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APRIL 24, 2011






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Huge public backing for first born child to take the throne
By Camilla Tominey

PRINCE WILLIAM and Kate Middletons rst child should succeed to the throne regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, Britons say. The nation has spoken in an extraordinary Sunday Express poll that calls for equality in the Royal Family. Nearly two-thirds of the population would like to see the discriminatory rules changed so that daughters have the same rights as sons to inherit the throne. Our exclusive

We save the little lamb dumped in a wheelie bin




SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011






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Keep on having rows, Clegg told

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By Ted Jeory



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Temperatures in Centigrade

Todays summary: Dry for many with sunny spells

North West: Fine and dry with long spells East Anglia: Dry and warm. However, an of sunshine and only a little cloud. Light isolated heavy shower cannot be ruled winds. High 18C (64F). out. High 21C (70F). Northern Ireland: After a bright start, London/South East: A very warm day for cloud will spread southeast to give the odd April with sunny spells. The small chance spot of drizzle. High 14C (57F). of a sharp shower. High 23C (73F). Wales: Predominantly dry with lots of South: Bright with sunny spells, but the sunshine and only a few patches of cloud. odd heavy shower may develop. Very Gentle winds. High 20C (68F). warm for April again. High 22C (72F). Midlands: Bright with sunny spells, but South West: Bright and dry with lengthy also the chance of the odd heavy shower. periods of sunshine. Light to moderate Feeling cooler. High 19C (66F). northerly winds. Warm. High 19C (66F). North East/Yorks: Mainly fine with sunny Channel Isles: It will be a dry day with spells and patchy cloud. Gentle winds. largely blue skies and and prolonged Slightly less warm. High 18C (64F). periods of sunshine. High 17C (63F). Scotland: A few spots of drizzle spreading Sea: North Sea: Slight. Irish Sea: Slight. southeast. Remaining fine in many Channel: Slight. southern areas though. High 17C (63F). UK OUTLOOK TOMORROW: Mainly dry in England and Wales, but with cloud edging southeast. Predominantly dry in Scotland and Northern Ireland with sunny spells.

six-day ForEcasT Temperatures in Centigrade Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SaT min max min max min max min max min max min max
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ONE of Nick Cleggs most 23 15 senior lieutenants urged him 10 last night to row more in public with David Cameron to improve the health of the Coalition. 12 Lib Dem president Tim FROM PAGE ONE Farron said spats between the Should William and Kates first born countrys top politicians14 were become 19 Monarch regardless of 19 sex? Temperatures survey asked whether the system ought to healthy and stopped them Dont know in Centigrade be changed to allow William and Kates rst from becoming spoiled brats. Temperatures in Centigrade Other 16% born to become King or Queen regardless of Amid growing signs of their gender. tension within the Coalition, the 6% Todays summary: Cloud edging southeast Todays forecast: A convincing 60 per cent said it should, MP said he was glad the Prime North West Coast: Rather cloudy with the East Coast: Predominantly dry with 18% andMale heirs should Spain, and60% the Balearic Canary Islands with just 18 per cent wanting male heirs Portugal to Minister able to comment sunny spells. However, it will become odd spot of felt light rain or drizzle. However, have priority during thetaking course of the it may brighter views later with on sunny continue precedence. on Mrturn Cleggs interns fairly cloudy Portugal will have sunny spells, but Rather cloudy for Costa Blanca with afternoon. Gentle High has 16C (61F). intervals. Highmobility. 12C (54F). also one or two showers. High 22C rain. Bright for remaining parts The winds. Queen consented heavy to reforming and social South West Coast: Mainly fairly North Central Any brightness (72F). Drizzle is possible to start, but of Spain, but the Ireland: principle of male succession if with the showers, these Mr Cameron said dry, he but was cloudy with the chance of an isolated will soon disappear. It will then be a the Canaries will have a dry day with heavy with the chance of the odd to be the people. very relaxed about awarding generally change patch of drizzle. Sunny spells developing cloudy dayproves with the odd spotthe of will ofrumble sunny spells. High 23C of thunder. High The 24C (75F). first born Should Kate say she will(73F). obey later. High 14C (57F). drizzle possible. 12C (54F). As High it matters stand, a rst-born son would internships to the children of child William in her vows? next line tofor the throne, even if he had friends and Ireland: colleagues. Northernbe Ireland: A in bright start some. South Central Following a bright suceeds outlook: Scattered showers Not sure Yes However,an cloud will spread southeast to Andrew and Edward start, is expected to behad dry, but with older sister. Princes He it revealed he just the throne drizzle in places. A light to Anne in the line of succloud amounts increasing from west.of a give a little above Princess allocated aHigh place a the child and back in Britain today moderateare wind. High 14C (57F). Gentle winds. 16C for (61F). cession even though she is older. local farmer neighbour, a 25% dry and 31% East: Very warm for April North: A mainly fine day with Prime Minister NickLondon/South Clegg, is The comprehensive pupil who will Outlook tomorrow: Warmest: Helens's Bay 16C (61F). ireland Deputy with sunnywho periods. small chance of a periods of sunshine. Gentle winds. A little Coldest: Knock 4Cfor (39F). constitutional Extremes: responsible reform, is work in his constituency of ce sharp shower. High 23C (73F). less warm. High 18C (64F). Following a rather cloudy morning with the 44% No Wettest: Johnstown Castle 0.08in (24 hours leading moves to change the line of succesin Witney, Oxfordshire. chance of an isolated light shower, it will to 2pm yesterday) Midlands: Bright with sunny spells, but Scotland: A few spots of drizzle sion so it is unaffected by the heirs sex. Earlier this month, also the chance of the odd heavy shower. spreading southeast. Fine in many gradually turn brighter from thethe northwest Last Quarter A little less High 19C (66F). southern areas though. High 17C (63F). with sunny intervals Minister developing. had With the Royal Wedding just ve warm. days Deputy Prime 25 April away, he believes the matter is more press- dry with lots of criticised work experience Wales: Predominantly Ireland: Cloud spreading across from the Do you plan on attending or watching Royal Wedding? sunshine only a few patches of cloud. northwest to givethe a little drizzle in places. ing than ever, given the possibility of and a baby six-day ForEcasT Temperatures in Centigrade Gentle winds. High 20C (68F). High 16C (61F). princess arriving within a year. Yes Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SaT The principle of is min max min max min max min max min max min max primogeniture UK outlook tomorrow: Largely dry. Cloud edging southeast London enshrined in common law and would
7 5 8 19 3 15 5 Cardiff 9 20 7 17 8 placements for children of the Glasgow 5 13 6 13 5 well-connected and called for a Manchester 8 17 4 15 5 more transparent approach. newcastle Downing 6 14 Street 4 12 5 Although norwich 8 PM 17 backed 6 13 Mr 7 insisted that the Plymouth Cleggs social mobility strategy, 9 19 7 16 6

60% say that law should be changed


C 40 30 20 10 0 -10 -20 -30

F 100 80 60 40 20 0 -20






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Wettest: Preston 0.28in. (24 hours to 2pm yesterday) Sunniest: East Malling 13.8hr.

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Warmest: Gravesend 27C (81F) Coldest: Aboyne 3C (37F)

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49% require an Parliament to change it 7 14 8 Act 16 of 7 16 six-day ForEcasT iN BriTaiN Temperatures in Centigrade formally. Since is also the head 6 15 7 17 the 8 Queen 17 51% Mon Tue Wed Thu Frimin max SaT of Commonwealth nations, 9 state 16 in91517other 10 17 min max min max min max min max min max any change would require legislation in 16 9 22 London 7 16 7 17 8 16 9 19 10 18 7 15 8 15 8 15 separate countries. Belfast 6 13 6 13 5 15 7 14 8 16 7 16 7Mr 15 Clegg 7 16 has 8 said 17 the issue would Birmingham 8 19 3 15 5 16 6 15 7 17 8 17 7 13 7 13 6 15 require careful thought but that both he No Cardiff to 9 20 7 17 8 16 9 16 9 17 10 17 8 13 15 8 were 15 and David8 Cameron sympathetic Glasgow 6 plan 13 on attending 5 14 a Royal 7 Wedding 15 8 15 party? 8 15 changing rules little old 5 13 Do you 8 15 9 15 which 9 16 seemed a street Manchester 8 17 4 15 5 16 7 15 7 16 8 17 some Liberal Democrats were fashioned. 24 hours SuN RaiN Temp Moon, sun and tides newcastle Yes angry that Mr Cameron Westminster sources have said 6 14 4 12 5 12 7 13No We 7 were 13 not 6 15 Britain Friday However, to 5pm (hrs) (ins) (min) (max) street 8 15 MOON rises: 2.42am, sets: appeared to 0.00 have a 9.8 0.00 6 that it is less of a11.19am priority for the Prime Min- 8 17 norwich 6 13 7 13 8 13 allowed 8 a15 Aberdeen 8.2 5 broken 14 Glasgow 18 SUN rises Dublin: 6.06am, sets: 8.40pm 8% 7% party by our gentlemans agreement whorises: fears changing the rules will be 9 19 Aberporth 7.3 0.08 13 22 Hull to 10.6 0.00 4 ister, 19 Manchester 5.50am, sets: 8.25pm Plymouth 7 16 6 16 8 15 local 9 council 15 9 16 Alnwick 2.8 0.00 6 12 Ipswich 11.2 0.00 10 23 refrain from personal criticisms. complicated and time-consuming when the HIGH TIDE Belfast 9.2 0.00 11 21 Leeds 9.8 0.00 6 24 24 hours SuN RaiN Temp (11.39am), () However, tipped full attention should Britain Friday Moon, sun and tides Birmingham 12.3 Mr 0.00 Farron, 6 25 Lincoln 11.6 0.00 8 Coalition 24 Waterford Governments to 5pm (hrs) (ins) (min) (max) 85% Limerick (), (12.32pm) as a possible replacement on tackling the nancial de cit.0.00 5 14 Glasgow 9.8 0.00 6 18 MOON rises: 1.46am, sets: 11.50am Bmouth 9.2 0.00 6 23 London for11.2 0.00 10 be 27 focused Aberdeen 8.2 (10.42am), (11.01pm) Bristol 9 25 Manchester 12.3 0.00 11 23 AGalway Mr Clegg9.7 as 0.00 party leader, said: Cabinet Of ce spokesman said: The Aberporth 7.3 0.08 13 22 Hull 10.6 0.00 4 19 SUN rises Madrid: 6.23am, sets: 8.01pm (10.42am), (11.11pm) Manchester rises: 5.50am, sets: 8.25pm Cardiff 3.6 0.04 11 21 Oxford 10.6 0.00 9 24 Cobh Alnwick law 2.8 as 0.00 6 12 Ipswich 11.2 0.00 10 23 (4.44am), (5.44pm) Its good that disagree. agrees that the current Durham 6.5 0.00they 7 18 Shampton 13.2 0.00 12 Government 21 Dublin Last Quarter Belfast 9.2 0.00 11 21 Leeds 9.8 0.00 6 24 Belfast (4.15am), (5.00pm) 25 April Edinburghwhat 3.3 coalition 0.00 6 13 St Andrews 0.9 0.00 6 it 10 stands Thats is discriminatory and would like it Birmingham 12.3 0.00 6 25 Lincoln 11.6 0.00 8 24 No 10 27 HIGH TIDE London 8.11pm-5.45am Birmingham 8.19pm-5.48am to be Lighting-up times government is all about. changed. Its a complex issue9.2 and Bmouth 0.00 6 23 London 11.2 0.00 Manchester 8.25pm-5.48am Bristol 8.20pm-5.54am London Bge (6.55am), (7.09pm) Bristol 9.7 0.00 9 25 Manchester 12.3 0.00 11 23 Its about people who do 8.39pm-5.49am needs to be8.25pm-5.41am done in partnership with other Newcastle Glasgow Belfast 8.41pm-5.58am (4.05am), (4.43pm) Cardiff 3.6 0.04 11 21 Oxford 10.6 0.00 9 24 Liverpool disagree with each other but countries where the Queen is head saying13.2 they of Greenockin favour (5.15am), (5.48pm) Durham of state. 6.5 0.00 7polled 18 Shampton 0.00 were 12 21 more Dover (4.05am), (4.29pm) agreeing to treat each other like There are talks going ahead Edinburgh but it is Family because it, as opposed to 3.3not 0.00 6the 13 Royal St Andrews 0.9 0.00 6 10 of Today Tomorrow Europe forecast grown-ups and human beings. something that will happen overnight. 12 per cent who were less in favour and 71 Warmest: Gravesend 27C (81F) Lighting-up times Britain Glasgow 8.39pm-5.49am Amsterdam Sunny 24C/75F Amsterdam According Sunny to our 21C/70F His comments came as Mr survey, 44 per cent of Aboyne per cent who said it 8.41pm-5.58am made no difference. Coldest: 3C (37F) Belfast London 8.11pm-5.45am Extremes: Brussels Sunny 24C/75F Brussels Sunny 23C/73F Wettest: Preston 0.28in. Clegg attacked the Tories at a people say Kate should drop the oldWilliam bene ts most from the wedding Birmingham 8.19pm-5.48am (24 hours Manchester 8.25pm-5.48am Dublin Fair 15C/59F Dublin Cloudy 13C/55F to 2pm yesterday) Sunniest: East Malling 13.8hr. Bristol if the 8.20pm-5.54am Newcastle 8.25pm-5.41am Frankfurt Sunny 25C/77F Sunny 22C/72Fher husband Yes To AV referendum rally in Frankfurtfashioned vow to obey while 31 bounce. Asked publicity made them 24n02piecharts Geneva Fair 20C/68F Geneva per cent Sunny 22C/72F Norwich for keeping company said she 25C/77F should agree to it. more or less in favour of the bridegroom, 29 Lisbon Sunny 23C/73F Lisbon Sunny Today Europe forecast with the BNP Fair and Communists Our survey, by pollster Angus Reid, found per cent said more and only seven perTomorrow cent Madrid 20C/68F Madrid Sunny 21C/70F Paris Thunder 24C/75F Paris the publicity Sunny surrounding 25C/77F the Royal Amsterdam 24C/75F Amsterdam Sunny 21C/70F in the No camp even though WeddingSunnysaid less while 64 per cent thought it had Rome Sunny 21C/70F Rome Showers 21C/70F Brussels Sunny 24C/75F Brussels Sunny 23C/73F there is mainstream crosswas having a benecial effect on the monar-Fair made no difference. Dublin 15C/59F Dublin Cloudy 13C/55F party support on both sides. chy as a whole, with 16 per cent of peopleSunny Prince CharlesFrankfurt was the onlySunny Royal to fare Frankfurt 25C/77F 22C/72F around the world yesterday

Its good that 9 22 7 16 Belfast disagree 6 13 6 13 they Birmingham

17 15 16 16 14 16 12 13 16

8 16

9 19

10 18

13 Amsterdam .FOCUS: Sunny 24PAGE 75 Hong Kong. . Athens . . . . . Sunny 19 66 Istanbul. . . . . Barcelona. . . Sunny 17 63 Jersey. . . . . . Berlin . . . . . . Sunny 21 70 Larnaca . . . . Budapest . . . Cloudy 21 70 Las Palmas . Cairo. . . . . . . Sunny 24 75 Los Angeles. Cape Town. . Sunny 23 73 Luxor . . . . . . Casablanca . Cloudy 19 66 Malaga . . . . . Corfu . . . . . . Fair 21 70 Mallorca . . . . Dublin . . . . . . Fair LOTTO 13 55 Malta . . . . . . Dubrovnik.(jackpot . . Sunny 4.3 18 64 million) Melbourne . . Faro . . . . . . . Shwrs 16 61 Miami . . . . . . 5 6 18 36 44 49 Florence . . . . Cloudy 18 64 Moscow . . . . bonus Gibraltar . . . . Fair 19ball 66 10 Nairobi . . . . . Guernsey . . . Sunny 13 55 New Delhi. . .


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SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Planning wedding kiss curls then Kate?

By Camilla Tominey

HAIR TO THRONE: Kate, accompanied by a female police bodyguard, heads to the Richard Ward salon where she spent five hours badly in the survey, which polled 2,010 men and women aged 18 to over 55. Only eight per cent said the Royal Wedding had made him more popular while 18 per cent said they were less in favour of him, suggesting that the heir to the throne is being eclipsed by his elder son. Although three-quarters of the public will enjoy the day off on Friday, only half of Britons say they will watch the wedding, with 47 per cent planning to see it on television or online and two per cent listening on the radio. One per cent said they would travel to London to watch the procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. A surprising 51 per cent said they did not plan to watch any of the coverage, despite all the publicity surrounding the wedding. Street parties proved to be less popular than they were when Charles and Diana married in 1981. Asked if they were planning to attend a street party, just eight per cent of respondents said they would, with 85 per cent saying they would not.

T HAS been shrouded in as much secrecy as her wedding dress but we may have an answer to the other burning question about the royal bride-to-be: Will she wear her hair up or down? Kate Middleton spent five hours at an exclusive London salon last week in a bid to perfect her wedding look. She was in the chair at hairdresser Richard Wards Chelsea salon on Tuesday with her personal stylist James Pryce, who will be on duty again on the big day on Friday. Having entered the salon with her hair in a pony tail, Kate emerged with it loose and curly, sparking speculation that she might wear her hair down on the big day. Thrifty Kate, who was accompanied by a female bodyguard, took a leaf out of the Queen and Princess Annes book by recycling an outfit she wore to have lunch with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in February. Back then she teamed the black and beige patterned dress and tan jacket

with black opaque tights and knee-high boots but the warmer weather last week meant she could bare her toned legs. Mr Ward, who will be styling Kates mother Carole and sister Pippa, her chief bridesmaid, on the day has already hinted that she will wear her hair down. He is reported to have told fellow celebrity stylist Sinead Kelly, that her wedding day hair will be 100 per cent down and flowy. He added: Every brides hair on their wedding day should reflect their look throughout the year. Kates such a natural girl, so no stuffy up-dos for her. Bookmakers are also taking bets on whether Kate will wear a tiara, with Ladbrokes giving the best odds on the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara, one of the Queens favourites which was her wedding gift to Princess Diana.
LOCKS: Kate shows off the new look the next day

But will she use Camillas bee Botox?

KATE MIDDLETON has taken a tip from Camilla and may use bee sting venom as part of her beauty regime, writes James Murray. The Duchess of Cornwall has been using a bee venom mask for some time and it is partly credited with making her look younger. The venom from New Zealand, which is collected without killing bees, costs 27,000 an ounce. Only tiny amounts are used in the bee venom mask, which costs 55 for a 50ml jar. The treatment has been described as being as effective as Botox for a facelift but without the side effects. Beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell, who formulated the mask, treats the Duchess and other celebrities such as Dannii Minogue, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gwyneth Paltrow.



THEN: Camilla shows the wrinkles a year ago

NOW: The new, smoother Duchess last month

Earl Spencer goes to the front of the pew:


PAGES 4 & 5 l

Nick Ferrari:


l Royal travel special:

PAGES 73-78


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


No invitation for Blair and Brown

EX-LABOUR prime Harold Macmillan, Alec ministers Tony Blair Douglas-Home, Harold and Gordon Brown have Wilson, Edward Heath not been invited to the and James Callaghan, royal wedding unlike attended the Prince of Tory predecessors Sir Waless marriage to John Major and Lady Diana at St Pauls Baroness Thatcher. Cathedral in 1981. The pair Neither Mr were widely Blairs ofce expected to nor Mr attend the Browns Westminster made any Abbey comment. ceremony on St Jamess Friday. Palace said: St Jamess There is no Palace said protocol they had not reason to been invited invite them, BLAIR: No comment so unless the because neither were couple Knights of the Garter, wanted to invite former unlike Sir John and prime ministers, theres Lady Thatcher. no reason to do so. She declined her Gordon Brown has invitation on health made almost 475,000 in grounds, but Sir John is just six months while expected to attend. All ying around the world surviving former prime lecturing, the Sunday ministers, including Express has learned.

Front-row seats for Diana family

By Camilla Tominey

If the worst happens, I know that Dogs Trust will care for him.

THE SPENCER family will take front-row seats alongside the Royals and the Middletons for the wedding. Princess Dianas sisters Lady Jane Fellowes and Lady Sarah McCorquodale and her brother Charles, Earl Spencer will be seated on the front row opposite foreign royals, according to a seating plan released yesterday by Clarence House. Charles Spencers last public appearance at Westminster Abbey was when he delivered the eulogy at Dianas funeral which turned out to be a rebuke of the Royal Familys treatment of his sister. Only the couples nearest and dearest will witness the wedding ceremony close-up, with those further away relying on video screens. The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry will be on the front row closest to the Sanctuary, where William and Kate will exchange vows. Kates parents Michael and Carole Middleton and brother James will sit directly opposite the Queen and other senior Royals. The next best seats will go to the Spencer family and foreign royals including the Sultan of Brunei, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Albert of Monaco. The Prime Minister and his wife Samantha, his deputy Nick

Kate William and

1 APRIL, 201 FRIDAY 29
and PhiliP The QUeen 1947 November 20, Elizabeths did you know: tiara broke at Russian fringe as she was the last minute running putting it on, so made to it be repairs had to SaRah andReW and July 23, 1986 Prince did you know: of four William was one wedding. page boys at the Zara d Soon-to-be-we bridesmaid Phillips was a


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anne and MaRK 1973 November 14, Captain did you know: only the Mark Phillips was in more second commoner marry to than 200 years Family into the Royal

SoPhie edWaRd and June 19, 1999 The couple did you know: Georges married at St Castle, Chapel in Windsor ceremony in a lower-key siblings than Edwards

diana chaRleS and July 29, 1981 The did you know: wears here earrings Diana her sister will be worn by Lady Sarah McCorquodale at Fridays wedding

KaTe WilliaM and 16, 2010 Engaged, November A global audience did you know: are expected of two billion people wedding at to watch the couples on Friday Westminster Abbey


caMilla chaRleS and April 9, 2005 Camillas did you know: and 1920s-style platinum ring diamond engagement to the used to belong Queen Mother

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Haldanes View

Clegg and wife Miriam and view of the altar to anyone Labour leader Ed Miliband and behind it. Among those who will his ance Justine Thornton have to watch the ceremony on will sit on the same side as the large video screens will be Royal Family alongside defence celebrities including David and chiefs. Opposite will be repre- Victoria Beckham, Sir Elton sentatives from all faiths includ- John and Rowan Atkinson. ing the Archbishop of Also attending will be Westminster, the Olympic swimming Most Reverend star Ian Thorpe, Vincent Nichols, who is coming head of the out of retireRoman Cathoment to comlic church, pete at London I m a m 2012. Mohammad Prince WilRaza and liam met the Chief Rabbi, sportsman The number of guests Lord Sacks. when he visited invited to the William and Australia last year Abbey Kates closest and now supports friends have also been the swimmers charity, given priority and will be Thorpes Fountain for Youth. seated behind the Middleton Other sports personalities will family by the North Door. include former England rugby About 1,000 guests will sit in coach Sir Clive Woodward, Sir the section of the Abbey in front Trevor Brooking, a Football of the choir, a partition in the Association colleague of the building which restricts the Prince who is the bodys


Number cr unching...

president, and Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas. Service personnel also feature heavily on the guest list. Squadron Leader Paul Bolton, from RAF Valley in Anglesey, North Wales, where William is based as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, has been invited. Also on the guest list are members of the families of two close friends and colleagues from Sandhurst who died on active service. Holly Dyer, the sister of 2nd Lieutenant Joanna Dyer, who was killed by a bomb in Iraq in 2007, and Susie Roberts, the widow of Williams Sandhurst platoon commander Major Alexis Roberts, killed four years ago in Afghanistan, will both be in the congregation. Williams former housemaster at Eton, Andrew Gailey, and Edward Gould, master of Marlborough College when Kate was a student, will also attend.

By Marco Giannangeli

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ARMED police ofcers are on a shoot to kill footing for the wedding, it emerged last night. In a secret brieng more than 550 members of Scotland Yards elite CO19 specialist rearms unit were told to take a rm stand against trouble. Measures include watching out for anyone who looks like he is about to pull out a weapon. A zero tolerance approach towards unruliness will see any members of the public who cause trouble or appear intoxicated removed from the crowds. Sources last night said intelligence ofcers at GCHQ have intercepted a large amount of chatter on email and electronic trafc mentioning a ceremony and indels in the big church. It follows revelations by the Sunday Express last week that Muslim extremists had planned to target the big day with a series of high-prole demonstrations. Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens said some police ofcers had been contacted by Muslims Against Crusades,

Be ready to shoot to kill, Scotland Yard tells its marksmen

which vows on its website to launch a forceful demonstration. She conrmed ofcers would act quickly, robustly and decisively. More than 5,000 police will be deployed on Friday, with 900 of them lining the route between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Helicopters of the Air Support Unit equipped with thermograph, infra-red and video cameras will be scouring crowds before and during the event. The royal carriage is to be escorted by nine ofcers of the Metropolitan Police Services Mounted Branch, as well as members of the Special Escort Guard, highly trained ofcers used to protect heads of state and other visiting dignitaries. Members of the Special Boat Service will be deployed to safeguard the Thames from any Mumbai-style terrorist attack. There will be 35 sniffer dogs on duty, searching for bombs, ammunition and rearms. The Metropolitan Police, responsible for Fridays security arrangements, will be joined by 1,000 soldiers, including a detachment from the Irish Guards, on ceremonial duty. The regiment is the rst to be named as having Prince William as its honorary colonel. Just home from a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan, soldiers from the 1st Battalion, The Irish Guards, will have only ve days to master ceremonial rehearsals. They will be positioned at St Jamess Palace, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Although they will be there for ceremonial purposes, the guards will all be armed and in a state of readiness should they be needed, a military source said last night. In addition, 70 members of the special forces will be placed in strategic locations, with at least 10 expected to inltrate any protests. It is believed the Army will also deploy rooftop snipers.



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

NORTH AND SOUTH NAVES General congregation Elton John (below) and David Furnish David and Victoria Beckham (bottom) Joss Stone Rowan Atkinson Tara Palmer Tomkinson (below middle) Guy Ritchie


NORTH LANTERN Middleton family and friends Parents Carole (right) and Michael Sister Pippa (far right) Brother James Uncle Gary

NORTH LANTERN Spencer family Charles, Earl Spencer Lady Jane Fellowes Lady Sarah McCorquodale

LEFT CHOIR Faith representatives Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols Imam Mohammad Raza NORTH NAVE Guests of Prince Charles

RIGHT CHOIR Cabinet/MPs David and Samantha Cameron (right) Nick Clegg and Miriam Gonzalez Durantez Ed Miliband and Justine Thornton Boris Johnson Alex Salmond Commons speaker John Bercow

SOUTH TRANSEPT Foreign royals and dignitaries

SOUTH LANTERN Royal Family The Queen (above) and Prince Philip Prince Charles and Camilla Princess Anne and Tim Laurence Prince Andrew Prince Edward and Sophie Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall




SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



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SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Saved from death by the

So what shall we call the wheelie bin lamb?

By Stuart Winter

PLAYTIME: Frolicking with new pal George Roberts

THE pitiful little lamb dumped in a wheelie bin has been given a fresh start in life, thanks to the Sunday Express. Days after being left for dead, the lucky creature is gambolling in the sunshine through meadows of spring owers. We stepped in and paid for the month-old lambs recuperation after he was rescued from his terrifying ordeal last week. The distressing discovery on a busy Manchester street caused a national outrage. Luckily, a passing nurse heard bleating and alerted the RSPCA which rescued the animal and is now supervising his recovery at a secret rural retreat. Why the lamb was thrown into the dank rubbish bin remains a mystery but it comes at a time when sheep rustling is reaching

epidemic proportions as meat prices rise. With the hunt continuing for whoever left the creature to die, the Sunday Express is asking animal-loving readers to give him a name. The lamb is currently getting round-the-clock care from devoted mum Bryony Roberts, with enthusiastic help from her two-year-old nephew George. RSPCA fosterer Bryony, 19, will look after the lamb until he is weaned and can live out the rest of his life in comfort. She said: In the past we have had rescued sheep who have lived to the age of 14 and 15, so hopefully this one will have a great innings too. I was horried when I heard he had

been dumped in a wheelie bin. I have no idea why but whoever did this is despicable. Luckily the lamb doesnt appear to have suffered too badly. He is bottle-fed every three to four hours, day and night. Everyone here loses sleep as a result but hes well worth it. Mike Hogg, RSPCA manager for the North of England, said: Were very grateful to the Sunday Express for their kind offer to pay for this lambs care and we cannot wait to hear what name readers come up with. Send suggestions to Name The Lamb, News Desk, Sunday Express, Northern and Shell Building, 10 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6EN. The winner will receive two years free RSPCA membership.


Payout ruling set to end our free banking

By Holly Thomas

FREE banking is under threat following a ruling last week that is likely to cost UK banks 4.5billion. Experts claim the losses will be recouped from customers through more expensive banking and even the end of free current accounts. A High Court judge ruled against banks that had challenged rules from the Financial Services Authority (FSA), paving the way for consumers to claim compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). The judgment means that banks will have to start processing cases again and paying out to about three million policyholders. Customers due compensation should not rejoice just yet, warned Tim Kirk, Partner at accountancy

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rm BDO LLP. The British Bankers Association may appeal and even if the FSA ultimately wins, banks are likely to pass on at least some of the 4.5billion cost to consumers in higher charges. This is another step towards the end of free banking. PPI is sold with services such as loans and credit cards in case a borrower cannot work or loses their job through redundancy. It has been criticised as being riddled with exclusions and difcult to make a successful claim. Kevin Mountford at Moneysuper- said: There has been a wave of decisions against the banks and sooner or later were going to pay for it. It will be interesting to see which of the banks moves rst on this. It is already becoming less usual for customers in the UK to have free current accounts. Banks charge between 3 and 25 a month, guaranteeing them millions of pounds a year. They lure consumers with incentives such as health benets, car breakdown and travel insurance.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Couple are killed in vicious home attack

By James Fielding
AN elderly couple were murdered by thieves who broke into their home and stole their car. The bodies of Guiseppe Massaro, 80, and his wife Caterina, 77, were found by a relative. Their black Peugeot 307 was taken from the road outside and found abandoned a few streets away. Detectives in Wolverhampton are investigating whether the couple died as they tried to prevent the theft on Friday night. Superintendent Mark Payne, of West Midlands Police, said yesterday: This is a particularly nasty incident. However, we have not conducted a post-mortem examination yet to determine the exact details of what happened here. We are at the very early stages of the investigation and its a very complicated scene. The couples home, where they had lived for more than 50 years, and five neighbouring houses were cordoned off yesterday as officers conducted a detailed search. Police are continuing door-to-door inquiries and are examining CCTV VICTIMS: Mr and Mrs Massaro, right, who were killed at their home in the West Midlands, left. It was cordoned off as police started an inquiry footage from a garage over the road. They are also trying to trace the religious couples car on the night before their deaths. It had an orange air freshener on the rear view mirror and a sticker of the Virgin Mary to the left. Supt Payne said: Tragedies like this are extremely rare but have enormous impact. Anyone who saw anyone coming in or out of that house, whether they recognise them or not, should contact police. Neighbours paid tribute to the couple, who had two children and two grandchildren. They moved to England from Italy in 1960. Sarah Roberts, 61, who lives a few doors down, said: They were a lovely couple. I knew the husband as Joe, I only spoke to him a couple of days ago and he wished me well. Another neighbour, Justin Greenwood, 46, said: He was a nice old guy and she was a nice lady. Were in a state of shock, to be honest. Daniel Haynes, 21, said 10 police cars, a forensic van and sniffer dogs were called to the road just after 8pm on Friday. A post-mortem examination is due to take place this afternoon.


Venom: Tyler Butcher

Adder bite leaves girl in agony

A NINE-year-old girl was in hospital last night after being bitten by an adder while on a bank holiday stroll. The snakes venom turned Tyler Butchers leg black and left her screaming in agony. After an anti-venom injection yesterday, she was making a good recovery. Her father Kenny said the adder, Britains only venomous snake, struck as they walked through the New Forest in Hampshire on Good Friday. At first I thought she had been stung by a nettle then I saw the snake, he said. Paramedics took Tyler to Southampton General Hospital.


Guilty verdict in post office murder tears village apart

By David Paul
PRAYERS were being said in a village church today for murdered postmistress Diana Garbutt and the husband who is starting a 20year jail sentence for killing her. For many in the congregation Robin Garbutt, 45, deserves to rot in jail for bludgeoning Diana, 40, to death with an iron bar as she slept. Just as many others attending St James the Great for the Easter Day service in Melsonby, North Yorkshire, is convinced that he is innocent. Now all must live together beside the scene of the grisly crime, the village shop and post office. Locals are stunned that the sort of crime they had seen only in TV shows such as Midsomer Murders has been committed in CONFLICT: Among floral tributes to Diana Garbutt is one in support of the husband convicted of killing her butts clothes. The jury heard Garbutt, who portrayed himself as a devoted husband since buying the shop in 2004, could not keep up with her demands for sex. She had relationships with three other men and was using an internet dating site on the night she was killed. Garbutt was also just days away from being exposed as a crook by a Post Office audit. He had credit card debts of 30,000 yet fiddled thousands to fund foreign holidays and luxury breaks in a bid to save his marriage. His tears in court failed to impress the judge Mr Justice Openshaw who called his story of an armed robber ludicrous. However, old neighbours like Ian Simpson remain loyal. Weve had faith in Robin from the start, he said. It was a terrible turn of events and tragic for everyone. There is so much goodwill towards Robin in the village. A middle-aged woman who asked not to be named said she was stunned by the guilty verdict. Im really shocked, and I think the whole village will be absolutely devastated because they were all behind Robin. A message on a bouquet on the post office step says: Robin. In support of you. We want this part of the nightmare over so you can come home to all your friends.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Microchip law on dogs

By Dominic Falquero
ALL new pet dogs will be microchipped as part of a major crackdown on dangerous animals, it was reported last night. Each dog sold and puppy born will have to comply with the new regulation. The details will then be put on a national database. The files will be accessible to the RSPCA and police. The eventual aim is to be able to access details of the UKs eight million pet dogs. A Whitehall document sets out the plans, which have previously been avoided by ministers for fear of upsetting the countrys dog lovers. It states: The compulsory microchipping of dogs would apply to anyone breeding dogs for sale on change of ownership or gifting to another person or persons. But the plan is criticised by MPs and dog lovers who claim it will not stop problems caused by breeds such as pitbull terriers or Rottweilers. Liberal Democrat MP John Thurso said: Its compulsion and I dont like it. People who have dangerous dogs that are against the law will take no notice of this.

His alibi is ludicrous

Melsonby, a picture postcard village of 1,300 people. Today Melsonbys vicar, the Rev Stanley Howarth, will break off from his Easter service to address the congregation about the murder. There will be prayers said for the whole community, he said. Asked if that meant prayers for Garbutt as well as the woman he killed, he replied: For everyone involved. The front step of the shop has become a shrine to Diana. Floral tributes left in her memory on the first anniversary of her death, wilting in the spring sunshine. One is dedicated to her husband, wishing he could return home. The business has been closed since the murder. The Garbutts had been trying for five years to sell it for 450,000 to solve their financial woes. That was before Diana was killed in the bedroom

AFFAIRS: Diana took lovers above the post office. Inside, yellowing newspapers from March 23, the day she died, sit on the display stand where they were placed by her husband after he had left her face down on her bed with blood pouring from three savage head wounds. Garbutt still maintains an armed robber brandishing a gun battered Diana to death and fled with 16,000 from the post office safe and the cash from the till. Nobody else saw the robber arrive or leave on what had been a busy Tuesday morning with dozens of customers popping in for their morning newspaper, cigarettes and bread. No one saw the two robbers

DEBTS: Robin Garbutt is in jail Garbutt said stole 10,000 on another Tuesday morning almost 12 months before, either. His story unravelled in a fourweek trial at Teesside Crown Court. A pathologist said the fish and chip supper Diana had eaten the night before had only been partially digested, showing she died in the early hours, not just after 8.30am as Garbutt said. The first paramedic to arrive after Garbutt dialled 999 told the jury rigor mortis had set in, indicating she was murdered hours not minutes earlier as Garbutt claimed. The murder weapon, a 2ft iron bar, was found hidden on a high wall near the shop and rust from it was found on Gar-

Kerr police bring terror charges

A MAN has been charged by detectives investigating the murder of Constable Ronan Kerr in Northern Ireland, a court heard yesterday. Gavin Coyle, 33, of Omagh, Co Tyrone, appeared at Dungannon Magistrates Court accused of possession of firearms and explosives with intent to endanger life, and articles likely to be of use in terrorism. He was arrested in the wake of 25-year-old Constable Kerrs murder in Omagh earlier this month.

Imams to sit in the Lords

MUSLIM Imams could soon be sitting in the House of Lords under plans being considered to create a multi-faith upper chamber, it was reported last night. The proposal has come from the Conservative Christian Fellowship which claims the legislature would benefit from the wisdom of leaders of Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and black-led congregations.

Maggies bag to sell for 100,000

BARONESS Thatchers famous black handbag is expected to raise more than 100,000 for charity at an auction. The former Tory prime minister took the Asprey bag on important occasions, such as summits with Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in the Eighties. It is to be auctioned off at Christies on June 27 in a sale of items donated by celebrities, with former Conservative Party deputy chairman Lord Archer as the guest auctioneer.



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


BRAVE: Capt Lisa Head ignored order to stand clear of a second Taiban bomb

Final self less act of bomb heroine who wouldnt walk away
Charity in new fight for funds to support wounded soldiers
HELP for Heroes, the charity for soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, is trying to raise 40million for a network of recovery centres to help the growing number of injured or traumatised soldiers struggling with civilian life. H4H will be relying heavily on public generosity and the services of stars such as Katherine Jenkins, who has performed in concert for the fund. It has already put 45million towards the new centres and needs another 40million. Every week around 500 new fund-raising events are logged with H4H. Past events have included the auction of the millionth Range Rover, a Rolls-Royce car boot sale and a range of H4H underwear. Fund-raising events for the new centres will include collection days at 840 Tesco stores. Some 11,000 volunteers are needed. The first new centre is due to open in June at Tedworth House in Wiltshire and will help 28 soldiers. It will act as a trial for a network of five personnel recovery centres. The others will be in Plymouth, Colchester, Catterick in Yorkshire and Edinburgh. The one-stop welfare shops will offer residential

By Marco Giannangeli

BOMB hero Captain Lisa Head died after trying to defuse a Taliban booby trap moments after she had been blown off her feet by another explosion. Fellow soldiers were amazed when the officer, who had been in Afghanistan for only three weeks, brushed herself down after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) she had been making safe set off a chain reaction of explosions, hurling her backwards. Still reeling from her experience, Lisa, of 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, ignored an order to stand down and immediately returned to collect fragments of the bomb for analysis. Moments later she became the first female bomb disposal expert to die in Afghanistan after kneeling on the pressure plate of an unseen IED. She

By Tracey Boles
rooms and physical rehabilitation as well as psychologists and financial and careers advisers. H4H chief financial officer Jonathan Ballin said: Anyone who put their life on the line for their country deserves a fair deal at the end. We are offering support to those who gave a lot to us. Staff at the innovative centres will be funded by the Ministry of Defence. Maintenance costs will be met by the British Legion. H4H is on course to have raised a total of 100million between its inception in October 2007 and June this year. All donations to H4H go directly to capital projects, specialist organisations and causes. Mr Ballin said: Our ethos is that every penny goes to the wounded. Its money in, money out.


Siege city man stable

PHOTOGRAPHER Guy Martin, who was wounded in a rocket attack in Libya last week, was still seriously ill in hospital last night. The 28-year-old journalist, based in Falmouth, Cornwall, who had been working for UK agency Panos Pictures in the besieged city of Misrata, was said to be stable. He was taken to Misrata hospital where he had surgery for leg and stomach injuries. An agency spokesman said: We are praying that he will make a full recovery and rejoin his family soon. Two other photographers, Briton Tim Hetherington, 40, and US citizen Chris Hondos, 41, were killed in Thursdays attack. understood everything. We shared the same tent here in Bastion and she was very generous with her things. She enjoyed making us laugh and would even make a fool of herself to do it. Last night Major Chris Hunter, a former senior bomb disposal technician and author of Extreme Risk, said: Lisa showed an incredible amount of bravery by deciding to go back. Her decision shows the importance placed on getting forensic evidence on these bombs. People dont realise how sophisticated the bomb makers are but we have gained some high-level successes. The bomb-making fraternity is a small and sophisticated one. We catch them by analysing the fragments. Its like the DNA of the bombs. Its vital. Lisa would have been all too aware of that, and I assume thats why she made the brave decision to go back. She sacrificed her life for it. She was a very brave woman dedicated to saving the lives of others.

ADMIRATION: Major Chris Hunter was the 364th soldier to have died since British troops entered the country in 2001 and only the second British woman to have been killed. Recalling last Mondays harrowing events, one colleague said: Lisa had been called in to make safe an IED but it turned out to be a daisy chain, a series of bombs linked by electrical cable, and designed so that any movement will detonate them all. While she was working on the device, there was a big explosion. Somehow the direction of the blast missed her. I really dont know how. Next minute she was standing up and brushing herself down. She went back to the cordon at the incident control point. We thought shed take a breather, at least. She would have been well within her rights to have just left the area and come back later, or sent someone else. But Lisa kept talking about the fragments, and how they needed to be collected to be analysed. This leads us to identify who makes them. Its not really reported much but Taliban bomb makers have been caught and convicted after being traced through the bombs they make. Lisa was deter-


AID: Katherine Jenkins sings for Help for Heroes last September

mined to go back straight away and deal with it. It was very brave and very selfless and that was Lisa all over. The next minute there was another explosion and Lisa was very badly injured. She died next day. Captain Head, who studied for a degree in human biology before joining the Army, was sent to Afghanistan shortly after completing the High Threat Course and was based at Patrol Base 4 in the Nahr-e-Saraj district of Helmand Province. The 29-year-old, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, had been hand-picked

to become a bomb disposal expert in 2007, after serving two years in other roles in Iraq and Afghanistan. She had made a name for herself as an Ammunitions Technical Officer in Northern Ireland before being redeployed to Afghanistan. Friends told how her no-nonsense personality and infectious sense of humour made her popular among the small bomb disposal fraternity. Ill never forget the first time I met Lisa, on the night we deployed to Afghanistan, said Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Ade Myatt. She

arrived with all her kit but in a bit of a flap, shed left her ID card at home. I thought to myself, Here we go, another young officer who thinks admin is a small town in China. How wrong could I have been? Lisa always had a smile on her face and was happiest sat talking shop, cigarette in hand, outside the welfare tent, always willing to share a joke. L/Cpl Emma Graham added: She had a strong personality and she would even keep us all behind on course asking the instructor questions until she was happy that she

My struggle to survive after hell of war: Pages 18-19


Zut Alors! Red buses go French

THE iconic image of Londons red buses has become known across the world as something quintessentially English. Humiliatingly, however, millions of passengers are now being driven around the capital in buses that bear the logo of their new French owners, a stylised image of the River Seine meandering through Paris. RATP Group, the state-owned French company that runs the Paris Metro, took over bus operator London Uniteds prized routes last month. The company is keen, however, to deect suggestions of triumphalism. A spokesman said: RATP were keen that the brand of London United was more prominent than their own, hence the size of the lettering. Mayor Boris Johnsons


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



Ann hits at church school cut

By Jon Coates
FORMER Tory MP Ann Widdecombe says plans to cut the number of church school places for pupils from religious backgrounds are barmy. The TV presenter and Daily Express columnist, who converted from Anglicanism to the Catholic faith, says the change would damage Church of England schools. The Bishop of Oxford, the Right Rev John Pritchard, unveiled plans for only one in 10 places to be reserved for practising Anglicans, even if this causes a fall in standards. The bishop said church schools must serve the wider community. But Miss Widdecombe, 63, who starred in the last series of Strictly Come Dancing, said: This is absolutely barmy. What have you got church schools for except for those with faith?

By Ted Jeory WHITEHALL EDITOR and Mark Kehoe

political opponents are less than impressed, however. The famous London Transport symbol, designed in 1908 and known as the roundel, disappeared from buses after privatisation in 1994. John Biggs, Labours deputy leader of the London Assembly, said Mr Johnson had been caught napping. He added: RATP have succeeded where Napoleon failed. It sends out a strange message from the worlds greatest city and Boris needs to either invade France or devise some symbolic remedy by representing London on its own buses. Mr Johnsons ofce last night declined to comment.

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TAKEOVER: The new Seine logo on a London bus




SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


SHOCKING: Pete and Sam Smith and their 10 children, of Bristol. They rake in 95,000 a year in benefits

Cap benefits of feckless parents

This time, decide to lose weight for the last time.

Stop handouts at 3 children says new poll

By Kirsty Buchanan

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FECKLESS parents with more than three children who live off the state should face a benefits cap, according to a voter survey. Half of those polled think unemployment benefits are too high and discourage claimants from finding work. One in two think Jobseekers Allowance claimants who refuse work or fail to show at interviews should have half the benefit cut. The poll on attitudes to our bloated welfare system, carried out by YouGov for the influential centre-Right think tank Policy Exchange, shows voters are backing coalition reforms. It suggests ministers could introduce much tougher policies than those planned to tackle the armchair army of scroungers. Policy Exchange commissioned

THE leaders of our three main political parties have each emphasised their commitment to fairness, but what does it mean? What changes would make Britain a fairer country? Policy Exchange has today published a study that goes some way to answering those questions. We asked thousands of people what fairness means to them. The results are a challenge to our whole political class. There is a lot of talk about rights, needs and equality but the public thinks what you deserve depends on how you behave. If you cannot be bothered to get out of bed to find a job you should not get the poll to assess whether politicians are in touch with the public on the issue of fairness. The startling findings will serve as a wake-up call to critics of welfare reforms. It reveals: lEighty per cent of voters think people who have been out of work for more than a year should be required to do community work in return for their state benefits.


By Neil OBrien

handouts. People say benefits are too generous and this is actually the main cause of unemployment. It isnt that we want to get rid of the welfare state we all want a safety net. Yet voters expect rights to be balanced by responsibilities. lOne in three voters want job seekers to spend three to five hours a day looking for work in return for their benefits. lSome 66 per cent of voters think people who have three children should not get extra child benefit if they have more. Jobless couple Pete and Sam Smith, of Bristol, who have 10 children, hit the headlines last

People want government to provide hand-ups, not handouts and want much tougher sanctions on those who cheat the system. People want to tackle poverty but believe the way is to tackle the root causes: drug addiction, abusive parents, unemployment and kids dropping out of school. Handouts can even entrench poverty by reducing incentives to work. Voters want benefits for those in need, not those who simply cannot be bothered to contribute to society. They want action to tackle the causes of broken Britain not just a papering over the cracks with handouts. year for raking in 95,000 a year in benefits. Just 15 per cent of people think jobless benefits are about at the right level. One in three voters even thinks generous benefits cause longterm unemployment. Voters also want to see tough sanctions for unemployed drug users, criminals and those who have been on benefits before.

Cruise stretcher slip woman dies

A WOMAN who was dropped into the sea off the Norwegian coast while being transferred from a cruise ship to rescue boat has died. Janet Richardson, 73, from Penrith, in Cumbria, was taken ill on board the Ocean Countess, but fell into the sea while being stretchered on to the rescue vessel. She spent eight minutes in the freezing Arctic Ocean before being recovered and taken to hospital in Norway. However, the grandmother died on Thursday night at Cum-
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By Matthew Holehouse
berland Infirmary, in Carlisle. She had suffered internal bleeding while sailing from Hull to Norway to see the Northern Lights with her husband George, 78. The captain of the Ocean Countess, operated by British firm Cruise and Maritime Voyages, called for a rescue boat to take her to hospital. As she was being lifted from the ship to the rescue boat, the two vessels moved

apart, her stretcher slipped from the grasp of the rescuers and she fell into the water. The incident is under investigation by the cruise company and the Norwegian rescue authorities. In a statement, North Cumbria University Hospitals said: It is with regret that Mrs Janet Richardson passed away on Thursday evening, 21 April. Respecting the familys wishes, we have no further comment at this time.



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Why election night is nightmare for Clegg

By Kirsty Buchanan


ICK CLEGG has become such a toxic brand that he has been airbrushed out of Liberal Democrat election material and has kept a low profile on the campaign trail. With voters angry at perceived hypocrisy and the U-turn on tuition fees, Mr Clegg faces losing the AV referendum and his partys core base across the country on May 5. Proportionately, the junior partner in the Coalition is expected to take the biggest hit at the polls. Four years ago the Lib Dems took 26 per cent of the vote in the local elections. With the partys poll ratings barely nudging 10 per cent today, it could lose 400 of its 1,866 seats and a third of its 22 contested councils. In a two-way fight with Labour,

LOST TRUST: Suzanne Boudjada

Even Lib Dem leaders heartland set to take revenge for betrayal
Boudjada, 60, said: Im not at all surprised. The life-long Labour supporter, who had recently been torn between her party and the Lib Dems, added: I wanted to give Mr Clegg a chance as my local MP and I thought he was a breath of fresh air. But he has lied so much, particularly over university fees, how can we ever trust him? Although he had good intentions he has backtracked and let us all down. I have no choice but to vote Labour again. Lots of people feel same way. Mr Clegg, who once said Sheffielders should be treated with greater honesty, has left voters like Hazel Woolley in limbo. The 68-year-old retired insurance clerk admitted: I dont have much faith in him and hes let the people who voted for him down but theres no other choice really. Im from a working class background but Labour have got us into a terrible state and they are too complacent. I wanted change and I thought the Lib Dems were the answer but Im not so sure now. I do agree with some cutbacks that are being made but too many

PROTEST VOTE: Trevor Brooks


LACK OF FAITH: Hazel Woolley

Haldanes View

the Lib Dems are braced to lose control of flagship authorities such as Sheffield, Hull and Newcastle. Other councils, like Portsmouth and Bristol, are tipped to move to no overall control and the Lib Dems could even lose councils to the Tories in areas such as Winchester, St Albans and Vale of White Horse. The Tories are also bracing themselves for heavy losses, but they do not see the Lib Dems as a threat and are concentrating efforts on Labour. Of the 5,026 Conservative seats being contested, an estimated 900 Tory councillors could lose, while Conservative-held authorities in the North and Midlands will turn red. The Conservatives stand to lose 35 of the 156 authorities under their control outside London. Party chairman Sayeeda Warsi warned the Conservatives were braced for a backlash as the price of

THEY are deserting Nick Clegg, below, in droves and the reason they give is a simple one: Hes let us down, writes Tracey Kandohla. From the party faithful in his own back yard to the first-time Liberal Democrat voter, the man with the once golden touch is like the famed steelworks in his Sheffield constituency fading fast. Student Robyn Kent, 21, said: How could I even think about voting for him? He has let every student in the country down by his appalling U-turn on university tuition fees. The second-year architecture student at Sheffield University, who faces huge fees of up to 45,000, said: At first I had hope and belief in him but not any more. We will not give him a second chance and Im echoing the views of all the students I know. I voted for the Lib Dems last year but never again. I wont vote Labour so I wont be voting this time. The Deputy Prime Ministers popularity has sunk so low in his own constituency, Sheffield Hallam, that Lib Dem councillors have allegedly airbrushed him out of campaign literature for local elections on May 5. Administrator Suzanne power and doing the right, not the popular, thing in office. We are the party of government, said Baroness Warsi. We have been making difficult decisions in the national interest. I dont want to speculate about figures but we accept there are difficult conditions up and down the country where difficult choices have to be made. However, while Conservative councils are going about it the smart way, Labour councils are cutting jobs and frontline services.

people are losing their jobs. Sheffield is famous for steel making but now all the forges are being closed and there seem to be no apprenticeships for the youngsters. No party holds a majority on Sheffield City Council but the Lib Dems hold the most seats with 41. Labour hold 40, the Green Party two and there is one Independent seat. There are no Conservative members. Retired engineer Trevor Brooks confessed: Im sick of all the parties. Mr Brooks, 68, a campaign co-ordinator who is fighting to stop two local nursing homes being closed down, said: Funding of 2.8million for these homes, which care for 100 residents, has been withdrawn. Weve asked Mr Clegg for help but so far there has been nothing. I will be making a protest vote, probably for UKIP, because I cannot bring myself to vote for the Lib Dems who are carrying out Tory policies and demolishing local services and jobs. Company director Mark Staniland, 40, is still undecided who to back but is considering casting a protest vote. The former Tory voter said: Im not passionate about the Lib Dems and although they have been forced to make a lot of cuts in local services they are doing an okay job. a gain of 1,000 or more seats spells trouble for the Labour leader. With the current crop of 1,620 Labour councillors making up just 17.3 per cent of the overall total, a 1,000 seat gain would still only give Labour 27 per cent seat share. However, regaining a slew of northern councils should be a simple enough task for Labour. Up to 30 councils could return to Labour control in an election dominated by the Coalitions deficit strategy and its impact on services.

HERE are four elections on May 5. The AV referendum, Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament and English council elections. In England there are 279 councils holding full or partial elections. More than 31 million voters have the chance to vote on 9,300 seats. Turnout is likely to be poor, below 35 per cent, but the stakes are high for all three party leaders. With the No to AV group opening

up a clear lead in the voting reform referendum, Ed Miliband already appears to be backing the wrong side in a two-horse race. A good result for Labour in Wales is expected, but with the SNP looking likely to hold on to power in Scotland, it seems England will be the main testing ground for any Labour resurgence. Labour spin doctors are trying to dampen expectations in England but considering the low base they are starting from anything less than



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



Boys freed after ferry rampage

FOUR British youths detained by police for allegedly sexually harassing French girls on a cross-channel ferry were released yesterday. The teenage girls had complained to staff on the boat about the youths behaviour and police were called when the ferry from Dover docked in Calais. Eleven youths, aged between 13 and 18, were taken from the ferry to a police station in Calais but most were released within a few hours. However, four of the group spent the night at the police station before being released at lunchtime yesterday. Staff from the British consulate in Lille spoke to some of the boys by telephone but did not visit them. The Foreign Ofce said none of the group was arrested and no one was charged with any offence. It is believed the French girls were asked to identify the boys then gave detailed information to ofcers about what had been said to them. Reports will now be sent to police stations near the girls homes in France and senior ofcers there will decide if there should be any prosecutions. The youths were members of Ashford Town Youth FCs under-13s, under-14s and under-17s teams and were travelling


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Pictures: HUW EVANS

My passion for Easter story by star Sheen

HOLLYWOOD actor Michael Sheen last night told of his joy at starring in an epic 72-hour performance as a Jesus-like character. The three-day play, a modern interpretation of The Passion, will end today in his cruci xion in front of thousands on the seafront in his home town of Port Talbot, South Wales. More than 1,000 local people are taking part in the community drama. Sheen plays a teacher rescued from the sea who has lost his memory, and as the story develops his experiences resemble the suffering of Jesus. Last night the 42-yearold, star of lms including Frost/Nixon and The Damned United, said: Its a real privilege and honour to be able to come to my home town, a town that has so much meaning to me and that I have so much support from. I am so involved that it is one of those things that I will only really enjoy when its all over. The play started on Good Friday and has seen scenes acted out at locations including Aberavon beach for the cruci xion and civic square for Jesus trial. A working mens club was the backdrop for the Last Supper, as Jesus and his disciples enjoyed beer and sandwiches with music by Welsh band, The Manic Street Preachers and TVs Britains Got Talent winner Paul Potts. The play was written by Welsh poet and novelist Owen Sheers.

By James Murray and Jon Coates

to an international football tournament hosted by club Union Sportive de Boulogne-sur-Mer Cote dOpale. Mark Patterson, the academy director of Ashford Town Youth FC, said: There was an alleged incident on the ferry on the way across to France. Allegations were made against our boys by a school party. Eleven boys from our under-13s through to under-17s teams were taken to the police station in Calais. Seven were released at 4am on Saturday and the other four later in the afternoon. We knew this would be the outcome. It was ridiculous and a waste of everyones time. It was frustrating but thankfully the boys are back with us playing football now and common sense has prevailed. The Martello Cup youth football tournament started on Saturday afternoon and will nish tomorrow. The Ashford teams face sides from Brondby in Denmark, Dinamo Minsk in Belarus, Bulgaria and across France. Former West Ham and Liverpool defender Neil Razor Ruddock is the patron of Ashford Town Youth FCs academy.

