizations is becoming
Net Geners are wasting time collaboration, not the defining competency for
chatting with friends and old-fashioned supervision managers and firms.
throwing digital snowballs The new model is about This is a tremendously
when they should be working collaboration, not old- powerful way to do business,
– thus depriving Net Geners fashioned supervision – from says Best Buy CEO Brad
of their link to friends, to fun, the moment an employee is Anderson. It’s “unleashing the
to co-workers. Pretty soon, the hired until long after he or she power of human capital.”
talent heads for the exit. leaves.


Great American Think-Off

Is it ever wrong to do the right thing?
On June 13 – before a live audience – New York Mills, Minnesota, US, population 1,219, will celebrate
its 17th year hosting a debate which is the culmination of America’s “premier amateur philosophy
contest,” the Great American Think-Off. The topic this year: “Is it ever wrong to do the right thing?”
Selected by a panel of judges, four finalists will be announced May 1 based on 750-word essays.
They will receive $500 plus travel, food and lodging expenses. The winner will be decided by the
audience attending the debate and he or she will be named “America’s Greatest Thinker for 2009.”
It’s all happening in a tiny little town in the American Midwest, located on a railroad track,
bypassed by Interstate 10. Why not?

Cultural, creative opportunities for rural Americans

The Think-Off is the brainchild of the New York Mills Arts Retreat & Regional Cultural
Center, located in a former storefront on Main Street and dedicated to expanding the cultural and
creative opportunities of rural Americans by offering innovative, quality arts programming and
demonstrating how the arts can be used as an economic development tool in rural communities
across the nation.
New York Mills is a small town that thinks big.
The 2008 debate was held on Saturday, June 14 and America’s Greatest Thinker for 2008 was
Craig Allen of West Linn, Oregon. The topic: “Does immigration strengthen or threaten the United

Immigration? Champ says system the real threat

The thinking champ argued that even though he did not oppose immigration, the system
of immigration and immigration policy in the United States is broken, encouraging an influx of
illegal immigrants. The broken system, he argued, poses a threat to the United States.
One of Allen’s arguments was that many Americans remain fearful of immigration – hence
the efforts to build a fence along the southern border with Mexico. Mr. Allen made an effective
argument that we have reached the point in America where those who disagree about
immigration can no longer engage in civil conversation to find a means of fixing the system.
In the debate’s best moments the four Think-Off finalists touched on what it means to be
an American, and the conversation confirmed that American identity is both complex and
The silver medal winner, Deana Cavaliere from Richfield, Minnesota, proposed that the
flow of immigrants representing diverse cultures has resulted in an unpredictable mix of
ideas that makes America the most innovative and wealthy country in the world. Cavaliere
suggested that this status has been placed in jeopardy today as Americans become more
fearful about the economic and cultural effects of many new arrivals to our shores.
The two bronze finishers were Tom Bailey of Nashville, Tennessee, for strengthens, and
Nick Thayer of St. Cloud, Minnesota, for threatens.

Stay tuned: More to come, June, July editions.

Smart People will follow the 2009 Great American Think-Off, announcing the finalists
in the June issue and the winner in July. We’ll print his or her winning essay.


The creative economy

Where everyone gets to play in new places
By Dave Lewis “Gray Formica meeting well-known companies
Innovation expert spaces lead to Gray Formica such as Johnson & Johnson,
thinking,” Dave Lewis told Kimberly-Clarke, Marriott
In Canada, a group of Nike an audience at the Center and Wal-Mart.
employees meets once a for Services Leadership at In the early years, ?What
week in the same place at Arizona State University’s If! worked on specific projects,
the same time for a creative 19th Annual Compete but the principals soon found
brainstorming session. The Through Service symposium. there also was demand for
meetings always last the same The name of Lewis’ teaching clients the skills of
amount of time. company is a copy editor’s innovation.
But there’s an element that bad dream, but the mission ?What If! has grown
keeps the sessions from going of ?What if! The Innovation to more than 300 people
Reprinted by stale. The meetings are on a Company is to shake folks with offices in four cities,
permission. Toronto subway car. out of stale thinking, so it including New York. Lewis,
First published in The attendees from Nike works. Lewis knows there one of the first hires in North
W. P. Carey
board at the same stop and isn’t necessarily a fast train America, joined the company
[http://knowledge. get off at the same stop. They that takes companies to a after finishing his MBA at], also have some guests – other more innovative and creative Columbia.
Dec. 3, 2008. passengers on the car. place. Creativity that leads to
innovation, Lewis said, tends Everyone can play
to be more a habit than a At the companies he
destination. visits, Lewis too often hears
that creativity and innovation
What is it? are jobs for the marketing
Creativity is a term that department, or someone with
gets thrown around a lot innovation or insight in their
but is sometimes difficult to title.
define. “I don’t really think
?What if! has a working that’s true,” he said. “I
definition of creativity. think everybody has an
According to Lewis, it is opportunity to do things in
“the habit of continually new ways. How many of us
doing things in new ways to have ever cooked without a
make a positive difference recipe? How many have ever
to our working lives.” redecorated a room?”
?What If! was Both endeavors engage
launched in the United the type of creativity that can
Kingdom in the early spur innovation in industry,
1990s by two Unilever he said. “Creativity can be
employees. Charged with something as small as that,”
innovating, they were Lewis said.
frustrated with Innovation is also
the company’s something that can be
bureaucracy, so practiced everyday. “When
they went off we do something every day,
on their own, it becomes second nature,” he
Dave Lewis keeping Unilever as a client says.
and adding dozens of other

