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BRITISH workers face yet another pension shock under controversial plans put forward by the European Union, it emerged yesterday.
New rules could see savers paying more money into their retirement pots, only to see a reduction in payments.

The Brussels plan to reduce the debts of pension funds was last night branded a massive interference because it would force British employers to nd extra cash to meet the bigger bills while slashing returns. Workers could even end up losing their jobs if businesses cut back on staff in an attempt to nd the extra cash. Bob Bullivant, chief executive ofcer at pensions specialist adviser Annuity Direct, warned: How many more knock-backs can UK workers take? If the EU does decide to

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Cheryl Cole is set to be a US X Factor judge says Simon Cowell, inset PAGE 19



STORMS could hit the Royal Wedding, say forecasters, with overcast conditions expected on William and Kates big day. The current heatwave is set to come to an end later this week with more usual temperatures replacing the scorching sunshine of Easter. But for the royal couple, tradition holds that showers on your wedding day are a good omen.


2 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

Cancer strikes Moors mum

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THE mother of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett has made what could be her nal appeal to killer Ian Brady, after being diagnosed with cancer. Keith, 12, was lured into a car by Bradys lover Myra Hindley while walking to his grandmothers house in 1964. For decades Keiths mother Winnie Johnson, 77, demanded that Brady and Hindley tell her where her sons remains

were. But Winnie, of Longsight, Manchester, is about to start radiotherapy for cancer of the womb. She has sent a DVD to Brady, 73, at his secure mental hospital on which she asks him to give up his evil secret. Yesterday she said: This might be my last chance to nd my son and give him a

proper burial. The most important thing is to nd Keith before the cancer beats me. Winnie added: If Brady can help me, if he has one shred of compassion, then all I can ask is, please let me know. Brady and Hindley were jailed for life in 1966 for murdering three other children, before Brady confessed to killing Keith and Pauline Reade, 16. Hindley died in 2002.

Winnie Johnson, age 77

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Publish salaries to curb fat-cat school heads, urges union

HEAD teachers on fat-cat salaries should be forced to publish how much they get paid to stop schools abusing public money, a leading teaching union said yesterday. NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said an increasing number of heads are raking in six-gure salaries and many are in new academy schools. And she called for head teachers to come under the same scrutiny as other public sector workers so that taxpayers cash is properly accounted for. She said many heads at primary and secondary schools which became academies are being paid between 100,000 and 160,000. These include an unnamed head at an academy who resigned only to be re-employed on a three-day week as a consultant for 100,000. Ofcial gures suggest that around 700 teachers are earning six-gure sums. Data published by the Department for Education reveals that about 200 school leaders working in publicly-funded schools were earning upwards of 110,000 in 2010, and possibly as much as 200,000. Around a further 500 were earning between 100,000 and 109,999. Matthew Sinclair, director of public spending watchdog the TaxPayers Alliance, said: Pay transparency is vital across the public sector so taxpayers can decide for themselves if senior staff are providing good value. Yesterday, the NASUWT at its annual conference in Glasgow called on the executive to continue its campaign for greater transparency in the pay and rewards of head teachers. Ms Keates said: Why should they be exempt from chief executives in the public sector that have to have their salaries published? Weve heard of a number of these

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City workers still cream off big pay deals

CITY workers are still raking in bumper pay as soaring wages offset falling bonuses. Bonus payouts fell this year by 8 per cent to 6.7billion, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said today. But the centre estimates pay in the rst quarter of 2011 was 7 per cent higher compared with 2 per cent for Britain as a whole. The gures will anger struggling families, especially after banks agreed to curb bonus payouts. Matthew Sinclair wants pay transparency
head teachers taking schools through to academy conversion calling themselves executive heads and saying now theyve got more responsibility they should get more pay. Just because they have changed their title, and they were in small primary schools, they were getting between 100,000 and 160,000. Theres no rationale or debate about it. Academy schools were set up by Labour and receive funding directly from central government and are independent of local authority control. Over the Easter weekend the National Union of Teachers voted to ballot its members for a one-day strike in the summer over pension changes.

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New Moon 3 May

Last month the Daily Express revealed how Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond raked in 9million for his work last year. But the centre warned excessive regulation of bank pay could drive nancial services out of London. CEBR chief executive Douglas McWilliams said: Our research shows excessive remuneration and prot is better addressed through increasing competition rather than regulation. The industry will have a clear idea of any new regulations after the Independent Commission on Banking reports in September.

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CAMPAIGNERS accused the BBC last night of trivialising death in a new documentary showing the nal moments of a terminal patient. Anti-euthanasia supporters said it was bringing Big Brother-style TV to a deathbed. The decision to lm an 84-year-old cancer victim known only as Gerald for


Inside The Human Body was taken knowing it would be offensive to many viewers. Film-maker Michael Mosley wrote in Radio Times: I know there are those who feel that showing a human death on television is wrong, whatever the circumstances. Although I respect this

point of view I think there is a case to be made for lming a peaceful, natural death a view shared by many who work closely with the dying. But the Pro Life Alliance said: It is trivialising death. Its unhealthy. The scene, the second time the BBC has screened a death, will go out on BBC One on May 12.

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Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 3


Victorias Twitter posts of good sport David. Below, the couple with, from left, Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo
DAVID Beckhams move to play football in America was branded harebrained by many. But after an easy 3-0 victory for LA Galaxy over the Portland Timbers, he could tell them to hop it as he celebrated by dressing up as the Easter bunny. Wife Victoria wrote on Twitter: I love Easter!!!!! So excited!! Been shopping for lots of eggs for the boys!!! My favourite time of the year. We are planning a big Easter egg hunt!!! Dont know who enjoys it the most, me, David or the boys!!!!! Dress designer Victoria, 37, later teased Guess who! and posted a picture of a

mystery gure in an Easter bunny costume. But rather than a basket of eggs, this bunny carried a football while standing on a skateboard. Another picture shows the rabbit chilling out on a lounger.

After the Easter egg hunt with sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, six, Victoria posted the message Look what the bunny left... golden eggs!!!!!!, with a picture of two metallic balls hidden on the lawn of their Beverly Hills mansion. Victoria has become an

enthusiastic Twitter user. She posted a picture of her husband posing alongside a cardboard cutout of teen heart-throb Justin Bieber on the social networking site recently. David, a goodwill ambassador for Unicef, has launched a campaign for fans to celebrate his 36th birthday on May 2 by purchasing footballs to be delivered to children affected by poverty, war and disaster. He said: Across the world, in schools and refugee camps, a game of football brings children and communities together to play and forget any trauma or worries for an hour or two.

Brief Encounter, truly classical

THE haunting theme of the 1940s classic lm Brief Encounter has been voted the nations favourite piece of classical music. With its stirring introduction before a series of rousing strings break in, Rachmaninovs Piano Concerto No 2 was an integral element of David Leans bittersweet depiction of a doomed romance. In the 1945 movie a suburban housewife trapped in a dull marriage, played by Celia Johnson, gives up the love of her life, Trevor Howards dashing doctor, to avert the pain of a scandal and two broken homes. The Russian composers dramatic piece of music and backdrop to lost love beat Vaughan Williamss far lighter and more lyrical The Lark Ascending into second place. The 1914 composition by the English musician has kept Rachmaninovs darker concerto off the top spot for the past four

years as the two pieces have vied to be number one in the nations affections for nearly a decade. But proving Williams is still close to the UKs heart, he took third place in the Classic FM poll with his Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. Williams was hotly followed by his contemporary fellow British composer Edward Elgar who was voted into seventh and eighth places for his Enigma Variations and Cello Concerto. More than 180,000 people voting for the radio stations Ultimate Hall of Fame decided Mozart was the nations favourite composer after the 18th century musician gained 20 entries in the top 300. The Austrian child prodigys highest place in the classic charts was fth for his Clarinet

Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard in Brief Encounter

Concerto. The stations managing director Darren Henley said: The Classic FM Hall of Fame proves that music written hundreds of years ago is very much alive today. It is fantastic to see the British public voting in their thousands and championing their favourite classical music. Rachmaninov was rst voted into No 1 in 2001 after toppling Max Bruchs First Violin Concerto from the top spot where it had been for ve years. Interest in Rachmaninov was revitalised by the 1996 movie Shine. In the biopic the Australian concert pianist David Helfgott is seen struggling to play Rachmaninovs difcult 3rd Concerto in an effort to please his authoritarian father. After playing the piece in competition in London the young Helfgott, who has a schizoaffective disorder, had a breakdown.

4 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

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CAPTION: Is in 8.5pt helvetica bold except when its on a picture when its helevetica black and bigger if poss when its helevetica black and bigger if poss when its helevetica black and bigger if

A HUMAN cannonball stuntman was killed yesterday after the daredevil act he was performing went tragically wrong. Thousands of horried onlookers watched as the 23-year-old man was red 30ft from the cannon only to crash into the ground when the safety net failed. Paramedics and air ambulance staff raced to help him but he died later in hospital from his injuries. Fans who had ocked to see the stunt said the man, believed to perform under the name Matt the Manx Crank, was knocked unconscious as soon as he hit the ground and was seen to be bleeding. Witness Rob Hutchinson, 42, told how he watched the tragedy unfold with his wife and two young children. Mr Hutchinson, a driving instructor from Tenterden, Kent, said: The net was already up. He climbed down into the tube, they gave this countdown then he came out of the tube he was probably 30ft or 40ft in the air at least. He turned over and

Stuntman is seen ying through the air yesterday, above, after being red from barrel, left. He turns in mid-air but safety net fails and he crashes to his death
then, the last picture Ive got of him, you can see the net is at on the oor, not up in the air, and he is coming down head-rst towards the ground. I saw him hit the oor and bounce. Mr Hutchinson added: It was like a dummy being thrown almost like they were playing a practical joke. Then you thought, No, that would be a bit of a sick joke to play on people, because theres kids there. Then it was just like, Oh my God, and it was deathly silent. I dont recall anybody shouting at all. Thats when the announcer said, theres been an accident, can we have the St John Ambulance come across. The accident happened at 3.30pm at the Kent County Showground at Detling during a performance by Scott Mays Daredevil Stunt Show. The second performance of the afternoon, which includes pyrotechnics, motorcycle jumps and monster trucks, was cancelled by organisers as police cordoned off the showground. Police said the mans next of kin had been informed. An investigation has been launched. A Kent Police spokesman said: A man taking part in a human cannonball event has died after it is believed the safety net failed to engage. The human cannonball is built on to the back of a 7.5 tonne truck and the stuntman climbs into the huge barrel before being red into the air. He must then turn while in the air and land in the safety net. Scott Mays show has been touring in the UK since 1991 and had a 100 per cent safety record.

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Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 5

A TEENAGE boy told yesterday of the horric moment his 15-year-old school friend collapsed before dying of a drugs overdose. Isobel Jones-Reilly had been telling friends how excited she was soon to be turning 16 when she slumped to the oor. It is thought she had taken ecstasy and amphetamines. Isobel was at a party at 60-year-old university lecturer Brian Dodgeons Victorian terraced house with 20 friends as a guest of his 14-year-old daughter, Beatrice Hadjipateras. The 15-year-old schoolboy, writing on his Facebook page, told of the panic that set in as Isobel, known to her pals as Issy, collapsed. The teenage boy, a fellow pupil at Chiswick Community School, west London, wrote: This morning my life changed for ever. I cant believe what I saw with my own eyes and now keep getting ashbacks. I remember yesterday we was talking about birthdays and now you wont be able to see your next one. Weve been through highs and lows but mostly highs and now I nd it so hard to believe what just happened. Youll always be remembered for being kind, funny and big-hearted, r.i.p Issy Clara Jones-Reilly xxx. Education Secretary Michael Gove lives in the same leafy street in the Ladbroke Grove area of west London and Prime Minister David Cameron owns a house two streets away. Mr Dodgeon was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and child abandonment. He was released on bail until June. His partner Angela Hadjipateras was questioned by police under caution, but not arrested. Yesterday more than 100 family and

Awful moment tragic ecstasy girl slumped to floor in front of me

Pictures: TIM CLARKE

Lib Dems must halt AV battle

THE bitter row over next weeks vote referendum escalated yesterday when a senior Tory accused Nick Clegg and a Cabinet colleague of whingeing. He said the Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne should stop. Mark Pritchard, secretary of the powerful Tory 1922 Committee, said: With each of them presiding over major Government departments theyve never had it so good. Ex-Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell said Prime Minister David Camerons rift with his deputy, who wants the Alternative Vote system introduced, was a ploy to appease Tories who fear the partnership had become too close. Speaking on BBC Radio 4, he urged the parties to remember they needed to work together once polling on May 5 was over. Mr Clegg has suggested Mr Cameron had aligned himself with reactionary interests, including the far-right BNP. Mr Huhne had alleged No AV campaigners had lied.

Isobel with Anthony McPartlin, of Ant and Dec, a near-neighbour who is on her Facebook page

Postmen must not cross road

Brian Dodgeon is released on bail
friends paid tribute to Isobel at a memorial in a park in Chiswick. Many sobbed uncontrollably. Tracey Obasi, 43, whose son Uchenna, 15, was in Isobels class said: She was vibrant and fun and happy and lovely. Last night Isobels parents, Lynne Jones and Patrick Reilly, who live in a 650,000 house in nearby Acton, issued a statement. It read: Isobels family and friends are devastated and heartbroken by her untimely death. We hope that if anything positive comes from this dreadful event, it is that others will make the right decisions to be safe and well in the future. The party kicked off on the evening of Good Friday. Some of the teenagers are believed to have taken drugs as well as downing vodka and bacardi. Mr Dodgeon a leading academic in childrens development at the University of Londons Institute of Education and partner Angela were not at the party. Within hours it started to get out of hand and Isobel told friends she was feeling ill before suffering a heart attack. Neighbours told yesterday how they heard screams in the early hours of Saturday. Minutes later paramedics arrived and tried to revive Isobel. She was taken to St Marys Hospital, Paddington, but died later that morning. Mr Dodgeons daughter Beatrice and two 14-year-old boys were also taken to hospital. They were in a stable condition last night. Detectives are still trying to nd out who supplied the drugs, also thought to include LSD and ketamine. Tony Ryan, headteacher of Chiswick Community School, said: All our thoughts are with Isobels family. POSTMEN have been banned from crossing village streets to deliver letters in case they get knocked over. Royal Mail ofcials say they must complete one side of the road before venturing to the opposite side. Residents are furious, saying deliveries are regularly delayed. David Drew, a Hampshire county councillor, said he could understood the policy on trafc-clogged roads, but not in his quiet village of Goodworth Clatford, near Andover. He added: Common sense has been taken away by health and safety again. It seems that men and women who are trusted with our most precious cargoes cant be trusted to decide if it is safe to cross the road. Bernard Grifths, parish council chairman in nearby Abbotts Ann, said: They have just put postage prices up and now this. Ive got nothing but respect for the postmen but theyre being mucked about by their management. A Royal Mail spokesman conrmed the safety measures, saying: Delivery routes are planned to be completed as efciently and safely as possible.

Pretty teenager Isobel Jones-Reilly, who died of a drugs overdose

Distraught family and friends mourn yesterday

Lax outlook that costs lives

THE heartbroken father of a teenage girl killed by a lethal dose of ecstasy insisted last night that liberal attitudes were putting young lives at risk. Stephen McQuaid, whose 18-yearold daughter Carla Deary collapsed and died after attending a party in 2006, hit out at modern Britain. Electrician Mr McQuaid, 45, insisted youngsters were growing up too soon but were not being prepared to deal with potentially deadly pitfalls. Mr McQuaid said the authorities no longer had the powers to discipline teenagers. Carla, a budding make-up artist who was strongly anti-drugs, was found to have such high levels of ecstasy in her system that experts believe her drink may have been spiked. A man was jailed for 18 months for

supplying illegal drugs at the party Carla attended. But Mr McQuaid, who lives on the Isle of Wight, believes the real culprit was never prosecuted. Mr McQuaid added: These drugs are too easily available. Theres too many people out there dealing. There are drugs that are highly addictive that dealers give away for free. They do it hoping theyll get youngsters hooked. You have kids who are bored stiff and they may be looking for an easy way to forget their worries and problems. Children grow up too quickly today. Theyre not prepared to deal with this. Theres not enough education. They dont know what these drugs really are or the effect that it has on


you if you mix them while drinking or taking other things. Another problem is that there is no respect for authority any more. When I was young, if youd been misbehaving and you got a clip round the earhole you probably deserved it. You cant do that any more. Teachers dont have the powers to keep children under control and teenagers dont have the same respect for the police. I dont think kids realise how serious taking drugs can be. I think the attitude is: It wont happen to me. Let them know the dangers because they dont even think about the consequences. If they had some kind of education as they grew up in mainstream schools they may think twice before they take drugs.

6 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 7

Marr: I won a gagging order over my affair

POLITICAL journalist Andrew Marr has admitted having an affair after coming clean that he is one of the celebrities who has won a court gagging order. The 51-year-old father-ofthree made the announcement last night then claimed the use of injunctions was out of control. The presenter won a High Court injunction in 2008, banning publication of his affair. The ing ended in 2003 and was known about by colleagues in Westminster and at the BBC, where he was then political editor. Mr Marr, host of the Andrew Marr show on the BBC, even paid maintenance payments to the woman, believing he had fathered her child. However, a subsequent DNA test proved the child was not his. Speaking yesterday, he said he felt embarrassed about his gagging order. I did not come into journalism to go around gagging journalists, he said. Am I embarrassed by it? Yes. Am I uneasy about it? Yes. But at the time there was a crisis in my marriage and I believed there was a young child involved. I also had my own family to think about and I believed this story was nobody elses business. I still believe there

was, under those circumstances, no legitimate public interest in it. Mr Marr has been married to Guardian columnist Jackie Ashley for 23 years. They have a 21-year-old son and two daughters, aged 19 and 16. The row over gagging orders intensied after a Premier League footballer, a leading actor and a married television star were all granted them in the last fortnight. Prime Minister David Cameron has claimed that judges are bringing in privacy laws by the back door.

Mr Marr reportedly said: The injunction allowed me and my family the time and space needed to repair and heal itself at a very difcult time. None of this has been particularly pleasant, nor am I proud of it, but we are still together as a family and I am delighted about that. Everybody involved has tried to deal with this in a grown-up manner. There is a case for privacy in a limited number of difcult situations but then you have to move on.

Andrew Marr with wife Jackie in 2008, the year he won the court order

Now EU meddling will hit our pensions

implement these proposals, many hard-working businesses could face immense problems and may well claw back cash from workers pension funds. We used to have one of the most robust occupational pension schemes in the world, but bureaucratic red tape and now Brussels-based interference could put the retirement futures of many in grave danger. The latest example of Eurocrat meddling comes amid waves of support for the Daily Express crusade to Get Britain Out of Europe. It also follows a ruling earlier this year that men and women should not be treated differently by pension providers, leading to a reduction in savings and a rise in premiums. The fresh uproar surrounds proposals by the European Commission to harmonise the length of time British businesses have to cut any private pension scheme decit. The Government-backed Pensions Regulator allows employers as long as 10 years to cut any decit. In most of the rest of Europe it is about three, but Britains pension system is radically different and it ***slip

?Xjk_\<LY\\eX [`jXjk\i]fi9i`kX`e6

P\jk\ok;OKL<P<Jkf/''// Efk\ok;OKL<EFkf/''//
Ros Altmann fears the law will harm UK businesses

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:XccjZfjk)-g]ifdX9KcXe[c`e\% C`e\jZcfj\Xkd`[e`^_kkfe`^_k%K\okj Zfjk),ggclje\knfibfg\iXkfiiXk\j

employers and members need to be vigilant. With Brussels, these ideas are proposals one minute and set in stone the next. Jim Boyd, of retirement planning company Partnership said: Just as UK rms are getting back on their feet, the last thing they need is a directive from Brussels which could derail occupational pensions schemes. Pensions should be a benet, not a target for European civil servants. Eddie OGorman, of investment company The WAY Group, said: Its hard to imagine that EU civil servants who

emerged yesterday that private pension schemes in the UK and the Netherlands would bear the brunt of any new laws. Pension experts and lawyers warned that the laws could threaten some British companies if they were forced to divert more cash into paying off pension decits more quickly. Even more nal salary schemes could close as employers nd them too expensive. James Walsh, workplace pensions expert at the National Association of Pension Funds, said: These new proposals are neither practical nor realistic. The UK pensions industry,

are so keen to make changes to UK pension policy will have any concerns about their pensions. As manufacturing industries start to bounce back, we do not need yet more legislation which could impede this progress. John Ball, head of UK pensions at law rm Towers Watson, said: If there is a big decit and not much money available, something has to give. If the recovery plan cant take the strain, what will? In some countries, the solution can be to cut the benets the scheme must pay but solvent UK employers are not allowed to do this. Forcing them into insolvency will seldom be in anyones interests. Pension expert Ros Altmann commented: This is another example of well-meaning EU legislation which could damage UK companies. In theory, EU rules to make pension funding more prudent and accelerate funding improvements should help make workers pensions more secure. However, trying to force employers to move too fast could undermine pension security if the company funding the scheme goes of business.


8 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

IFP8CN<;;@E> D<DFI89@C@8


FORECASTERS yesterday warned of a Royal Wedding washout as rain threatens to put a dampener on William and Kates big day. But showers might not be all bad news for the couple as rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck. Getting soaked as they tie the knot means a couple will have many children and the bride will cry many tears of happiness, according to superstition. And if they catch a glimpse of a rainbow their marriage will be blessed with good luck, even though Friday is traditionally a bad luck day for a wedding.







Millions heading to London to celebrate the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton are advised to pack a brolly as heavy downpours are looking likely with some experts offering a one in three chance of rain. A cloudy, wet day is forecast for most of the country with showers sweeping the South and wind making it feel much cooler than the past few days. The grim outlook comes after much of the country basked in a heatwave over the Easter bank holiday amid predictions April will beat 2007 as the warmest on record. Met Ofce forecaster Tom Morgan said: Theres certainly the chance of rain in

Metropolitan police riders practise for the parade with horses specially chosen for calm temperaments
the chance of rain for the big day offering equal odds of 5/6 for both rain and dry weather on Friday. If it does rain, the couple will leave Westminster Abbey in the royal Glass Coach, rather than the open-top 1902 State Landau. They will be escorted by a team of Metropolitan Police horses and riders. Helen Rossington, senior forecaster at MeteoGroup, said: It is looking like temperatures will probably be a little bit above average on the day and there is a risk of heavy showers.

29th April 2011

London, with most of the nation getting showers at some point. Temperatures are going to be much lower. A brisk north-easterly wind will make it feel much chillier than of late. But it is still too early to say for sure. Parts of London reached highs of 82F (27.7C) on Saturday and 78F on Sunday much warmer than average. It will be cooler for the rest of the week with the South seeing highs today of about 63F today and 57F in the North. The next few days will stay around 65F in the South and 60F and sunny spells in the North. The South-east is due to turn showery and breezier by Friday although the mercury in parts of Scotland could reach 66F. Bookmaker Paddy Power was yesterday hedging its bets on



Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 9

Hewitt: I planned suicide after Diana
ROYAL cad James Hewitt has revealed he considered suicide after his ve-year affair with Princess Diana. In an interview on US television yesterday, the former Household Cavalry ofcer said he felt he had let everyone down after the affair was exposed and had once planned to shoot himself during a trip to France until his mother made him take her along. I got in my car and loaded a few things up to get on the ferry to go to France to shoot myself, said Hewitt, 52, who insisted the affair began only after Prince Harrys birth. Then my mother insisted on coming with me. If she hadnt, I would probably have shot myself. In Australia, as a poll showed support for abolishing the monarchy at a 17-year low, Dianas ex-butler Paul Burrell hailed Prince William and Kate Middleton as the saviours of the monarchy. He said they were in touch with the younger generation.

Wills real-life Cinders

A ROUGH sleeper is to have a Cinderella transformation after receiving a personal invitation to the wedding from the groom. The woman, named only as Shozna, 20, from London, met Prince William at a gala for homeless charity Centrepoint, of which he is patron, last summer. Her rags-to-riches

story includes being treated to a dress made by designer Raishma Islam and Jimmy Choo shoes. She said: I never thought in a million years Id one day own a pair of Jimmy Choos. I cant thank everyone enough. It has been the most exciting time of my life.

Before the big event, a christening

THE Queen takes time off from the wedding preparations to welcome another addition to the Royal Family. The 85-year-old monarch attended the christening of her rst great grandchild, Savannah Phillips. She and Prince Philip joined their grandson Peter Phillips, 33, and his

32-year-old Canadian wife Autumn on Saturday at Holy Cross Church in Avening, Gloucestershire, close to Princess Annes Gatcombe Park estate. Proud grandmother Anne

and her second husband Tim Laurence were joined by Peters sister Zara and her ance, England rugby star Mike Tindall. Annes rst husband Mark Phillips also attended. Peter and Autumn moved back to Britain from his job in Hong Kong shortly before Savannah was born.


10 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011
JUST follow the instructions from left to right, starting with the number given to reach an answer at the end of the row. Set your own 30-second challenge: for the very young or arithmetically rusty, you have 30
nswers seconds for the BEGINNER task. can b For a greater challenge, try BEGINNER and e found on Page 4 5 INTERMEDIATE in 30 seconds. True mental gymnasts should try INTERMEDIATE PFLI and ADVANCED in 30 seconds together. 8EJN<IJ a Todays

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CFKKFGCLJ, Dfe8gi`c),

It is hoped that a new political agreement between Germany and Russia will help to keep Europe at peace.

An unofcial dock strike in London sees 10,000 men out, leaving 55 ships idle and another 11 unmanned.

Jon Venables, who murdered James Bulger, is allowed out of prison to watch a football match at taxpayers expense.

;8@CPGC8P Dfe8gi`c),

Hundreds of men are battling wild res that are sweeping through South Africa, laying waste to farms and animals.

Princess Michaels visit to Swaziland ends in a riot, with police lashing out at a mob storming Lozitha Palace.