Common sense has prevailed

Pool childs special smile

THE parents of a toddler who died after being found unconscious in a paddling pool said yesterday their happy little boy would never be forgotten. Brooklyn Emon, two, was found in his garden in Southampton, Hampshire, on Wednesday. He was taken to hospital but doctors could not save him. Brooklyns parents Leah and Adam said: He was always laughing and his smile could brighten up even the darkest days. He had a special smile that everyone who met him would always remember. EASTER ROLE: Actor Michael Sheen yesterday in a beach scene. Local people, right, as extras

DEAD: Brooklyn



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

The nations wedding fever hasnt had much effect on that rascally restaurateur Raymond Blanc, who is no closer to formalising his relationship with Russian doctor Natalia Traxel (pictured), to whom he has been engaged for six years. Although Monsieur Blanc is full of talk about passion and dedication (at least on his TV series) the prospect of marriage remains eerily distant for Natalia, although she does share his house near his Michelin-garlanded hotel, Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons. Given that Raymond, 61, has been hitched twice before, maybe its Miss Traxel who is a little wary. A few years ago this watchmakers son from Besanon went down on bended knee imploring fragrant nutritionist Amanda Ursell to share his set of saucepans but he never saw it through. As I remember him telling me at the time: I saw this gorgeous girl and I suddenly had this wonderfully warm feeling that I had found my true companion for life. But rather like an overcooked souf, the twinkly-eyed chefs relationship started full of promise then fell at in the middle.

Picture: PA

Estate agents in Buckinghamshire will be tripping over their tape measures in excitement when they hear that JOHNNY DEPP is about to start looking for a suitably expensive roost to rent when he relocates to Britain to lm Tim Burtons version of the Sixties gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. I hear that the star wants a house near Pinewood Studios where he can live with his partner, Vanessa Paradis, pictured with him above, and their two children while he works on his role as a vampire in the lm, which is expected to take up to a year to make. Also starring will be Burtons wife Helena Bonham Carter (surprise, surprise) and Michelle Pfeiffer. This is Tims big ambition of a movie and its Johnnys too, reports a breathless member of Depps entourage. Johnnys been working on his character, called Barnabas Collins, with the help of his kids (Lily Rose, 12, and John Jack, nine) who just love the vampire. Depps wife Vanessa seems happy enough to uproot her family from their idyll in France, where they live next to their vineyard in Provence but then she has fond memories of Britain where she had a hit in the Eighties with her squeaky-voiced song Joe Le Taxi.



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Read all Adams stories online at
NE OF the most notable political absentees from the royal wedding will be Margaret Thatcher, who has had to decline her invitation due to ill health. Sadly, her increasing frailty now means that she is unlikely to be making any more public appearances. I can disclose that the fragility of the former Tory PM, who has suffered a series of minor strokes, means that even the Thatcher Foundation, which she set up on leaving Downing Street 21 years ago, is now being wound down. Key staff are being let go and her right-hand man and ofcial spokesman Mark Worthington will only be available on a part-time basis. Its all down to her declining health, says a departing staff member. She still gets invited to speak and lecture all over the world and to greet foreign dignitaries when they come to Britain but shes just not able to do things like that any more. She still has her intellect but there are lapses where she doesnt recognise


The man who knows the people youd like to know

A typically thoughtful view of what the royal wedding will be like, from the Princess of Waless former butler Paul Burrell: Expect touches of Diana everywhere. Its a bittersweet occasion. It will be tinged with sadness.

Lady Thatcher loses iron grip

anybody. She relates to her children Carol and Mark and her close friends, like Bernard Ingham and Tim Bell, but there are periods where shes very confused. Although shes had to have several spells in hospital, Lady Thatcher (who will be 86 in October) continues to live in an elegant apartment in Belgravia, where she relies on the support of a team of carers. In a book about her memories of Downing Street, Carol Thatcher was the rst to reveal her mother was suffering from dementia. She said: Whereas previously you would never have had to say anything to her twice, because shed already led it away in her formidable memory bank, Mum started asking the same questions over and over again, unaware she was doing so. Shed struggle to remember things like what shed had for breakfast that morning. But when a friend asked, off the cuff, Oh Margaret, do you remember rationing? he got a full 10 minutes of my mothers best tips on how to jazz up tinned Spam or powdered egg. BIG ADVENTURE: Greg with Gaia and Emma The forthright Emma Thompson faced much criticism when she announced that she was taking her 11-year-old daughter, Gaia, out of her primary school in North London for a gap year. Yet reports reach me from Borneo that young Gaias education has been boosted by her travels. Mummy and I have just taken a diving course, Gaia proudly told guests at the Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge, a collection of chalet bungalows in the heart of the Malaysian jungle, where Emma and her husband, actor Greg Wise, gathered to celebrate the actresss 52nd birthday last week. Added Gaia enthusiastically: Ive seen orang-utans and proboscis monkeys with big noses and swiftlets whose nests are made into birds nest soup. Next were going to an island to see a turtle lay her eggs. Weve only brought one suitcase each to last four months, so weve got lots of travel wash. I think when I get home Ill be much keener to go with Mum and Dad on long walks. I used to be really lazy but this holiday has made me really interested in wildlife. Miss Thompson is keeping a diary of the familys travels, which will take them to Australia next month and then to the Amazon. It wont be long after she returns to England, I fancy, before we can expect a volume from the creator of Nanny McPhee entitled Travels With My Daughter.

FRAIL: Lady Thatcher relies on carers

While the world grows bored with speculation on the identity of the royal wedding dress designer, that Australian megaphone Kathy Lette wants us to know she chose her outt some time ago. Chatting at the launch of Terry Ronalds novel Becoming Nancy, she declares: Im covering the wedding for Australian television and Ill be wearing a diamante-encrusted frock made from corgis and crowns. The raucous author says she hopes to upstage the bride. Well, one must make a statement, mustnt one? In her case, always.

Once he was the Royal Familys favourite photographer (being married to the Queens sister Princess Margaret helped) but Lord Snowdon wont have his Leica out for the wedding and indeed wont even be at the Abbey to see his granddaughter, Margarita Armstrong-Jones, serve as a bridesmaid. Old charmer Tony Snowdon is 81 and has difculty walking these days (a legacy of childhood polio). He tells me: Im quite happy to sit at home watching it on television. Despite reports elsewhere that the company set up by Michael Fawcett (pictured) had been handed the lucrative contract to organise the evening wedding party, I can report that Prince Charless former valet will not be overseeing the dinner and dance for 300 at Buckingham Palace. As Charles is paying the bill, he had wanted his favourite factotum (and one-time toothpastesqueezer) to look after every detail, as he usually does at every private event the Prince hosts. But Prince William, who is not a great fan of Fawcett, argued the job could just as easily be done by the wedding team headed by his own private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. Nevertheless, although his hectoring manner made him many enemies among royal staff, Bexley-born Fawcett continues to exert considerable inuence over Charles. My husband condes more in Fawcett than me, lamented the late Princess of Wales. Camilla takes a more sanguine view, once observing: Charles is a fusspot; Michael knows how he likes things done.

Should he nd himself chatting about any future royal offspring at next weeks wedding, dont expect Ben Fogle to advocate public schools to his chum Prince William. Although he went to Bryanston, Fogle and his wife Marina (pictured) wont be sending their son Ludo to the Dorset school (whose alumni include Emilia Fox, Sir Terence Conran and Lucien Freud). Ben recalls that when his parents rst took him to Bryanston, where he was to board for ve years, he stood in the middle of the drive with tears pouring down my cheeks pleading with them not to leave. He says: Im certainly not planning to send my son to a public school. I dont think people have to have a private education to have a good education.

More news of this columns favourite actor, Hugh Bonneville. As he beavers away on the hotly-anticipated second series of Downton Abbey, the irtatious smoothie admits hes worried about living up to his previous performance as the Earl of Grantham. He says he and the cast are well aware of the expectation; weve got to keep ourselves on the top of our game and were striving hard to do that and deliver.



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


I had to be shot and die.

A traumatic brush with death in Helmand set one war veteran on a downward spiral which nally led to an armed showdown with police. Matt Wadsworth talks to Defence Correspondent MARCO GIANNANGELI
T WAS not supposed to be this way. Intelligence reports had all conrmed that Taliban insurgents did not possess surface-to-air missiles in that part of Helmand province yet there was no arguing with the sight of the SAM spiralling its way towards Sergeant Matt Wadsworths Chinook. The helicopters crew had already narrowly escaped an enemy ambush when they were forced to abort the delivery of ammunition to a forward base in Kajaki amid a hail of machine-gun bullets. Matt, 36, a

veteran of two Iraq campaigns, watched mesmerised as the missile bypassed some of the helicopters defence ares, which are designed to lure heat-seeking missiles away from their real target. He could only wonder if the crews luck had nally run out Then, the last defence measure found its mark. It detonated the SAM just 30 metres from the Chinook. Although the craft was safe, the experience, in February 2007, was to end Matts career and eventually lead to a climactic showdown with police during an armed siege of his home. The SAM was so close to us and as the crew member on the left of the Chinook, I was the only one who could see it coming towards us, recalls Matt, who now lives in Atherton, near Bolton, Greater Manchester. The last defence managed to deect it about half a second from impact. The explosion was so great it caused shudders crashing through the helicopter. A pressure wave swept through my body, recalls Matt. There was a bang and I honestly thought wed been hit. If he thought survival meant the end of his problems, Matt was soon

to discover how mistaken he was. Their tour over his unit, Odiham, part of 18 Squadron, was sent home without any of the decompression time (a bridge between time spent on a tour of duty and heading home) sometimes enjoyed by other troops. Three weeks later we were back in Helmand and because I was assigned guard duty, I missed out on the debriefs my mates were getting. I told my commanding ofcer but he just said it would be OK. Unfortunately for Matt it was far from OK. As training continued the ashbacks became more serious, with practice drills bringing back the full horror of those few seconds over Helmand. Matt was eventually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress reactions, which had to be treated before they developed into a full-blown disorder. They began to treat me with EMDR but it just made me keep reliving it all. It was terrible. EMDR is a controversial form of psychotherapy which helps posttraumatic stress disorder victims reprocess memories. One treatment involves patients rapidly moving their eyes left and right, focusing on painful memories for strict periods of time before reprocessing them
Picture: STUART WOOD/Scope

STARTING OVER: Matt now helps others overcome similar traumas to the one he experienced as a sergeant in Afghanistan (above left)




SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


That was honourable...

with different associations. In the meantime, Id get comments from colleagues, the type of jibing that usually passes as banter but, when its aimed at you, doesnt feel like it. I would sometimes flinch when I heard a loud siren and would be jeered. Its not easy being called a coward. Eventually RAF doctors diagnosed Matt, who is divorced, with depression. I thought Id failed, he admits. Id have flashbacks just walking to the supermarket. I stopped going to pubs, to the cinema, socialising. Id lie awake all night. My family and friends didnt get it. They didnt know what to say. Some said it would have been easier if Id been physically injured, taken a bullet. Then theyd see it and understand it. In September 2009, Matt descended into the blackest night.

Something just snapped and I felt myself grabbing for a knife

The doctors had switched my medication and I didnt get on with it, he says. I saw a woman push a baby in a pram past my kitchen window and something snapped. I felt myself grabbing for a knife. I wanted to kill them both, the mother and her baby. I collapsed on the floor in a heap. For the next four days, Matt couldnt sleep. I went to the pub to find some relief. I got drunk, he says. Suddenly the answer was clear to me. I had to die. Not just any way, though. I had to get shot. It seemed the honourable way. This death-wish was to spark an armed siege of his house after Matt went home and picked up a replica pistol that he owned. I made a few calls, tried to get through to someone. I think I was pretty incoherent, he says. My welfare officer became worried and

called the RAF police, even though my home was off-base. They didnt know I had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and depression. They kept telling me to get it together. I waved my gun about and they alerted Thames Valley Police. Surrounded by armed officers the tense stand-off lasted two hours until Matt was eventually persuaded to come out. My life was saved by an RAF welfare contact who arrived at the scene in time to convince the police

to stand down before persuading me to drop the gun and knife I was holding, he recalls gratefully. Matt was sectioned under the Mental Health Act for two days for his own protection. Once back at home, he discovered the charity talking2minds. They got through to me, he says. I realised that my problems didnt stem from what happened in Afghanistan. Theyd started earlier. Now Matt is a qualified practitioner with the charity, helping others to overcome their

nightmarish experiences. It was a long process but, finally, the nightmares stopped, he says. I found a way to start again and now Im helping others to do the same. l To order your copy of Matts memoir, Even The Daylight Appeared Dark, (12.99, AuthorHouse) with free UK delivery, call 0871 988 8366 or visit Calls cost 10p per minute from BT landlines. opinion: page 36


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SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Picture: national photo group

Lifes a Bree-ze for 12m Marcia

DESPERATE Housewives star Marcia Cross goes barefoot on the beach with one of her identical twin daughters. Marcia, who plays Bree Van de Kamp in the TV drama, looked happy as she enjoyed the sunshine in Santa Monica, California, accompanied by her curly-haired four-year-olds, Eden and Savannah. The 49-year-old star has got a lot

By Mark Pangallo
to smile about at the moment. She and co-stars Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman are on the verge of signing for an eighth and ninth series of the show in a deal worth a reported 12million each. Desperate? With that kind of money, Marcia will be laughing all the way to the bank.


By James Fielding
BRITONS who fall into debt in Dubai are being abandoned by their banks and left to rot in squalid prisons. Ex-pats unable to pay their bills are left stranded in filthy jails similar to the one where holidaymaker Lee Brown was allegedly beaten to death. The Sunday Express has learned that more than half of Britons jailed in Dubai, where being in debt is illegal, owe money to their banks. They are unable to work themselves out of debt because the police automatically seize their passports to prevent them skipping the country. The catch-22 situation means many ex-pats are locked up in dark, overcrowded prisons where guards are said to beat and torture inmates. Relatives back in Britain often have no choice but to sell or re-mortgage their homes in order to raise the funds needed to clear the debts and free their loved ones. Campaigners are calling on banks to chase debt through the civil courts instead of via criminal proceedings. Radha Stirling, from pressure group Detained In Dubai, said: This kind of practice has to stop because people are ending up in prison over the sake of a few thousand pounds. Between 65 and 70 per cent of cases I investigate are down to people being in debt. As we have seen with the tragic death of Lee Brown, Dubai police jails are the last place anyone

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Broke Britons abandoned in Dubai prisons

would wish to be. They are cramped, dirty and dangerous. Banks in the United Arab Emirates usually insist on Britons signing a blank undated cheque when applying for a credit card, loan or mortgage. Should they miss two or three monthly payments, however, the banks cash in the cheques to the total outstanding balance due. The cheques bounce so the police are alerted and the offender faces up to three years in prison. Ms Radha said: In many cases the banks play the jail card to bully customers into paying, which often leads to them sinking further into debt. We have spoken to Britons who have spent more than a year behind bars without trial because a complaint has been made by a bank. Others have been told by the courts they must stay in prison for three years or until they can afford to pay back the money owed. Their only hope is for family in Britain to come up with the cash by extreme measures such as selling or re-mortgaging their homes. The best way to follow up debt recovery is via the civil courts and not the criminal ones. A British businessman told how he was locked up for 13 months after being prosecuted by three banks in 2008. He said: I was initially arrested for being drunk in public and sent to a police jail. Even though I was innocent, my ex-girlfriend took back the car we had on loan and told HSBC that I was in jail and wouldnt be able to keep up with the payments. They tried to contact me but couldnt as I was in prison so reported me to the police. Two other banks I had credit cards with, Standard Chartered and RBS, followed suit. A four-day sentence for public drunkenness turned into 13 months as a result. Its outrageous but its still continuing today. Two banks told the Sunday Express that jail was a last resort. Middle East spokesman at HSBC Tim Harrison

BULLYING: Campaigner Radha Stirling said: HSBC abides by the law in each of the 87 countries in which it operates and the UAE is no exception. HSBC does not put people in jail; it follows standard debt recovery procedures. A Barclays spokesman said the bank tried to help customers restructure their debts. A spokesman added: Only when the customer becomes uncontactable, refuses to pay or becomes a flight risk do we consider involving law enforcement. Meanwhile the four Britons held at Bur Dubai detention centre, where Mr Brown, 39, died on April 12, are refusing to be moved to another jail to avoid being split up.

Picture: SCOPE

This time, decide to lose weight for the last time.

TRIBUTE: David Jason with Nicholas Lyndhurst, left, and Lennard Pearce

Only Fools writer dies at age of 64

TELEVISION star David Jason led the By Jon Coates and Chloe Thomas tributes to Only Fools And Horses creator John Sullivan last night, saying he died. John Sullivan was born in was Britains greatest comedy writer. Balham, south London, in 1946 and at 16 Mr Sullivan, 64, who also wrote the got his first job in television as a scene scripts for the television comedies Citi- shifter. zen Smith and Roger Roger, died in hosFriends said he worked on as many pital in Surrey yesterday after spending comedy programmes as he could to six weeks battling viral pneumonia. gain experience and wrote sketches in Jason, 61, best known as Derek Del his spare time before comedy producer Boy Trotter from Only Fools And Dennis Main Wilson read one and Horses, said: I am totally devastated to spotted his talent. hear the news of dear John. Only Fools And Horses I shall miss him terribly ran from 1981 to 2002. as a friend. Weve lost our Mark Freeland, BBC countrys greatest comedy head of comedy, said last writer who leaves a great night: He was the Dickens legacy, the gift of laughter. of our generation, the best, My thoughts at this time most heartfelt comedy are with his lovely family. writer of our time. Presenter Stephen Fry John, awarded an OBE added: Terribly saddened in 2005, leaves a wife, Sharto hear that John Sullivan, ron, two sons, a daughter one of the great comedy and two grandchildren. writers of our time, has LEGACY: John Sullivan OBITUARY: PAGES 47-49

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SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Picture: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

MODEL ROLE: Heidi greets caped youngsters

Star Heidis gift to sick children

GENEROUS Heidi Klum marked her screen debut by giving complimentary tickets for the premiere of her first film to child cancer victims. She even sewed red capes for the youngsters, from Los Angeles Childrens Hospital, so they could appear wearing film-themed costumes. Former model Heidi, 37, joked: I spent more time doing that than I did delivering my lines. In Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil she provides the voice of her namesake Heidi, a kind-spirited yodeller who helps Red Riding Hood, played by Heroes Hayden Panettiere. The film will reach British cinemas later this year.

By Jon Coates

No high life for fat cats

fat cat executives from local councils will not be enjoying a dinner at the top of the BT Tower. The programme for the summer conference of the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (Solace) in July included a meal at the London landmark when details were posted on its website. However, after the Sunday Express ran a story last month challenging the events appropriateness at a time when 140,000 council staff faced the sack, the proposed dinner was shelved with Solace saying it had been a miscommunication. Instead, town hall bosses will have a buffet lunch during a break from a day of talks at the BT Tower Conference Centre before being allowed on to the viewing platform from 5pm to 6.30pm. Members of Solace will pay 195 to attend the conference public sector non-members will pay 295 for tickets which could be charged to taxpayers as expenses, with the cost of travel and hotel bills. Mike Bennett, co-managing director of Solace, claimed it had never planned to hold the dinner. He said: It must have been a miscommunication on our website. It was never envisaged that there would be a dinner at the summer conference. We are very sensitive to wider public concerns and accept the tight financial circumstances councils are in at the moment.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


ICTURE the scene. The sun beating down on London, everything shining from boots to bearskins, a nation celebrating, the streets lined with a rainbow of people from here and across the world waving flags, cheering and laughing, and a handsome couple deeply in love pledging their lives to each other with the worlds great and good as witnesses. With the precision of timing that is the envy of Nasa, everything goes to order. Its Britain doing what Britain does best: pomp and pageantry. Meanwhile, round the corner from Westminster Abbey, a small but vocal group of crazed Islamic militants set fire to effigies of Prince William and Kate, carry banners declaring Death To British Butchers and burn the Union Flag. If you think Im making that up, you werent listening to my radio show this week when a spokesman for the extremist group Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) said his organisation would support those activities as a valid protest against a woman marrying into a family that has a Prince who is a warmonger and who has killed innocent Muslims in an illegal conflict. The hate-filled fanatic was referring to Prince Harry on active service in Afghanistan, if youre puzzled by the vile rhetoric. The website, as exclusively revealed in last weeks Sunday Express, for the group shows our flag in flames, Harry with a swastika emblem and uses language clearly designed to stoke everyone up for a fight. It is crucial that I now tell you that immediately after that outburst, my phones fizzed with decent followers of Islam stressing their faith is one of peace and these people are unrepresentative of Muslims in Britain. For what its worth, I wholeheartedly agree. However, my greatest concern about these hateful hardliners is not the nutters themselves but how the police might behave on the royal wedding day. Or make that how the police think they

Ban the Big Day bigots

should behave. The police have pretty unimpressive form on this to date. In the past they have watched members of this scum scream abuse at British soldiers returning from Afghanistan and demonstrate under banners bearing slogans that must be bordering on treason. Even when officers did on one rare occasion remember they are cops and not social workers and took action, the courts betrayed them. Last November MAC member Emdadur Choudhury, 26, was nicked for burning poppies in public on Armistice Day. When he went before the courts, he was fined 50. However, when the equally crazy and venom-fuelled white racist Andrew Ryan, 32, was in court this week for burning a copy of the Koran in front of shoppers in Carlisle last January, he was jailed for 70 days.


Politicians want us to get excited about a vote on AV. It will never happen. However give us all one on Europe, or human rights, or capital punishme nt, or MPs expenses

am delighted that bigot is behind bars for that stretch. Indeed you would have heard no complaint from me if hed got double that time but I cannot fathom why the poppy burner didnt get similar treatment. After all, both involve the dangerous use of fire in public to cause offence. Only the magistrates and district judge involved in these cases would be able to explain the seemingly ridiculous rationales employed in these cases but I bet Im on to something when I suggest the decisions were driven by a sense of tolerance to a minority faith, an insane urge to comprehend the incompre hensible and to appease aggressors. This cannot be allowed to happen on Friday, when the eyes of the world are on us. Scotland Yard has banned an application by MAC to protest outside the Abbey but is said to be in discussions about a demo at a different location. Why? They should just say No. The same simple message applies to the English Defence League, Students Against The Cuts, Guerrilla Gardeners, Stop The War Coalition, Ban The Bomb, Movement For A Free Palestine, Save The Whale and The Flat Earth Society: enjoy the party or youre nicked.

CAN I be permitted to share with you a basic but nevertheless undeniable rule about Hollywood film promotion? It is: the more a star, or stars, perform/ cavort/ admit/ misbehave/ confess or any other potent emotion at the time of the release of the said film, the bigger a turkey it shall turn out to be. Perfect proof of my theory was provided this week by Dame Helen Mirren, 65, deciding it was necessary to give her co-star Russell Brand, 35, a lingering kiss on the lips when they appeared in front of the cameras for the premiere of their new movie Arthur at Londons O2 this week. The usually wordperfect Dame Helen also accidentally let slip a four-letter word in a TV appearance to promote the film, thereby guaranteeing more coverage of her and the film that is sure to flop. It smacks of such desperation and, while I can easily associate that with Mr Brand, I am saddened this Dame has sunk to such depths. REVIEW: PAGE 55
Picture: Mike Marsland/WireImage

DRACONIAN: Mr Justice Eady

CREDIT to Prime Minister David Cameron for getting involved in the lunacy of the endless stream of gagging orders and injunctions coming from our misguided (but ludicrously over-protected) judges. With shameless abandon, an ever-lengthening line of celebrities, stars and sportsmen queue to have any mention of their misdeeds banned by the most draconian measures imaginable including, in one instance, a worldwide silencing order, or contra mundum injunction, as it is known by my learned friends. What utter arrogance! What on earth goes through the mind of a judge sitting in

London that allows him to believe he can silence the free world (including the US, where freedom of speech actually appears in the Constitution), the internet, Twitter, texting and even good old gossip? It is almost Orwellian that I know the names of those involved but Im not allowed to pass them on to you or even chat in an office about it! The judge involved, Mr Justice Eady, says publication of the story concerning the alleged adultery of a top TV star could have an adverse impact on his health or that of his family. Can I suggest the telly favourite should have thought

of that before he unzipped his flies? One of the girls caught up in this extraordinary sex storm this week revealed her clients numbered four Premiership footballers, three actors, a top cop, a politician and, wait for it, a judge. The judiciary needs to be reminded that a democratically elected parliament makes the laws, the judges merely rule on them. I would make all judges accountable for all decisions and have them available for interview and inspection in much the same way as our politicians. I wonder how many would judge that a tad too close for comfort?

THE news that more than a quarter of teachers in many subjects do not have a qualification above an A Level in the subjects they teach is truly appalling. For example, nearly one million of our children are taught maths by inadequately qualified staff. This means that chances are the next time you offer a 5 note for a bill of 4.41p at a checkout or bar, the member of staff will be non-plussed without the aid of an electronic till or calculator. Unless, of course, they are from overseas, and what does that tell us?

IF YOU were due to travel anywhere this Easter, youre probably where you want to be right now. Therefore, youre looking forward to the trip home later today or possibly tomorrow. So we can all only hope the crippling paralysis exhibited by everyone associated with last weeks closure of the M1 does not turn out to be contagious. While not diminishing the severity of the blaze, you just know a fluorescent-jacketed jobsworth had no hesitation in recommending the total closure of the carriageway due to health and safety. In Japan, after the devastating tsunami, they rebuilt roads in the face of a possible nuclear meltdown in less than a week. Here, were nervous about a fire in a scrapyard. Happy motoring!


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SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


By Stuart Winter

EARLY RISERS: Blooms in St Jamess Park, London

A GLORIOUS rainbow of natural colours is creating the countrysides most stunning Easter in living memory. Exotic Mediterranean birds, brilliant butteries and rare plants are radiating all shades of the spectrum as Britain bathes in the warmest holiday weather for a generation. A combination of unseasonably warm temperatures and long periods of sunshine along with the quirkiness of the ecclesiastical calendar have produced a bank holiday to remember. The same calm atmospheric conditions that led the Government to issue a smog warning last week are encouraging owers to bloom early and butteries to take wing. Birds such as the dazzling woodchat shrike and purple heron are also being drawn in from their usual haunts across Spain and southern France to nd sanctuary on our shores. From stunning red rhododendrons and azaleas to magnicent violet pasqueowers, right, colourful sights rarely seen at Easter have delighted walkers and naturalists. Andy Byeld, landscape conservation manager for the charity Plantlife, said: It is

Were wild about spring

proving to be a glorious spring for wild owers, with primroses, for example, better than I can ever remember. We experienced a relatively cold winter and went straight into the warm, dry conditions we might traditionally associate with a British summer, which has meant that lots of spring owers have come into ower quickly and are giving us some glorious displays. A relatively cold winter can be good for our native British wild owers as they are adapted to expect cold winters, and many seem to need a cold spell to do really well in spring and summer. Not only are wild owers such as yellow cowslips and dandelions producing eyecatching displays. Gardeners who have delighted in a late winter bulb spectacular are reporting the early owering of many plants. T h e Royal Horticultural Society said: The sensational start to spring has certainly made certain owers appear earlier than normal. Azaleas and rhododendrons look to be a week earlier and many of the later apple varieties are owering now which could result in an amazing crop later in the year. The RHS Gardens are awash with blooms now and are the best places to be over the bank holiday weekends. Dont forget to bring your camera. The British Trust for Ornithology has been recording migrant birds arriving early from Africa and an abundance of Easter eggs. Species such as blue tits and great tits are already heavily into the nesting season and blackbirds are busy feeding edglings. The BTOs Dr Dave Leech said: Many species are laying between ve and 30 days earlier than they were in the Sixties as a result of the warming climate.



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


VISITOR: A woodchat shrike on St Marys, Isles of Scilly

MAGNIFICENT: A purple heron also seen on the Scilly Isles BRIGHTON ROCKS: Thousands relaxed yesterday

Hotter than the Sahara, and a lot more crowded

BRITAIN was hotter than the Sahara Desert yesterday as the thermometer hit 82.4F (28C), the highest temperature of the year and warmest April day for 62 years, writes Alistair Grant. It beat Fridays 80.42F (26.9.C) peak in St Jamess Park, London, and was the second hottest April day recorded, behind the 84.92F (29.4C) at Camden, north London, on April 16, 1949. Britain was hotter than almost all of Europe with Merzouga, a Moroccan city in the Sahara close to the Algerian border, reaching only 77F (25C) yesterday. With temperatures 14C above average, resorts were jammed with 10 million staycationers, 100,000 of them on Bournemouths beaches. A spokesman at Brighton said: Its busy with a nice atmosphere.



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



Privatise Royal Mail and theyll slash deliveries, warn unions

Haldanes View
UNION bosses fear controversial plans to privatise the Royal Mail will leave rural areas of Britain with deliveries on only three days a week. The controversial Postal Services Bill, going before the House of Lords next month, will allow the mail service to be separated from the Post Office network and sold off. The Government has


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Picture: national photo group

Sharon pup in yap of luxury

ITs no dogs life for Sharon Stones pup as she takes her pet for a drive in Los Angeles. The Basic Instinct star, 53, turns to check the pampered dog is OK before setting off in her convertible.

By Jon Coates
claimed Britains universal postal service, which has a uniform price for deliveries nationwide six days a week, will stay. The Communications Workers Union, however, fears the Bill will water down statutory commitments and create a second class service in rural areas, with higher prices and less frequent deliveries. CWU general secretary Billy Hayes says the regulator Ofcom, set to review the service 18 months after privatisation, would allow it to be altered in areas where costs are deemed too high. He said: We could see a two-tier service where rural parts of the country suffer a worse service or have to pay higher prices. We dont want to end up

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Rural areas could end up with a worse service

with a situation like in Holland, where privatisation has resulted in deliveries only three days a week to rural areas. Mr Hayes added: Breaking Royal Mail away from the Post Office could also result in thousands of closures because post offices rely on Royal Mail for at least a third of their income. Privatising many public services just doesnt make sense. Taxpayers end up paying more for a worse service. A spokesman for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills said huge challenges meant privatisation was needed. He added: We are taking action to ensure that the universal postal service is protected and that Royal Mail can keep delivering and collecting letters six days a week at an affordable, one price goes anywhere tariff.

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ON SONG: The Wallingford Parish Church Choir has been voted the nations favourite choir and has a CD out called The Hymns Album

HEY are never off-key even when murder and carnage is committed all around them. In fact, the Midsomer Murders choir will sing angelically through all manner of mayhem. Now, however, the singers who appear so regularly as a choir in the detective shows fictional town of Causton have something other than a solved murder case to celebrate. For the Wallingford Parish Church Choir in Oxfordshire has killed the competition and been voted the nations favourite choir. To mark the achievement the choir has released a CD with some of its greatest hits. Musical hits that is. The 33 adults and 19 juniors, whose age ranges from six to 70-plus, and include the granddaughter and great granddaughter of former prime minister Sir Harold Wilson, may seem strangely familiar. Wasnt that soprano a wedding guest in one particularly grisly Midsomer Murders episode? Probably. As well as appearing as the fictional choir in Causton, the members who sing at both St Marys and St Leonards churches in Wallingford regularly pop up as other extras in the popular television series. I was the first female Soco [thats Scenes of Crime Officer for the uninitiated], bubbles Fiona Prince, 38, who has been in the Wallingford Parish Church Choir for five years and had to keep a straight face as a body lay prone before her in another episode. I didnt have to say anything but there is a lot of



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


good: Midsomers choir

JANE CLINTON meets the choir that regularly sings through the mayhem of TVs detective series Midsomer Murders
competition between us all. If you get a uniform or a prop it is really exciting. The proximity to the locations where Midsomer Murders is lmed is an obvious advantage. There is also the local theatre, the Corn Exchange, where some of the choir indulge in a spot of amateur dramatics, which has links with the shows producers. The theatre will get a call and choir members who t the bill are duly recruited. Despite having Sir Harold Wilson for a grandfather, Catherine Lidbetter, 36, who has been in the choir for ve years, has not had a Midsomer moment of glory. I have never been in Midsomer Murders, it is so frustrating, laughs Catherine, a librarian who lives 10 minutes from the church with her husband Will, 43, daughter Evie, six (who is the choirs youngest member) and four-year-old twins Rachael and Samson. The local theatre tends to know who is needed for which particular show. The choir has been used when they have needed one. When my husband, Will, appeared once he got a little payslip and was paid as a stunt performer. He wasnt just an extra he was a singer so he was an extra with extras! And what would Wilson have thought of his granddaughters ambitions? I dont think choirs were my grandfathers scene but he did like Gilbert & Sullivan. While payment for extras for the show is nominal, they can earn 60-100 depending on their role, it is the thrill of appearing in the show that lures them. Midsomer Murders has a fanbase reaching across more than 180 countries and includes David Cameron. The Rev David Rice has also had his casting disappointments. Cast as a vicar (so no costume change) he had to duck out of lming for one day and was demoted to wedding guest, but he shrugs off the disappointment saying: It is all good fun. He is immensely proud of his church and fantastic choir. Another member of the choir, Kate Spence, 50, an engineering geologist, recalls her husband John once played a vicar and was subsequently mistaken for one in real life. People kept coming up to him and asking, Is this your church?. He was wearing a Marks & Sparks tweed jacket so he looked the part. David Simmons is an antique restorer who has been in the choir for an impressive 52 years and has been singing since he was ve. His mother was in the choir for 45 years and his wife Jean, who is also in her 50s and is a school registrar, has been in the choir for 27 years. Jean has played a choir member and a wedding guest in the show and David has had a turn as a lawyer. It is great fun, says David. You catch up on gossip and you are with people you know and like. The lming can go on and on but they do feed you very well so you cant complain. For Sue Ledger, a former GP who gave up medicine seven years ago to become the choirs director of music, her regular appearances in the programme could prove to be her (acting) undoing. Sue, who has been with the choir for 18 years, says: I went to Sweden and one of the choir there recognised me from Midsomer Murders. It could be the end of my extras work if my face is too familiar! And what do the good people of Wallingford Parish Church Choir think about the shows recent race row, when the now out-going executive producer Brian True-Mays admission that he deliberately kept ethnic minorities out of storylines incensed some quarters? All we say is: All Are Welcome, insists Sue breezily as she bursts into song. We have a lovely hymn of that very same name. And in truth all really are welcome to join us. Wallingford Parish Church Choirs The Hymns Album is now available on Decca Records CLASS ACT: Stars of Midsomer Murders the now departed John Nettles and Jason Hughes, left, and the Rev David Rice with Sue Ledger, who have also appeared in the show




SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Dying patient? Dont dial 999 if theyre old

A HEALTH trust has been condemned after it advised care home staff not to call an ambulance automatically if an elderly resident was dying. Officials issued the instructions for old people who have do not resuscitate notes placed on their files by their GP after consultations with relatives. A care home organisation has attacked the order, saying it put pressure on employees who were not trained to make a medical judgment about whether somebody was dying or not. Rhonda Warren, the daughter of a woman suffering from dementia, said she was shocked at the attitude of the primary care trust in Colchester, Essex. She said she and her sister Janice Humm, 64, felt it was a cost-cutting exercise that was akin to a euthanasia policy. Mrs Warren, 57, of Colchester, said their 91-year-old mother


Riddle over sex abuse victims ID

By Nick Irving
POLICE are still trying to identify the victims of nursery sex abuser Vanessa George but may never tell their families who they are. The final case summary report reveals that George, 40, gave the police the names of six children but they were not convinced by her confession. The report, sent to parents whose children attended Little Teds nursery in Plymouth, Devon, reveals that George, who must serve at least seven years in jail, provided police with only four full names and two first names. Police said: Even if officers were able to make a positive identification we would weigh up the benefit of telling the child and his/her parents, against the emotional stress such a disclosure would cause.

By Roddy Ashworth
Ellen Williamson had been put on the Liverpool Care Pathway do not resuscitate plan. This was formulated to give dying patients dignified care. However, she said she would be horrified if an ambulance was not called out by the care home if her

Its almost akin to euthanasia

mother suddenly fell ill. If my mum had a heart attack I wouldnt want her to be resuscitated, but I would still want the home to call an ambulance to ensure she was not suffering prolonged pain which could be relieved. I think its disgusting homes would not go through the proper channels. Its almost akin to euthanasia. The

trust is saying They are old, lets not bother with them. Martin Green, chief executive of the English Community Care Association, said: If I see someone who is dying, I might not always know whether they are at the end of their life or if, at the right facility, their life could be saved. It places on staff a responsibility for making a judgment that should only be made by a doctor. Dr Shane Gordon, who heads the areas GP consortium which has developed the strategy with the primary care trust, said: We are talking about people being able to die with dignity. One of the difficulties is these things happen in the night when homes tend to be running on lower staff who have a tendency to call an ambulance. That leads to people being admitted to hospital when they may have preferred to spend their last hours where they live.

Picture: STEVE ARGENT/Cascade

ANGER: Rhonda Warren, right, with Ellen and Janice

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Talented? Thanks but I would rather work in the City

BRITAINS Got Talent contestant Alex Grifths, who was kidnapped from a maternity unit as a baby, is By James Murray putting her showbusiness career on hold after landing a top job. End production. However, Alex, of Millions will see the condent Middlesbrough, Teesside, said last 21-year-old display her singing and night: I have just accepted a great dancing skills with I Cant Do It job offer to be a business consultAlone from hit musical Chicago. ant in London. Alex, whose 17-day kidnap It is a fantastic opportunity and stunned the nation, something I am determined to wowed the crowd do well at, so for the moment at the ManchesI am putting work rst. ter audition of Money from newspathe hit ITV1 per stories of her kidtalent show. nap paid for Alexs J u d g e education at DarlingA m a n d a tons 6,500-a-term Holden even Polam Hall School achieved suggested where she Record viewers for very she was good top grades in three A s rst episode of Britain enough to play a levels. She will soon Got Talent lead role in a West graduate with a maths

CAREER GIRL: Alex, 21, yesterday

Dec gave clues to love split

By Chloe Thomas
ONLY last month Declan Donnelly, who has just announced a split from girlfriend Georgie Thompson, was hinting that the relationship was in trouble. Declan, 35, one half of the hugely successful television presenting duo Ant and Dec, made the throwaway remarks while he was with Ant McPartlin at the Royal Society TV awards. When asked about possible wedding bells, he seemed evasive and uncomfortable, saying: Oh, I dont know about that.theres plenty of time for all that. Declan, said to be worth 60million, began dating Ms Thompson, 34, a Sky Sports presenter, in 2009. However, he is said to be not ready to commit. A devastated Georgie, who made no secret of her desire to settle down, tweeted yesterday to thank fans for their kind messages.



Number cr unching...

degree from Manchester University. Its been an incredible year and it is just getting better, she said. I am really looking forward to graduating and then I will go travelling for a month before starting my job later in the summer. When I am in London I will be near the West End theatres, which will be great. I will keep my dancing and singing going but my main focus will be the job and learning about London. The capital holds traumatic memories for Alexs family after she was snatched from St Thomas Hospital in 1990 at one day old. An estate agent tipped off police that she was being held at a Cotswolds cottage. Alex was found with disturbed nurse Janet Grifths (no relation), who died from cancer several years later.



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Win a Panasonic Lumix camera worth 600

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n Friday Prince William is set to marry Kate Middleton in what is sure to be a ceremony of unmissable moments. If you are lucky enough to be in London on the day be sure you grab snapshots that will make the most experienced paparazzi jealous. Were running our very own royal competition, giving readers the chance to win camera technology thats fit for a queen. Already award-wining, the stunning new Lumix DMC-GF2 is the smallest compact system camera from Panasonic, boosting DSLR-like photo performance and full HD movies with stereo sound perfect for capturing those special moments. With excellent image quality, easy-to-use functions and high-quality features, taking the perfect wedding shot is easy and will become something to be remembered for ever.

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ICONIC STAR: Elisabeth

TV tribute to Doctors Sarah Jane

A TRIBUTE to the ultimate Doctor Who girl was screened last night after the launch of the shows new series. Elisabeth Sladen, 63, who from 1973 to 1976 starred with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, also featured in spin-off childrens show, The Sarah Jane Adventures. Elisabeth, a guest with David Tennant as The Doctor in 2006, died of cancer last week. He said in the 15-minute tribute: She was the ultimate Doctor Who girl. Im just proud I got to work beside her because she was a huge part of my childhood. Current Doctor Matt Smith said children would be devastated.

Guilty! Lohan jailed but out on 43k bail

LINDSAY LOHAN has been jailed for four months after stealing a 1,500 diamond necklace from an LA jewellers. A judge also sentenced the weeping Mean Girls star to a dose of perspective, 20 days community service, most of which will be spent mopping floors among corpses at a morgue. However, Lohan, 24, spent just five hours behind bars on Friday before being released on 43,000 bail pending an appeal. She will be thrown in a cell only if her appeal fails. Earlier, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled that the troubled star had stolen the necklace in violation of her probation for a drinkdriving conviction in 2007. Lohan claimed the store near her Venice Beach home loaned her the necklace for publicity purposes. Judge Sautner ruled that she returned it only after learning that police had a search warrant. The judge added: I see the intent here. I see a level of brazenness with, Let me see what I can get away with here. She also reduced the charge from felony grand theft to a misdemeanour, however, saying: Im going to give her an opportunity. Lohan did not visibly react

From Mike Parker


MORGUE DUTIES: Lohan arrives at the LA court for sentencing on Friday

to the sentence, but cried earlier as her lawyer told the court the actress had been punished enough since her 2007 driving under the influence conviction. It is the fourth time Lohan has been sent to prison in four years, although two of those incarcerations lasted only a few hours. Last September, she was briefly jailed after failing a random drug test ordered by the court after her DUI. The following month, a judge ordered her to spend two-and-a-half months in rehab. On Friday, Judge Sautner heard Lohan was accused of walking out of a jewellery store in January without paying for the necklace only days after completing her stint at Californias Betty Ford Clinic. Her latest sentence came after she landed her first major film role for almost four years, in the Mafia biopic Gotti: Three Generations, opposite John Travolta and Joe Pesci. Last night it was uncertain whether the films producers will stick by her. Lohans estranged father Michael said: Jail is not where she needs to be. She needs help and she wont get it there.



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Uses mild electrical impulses, stimulating the nerve endings of the feet.

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Boy, 4, among 8,300 children in drink rehab

Fans held in football crackdown
THE number of children being treated for alcohol abuse has nearly doubled in just five years. A Sunday Express investigation has revealed as many as 8,227 under18s are in alcohol rehab. This is almost double the figure for five years ago, when children in treatment programmes totalled 4,781. More than 300 are 13 or under and many of these also have drug problems including cannabis, ecstasy and solvent abuse. One boy being treated for alcohol poisoning was only four years old. The statistics, from the Governments National Treatment Agency, reveal a devastating picture of Britains young people and children suffering from alcohol-related


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


By Lucy Johnston

HATRED: Celtic fans fly Irish tricolours at last months cup clash with Rangers

By James Fielding
POLICE arrested two men yesterday in a crackdown on sectarian violence ahead of todays clash between Celtic and Rangers football clubs. The men, aged 23 and 27, were held on suspicion of stirring up religious bigotry over the internet. The rivalry between supporters of the two teams has long been associated with violence in Glasgow between Catholic and Protestant populations. Tensions are already running high after letter bombs were sent to Celtic boss Neil Lennon and two high-profile fans. Racial abuse has also been directed at Rangers player El Hadji-Diouf. Police yesterday swooped on two homes in Glasgow and Paisley after being tipped off by the Internet Service Providers Association. An extra 1,000 police officers will be on duty

illness and self-destruction. Professor Neil McKeganey, a specialist in drug misuse at Glasgow University, said: We are seeing increasing numbers of children and younger children with alcohol problems. Despite the robust rhetoric the Government seems unable to reduce rates of drinking in young people. Health professionals also blame poor role models such as Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Wayne Rooney. Professor Moira Plant, specialist in alcohol misuse at the University

of the West of England, said: They are not the role models you would want young children to have. Our investigation follows last weeks report by Government think tank Demos, which revealed British teenage girls are the worst binge drinkers in the western world. One in three girls aged 13 has been drunk at least twice, higher than the rate in any other developed country in Europe and north America. Our inquiries found children not yet 10 are spending up to three years in treatment, ranging from residential rehabilitation to specialist counselling, while thousands of other youngsters are admitted to hospital each year for serious illnesses previously only seen in alcoholic adults. We discovered hospital doctors in Hull have treated escalating numbers of drunk children. As many as 133 had to be admitted to Hull Royal Infirmary with drinkrelated problems last year. One girl had withdrawal symptoms, two boys were diagnosed with alcoholism, and a boy treated for alcohol poisoning was four years old. In Swindon, eight primary school pupils were found drunk during a police operation involving

People will be drunk. There will be injuries

at this afternoons Old Firm game at Rangerss Ibrox ground amid warnings the warm weather over the Easter weekend will fuel violence. Strathclyde Chief Constable Stephen House said: Its a bank holiday, it is the last meeting of the season and the weather is hot. That means people will be drunk and they will get injured or raped, assaults go up and so does domestic violence. Last night Rangers assistant manager Ally McCoist called for calm. He said: Obviously, you would appeal to them not to do these things, but I think these individuals are hell-bent on causing trouble.

They drink earlier and more than ever before

70 officers scouring the streets in search of vulnerable children. In Wales, children as young as 10 are being referred to alcohol treatment services. In North Yorkshire, drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour is being targeted by police. Don Shenker, chief executive of Alcohol Concern, warned that underage drinking was becoming a health timebomb. He said: There is a pattern emerging where children who do drink are drinking at an earlier age, and on the whole they are drinking more alcohol now than ever before. Last night a spokeswoman for the Department of Health said: Everyone has a part to play in tackling underage drinking. Parents, police, education and social services need to work together.



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Church schools must stick to their founding principles

he Church of Englands attitude towards schooling is very odd. Its 4,600 state schools play a vital role in education but why are the people in charge running away from their responsibilities? About half the Anglican schools in Britain are voluntary aided, which means they choose who they let in. In some of these schools all the pupils are from church-going families, although new Anglican schools are advised to keep 25 per cent of their places for non-church-goers but thats about to change. The Rt Rev John Pritchard, who is in charge of the schools, says there need only be 10 per cent of churchgoing pupils and that the rest should come from outside the CofE community because our primary function is to serve the wider community. Hes missing the point. The wider community is already being served by an abundance of schools that are strictly secular. By turning Anglican schools into establishments that will inevitably become secular he will be denying CofE families the chance for their children to learn Christian values alongside their academic subjects. Most parents who want their youngsters to attend Anglican schools are happy to accept that church attendance and a Christian belief are a reasonable prerequisite. If the bishops who administer these schools say these commitments arent necessary what is the point of maintaining the illusion that these are really church schools? Anglican schools must be proud to be places of moral guidance and Christian values.

Be proud of our nation at Easter

By John Sentamu


Picture: NIGEL RODDIS/Reuters

Rights for royal women

n a poll we asked readers for their views on the Royal Family; who should rule us in the future and is it right that women should take second place when it comes to inheriting the throne? Our readers were unequivocal in their view. Sixty per cent said women in the Royal Family should have the same rights as men. If the system isnt reformed Prince William and Kate Middletons first-born child could only ascend to the throne depending on their gender. The Queen has said she is willing to throw out the men-first rule but will be guided by the sentiment of the people. She is proof enough that women are indeed just as capable of ruling as men. The primogeniture law is an anachronism and must be abolished.

Support our fragile heroes

ERGEANT Matt Wadsworths ordeal highlights a crisis that affects many ex-servicemen and women. Matt was lucky. He fought the demons that almost destroyed his life and now works to help others but for many like him there are no such happy outcomes. Hundreds have to cope with crippling injuries and still more suffer from psychological damage. The services do try to help and charities try to fill the gaps in care but thats still inadequate. Care for those who risked their lives and carry the emotional and physical scars of that sacrifice must be a priority. In America, the US Department of Veterans Affairs has a network across the country offering free medical and psychological help at clinics and outreach centres. Its an approach we must adopt.

appy Easter! Isnt it wonderful that we live in a country where we can celebrate this special time of year with our friends and family? On Easter morning I love to go to the service at York Minster and meet hun dreds of other people celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On an average Sunday around one million people attend Church of England services. Today, the number rises to around 1.5 million. The Church continues to play an important role in the life of the nation, not only providing services and pastoral support to individuals but also strengthening local communities up and down the country across urban, rural and suburban areas. The majority of the work that the Church does may lack glamour but it adds significantly to the stability of our country. We need to be careful that we do not underplay the contribution that is being made on a daily basis. There seems to be a concerted effort by secular fundamentalists who portray the Church as, first, irrelevant to our national life and, second, inward looking instead of focusing on the needs of our country. Neither of these caricatures holds up to serious scrutiny. Did you know that 85 per cent of the population visit a church or place of worship in the course of a year? Did you know more people do unpaid work for church organisations than any other body? God calls us to have an active trust and it would be wrong to pretend Christians spend all their time inside church buildings. In fact, church-goers contribute an impressive 23.2 million hours voluntary service outside their church within local communities each month. As William Temple once said: The Church is the only society on earth that exists for the benefit of non-members. At this time of year more than ever we should remember that Gods love is both restorative and transformative. It reaches out and embraces every single person and community.

rejoice: Archbishop Sentamu performs a baptism at York Minster yesterday and overly prescriptive ideas of what equality is, it is easy to become disheartened or discouraged from expressing our views openly. Equality is not the situation we increasingly see, where one persons rights trump another persons. Equality is about reflecting each persons unique worth, value and importance to God. It is about showing love and compassion regardless of age, sex or colour. Equality is doing the right thing by God and by our neighbours. Let us not forget that Gods love is indiscriminate. To paraphrase George Orwell, we need to ensure that we do not create a situation where all are equal but some are more equal than others. We should not live in fear for our trust in God. Indeed, we need to be careful that we do not simply become like a salesman who cannot talk about his product. Dont be afraid, be courageous! National pride is wonderful when it is expressed in the right way. For example, we have two great days of national celebration on the horizon. First we have the Royal Wedding on Friday. Then on May 2 the Church has a special May Day celebration for St George, the patron saint of England. I hope that on both these occasions people will be holding parties, waving flags and celebrating these events which will enrich national life. We desperately need shared values and vision to hold us together and for me, what is important is to love God and my neighbours with all that I am.

Little lambs big slice of luck

NE lucky lamb is enjoying life in a green meadow this Easter despite being dumped in a bin and left to die. A kind passer-by heard the bleats of the monthold creature and now the RSPCA has taken it to a safe place. Its a heartwarming tale but whats this lucky fellow to be called? If you have an idea, drop us a line.


think its great that the Church is reaching out in new ways. Ive seen churches holding events in pubs, opening coffee shops, running youth projects in cities up and down the country and setting up street pastoring schemes among other things. That may not be what most people expect from their local church but actually we are called to reach out and love our neighbours. I want to encourage Christians to keep on going in the work they are doing to help others. Remember the Church has been doing the Big Society for more than 2,000 years! We should also be proud of the role Christian values have in Britain. With growing bureaucracy, political correctness

I hope that you hold parties for the Royal Wedding and for St George two events to enrich our lives

e need to apply that same sense of pride and celebration when we think of our national religion. Let us not be narrowminded like the Pharisees who had unquestionable zeal and unsurpassable knowledge of the rules and regulations, without having a real grasp of Gods all-forgiving love. As the old saying goes: God wants spiritual fruits rather than religious nuts. Let us be generous of spirit, full of new life, living with new hope. Live every day in the knowledge that we are called to serve, to love, support and encourage our neighbours: saved not by our actions but by those of Gods Son. Rejoice in the freedoms we have. Do not be scared to share the good news of God in Jesus Christ with your friends. Let us together make Jesus Christ visible at the heart of society and celebrate Easter renewed in spirit and action.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Skirting round hemline issue
A RARE victory for common sense at Beverley High School where parents saw off a Taliban-style bid to stop schoolgirls wearing skirts. Apparently the sight of teenage girls in skirts was leaving male teachers all a-uster and attracting unwelcome attention as the pupils walked to school. Rather than tackling the issue of hemlines, the management at the East Yorkshire school thought the best option was to simply ban skirts altogether in favour of trousers. Head teacher Sharon Japp claimed the fashion for very short skirts was projecting an image about which many girls are naively unaware. Despite Beverley High having a uniform dress code for knee-length navy blue skirts the head teacher said many were wearing Lycra tube skirts which rode up as the pupils walked. The rational response should have been to simply enforce a stricter uniform policy but management embarked on a head-on clash with parents with its over-the-top skirt ban. Parent governor Peter Seviour, whose 13-yearold daughter attends the top secondary, said a ban would have been ridiculous. He declared that common sense has prevailed in the end. The management is working with a new uniform supplier and will bring in a prim knee-length skirt this autumn to spare everyones blushes.

By Lucy Morgan Edwards

ISA HEAD, who died last week defusing IEDs in Helmand, was the 364th British casualty of the Afghan war since 2001 and the second woman to be killed in action. As we approach the 10th anniversary of Britains involvement in Afghanistan there is confusion why we are there and whether things could have been done differently. There has been too much focus in the media on the military side and little showing the perspective of women or Afghans. I spent six years in Afghanistan. I worked for the UN in Kandahar under the Taliban regime a year before September 11, when Osama bin Laden lived up the road. Our ofce staff, educated Afghan engineers, saw Al Qaeda as foreigners and were fed up with them. Yet they seemed proud of the Taliban. When the regime had a strategically important win against traditional enemy the ethnic Tajik Northern Alliance (who since 2001 the West has helped take power), they celebrated. They saw the Taliban as bringing stability. They hoped they would take the country from the Northern Alliance, ending the civil war. Id judged things through Western news reports demonising the Taliban for the way they treated women. I also failed to understand the many divisions within Afghan society: ssures between urban WITNESS: Lucy saw the Wests failures as a UN worker in Kandahar

Afghan duty to heroines

and rural Afghans; those who had supported the communist governments and those who fought them; those desiring a Westernstyle nation state and those preferring faces they knew, often charismatic tribal leaders. Thirty years of war has added complexity, with parts of the ancient tribal system targeted by those who benet from chaos and war and strongmen supported by outside countries seeking to consolidate power in the regions. The West has thrown itself into the midst of this since 2001, assuming that holding elections, even in the absence of law and order, would bring democracy and stability. The British were too willing to blindly follow a US policy of simply backing one side against another (Northern Alliance against Taliban) in the civil war. So instead of a process of justice and accountability for abuses, we made Northern Alliance strongmen (who Afghan women told me committed terrible crimes against them in the early Nineties) our allies in the

MORE revelations about items being pilfered by light-ngered Whitehall workers. The Department of Transport reveals the usual loss of BlackBerries and laptops but one enterprising thief stole 250 litres of heating oil and a gas boiler ue. STAND aside Gordon Brown and Vince Cable, theres a new political Jonah in town. No sooner had the Prime Minister lauded wonderful Blackpool than the Premiership football team, who were riding high, lost seven and drew two of their next 10 xtures. They are now irting with relegation. No wonder the Conservative-run council is tipped to return to Labour control. THE silly season hit early this year with acres of learned discussion about what our posh Prime Minister should wear to the Royal Wedding. With yet another U-turn from Number 10, David Cameron has declared he will now be wearing the appropriate morning suit. Labour leader Ed Miliband was quick to inform an unconcerned nation that he too will be wearing a rented morning suit. Hands up who had forgotten he was even invited? SO Brussels wants a 4.9 per cent increase in its budget next year, 400 for every household. That AV referendum on May 5 just gets less and less relevant doesnt it? KIRSTY BUCHANAN

so-called war on terror. This is the opposite of the Balkans conict where infamous strongmen were brought to justice. We chose shorttermism and lost the chance to build a just and stable state. So today, the interests of the Afghan government, with representatives of these strongmen or their proxies, arent those of the international community. Instability means aid so theyve little interest in peace and sharing power with the Taliban. Its said aid has been invested by Afghan ministers in Dubai villas. The Kabul bank, with huge debts from bad loans to strongmen partners, has been split with 545m losses. NFORTUNATELY the West lost its best chance to eject the Taliban and bring stability to Afghanistan when it failed to understand the potential offered in 2001 by Abdul Haq. A famed Pashtun commander in the Soviet war, he made a plan with the former king, senior Taliban and tribal leaders. I spent years researching the intelligence failures here, trying to understand why Haq would go into Afghanistan on a mission,

only to be killed by the Taliban. In my book Haqs mission is set as a cameo against my own experience of the rst ve years of war. By the end of the book I show why Haq risked what some called an impulsive mission. I dont believe the West should abandon Afghanistan as we did after the Soviets left. But we must de-escalate our military effort, have a peace process that includes the Taliban, engage with Afghan civil society groups rather than a narrow range of government representatives and strongmen and work with tribal structures. It wont be easy. The West is seen as having sided with a corrupt government losing us the goodwill there after 9/11. But for the sake of the British and Afghan men and women killed and for the Afghans who continue to suffer the West must get it right. Because until now we have failed. Lucy Morgan Edwards is a former political adviser to the EU ambassador in Kabul. Her book, The Afghan Solution, an indictment of the intelligence and strategic failures by the West in Afghanistan, is published next month by Bactria Press.