Turning to action month projections in the first
While creativity shouldn’t three months. The company Smart profile
be limited to a few elites at actually ran out of inventory.
a company, some discipline The technology has since been Rise from teenage entrepreneur
is required in order to make adapted for other products,
creativity useful and valuable including flu remedies, Dave Lewis started early in business, joining the
for a business. vitamins and pain-killers. start-up basketball footwear and apparel company,
“I believe in creativity However, the Segway AND 1, while still in high school. Over the next 10
that gets you somewhere,” exemplifies creativity and years, as the business grew from four to more than
Lewis said. “I don’t believe in innovation that didn’t go so 200 people worldwide, his responsibilities included
creativity just for having fun.” well. brand development, marketing communications,
He calls that “crazy-tivity” The two-wheeled, electric new product and business development.
and says that’s better done personal transportation device He also helped develop AND 1’s Mix Tape
outside of work. made a splashy debut in 2001. entertainment property, overseeing various
“Creativity and “Steve Jobs himself said the multimedia ventures with partners such as ESPN,
innovation are distinct Segway would be as big a Activision and Harper Collins.
entities,” Lewis points out. revolution to the human race Dave grew up in South New Jersey, US, and
“But the two words are often as the personal computer,” got his MBA at Columbia Business School in New
interchanged in the business Lewis recalls. York. His passion for education, creativity and
world.” Although the company entrepreneurship combined with his belief that life
Creativity plays a role told the Wall Street Journal is too short to not go for it and have fun led him to
in all aspects of innovation, last summer it expected a ?What if!
beginning with the generation 50 percent jump in sales, Dave is now helping to develop the Learning
of ideas. But creativity is not the Segway does not appear Team in the Americas and thus spends his days
the goal. “Creativity should to have swept the country. delivering speeches, running courses and working
lead to innovation,” he says, (Segway, a privately held with companies on ways people can be more
“based on a combination of company, does not divulge innovative – and of course – have more fun!
insight into customers’ needs sales figures.) More information:
and wants with ideas, creating Lewis says, “While the
impact.” technology is good, Segway
lacked insight into their the skill sets to be creative.
What works and doesn’t customers’ lives, the kind of The knowledge of how to
Lewis gives a couple perceptive observation that facilitate an ideation session
of examples of innovative made Listerine successful is an example of a skill you
products – one executed well with the breath strips. What can learn. “But unless you
and one that wasn’t. was the consumer or market invest the time and energy in
Listerine recently need? The challenge with the acquiring these skills, even the
launched a popular new Segway is where do you drive right attitude goes for naught.”
product – strips that dissolve it? It’s too big for the sidewalk Companies can build
and freshen breath. This and it doesn’t have enough structures, such as rewards
new product started with power for the open road.” and measurements, to ensure
a customer insight, that change happens. One of the
everyone needs a discreet Barriers best ways to come up with
way to fight bad breath while Lewis frequently ideas is a “greenhousing”
out in public. Working with encounters teams that walk in session where ideas are
Johnson & Johnson, Listerine saying they can’t be creative. nurtured before they are
developed the dissolving “You might as well turn judged, because ideas never
strip. It was new technology around and walk right out occur in a fully formed
being used as a spermicide in the door,” he says. “Attitude is fashion.
Asia. everything.” For example, the iPod was
When Listerine According to Lewis, not conceived as a hand-held
introduced its mouthwash employees are seldom given device that would play MP3
product, sales surpassed 12- the opportunity to acquire NEXT PAGE