Home Secretary Charles Clarke is under huge pressure to resign after a series of foreign prisoner blunders.


A legs stretch is just the way to start the day for Bahati

CHEEKY monkey Bahati was more gympanzee than chimpanzee when she started her day with a ve-minute aerobic routine. First she reached across her body to give her arms a stretch, then pulled her legs straight up in the air before extending each one to loosen her muscles. Watching visitors at Kenyas Sweetwaters National Park loved the spectacular show. Bahati just yawned and got on with the rest of her day.

JXk8gi`c)* ,-(/*-+++0('
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6 3 2 9 3 2 5 1 6 8 3 7 2

=`cc`eXcck_\jhlXi\jjfk_Xk\XZ_ifn#\XZ_Zfclde# DO YOU Xe[\XZ_*o*jhlXi\ZfekX`eXcck_\[`^`kj]ifd(kf0 HAVE A

9 5 1 5 8 1 6 7 5 9 4 2

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PHONE POLL RESULTS N\Xjb\[`efligfcc feJXkli[Xp1

K_`j`jk_\Hl`ZbJl[fbl ]fik_\jfcm\i`eX_liip% =fikf[Xpjjfclk`feZXcc1

STORY OR A PHOTO? @]pfl_Xm\Xjkfip1

Bahati relaxes after delighting Kenya safari parks visitors

K_\j\e\ngifgfjXcjXi\e\`k_\igiXZk`ZXc efii\Xc`jk`Z%K_\LBg\ej`fej`e[ljkip# \dgcfp\ijXe[d\dY\ije\\[kfY\m`^`cXek

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M Watson, Cambridge

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Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 11

Gadda feels heat as Natos missiles blast his compound

TALKS aimed at stepping up Nato attacks on Colonel Gaddas ground forces in Libya will be held today. Defence Secretary Liam Fox ew to the US to meet his American opposite number Robert Gates as the Western allies penetrated deep into Gaddas stronghold in the countrys trouble-torn capital Tripoli. At least two Nato missiles struck the Libyan leaders compound but he was not injured.

the white ag and we are not scared. Fighting continued in Misrata yesterday, following continued bombardment on Sunday by Gadda loyalists. At least six people were reported killed in an onslaught on the city centre and three residential districts. In London, the Ministry of Defence said Dr Fox had been joined on his US trip by Sir David Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff. A spokesman said the purpose of the visit was to exploit the emerging opportunities on the ground. Last week, Dr Fox raised fears of mission creep in Libya a slide into deeper military involvement by comparing it to the 10-year-old conict in Afghanistan. After it was revealed that Britain would send 10 military advisers to help the rebels, he said training up security forces could be the best way forward. He added the situation in Libya was not that different from whats happening in Afghanistan.

The ruins of Gaddas ofce in Tripoli yesterday. The dictator, inset, was not injured in the missile attacks

About 45 people were said to have been hurt, 15 seriously. A library, ofce compound and VIP reception were destroyed. Witnesses said the explosions were among the biggest so far in Tripoli and three television stations went off the air shortly afterwards. Gaddas son Saif al-Islam attacked Natos cowardly attack, which he said could scare only young boys and girls. He added: Thats something, but we are not going to surrender or wave

Syria at risk of a trade boycott

SYRIA could be facing sanctions after its embattled government cracked down on street protesters. America was last night considering a freeze on Syrian assets and a ban on business between the two nations. The move came after reports that 18 people had been killed as tanks and troops advanced into the strife-torn city of Deraa.

President Barack Obama condemned the violence on Friday and US government spokesman Tommy Vietor last night added: The violence used by Syrias government against its people is deplorable. The US is pursuing a range of options, including sanctions, to make clear that this behaviour is unacceptable. More than 350 civilians have been killed across Syria in the past three days as the revolt against the 11-year rule of President Bashar al-Assad has grown.

12 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

K?<EFIK?<IEJ?<CC9L@C;@E> ELD9<I('CFN<IK?8D<JJKI<<K#CFE;FE<:*I-<E K\c1')'/-().'''flkj`[\LB1"++)'/-().'''

:fej\hl\eZ\jf]k\\eX^\ gXikp$^f\ijflkf]Zfekifc
T IS still not clear how 15-year-old Isobel Jones-Reilly acquired the drugs probably ecstasy and amphetamines that killed her on Good Friday night. Several of her friends also ended up in hospital. What is certain is that this tragedy will resonate with all parents. An out-of-control teenage party is a prospect that adults dread. Everything and anything can go wrong no matter how earnestly the children concerned promise to behave responsibly. We have all read stories of parties ruined by gatecrashers who have found out about the event on Facebook. Damage is caused, neighbours annoyed and thats bad enough. But the combination of volatile youngsters heedlessly imbibing alcohol and illegal substances will sometimes have terrible consequences. Teenagers these days have too much freedom of the wrong kind. They have little freedom to test themselves in the real world because they live in a society where health and safety rules ban any physical risk. But they have endless freedom in the playpen of teenage culture where the dangers can be much greater. One boy at the party had a midnight curfew and was picked up and taken home. In the wake of this tragedy all parents now need to think harder about the boundaries they set their children.

K\XZ_\ijle`fe n`cc[fXepk_`e^ kfni\Zbi\]fid

E UNDERVALUE teachers in Britain. Good teachers transform pupils lives. The best should be paid more respect and hard cash. But is it any wonder that the profession is so undervalued when the teaching unions behave as they do? There are backward looking unions, there are union dinosaursand there are the teaching unions. They behave with contempt towards pupils, parents and the rest of society and pursue with utter ruthlessness the hard-core, Left-wing ideology which has so damaged state education over so many decades. Every Easter key teaching unions hold their annual conferences. Last week it was the supposedly more moderate Association of Teachers and Lecturers, this week it has been the National Union of Teachers, the biggest of the lot. The outcome has been the same as ever: a strike threat and attacks on any reform. It sometimes seems scarcely credible that the delegates are in fact teachers people to whom we entrust our children for their education when they come across as a rabble to whom most of us wouldnt entrust our furniture. A few days coverage of their conference does more damage to the idea of teaching as a profession than even the threat of strike action. Opposition to the extension of academy status is central. When the coalition took ofce only one in 16 secondary schools was an academy, schools which are independent of local education authority control but still fully state schools. Today the number is one in six. By Christmas it will be one in three and by the next election more than half: around 1,600 schools. This is not imposed from above, it is schools themselves choosing to break free of LEAs. This is close to a revolution because it breaks the stranglehold of LEAs and the ideology which they stand for. The unions know that their longstanding block on reform is really threatened by the rise of academies. Their opposition was reinforced at this weeks NUT conference when they threatened guess what? a strike against academies. But there is a deep irony here. The end of national paybargaining allows individual schools to negotiate with teachers themselves and to pay them by results, which means more money can go to them.    OT that doing the right thing for teachers or parents has ever been the purpose of the NUT. Testing, publication of exam results, league tables, literacy hours, numeracy hours ... it has campaigned against the lot. There has not been a single change in schools which the NUT has not fought against. Its nest hour was its battle against performance-related pay under the last government. It went to court and won on the basis of a technical infringement in its implementation. It was, as David Blunkett, then education secretary, put it: the rst example in history of a union congratulating itself for stopping a pay rise a fact that was not lost on teachers themselves, most of whom then told the NUT what it could do with its court action and voted to take the money. The next time you hear an NUT spokesman attacking a reform remember what you are listening to. Not a spokesman for the majority of teachers, or even necessarily for the majority of the NUT, but an agitator who will do everything possible to wreck school reform. And in doing that who will happily wreck childrens futures on the altar of ideology. C


HERE is not a single benet which membership of the EU confers on Britain while the disadvantages are legion. Now it looks as though new EU rules will adversely affect the pensions of millions of British workers. It is all to do with the length of time that British rms are allowed to cut any private pension scheme decit. Currently the pensions regulator allows employers up to 10 years. The European Commission wants to harmonise the arrangement, bringing the period down to three years. Experts agree that applying short terms to pension funds that are necessarily long-term investments is pointless and will simply punish British pensioners. The folly of remaining in Europe becomes clearer by the day along with the sheer outrageousness of having to follow laws made up in a foreign land.

STRIKE THREAT: The NUT Harrogate conference

E Jk\g_\eGfccXi[
And it is not just Ms Blower, the NUTs executive is full of revolutionary communists. So its no wonder that, as one NUT executive member put it at a Socialist Teachers Alliance conference entitled Education For Liberation, a teachers job is to raise political issues like climate change in schools, the war on terror and Palestine. Bread-and-butter union issues of pay and conditions are not the priority. It exists to push a hard-Left agenda in schools. So the ght against reform is key and the union is prepared along with the ATL to do everything possible to wreck this Governments reform, just as it fought Labours attempts.

LANNING for the royal wedding is meticulous but as this is Britain the weather remains an imponderable element. Forecasters are warning that after weeks of glorious sunshine it might pour with rain on Friday. But what is certain is that come rain or shine nothing will dampen the spirits of the bride and groom or their millions of well-wishers.

   HIS year strikes are threatened over (among other things) a government review of teachers pension arrangements. The details are irrelevant because this is simply the excuse for a strike threat rather than its cause. But the fact of such a threat shows the priorities of the teaching unions. Teachers have pension arrangements (and holidays of course) the like of which private sector workers can only dream. Any government which did not examine the set-up, especially in the context of our economic crisis, would be negligent in the extreme. But for the unions that is irrelevant. Their supposed vocation the education of children can be discarded willy nilly in pursuit of a strike. On Sunday one delegate demanded that teachers all be given thermometers because he claimed classrooms were too

hot in summer. Perhaps that will be the next strike issue. But at heart this is not about pension arrangements or any other working conditions. It is about ideology. Both the main unions are now in the hands of hard-core, Left-wing activists, Mary Bousted of the ATL and Christine Blower of the NUT. Ms Blower, who likes to present herself as a moderate, stood in 2000 for the London Assembly elections as a candidate for the Socialist Alliance, which comprised the Socialist Workers Party, the Communist Party, the League for a Revolutionary Communist International and other assorted revolutionary organisations.

K_\pj_fnZfek\dgk kfglg`cjXe[gXi\ekj

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 13

@eXhl\jkkfe[ \m\ip9i`k`j_ Ylkk\ip`eX j`e^c\jldd\i GXki`Zb9Xib_Xd XZ_`\m\[_`j [i\XdYlk[`[efk `dgi\jj_`jcfe^$ jl]]\i`e^^`ic]i`\e[

@ek_\Zflikf]k_\ GLIGC<<DG<IFI
Picture: PA

HE glorious weather of recent weeks reminds many of us of our childhoods. With the sunshine has come another welcome blast from the past: unusually high numbers of spring butteries, from lemon-yellow Brimstones to the unmistakable Orange Tips that utter along the hedgerows. Butteries are bound up in our childhood. Perhaps that is why they exert so much power over us later in life. For many of us our earliest memories of being outdoors feature butteries, trying to close a chubby hand around a Red Admiral or watching the cat chase a Peacock in the garden. I vividly remember the day when my obsession with butteries began: I was eight. When I was a small boy my dad seemed to have wildlife super powers: he could name every bird in the sky and every wild ower beneath our feet. But his super powers deserted him when it came to butteries. So while holidaying on the Norfolk coast he decided he and I should learn a skill together and search for the rare buttery Brown Argus. There was something magical about that day searching for it. The sand dunes were hot and smelt of wild thyme. We saw plenty of Meadow Browns and Hedge Browns but there was another buttery that resembled a tiny silver dart in the air. Whenever these darts landed they always revealed themselves to be female Common Blues (strikingly similar to the Brown Argus). Finally one stopped and opened its

BUTTERFLY EFFECT: Patrick Barkham, with his father John, left and a Purple Emperor, inset
Purple Emperors, a buttery I never before found. That was a highlight of my summers search but Oates warned me of buttery burnout. After a July devoted to Emperors he was so exhausted he could only sit in a deckchair and listen to Test Match Special on the radio.

   UTTERFLY burnout sounded rather pleasant but it struck me the day after our Emperor hunt. I was alone up a mountain in Cumbria looking for the Mountain Ringlet, a buttery only found above 1,500ft. I had completely neglected Lisa, she was a buttery widow. Under grey skies on the mountaintop I got a call from her ending our relationship. I was devastated. And there was no sign of the Mountain Ringlet. I sat on a rock and

Enthusiasts are portrayed as weirdos

rich chocolate wings, bordered by orange crescents, a gorgeous Brown Argus. I realised that brown butteries could be beautiful too and these insects became my secret passion. It had to be secret because what schoolboy could reveal a geeky love for butteries? In the winter we went to the football like any ordinary father and son but in the summer we undertook expeditions to search for rare species. We travelled to Cumbria to nd the Marsh Fritillary and Oxfordshire for the Black Hairstreak and repeatedly to Surrey in futile search for the greatest prize of all: the majestic Purple Emperor. We ticked off dozens of rare butteries but I never saw the Purple Emperor. Twenty-ve years on I decided I must full my boyhood mission to nd all 59 species in just one summer. This is difcult. Some butteries are only found on mountaintops. Others lurk at the bottom of damp bogs. Several live in treetops, far out of sight. Many only survive for a few days and if the weather is bad seem scarcely to y at all. And

My girlfriend had become a buttery widow

phoned my friend Steve for some words of comfort. As he tried to cheer me up I shouted out, Yes! Yes! Yes! down the phone. He hadnt a clue what I was on about but on the slope I had spotted a tiny, tatty brown buttery: the Mountain Ringlet. Without the continuing dedication of enthusiasts who volunteer for the charity Buttery Conservation we will lose our rarest species for ever. But many of our butteries are surprisingly resilient. Some y from North Africa to reach our shores, others pop up in cities and other unexpected places. All of us and our children can still enjoy wonderful days out hunting for rare butteries. One bit of advice, though: dont abandon your partner for your new obsession. To order The Buttery Isles by Patrick Barkham (Granta Books, 9.99) call 0871 988 8367 or send a cheque payable to Express Bookshop to: Buttery Isles Offer, PO Box 200, Falmouth, TR11 4WJ. UK delivery is free. Call cost 10p/min from BT landlines.

as everyone notices we no longer see the swarms we once did. Modern industrial agriculture, neglect of our woodlands and urbanisation has caused a catastrophic decline. I set out on my buttery mission full of enthusiasm. I dragged my girlfriend Lisa out of bed at 5am on a Sunday to drive to the Isle of Wight for the day. Ten yards from an ice-cream van on the clifftops we found dozens of the rare Glanville Fritillary, the only British buttery named after a real person, Eleanor Glanville, who discovered this species in the 17th century but was judged mad in a court for wandering like a gypsy in pursuit of these insects. Three hundred years on buttery lovers are still misunderstood. Enthusiasts have long been portrayed as weirdos by everyone from John Fowles to Enid Blyton

(who put a couple of suspicious buttery collectors in a Famous Five adventure). For sure there is something odd about collectors of yore such as Robert Porker Watson, a tax accountant who was almost blind in one eye, married ve times and amassed a collection of 20,000 almost identical Chalkhill Blues in the Thirties. But buttery lovers these days no longer catch and kill butteries; we have digital cameras to collect photographs. During my great buttery hunt I had the good fortune to meet many great buttery scientists and eccentrics, none more so than Matthew Oates, the National Trusts nature conservation adviser and a stupendously knowledgeable buttery anorak. (Anorak is unfair; this man changes the ribbon in his sunhat to match the colour of the buttery he is searching for.) Above

all else Oates is a devotee of the Purple Emperor. No other British buttery can compete with the charisma of the elusive Emperor, which lives at the tops of English oak trees. The male ashes iridescent purple in the sunlight. One day in July Oates created The Emperors Breakfast in a wood in Northamptonshire. The Emperor does not descend from its treetop throne to feed like an ordinary buttery on mere owers; it prefers to plunge its proboscis into muddy puddles or dog mess. So Oates laid down a series of stinking baits: horse manure, fox scat and plenty of stinking shrimp paste. Purple Emperors swooped down from the trees. One confronted me, dancing around me. Another was enticed on to shrimp paste deemed unt for human consumption. By the end of the day I had seen 57


14 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

8[Xd <[nXi[j

HERE are I know not many occasions when sympathy is due to a journalist but perhaps this morning a few commiserations might not go amiss. The last ever manual typewriter has come off the assembly line. The sole remaining maker Godrej and Boyce ceased production and closed its factory in Mumbai, India. No hack however hard-bitten will not have felt a small pang of nostalgia. It is many years now since most newspapermen have slipped a piece of paper into a typewriters roll or inadvertently stained their ngers with its ribbon ink and yet the machine has remained, at least while it was still in production, a spiritual part of our make-up. It was what the Tommy gun was to the gangster: an unofcial badge of ofce. The picture of a scribbler at his machine, from Ernest Hemingway to the Daily Expresss own Frederick Forsyth, remains a visual clich. Its clattering noise is the singular sound of the 20th century ofce while its ring for the carriage return can be recollected exactly by anyone over the age of 40. And now it has been relegated to the dustbin of history. There was not enough demand to keep the factory going, said the general manager of Godrej and Boyce. We now have only 200 English models left for sale and that will be the end. It is a very sad day. But while journalists mourn the nal tap of the machine that built so many of their careers and ruined others one hack I knew was red for chucking his typewriter at the head of a colleague, which missed and instead smashed through the second oor window into Fleet Street it is perhaps women who should also dab a moist eye at its nal demise. since. It is still the keyboard on all The typewriter allowed many English language computers and women to enter the workplace for mobile phones even though there is the rst time. In 1901 there were no necessity for it any more. 166,000 female clerks, 50 years earlier The computer has now seen off the there had been none. The new typewriter as surely as the wristemployees (called type-writers watch did for the sundial but there rather than clerks) were accused of are still enthusiasts. Freddie Forsyth stealing jobs from men, depressing for example still uses a typewriter for wages and sexually tempting the his novels and columns. boss but that said the mechanical I like to see black words on white wordsmith did more for female paper rolling up in front of my eyes, emancipation than any number of he says. And he still has the steelsuffragettes falling under racehorses. cased portable he used as a foreign correspondent in  the Sixties. It had  a crease across the  lid, which was done T WAS the by a bullet in BiaAmerican fra. It didnt need newspaperpower, it didnt man Christopher need batteries and Scholes who it didnt need invented the rst recharging. modern typewriter Claire Askew, a in 1868, although 25-year-old poet, the idea of a writing also admits that machine for she writes on and impressing or trancollects typescribing of letters writers. Its part of one after the other my creative prochad been patented ess, she says. Its by Englishman a nice thing that Henry Mill 150 years people can respect earlier. Since Mill HISTORY: A manual typewriter old technology and there had been the are still interested in ddling around typo-writer and the Hansen writing with it. The computer and typewriter ball, a bronze half sphere covered can exist happily alongside each with keys. other. But it was Scholes typewriter, But now that co-existence will which typed only in capital letters, have to be with a second-hand typethat was truly revolutionary. Most writer. The machine that was the early typewriter keys jammed if they unsung star of lms such as All The were used by a quick typist because Presidents Men and Nine To Five, the letters that were commonly used the mechanical device that banged were too close together. Scholes and out the greatest works of 20thhis business associate James Denscentury ction and was the instrumore suggested splitting up the keys ment that brought the news to the to solve the problem and came up breakfast table is no more. with the QWERTY keyboard, or uniAnd for that we should all perhaps versal keyboard as it is sometimes have a small blub. known. It has been with us ever

Kpg\ni`k\i Zfd\jkf k_\\e[f] `kji`YYfe



Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 15

IT MAY be about as exciting as yet another repeat of Cash In The Attic for most voters but the referendum on the AV voting system has at least got coalition Government members hot under the collar. At risk from the fallout is Nick Cleggs leadership of the Liberal Democrats. The biggest threat comes from the man who narrowly lost to him last time it was up for grabs: Chris Huhne, pictured. The Energy Secretarys attacks on Tories in recent days are regarded by those in the know as a very thinly veiled code for Huhnes real objective. Supporters are also privately reminding anyone who will listen that it was Huhnes failed 2007 Lib Dem leadership campaign that coined the phrase Calamity Clegg. It brings to mind the Maa saying about keeping friends close and enemies closer.

London named as hub of Al Qaedas network

LONDON is a breeding ground for extremism, producing terrorists who are sent to ght against the West after being radicalised at city mosques, leaked papers have revealed. More than 30 terrorists kept in Guantanamo Bay are reported to have been sent to attack Allied Forces after being brainwashed by preachers in Britain. US ofcials believe they have been using the capital as a hub for two decades, prompting questions about why the security services have failed to act. The shocking revelations are in secret US les obtained by the WikiLeaks website. The les also reveal Al Qaeda has threatened to unleash a nuclear hellstorm if Osama bin Laden is captured or killed. Senior Al Qaeda operative and 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told interrogators a nuclear bomb hidden somewhere in Europe would be detonated. The papers show Preachers Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza who have lived off state benets show the other 18 travelled to Europe, where they obtained fake EU passports and then crossed the Channel into Britain. Sixteen detainees, said to have been given 1million in compensation by the Government after being sent back to Britain, were labelled high risk and likely to plan attacks against the West. Extremist preachers are said to have radicalised the men by showing them videos of atrocities committed against Muslims in Bosnia and Chechnya. They were then sent to terror training camps in Afghanistan. An Islamic centre and four mosques in London have also been implicated. The les also show American commanders thought the BBC had links to Al Qaeda after suspects were found with a phone number for the World Service. It has since been disconnected. The US has condemned the release of the les. The Pentagon said: These documents contain classied information about current and former detainees and we strongly condemn the leaking of this sensitive information.

THE Government can perhaps take heart from how desperate the ofcial Opposition appears to have become. Nothing illustrates that better than the Bring Back Prezza campaign on the inuential Labour Uncut website. Obviously enjoying his resurgence, the old deputy PM is even promoting it on his Twitter page. Can things really be that bad for Ed Miliband?

THE disaster that is Channel 4s latest satirical show, 10 OClock Live, could soon be put out of its misery. Im told that executives there are already grumbling that the format requires an overhaul. The series, fronted by Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr and Lauren Laverne, started amid much ballyhoo about the critical cutting edge such new comedic talents would bring to the weekly political debate but the reality has been a deep letdown. Says an insider: The unofcial view is that David and Charlie are strong but that Jimmy is out of his normal comedic comfort zone and Lauren looks plain out of her depth. While generous to the rst two mentioned that sounds otherwise about right.

Taliban and Al Qaeda detainees in a holding area at Guantanamo Bay

in Britain since claiming asylum have been named as key terrorist recruiters by US commanders, who call Londons Finsbury Park mosque a haven for extremists. According to the les at least 35 detainees at Guantanamo had been sent to ght against Western forces in Afghanistan after passing through Britain more than any other Western nation. Of those, 17 had British nationality or were asylum seekers granted residency. The papers

CHARLIE Sheen is missing a goddess after one of the coven of women who have recently attached themselves to him departed. Bree Olson dumped the troubled actor by text message as he revealed during his latest one-man show in Florida. Sheen, 45, pictured, could be losing his touch with the opposite sex. Protesters outside a recent venue carried placards with messages including: Stop degrading women and Go home Charlie Sheen. However its worth pointing out that the last time Ms Olson ditched him she was back within eight hours at his ironically named Beverly Hill mansion: Sober Valley Lodge.

Hot baths on a cold day could be a killer

TAKING a hot bath to warm up on a cold day could put you at risk of a heart attack. Researchers discovered the chances of having a cardiac arrest rose almost 10 times while taking a bath in the winter compared with summer. The study looked at data from almost 11,000 patients who had suffered heart attacks. It found 22 per cent were asleep during the attack, nine per cent were taking a bath, three per cent ***slip

were at work and half of one per cent were exercising. The activity of the rest was unknown, Chika Nishiyama and colleagues at Kyoto Prefectural University in Japan wrote in the journal Resuscitation. Researchers also looked at attack rates per hour of each activity. They found bathing came out top with 54 arrests in 10 million people, compared with

exercising with just 10 arrests. The risk of having a heart attack while taking a bath was greater if it was a cold day, they said. It is thought the sudden change in body temperature causes shock which may induce a rapid drop of blood pressure which stresses the heart. The report says: Preventive approaches such as warming a bathroom and a hallway or refraining from taking a deep hot bath could be important for high-

risk people. Previous Japanese research has shown that spending 10 minutes in a warm bath improved cardiovascular health in the elderly. Another study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in America, suggests diabetics who spend half an hour in a hot bath could reduce their blood sugar levels by about 13 per cent. It dilates blood vessels and so allows the body to make better use of its insulin.

HERES another Sheen: Michael this time, who is no relation of Charlie but acclaimed in this country for his lm portrayals of Tony Blair, Brian Clough and Kenneth Williams. However it seems Victoria Beckham doesnt recognise him. Sheen arrived at the Beckhams Los Angeles home to pick up daughter Lily from a play date recently and his unkempt appearance for a new lm called Underworld in which he plays a werewolf caused Posh some concern. It required a call from Lilys mother, Sheens ex Kate Beckinsale, to put her mind at rest. She explained: This is her father. Hes that actor from The Queen. Sheen, 42, adds: Victoria said that she thought I was gay. So in her eyes Im a gay tramp! Im quite happy with that. <$dX`cd\Xk1_`Zb\p7\ogi\jj%Zf%lb



SHOWING they are still the best of friends comedians DAWN FRENCH and LENNY HENRY teamed up to watch the nest llies compete at Badminton horse trials in South Gloucestershire. Brightly clad for the hot weather Dawn, 53, and Lenny, 52, who divorced last October after 25 years of marriage, took daughter BILLIE, 19, for an outing over the Easter break.