LARRY of Number 10...



As Michelle Collins is set to join Coronation Street, ROGER LEWIS warns of the perils of leaving the unreal land of soap...

Soap stars should stay in their bubble

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


The things they say...

To think that I ended up having an incredible, lovely life through putting balls in a hole with a stick is just unthinkable. Snooker player STEVE DAVIS says he considers himself lucky You can have no talent, no ambition and you win all the same. All young people dream of that. Young girls dream of becoming models. Celebrity is the new religion. Novelist MARTIN AMIS bemoans the current state of our culture This has become a deeply and appallingly personal campaign. Its centred on one personality and that is Nick Clegg. I am asking the Prime Minister, will he disassociate himself from a campaign of personal attack of the sort that no British prime minister should ever, ever be involved in? Ex-Lib Dem leader LORD PADDY ASHDOWN on the dirty tricks of the No To AV campaign Do you know the best way to not be recognised? Ive worked this out now. Go in to Marks & Spencer. No one ever thinks theyll see Adam

outh American writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez won the Nobel Prize in 1982 after spearheading magic realism, a dramatic form in which the false and the factual are jazzily combined. In my opinion, the man missed his way. Instead of wasting his descriptive powers on fancy short stories and novels, Marquez could have been contributing to British soaps, which have been magically realistic (and plain bonkers) since their inception. It has always been puzzling why soaps have a reputation for grittiness and authenticity. Nothing that goes on in them bears any resemblance to the rest of the world. Characters never discuss politics or current affairs. They never chat about whats on telly. Arguments about sport are absent. Soaps unfurl in a parallel universe and it is one from which it is impossible to escape. Michelle Collins, for example, is about to take up a position behind the bar of the Rovers in Coronation Street but this fools nobody. To me and countless millions, Michelle will always be Cindy Beale from EastEnders. Who can forget the way she hired a hitman to bump off Ian, abducted her children and fled to Italy? Ian got over his wounds and re-abducted the children but, despite being an attempted murderess, Cindy still won custody in the courts. She then died in labour on Bonfire Night, a ruse, obviously, as she has now popped up in Weatherfield pulling pints and calling herself Stella. Jane Danson also confusingly wanders from soap to soap. As Leanne Battersby shes been a lap-dancer, prostitute, in on an arson insurance scam, a thief and a kidnap victim. Nevertheless, without altering anything in the way she gives a performance, Jane also turned up as a nurse on A&E and as a lesbian police officer on The Bill.

ALL CHANGE: Michelle Collins, who starred as Cindy Beale in EastEnders, is now set for Coronation Street at their peril. Chris Quentins Brian Tilsley (Nicks dad) was fatally stabbed in 1989, since when the actor has clocked up but one significant role, in RoboCop 2. He also appeared in a telethon in New Zealand. Though he now lives with an ex-Stringfellows dancer, thats not much to show for himself in 20-odd years. You understand why Bill Roache has remained solidly in character as Ken Barlow for a record-breaking half-century (though perhaps even he now and again feels he is trapped in a circle of Dantes Inferno?) Bet Lynch, she of the leopard skin-print outfits and bleached blonde beehive hair, for example, pulled her final pint at the Rovers in 1995, returned briefly in 2002 and 2003, and apart from impersonating Marlene Dietrich on Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes, the camper-thanChristmas Julie Goodyear has also gone quiet. Curly Watts (Kevin Kennedy) released an album, Bulldog Nation, that reached number 70 in the charts. He also made an advert for Daz. Reg Holdsworth (Ken Morley) endured an armed raid on his house and was then mugged in the street by youths who stole his trademark glasses, though these were later returned. Eddie Yates the binman (Geoffrey Hughes) made a horror film in South Wales with Faye Dunaway, which was never released. Derek Wilton (Peter Baldwin) owns a toy shop in Londons Covent Garden. The older actors fare best, with Mavis Riley (Thelma Barlow) turning up in Victoria Woods Dinnerladies and Jean Alexander of Hilda Ogden fame joining the cast of Last Of The Summer Wine. You have to respect Violet Carson who, having received the OBE for portraying Ena Sharples, retired gracefully to Blackpool with her sister Nellie and refused to make any further public appearances. Pat Phoenix, however, remains in a class of her own. Though Elsie Tanner emigrated to Portugal, Pat herself married actor Tony Booth (Cheries father), so she became mother-in-law to our future prime minister. Tony Blair, indeed, attended Pats funeral in Manchester in 1986. You couldnt make that up. Or could you? Night after night we are expected to swallow such lunacies as Norriss brother being Manuel off Fawlty Towers. Frankie Baldwin was found living in Transylvania, where she was encountered by Roy and Hayley (Hayley, of course, really being Harold and the father of a grown-up son). Tracy Barlow is more evil and absurd than any character Joan Crawford ever played. Illnesses on Coronation Street would OLD HAND: Bill Roache has remained solidly in character as Ken Barlow baffle science. Johnny Briggss depiction of Mike Baldwins Alzheimers came across as mild forgetfulness. Almas ovarian cancer was done and dusted in a trice. Recently Peter Barlow, having suffered a cardiac arrest, a broken back and having delivered a moving death-bed speech, was able to discharge himself within days. You have to wonder, has Gabriel Garcia Marquez been secretly mailing the scripts to Granada from Mexico City all along? I am certain he masterminded the surreal saga I was plunged into at Christmas.

Ant in Marks & Spencer, so they dont know its me. Its quite nice, really. Pop veteran ADAM ANT on trying to stay sane through fame Extreme fighting or shooting is not possible any more. I want to be more encouraged as an actor and I believe that I can manage this challenge. I am like a sponge absorbing all the knowledge and always willing to learn new things. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER on making a return to acting The judges are creating a sort of privacy law, whereas what ought to happen in a parliamentary democracy is Parliament should decide how much protection we want for individuals and how much freedom of the press and the rest of it. So I am a little uneasy about what is happening. DAVID CAMERON on the recent spate of super injunctions They gave me a cookbook in Hollish. Whats it called? Dutch, sorry. How useful will that be? LEE RYAN of Eurovision hopefuls Blue isnt too clued up about the other countries involved


hese days, Leanne is having an affair with her ex-husband, who is played by a different actor from the one shed originally married. The present Nicky Tilsley is Ben Price, who has dropped by from Footballers Wives and Casualty. Nick was previously incarnated by Adam Rickitt, who despite being a gay icon had hopes of becoming a Conservative MP. Adam went to New Zealand, where he was questioned for shoplifting: an honest mistake, he told police. He was last seen posing nude to advertise a testicular cancer campaign. Soap stars leave the world of soap

was in Bristol with Eric Potts, who played Diggory the jolly baker. Eric was now attired as the panto dame in Dick Whittington. On the same night as we were having a drink with Barbara Windsor in her dressingroom the episode of Corrie was broadcast where the tram crashed on the cobbles, squashing Diggorys duplicitous daughter Mollie. I keep getting texts about it, said Eric, who was bemused at the way everyone thought he should be reacting to the news. If viewers wondered why Diggory was absent from his daughters funeral, it was because Eric was dolled up as Sarah the Cook for a harem scene. Meantime Barbara Windsor, who had left EastEnders, was dangling about the stage on wires waving a wand. So the lesson is: if theres any life after soaps, it is in panto. l Roger Lewiss new book, What Am I Still Doing Here?, with a specially designed cover by Ronald Searle, will be published this year.
Roger Lewis

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Camilla Tominey Why do women mock each other?

the right to wear what we damn well like on the beach? The way Nigella was treated, anyone would have thought that she had packed her burkini full of explosives, suicidebomber style. Thank goodness that she wasnt wearing a thong. The cheese wire references and bun puns would have been as difficult to bear as Nigellas pale complexion. Leave the lady alone to read her chick lit in peace, please. Fern Britton is another celebrity who has recently managed to incur the wrath of womankind. Her crime? Having a gastric band fitted without telling anyone and then, shock horror, actually losing weight as a result. How dare she? And you know what she did next? She only went and did the splits on her chat show. The cheek of it. Ferns impromptu gymnastics routine was too much for some women, who branded her desperate and accused her of changing because she was thinner. Do me a favour. The only thing thats changed about Fern is her waistline and her wardrobe. Oh, and maybe shes a bit happier having lost weight and left This Morning after reportedly finding out she was being paid thousands of pounds less than her male counterpart, Phillip Schofield. For that alone, she should be hailed a heroine but, no, once again todays so-called sisterhood has got the knives out. Scissor sisters more like.
Picture: MATRIX

t pains me to say it since it goes against all my feminist principles but Im becoming ashamed of being a woman. When did we become such bitches? At some point between getting the vote and trying to break the glass ceiling we stopped waging war against men and turned on each other. We have become our own worst enemies, not only by being overly self-critical but also so scathing of our fellow females. The latest woman to have fallen victim to her own, supposedly fairer, sex is Nigella Lawson, who last week seemingly committed a crime against fashion by wearing a full-length burkini on holiday. The criticism came as thick and fast as the goo in one of the curvaceous cooks chocolate fondants. What was she thinking demanded articles written predominantly by, yes, you guessed it, women? Was her motive avoiding skin cancer or being photographed in a bikini? None of these articles asked the question on most mens lips. Who cares? Emmeline Pankhurst would be turning in her grave right now. For what is the point of suffrage if it doesnt come with

With his public school haircut and Bertie Woosteresque baby face, David Cameron could wear a shell suit to the royal wedding and still look like an old Etonian. The Prime Minister has now decided to wear morning dress to Fridays nuptials despite originally opting for a lounge suit to avoid looking too much like a toff (impossible!). If thats his biggest wedding wardrobe dilemma then hes lucky. For men, getting ready for William and Kates big day will mean reaching for the nearest suit and tie, maybe finding a matching handkerchief, shaving and, at the most, running a comb through their hair (all male guests except David Beckham but then Victoria will no doubt be picking his outfit since she clearly wears the trousers). Women, meanwhile, will be agonising over every aspect of their ensemble, right down to their underwear (Spanx every time, if you ask me). Someone from the This Morning fashion desk phoned me last week to ask if I thought it would be all right for women to wear maxi dresses to Westminster Abbey. Who am I, Gok Wan? How on earth should I know? Im still trying to decide whether to wear tights or go bare legged, let alone whether to take a pashmina. Then theres that age-old congregational costume conundrum, hat or fascinator? And the handbag Catch 22 that has been perplexing women wedding goers for centuries: how to combine elegance with practicality? (Ignore practicality. What are a husbands pockets for, after all?) We havent even got on to shoes yet. For the love of all things sacred and holy, why on earth hasnt anyone invented a pair of high heels that turn into moccasins at midnight?

My inner heraldist compelled me to call the College of Arms last week to find out how to go about getting a coat of arms. Well if its good enough for the Middletons Its surprisingly easy, according to officer at arms Clive Cheesman, who informed me that pretty much anyone without a criminal conviction can commission one (check) provided they are eminent enough (oh). And to think Id already got the design sorted. The Tominey family business is ice cream so I was going to go for a shield in the shape of a cornet with chocolate flakes representing myself and my two brothers. Complete with the Tominey family motto, of course: Often licked, never beaten.


ate Middleton, meanwhile, cant get it right either. Shes too thin, wears too much eyeliner and dresses like her mother, who incidentally has also been criticised for dressing like her daughter. Then theres that Adele, who has topped the charts both here and in the US despite not being a size zero. Whod have thought it, a woman actually achieving success because of her talent, rather than her appearance? And would you believe she did it all without getting her Bristols out in a lads mag? Shes got a great pair of lungs on her too, that Adele. We women say we want equality. We say we want our daughters to live in a world where they are rated on ability rather than looks and yet it is women who continue to judge women most unkindly of all. We can do anything men can do. More, in fact, thanks to our penchant for childbearing and multi-tasking. Yet we seem to lack the very thing that gives men supremacy in this world: solidarity. A study by the Iza research institute in Bonn, Germany, last week found that when boys and girls were pitted against each other, girls showed less confidence while boys entered into the spirit of competition. My fear is that girls are too busy competing with each other to take on the opposite sex and win.

The hubby couldnt be more delighted with his 11 days off for the price of three Easter and royal wedding Bank Holiday bonanza, while Im facing the busiest working week of my career. His only dilemma is how to get away with watching the royal wedding without looking like a big girls blouse. Not having a wife in tow to blame the whole idea on appears to be proving problematic.

Youd have to be a total ass to part with 1,200 for Bugaboos new Donkey double buggy. If it really was the ultimate gadget for yummy mummies, it would be vomitproof, come with anti-tantrum technology and boast a built-in vacuum for biscuit crumbs. Indeed, for that kind of money, Id also expect it to feed the children and do bath and bedtime too.

CRUEL COVERAGE: Nigella was attacked for wearing a burkini

Prime Minister David Cameron was right to block Gordon Browns bid to be the head of the International Monetary Fund. It would have been like making Iraq warmonger Tony Blair a Middle East peace envoy. Wait a minute


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

The rst railway murder, in 1864, was a shocking attack that became one of the most gripping criminal investigations of its age. KATE COLQUHOUN uncovers a story that obsessed the nation and changed rail travel and our justice system for ever
N THE evening of Saturday, July 9, 1864, City banker Thomas Briggs, 69, was returning home to his elegant Hackney townhouse after dining with his niece in Peckham. Top-hatted, carrying a black leather bag and ivory-knobbed cane, he boarded the 9.45pm train from Fenchurch Street station and settled himself into the corner of a rst-class carriage, oblivious to the fact that he was travelling into history. About 20 minutes later, two young bank clerks entered the train at Hackney station. The compartment was empty but for a discarded black bag. Blood pooled in the buttoned indentations of the blue cloth cushions and the oor, sides and windows of the carriage were also smeared and sticky. The barred window was down and the inside of the door bore the smudge of a bloody handprint. A blood-smeared cane had rolled under one seat. Next to it was a crushed, low-crowned hat with a cheap, striped lining. The clerks raised the alarm. Within half an hour of this grisly discovery the almost lifeless body of Thomas Briggs was found lying between the lines further down the track. His head had been bludgeoned, his left ear was almost torn away, his forearm grazed and his clothes were disordered. There was a diamond ring on his little nger and money in his pockets but a broken link dangling forlornly from his waistcoat pocket indicated that his heavy gold watch and chain had been stolen. Within 24 hours Briggs would be dead. Three decades of railway expansion had made fortunes and transformed lives, altering forever the speed of movement, broadening the horizons of every British citizen and fuelling the growth of the empire. Thus, the shrieking steam engine was the most potent symbol of Victorias reign. Yet behind the condent face of a country reaping its industrial rewards was a growing anxiety about the speed of progress and the helplessness of the individual. Pride was mixed with anxiety: wheels ran off tracks, boilers burst, trains collided, axles broke and people died. With no windows between carriages, no corridors to link them, nor any means of communicating with driver or guard, the locked doors of the railway carriage now provided a most private forum for a murder that would rock British society to its core. The newspapers described it as this terrible drama of real life and feverish reports of the bludgeoning of a respectable man in his closed compartment added tinder to a smouldering re of public concern. Fear began to radiate along the length of every train. Worst of all, wrote the London Review, is the horrid consciousness, not merely that you are uneasy, but that you are making the traveller in the opposite corner uneasy too. Some wondered if they should arm themselves or make out a will before embarking. Richard Tanner, an ambitious young detective in the Metropolitan Police, was

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Pleasing Liz nearly bankrupted Burton

RICHARD BURTON almost went broke trying to please Elizabeth Taylor with exquisite diamonds, fabulous furs and exotic holidays around the world. The rebrand Welsh actor was warned repeatedly by aides to stop spending or he would go bankrupt, an astonishing series of documents reveals. A 1970 memo from his secretary warns Burton he could not afford a diamond necklace priced at more than $1million that Elizabeth wanted. There is not sufcient money in the coffers to pay for the jewels, it declared bluntly. Over the past two years, the out-ow of money has greatly exceeded in-ow. SPENDTHRIFT: Richard At the moment, such a Burton and Liz Taylor purchase is unthinkable. Another memo cautions him against selling jewellery given to Elizabeth by her third husband, lm producer Mike Todd, because they were probably worth around 120,000, not the millions Todd had claimed. The personal correspondence was found in the home of a neighbour of the Burtons when they lived in Mexico.

swiftly assigned to the case, steeling himself for the pressure of constant scrutiny. He knew the enormous 300 reward would bring multiple leads. Letters arrived in their hundreds and, at police stations across London, the public queued to give statements, each hoping to unlock the mystery. Tanners men were up against a mountain of information with only one solid clue: the crushed hat found under the carriage seat. The hat did not belong to Briggs and his silk topper was missing. Tanner believed that this broken hat belonged to the murderer who, in his keenness to escape, had mistaken Briggss for his own. If the detective could track down the person who had worn it on Saturday night he was convinced that he would have the murderer. As leads dwindled and the detective had made no headway the public clamoured for results and the newspapers gnawed at the story, stoking a growing fear among the middle classes. Then two men stepped forward with stories that each threw suspicion on a single foreigner. An impoverished German tailor called Franz Mller had boarded a ship for America, a country in the grip of a Civil War into which he could easily disappear. So, almost 50 years before the famous pursuit of Dr Crippen, Tanner gave chase, racing to Liverpool to join a fast steam ship that should, with luck, outpace his quarry. N PROSE worthy of a suspense thriller, the newspapers chronicled the story, taut with apprehension that the suspect would escape. The British public remained on tenterhooks during weeks of silence while Tanner sweltered in the New York heat. There, at last, though long delayed by storms, Mllers boat arrived and he was arrested. Among his possessions the London police found a silk hat remarkably like that worn by Thomas Briggs, along with a gold pocket watch that could be tied absolutely to the victim by a serial number etched on its case. What shocked the crowds at the New York courthouse during proceedings to extradite Mller was the Germans slight build, neat dress and mild manner. He did not look or behave like a monster. Was it possible that Tanner, the famous London detective, had made a terrible mistake? The hearing was dramatic and the American court packed with spectators but Tanner won the day. Two months later, he and his prisoner descended from the train at Euston station, surrounded by a hissing, booing crowd that numbered thousands. Throughout September and October, as the Old Bailey trial drew near, public excitement was unprecedented and opinion divided about Mllers guilt or innocence. Over three tense days an array of witnesses,

A CRIME MOST HORRID: A sketch of murdered Thomas Briggs, top, and the convicted Franz Mller, above

representing a cross-section of working life of London rarely seen outside a Dickens novel, began to take the stand. Ticket-collectors, railway guards, pawnbrokers assistants, clerks, cabbies, watchmakers, hatmakers, jewellers and tailors all had their say, while Mller could only listen, forbidden by the law of the time from speaking in his own defence. The legal battle for Mllers life was fought between two renowned barristers at the top of their game. The papers chronicled events meticulously, running several extra editions each day. The prosecution were not able to uncover anything that absolutely xed the prisoner at the scene of the crime. They could not identify a murder weapon nor link it to the German but their witnesses swore that Mller had arrived home late on the night of July 9, that he had an injured foot, and that






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The gripping brutal murder that terrified Victorian rail commuters

he had been seen in the week following the murder with a new gold watch chain and sporting a new hat. Mllers defence attempted to prove a solid alibi while also insinuating doubt into the minds of the jury; their aim was to destabilise the chain of circumstantial evidence that appeared to bind him so convincingly, despite the lack of any motive. Directed by the judge, who was convinced of the prisoners guilt, the jury took just 15 minutes to convict. Mller was sentenced to death. Pale-faced, the 24-year-old spoke only to protest his innocence. Fevered attempts to convince the Home Secretary to commute Mllers sentence to life imprisonment followed. The case contained unresolved puzzles and raised awkward questions. The public felt that they had got at the truth but not at its entirety. With more time, would witnesses come


Royals are more in touch with the world than we think
F I DECLARE that Royal Wedding fever is sweeping the country I would be guilty of a huge understatement. When my wife and I were on holiday in America recently, not only was television there getting excited about the forthcoming event but the joke greeting from our friends was: Have you been invited to the Royal Wedding? We havent of course, but it did set me to reminiscing about my other close encounters with members of the Royal family. I have met the Queen twice, very briey, when she presented me with the OBE and the CBE, and Prince Charles wielded the sword at my knighthood investiture. I interviewed Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace as patron of International Literacy Year. Her belief that traditional ways of teaching the three Rs were more successful than modern experiments, and her call for a more competitive attitude in schools, were welcomed by the vast majority of my listeners, but not by many in the teaching establishment. My team and I went to Sandringham 22 years ago to interview Prince Charles about the work of the Princes Youth SANDRINGHAM: Charles Business Trust. and Jimmy discuss the The interview with Princes Youth Trust him was ne but my impression of Sandringham was anything but. The surrounding countryside is beautiful but I thought the Palace itself, with its corridors dominated by blackened-with-age portraits of ancestors was really gloomy. Prince Charles seemed totally happy, relaxed and at home there but I can easily believe that Princess Diana disliked it. My most interesting Royal interviews have been with Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, especially the rst time I met him. My heart sank as we were told to submit my list of questions for approval, fearing that I would get bland answers to my questions. Sure enough thats what happened. Even as I asked question two I had decided that this simply wasnt going to work. I seized on something he said in his reply and departed from the script. Back came his answer, uent and unrehearsed and he put the list of prepared questions down on the sofa. He never even glanced at it again. It seemed to me that he was being given protection he didnt need or want. HY HAVE I conducted this nostalgic tour down Royal Memory Lane? Well, obviously because of the tremendous interest in the Royal wedding, but also because, as I researched the past it became clear that the senior Royals are much more in touch with what is going on in the outside world than is generally realised. And, while they can never be called ordinary, the younger royals, particularly William and Harry seem to be genuinely happy engaging with the wider world. Will Williams marriage to Kate Middleton increase that trend? I truly believe so and I wish them great happiness in years to come. To comment on Jimmys column log on to

forward to corroborate Mllers alibi? Would the movement for the abolition of capital punishment add weight to his cause, or work against it? Old arguments were given new voice: should defendents be allowed to speak at their own trial? Was execution merely state-sanctioned murder? Did it restore order or question the very civilisation that Britain held up as an example to the world?

Y A LITTLE before 8am on Monday, November 14, an almost unprecedented crowd of 50,000 gathered to witness Mllers execution. The lever was pulled as the booming bell of St Pauls Cathedral began to toll the hour. The multitude fell silent. Then it erupted into a deafening roar. As a direct result of the behaviour of the

enormous, rowdy crowd assembled that day, public execution in England was outlawed in 1866, though it would be another century before capital punishment was abolished. In 1865 the rst bill to grant defendants the right to testify was introduced, suffering endless delays until it was passed in 1898. A process of appeal for convicted prisoners was introduced in 1907 but the defence were not allowed the last word in trials until the Sixties and, astonishingly, the duty of the Crown to disclose material that might be helpful to the defence was not made law until 1981. Had these laws existed in 1864, Mllers story might have had a very different outcome. People would talk about the case for decades and public fear about the dangers of the closed railway carriage refused to abate until, in the 1890s, a communications cord was introduced to allow passengers to summon the assistance of the guard. As it stood at the time, though, the case appeared to prove one incontrovertible truth: that the price to be paid for Victorian progress was vulnerability and death. Mr Briggs Hat, A Sensational Account of Britains First Railway Murder, by Kate Colquhoun (16.99; Little, Brown) is published on May 19. To order your copy, with free UK delivery, call 0871 988 8366 or visit Calls cost 10p per minute from BT landlines.



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the world

Boat children drown

SIX children from the same family drowned when a boat designed to take two capsized with two adults and 10 youngsters on board in Brazil. Boat owner Josimar Martins da Silva, father of one of the victims and uncle to the other five, was charged with manslaughter through gross negligence. The dead children were aged between two and 12. He had been taking them on a Good Friday treat when the tragedy happened at Lago Verde reservoir in the northern state of Maranhao.

Easter Bunny shoot

A CONTROVERSIAL annual Easter rabbit shoot went ahead in New Zealand yesterday. The annual event saw 47 teams from all over the country tackle the pest problem on farms in the Otago region in southern New Zealand. Weve got 564 hunters, plus their entourage, the picker-uppers, the cooks, the supporters, heading out to do battle with the rabbits, said event convener Dave Ramsay. Animal lovers have criticised the hunt, which kills, on average, 20,000 rabbits each year.

RESPECT: A war veteran marks the Battle of Imjin River

Thai soldier killed

A THAI soldier was killed and 13 others injured yesterday in fresh fighting with Cambodian troops. It raised the death toll on both sides to eight in just two days in the worst bloodshed since the United Nations called for a ceasefire in the disputed border jungle area around the Ta Moan and Ta Krabey temples in February. Thousands of villagers have been evacuated from the disputed area about 93 miles west of 900-year-old Preah Vihear temple which saw a deadly four-day standoff in February.

Remembering the Glorious Glosters in Korea

STIFLING a tear, a British war veteran takes a moment yesterday to remember one of the great military actions of the last century. The decorated soldier was pictured attending a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the heroic actions of the 29th Brigade and the Gloucestershire Regiment in the Battle of Imjin River. More than 100 veterans along with spouses, widows and family members attended the service at the Gloster Memorial in Solma-ri, South Korea. The memorial marks one of the most famous battles in modern British military history. The Battle of Imjin took place in April 1951 at the height of the Korean War when some 400 Glorious Glosters held out against the numerically superior communist forces for three nights.




SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


As drones go in... is plan to kill Gaddafi?

By Stuart Winter
THE first missile from an unmanned US Predator drone aircraft was dropped on Libya yesterday, sparking growing certainty that Colonel Gaddafi is now seen as a legitimate target. The Pentagon refused to give any details of the launching of its most sophisticated weaponry by remote control from an air base in the Nevada desert. Yet as satellite analysts studied the impact of the explosion last night, there was a growing belief that killing the Libyan leader is finally becoming the preferred Western strategy. President Barack Obamas authorisation of the use of the drones is seen as evidence that the White House has made the conflict personal. No sooner had the attacks begun than Libyan rebel fighters in the besieged city of Misrata were claiming victory after Gaddafis troops finally pulled back following two months of fighting. Khaled Dorman, a captured government soldier, said from the back of a pick-up truck: We have been told to withdraw. Deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaim claimed last night it was a merely a tactical withdrawal, leaving the city to proGaddafi tribes who have grown impatient with the stand-off. This was dismissed by the rebels. For six weeks the conflict has intensified in Misrata, with the death toll from Gaddafis merciless onslaught put at a conservative 1,000. Before yesterdays strike, two unarmed Predators had been used for reconnaissance operations only. On Thursday, however, President Obama gave approval for armed drones to be launched. The Predators can fly lower and get better visibility, enabling them to hit military targets in urban areas more reliably. They are particularly IN THE LINE OF FIRE: Predator drone aircraft above, dropped a missile on Libya yesterday. Colonel Gaddafi, seen left on TV last month, has not been seen for the past few days

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good at spotting targets that have dug themselves in. General James Cartwright, vice-chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said forces loyal to Gaddafi had been nestling up against crowded areas to avoid being hit by Nato warplanes. Drones have proven to be ruthlessly efficient for the US. Al-Qaedas Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed when a drone missile blew up his safe house in Pakistan five years ago. Human rights groups condemn their use, however. A report by the Conflict Moni-

toring Centre in Islamabad late last year claimed the US was deliberately ignoring 2,200 Pakistani civilian deaths in drone strikes over the past five years. Last night Gaddafi, who has not been seen for days, was believed to still be hiding out in a concrete bunker at his sprawling Bab Azizyeh compound in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Disturbing reports also came in that children as young as eight had been being sexually assaulted during the conflict. British charity Save The Children said it had spoken to nearly

300 children in six temporary camps in rebel-held Benghazi and heard reports of rapes and murders committed within the past four weeks in Ras Lanuf, Ajdabiyah and Misrata. Michael Mahrt, who did the assessment, said the children spoke of soldiers committing the assaults, but could not say which side the offenders were on. He added: I am completely confident that this happened. Meanwhile anti-Gaddafi unrest is growing in Tripoli. Dissenters unfurled a highly visible rebel flag at an underpass yesterday.

Syrian police gun down 12 at funerals

SYRIAN security forces killed 12 people yesterday after opening fire on thousands of mourners at the funerals of two pro-democracy protesters after the deadliest day in the countrys uprising. Four people were killed in the Barzeh district of the capital Damascus at a funeral procession for seven protesters

By Jon Coates
who died during widespread demonstrations on Friday. Clerics were heard using mosque loudspeakers to appeal for doctors to help those wounded in the attack. Witnesses later said armed police shot

dead two people heading to a funeral in the southern town of Izraa. The latest bloodshed came a day after security forces killed more than 75 people on Friday in a crackdown on the uprising against the authoritarian rule of President Bashar Assad, which has been escalating since last month.



+++A Chinese writer is spending 95,000 on cosmetic surgery... to look like William Shakespeare+++


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COMMENT A word from the Editor

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



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convenience that was convenient for the time it took him to drive from Buckingham Palace, where he was sworn in as PM, to Downing Street. Since then it must have been like being stuck in some sort of weird amateur dramatic production of The Wizard Of Oz with Clegg, Cable and Huhne tagging along in the hope that some putative Wizard would give them courage, heart and brains in more or less that order. As far as presenting a truly nasty series of cutbacks to the general public the relationship has apparently been useful, even if those cuts are only a fraction of what will eventually be required. Somehow the presence of Cable, Clegg et al has convinced those that need convincing that David Cameron is not just another heartless Tory toff robbing the poor to reward the rich. Or so weve all been told. Personally, Im not convinced. Are you? The fact is that David Cameron and George Osborne are a couple of toffs but who cares as long as, first, they are making progress with dragging the country out of recession (and, by comparison at least to the rudder-less US that certainly seems to be the case) and, second, they are honest with us? Which brings me back to the Royal Wedding. Who, honestly, wants, or ever wanted, to see an austerity wedding. Who wants to see Kate and Wills cycle to church, eat sawdust vol au vents and go honeymooning in the Ukraine? Its a royal wedding, for heavens sake. In fact, its the first truly modern Royal Wedding of our times. Whereas Charles and Dianas nuptials were surrounded by the whiff of desperation and cheap hairspray, Sophie and Edwards wet and forgettable almost from the moment they unfolded Edwards halfhearted wave from the carriage like Tim Henmans clenched fist and Charles and Camillas the closing act of a particularly dull Whitehall farce, the union of Kate and Wills feels fresh: modern girls and modern boys, to quote Gregorys Girl. So come on, Mr Cameron, get with the programme. You have agreed to wear tails but why not go the whole hog? Spats, monocle and Brilliantine. You are not attending the marriage of the balding future king and his Berkshire-born girlfriend; these are two global superstars coming together. Play your part and give us some proper Etonian glamour. We are not a country that wants to apologise for what we are and you should be a Prime Minister who feels exactly the same way.

magine the excitement in the David Cameron household when that lovely stiff cream invitation, in its lovely stiff cream envelope, slipped through the inherited brass letterbox, sailed down through the Jo Malone candle-scented air and landed on the Prada doormat. Summon up for a moment, if you will, the whisper of expensive silk, the pad of Gina mules, as Sam Cameron sailed down the hall and plucked it up. Oh, how splendid! An invitation to the wedding, she might have declared and David, pausing for a moment over his breakfast kedgeree, would have nodded with a half-smile. Actually, I am certain that the Prime Ministers presence at the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William would have probably been requested by email or phone call or, perhaps, just assumed but the fact is that our Prime Minister and his wife are a very posh couple and they take the business of wedding attendance very seriously indeed. So what possessed him to insist, initially, that he would wear a lounge suit instead of morning dress on the big day, thus unleashing a barrage of criticism that he was slumming it and not showing due respect for the occasion? And why did he then change his mind? Well, naturally, the decision to wear a lounge suit was not, we were subsequently told in an official statement, one that David Cameron himself had made. It was made by his advisers. When Cameron himself realised what was afoot and how much criticism it was attracting especially on phone-in shows (the very seat of our democracy these days) he relented and went for the tails. Which, of course, had always been his intention. Hmm. The problem for Mr Cameron, of course, is that he is not his own man. Every word he utters, every decision he makes, requires a little glance over his shoulder towards his obstinate flat-sharers, the Lib Dems. Without them he wouldnt be in Downing Street. Also, we are in the midst of a recession as the Lib Dems will not be slow to remind him. Dont sit on a comfy chair when you can park yourself, Blackadder style, on a spiky one. Dont go wearing morning dress when sack cloth and ashes would be much more appropriate. Be very umble, Mr David, at all times. This is all nonsense, of course. David Cameron wants as much to be wedded to Clegg, Cable and his band of Left-wing doomsayers as he would to Gordon Brown. Its a marriage of

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Mr Cameron should wear spats, monocle and Brilliantine



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


The genius who gave us Only Fools And Horses


Leaving school at 15 with no qualications, John Sullivan went on to create some of our best-loved TV characters, as Danny Boyle discovers




SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Dickens A
COMEDY CLASSIC: Del Boy, Rodney and Uncle Albert S the writer of one of Britains all-time favourite sitcoms, John Sullivan became almost as well known as his highly popular television creations. Described as the Dickens of our generation, the man who has died at the age of 64 was the genius behind shows such as Citizen Smith, Dear John and Just Good Friends. But it is that British institution Only Fools And Horses that will stand out as his greatest achievement. The lad who failed his 11-plus and left school at 15 with no qualifications created a cast of colourful characters, which continue to keep the nation entertained to this day. He also penned the famous theme song that had viewers up and down the land running for their sofas to see the latest exploits of wheeler-dealer Derek Del Boy Trotter and his family at their Peckham flat. Starring David Jason as Del Boy, Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney and Lennard Pearce as Grandad, later replaced by Buster Merryfield as Uncle Albert, the show gained Sullivan several accolades, including awards from BAFTA and the Royal Television Society, as well as his OBE. More than a third of the population, or 24.3 million viewers, tuned in to a Christmas episode in 1996 called Time On Our Hands, in which the Trotter brothers become wealthy following the discovery and sale of a valuable watch. It grabbed the record for the highest British audience of a sitcom episode, and it still holds that position to this day, but one only needs to flick through the dictionary to see how well loved Sullivans characters are. He was credited with creating several words and phrases popularised by Del Boy and the clan, in particular plonker, cushty and lovely jubbly, which entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 2003.

He became a full-time writer literally overnight

Born in 1946, Sullivan grew up in Balham, South London. His father, John senior, was a plumber and his mother, Hilda, worked occasionally as a charlady. At school, he was a reluctant pupil and showed little interest in any of his subjects. Then, one day he became inspired by a new English teacher who used to read to the class in the characters voices. As a result, Sullivan became interested in English, and especially in the work of Charles Dickens. However, by school-leaving age he was resigned, like most of his classmates, to getting out and finding a job as quickly as possible in order to earn money and help the family. We knew we were going to be factory fodder so there seemed little point in trying, he once said. Rather than ending up in a factory Sullivan got a job as a messenger, firstly for Reuters and then for the advertising agency Collett, Dickinson and Pearce. He went on to work at the BBC Television Centre and became a scene hand at the age of 16. Always fascinated by literature and the English language, he tried to work on as many comedy programmes as he could in order to gain experience. Then, during his spare time, he started to write sketches.

is break came when he submitted one of his scripts to BBC comedy producer Dennis Main-Wilson. Gareth Gwenlan, a close friend and producer of Only Fools And Horses, said Main-Wilson thought Sullivans work was wonderful and he immediately commissioned him to write more episodes. He was given three months paid leave to work on the series, which turned out to be Citizen Smith,

Hard Bargain HHHHI Emmylou Harris (Nonesuch) Im a bit run down, but Im OK, sings Emmylou on the title track, a shimmering, Ron Sexsmith composition. Well, she may be 40 years into her career but on this evidence, shes a bit more than OK. Tracks like the semi-autobiographical The Ship On His Arm and Darlin Kate, a beautiful tribute to the late Kate McGarrigle, indicate a singer/songwriter at the very height of her powers. The best track of all, though, is Cross Yourself, a great gusting breeze of a song contributed by the albums producer Jay Joyce. MT Tune-Yards HHHHH Whokill (4AD) Although more polished than 2006s Bird-Brains, Whokill still has a winningly homespun sound. Merrill Garbus absorbs elements of doo-wop, world music, reggae, jazz and raw discordant garage rock, blending them at will, creating a frenetic layering of sound. Experimental without alienating, Garbus flits from carefree and playful to dark and jagged, often within the same song, best illustrated by the chaotic and insistent saxophones of Gangsta. CH Ill Never Get Out Of This World Alive HHIII Steve Earle (New West) Steve Earles politically-charged working-man rock has kept his credibility high and brought him Grammy Awards and now a spin-off career as actor and novelist.


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of our generation
starring Robert Lindsay. Gwenlan said the challenge phased him hugely, but with help and support he managed to turn out his first comedy series fit for the nations television screens. He became a full-time writer literally overnight, his friend said. Sullivan realised he had landed the career he had always wanted and never looked back. It is said that much of his timeless material for Only Fools And Horses scripts came from his real-life experiences. Falling through a raised bar flap, seeing the chandelier fall down, watching his fathers poker sessions, having a niece who worked in the police force and a grandfather who fell down holes to claim money were among them. Only Fools And Horses ran from 1981 to 2002, and was loved by millions around the world. Sullivan, who is survived by his wife Sharron, two sons, a daughter and two grandchildren, died after a short battle with viral pneumonia. The illness damaged his lungs very badly and he was never able to make a full recovery. Gwenlan added: The sudden death of John Sullivan has deprived the world of television comedy of its greatest exponent. John was a writer of immense talent and he leaves behind him an extraordinary body of work, which has entertained tens of millions of viewers and will continue to do so for many decades to come. I have had the privilege of working with John for over 30 years. He was a writer at the peak of his creative powers with so much more to give.

he final episode of the prequel to Only Fools and Horses, Rock and Chips, is to be broadcast this week. Set in Sixties Peckham, it stars Lyndhurst as Frederick Robdal, the real father of Rodney in Only Fools And Horses. Called The Frog and the Pussycat, the 60-minute special will go out at 9pm on Thursday. Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC1, said: John was a giant of television comedy, with his writing bringing joy to many millions over the decades. His loss will be felt hugely at the BBC. Mark Freeland, head of

comedy at the BBC, said: No one understood what made us laugh and cry better than John Sullivan. He was the Dickens of our generation. Simply the best, most natural comedy writer of our time. Mark Thompson, the BBCs director general, said: John created some of the UKs most loved comedies. He had a unique gift for turning everyday life and characters we all know into unforgettable comedy. We will miss him and we send our condolences to his family. In an interview last year, Nicholas Lyndhurst was asked if he had a favourite episode of Only Fools And Horses or a fondest memory of his time working with Sullivan. He could not come up with one. That was John Sullivans genius. There was a sweet spot in every episode, Lyndhurst said. Fondest memory? No. There are just too many.

EARLY TRIUMPH: Citizen Smith

COMEDY GENIUS: Television writer John Sullivan

But, heavens, his albums are like musical nut-brittle very hard-going. Tracks like the traditional-sounding Molly O lighten the mood somewhat and there is no doubting Earles lyrical skill but there is little here to gladden the heart. MT Snoop Dogg HHHII Doggumentary (EMI / Priority) Another over-long album from Snoop Dogg but guest stars make their presence felt: Gorillaz with the muted reggae of

Somethin Like This Night; Willie Nelson on the bluesy Superman; David Guettas remix of Wet. On the other hand, its littered with familiar misogyny and casual violence and tracks like This Weed Iz Mine sound like a spoof. Doggumentary poses the perennial problem of just how edgy a millionaire global star can be. CH MARTIN TOWNSEND and CHARLOTTE HEATHcote



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From Hollywood, Sandro Monetti reports on the American shows which may be hitting our screens soon, including the return of Charlies Angels and a bizarre MexicanAmerican version of Britcom Outnumbered


CHANGES: Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman and Kiefer Sutherland in Touched

TV from US to you... T
he next batch of American TV shows heading to Britain will feature big names, bigger budgets and be a mixture of the familiar and the freakish. Programme buyers from all the major UK channels are viewing the pilot episodes and preparing to bid for broadcast rights at TVs biggest annual sales event, next months Los Angeles Screenings. The main shows they will be fighting over fall into clear categories and heres your first look at the potential hits coming our way later this year. l Robert Carlyle heads the cast of Once Upon A Time, a magical series set in a strange town where fairytales come true. l Lucy Griffiths, who was Marian in BBCs Robin Hood series, fights off zombies in The Awakening. l Janet McTeer plays a psychiatrist at Americas oldest hospital in medical drama Weekends At Bellevue. l Other British talent with major roles in new US shows include Jack Davenport, Ioan Gruffudd, Jason Isaacs, Jamie Bamber, Parminder Nagra, Natalie Dormer, Shelley Conn and Saffron Burrows.

remakes OF US SHOWS

WONDER WOMAN The original saw Lynda Carter fighting for our rights, in her satin tights but the updated series puts Adrianne Palicki in PVC get-up. Making this show especially attractive to British buyers is the casting of Elizabeth Hurley as the villain. CHARLIES ANGELS Heading the cast of curvy crime fighters this time is Minka Kelly. She and her fellow Angels get their missions from Robert Wagner as Charlie. The TV legend jokes: Instead of speaking to the Angels via the old telephone voice box Ill probably be tweeting them.

remakes of british shows

PRIME SUSPECT: Maria Bello steps into Helen Mirrens old role as a female detective, this one in New York. OUTNUMBERED: The comedy about parents raising precocious children is this time centred around a MexicanAmerican family and features Cheech Marin of comedy duo Cheech & Chong. FREE AGENTS: Adapted from Channel 4s short-lived comedy, the US remake sees Hank Azaria taking over Stephen Mangans role as a divorced and depressed talent agent but retains Anthony Head from the original cast as the sex-obsessed boss.

wild concepts


GOOD CHRISTIAN BITCHES: Sex And The City producer Darren Starr has created this controversial soap opera about the malicious women in a deeply religious Dallas community. A kind of Bible-bashing Desperate Housewives. POE: Edgar Allan Poe solves crimes... seriously. Starring Australian actor Chris Egan, the show sees the writer moonlighting as a private detective. TERRA NOVA: Steven Spielberg clearly hasnt had enough of dinosaurs after Jurassic Park because he has produced this action series set on prehistoric Earth. With humans facing extinction a group of pioneers travel back in time to start a new community. With a budget of $4million per episode, this is the most expensive TV series yet produced.



Since the success of Hugh Laurie in House, it appears that virtually every Brit with an Equity card has flown over to LA to audition for their own big US break. Here are just some of the lucky ones with their own shows... l Minnie Driver stars in Hail Mary as a single mother in Atlanta who tries to makes ends meet by setting up as a private investigator.

l Choosing to stay in TV after all those years in 24, Kiefer Sutherland stars as the father of an autistic, mute son who can predict the future in Touched. l Don Johnson is back on TV in A Manns World as a top hairstylist called Allan Mann. l Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a woman on the run from the Mob in Ringer. l Cybill Shepherd plays an interfering grandmother in My Freakin Family. l Several stars of Lost are returning to TV in new shows. Jorge Garcia (Hurley) is back on another island in Alcatraz, as a scientist investigating the mysterious reappearance in modern times of the prison inmates from the Sixties. Michael Emerson (Ben) is a mysterious billionaire who uses his fortune to prevent violent crimes in Person Of Interest. Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) is part of a crisis management team in Damage Control. Terry OQuinn (Locke) and Nestor Carbonell (Richard) have supporting roles in the shows Hallelujah and Ringer. If history is anything to go by then somewhere in this list is TVs newest international smash hit and latest massive flop. Which shows will make it big and which will be utter failures? Stay tuned!

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William and Kate

THE QUEEN AND PHILIP November 20, 1947 Did you know: Elizabeths Russian fringe tiara broke at the last minute as she was putting it on, so running repairs had to be made to it ANDREW AND SARAH July 23, 1986 Did you know: Prince William was one of four page boys at the wedding. Soon-to-be-wed Zara Phillips was a bridesmaid


ANNE AND MARK November 14, 1973 Did you know: Captain Mark Phillips was only the second commoner in more than 200 years to marry into the Royal Family

EDWARD AND SOPHIE June 19, 1999 Did you know: The couple married at St Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle, in a lower-key ceremony than Edwards siblings


CHARLES AND DIANA July 29, 1981 Did you know: The earrings Diana wears here will be worn by her sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale at Fridays wedding

WILLIAM AND KATE Engaged, November 16, 2010 Did you know: A global audience of two billion people is expected to watch the couples wedding at Westminster Abbey on Friday


CHARLES AND CAMILLA April 9, 2005 Did you know: Camillas 1920s-style platinum and diamond engagement ring used to belong to the Queen Mother













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APRIL 24, 2011

Barclays faces bonus backlash

BARCLAYS is set to come under re from investors at its annual meeting on Wednesday over the pay, bonuses and perks enjoyed by chief executive Bob Diamond and its other directors. Remuneration is expected to be a ashpoint at the meeting, particularly for Barclays smaller investors who have seen dividend payments shrink, even though it continues to pay billions in bonuses to its staff. Last month, Barclays revealed that Diamond took home 9 million in pay and bonuses for 2010. Its ve highest paid executives were awarded a total of 38.3 million in salary and bonuses last year, as well as 10.5 million in long-term performance awards. The annual meeting, which will take place in Londons Royal Festival Hall, will also see the banks board stand for re-election. Investors are expected to question Barclays on following through with its threats to leave the UK. Barclays has hinted that it might move abroad to escape any onerous regulatory changes proposed by the Independent Commission on Banking.


UK to escape a double-dip
Return to recession narrowly avoided, say experts
DATA out this week is expected to show whether the UK has managed to avoid a double-dip recession, with economists forecasting it has narrowly escaped a new downturn. The rst estimate of overall economic performance in the rst quarter of 2011 in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is due to be announced on Wednesday. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) forecasts growth of 0.7 per cent for the quarter, aided by a rebound in weather impacted activity. However, rst-quarter growth could be affected by Januarys VAT rise which has hit retail sales. Chris Williamson, chief econommist for Data services group Markit, said: Great uncertainty persists regarding the rst estimate of Q1 GDP for the UK. The economy is expected to pull out of the decline seen in the nal quarter of last year but we would

By Tracey Boles
not be surprised if growth was as weak as 0.3 per cent or as strong as 0.8 per cent. Williamson added that industrial production, retail sales and construction gures suggested growth may have remained weak. He said: Much will likely rest on the performance of the construction industry, which could cause growth to be as weak as 0.3 per cent. A surprise negative result would mean the UK has re-entered recession, heralding the dreaded double-dip effect where the economy rebounds only to plunge again. A technical recession is indicated by two consecutive quarters of negative growth. The nal estimate for Q4 2010 saw the economy contracting by 0.5 per cent. A cold December was seen as the main reason for the decline, although the implementation of tax increases

and government spending cuts also dragged on performance. If averaging out growth over the two-quarter period (the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011) to adjust for weather distortions, the NIESR estimates growth of just 0.1 per cent in each quarter. Meanwhile, the eurozone crisis persists. Many market observers already believe some form of Greek debt default is now inevitable, a year after the country received a multi-billion euro bailout from the European Union. The Greek government and its creditors agreed to a rescheduling of the countrys debt repayments to help it meet its obligations. Last week, Greek credit default swaps hit a record high, meaning the annual cost of insuring 10 million of the governments debt would cost more than 1.3 million. With additional reporting by Geoff Ho and Emma Vickers.


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UNDER FIRE: Barclays boss Bob Diamond

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N extensive survey of UK adults on the economic impact of the Royal Wedding makes fascinating reading. Accountants at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) conducted the research as part of a project to monitor the economic impact of large events in the capital in the run up to the Olympic Games next year. According to PwC, some 560,000 adults are travelling to London from around the UK for the wedding. More than two-thirds of visitors will go shopping while they are here and well over half intend to visit bars, clubs and restaurants. PwC puts the economic benefit to London from visitors expenditure at 107million, with hotels and shopping destinations such as Westfield and Oxford Street also among the beneficiaries. However, it also warns that the boost to London will be counterbalanced by the impact of working days lost. The Confederation of British Industry estimates that any single bank holiday costs the economy 6billion and coming at a time when UK plc is not in the best of health, the Royal Wedding is going to cost British industry a considerable sum. Additionally, bank holidays are disruptive to the cash flow of many small to medium-sized businesses, already struggling with red tape, high taxes and a lack of


LA Fitness struggles to get its figures into shape

GYM chain LA Fitness slipped deeper into the red in 2010, due to poor weather and VAT increases, while its debt ballooned, according to its latest figures. Accounts filed at Companies House show that over the 12 months to July 31, 2010, pre-tax losses at LA Fitness grew from 25.9million to 39.4million. It also saw turnover fall 5.6 per cent to 92.4million. In its accounts, the firm said: While the business was able to mitigate the impact of VAT by largely passing it on, the impact of the January underperformance affected the outturn for the year. To add to the gym chains woes, its net debt grew by approximately 40million to about 263million. LA Fitness was acquired for 140million by private equity group Mid Ocean Partners in 2005. Last year chief executive Martin Long launched a threeyear turnaround plan, which has so far seen LA Fitness refurbish 20 of its gyms and pay a total of 1.1million to an unnamed buyer to take six loss-making clubs off its hands. It has also enlisted Strictly Come Dancing celebrity Alesha Dixon to devise dance and exercise routines for its gym classes.

Wedding winners and losers

vital credit from the banks. Interestingly, PwC says the survey is a good indicator of the potential benefits of the Olympic Games, when more than 10 times the number of visitors is expected.

THERE is some good news at last for shareholders who have seen the value of their holdings decimated during the credit crunch. UK dividends soared to 15billion in the first quarter of 2011, 10.3 per cent or 1.4billion more than in the same period in 2010, according to the latest Dividend Monitor from Capita Registrars. It was the fastest quarterly growth rate since Q3 2008. At last!

CELEBRITY ROUTINES: Alesha Dixon promoting LA Fitness


OTEL Chocolats customers have foregone run-of-themill Easter eggs this year to savour a fine selection of chocolate imitation quail eggs filled with vanilla, rum, blueberry and amaretto truffle. The eggs have become a best seller for the 50-store chocolatier, outselling its own forecasts threefold. Its gone bananas, says Hotel Chocolats co-founder and chief executive Angus Thirlwell. That people will splash out 9 for a box of bite-sized Easter eggs in pressed economic times indicates the foodie movement, with its focus on quality, has embraced confectionery. For Thirlwell, a 50 per cent owner in the business, Easter is going well. We went for a humorous Easter campaign. The whole nation needs cheering up and so far its looking very strong, he says. Todays consumer is realising less is more. When you spend on chocolate you are investing in taste and calories. Hotel Chocolat has expanded rapidly recently, opening 14 stores last year with another 10 planned this year, not to mention a recently opened luxury hotel and restaurant on its own cocoa estate in St Lucia. It also sells online. This year the privately-owned business is on track to turn over 60million and has its sights on further European expansion. Not bad from a chief executive who jokingly describes his background as shambolic, with reference to his failure to complete his degree in French and economics. He says: They made the mistake of sending me to France and I never came back. When he eventually did, Thirlwell got together with Peter Harris, who now owns the remaining 50

Mini hits for Hotel Chocolat

Bite-sized eggs worth shelling out for, says Emma Vickers

per cent of Hotel Chocolat. The pair set up what Thirlwell describes as the nichest idea they could come up with, a company selling only peppermints and selling only to businesses. The mints business evolved into one of the UKs first internet businesses, with the neatly descriptive moniker Choc Express. As the nations taste became more discerning, a name change was needed and the chichi Hotel Chocolat brand was born, opening its first store in 2004. Thirlwell remains tight-lipped on a profit-before-tax figure, CONTENT: Thirlwell has no plans to sell up

describing it as solidly profitable. The business relies on re-invested profits for expansion. Its only external source of income has been a unique chocolate bond that pays dividends in the form of chocolate tasting boxes. The 2,000 and 4,000 bond issue last year raised 3.7million. The proceeds of the fundraising were put toward a number of projects, including the construction of an eco chocolate factory at Hotel Chocolats cocoa plantation on the Rabot Estate, St Lucia. The idea is to become akin to a wine producer, as chocolate tasting increasingly adopts the sophistication of sommelier-speak. The benefit is the chocolate maker gets to know the terroir [an areas terrain], says Thirlwell. New ideas and projects for the company drive Thirlwell, who turned 48 last week, and insists he is not ready to sell the company. We get a lot of approaches, but if I sold Hotel Chocolat Id want to buy a cocoa estate, he says.


Morrisons eyes up Iceland for growth

MORRISONS is expected to swoop on the frozen food chain Iceland as a catalyst for its entry into the convenience store market, according to industry sources. The chain is to evaluate which parts of Icelands soon to be marketed 730-store portfolio best serve its expansion plans, according to a senior retail insider. Morrisons is a natural buyer for Iceland because it has no convenience stores. The Icelandic bank shareholders want to sell, the insider said. Bradford-based Morrisons, which declined to comment, has no convenience stores although they are the new battleground for growth among the big four retailers. Under the stewardship of new chief executive Dalton Philip, the first convenience store is due to open in West Yorkshire in July. Morrisons rivals Sainsburys, Asda and Tesco are also likely to run the slide rule over the portfolio which contains both key and infe-


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Film renters Netflix focussed on the UK

NETFLIX, the US online film rental service which has hastened the decline of high street film outlets such as Blockbuster, could be coming to the UK. According to entertainment industry insiders, Netflix executives have said they are looking at expanding to the UK and Latin America, with Mexico and Brazil considered particularly promising markets. The UK would be the first country where Netflix will face a direct competitor in the form of LoveFilm, which is owned by online giant Amazon. The news comes as a bidding war looms for Pinewood Shepperton, the film studio behind such blockbusters as the James Bond and Harry Potter franchises. Last week it emerged that former Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed is considering an all-cash bid for the historic UK studios. It came after Pinewood had earlier announced it had received an 87.8million takeover offer from its largest shareholder, Peel Holdings, who own Liverpool port and various airports. Pinewood is currently planning a 20million upgrade to its Buckinghamshire studios.

By Emma Vickers and Tracey Boles

rior high-street sites. The administrator of failed Icelandic bank Landsbanki, which owns about 67 per cent of the frozen food chain, is to appoint advisors to oversee a potential sale. Landsbanki collapsed in the 2008 Icelandic banking crisis. It was an active investor in the UK high street and it also holds stakes in toy store Hamleys, House of Fraser and jewellery group Aurum. Any deal involving Iceland is at the mercy of its 24 per cent owner and founder Malcolm Walker, who has pre-emptive rights to allow him to match any bid for the chain. Walker, currently on an expedition to climb Mount Everest, told the Sunday Express earlier this year that he would consider another bid for the company and could secure the financing to do so. Philips, who joined Morrisons last year after his predecessor Marc Bolland left to

head Marks & Spencer, has said that the retailers strong balance sheet means it has the capacity to grow through acquisition. Expansion into the convenience store market through acquisition would mirror its entry into the online market earlier this year through the 70million purchase of established internet retailing site Kiddicare. This gave the supermarket a foothold in the non-food market, another area in which it lags behind its competitors. The UK has about 48,000 convenience stores, but only 6 per cent of these are owned by large grocers such as Tesco, the Co-operative Group and Sainsburys. The Co-operative Group has about 2,000 units following its merger with Somerfield, while Tesco has about 1,600. The high-end of the convenience store market is dominated by Marks & Spencer Simply Food, though Waitrose is also increasing its presence.