In Britain
6,000 online centers connect digitally disadvantaged
It should be no surprise across Britain share access or beautifying what’s
that the country most information, explore issues accessible.”
experienced in the art of and stimulate change. Yet the
knowledge sharing, with government frets that less On the other side
its history of town criers than half of the Brits are of the digital divide
and the ‘sport’ of debate, taking part, and it’s probably Those on the other
would be the most vigorous disadvantaged people and side of the digital divide
adapters and promoters of places missing out on their need motivation, skills and
new media communications own slice of cyberspace and confidence more than they
breakthroughs. the chance and the platform to need megabytes, she said.
The United Kingdom make their voices heard. Those at the forefront of
even has a Digital Inclusion Patrick Carter, a British the phenomena are set to light
Minister, Wayne David. labor peer, says the “field a way for those flailing in the
The digital revolution of digital dreams” can’t be wake of the new media wave,
has seen interactive achieved with a “build it and thanks to a new ‘Beacon’
tools like Facebook, they will come” mentality; scheme from UK Online
YouTube, MySpace and people must receive the same Centres.
Twitter transform self- investment as “pipes and The new media the
expression and sites.” leaders are speaking of
communication, Helen Milner, managing are community and social
helping director of UK Online Centres, media which encompasses
individuals and says, “Great infrastructures community Web sites, blogs,
communities and top-notch content are forums, videos, digital
meaningless if 17 million galleries and community
people still can’t, won’t or radio.
don’t take advantage of them. These media bring local
The social divide emerging people together to generate
between the haves and have- their own ideas and content,
nots of technology cannot and improve their lives and
be fixed merely by building communities in the process.

The creative economy Some are killed; some are • The practice of creativity
mortally wounded. in business should not
The words “yes but” are be limited to so-called
files, sport a touch-screen and often the sword that delivers creative types. Every
connect to an iTunes store the mortal wound, because individual in the company
where consumers buy music “yes but” can discourage all has the ability to be
downloads. but the most persistent. A creative and should be
“Someone had the seed of better approach is “yes and,” encouraged.
an idea,” Lewis said. “It was Lewis preaches. This way • Creativity in business
collaborated on, built upon, ideas are refined by addition, must add to the bottom
they added some constraints, rather than worn down by line. That requires focus
worked around them, and criticism. and discipline as well as
then created the product.” skills.
Eventually ideas are Bottom line • Businesses need to give
judged, but often the fateful • Creativity in the business employees the skills and
moment comes too soon. world is a habit that can be structure to bring change
practiced and honed. to the marketplace.


The need to boost communication technology working to develop a valuable

engagement in new (ICT) has been hailed a and sustainable network.
technologies is gathering success in promoting greater Originally set up to
considerable momentum social inclusion by Inclusion provide public access to
within government, and is Minister David. computers, the role of the
seen as a way to unite isolated The Inclusion Minister Centres has evolved and they
communities and involve local saw first hand the now play a strong role in
people in the control of local “Aspirations Begin at Home exploiting information and
issues. Project” which aims to raise communication technology to
Hazel Blears’ education standards and help develop skills and confidence,
Empowerment White young people achieve their achieve social inclusion and
Paper last July announced dreams for the future. During create stronger communities.
the creation of Digital the visit, he also discussed This service is now
Mentors to support digital other current and planned available at http://
content creation in deprived projects designed to promote
communities. digital inclusion. uk/ and will become part of
The UK Online Centre’s The “Aspirations Begin the new Adult Careers and
Community Media Beacons at Home Project” has already Advancement Service, being
kick-started that work across helped install computers and launched in 2010.
the 6,000-strong UK Online broadband connectivity in
Centres Network. The idea around 300 homes, enabling Compiled from information
of the Community Media over 900 people to gain access provided by Abi Stevens, UK
Beacon is to get the centers to a PC and encouraging more Online Centres.
already leading the way families to engage in their
in this area to share their children’s learning. 
tips and experiences with As well as focusing on Family challenge game
the rest of the UK Online young people, the project
Centres Network in order has evolved to help adults UK Online Centers uses online games to help
to inspire more projects, develop IT skills through the people get started on the Internet. One is the
and eventually get different introduction of flexible and Family Challenge Game which begins with a
online communities working adaptable broadband Internet graphic showing “Your House” and the neighbor’s
together. and comprehensive training house, the Walkers, across the street.
Centers were invited to schemes. The object of the game is to outsmart the
apply to become beacons, and In recognition of its work Walkers (It’s like keeping up with the Joneses in
10 winners were picked from in this field, the District the US).
across the country for their Council has won three Beacon The player looks into the Walkers’ house
innovation and success in Council Awards and in 2003 it to see how they live and discover they have no
establishing and supporting was awarded Beacon Council computer. So, the Walkers have to leave their
community media initiatives. Status for its work on social house every time they need to know something.
In January they were officially inclusion through ICT. You click on the bathroom and discover one of the
awarded Community Media Walkers’ problems – their child has a sore throat.
Beacon status at a special Online Centre Network The question: is it tonsillitis?
ceremony. in place since 2000 You use your computer to find the answer.
In Durham, England, The UK Online The Walkers go to the doctor. You find out the
where tourist information Centre Network was set child just has a common sore throat and you get
boasts a city (and county) up in 2000 with money some tonic from the medicine cabinet. You win!
where you can “stop your from the Department for You solved the problem while the Walkers were
workday world and get Education and Skills Capital . . . still walking.
off,” a project designed Modernization Fund and the
to raise the educational New Opportunities Fund.
aspirations and achievements The Centre Network is now
of Durham’s young people managed by a Ufi (University
through information and for Industry) team which is