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

OUTRAGED: Coleen Nolan HITTING out at reality contests such as The X Factor and Britains Got Talent, Coleen Nolan has said the only reason she and her singing sisters havent been asked to be judges is because were not a size 8 and dont look like Cheryl Cole. Coleen, 46, part of the long-lived chart-topping group The Nolans, has strong views on the shows. Youd have thought wed be perfect as weve done the working mens clubs and had success. In the Nolans since 1980 as well as pursuing a TV career, she is no fan of the judges either. Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh have ruined it [The X Factor], run it into the ground with acts like Jedward and Wagner. Coleen sees the US shows Cowell has been a judge on those too as much better for the music industry. On American Idol the


HOT STUFF: Dawn French and Lenny Henry

judges know exactly what theyre talking about and the people in the last nine are all so talented, says Coleen, who has written a joint memoir with her sisters called Survivors: Our Story. Its not just being snubbed as an X Factor judge that Coleen nds a tough gig. The presenter, who announced last month she was leaving chat show Loose Women after 11 years as a regular, said she nds it tough to keep slim for TV. Theres too much pressure on female presenters to look a certain way, Coleen said recently, whose weight has uctuated over the years. Why are there no women over a size 12 on prime-time? I recently went to a meeting with a TV exec who said I might want a gastric band. How outrageous is that! Im no better or worse at my job when Im a size 16 than I am at a 10.

top British actress tells pals Secrets... WHICH she once had a secret ing with her famous co-star behind his glamorous girlfriends back?


email us at
Picture: REX

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 ITS quite a feat to impress James Bond with a party trick but actress BRENDA BLETHYN, right, gave it her best shot on a raucous night out with DANIEL CRAIG. The 65-yearold says: I remember once staying up all night with Daniel and balancing a pint of beer on my head. Its quite a feat but I havent done it for about eight years now. This was my party piece and was at the Dinard Film Festival in France. Im not sure if I drank it, I think I spilled it. Brenda, who plays DCI Vera Stanhope in new ITV police drama Vera, says her profession is less luvvie than most would think. As a general rule actors are kind of nice people and easy-to-get-on-with people, she tells Radio Times. You come across the odd pillock but thats more the exception than the rule.



WRITER Esther Freud reveals she copes with her actor husband David Morrissey romancing other women on screen by cutting my brain off. Freud, daughter of the late artist Lucian, says she has learned to ignore his leading ladies, who have included Sharon Stone and Sarah Parish. I suppose Im just cutting a bit of my brain off, she tells The Lady magazine before confessing to being affected by one leading lady she would not name: Not the sexual thing, it was a feeling that theyd spent all this time together. The Hideous Kinky author did draw the line at one particular acting job. The only thing she ever tried to stop him doing was a McDonalds advert. The mother-of-three says: I said, Look, we spend so much time and effort feeding our kids healthily I just cant have you saying its ne.


COPING: Esther Freud and David Morrissey

LONDON: NOEL GALLAGHER with ance Spotted... in SARA MACDONALD and daughter ANAIS at the 02, Greenwich. Crimewatch presenter MATTHEW AMROLIWALA with a coffee in Starbucks, Crouch End.

THE talent vacuum otherwise known as PARIS HILTON is launching her own skincare range. The heir-head, pictured, who has already tried to carve out a niche as both a singer and actress but with limited success, is working on a range of creams and lotions due for release in the coming months. Were developing a skincare line. Its a new product that were working on but its the top-of-theline technology, says the 30-yearold queen of self-promotion. Shell also share the secrets to her own LA looks: I have been taking really good care of my skin so I will have products that are amazing for yours, she says. And we thought it was just good genes



EVEN when directing superhero ick Thor, Kenneth Branagh, right, cant leave his Shakespearean roots behind and gets his actors to recite the Bard on set. Branagh, 50, asked Chris Hemsworth to prepare for the title role as the Viking thunder god by performing the St Crispins Day speech from Henry V to the camera. I nearly had a heart attack, the Aussie hunk tells the LA Times. But Branagh explained it was merely an exercise to add rhythm to his delivery of Thors lines in the 90million blockbuster. Hemsworth, 27, learned the monologue in one night and delivered a stirring performance the next morning. You want to do your best for Ken, he brings that out, he explained.


18 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

Guards on patrol to foil the anti-freeze cat killer

CAT owners have spent thousands on security guards after a spate of anti-freeze poisonings killed as many as ten pets. Eight cats from two village streets have been found dead, and another two are missing. Police have set up an inquiry after the Environment Agency failed to nd any contamination in local waterways. One theory is that someone is leaving pools of anti-freeze to poison them. Cats like the taste

of anti-freeze, but it contains glycol, which can cause kidney failure, breathing difculties and a painful death. Terry Lewis, 30, lost his cats Phoebe, Paige and Leo to poisoning between October 2009 and October 2010 despite spending 10,000 on vets bills. He put up posters in Runwell, in Essex, warning other cat owners and forked out 3,000 for

security guards when they were constantly torn up. Mr Lewis said: I think that the police should launch an inquiry. If someones prepared to hurt animals, you dont know what else they might do. Caroline Middleton, 39, lost her Persian cat Cleo in October and Noodle, a British Blue, last month to anti-freeze poisoning. She said: I would hate to think that someone is doing this

deliberately. Its absolutely horric. Neighbours Michelle and Tony Hyatts cat Tiger was also poisoned in December and Richard and Carol Howarth, who live nearby, think their cats Roo and Tigger, which vanished in March, are dead too. The RSPCA said cat deaths from anti-freeze poisoning had risen sharply in recent years. Anyone found guilty of such an offence could face a 20,000 ne and six months in jail.

Terry Lewis and Hayley Williams had three cats poisoned, including Paige, inset

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Cowell decides Cheryl has the X Factor for US

SIMON Cowell has nally made up his mind about the US X Factor judging panel and it looks like Britain will be losing Cheryl Cole to the States. The music mogul, 51, has dropped heavy hints that the Geordie Girls Aloud beauty has impressed American TV bosses. Cole, 27, will be joined on the US version of the hit talent show by former American Idol judge and singer Paula Abdul, 48, as well as music executive Antonio L.A. Reid, 54, if the latest reports are to be believed. Neither of the women have been ofcially signed yet, but Cowell intends to get both on board and an announcement will be made very soon, according to First of all, it is like casting a dinner party. Youve got to have people on the panel you get on well with, Cowell told the website. And he said that he does not believe it will be a problem that Cole is mostly unknown in the US. The star added: This girl is special. Shes just got a great ability to communicate. Shes a great judge.

Shes smart. If people take to her like the British public did, I think shes going to do really well in America. And Fox was desperate to hire her. Cole has recently been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles. And according to reports, she had to undergo a screen test to convince American TV executives that she would be popular with viewers. The X Factor is set to air in the US in September. The singer conrmed her rising A-list status in February when she launched her new charity, the Cheryl Cole Foundation, alongside Prince Charles. Meanwhile, bookmakers have tipped Take That star Gary Barlow, 40, as the favourite to take over from Cowell on the UK X Factor. The show usually kicks off in August but dates for this year have yet to be announced.


Its off to the States for judge Cheryl Cole, above, according to reports. X Factor boss Simon Cowell, right, says she is special and will wow US

Jet prices nosedive

FANCY a bargain? How about 3million off a private jet? Even tycoons have had to put a brake on spending and the credit crunch has lopped millions off the prices of executive planes. A year-old Learjet that would cost nearly 8million new can be bought for less than 5million, according to US jet brokerage rm Jetcraft. Prices slumped during the nancial crisis and have failed to bounce back despite the economy seemingly being on the mend. In the last recovery, prices just shot up out of the basement, said Fletcher Aldredge, publisher of the Vref aircraft price guide in the /lmx US. But it isnt quite like that now. There are no buyers, according to Anne-Bart Tieleman, managing director of GA-Finance, an Amsterdam rm that specialises in executive aviation nancing. You can buy an almost brand-new aircraft for 25 to 35 per cent less than two or three years ago, she said. Deliveries of smaller new private jets fell by a catastrophic 57 per cent between 2008 and 2010. But demand for larger jets has not been affected so much. They tend to be snapped up by those more immune to economic woes, including super-wealthy buyers in fast-growing economies such as China and Russia.

20 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011






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THOMASINA MIERS, 34, is married to Mark Williams, an investment banker, and is six months pregnant with their rst child. The 2005 MasterChef winner owns Mexican street food restaurant Wahaca with four branches in London. I entered MasterChef out of desperation. I was hugely in debt and sleeping on a friends sofa. Having spent much of my youth running around the Americas and southern Europe trying to improve my languages and work out what I wanted to do with my life, Id met chef Clarissa Dickson Wright, who told me to follow my passion for food. So I did a cookery course in Ireland where I developed my passion for produce, ingredients and markets. Back in London I managed a shop and spent two years creating and editing a book called Soup Kitchen, which raised money for homeless charities. I wanted to be a food writer so when I saw a tiny ad for MasterChef in a food magazine I thought that could be a good route. I applied and made the last day of auditions. When I won MasterChef there was no magic wand waved around my head but presenters Gregg Wallace and John Torode gave me the condence to follow my dream of opening a restaurant offering Mexican market food. In August 2007 I opened the rst Wahaca in Covent Garden and there are now four with scope to open more. Ive just lmed an eight-part TV cookery programme in Mexico that comes out in May and my other big project is growing our own fruit and vegetables at home. Weve recently planted gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries and plums. The wonderful thing about food is that you never stop learning. as a barrister because I didnt t in. Linsey and I wrote a book on mountain biking to stave off our debts but we were at rock bottom. One night we were watching MasterChef and Linsey said: Why dont you apply? I get a real buzz from being in the kitchen. For two years I just prepared cold starters. A year ago I started doing hot starters and three months ago I moved on to main courses. I was absolutely terried but I can now juggle 40 pans at once. Seafood is my obsession but spaghetti bolognese is my favourite meal. Whatever Im eating it has to be made from great quality ingredients. Linsey is a great cook but I dont let her in the kitchen at home. Sophie loves baking cakes with me. Working for Rick Stein I nally feel like Im reaching a truly professional level. I take part in lots of food festivals and the big and slightly scary dream is to one day have our own restaurant. The 2009 winner MAT FOLLAS, 44, lives in Beaminster, Dorset, with his wife Amanda and their children Jasper, 12, Jack, eight, and Meadow, ve. In June 2009 Mat opened his restaurant The Wild Garlic.

9920680 590107


Cooking at a high level came late to me after moving to West Dorset in 2002. Its a beautiful part of the country and I discovered that British waters offer great scuba diving opportunities and with that came lots of fresh seafood. A days cooking course at Rick Steins Seafood School was the start of the journey to MasterChef and beyond. I entered the competition for a bit of a laugh and so the kids would see me on TV for ve minutes. Id watched it the year before and applied on the spur of the moment. It was a whirlwind. I won in September 2008 but the series didnt air until The 2008 champion April 2009. During that JAMES NATHAN, 37, time I went back to lives in Padstow, my day job as an IT Cornwall, with wife Linsey and daughter CRACKING: James Nathan consultant, sworn to Sophie, ve. He is now works with Rick Stein secrecy about the result of the competition. I working at Rick had a lot of offers after winning Steins Seafood Restaurant. MasterChef, mainly celebrity nonsense. My dream had long been to When I won MasterChef I turned open a caf or little restaurant and I down lucrative offers to write books and appear on TV. Someone even stuck to that dream. The Wild Garlic is named after my offered me rst-class ights to South love of foraging for foods. Im Africa to be an ambassador for their passionate about cooking with local, vineyard. All I wanted to do was learn wild ingredients as well as learning how to be a professional chef. about the fantastic bounty of sea Theres a world of difference vegetables and hedgerow produce between winning the competition that can be found all around us. The and being a professional. So for three dishes I produce use these naturally years Ive been working 17-hour days in the kitchens of incredible restau- delicious ingredients. I still chat to Gregg if I need inforrants such as Michel Roux Jnrs Le Gavroche, the Vineyard in Berkshire, mation about suppliers and to John if Ive got a question about the Bentleys Oyster Bar in Piccadilly, and now at Rick Steins Seafood restaurant. Theyve both been hugely supportive. Restaurant. Its not very glamorous or well paid but I know that Im DHRUV BAKER, 34, who won the gaining gravitas as a chef. competition last year, lives with wife Ive got four sisters and a brother Aileen, also 34, and their son Arun, and loved cooking as a child. At two, in Wandsworth, London. Their Christmas wed have 30 people for dinner and Id be the one helping second child is due next month. mum cook for them. I entered MasterThe rst meal I ever cooked was a Chef after leaving the Bristol chambers where Id spent two years meat stew when I was about eight. It /lmx

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 21


DREAM TICKET: Clockwise from left, Thomasina Miers has four restaurants, Mat Follas owns the Wild Garlic and Dhruv Baker plans to open an eatery

was quite gross but I was undeterred. We moved around with my fathers job to India and Mexico and it exposed me to great foods and sparked an interest. In 1999 after Id left university and got my own place I really began experimenting with cookery. Friends and family kept saying I should enter MasterChef but I always thought they were just being polite. Then one day, bored at work in my job as a director for a media company, I spoke to my wife on the

N@EE@E>D8JK<I:?<= :?8E><;FLIC@M<J
phone and she said I really should apply. It was a big deal leaving a well-paid job after 11 years but Aileen said shed rather be married to someone poor but happy. After I won I wanted more experience in professional kitchens so went to work at the likes of Le Gavroche and at Tom Kitchins restaurant in Edinburgh doing 16 or 17-hour days. Since then Ive taken part in the BBC Good Food live events and MasterChef Live and have written lots for food magazines. Ive just signed a deal to help promote a supermarket and Im working with Pataks, the curry paste and spice company, coming up with innovative recipes. Ive also been doing private catering for dinner parties and recently helped cook for 400 people at a charity do. Im hoping to open a restaurant by the end of this year close to my home in south London with quality food and prices that arent hellishly expensive. Ive continued to seek advice from Gregg and see John, Ive even done work experience in Johns restaurant. Theyre always at the end of the phone. My friends have never cooked for me and MasterChef was the last nail in that cofn. Aileen is a brilliant cook and we squabble over who does the cooking at home. If Arun doesnt like something Ive cooked he turns his plate upside down and shouts: Biscuits! When Gregg says on TV MasterChef could change your life its the understatement of the century. To order MasterChef At Home (Dorling Kindersley, 20), send a cheque or PO made payable to Express Bookshop to MasterChef Offer, PO Box 200 Falmouth TR11 4WJ or ring 0871 988 8367 (calls cost 10p/min from BT landlines) or visit at Masterchef, 9pm, BBC1 tonight and tomorrow.

22 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 23

New Great Escape as 500 Taliban flee jail down a 1,000ft tunnel
MORE than 500 prisoners escaped from an Afghan jail when the Taliban staged a Great Escape-style mass breakout. In a major blow to the Coalition forces, the 541 inmates ed through a 1,000ft tunnel excavated beneath Kandahars high-security Sarposa Prison by accomplices outside. They rst left their cells using copied keys, then after walking to freedom, rigged the tunnel with explosives to prevent prison staff following them. The tunnel emerged into a house in the city, where the escapees were met by cars which whisked them beyond the reach of the authorities. Their exodus bore an uncanny similarity to the famous Allied escape bid from a Nazi camp during the Second World War. Immortalised in the 1963 movie the Great Escape, the plan ended in failure, with most escapees capof the most secure in Afghanistan leading to speculation guards could have helped inmates execute their plan. It is either a case of the jailers being nancially motivated and being bribed, or a case of them being politically motivated, said Waheed Mujhda, a Kabul-based analyst and expert on the Taliban. The Taliban said the prisoners escaped over a four-and-a-half hour period during the night the rate of more than 100 an hour. It is the second time that inmates have escaped from a prison in the war-torn country. In 2008, Taliban insurgents blew open the gate of the Kandahar prison at night, allowing up to 1,000 inmates, including hundreds of Taliban insurgents, to escape. Days later hundreds of Taliban ghters seized villages in districts close to Kandahar. Last night, none of the escaped prisoners at Sarposa had been recaptured.


SAS face crisis to recruit

THE SAS is threatened with a recruitment crisis because the Army is too stretched to supply enough applicants, a leaked document revealed. Unrelenting operations in Afghanistan and a huge number of other deployments have combined to deter troops from the tough Special Forces selection course, Brigadier Richard Dennis, head of the infantry, warned. The lack of new recruits and high battleeld injuries are thought to have left the elite regiment operating at twothirds capacity. The situation could become irretrievable if the Army goes ahead with plans to reduce its headcount by 5,000, shrinking the pool of troops available even further. Brigadier Dennis warned immediate action was needed.

Afghan soldiers guard Sarposa jail

tured and murdered by the Nazis. Yesterday, the insurgents said it took seven months to dig the tunnel and four hours to get their fugitives out. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said: This is a blow, and it is something that should not have happened. The prison is touted as one

Afghan police ofcer inspects the escape tunnel

Housing boost with more able to buy Looking for cheaper car insurance?
KEY public sector workers yesterday received a property boost after gures showed homes have become more affordable in much of Britain. There has been a 14-fold rise in the number of towns where nurses, teachers, police ofcers, reghters and paramedics can afford a house since the property price peak of 2007. At the end of that year just three per cent of towns were affordable, now it is 38 per cent, with Nelson, Lancs, the most affordable place to buy, according to Halifax data. A typical three-bedroom semi there will cost 2.1 times the average salary of a key worker, followed by Lochgelly in Fife (2.4) and Bootle in Merseyside (2.5). Least affordable were all in London Kensington and Chelsea (16.5), Westminster (13.6) and Camden (12.4). Firemen have seen the biggest rise in affordable towns from just one per cent in 2007 to 28 per cent now. Nurses have also seen a marked improvement, from seven per cent of towns in 2007 to 22 per cent in 2011. Nitesh Patel, of the Halifax, said: This is due to lower house prices combined with increased earnings. However the number of affordable towns in 2011 remains signicantly

Increased sales are pushing up prices

lower than a decade ago. In 2001, two-thirds of towns were affordable compared with just a third today. New buyers rose to an eight-month high in March, pushing up the price of the average home by 1,305 since the start of 2011 to 197,153. Experts forecast this to go on, adding ve per cent to values this year. This would raise the average house price by 9,857 to more than 205,000 for the rst time since the housing crash began four years ago. Assetz House Price Watch predicted a return to record highs by next year.

Up to 75% no claim discount Free courtesy car included as standard

(excludes third party only policies)

20k wasted by quango

A PUBLIC spending watchdog sparked fury yesterday for squandering taxpayers cash. Audit Commission executives ran up bills of almost 20,000 in two years on meals at top restaurants, cinema tickets, owers and chocolate. The quango, which polices spending at councils and NHS trusts, is the rst to give details of spending on taxpayer-funded credit cards. Thousands of civil servants have the cards, used to spend 1billion a ***slip year. Receipts show Commission executives lavished 11,390 on ne dining, 1,300 on owers and bought goods from HMV and Thorntons. It is to be disbanded next year. Details of the spending will be ofcially disclosed to the House of Commons this week. Local Government Minister Grant Shapps said: These revelations show a deep-rooted culture of waste. Their expenses read like a shopping list for some lavish party.

CALL 0800 202 8315 VISIT

For textphone: rst dial 18001 Mon - Fri 8am - 9pm, Sat 8am - 5pm, Sun 9am - 5pm. Calls may be recorded.

Nationwide Building Society acts as Introducer to Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited for Car insurance. Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited and Nationwide Building Society are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. WS21119122

24 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

On your marks for todays last chance to buy Olympic tickets

THE last-minute scramble to get tickets for the Olympics has hit the roof, London 2012 chief executive Paul Deighton said yesterday. With the six-week window to apply for the 6.6million public tickets closing at 11.59pm tonight, today is the last chance for sports fans to bid for tickets. Mr Deighton said: Applications have been steady but at a high level, which is in line with operational expectations but now they have hit the roof. Every day we have had a massive number of orders which is not surprising, because people have taken on board that its not a rst-come, rst-served system. They have sat down with their families to decide what they want. In the last week we have been getting three or four times the applications above and beyond what was coming in for the previous ve weeks. With 650 sessions across 26 sports and 17 days, people will be limited to a maximum of 20 events each. The most popular events, including the mens 100 metres nal, have a limit of four tickets per person.

Wife Imogen Stubbs, 50

EXeZpje\n cfm\jkfip%%%
THEATRE director Sir Trevor Nunn played a balcony scene yesterday with his new girlfriend Nancy DellOlio. They enjoyed a getaway with friends at 71-year-old Sir Trevors home in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall. Miss DellOlio, 49, is the former girlfriend of football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson. Sir Trevors actress wife Imogen Stubbs, 50, has conrmed her separation from her husband of 21 years and has a new partner. She is happy about any new friendships.

Lord Coe, happy at tickets system

Sir Trevor Nunn with Nancy DellOlio on the balcony in Cornwall yesterday

Before the sales process began on March 15, more than 2.5million people had signed up to the ofcial website Fans will nd out if they have secured tickets by June 24. Prices range from 20 to 2,012. They include up to 2,012 for the opening ceremony, up to 725 for the mens 100 metres nal and between 50 and 325 for track cycling nals. The system has so far withstood the risk of a technological meltdown. London 2012 chairman Lord Coe has dubbed it the daddy of all ticketing strategies.

Highest suicide rates are in happy countries

THE happiest countries have the highest suicide rates, a surprising study has revealed. Researchers compared life satisfaction with suicide rates in countries worldwide and every US state. They found nations including Canada, the United States, Iceland, Ireland and Switzerland had high happiness levels but also high suicide rates. And while Greece was bottom of the happiness scale, it had the lowest suicide rate at just over ve per 100,000 people.

Switzerland had the fourth-highest suicide rate, 35 per 100,000, but was rated the third happiest country. The study by the University of Warwick, New Yorks Hamilton College and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco found the same pattern across the US. Utah was top for happiness, but had the highest suicide rate. New York had the lowest, despite being only the 45th happiest state. Professor Andrew Oswald, of Warwick University, said: Discontented people in a happy place may feel particularly harshly treated by life. ***slip

Cliff leap dog safe

A DOG had an astonishing escape after leaping from a 100ft cliff. Dylan, a labrador, landed on a ledge 30ft down and clung on for half an hour. He suffered only a cut paw during his ordeal near Durdle Door, Dorset. Dylans owners alerted coastguards who abseiled down the cliff to save him.

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 25

The little black dress...the icon thats worn best

Picture: KOBAL

Audrey Hepburn turned the dress into a classic

FASHIONS may come and go, but it seems the little black dress will always be with us. The garment invented by Coco Chanel in the 1920s and made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the romantic comedy Breakfast At Tiffanys in 1961 was yesterday named the design icon that has best stood the test of time. Out of 1,000 Britons questioned in a poll by Sheilas Wheels home insurance, 64 per cent named the little black dress as the best surviving style icon of the past 50 years or more.

Jacky Brown of Sheilas Wheels said: Every Saturday night, thousands of women vote with their wardrobe and its a perennial winner. Coca-Colas distinctive green bottle takes second place, with 60 per cent of people naming it as one of their favourites. At number three, is the E-type Jaguar, launched in 1961, followed by the red phone box at ve, the London Tube map at seven and the pin-stripe suit, favoured by US gangsters in the 1930s and still popular today, in 10th place.

( C`kkc\YcXZb[i\jj-+  ) :fZX$:fcXYfkkc\-'  * <$kpg\AX^lXi,,  + ;`ee\ijl`kXe[YcXZbk`\,+  , I\[g_fe\Yfo,'  - :_Xe\cEf,+.  . Cfe[feLe[\i^ifle[dXg+)  / Nlic`kq\ialb\Yfo*0  0 Iflk\dXjk\iYlj*)  ('G`e$jki`g\jl`k*( 

26 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

@[X^\k\ep\Xij`]@cfjk n\`^_kjXpjZlimpE`^\ccX
TV cook Nigella Lawson has claimed her famously voluptuous gure keeps her looking young and that losing weight would age her 10 years. The 51-year-old, who stirred up debate after sporting a full-body burkiniswimsuit on Bondi beach last week, insists she is happy with her physique, despite describing herself as built like a shot-putter. In an

9p8_d\iB_fb_Xi Xe[BXk\:lee`e^_Xd
interview with an Australian magazine, she said: Of course, I have moments of doubt. All women have times thinking My God, I cant go out, my hips are so big today! But theres a range that were comfortable with and I dont like it when I go above that. Ive got no desire to go below it. If I

Nigella looking voluptuous at book launch

lost 40lb, I would age 10 years straight away. Thats my excuse! But women nd it easy to persecute themselves over their weight. I love food and cooking. I could never deprive myself. Miss Lawson is on holiday in Australia with her daughter Cosima, 17, following her guest appearance on the countrys version of MasterChef.

Nigella on Bondi Beach in her full-body burkini

THE Royal Navy and Gibraltar police were accused of acting like pirates after clashing with Spanish police who had arrested drug smugglers in British territorial waters. A Guardia Civil ofcer was left with arm injuries after two boats collided as the Gibraltar forces tried to snatch Moroccan suspects from his ship. The incident, which saw the Spanish customs boat surrounded by seven Royal Navy and police vessels, stoked existing tensions between the two countries. Reports in the Spanish media said the situation was ve minutes away from a clash of incalculable consequences. The Unied Association of the Guardia Civil issued a statement yesterday alleging that its members had been subjected to serious insults, harassment and threats and claiming the Royal Navy and

Royal Navy boats surround Spaniards in Gibraltar clash

Gibraltar police had acted like pirates, as in other times in the past. The fracas marked a new low in diplomatic relations between Gibraltar and Spain, who have clashed repeatedly because of demands that Britain hands over sovereignty of the Rock. It follows a string of incidents where Spanish police have crossed into Gibraltars waters. Last September, a suspected drug smuggler was removed from British waters by the Guardia Civil after scufes and a tense stand-off with the Gibraltar police. At the time, Gibraltars Chief Minister Peter Caruana warned that the incident could undermine efforts between the two countries to co-operate on law enforcement. Earlier this month the heir to the Spanish throne, Prince Felipe, caused outrage at a dinner for Prince Charles and Camilla when he called for Britain to give in to Spains claim on Gibraltar. The latest spat happened on Sunday afternoon after a Spanish customs boat spotted and chased two Moroccan drug trafckers into Gibraltars territorial waters. Two men were arrested by the Guardia Civil and the boat, containing around 100kg of hashish, was seized and tethered to the Spanish vessel. Seven boats from the Gibraltar customs, Royal Navy and Gibraltar police surrounded the Spaniards, who eventually took the suspects to the nearby port of Algeciras. According to the Guardia Civil, the Gibraltar forces shouted abuse and accused them of being pirates and thieves then tried to board the boat to take the suspects and their ship away. The Gibraltar police said they would make a full statement on the incident today.