Mining firm goes for gold in West Africa

A London-listed exploration firm is developing Liberias first commercial gold mine as West Africa becomes the new go-to location for miners. Newly-formed Aureus Mining, listed on the AIM junior exchange and in Canada, believes it has found at least 1.5million ounces of gold in the West African country, notorious for its blood diamonds. Aureus was spun out of parent African Aura Mining earlier this month. Chief executive David Reading, a mining industry veteran, said: This is a new gold province and we are a new gold player. He plans to open a mine employing 300 in 2013, requiring between $100million (60.4million) and $120million, to be raised next year. Analysts at Evolution Securities said: The lack of investment and interest in these countries [Liberia and Sierra Leone] for a prolonged period of time has meant that these resource-rich nations are significantly less explored than their historically more stable neighbours.  TRACEY BOLES

BAE calls for balanced defence budget as it aims to pilot economic take-off
MAKING WAVES: The BAE-built HMS Superb

THE head of Britains biggest defence firm BAE Systems has called on the Government to balance the Ministry of Defences budget so it can help boost UK growth. The plea from chief executive Ian King came as BAE published an independent report by research companies Oxford Economics and GeoEconomics, showing the groups economic contribution to the UK. King said: [To grow] we need a balanced budget and a set of

programmes underpinned by that. We need to understand what the MoD means by nuclear deterrent or UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles]. We are making big, long-term investment plays. Industry cannot cope with continual reprogramming of timetables. The report said BAE, which employs 42,000 directly in the UK and supports tens of thousands more jobs, could boost the UKs gross domestic production (GDP) by 1 per

cent over the next 12 years if it maintains its research and development (R&D) spend. BAE spent 900million on R&D in 2009 and contributed 3.3billion directly to GDP. The Ministry of Defence has been subject to a strategic review and cuts as it struggles with a budget deficit. Ministers are also drawing up a White Paper on defence and security.  TRACEY BOLES

Shell surges but BP fails to cash in on oil prices

A DIP in production is expected to stop BP reaping the full benefit of the high oil price in its firstquarter results, out this week. But arch-rival Royal Dutch Shell is forecast to enjoy a surge in first-quarter earnings on the back of the oil price which averaged $105 (64) per barrel in the three-month period. First-quarter profits at crisishit BP are expected to be broadly flat at $5.6billion (3.4billion). Analysts at Charles Stanley said: Production volumes could

By Tracey Boles
be some 7 per cent lower and as a result, BP will have less leverage from higher oil prices which are some 32 per cent higher than a year ago. Shells earnings are expected to have risen about 20 per cent year-on-year to $5.9billion (3.6billion). Charles Stanleys analysts said: Brent oil prices have averaged $105 per barrel compared with $76 per barrel a year ago, and this will have the

largest impact on the bottom line. They added: After disappointing Q4 results, the 2011 firstquarter results will be quite an important staging post to see how Shell is performing financially against its growth plans. Within a year, Shell will produce more gas than oil according to the outgoing chairman of its UK operation, James Smith. In the wake of the disastrous spill in the Gulf of Mexico a year ago, BPs chief executive Bob Dudley is pursuing a strategy of

forging alliances with national partners. BP is attempting a strategic alliance and share swap with Rosneft, the Russian stateowned oil giant. But the transaction has been blocked by BPs Russian partners in another venture in the country, TNK-BP, which claims the deal is in breach of its shareholders agreement. A deadline for completing the share swap has been extended to May 16 in the hope that arbitration can resolve the issues.


Invigorate your financ

Reassessing your spending and saving could pay dividends, says Harvey Jones
surprisingly simple on a comparison site such as,, or



ANK holidays are the perfect time to give your finances a spring clean for the summer and beyond. Here are the things you should be doing if you fancy saving money on your outgoings, and they will make a nice change from doing DIY projects.

Switch off your gas supplier

It was a cold and costly winter as heating bills went through the roof. If you havent changed your gas and electricity supplier lately you could save about 265 a year by moving to a best buy deal. Scott Byrom, utilities manager at comparison site, says: Online tariffs typically offer the best value. By not shopping around for a cheaper deal, you are simply burning money. Switching utility supplier is

Dust off your mortgage

Now is a good time to cut your mortgage repayments down to size. If you have 25 per cent spare equity in your property, you can find some cracking deals. Brian Murphy, head of lending at independent

mortgage broker the Mortgage Advice Bureau, says: The average standard variable rate is currently 4.79 per cent but you can get a two-year fixed rate at just 2.79 per cent but only up to 75 per cent loan-to-value (LTV). If your mortgage is worth 100,000, switching would save you 2,256 over the two-year term. It may be wiser to fix for longer. Interest rates have only one way to go and thats up. The best five-year fixed rate costs slightly more at 4.39 per cent but it could save you money over the term of the deal.

Plump up your plastic

Call today so you can relax tomorrow.


Why pay 18 per cent on your credit card when you could pay nothing instead? The Barclaycard Platinum Card charges an unbeatable 0 per cent on balance transfers for the first 20 months. Andrew Hagger at personal finance website, says: If you owe 5,000 on a credit card charging 18 per cent and only make the minimum payment each month, you will save 1,266 over 20 months by switching to Barclaycard. The card does charge a 3.2 per cent balance transfer fee but this costs just 160 on a 5,000 balance which is just a fraction of what you save. MBNA Platinum and Virgin Money both charge 0 per cent on balance transfers for the first 18 months while Nationwides introductory offer lasts 17 months. Alternatively, switch to a card with a low interest rate for life. MBNA charges just 5.9 per cent and Barclaycard Simplicity charges 7.9 per cent, says Hagger. This can save you a small fortune in interest and help you clear your balance faster. The drawback is that you need a clean credit history to qualify for the best deals.

Line up all you debts, most expensive then

can start searching for a better deal on your existing credit card and other borrowings.

Get the credit rating you deserve

Retiring within the next 6 months? Its time to call Express Retirement Services, provided by AEGON Direct, to ensure you make the right choice for your retirement income.
Our UK-based experts will provide you with straightforward, unbiased advice: We could help you achieve a potentially higher retirement income, by searching the market and comparing the deals offered by the UKs leading conventional annuity providers. We can also check if you qualify for even more income from a specialist annuity provider, due to your health and lifestyle. We explain everything in simple terms, its quick and easy, and we look after all the paperwork.
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If youre applying for a credit card, loan or mortgage you will need a spotless credit report. When you apply for credit, your lender will usually contact one of the three credit reference agencies Experian, Equifax or Callcredit to see your borrowing history before working out how much to charge or whether to give you credit at all. You can check your report before applying for new credit by ordering it from a credit agencys website for just 2. James Jones, head of consumer affairs at Experian, says: You can challenge any errors and submit a notice of correction to explain why you have missed any payments if there was a good reason such as illness or redundancy. Once your credit history is in tip-top condition you

Drive down your insurance costs

Motor insurance premiums have raced ahead in the last three years with comprehensive cover almost doubling to 1,332 a year on average, according to the AA. Yet millions of motorists automatically renew their policy without even checking the price. John Miles, at, says: Just because your current insurer offered the best deal last year, dont assume it still offers a good deal. It can take as little as five minutes to compare more than 100 car policies on a price comparison site and you could save as much as 325. Its five minutes well spent. You can also make big savings on your household and travel insurance by comparing prices at renewal.



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Please quote code EX4B4. Lines open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.
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Dont bungle your broadb instead. You could save u your broadband, digita from the same suppli Michael Phillips, pr comparison site B says: Bundles o yet almost thr customers do When comparin compare the cost. Sports and movie pack but will you really watch th


Your Money edited by Holly Thomas

ces with a spring clean

Log your outgoings to reveal waste
If YOU dont know where your money is going, why not keep track of it by writing down what you spend? Buy yourself a notebook and scribble down everything you buy. You might be surprised by what you find. Dont forget to include all your spending, including any mortgage or credit card repayments. After a while, you should have a pretty good idea of your average monthly spend. Then compare your outgoings with your monthly income. Dont just count your earnings but any other forms of income such as State benefits. If you are spending more than you earn, its time to take action. Take a look at that notebook again. How much of the money you spent was worthwhile and what can you cut out? You need to pay essentials like your mortgage and utility bills but if youre struggling for cash, you dont need that daily cafe latte or trip to the sandwich bar. If you still cant bring your spending in line with your income, you might need to take specialist debt advice. Citizens Advice Bureau (, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (0800 138 1111/ and National Debtline (0808 808 4000/ offer free advice to help you prioritise your debts.

SS April 24, 2011


work out which is the n tackle that one first

Take charge of your debts
Dont let your debts control you, now is the time to take charge. Line up all your debts, whether a credit card, store card, overdraft or mortgage and work out which is most expensive. If you are paying 30 per cent a year on a store card or unauthorised overdraft, tackle that first. Then target the next most expensive debt. Remember to meet any minimum repayments on all your other debts to avoid penalty charges.

5.05 per cent on 1 and above. If youre a taxpayer, dont squander your annual cash Isa allowance, which allows you to save up to 5,340 this financial year and take all your interest free of income tax. Nationwides eISA pays 3.1 per cent on 1 and above while BM Savings pays 5 per cent on its 5 Year Fixed Rate Isa on a minimum deposit of 500, adds Slade.

Drop your direct debits

Earn more on your savings

Its easy to set up a direct debit then forget about it. If youre paying for a gym you never use or magazine you no longer read, cancel your monthly order. If you are shelling out for insurance you no longer need, save money by cancelling your contract. Mobile phone cover, extended warranties and identity theft insurance can all be a waste of money.

Rock-bottom base rates are a nightmare for savers but there are better rates out there. Michelle Slade at, says: The average instant-access savings account pays just 0.87 per cent but the Santander eSaver (issue 3) pays a variable 3 per cent on 1 and above. If you can lock your money away for several years, the BM Savings 5 Year Fixed Rate Bond pays

Claim all your State benefits

Are you entitled to State benefits such as pension credit, council tax benefit, housing benefit or tax credits? Find out by using the benefits checker on website Turn2us. You can apply for pension credit by calling The Pensions Service on 0800 99 1234, speak to your local authority about council tax and housing benefit or visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

s can be the right package

just Freeview, you may only need to buy broadband and a home phone service. If youre on the wrong mobile phone tariff, you might be squandering hundreds of pounds a year. Ernest Doku, technology expert at, says: Nearly half of mobile phone users overshoot their tariff by an average of 9 every month while others never come close to using their full monthly allowance of minutes, text and data. Either way, you are losing money. Mobile phone contracts are not a case of one-size-fits-all, so work out how you use yours then shop around for the cheapest deal.

band contract, bundle it up to 235 a year by getting al TV and home telephone ier. roduct director at, offer great value for money ree out of 10 broadband nt bother to bundle up. ng bundles, dont just

kages may seem appealing hem? If you are happy with

s. Email:


Picture: ALAMY

FINANCIAL COBWEBS: Blow them away with an in-depth look at your cash situation

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

The Problem
HIS 50,000 private pension is in the doldrums and Anthony C, 57, is enviously eyeing the superior returns offered by individual savings accounts (Isas). My money would do much better in an Isa where I can make cash withdrawals. Can I transfer my funds and what are the tax implications? he asks.

The Solution
ONCE someone reaches 55 they can take benets from their pension, so Anthony can get his hands on 25 per cent of his pots value as a tax-free cash lump sum, in this case 12,500. An individuals total Isa allowance is now 10,680, which all can be invested in stocks and shares, or 5,340 in cash and the remainder in stocks and shares. Investing as much as possible of his lump sum this way safeguards the tax advantages, says Danny Cox of independent adviser Hargreaves Lansdown. But the remainder must be used to provide an income and that is taxable. Once Anthony receives the lump sum, if its surplus to requirements, putting it in an Isa is a good idea. For most, pension income means buying an annuity which will pay a xed amount for the rest of their lives. This income can also be taxable. However, if Anthony is able to take some investment risk with his money, then there could be other options using drawdown arrangements, suggests Cox. After any tax-free cash is taken, the remainder stays invested

Better home for an idle pension

Sipp or drawdown could help. By Maisha Frost
and taxable income is drawn from those investments. However, under new Minimum Income Requirement rules, the situation is more exible if someone has already secured an income of 20,000. This must come from annuities, State pension or company scheme payments, but not investments. If they have this sum, they can opt for a exible drawdown. So long as you are 55 or over, there are no limits as to what you can take or when, although its taxable, says Cox. For those who dont have 20,000 secured, theres still the option of a capped drawdown arrangement. This also involves more risk than taking an annuity, as the fund is still invested and subject to market highs and lows but keeps the door open for more growth. The income required is usually assessed between two levels: zero and broadly what someone would have received had they bought an annuity. A third possibility could be to convert half a pension pot into an annuity and leave the rest in drawdown. However, if this is Anthonys only fund, then he is best off taking an annuity, choosing a specialist provider that searches the open market for best rates, says Cox. If Anthony defers retiring, there might be something more he can do. Cox adds: Anyone with ve years or less before they retire should think more about transferring their funds to safer cash accounts to safeguard what they have. But Anthony does have time and could consider transferring to a low-cost self-invested personal pension (Sipp) for better returns and more exibility. But he needs to compare the costs with what he is paying now. For more information visit or call 0117 900 9000 ATTACKING APPROACH: Make your savings work harder
Picture: ALAMY


Dont cave in to policy pressure

PROBLEM: When Alice As mum went into a care home, she invested some of her savings in an insurance bond as Alice was told it would not be included in any means test. Now she is being told it will be and needs to be cashed in. SOLUTION: Life assurance policies and investment bonds that contain an element of life cover are disregarded from the means test for care and pension credit, says Philip Spiers, head of FirstStop Advice, the service for older people, their families and carers. He conrms: Charging for all residential accommodation is laid down in the Crag guide, which local authorities must adhere to, and this specically excludes life assurance as capital. Sometimes people are incorrectly advised and realise only when it is too late they werent obliged to cash in the policy. FirstStop for housing, care, money and rights advice: 0800 377 7070/rst

If you have a problem write to Maisha Frost, Sunday Express, 10 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6EN, or e-mail Only send copies of your documents, not the originals, and include your telephone number.


Compiled by on 21/04/11


Provider Nationwide BS Santander ING Direct Kent Reliance BS Tesco Bank
= Internet = Branch


Provider Whiteaway Laidlaw Bank Secure Trust Bank Melton Mowbray BS Stroud & Swindon BS Kent Reliance BS Contact 01618 33 54 44 08451 11 70 92 08457 25 24 23 08451 22 00 22
= Branch = Telephone


Contact 08003 76 77 99 08451 22 00 22

= Telephone

Account MySave Online Plus (c) eSaver Issue 3 Savings Account (g) Easy Access Account Internet Saver
= Postal

Min Invest 1,000 1 1 1,000 1

AER 3.05% 3.00% 3.00% 3.00% 2.90%

Account 90 Day Premium Acct 120 Day Notice (c) Online 100 Day Notice 90 Day Notice (b)

Min Invest 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000

AER 3.30% 3.04% 2.99% 2.90% 2.87%

2012 Bonus Account (b) 500

= Postal AER = Annual Equivalent Rate

AER = Annual Equivalent Rate

c = Conditions apply

g = Guaranteed rate applies

= Internet

c = Conditions apply

b = Bonus rate applies

Provider Birmingham Midshires Principality BS The AA Santander Manchester BS
= Internet = Branch


INTRODUCTORY RATE FOR BALANCE TRANSFERS Provider Contact Type Barclaycard MBNA Virgin 08000 96 99 39 Visa Visa MasterCard Visa MasterCard MasterCard MasterCard Introductory Rate 0% p.a. 0% p.a. 0% p.a. 0% p.a. 0% p.a. 0% p.a. 0% p.a.


Contact 08456 02 28 28 08450 45 00 06 08002 34 60 65 01619 23 80 15

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Account Fixed Rate ISA Internet Access ISA (b) Flexible ISA Issue 3 (g) Premier ISA Issue 17 (b)
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Min Invest 500 500 1 1,000

AER 5.00% 4.22% 3.35% 3.30% 3.01%

g = Guaranteed rate applies

Until 20 Months 18 Months 18 Months 17 Months 17 Months 16 Months 16 Months

Representative APR 17.5% (variable) 16.7% (variable) 16.8% (variable) 15.9% (variable) 16.9% (variable) 16.9% (variable) 16.9% (variable)

Fixed Rate Cash ISA (81) 500

Representative example: If you spend 1,200 at an interest rate of 17.5% p.a. (variable), your representative APR will be 17.5% (variable) Representative example: If you spend 1,200 at an interest rate of 16.7% p.a. (variable), your representative APR will be 16.7% (variable) Representative example: If you spend 1,200 at an interest rate of 16.8% p.a. (variable), your representative APR will be 16.8% (variable)

AER = Annual Equivalent Rate

b = Bonus rate applies

Nationwide BS Halifax

Representative example: If you spend 1,200 at an interest rate of 15.9% p.a. (variable), your representative APR will be 15.9% (variable)

Provider Birmingham Midshires Saffron BS Secure Trust Bank Principality BS FirstSave
= Internet = Branch


Representative example: If you spend 1,200 at an interest rate of 16.9% p.a. (variable), your representative APR will be 16.9% (variable)

Contact 08000 72 11 00 08451 11 70 92 08450 45 00 06

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Account Fixed Rate Bond Fixed Rate Bond Fixed Rate Bond Fixed Rate Bond Fixed Rate Bond
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Min Invest 1 500 1,000 500 1,000

AER 5.05% 4.50% 4.30% 4.00% 3.50%

Clydesdale Bank NatWest

Moneysupermarket is free and independent. Moneysupermarket House, CH5 3UZ

Representative example: If you spend 1,200 at an interest rate of 16.9% p.a. (variable), your representative APR will be 16.9% (variable) Representative example: If you spend 1,200 at an interest rate of 16.9% p.a. (variable), your representative APR will be 16.9% (variable)

AER = Annual Equivalent Rate


Compare thousands of mortgages, loans, credit cards, savings, insurance at...

PPI floodgates burst open

Millions are due for payouts after High Court ruling, by Holly Thomas
eligible for a payout, and the over 65s cant claim either. Those who take out PPI alongside loans often wrongly believe it is compulsory. Single-premium PPI policies are even more strongly criticised because the cost of cover is rolled up into the loan, with borrowers paying interest on it. They were banned after an investigation by the Competition Commission found that paying for it monthly means it should be easier to cancel. PPI is sold with a variety of financial products, though most relate to unsecured personal loans, credit cards, mortgages and secured loans. something in your medical history could have meant the cover was unsuitable. As PPI cover was often automatically included in repayment quotes, you might not even have known you were paying it.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

ILLIONS of borrowers who paid for expensive rip-off insurance can expect a compensation payout if they have been mis-sold the cover, a High Court ruled last week. The banks have been trying to avoid paying out an estimated 4.5billion, claiming rules imposed by City watchdog, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), were unfairly retrospective. However, the High Court sided with the FSA, paving the way for consumers to be compensated. Before the banks brought their challenge to the court, cases were flooding through to the banks and the Financial Ombudsman Service. But banks, except Santander, froze payments leading up to last weeks ruling. While a further appeal is still a possibility, a Which? spokesman says: The evidence that this financial product has been widely mis-sold is overwhelming. Banks must pay up to the roughly 3million consumers. PPI is sold to cover loan repayments if the borrower becomes unable to work through unemployment or illness. It has been criticised for being expensive and riddled with exclusions. The product has often been sold to self-employed workers, who are not

How do you make a claim?

If you feel you were mis-sold a policy, complain to the company that sold you the insurance. The Which? website offers template letters on which to base your complaint. Put as many of your own

details in the letter as possible to make a stronger case. The lender has eight weeks to reply. Dont be put off taking your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service if it is rejected. If you were mis-sold, you should get back all the premiums paid with interest added at 8 per cent. Remember, you can claim for free yourself. There are companies contacting consumers directly, offering to make a claim on your behalf but they will take a cut of any compensation you are awarded. l Which?: If a claim is rejected, contact the Financial Services Ombudsman on 0800 023 4567 or visit

Were you mis-sold?

The clearest cases of mis-selling are those where customers were sold the insurance when they had no chance of claiming on it. If you were not employed at the time you took out the insurance, it would be impossible for you to make a valid insurance claim. Given the many exclusions in PPI,

Stocks and shares ISAs

Good news your ISA allowance has increased

Our financial advisers can help you make the most of your new, increased ISA allowance.
In the 2011/12 tax year you can now invest up to 10,680 in a stocks and shares ISA, less any money saved into a cash ISA in the same tax year. And with the possibility of inflation currently eating away at the value of your cash savings, you might want to consider one of our stocks and shares ISAs provided by Scottish Widows. While cash savings are generally more secure and accessible, a stock market based investment could offer the potential for greater returns over the medium to long term of 5 to 10 years. But dont forget, the value of investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested. The tax advantages of ISAs depend on your personal circumstances which, like tax rules, may change in the future. Our financial advisers can help find the right investments for you just ask.

Pop into your local Halifax branch or

Lines open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 10am-2pm

Call 0845 604 7414



Our stocks and shares ISAs are provided and managed by Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers Limited. Scottish Widows are part of the Lloyds Banking Group which includes Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB. Halifax is a division of Bank of Scotland plc. Registered in Scotland No. SC327000. Registered Office: The Mound, Edinburgh, EH1 1YZ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Compliance No. 17173.0

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If you have someone who didnt think we had a debt problem, they might not be the best person to work out whether other countries have a debt problem.
David Cameron on Gordon Brown running the IMF

3 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

Channel 5 has rivals crawling

LIKE millions of right-minded people, the Insider is not a fan of property TV shows such as Channel 4s Country House Rescue. So its no surprise Channel 5s Hollywood blockbuster Spider-Man last Sunday beat the hapless aforementioned show, and docusoap The Hotel in the viewing gures stakes. Spider-Man attracted a superhero-sized 9 per cent of the audience. If I was a Channel 4 executive, Id be crawling up the walls by now.

Fans United in Pesto fury

I SEE that everyones favourite mangler of grammar, BBC business editor Robert Peston, has upset Manchester Uniteds fans. According to Arsenal fan Peston, United supporters all hail from London and the home counties, which is complete ction. Uniteds large fan base comprises not just a large chunk of Manchester but millions around the world. Having broadcast his incorrect assertion over the internet, Peston, below, was contacted by United fans, en route to London for last weekends match at Wembley, to see if he would like to meet them at Euston station. He declined. Pestons assessment of Uniteds fan base was not the only thing he got wrong that week. Having condently declared that former head of BP Lord Browne was to become new chairman of commodities trader Glencore, Pesto was left with egg on his face when City grandee Simon Murray was appointed instead.

3.79% 3.99% 4.1%


3 year fixed rate

Followed by our Standard Mortgage Rate for the rest of the mortgage term, currently

The overall cost for comparison is

Dilesh Mortgage Consultant Witney


With no shareholders our only focus is you

Our 3 year fixed rate mortgage is available to those moving home or remortgaging with a minimum 30% deposit. A 900 product fee and a non-refundable 99 upfront booking fee applies. Early Repayment Charges apply for the first three years.

BK gets a Whopper of a blow

PING! An email arrives from global credit ratings agency Moodys informing me that it has cut its rating of fast food giant Burger King. Moodys said that it downgraded Burger Kings credit rating to Caa1, putting it in the poor standing, very high credit risk category, due to the private equity-owned hamburger chains high debt levels. Previously, Burger King had a B3 or speculative rating. A junk rating for a junk-food chain. How apt.

HARD TIMES: Laura Croft, as played by Angelina Jolie

CALL 0800 121 41 52 ASK us in branch VISIT TALK to a broker

Lines open: 8am 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am 5pm Weekends and Bank Holidays Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Rates correct as of 15/04/2011. The actual rate available will depend on your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration. Our mortgage products can change or be withdrawn at any time and are subject to underwriting and criteria. To ensure you get a particular rate we must accept your application and you must pay the non-refundable upfront booking fee and any product fee for the product. Applications are required. Standard terms and conditions available on request. Please note: Any mortgage products reserved on or before 29 April 2009 will revert to the Base Mortgage Rate (BMR). If you choose to switch to a new Nationwide mortgage product, the new product will revert onto our Standard Mortgage Rate (SMR). Both are variable rates which we may vary in accordance with our mortgage terms and conditions. However, the BMR is guaranteed to be no more than 2% above the Bank of England base rate, whilst the SMR has no upper limit or cap. If you choose to switch to a new product, it is not possible to switch back to the BMR at a later date. Please note that all mortgages reserved on or before 3 March 2010 include the option to apply for a payment holiday and borrow back facility. Any mortgages reserved after this date will no longer include these facilities. Nationwide Building Society, Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon, Wiltshire SN38 1NW.

FORBES magazine has devoted space on its website (seriously) to ask why no women appear on the ctional characters rich list. Last year the list included two females, the Tooth Fairy and Lucille Bluth from the TV show Arrested Development. Video games icon Lara Croft, a xture for many years, has not appeared in the list since 2008. It seems that someone at Forbes has far too much time on their hands.

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SS April 24, 2011











The best way to get around London on the Underground and bus is by buying an Oyster card, which gives you credit for public transport. You can buy cards at Tube stations, newsagents or via the internet at You can even buy a William and Kate souvenir Oyster card for 10, which includes a 5 deposit and 5 worth of travel. The best way to nd out about travel information on the day is on the internet at where you can get the latest information, or sign up for mobile phone alerts. Or, you can call 0843 222 1234 to get live travel information. On the day of the wedding the Underground will be running a Saturday service with all stations close to Westminster staying open. Westminster station is the closest station to the Abbey and has a lift service. Underground stations may close temporarily if they become overcrowded.

3 6




If you have a smart phone there are several websites that will enable you to enjoy the celebration. will be streaming the wedding live on the internet. is the ofcial Twitter account for the wedding and you can take part by using the hashtag #rw2011. Dont forget to check the price of internet services with your mobile provider!


In a genuine emergency, you should call 999 but for non-urgent problems you should call the Metropolitan Police on 0300 123 1212.


1) Westminster Abbey 8.15am Guests start to arrive at Westminster Abbey 9.50am Foreign dignitaries and royal families arrive THE MALL 10.15am Prince William and his best man and brother Prince Harry arrive 10.45am The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are last Royals to arrive 2) Goring Hotel 10.51am Kate and her father Michael Middleton leave Mayfairs Goring Hotel 11am Kate makes her entrance at Westminster Abbey 3) The Mall INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS 12.15pm Service ends and carriage procession begins down the Mall 4) Buckingham Palace 1.25pm Couple appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace for Railway station a kiss in front of the crowds UNDERGROUND 5) Flypast 1.30pm RAF aircraft from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight PICCADILLY CIRCUS together with Typhoons and Tornados mount a fly-past while the Royal Family make their balcony appearance Disabled toilets 1.45pm Lunchtime reception begins for 650 guests at Buckingham Palace 6) St Jamess Palace 3.30pm Lunchtime reception ends. Newlyweds leave Buckingham Palace Public toilets and return to St Jamess Palace for a rest and to change for the evening reception 7pm till late Black-tie evening reception and dinner at Buckingham Palace for 300 close friends and family







SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


1 9 11 12 14 16 20 22 24 25 26 29 31 33 35 36 37 39 40 42 41 38 32 34 27 30 28 21 23 15 17 18 19 13 2 3 4 10 5 6 7 8

Mitchell Symonss Royal trivia

Kate Middletons mother, Carole, is a former air stewardess just like Janice Long, Melinda Messenger, Trisha Goddard, Alex Best and Sue Robbie. Kate briey attended Downe House School in Berkshire. Other old girls from the school include: Clare Balding, Lady Gabriella Windsor, Miranda Hart and Sophie Dahl. Prince William attended the same pre-prep school (Wetherby) as Hugh Grant and Julian Fellowes. Princess Diana mixed up the order of Prince Charless names when she made her vows. On April 23, 2008, William became the thousandth member of the Order of the Garter. At 6ft 3ins William will one day be the tallest king Britain has had. William is a fan of Aston Villa FC. Kate and William met at St Andrews University where the Prince was known as William Wales.

Williams nickname for his bride-to-be is Babykins; she calls him Big Willie (a reference to his name and height, we trust). Williams childhood nickname was Wombat. While serving with the RAF, he was known to his friends as Billy The Fish. Kate will be the oldest royal bride ever (excluding second marriages). Williams mother Diana was barely 20 when she married his father. At the age of seven, William told his mother that he wanted to be a police ofcer when he was older so that he could protect her. Harry said: Oh, no you cant. Youve got to be King. William and Kate are cousins 12 times removed. Theyre related through Sir Thomas Leighton of Feckenham. After her marriage, Kate will only have to curtsey to the Queen. In theory, she should be curtseyed to by Princess Anne and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. She shouldnt hold her breath... Despite being allergic to horses, Kate often watches William playing polo. Kate will, eventually, be Queen Catherine. She will be Britains fth queen to bear that name. Her predecessors were Catherine of Valois, Catherine of Aragon, Catherine Howard and Catherine of Braganza. Note also, Katherine Parr.


Win 1,000 with our big Royal crossword

3 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20 22 23 25 27 30 31 32 British sovereignty in India between 1858 and 1947 (3) Prince who is groom on April 29th ... (7) & 40 Across: ... to this bride (9,9) --- Pettifer, page boy at the royal wedding (3) Blue colour on the family coat of arms of the bride (5) Comedy partner of Adrian Edmondson (3,6) Large brass instrument (4) The lowest cardinal number (3) See 32 Across. Ancestral home of the Spencer family (7) Day in the Roman calendar marking the approximate middle of the month (4) Recipient of a wedding invitation (7) Narrow, horizontal stripe across a heraldic shield (3) --- Laurence, husband of HRH The Princess Royal (3) Another word for a duchy (7) Instrument to be played by Claire Jones at the royal wedding (4) Royal ornaments used at a coronation (7) & 16 Across: Dress designer to the Queen who died in 2003 (5,5) 33 Snake-like sh (3) 34 Aromatic plant used as a herb (4) 35 Road housing the Cenotaph that forms part of the route of the royal wedding procession (9) 38 Capital city of Jordan; a former home of the brides family (5) 39 Hot beverage (3) 40 See 10 Across. 41 Cathedral where Charles and Diana were married in 1981 (2,5) 42 Card game resembling whist (3) 9 & 12 Down: Venue for the royal wedding (11,5) 12 See 9 Down. 15 Mythical Greek king of Thebes (7) 18 One of the Crown Jewels (3) 19 Family business established in 1987 by the brides mother, Carole (5,6) 21 Ofcer of high military rank (7) 22 Maiden name of the brides mother (9) 26 Drinking receptacle (3) 28 Major river in Northern Ireland (5) 29 First name of the father of the bride (7) 32 ------ Bonham Carter, actress who portrayed Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in the lm The Kings Speech (6) 33 ----- John, singer-songwriter expected to attend the royal wedding with his partner David Furnish (5) 34 ----- Ferguson, bride at the 1986 royal wedding (5) 36 Prince Charles, in relation to the throne (4) 37 Charlotte ----, British designer of a see-through dress worn by the bride at a charity fashion show in 2002 (4)

1 2 4 5 6 7 8


----- Lopes, bridesmaid at the royal wedding (5) Another word for marriage (9) Fruits of the oak found on the brides familys coat of arms (6) ----- Lowther-Pinkerton, Private Secretary to the groom and his brother (5) Road running from Buckingham Palace to Admiralty Arch (3,4) Branch of the Forces in which Prince Harry serves (4) Blue dye from the indigo plant (4)


For your chance to win our 1,000 crossword cash prize, complete the crossword and send it with your name, address and telephone number to: Royal Wedding Crossword, Sunday Express, 10 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6EN. The winner will be the rst correct entry out of the hat on the closing date of Tuesday, May 3. The Editors decision is nal. Answers and the name of the winner will be published on May 8.

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


By Henry Fitzherbert

ODD COUPLE: Helen Mirren and Russell Brand in the ill-advised Arthur remake


ELL, THAT was a short-lived career as a movie star. Russell Brands conquest of Hollywood comes to an abrupt halt with Arthur, an astonishingly unwise remake of the fondly-regarded Dudley Moore comedy. Whereas the 1981 original cemented Moores status as a major star, two years after Blake Edwardss 10, the remake buries Brands after a couple of promising supporting parts in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek (he played a louche rock star in both). Here he is front and centre and it is not a pretty sight, literally. Brands odd looks are not those of a conventional movie star (one unkind observer compared him with a transvestite horse) but the bigger problem is his abrasive persona. Cuddly Dudley he aint. I cannot recall a movie in which I took such an instant dislike to the main character. Within nanoseconds of setting eyes on Brands spoilt, fatuous playboy, Arthur Bach, I hated him. In the opening minute we witness him dress up like a prat (in a Batman outt), humiliate his chauffeur (Luis Guzman) and speed drunkenly through the streets of New York before crashing into and destroying a celebrated monument. Youre drunk again Arthur, says a remarkably forgiving police ofcer. No, replies Arthur, unapologetically. Ive remained drunk since our last encounter. I was reminded of George Michaels continual arrests for dangerous driving but at least George has talent, Arthur is an imbecile whose only talent is for throwing his life away, not to mention endangering the lives of others. The son of a billionaire (Geraldine James) who is increasingly exasperated by his wayward ways, hes a playboy buffoon who parties for a living and possesses no compensating charm or wit. One contrived reference to the recession has Arthur suddenly remember his fellow man and start dishing out money from a cashpoint, a scene that feels forced and unfunny. The whole picture has a time-warp feel to it as if nothing in the world has changed since the 1981 original: alcoholism is a bit of a lark rather than a serious illness while Arthur is a very Eighties kind of rich kid who doesnt have an iota of entrepreneurialism or yearning for fame. Theres nothing he wants from his wealth other than a life of complete indolence, which makes him anachronistic and boring, and renders the very faithful-to-theoriginal plot dull and predictable. There is no suspense in a story that makes him choose between love and money when the money ultimately means very little to him beyond material comforts. The dilemma arises because

Arthur kills off Russells brand

ARTHUR (12A, 3.35pm) Director: Jason Winer Stars: Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig TT3D: CLOSER TO THE EDGE (15, 103mins, documentary) Director: Richard De Aragues THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ADELE BLANC-SEC (12A, 107mins) Director: Luc Besson Stars: Louise Bourgoin, Mathieu Amalric, Nicolas Giraud Mirren is saddled with some truly awful, witless lines. On paper, the remake may have seemed like a good idea, not least given Brands own womanising and substance abuse past, but the result is a charmless misre that puts Brands movie star ambitions into cold storage. TT3D: Closer To The Edge is a startling documentary about a terrifying motorcycle race on the Isle of Man, the TT, that takes place on its public roads at speeds of up to 200mph. You dont have to have a death wish to participate but it clearly helps: over 200 people have died in the races history, averaging nearly two a year. Director Richard De Araguess lm follows some of the eccentric participants in the build-up to the 2010 competition whose lives are meaningless without the buzz of the TT. Most prominent is Guy Martin, a grinning, fast-talking man-child and popular local hero determined to win his rst race. You fear he should be locked up for his own safety but freedom of choice is a big theme of the lm. The competition itself is packed with incident, spectacular crashes and tragedy, and is lmed very effectively in 3D. The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adle Blanc-Sec is an adaptation of a French comic book by Jacques Tardi described by some as a cross between Amlie and Indiana Jones. Set in Egypt and Paris in 1911, its not quite that charming or exciting but has a crazed, Gallic eccentricity that many will enjoy. The title character is a feisty reporter (the appealing Louise Bourgoin) who retrieves a mummy from an Egyptian tomb as part of a plot to bring her dead sister back to life. Also key to the plan is a mad scientist (Jacky Nercessian) whose attempts at reanimation take a surprising turn. The plot is barmy but its directed with panache by Luc Besson and is mostly good fun.

Arthurs mother insists on cutting him off unless he weds straightlaced, soulless company executive Susan (Jennifer Garner) to help steady the nerves of shareholders anxious that Arthurs out of control. Needless to say, as soon as he has agreed to do so he meets his love-match, an impoverished New York City tour guide, Naomi (Greta Gerwig), who he romances by emptying out Grand Central Station for an hour and lling it with acrobats. The story evolves into a conventional romantic comedy that has Arthur learning important life lessons. Yawn. What might have enlivened it are the characters but Arthur contains just about the most unlikeable cast of characters I can recall from a Hollywood movie. Aside from Arthur there is his mother (a witch and a racist), his ance (a calculating creep) and, it saddens me to say, his nanny, Hobson, played by Helen Mirren, who is a horrible old cow. A botched reinvention from the role in the original played by Sir John Gielgud (who won an Oscar for it), Hobson here is cold, rude and bossy without any apparent affection for Arthur. The subtlety and warmth has gone from the relationship and


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



Road to originality
By Mark Shenton
LONDON ROAD HHHHH Nationals Cottesloe Theatre, London (Tickets: 020 7452 3000, 12-32) JOURNEYS END HHHHH On tour, at Wyvern Theatre, Swindon from Tuesday (Tickets: 01793 524481, 16-23) COWARDY CUSTARD HHHII On tour, at Greenwich Theatre, London from Tuesday (Tickets: 020 8858 7755, 12.50-17.50) MOONLIGHT HHHII Donmar Warehouse, London WC2 (Tickets: 0844 871 7624, 10-32.50) he theatres endless capacity to surprise is one of the things that constantly reinvigorates it, as well as me. Just when musicals have seemingly reached a dead-end of endlessly recycling old pop songs and film titles suddenly theres an astonishing show like London Road that does something far more original and unexpected. This bracing, compelling example of whats known as verbatim theatre not only tells the true story of the serial killing of prostitutes in Ipswich in 2006, but also does so in the direct words of the community that was affected. Writer Alecky Blythe started visiting the scene even before an arrest was made to conduct live interviews with local people and has gone on to work with composer Adam Cork to set their experiences to a jagged, insistent new musical score that creates a texture and commentary all of its own. The result is haunting but also ultimately uplifting, too, as it tells a story of community renewal in the face of appalling tragedy. At a time when there is another serial killer on the loose now in New York, with at least some of the 10 victims so far found said to have been prostitutes, the show speaks (and sings) with renewed resonance and relevance. Likewise, Journeys End, a play set in the trenches of the English military in First World War France and first premiered in 1928, remains an extraordinary theatrical document. As staged by David Grindley in a harrowing but utterly absorbing production that is now embarking on a new national tour after previous runs in the West End and on Broadway, it speaks as potently to us today about the human cost and living reality of war as it ever did. RC Sherriffs play is often seen as a warhorse in every sense but it has been re-established here as one of the greatest in the theatrical canon about serving on the frontline of any war. Given that we seem forever embarked on one conflict or another, there are still soldiers daily paying the price of our freedom with their lives. It is therefore a chastening, as well as a deeply enriching experience to watch, especially as glowingly well acted as the young cast do here, dazzlingly led by recent RADA graduate James Norton. By contrast, Cowardy Custard, a cabaret revue of the work of playwright and composer Nol Coward, provides light relief. Like the custard of its title, its sweet and a little lumpy in places but as served by past masters of the art of literate cabaret in Kit and the Widow and Dillie Keane, it is given bite and flavour, as if the custard has been poured over a particularly sharp bit of rhubarb. Rhubarb and custard is a dessert, not an entire meal, so it leaves you a little hungry for a main course, tantalising glimpses of which pass by in scenes from plays like Present Laughter and Hay Fever. Finally, the arid morsel of a play that the late Harold Pinter served up in Moonlight, a 75-minute work about a dying man being attended by his wife but whose sons refuse to visit, is atmospherically rendered by director Bijan Sheibani, but fails to satisfy.

REINVIGORATING: The cast of Alecky Blythes new play London Road, which is based on a series of murders in Ipswich in 2006


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MANON Royal Ballet Royal Opera House, London WC2 (Tickets: 020 7304 4000; 102.10-5.10)

By Jeffery Taylor
belle horizontale, or high-class prostitute, he an ardent and penniless youth just discovering the earth-moving power of love. You know it can only end in tears but Benjamins ethereal lightness of touch and joyous response to Massenets richly romantic music, not to mention Des Grieuxs tender embraces, sweep her and us along a delicious path. The backbone of the piece is a series of duets between the lovers, MacMillans trademark, and in Manon, many of us consider, his greatest achievement. MacMillans

TOP DRAWER: Marina Poplavskaya with Johan Reuter in The Tsars Bride

HAT A stunning performance by Leanne Benjamin last week at the ROH. She opened the companys current run of Kenneth MacMillans Manon and broke everybodys heart. One of the companys most senior Principal Dancers, not only has Benjamin matured into a ne actress but, defying all rules of physics, her technique grows more vigorous with the passage of time. The ballet has a simple message, the wages of sin is death. Into an 18th-century Parisian cauldron of amoral sex, two adolescents, Manon (Benjamin) and student Des Grieux (Stephen McRae), collide like two doomed shooting stars. She already an experienced

By Clare Colvin
Rimsky-Korsakovs THE TSARS BRIDE Royal Opera Royal Opera House, London WC2 (Tickets: 020 7304 4000; 7.70-158.30)


invention and the passionate musicality of two committed dancers spell rapture. Then Benjamin plays her trump card. In her lovers absence from their love nest, Manon gets back to business and seamlessly slips into a fur coat, a diamond necklace and the experienced embraces of the rich Monsieur GM, (Christopher Saunders). If it was original 18th-century author Abb Provosts intention to attract condemnation for Manons heartless usury he reckoned without Benjamin. Her staggering understanding of innocence transforms apparent cruelty into serenity and Des Grieux doesnt stand a chance. He surrenders his whole life to her and she dies in his arms in a Louisiana penal colony. When it comes to Leanne Benjamins Manon, it is not a tale of Biblical damnation after all, but an allegory on the heavy price we pay for love. A life-enhancing night out.

VAN THE TERRIBLE of Russia outdid Henry VIII in the serial monogamy stakes. The Tsars seventh wife may have outlived him but several earlier wives came to untimely ends. Rimsky-Korsakov based his 1899 opera on the fate of the third wife Marfa Sobakina who died two weeks into the marriage and was rumoured to have been poisoned. Director Paul Curran has updated the opera from 16th-century feudal Russia to the present day Moscow of the oligarchs. Violence and conspicuous luxury go hand in hand. The Tsars secret police are now a gangster maa. The opera opens to a ve star hotel restaurant with blood-spattered Grigory Gryaznoy (Johan Reuter) casually bundling the victim of his torture into a laundry trolley. Kevin Knights sets and costumes capture the newly rich display of bling, from lapdancing nightclub to a penthouse with rooftop swimming pool and skyline of chrome and glass architecture but the street scene near the Kremlin has shades of the impoverished and forgotten in the grafti on the walls. The story centres on the Tsars search for a wife from among 2,000 eligible women of Moscow. Gryaznoy is obsessed with Marfa (Marina Poplavskaya) who is engaged to Likov (Dmytro Popov). Both claims on her are superseded by the Tsars choice of her as his bride. Yet before that, Gryaznoys jealous mistress Lyubasha (Ekaterina Gubanova) has visited the Tsars alchemist for a poison that will make Marfa lose her looks and waste away. Gryaznoy has visited the same alchemist for a love potion to attract Marfa. With the inevitable switching of potions it can only end in tears, madness and blood on the carpet. Although the Tsar did not appear originally in the opera, Curran allows us a glimpse of him in the second act as Marfa and her friend Dunyasha (Jurgita Adamonyte) are chatting in the street. Suddenly the iron doors burst open and out strides a gure in camel coat and dark glasses surrounded by bodyguards toting hand guns. The image of menacing power brings to mind the present Tsar Putin. Poplavskaya is in excellent silvery voice as Marfa and goes mad with style in a bridal scene inspired by Donizettis Lucia di Lammermoor. Ukrainian tenor Dmytro Popov is an ardent Likov and Johan Reuter a malignant Gryaznoy. Former Covent Garden Young Artiste, mezzo Ekaterina Gubanova, in bouffant blonde wig, makes a magnicently ruined Lyubasha. Conductor Mark Elder doesnt have quite the ebullient Russian punch of, say, Gergiev, but he brings out the operas melodic colours.

RICH PASSIONS: Leanne Benjamin as the carnally alive Manon



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Legacy of a French songbird

biography edith piaf no regrets HHHHI Carolyn Burke Bloomsbury, 20
ike many stars, Edith Piaf, born Edith Gassion in 1915, accumulated a lot of myths around her life even as she made musical magic, and they collided in the stage name with which she became known. Piaf was French slang for sparrow and as the diminutive singer adopted the name, she remarked, I was baptised for life. However while great artists are invariably born, not made, the peripatetic circumstances of her early life, brought up first by her maternal grandparents in the town brothel that they ran, then by her itinerant circus entertainer father, fuelled the insecurity that, coupled with the desertion of her mother, led to what she once reflected was a desperate, almost morbid, need to be loved. Those early chapters of her life are etched in pain and her eventful life was characterised by tragedy, including giving birth, aged 17, to a daughter who would die of meningitis two years later and the death of the love of her life, boxer Marcel Cerdan, in a plane crash in 1949. Like Judy Garland, Piaf also died at the age of 47, and there is something both tumultuous and sad in the way each lived, their legacy will endure far longer than the years they spent on earth. Piafs life has been the subject of previous stage and film treatments including Pam Gemss play, Piaf, with two separate West End productions and the film La Vie En Rose. However fuller justice is now done to both the person and her phenomenal career in Carolyn Burkes frequently frank, always fascinating and revealing biography. The author indulges a penchant for generalisations, comparing her to Billie Holiday and Garland, for instance, and adds: Piafs legend appears to fit the template for successful artists who pay the price in their descent into suffering caused by drink, drugs, and, in the case of women, promiscuity. Of the latter phenomenon, she notes that it has, at times, been a dizzying task to keep track of her many lovers. The book does at least pay Piaf the respect of seeing how that turbulent lifestyle and the myths around it also fuelled her art. It is often impossible to separate fact from fiction, Burke writes, and adds it is an ambition that is probably beside the point, since her art and legend nourish each other, circling back to the streets where she got her start. It was on the streets that Piafs raw passion as a singer was first exposed. As an early advocate of hers on French radio put it, she had a voice that came from the heart rather than her head. This book pays Piaf the supreme compliment of coming from both the heart and head of its author. You can feel a palpable love for her subject and theres also clear-headed analysis of what made Piaf tick which helps to make this book tick, too. MARK SHENTON



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A voice that came from the heart rather than her head

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ver the course of a 60-year writing career HG Wells published 51 novels (including The War Of The Worlds and The Time Machine) and about 70 works of non-fiction but equally numerous were the notches on his bedpost. HG Wells was, not to put too fine a point on it, a randy old goat. Its through the prism of his exhaustingly inexhaustible sexual appetite that David Lodge surveys this once-great man, reduced to a literary footnote at the time of his death in 1946. David Lodges bio-novel presents the self-made son of a shopkeeper who became one of the biggest-selling authors of his day; a controversial radical thinker who rubbed shoulders with many of the leading lights of the Edwardian period, entertaining most of them at his idyllic country homes. However A Man Of Parts is framed by HGs bleak dying days in the immediate wake of the Second World War, horrified by the devastation wrought, stung by the waning of his literary reputation, above all distressed by his own failure to leave the world a better place than he found it. A man who always liked to have at

least one lover as well as a wife, he also finds himself alone. Lodge might have worn his impressive research more lightly since over the course of 560 pages, the tireless succession of women HG wooed, bedded, betrayed, discarded and occasionally married becomes somewhat repetitive. Although they included the writers Rebecca West and Elizabeth von Arnim, we get a clearer sense of their sexual peccadilloes than their personalities, while HGs peculiarly tolerant second wife Jane remains opaque. In considering his tarnished legacy, HG acknowledges that his books offered a form of catharsis, that he wrote to keep nihilistic despair at bay, experimenting with a sometimes slapdash miscellany of social and political ideas which he published incontinently. These admissions of weakness add to his charm, though. David Lodges HG Wells was both a visionary and a chancer; as arrogant as he was insecure; with as many noble goals as base instincts; a mass of very human contradictions; as Lodge has it, a man of parts. CHARLOTTE HEATHCOTE

FICTION a man of parts HHHII David Lodge Harvill Secker, 18.99

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Players must be over 18. Gamble responsibly & visit *Terms & Conditions apply for promotions. View online for details.

Shakespeare: The Life, The Works, The Treasures (Andre Deutsch, 20) commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Royal Shakespeare Company and also coincides with what would have been Shakespeares birthday on Tuesday (his 447th). Elizabeth Taylor is pictured playing Kate in Franco Zeffirellis 1966 film production of The Taming Of The Shrew in which she performed opposite her on/off husband Richard Burton as Petruchio.



ith flawed characters, broken relationships, secret histories and a flicker of hope for future happiness, Anita Shreves latest has her hallmarks all over it. What gives Rescue its dramatic edge is a story interlaced with the medical rescues of the title. Peter Webster is a paramedic with a smalltown ambulance service in FICTION Vermont. A single father RESCUE bringing up his 17-year-old HHHII daughter Rowan, he has Anita Shreve so far managed to protect Little, Brown her from the past. However 19.99 as curiosity combines with teenage mood swings Rowan becomes rebellious and Webster must accept that it might be time to confront his demons. Rewind 18 years and we meet Rowans mother and the love of Websters life. Thrown together in dramatic circumstances, Webster and Sheila couldnt be more different. He is caring, conscientious and committed. She is a live wire, impulsive but vulnerable. It doesnt take a psychologist to foresee that there may be trouble ahead but then that is what Shreve is all about. With 16 novels, Shreve has honed her writing with social awareness and emotional clarity. She allows her characters to tell the story with dialogue that negates the need for lengthy descriptions while the family drama is punctuated by thrilling medical crises worthy of the best hospital TV shows. Fans of Anita Shreve will find Rescue reassuringly familiar: a smoothly woven story that explores the complex relationships of ordinary people and challenges them with heart-wrenching predicaments, while newcomers will relish the compelling mix of secrets, betrayal and forgiveness that turn into an intelligent page-turner. TRACEY PETHERICK

ichael Kordas comprehensive and authoritative research into the life of Lawrence of Arabia is flooded not only with a love of history but a piercing and affectionate fascination with his subject. His story begins in 1916 when a 28-year-old second lieutenant and acting staff captain walked out under a white flag near Basra, BIOGRAPHY at the northern tip of the HERO, THE LIFE Persian Gulf. His mission: AND LEGEND OF to bribe the Arab forces LAWRENCE with 1million to grant OF ARABIA freedom to the British HHHHI divisions besieged in Michael Korda nearby Kut. The Turkish commander, JR Books, 25 Khalil Pasha, refused but still asked the young officer, Thomas Edward Lawrence, to stay for dinner. Thus began a brief but spectacular transformation of an unknown pipsqueak from Oxford into a fully fledged hero. The intense pleasure in reading this book is twofold: first, Kordas mastery of detail typical of meticulous military history, precise and relevant but never tedious. Then the almost subconscious emergence of Lawrences true character, which was an almost nave desire to define right from wrong. Lawrence also had an almost morbid dread of notoriety. During a private audience he refused an impromptu honour from George V, earning a Royal pat on the back and lifelong respect. If only the monarch had espoused Lawrences Middle East proposal to unite Arabs and Jews in Palestine under British rule, with a separate kingdom for the Iraqi Kurds, we might have avoided Saddam Hussein. At over 700 pages Hero may be a bit of a doorstep but it is a tremendous read: scholarly, moving and a joy to have on ones bookshelf. JEFFERY TAYLOR


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TV & Radio
Peter Capaldi plays a dour businessman in Victorian drama The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher. He tells Olly Grant how it reveals the dark side of a golden British era

eter Capaldi is contemplating Victorian photos; those sepia prints of glum men in top hats and grim ladies in bonnets. When you look at those pictures you see such hard faces looking out at you, he says thoughtfully, scratching his chin. What on earth were they thinking, he wonders? What was going on behind those icy facades? Actually, he has a pretty good idea. Probably something like this: Bloody hell! I wish I lived in 2011! he quips. Tomorrow, Capaldi is stepping back in time to play a murder suspect in ITVs historical whodunit The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher. Yet while the bonnets and britches are out in force dont expect Lark Rise. This is the Victorian age as it really was, 19th-century warts and all. Its a much bleaker vision of that world, he says. I think we tend to portray the Victorians in a very chocolate-boxy way. We are more interested in the pretty things and its difficult to get beyond looking at their nice dresses and houses and cobbled streets. Actually it must have been pretty horrible. Anyone who has read The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher, the 2008 bestseller written by Kate Summerscale, might be inclined to agree with him. Set in 1860, its a dark but true story of the murder of a three-year-old child in an old country house; a crime that would go on to shock the nation and occupy some of its most famous minds including writers Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens. The crime was shocking for many reasons. First, an innocent child, Saville Kent, had been brutally killed. Second, as London detective Jack Whicher (Bourne Ultimatum actor Paddy Considine) soon deduced, only someone inside the house could have done it. Third, it raised frightening questions about what might be going on behind other respectable doors. It really lifted the veil on Victorian mores, says Capaldi. The middle classes had just exploded into life so the idea that there was anything negative going on in this cosseted world was quite new. Another interesting thing is that it became a format for a lot of the things we find in detective fiction: the big house, the maverick detective, the fish out of water who comes into this closed community and how one person was absolutely considered to be the murderer, and how that then shifted to somebody else, and then someone else. Capaldi plays the boys father Samuel Kent, who is one of the suspects. There was certainly something secretive about him, says Capaldi. Samuel was often absent and in those days you could really disappear, he says. You could go to Bristol, say, and walk

GRIM DRAMA: Peter Capaldi and Emma Fielding, who plays his lover

ho hasnt, in idle moments, dreamed of being called into a fusty, book-lined solicitors office and told that a long-lost relative has bequeathed you some fabulous amount of money? The Reckoning ( ITV, Monday and Tuesday) opened with just such a scenario. One-time nurse Victoria (Ashley Jensen) was told that she had been left 5million by a mysterious benefactor. Which was handy since she now worked at a call centre for minimum wage and had a 15-year-old daughter with a brain tumour whose only hope of survival was an expensive experimental procedure in America. There was just one catch: in order to get her hands on the money, Victoria had to kill someone. A man who deserves to die, explained the creepy voice on the CD the solicitor had handed over. At first she was horrified, but gradually her ex-copper boyfriend Mark (Max Beesley) began to talk her round to the idea that the money could be used to save poor, sick Amanda. They investigated the target, Richard Bury, and he sounded like a thoroughly nasty piece of work: a career criminal with several convictions for GBH and assaulting women. A bit more detective work revealed that he liked to hire prostitutes in order to beat them up, killing at least one in the process. If you had to choose between a poorly teenage girl and a violent sicko who gets his kicks attacking hookers, it would be a bit of a no-brainer. Yet does anyone have the right to make that decision? That was the question at the heart of The Reckoning and it got things off to a good start. Nobody watching would have been able to help themselves asking what they would have done in the same situation. Its one thing to make judgments, to consider whos most deserving, its another to actually pull the trigger. Or wield the knife, do the hit and run, etc. Because Victoria and Mark werent the only ones who were being

By Clare Heal
offered five million quid to kill. It turned out there was a murderous daisy chain being set up, so that if they took the bait someone would be after them before too long. Thats where it got a bit silly. Up to about half way though the first half we had an interesting moral quandary, but the problem with interesting moral quandaries is that they dont necessarily translate into interesting drama. Not on ITV anyway so, naturally, the stakes had to be upped and we discovered something murky in Victorias past which linked her to all the other beneficiaries of the mysterious murderous millionaire. Thus the whole thing descended into absurd histrionics. In the second episode we discovered that everyone had been somehow connected with the death of a prostitute, several years ago. One man who had drunkenly crashed his car into a mother and daughter, killing the mother and putting the girl, Jay, on a path of vulnerability that led to her being seduced by drugs offered by an irresponsible friend, subsequently falling into a life of prostitution where she was beaten to within an inch of her life by Bury. Victoria was working as a nurse when Jay was brought in, hanging between life and death and in excruciating pain. When she begged for more morphine, Victoria acquiesced. It was never proven whether Jay died of her injuries or from an overdose. It turned out that Jays father was actually the solicitor, pretending to pass on the bequests which were actually a grisly test he had devised himself. It was a slightly unsatisfying ending and one couldnt help but wonder why the police didnt seem to be investigating any of the murders, but both Jensen and Beesley were impressive, carrying the plot which

True grit of historic whodunit

around anonymously, because it would have been far enough away. You could have done anything. Whatever mysteries Kent may have been harbouring he certainly presided over an unhappy home. His teenage children Constance and William were said to be sulky and there were rumours that he

There was some dysfunction... Something bad was going on though I dont know if it was by accident or design
had had an affair with Mary, a former governess, while his first wife was still living. There was some dysfunction that he was responsible for, or that he allowed to happen, he says. There was something bad going on though I dont know if it was by accident or design. For Capaldi Kent represents a chance to flex his actorly muscles in a different direction. His last TV project was another kind of period drama (he played a camel-riding Wise Man in BBC1s Bible series The Nativity) but he is best known for playing the eye-popping,

outrageously poison-tongued spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in the very 21st-century political comedy The Thick Of It. Creator Armando Iannucci has just started writing the new series, for transmission next year. So what can Capaldi tell us? I dont know yet, he laughs. Im not being coy. Its the way Armando works. He says hes ready to do it and then you just have to fit it in when they are ready to go. It reaches a kind of critical mass when he feels theres enough happening [in politics]. With Tuckers party out of office since the last series aired, isnt it a surprise to see Tucker returning at all? I was surprised but he does, so thats nice, he agrees. This series will be about the coalition. What Malcolms involvement in that will be? I dont know. Its as much of a mystery to me as it is to you. In the meantime its back to the archives in search of more pictures from yesteryear, this time a little more recent than the Victorians. Im doing a documentary for BBC4 about British film, he says. Its about lost stars through the years; people who you have never heard of, in fact. Not a million miles from the mysterious characters in those old Victorian photographs, then. Lost souls, unfathomable faces... Capaldi thinks for a moment. Im interested in people who are on the fringe, he says. l The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher, 9pm, Monday, ITV1.

sons Stephen k c Ro et

sons Stephen Rocket

ITS doubly irritating when some idiot pops up asking why women arent as funny as men, because a) they are and b) nothing makes you look like you havent got a sense of humour more than arguing back. Ill tell you why people get opinions like this: because of shows like Candy Cabs (BBC1, Tuesday). OK its a comedy drama not a sitcom, but the impression it gives of women and what amuses them (Pink! Diets! Men being hairy!) was about the only thing that made me emit a chuckle. A bitter one.