WORKING Smart People profile

Lukas Laubscher’s rise from waiter to general manager
Young, trendy general As operational manager he that achieved many awards
managers are not hard to oversaw a huge brigade of staff including the American
come by in the restaurant and forged the way in kiddie Airline Hotel of the Year.
business, but finding passion, entertainment when The Spur Needless to say, many
determination and endurance Steakhouse became the first to competitive eyes were
all rolled into one is a recipe offer a variety of ways to keep watching Lukas and he was
for success. little ones happy while their soon fished out and caught in
One such GM, Lukas parents indulged in meaty The Crab at Chieveley’s net.
Laubscher, now has The Crab pastimes. Steve Hughes, new owner of
at Chieveley as his oyster. Ignoring the fact that The Crab, head hunted Lukas
The Crab at Chieveley steakhouses were a highly like a fishing trawler hunts
in Newbury Berkshire, UK, competitive market and even crabs.
an award-winning seafood tougher to make a mark, The challenge for Lukas
restaurant with oceans of Lukas continued to develop now is to continue to build
charm and a boutique hotel restaurant-friendly play areas, on The Crab’s vast array
serving the freshest fish fun parks and family events of unique experiences. His
and seafood from shores in before hooking a career catch overall brief requires him to
Newlyn, Brixham and Looe, by joining a start up seafood further elevate The Crab’s
specializes in huge, succulent restaurant, Catch 22. commercial success with style
Alaskan crabs! Starting from scratch, and imagination.
Lukas started his career literally bricks and mortar, His agenda includes
as a humble waiter in a Lukas steamed his way working with Head Chef
franchise steakhouse in South through a new learning curve Jamie Hodson to refine an
Africa and his single-minded and enhanced his knowledge extremely successful and
determination to jump and enthusiasm for “Fruits De diverse menu, growing a
the career ladder had him Mer.” restaurant that is already
bounding into management Eventually the lure of celebrated, constant training
within a year. expanding his skills landed and development for a highly
him at praised team and expanding
Donnington the boutique guest rooms.
Valley Hotel The constant praise for the
and Spa in quality of service, attention to
Newbury detail, staff’s enthusiasm and
as food and exceptional conduct is a direct
beverage reflection on Lukas’ strength
services manager, to build a dedicated team.
responsible for F&B The team at The Crab is of
between 2005 and an outstanding pedigree with
2007.  many of the key staff having
Lukas’ team worked with Michelin-starred
building skills chefs. Lukas says: “The Crab
soon had him is unique and a very attractive
promoted to and exciting opportunity for
acting deputy me!”
manager of The Crab is also renowned
a large four- for its hotel rooms, some of
star hotel


Strategic corporal
Game-changing decisions transferred to junior non-coms
Listen up corporate field – it is imperative that technology to help push more
management. From the even the junior-most soldier information to the soldiers that
organization that inspired in the field have as much need it most, the general said.
the management principle of information as he needs to do In 2004, for instance, the
command and control comes a his job, Chiarelli said. 1st Cavalry Division deployed
change in management style that “Information is power, to Iraq with what’s called the
transfers decision-making to the and we need to make sure Command Post of the Future
front lines. we are pushing power down (CPOF).
to the lowest levels on the “In one year, commanding
During the Association battlefield, where it is most a division in Baghdad, because
of the United States Army’s needed,” he said. of CPOF, there was not a single
Institute of Land Warfare “It is no longer realistic time that I called a brigade
Winter Symposium and to assume all or even the commander to my command
Exposition this year in Fort majority of game-changing post to issue an operations
Lauderdale, Fla., US, Gen. decisions will be made at order,” Chiarelli said.
Peter W. Chiarelli said the senior levels of command; to “We did it all over the
Army should focus on the contrary, those decisions collaboration network of
connectivity, commonality are more often made by the CPOF.”
and survivability. individual soldier on the
With the rise of the ground. We are committed
“strategic corporal” – the to the network and to
junior noncommissioned networking every soldier.” MAD Mentors help
officer that makes game- Over the last few years
changing decisions in the the Army has developed new 10 businesswomen succeed
Ten women from London, who had their dreams of
being mentored by some of the most successful
women in business come true, are half way
through their Make a Difference ‘MAD’ tutorship
in the FreshIdeas Events Mentor Competition.
During the past three months these female
entrepreneurs and careerwomen have had their
ideas scrutinized, digested, pummelled and re-
crunched, and finally . . . gently nurtured into
shape with the help of the best businesswomen
in the industry!
In November 2008, the winners of the
Smart People profile FreshIdeas Events Competition met their Mentors,
appropriately named Make A Difference (MAD)
CONTINUED seafood and exotic rooms
women. In May, the most successful ‘Mentor
with candlelit hot tubs, make
which proudly flaunt their Mentee Couple’ will be chosen and awarded the
a potent combination for
own private hot tub gardens. Grand MAD Mentor Prize.
a trendy general manager.
Each room reflects individual All 10 mentees have confessed they have
Without a doubt, The Crab at
themes of famous rooms from been on an exciting and inspiring roller coaster
Chieveley is Lukas’ oyster!
around the world and features ride – and they don’t want to get off!
For more information
authentic decor in luxury and Stay tuned.
on The Crab at Chieveley,
decadence. browse www.crabatchieveley.
In a ‘crab shell,’ The Crab’s com or email Paula Wynne at
unique features, its delectable