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28 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

CROWDS: Thousands gathered at the Palace hungry for a break from austerity


IKE many a bride the night before her wedding Princess Elizabeth had not slept well. She lay there, her mind full of confusing thoughts until 7am when a lady-in-waiting brought in a strong cup of tea. The long curtains of the room were pulled back and the 21-year-old Princess walked over to the window. Her mouth all but dropped open. Outside the gates of Buckingham Place that morning of November 20, 1947 was the largest crowd she had ever seen. Despite the biting cold people lled the Mall and spilled over into St Jamess Park. Every so often the crowd broke into song, from Land Of Hope And Glory to Roll Out The Barrel. It was a spirit of happiness that would last all day at a time when the nation desperately needed cheering up. For the future Queens wedding could not have come at a better time. There was a greyness about the country and deep concern about the future. The war had ended just over two years previously and millions were still mourning the loss of family members in the conict. And to the utter shock of the establishment the British electorate had kicked their wartime leader Winston Churchill out of power and replaced him with a Labour government. The lone glimmer of happiness was to be the royal wedding that chilly day. Most people in the country welcomed the event and wished both the Princess and her strikingly handsome anc every happiness. Yet behind the scenes there was much concern. This was mainly about the dedication to the Nazi cause of Prince Philips German relatives. Although the Prince had fought in the Royal Navy during the war and acquitted himself with distinction there was a widespread feeling that it was wrong for the Princess to marry someone with his background. King George VI, the Princesss father, sent intelligence ofcer Major Anthony Blunt (years later to be knighted and then unmasked as a communist spy) to probe into Philips background.

THE Queens wedding dress, which is still lovingly stored in Buckingham Palace, was a garment of immense beauty and a stunning sight particularly in the grim, austere days of post-war Britain. The ivory silk gown glittered with 10,000 seed pearls with an intricate 15ft star-patterned train. The Royal Familys favourite designer Norman Hartnell was asked to submit a series of sketches. To nd inspiration he toured art galleries seeking unique designs that would help create a wedding dress of great individual beauty. Finally after days of traipsing he found ideas from a series of paintings by Botticelli. He produced a beautiful design of clinging lines alive with owers: a wedding dress that not only looked magnicent but also breathed the promise of rebirth and growth after the war. The dress cost 1,200 (37,000 today) and 3,000 clothing coupons (some brides sacriced their wedding coupons for the Queen) and when her gown went on display the queues stretched the length of the Mall. The royal couple received 2,500 wedding presents including a vacuum cleaner, an automatic potato peeler and a sponge. The people of France sent a Sevres dinner service (still in use today) and the government of Queensland 500 tins of pineapple. Among the Princesss other presents were 131 pairs of nylons. Queen Mary, the Princesss grandmother, was horried by a lace tray cover sent by Mahatma Gandhi, which he had woven himself. When told what it was she replied: Oh, I thought it was a loin cloth.

NOWING full well that his daughter was deeply in love with the Corfu-born Prince and would not give him up one can imagine the Kings horror when Blunts researches proved that the future Duke of Edinburgh had close relatives with deep Nazi connections. These sinister Nazi links came from three of Philips four sisters: Sophie, Cecilie and Margarita. Each had married German princes, all of whom were ardent Nazis. Within the walls of Buckingham Palace there was great discomfort at these revelations. When it was rst mooted that Philip and Elizabeth wanted to marry their union was bitterly opposed at the highest level in the erce form of the Queen (later the Queen Mother). She had long been markedly anti-

German, never having forgotten the horrors of the First World War when one of her brothers Captain Fergus Bowes-Lyon had been killed at the Battle of Loos in 1915. And during the Second War World her hatred of the Germans escalated after witnessing scenes of destruction around Britain. The Queen became increasingly horried at the prospect of having Philip as a son-in-law, a man she referred to privately as the Hun. One of the Queen Mothers friends, the Dowager Lady Hardinge of Penshurst, would say years later: She felt that her daughter ought to marry a British duke and not a German prince. She lobbied against it and said to me at the time, The trouble is that Philip /lmx



Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


HL<<EJ 9L;><K IFP8C N<;;@E>

N_Xk\m\icXjk$d`elk\_`kZ_\jN`cc`Xd Xe[BXk\k_`ebk_\pd`^_k]XZ\k_\p Xi\efk_`e^ZfdgXi\[n`k_k_\ [iXdXjY\]fi\Xe[fek_\Y`^[Xp k_XkZfe]ifek\[k_\k_\eGi`eZ\jj <c`qXY\k_Xe[_\ie\n_ljYXe[

JOYOUS: Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip after the 1947 ceremony, above, and the treasured Norman Hartnell designed wedding dress at the Palace
is so impossibly attractive and Lillibet (Princess Elizabeth) just cannot see beyond that. Despite their misgivings the King and Queen reluctantly gave their permission for the marriage. But the guest list was carefully vetted and almost all the Princes sisters and their husbands were excluded. The only member of his German family to be invited was his mother Princess Alice and that invitation was issued with great hesitation. The future Queen Mother was also concerned about the wedding being broadcast on the radio. The public may be listening to the service in a pub and not wearing a hat, she explained. There was an early strain too over names. Philip wanted to change it to the House of Edinburgh and Windsor, Edinburgh having been bestowed on him by the late King George VI. When this was denied him Philip exploded, Im just a bloody amoeba. Im the only man in the country not allowed to name his children. Such disagreements would

emerge in the years of marriage that lay ahead for the Prince and Princess. But on that dull morning, with the country displaying colourful bunting everywhere, there was no sense of disagreement in the air. Just before 11am the Princess and her father drove to Westminster Abbey in the Irish State Coach with an escort of Household Cavalry resplendent in their full ceremonial uniforms and plumed helmets, the rst time since the outbreak of war eight years earlier. People stood 50-deep as they lined the Mall and the magazine Country Life recorded: It was a happy, good-tempered crowd determined to enjoy its brief escape from what we have come to call austerity. Flags and streamers owered from every hand and countless periscopes, most of them little mirrors xed on pieces of stick, danced like crystallised sunshine above the tightly-packed heads. The service taken from the Book Of Common Prayer (the bride promised to obey) went smoothly. And then Archbishop of York Dr Cyril Garbett went slightly overthe-top by describing it as being in

all the essentials the same as any cottager in some small country church might have. Although described as an austerity event for a mere 150 guests, which included various European monarchs, the planners of the wedding breakfast selected courses that would not excite too much criticism.

HESE included a casserole of unrationed partridges and a tasty bombe glace Princesse Elizabeth. Just as at any wedding there were moments of drama and even a ght. One highlight of the day came when a maharajah drank too much and punched the bewildered Duke of Devonshire. Norman Hartnell had made the going-away outts in love-in-themist blue with a bonnet trimmed with ostrich feathers. The newly married couple travelled to Waterloo Station in an open landau and because it was cold several hot water bottles were tucked under knee-covering rugs. But the

warmest area of all was provided by the Princesss favourite corgi Susan. The send-off the couple would spend their honeymoon at Broadlands, the Mountbattens house had a genuine family feeling to it. At Buckingham Palace the King and Queen came down hand in hand to see the couple off and Philips mother Princess Alice stood waving until the pair had disappeared from view. The King wrote to his daughter that night: I was so proud of you and thrilled at having you so close to me on our long walk in Westminster Abbey. But when I handed you over to the Archbishop I felt I had lost something very precious. You were so calm and composed during the service and said your words with such conviction that I knew everything was all right. When the Queen sits in Westminster Abbey on Friday to witness the marriage of her grandson to Catherine Middleton it is likely that many of these memories will return of a chilly November day in 1947 where all the warmth was in the hearts of the people.

30 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011



Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


INSIDE: How to look after your brain Getting into the swim to ease back pain Stop popping old pills
Picture: EYEVINE

HEN I was little I used to throw the teddies out of my huge wooden toy box and climb in it with a book, blanket and ashlight. Id spend hours in there, reading and hiding from the rest of the world. Im the youngest of six so you can imagine how chaotic the house was. I was born with a unilateral hearing impairment which means I cant hear in one ear. I was a shy little thing anyway and I found it exhausting keeping up with conversations, which is why I used to retreat into ction. Ive often wondered if I would have become a writer if I didnt have some hearing loss. It certainly means I pay more attention to the world around me. I try to watch a little bit more than others do and I spend time observing people. I think this helped me write my books. Ive never thought of my hearing loss as a disability. There are times when it is a barrier but it has its benets, such as blocking out the world when it comes to doing my writing. Sleeping is great. When I turn over on my good ear I dont hear a sound. Although doctors arent exactly sure of the cause of my hearing loss, I was born prematurely at 30 weeks and it is thought the nerve endings on my left ear had

they would y off when I was playing with my friends. I found I managed quite well without them. Over time I had developed coping mechanisms. I always sat on the far left of the classroom so my good ear was towards the teacher and I sat at the front so I could see the teachers face. The class sizes were small, which also helped.

STILL use all those strategies. I have to look at faces and lips and make eye contact, especially with children. When I started my career as a teacher to primary as well as special needs children I had to learn new tricks. Its a challenge when you have 25 children in your class. I had to position myself so I didnt have one half of the room on my left side as then I couldnt hear what was going on. Id make a point of saying: Stop and look at me so I make sure Im hearing you properly. Im a literacy coach now, working with small groups of teachers so it is easier. I always tell people of my hearing impairment then they can help me out. Also it is easier to be upfront than risk embarrassing situations with people thinking

I gave up on hearing aids when I was 13

not developed properly. For the rst three years of my life we lived on an Indian reservation in South Dakota in the American midwest. My parents suspected something wasnt quite right but they didnt know what. Im 40 now and in those days there were not well-developed hearing tests for babies we have now. I was ve before it was detected. By this time we had moved to Iowa, where I still live with my husband Scott and our three children. I started school and I had such a difcult time hearing I felt as though I was three or four steps behind everyone else. My teachers realised something was wrong and I was sent for a hearing test. I was diagnosed straightaway.

When I started teaching I had to learn new tricks

Im ignoring them when of course I cant actually hear them. The worst thing anyone can say to me is forget it or never mind when they cant be bothered to repeat something. My children Alex, Anna and Grace are guilty of that. It is frustrating because I want to know what is going on. Over the years Ive tried about four types of hearing aids and as technology has improved, background noise has reduced and the sound is clearer. I tend to rely on them whenever there is a change in my life such as when I started college or became a teacher. My brother Milt says its thanks to me that he grew up to become an audiologist. Hes been telling me about a new implant which involves placing a microchip in the bone behind the ear. He says its had great results but Im a little hesitant because it involves surgery. We have lots of laughs in our house over what I think people say and what they have actually said. It doesnt bother me. We all have our limitations, they just take different forms. We have to make sure they dont limit what we choose to do. To order Heathers latest book These Things Hidden (Mira Books, 7.99) with free UK delivery call 0871 988 8367 (10p/ min from BT landlines) with your card details or send a cheque payable to Express Newspapers to: The Express Bookshop, PO Box 200, Falmouth, TR11 4WJ or order via www. Interview by KATE BOHDANOWICZ

CONFIDENT: Heather learned coping mechanisms and has had a very successful career

S A YOUNGSTER I hated wearing hearing aids. I used to lose them all the time and deliberately leave them on the school bus. While the hearing aids did help me catch up with my peers in the classroom, they also picked up a lot of background noise which I found distracting. I would come home from school exhausted. Social situations were just as tiring. Its hard for me to follow converstaions in restaurants and noisy gatherings. I stopped wearing hearing aids when I was 13. They just didnt work for me. I had crossover hearing aids which had an earpiece tted into my good right ear and a transmitter hooked around the left but I was an active child and

9<@E>;<8= ?<CG<;D< 9<8NI@K<I

Novelist HEATHER GUDENKAUF explains why her hearing impairment has never held her back


Daily Express Tues

Unbelievable cruise offer!

4th May 8 night Italy to UK Cruise from

One in three over-65s will develop dementia but there are a series of steps you can take to reduce your risk, says BARBARA LANTIN

The travel website for


HERE are presently 750,000 people in the UK with dementia, a gure set to more than double in the next 40 years. One person in three who is currently over 65 will develop the condition. Its a chilling thought for anyone who has been affected by Alzheimers or any other form of dementia. How tragic to live the last years of our lives with this kind of brain disorder. The causes of dementia are not fully understood but research has revealed there are several clear risk factors which can raise your chances of developing it. Fortunately there are steps you can take to reduce that risk. A lot of people have the view that theres nothing you can do to prevent dementia and that is not the case, says Professor Clive Ballard, director of research at the Alzheimers Society. What we have learned is that what is good for the heart is good for the brain. In particular taking exercise and having a healthy diet will protect both organs. Using brain scans, blood tests and analysis of spinal uid by lumbar puncture, the abnormalities that lead to dementia can be detected in the brain years and even decades before the symptoms of disease appear. A recent study at the Australian National University led by Professor David Bunce of Brunel University in west London even suggests that a simple attention test can identify middle-aged people who are likely to develop dementia in later life. This information is not of much practical use to doctors because as yet there are no drugs that can alter the course of dementia at this early stage. However it does show that it is never too soon to make the lifestyle changes that can protect your brain. Studies suggest if health messages were heeded, 2,000 fewer people would develop Alzheimers in the UK each year. What you do in mid-life can alter your risk of developing Alzheimers, says Professor Ballard. But it can be hard to get this point across because you may not have any symptoms for many years.

dementia. There may also be a link between diabetes and Alzheimers, possibly involving the ability of the brain to use sugar and respond to insulin. Studies in mice suggest that the diabetes drug metformin might work against Alzheimers.


People with depression are at higher risk of dementia. We cannot be sure why this might be, says Dr Anne Corbett of the Alzheimers Society. The biochemical changes in the brain of people with depression may be similar to those in dementia. Or it may be that people who suffer from depression are less likely to look after themselves and make the kind of lifestyle changes that can help protect the brain.


Those who are obese in middle age are 74 per cent more likely to develop dementia compared with those of normal weight, according to a 2005 study published in the British Medical Journal. Work carried out in Boston last year showed that the higher the levels of waist fat in middle aged people, the smaller the total brain volume. Low brain volume is linked to dementia.


Having high blood pressure in middle age increases your chances of developing dementia by 24 per cent, while raised cholesterol increases your risk by 40 per cent, according to Dr Corbett. If you also carry the APOE4 gene the risk is even higher. We advise people over 40 to have their cholesterol levels and blood pressure checked or at an earlier age if there is a family history of dementia or cardiovascular disease, she says.



The older you are the more likely you are to develop dementia. One person in ve over the age of 80 has some form of the condition, compared with one in 50 between 65 and 70. Despite this dementia is not inevitable even if you live to 100. Alzheimers is slightly more common in women. Vascular dementia, the second commonest form, seems to occur more often in men.

Around 40 per cent of people over 65 who have problems with memory, language and concentration, which are noticeable but dont interfere with daily life (known as mild cognitive impairment), will go on to develop dementia within three years. Is there anything we can do to prevent it developing? By leading a healthier lifestyle and managing any medical problems you have that might be linked to dementia, you could reduce your risk of developing Alzheimers by 15 to 20 per cent, says Professor Ballard.



If you have an elderly parent with dementia you are slightly more likely to develop the disease than somebody whose parents reach old age without the disease. So far scientists have identied one gene which is known to play a role in late-onset Alzheimers and vascular dementia. Around a quarter of the population inherits one copy of the APOE4 gene, which increases the chances of developing Alzheimers by up to four times. If you have the APOE4 gene adopting a healthy lifestyle can greatly reduce your chances of succumbing to dementia. When Alzheimers strikes under the age of 60 the cause is much more likely to be genetic. These rare genetic defects account for only one in 1,000 cases of Alzheimers but there is a high risk that a sufferers children will also develop the disease.

There is strong evidence that regular exercise can reduce your risk of developing dementia by up to 45 per cent. Exercise improves blood ow, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and helps combat obesity, diabetes and depression, which are all risk factors for dementia. Dr Corbett recommends half an hour, three times a week, of any form of exercise that makes you slightly breathless.

S to som wh Ef ris


Research suggests that the Mediterranean diet offers the best protection against Alzheimers and other kinds of dementia. This means plenty of wholegrain foods, sh, especially oily sh, olive oil, fruit and vegetables. Other studies show a link between dementia and diets high in saturated fats. There is no strong evidence that eating any one particular type of food will help reduce your risk, says Dr Corbett.

pla sh de Ne tha bra tha


Be blo nu rea inc



Because diabetes damages blood vessels people with the illness are more likely to develop vascular

All kinds of supplements have been investigated to see if they can help in the ght against dementia. The Alzheimers Society says: /sou


On yo by sh


sday April 26 2011



MEDITERRANEAN MEDICINE: Eating plenty of fruit, olive oil and vegetables offers the best protection

<Xkn\ccXe[cfm\c`]\ kfjXm\pfliYiX`e
heavily or not at all in middle age were more likely to develop cognitive problems than light drinkers.

upplements have not been shown have any positive effect so far but me research has shown that people ho had high levels of vitamins C and from natural sources had a reduced sk of developing dementia. There were high hopes for the ant ginkgo and sh oils but studies ow that neither seems to prevent ementia or slow its advance. A ewcastle University study suggests at drinking green tea might protect ain cells from some of the elements at play a role in Alzheimers.

ALISON Stirling has lived in the shadow of Alzheimers disease all her adult life. Her mother rst showed symptoms of the disease when she was in her 40s. She died aged 58 following a re she started in the family home when her daughter was 24. Many years later Alison, 55, helped nurse her elderly stepmother Barbara until she too died with dementia. This illness has had a massive effect on my life since my mid-teens when my mother started behaving strangely, says Alison, 55, who runs a clock-making business from her home in East Grinstead, Sussex. I began exercising seriously. I joined a gym and started swimming and at 46 I joined a friend and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I was way out of my comfort zone but I did it. Six months later I began training for the London marathon, never having run before. Last September I did the Great North Run with my three daughters aged 24, 22 and 19. They are all aware of the need to look after themselves. There are no guarantees but exercising has given me a bit of power, a feeling that I am doing all I can to reduce my chances of getting this disease.


ecause smoking damages the tiny ood vessels of the brain it restricts utrients and the ow of oxygen aching the cells of the brain and creases the risk of dementia.


ne glass of red wine a day may cut ur chances of developing dementia y a quarter. A recent Finnish study owed that people who drank


There is some limited evidence that people who are more socially active have a reduced risk of developing dementia, says Dr Corbett. One study of 800 men and women aged 75 and older reported that leisure activities with a physical, mental and social element are the most useful for combating cognitive disorders. Crosswords, brain-training games and Sudoku are said to help keep dementia at bay but the scientic evidence is not strong. I would not discourage anybody from doing these things, says Professor Ballard, but if you only have half an hour to spare you would be better off going for a brisk walk. For more information contact the Alzheimers Society on 0845 300 0336 or see

FIT: Alison and daughters Sophie, Emma and Angela think about it a lot. To me it is the worst illness in the world because you lose the person long before they die. People think it only affects older people but my mother was a young woman. Alison has chosen not to nd out whether she has inherited an Alzheimers gene from her mother. Instead she decided at 40 to do everything she could to ght the disease. I had been quite sedentary until then but I

34 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


Y ARMS are at in front of me as I try and remember the drill. Anchor is where the right elbow comes up and the hand ops down. Then its drive, where the right hand pushes back past my body and sweeps up so its pointing straight above my head, while the left hand lunges forward with the thumb pointing upwards. Finally its return, where the left hand attens and the right hand comes to meet it, aiming somewhere between wrist and elbow, before both hands return to the start position. Its hard to remember all that in the right order but after a length or so Im getting the feel of it and with another two its becoming second nature. Youre really getting the hang of it, beams Steven Shaw. You can get in the water now. This is the start of my third lesson with Steven, who teaches beginners and experienced water babies alike through his company Art Of Swimming. Dry as a bone so far I have been walking alongside the pool in my trunks performing this strange sequence. In my minds eye its somewhere between martial arts and fencing but I suspect I may look dafter than that. Nevertheless dry-land practice is crucial to what Steven calls the Shaw Method so it has to be done. As he reminds me with his favourite mantra: You have to walk before you can crawl. Im already a strong swimmer. I used to swim a mile of breaststroke

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SIMON EDGE learns a more efcient front crawl that helps minimise aches and strains
every day before work and then I took lessons to learn the front crawl. I could go pretty fast for a length or two but my problem was always endurance and I ran out of steam quickly. The last time I swam regularly I was learning to slow down so I could front crawl for longer and I was overjoyed when I managed to do a mile without stopping. However Steven now promises to make my stroke even more efcient. He started his career teaching the Alexander Technique, a system of postural re-education that I have also been studying. Its central idea is that the relationship between head, neck and back determines the bodys overall coordination. Steven used a camcorder to investigate his own swimming style and then changed his technique to minimise neck strain and improve his overall alignment. According to Alexander principles, it also eases breathing, a crucial concern for anyone who wants to swim well. When I rst meet Steven I am allowed in the water to show him what I can do and he lms me with an underwater camera. My technique isnt bad, he says, but Im using too many strokes to complete a length and I could be doing it with half the number. For him the key to swimming efciently is understanding that some movements are propulsive, moving you through the water, while others are just preparatory, getting your limbs in the right position. Therefore only half of the front crawl leg kick, the downstroke, sends you forward. The upstroke is simply designed to raise the leg ready to push it back down again. Steven demonstrates why this matters. If you do upstroke and downstroke with equal strength you will stay where you are and if you get them the wrong way round you will go backwards. Important as that is, with front crawl the arms and upper body provide around 80 per cent of propulsion. The drilling I really need is arm, head and neck movements. Steven shows me which elements of the stroke are about stabilising the body, which ones are about preparation and which ones are about propulsion. He does this rst by standing in the water alongside me. Then I put my head in the water and he walks

Next day installation Rent or buy Free home trial Local surveyors Local engineers

Find out why hundreds of thousands of people across the UK choose Acorn Stairlifts



DIFFERENT STROKES: After a couple of sessions on dry land instructor Steven Shaw from the Art Of Swimming puts Simon through his paces, rening his skills in the pool

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011



backwards, holding my hands to guide me through the sequence. Finally I try it for myself, just one stroke at rst and then trying to build it up to two or three, until my breath runs out and I have to put my head up.

T IS horribly bewildering at the beginning. You can know and understand each component part but when you try to put them together you keep forgetting bits. As soon as you reinstate one element you miss a new one out. Its like trying to atten a bubble of air that keeps popping up somewhere else. This is where muscle memory comes in. Repetition of a physical act programmes it into the brain so that the body learns to do it of its own accord without the need for conscious thought. Thats the point of walking up and down doing the actions which I have to practise at home

as well as beside the pool. Getting the breathing right, holding my neck at the right angle so theres no strain, opening my chest up and keeping my head submerged in the water as my upper body rotates, involves a lot more practise. By the end of lesson three I can put it all together. Steven lms me again and, thanks to the miracle of digital photography he can play it back while we are both still standing in the pool. Comparing the before and after clips its clear that I really am covering the same distance with far fewer strokes. That makes the style look slower but I am actually going faster. I will need to practise what I have learned and make sure that I dont forget it but there is a big incentive. My swimming is going to be more controlled, more efcient and more fullling from now on. Will you come to learn another stroke? Steven calls after me. Give me a chance to

master this one and I may well do so. Lessons with Art Of Swimming instructors start at 45 for 30 minutes. To nd an instructor in your area call 020 8446 9442 or visit

=I<<IFP8C N<;;@E>9<CC
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36 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


FliYcl\$\p\[Yfp _XjY\Xk\eZXeZ\i

Which sh is the wisest catch for your health? We should all eat two portions a week, one of which should be oily. Heres our guide to netting the best MACKEREL
Per 100g smoked llet: 334 cals, 28.4g fat (9.2g saturates), 2g salt The oiliest sh and richest in omega-3 fats, which improve blood ow and help keep brain and heart healthy. Just one small serving (fresh, smoked or canned) provides all the omega-3 you need for a week but dont overdo it because it is quite high in saturated fat. The sh is also a rich source of bone-building vitamin D with two days supply in an average portion. 9/10

Toddler Preston McDonalds squint was dismissed as harmless but it turned out to be a tumour, says JENNY HUDSON

Per 150g grilled llet: 322 cals, 9.5g fat (3.6g saturates), 0.2g salt A tasty oily sh thats good for you either canned or fresh. Canned salmon may be slightly better because it is nearly always the wild type from the Pacic. Canning also softens the bones, which make the sh richer in vitamin D and calcium. Either type will give you your recommended oily sh intake if you eat just one generous portion a week. 8/10


VERY time Michelle McDonald picks up her son Preston from nursery his face radiates with joy. The staff cannot believe how different he is from the unhappy child he once was. Yet it would be impossible to guess why Preston has changed or understand the ordeal this brave little boy has been through. Preston, two, is one of approximately 40 to

BRIGHT FUTURE: Preston with his mum Michelle

50 British children diagnosed each year with a fast-growing childhood eye cancer. The toddler had his eye removed and wears a natural-looking new generation articial eye, which allows him to cry real tears and move his eyeball. Preston was a healthy baby but at eight months Michelle, from Plymouth, noticed he was having trouble focusing his left eye. Their GP suggested it was a lazy eye and nothing to worry about. However he also began having tantrums, screaming ts and barely slept. He was obviously suffering, explains Michelle, 24, who is married to 25-year-old delivery driver Darren. Then one morning Michelle noticed his left eye had turned brown. Their GP sent him to the Royal Eye Inrmary in Plymouth. The doctor told us they had found a growth in Prestons eye and it might be a type of cancer called retinoblastoma. Michelle and Darren were told his cancer had progressed so the only option was to remove his left eye. Youngsters with a tumour in one rather than both eyes are often not diagnosed early on. They tend to manage quite well with their vision so problems are often picked up at a later stage than those with both eyes affected, explains consultant retinoblastoma surgeon Manoj Parulekar. Retinoblastoma starts at the back of the eye, then moves forward so it is not initially visible, says Mr Parulekar, who runs one of the two British retinoblastoma services at Birmingham Childrens Hospital. As a tumour grows children experience deterioration in their vision, pain, increased pressure in the eye and inammation. The vast majority of squints will not be due to eye cancer, says Mr Parulekar. However if parents have concerns, they are entitled to see an eye specialist. Often the trigger for a diagnosis is a white eye reex visible in a photograph or in low articial light. The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) is campaigning to raise awareness of the white eye reex, which is when part of the pupil reects white light like a cats eye.    N ORDER to diagnose the disease a red eye reex test is carried out, looking at the eye with an instrument called a direct ophthalmoscope. About 50 per cent of children will need to have the eye removed. Yet the long-term prospects are very good. Retinoblastoma is the most treatable form of childhood cancer with a 98 per cent cure rate, says Mr Parulekar. Prestons operation took place last November. When we got home Preston slept through the night and carried on sleeping peacefully all week, says Michelle. He had barely been speaking before but by Christmas he was talking in clear sentences. He would play happily for hours at a time. He must have been in so much pain but couldnt tell us what was wrong. Now the pressure and pain have gone we have the real Preston: a playful, happy and talkative boy who enjoys life. To contact The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust visit www.chect.