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drama lost plot

was gripping, but ever more ludicrous. Elsewhere the schedules seemed dominated by hotels. New reality show The Hotel (Channel 4, Sunday) revolves around the Damson Dene, an establishment in the Lake District firmly aimed at the middle market. It wasnt boutique by any stretch of the imagination, but looked nice enough and catered to the needs of a lot of decent, ordinary people wanting a nice break in the countryside. We met Wayne, the general manager and his hapless new recruit Amos, who came across like a Romanian version of Manuel (apparently its hard to get British staff in the hotel trade and most of their workers are from Eastern Europe, not all of whom have mastered the language before applying). Im guessing whoever commissioned this show thought that a glimpse behind the scenes of your holiday would be interesting, but it isnt really. They do the sort of things youd expect them to: serve breakfast, do laundry etc. What made the programme was the guests. Dan, nervously preparing to propose to his girlfriend Liz, contrasted beautifully with Brian and Julie, married for 49 years, but living under the shadow of his cancer diagnosis. Fortunately both scenarios ended happily, but you couldnt necessarily put that down to the hotel. Or indeed The Hotel. Alex Polizzi wouldnt have found too much to complain about though. nlike at the First In Last Out in Winchester which became the first place The Hotel Inspector (Channel 5, Monday) refused to stay. I dont blame her. The (shared) showers looked absolutely disgusting and owner Jon didnt seem to think that making the showers mould-free needed to be a priority. As ever Polizzis forthright nature made compulsive viewing. It all shows that, while you wouldnt want to stay in their establishment, bad hoteliers make much better TV than good ones. l David Stephenson is away. GRIPPING BUT SILLY: Ashley Jenson and Max Beesley produced impressive performances despite The Reckoning descending into absurd histrionics

AMENDMENTS (Your full TV listings are in S Magazine)

saturday april 30 BBC1: BBC1: 11.30 Great British Menu; 11.45 The Football League Show; 1.10 Sign Zone: The Royal Wedding; 2.40 Sign Zone: Giles & Sues Royal Wedding; 3.40 BBC News. BBC2: 7.55 Leon; 10.30 League Of Super Evil; 10.40 Wolverine And The X-Men; 11.30 Whose Side Are You On? A Newsround Special; 12.00 Coast; 12.15 FILM: Citizen Kane; 2.15 FILM: The Magnificent Ambersons; 3.45 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is; 9.30 Have I Got A Bit More Old News For You; 10.15 Frank Skinners Opinionated; 10.45 Nurse Jackie; 11.15 Later With Jools Holland; 12.15 FILM: Before Sunrise; 1.55-3.35 FILM: Anna M. ITV1: 3.15 FILM: Live And Let Die; 6.00 New People Do The Funniest Things; 10.15 FILM: Dirty Harry; 3.00 ITV Nightscreen. Channel 4: 6.00 The Treacle People; 7.00 British Formula 3 International Series; 7.30 The Grid; 7.00 River Cottage Best Bites; 8.00 Kate And William: Romance And The Royals; 11.05 FILM: Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery; 1.00 FILM: Secretary; 2.50 Shapes; 2.55 Home Country; 3.00 Brief Encounters Of The Sporting Mind; 3.05 Hello Boys; 4.00 Running In Heels; 5.15-6.00 Countdown. Channel 5: 7.10 Chiro; 7.45 Hanas Helpline; 8.15 The Adventures Of Bottle Top Bill And His Best Friend Corky; 8.30 Play!; 10.00 Chinese Food In Minutes; 12.05 FILM: King Of Kings; 3.10 FILM: Ben-Hur; 7.15 5 News Weekend; 7.20 NCIS; 8.15 CSI: Grissoms Greatest ; 9.10 CSI: Miami; 10.10 CSI: NY; 11.10 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; 12.10 SuperCasino.

The magic of ancient sounds

IVE always loved things that give you a physical connection to the past. To hold in your hands something that was made thousands of years ago forges a link between us and the people who made it. Which is why I loved Ghost Music (Radio 4, Tuesday), a programme about ancient instruments. You can look at the physical remnants of our ancestors societies, but we rarely hear how they might have sounded. Archaeologist Christine Finn played us audio footage, recorded in 1939, of two 3,000-year-old trumpets which possibly rang in the ancient Egyptian ears of Tutankhamen. They were found in the boy kings

By Clare Heal
tomb by Howard Carter in 1922, one made of bronze and one silver. The Cairo museum allowed them to be played by bandsman James Tappern and the sound was simultaneously like a modern-day trumpet and hauntingly different. Tappern is now dead, but his son Peter spoke movingly of his pride in the achievement. The technical expertise required to do what he did is quite astonishing, he marvelled. It was particularly moving for Peter as the 78rpm acetate recording his

father was given broke many years ago, and he hadnt heard it since. The silver trumpet actually shattered during rehearsals for Tapperns performance and archaeologists are therefore understandably reluctant to allow ancient instruments to be played. Archaeomusicologist Richard Dumbrill described his reconstruction of the Silver Lyre of Ur, an instrument even older than Tuts trumpets. It was found in Southern Iraq, dates from 2600-2400 BC and now resides in the British Museum. Dumbrill faithfully recreated the lyre. `We went to the butchers and said could we have

some sausage casing please? What for? For strings! It is smelly, but we have good results. We also found out about the Lost Sounds Orchestra which takes archaeological details of instruments themselves, as well as pictorial depictions of them, and uses computer technology to recreate them and their sounds. They perform. Sometimes the sounds are even used in pop records. How wonderful is that? I still find the idea of the actual instrument from Tutankhamens tomb being played more moving. It brings with it such a visceral sense of connection to long-dead Egyptian strangers.



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

sunday afternoon: tRIVIA

Whod have thought it...

Julia Kendell... on fire eating
Julia Kendell, 42, is an interior designer. She stars in BBC1s makeover show DIY SOS and lives near Henley-on-Thames with her husband Andrew and their children Maddy, 20, and Sophie, 17
s a child I used to love magic and every year as a family we would go to Peniscola, which is just south of Barcelona in Spain. I used to make my parents take me to the sand sculpting on the beach as it really appealed to me. There would be fireworks, flame eating and flamethrowers and I was entranced. It just looked like magic to me. I was about five years old and from then on I wanted to learn how to do it. Needless to say my parents were not so keen. Years passed and I would go every year to the fire eating. I had that childlike wonder which has never really left me. When I was 19 I decided to learn how to do it myself. I spent a lot of time trying to find someone to teach me. I contacted some fire eaters and asked them where they had learned but they are a terribly secretive bunch, a bit like the Magic Circle, though when you meet fellow fire eaters you are instant friends. In the end I saw an advertisement for a motivational training course where you could go and learn to flame throw. I booked it immediately and then I was beside myself with fear at the thought of actually doing it. Much of the

Did you know?

by Mitchell Symons
AS PEOPLE FACE FINES FOR LATE SUBMISSIONS TO THE TAXMAN HERE ARE SOME FUNNY and GENUINE THINGS WRITTEN TO TAX AND WELFARE AUTHORITIES... Thank you for explaining my income tax liability. You have done it so clearly that I almost understand it. I am glad to report that my husband who was reported missing is dead. I am very annoyed that you have branded my son illiterate as this is a lie. I was married to his father a week before he was born. I am forwarding my marriage certificate and six children. I have seven but one died and was baptised on a half-sheet of paper. I am writing to the Welfare Department to say that my baby was born two years old. When do I get my money? Unless I get my money soon I will be forced to lead an immortal life. In accordance with your instructions, I have given birth to twins in the enclosed envelope. Mrs Jones has not had any clothes for a year and has been visited regularly by the clergy. Please send me a claim form as I have had a baby. I had one before but it got dirty and I burned it. If my husband puts in a claim for a dependent named Marcia I just want you to know that my name is Gertrude. It is true I am a bachelor and have deducted for two children. But please believe me when I say it was an accident. I cannot get sick pay. I have six children. Can you tell me why? I want money as quick as I can get it. I have been in bed with the doctor for two weeks and this doesnt seem to do me any good. If things dont improve I will be forced to send for another doctor. THIS WEEKS PONDERABLES... l The word and appears in the Bible 46,277 times. l One out of 10 secretaries admits to having been romantically involved with her boss. l Llamas are inquisitive, friendly animals. A llama greeting is marked by softly blowing on each other or on a person. l Phil Spector sang backing vocals on George Harrisons My Sweet Lord. l In ancient Japan public contests were held to see who in a town could break wind loudest and longest. Winners were awarded prizes. l The actress Natalie Portman (right) has never revealed her true surname as she wants to protect her familys privacy. l Belize is the only country in the world with a jaguar preserve. THIS WEEKS IMPONDERABLE... Why is something very hot described as piping hot? Before electric kettles we had steam kettles. The way you knew they had boiled was when the steam set off a whistle. A naval term for a whistle is a pipe. From water to anything else, piping soon became the word to describe great heat. Theres another naval tie-in with this expression. In the Royal Navy, orders are piped. If you came to dinner as soon as the order was piped then the food would indeed be piping hot. WEVE HAD ENOUGH OF Hot dogs and burgers at football matches. Verrucas and toenails in a bun.

My husband wont kiss me after as I taste like a petrol station

day was devoted to learning about confidence. You have to get into the mindset that anything is possible. When you have been working on this for an entire day then you are able to do it. It was 22 years ago and I had just turned 20 but it was an extraordinary day and one that will never leave me. Fire eating was the one thing I had wanted to do from a young age so it was quite momentous when I finally did it. In a way you feel invincible. It was also enormous fun when I got the fire sticks out and showed my parents for the first time. They were quite surprised. I like to think I am relatively ladylike and I am not an extrovert so it comes as a bit of surprise to people that I can do this thing. When I showed my friends my new party piece they all thought it was very cool and a few asked me how it was done but I couldnt tell them. There is an understanding that you

wont reveal to people as it is so dangerous and you have to learn properly. I am very careful and I havent had any mishaps. You have to be very aware of which way the wind is blowing and you cannot wear hairspray or hair products as you would go up in a ball of flames. I heard about someone who burned her eyebrows off, which is not a good look, so I am very, very cautious. I tend to get the fire sticks out if we are going to a big party. At New Year they come out and I have been known to flame throw in Val dIsre when we have been on a skiing trip; it is a great way of getting free drinks. My husband is not too impressed with kissing me after flame throwing as I taste a bit like a petrol station. I have to do a lot of teeth brushing to get rid of the taste. As for my daughters, they have always thought that I was barking mad but I think they secretly love it. They havent tried it. They are rather more measured and I dont think they seek the extremes I do. I always wanted to be fearless as a child but in truth I was always quite fearful of doing things. I think the thrill seeking came on in later life. I have been paragliding and done a bungee jump (never again). Skydiving is the thing I would most like to do, it is one of the fears for me to conquer. I suppose I like setting myself challenges as it keeps me vital. If I hadnt done the fire eating I am not sure I would have done a lot of the other things in my life, like getting into television. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway has given me the confidence to go for things that seem out of reach. As told to JANE CLINTON l DIY SOS: The Big Build is on BBC1 on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

And The Inventor episode 31

Now then, says the inventor. Listen carefully. Im sending you to fetch my third testing engine and bring it to me. If anything goes wrong youve only to press this homing button and you will return here. And he fastens a round badge on Ruperts right arm. Then he replaces the square badge on his left arm. Thats the fetching button, he adds. If youre away too long Ill fetch you back by pressing my own. Then, rising briskly, he leads Rupert to his travel machine and lifts him into it.


Though Rupert still feels mystified Two badges on his arms are tied.

Hes placed upon the cupboard floor And then the old man shuts the door.


To order copies of the Rupert 1966 Facsimile (25), please call 0871 988 8370 or send a cheque/PO to The Official Classic Rupert Bear Shop, PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ; or you can order online at UK delivery is free.

Please send your suggestions for WEVE HAD ENOUGH OF... to

Help polices battle
I COULDNT agree more with your piece Stop slaughter of our children (Sunday Express, April 17). Young gangland violence is nothing new, sadly; when I was 12 I had to choose between loyalty to my gang and doing what I knew was right. Not long after I chose to separate from them I saw two of their names in the local paper, up before the courts for some wrongdoing. One of them made another appearance some time later. It is never too early to instil a sense of moral independence in a childs mind. As for the outrageous indifference of the thug whose shot destroyed the life of Agnes Sina-Inakoju, I am more than certain that it would have been wiped off his face if he had to face a hangmans rope for his crime. Lets ignore the do-gooders and bring back the death penalty for murder. We should also have a severe punishment in place for thugs who go around threatening people who may be considering snitching to police. Tackling this problem wont be easy and tracking down the ringleaders will take time. But with co-operation and support from parents, teachers and members of the community, the police wont have to do it alone. Barry Gowland, Milton Keynes

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Write to: The Editor, Sunday Express, Number 10 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6EN. Fax: 0871 434 7300. E-mail: Please include your name and address. Edited by LIZ JAMES

Letter of the week

A happy marriage is precious

FINALLY we have something positive to focus on. Bring on the Royal Wedding. I wish William and Kate every happiness and I hope they are as happy as my wife and I have been over the last 38 years of marriage 40 years together overall. What makes a marriage last? You have to love each other, like each other and enjoy their company too. You should treasure the good times and come together during the bad times. My wife and I just like being together with our three children. We are lucky in that it feels so natural for us to be together. My answer to married life is to just be happy and appreciate the other person. Material gains are nice but in the grand scheme of things they are not important, just being together is enough. I wish William and Kate all the luck in the world. Brian Goddard, North Hykeham, Lincoln properly. This is crass stupidity by this government and I am losing faith in it by the day. Roger Arnold, Herne Bay, Kent

policewoman Sharon Beshenivsky in Bradford in 2005. The difference is there for all to see. Australia makes its own laws and enforces them while we are dominated by the EU. This will be the case until we vote for someone other than the three main parties, which all support our membership of the EU. David Cameron must see that unless we withdraw from this organisation we are powerless to enforce our laws. John Truswell, Arnold, Notts

The week in verse

Morris dancers petitioned Parliament last week against government proposals to replace the May Day bank holiday...

Morris Dancers
Then comes the spring a young Green Man With stave that sprouts And wand that owers In winds which winnow through the woods While hawthorn blossom stars the hours Now in the car parks cars discharge Their jingling cargoes, Morris men With boots and bells and beefy calves Their girths made big

NHS needs new life

WE appear to have had a type of private enterprise within the NHS since foundation trust hospitals came to be, with hospitals competing for business and being run as private enterprises. We now hear that Trafford General Hospital, where free patient care was introduced, is being considered to be relinquished into the private sector. Also we hear of patients being referred by GPs to private hospitals for scans at much-reduced rates over NHS hospitals. This all looks very productive and cost-effective at the moment but in the long term if we let our health service drift further into the hands of the private sector I fear we will return to the days before Mr Bevans creation of the NHS. The NHS obviously needs updating as over the years it has been used and abused, money wasted and treated as a bottomless pit of money, which no country can afford. Lets remember what the NHS is about and lets hope this consultation period will be productive, all parties will be listened to and we will have a NHS that can go on into the future. Paul Broadhurst, Dukin eld, Cheshire

STARTING OUT: William and his bride should value each other wise after the event, isnt it? That child was three, for goodness sake, and someone took her, from her family, for their own gratication. Her parents have to live with that and they have my sympathy. Gill Hill, By email

Retain sell-by dates

WHAT stupid idea will this government think up next? I refer, of course, to the proposal to remove sell-by dates from food packaging (Best-before dates face chop, Sunday Express, April 17). These dates are a guarantee for consumers that their foods are relatively safe. Removing the dates will enable food stores to sell us any old stuff, within reason, and cause a lot of problems for us all. Food stores cannot be relied on to rotate stock on their shelves. Only very recently, a food store near me had milk on sale with a use-by date that was several days past. The manager rushed to remove the items once I mentioned it but I have yet to see a food store that rotates stock

Dont f lay McCanns

IN response to the letter Parents tough task (Sunday Express, April 17), I am a parent and I certainly do not blame Kate McCann for the actions of the individual who went into the family apartment and stole their child from her bed. The McCanns must be in the darkest place imaginable and blame themselves but the clock cannot be put back and they have to live with their judgment. I cannot even begin to imagine how they must be feeling; yes, the guilt of going for a meal even though they were within view of the apartments and checked regularly. It is easy to be

EU wrecks our laws

AFTER reading about the Australian government kicking out British-born Clifford Tucker because of the crimes he has committed, it made me wonder why we elect politicians without the backbone to do the same over here with criminal foreigners. Take for instance failed asylum seeker Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, the Iraqi who knocked down 12-year-old Amy Houston and left her to die, or Mustaf Jama, the illegal immigrant who went on the run for four years after he took part in the murder of

Hes not Sir Harry

IN reference to your piece At last Harry can pull rank on his big brother (Sunday Express, April 17) about Prince Harrys promotion to captain, it is 44 years since I retired from the Services but I would like to clarify that the statement that William will now have to salute Harry and call him Sir is not correct. Prince Williams rank is ight lieutenant never abbreviated to lieutenant and is a junior commissioned rank in the RAF, which is equivalent to the rank of captain in the British Army. They are therefore of equal rank. Both salute or call Sir only to address a senior rank, which is squadron leader or above in the RAF and major or above in the Army. B Hygate, Chilton Polden, Somerset

by pints and halves Whove come to dance on quays, in squares By pubs where public stands and stares As wide-eyed kids sit shoulder high To see the Obby Oss clop by. And while a concertina plays A lonely drum will keep the beat Till way past Lammas dance the days. And summer stops to rest her feet.

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Last weeks vote results

We asked for your opinion on plans to end the hated and costly travelling circus that sees the European Parliament decamp to Strasbourg every month: Should we quit wasteful EU? YES: 98% NO: 2% We also wanted your views about fanatical religious group Muslims Against Crusades and its plans to cause chaos at the Royal Wedding: Should we get tough on hate-preachers? YES: 99% NO: 1%
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Marathon marvels
I WOULD like to congratulate each and every person who took part in the London Marathon last week. Watching the coverage and hearing the stories behind those taking part was truly humbling. An amazing achievement for everyone. Well done to all involved. Chris Mitchell, Charlton, London

I said to my wife, Florrie, old dear, why dont you go in for it? Then I said, No, old darling, youre too busy. DAILY EXPRESS, APRIL 27, 1971



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


There is a 100 prize for the first correct solution drawn; nine runners-up receive 25. Send your completed crossword to the address shown in the box on the left. In the skeleton crossword, the black squares and clue numbers have to be filled in as well as the words. Four black squares and four clue numbers have been inserted to give you a start. The black squares form a symmetrical pattern; the top half matches the bottom, and the two sides correspond. You can fill in 12 more squares at once to correspond with those given.

Last weeks solution

1 8 10






13 17 18 19 23




14 15 21 22 24




Winners: General Knowledge Crossword, APRIL 10: 1,000: Mr J Rhodes, Stirchley, Birmingham. 25: Mrs P Armson, Hemel Hempstead, Herts; Mrs A Lukmanji, High Wycombe, Bucks; D Coombes, Brooke, Norfolk; Mrs P Cornes, Southampton; Mrs J Ryan, Stafford; Mr M Huckvale, Callington, Cornwall; Mr I Burville, North Ferriby, E Yorks; Mr J Robson, Ryhope, Sunderland; Mr C Aldridge, Mitcham, Surrey. 50 Mystery Word Bonus: I Traynor, Glasgow. Skeleton Crossword, APRIL 10: 100: Mr P Vaughan, Fleet, Hants. 25: Mrs M Richards, Newtown, Powys; Mr J Greenhill, Northampton; Mr D Howley, Toton, Notts; Mr I Handley, Tiverton, Devon; Mrs I Hoffman, Leicester; Mr A Prevett, Colchester, Essex; Mr R Cranham, Battersea, London; Mr P Sheldon, Cleckheaton, W Yorks; Miss M Mason, Perth. 50 Mystery Word Bonus: Mr R Newberry, Aldershot, Hants.
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ACROSS 1 One sees lots of customers (2 words) 8 Cats around a bird:... 9 ...neither approach land 10 Band for a musical 13 Place where soldiers go to drink after a setback? 15 Drink of tea served by a helpless maid 16 Kings man getting something to eat 17 Its a wine bar all right! 20 A piece of mail (long letter) 23 Drink firms, I added 26 A little bikini, ones attire 27 Kissed, one said drink! 28 Race run in April and August by a citizen of a particular country (2 words)

DOWN 1 Girl failing, one said 2 Odd, but short, dance 3 Doing badly, pout (2 words) 4 English university more of it 5 A girl over earth too 6 Ship leaving port slowly 7 Initiate talking of decapitated fish 11 Sauce in a bit of bread, a tasty bit 12 Tell me of proportion 14 Hear a citys loveless 15 Bird (tailless grouse) 18 Old flapper to be paid 19 Fragrance, travelling one 21 Old Peruvian: tinned? 22 Creep, naked, breaking key law 23 Remote bypass considered closer 24 Girl finishing cold wine 25 The opposite of a metal

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Pub quiz
1 Who is the comedy partner of British funnyman Bobby Ball? 2 What was the title of Bruno Marss second UK chart-topping single? 3 Where on your body would you wear a mortarboard? 4 Which 2002 film starred Britney Spears (right) as a character named Lucy Wagner? 5 Who wrote the 1957 novel The Guns Of Navarone? 6 What type of vehicle is a Dennis Dagger? 7 Which Cold War confrontation known as the Caribbean Crisis in Russia took place in October 1962? 8 Which of late singer Bobby Darins songs was the first to top the charts in both the US and the UK? 9 Which band had a 1982 hit with the song Poison Arrow? 10 Archimedes and Madam Mim are characters from which of Disneys animated films?

the sunday crusader and his squire

Cryptic clues from our crosswording knight, and quick clues from his squire, lead to the same answers in the Crusaders Sunday joust

The Crusaders clues

ACROSS 1 Bay Area cleaner? (5) 4 Supporter too brave! (9) 9 He lost his looks (3,9,3) 10 Tips about approaches (5,2,2) 11 Overtaken note writer (5) 12 Number following x? (7) 13 A lot of fish around something disordered (7) 15 Eccentric turned round (7) 18 Theyre turned in locks (7) 20 City down under (city replacing town place) (5) 22 Its bound to be algid after work (9) 24 Money made illegally (11,4) 25 Female thespian upset by inferior part (9) 26 Being dull, I headed back (5) DOWN 1 Plant stake letter (5) 2 Plant gold, say (a ring) (7) 3 Minute - new clue (9) 4 Woman in love, could be a bitch (7) 5 Docked? Decline (4,3) 6 Its hard to top, this (5) 7 Song going round, folk or country (7) 8 Hairy men, one holding a mineral up (9) 12 Odds of an ace model wearing glasses (9) 14 Family outside, perhaps sidelined (9) 16 Its gained by skill, not luck (7) 17 Some press for a propeller (3,4) 18 Are a married couple dull? (7) 19 Put in Ilium, 16 in disorder (7) 21 Problem encountered at church (5) 23 Shrink from Reading (flat resident) (5)















mensateaser: Win The Open Road on DVD and a bottle of Givenchy Play
Justin Timberlake and Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges head an all-star cast in a new heart-warming comedy drama The Open Road, out to own on DVD from April 25 (RRP 12.99). Directed by Michael Meredith, this heart-warming and comedic road movie about a father and son on a journey is a charming film with fantastic performances from the two leads, also starring Harry Dean Stanton.
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Fill in the missing words so that a chain is formed with each word suffixing the previous word and prefixing the following word. What are the missing words?

Answer for Teaser 17/04/11: Pedestrian and pedantries.

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Answers: 1 Tommy Cannon 2 Grenade 3 On your head 4 Crossroads 5 Alistair MacLean 6 Fire engine 7 Cuban missile crisis 8 Mack the Knife 9 ABC 10 The Sword In The Stone




The Squires clues

ACROSS 1 Besom (5) 4 Resist (9) 9 1897 HG Wells novel (3,9,3) 10 Prefaces (5,2,2) 11 John ___, English poet (5) 12 Commodity (7) 13 Hotchpotch (7) 15 Unconventional (7) 18 Hair curlers (7) 20 Sit, as on a branch (5) 22 Compelled (9) 24 Forged bill (11,4) 25 Princess of Monaco (9) 26 Wood nymph (5) DOWN 1 ___ nut (5) 2 Aromatic Mediterranean herb (7) 3 Tiny (9) 4 Thin fast dog (7) 5 Become gradually less or fewer (4,3) 6 Unbroken (5) 7 Asian republic (7) 8 Risky (9) 12 Chances of success (9) 14 Consigned (9) 16 Great accumulation of wealth (7) 17 Metal golf club (3,4) 18 Take over from (7) 19 Physics Unavailable energy in a system (7) 21 Fasten, attach (5) 23 Great fear (5)
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Across: 1 Sidle, 4 Crotchety, 9 A comedy of errors, 10 Newcastle, 11 Seine, 12 Psychic, 13 Trained, 15 Chelsea, 18 Library, 20 First, 22 Stratagem, 24 Sign of the zodiac, 25 Sedentary, 26 Soggy Down: 1 Stain, 2 Doorway, 3 Eyelashes, 4 Cryptic, 5 Offbeat, 6 Cares, 7 Emotion, 8 Yesterday, 12 Pacifists, 14 Albatross, 16 Enraged, 17 Alsatia, 18 Largely, 19 Angling, 21 Thorn, 23 Mucky

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AlphapuzzleTM tests your logic and word power. Each grid number represents a letter. Each letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter or letters below the main grid to start. Can you beat the Target Time? Call for an Extra Letter Clue if you get stuck. Solution next Sunday. DIFFICULTY: 8/10; TARGET TIME: 27 minutes; CLUE: Mark of rank for a priest, perhaps. For Extra Clue Letters, call:

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Can you crack the super-tough Ultimate Alphabeater? Each grid number represents a letter or black square. As in Alphapuzzle, every letter of the alphabet is used. But you have to complete the grid too! Use the given letters and black squares below the main grid to start. Alphabeater is rotationally symmetrical in other words it looks exactly the same if you turn the page upside down. Solution next Sunday.
1 21

22 4 20 14 16

8 24


13 8


20 14

9 18 1 8 25 6 6 1 12 14 17 19 6 15 3 17 6

5 14 14 9 4 4 16 17 7

12 4 8 22 21 8

0907 181 2603

7 15 37 39 26 12 16 14 4 32 20 5 17

8 34 31 32 38 11 36 25 6 36 11 3 40

34 4 11 14 40 4 10 39 25 19 14 24 15

22 13 32 20 9 28 34 32 7 21 30 18 14

3 24 6 34 11 36 13 35 2 27 34 31 37

29 15 35 11 39 34 7 37 17 19 30 14 20

17 1 34 11 36 18 3 29 10 3 38 24 15

25 12 20 38 15 31 14 27 25 24 9 4 21

37 10 38 32 37 23 20 11 36 22 34 10 38

39 19 17 6 13 38 5 11 23 25 26 7 33

7 3 12 38 12 30 3 7 1 39 10 15 36

37 29 34 24 10 13 37 10 3 32 36 24 18

30 33 4 36 12 20 6 4 8 30 19 25 39

24 8

6 12

16 16

18 13

19 26 21 4 17


8 13

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18 16 4 11 1 6 19


16 25 1 6 16 6 1 10 2 4


25 6


0907 181 2604

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4 4 23 3 1 22 4
2 3


6 4 4


16 4

6 12

6 20

4 1







Last Sundays Solution: Black squares: 6, 7, 12, 15, 20, 22, 24, 25, 30, 33, 35, 37, 39, 40. Across: Battle, Cry, Ninja, Prawns, Minx, Upstarts, Entrances, Castaway, Monk, Voting, After, Mud, Fright. Down: Masochism, Trainee, Squad, Nut, Link, Widen, Plaza, Jibes, Four, Axe, Caver, Showing, Yardstick. Enjoy a challenge? Why not try The Ultra Alphapuzzle at 6.99 (free UK postage) call 0871 988 8366 with credit card details or for online orders. Calls cost 10p per minute from a BT landline.
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2 22

3 23

4 24

5 25

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7 27

9 29

10 30

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12 32

13 33

14 34















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Heres the Ultra Alphapuzzle Sundays extra-tough version of Britains favourite wordpower challenge. Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. All 26 letters are used. Solution next Sunday.

1) Four families are going for Easter breaks but where? The Hibbitts arent going to a country which starts with S. The Clarks didnt book Spain, Switzerland or Brazil. The Howards arent the ones on their way to Spain. The Tudors arent heading to Italy. 2) Which two words meaning devil and apiece can be combined to make a word meaning accuse? 3) The following are all anagrams of politicians who are connected in some way. Who are they and what do the numbers mean? 77 MY METRIC JAR 81; 29 OTHER VERB HERO 33; 81 ADRENAL ORGAN 89 4) Nigel is marking homework. He gives exactly a sixth of his pupils As, a fifth Bs and a quarter Cs. If he gives the rest Fs, what is the minimum number of pupils that can be?

3 2 12 18 21 3 23 22 18 20 3 19 8 21 9 18 6 6

11 18 21 18 14 24


1 21

11 14 9 10 18 6 21 18 14 2 6 19 6 10


17 18 21 26


5 22


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18 9

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14 22 2 19 23

6 10


24 10


22 5


22 19





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Answers: 1 The Clarks are going to Italy, the Hibbitts to Brazil, the Howards to Switzerland and the Tudors to Spain 2 Imp-each 3 Jimmy Carter, Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagan (all US presidents, numbers indicate their years of office) 4 23.


3 4 7 1

5 1 5 5 9

7 9 2 1 8 3 3 4 9

9 7 5

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3 1 8 9 5 6 7 2 4 7 2 5 3 4 8 9 6 1 9 4 6 7 2 1 8 3 5 1 9 2 4 3 5 6 8 7 5 8 3 6 7 2 4 1 9 4 6 7 1 8 9 3 5 2 2 5 9 8 6 4 1 7 3 8 7 4 5 1 3 2 9 6 6 3 1 2 9 7 5 4 8


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Twitchers prove a force for good

NDULGE yourself this Easter with something even more delicious than chocolate by going to see an extremely rare bird. Twitching is often seen as the unacceptable face of birdwatching, an expensive extravagance that adds little to our knowledge of birds or does anything for their wellbeing. Certainly stories of footballsized crowds pushing and shoving to get the briefest of views of some windblown waif only brings the greater birding community into disrepute. In the midst of one of the warmest springs on record, many are predicting a sustained period of vagrant birds from southern and eastern climes heading to our shores. Already we have seen a spate of Mediterranean specialities such as woodchat shrikes and bee-eaters arriving and on Thursday the rst of the seasons mega-rarities, two North African little swifts, were spotted in Cornwall. With more long-distance strays predicted, perhaps a


with Stuart Winter
Moussiers redstart or a rufous bush robin, there is no need to feel guilty about enjoying a spot of twitching because, thankfully, chasing rare birds is nally being recognised as a force for good. Last week 3,000 collected from twitchers was handed over to help ght illegal bird hunting in Malta. The money was raised by bird lover and devoted RSPB member Steve Akers, who opened up his home to the twitching community when an extremely rare visitor touched down in his garden on a chilly February morning. Such was the demand to see the rare oriental turtle dove, a species recorded only eight times before in the UK, that twitchers were happy to queue for long periods outside Steves home in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, to catch a glimpse of the bird. Besides waiting, the 600 enthusiasts were also more than willing to make a 5 a head donation to a conservation cause close to Steves heart. The annual slaughter of migrant birds as they pass over Malta has become a major conservation issue and the money he raised was handed over by him last week to BirdLife Malta to help to continue the battle against this outrage. Steve said: When I realised the bird in my garden was an oriental turtle dove, I instantly thought of BirdLife Maltas

campaign, which Id heard about through the RSPB. It made sense that all the people queuing up outside my house would be as upset as me by the heartless killing spree that goes on in Malta each year. Ironically, one species particularly at risk from hunting in Malta is the European turtle dove, one of 79 species recorded to have been illegally shot on the island over the past four years. BirdLife Maltas campaigns co-ordinator Geoffrey Saliba said: We cant thank Mr Akers and his family enough. Not only have they raised vital funds, theyve also helped to spread the word about this problem, which also affects UK birds.

For details of how to care for wild birds visit the CJ WildBird Foods website at birdfood. or you can call 0800 731 2820 for a free Handbook Of Garden Wildlife.


RARE TREAT: An oriental turtle dove sparked a rush to the home of Steve Akers, who decided to help a good cause, (inset)


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LIDL RECIPES A treat for your taste buds



Giles cartoon answer April 3 and 10

Italian tomato salad

INGREDIENTS Serves 4 750g tomatoes 2 shallots 150g Mozzarella 100g olives 4 tablespoons red wine vinegar 5 tablespoons olive oil 2 garlic cloves 1 bunch of fresh basil Salt and pepper METHOD Wash and then slice the tomatoes into wedges. Peel and nely chop the shallots and place into a bowl along with the tomatoes. Dice the Mozzarella, and along with the olives add to the bowl. Mix vinegar with oil, salt and pepper and beat to a creamy salad dressing. Stir in crushed garlic. Pour over the tomatoes and leave to marinate for 10 minutes. In the meantime wash and cut the basil into small strips. Sprinkle these over the salad and serve when ready.

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The answer to the April 3 competition was the Suffragettes. The winner is Mr D Hughes of Abergavenny, Gwent. The answer to the April 10 competition is Sweeney Todd. The winner is S Helsby of St Helens, Merseyside.

One medium-sized tomato alone is an excellent source of vitamin C. At only 35 calories per medium tomato its also a great treat.

For more great recipes visit The Lidl website also includes information on our fantastic weekly offers, product reviews and awards, and recruitment opportunities.


Find chess and bridge at

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SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

sunday afternoon: motoring

Mercedes C-Class
By Tristan Young

id-life car facelifts have got ever more subtle of late with buyers finding it increasingly difficult to spot the before and after changes. However, in a welcome departure from this trend the revised Mercedes C-Class, which originally went on sale in 2007, has now been given a substantial nip and tuck. Mercedes hopes these updates, 2,000 of them, will boost the sales of the C-Class which the German firm claims has a broad appeal, split between families and company car users. Since the current generations arrival four years ago, Mercedes has sold more than 81,000 C-Class saloons and estates. From the outside you will be able to spot the difference between the before and after facelifted cars without much trouble. There are new headlights with daytime LED running lights that have been designed in a C shape and the rear now has a lower bumper making it look sportier. From launch there will be three turbo-diesel and two petrol engines. The petrols are both 1.8litre turbo power plants with 156 and 204bhp in the C180 and C250 respectively. Likewise, despite the badging, the turbo-diesels are all 2.1litre with power outputs of 136bhp, 170bhp and 204bhp in the C200, C220 and C250 CDIs. All the engines are more powerful and more economical than before. Both the petrol engines return an official fuel consumption of 44.1mpg, however the more powerful C250 is capable of the 0 to 60mph sprint in 7.2 seconds and a 150mph top speed. Performance from the turbo-diesels marginally outpaces the petrol cars. The mid-range C220CDI is both faster and more economical than the entry-level C200 with a 64.2mpg average fuel economy and 0 to 60mph time of 8.1 seconds. The more powerful C250CDI manages it in 7.0 seconds and boasts a 150mph top speed. For those after more power in both diesel and petrol forms, a 3.0litre diesel and 3.5litre petrol

Mercedes saloon is top of the class

will join the range in July along with a scorching AMG model in due course. The C-Class takes the position of being one of the most comfortable in its class without ever being soft. This is a near ideal set-up for those who dont want an overly sporty drive and is a welcome alternative to some sportier suspension set-ups on some of the Mercedess competition. Tackle a few corners in the revised C-Class and the body rolls little and the car remains composed. The only model to avoid is the petrol C180 coupled to Mercedess latest seven-speed gearbox as it is not a pleasant combination. Drivers familiar with the previous C-Class will spot the differences inside as well. The pop-up screen that housed the satnav and stereo controls is now a fixed item in the central dash. Other interior changes include higher quality materials used for the steering wheel and dashboard. Unfortunately the prices have been revised too, upwards by about 1,500, depending on model. Equipment levels are improved to

Logbook lowdown Model: Mercedes C-C lass Price: 25,515-34,480 Engine range: Petrol 1.8 turbo, 1.8 turbo 156bhp, 1.8 -litre turbo 204bhp; Turbo diesels 2.1 2.1 170bhp, 2.1-litre 204 , bhp Power: 0 to 60mph in 7.0 seconds, 150mph top speed (2.1 TD 204bhp) Average fuel econom y: 64.2mpg (2.1TD 170bhp ) CO2 emissions range: 117-176g/km Insurance group ran ge: 30-40 Car Tax Band: C-I Rivals: BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Volvo S60

Dont miss Channel 5s FIFTH GEAR every Friday

counter the price increase. All models now include the Attention Assist system from the E-Class which warns the driver if the car detects drowsiness, plus an active bonnet that pops up slightly in a collision. However, while the C-Class has possibly the best comfort versus handling combination compared with the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series, the pricing is a stumbling block as it is more than 2,000 higher. If buyers can get past the list-price while losing little in terms of driving fun compared to its rivals then the C-Class is the more grown-up car and a classy choice that wont disappoint.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011




SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011









SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011





SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Britains nest palaces and castles ooze sumptuous style and art by Rembrandt
HE TICKET clerk had warned that my station would be a request stop. So I say to the train guard: I want to get off at Llanfair... you know, the one with the long name. He nods, moves on and the man across the aisle turns to me and then takes a deep breath: Do you mean Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch? Show-off. Llanfair PG, the village with Britains longest name, is on Anglesey, the island off the North Wales coast which is suddenly world-famous thanks to Prince William and Kate Middleton. They plan to settle on it, at a secret location, after their wedding and have already created so much interest that a Kate & Wills Trail cant be far away. What scope there is for such a trail too! Visit the Flaming Grill burger van where the Prince, an RAF Search and Rescue pilot based here, reputedly enjoys bacon and egg baps! Hang out at the pub where he is rumoured to take part in quizzes. Tour the supermarket where the Royal couple have supposedly been spotted shopping. Above all, weave your way down winding country lanes, past a sign for Dressed Crabs, to the quiet village of Rhoscolyn where they are rumoured to be regulars at The White Eagle. This smart, informal gastro-pub (chicken breast with Pernod cream, 11.50) has become a whirl of media activity. As I arrive mid-afternoon, a French TV


Anglesey is the T royal threshold

Its been 10 years since Prince William and Kate Middleton met and they have taken their romance around the world, so in the run-up to their wedding this weeks issue is dedicated to them. Here, STEPHEN McCLARENCE visits the place Wills and his bride will call home



CHAMPAGNE SETTING: Wills and Kate will live in Anglesey after their wedding and enjoy views such as Penmon Priory (above)


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



ALL IN THE NAME: Llanfair PGs welcoming station and sign, above, and the World Heritage Site of unnished Beaumaris Castle, right, where buidling started in 1295

Discretion rules on the island of love

crew has just left, a party of American journalists is nishing lunch and John Simpson is probably embedded in the crowd out on the decking. Reporters have been said to spend entire evenings here in the hope of glimpsing the Royals. So are the couple regulars? The staff are impeccably discreet. Were condential about all our customers, says its manager Adrienne Owen with a pleasant smile. Her discretion is characteristic of Royal Anglesey, as some are now calling it. Everyone apparently knows where the couple will live but, in an almost protective way, no one is saying. Most people here just get on with their own lives, says Peter Masson, a civil servant I meet walking his dogs the following morning. It doesnt matter to them whether they are here or not. Basically our attitude is leave the poor things alone. a striking castle, a modest pier, some smart, pastel-painted terraces and no shortage of galleries and giftshops. Forty years ago, the Shell Guide to North Wales noted that it has a distinctly English feel: 19th century Georgian, seaside and regatta and it still does. Its cosy and bracing at the same time. Angleseys countryside is largely at and gentle, though it rears into rugged cliffs on the west coast at South Stack where thousands of seabirds screech. On the east coast, Gareth Roberts, my feisty guide, drives me to Penmon where a wide-open seascape focuses on Pufn Island, a name straight out of Famous Five adventures that hints at the sort of traditional beach-and-rockpool holidays visitors still enjoy here. A 125-mile coastal path circles Anglesey, passing Newborough, where we skirt a pine forest for an exhilarating walk across dunes and ribbed sands, watched beadily by oystercatchers. People are picnicking in sandy coves as we clamber up to Llanddwyn Island which you can walk to at low tide. Thanks to a fth century legend, its also known as the island of love but no, the Royals arent moving here. Gareth scans the shore as we shelter from the wind behind a whitewashed lighthouse. He says: Have you ever seen a hundred cormorants in one place? He then hands me his binoculars and that allows me to spot the birds lined up on a rock, drying their wings in the sun. Back at Penmynydd, frosty mists swathe the elds the next morning at 7.30am. I borrow the key for the little church next door to Neuadd Lwyd hotel, push open the squeaking gate, unlock the door and am startled by the 14th-century alabaster tomb on the far side. Almost luminous in the keen morning light, it shows Gronw Tudor and his wife Myfanwy, hands in prayer, tattooed by centuries of grafti. As ancestors of Henry VII, they are forebears of Prince Charles, who has visited the church and signed the visitors book with a ourish. Its as near as I get to the Royals.

ERE standing outside Neuadd Lwyd, a former Victorian rectory in the village of Penmynydd which has been converted into a country-house hotel. Surrounded by farmland, it looks across the Menai Strait to Snowdonia National Park, which looms as a spectacular backdrop. Its a glorious place to stay; tastefully lavish (hot water bottles in satin covers) and serves wonderful meals (pears in saffron and cardamom at breakfast). Im spending a night here and another at the equally impressive Ye Olde Bulls Head Inn & The Townhouse in Beaumaris, which is Angleseys most attractive town. A nooks-and-crannies sort of place, it has a buzzy bistro where the beau monde of Beaumaris dine and names its rooms after Dickens characters, a tribute to the writers stay here. Wellers still there, one member of housekeeping tells another during the mid-morning. Peggottys gone and Uriahs stripped. Beaumaris has


GETTING THERE: Neuadd Lwyd (01248 715005/ offers doubles from 150 per night (two sharing), B&B. Ye Olde Bulls Head Inn & The Townhouse (01248 810329/ offers doubles from 100 per night (two sharing), B&B. Arriva Trains Wales (0870 900 0773/ offers return train travel from Chester to Llanfair PG from 23.50pp. Visit Wales: 0870 830 0306/

Taste the regal high life

Prince William and Kate Middleton have courted in some f abulous places. NICOLA ISEARD highlights a few where you, too, can experience the life of royalty
St Andrews, Scotland
The couple met at the University of St Andrews in 2001, where they were both studying. The five-star Fairmont St Andrews hotel was the venue for the famous fashion show where Kate, wearing a sheer black lace dress, first caught the Princes eye. Its in a gorgeous coastal setting, with two 18-hole championship golf courses and ber-luxurious spa (complete with a couples suite). Enjoy a slap-up supper in The Squire restaurant, located in the room in which the fashion show was held. As for the bedrooms, they are fit for a king, never mind a prince, with king-sized beds and rich fabrics. l Fairmont St Andrews hotel (01334 837000/ offers doubles from 159 per night (two sharing), B&B.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Klosters, Switzerland

Some say it was during a holiday in this favourite ski resort of the rich and royals that William and Kates romance first flourished. In 2009 they stayed in a40,000-a-week private chalet.Quaint and sophisticated, Klosters accesses the vast, interconnected ski area of

The couple love Restormel Manor, a 500-year-old property, which sits on the site of the Holy Trinity Chapel and is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, the private estate of Prince Charles. Prince William has holidayed here with friends, including his fiance, who also spent Christmas 2009 here with her family. The couple had nine beautifully appointed holiday cottages to choose from, three forming wings of Restormel Manor, as well as six barn conversions in a picturesque courtyard garden setting, each sleeping between two and eight. Bring your walking shoes, because there are lovely woodland trails from the front door into the unspoilt countryside. The medieval town of Lostwithiel is only a short distance away, or stay put and enjoy Restormel Manors indoor heated swimming pool, tennis court and games room. l The cottages are available for rental through Premier Cottages (0845 140 0220/ Seven nights from 400.

UNSPOILT: Charming Restormel Manor sits serenely at the heart of the glorious Cornish countryside

Mustique, West Indies

SNOW FUN: Kate & Wills in Klosters Davos-Klosters, with its extensive slopes for all levels. Off the slopes you can take in ice-skating and snow-shoeing or indulge in some high-class shopping (fur coats and glittering jewellery abound). If a private chalet is out of your budget, try the four-star and centrally-located Hotel Silvretta Park. l Inghams (0208 780 4447/inghams. offers seven nights from 865pp (two sharing), half board. Price includes return flights from Gatwick and transfers.

Part of St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Lesser Antilles, the private island of Mustique is the couples favourite. They holidayed here in 2008 and loved it so much they returned in 2009. There are 72 designer villas, ranging from two to nine bedrooms, that are spread across 1,400 acres. Add to that nine fantastic beaches of impossibly-white sand, backed by lush mangrove forests. William and Kate loved to sail here, and a day trip to the neighbouring islands of St Vincent, Bequia or Canouan is a must. Make sure you also explore the islands equestrian trails and join in the Tuesday evening complimentary cocktail party where you can try a Royal Arrival, which is a heady mix of gin, lemon juice and a schnapps-like liqueur called Kummel. l Original Travel (020 7978 7333/ offers seven nights in a cottage at the Cotton House on Mustique from 1,850pp (two sharing), B&B. Price includes return flights from London and transfers.

Desroches Island, Seychelles


Some 145 miles southwest of Mah in the Seychelles, Desroches Island is where the couple went in 2007 to mend their relationship after a short split. Were not surprised, the exclusive island is remote and romantic, with eight miles of immaculate white beaches and a luxurious hotel featuring elegant villas and free-standing suites scattered among the coconut palms (William and Kate chose the latter). While away the days sailing, windsurfing and diving or exploring the islands maze of forest paths. Afterwards, return to a candle-lit seafood dinner for two on the beach. l Elite Vacations (01707 371000/ offers six nights at Desroches Island resort from 3,268pp (two sharing a beach suite) all-inclusive. Price includes return flights from Heathrow or Gatwick and transfers.

Single traveller?
Established in1982, nobody understands the needs of a solo traveller more than we do...

Ours is a name our customers trust and which brings them back to us time after time.

0844 826 8503

PARADISE: Mustiques white sands
UKs acclaimed No.1


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


H Star break: PORTUGAL H

hile William and Kates nuptials have been stealing the limelight, plans for the other Royal Wedding of Zara Phillips (inset) to England rugby captain Mike Tindall are ticking along nicely in the background. The couple claim not to have the time for a honeymoon between their wedding in July and Mike heading to the World Cup in early September. Rumour has it they may be taking a few days break in their holiday home in Portugal. Their newly-built villa is on the 200-acre CampoReal Golf Resort & Spa, 20 minutes north of Lisbon, perfect for Zara as it includes an equestrian centre and stabling for around 40 horses. The five-star resort is also home to a 72-par golf course, a DiVine Spa and fitness centre, plus a hotel complex that includes 151 bedrooms and 126 apartments, townhouses and villas. Rooms

across the hotel are tastefully decorated in neutral tones with comfortable, contemporary furnishings and the usual range of mod cons such as high-speed internet access. CampoReal is a short drive from Portugals Silver Coast with its pristine beaches such as those at Peniche and Baleal, the cultured former Roman city of Coimbra and the Serra da Estrela mountain range, home to the Vodafone Ski Resort. l getting there: YourGolfTravel (0800 043 6644/ offers four nights at CampoReal from 219pp (four sharing), B&B. Price includes three rounds of golf and transfers if booked before April 30 for travel over June 18-27. Return flights can be arranged from 150. Portuguese National Tourist Office:
Picture: retna

Majesty of
See how kings and queens have lived for centuries with a visit to one of Britains royal residences. NICOLA ISEARD takes us on a history tour of some of the finest
Buckingham Palace, London
The grand daddy of Britains royal establishments, Buckingham Palace is the Queens official London residence. Originally known as Buckingham House, the building which forms the core of todays palace was a townhouse built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1705. It was bought by George III in 1761 for his wife Queen Charlotte and enlarged, before it finally became the official Royal Palace of the British monarch on the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. While the palaces daily Changing of the Guard is regarded as one of the worlds greatest spectacles, visitors can also sneak a peak inside the State Rooms, which are open to the public each summer (July 23 to October 3 2011). Be wowed by the lavish furnishings, French furniture and paintings by Rembrandt. Dont miss the palaces gardens (included in the tour), filled with 350 different wild flowers. l The Royal Collection (020 7766 7300/, admission from 17.50 per adult, 10 per child (under-17). Stay: London Hilton on Park Lane (0870 590 9090/ offers doubles from 205 per night (two sharing), roon only. check out the art exhibition in the Queens Gallery. You can even sign up for an exclusive evening tour, which is complete with champagne, for 30pp. l The Royal Collection (as before), admission from 10.50 per adult, 6.35 per child (under-17). Stay: The Scotsman (0131 556 5565/, doubles from 245 per night (two sharing), B&B.


Hampton Court Palace, Surrey

The Palace of Holyrood house, Edinburgh

This fine baroque palace stands at the bottom of Edinburghs Royal Mile and is the Queens official residence in Scotland. Founded as a monastery in 1128, it is perhaps best known as the home of Mary Queen of Scots. She was married at the palace and witnessed the brutal murder of her secretary Rizzio at the hands of her jealous husband, Lord Darnley. Today, life is more subdued, focused around state ceremonies and, when the Royal Family are not in residence, it is open to the public (April 1 to October 31, 2011 and November 1 to March 1, 2012). Step inside to admire the Royal Apartments, renowned for their ornate plasterwork ceilings and furnishings (including Brussels tapestries), and

Set in 60 acres of parkland on the banks of the River Thames, Hampton Court Palace was built in 1514 by Cardinal Wolsey, a favourite of King Henry VIII. But in 1528 Wolsey fell from favour and lost the palace to the king, who set about enlarging it, creating expansive state apartments and kitchens covering 36,000sq ft in a bid to rival Versailles in France. Today, Hampton Court is considered to be one of the most magnificent palaces in Europe and is a major tourist attraction (it has not been inhabited by the British Royal Family since the 18th century). Highlights include The Great Hall, adorned with Henry VIIIs most splendid tapestries, live Tudor cookery sessions in the kitchens, and the palaces three-acre hedge maze, a favourite with children. There are also free daily tours with costumed interpreters. l Historical Royal Palaces (0203 166 6000/, admission from 13.50 per adult, 6.75 per child (under-16). Stay: Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa (part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World) (00800 525 48000/, doubles from 235 per night (two sharing), room only.

Windsor Castle, Berkshire

A crowns throw from the village of Old Windsor, this is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and one of the official residences of the Queen. The original construction, a motte and bailey, was built for William the Conqueror around 1080. It gradually

HOLYROOD: The Royal Apartments are renowned for their exquisite decor

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HAMPTON COURT: Highlights here include the Great Hall, Tudor cookery sessions and its famous maze

became a popular royal residence because of the excellent hunting close by. Like Buckingham Palace, the Changing of the Guard is a highlight, as are the beautiful State Apartments, which are resplendent with Rococo, Gothic and Baroque furnishings. Dont miss the magnificent display of Queen Marys Dolls House, created in the early 1920s by no less than 1,500 craftsmen and artists (it even has flushing lavatories). You can also sign up for the new 45-minute Conquer the Tower tour where you ascend 200 steps to the top of the Round Tower. Youll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Castle, the Thames Valley and the London skyline. l The Royal Collection (020 7766 7300/, admission from 16.50 per adult, 9.90 per child (under-17). Combined Castle and Conquer the Tower tour ticket, admission from 23 per adult, 13.25 per child (under-17). Stay: Macdonald Windsor Hotel (0844 879 9000/ doubles from 170 per night (two sharing), B&B.

Kensington Palace, London

The palace began life as Nottingham House, a Jacobean mansion built around 1605, and was purchased in the summer of 1689 by William III and Mary II. Following extensions by Christopher Wren, the house was transformed into a palace fit for a royal and was the favourite residence of successive sovereigns until the death of George II in 1760. Today, it is the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke and Duchess of Kent and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, but visitors are also welcome to view selected areas of the palace. As well as the Kings staircase, adorned with life-sized paintings of George Is court, you can visit Queen Victorias bedroom, the ornate Cupola Room and take afternoon tea on the sunny terrace of the Orangery. l Historical Royal Palaces (0844 482 7777/, admission from 11.50 per adult, 5.75 per child. Stay: Royal Garden Hotel (020 7937 8000/, doubles from 209 per night (two sharing), room only.








BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Head inside this summer

Why not choose the popular all inclusive Island Inn, located close to the beach at Carlisle Bay and easy walking distance to Bridgetown. Whether you are travelling with the family, or on your own the hotel offers something for everyone. Choose to relax with a cocktail by the pool, alternatively dine at The Boardwalk Restaurant which is renowned locally for its sumptuous fare offering an eclectic blend of local and international cuisine. If you are looking for a self catering option the newly completed Lighthouse is the perfect choice. It is in a truly tranquil location yet still near all the important restaurants, bars and historical attractions Barbados has to offer. Spend your days lazing by the pool or take a short stroll to the nearby Miami beach. LIGHTHOUSE POOL AREA For an authentic Bajan experience head to Oistins on a Friday night. With music, food and cultural showcases this is not to be missed!

ALL INCLUSIVE Island Inn, Barbados

DEP DATES Apr 27 May 21 11 May 22 Jun 30 11 Jul 01 Jul 07 11 Jul 08 Jul 14 11 Jul 15 Aug 22 11 Aug 23 Aug 31 11 Sep 01 Sep 30 11 7 NTS 1,059 999 1,059 1,119 1,269 1,099 1,039 14 NTS 1,529 1,459 1,529 1,589 1,739 1,569 1,499

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Based on a One Bed Apartment. Scheduled ights from London Gatwick.