Facing the New Gens

To transfer knowledge, older gens need to catch up digital
By Robert Wendover supplies the context for Taking time to explain
Executive Director application and interpretation the relevance of what will be
The Center for of explicit knowledge – expireslearned is a key to investing
Generational Studies with the departure of the New Geners in the process.
person possessing it. So how Continually reinforcing this
Those who have inhabited the will this emerging generation relevance through examples
workplace for the past many approach the process of and application will help
years recognize the wealth absorbing the knowledge from maintain the engagement of
of information they and veteran workers? their multi-channeling minds.
their colleagues possess and To break the barrier, here’s They will look for delivery
wonder how best to transfer some of what the hierarchy that is convenient. E-learning
it to those inheriting their and its departing workers is so 2008. This emerging
responsibilities. should know about incoming generation is looking for
But what about the young workers: ways to learn and grow on
worldwide their schedule and
generation of in their preferred
workers just environments.
now entering That
the workforce? increasingly means
Ask most of mobile devices such
them about as PDAs and cell
the role of phones. The current
knowledge human resources
transfer as they and training
enter their jobs media is alive with
and they’ll give discussions about
you a blank the efforts being
stare. made to deliver
It doesn’t instruction and
necessarily mean they’re New Geners will look for support through
apathetic. It just hasn’t value. Young workers factor applications such as Twitter.
occurred to most young time into everything they do. While this evolution is
workers that this massive Ask them to memorize routine still in its infancy, be assured
transfer of wisdom and insight company procedures to which that young professionals
needs to take place . . . now. they cannot relate and they’ll will embrace these platforms
stall. and take them to levels that
Those of the generation
But ask them to learn challenge organizations to
that has grown up on the
Internet assume they can just software that can be leveraged keep apace. Those responsible
in other environments and for knowledge management
Google it. Why bother until
they’ll spend the weekend and transfer will find
they need it?
mastering the application. themselves faced with the
While so-called explicit
Any knowledge to same challenges.
knowledge – the information
be transferred needs to They will look for delivery
in documentable sources – can that is engaging. Young
be retained and transferred be delivered in a way
that demonstrates value professionals are not static
indefinitely, so-called tacit learners. Even though they
knowledge – the knowledge and relevance to the new
generation. have endured the monotony
of personal experience that of many high school and

college classes, they have and twenties, it is easy
also mastered the non-stop to understand why this
engagement of video gaming generation sees no limits on
and other interactive devices. how they can accomplish
While older workers are the tasks at hand.
more likely to sit patiently While this is
through didactic presentations certainly not true of
and training, emerging all young workers,
learners will begin to change organizations that
channels if not engaged foster an environment
within the first few minutes. of flexibility based on
Organizations will be outcome will thrive
faced with the challenge of more readily than
placing both explicit and those that follow a
tacit knowledge in formats protocol that confines
that stimulate young learners this youthful creativity
using interactive applications and enthusiasm.
that employ video and Certainly clear
audio clips as their base for parameters must be
instruction. Think YouTube provided to ensure the
and TeacherTube on steroids. security and integrity
They will want to of proprietary knowledge knowledge workers will
influence the transfer process. and practices. But strict take the constant sharing of
Where veteran workers control over the execution of knowledge for granted.
have been content to take knowledge transfer should be But while this
the learning and mentoring discouraged. phenomenon can be viewed
processes at face value, young They will work as a strength in transferring
professionals will not sit still collaboratively to share knowledge, organizations
for methods they find not to knowledge. While some will have to be more vigilant
their liking. workforce veterans have been than ever in protecting their
Society has taught these known to hoard information proprietary information.
individuals to speak up and because they view it as an The canons of knowledge
suggest solutions. To dictate element of job security, management and transfer
the terms of knowledge emerging professionals have yet to be fully defined.
transfer will only alienate appear to be at the opposite Yet without the input of
them and encourage them to end of the spectrum. the emerging generation,
look for ways to obtain the One of the things these practices may become
knowledge on their terms, that can be learned from irrelevant prematurely.
thereby circumventing this generation’s focus on Organizations that
organizational practices. electronic networking is that embrace the skills and desires
Rather than working to they will bring this practice of these young workers will
control knowledge transfer into the workplace at all better ensure the successful
methodologies, organizations levels. The speed with which transfer of knowledge in the
will be better off learning information is distributed coming years.
from these young workers throughout the world is
on how to best engage them. seen everyday in social Robert W. Wendover is director of
Then a more dynamic learning networking. The Center for Generational Studies
environment will evolve. Using this phenomenon, based in Aurora, Colo., US. Contact
They will interpret and apply coupled with the generation’s him at
knowledge in their own ways. seemingly in-born prowess For a more in-depth exploration of
When one looks at the with technology, and it is this and other related issues, visit the
creativity brimming forth certainly understandable why Center’s Web site at www.gentrends.
from some in their teens com.
today’s and tomorrow’s young