Per 100g canned in brine: 99 cals, 0.6g fat (0.2g saturates), 0.8g salt A great source of protein to curb hunger and help repair and renew muscles and tissues. A 100g serving supplies your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of the antioxidant selenium, needed for the immune system and 90 per cent of the RDA of niacin, needed for releasing energy from food. Only fresh tuna counts as an oil-rich sh. 7/10

Per 120g canned in tomato sauce: 234 cals, 15.5g fat (5.1g saturates), 1.1g salt An omega-3 rich oily sh. Weight for weight, canned sardines contain about four times more bone-strengthening calcium than milk. Unlike milk, however, they are also very rich in vitamin D, which is needed to absorb calcium. Avoid skinless, boneless sardines because its the dissolved bones that make the vitamin D content so high. 8/10

Per 250g chip-shop llet: 593 cals, 31.5g fat (7.2g saturates), 3g salt Besides being bad for your waistline fried sh from the chippy can harbour trans fats, thought to be even worse for your heart than saturated fats, which form when cooking oil is reused many times. The batter is also salty so dont add more. On the plus side cod (and haddock) are rich in protein, plus the mineral iodine, which is needed for a healthy metabolism. 2/10

Per three, grilled: 184 cals, 7.6g fat (0.8g saturates), 0.6g salt A good source of protein for growing children and low in saturated fat. With peas and oven chips, or in a sandwich, they make a relatively balanced meal so dont feel guilty if youre craving this comfort food. 5/10

Per 150g grilled llet: 142 cals, 2g fat (0.6g saturates), 0.3g salt More eco-friendly than overshed cod and an equally good source of protein, vitamin B12 (for a healthy nervous system) and iodine. Pollock has more omega-3 than most other white sh. A good choice if you like white sh but never eat oily. 7/10



Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


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<m\j.%*'#DXkjKl\JXk)%*' nnn%K_\G_XekfdF]K_\Fg\iX%Zfd

Millions of us have taken or applied medicines which are out of date. KATE HILPERN explains why it is so dangerous

9\kkpYcl\\p\jk_\dlj`ZXc%Zfd Dfe$JXk.%*'gd#Xe[JXk)%*'gd


Kl\.gd#N\[$JXk.%*' N\[JXk)%*'#Jle*gd n`qXi[f[fqdlj`ZXc%Zfd ),;8PJ<8KJ=IFD('8D@EG<IJFE




M8L;<M@CC<K?<8KI<'/+++()+--* D8KK?<N=FOFC@M@8N@CC@8DJ JZfiZ_`e^g\i]fidXeZ\j@e[\g\e[\ek

Dfe$JXk/gd#Kl\j*gdJXk*gd nnn%k_\nfdXe`eYcXZb%Zfd

T WAS the chemical taste in her mouth that made Jenny Palmer realise she had more than just a stomach bug. A feeling of overwhelming nausea had already woken her in the night. Next came cold sweats, stomach cramps, sickness and diarrhoea and then the taste. I felt so awful I couldnt sleep or even lie down. Id never felt anything like it before, recalls the 25-year-old personal assistant from London. Id probably have put it down to food poisoning or a bug but the taste was so unusual that I mentioned it to my doctor. He promptly informed me that the whole episode, which lasted around 24 hours, was caused by me taking out-of-date medication. Jenny had visited her GP a couple of years previously about a skin infection which was caused by a new moisturiser. He gave me antibiotic tablets which worked a treat, she says. So when I got another infection a couple of years later due to a new foundation Id bought I was thrilled to nd the pills still there in the medicine cabinet. It didnt occur to me to check the expiry date. One in four of us (which adds up to 11 million people in the UK) has inadvertently taken or applied medicine which has later been found to be out of date, according to new research carried out by Lloydspharmacy. These people are playing Russian roulette with their medication which can have huge implications for their health, warns Melinda Setanoians, who is a prescribing pharmacist for Lloydspharmacy. We found more than half of people dont always check the expiry date of medicines before taking them and nearly one in six has never cleared out their medicine cabinet.

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K_\jfe^jf]D`Z_X\cXe[k_\AXZbjfe, Kl\j=i`.%*'#JXk+/#Jle*%*'.%*' K?<?@KJALJKB<<GFE:FD@E>% 8>I<8KE@>?KFLK;%K<C



K?<DLJ@:8C DfeJXk.%*'gdK_liJXk)%*'gd Y`ccp\cc`fkk_\dlj`ZXc%Zfd

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DfeJXk.%*'gd#K_liJXk)%*' C\^XccpYcfe[\k_\dlj`ZXc%Zf%lb



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YpHL<<E9<E<CKFE DfeJXk.%*'#DXkJXk)%*' <okiXj_fncXjkN\[e\j[Xp f]\m\ipdfek_Xk)%*' nnn%n\n`ccifZbpfl%Zf%lb

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8GFCCFM@:KFI@8'/++/+.(-0N`Zb\[K_\Dlj`ZXc%Zf%lb Dfe$JXk.%*'gdN\[JXk)%*'gd


DRUG DANGER: Jenny Palmer fell ill after taking outdated medicine
or tube. Add to this the fact that the manufacturer cannot guarantee the product will have any potency left after the expiry date and you see how you could easily introduce a new and even more dangerous infection to the area, says Melinda. Eye drops past their expiry date are particularly hazardous, according to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS). The eye is very sensitive and bacteria is likely to grow in eye drops. The upshot can be a very nasty eye infection, warns RPS spokesman Neal Patel. All eye drops come with a warning that they must be discarded after a certain period, usually 28 days after opening. The problem is that if people pay attention to an expiry date at all, which often they dont, its the one printed on the box and that is only relevant for unopened bottles, says Neal. Consequently you get people with hay fever using eye drops for a few weeks in the summer, then nding an almost full bottle a year later and using them again which is a real worry. As Jennys story has revealed outdated antibiotics are especially risky. People assume that because they are in blister packs they are still ne to use but they can cause anything from severe vomiting to renal dysfunction, says the RPS. Disposing of old medicines safely is also important. Nearly half the population either puts them in the bin or pours them down the sink or toilet, according to Lloydspharmacy. The former means pets or children could get hold of them and even in landll they can harm wildlife. The latter means they get into our water supply, says Melinda. The only safe way to dispose of old medicines is to take them to a pharmacy. Our pharmacists offer a free medicine check-up to help manage medicines and offer advice on reducing wastage. Other research shows many patients hoard their repeat prescriptions despite having no intention of taking the drugs. Many are sent automatic repeat prescriptions, regardless of whether they still need the medication, while compliance rates for people on long-term medication is just 50 per cent, according to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).

9pK\i\eZ\IXkk`^Xe 8ee\$DXi`\;l]] !!!!!K`d\jJleK\c Dfe$JXk.%*'#N\[JXk)%*' nnn%fc[m`Zk_\Xki\%Zfd


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DfeJXk.%*'K_liJXk)%*' PFLDLJKJ<<@K$FYj\im\i \e[f]k_\iX`eYfncfe[fe%Zfd KI<MFIELEEJ JLG<I9GIF;L:K@FE;k\c J`\eeXAXd\jJ_\i`[Xe D`cc\iGli\]fpJd`k_

DfeJXk.%*'gd#N\[JXk)%*'gd nnn%cfm\e\m\i[`\j%Zfd




GI@E:<F=N8C<J'/+++/),((+ =8EK8JK@:=LE:cXjj`Z=D
DfeK_li.%*'#=i`,%''/%*'# JXk*%''.%*'


YpK\i\eZ\IXkk`^Xe Dfe$JXk.%*'#N\[JXk)%*'gd



T THE very least, she says, out-of-date medication is likely to be ineffective, which can be a health risk in its own right. If you depend on cholesterollowering medicine for instance and take it when its out of date you risk your cholesterol rising. If you use an old insulin pen to treat diabetes you could wind up with a lower dose than intended, which is dangerous. With ointments, sprays and creams that are past their expiry date there is an added risk of high bacteria levels in the bottle

HE NHS throws away 1,500 tonnes of unused medicines every year, costing the taxpayer 370million. Its no wonder that nurses at the RCN conference recently voted in favour of calling for action to stop medicines being repeatedly ordered but never taken. Christine Thomas, a nurse in Wales, suggested that all medicines should be labelled with the price so that patients were aware of how much money they were wasting. She said one morbidly obese patient was prescribed slimming pills she never took because they ruined her appetite and a man was found to have 250 sealed boxes of unused medication. The annual cost to the NHS of this practice would provide enough money to pay for about 120 cancer units so its vital that medicines are managed effectively, says Melinda.


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9PC@CC@8E?<CCD8E Dfe$JXk.%*'gd#N\[JXk)%*'gd K@:B<KJ8M8@C89C<(,$-'

0844 847 1775


38 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

most common cause of low iron levels in women is blood loss during periods. Low iron levels are also common in women who eat very little red meat. If your periods are normal it should be possible to increase the level of iron in your body with prescription-strength iron tablets, though these can take several weeks to work. The best dietary source of iron is red meat and although green leafy vegetables do contain some iron you have to eat huge amounts to get the same amount as in a small piece of steak. If your iron levels are staying low despite taking supplements it suggests you are either not absorbing the iron or you are losing blood. Iron absorption can be reduced by some foods, including high-bre cereals, tea and coffee, but can be increased by vitamin C so it can help to take your tablets with orange juice. It is important to check you are not losing blood from an ulcer in your stomach or in your bowel. Your GP can arrange the relevant tests for you. If you have a health question for Dr Rosemary write to her in condence at The Northern & Shell Building, 10 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6EN, or email health@ Dr Rosemarys reply will appear in this column. She regrets that she cannot enter into personal correspondence and that owing to the volume of letters she cannot reply to everyone.


I SUFFER from frozen shoulder. My GP has prescribed co-codamol for the pain and diclofenac for inammation. How long am I likely to have to take these tablets?
FROZEN shoulder is when the shoulder becomes stiff and all movement is restricted. It is thought to be due to scar-like tissue forming around the joint but why this happens in most cases is not known. It is common, especially in women between the ages of 40 and 60, and tends to occur more often in the non-dominant shoulder so if you are right-handed it is more likely to affect the left shoulder. Symptoms tend to occur in three stages. The rst, which starts with pain then gradual limitation of movement, lasts between two and nine months. Next comes the frozen stage when the pain eases but movement is difcult. This lasts between four months and a year. Then there is the nal thawing phase when the shoulder gradually recovers. This usually takes about six months but can take a couple of years. Left untreated symptoms usually last between two and three years but the


shoulder does return to normal. That means you are likely to have to take your tablets for at least a year and possibly longer. Physiotherapy and regular exercises can also be very helpful and if symptoms persist a steroid injection into the joint can usually give some relief of symptoms. All these treatments can be arranged by your GP.

A COUPLE of months ago I was Q told my iron levels were too low (9.4) and my doctor suggested I take a supplement, which I have done ever since. I have a good diet (lean red meat twice a week, dark green leafy veg, pulses, nuts etc) but a follow-up test showed my iron levels had not changed. Why might this be? I am a 39-year-old woman and dont have any problems with heavy periods and am denitely not pregnant.
IRON is needed to form the protein haemoglobin which carries oxygen A in red blood cells. Any iron level below 20 is low. Ideally the level should be 50 or above. The

FROZEN OUT: Gaby Roslin had an operation on her shoulder




BROCCOLI may help smokers clean up their lungs, new research has found. A compound in the vegetable is being trialled as a treatment against lung disease. In healthy lungs white blood cells called macrophages remove debris and bacteria. This cleaning system is defective in smokers and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Scientists at the John Hopkins University, Baltimore, have found smoking harms a chemical pathway in the lungs that activates macrophages. They also found that sulphoraphane, a chemical found in broccoli, can restore it. The New Scientist reports that they are seeing if sulphoraphane can restore lung function in COPD patients.

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NFIK? ,#)''

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Entrants must be 18 or over. Competition closes midnight 14th May. Winners will be selected at random from all correct entries. For full T&Cs see Helpline 0870 010 8656. The Editors decision is nal. For SMS you may receive other related promotional offers/services: if you do not wish to, send STOP at the end of your message. Express Newspapers reserves the right to offer these promotions in its portfolio of titles. Prize is subject to availability. Images are for representational use only.




Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


ANS of the late Janis Joplin will remember her hit song Mercedes Benz, in which she prays to the Lord for various benets, from a new car to a colour TV. Anyone who has watched TV in the United States will know that Joplins song is only a notch or two away from the promises made by some real-life, high-prole evangelist preachers. Guaranteeing riches in exchange for the last few dollars of the desperate, in the name of God, comes pretty high in anyones category of sins but its topped by those who claim to be able to heal the sick or cure the lame. DERREN BROWN: MIRACLES FOR SALE (C4) set out its stall at the start in a passionate piece to camera from the normally cool

DXkk9Xpc`j fecXjk e`^_kjKM
presenter. This wasnt your usual Derren Brown-style package of psychological acrobatics and entertainment. It was an attempt to discredit the lucrative faithhealing industry by highlighting the tricks it uses and showing how easy it is to copy them. Brown was assisted in this by a tall, rather biblical-looking scuba instructor called Nathan, who received six months intensive training before being sent out to Texas to do the Lord Derrens work. This instruction included feats of hypnosis, persuasion, bewilderment and sheer trickery, from staring into peoples eyes to convincing them theyd been cured of things they never actually suffered from. Slotted together with footage of some of the most well-rewarded faith healers in action, this amounted to a comprehensive demolition of the idea of miracles. It might have been easy to drum ones ngers and say that Derren Brown was only proving the blooming obvious but what was less obvious, certainly to a British audience, was the extent to which this trickery goes on and its consequences. Some people die as a result of these healers telling them theyve been cured or that going to a doctor is a sign of a lack of faith for which God will punish them. Some of these healers in turn ask for donations for doing Gods work and live like rock stars on the back of them. Browns programme probably wont make much of a dent in their bank balances but it certainly took any doubts away. Faith and doubt were the big themes of THE SUSPICIONS OF MR WHICHER (ITV1), based on Kate Summerscales retelling of a real-life Victorian murder case. Centre stage was Inspector Whicher (Paddy Considine), a lonely, driven investigator parachuted into a high-prole mystery involving a dead child. Hamstrung by inefcient local police and pressured by Whitehall, Whicher stuck obstinately to his suspicions about the victims

half-sister Constance Kent (Alexandra Roach) and lost his badge as a result, only to be vindicated at the end. This must have been a fascinating case but whether it translated into the best TV drama is another question. In dramas people do what they do for reasons reasons the audience needs to discover and understand. Constances reasons for the murder of a four-year-old boy were explained but they never quite chimed with what wed seen of her or her family. Nor did her brothers participation in the killing or Constances desire to keep him out of the frame for it. There must have been some knotted, dark little relationships going on there but the script didnt give itself time to explore them.

IfpXckp1N`cc`Xd8e[BXk\1K_\ JkfipJf=Xi#/gd#:_Xee\c,
A revealing portrait of an ordinary young couple who nd themselves at the centre of an extraordinary global event. It charts a relationship that has survived 10 years of intense media interest. So why is Kate the one and why did William almost throw it all away? The documentary also looks at the fundamental differences between their relationship and that of Charles and Diana. Meanwhile, Five News presenter Matt Barbet goes behind the scenes with the Household Cavalry as it prepares for its role on the big day. We also hear from the royal harpist who is playing at the reception and the chefs in the palace kitchen.

;@;PFLBEFN6?XY`kXk]fle[\iJ`iK\i\eZ\:feiXejijkafY nXjkf_\cgYl`c[XhlXik\i$jZXc\`ek\i`fif]XGi`eZ\jjp`e^ YfXk]fik_\kiXejgfikgXm`c`feXkk_\(0,(=\jk`mXcf]9i`kX`e% ?\Xcjf[\j`^e\[]lie`kli\]fik_\_fd\jXe[^Xi[\ejgXm`c`fe%

Twelve years ago Sean Gallagher (left) risked his life savings to set up an IT recruitment agency. It was a gamble that paid off and now theres nothing the multi-millionaire bachelor likes more than spoiling his two nieces, whose mother died 25 years ago from an epileptic seizure. Gallagher has never dealt with the loss of his sister and hasnt spoken to anyone about his grief. Now more than two decades of pain is about to come to the surface as he travels to Middlesbrough in search of people to help. New series.


Its Habitats turn to host an open day and the household furnishing store has high hopes. After ve years of nancial losses, its looking for new talent and the chance to get ahead of its competitors once again. Tonights wannabes include Laura Wellington (above), who lights up the room with her Hula lamp.


?`jkfip18?`jkfipF]:\ck`Z 9i`kX`e#0gd#99:)
Neil Oliver (right) completes his epic journey through thousands of years of ancient history by examining how the Romans modernised Britain. The Scottish archaeologist joins a dig beneath a London tower block that has revealed a row of Roman shops, discovers a chariot track in Essex and encounters the remains of an African woman who lived in York 1,800 years ago, all evidence of the multicultural modern world of Rome.

A one-off documentary focusing on The Clink, a top-notch restaurant serving gourmet dishes to paying customers inside High Down prison in Surrey. This unique and controversial rehabilitation scheme aims to transform prisoners into fully trained chefs and waiters. Cameras follow ery head chef Al (above) as he takes on three new inmates struggling to turn their backs on crime.

40 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

6.00 Breakfast (W) (S) 40589959 9.15 When Royals Wed 4314084 10.00 Homes Under The Hammer Developers explore properties in Devon, Surrey and Leeds. (S) 40404 11.00 Dont Get Done, Get Dom Dominic Littlewood helps a man who had to unfairly pay 2,000 to have a new engine tted to his car. 5775442 11.45 Cash In The Attic A woman tries to raise 500 to repair a collapsed wall. (W) (S) 983713 12.15 Bargain Hunt From Derby University. (R) (W) (S) 6486666 1.00 BBC News, Weather 64084 1.30 Local News (S) 21098152 v 1.45 Doctors A rookie private detective and the woman he is supposed to be investigating turn up at the Mill. (AD) (W) (S) 253084 2.15 Escape To The Country A retired couple with a budget of 800,000 search for a peaceful home in rural Oxfordshire, and examine a 15th-century abbey house. 5342249 3.00 BBC News (W) (S) 3570862 v 3.05 CBBC: Gastronuts (R) 8796713 3.35 Prank Patrol Down Under (R) 2639572 4.00 Dead Gorgeous. Followed by Diddy Dick & Dom. 572 4.30 Royal Wedding Access All Areas: Blue Peter Special 5341794 4.55 Shaun The Sheep (R) 4606268 5.00 Newsround (W) (S) 1941442 5.15 Weakest Link (S) 3629713 6.00 BBC News, Weather 249 6.30 Local News, Weather 201 v

6.00 CBeebies 38930 7.00 CBBC: Little Howards Big Question (R) (W) (S) 2678591 7.25 Newsround (S) 7934539 7.30 Whats New Scooby-Doo? (R) (S) 1465336 7.45 League Of Super Evil (R) (W) (S) 1453591 8.00 Copycats (R) (S) 83341 8.30 CBeebies 83504084 11.35 The Pink Panther Show Another dose of cartoon adventures with the cool cat. (R) (W) (S) 1279065 12.00 Daily Politics Parliamentary proceedings interspersed with discussions, interviews and lmed reports from around the country. Presented by Andrew Neil. (S) 76930 12.30 Live Snooker: The World Championship Rishi Persad presents coverage from Shefelds Crucible Theatre, where the third and fourth quarter-nals get under way in the nal ranking tournament of the season. Plus, action from the rst session of this mornings two matches. With analysis by Steve Davis, Ken Doherty and John Parrott. 34818572 5.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Curtis Dowling and James Lewis put their own cash on the line in Dunkirk, France. (S) 3627355 6.00 Eggheads Quiz show. (S) 591 6.30 Great British Menu Central chefs hope to impress former champion Glynn Purnell by preparing sh-based dishes, including jasmine tea-smoked salmon and fondue of Norfolk lobster. (W) (S) 171

5.30 ITV News (W) (S) 85336 6.00 Daybreak (W) (S) 483864 8.30 Lorraine (W) (S) 9460152 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show Guests air their differences. 2474336 10.30 This Morning (W) (S) 62978 12.30 Loose Women Nico EversSwindell and Camilla Luddington talk about portraying Prince William and Kate Middleton in a TV lm. Actor Robson Green also drops in. 12959 1.30 ITV News (W) (S) 49858572 1.55 Local News (S) 23856268 v 2.00 60 Minute Makeover A home transformation in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. (W) (S) 37442 3.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer chat to the host, and former boxer Frank Bruno discusses his battles outside the ring. The cast of Million Dollar Quartet performs. (W) (S) 1442 3.59 Local Weather (S) 3110171 v 4.00 Midsomer Murders Part two of two. Barnaby continues his efforts to unravel the Morton Fendle craft centres complex nances, but nds himself investigating a disappearance and murder. (R) (W) (S) 7249 5.00 Britains Best Dish Ed Baines, Jilly Goolden and John Burton Race judge day two of the East of England heats, where they sample ery starter dishes, followed by a meat lovers main course. 8997 6.00 Local News, Weather 317 v 6.30 ITV News, Weather 997

5.55 Sali Mali (R,S) 6562930 6.00 The Treacle People 5727572 6.10 The Hoobs (R) (S) 6944133 6.35 The Hoobs (AD) (R,S) 7381317 7.00 Freshly Squeezed (S) 58423 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond Ray Romano stars. (R,S) 6326959 7.55 Frasier (R,S) 6334978 8.25 Friends (AD) (R,S) 8439152 8.55 Wife Swap USA (R) 9461881 9.55 Relocation, Relocation Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer revisit a couple who moved from Swindon to Devon ve years ago. (R,S) 4848648 10.55 A Place By The Sea 9777959 12.00 Channel 4 News (S) 1961688 12.05 Make Do & Mend (S) 7856510 12.35 Make Do & Mend Lucia Kempsey restores a seat with a salty past. (S) 4871775 1.05 The TV Book Club Ade Edmondson and Meera Syal join the panel. (R,S) 74161065 1.35 Sword Of Sherwood Forest 1960 (U) Robin Hood adventure, starring Richard Greene. 76107862 3.10 Countdown With Patti Clare in Dictionary Corner. (S) 8110143 4.00 Deal Or No Deal Gameshow, with Noel Edmonds. (AD) (S) 8591 5.00 Come Dine With Me A week of dinner parties from Dudley in the West Midlands. (R,S) 6539 6.00 The Simpsons Bart is placed on medication. (AD) (R,S) 959 6.30 Hollyoaks Jenny falls victim to Silas during a picnic. (AD) (S) 539

6.00 Milkshake! 73407510 9.15 The Wright Stuff 99565317 11.05 Bridezillas Valique Brown seeks revenge on her anc and alienates her bridal party. (R) 3538572 12.05 The Family Recipe 57982423 12.10 5 News Lunchtime 17751510 12.20 Law & Order Briscoe and Green are called in to investigate the murder of a notorious bounty hunter. (R,S) 2767249 1.15 Home And Away (S) 5026688 1.45 Neighbours (AD) (S) 5025959 2.15 The Vanessa Show Topical discussion and celebrity guests, plus advice on solving dilemmas. 4371268 3.05 Chinese Food In Minutes Oriental cooking. 7872591 3.25 Backyard Wedding 2010 (PG) A woman plans to get married in her parents garden, but the unexpected reappearance of her ex-husband complicates proceedings. Drama, starring Alicia Witt. 48352317 5.00 5 News At 5 (S) 6055607 5.30 Neighbours Lucas helps Jade patch up her differences with Kate. (AD) (R,S) 5270171 6.00 Home And Away Ruby continues to deny any involvement in the mansion party, but Charlies fears are conrmed when Brax nds evidence that she was the instigator. (R,S) 5153084 6.25 OK ! TV Emmerdales Ryan Lamb and actor James Sutton are in the studio. (S) 2566336

EASTENDERS: Jane attracts an admirer at the pub quiz, 7.30pm

EGGHEADS: Dermot Murnaghan hosts the gameshow, 6pm

EMMERDALE: Ryan leaves the village after one last drink with Cain, 7pm

HOLLYOAKS: Riley discovers the truth about Heidis indelity after returning from his holiday, 6.30pm