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WINDSOR: Oldest occupied castle in the world

Prices are per person, based on two adults sharing and include transfers, scheduled ights from London, taxes and fuel surcharges. Offers subject to availability. Tropical Sky booking conditions apply with full payment required ten weeks before departure. Travel insurance not included. The holidays are operated by Tropical Sky ATOL 9759, ABTA Y0499.


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Kenya captures the heart W

HEN MERYL Streep uttered the phrase I had a farm in Africa in the Hollywood blockbuster Out Of Africa, it was Kenya that she was wistfully remembering. It was Kenya, with its rolling plains and mountains, that I found myself looking at from my luxury tent as my eyes opened at dawn. Still in my bed, the net walls of my canvas palace made me feel as if I was lying supine in the middle of the savannah, unhampered by any man-made accoutrements, while the majesty of life went on around me regardless. I was in the exclusive Lewa Safari Camp, in the heart of the Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy. The 65,000-acre estate is owned by Ian Craig, father of Prince Williams old ame, Jecca. It is home to about 10 per cent of Kenyas black rhino population, and the single largest population of Grvys zebra in the world. It is no wonder that Prince William chose a Maasai camp on the other side of the estate as the venue for a romantic holiday with Kate Middleton last year, ying her by helicopter to the remote log cabins of Rutundu on Mount Kenya where he proposed. But HRHs relationship with the country is just the culmination of a fascination that has mesmerised the wealthy and ambitious for more than 100 years. In Out Of Africa, Streep played Karen Blixen, whose experiences in the Ngong Hills in the 1920s were just the rst of a series of famous episodes to have used the country as a spectacular backdrop. There was the notorious 1941 Happy Valley murder of Josslyn Hay, Earl of Erroll, of White Mischief fame and then Joy Adamsons Born Free exploits. The royal love affair with the country, meanwhile, began with Princess Elizabeths stay at Treetops in 1952. It was here that she was informed her father, King George Vl, had died. The Lewa Downs are located in Laikipia district at the foot of Mt Kenya, Africas second highest mountain after Kilimanjaro, about ve hours drive from Nairobi. With plenty of safari driving on offer, Im glad I ended up ying to the camp. I found the single-prop ve-seater plane exhilarating and relished the incredible views that it offered as it took me from Nairobi Wilson Airport to a little clay landing strip and a waiting, open-sided Toyota Land Cruiser. Arriving at Lewa felt like reaching a friends home after a long trek, with a welcome from Bart Lever, the camps relaxed and very attentive manager. The camp is small, with just 12 large luxury tents complete with thatched roofs, ensuite facilities and electricity. Lewa is high, 5,500ft above sea level. This means there is little risk of malaria and it offers a dry heat, though nights can be cold. To counter that, the safari camp has a communal drawing and dining room, a cosy affair with a roaring re and quiet nooks. Guests are encouraged to dine together and what the menu lacks in choice it more than makes up for in quality. Evenings are spent quietly, chatting or reading. You can feel your pressures melt away, though those who cant cut themselves off can avail themselves of Wi-Fi facilities near the camp ofce. Breakfasts were plentiful and taken on the dining rooms central INTO AFRICA: Marco takes a break during a drive deep into the Lewa Downs


Vast majestic plains, an excellent, secluded lodge and amazing wildlife spotting opportunities. Its no wonder William chose to propose to Kate in Kenyas Lewa Conservancy, says MARCO GIANNANGELI
veranda which borders the pool, though guests can choose to dine at their tents if they prefer. Then we headed off on safari drives that took us along clay roads which crisscross Laikipia. The conservancy hosts more than 400 types of birds and 70 types of mammals, including the big ve: lions, elephants, rhinoceros, buffalos and leopards. During one game drive we spotted black and white rhinos, zebras, impalas, buffalos and reticulated giraffes and a rare treat, leopards as they readied for an evening meal. Just three days is enough at Lewa, with expert companies, such as Nairobi-based Pollmans, recommending it as part of a larger experience, which may take you from the white beaches of Mombasa to the legendary migration trails of the Serengeti. Nairobi is usually the launch pad to a safari holiday and it is often overlooked for its own values, which is a mistake. Pollmans offers a wonderful tour of the city, including lunch at a luxury country club and dinner. Special mention should be made of The Carnivore restaurant. Diners are offered seemingly endless platters of game, roasted over a huge charcoal pit that dominates the entrance to the popular restaurant. The more extreme choices include crocodile, camel, ox heart and ostrich. Remnants of Britains colonial inuence can still be seen, such as the central library which is protected by two stone lions. These, and the fact that English is still the national language, make visiting Kenya an effortless experience for both the rst-time visitor and experienced game driver alike. When you leave, like Streep, you will remember it wistfully.

RUSTIC CHARM: Bedroom at Wilderness Trails, safari lodge at Lewa Downs

4* All Inclusive Malta

Price Includes: 7 nights 4* accommodation All meals, drinks and snacks Activities & entertainment Return flights from London Regional flights available at a supplement Baggage, flight tax & fuel supplements
Kos have chosen the 4* Bella Vista Hotel in Malta which enjoys a great location in the We popular area of St. Pauls Bay and is only a short stroll to the quaint Qawra promenade with its cafe bars, restaurants and shopping.

7 Nights from 329

With all meals and drinks included, this wonderful hotel has a restaurant, cafe bar and lounge bar, plus for relaxation the hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna and gym. , air conditioning, g, fridge g and a balcony y or terrace to relax on. All rooms have satellite TV,

Unbelievable cruise offer!

GETTING THERE: Thomson Tailormade (0871 664 0273/thomson offers a six-day Mount Kenya and Maasai Mara Adventure from 1,099pp (two sharing). Price includes return ights from Heathrow, transfers and most meals. For departures June 7. A variety of safari adventures can be arranged with Pollmans Tours and Safaris ( Kenya Airways (020 8283 1818/kenya-airways. com) offers daily ights from Heathrow to Nairobi from 526 and to Mombasa from 586. Kenya Tourist Board: 020 7367 0931/


4* Bella Vista

May (excl. school hols) June July August September October

339 339 Sold Out 459 429 329

To book, Call

Mon - Fri 9am-9pm / Sat 9am-5pm / Sunday 10am-6pm / Bank Holidays 10am-4pm

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12 night Crown Princess Iceland Cruise from


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Holiday Accommodation with a breath of fresh air. North Wales Holiday Cottages 01492 582492


900 Lake District & Cumbrian Cottages. Superb quality and locs. Wkly prices fr 15 pp/pn. Short brks fr 140. 01228 599950 Book now for best s/c in Lake District. 300+ cottages. Free leisure club. 015394 32321


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The Orchards Holiday Park 5 Star Holiday Park set in the beautiful West Wight. Surrounded by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. An ideal base with excellent facilities for superb walking & cycling holidays. Holiday Caravan Special Offers 7nts + Touring Package Offers Check out our website for details of the Park and Offers Call on 01983 531331/350


Charming Cottages, Bungalows, House & Apts. Seaton, Regis, , Seaton, Beer, Lyme Regis Bransoombe & Sidmouth Sidmouth


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400 Cottages in the Dales, Moors and Coast from 15pppn. Pets go free. Short brks. Brochure 01228 406701. YORK CENTRE ETB LUXURY accom. Champagne & fruit basket. Full b/f 01904 673990

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By Ben West
OR most people, retirement is a time to put your feet up. However, if youre looking for a retirement property its worth investing some time and effort into securing that perfect home. The problem is there is almost too much choice out there and selecting the right property can involve some legwork. Many people opt for a spot where they have spent happy holidays or that is near family, while others return to the place where they grew up as a child. Yet without adequate research, this can be a mistake. A lively, warm and beautiful summer resort may be quiet and cold in winter. Transport, cinemas, theatres, parks, galleries and shops may be thin on the ground and if youre revisiting your roots, the neighbourhood may have changed out of all recognition. When David Woodley and Emily Carpenter were looking for a retirement home they searched the length and breadth of southern England. Once we had discovered Grove Place, and then the cottage, that was it, said Emily of the luxury retirement village at Nursling in Hampshire. Centred around an exceptional 16th-century Elizabethan manor house and 27 acres of mature gardens and woodlands, it borders the famous Broadlands estate, is near the beautiful New Forest and is just a 15-minute drive from Southampton. After our rst visit, as we were driving away from the manor house, I turned to David and said this is the rst place we have seen that doesnt make us feel old, said Emily. We still

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


To the manor reborn


FEELING YOUNG: Emily Carpenter and David Woodley who bought at Grove Place. Left: The luxury schemes indoor swimming pool feel young and we met a lot of like-minded people on that rst day. Some were younger than us and many already in their mid-eighties and nineties. Just like us, they really like the idea of the benets of being independent, surrounded by like-minded people, yet still in close reach of excellent care. Residents of Grove Place enjoy facilities including a restaurant, library, pool, tness suite, lounge/bar, salon and billiards room. The couple, formerly owners of a bustling ve-star B&B in Christchurch, quickly reserved a detached property, a picture-book original farmworkers dwelling renovated into a cosy one-bedroom cottage. Emily and David have thrown themselves into village life, meeting up with other residents daily for coffee, playing cards or visiting the spa. We feel we really belong here and this is very much our home, said David. Our children and grandchildren are welcome to visit whenever

they like and as well as coming to the cottage we can all gather at the manor house to share a meal, play snooker, swim together in the pool and work off any surplus energy of our many grandchildren safely in the lovely grounds. Emily added: The staff are wonderful and we love the idea that there is always a shoulder to cry on, should your partner not be around. Also I think this is one of the very few places where residents can bring their dog or cat, which is so important for some of our friends. David and Emily have already test-driven the care support, when Emily fell ill due to an aversion to some medication. David called the care team and help was at their front door in minutes. After carrying out a short consultation it was arranged for Emily to be admitted into the neighbourhood hospital without delay, where she was treated efciently. Properties still available at Grove Place range from one-bedroom bungalows and one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, starting from 175,000. The next open day for tours and sampling the hospitality is on Saturday May 14. Open day guests are advised to relax and spend the day there, just as they would if visiting a country club or health and beauty spa. Starting with morning coffee and freshly baked pastries, guests are then invited to tour the manor house, leisure, health and well-being centre. Then it is time to sample some lunchtime savouries and a glass of Pimms or champagne before looking at the showhomes and wandering through the private grounds and sensory gardens. Then its back to the manor house for a grand nale cream tea.

INFORMATION: LifeCare Residences, Grove Place: 023 8074 3595/


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Edited by JANE SLADE

Pictures: MARK KEHOE

The girl with the organised office

Easter is one of the biggest DIY weekends of the year, but for television producer ANNIE DAVIES her job is done. She has just transformed her chaotic spare bedroom into a cool and quirky sleep/work zone. Here she reveals how she did it
specialists Samantha Lansbury and Holly May reassured me. Understanding people is the most important thing, said Sam. IKEA does a lot of research into customers and how they live. You cant impose your style on other people. I faced a urry of questions. How was the room used? What was the sleep to work ratio? What could I not live without? At under 16 square feet, it was the smallest theyd dealt with, but they took lots of notes. To check theyd captured my style, they constructed a mood board of images, fabric samples and a quote they felt encapsulated me. It was spot on: pastel Fifties colours, an eclectic mix of modern and retro, a tendency to kitsch. A phrase from fashion designer Matthew Williamson summed me up: I inhabit an organised madness. I just needed more of the organised bit. Before coming up with the nal plan, my design duo needed to know about storage. How many les and books did I need? What computer gear? I needed to declutter and fast. Beverly Wade, founder of personal organisation service Cluttergone, stepped TURN TO PAGE 86 S I WRITE, sunshine oods across the white-painted oor on to my desk. On the wall to my right are family photos and memorabilia. On the wall to my left, ashing neon lights illuminate my snow globe collection. Files and books are easily reachable. Theres a place for everything. Yet two weeks ago it was very different. As a writer and television producer I often work at home. The guest room doubles as an ofce but didnt work as either. Years of hoarding had created a cornucopia of clutter. I had to negotiate an obstacle course of tangled wires and les to get in. Mountains of paperwork jostled electronic equipment on the desktop. Overowing shelves closed in like something from a horror lm. Projects took twice as long because notes disappeared in the Bermuda triangle of my ling system. When guests stayed papers had to be shovelled off the bed. I contacted Swedish furnishing giant IKEA for help. If they could persuade the nation to chuck out its chintz, surely they could help jettison my junk. Yet would my own style be swept away too? The Croydon branchs interior design

BEFORE: Years of hoarding left Annies ofce and guest room a collecting ground for her old clutter

AFTER: Annie is ready for work with modern equipment, organisation, and a contemporary style


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011





SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Dump your junk this DIY weekend

FROM PAGE 84 in. Get the volume down, advised Beverly briskly. Start with easy stuff like out-of-date paperwork. Create instant space by dumping big things like old printers. I took a deep breath and went for it. Out went my VHS tapes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Out went the unused copy of Kickboxing For Beginners. There were surprises too. Up popped the long-lost deeds to my flat and at the back of the highest bookshelf I found a book called Organise Yourself. With the room empty, the IKEA team swung into action. Mysterious boxes arrived. Old carpeting departed. Two days later it was done. I couldnt believe it. With clever use of colour and style the room seemed twice the size and more in tune with the rest of the flat.


ose-printed bed linen echoed the Fifties-style lounge cushions. The calming yellow walls matched the colour-scheme in my kitchen. A white roller blind provided light and privacy. Cosy curtains shut out the night. The new, self-contained work zone was a stylish mix of retro and contemporary. A trestle held up one end of the wooden desktop. Modern cylindrical legs held up the other. Underneath, a metal drawer unit stored stationery. A wall cupboard contained files. A shelf hooked onto the side held my scanner and document boxes. Cables lived in a drawer beneath the desk.

Everything was close to hand. Cushions turned the daybed into additional seating. Photo albums that had filled several feet of shelf space were stashed in a wheeled drawer underneath. Flat woven floor-matting lets me twirl in my chair. A fluffy bedside rug gives guests something soft to put their toes on in the morning. With small rooms, furniture should have several uses. The bedside table is a step stool for reaching shelves. The back of the door is a pinboard for photos, notes and invitations. The desk trestle doubles as a printer shelf. Books are grouped by genre or subject on shelves at the top of two walls. Ornaments and pictures integrated between them create a personal and inviting space. For more visual impact, pictures and collections are arranged in groups; my neon-lit snow-globe display is a real talking point. Finally, instead of a central light and a desk light, I have several lights with different purposes. Track lighting provides general light and highlights pictures. A task light illuminates the computer while a softer one reduces the contrast between screen and surroundings, so lessening eye strain. I also have a separate bedside reading light. With papers packed neatly away in boxes and files within easy reach, work is much easier. My head feels as clear as my desk. Maybe Ill get round to writing that novel now. l For help with decluttering visit

EVERYTHING TAPED: Samantha Lansbury, left, and Holly May work their IKEA interior design magic

How to get the look

Here are the basics IKEA used to create my work and sleep zones. For more information visit THE WORK ZONE Desk top: VIKA FURUSKOG 35.74 Trestle with shelf: VIKA ARTUR 20.43 Legs: 2 x VIKA CURRY 4.08 Desk top shelf: EKBY TORE 14.29 Overhead cupboard: IVAR 45.96 Drawer unit: HELMER 20.42 Cable tidy: GALANT 9.18 THE SLEEP ZONE Mattress base: SULTAN AKSDAL 60.26 Bed legs: 4 x SULTAN OAK 10.21 Storage frawer: ENGAN 29.62 Bedside table/step stool: BEKVAM 10.20 Whats the alternative? If you want your desk out of the way when youre not working, consider the hideaway Chichester workstation from Neptune ( at 1,350 or 2,250 for the larger Deluxe version. The Hygena Strand Oak Two Door Hideaway costs 299.99 from Argos ( For a tidy desk, organise cables and memory cards with The Cube, 23. And stow stationery and bits in an under-shelf basket, 14. Both from Store (



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Destination Stratford and the Luxury Lodges for Hire

EING a holiday travel journalist has its ups and downs, but since joining this company Im glad that I sometimes get to stay in England and look at destinations in our own country. Not only are there many places to stay, once in a while you nd a real cracker. This real cracker started with an email from a holiday park in Stratford upon Avon called Riverside Park. They were for the rst time heading into the market of renting out luxury riverside lodges and asked if I would like to have a sneak preview of their new development. Its my job to visit these places but for some reason this time I knew was in for a treat. We arrived in Stratford upon Avon

Independent travel Journalist Linda Jones Reports on Stratford upon Avons newest luxurious Wooden Lodge development on the banks of the River Avon
around 7pm after nishing work a little later than expected. I had phoned ahead to warn Tarn and Bev the managers about my late arrival. They were both as excited as me to show me to the lodge and had even put the lights and heating on, that showed to me the care and attention that they put into the place. As soon as you walk in, you could feel the luxury of this new lodge development. We were in number 4,a 2 bed roomed lodge. It boasts a fantastic kitchen, lounge, diner kitted out with all the mod cons. Even with it being dark I could see that we were less than 60 foot away from the

gently owing River Avon. Our balcony was right there on the front!! The master bedroom boasted a well appointed en suite with a shower over the bath. Fitted walk in wardrobes and a large family bathroom really indicated the quality of the lodges available. After unpacking the car I sent the hubby to the Indian takeaway located less than 500 meters away

from the entrance of the drive. Its the least he could do now he was off the washing up duties due to the lodge having its own dishwasher and washing machine. Hubby came back praising the local village of Tiddington as he had found that is boasts a Chinese, Indian, a pub, a great little supermarket and a fantastic delicatessen. Knowing him he had tested the pub while waiting for our food, but he had managed to bring back a good bottle of wine to keep me sweet. After a relaxing sleep we were up early. To be honest I was really excited to see the view from the lounge. I was not disappointed. The views of the river Avon and a backdrop of the Welcome Hills were stunning and well worth getting out of bed for. After a leisurely breakfast of toast and

jam we headed into Stratford Town. We did not t as much in as we would have liked too, but did get to see some of Shakespeares houses and of course allowed my credit card have a look into some of the fantastic shops Stratford has to offer. We headed back to the park and took an afternoon stroll along the mile and a half of riverbank the park boasts. Seeing the shermen enjoying the swell of the river and the chatter of other guests on the park relaxing while walking the dog I can see why Riverside Park is the perfect location for a break away. The park is set in 66 acres of fantastic countryside with its meandering river running through, but has Stratford upon Avon town centre and civilisation under a mile away. To me its the best of both worlds and a must for all to visit in 2011.


100 OFF
Offer applies to week bookings only.

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Every Booking of Our Luxury Lodges for April and May Bookings

Quote Ref: EB2011

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Ref: EB2011

High spec, fully equipp catering fo ed kitchen r all your culinary ne eds!!

Relax in one of our beautiful bedrooms

Our Holiday Lodge

Riverside Park, Tiddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 7AB.

CALL NOW: 01789 292312



Cash in on your home

A new book has some poundstretching pointers to get your home earning its keep, as its author Laura Henderson tells JANE SLADE
STAR ASSET: Your home could make cash as a location for films or adverts Benefits: Flexibility. You can do as little or as much as you want during the calendar year. Downsides: Host a teenage student and you may be in a loco parentis situation. Summer school classes finish early, so your guest could be under your feet more than youd like. Top tip: Register well in advance with individual schools to secure a host place. The Association of British Language Schools (abls. lists accredited institutions. shoots to 3,000+ for a top-end commercial. Benefits: A reliable income stream. Downsides: Can be intrusive and require you to move out. Top tip: Check the small print in the contract and make sure it requires the company to repair damage and leave your in home pristine condition. Downsides: Earning potential is defined by location. Top tip: A rental agreement template can be found on

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


he UK economy might be limping towards recovery, but for the majority of homeowners finding ways to make ends meet remains a challenge. Fortunately Laura Henderson has plenty of inspiring ideas of how your home can pay its way.

Home swap


With the dearth of affordable homes creating a demand for rented accommodation, its a good time to become a landlord. There have been more than 160,000 new homeowners taking in a lodger since 2008, according to Halifax Home Insurance. The Governments Rent-a-Room scheme lets you make 4,250 a year tax-free by renting furnished accommodation in your main home. Try the websites and for information. Earning potential: The average UK weekly rent from a lodger is 399, up 9.3 per cent on this time last year, says Benefits: Help with housework and someone to keep an eye on the place when youre away. Downsides: Loss of privacy. Your home insurance may go up. Top tip: Popular in commuter areas, weekdayonly lodgers can offer an income and your spare room back at weekends. Check references and have a written tenant agreement about extra bills, off-limit areas and house rules. Try and

With 1.6million holidaymakers planning a home exchange in 2011 (twice as many as last year says Lloyds TSB Insurance), house swapping may be the holiday trend of the year. Standard set-up is for two households who have never met to stay in each others homes at the same time, free of charge. All you pay are travel costs and the home exchange agency fee. Register with, and Earning potential: No hard cash but you can make huge savings on your annual holiday. A luxury four-bed villa in the South of France typically rents for 3,500 per week peak season. Benefits: Your pick of desirable locations for the cost of an airfare. Downsides: You could be out of pocket if your property gets damaged. Also youve little comeback if your exchange house fails to deliver on its poolside paradise promises. Top tip: Notify your insurer. Theft claims are seldom met without evidence of a break in, and accidental damage is normally excluded from both buildings and contents policies. l Tricks and Mortar: The Little Book of Property Wisdom by Laura Henderson (Book Guild, 12.99), available to Sunday Express readers at a discounted price of 9.99 including P&P. Contact: Orca/ Marston at direct.orders@ quoting code 53SE01 or phone 01235 465577.

Get savvy with storage

Home hosting

Overseas language students often prefer to stay with a host family rather than rent a lonely bed-sit. Contact your local education authority, university or the International Association of Language Centres at Earning potential: 150 to 350 per student per week before expenses.

Attracting Hollywood

If you have a property with distinctive features, allowing a film crew into your home can prove a nice little earner, as can ordinary homes near main film-making cities, such as London, Manchester and Bristol. Register with and Earning potential: 500+ per day for magazine

Self-storage is big business, so if youve got an empty garage, shed or lock up advertise it in a local paper or on and Earning potential: From 50 to 400 per month for an individual unit. Annual yields of upwards of 20 per cent can be achieved with lock-up garages in prime city centres. Have a look at Benefits: Low maintenance.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



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SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Murphy plays ace Poker

The Bet365 Chase may have lacked star billing but it did not disappoint the sun-drenched Sandown crowd when Poker De Sivola came with a storming late run to snatch victory from Faasel close home. Hes not the most straightforward, said winning rider Timmy Murphy. Hes one of those you have to sort of not try on and kid. The jump stars might not have been in action on the final day of the season but plenty were on hand. Grand National







CMAN: 2.30 Royal Dignitary 3.05 Mandurah 3.40 HUNZA DANCER 4.10 Mo Mhuirnin 4.40 Cobbs Quay 5.10 Vetvey 5.40 Senate Majority SUN EX: 4.40 COBBS QUAY (nap)

COMPUTERMAN: 2.25 Minneapolis 2.55 Earcomesthedream 3.25 Meridiem 3.55 MIDNIGHT DIAMOND (nap) 4.30 Dancing Dude 5.00 What Of It 5.30 Gumball

COMPUTERMAN: 2.10 Ahtoug 2.45 Joviality 3.20 Tazahum 3.50 Auld Burns 4.25 Always The Lady 4.55 Dominant

By Chris Goulding
winner Ballabriggs looked ready to race as he paraded along with Gold Cup hero Long Run. Tony McCoy was crowned champion jockey for the 16th time and Paul Nicholls collected his sixth trainers title. It has again been a memorable season but the use of the whip is now tainting the sport. Yesterday Murphy was banned for two days for his excessive use of the whip.
1 2 3 4 5 6

(1) 3033 CLOUDY BAY (13) Mrs K Burke 4 10-1............S Levey(5) 56 (2) 1345-61 l ROYAL DIGNITARY (5) (C,D) D Nicholls 11 10-0..A Nicholls H63 (5) 6/43322- BIRKSIDE (310) (C) Miss L Perratt 8 9-10.......... P Makin 50 (3) 623466- BOLODENKA (223) R Fahey 9 9-10................ P Hanagan 56 (4) 68/4759- CRY ALOT BOY (365) (T) K Morgan 8 9-10. P Cosgrave 59 (6) 423593 ELUSIVE FAME (12) M Johnston 5 9-10...........J Hart(7) 56 BLINKERS: No. 6 TONGUE STRAP: No. 5 CHEEK PIECES: No. 1. Forecast: 2 Cloudy Bay, 11-4 Royal Dignitary, 7-2 Bolodenka, 7 Cry Alot Boy, 10 Elusive Fame, Birkside. 2010: No corresponding race.

CLASSIFIED SELLING STAKES 2.30 TOTEJACKPOT 1,943 (Class 6) 1m 1f (6 declared)

1 1 GALIOTTO (27) (D) G L Moore 5 11-5............................. J Moore 115 2 3 GORDY BEE (6) R C Guest 5 10-12................................... P Aspell 104 3 7323L2 l MINNEAPOLIS (16) Mrs A Batchelor 6 10-12.M Quinlan(5) H 124 4 ARCO FELICE (F76) (T) W Goldsworthy 4 10-7.... T J OBrien 5 26 GETAWAY DRIVER (23) C Longsdon 4 10-7.............F de Giles TONGUE STRAP: No. 4. Forecast: 9-4 Minneapolis, 5-2 Galiotto, 4 Getaway Driver, 9-2 Gordy Bee, 13-2 Arco Felice. 2010: Lidar 5-10-12, R Thornton 4-6 Fav (A King), 9 ran.

PLAY BLACKJACK AT TOTESPORT.COM NOVICES HDLE HANDICAP 3YO 2.25 2,277 (Class 4) 2m (5 declared) 2.10 BET365 11,029 (Class 2) 5f 6yds

(7 declared)

TRACK FACTS: GOING: Good. Right Handed. TOP TRACK JOCKEYS (2006-11): P Hanagan 46 Course winners, 17% Strike rate, 2 Winners this season; T Eaves 46, 14%, 0; P Makin 33, 15%, 2; A Nicholls 21, 15%, 1; S De Sousa 21, 16%, 0. TOP TRACK TRAINERS (2006-11): J Goldie 49 Course winners, 10% Strike rate, 2 Winners this season; D Nicholls 37, 19%, 1; R Fahey 35, 14%, 1; G Swinbank 30, 21%, 0; M Johnston 28, 17%, 0. FACTS: GOING: Good to Firm. Right Towcester TRACK FACTS TRACK Handed. TOP TRACK JOCKEYS (2006-11): R Thornton 15 Course winners, 25% Strike rate, 0 Winners this season; R Johnson 14, 16%, 0; A Thornton 13, 9%, 0; P Brennan 13, 13%, 0; S Quinlan 9, 17%, 0. TOP TRACK TRAINERS (2006-11): A King 17 Course winners, 26% Strike rate, 0 Winners this season; N Henderson 13, 28%, 0; R Dickin 11, 8%, 0; B Powell 10, 12%, 0; T Vaughan 9, 20%, 0. FACTS: GOING: Good. Right Handed. TOP Sandown TRACK FACTS TRACK TRACK JOCKEYS (2006-11): R L Moore 62 Course winners, 20% Strike rate, 0 Winners this season; R Hughes 37, 16%, 0; L Dettori 29, 18%, 0; J Fortune 21, 10%, 0; R Hills 20, 14%, 0. TOP TRACK TRAINERS (2006-11): R Hannon 44 Course winners, 13% Strike rate, 0 Winners this season; Sir M Stoute 39, 22%, 0; J Gosden 28, 20%, 0; M Johnston 21, 11%, 0; B W Hills 14, 14%, 0. BLINKERS FIRST TIME: 2.45 Nordic Spruce (hood), 4.55 Glencadam Gold (tongue strap).

musselburgh TRACK FACTS

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

(9) 88L627- PAVERSHOOZ (162) (C&D) N Wilson 6 9-7. D Fentiman 80 (7) 330354- THE NIFTY FOX (170) (C&D) T Easterby 7 9-6. D Allan 79 (1) 99522-1 NADEEN (23) (C&D) M Smith 4 9-4................ R Winston 80 (14) 4-65624 GREEN MANALISHI (9) (D2) K Ryan 10 9-2.. Amy Ryan(3) 77 (13) 64576-1 LE TOREADOR (57) (D) K Ryan 6 9-2........... S De Sousa 76 (12) 06700-3 OLDJOESAID (23) (S,D) K Ryan 7 9-1................. P Makin 80 (3) 7L5L-61 TAURUS TWINS (20) (C&D) (T) R J Price 5 9-0.B Cray(3) 78 (6) 31839-8 IGNATIEFF (23) (C&D) Mrs L Stubbs 4 8-13.. K Stubbs(7) 77 (2) 2/090-99 FANTASY EXPLORER (30) (D) J J Quinn 8 8-12.P Hanagan 79 (4) 10409-4 MON BRAV (23) (D) B Ellison 4 8-11..............S Levey(5) 77 (10) 222192 APACHE RIDGE (25) K Dalgleish 5 8-8..... P Mulrennan 74 (5) 50L15-L LESLEYS CHOICE (23) (C&D) Miss L Perratt 5 8-8.F Tylicki 74 (11) 989-051 l MANDURAH (8) (D) D Nicholls 7 8-5........ A Nicholls H82 (8) 366-L60 CHOSEN ONE (8) (C&D) Mrs R Carr 6 8-3..J P Sullivan(3) 77 BLINKERS: Nos. 7, 12 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 5, 11. Forecast: 5 Taurus Twins, 6 Nadeen, 7 The Nifty Fox, 8 Pavershooz, Mandurah, Oldjoesaid, 10 Le Toreador, 12 Green Manalishi, 14 Others. 2010: Luscivious 6-8-9, F Tylicki 5-1 (J A Glover), drawn (5), 12 ran.



1 830363 GLOBAL FLYER (12) (D) Mrs C Bailey 7 11-12........ A Thornton 101 2 544347 NOBBY KIVAMBO (16) B Powell 6 11-11................... J McCarthy 103 3 038622 LIKE ICE (7) P W Middleton 6 11-10.................................. J Moore 101 4 5/B6546 IONA DAYS (42) Miss H Knight 6 11-10............................H Frost 102 5 23LP34 l EARCOMESTHEDREAM (6) (C,D) P Pritchard 8 11-4 T Siddall H105 6 243R72 BILLY MURPHY (22) P Cowley 8 11-1.......................... S Thomas 97 BLINKERS: No. 5 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 1, 2. Forecast: 15-8 Billy Murphy, 4 Global Flyer, 9-2 Earcomesthedream, 6 Like Ice, 13-2 Nobby Kivambo, 7 Iona Days. 2010: No corresponding race.


101 (1) 4312- NIGHT CARNATION (183) (F) A Balding 9-7 J Fortune 83 102 (6) 103-3L5 BATHWICK BEAR (11) (D) P Evans 9-6......... R Evans(3) 86 103 (2) 0413L- JULIUS GEEZER (219) (D) T Dascombe 9-5 J Crowley 84 104 (4) 33L-9 BALLISTA (15) (D) T Dascombe 9-1................. S Sanders 84 105 (7) L34LLL- BELLE BAYARDO (129) (D) R Harris 9-1........D Probert 82 106 (3) 23141- l AHTOUG (191) (D,F) M Al Zarooni 8-13......... A Ajtebi H88 107 (5) 91359-2 ROMAN DANCER (20) (D) J Gallagher 8-2.......C Catlin 79 Forecast: 11-8 Ahtoug, 5-2 Night Carnation, 7 Bathwick Bear, 8 Roman Dancer, 10 Ballista, 12 Julius Geezer, 33 Belle Bayardo. 2010: Duchess Dora 9-3, I Brennan(5) 14-1 (J J Quinn), drawn (4), 7 ran.

201 (2) 81- GARDE COTIERE (193) (D) J Noseda 9-2..... R L Moore 78 202 (3) 23-1 KING OF JAZZ (21) (F) R Hannon 9-2..............R Hughes 79 203 (4) 1- NAQSHABBAN (194) L Cumani 9-2. ..................... K Fallon 71 204 (5) 142- NORDIC SPRUCE (246) (S) H Cecil 8-11..........T Queally 73 205 (1) 3- l JOVIALITY (176) (F) J Gosden 8-7................ W Buick H80 Forecast: 2 King Of Jazz, 10-3 Garde Cotiere, 7-2 Nordic Spruce, 5 Joviality, 11-2 Naqshabban. 2010: No Hubris 9-2, J P Spencer 3-1 (P Cole), drawn (3), 5 ran.

AT BET365.COM CONDITIONS STAKES 3YO 2.45 CASINO 7,166 (3) 1m 14yds (5)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


(5) 8 FRIDAY NIGHT LAD (16) G Swinbank 4 10-0.R Winston (6) 0- INTIQAAL (220) (T) E Dunlop 4 10-0................ T OShea (3) 980/7-80 EILEAN EEVE (16) A G Foster 5 9-9...... J P Sullivan(3) 34 (8) ISDAAL (T) K Morgan 4 9-9..............................P Cosgrave (1) 03- CAPE CLASSIC (158) (T) W Haggas 3 9-1..... P Hanagan 56 (2) L DONNACONNA (10) M Johnston 3 9-1.......... S De Sousa (7) 3-3 l HUNZA DANCER (24) (F) (T) J Gosden 3 8-10... R Havlin H69 (4) 9 THE NIFTY DUCHESS (15) T Easterby 3 8-10..... D Allan CHEEK PIECES: No. 3. Forecast: 4-6 Hunza Dancer, 11-4 Cape Classic, 10 Donnaconna, 16 Intiqaal, 20 Isdaal, The Nifty Duchess, 25 Friday Night Lad, 100 Eilean Eeve. 2010: Skyfire 3-8-13, J Fanning 11-1 (M Johnston), drawn (6), 8 ran.

A BETTER WAY TO BET MAIDEN STAKES 3.40 TOTEPOOL 2,590 (5) 7f 30yds (8)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

48/814 GREAT ESTEEM (168) (D) C Egerton 6 11-12........ J McCarthy 104 6LLL75 ALFLORAMOOR (194) (D) C Pogson 9 11-11................ A Pogson 103 5438 BAGUTTA SUN (36) B Leavy 5 11-8........... Peter Carberry(5) 102 1/77777 SAWAGO (38) (D) G L Moore 5 11-4................................ J Moore 100 24L301 l MERIDIEM (27) (C&D) S Regan 7 11-2.............. C Honour(3) H 105 33UU63 TURBO SHANDY (4) D Burchell 8 10-13............... O Dayman(5) 104 478L/00 MY FAITHFUL ANNIE (237) A Middleton 10 10-1........ C Poste 101 BLINKERS: No. 4 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 3, 5 CHEEK PIECES: No. 1. Forecast: 15-8 Great Esteem, 5-2 Meridiem, 10-3 Turbo Shandy, 8 Alfloramoor, 14 Sawago, 16 Bagutta Sun, 20 My Faithful Annie. 2010: Alph 13-11-12, Mr T Cannon(7) 13-2 (R Teal), 10 ran.


0906 730 1774

Get your banker bets from the premier tipping line. Updated daily by 9:30am.
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1 (7) 319401- SPACE WAR (186) M W Easterby 4 9-7.. D Simmonson(7) 80 2 (11) 35003-7 NASRI (21) D Nicholls 5 9-5............................... A Nicholls H85 3 (8) 7530-08 CAMEROONEY (8) (C&D) B Ellison 8 9-3.......B McHugh 85 4 (3) 112527- SOORAAH (206) (F) (T) W Haggas 4 9-2...... J Fanning 79 5 (5) L125P0- SILVER RIME (176) (D) Miss L Perratt 6 9-1...... P Makin 78 6 (1) 033009- ESOTERICA (218) (C,D) J Goldie 8 9-1...... G Bartley(3) 82 7 (4) 1/366-10 BOWMAKER (15) (D) M Johnston 4 9-0....... S De Sousa 83 8 (9) 18101-3 MALCHEEK (43) (C&D2) T Easterby 9 8-13....... D Allan 80 9 (12) 2L-3328 SIOUX RISING (35) R Fahey 5 8-12............... T Hamilton 82 10 (2) L/17-LL9 l MO MHUIRNIN (35) (D) R Fahey 5 8-9... P Hanagan 85 11 (10) 117366- HIGH RESOLUTION (176) Miss L Perratt 4 8-7.J P Sullivan(3) 82 12 (6) 560-668 DUBAI DYNAMO (21) (D) Mrs R Carr 6 8-6....... T Eaves 80 Forecast: 9-2 Space War, 5 Sooraah, Malcheek, 7 Nasri, 10 Mo Mhuirnin, 12 High Resolution, Camerooney, Dubai Dynamo, Sioux Rising, Esoterica, 14 Others. 2010: No corresponding race.


1 P76212 l MIDNIGHT DIAMOND (9) T Vaughan 8 11-12.......R Johnson H90 2 33/L6L5 HARDWICK WOOD (114) (D) Mrs C Bailey 6 11-12. . A Thornton 3 3P1P39 WIDE RECEIVER (15) (C,D) C Morlock 8 11-4........ J McCarthy 84 4 4LPP24 OVERTON LAD (158) (C&D) P Pritchard 10 11-2...... H Skelton 86 5 325326 JACARADO (11) (C&D) R Dickin 13 11-0...........................H Oliver 88 BLINKERS: No. 4 VISOR: Nos. 1, 3, 5 TONGUE STRAP: No. 3 CHEEK PIECES: No. 2. Forecast: 5-6 Midnight Diamond, 7-2 Jacarado, 6 Overton Lad, 8 Wide Receiver, 10 Hardwick Wood. 2010: Basoda 7-11-12, S Quinlan(3) 16-1 (K Bailey), 13 ran.


301 (1) 11L- TREASURY DEVIL (203) (C) J Gosden 9-7....... W Buick 78 302 (3) 21185- INVINCIBLE RIDGE (183) R Hannon 9-6..........R Hughes 76 303 (6) 12- l TAZAHUM (197) (F) Sir M Stoute 9-3............... R Hills H81 304 (5) 968444 SONORAN SANDS (15) J S Moore 9-1.................L Keniry 75 305 (7) 751714- STAR SURPRISE (188) (C&D) M Bell 9-1... J P Spencer 76 306 (4) 9P21-11 INDIAN JACK (18) (D) A Bailey 8-13...................L Morris 74 307 (9) 1-4 JOHN BISCUIT (18) A Balding 8-10...................J Fortune 74 308 (2) 113113 KINGSCROFT (10) (T) M Johnston 8-8.............. K Fallon 80 309 (8) 321- CAPTAIN BERTIE (226) (D,F) B W Hills 8-7....... M Hills 75 CHEEK PIECES: No. 4. Forecast: 7-2 Tazahum, 4 Invincible Ridge, 5 Captain Bertie, 6 Treasury Devil, 8 Star Surprise, Indian Jack, 10 Kingscroft, 12 John Biscuit, 14 Sonoran Sands. 2010: Fallen Idol 8-12, W Buick 4-1 (J Gosden), drawn (1), 8 ran.

ESHER CUP HANDICAP 3YO 3.20 BET365.COM 11,029 (2) 1m 14yds


1 (5) L AMTIRED (8) B Ellison 5 10-0................................. T Eaves 2 (6) 2-3 STETSON (44) G Swinbank 5 10-0................... R Winston 53 3 (7) JONNY DELTA (J15) J Goldie 4 9-13.......... G Bartley(3) 4 (4) 6 ABERNETHY (23) Miss L Perratt 3 8-8..... P Mulrennan 5 (3) L0- A SOUTHSIDE BOY (204) J Goldie 3 8-8......... A Mullen 6 (2) 00 CAMPOROSSO (8) M Johnston 3 8-8............ S De Sousa 7 (8) 20- l COBBS QUAY (204) (F) (T) J Gosden 3 8-8...P Robinson H75 8 (1) 3 ETERNAL HEART (19) (F) M Johnston 3 8-8. J Fanning 66 Forecast: 1-2 Cobbs Quay, 7-2 Eternal Heart, 8 Jonny Delta, 16 Stetson, 25 Camporosso, 33 Amtired, 50 Abernethy, 66 A Southside Boy. 2010: Goodlukin Lucy 3-8-2, M Lane(3) Evens Fav (Pat Eddery), drn (1), 8 ran.

TOTEPOOL AT TOTESPORT.COM MAIDEN STKS 4.40 BET 2,590 (5) 1m 4f 100yds (8)

1 225568 AIRDRIE (49) Miss H Knight 5 10-13......................... A Thornton 98 2 411/2P4 BLUE SIGNAL (43) T R George 6 10-13...................... P Brennan 116 3 L560 CASPERS SHADOW (150) (T) W Goldsworthy 5 10-13 Mr P John(7) 69 4 1 l DANCING DUDE (22) (F) N Henderson 4 10-13... A Tinkler H121 5 99/6 GENERAL LYGON (41) P Hiatt 8 10-13.............. W Kavanagh(3) 6 FF466 HALUCHA (14) P R Webber 6 10-13.............................D Elsworth 80 7 55LLU0 JOKER OF THE PACK (66) Mrs R Hobbs 6 10-13. ..... S Quinlan 8 09L MONEY TREE (47) D McCain Jnr 5 10-13...................... A P Lane 98 9 500 TICKLE ME (22) Miss H Knight 5 10-13............................H Frost 10 6 LA FILLE DOSCAR (25) Mrs R Hobbs 7 10-6 Peter Carberry(5) 88 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 1, 3. Forecast: 8-11 Dancing Dude, 4 Blue Signal, 8 Money Tree, 10 Airdrie, 14 Halucha, 20 La Fille Doscar, 25 Tickle Me, 33 General Lygon, Caspers Shadow, 50 Joker Of The Pack. 2010: No corresponding race.

GAMES AT TOTESPORT.COM NOVICES HDLE 4.30 INSTANT 2,277 (4) 2m 3f 110yds (10)

401 (6) 1466-1 l AULD BURNS (10) (D) R Hannon 9-0.... J P Spencer H90 402 (3) 11 BARBICAN (21) (D) A Bailey 9-0.......... J-P Guillambert 72 403 (10) 4-2 CANNA (22) B W Hills 9-0......................................... M Hills 70 404 (5) 13-1 DORDOGNE (11) (F) (T) M Johnston 9-0......... L Dettori 89 405 (2) 331- GENIUS BEAST (211) M Al Zarooni 9-0.............. A Ajtebi 84 406 (9) 12 HURRICANE HIGGINS (38) (D) (T) M Johnston 9-0 K Fallon 80 407 (7) 1733- JACKAROO (250) A P OBrien (IRE) 9-0....... R L Moore 88 408 (1) 16- MASKED MARVEL (197) (C) J Gosden 9-0........ W Buick 81 409 (8) 12242-2 MEASURING TIME (10) (F) R Hannon 9-0......R Hughes 89 410 (4) 41-4 SPECIFIC GRAVITY (11) (F) H Cecil 9-0...........T Queally 82 Forecast: 7-2 Measuring Time, 4 Dordogne, 5 Auld Burns, 11-2 Specific Gravity, 8 Jackaroo, 10 Hurricane Higgins, 12 Barbican, 14 Genius Beast, 16 Others. 2010: Azmeel 9-0, W Buick 11-2 (J Gosden), drawn (4), 6 ran.

CLASSIC TRIAL (GROUP 3) 3YO 3.50 BET365 28,385 (1) 1m 2f 7yds


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

(3) 36-7 ICEBLAST (15) M W Easterby 9-7..................... G Gibbons 49 (6) 71L-636 DOLLY PARTON (6) D Nicholls 9-3.................. A Nicholls 51 (4) 632332- SABRATHA (176) Miss L Perratt 9-1.............. T Hamilton 53 (5) 274-8 VENTURA SANDS (18) R Fahey 9-0............... P Hanagan 50 (7) 231326 EILEAN MOR (10) (D) B Smart 9-0....................... T Eaves 54 (8) 31061L- COUNTRY WALTZ (181) Miss L Perratt 8-12......F Tylicki 50 (1) 6278-41 l VETVEY (4) (F) M Johnston 8-8(6ex)..... S De Sousa H58 (2) 338-L46 JAMBO BIBI (65) B Hellier 8-7.......................... J Fanning 51 (9) 077-0 CORACLE (8) D Nicholls 8-6........................... T Collier(3) 55 BLINKERS: No. 8 CHEEK PIECES: No. 2. Forecast: 5-2 Vetvey, 9-2 Ventura Sands, 6 Iceblast, Sabratha, 7 Dolly Parton, 8 Eilean Mor, 10 Country Waltz, 16 Jambo Bibi, 20 Coracle. 2010: No corresponding race.


TOTEPOOL ON 0800 221 221 EASTER HCAP 3YO 2,590 (5) 7f 30yds (9)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

2P1124 l WHAT OF IT (19) T R George 8 12-2.........Mr T Edwards(5) H 98 PP/PPP5 BALLYSHAMBLES (12) S Andrews 8 11-12. Miss B Andrews(7) 66 9P34PP HIGH SKIES (211) (D) D Griffiths 8 11-12.. Mr D J Griffiths(7) P432/1F JUST STANDEESE (35) S G Allen 9 11-12..........Mr J Banks(5) 69 80P442 MCCAULEY (24) Paul Swaffield 8 11-12...... Mr M Hampton(7) 92 UPPP/82 MEDIA MAN (21) (D) P Winks 11 11-12.................. Mr R Winks(7) 69 PP/PP4L NAXOX (32) (D) Ms A Hardy 10 11-12................. Miss R King(7) 242/511 LATENIGHTDIP (63) T Ellis 7 11-5...........................Mr T Ellis(7) 89 BLINKERS: No. 3 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 4, 5. Forecast: 7-4 McCauley, 5-2 What Of It, 11-4 Latenightdip, 8 High Skies, 16 Just Standeese, 25 Media Man, 33 Ballyshambles, 50 Naxox. 2010: No corresponding race.

POKER AT TSPOKER.COM HUNTERS CHASE 5.00 PLAY 989 (6) 2m 110yds (8)

501 (2) 2- l ALWAYS THE LADY (229) (S) C Cox 9-0......A Kirby H65 502 (7) 3- ARIZONA JEWEL (187) H Cecil 9-0...................T Queally 56 503 (8) BUTTONHOLE Sir M Stoute 9-0..............L-P Beuzelin(3) 504 (6) COMPASSION M Bell 9-0.............................Hayley Turner 505 (12) CRASSULA T Clement 9-0.................................... M Halford 506 (4) 03- FENNICA (193) J Gosden 9-0................................. W Buick 58 507 (5) GALICUIX L Cumani 9-0........................................... K Fallon 508 (3) 2 MISS AIX (16) (F) M Bell 9-0......................... J P Spencer 64 509 (9) MOMENT OF TIME A Balding 9-0......................J Fortune 510 (10) 6- RIEN NE VAS PLUS (176) Sir M Stoute 9-0.. R L Moore 56 511 (11) SKIP ALONG J Gosden 9-0..................................... N Callan 512 (1) ZAFARANA E Dunlop 9-0..........................................E Ahern Forecast: 3 Always The Lady, 7-2 Arizona Jewel, 4 Miss Aix, 8 Rien Ne Vas Plus, 12 Galicuix, Fennica, 14 Buttonhole, 16 Compassion, Moment of Time, Zafarana, Skip Along, 100 Crassula. 2010: Fatanah 9-0, R Hills 15-8 Fav (M Tregoning), drawn (10), 11 ran.

AT BET365.COM MAIDEN FILLIES STKS 3YO 4.25 POKER 3,238 (5) 1m 2f 7yds (12)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

6900L-9 SILVANUS (25) (C&D) P Midgley 6 9-7......... P Hanagan 52 7/0715-3 l SENATE MAJORITY (8) T Easterby 4 9-7...... D Allan H56 56-5864 RIOS GIRL (4) (C&D) K Ryan 4 9-3..................... P Makin 51 1 ODD BALL (16) (D) (T) P Morris 4 9-3...........S J Craine 52 217L66- TOURNEDOS (214) (D) Mrs R Carr 9 9-2. J P Sullivan(3) 55 56L5-L9 YA BOY SIR (11) (C&D) N Wilson 4 9-2.......... L Newman 52 796455- SHARP BULLET (132) (D) B Hellier 5 8-13..... J Fanning 54 569326- DOWER GLEN (136) K Dalgleish 4 8-11. ...... P Mulrennan 54 835572 CHEVEYO (5) (F) (T) P Morris 5 8-7............ N Farley(5) 53 BLINKERS: Nos. 5, 6, 8 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 3, 7. Forecast: 9-4 Senate Majority, 11-2 Silvanus, 6 Cheveyo, 7 Dower Glen, Rios Girl, 8 Odd Ball, 10 Tournedos, 12 Sharp Bullet, 20 Ya Boy Sir. 2010: No corresponding race.


(4) (7) (2) (9) (8) (1) (5) (6) (3)

1 3 l GUMBALL (23) P R Webber 6 11-3........................D Elsworth H104 2 9 HINDON ROAD (36) A King 4 10-12........................... R Thornton 3 5 MILANSBAR (24) Miss H Knight 4 10-12.................. A Thornton 4 498 CHARLOTTES BALL (96) R H York 5 10-10....... Mr P York(5) 96 5 BRAVE ALLIANCE N Henderson 4 10-5. ....................... A Tinkler Forecast: 10-11 Brave Alliance, 2 Gumball, 8 Milansbar, Hindon Road, 33 Charlottes Ball. 2010: No corresponding race.


601 (2) 602 (1) 603 (8) 604 (7) 605 (6) 606 (10) 607 (4) 608 (5) 609 (3) 610 (9)

18- l DOMINANT (204) R Varian 9-7....................... N Callan H76 21-2 GLENCADAM GOLD (10) (F) H Cecil 9-6..........T Queally 71 0-11 SHE AINT A SAINT (36) J Chapple-Hyam 9-4. K Fallon 75 1- SAMURAI SWORD (275) M Al Zarooni 9-4........ A Ajtebi 73 86118- BUXFIZZ (176) R Mills 9-4.......................................E Ahern 70 0221- CHAIN LIGHTNING (207) R Hannon 9-4. .........R Hughes 74 641 MANIFESTATION (60) J Gosden 9-2................... W Buick 69 91-3 CLUB OCEANIC (18) J Noseda 9-1..................... L Dettori 70 5-1 CARRICK A REDE (53) C Cox 8-11........................L Morris 68 15 LOCH FLEET (29) A Balding 8-10......................J Fortune 71 TONGUE STRAP: No. 2. Forecast: 7-2 Glencadam Gold, 5 Club Oceanic, 6 Chain Lightning, 7 Manifestation, She Aint A Saint, 8 Samurai Sword, Dominant, 10 Carrick A Rede, 16 Others. 2010: Verdant 8-12, R L Moore 9-2 Fav (Sir M Stoute), drawn (8), 14 ran.

HANDICAP 3YO 4.55 BET365.COM 7,166 (3) 1m 2f 7yds


MANDURAH (3.05, Musselburgh) & VETVEY (5.10, Musselburgh)

Gallops Gossip
Newmarket: NORDIC SPRUCE (2.45 Sandown) Has stamina in his pedigree so it was pleasing he had the speed to win over 6f last year and he could go on to better things this term. North: OLDJOESAID (3.05 Musselburgh) Arguably the pick of Kevin Ryans trio in this race after a promising return when second over this C&D and has to be considered. Lambourn: ALWAYS THE LADY (4.25 Sandown) Chased home the very smart Poplin on her sole start as a juvenile and better is expected of the Halling filly now upped in trip. West: HEALTH IS WEALTH (2.35 Plumpton) Trailblazing style is suited to this track, as shown by his easy win last time, and he could defy a 6lb rise in the handicap.
6.45ROLECARR (Paul Gallagher, 103 fav) 1; Bow School (121) 2; Sheriff Hall (72 2nd fav) 3. 11 ran. Non-runner: Bureaucrat. 7.15ZITENKA (J Halliday, 52 fav) 1; More Equity (114 2nd fav) 2; Guns And Butter (111) 3. 5 ran. Non-runner: Super Baby. 7.45STOPPED OUT (R McGrath, 51) 1; Premier Grand Cru (201) 2; Sendali (92 jt fav) 3. 10 ran. (9-2 jtfav Glingerbank). 8.15CAPITAL VENTURE (N Moscrop, 172) 1; Simply Ned (81) 2; Thirty Days Out (114 fav) 3. 14 ran. Placepot: 95.40. Quadpot: 15.50 5.30SUGAR BEET (D Probert, 61) 1; Palais Glide (52 fav) 2; Tro Nesa (101) 3. 8 ran. 6.00ORTEA (Cathy Gannon, 112 2nd fav) 1; Royal Purse (251) 2; Bluebells Are Blue (81) 3. 8 ran. (evens fav Jimmy The Lollipop). Non-runners: En Ete, Wolfgang. 6.30ATHWAAB (C Bishop, 101) 1; Musical Bridge (81) 2; Yankee Storm (31 fav) 3. 11 ran. 7.00ZAMINA (J Doyle, 112) 1; Looksmart (132) 2; Tapis Libre (81) 3. 8 ran. (13-8 fav Lemon Drop Red). 7.30ALDEDASH (T Queally, 411 fav) 1; Baltic Light (81) 2; Major Domo (41 2nd fav) 3. 4 ran. 8.00AMISTRESS (Cathy Gannon, 138 fav) 1; Echos Of Motivator (101) 2; Subramaniam (132) 3. 10 ran. Placepot: 243.00. Quadpot: 37.40.

l Dick Turpin looks set for a

highly lucrative campaign after delivering in style on his seasonal debut at Sandown yesterday. His victory gave trainer Richard Hannon a sixth win in the last eight runnings of this contest. CARLISLE: Good

2.10INDIAN GROOM (K Renwick, 56 fav) 1; Steel Man (1001) 2; Lord Villez (64 2nd fav) 3. 5 ran. 2.45TEENANDO (T Messenger, 92) 1; Almond Court (61) 2; Devil Water (172) 3. 7 ran. (7-2 fav Shrewd Investor). 3.20MONTOYAS SON (Paul Gallagher, 813 fav) 1; Currahee (112) 2; Lord Samposin (111) 3. 5 ran. 3.55GO SILVER BULLET (C Gillies, 51 jt fav) 1; Storymaker (81) 2; Magic Sky (51 jt fav) 3. 8 ran. Non-runner: Dark Ben. 4.30NICKY TAM (R Walford, 74 fav) 1; Sierra Victor (61) 2; Craicneasy (172) 3. 6 ran. Non-runner: Dollar Mick. 5.00CARRIETAU (R Mania, 114 fav) 1; Balnagore (103) 2; Blackpool Billy (72) 3. 5 ran. 5.35AGGIES LAD (Mr W Kinsey, 112) 1; Ardnaclancy (813 fav) 2; Abragante (52 2nd fav) 3. 3 ran. Placepot: 22.50. Quadpot: 6.00

51 2nd fav) 1; Drill Sergeant (52 fav) 2; Maoi Chinn Tire (141) 3. 8 ran. 2.55SONNY MULLEN (E Cookson, 103 2nd fav) 1; Ballyvesey (114 fav) 2; River Dor (92) 3. 6 ran. 3.30MATUHI (H Frost, 31 jt fav) 1; Watch My Back (31 jt fav) 2; Raysrock (181) 3. 7 ran. 4.00DOM DORGEVAL (D Jacob, 71) 1; Seize (141) 2; Etxalar (141) 3. 9 ran. (5-2 fav Eyre Square). 4.35ULTRAVOX (N Sweeney, 71) 1; A Bridge Too Far (72 fav) 2; Top Smart (81) 3. 10 ran. 5.10AGGLESTONE ROCK (K James, 118 fav) 1; Livvy Inn (251) 2; Yeoman Spirit (71) 3. 9 ran. 5.45DARLAN (A Tinkler, 46 fav) 1; Highrate (121) 2; Patricias Pride (331) 3. 8 ran.

5.15RAVI RIVER (S De Sousa, 21 fav) 1; Amno Dancer (112) 2; Casino Night (161) 3. 12 ran.

Placepot: 100.60. Quadpot: 33.40.

Placepot: 123.10. Quadpot: 44.50.