Ban Bullying
Nine out of ten British employees are victims
New statistics provided by made a formal complaint For a full list: http://www.
The Andrea Adams Trust in procedures were not
conjunction with its national followed correctly. supporters-and-links.html.
campaign against bullying
in the workplace in Britain
indicates that out of 10,000 
participants of an online
survey –
• 92% of workers felt they are
currently being bullied;    adjunctprofs/2008/08/new-york-may-ba.html
• 49% of those indicated that
their immediate manager
was the bully; november-2008-ban-bullying-at-work.html
• 56% of respondents stated
that in their workplace  Lyn Witheridge, founder  An official company
bullying is a very serious and CEO, said: “Leaving aside statement reads: “British
problem; for a moment the emotional Airways is proud to be
• 47.8% of respondents aspect of bullying and the supporting Ban Bullying at
stated that when they traumatic effect it can have on Work. We are committed
both targets and witnesses, to creating an environment
these figures indicate that where dignity and respect are
at last we are coming to our at the core of our relationship
senses and employees are with others.”
gaining the courage to speak At a recent country-wide
out against one of the most Ban Bullying at Work Day,
destructive forces at work the airline held workshops
today. and hosted stands to raise
awareness on practical aspects
Cannot turn a of dealing with harassment
blind eye, deaf ear and bullying.
She saw the response
as significant. “Turning a Trade union confirms
blind eye or a deaf ear is no findings
longer an option and we urge Trades Union Congress
everyone to join our national (TUC) General Secretary
campaign, now in its fifth Brendan Barber said “Our
year,” she says.  own survey shows concerns
Witheridge claims to have about bullying at work have
a number of supporters within increased by 25 percent since
government departments, 2006. And as the economic
the National Health Service, downturn puts workers
UK Primary Care trusts, the under greater strain, there is
Department of Health, several a danger that bullying could
universities and city councils spread even further.  There is
and scores of other private simply no excuse for bullying
and public organizations such at work.  It can leave people
as British Airways, a major traumatized, unable to work
sponsor. and unhappy after work, and


harms office morale too.  We

urge employers to look at their
working culture and policies Children ban bullying with a brush stroke
to ensure whenever bullying One of the most effective places to address cultural issues is in the public schools.
rears its head at work, it is Britain’s war on bullies starts in the classroom. Young people think differently and,
stamped out straight away.” in the age of digital empowerment, will insist on personal and professional dignity
TUC is the voice of Britain and respect.
at work with 58 affiliated
unions representing nearly Schoolchildren who won a ban bullying poster competition, organized by the University
seven million working people. of Essex, England, have visited the Colchester Campus to receive their prizes.
The University’s Equality and Diversity Unit ran the competition at the end of last
Industrial Age culture year, inviting local youngsters to design a poster on the theme of banning bullying. The
counter to Digital Economy competition was held in support of the vice chancellor’s initiative to promote dignity and
“The problem of bullying respect on campus and formed part of National Anti-Bullying Week.
is a social issue held over Joint winners in the 4-7 age group were Anna Hughes (Millfields Primary School,
from the dying Industrial Wivenhoe) and Rhianna Lawrie (Chase Lane Primary School, Dovercourt), while joint
Age which treated people winners in the 8-11 age group were Hettie Finn (Millfields Primary School, Wivenhoe) and
as chattel and managed Charlotte Joiner (Hilltop Junior School, Wickford).
them through command The prize winners, who attended the event with their parents and representatives from
and control,” Jerry Ash, their schools, received prizes of gift vouchers and engraved pens from Vice Chancellor
knowledge management Professor Colin Riordan. They also went on a tour of the university and had a celebration
expert and publisher of Smart lunch at Wivenhoe House.
People magazine, says. Syd Kent, from the Equality and Diversity Unit, said: “We were delighted with the
“It is a culture that is response and would like to thank everyone who took part; the overall standard was very
difficult to break in a new high.”
era where managers must The issue of bullying is part of the National Curriculum and information about the
become leaders and enablers competition was sent to schools across the region, covering areas close to the university’s
who create an environment campuses in Colchester, Loughton and Southend. The winning entries may be used in
of openness, trust, innovation future publicity campaigns to highlight dignity and respect.
and collaboration at all levels
of the organization. Those Link:
who don’t won’t survive in the Email:
Digital Economy.”