HOME AND AWAY: Nicole is surprised when Angelo offers her a shoulder to cry on, 6pm


7.00 The One Show Alex Jones, 7.00 Live Snooker: Matt Baker and a team of roving The World Championship reporters present topical stories Hazel Irvine presents coverage from around the UK. (W) (S) 4930 of the nal session on day 7.30 EastEnders Ryan searches 11 at the Crucible Theatre in for a way to get Whitneys life back Shefeld, where the second on track. (AD) (W) (S) Followed by sessions of the opening two BBC News, Local News. (S) 713 quarter-nals take place. 3775 8.00 Holby City Michael discovers pursuing his ambitions could lead to the collapse of another department, and Gregs condence wavers when he becomes emotionally involved with a teenage patient with a rare heart condition. 4881 8.00 Britains Next Big Thing distinctive lamp, a selfA stand, and an supporting innovative garden feature are

7.00 Emmerdale Rhona decides 7.00 Channel 4 News Including sport and weather. (S) 830323 to tell Marlon he cannot have the access to the baby he was hoping for. (AD) (W) (S) 9626 7.30 Military Driving School Jeremy Kyle takes the role of gunner on a Mastiff for night-time 7.55 (S) 363607 manoeuvres. (W) (S) 881

7.00 5 News At 7 Round-up of the days headlines from around the world. 6068171 7.30 Extraordinary Dogs An insight into the American Kennel Clubs annual competition. Last in the series. (S) 5257220 8.00 William And Kate: The So Far Matt Barbet takes Story look at the story of how the a Prince and his bride-to-be fell in love, featuring interviews with the couples friends, and a preview of the pairs wedding day. See Pick Of The Day. 7882323 9.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Two men seemingly come back from the dead, prompting Sara and Langston to question a disgraced scientist who lost his job after his work resulted in the death of an assistant. (AD) (S) 7787779 10.00 CSI: Miami An ofce receptionist is killed, and everyone in the company becomes a suspect as the team discovers virtually the entire workforce seems to have held a grudge against the victim. 2306249 10.55 CSI: NY Stella and the team investigate the death of a woman who appears to have drowned and make a bafing discovery the DNA evidence found on her body is that of a man already in prison. Melina Kanakaredes stars. (R) 1537133 11.55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Catherine seeks a killer caught on lm. 9055065


8.00 Countrywise Paul Heiney 8.00 Supersize Vs marks this weeks royal wedding Superskinny In the feeding with a visit to Anglesey, adopted clinic tonight, Dr Christian home of Prince William and Kate Jessen comes to the aid of presented to buyers at Habitat, Middleton. He hears the legend mother-of-two Alice Duran, who and graduates behind Wingman of an island dedicated to young conquered obesity, but is now Wipes put their product to the test. lovers and meets the lifeboat obsessive about maintaining See Pick Of The Day. (S) 2423 crews the Prince works with. 6249 a minimalist diet. (S) 7591 9.00 When Kate Met William: A Tale Of Two Lives The romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton, featuring a glimpse into the bride-to-bes upbringing and the couples fateful meeting at St Andrews University. (S) 9713 10.00 ITV News, Weather Latest headlines. (W) (S) 83323 9.00 The Secret Millionaire series. Sean Gallagher, New made his fortune by setting who up his own IT recruitment agency, heads for Middlesbrough to work with the founders of epilepsy awareness charity Abbies Love. See Pick Of The Day. (S) 7355 10.00 Campus Womanising Matt Beer puts his plan to woo steely business consultant George into action, and Flatpack sets out on a romantic venture of his own. Meanwhile, Jason struggles to contain his feelings around gay best friend Nicole. (S) 3751084


9.00 A History Of Celtic 9.00 MasterChef: The Final Neil Oliver explores the Three The three nalists cook Britain legacy of the Romans, digging at three of New Yorks nest beneath a London tower block restaurants, and prepare a menu and investigating the remains of designed by two-Michelin-starred a woman who lived in York 1800 chef John Campbell at Coworth years ago. Last in the series. Park in Berkshire. The contest See Pick Of The Day. (S) 9959 concludes tomorrow. (W) (S) 1317 10.00 BBC News (W) (S) 194510 10.25 Local News 878220 v 10.35 The Prison Restaurant providing an insight Documentary day-to-day business at the into Clink, a restaurant staffed by convicted criminals at HMP High Down in Surrey. See Pick Of The Day. (W) (S) 177201 v 11.25 The Lock Up New series. Young offenders in Hull, East Yorkshire. (W) (S) 435510 v 11.55 Hunt For Justice 2005 (15) Fact-based drama following Canadian war crimes prosecutor Louise Arbour. With Wendy Crewson. 307591 v 10.00 Later Live With Jools Holland PJ Harvey, Lykke Li and The Unthanks perform in the studio. (W) (S) 84959 10.30 Newsnight Analysis of the days events, presented by Gavin Esler. (W) (S) Followed by Weather. (W) (S) 176572



11.20 Snooker: The World Championship Highlights of day 11 at the Crucible Theatre in Shefeld, featuring all four quarter-nals. Presented by Hazel Irvine. (W) (S) 395930
12.10 Snooker Extra (W) (S) 341553 2.10 BBC News (S) 6772485 3.30 The Super League Show. Harry Gration presents highlights of the Easter Monday xtures. 74282 4.00 BBC Learning Zone: Schools: GCSE Bitesize History (S) 36843 5.30-6.00 GCSE Bitesize Business Studies 51195


1.30 Sign Zone: Michel Rouxs Service 43669 v 2.30 23 Week Babies: The Price Of Life 14621 3.30 Great British Railway Journeys 76640 4.00-6.00 BBC News 60089

12.50 SuperCasino Live interactive gaming. 96860350 4.05 Meals In Moments 45302824 4.15 Brian Sewells Grand Tour 2958534 4.55 Animal Rescue Squad 63159805 5.10 Wildlife SOS 65238485 5.35-6.00 House Doctor 50845737 (S) SUBTITLES (R) REPEAT (AD) AUDIO DESCRIPTION (SL) SIGN LANGUAGE (W) WIDESCREEN v Regional variations opposite Recommended Outstanding Film 12.50 The Zone Shopping and interactive gaming. (W) Followed by ITV News. (W) 518398 2.50 Crossing Jordan 4735089 3.40-5.30 ITV Nightscreen. Text-based information service. 580718

10.30 Local News 333688 v 10.35 Parenthood 1989 (15) Anxious family man Gil Buckman is determined to have a better relationship with his three children than he had with his tough father. 11.05 Pete Versus Life The journalist lands a decent Elsewhere, his two sisters are sports-writing job. Starring Rafe also having family problems one Spall. Last in the series. 695442 is struggling to understand her two troubled teenagers, while the 11.40 School Of Comedy A cast of teenage comic actors presents others husband wants to turn sketches including a 1970s cop their toddler into a child genius. show shoot-out. (S) 219794 Comedy drama, starring Steve Martin, Keanu Reeves, Mary 12.10 Poker Tour 3038621 1.10 Steenburgen, Jason Robards and Freesports On 4 (R,S) 3969263 Dianne Wiest. (S) 41004423 v

1.40 The Grid 4315911 2.05 British Formula 3 International Series 2229027 2.35 KOTV Boxing Weekly 6526896 3.00 ITU Triathlon 9110060 3.55 AVP Beach Volleyball 3084485 4.45 Ironman Triathlon 24195 5.15 Full Metal Challenge (R) 8977282

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 41

6.00 Teleshopping 73834249 1.00 Dharma & Greg 14699626 1.30 Dharma & Greg 32277688 2.00 Ocean Force 49261620 2.30 Ocean Force 54321591 3.00 Neighbours (AD) (S) 26211305 3.30 Home And Away 54333336 4.00 8 Simple Rules 79931249 4.35 8 Simple Rules 16714249 5.00 Dharma & Greg 55566012 5.30 Dharma & Greg 54332607 6.00 Malcolm In The Middle Hal makes the most of Loiss absence by inviting round a wild old school buddy but soon regrets it. 54322220 6.30 Home And Away A regretful Charlie orders Brax to stay away from her, while Ruby refuses to end her friendship with Casey. (S) 54313572 7.00 Neighbours Andrew tries to impress Paul by organising a big party but the actions of business partner Tomas present the teenager with a dilemma. Lucas helps Jade make amends with Kate. (R) (S) 64126794 7.35 Malcolm In The Middle Malcolm meets a boring older version of himself, and Lois cannot understand why she is piling on weight. Guest starring Jason Alexander (Seinfeld). 68146220 8.00 The Gadget Show The presenters use gadgets to help them in a challenge against animals, which sees Jon Bentley trying to outrun a falcon, and Pollyanna Woodward racing a horse. 37249336 9.00 Chuck The spy meets an attractive woman by the name of Lou, and realises he must learn to balance his real love life with the one he uses as a cover. 37229572 10.00 Comedy Kings: Best Of Just For Laughs With Stewart Lee and Aziz Ansari. 75730046 10.30 $#*! My Dad Says Eds old Navy buddy offends Tim with his politically incorrect attitude. Guest starring John Mahoney. 75749794 11.00 Sex Lessons A light-hearted look at sex education. 88983442 11.30 Sex Lessons A light-hearted look at sex education. 46422775 12.00 Teleshopping 45468737

FM: 97.6-99.8 MHz 6.30 The Chris Moyles Show. 10.00 Fearne Cotton. 12.45 Newsbeat. 1.00 Greg James. 4.00 Sara Cox. 7.00 Zane Lowe. 9.00 BBC Radio 1s Review With Nihal. 10.00 Edith Bowman. 12.00 Nihal. 2.00 Gilles Peterson. 4.00-6.30 Dev.

Saving Species Radio 4, 11am
Brett Westwood returns to examine the world of nature and the challenges of wildlife conservation. The rst programme of this new series reports from rural Nigeria under a sky swirling with millions of swallows destined for the barns and roofs of Great Britain, which is rich in the insects on which it feeds. As well as this, there is wildlife news from other countries. In particular, the programme focuses on Japan, examining the challenges faced by animals in the wake of the recent destructive tsunami. ALYCIA YANG
12.30 Business Daily. 12.50 Sports News. 1.00 News. 1.06 Alive In Chernobyl. 1.30 The Strand. 1.50 Witness. 2.00 Newshour. 3.00 World Brieng. 3.30 Outlook. 4.00 News. 4.06 Alive In Chernobyl. 4.30 Discovery. 4.50 From Our Own Correspondent. 5.00 World Brieng. 5.30 World Business Report. 5.50 Witness. 6.00 World, Have Your Say. 7.00 World Brieng. 7.30 Click. 7.50 From Our Own Correspondent. 8.00 News. 8.06 Alive In Chernobyl. 8.30 Outlook. 9.00 Newshour. 10.00 News. 10.06 World Brieng. 10.30 The Strand. 10.50 Witness. 11.00 World Brieng. 11.30 World Business Report. 11.50 Sports News. 12.00 World Brieng. 12.30 Outlook. 1.00 World Brieng. 1.30 World Business Report. Analysis of the big issues in the business world. 1.50

Witness. 2.00 News. Global headlines. 2.06 Alive In Chernobyl. 2.30 Outlook. 3.00 The World Today. 3.30 The Strand. 3.50 Witness. 4.00 The World Today. 4.30 Click. 4.505.00 From Our Own Correspondent.

FM: 100-102 MHz 6.00 Brighter Breakfast. 9.00 John Suchet. 1.00 Jamie Crick. 5.00 John Brunning. 8.00 The Full Works Concert. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 2.00-6.00 Nick Bailey.

FM: 88-90.2 MHz 5.00 Vanessa Feltz. 6.30 Chris Evans. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00 Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright In The Afternoon. 5.00 Simon Mayo. 7.00 Jamie Cullum. 8.00 Jo Whiley. 9.30 Nigel Ogden: The Organist Entertains. 10.00 They Write The Songs. 11.00 Mark Radcliffes Music Club. 12.00 Janice Long. 2.005.00 Alex Lester.

MW: 1215, 1197, 1242 kHz 6.00 Christian OConnells Breakfast Show. 10.00 Russ Williams. 1.00 Nick Jackson. 5.00 Geoff Lloyd. 8.00 Absolute 90s With Ben Jones. 10.00 The Noughties Hour. 11.00 Iain Lee. 1.00-6.00 Polly James.

MW: 1053, 1089, 1071, 1107 kHz 6.00 Alan Brazil And Ronnie Irani. 10.00 Keys & Gray. 1.00 Hawksbee And Jacobs. 4.00 Adrian Durham And Darren Gough. 7.00 Kick-off. 11.00 Ian Collins. 1.00-6.00 Mike Graham.

FM: 90.2-92.4 MHz 7.00 Breakfast. 10.00 Classical Collection. 12.00 Composer Of The Week. 12.00 News. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon On 3. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 Performance On 3. 9.15 Night Waves. 10.00 Composer Of The Week. 11.00 The Essay. 11.15 Late Junction. 1.00-7.00 Through The Night.

MW: 882, 657 kHz FM: 93.9-95.9, 103.7-103.9 MHz 5.30 News, Weather. 5.32 Look Up Your Genes. 6.00 Good Morning Wales. 9.00 Jamie Owen & Louise Elliott. 12.00 The Radio Wales Phone-In. 2.00 Roy Noble. 5.00 Good Evening Wales. 7.00 News. 7.02 Science Cafe. 7.30 The Evening Show. 9.58 Weather And Travel. 10.00 Chris Needs. 1.00-5.30 As BBC World Service.


on digital only 5.00 The World Today. 8.30 Business Daily. 8.50 From Our Own Correspondent. 9.00 News. 9.06 Alive In Chernobyl. 9.30 The Strand. 9.50 Witness. 10.00 World Update. 11.00 News. 11.06 Outlook. 11.30 Discovery. 11.50 From Our Own Correspondent. 12.00 World, Have Your Say.

FM: 92.4-94.6 MHz LW: 198 kHz 5.30 News Brieng. 5.43 Prayer For The Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 6.00 Today. 9.00 Between Ourselves. 9.30 The Prime Ministers. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: Edgelands. 10.00 Womans Hour. 11.00 Saving Species. See Radio Choice. 11.30 Tales From The Digital Archive. 12.00 News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Call You And Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World At One. 1.30 The Music Group. 2.00 The Archers: Lilian is keen to welcome a new arrival. 2.15 Afternoon Play: The Vertigo Trust: By Jon Canter. 3.00 Making History: With Fiona Watson. 3.30 The Crystal Fountain: Landlord of the Crystal Fountain, by Malachi Whitaker. 3.45 Russia: The Wild East: The Romanov dynasty. 4.00 Word Of Mouth: Chris Ledgard visits Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. 4.30 Great Lives: Sue MacGregor nominates contralto singer Kathleen Ferrier. 5.00 PM: With Eddie Mair. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six OClock News. 6.30 Down The Line: With Rosie Cavaliero, Julia Davis, Robert Popper, Adil Ray and Arabella Weir. Last in the series. 7.00 The Archers: Worries mount about David. 7.15 Front Row: Shirley MacLaine discusses her new memoir Im Over All That. 7.45 Out Of Africa: By Karen Blixen. 8.00 Fallout: The Legacy Of Chernobyl. 8.40 In Touch: Peter White talks to Brazilian pianist Marcelo Bratke, who spent years denying his own blindness. 9.00 All In The Mind: Claudia Hammond hears from American neuroscientist James Fallon, whose research into neuroanatomy has uncovered a disturbing facet in his own genetic structure. 9.30 Between Ourselves.9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight: With Robin Lustig. 10.45 Book at Bedtime: The Absolutist: By John Boyne. 11.00 Jon Ronson On. 11.30 Today In Parliament. 12.00 News. 12.30 Book of the Week: Edgelands. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 World Service. 5.20-5.30 Shipping Forecast.

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6.00 Teleshopping 37385404 12.00 Cinemania 19315572 12.10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? Drew Carey hosts. 93349572 12.45 Whose Line Is It Anyway? Unscripted comedy show. 42524997 1.15 FILM: Though None Go With Me 2006 (PG) Drama, set in the 1950s and based on the novel by Jerry Jenkins, starring Cheryl Ladd and Christopher Allport. (S) 76158591 3.15 Numb3rs A bomb explodes outside an army recruiting centre in an attack that resembles the work of an anti-war activist who vanished 30 years previously. (AD) 74110268 4.15 FILM: Jane Doe: Yes, I Remember It Well 2006 (PG) The government puzzle-solver searches for a man with knowledge of every British agent stationed in the Middle East, who has unaccountably vanished without trace. Mystery, starring Lea Thompson. (S) 52948065 6.00 Numb3rs The FBI launches an investigation into bank computerhacking. American drama, starring Rob Morrow. (AD) 25270355 7.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The team catches a man burying a body in the Nevada Desert and assumes he is responsible for the victims death until it emerges his brother has a violent past. Starring William Petersen. 20897317 8.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Grissom has the daunting task of investigating the skeleton of a woman discovered in the foundations of a house. Crime drama, with Marg Helgenberger. 20806065 9.00 FILM: The Last Of The Mohicans 1992 (15) An orphaned settler is adopted by the last member of a native tribe following the death of his family. Michael Manns period adventure, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe. 40408274 11.15 Sons Of Anarchy When Jax becomes a father, he begins to question the morals of his groups lawlessness. 64568133 12.35 Steven Seagal: Lawman The actor and his team capture an armed carjacker. 77139466

MW: 909, 693 kHz 5.00 Morning Reports. 5.30 Wake Up To Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 10.00 Victoria Derbyshire. 12.00 Gabby Logan. 2.00 Richard Bacon. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 5 Live Sport: Mark Pougatch presents a round-up of the days sports news, as well as the build-up to tonights UEFA Champions League semi-nal rst leg. 7.45 5 Live Sport: Champions League 2010-11: Schalke 04 v Manchester United (kick-off 7.45pm). Commentary on the Champions League semi-nal rst leg at the VeltinsArena. 9.40 5 Live Sport: Final Whistle. 10.30 Tony Livesey. 1.00-5.00 Up All Night.

Designed to fit in the same space as your old bath, the Shower Modules unique construction enables it to be FITTED IN JUST ONE DAY* with NO MESS, NO FUSS and with specially moulded wall panels NO RE-TILING either!

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BBC1 Variations WALES: 1.30-1.45 BBC Local News; Weather 21098152 3.00-3.05 BBC News, Weather; BBC Local News 3570862 6.30-7.00 BBC Local News 201 10.25 BBC Local News; Weather 878220 10.35 Red Letter Day 275171 11.05 The Prison Restaurant 164997 11.55 The Lock Up 222268 12.25 Film: Hunt For Justice 212602 2.00-2.30 Sign Zone: See Hear 73553 ITV1 Variations ITV1 CHANNEL: 10.30-10.35 Local News 333688 12.50 Countrywise 6364945 ITV1 WALES: 10.35 Wales Decides 2011: The Leaders Debate 826065 11.35 Annas Welsh Zoo 212881 12.05 Grimeghters 2150027 12.35-12.50 A Little Piece Of Paradise 3387911 S4C 7.00 Cyw: Igi, Tigi, Bip A Bop 14672959 7.30 Cyw: F-F Ai Ffrindiau 57548317 7.40 Cyw: Ribidires 57551881 7.55 Cyw: Wmff 94594065 8.05 Cyw: Yn Yr Ardd 92163238 8.20 Cyw: Wibli Sochyn Y Mochyn 70307249 8.30 Cyw: Nodi 77238539 8.45 Cyw: Holi Hana 41265249 8.55 Cyw: Cwpwrdd Cadi 41278713 9.10 Cyw: Gel A Fon 56675572 9.15 Cyw: Oli Dan Y Don 76070065 9.30 Cyw: Siliwen 15740220 9.35 Cyw: Seren For 15749591 9.40 Cyw: Chwarae Clai 15746404 9.45 Cyw: Sali Mali 15745775 9.50 Cyw: Twm Tisian 15766268 10.00 Cyw: Y Brodyr Coala 91410442 10.10 Cyw: Bach A Mawr 29943171 10.25 Cyw: Cled 91406249 10.35 Cyw: Dwdlam 51795997 10.50 Cyw: Y Dywysoges Fach 51776862 11.05 Cyw: Cegin Twts 29801256 11.20 Cyw: Cled 16111201 11.30 Cyw: Rhacsyn Ar Goeden Hud 64459404 11.45 Cyw: Sam Tan 64454959 12.00 Cyw: ABC 49965666 12.15 Cyw: Plant Y Byd 42180268 12.20 Cyw: Ben A Mali Au Byd Bach Hud 68832336 12.35 Cyw: Peppa Pinc 99048882 12.40 Cyw: Nodi 27022187 12.50 Cyw: Y Dywysoges Fach 99336084 1.05 Cyw: Bob Y Bildar 62929152 1.20 Penawdau Newyddion Ar Tywydd 17225881 1.25 Cor Cymru 42596997 2.25 0 Ond 1 18446978 2.55 Penawdau Newyddion Ar Tywydd 70335775 3.00 Wedi 3 88978510 4.00 Stwnsh: Angelo Am Byth 62476510 4.15 Stwnsh: Ennill Dy Deulu 81324688 4.25 Stwnsh: Salon 62486997 4.45 Stwnsh: Ennill Dy Deulu 18599959 4.55 Stwnsh: Ffeil 92307713 5.00 Stwnsh: Ennill Dy Deulu 82094794 5.20 Stwnsh: Sgorio 82074930 5.40 Stwnsh: Ennill Dy Deulu 57279336 6.00 Pobol Y Cwm 54337152 6.30 Coo Caradog Prichard Followed by Penawdau Newyddion. 54328404 7.00 Wedi 7 29461828 7.30 Newyddion Ar Tywydd 54324688 8.00 Pobol Y Cwm 87605220 8.25 O Gymru Fach Followed by Penawdau Newyddion. 36320794 9.30 Pethe 32296713 10.00 Porthpenwaig 37237591 11.00 Penawdau Newyddion Ar Tywydd 45077626 11.10 Sgorio 10646442

Easy clean tile effect - no re-tiling or mouldy grout! Optional seat and grab rail Assistance pole Slip resistant floor Built-in shelving Easy access NEW lower step



Or return coupon to FREEPOST RRGY-AHAX-AHSX, Aquability UK Ltd, Farnborough, GU14 0NR.

call FREE on 0800 3160110

Or visit -
Please send me a FREE brochure on the AQUABILITY SHOWER MODULE
Name Tel Address

ASK FOR EXT. 51603



* Time based on straightforward fitting.

Postcode Send to: FREEPOST RRGY-AHAX-AHSX, Aquability UK Ltd, Farnborough, GU14 0NR.