2.20KNIGHT IN PURPLE (Peter Carberry,


1.55MR MO JO (D Fentiman, 161) 1; Rothesay Chancer (92) 2; Misty Morn (72 2nd fav) 3. 7 ran. (3-1 fav Johnny Hancocks). 2.30ALEJANDRO (P Hanagan, evens fav) 1; Almond Branches (111) 2; Blue Shoes (161) 3. 8 ran. 3.05GLENS DIAMOND (P Hanagan, 64 fav) 1; Calypso Magic (61) 2; Rastaban (41 jt 2nd fav) 3. 6 ran. 3.40HIGH OFFICE (L Topliss, 181) 1; Becausewecan (111) 2; Beat The Rush (71) 3. 14 ran. (11-2 fav Ubi Ace). 4.15HAMISH MCGONAGALL (D Allan, 1110 fav) 1; Waffle (94 2nd fav) 2; Fitz Flyer (181) 3. 7 ran. 4.45ODDSMAKER (P Hanagan, 31 fav) 1; Oh Landino (161) 2; Three White Socks (172) 3. 10 ran.


2.00THE COMPOSER (J McCarthy, 94 jt fav) 1; Little Eaglet (81) 2; Ladies Best (132) 3. 5 ran. (9-4 jtfav Big Knickers). 2.40GUNSHIP (M Quinlan, 81) 1; Lansdowne Princess (71) 2; Digital Media (103 fav) 3. 7 ran. 3.15SPIRITUAL ART (D Elsworth, 118 fav) 1; Blue Lovell (251) 2; Anaya (92) 3. 7 ran. 3.50PEPE SIMO (Mr R Mahon, 52 fav) 1; Safari Journey (103) 2; Cruchain (31 2nd fav) 3. 6 ran. 4.25SURF AND TURF (R McLernon, 811 fav) 1; Malibu Sun (161) 2; Storm Jack (114 2nd fav) 3. 7 ran. 4.55ESTATES RECOVERY (Mr J A Best, 94 fav) 1; Porta Vogie (71) 2; Cullahill (31 2nd fav) 3. 5 ran. 5.25VINTAGE FABRIC (Ms Lisa ONeill, 152) 1; Matako (161) 2; Kasban (112) 3. 10 ran. (10-3 fav Thomas Wild). Placepot: 206.30. Quadpot: 7.50. 1.30THE JIGSAW MAN (A Coleman, 152) 1; Clerks Choice (46 fav) 2; Dorabelle (331) 3. 4 ran. 2.05SUNLEY PEACE (J Moore, 121) 1;

NEWTON ABBOT: Good to firm

Occasionally Yours (121) 2; Monetary Fund (91) 3. 13 ran. (7-2 fav King Of The Night). 2.35FRENCH OPERA (A P McCoy, 21 2nd fav) 1; Chaninbar (331) 2; Cornas (152) 3. 6 ran. (6-4 fav Tataniano). 3.10POKER DE SIVOLA (T J Murphy, 111) 1; Faasel (141) 2; Baby Run (61 fav) 3; Triggerman (101) 4. 18 ran. 3.45DICK TURPIN (R Hughes, 813 fav) 1; Cityscape (51) 2; Dream Eater (121) 3. 5 ran. 4.20KINGS GAMBIT (J P Spencer, 51) 1; Black Spirit (161) 2; Shamali (71) 3. 6 ran. (15-8 fav Viscount Nelson). 4.50WANNABE KING (T Durcan, 141) 1; Guest Book (161) 2; Julienas (81) 3. 15 ran. (7-1 fav Hacienda). NR: Huygens, Norman Orpen.All Bets, deduct 10p in the pound 5.20EDGEWATER (R L Moore, 72 fav) 1; Uncle Fred (41 2nd fav) 2; Beaumonts Party (92) 3. 12 ran. NR: Big Bay, Jeremiah. Jackpot: Not won, pool of 10,069.89 carried over to Sandown today. Placepot: 4,388.40. Scoop6: not won (rollover 298,960.00). Scoop Six: Place 535.50. Bonus Not won (112,965.00 rollover). Quadpot: 42.90.
5.40MONSIEUR JOURDAIN (R McGrath, 114) 1; Frankie Anson (118 fav) 2; Pilgrims

NOTTINGHAM: Good to firm

KELSO: Good to firm


Lane (52 2nd fav) 3. 4 ran. 6.15NELSONS CHIEF (R McGrath, 121) 1; Inoogoo (114 2nd fav) 2; Fortuni (56 fav) 3. 12 ran. Non-runners: Forrest Lemons, Hannah Jacques, Itstooearly.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



IMBLEDON is becoming alarmed that Britains punitive tax laws may dissuade the worlds top tennis players from appearing in this country. The All England Club chief executive Ian Ritchie outlined the concerns when he revealed that Wimbledon had already sought urgent intervention by the Government. There has been no indication yet that the top stars might boycott the big three events Queens, Wimbledon and the World Finals. But Ritchie said: The situation is denitely on the players radar. Weve stated our own case to the Ministry for Sport asking them to take another look at the regulations. It is not the tax on prize money won that has become a growing bone of contention. Ritchie added: We accept that. Its the money earned from image rights and sponsorship that is the problem. Ritchie revealed that world sprint record holder Usain Bolt has refused to run in this country because he would be so heavily taxed on his endorsement income. If Roger Federer plays Queens, Wimbledon and the O2 Arena, he would be in the country for a minimum of 30 days and, because he has lived, trained and earned money here, would pay a tax bill of thousands on his earnings at 40 per cent. But Lionel Messi of Barcelona would not, if or when he appears at Wembley in the Champions League nal next month, because he would not be in the country long enough. Ritchie said: We dont think thats fair and we want some action. Its simple we want the best players appearing in our tournaments and we feel there is a growing need for discussion to bring it to the

THIS WEEKS SOLUTION: ACROSS: 5 Adebayor. 7 Away. 8 Messi. 9 Ospreys. 10 Feyenoord. 11 Ferdinand. 14 Beasant. 15 OGara. 17 Haye. 18 Underdog. DOWN: 1 Edge. 2 Crespo. 3 Jarryd. 4 Mary Rand. 6 Busby. 10 Fabregas. 11 Foster. 12 Run-out. 13 Agger. 16 Rios. SPORTSWORD: Aberdeen.

EXCLUSIVE By Nigel Clarke

Governments attention again. Now Ritchie is to get together with ofcials of Formula One, who have also had image rights tax problems in this country, to provide a united front. Several years ago, Andre Agassi, former Wimbledon champion and world No1, attempted without success to take action against the tax demands made on his commercial activities. Ritchie said: The players are very aware of the regulations and therefore it becomes a factor. Were keen to update the situation with the Government. The same tax laws do not apply at the other Grand Slam venues Australia, France and the United States and there are fears that players like Federer could give events in London a miss in the future. The top players earn massive sums from exhibitions and appearance money in places such as Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar, and Federer will want to add quickly to his 50million fortune before leaving the world tour. Meanwhile, Wimbledon will increase the ground capacity for this years Championships to 38,500 with 19 courts in action instead of 17. World No1 Rafael Nadal chalked up his 500th tour-level victory by beating Croatian Ivan Dodig 6-3, 6-2 to book his place in the nal of todays Barcelona Open against fellow Spaniard David Ferrer.

SMASH AND GRAB: Roger Federer is one of the heavily-taxed stars

RUN AWAY: Bolt has refused to run in Britain

4/33 HIGHLY REGAL (27) R Teal 6 11-0................... Mr T Cannon(7) 101 ILLUMINATIVE (F39) Miss Z Davison 5 11-0 Gemma G-Davison(5) 3 6P/21FF SHARMON (112) E Creighton 8 11-0 .................. A Creighton(3) 4 STRAIGHT AND LEVEL (F144) N Dunger 6 11-0.... C Wallis(7) 5 3/88 ZUWAAR (F145) P Butler 6 11-0 ......................... A Glassonbury 89 6 60L8 HOMER RUN (17) J W Mullins 4 10-9..................... J Derham(3) 7 5 LAVA LAMP (57) (T) E Williams 4 10-9............... P Moloney126 8 L7 ALWAYS DE ONE (F15) (F) K Clutterbuck 4 10-2.C Studd(3) 79 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 1, 5 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 2, 5, 8. Forecast: 5-4 Lava Lamp, 13-8 Highly Regal, 12 Always de One, 14 Zuwaar, 16 Illuminative, Sharmon, 20 Homer Run, 25 Straight And Level. 2010: Via Galilei 5-11-0, J Moore 8-11 Fav (G L Moore), 11 ran. 1 2

MAIDEN HURDLE 2.00 TOTESPORT.COM 2,021 (Class 5) 2m

(8 declared)


1 2 3 4 5

CLASSIC FLY (15) (D) A Whiting 8 11-12 ............... N Scholfield 106 MISTER MATT (13) R Buckler 8 11-9 ............................. Doubtful 112 HEALTH IS WEALTH (13) (S,C&D) C L Tizzard 6 11-6 . J Tizzard 105 CATHOLIC HILL (23) M Gillard 6 10-4 ..... Mr T Cannon(7) 108 ZHUKOV (12) (C) K Tork 9 10-3 ........................... Mr B Poste(7) 106 TONGUE STRAP: No. 2. Forecast: 5-6 Health Is Wealth, 13-8 Catholic Hill, 8 Classic Fly, 20 Zhukov. 2010: No corresponding race.


225LLF 783432 0U4P31 LL23L2 L6PFLL

159L01 WAIT NO MORE (13) (C&D) (T) Mrs S Humphrey 6 11-12 J Doyle 89 2 8L49LP CASUAL GARCIA (9) M Gillard 6 11-7 .................... M Batchelor 82 3 605P26 GLEANNACREIM (41) (T) T Vaughan 8 11-5 .......R Killoran(3) 4 5/5P3LU HIGH TOBY (38) R H York 12 10-10.................. Mr T Cannon(7) 83 5 3P/3522 AND YOUR POINT IS (29) C Gordon 7 10-5 ...Miss C Wills(7) 84 6 6L0L46 LIONS IN LAW (15) R G Hawker 7 10-0 .................I Popham(3) BLINKERS: No. 6 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 1, 6 CHEEK PIECES: No. 1. Forecast: 5-4 Wait No More, 5-2 Gleannacreim, 4 And Your Point Is, 12 Lions In Law, 16 High Toby, Casual Garcia. 2010: No corresponding race.



COMPUTERMAN: 2.00 Lava Lamp 2.35 CATHOLIC HILL (nb) 3.10 Alla Svelta 3.45 Wait No More 4.15 Screaming Brave 4.45 Ilongue 5.15 Storm Command

1 2 3 4 5



ALLA SVELTA (48) (T) E Williams 5 11-6 ........... P Moloney126 JECZMIEN (16) N Gifford 8 11-0 ............................... L Treadwell 103 LATE RED (13) J Poulton 6 11-0 .............................. M Batchelor REBELIOUS (33) J W Mullins 6 11-0 ...................... J Derham(3) COLONEL HENRY (F95) R H York 4 10-8 .................... Doubtful TONGUE STRAP: No. 2. Forecast: 2-5 Alla Svelta, 7-2 Jeczmien, 10 Rebelious, 14 Late Red. 2010: Bangkok Pete 5-11-5, A P McCoy 2-9 Fav (B Powell), 6 ran.


R221 151LPP 7/8995 3/L6


4/2U284 SCREAMING BRAVE (30) (D) Miss S West 5 11-12 M Goldstein(3) 126 38R/PP3 SACRILEGE (30) (D) D C OBrien 6 11-10 .............. M Batchelor 123 1L/478P FARLEIGH HOUSE (37) (D) N King 7 11-5 ......... A Merriam(3) 123 521L32 THE BISHOPS BABY (16) R Rowe 8 11-2........ Mr T Cannon(7) 123 1224/42 RAGDOLLIANNA (27) M McGrath 7 10-13 ......................L Aspell 122 297764 PEACEFUL MEANS (24) (D) (T) E Williams 8 10-10 .. P Moloney 120 15335U TRI NATIONS (6) (D) M Harris 6 10-9 .................. J Derham(3) 121 5LLL22 JUST BEWARE (13) (C&D) Miss Z Davison 9 10-1 Gemma G-Davison(5) 117 BLINKERS: No. 2 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 1, 3, 7 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 7, 8. Forecast: 3 Ragdollianna, 4 The Bishops Baby, Just Beware, 13-2 Peaceful Means, 8 Tri Nations, Screaming Brave, Sacrilege, 16 Farleigh House. 2010: No corresponding race. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


HIGH OSCAR (16) (C&D) R Rowe 10 11-12 ...... Mr T Cannon(7) 95 GOLDFINGER (65) J W Mullins 9 11-12.......Miss C L Brown(7) IDRIS (68) (D) P J Sharp 10 11-10 .................... Mr J Salmon(7) ORANGER (22) (D) Andrew Martin 9 11-1 Mr S Drinkwater(7) 88 5 51367P WASNTME (43) C L Tizzard 8 10-4 ................................D Crosse 92 6 5643F2 ILONGUE (13) Miss L Hurley 10 10-1..... Conor OFarrell(5) 96 7 76FL69 KARINGABAY QUEEN (5) K Tork 6 10-0 .......... Mr B Poste(7) 8 L84434 BAJAN SUNSHINE (91) (D,F) C Dwyer 10 10-0 ..........C Bolger 92 TONGUE STRAP: No. 5 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 4, 5. Forecast: 7-4 Ilongue, 3 Bajan Sunshine, 6 Wasntme, High Oscar, 8 Goldfinger, 12 Oranger, 25 Idris, Karingabay Queen. 2010: No corresponding race.

1 329P36 2 485P6/P 3 4L0/PPL 4 52PL6L


7/06F71 INSIGNIA (5) (D) (T) V Dartnall 9 12-1(7ex) .. E Glassonbury(6) 93 062/758 HEREDITARY (5) Mrs L Jewell 9 11-12 ................... P Hatton(5) 90 0183/5F LAUGHING GAME (38) (D) Miss L Hurley 7 11-8.J McGrath(3) 87 150/LLU WALLACE MONUMENT (32) G Brown 7 11-6 ...S Clements(5) 80/FPF4 SONUS WELD (13) P Butler 6 10-11 ..................... N Sweeney(3) 87 434745 STORM COMMAND (25) (T) T Vaughan 4 10-11. R Killoran 94 BLINKERS: No. 1 VISOR: No. 5 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 2, 6 CHEEK PIECES: No. 2. Forecast: 13-8 Insignia, 11-4 Storm Command, 7-2 Laughing Game, 10 Wallace Monument, Hereditary, 12 Sonus Weld. 2010: No corresponding race. 1 2 3 4 5 6


FACTS: GOING: Good to Firm. Left Handed. TOP TRACK JOCKEYS (2006-11): L Treadwell 16 Course winners, 24% Strike rate, 0 PLUMPTON TRACK FACTS TRACK Winners this season; P Moloney 13, 21%, 0; D Crosse 10, 15%, 0; M Batchelor 8, 8%, 0; M Goldstein 8, 10%, 0. TOP TRACK TRAINERS (2006-11): E Williams 16 Course winners, 21% Strike rate, 0 Winners this season; N Gifford 16, 21%, 0; J W Mullins 15, 12%, 0; N King 9, 18%, 0; C L Tizzard 7, 12%, 0. BLINKERS FIRST TIME: 2.00 Illuminative (cheek pieces), 5.15 Sonus Weld (visor). BEATEN FAVOURITES: 4.45 Ilongue(hcp ch). 5.15 Storm Command(hcp hdl). LONGEST TRAVELLER: Lava Lamp (2.00), Alla Svelta (3.10), Peaceful Means (4.15) 280 miles. STABLE SWITCH: 2.00 Sharmon from Catherine Creighton to E Creighton, Straight And Level from Miss J Crowley to N Dunger. 3.10 Colonel Henry from S Dow to R H York. 3.45 And Your Point Is from Mrs J Gordon to C Gordon. 4.45 Bajan Sunshine from G Brown to C Dwyer.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Division One
EMIRATES DURHAM ICG: Sussex (19pts) beat Durham (5) by two wickets DURHAM: First Innings 292 (Muchall 74, Smith 59, Panesar 4-88) SUSSEX: First Innings 194 (Hodd 67, Nash 65) DURHAM: Second Innings 210 (Blackwell 51, Benkenstein 50, Naved-ul-Hasan 4-43) SUSSEX: Second Innings (Overnight 237-4) L Wells c Smith b Brathwaite ...........103 B Brown c Richardson b Brathwaite ..61 A Hodd not out.....................................6 N-ul-Hasan c Richardson b Brathwaite .. 3 J Anyon lbw Brathwaite .......................0 A Khan not out .....................................7 B5 lb5 w1 nb4 .............................15 Total (8 wkts., 104.5 overs) ....309 Bowling: Claydon 22-4-83-0, Thorp 23.5-10-40-2, Blackwell 19-5-44-1, Brathwaite 23-7-56-5, Borthwick 9-248-0, Stokes 3-1-10-0, Benkenstein 5-0-18-0. Umpires: N Bainton & N Mallender. NEW ROAD: Warwickshire (20pts) beat Worcestershire (7) by 88 runs WARWICKSHIRE: First Innings 201 (Wright 5-62) WORCESTERSHIRE: First Innings 375 (Ali 92, Cameron 56, Pardoe 54, Rankin 5-57) WARWICKSHIRE: Second Innings (Overnight 411-3) V Chopra c Solanki b Richardson....228 J Troughton c Cameron b Mason ......46 R Clarke c Cox b Richardson ..............0 R Johnson c Andrew b Mason.............5 C Woakes c Cameron b Richardson ...0 A Botha not out ..................................28 A Miller not out.....................................1 B25 lb11 w1 nb2 .........................39 Total (8 wkts. dec., 139 overs)461 Bowling: Wright 28-7-95-0, Richardson 40-12-97-4, Mason 31-7-85-2, Andrew 221-91-2, Ali 12-1-46-0, Mitchell 6-1-11-0. WORCESTERSHIRE: Second Inns D Mitchell c Westwood b Woakes .......2 J Cameron c Johnson b Woakes.......18 V Solanki c Botha b Woakes .............23 M Ali c & b Botha ...............................17 A Kervezee c Troughton b Botha ......65 M Pardoe c Johnson b Clarke .............0 G Andrew c Johnson b Woakes ........26 O Cox c Botha b Rankin ......................9 D Wright b Woakes..............................8 M Mason c Westwood b Woakes ........0 A Richardson not out ...........................4 B16 lb5 nb6 ................................27 Total (58.2 overs) ....................199 Bowling: Woakes 20-6-49-6, Miller 6-2-19-0, Clarke 7-1-26-1, Rankin 9.2-1-43-1, Botha 16-4-41-2. Umpires: P Hartley & R Kettleborough.

Durham v Sussex

Worcestershire v Warwickshire


CALLING THE TUNE: Andrew Strauss is an inspiration, says Steve Finn TEVE FINN has backed Andrew Strauss to continue his dual role as Test and one-day captain despite England s disappointing World Cup showing. Strauss is now widely recognised as one of Englands most successful Test captains after leading his country to back-to-back Ashes triumphs against Australia. His position as one-day skipper has, however, come under increasing scrutiny after a dismal series defeat Down Under and another disastrous World Cup campaign. Strauss own form in the shorter format has rarely been better, with his epic 158 in Englands tied match with India in Bangalore standing out as one of the innings of the World Cup. And with his future set to be decided next month, Finn (right) believes that Strauss is still the right man to lead his country in both forms of the game. Andrew Strauss has been a fantastic England captain for the last two years, said Finn. You cant ignore the strides that England have made in all forms of cricket under his and Andy Flowers leadership. The way theyve brought the team forward and the way he has led the team has been inspirational. Obviously hell be disappointed about the World Cup, being knocked out in the quarter-nals, but you have to put everything in perspective and Straussy is very good at doing that. Im sure hell

By Richard Edwards
take time out to go away and spend time away from cricket, then come back in the summer to lead the team. Finn himself experienced a winter of mixed fortunes after being left out of the nal two Tests of Englands victorious Ashes campaign and falling behind both Chris Tremlett and Tim Bresnan in the pecking order. That has proved to be a rare blip for a man who has known nothing but success since making his England bow against Bangladesh in March 2010 and, in mitigation, his 14 wickets in the Tests against Australia hardly represent a poor return for a young man on his rst Ashes tour. Finn, though, will know he has to impress with Middlesex to force his way back into England reckoning, with the Test series against Sri Lanka fast approaching. And he can at least be thankful that his problems are nothing compared to those faced by Simon Jones since he inspired England to a famous win over the Aussies on home soil back in 2005. Now at Hampshire, Jones has endured a miserable run of injuries since that memorable summer. But, despite picking up a groin injury in Hampshires opening County Championship match against Durham, he is looking to bounce back to his best form at the Rose Bowl this summer. At the age of 32, however, he is understandably philosophical about his chances of an international recall. What will be, will be, said Jones. I just want to play and see where that takes me. Im not going to stress about it any more. Its just a matter of whether I can stay on the park.

Division Two

DERBY: Middlesex (20pts) beat Derbyshire (3) by three wickets DERBYSHIRE: First Innings 154 (Berg 4-18) MIDDLESEX: First Innings 230 (Rogers 70, Palladino 5-39) DERBYSHIRE: Second Innings 403 (Durston 96, Smith 50) MIDDLESEX: Second Innings (Overnight 145-2) D Housego c Sub b Palladino............27 D Malan c Khawaja b Groenewald ....28 N Dexter lbw Palladino ........................2 J Simpson c Redfern b Whiteley .......14 G Berg c Hughes b Palladino ............80 O Rayner not out ...............................58 T Murtagh not out ................................9 Lb1 w2 nb22 ...............................25 Total (7 wkts., 93.2 overs) ......329 Bowling: Groenewald 24-6-78-1, Palladino 27-6-85-4, Smith 16-4-69-1, Whiteley 9.2-1-41-1, Durston 13-3-37-0, Hughes 4-0-18-0. Umpires: G Sharp & S Gale. NORTHAMPTON: Northants (9pts) drew with Essex (9) ESSEX: First Innings 433 (Cook 155, Mickleburgh 112, Vaas 5-76) NORTHANTS First Innings 538-9 dec. (Peters 105, Vaas 96, OBrien 96, Wakely 58) ESSEX: Second Innings (Overnight 26-0) B Godleman c Hall b White ......... 24 A Cook c OBrien b Vaas ............. 28 J Mickleburgh b Daggett .............. 15 R Bopara c OBrien b Hall ............. 5 M Walker not out ......................... 70 M Pettini not out........................... 67 B1 lb9 nb10 .......................... 20 Total (4 wkts dec., 84 overs)......229 Fall: 48, 60, 74, 82. Bowling: Vaas 19-11-36-1, Brooks 14-5-37-0, Middlebrook 15-5-33-0, White 13-1-55-1, Hall 12-5-30-1, Daggett 10-426-1, Wakely 1-0-2-0. Umpires: N Cook & R Robinson. Surrey v Glamorgan (The SWALEC Stadium); Surrey 575-7 dec. (Z de Bruyn 172, T L Maynard 123, C P Schoeld 99, G J Batty 52no) v Glamorgan 395 (S C Meaker 5-86) and 198-4 dec. (G P Rees 89, M J Powell 65). Glamorgan (8pts) drew with Surrey (9pts).

Derbyshire v Middlesex

Northamptonshire v Essex

You cant ignore the strides that England have made in all forms of cricket under Andrew PERSONS NAMEY Strauss and Andy Flowers leadership

LUKE WELLS hit a maiden century as Sussex survived late jitters to grab an LV= County Championship win against Durham at Chester-le-Street. Wells hit 103 as Sussex edged home by two wickets, despite paceman Ruel Brathwaites 5-56. Gareth Berg hit 80 and Ollie Rayner an unbeaten 58 as Middlesex beat Derby by three wickets, their second win of the season in the Second Division.

ENGLAND is set to boast the top two players for the rst time in the history of the world rankings. Lee Westwood and Luke Donald are currently ranked two and three behind Germanys Martin Kaymer. But while Kaymer has taken this week off, Westwood leads the Asian Tours Indonesian Masters by ve shots and Donald held a one-shot lead in the USPGA Tours Heritage Classic in South Carolina.



Ton-up Wells digs in Brits tee up top two

Tommy Indy groove

TOMMY HILL shrugged off the pain of an injured elbow to all but match a Brands Hatch lap record in practice for tomorrows MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship rst round. Hill zipped round the Indy circuit in 45.499secs, leaving team-mate Michael Laverty 0.008secs down in second spot. That was hot and hard, said Hill. My arm is a bit sore but Ill get some ice on it.

No Back-pedalling
NEIL BACK admits that failure is not an option for his Leeds Carnegie side in todays Aviva Premiership game against Harlequins at Headingley. A losing bonus point would lift Leeds off the bottom of the table but head coach Back demands victory. The Exeter and Newcastle games were non-negotiable for us in terms of our need to win and this one is just the same, Back said.




By Hector Nunns
UDD TRUMP stormed into the quarter-nals of the World Championship yesterday, before insisting: I can go all the way. The 21-year-old looks poised to become snookers new superstar after crushing Martin Gould 13-6 at The Crucible in Shefeld. The Bristol-born left-hander grabbed a rst ranking title at the China Open in Beijing earlier this month, pocketing 60,000. Now Trump is eyeing a rst world championship title and the 250,000 winners cheque on only his second visit to the blue-riband tournament. Trump has even been dubbed the new Ronnie and practises with Rocket Ronnie OSullivan at his new base in Romford, Essex. But spiky-haired Trump, who styles himself as Haircut 100, is determined to make his own reputation. And he wants to claim the vacant role of playboy of the baize following photoshoots with glamour models in the build-up to this event. Aged 14, Trump beat OSullivans record as the youngest man ever to make a competitive 147 break. The Judd-ernaut has won nine matches in a row in the seasons last two tournaments in cavalier style. He said: I have almost forgotten what it is like to lose and I dont want to get that feeling back again. I have got used to winning. Its not a case of exceeding my expectations. I always knew if I brought a decent game with me I could win it, and I still feel that. I just cant get too ahead of myself and I have to bring myself back to reality sometimes. I have only won two games and there are a lot of tough players still in the draw. There is still a long way to go. These matches are much longer than I am used to, but I am learning. Martin is a very attacking player, so I had to go out and compete with him and mix it up a bit. There was a huge turning point at 7-5. He had the momentum and to win that frame on a re-spotted black was massive. You cant switch off, even coming out at 11-5, but it was over quick. There wasnt even an interval for me to get on Twitter! Beaten opponent Gould, 29, said: If Judd scores like he has been, his name could be on the title. Its great for the sport to have someone of Judds age bursting through. It gives kids at home something to aim at. Trump will take on 2006 champion Graeme Dott in the last eight, after the Scot beat Ali Carter 13-11. Dott said: Ali must be gutted and I stole so many frames. Judd looks to be free-wheeling right now, so it should be a terric match. Ronnie OSullivan put Shaun Murphy to the sword in the rst session of their clash. Three-time world champion OSullivan, 35, was lucky to snatch an early 3-1 lead but rattled in breaks of 76, 75 and 86 to surge 6-2 up.

Judd on cue to conquer world
ROCKETING TO STARDOM: Judd Trump has been dubbed the new Ronnie OSullivan after taking The Crucible by storm


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

IN order to complete our Sportsword simply arrange the letters that fall in the circled squares into the name of a Scottish football team.


ACROSS 5. Adore strangely around the bay for former Arsenal footballer currently at Real Madrid (8). 7. If youre playing a match thats not at home (4). 8. Barcelona player sounds very untidy (5). 9. Spy Eros can change for this Welsh rugby union team (7). 10. Dutch football side that won the 1970 European Cup Final against Celtic (9). 11. Rio, Man United defender whose brother currently plays for Sunderland (9). 14. Former Wimbledon keeper who was part of the side that beat Liverpool in the 1988 FA Cup Final (7). 15. Ronan, Irish rugby union player who stars for Munster (5). 17. David, he won boxings WBA heavyweight title in 2009 by beating Nikolay Valuev (4). 18. Unfancied competitor badly grounded (8).

DOWN 1. Side of a cricket bat that the elding side are always looking for (4). 2. Former Chelsea striker who left in 2008 to rejoin Italian giants Inter Milan (6). 3. Anders, Swedish winner of eight Grand Slam mens doubles tennis titles (6). 4. 1964 Olympic womens long jump gold medallist (4,4). 6. Sir Matt, he was the man in charge at Man United from 1945 to 1969 (5). 10. Spanish Arsenal midelder who is great with regards to fuel (8). 11. Encourage old British distance runner (6). 12. A mix-up in the middle can often lead to one of these (3,3). 13. Knife without a head used to defend at Liverpool (5). 16. Marcelo, a former world No.1 tennis player who retired in 2004 (4).

SPORTSWORD: answers to the clues can be found at the top right of page 91.

Ive almost forgotten what its like to lose and I dont want to get that feeling back again

London Irish 20 Nhampton 26
NORTHAMPTON sealed their Aviva Premiership play-off spot as two tries from Chris Ashton and 16 points from Stephen Myler punished Irish for errors and ill-discipline. Tries from Richard Thorpe and Seilala Mapusu in the space of three minutes late on gave the home side hope but the visitors held out.
IRISH: Tries Thorpe, Mapusua. Cons Homer (2). Pens Homer (2). NORTHAMPTON: Tries Ashton (2). Cons Myler (2). Pens Myler (4).

AVIVA Premiership table


Wasps 10 Bath 43
5 4 6 562 380 11 433 293 448 400 3 8 73 67 62 61 54 53 46 43 41 32 22 22


21 20 20 21 20 20 21 21 21 20 20

15 16 13 11 11 8 9 9 6 4 4

1 0 1 0 0 1 2 1 0 1 1 0


8 502 406 9 10 500 427 10 8 371 344 7 10 431 365 10 11 417 476 5 12 407 452 14 415 550 15 337 497 16 288 521 5 6 4 6

WINGER Tom Biggs raced in for a hat-trick of rst-half tries as Bath kept their slim hopes of a play-off place alive with a crushing win over Wasps. Englands Matt Banahan grabbed two tries, fellow centre Matt Carraro added the sixth, and y-half Sam Vesty kicked 13 points to complete a miserable day for Wasps.
WASPS: Tries Simpson. Cons Simpson. Pens Walder. BATH: Tries Biggs 3, Banahan 2, Carraro. Cons Vesty 5. Pens Vesty.


TRIES: Ashton


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Wilshere to see Taylor turn nasty

By Peter Edwards
MATTY TAYLOR is determined to show Jack Wilshere that he can be nasty too as he looks to end a week from hell at Bolton. Taylor (below) is still hurting from last Sundays 5-0 FA Cup semi-nal humiliation against Stoke. But the former Portsmouth midelder knows Bolton can go some way to repairing the damage by derailing Arsenals title charge today. The game marks England midelder Wilsheres rst return to the Reebok since a successful loan stint at Bolton last season. Taylor admits he became a huge Wilshere fan after witnessing the teenagers nasty side. But Taylor is eager to ensure Wilsheres return is a miserable one as Bolton look to restore lost pride after their Wembley disaster. When youre young, you play with no fear and Jack denitely doesnt have any, said Taylor. I like the fact he has that nasty element about him. You need that. Hes got that steel about him and we have to make sure we shackle him. Taylor insists Boltons season is far from over despite their FA Cup embarrassment. We want to nish as high up the league as possible, he added. If we can inuence the title in any way, then we will try to do that.


RAULS HAUL: The striker has enhanced his Champions League record with ve goals for Schalke

TODAY KO: 4pm TV: Sky Sports 1

Wenger: Ill keep stars

keep doing that. And he also revealed that negotiations are likely to be concluded in the summer to keep Samir Nasri, Robin van Persie and Gael Clichy. Wenger, who still believes Arsenal could win the title this season and keep his stars happy, reiterated his faith in Van Persie, who publicly criticised recent mistakes by his team-mates on the clubs website. This is just football, Wenger (below) said. It is because Robin is committed to the club and the team. Fears that Nasri might be tempted away with just a year left on his contract were also quickly dispelled. We are talking to Nasri and his agent, and we have the same situation with Clichy, added Wenger. We have agreed to speak about it in the summer and I am very optimistic. He insisted that Fabregas and the others are all committed. They want to win trophies and they have the opportunity to do it here. When you sign you are committed to winning trophies. The players still believe in the philosophy. If there is somebody better, we have to accept it but at the moment I dont believe anyone is better than us.

Fergusons fearful of paying price after Raul snub

Champions League debut: September 13, 1995 (v Ajax) First Champions League goal: October 18, 1995 (v Ferencvaros) Champions League winner on three occasions: 1998, 2000 and 2002 Champions League top scorer twice: 2000 and 2001 Champions League record goalscorer: 71 goals Champions League record appearance-maker: 142 appearances Goals v Manchester United for Real Madrid: April 19, 2000 (two goals in 3-2 victory) April 8, 2003 (two goals in 3-1 victory)

Martinez says Sir Alex must seek Real

ROBERTO MARTINEZ believes Sir Alex Ferguson will be hoping Real Madrid repeat their Spanish Cup win over Barcelona in the Champions League semi-nals. Martinez, Wigans Spanish manager and a regular contributor to Sky Sports coverage of La Liga, is certain that Jose Mourinhos


By John Richardson
star-studded Real side would provide United with a simpler option if they meet in the nal at Wembley on May 28. Yes, without a doubt it would be better for United to face Real Madrid if they reach the nal, Martinez said. Its easier to

TIPS: Martinez

play against Real Madrid than Barcelona. Real play with high tempo but they rely on individuals. Barca use ball possession and a certain way of playing. If you want to prepare, best not to prepare against Barcelona because they are the hardest team to play against. The battle of minds the

different playing philosophies of managers Mourinho and Barcelonas Pep Guardiola intrigues Martinez, who has won admirers with his owing style of football at the DW Stadium. But while Martinez feels Barcelona are the stronger side, the Mourinho factor means he will not write off Real Madrid, who beat Barcelona 1-0 in the



SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


TV: Sky Sports 2 ITS FERGIE v THE EURO GOAL KING TUESDAY KO: 7.45pm Mancini: Im Venue: Veltins Arena


sure United are shaken

THE rm handshake offered in the Wembley tunnel by Sir Alex Ferguson after Manchester Citys FA Cup semi-nal triumph sealed Blues manager Roberto Mancinis belief that his club are now in the big time. Once derided by the Manchester United boss as a small club with a small mentality and criticised by Reds for their kamikaze spending, the noisy neighbours have risen above the sniping. Mancini believes Citys 1-0 Wembley win over United was a dening moment as they home in on their rst trophy in 35 years and a Champions League place. Fergusons gracious act spoke volumes for Mancini, who revealed: He said congratulations for the game and that was important. He was very kind to our team. Yes, I think we are now a big club. Sir Alex is a clever man and he understands football very well. He knows that Manchester City, maybe over the last year, has changed its mentality. I still think we need to work more but its important that we are getting better. The ultimate recognition that City are now a force to be reckoned with proves to Mancini that his blood, sweat and tears since taking over from Mark Hughes 16 months ago have been worthwhile. He added: If you want to arrive at the top, you have to work very well and very hard. If you want to change your mentality, you have to start to win. You need the time. Its impossible to change the mentality in one month, in six months. SWEAT: Mancini His focus now is on winning the FA Cup and realising the mandate set out by owner Sheikh Mansour of nishing in the Premier Leagues top four. We want to achieve both, Mancini said. To nish in the top four, I think we need 66 or 67 points (they currently have 56). We have three games before we meet Tottenham against Blackburn (tomorrow night), West Ham and Everton. If we win the next four games, Im certain we will be in the Champions League. More goals from controversial striker Mario Balotelli would help their cause, and Blackburn defender Chris Samba insists the Italian isnt the ogre many perceive him to be. Hes not a bad guy, just ashy, said Samba before facing his close friend at Ewood Park. He has to be his own person. It would be really boring if everyone was the same, if everyone just played and went home. We are friends but when the game comes there will be no friendship. I like to tell him what to do and what not to do. Sometimes he does not listen. I try to give him some guidance. I want to help him because if his career does not really take off it will be a waste because he is a good player.


By John Richardson

IR ALEX FERGUSON has revealed that he was tempted to bring Real Madrid goal machine Raul to Old Trafford in the summer. The Manchester United manager is hoping his nal decision to pass up on the deal wont come back to haunt him in Germany on Tuesday night. Champions League record goalscorer Raul has boosted his tally, which now stands at 71, with ve goals for Schalke in the current campaign. Along with another potential United transfer target, Germany keeper Manuel Neuer, Raul has helped to guide unfancied Schalke into the semi-nals. Ferguson admitted that if another experienced striker, Michael Owen, wasnt already on the books, then 33-year-old Raul would now be part of his squad. He said: We spoke to Rauls agent last summer. We were tempted because you say to yourself, he is not too old and he can score goals in the Premier League. His time at Real Madrid had come to an end. He had a fantastic career there but players like that always nd something in terms of ambition. They just dont wither away. At his age he had plenty to do, plenty to offer. It would have been a Henrik Larsson type of signing if we had brought him here. If I hadnt had Michael Owen I might have been tempted over Raul. He has got the record number of goals in the Champions League. 71, ruddy hell! I hope it stays on that number for the next three weeks. With him around you have to be careful in the last third of the eld because he still has his footballing intelligence. After United opted out on the king of the Bernabeu, the then Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce swiftly moved in, utilising Rauls friend and former Real Madrid team-mate Michel Salgado as a go-between. Allardyce admitted: I had used Michel to set up the deal. As far as I was concerned, it was all agreed for Raul to come to Blackburn. Then the chairman, John Williams, got a little bit frightened and it didnt happen. I was disappointed at the time but thats life. We had also gone in for another Real Madrid player, Guti, who intimated he was prepared to come. Look what Raul could have done for Blackburn in terms of goals. Im not surprised at what he has done at Schalke. A goalscorer can score anywhere. Give him the service and

HOW TO WIPE THE SMILE OFF FERGIES FACE: Raul scores against United in 2000 (above) and 03

e recalled: My dream was to retire at Real Madrid but circumstances changed and the time came to make a decision that would mean me continuing to enjoy football. After 16 years, my cycle at Real Madrid was nished. I wanted a new adventure. That has been supplied by Schalke, and although they havent set the Bundesliga on re they have been the surprise package of the Champions League. United boss Ferguson is

he will score. He will be the biggest threat to Manchester United. At Real Madrid, Raul struck 323 goals in 741 games, winning six La Liga titles and three Champions League gongs. Ominously for United, he has scored four goals in four games against them.

understandably wary of German sides, three of whom have inicted Champions League misery on his club. The stunning quarter-nal exit against Bayern Munich last season still grates as do defeats against Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen. Strangely, Uniteds 1999 Champions League nal triumph against Bayern Munich was a rare success against the top German sides. Ferguson added: German teams have resilience and a determination about them. They are professional and it will be exactly the same on Tuesday evening. The same set of principles wont change. United will also be up against a keeper in Neuer who has been on Fergusons radar as they seek a replacement for Edwin van der Sar. I believe he has signed for

Bayern Munich, said Fergie. He is excellent, an absolutely brilliant goalkeeper. He is tremendous and has a great presence about him. He is a massive big lad who controls the box well. If you hang the ball up into the area, you are wasting your time with him around. Providing Uniteds fortunes change when confronting German sides, Ferguson believes that Real Madrid could await them in the Wembley nal. He said: When the draw was made, I really thought Real Madrid had a big chance. I think that 5-0 defeat against Barcelona earlier in the season would have hurt Jose Mourinho deeply. He wont want to be beaten again, thats for sure. Im not being complacent, though. We have to get there rst and after that we can decide how we feel about things.

alternative to toughest test

nal of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday night. Real have got a fantastic group of talented individuals and a coach in Mourinho who can win games on his own with the way he prepares his team, said Martinez. But the style of Barcelona that has developed over the last three seasons, and the group of players who have come together, puts them on a different level. Yet Mourinhos Inter Milan won the Champions League in Madrid last May after breaking Barcelona hearts in the semis. And he will be going all out to repeat the feat. Martinez feels Mourinho has made everyone appreciate that Barcelona are the better team and that Real must do whatever they can to beat them. That shows Mourinhos charisma again and power of persuasion. Only he could convince the whole of Madrid that winning is more important than the way you play, Martinez said.

PEPS PIPPED: Mourinho consoles Barcelona boss Guardiola after his Real Madrid side clinched the Copa del Rey in midweek





SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Jim m

Hensons antics a disgrace
TOULON is a tough and serious rugby town on the south coast of France where players in the local team swiftly become heroes. Thats what happened to Jonny Wilkinson, whose 100 per cent commitment to the cause and endless willingness to make the big tackles has made him a local idol in the colourful parade of bars on the sea front. Its not a place that appreciates prima donnas, which is why Gavin Henson (above) is currently suspended by the club for alleged off-the-eld misbehaviour after appearing in just two matches. Henson faces a club disciplinary hearing tomorrow and if Toulon have any sense they will kick him out of their serious town.

RSENE WENGER is a man of impeccable principle, and his nancial stewardship of Arsenal is a model for all other football clubs in an age of reckless spending and rotten bad debts. He is a man with an admirable sporting philosophy; he demands that his teams play the beautiful game with stylish movement, intelligent passing and adventurous air. When anyone wants to judge Arsenal today this is where you start. Wenger (right) manages a big football club how it should be managed. His team are a delight to watch. They always compete at the top of the league, they always qualify for the Champions League, and they always pay the wages of their players from money they have actually earned. His love of the game is obvious. There is no hiding of emotion. Glorious goals thrill him. Comical goals given away torment him. His touchline performances are an entertainment in their own right. Truly, a season ticket at the magnicently plush Emirates Stadium gives you a seat for the best football show in the land. The small minority of Arsenal supporters who want Wenger to be kicked out of the club because they have gone six years without a trophy are completely bonkers. If it ever happened, the queue of rivals wishing to make Wenger their manager would stretch all round the equator. Jose Mourinho is currently rst team boss at Real Madrid only because Wenger is not. The Spanish giants have tried on a number of occasions to tempt Wenger to join them, but failed each time. Bayern Munich have been rebuffed too, along with several major Italian clubs. I trust Ive made myself clear. Arsene Wenger is a great football manager, one of the nest in the whole history of the game.


favourites this weekend with a few matches left. Wenger knows this. Thats why he looks so consistently frustrated. The Gunners fans know this. Thats why there are signicant levels of despondency in the home crowd. Captain Cesc Fabregas know it. Thats why he made some pertinent comments in a Spanish magazine last week. I suspect they all agree on why Arsenal are lying in third position this Easter Sunday morning rather than sitting pretty. The reason is not because of the playing philosophy the desire to score goals with style and to attack opponents with virtuosity. Its not because of a brittle mentality; not in players like Samir Nasri, Jack Wilshere, Robin Van Persie and Fabregas. Its not because of dodgy refereeing decisions and timekeeping, and not because Wenger doesnt have a coterie of voluble assistant managers and coaches. Its not because so many opposition teams parked the bus and came to play defensively. The reason is simple. Wenger made two clear mistakes last summer. He failed to buy the highly experienced international-class goalkeeper that he actively sought in the transfer market. And he failed to buy the highly experienced international-class central defender that was also required by the team. Both were perfectly affordable within Arsenals budget. Both would have tted perfectly into the overall Arsenal style. These were major mistakes; Wengers mistakes. We needed a centre-back of quality and experience if possible, and at the right price, said Wenger last summer when spending 3.2million to acquire Sebastien Squillaci from Seville. Squillaci, though, was a squad player at best, a veteran past his peak. Wenger knew what the team needed, but would not pay the extra amount that was required. He compromised on quality. It was the same with a goalkeeper. The right player was available, Maarten Stekelenburg of Ajax and Holland, who had just played in the World Cup Final. The cost was 10m, and the Dutch keeper openly said he wanted to join Arsenal. Wenger should have spent the money. He did not. That doesnt make him a duffer. That doesnt mean he is fatally awed as some contend. That doesnt mean his time at Arsenal should come to a close. Arsene Wenger is still a brilliant manager. He just needs to remind himself that strength at the heart of defence is an eternal imperative in football and that its not a sin to write an occasional big cheque if you have good money sitting in the bank.

Silence a giveaway
HEAVYWEIGHT boxer David Haye (below) was relatively quiet about the announcement of the date and venue for a world title bout against Wladimir Klitschko this summer. Perhaps he has learned the lesson from the crude and offensive hype that spewed from his motor mouth in the build-up to the non-event of a ght against Audley Harrison. More likely, is that this time he knows he is destined for a proper showdown in the ring, and will be distinctly second favourite if and when the bell sounds.

NLY when we acknowledge all this, only when we start from the mountain top, can we assess the thunder of criticism that has rolled over the Arsenal manager in recent weeks, both from Gunners fans and from outsiders. Too much of the comment is far too hostile. Right now, the fact is that Arsenal can still win the Premier League title this season. They are not favourites, and I dont expect them to nish top, but its far from impossible. That is no mean achievement when many pundits last summer were predicting that Arsenal might nish outside the top four this season (and the Champions League places) because of the improvements at Spurs and Manchester City. As it panned out, however, this has been a poor-quality Premier League campaign among the elite clubs, all of whom have been weaker than in recent times. This has been a year when Arsenal, the best overall side, should by now have been in a commanding position to become champions. They should be

BY THE WAY . . .

the word everywhere in football is that Aston Villas Ashley Young is a racing certainty to join Manchester United this summer.


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BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE Aston Villa (1).......1 Stoke (1)...................1
Bent 43

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011

Blue Square Bet Premier
Altrincham (0)....1 Newport C (2)...3 Barrow (0)............0 Grimsby (0)........2 Bath City (1).........2 Histon (0)............1 Cambridge (0)........1 Hayes & Yead (0). 0 Darlington (0)....2 York (0)...............1 Gateshead (0). .....0 Wrexham (0)......1 Kettering (0). .......2 Forest Grn (0).1 Luton (1)..................3 Eastbourne (0).0 Tamworth (0).......0 Southport (0)..1 AFC Wimdon (0)...2 Mansfield (1)....1 Crawley Tn (1)....4 Rushden (0).......0 Kminster (0). ........2 Fleetwood (1). .1 P W D L F A Pts Crawley Town........44 30 11 3 91 29 101 AFC Wimbledon.....44 26 8 10 81 46 86 Luton. ......................44 22 14 8 80 36 80 Wrexham................44 21 14 9 61 46 77 Fleetwood Town....44 20 12 12 66 42 72 Kidderminster........44 20 16 8 71 56 71 York. ........................44 19 12 13 54 49 69 Darlington. ..............44 17 16 11 58 41 67 Newport County.....44 17 15 12 71 58 66 Grimsby..................44 15 17 12 71 59 62 Bath City.................44 15 15 14 62 66 60 Rushden.................44 15 14 15 63 59 59 Mansfield................44 16 10 18 70 71 58 Gateshead..............44 14 15 15 62 58 57 Kettering.................45 14 13 18 61 74 55 Hayes & Yeading...45 15 6 24 57 79 51 Cambridge..............44 11 16 17 53 60 49 Barrow....................44 11 14 19 50 66 47 Tamworth...............44 11 13 20 58 78 46 Forest Green..........44 10 15 19 52 70 45 Southport...............44 11 12 21 54 73 45 Altrincham..............44 10 11 23 43 83 41 Eastbourne Bor. .....44 8 9 27 56 101 33 Histon.....................44 8 8 28 39 84 27 North: AFC Telford 4 Vauxhall Motors 1, Alfreton 4 Redditch 0, Boston Utd 5 Blyth 0, Corby 1 Stafford 3, Droylsden 5 Harrogate Tn 1, Guiseley 2 Gainsboro 0, Solihull Moors 2 Hinckley 7, Stalybridge 4 Gloucester 3, Worcester 1 Eastwood 1, Workington 1 Hyde 1. South: Bishops Stortford 4 St Albans 0, Farnboro 1 Woking 2, Havant & W 1 Lewes 2, Maidenhead Utd 1 Dorchester 1, Weston-super-Mare 2 Staines 1. ZamarettoPrem: Banbury 0 Truro 3, Bedford 1 Salisbury 0, Chippenham 1 Cambridge C 0, Cirencester 0 Didcot 0, Hednesfd 2 Brackley 0, H Hempstead 1 Evesham 0, Oxford C 2 Leamington 3, Stourbridge 6 Bashley 1, Tiverton 0 Halesowen 0, Weymouth 3 Chesham 0. Ryman Prem: Bury Tn 1 Maidstone 2, Carshalton 1 Canvey Is 0, Folkestone 0 Sutton 2, Harrow 2 Tonbridge 0, Hastings Utd 1 Hendon 1, Horsham 2 Wealdstone 1, Margate 0 Lowestoft 3.


Blackpool (1).........1 Newcastle (1).........1

Campbell 32

Jones 20; Att: 35,235

CHELSEA (1). ..............3 WEST HAM (0)............0

Lampard 44, Torres 84, Malouda 90 Maxi 7, 66, 73 Kuyt 23, Cole 86 Hernandez 83

Lovenkrands 17; Att: 16,003

Liverpool (2)...........5 Birmingham (0).......0

Att: 44,734 Att: 75,300

Att: 41,656

Man Utd (0). ..............1 Everton (0)..............0 Sunderland (0). ......4 Wigan (0)...................2
Gyan 55, Henderson 66, 77 Sessegnon 73 (pen) Pavlyuchenko 27 Defoe 66 Fletcher 22 Diame 52, Di Santo 90 Att: 39,650 Odemwingie 5, Cox 81 Att: 36,160

Tottenham (1). ........2 West Brom (1). .........2 Wolves (1)................1 Fulham (0)................1
Johnson 80; Att: 28,825




KO: 4pm


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Man Utd Chelsea Arsenal Man City Tottenham Liverpool Everton Bolton Newcastle Sunderland Aston Villa West Brom Fulham Stoke Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool Wigan WolveS West Ham

34 34 33 32 33 34 34 32 34 34 34 34 33 33 34 33 34 34 33 34

16 13 10 10 8 11 7 9 5 7 7 6 7 8 6 6 4 4 7 5

1 2 4 4 8 4 7 5 7 5 6 6 6 4 7 6 4 7 4 4

0 2 3 2 1 2 3 2 5 5 4 5 3 4 4 4 9 6 6 8

43 35 31 28 27 34 28 31 36 24 24 27 23 25 18 20 26 18 25 23

9 10 13 11 17 12 22 19 23 21 18 29 16 16 19 14 34 31 26 27

5 7 8 6 6 4 4 2 5 3 3 4 1 3 2 3 5 3 2 2

9 5 6 4 5 3 7 5 4 6 5 4 9 2 7 2 3 6 2 7

3 5 2 6 5 10 6 9 8 8 9 9 7 12 8 12 9 8 12 8

28 29 35 22 22 17 19 15 13 15 19 22 14 15 16 20 22 16 12 16

23 17 21 19 24 27 20 24 25 28 37 35 20 27 32 40 36 26 31 34

39 37 32 20 8 12 5 3 1 -10 -12 -15 1 -3 -17 -14 -22 -23 -20 -22

73 67 64 56 55 52 47 43 41 41 41 40 39 39 38 35 34 34 33 32

Evo-StikPrem: Ashton Utd 3 Stocksbridge PS 1, Bradford PA 4 Worksop 0, FC Halifax 1 Mickleover Sports 1, Hucknall 0 Colwyn Bay 1, Kendal Tn 4 Chasetown 0, Marine 1 Frickley 1, Matlock Tn 1 FC United of Manchester 2, Nantwich Tn 1 Buxton 1.



Volvo China Open (Chengdu)3rd rnd (Gbr & Irl unless stated, par 72): 198 Nicolas Colsaerts (Bel) 66. 199 C-W Han (Kor) 65. 200 Peter Lawrie 68, G Havret (Fra) 68. 201 J Donaldson 70. Indonesian Masters (Jakarta) 3rd rnd: 200 L Westwood (Eng) 66.


NATIONAL CONFERENCEDiv 1: Eccles 58 Castleford Panthers 14, Milford 0 Myton 40, Normanton 55 Millom 22, Stanley 8 Ince Rose Bridge 52. Div 2: Lock Lane 32 Elland 6, Heworth 16 Egremont 42, Ovenden 50 West Bowling 10.

rugby union

Aviva Premiership Lon Irish............ 20 Northpton....... 26

London IrishT: Thorpe, Mapusua. C: Homer (2). P: Homer (2). Northampton T: Ashton (2). C: Myler (2). P: Myler (4). Att: 11,860

Wasps................. 10 Bath..................... 43
P W D L Leicester....21 15 1 5 Saracens. ...20 16 0 4 Gloucester.20 13 1 6 Northpton.21 13 0 8 Lon Irish....21 11 0 10 Bath. ...........20 11 1 8 Harlequins.20 8 2 10 Wasps........21 9 1 11 Exeter. ........21 9 0 12 Sale............21 6 1 14 Newcastle.. 20 4 1 15 Leeds C.....20 4 0 16 B 11 3 8 9 10 7 10 5 5 6 4 6 F 562 433 448 502 500 371 431 417 407 415 337 288

Cardiff (2).............2 QPR (1)..................2 Bothroyd 6 Taarabt 10, 71 Bellamy 35 Att: 26,058 Derby (2)................2 Burnley (1). .......4 Robinson 6, Ward 31 Eagles 15, 62 Att: 25,187 Elliott 65, McCann 74 Hull (1). ...................2 Middlesbro (4).4 Simpson 3 McDonald 11, 13, 45 Gerrard 69 Arca 26 Att: 21,937 MILLWALL (2). .........4 PRESTON (0). .......0 Purse 42, McQuoid 44 Marquis 54 Henry 65 (pen) Att: 10,426 Portsmth (0)........0 Swansea (0). ......0 Att: 15,907 Sheff Utd (2)........3 Bristol C (1). .....2 Williamson 40 Simonsen 10 (og) McAllister 43 Pitman 60 (pen) Slew 86 Att: 18,151 Watford (1)..........1 Barnsley (0).....0 Eustace 2 Att: 14,098

Brighton (1).........1 Southmptn (0).. 2 Barnes 45 Connolly 84 Fonte 89 Att: 8,169 Bristol Rvrs (0).2 Charlton (1). ....2 Brown 66 Benson 8 Williams 84 Reid 46 Att: 6,586 Rochdale (1)........2 Carlisle (1).......3 J Thompson 30 Holness 25 (og) Done 49 Noble 60 Robson 65 Att: 3,762 Swindon (1)...........1 Notts Co (0)......2 Ritchie 18 Judge 78 Hughes 85 Att: 8,064 Walsall (1)...........1 Sheff Wed (1). ...1 Macken 10 Mellor 26 Att: 2,072 Yeovil (0). ...............2 Bournemth (0).2 Virgo 86 (pen) Ings 55 (pen), 68 MacDonald 90 Att: 6,150

Accrngtn (3). .......3 Bradford (0)....0 Joyce 9 Att: 2,815 Procter 16 McConville 45 Aldershot (1)......1 Burton Alb (1).2 Spencer 26 Webster 12 Zola 74 Att: 2,308 Cheltenham (0)...0 Macclesfld (1). 1 Barnett 27 Att: 2,757 Gillingham (1).....2 Barnet (2)..........4 Barcham 28, 80 Byrne 13 McLeod 45, 52, 70 (pen) Att: 6,170 Hereford (0)........0 Shrwsbury (1).2 Collins 27 Bradshaw 56 Att: 3,942 Oxford Utd (0)....0 Chesterfld (0).0 Att: 8,195 Port Vale (0)........1 Stockport (1)..2 Rigg 55 Elding 20, 87 Att: 5,334

Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League
Dundee Utd (2)....4 Kilmarnck (0)...2 Severin 25 Silva 70 Goodwillie 38, 47 Pascali 87 Conway 49 Att: 5,225 Hearts (2)................3 Motherwell (0).3 Thomson 26 (pen) Sutton 55, 88 Skacel 36 Hateley 59 Stevenson 52 Att: 13,039 P W D L F A Pts Rangers..................33 26 2 5 72 28 80 Celtic.......................32 25 4 3 70 18 79 Hearts.....................34 18 8 8 50 34 62 Dundee Utd............34 15 10 9 48 43 55 Kilmarnock.............34 13 8 13 49 45 47 Motherwell..............34 13 6 15 39 46 45 Inverness CT..........32 9 11 12 41 40 38 Hibernian................33 10 6 17 36 52 36 St Johnstone..........33 8 10 15 18 39 34 Aberdeen................33 9 4 20 34 54 31 St Mirren.................33 7 7 19 31 54 28 Hamilton.................33 3 10 20 20 55 19 Alloa (1)................1 Stenhsmuir (0).2 Walker 20 Anderson 57 Paton 61 Att: 584 Brechin (0)............0 Forfar (0)..........1 Hilson 58 Att: 825 Dumbarton (0)....1 Ayr (2)..................2 Malone 63 (og) Trouten 10 Moffat 16 Att: 830 Peterhead (0)......0 East Fife (1). ......2 Johnstone 28 Muir 54 Att: 473 P W D L F A Pts Livingston..............34 24 6 4 75 31 78 Ayr. ..........................34 17 5 12 59 53 56 Forfar......................34 16 7 11 48 47 55 Brechin...................34 13 12 9 59 44 51 East Fife. .................34 13 9 12 72 57 48 Airdrie Utd..............34 13 8 13 49 55 47 Dumbarton.............34 11 5 18 51 69 38 Alloa........................34 9 9 16 47 65 36 Stenhousemuir......34 9 8 17 42 56 35 Peterhead...............34 5 11 18 46 71 26

WaspsT: Simpson. C: Simpson. P: Walder. BathT: Biggs (3), Banahan (2), Carraro. C: Vesty (5). P: Vesty. Att: 38,074

A Pts 380 73 293 67 400 62 406 61 427 54 344 53 365 46 476 43 452 41 550 32 497 22 521 22

Magners League Aironi Rugby..... 8 Leinster............. 20 Ospreys. ............ 20 Munster............. 22

BRITISH & IRISH CUPSemifinals: Bedford 43 Worcester 27, Pontypridd 25 Bristol 36.

snooker World Champship (Crucible Theatre, Sheffield)2nd rnd: J Trump (Eng) bt M Gould (Eng) 13-6, G Dott (Sco) bt A Carter (Eng) 13-11.