Big Brother bullying incident sparks deluge of calls to helpline

The “tirade of abuse” such as Big Brother and Adams Trust. “Sadly, when it
unleashed by Channel 4’s Big The Apprentice, where real- comes to bullying, failure to
Brother contestant Alexandra life bullying has been challenge this type of behavior
De Gale on her fellow portrayed on TV screens for is tantamount to condoning it.
housemates Rebecca Shiner entertainment value. Channel 4 should therefore be
and Rachel Rice, sparked by a It has also reportedly congratulated in this instance
disagreement over some over- resulted in more than 300 for making it very clear to
cooked chips, has prompted a complaints to Channel 4 and Alex that her behavior was
deluge of calls to the broadcast watchdog Ofcom. unacceptable.”
Andrea Adams Trust – the “By taking a voyeuristic
most established UK charity approach to bullying Link: http://www.
dedicated to preventing behaviors, reality TV
workplace bullying. programs run the risk of organgrinder/2008/jun/12/
The confrontation is perpetuating the myth that anotherbigbrotherbullyingr
just the latest in a series of bullying is acceptable,”
incidents on high profile, says Lyn Witheridge, chief
primetime TV programs executive of the Andrea


Jobs galore
Forget recession. There’s a knowledge worker crisis.
In a recent issue of the Journal of knowledge factor in their own work friendly. If you’re a Net Gener,
Professional Nursing, nurses were lives unless their professional you won’t like that.
defined as knowledge workers and journals, like the nursing journal, Become self-educated
the role of knowledge became the have defined their people as about knowledge management
central focus of a new recruitment knowledge workers. And people in – whether or not your goal is to be
policy for building a strong nursing all professions really are knowledge a knowledge manager. Truth is,
workforce. workers. almost all the information you find
Google “recruiting+knowledge Recruiters are now busy on “the knowledge thing” will be
worker” and you will get 500,000 retraining themselves to broker management oriented. No problem.
hits. this new kind of candidate – smart Just do like Smart People magazine
If all Baby Boomers do retire people. They not only see the does – turn it inside out. Take the
on schedule (and some won’t), growing demand for smart people; messages and revise them to your
employers will bleed knowledge at they see the shortage coming. point of view – the knowledge
an unprecedented, life-threatening The clear-eyed see the shortage worker.
pace. now. Yes now, when all the Probably the best KM conference
More significantly, employers attention is on unemployment. of the year is coming up in Houston,
are beginning to get it. That is, they Whether you are one of the Texas May 11-15, at the Houstonian
are painfully aware that their most unemployed or the worried Hotel, Club & Spa. I’ll be there. It’s
important asset really is located in employed, now is the time for you the product of the of APQC [www.
the brains of its smart people. to start looking at yourself as a].
This may be bad news for the knowledge worker. And build on it. The theme is The Knowledge
company, but good news for you. The minute you begin thinking that Transfer Revolution. Don’t worry
Companies face a crisis way, the future looks very bright. about it being over your head. KM
and many don’t even know it. Sure, take inventory. What you is not rocket science and the people
Knowledge savvy executives know. What you think you know. who attend are ordinary smart
and managers are acutely aware What you don’t know. How you can people who work at different levels
of the threat to the company’s contribute what you know for the of KM. This is the 14th Annual
future viability. Those who haven’t company. For yourself. Knowledge Management Conference
embraced the idea of knowledge But most importantly, take some and Training event. I attended the
management worry just as much of your spare time to learn how to first and several since. I always come
about all the expensive and be a knowledge worker. In the right away bristling with new ideas and
laborious training they will have to work environment, knowledge new energy. And I’m sure this year,
spring for. working comes naturally, but I’ll find some management stories I
Smart people may be just as unfortunately a majority of work can turn inside out!
oblivious to the meaning of the environments aren’t knowledge ~ Jerry Ash