42 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

10.00am Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010) (12) Fantasy adventure, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. 52862 Noon Free Willy: Escape From Pirates Cove (2010) (PG) Family adventure, starring Bindi Irwin. 78713 2.00 Family Show The latest lms from the UK and the US. 4336 2.30 Whip It (2009) (12) Comedy drama, starring Ellen Page. 15997 4.30 Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back (2010) (U) Animated sci- comedy sequel, with the voice of Zack Shada. 99065 6.00 Ondine (2009) (12) Romantic drama, starring Colin Farrell and Alicja Bachleda. 34521 8.00 Remember Me (2010) (12) Romantic drama, starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin. 14626 10.00 Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010) (12) 63404 Midnight Shrink (2009) (15) Drama, starring Kevin Spacey. 16263 2.00 Fast & Furious Special 67337 6.20am Best Defense (1984) (18) With Dudley Moore. 82412336 8.00 Snow Day (2000) (PG) With Chris Elliott. 86450607 9.35 Hotel For Dogs (2009) (U) With Emma Roberts. 46410084 11.20 Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009) (PG) With Isla Fisher. 21771997 1.05pm The Hangover (2009) (15) With Bradley Cooper. 87604959 2.50 Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) (18) With Jason Mewes. 99778274 4.40 Billy Madison (1995) (PG) With Adam Sandler. 84921084 6.15 Hotel For Dogs (2009) (U) With Emma Roberts. 29569065 8.00 Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009) (PG) With Isla Fisher. 60941591 9.50 The Hangover (2009) (15) See Todays Choice. 7509751 11.35 Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) (18) With Jason Mewes. 3410997 1.25am Best Defense (1984) (18) With Dudley Moore. 6900466 3.05 Billy Madison (1995) (PG) With Adam Sandler. 4529824 4.40 Snow Day (2000) (PG) 68394992 6.00am White Fang (1991) (PG) With Ethan Hawke. 4606864 8.00 Rogue (2007) (15) With Radha Mitchell. 80592607 9.45 The International (2009) (15) With Clive Owen. 8337978 11.45 Solomon Kane (2010) (15) With James Purefoy. 67760688 1.40pm Green Zone (2010) (15) With Matt Damon. 62932355 3.40 Angels & Demons (2009) (12) With Tom Hanks. 77560572 6.00 The International (2009) (15) With Clive Owen. 5522133 8.00 Solomon Kane (2010)



Sky 301

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Sky Movies Comedy/HD, 9.50pm

Three men in Las Vegas on a stag weekend wake up after a booze-fuelled night with no memory of events, teeth missing and a Tiger in their hotel bathroom. But most importantly of all, their stag has gone AWOL. A series of comical mishaps then befall the trio as they hunt the length and breadth of Sin City re-tracing their steps in search of their friend, desperate to get him back to their suburban lives in time for his wedding. The Blood Brothers speech is the comedy highlight of a script packed with a number of great scenes. Zach Galianakis is outstanding, supported by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and the legendary Mike Tyson. ANDY DEAN
(15) With James Purefoy. 5534978 10.00 Green Zone (2010) (15) With Matt Damon. 4194336 Midnight Out For Justice (1991) (18) With Steven Seagal. 8705379 1.35 Marked For Death (1990) (18) With Steven Seagal. 4953466 3.15 The Perfect Weapon (1991) (18) With Jeff Speakman. 7446602 4.45 White Fang (1991) (PG) With Ethan Hawke. 2730466 6.00am Family Show The latest lms from the UK and the US. 5952423 6.30 Hachi: A Dogs Tale (2008) (U) Fact-based family drama, starring Richard Gere. 25564423 8.10 The Wizard Of Oz (1939) (PG) Musical fantasy, starring Judy Garland. 26863775 10.00 Imagine That (2009) (PG) Fantasy comedy, starring Eddie Murphy. 48675775 11.55 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) (PG) Fantasy adventure sequel, starring Daniel Radcliffe. 66423268 2.40pm Hachi: A Dogs Tale (2008) (U) Fact-based family drama, starring Richard Gere. 11433794 4.20 The Wizard Of Oz (1939) (PG) Musical fantasy, starring Judy Garland. 17254046 6.10 Imagine That (2009) (PG) Fantasy comedy, starring Eddie Murphy. 28228572 8.00 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) (PG) Fantasy adventure sequel, starring Daniel Radcliffe. 38334775 10.45 Bring It On: Fight To The Finish (2009) (12) Comedy sequel, starring Christina Milian. 87926084 12.30am Somebodys Hero (2010) (PG) Comedy, starring Christopher Gorham. 2705553 2.15 David Copperfield (1970) (U) Dickens drama, starring Robin Phillips. 34777850 4.20 Family Show 28215373 4.50 Somebodys Hero (2010) (PG) Comedy, starring Christopher Gorham. 37774295 6.40am Forever Strong (2008) (12) With Sean Faris. 73605607 8.35 Everybodys Fine (2009) (12) With Robert De Niro. 97180684 10.20 How To Marry A Millionaire (1953) (U) With Marilyn Monroe. 18886688 11.55 The Boys Are Back (2009) (12) With Clive Owen. 99417133 1.45pm Shadowlands (1993) (U) With Anthony Hopkins. 22385626 4.00 The Top Ten Show Box ofce hits. 7999930 4.15 Did You Hear About The Morgans? (2009) (PG) With Hugh Grant. 44789978 6.05 Bad Girls (1994) (15) With Andie MacDowell. 20412084 8.00 Love Actually (2003) (15) With Hugh Grant. 97848404 10.20 Notorious (2009) (15) With Jamal Woolard. 97766299 12.30am The Juror (1996) (18) With Demi Moore. 2784485 2.30 Pretty In Pink (1986) (15) With Molly Ringwald. 5421244 4.10 Forever Strong (2008) (12) With Sean Faris. 9523337


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Sky 304

7.15am Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) (PG) Musical comedy, with Julie Andrews. 82775152 9.40 Wild In The Country (1961) (PG) Musical, starring Elvis Presley. 44517189 11.40 Daddy Long Legs (1955) (U) Romantic musical, starring Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron. 41151336 1.50pm Charade (1963) (PG) Romantic thriller, with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. 55182713 3.50 Love Me Tender (1956) (U) Musical Western, starring Elvis Presley. 63894065 5.20 Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) (PG) Musical adventure, starring Elvis Presley. 15142317 7.00 Wild In The Country (1961) (PG) Musical, starring Elvis Presley. 6451539 9.00 Return Of The Fly (1959) (12) 64856881 10.25 Against All Flags (1952) (PG) Swashbuckling adventure, starring Errol Flynn. 2706012 Midnight Five Graves To Cairo (1943) (PG) Espionage adventure, starring Franchot Tone. 6367331 1.45 Return Of The Fly (1959) (12) 9823737 3.15 Duck Soup (1933) (U) 70082089 4.30 Charade (1963) (PG) 41819756 6.50am Sherlock Holmes In Dressed To Kill (1945) (U) 29161997 8.10 North And South 96340442 9.20 Bonanza 5810794 10.20 Innerspace (1987) (PG) 65532794 12.40pm Ill Cry Tomorrow (1955) (PG) 50900201 3.00 North And South 8836133 4.00 Bonanza 38983930 5.10 Invitation To A Gunfighter (1964) (PG) 62203775 7.05 The Battle Of The Last Panzer (1969) (12) 56134607 9.00 Rome 60979084 10.05 Deadwood 50312201 11.15 My Own Private Idaho (1991) (18) 15966201 1.25am Bad Influence (1990) (18) 6396008 3.20 Off Set 55820282 3.50 Teleshopping 12979398 5.00 Ill Cry Tomorrow (1955) (PG) 93647350 11.00am Green For Danger (1946) (PG) 52796133 12.50pm Monkey Business (1952) (U) 34415336 2.45 Sunset Boulevard (1950) (PG) 98220355 4.55 The African Queen (1951) (PG) 75878268 7.00 4Films For 7312220 7.05 Hero (2002) (12) 54678571 9.00 The Crying Game (1992) (18) 62361317 11.10 Jackie Brown (1997) (15) 30277607 2.05am The Long Day Closes (1992) (PG) 4260534


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8.00 Twitches Too (2007) (PG) 5289107

6.00am Coronation Street 6.50 Emmerdale 7.15 Loose Women 8.00 Judge Judy 9.25 The Real Housewives Of Orange County 10.30 Judge Judy Noon Coronation Street 1.00 Emmerdale 1.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 3.40 The Real Housewives Of Orange County 4.40 Loose Women 5.40 Judge Judy 6.30 The Only Way Is Essex 8.00 Holiday Homes From Hell 9.00 The Vampire Diaries 10.00 Film: American Pie 2 (2001) (15) 12.10am Film: American Dreamz (2006) (12)


Stories: Nuclear Eternity 11.15 Heavy Water 12.25am True Stories: Nuclear Eternity 1.35 Relocation, Relocation 6.00am The Brittas Empire 6.30 Sykes 7.00 Waiting For God 7.30 Bread 8.15 The Brittas Empire 8.55 As Time Goes By 9.35 Just Good Friends 10.15 Keeping Up Appearances 10.55 Last Of The Summer Wine 12.55pm Allo Allo! 1.35 Heroes Of Comedy 2.35 The Vicar Of Dibley 3.50 As Time Goes By 4.30 Just Good Friends 5.10 Keeping Up Appearances 5.50 Last Of The Summer Wine 7.50 Allo Allo! 8.30 Morecambe And Wise The Greatest Moment 10.00 The Vicar Of Dibley 10.40 Blackadder II 11.20 Gimme Gimme Gimme Midnight The Vicar Of Dibley 12.40 Blackadder II 1.20 Gimme Gimme Gimme 2.00 Harry Eneld And Chums 6.00am Nothing To Declare 7.00 The Jerry Springer Show 8.00 Maury 9.00 Americas Next Top Model 10.00 Nothing To Declare 11.00 Maury Noon CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 3.00 Criminal Minds 4.00 Charmed 6.00 Americas Next Top Model 7.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 8.00 Cougar Town 8.30 Hot In Cleveland 9.00 Katie 10.00 The Hunks 11.00 Criminal Minds Midnight CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1.50 Ghost Whisperer 2.40 Charmed 7.00pm Dont Tell The Bride 8.00 Misbehaving Mums-to-Be 9.00 Meet The Multiples 10.00 EastEnders 10.30 Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps 11.30 Family Guy 12.15am


Freeview 6 - Sky 118


The Undercover Princes 1.15 Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps 2.15 Meet The Multiples 3.15 Misbehaving Mums-to-Be 7.00pm World News 7.30 Birds Britannia 8.30 Johnny Kingdoms Year With The Birds 9.00 Royal Wedding 10.20 The Great British Wedding 11.20 Delphi: The Bellybutton Of The Ancient World 12.20am Gods And Monsters: Homers Odyssey 1.20 Greek Myths: Tales Of Travelling Heroes 2.50 Birds Britannia 3.50 Johnny Kingdoms Year With The Birds 9.00am Two And A Half Men 10.00 Mike & Molly 11.00 Two And A Half Men Noon Scrubs 1.00 Two And A Half Men 2.00 Mike & Molly 3.00 Two And A Half Men 4.00 Scrubs 5.00 Two And A Half Men 10.00 Scrubs 10.30 Comedy Store 11.00 South Park Midnight Sex And The City 1.15 Comedy Store 1.45 Two And A Half Men 2.45 Comedy Central At The Comedy Store 3.15 Scrubs

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Noon Discovery Atlas 1.00 Future Weapons 2.00 Hitler: A Prole 3.00 The First World War 4.00 Deadliest Catch 5.00 Bear Grylls: Born Survivor 6.00 Mythbusters 7.00 Deadliest Catch 9.00 Wheeler Dealers 10.00 Deadliest Catch Midnight Flying Wild Alaska 1.00 Deadliest Catch 2.00 Future Weapons 3.00 Hitler: A Prole 3.50 The First World War 6.00am The Universe 7.00 Ancient Discoveries 8.00 American Pickers 9.00 UFO Files 10.00 Ice Road Truckers 11.00 American Pickers Noon UFO Files 1.00 Ancient Discoveries 2.00 American Pickers 3.00 Ice Road Truckers 4.00 UFO Files 5.00 The Universe 6.00 Ancient Discoveries 7.00 America: The Story Of The US 8.00 Monumental Challenge 9.00 Monster Moves 10.00 Lifeboat Heroes 11.00 Mega Movers Midnight Monster Moves 1.00 Monumental Challenge 2.00 Lifeboat Heroes 3.00 America: The Story Of The US 4.00 The Universe


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6.00am Drama Trails 6.10 The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes 7.15 The Turn Of The Screw 9.05 On The Buses 9.40 Ironside 10.40 Inspector Morse 1.00pm Heartbeat 2.00 Monarch Of The Glen 3.05 Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman 5.05 George And Mildred 5.40 Heartbeat 6.45 Monarch Of The Glen 7.50 Agatha Christies Poirot 9.00 Wycliffe 10.00 Wire In The Blood Midnight Numb3rs 12.55 Agatha Christies Poirot 1.50 Drama Trails 2.00 ITV3 Nightscreen 2.30 Teleshopping


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7.00am Ground Force 8.00 DIY SOS 9.00 Cash In The Attic 10.00 Escape To The Country 11.00 Ground Force Noon Flog It! Ten Of The Best 1.00 Renovation Realities 1.30 DIY SOS 3.00 Homes Under The Hammer 4.00 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 5.00 Flog It! Ten Of The Best 6.00 Cash In The Attic 7.00 Escape To The Country 8.00 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 9.00 If Its Broke, Fix It 10.00 Escape To The Country 11.00 Renovation Realities 11.30 DIY SOS 1.00am Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2.00 Escape To The Country


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6.00am The Force 6.10 The Professionals 7.00 The Saint 7.55 Police, Camera, Action! 8.55 Police Stop! 9.55 Worlds Wildest Police Videos 10.50 The Professionals 11.55 The Prisoner 12.55pm The Saint 2.00 Motorsport UK 3.00 Live Indian Premier League Cricket 7.30 Police, Camera, Action! 8.00 Minder 9.00 Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors 10.00 Film: The Blues Brothers (1980) (15) 12.40am Film: Childs Play 2 (1990) (15) 2.20 Bounty Hunters Toughest Busts 2.50 Film File 2.55 ITV4 Nightscreen

5.00am Teleshopping 8.00 Farscape 9.00 Babylon 5 10.00 Law & Order Noon NCIS 2.00 Shark 3.00 Third Watch 4.00 Law & Order 6.00 Shark 7.00 NCIS 9.00 The Listener 10.00 Arrested Development 11.00 True Blood 12.05am NCIS 1.05 Shark


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6.00am How Do They Do It? 6.30 How Its Made 7.00 How Do They Do It? 7.30 How Its Made 8.00 How Do They Do It? 8.30 How Its Made 9.00 Chris Barries Massive Speed 10.00 X-Machines 11.00 Treasure Quest

6.00am Fred Dibnahs Industrial Age 7.00 Catherine Cooksons The Fifteen Streets 9.00 Sharpes Challenge 11.00 Royal Wedding Bells Noon Churchills Bodyguard 1.00 History Of Now: The Story Of The Noughties 2.00 Antiques Roadshow 3.00 Heroes Of World War Two 4.00 Enemy At The Door 5.00 The Fred Dibnah Story 6.00 History Of Now: The Story Of The Noughties 7.00 Enemy At The Door 8.00 Edward VII: Prince Of Pleasure 9.00 El Alamein: The Soldiers Story 10.00 The Fred Dibnah Story 11.00 Antiques Roadshow Midnight Edward VII: Prince Of Pleasure 1.00 El Alamein: The Soldiers Story

8.00am Breaking Up the Biggest 9.00 The Man With 121 Children (and 24 Wives) 10.00 Rome Revealed 11.00 Sea Patrol UK Noon Ancient Megastructures 1.00 2012: The Final Prophecy 2.00 Alaskas Toughest Pilots 3.00 Megastructures 4.00 Air Crash Investigation 5.00 Remaking The Shroud 6.00 Rome Revealed 7.00 Sea Patrol UK 8.00 Who Wrote The Dead Sea Scrolls? 9.00 Remaking The Shroud 10.00 The Silver Pharaoh Mystery 11.00 Seconds From Disaster Midnight Who Wrote The Dead Sea Scrolls? 1.00 Remaking The Shroud 5.00am A Taste Of The South 6.00 Ken Homs Foolproof Chinese Cookery 6.10 The Hairy Bikers Cookbook 7.00 Ronnie Corbetts Supper Club 8.00 Forever Summer With Nigella 9.00 Ace Of Cakes 10.00 The Supersizers Go 11.00 Rick Steins Fresh Food Noon Forever Summer With Nigella 1.00 The Hairy Bikers Come Home 2.00 The Hairy Bikers Cookbook 3.00 The Supersizers Go 4.20 Rick Steins Fresh Food 5.40 Ken Homs Foolproof Chinese Cookery 6.00 Forever Summer With Nigella 7.00 The Supersizers Go 8.00 Rick Steins Fresh Food 9.00 The Hairy Bikers Cookbook 10.00 The Hairy Bikers Come Home 11.00 Ace Of Cakes 1.00am Ronnie Corbetts Supper Club 2.00 Home Shopping 6.00am Life Is Wild 7.00 Teleshopping 8.00 Quincy ME 9.00 Monk 10.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 11.00 Sea Patrol Noon Without A Trace 1.00 Cold Case 2.00 Film: A Crime Of Passion (2003) (PG) 4.00 Quincy ME 5.00 Monk 6.00 Sea Patrol 7.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 8.00 Cold Case 9.00 Without A Trace 10.00 CSI: NY 11.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Midnight Cold Case 1.00 Without A Trace 2.00 CSI: NY 3.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 4.00 Film: A Crime Of Passion (2003) (PG) 9.00am Honey Days 5.00pm Fone Girls Live 9.00 Freeview 10.10 Filthy Gob 5 10.30 G*** For Cash 5 10.50 Blindfold 11.00 Freeview 11.10 Blindfold 11.25 St T******** 5 11.50 Chav Meister 5 Midnight Freeview 12.10 Chav Meister 5 12.20 Alyshas Diaries 5 12.40 Girlz With Attitude 5 1.00 Freeview 1.10 Girlz With Attitude 5 1.15 Pimp Mummy 5 1.40 Whatever She Wants 5 2.05 Ofce Adventures 5 2.25 ASBO Trash W***** 5 2.50 Laras UK Swingers 3 3.10 Babe Spotting 3 3.35 Fame Fantasies 3 3.55 With A Loving Touch 3 4.05 Fighting S**** 3 4.25 Dolls In Uniforms 3 4.40 The Great British Bang Bang 2 5.10 This Porn Life 3 6.00 Fone Girls Live


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6.00am Brainiac: Science Abuse 7.00 Lion Man 8.00 Wedding SOS 9.00 200kg Kid 10.00 Futurama Noon UK Border Force 1.00 Stargate SG-1 3.00 Futurama 4.00 Oops TV 4.30 Futurama 5.00 Oops TV 5.30 Futurama 6.00 Glenn Martin, DDS 6.30 The Simpsons 8.00 Road Wars 9.00 Film: The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad! (1988) (15) 10.40 Brit Cops: Frontline Crime UK 11.40 Fringe 12.40am Ross Kemp On Gangs 1.40 UK Border Force 2.40 Cold Case

6.00am Good Morning Sports Fans 30336 7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 84220 8.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 92249 9.00 Monday Night Football 71171 10.00 SPL Round-Up 92317 10.30 The Sky Sports Years 56930 11.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 23442 12.30pm SPL Round-Up 78249 1.00 Monday Night Football 66404 2.00 The Sky Sports Years 93046 3.00 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 29189 4.00 Monday Night Football 12794 5.00 Football Asia 9132 5.30 Netbusters 8046 6.00 Revista De La Liga 86268 7.00 Sky Sports News At Seven 7688 7.30 Football Asia 8423 8.00 The Sky Sports Years 58084 9.00 The Sky Sports Years 38220 10.00 Revista De La Liga 48607 11.00 A League Of Their Own. With Amy Williams and Jack Whitehall. 25133 Midnight UEFA Champions League Highlights 69379 1.00 Football Special 68076 2.00 Netbusters 22260 2.30 UEFA Champions League Highlights 61176 3.30 Football Asia 14447 4.00 Revista De La Liga 39992 5.00 UEFA Champions League Highlights 97756 6.00am Aerobics Oz Style 6463862 6.30 Kings Of The Extreme 1291713 7.00 WWE: Afterburn 6222084 8.00 The Sky Sports Years 6223713 9.00 Speedway 1292442 11.00 European Tour Golf 1428065 Noon PGA Tour Golf 1261201 1.00 Wonderful World Of Golf 6480539 2.30 PGA Tour Classic 1117571 3.30 Speedway 2353959 5.30 Extra Time


Freeview 41 - Sky 401

7279713 6.00 British Rallyzone 7276626 6.30 Cycle Sports World 7267978 7.00 Live UEFA Champions League. Schalke 04 v Manchester United (kick-off 7.45pm). 90455336 10.15 Football Special. Stoke City v Wolverhampton Wanderers. 6593133 11.15 Poker 6599317 12.15am British Basketball 5680176 2.15 British Rallyzone 8752843 6.00am PGA Tour Golf 56029997 7.00 Wonderful World Of Golf 61682249 8.30 PGA Tour Classic 98032249 9.30 PGA Tour Golf 74626317 10.30 Kings Of The Extreme 25743423 11.00 Aerobics Oz Style 13266978 11.30 Racing News 13267607 Noon Speedway 88849881 2.00 SPL RoundUp 90519336 2.30 Kings Of The Extreme 96151442 3.00 Aerobics Oz Style 90521171 3.30 Wild Spirits 96130959 4.00 PGA Tour Golf 13240930 5.00 WWE Smackdown UK 25755268 7.00 Sports Unlimited 15766084 8.00 Formula Two Championship 15742404 9.00 British Rallyzone 13279442 9.30 Extra Time 80899997 10.00 Golng World 15765355 11.00 Table Tennis 98036065 12.30am British Motocross Championship 98083973


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6.00am One Tree Hill 6.45 Desperate Housewives 7.35 Friends 8.00 Wildre 9.00 One Tree Hill 9.55 Friends 10.25 Gilmore Girls 11.15 Desperate Housewives 12.10pm Wildre 1.05 Heartland 2.05 Hollyoaks 2.40 Gilmore Girls 3.30 Ugly Betty 4.25 Friends 6.00 My Name Is Earl 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30 Friends 9.00 90210 10.00 The Cleveland Show 10.30 The Ricky Gervais Show 11.00 Bobs Burgers 11.30 The Cleveland Show Midnight The Big Bang Theory 12.55 How I Met Your Mother 1.40 My Name Is Earl 2.25 Ugly Betty 3.10 The Class

6481268 10.00 Between The Lines 1284423 10.30 ESPN Game Of The Week 7784355 11.00 ESPN Kicks: Scottish Premier League 31515930 11.15 French Top 14 Rugby Union 5450220 11.45 Premiership Rugby Union 9336201 1.15pm ESPN Kicks: Premier League 20587881 1.30 ESPN Press Pass 1283423 2.00 ESPN Pardon The Interruption 1515404 2.30 ESPN Game Of The Week 7277355 3.00 Bundesliga Review Show 81213317 4.15 ESPN Kicks: Scottish Premier League 13443317 4.30 Talk Of The Terrace 9866930 5.30 ESPN Press Pass 7271171 6.00 ESPN Pardon The Interruption 7278084 6.30 FA WSL Review Show 2711591 7.15 Premiership Rugby Union 8469317 8.45 AFL Review Show 6514626 9.45 ESPN Kicks: Serie A 8176510 10.00 Premier League Review 3027713 11.00 Eredivisie Review Show 1418688 Midnight Live Major League Baseball 1996737 7.30am Champions Club 62404 8.30 Snooker: The World Championship 76713 10.00 Live Snooker 534602 12.30pm Live Cycling. The Tour of Turkey. 43881 2.30 Live Snooker: The World Championship 296997 5.30 Snooker: The World Championship 68688 7.00 Live Snooker: The World Championship 923539 10.00 Extreme Sports: Freeride Spirit 801423 10.15 Inside WTCC 965442 10.45 Cycling. The Tour of Romandy. 547171 11.30 Cycling. The Tour of Turkey. 16997 Midnight Horse Racing Time 7674824


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Freeview 14 - Sky 138

9.00am Deal Or No Deal 9.45 Back To You 10.45 How Clean Is Your House? 11.15 Film: Born Free (1966) (U) 1.10pm 3 Minute Wonder: Microsoft Babies 1.30 Deal Or No Deal 2.30 Come Dine With Me 3.00 Coach Trip 3.35 Location, Location, Location 4.40 A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away 5.45 Relocation, Relocation 6.50 Celebrity Come Dine With Me 7.55 Grand Designs 10.00 True


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6.00am ESPN Kicks: Scottish Premier League 61748249 6.15 Russian Premier League Football 66645423 8.00 ESPN Pardon The Interruption 7765220 8.30 ESPN Press Pass 7764591 9.00 Talk Of The Terrace

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 43

44 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


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WHEN will the Government recognise that Britain is full and react to that (Migrants ood back to Britain, April 25)? If we stop handing out benets to migrants, that will be the rst signicant step towards attracting fewer of them and will also stop any rises in the amount of handouts in the current difcult economic climate. This can help solve two problems by the one action. However, I suspect the Government will say that we cant do it because it would be illegal. If it is actually illegal to stop the benets handouts to immigrants, presumably that applies across the EU, so could we be given a list of EU countries where I can emigrate and receive similar benets? The Irish Republic or Spain might appeal to me, though I could be open to others. Anthony Wray, Selby, N Yorks


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WHY, when we have tried and trusted policies in this country, do the know-it-alls proceed to mess them up? A classic example is the referendum for the alternative vote. What is wrong with the rst-past-the-post method we have had for years? Why does meddling Nick Clegg want to replace it with a complicated one which no one understands (What a twerp! Clegg is getting desperate over vote reform poll, April 25)? There was nothing wrong with the original concept of the Common Market. That was before politicians turned it into a bureaucratic money-grabbing black hole. Then we have political correctness. All that has done is take away the ability to laugh at ourselves and replace it with fear of being sure we say the right thing. David Cameron is getting there, trying to clear up the mess left by Labour. I beg our government, please listen to your voters. Keep it simple, use your common sense and have the courage of your convictions. Ian Gibson, Uxbridge, Middx

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THE fact that taxpayers are footing a 1,500-per-week bill to house a family of 12 Ethiopians is a joke and even more un-British than the alternative vote (Taxpayers foot 1,500 a week bill to house family of 12 Ethiopians, April 22). Why should hard-working Britons accommodate refugees through their taxes, particularly when so much is being taken away as a result of the cuts? Luckily for Mr Cameron, such an issue will do him good in his support for reducing migration to the tens of thousands. I would much rather my taxes go towards school refurbishment, homeless shelters or sustaining police on our streets. It is not acceptable that a family who entered Britain two months ago should expect such a prize at the end of the tunnel. Any normal council would nd them suitable council accommodation. I am glad the Daily Express had the decency and courage to print such an article. I hope it opens peoples eyes to just how ridiculous our system is. Dean Hill, Walsall, W Mids


Government should see this as a warning shot across the bows because more and more, we are seeing growing unrest in many European countries about the cost of being in the EU. The truth is that taxpayers in rich countries dont like to pay for other governments mistakes and voters in poor countries dont like being told what to do by people they never elected and cant vote out of ofce. David Cameron continues to ignore the wishes of the British voters who want us out of the EU. If he does not wake up to this fact, then like Finland the UK voters will turn to other parties which share the majority view that we should come out of the EU. Norman Utton, Leamington Spa, Warks

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HAS anyone else noticed the remarkable likeness between old Herman van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and Gollum from Lord Of The Rings? I am sure Gollum would do a better job as well. Michael Charnock, Warrington, Cheshire

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PENSIONER Ann Barclay, who was ned by a council in Lancashire for letting her dog run off the lead for a minute in a park, will not do it again (OAP ned

75 for dogs minute off lead, April 21). That is what nes are for, a deterrent. My daughter had to swerve to avoid a dog and considerable damage was caused to her car. There was no recompense and the woman involved said her dog had run out as she went to put the lead on it. My daughter was told by the police she should have taken the soft option. I know I would have done as the dog should not be running around without a lead whatever the reason. When are dog owners and cyclists with no insurance going to realise that they have a responsibility to others? Barbara Bailes, Oxford

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I AM delighted to hear that Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning to spend most of their early married life hidden away in a rented farmhouse near his RAF base (Two-year learning curve for bride, April 25) No one would want the new member of the Royal Family to suffer the same fate as Princess Diana, who was thrust into the limelight with no real support and hounded to distraction by the paparazzi. It is to be hoped that lessons have been learned from her ordeal and that the media will give them the space they need. Pamela Wright, Wolverhampton

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MEMBERS of the National Union of Teachers are now talking about taking industrial action in the coming months over proposed changes to their pensions. Shadow education secretary Andy Burnham says he opposes strike action. The least Mr Burnham could do, however, is apologise for his governments mismanagement of this countrys nances. If it hadnt been for Labour, we wouldnt be facing the difculties plaguing us now. Roy Farnden, Chessington, Surrey


WHILE I sympathise with the desire of William and Kate to hide away from the world once they are married, they should also remember they are a very privileged couple who have enjoyed a long courtship away from the public gaze but are now embarking on a new, more responsible phase of their lives. They are both aged 29 this year and must accept that the Queen, although still active for her age, is not as young as she was and is going to need help from the younger generation to full her state duties over the coming years. David Rogers, By email


THE BBC must return Doctor Who to the 7pm slot it enjoyed with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant (BGT wins viewers as Doctor Who slips, April 25). Matt Smith has proved just as popular, so it is not fair on him to bring forward transmission by an hour on warm spring days, thereby losing viewers, just to encourage them to stick around and watch So You Think You Can Dance. In this regard, Doctor Who is being sacriced for BBC1s audience ow, when it should be regarded as the jewel in its crown. So much care is lavished upon the series, it is a waste to premiere it at 6pm. Robin Calvert, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancs

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I SEE the European Union wants taxpayers to fork out for a budget increase costing Britain 600million (Massive EU budget hike lands UK with 10bn bill, April 21). This is an insult to taxpayers trying to restore the UKs nancial position. Recently the Finnish general elections saw the anti-EU True Finns party win 19 per cent of the vote. They will be given a place in the next government alongside the National Coalition Party and the Social Democrats. The

Today is World Intellectual Property Day, established by the World Intellectual Property Organization to celebrate the contribution made by innovators and artists to the development of societies across the globe.