Irn-Bru Scottish Division One

Dunfermlne (0)...2 Raith (1). ..............1 Hardie 55, 78 Baird 41 Att: 11,052 Partick (0). ............2 Morton (0).........0 Erskine 60 Att: 2,060 Boyle 72 Qn of Sth (2).........2 Cowdenbth (2).2 Carmichael 17 Campbell 2, 31 (pen) Holmes 45 Att: 1,102 Ross CO (0)............0 Dundee (0)..........1 Mcintosh 65 Att: 3,205 Stirling (0)............1 Falkirk (2).........2 Smith 53 Millar 37 (pen) McManus 41 Att: 1,288 P W D L F A Pts Dunfermline. ...........34 18 10 6 61 31 64 Raith. .......................34 17 9 8 47 31 60 Falkirk.....................34 17 7 10 57 37 58 Partick. ....................34 11 11 12 39 36 44 Morton....................34 11 10 13 37 38 43 Queen of South......33 12 7 14 50 52 43 Dundee...................34 18 12 4 51 29 41 Ross County..........33 6 14 13 25 34 32 Cowdenbeath.........34 8 8 18 40 69 32 Stirling....................34 3 8 23 29 79 17

Coventry (1)........1 Scunthorpe (1). 1 King 5 Nunez 38 Att: 16,705 Doncaster (0).....0 Crystal Pal (0). 0 Att: 14,312 Leeds (0).................0 Reading (0). ........0 Att: 24,564 Nottm For (1)......3 Leicester (1).....2 Tudgay 15 Oakley 20 Earnshaw 73 Vassell 74 McKenna 84 Att: 24,217 P W D L F A Pts QPR.........................43 23 15 5 67 29 84 Norwich..................43 21 14 8 77 54 77 Cardiff.....................43 22 10 11 74 50 76 Reading..................43 19 16 8 73 47 73 Swansea.................43 21 8 14 59 41 71 Nottm Forest.........43 17 15 11 58 47 66 Leeds......................43 17 15 11 78 68 66 Burnley...................43 18 12 13 63 58 66 Millwall....................43 17 13 13 60 44 64 Hull..........................43 16 15 12 50 46 63 Watford...................43 16 13 14 74 62 61 Leicester.................43 17 9 17 67 66 60 Ipswich...................43 17 8 18 57 59 59 Portsmouth............43 15 11 17 51 57 56 Bristol City.............43 15 9 19 55 62 54 Coventry.................43 14 11 18 51 54 53 Middlesbrough.......43 14 11 18 60 67 53 Barnsley.................43 13 12 18 50 62 51 Derby......................43 13 10 20 55 64 49 Doncaster...............43 11 13 19 52 75 46 Crystal Palace........43 11 11 21 42 65 44 Scunthorpe. ............43 12 5 26 40 79 41 Preston...................43 9 12 22 50 75 39 Sheffield Utd..........43 10 8 25 39 71 38
(3pm unless stated)


Brentford (0). .....1 Colchester (1). 1 Dag & Red (0)........0 Plymouth (0). ....1 Exeter (2)..............2 Oldham (0).........0 Hartlepool (1)...1 Tranmere (0)....1 L Orient (0)............2 Peterboro (0).. 1 MK Dons (0). ...........1 Huddrsfld (2)..3 P W D L F A Pts Brighton. .................43 28 9 6 81 35 93 Southampton.........42 24 8 10 75 36 80 Huddersfield. ..........43 23 11 9 68 41 80 Peterborough.........43 22 8 13 97 71 74 MK Dons.................43 21 8 14 63 57 71 Bournemouth.........43 18 13 12 70 49 67 Rochdale................43 17 13 13 58 49 64 Leyton Orient.........43 17 13 13 66 58 64 Exeter. .....................43 18 10 15 63 68 64 Carlisle. ...................43 16 11 16 60 56 59 Brentford................43 17 8 18 50 54 59 Colchester..............43 15 13 15 52 57 58 Charlton..................43 14 13 16 59 63 55 Hartlepool...............43 15 10 18 45 61 55 Sheffield Wed.........43 15 9 19 62 63 54 Oldham...................43 12 16 15 49 57 52 Yeovil......................43 14 10 19 48 62 52 Tranmere................43 13 11 19 46 58 50 Notts County..........43 14 6 23 43 56 48 Dag & Red..............43 11 11 21 48 63 44 Walsall....................43 11 11 21 52 71 44 Bristol Rovers........43 11 11 21 45 77 44 Plymouth................42 14 7 21 48 66 39 Swindon. .................43 8 14 21 47 67 38


Bury (0)...................1 Lincoln C (0).....0 Crewe (0)...............2 Morecambe (0).1 Northmptn (0).....2 Rotherham (2).2 Southend (0)........1 Stevenage (0). ..0 Torquay (0)..........0 Wycombe (0)......0 P W D L F A Pts Chesterfield............43 23 13 7 80 47 82 Bury........................43 22 11 10 75 42 77 Shrewsbury............43 20 12 11 68 49 72 Wycombe. ...............43 19 14 10 61 48 71 Accrington. .............43 17 17 9 69 53 68 Torquay..................43 17 16 10 70 47 66 Stevenage. ..............43 17 14 12 58 40 65 Gillingham..............43 16 17 10 63 50 65 Rotherham. .............43 16 14 13 70 56 62 Port Vale.................43 16 14 13 47 45 62 Crewe......................43 16 11 16 80 62 59 Southend................43 16 11 16 60 52 59 Oxford Utd..............43 16 11 16 54 54 59 Aldershot................43 13 18 12 48 50 57 Morecambe. ............43 13 11 19 50 63 50 Macclesfield...........43 13 11 19 54 70 50 Burton Albion. ........43 12 12 19 51 65 48 Cheltenham............43 12 12 19 53 75 48 Bradford.................43 14 6 23 39 61 48 Hereford. .................43 12 14 17 47 63 47 Lincoln City............43 13 8 22 44 74 47 Northampton..........43 9 18 16 57 68 45 Barnet.....................43 11 11 21 54 72 44 Stockport................43 9 12 22 45 91 39

Division Three
Arbroath (2). .......4 Montrose (0)....1 Doris 5 (pen) Masson 70 Falkingham 44 Att: 1,243 P Sheerin 61 Strachan 90 Berwick (0)...........1 Clyde (0).............1 L Currie 59 Stewart 62 (pen) Att: 427 E Stirling (1)........2 Elgin (1). ..............1 Maguire 27 Crooks 39 Dunn 85 Att: 215 Queens Pk (1)......2 Albion (1). ...........1 Meggatt 30 Lawless 15 Watt 90 Att: 715 Stranraer (1). .....1 Annan Ath (0)...1 Winter 7 Harty 59 Att: 493 P W D L F A Pts Arbroath.................34 20 6 8 77 53 66 Albion.....................34 16 9 9 53 38 57 Annan Athletic.......34 15 11 8 55 43 56 Stranraer. ................34 14 12 8 69 56 54 Queens Park. .........34 16 5 13 51 42 53 Berwick...................34 12 12 10 58 51 48 Elgin........................33 11 6 16 45 57 39 Montrose................34 9 7 18 43 57 34 East Stirling. ...........34 9 4 21 31 59 31 Clyde.......................33 7 8 18 36 62 29

Division Two
Airdrie Utd (1).....2 Livingston (2)...4 Lovering 32 Russell 5, 7 Owens 55 De Vita 61 McNulty 80 Att: 872

Barclays Premier League

npower Football League Championship

2 Blackburn v Bolton............................. X 3 Blackpool v Stoke............................... 2 4 Chelsea v Tottenham (5.30)................ 1 7 Sunderland v Fulham.......................... 1 8 West Brom v Aston Villa...................... X 9 Wigan v Everton................................. 2

League Two
34 Accrington Stanley v Barnet................. 1 35 Aldershot v Rotherham. ....................... 2 36 Bury v Wycombe. ................................ 1 37 Cheltenham v Shrewsbury................... 2 38 Crewe v Stockport.............................. 1 39 Gillingham v Macclesfield.................... 1 40 Hereford v Bradford City...................... 1 41 Northampton v Stevenage................... X 42 Oxford Utd v Lincoln City. ..................... 1 43 Port Vale v Morecambe....................... 1 44 Southend v Burton............................. 1

TODAY (7.45pm unless stated) Barclays Premier League

Bolton v Arsenal (4pm).............................


Bradford v Aldershot (3pm)........................ Burton Albion v Torquay (3pm)................... Chesterfield v Bury (3pm).......................... Lincoln City v Cheltenham (3pm). ............... Macclesfield v Southend (3pm).................. Morecambe v Hereford (3pm).................... Rotherham v Gillingham (3pm). .................. Shrewsbury v Accrington Stanley (3pm)...... Stevenage v Port Vale (3pm)..................... Stockport v Northampton (3pm)................. Wycombe v Crewe (3pm). ..........................

Clydesdale Bank Prem

WEDNESDAY UEFA Champions Lge Semi-final First Leg THURSDAY

Hibernian v St Mirren (3pm)...................... Rangers v Celtic (12.30)........................... Blackburn v Man City (8pm)......................

Real Madrid v Barcelona........................... Fulham v Bolton (8pm).............................

Europa LeagueSemi-final, 1st Leg: Benfica v Braga (8.05), Porto v Villarreal (8.05).

Barclays Premier League

TOMORROW Barclays Premier League npower Championship

Barnsley v Doncaster (3pm). ...................... Bristol City v Nottingham Forest (3pm). ....... Burnley v Portsmouth (3pm)...................... Crystal Palace v Leeds (3pm)..................... Leicester v Watford (3pm)......................... Middlesbrough v Coventry (3pm)................ Norwich v Derby (3pm). ............................. Preston v Cardiff (3pm)............................. QPR v Hull (3pm). ..................................... Reading v Sheffield Utd (3pm)................... Scunthorpe v Millwall (3pm)...................... Swansea v Ipswich (3pm)..........................

10 Cardiff v Middlesbrough. ...................... 1 11 Coventry v Reading............................. 2 12 Derby v Bristol City............................. X 13 Doncaster v Leicester......................... 2 14 Hull v Crystal Palace........................... 1 15 Ipswich v Preston............................... 1 16 Leeds v Burnley (12.45). ..................... 1 17 Millwall v Swansea............................. X 18 Nottingham Forest v Scunthorpe.......... X 19 Portsmouth v Norwich......................... 2 20 Sheffield Utd v Barnsley...................... X 21 Watford v QPR. ................................... X

FRIDAY npower League Two

(3pm unless stated)

Torquay v Chesterfield...............................

Clydesdale Bank Prem

Clydesdale Bank Prem

Irn-Bru Scottish Div One

Aberdeen v Inverness CT....................... Hibernian v St Johnstone...................... Kilmarnock v Hearts. ............................. Motherwell v Rangers (noon).................

League One

22 Brentford v Southampton.................... 2 23 Brighton v Huddersfield....................... 1 24 Bristol Rovers v Sheffield Wed. ............. 1 25 Dag & Red v Carlisle........................... 2 26 Exeter v Plymouth (noon).................... X 27 Hartlepool v Bournemouth................... 2 28 Leyton Orient v Tranmere.................... 1 29 Milton Keynes Dons v Notts County...... X 30 Rochdale v Peterborough.................... 1 31 Swindon v Oldham. ............................. 2 32 Walsall v Charlton............................... 2 33 Yeovil v Colchester. ............................. X

45 Cowdenbeath v Stirling. ....................... X 46 Dundee v Partick................................ X 47 Falkirk v Ross County.......................... 1 48 Morton v Dunfermline......................... 2 49 Raith v Queen of South....................... 1

League One


Barclays Premier League

1 Arsenal v Manchester Utd (2.05)......... X Birmingham v Wolves (noon)............... X 5 Liverpool v Newcastle (noon)............... 1 6 Manchester City v West Ham (4.10)..... 1 Celtic v Dundee Utd (12.45). .................

Scottish Premier League JON LONGMAN (The Sunday Banker)

Bournemouth v Bristol Rovers (3pm).......... Carlisle v Leyton Orient (3pm).................... Charlton v Rochdale (3pm)........................ Colchester v Brighton (12.15).................... Huddersfield v Dag & Redbridge (3pm)....... Notts County v Brentford (3pm)................. Oldham v Walsall (3pm)............................ Peterborough v Yeovil (3pm)...................... Plymouth v Milton Keynes Dons (3pm)....... Sheffield Wednesday v Swindon (3pm)....... Southampton v Hartlepool (3pm)............... Tranmere v Exeter (3pm)...........................

Hamilton v Aberdeen (4.15)...................... St Johnstone v Inverness CT...................... Blue Square BetPremier: Eastbourne v Bath City (3pm), Fleetwood Tn v Barrow (3pm), Forest Green v AFC Wimbledon (3pm), Grimsby v Altrincham (3pm), Histon v Luton (3pm), Mansfield v Gateshead (3pm), Newport County v Crawley Tn (3pm), Rushden v Kidderminster (3pm), Southport v Darlington (3pm), Wrexham v Tamworth (3pm), York v Cambridge Utd (3pm).

TUESDAY UEFA Champions Lge Semi-final First Leg

Schalke v Man Utd...................................

Barclays Premier League

League Two

Barnet v Oxford Utd (3pm).........................

Stoke v Wolves......................................... Irn-BruDiv One: Queen of the South v Ross County. Div Three: Elgin v Clyde.

Aberdeen v Inverness CT........................... Hibernian v St Johnstone........................... Kilmarnock v Hearts.................................. Motherwell v Rangers (noon)..................... Irn-BruDiv Two: Ayr v Airdrie Utd, East Fife v Alloa, Forfar v Peterhead, Livingston v Dumbarton, Stenhousemuir v Brechin. Div Three: Albion v Stranraer, Annan Athletic v Arbroath, Clyde v Queens Park, Elgin v Berwick, Montrose v East Stirling. Blue Square BetPremier (5.15): AFC Wimbledon v Grimsby, Altrincham v Eastbourne, Barrow v Hayes & Y, Bath C v Mansfield, Cambridge Utd v Fleetwood Tn, Crawley Tn v York, Darlington v Rushden, Gateshead v Newport County, Kettering v Southport, Kidderminster v Histon, Luton v Wrexham, Tamworth v Forest Green.

SATURDAY Clydesdale Bank Prem



3 2 3 L 1 1 2 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 3 1 3 2 1 3 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 3 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 3 3 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 3 2 3 L 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 3 2 1 1 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 3 SD D SD L H H H H SD SD SD A A H D H H A SD D A A SD SD H A A A A D A A H A H H SD A A A A A A A H SD H H SD


DIVIDENDS Due to split weekend pools, the dividend forecast will not be announced until today. No claims required for half-times.


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Bruce beats jinx as Cats maul Wigan

Sunderland 4 Wigan 2 By Clive Hetherington
THEY say things come in threes but thankfully for Steve Bruce, that didnt apply this time. Two weeks ago, it was a goal by Paul Scharner who played under Bruce at Wigan that sealed a 3-2 victory here for West Brom. Last weekend, Sebastian Larsson one of Bruces signings at Birmingham scored the opener in the Blues 2-0 win over the Black Cats at St Andrews. Yesterday, a handful of Bruces Wigan old boys descended on Wearside and threatened more pain for the Sunderland boss. But after falling behind after the break, the Black Cats stormed back to romp to a victory that all but guarantees Premier League survival. Bruce had been under the cosh from Sunderland fans as his side were without a win in ten games. He said: All credit to the players. They produced a performance when they needed to and it restores a bit of the faith. We played very well and got the result so Im very pleased. Mohamed Diame blasted Wigan in front from 25 yards in the 52nd minute. Asamoah Gyan levelled three minutes later with his 11th of the season and HIT: Henderson then pulled up with a hamstring injury. His replacement Sulley Muntari made the crucial goal for Jordan Henderson four minutes later. The England starlet controlled Muntaris pass and ried in at the near post. Stephane Sessegnon scored his rst for the Black Cats from the spot in the 73rd minute after Antolin Alcaraz was harshly penalised for a foul on the Benin midelder. And Henderson then made it four goals in 21 minutes for Sunderland before Franco Di Santo grabbed Wigans second at the end. Wigan boss Roberto Martinez said: We controlled the game and got our noses in front after the break. Then there was a crazy period. The penalty was a ridiculous decision it was shoulder-to-shoulder. The way this season is going, I think it will go down to the last day.

ROMAN CONQUEROR: Pavlyuchenko equalises for Spurs. Above, Odemwingie res in the games opener

Defoe hits magical milestone but Cox spoils day
Pavlyuchenko 27, Defoe 66

MAN OF THE MATCH: JORDAN HENDERSON The mideld driving force crowned a superb display with a crucial brace in a stunning recovery by the Black Cats. SUNDERLAND: Mignolet; Elmohamady, Turner, Onuoha, Bardsley (Ferdinand 11); Henderson, Cattermole, Colback, Sessegnon; Gyan (Muntari 64), Welbeck (Malbranque 25). WIGAN: Al-Habsi; Boyce (Stam 75), G Caldwell, Alcaraz, Gohouri; NZogbia (Di Santo 84), McCarthy (Moses 68), Watson, Diame, Cleverley; Rodallega.

Ref: L Probert

Att: 39,650

ERMAIN DEFOE can nally say he has been there, done it and got the T-shirt although he was under orders not to wear it from his manager Harry Redknapp. Defoe nally celebrated his 100th Premier League goal after being stuck on 99 since he scored a double against Wolves on March 6. But there was no sign of the infamous T-shirt he was snapped wearing in anticipation of hitting his century in Tottenhams goalless draw with West Ham on March 19. Spurs boss Redknapp told him not to tempt fate by donning the garment again and it was certainly a twist of fate that ruined Defoes day. West Brom spoiled the party to blow a massive hole in Tottenhams hopes of qualifying again for the Champions League. The England striker thought he had won the game with a 66th-minute strike, which was also Tottenhams 1,000th in the top ight. The home side had already fought back to equalise through Roman


Odemwingie 5, Cox 81

From Paul Brown


Pavlyuchenko after Peter Odemwingies early opener. But life was anything but grand for Spurs by the nal whistle. Thats because Simon Cox came off the bench to grab the Baggies a priceless point in their battle against the drop, lofting a right-footed beauty into the top corner. Cox had never scored a Premier League goal before but it ended up being his milestone that settled the match and left Spurs with work to do in the race for a top-four spot. Victory would have lifted them above Manchester City but they now face tough trips to Chelsea, City and Liverpool and this could end up being the day the dream died.

Maybe Spurs were tired after their stunning comeback against Arsenal in the game of the season in midweek. Redknapp, whose side heard some boos at the nal whistle, said: We let an early goal in but we came back again, and it took a world-class strike to ruin the day for us. But weve had a great year and were still in it. Lets see what happens. Theres a championship in this club, not just a Champions League place. The nucleus is here. It all went wrong for the home side within minutes of the kick-off and Benoit Assou-Ekotto was right at the centre of it. The Spurs full-back got caught upeld in an early attack and on-loan Arsenal forward Carlos Vela took full advantage, feeding Odemwingie with a raking crosseld ball. Assou-Ekotto did recover but was barged off the ball too easily by the Nigeria striker as he turned to curl the opener into the far corner. The Frenchman was still on the deck claiming a foul as the ball hit the back of the net, but Redknapp didnt

seem convinced and quickly sent on Sandro instead. Tottenham responded when Sandros errant pass found Pavlyuchenko, who turned inside a weak challenge to re past Scott Carson for his rst goal in seven games. It looked all over when Defoe turned Abdoulaye Meite inside out and nished clinically to give Spurs the lead, but Cox spoiled Defoes day. Baggies boss Roy Hodgson said: It looks like an important point for us. It takes us to a psychologically important mark 40 points although I think that may not be quite enough.
MAN OF THE MATCH: PETER ODEMWINGIE The best 1m that West Brom have ever spent and the Nigerian is now their all-time top scorer in the Premier League. TOTTENHAM: Gomes; Kaboul, Dawson, Gallas, Assou-Ekotto (Sandro 7); Van der Vaart, Modric, Huddlestone (Lennon 63), Bale; Defoe, Pavlyuchenko. WEST BROM: Carson; Reid (Jara 46), Olsson, Meite, Shorey; Brunt, Scharner (Cox 77), Mulumbu, Thomas (Morrison 70); Vela, Odemwingie.

Ref: S Attwell

Att: 36,160

TWO late goals ensured victory for SOUTHAMPTON over champions BRIGHTON and strengthened the Saints case for automatic promotion. Ashley Barnes had red the Seagulls ahead just before the break, and the win looked secure until David Connolly found the net in the 84th minute and Jose Fonte headed home in the 88th. The result lifted Southampton into second at the expense of Hudderseld, who slipped to third. BOURNEMOUTH remain just inside the top six despite being held

By Steve Young
to a 2-2 draw at YEOVIL, while ROCHDALEs hopes of slipping into the play-off zone were dented after they lost 3-2 at home to CARLISLE. WALSALL were held 1-1 by SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY but the point means only goal difference is keeping them in the bottom four. NOTTS COUNTY eased their relegation fears with a 2-1 win over bottom club SWINDON, who now need a mathematical miracle to avoid being sent to League Two. GOALS from James Collins and Tom Bradshaw red SHREWSBURY into an automatic promotion place with a 2-0 win at HEREFORD. Collins opened the scoring in the 27th minute when he raced past his marker before beating goalkeeper Adam Bartlett with a low drive. Bradshaw doubled the advantage 11 minutes into the second half, heading home following a corner. ACCRINGTON propelled themselves into the play-off zone with a 3-0 win over BRADFORD as Luke Joyce, Andrew Procter and

By Mike Carey
Sean McConville settled the game by half-time. CHESTERFIELD, already promoted, drew 0-0 at OXFORD to keep alive their race with Bury to be champions. Basement side STOCKPORT dodged relegation for another week as they beat PORT VALE 2-1, while BARNET, the other side in the relegation zone, overcame GILLINGHAM 4-2 to keep a number of sides looking over their shoulder.


GOAL: Barnes

JOY: Collins


Rodriguez 7, 66, 73, Kuyt 23, Cole 86

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


From Richard Jolly

HEN a 35million forward, a giant Geordie target man, is ruled out, a short Argentinian winger who didnt cost a penny isnt the obvious replacement. When Kenny Dalglish is making the decisions, it simply doesnt matter. The Liverpool managers Midas touch means everything he touches turns to goals. No Andy Carroll? No problem. It only took seven minutes for his unlikely deputy, Maxi Rodriguez, to score, just 73 for him to complete an unlikely hat-trick. Liverpool got a maximum return from Maxi, making light of the record signings absence and light work of beating Birmingham. The scorer got a standing ovation and a taste of Dalglishs humour as he came off. I just spoke a wee bit of Spanish to him, joked the manager. I said he was lucky to be on the pitch that long. When Dalglish spent 58m within a few hours on the most expensive strike partnership in Liverpools history, Dirk Kuyts future looked to lie in one of three places: on the right
MAN OF THE MATCH: Maxi Rodriguez scored a hat-trick and took all three goals coolly to justify Dalglishs decision to bring him into the team. LIVERPOOL: Reina; Flanagan, Carragher, Skrtel, Robinson (Shelvey 78); Lucas; Spearing, Rodriguez (Ngog 89); Meireles (Cole 84); Kuyt, Suarez. BIRMINGHAM: Foster (Doyle 40); Carr, Johnson, Jiranek, Ridgewell; Larsson, Gardner (Phillips 78), Fahey, Bowyer; Hleb (Bentley 67); Jerome.


THREESY DOES IT: Maxi Rodriguez grabbed his rst hat-trick for Liverpool

Rodriguez rises to Dalglish challenge



English lessons hint that Lippis on move

MARCELLO LIPPI (below) claims that he has had offers to manage next season in the Premier League after the former Italy boss announced he was ready to sample English football. Its understood that Lippi, 63, who has won ve Serie A titles and has one success to his name in the Champions League, has been taking English lessons for when the call comes. Lippi, who has many admirers in the Premier League, including Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, also says there are chances for him to manage in Spain.
STOCKPORT were ferried to the wrong ground when they travelled to Shrewsbury last weekend. Already late for their pre-match meal because of heavy trafc on the M6, Countys coach nally turned up at the old Shrews ground Gay Meadow, closed three years ago!

Cup hero Walters gives old pals a lift

STOKE CITYS two-goal FA Cup semi-nal hero Jon Walters (below) still found time to help one of his old clubs, the reformed Chester FC. Walters joined Chester from Wrexham on a free transfer before quickly moving on to Ipswich in a 150,000 deal. He then joined Stoke for 2.75million. The 27-year-old, who helped the Potters reach their rst FA Cup nal with a 5-0 demolition of Bolton, has donated a signed shirt to be auctioned off by the Evo-Stik First Division North side Chester at their end of season awards night.
SCHALKE are hoping the roof doesnt fall in on them after reaching the Champions League semi-nals. Work on repairing snow damage to the roof of their stadium in Gelsenkirchen has had to be put on hold after the American company providing the materials for the repairs went into liquidation.

Ref: H Webb

Att: 44,734

wing, the bench or at another club. Instead, with seven strikes in six league games, hes top scorer in Dalglishs second coming. If he is the ying Dutchman, the entire team are going forward at speed. Now Dalglish has taken more points in the last 12 games 26 than Roy Hodgson managed in his entire reign. And he has earned results despite a lengthening injury list. With four defenders sidelined, teenage full-backs John Flanagan and Jack Robinson helped keep a clean sheet. With Steven Gerrard sitting in the directors box, Jay Spearing buzzed around in mideld. Without their record buy Carroll, who was ruled out with a knee problem, Rodriguez came in on the left of a mideld diamond in the reshufe. And, as Dalglish noted, he has now outscored the 35m man. I dont think Maxis a direct replacement for Andy Carroll but hes got more goals than Andy on that one performance, he said. But Maxis an intelligent footballer. He did a fantastic job. He made his mark in a matter of minutes. Ben Foster spilled

Spearings swerving drive and Rodriguez followed up to slide the rebound underneath the diving goalkeeper. Ben will be disappointed with that one, said boss Alex McLeish. That rst goal was a killer. At fault then, Foster was blameless when Liverpool doubled their lead. He made two brave blocks but couldnt deny Dalglishs men. Jose Reinas goal-kick was icked on by Raul Meireles to send Luis Suarez clear. Foster came out to stop him, recovered to thwart Kuyt but could do

nothing when the Dutchman spun and shot. Theres a big hole in the middle of our defence, lamented McLeish. Foster, hurt in the process, soon limped off, replaced by Colin Doyle. Meanwhile, Rodriguez, with three goals all season, doubled his tally in one afternoon. Suarez set up his second, accelerating on to Meireles cross-eld ball and delivering the cross that Rodriguez volleyed in. The irrepressible Suarez was involved in the third, too. After he had a shot

blocked by Doyle, Rodriguez was on hand to sidefoot home. Substitute Joe Cole completed the rout when his shot squirmed out of Doyles grasp. It was a bad day at the ofce, McLeish added. I didnt envisage us losing the way we did. Now few envisage Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group appointing anyone other than Dalglish as manager. The man himself is keeping quiet. Im taking the fth amendment, he added. First the fth goal, then the fth amendment.


Mac does the trick for Boro

SCOTT McDONALD wont achieve his ambition to be the top scorer in the Championship. But at least the Aussie striker will be taking home a signed match ball after his rst hat-trick since he joined Middlesbrough. He was prolic in Scotland for Motherwell and Celtic but since his 3.5million move hes found it harder, admitting: I expected to score a lot more goals. Jay Simpsons second-

Purse on song in Lions romp

NORTH END know its not over until the fat lady sings but a slim one was in full voice before this display pushed them closer to the drop. Forces Sweetheart Kelly Anne Sproule gave the New Den a rousing rendition of Jerusalem before a four-goal barrage kept Millwalls play-off dream alive. Phil Browns Preston would have jumped ahead of third-bottom Scunthorpe with a win but now they

Hull City 2 Middlesbrough 4

minute tap-in was the perfect start for Hull and Anthony Gerrards 25-yard belter a late consolation but the middle period was X-rated for the shell-shocked Hull fans. McDonald was gifted his rst two in 79 seconds, Julio Arca added a third and the frontman had completed his easiest-ever hat-trick by the time the half-time whistle came.

Millwall 4 Preston 0
need a miracle, starting at home to Cardiff tomorrow. As for Kenny Jacketts Lions, Darren Purse headed home the rst at the back post and two minutes later Josh McQuoid made it 2-0 with an unstoppable 25-yarder. John Marquis poked home a 54th-minute third and James Henrys penalty completed the rout.



FIRST: Purse


SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


Bent 43


Jones 20

From Jane Cooper


ARREN BENT has not been so much heaven-sent as seven-sent for Aston Villa. The striker with the golden touch and the golden price tag once again did exactly what it says on the tin and popped up with a goal to make it seven in 12 games for the club. Thats a handy habit to have when you command a fee of 18million and rising. At this rate, the extra 6m transfer add-ons will arrive in Sunderland sooner rather than later. Villa boss Gerard Houllier, monitoring events from his hospital sick bed, will have been delighted at the way Bent rescued a point for the team after Kenwyne Joness opener. The Frenchman wants to be back at the helm as quickly as possible but, in his absence, the players are still doing it for him. Bent has singlehandedly trawled eight points for Villa this season, which is the difference between bottom three and relative security. Only a matter of weeks ago, Houllier was facing calls for his head and banners telling him that his time was up at Villa. The only message on
MAN OF THE MATCH: RYAN SHAWCROSS it is sometimes hard to remember that Stokes central defender is so young when he looks so commanding. VILLA: Friedel; Walker, Collins, Dunne, L Young; Downing (Albrighton, 67), Petrov, Reo-Coker, A Young; Heskey (Agbonlahor, 79) Bent. STOKE: Begovic; Wilkinson, Huth, Shawcross, Wilson; Pennant, Delap (Fuller, 75), Whelan, Etherington (Whitehead, 73); Walters; Jones (Diao 89). Ref: C Foy. Att: 35,235


ONE JUMP OR TWO: Jones outleaps the Villa defence for the opener

display yesterday was a get well soon. Houllier, facing more tests on a heart condition, is planning to do just that. Gary McAllister, in caretaker charge, said: Im going to see him now. Will I take the DVD? Im sure he will have it already. Some of the staff went to see him this morning. Hes got some colour in his cheeks. Im sure when I tell him about the performance he will have a bit more colour in his cheeks. Successive back-to-back wins had lifted the pressure already in terms of the relegation ght and talk about the managers future. Yesterday McAllister took charge, hoping to deliver another tonic. Villa fans might have thought Stoke would be there for the taking now that they have an FA Cup Final in the bag as well as the second-worst away record in the Premier League. They clearly do not know Potters boss Tony Pulis, who does not believe in taking it easy. Even underneath his baseball cap, a glare from the gaffer is enough to stop trafc. Pulis did not have much glaring to do at the start as his team

MAKING HIS POINT: Bent celebrates his equaliser for Villa

made all the early running. Not for the rst time, veteran Brad Friedel kept Villa in the hunt with two fabulous saves, one from Robert Huth and the other from Jones. Stoke were, unbelievably, aiming for their rst top-ight win at Villa Park since 1965. More signicantly, since they made it into the Premier League, their record in ve meetings with Villa up till yesterday included just one defeat. In other words, they

have caused Villa all sorts of problems in the last three seasons. The demons returned with a vengeance halfway through the rst half when Jones grabbed his 10th goal of the campaign, a header from Rory Delaps long throw. It turned out to be the wake-up call that Villa needed. Perhaps the warmth of the afternoon had put them into siesta mode before that. Luke Young recorded the home sides

rst shot of the game, after half an hour. It went wide, while a header from Emile Heskey sailed over the bar but it gave the home fans hope. Heskey was then stopped in his tracks by a brilliant tackle from Ryan Shawcross as Villa started to work up a head of steam. The equaliser could not have come at a worse or better time, depending on allegiances. Two minutes before half-time, Kyle Walker

oated over a cross from the right and Bent did brilliantly to head past Asmir Begovic, via a post. Pulis said: The rst half was very good but the worst thing that happened was half time. We looked jaded in the second half and we couldnt get going at pace and tempo. The one blow was an injury to Ricardo Fuller, who faces a scan on his Achilles and may miss the Cup Final.


Two for Taarabt as Rangers close in on the big time

ADEL TAARABT struck twice to leave QPR on the verge of promotion to the Premier League after a thrilling draw at promotion rivals Cardiff. Neil Warnocks Rangers side could have ended their 15-year wait for a return to the top ight with victory in south Wales. But they twice fell behind to strikes from Jay SLAP HAPPY: Two-goal hero Taarabt Bothroyd and Craig Bellamy. (right) and Bellamy share a joke Taarabt recently named the

Cardiff City 2 QPR 2

Championships Player of the Year produced a moment of magic in each half to earn the Hoops a point at the Cardiff City Stadium. A win for QPR over Hull at Loftus Road tomorrow will now seal promotion for the Londoners and Warnock said: Adel owed us that. He has had one or two walkabouts lately but that is because people


kick him to death. Two of the tackles on him from behind at Barnsley were manslaughter. Hes been fantastic all season. When he plays like that he is lovely to watch. Rangers promotion party was put on ice in the sixth minute when Bothroyd red home a 25-yard rocket off the underside of the bar. But they were level in four minutes as Taarabts cross-shot drifted over keeper Stephen

Bywater into the far corner. Cardiff went back in front through Bellamys close-range volley. But Taarabt outmuscled Kevin McNaughton and nished coolly to level again and end up man-of-thematch. The result leaves Cardiff trailing second-placed Norwich by a point, but manager Dave Jones insisted: Weve lost the advantage but theres a lot of football still to be played.


Fletcher 22

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



Johnson 80

From Mike Carey


UBSTITUTE Andy Johnson proved deadly with his rst kick which was more than could be said for his boss, Mark Hughes. The Fulham manager was involved in an amazing cameo after an hour when he was ordered from the dug-out after a show of petulance. Hughes, angered when referee Michael Oliver showed defender Brede Hangeland a yellow card for a foul on Steven Fletcher, twice missed his kick when lashing out in temper at a water bottle. He nailed it third time, but was then banished to the stand by referee Oliver after speaking out of turn to the fourth ofcial. For someone who scored 179 goals for club and country during his illustrious career, Hughes has clearly lost his touch. But he was able to joke about the incident afterwards with the pain no doubt eased by Johnsons 80th minute equaliser. Said Hughes: I was disappointed because I felt Brede had won the ball and the referee interpreted it in a different way and saw t to book my
MAN OF THE MATCH: KARL HENRY the Wolves man kept his head in a pressure game when all around him looked to be losing theirs. WOLVES: Hennessy, Stearman, Craddock, Ward, Berra, Henry, Jarvis, Milijas (Mancienne 59), OHara, Guedioura (Kightly 85), Fletcher (Ebanks-Blake 77). FULHAM: Schwarzer, Salcido, Hangeland, Baird, Hughes, Sidwell, Murphy (Kakuta 69), Dempsey (Johnson 79), Davies, Gudjohnsen (Zamora 69), Dembele.

DJ spins to keep Pool party alive

Blackpool 1 Newcastle 1 By Mike Whalley
THE lights havent gone out on Blackpools Premier League adventure just yet. DJ Campbell saw to that. Campbell, with a bit of help from linesman Peter Kirkup, ensured a point that may just have revived his sides push for safety. Kirkup judged that the strikers ick from a Charlie Adam corner crossed the line before Jose Enrique headed it out. Newcastle boss Alan Pardew said: I think youve got to be beyond doubt if youre going to give that as the linesman, and I didnt think it was. It was the least the Seasiders deserved after Adams sloppy pass allowed Joey Barton to set up Peter Lovenkrands for Newcastles opener. Blackpool, though, really needed to win, especially given that two of their last four games are at Tottenham and Manchester United. They should have won. And they would have had they taken any one of a host of chances. They were snapping at Newcastles heels from the off yesterday. That was clear when Geordie midelder Keith Southern sent Barton crashing into the hoardings. Then Gary TaylorFletcher left Cheik Tiot on the deck with a tackle. ACE: Campbell But Blackpool have been haunted by unforgivable mistakes in defence. It was one such error that allowed Newcastle to go in front with just over a quarter-of-anhour gone and it came from their captain Adam. It was his loose pass that was intercepted by Barton, who set up Lovenkrands to shoot low beyond Matt Gilks. And it must have been hard for Blackpool boss Ian Holloway to take as his side then had a couple of strong penalty shouts rejected by FA Cup nal referee Martin Atkinson. Holloway said: The truth is that we shouldnt be doing what were doing on our budget. Were David against Goliath every week. Weve been running out of stones lately. But I think weve found some more now because that performance has given us some belief that we can get out of this.

MISS AND HIT: Fulham boss Mark Hughes failed to connect when he kicked out at a bottle unlike (above) Steven Fletcher, who met the ball perfectly to score for Wolves

Ref: M Oliver

Att: 28,825

player. Thats why I reacted. The fourth ofcial played a part in my dismissal, probably for missing the bottle three times. So it was poor play from my point of view. Hughes kept in touch with his dug-out by mobile phone and proved there was nothing wrong with his lines of communication thanks to his inspired introduction of Johnson. He added: Im not looking to take the credit, but thats what you want when you make changes. You want them to make an impact. I think Andy was on for about 18 seconds and did just what I wanted him to do. Its great for him, because hes lacked goals lately. Thats whats been missing from his game and that goal will do him a power of good. Johnson had no problems with his aim he needed just one touch after replacing Clint Dempsey to make his mark. The striker drilled home from 15 yards after Hangelands long punt forward dropped neatly into his path. It was a sickener for Wolves, who were on course to climb out of the


bottom three thanks to Steven Fletchers rst-half header. They remain deep in the mire, but at least boss Mick McCarthy had the consolation of seeing his side shore up defensively after conceding ten goals in their previous three games. Said the Wolves boss: Ten minutes is a long time in football. I dont think we dominated the game at all and they put on good players to try and get a result. We defended well and I was disappointed with the way we conceded. Everybody is predicting what it will take and wont take. If we are one goal or one point better off than three others that will do and we can still do it. I think there were other sides who would have been beaten having conceded and we didnt. We have now got ve huge, great games to play. To say there were old scores to settle in the game would be an understatement. Wolves fans were quick to let Danny Murphy know exactly what they thought following his early season jibe that McCarthy pumped

Supersub Andy spares gaffers blushes

up his players to be over-physical. The Fulham skipper was jeered whenever he touched the ball. Fulham should have silenced the taunts after 17 minutes but Dempsey, stretching, turned Salcidos cross over the bar from six yards. Wolves stormed ahead ve minutes later, when skipper Karl Henry crossed and Fletcher outjumped Aaron Hughes to head home his eighth goal of the season. Fulham almost pinched the points in injury time, but Wayne Hennessey saved from substitute Gael Kakuta.

MAN OF THE MATCH: DJ CAMPBELL The Blackpool striker was involved in many of their best moves and his goal revived hopes at the right time. BLACKPOOL: Gilks, Crainey, Eardley, Evatt, Baptiste, Southern, Vaughan, Phillips (Varney 83), Adam, Taylor-Fletcher (Puncheon 89), Campbell. NEWCASTLE: Krul, Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Williamson, Simpson, Nolan (Perch 86), Barton, Gutierrez, Tiote, Lovenkrands (Ireland 62), Ameobi (Kuqi 90).


Ref: M Atkinson

Att: 16,003

Happy return for McCann

CHRIS McCANN put 15 months of injury agony behind him as Burnley boosted their promotion hopes. The midelder returned to put the gloss on a stunning Clarets comeback that brought Eddie Howes men level with sixth-placed Nottingham Forest. McCanns stunning 74th-minute 20-yarder went in via the post. Theo Robinson had tapped Derby ahead after just six minutes. Chris Eagles levelled with a smart

Swans cure away-day blues

SWANSEA ended a run of four successive away defeats but they look to have blown their automatic promotion hopes. They were not at their best here but they are still comfortably in the playoffs zone. However, they were fortunate not to fall behind after only two minutes when Aaron Mokoena met Hayden Mullins free kick unmarked in the six-yard area but the Portsmouth

Derby County 2 Burnley 4

nish before Jamie Wards deected shot restored the Rams lead. Ward was then sent off after bringing down Tyrone Mears for a 62nd-minute spot-kick. Eagles scored at the second attempt after Brad Jones had saved. Six minutes later Eagles ne cross allowed Wade Elliott to head in before McCann sealed his return in style. BRAVE: Nugent

Portsmouth 0 Swansea City 0

man planted his header a couple of yards wide. That apart, the Swans generally blunted a Pompey attack bravely led by David Nugent. At the other end, despite the pace of Nathan Dyer down the right, they struggled with Dyer more intent on a personal battle with man-of-thematch Hermann Hreidarsson.


OFF: Ward


DENIS Law-type spring in the air and a devastating far-post header the Manchester United legend would have been proud of, surely sealed a record breaking 19th title. Javier Hernandez might be known as the Little Pea but the Mexican crackerjack has sprouted into the big time at Old Trafford and how. There were seven minutes of normal time left and the red tide had rolled all over Everton to no avail. The Stretford End were becoming nervy. Were United about to leave the door ajar for their title rivals? No chance. Its not in their DNA. Antonio Valencia, who wouldnt have a hair out of place in a storm, once again maintained his composure while others might have been reaching for the tranquillisers. Marauding down the right he cut in and crossed deep into the six-yard box. It was an invitation mere mortals might have passed up on. Not as far as Hernandez is concerned, and after a giant leap and rm connection with the head, Everton were done for. The roar which greeted the South Americans 19th goal of his rst season in English football would have registered at Stamford Bridge and the Emirates. United now just need two more victories to make history. Liverpool, who share the record of 18 championships, are desperately close to being knocked off that famous perch. Ferguson said: We have to keep our heads down and not get carried away. Theres only four games left now and the way were going about our business gives us an outstanding chance. The Hernandez strike still didnt halt an adrenaline-fused grandad giving the fourth ofcial a right earful. After all, it had been ve domestic games since United boss Sir Alex Ferguson had been allowed in the connes of the dug-out. It was as if he had never been away, patrolling the technical area with an increasing air of urgency as the dening moments of the Premier League season were being played out. Each of the ve minutes of added time were counted down by the Scot, giving his watch a real battering before throwing both sts in the air in celebration at the nal whistle. Everton had a couple of soft penalty claims when Jonny Evans tangled with Jermaine Beckford and
Hernandez 83

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



From John Richardson

Little Pea helps United take step closer to title

Victor Anichebe went to ground following a Rio Ferdinand challenge, but when they did break through they discovered Edwin van der Sar in deant mood. In a one-sided rst half the Dutchman could have hired out deckchairs at the Stretford End. Hernandez the attacking foil, displaying his customary energy and sharpness with the probing Wayne Rooney always in support, was ironically the main reason why United reached the dressing room without any advantage. Valencia brushed Leighton Baines off the ball in a determined challenge and set up what should have been a routine nish for Nani. The Portuguese winger, though, hadnt allowed for the prostrate body of Hernandez to divert the low effort around the post, the striker having stumbled in the box. Everton, with Tim Cahill introduced after the break, showed more attacking endeavour although their woodwork came to the rescue when Michael Owen moved in sharply on a Fabio cross. Everton boss David Moyes said: For long periods we held a really good team who look as if they might go on to become champions. Make a mistake and they punish you.
MAN OF THE MATCH: JAVIER HERNANDEZ in an inated transfer market, at 7million this little Mexican is proving the bargain of the season with his vital goals. MAN UTD: Van der Sar; Fabio, Ferdinand, Evans, OShea (Evra 56); Valencia, Gibson (Giggs 74), Anderson, Nani (Owen 62); Rooney; Hernandez. EVERTON: Howard; Hibbert, Jagielka, Distin, Baines; Coleman (Gueye 74), Neville, Rodwell, Bilyaletdinov (Cahill 46); Osman; Beckford (Anichebe 46).

Ref: P Walton

Att: 75,300


UP FOR IT: Uniteds Javier Hernandez leaps above the Everton defence to head the decisive goal

(a) (h) (a) (h)

With four games left, the way were going about our business gives us an outstanding chance SIR ALEX FERGUSON

Fergies challenge to rivals

in for training every day at 9am and hes the last to leave. The boy is truly dedicated. Ferguson also wants his champions-elect to nish the season with a ourish by beating both of their title challengers, Chelsea and Arsenal, over the next two weekends. It has clearly annoyed him that the number of points needed to be sure of winning the title takes the worst-case scenario into consideration. The thing that puzzles me is they keep saying that weve still got to play Arsenal and Chelsea, as if were going to lose these games, he said. Why cant we win these games? Why should people say that we cant beat Chelsea at home or go to the Emirates and win? I said to the players today forget all that rubbish, just win your games.

Quick-fire Eustace seals it

JOHN EUSTACE scored Watfords winner after just 43 seconds to end a run of ve games without a win and keep faint play-off hopes alive. Hornets boss Malky Mackay said: Were going into the last three games with something to play for, ve points off the play-offs, and well certainly play for it. Skipper Eustace red in from close range after Troy Deeneys header was pushed on to the crossbar by

Watford 1 Barnsley 0
goalkeeper Luke Steele. Within 30 seconds of the second-half restart Marvin Sordell should have made it two, but misjudged his run towards a low cross with the goal gaping. Barnsley manager Mark Robins said: The disappointing thing is weve done enough to win the game 10 times over, all we havent done is get the ball in the back of the net.



HERO: Eustace


Lampard 44, Torres 84, Malouda 90

SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011



From Colin Mafham
ERNANDO TORRES chose the perfect moment to break his Chelsea duck as a freak downpour turned Stamford Bridge into a water park. But there was nothing freakish about the way the 50million Spaniard ended a drought that stretches back to January 22 when he scored two goals for Liverpool against Wolves. Just when it looked as though the squelching pitch might stop him in his tracks, he did what Chelsea paid all that money for him to do. Torres turned, as only he can, to beat Rob Green and nally ended brave West Hams resistance. Then he capped what had turned into a personal triumph by setting up Chelseas third for Florent Malouda. That keeps Chelseas slim title hopes aoat, just as it almost certainly washed West Hams dream of playing them in the Premier League next season well and truly down the plug hole. Torres celebrated his goal with his team-mates afterwards admitting that it was them who had seen him through his personal crisis. I kept working but it was down to my team-mates and hopefully I can now repay them, he added. And team-mate Didier Drogba
MAN OF THE MATCH: FERNANDO TORRES who else after what the Chelsea striker has been through? And the goal really was almost worth the wait. CHELSEA: Cech; Ivanovic, Luiz, Terry, A Cole; Essien (Benayoun 55), Mikel, Lampard; Kalou (Anelka 69), Drogba (Torres 76), Malouda. WEST HAM: Green; Jacobsen, Gabbidon, Da Costa, Bridge; Spector, Noble (Keane 59). Hitzlesperger; Sears (Obinna 81), C Cole (Piquionne 78), Demba Ba.

Nando faces a new life

Torress goal touch has come too late to keep the title at Chelsea but manager Carlo Ancelotti (below) was overjoyed. What a perfect day, he said. Everyone has been waiting for Fernando to score and nally he did it. From today, a new life. He needed a goal he worked hard and maintained condence and composure. From today, he will have fantastic future at this club. The big problem was that he came to a new club and it was not easy to immediately nd a good relationship with the new teammates and our play. The bad moment has gone we will take advantage with his performances.


OPENER: Frank Lampard gives West Ham keeper Rob Green no chance as he blasts the ball home from close range, while (below, right) Fernando Torres celebrates his rst goal for Chelsea with team-mate Yossi Benayoun

Villa fearing Houllier exit

ASTON VILLA have admitted for the rst time that Gerard Houllier faces serious health problems, which raises questions about his ability to return as manager. Houllier (left), in hospital after suffering chest pains last week, underwent major heart surgery for a ruptured aorta when he was at Liverpool. American Charles Krulak, a director at Villa, revealed last night: He has suffered a problem that he has suffered before at Liverpool. It is serious. Krulak, a close friend of Villa owner Randy Lerner, added: Randy ew over to see him. The key is his health and that he recover completely.

Ref: P Dowd

Att: 41,656

said: We are all absolutely delighted for him. Meanwhile, John Terry and Wayne Bridge continued the bitter feud they have had ever since the Chelsea skippers affair with his former team-mates ex-girlfriend. They neither looked at each other nor shook hands beforehand. And if Green hadnt had his wits about him it could have been even worse for the Hammers lovelorn defender with less than two minutes on the clock. Malouda usually buries the kind of gilt-edged chance he was handed. This time he must have been distracted by how easy it was for him to get into such a position. That, it seemed, was enough to send a West Ham side, that on paper looked to have attacking intentions, into a very risky, defensive mindset. All the more surprising, then, that when the Hammers did venture out of their shell Petr Cech was suddenly

Torres joy at last as Chelsea storm in

called on to make two crucial saves from Demba Ba and Jonathan Spector that could have been very embarrassing indeed. One piece of magic undid the Hammers when Didier Drogba split them wide open to send Ashley Cole clear. The countrys best left-back found Frank Lampard with more space than Nasa to hammer Chelseas opener into the roof of the net. That was the signal for the heavens to open, the thunder to clap and the


Ally fury at bomb idiots

to go. At last, the lad didnt disappoint. Disappointed West Ham boss Avram Grant refused to throw in the towel after a spirited team performance. He said: We all know we deserved better today. Petr Cech made three excellent saves, but we didnt take our chances.

oodlights to temporarily go off. And West Hams survival hopes also became much dimmer in the process. But as long as Chelsea failed to capitalise on their superiority so West Ham hung on long enough for Ba to test Cech again and for substitute Robbie Keane to miss a sitter. All of which kept a few thousand Stamford Bridge hearts in mouths and prompted Carlo Ancelotti to send on the enigma that was Torres with slightly less than a quarter of an hour

RANGERS No 2 Ally McCoist last night launched a erce attack on the sick idiots who targeted Celtic boss Neil Lennon with a nail bomb, and he declared that they will never win. The Celtic manager was one of three prominent people who had explosive devices addressed to them. And McCoist (right), who had a muchpublicised pitchside bust-up with the Hoops manager, has appealed to the thugs to quit their campaign. Speaking ahead of todays Old Firm clash at Ibrox, he said: I am as shocked and horried as anyone. They are sick individuals. I am really saddened that this has taken place in Scottish football.


City hint that Tevez can go

withdrawn following talks with City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak. There was a promise that the Argentinians situation would be reviewed in the summer. Now, with Inter Milan and Juventus hovering, along with Jose Mourinhos Real Madrid, City are vulnerable to a big bid at the end of the season. Tevez is currently in Italy being treated for a hamstring injury which has left him in a race to be t for the May 14 FA Cup Final against Stoke and the remaining crunch league games as City look to qualify for next seasons Champions League. But Mancini said: What happens with him at the end of the Premier League season is difcult to say now. It is the clearest indication yet that Tevez will be allowed to leave if he decides his time with City is up.

Slews on cue with a lifeline

JORDAN SLEW made sure Shefeld United ght on for another day. However, their fans remain resigned to League One football. England Under-19 striker Slew offered hope for the future by lashing a late goal past David James to end a run of four straight defeats. United keeper Steve Simonsen punched Brett Pitmans corner into his own net on 10 minutes, but Micky Adams men fought back with Lee

Shefeld Utd 3 Bristol City 2

Williamson equalising, then David McAllister put the home side ahead. Citys Nicky Maynard saw red for a poor challenge on Matthew Lowton but Pitman levelled with a penalty after Harry Maguires foul on Jon Stead, before Slew hit the winner. Bristol City boss Keith Millen said: The goals sum up the game it was one mistake after another.





SUNDAY EXPRESS April 24, 2011


OUR racing correspondent Chris Goulding (left) was top of the national newspaper tipsters for the Coral Racing Post jumps naps competition. Our man found more winners than any other national newspaper tipster during the jumping season October


24 to April 21. He nished the season 22.14 in prot from a pound level stakes on all his selections. No other Sunday newspaper could

match this outstanding achievement which enabled him to nish in third place behind the Morning Star and the Racing Post.

City hint Tevez can go

MANCHESTER CITY boss Roberto Mancini will not stand in Carlos Tevezs way if the 35millionrated striker wants to quit Eastlands in the summer. Mancini insists its a fact of life that top players switch clubs every year and he himself is on the trail of a number of striking

EXCLUSIVE By John Richardson

targets, including Napoli hitman Edinson Cavani and Udineses Alexis Sanchez. Tevez (left) shocked City earlier in the season by asking for a transfer after a number of run-ins with disciplinarian Mancini. The request was later


Wenger: We wont sell

ARSENE WENGER last night delivered a handsoff warning to clubs keen to buy the players he still believes will lead Arsenal to glory. As the Gunners prepared for todays match at Bolton the boss denied mounting speculation that the club

By Colin Mafham
might be prepared to accept a 50million bid from Barcelona for captain Cesc Fabregas (left). Why should we sell Cesc? he asked. It is difcult to know what silly money clubs might offer, but we have built this team around Cesc and Jack Wilshere and we will



United move in on title as Fergie salutes goal hero
By John Richardson TOP FIVE

SIR ALEX Ferguson hailed his 7million bargain Javier Hernandez after he had propelled Manchester United to within two wins of a recordbreaking 19th title.
United are now six points clear of their nearest rivals with just four games remaining. United left it late against Everton, Hernandezs 83rd-minute header earning a 1-0 win, a club record 13th consecutive home




34 21 10 34 20 7

71 32 39 73

64 27 37 67

33 18 10 8

66 34 32 64 50 30 20 56 8 55

MAN CITY 32 16


33 14 13

49 41

league victory. And Ferguson admitted: We kept everyone on the edge of their seats but we got there in the end. We didnt expect that (from Hernandez). We thought it would take a year to get him properly settled. He has adapted to English football very quickly. He is


Torres toast of the Bridge

By Colin Mafham
FERNANDO TORRES nally ended his 82-day, 732-minute, 14-game goal drought for Chelsea yesterday.
And the delight of his team-mates was there to be seen even if the Spanish striker wasnt! Torres was buried by celebrating Chelsea players (right) after he scored his rst goal since the record-breaking 50million move from Liverpool on January 31 in the 3-0 win over rock-bottom West Ham at Stamford Bridge. I have had 14 games waiting for a goal, which was not the beginning I was expecting when I signed, admitted Torres. It is not easy when you sign for a club in January but I want to thank all my team-mates because they have been looking out for me all this time. There will be less pressure on me now. It remains to be seen whether


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