The Knowledge Factor

When the Digital Gens meet the KMers
By Jerry Ash but does not make sense The most important
in the knowledge-driven realization in Corporate KM
For 175 years we have been economy. has been that people are the
taught that people are hired During the past 55 key. And the most important
not for what they know, years, courageous pioneers tool for unlocking and
but for what they can do. of Knowledge Management extracting value from human
They’ve been trained, handed (KM) have been hard at work knowledge is the community
job descriptions and told analyzing the Knowledge of practice (CoP).
their futures depended on Factor – observing a natural
performing to the standards. shift in which people are
Without regard for what in transition from chattel
people have already learned, to knowledge worker.
we have been schooled and Management guru Peter
trained in the company way. Drucker first uttered the
You know the old yarn: phrase “knowledge worker”
“The new hire is a college in 1954, a lifetime before
graduate, but now the real today’s Digital Generation.
learning begins!” In that From the management
scenario, having completed point of view, KM advocates
an education – any education have been studying,
– only means we’ve passed analyzing, theorizing,
a test that indicates we are experimenting, applying
teachable. lessons learned for the last
For almost two centuries 30 years. They have spent
the top-down industrial fortunes to assemble a deep
model of management has body of knowledge about the
been the only model of Knowledge Factor to exploit
management – the one taught knowledge in the workplace.
in MBA schools and applied to Many of these initiatives
all work, even when it doesn’t have been hugely successful,
make sense. It works on the mostly in mega companies
assembly line, but it is a silly in the global setting. And,
way to run a hospital or any surprisingly, heavy industries
knowledge-driven enterprise. are among the winners
This has been the way as they become aware of
for dozens of generations. themselves as knowledge-
It’s, like, in the genes. And driven enterprises.
reinforced by a teaching All knowledge originates
system where students are in the human mind and
taught but don’t learn, absorb it can’t really be managed. The people factor
but don’t think. Rather, in a savvy enterprise, Unfortunately, ordinary
The knowledge factor management gives way to smart people have not been
The Industrial Era is over. facilitation, with command privy to the dialogues. We’ve
Sure, industry still exists. But and control giving way been programmed to stay
it no longer rules the economy. to a self-motivated, out of corporate’s business
The command and control knowledge seeking, sharing, and mind our own (unless
way of managing still exists collaborating environment. NEXT PAGE


Jerry Ash CONTINUED of formal education and change during their lifetimes
is former learning in the self-directed, and they still know how to
we work in research and
managing democratic world of the adjust to it. Many, like me,
development or something
editor, Inside Internet, Net Geners simply welcome it.
like that). And our experience
Knowledge reminds us to stay in our won’t cower to command and
magazine, control. The magazine factor
own domain; outsiders – even
author of several Having dabbled in Smart People magazine
inside the company – are
knowledge management for jumps into that cauldron of
books and unwelcome in other business
tens of years, business and change and synergy.
now publisher, units.
industry will be learning We are bringing
Smart People Further, rarely has the
from these Net Geners who knowledging to the
magazine. He dialogue stretched beyond the
are the future of everything. mainstream and we are
may be reached workplace to life or vice versa.
The savvy companies, the marrying it with the dynamics
online just about ones who have cherished of a Digital Generation
anywhere and The digital factor
the promise of knowledge that has never known a life
Meanwhile, the digital
directly at management, will be more without knowledge sharing,
factor has caught fire, bringing
smart.guy1@ than ready to catch up digital. learning, collaborating and
people to the Internet to seek, innovating.
learn, share, even collaborate
The age factor The Digitals need to know
and accomplish great things.
Because they will meet what the pioneers who have
Digitals are engaged in
in the digital space, the new gone before them have been
the rush to social networks
culture will also learn from doing to clear the way for
where they tell all to friends
and strangers, and yet they the old. The older generation(s) thinking differently. And, the
lack trust in communities of really are catching up digital. pioneers need to know the
And the Digital Generation, great opportunities riding the
practice (CoPs) set up by the
contrary to popular belief, wave of the New Gen.
hierarchy back on the farm.
are veritable sponges of In the spirit of the Digital
Into this clash of cultures
knowledge. Don’t make the Age, Smart People magazine
rides the Digital Generation
– Don Tapscott’s wired mistake of thinking that Mom will be different – a new
and Dad, the Boomers, aren’t media publication. It has been
warriors who are now ages 11
already learning from the developed collaboratively
to 32. They’ve never known a
world that wasn’t digital and kids. And pay attention to the with the help of 60 volunteers
grandparents too. Tapscott in an open space online. It is
they don’t understand a world
says the Digitals are very more than a magazine with
that has yet to adjust to its
great truths and principles. much family oriented, making feedback channels now at
the exchange of knowledge work in several of the major
There must be a grand
much more likely than many social networks – Facebook,
plan. Business really wants to
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Once upon
a time
there was
a princess
. . . whose dreams were trapped inside her sleepy head.

Along came Smar t People

and the world was never the same.
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Smart People magazine is a new media publication

awakening in you the power of knowledge much
sought after by employers worldwide. This power
has always been there but the Web has multiplied
it a million times and, unknowingly, you are using
your smarts (and those of others) every day – living,
learning, choosing, working.
Wake up to the power.
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Speakers The KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER Revolution:
NEW Paradigms, NEW Payoffs
APQC’s 14th Annual Knowledge Management
Carla O’Dell, PhD
President APQC Conference and Training
May 11-15, 2009
Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa
Christopher Meyer
Chief Executive Houston, Texas
Monitor Networks

Alan Deutschman
Change or Die: The Three
Keys to Change at Work
and in Life

John McQuary
Vice President, KM
and Technology
Strategies, Fluor Corp.

Rob Cross
Professor of
University of Virginia
and Research Director,
The Network Roundtable

Victor Newman
The Knowledge Activist’s
Handbook: Adventures
from the Knowledge

Bryant Clevenger
Global Leader, IBM Global
Business Services,
Knowledge Sharing