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Dear Sir or Madame, This letter is in reference to Andrew Carroll. student in I have known Andrew for 4 years.

Andrew was a Studies and, currently, AP World History

s" grade

World History Honors, Multicultural

courses. Andrew is a dynamic and passionate student. He freely expresses his ideas and debates with knowledge and enthusiasm. He is always a welcome part of any class discussion. He shows the utmost respect to all of his teachers and seeks advice when he faces any difficult decision. He enjoys challenges and does not shirk away from tasks that are given. He has stood above the rest in his academic pursuits by enrolling in numerous AP courses. The evidence of his depth of knowledge is shown exemplary scores on his AP tests. Andrew shines both inside and outside of the classroom. He is a member of various school organizations, such as the National Honors Society, the National Art Society, Bible Club and the Hockey job of bringing important information to the student body by participating in

Club. He does a wonderful the daily announcements

through the MHS Radio Broadcast Program.

He also has shown great initiative He

by pioneering the first Musselfnan High School video broadcast program, Musselman Momentum. has entertained the school with his many performances with the MHS Theatre Troup. He has also

shown his perseverance and dedication to his mental and physical well being through his dedication to the Varsity Track and Cross Country teams. Andrew has the qualities of a great leader. Along with many other honors, he has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in his local Boys Scout Troup. He also has been a member of the MHS Student Council, President and Vice-President of the Rotary Interact Club, President and Public Relations Officer

in the Diversity Club. In my opinion, his shining moment as a high school scholar was his acceptance and participation in the Governors School for the Arts and the Governor's Summer Academy. Andrew showed a great deal of growth and maturity after both of these life changing experiences. Personally, I have enjoyed many hours of conversation with Andrew. I find conversing to be interesting and highly challenging. I enjoy hearing about his vision for his life. I also enjoy with him

discussing his musical interests and talents. I value the many times he has asked my opinion and advice. Andrew is the type of student one senses really cares about what one has to say. In conclusion I highly recommend Andrew for your organization. any group in which is his involved. I believe he will be an asset to

Denise Braithwaite Musselman High School Social Studies Dept. Inwood, WV