(% The toy balloon owes its invention to Michael Faraday, who used balloons to store gases produced in his chemical experiments in 1824. )% In 1449, King Henry VI granted the first patent to John of Utynam for introducing the making of coloured glass to England. *% Thomas Edison invented the electric chair in 1889 to show the danger of alternating current. +% With 1,093 patents in his name, Thomas Edison

has claims to be the most prolific inventor of all. ,% The actress Hedy Lamarr invented a device to stop the jamming of radio-controlled torpedoes. -% In 1875, a Frenchman named Huret invented the Cynophere, whose wheels were powered by dogs on treadmills. .% The worlds first combined brassiere and gun holster was invented in 2001 by Paxton Quigley. /% Sardine flavour ice cream was patented in 1994. 0% In 1998, a spokesman for the European Patent Office said it is their most often requested patent, usually by people who didnt believe it. ('% Apart from giving us calculus and the Law of Gravity, Isaac Newton invented the catflap.

?<I<Xi\pXne`e^^Xgj`efli befnc\[^\f]pXne`e^%N_pn\ [f`kXkXcc#Xe[n_p`kj\\djkf Y\ZfekX^`flj#_Xm\cfe^Y\\e Zfek\ek`fljhl\jk`fejYlkk_Xebjkf jfd\i\Z\eki\j\XiZ_#n\dXpY\ ^\kk`e^kf^i`gjn`k_k_\gifYc\d% K_i\\i\Z\ekgXg\ijXccZfeki`Ylk\kf flile[\ijkXe[`e^f]pXnej% K_\]`ijk@j_flc[c`b\kfd\ek`fe`jX gXg\iZXcc\[;f^j:XkZ_?ldXePXnej YpIDAfcp$DXjZ_\ife`\kXc`e9`fcf^p C\kk\ij#)''/ n_`Z_i\gfik\[Xe \og\i`d\ek`en_`Z_)0[f^jnXkZ_\[ X_ldXepXne`e^Xkk_\dXe[k_\ \og\i`d\ek\ijZflek\[_fndXepf] k_\dpXne\[YXZb% @e]XZk#)(f]k_\[f^j[`[jf#n_`Z_ `jX_`^_\ig\iZ\ekX^\k_Xe_X[Y\\e i\Zfi[\[`ej`d`cXi\og\i`d\ekjn`k_ _ldXejfiZ_`dgXeq\\j%Jfn_Xk\m\i k_\i\Xjfe`j]fi_ldXejpXne`e^n_\e fk_\i_ldXej[fjf#`kj\\djc`b\cp k_Xk`kXggc`\j\m\edfi\jfkf[f^j% K_\j\Zfe[gXg\i`edpZfcc\Zk`fe`j PXne`e^8j89iX`e$:ffc`e^D\Z_Xe`jd Yp8:>XcclgXe[>:>Xcclg# <mfclk`feXipGjpZ_fcf^p#)''. n_`Z_ i\gfikjXe\og\i`d\ekkfk\jkXk_\fip k_XkgXikf]k_\]leZk`fef]pXne`e^ dXpY\kfkXb\`eZfc[X`ikfZffck_\ YiX`e#n_`Z_`jbefnekfnfibY\kk\iXk Zfc[k\dg\iXkli\j%8]k\iXe`e`k`Xc \og\i`d\ek`en_`Z_k_\p[`jZfm\i\[ k_Xkg\fgc\Xi\c\jjc`b\cpkfZXkZ_X pXne]ifdjfd\fe\\cj\`]k_\pXi\ Yi\Xk_`e^k_ifl^_k_\`iefj\j#k_\ i\j\XiZ_\ijX^X`ek\jk\[pXne$ ZfekX^`fefejlYa\Zkjn`k_\`k_\i Zffc`e^gXZbjfinXid`e^gXZbj Xggc`\[kfk_\`i]fi\_\X[j% K_\`ii\jlckjj_fn\[k_Xkn_\e gXik`Z`gXekj_\c[XnXidgXZbXk+-:  fiXgXZbXkiffdk\dg\iXkli\kfk_\`i _\X[jn_`c\nXkZ_`e^jfd\fe\\cj\ pXne#k_\e+(g\iZ\ekf]k_\dpXne\[ YXZb#Ylkn_\e`knXjXZfc[gXZbXk +:#k_\iXk\f]ZfekX^`fljpXne`e^ [ifgg\[kfe`e\g\iZ\ek% PflXi\gifYXYcppXne`e^efn#]fi \m\ei\X[`e^XYflk`k_XjY\\ej_fne kf`e[lZ\k_XkY\_Xm`fliYlk[fkipkf jkXpXnXb\#]fidp]`eXc`k\d`jk_\ Y\jkf]Xcc%@e)''0#k_\aflieXc8e`dXc 9\_Xm`fliglYc`j_\[XgXg\i#PXne`e^ 8e[K_\idfi\^lcXk`fe@e9l[^\i`^Xij# Yp8:>Xcclg#DCD`cc\iXe[89:cXib# \ok\e[`e^flibefnc\[^\f]pXne`e^kf k_\Xm`Xenfic[% N_Xkk_\p[`[nXjkfj\\k_\\]]\Zk f]Z_Xe^`e^k_\iffdk\dg\iXkli\fe k_\pXne`e^Y\_Xm`flif])' Yl[^\i`^XijXjk\dg\iXkli\jmXi`\[ Y\kn\\e)):Xe[*/:%PXne`e^nXj i\Zf^e`j\[XjXn`[\fg\e`e^f]k_\ Y\Xbn`k_jc`^_kZcfj`e^f]k_\\p\j# ]fccfn\[YpXYi`\]`ek\iilgk`fen`k_ jki\kZ_`e^f]k_\e\Zb%DlZ_c`b\X _ldXepXne#`e]XZk#Xe[k_\pXnej n\i\]fle[kfY\dfi\]i\hl\ek`eX nXidiffdk_Xe`eXZfc[fe\Ylkdfjk ]i\hl\ekf]Xcc[li`e^g\i`f[jn_\ek_\ k\dg\iXkli\nXji`j`e^% K_`jX[[\[jlggfikkfk_\k_\fip k_XkpXne`e^gcXpjXgXik`ejfd\jfik f]Zffc`e^d\Z_Xe`jd%Fe\fl^_kefk kfaldgkfXepZfeZclj`fej#_fn\m\i# lek`c\og\i`d\ekj_Xm\Y\\eg\i]fid\[ kfj\\n_\k_\iYl[^\i`^Xijn`k_Zfc[ gXZbjfek_\`i]fi\_\X[jpXneYXZb Xk[f^jn_`Z__Xm\Y\\epXne`e^Xk k_\d#Xe[n_\k_\i`kdXb\jX [`]]\i\eZ\`]k_\pXne`e^[f^jXi\ Yi\Xk_`e^k_ifl^_k_\`ijeflkj%

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 45

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mensateaser: Win The Open Road on DVD and a bottle of Givenchy Play
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For more brain-teasing puzzles and information about Mensa membership visit or telephone 01902 772771. Mensa does not accept hyphenated words, and uses the Oxford Dictionary of English (Second Edition Revised) as its official reference.

:XepfldXb\knfZfddfe]`m\$c\kk\i nfi[j]ifdk_\e`e\c\kk\ij^`m\e# lj`e^\XZ_c\kk\ifecpfeZ\6PflZXe Ylkfecp`]fe\c\kk\i]\Xkli\j`eYfk_ nfi[j`ek_\jhlXi\jfek_\i`^_k% K_\i\jXkc\Xjkfe\nXpkf[f`k#Xe[ pfl_Xm\kf_Xm\k_\i`^_kc\kk\iXkk_\ Zifjjfm\iYlkn_`Z_fe\`j`k6 J\\`]pflZXe]`e[k_\Xejn\in`k_`e flikXi^\kk`d\%@]pfle\\[_\cg#i`e^ fliZcl\$c`e\Y\cfnkf]`e[flkk_\ Zifjjfm\ic\kk\i%Jfclk`fekfdfiifn% KXi^\kk`d\j1 8m\iX^\1 (/d`ej>ff[1(+d`ej JFCLK@FE JKL:B6:8CC=FI8:CL< <oZ\cc\ek1('d`ej '0'(*)),-'( '0'(*)),-'. P\jk\i[Xpjjfclk`fe1 9fk_kf[Xpjnfi[j`eXdfd\ek ?Xcm\pfliKXi^\kK`d\ LJ8>< XZifjj\iZXcc]ifd9KcXe[c`e\jgclje\knfib\okiXj% >@M<E[fne Fk_\ie\knfibjXe[dfY`c\jdXpmXip%

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On each row, place a letter that can be substituted for the second letter of the words either side, so that another word is formed in each case. When completed, a word will be read downwards. What is it?



11 13 15 17 18 20

: < ? D E F I L P

Answer for Teaser 19/04/11: 18.5

For your chance to win, call: 0907 181 2719

Calls cost 77p per minute plus network extras and last 2.5 minutes. Other networks may vary. Maximum call duration 2.5 minutes. Lines close at midnight on Monday, May 2. Normal Express rules apply. The Editors decision is final. Winners will be selected at random from all correct entries received by the closing date.

8:IFJJ ) 9`i[j/  0 @ej`^_k(' 8lZk`fe+  (( Kfl^_jb`efeYXZfe+ (* <c`Z`k, (+ ;`mlc^\j0 (- Li^\fe, (0 Jfle[X_fie+ )'Gi\j\ekkfXefk_\i g\ijfe+ )( 9cfYf]jXlZ\))JkXk\f]Y\`e^_fcp/ ;FNE ( ;fe\XjX]`eXc i\jfik+$, * Fggfj`k\f]glj_\j, + JfY\`k+ , 8i\mfck0 - 8d\i`ZXejkXk\+ . B`e[\nXeX^% / ;f[^\j0 () AXgXe\j\^Xid\ek(, Jlcc`\j, (. Gl[[c\+ (/ <p\lg+

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46 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011
To order Calvin And Hobbes Magical World paperback priced 12.99 (UK free delivery), send a cheque/PO made payable to Express Bookshop to PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ, telephone 0871 988 8367 (calls cost 10p/min from a BT landline) or order online at



Cfi`I\`[ FlikfgXjkifcf^\i
Celebrating on this day: musician Duane Eddy, 73, and actor Warren Clarke, 64.

It may be back to work after the long weekend but, with the stars so upbeat today, youre on a high. Even better if you have the day off and plan to spend time with friends. All group endeavours, whether social or professional, get positive backing and projects roll forward nicely. Call me to hear when to avoid a see-saw of emotions.

All relationships, whether public or intimate, are pleasingly aspected today. If there have been difculties, you can put regrets behind you and trust in the Fates working up some new romantic magic just for you. Get all agreements signed, sealed and sorted before 12 oclock. Call me to hear when you hit a stand-off situation.


To order Dilbert Thriving On Vague Objectives 6.99 (UK postage free), please send a cheque or PO to Express Bookshop, PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ, phone 0871 988 8367 (calls cost 10p/min from a BT landline) or order online at


0907 181 2948 (01)


0907 181 2948 (07)


Life picks up the beat today. The Sun, now moving through your own sign, is the once-a-year uplift that marks a signicant turning point in your affairs. Youre up for a challenge today and, with this new condence in your heart, you know you will succeed. Call me to hear when to ward off a feeling of loneliness.

You may have lots to think about but what happens today means that you see the positive side of life. Youre getting lots of support, which is just what you need if youve been feeling unsure, uncertain or under the weather of late. Onwards and upwards. Call me to hear when to be aware of lowered vitality.

0907 181 2948 (02)


0907 181 2948 (08)



Youre back at work with a spring in your step today, Sagittarius. There are people to call, correspondence to deal with and appointments to make. Whether youre xing up meetings, travel or hot dates, get the arrangements sorted and agreed before you break for lunch. Call me to hear when you need to shake off a disappointment.



Socially, life perks up. Make the most of your dealings with others today, make progress with those projects youre working on, arrange group outings, training days or special events. If youre making bookings, get all your arrangements done by lunchtime to avoid hassle later on. Call me to hear when a friend lets you down.

0907 181 2948 (03)


0907 181 2948 (09)


Travel, legal, literary or educational matters its back to a full schedule today. Youre focused on your career and anything that ups your game or boosts your status comes under favourable stars this morning. A journey puts you on the road to success. Call me to hear when not to get dragged down by your domestic responsibilities.

Your home, family, roots and environment are topmost on your agenda today. With the stars in favourable alignment, what you achieve will be pleasing. Even buying household essentials wont seem so tedious. But if youre making big purchases, shop before lunchtime. Call me to hear when to counteract a lack of sympathy.


To order copies of the Rupert 1966 Facsimile (25), call 0871 988 8370 (calls cost 10p/min from a BT landline), send a cheque/PO to The Ofcial Classic Rupert Bear Shop, PO Box 200, Falmouth, TR11 4WJ or visit UK delivery is free.

Then suddenly the strange ight stops When on a grassy patch he drops.

As Rupert begins to recover his wits he realises that although he is so high in the air he is already travelling more slowly. That travel machine is a fearful thing, he gasps. It looks as though it is pitching me into the water. But he doesnt drop into the sea. Some force seems to check him as he passes over the rockiest of the islands and he lands with only a slight bump on a patch of rough grass. After a pause he kneels up shakily. Where am I? he whispers. Im very far from home, he sighs, How far have I come? Express Newspapers 2011 And scans the sea with anxious eyes.

0907 181 2948 (04)


0907 181 2948 (10)


Youre getting a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from your work these days, so much so that youre happy to put in extra hours to get a special project completed. It might even give you a chance to work more closely with someone youve taken a real shine to. Call me to hear when to take a setback in your stride.

Keep checking your diary and to do list today, Aquarius, to jog your memory. Its a busy morning that will have you running from pillar to post. Make important contacts, appointments and arrangements before noon to ensure success. Dont start anything new this afternoon. Call me to hear when to expect news from afar.

0907 181 2948 (05)


0907 181 2948 (11)


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( :fdY`e\gfib#pXd#ZXiifkj# fe`fe#fpjk\ijXlZ\#\^^#jXck# j\jXd\f`cXe[(&)kXYc\jgffe ZfiejkXiZ_`eXZc\XeYfnc# d`o`k% ) Jgffe(kXYc\jgffef]k_\ cc`e^d`okli\fek_\jgi`e^ ifccniXgg\i% * IfccXe[j\XcYpYilj_`e^ k_\\[^\n`k_ZfiejkXiZ_$\^^ d`okli\% + ;\\g]ipXe[Zlk`ekf k_i\\g`\Z\j% , K_\Zi`jgpjgi`e^ifccj^f nfe[\i]lccpn`k_Xjn\\kXe[ jflijXlZ\Xe[]i\j_^i\\e jXcX[% M`j`knnn%`]ff[%kmkf e[e\ni\Z`g\j#nXkZ_Zffb`e^j_fnjXe[d\\k pflikXjk\dXk\j%N`k_k\ejf]k_fljXe[jf]m`[\fj#`k`jk_\cXi^\jk Zfcc\Zk`fef]Zffb`e^m`[\fjfec`e\%PflnfekY\[`jXggf`ek\[%

You have willing support around you all you have to do is ask. That will free up your time to do something different from the same old routine. You know all those ideas youve been toying with? Well, heres your chance to give them a go. Call me to hear when its imperative that you tighten your belt.

Youre in an indulgent mood today, Pisces. Thats excellent if you have the day off or youre working from home so that you can pace yourself or luxuriate at your leisure. If youre at work, get as much done as you can this morning, then you can coast this afternoon. Call me to hear when money is bitter-sweet.

0907 181 2948 (06)


0907 181 2948 (12)


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50 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

Z"bV^a/VcYgZl#_d]chdc5ZmegZhh#Xd#j` K^h^i8^in7jh^cZhheV\Zhdca^cZVi lll#ZmegZhh#Xd#j`$X^in IZa/%'%-+&',&+'

Bankers pay still on rise despite smaller bonuses

BANKERS and other City workers 9p8e[i\nAf_ejfe are still enjoying bumper pay ;\glkp:`kp<[`kfi packets as rising salaries offset Pirc has said the banks pay is falling bonuses. Bonus payouts fell 8 per cent, or overly complex. Cebr economist Scott Corfe said: down from 7.3billion to 6.7billion Our research shows that falling for the financial year to April, according to specialist consultant bonus payments this year are the Centre for Economics and being offset by rising regular pay packets. Business Research (Cebr). City workers are not earning But the organisation estimates less their earnings are merely average regular pay for City workers in the rst quarter of this year becoming less bonus driven as pay was up 7 per cent compared with continues to grow much faster a year ago, much higher than the than other parts of the economy. It predicts bonuses 2 per cent growth for will start to rise from the UK as a whole. next year, when it The Cebr warned expects levels to that lower bonuses reach 7.15billion for have not put an end the scal year to 2012, to the culture of high before rising to remuneration in the 8.2billion for the City. year to 2015. The research comes However, the conwith pay in the spotsultant does not light at the Barclays believe more regulaannual meeting tion is the right way tomorrow with a row to tackle the issue brewing over the and could force nanpotential 27million cial services away pay package awarded from London. It to Bob Diamond, the Barclays Bob Diamond added London could former investment not afford to be complacent about banking chief who became chief its position as one of the worlds executive in January. leading nancial centres. Shareholders body the AssociaCebr chief executive Douglas tion of British Insurers has issued McWilliams said there was a risk an amber top warning to alert excessive micro-management members to a 20 per cent rise in and regulation of pay in the City by Diamonds salary as boss compared with his predecessor John Varley. Government could hasten the Diamonds salary is 250,000 movement of financial services from West to East. But he said the greater at 1.35 million. issue was much better addressed The ABI is also concerned over through improving competition the way some bonuses are being paid, while investor advisory rm than by adding more regulation.

Silver and gold soar as India joins rally











BAE has won a 34million deal to provide infrared gun sights for the US military

BAE hits target with US win

BAE Systems yesterday said it had won a $56million (34million) contract to supply thermal weapon sights to the US army. The contract win follows on from the acquisitions of Oasys Technology and Fairchild Imaging for a combined $382million last year, with both companies designing and building the specialist sights. The sights allow soldiers to see the enemy through darkness or smoke using infrared sensor technology. BAE will be providing sights for both individual weapons and heavier guns manned by crews. BAE is the worlds number one provider of thermal sights, giving men and women serving in harms way the ability to see through obscured visibility conditions day or night, said the companys director of thermal sights Barry Yeadon. BAE has so far delivered more than 94,000 sights to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

SILVER prices surged more than 5 per cent at one point yesterday, closing on a 31-year high just short of its all-time peak in 1980. Gold once again hit a new record as tensions in the Middle East rumbled on. It reached $1,518.10 (919.10) an ounce while silver hit $49.31. Oil also rose, with Brent climbing to $124.75 a barrel before falling back. As well as unrest in Syria and Yemen, traders also blamed a weak dollar, hit by concerns that the US Federal Reserve will not seek to raise interest rates when it meets this week. The Fed meeting will be followed by the first press conference in the central banks 97-year history. Questions are expected to focus on when an interest rate hike may come and how it will exit quantatitive easing. Traders said silver and gold prices have been boosted by strong demand in Asia. Everyone is buying, said one dealer. Theres stop-loss buying, as well as good buying interest from China. Others said investors in India who traditionally bought gold were now turning to silver too. We normally dont import silver on a regular basis, said one Indian bank official. But we imported about 10 tons last month. Investors are joining in the rally in India to catch the price appreciation. However the commodities fell as some investors took profits after silver failed to reach its all-time high.

Rio pays 425m to end Guinea row Lloyds looks at selling Widows
RIO TINTO has settled a long-running dispute over a major iron ore project by agreeing to pay $700million (425million) to the government of Guinea, West Africa, to secure its rights. The move clears the way for a $10billion investment in the southern blocks of the giant Simandou project in partnership with Chinese group Chalco. The rst iron ore is expected to be shipped by the middle of 2015. Rio was stripped of the northern half of the Simandou concession in 2008 after Guinea claimed it had not pressed ahead with mining. The government last year warned Rio it might have to surrender the southern half under use it or lose it rules. Rio Tinto iron ore boss Sam Walsh said: The agreement gives us the certainty we need to allow us to invest and move forward. Lansana Conte was in charge of Guinea at the time Rio was stripped of the northern blocks. They have since been sold to BSG, controlled by Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz. He then sold on a majority stake to Brazilian mining giant Vale. LLOYDS Banking Group is believed to be looking at a possible sale of its pensions and insurance business Scottish Widows. The groups new chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio is looking to ofoad the rm for between 5billion to 7billion as part of a strategy to focus Lloyds on core banking services as part of a revamp to be unveiled by the end of June. Lloyds is also considering the possible sale of its 60 per cent stake in wealth management group St Jamess Place. There has long been speculation Lloyds may sell its insurance assets to help bolster its balance sheet. The bank has already been ordered by the European Commission to sell off 600 branches to reduce its market share of current accounts and mortgages and could face pressure to sell more when the Independent Commission on Banking reveals its nal recommendations in September. Possible buyers for Scottish Widows include Friends Provident-owner Resolution Group. Lloyds is expected to unveil a trading update in the next couple of weeks.

International Power has energy for global growth

HENK POTTS, investment analyst at Barclays Wealth, shares his knowledge. For further information please see www.stockbrokers.
INTERNATIONAL Power (IPR) operates in more than 20 countries, generating electricity from a range of technologies and fuel types. IPR is actually the successor to National Power: more than a decade ago National Power demerged its UK businesses (Innogy/npower) and the remainder of the business was renamed International Power. Earlier this year IPR combined its assets with the international division of

French utility GDF Suez, which now owns 70 per cent of the new entity. The business has more than 66,000MW of gross capacity in operation, and is expected to deliver another 22,000MW of generating capacity by 2013. The combined group is expected to strengthen project pipelines and increase its foothold in the UK, North America and the Middle East. It has a good balance in terms of fuel (gas, oil, coal and renewable sources) and the majority of the output will be sold via contracts as opposed to sales on to more volatile wholesale markets which should provide good cash ow visibility. IPR will also benet from GDF Suezs stronger balance

sheet and cheaper cost of debt driven by its A credit rating (helped in part by its part-ownership by the French government). Management is forecasting nancing synergies of 61million and operating synergies of about 104million, which should support earnings growth rates towards the top end of the European utility sector. As project execution unfolds and synergies are

realised, we see further upside to the IPR share price and our fair value for the stock is 400p. However, some risks remain surrounding investments in utilities, not least being any volatility in power and commodity prices. IPR also has some earnings sensitivity to foreign exchange rates. Any geopolitical or regulatory impediments surrounding its global assets, as well as any general economic slowdown, could impact share price.


TODAY INTERIMS: African Barrick Gold (Q1) AGMS: Personal Group Holdings, Shire, Xcounter AB. WEDNESDAY FINALS: Game Group. INTERIMS: Associated British Foods, ARM Holdings (Q1), BP (Q1), Fenner, BAA Airports (Q1), GlaxoSmithKline (Q1), Wolfson Microelectronics (Q1). TRADING UPDATES: Carpetright, Premier Foods, Senior. AGMS: Aggreko, Allied Irish Banks, Barclays, Bodycote, Stanley Gibbons. THURSDAY FINALS: Asterand, Camellia, Carpathian, Fortune Oil, Whitbread. INTERIMS: BSkyB (Q3), Shire (Q1), Superglass. TRADING UPDATES: Colt, Hammerson, Howden Joinery, International Power, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, McBride, Mecom, Stagecoach, Segro, Standard Life. AGMS: AstraZeneca, British American Tobacco, Berendsen, Croda, Deltex Medical, Devro, Goals Soccer Centres, Brady, Johnston Press, Northern Rock (Asset Management), Premier Foods, Pearson, RAB Capital, Sterling Energy, Senior, Unilever, WPP. EGMS: Northern Foods.

Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011



BP prots slip on falling oil production

A THREE-DAY trading week will have little impact on the volume of news this week, when oil giants BP and Royal Dutch Shell lead a strong pipeline of corporate updates. may not show much improvement after it was also hit by the US ban on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the cost of maintenance work in the North Sea and Nigeria. BP is expected WHITBREAD , led by chief EMBATTLED to reveal a drop in prots as it executive Andy Harrison continues to feel the impact of the Deepwater Horizon spill. Analysts expect BP to report a 0.8 per cent decline in profits to 3.4billion when it updates on its performance in the rst quarter of 2011 tomorrow. Production levels, which directly affect prots, have fallen by nearly 9 per cent in recent months after the rm sold off oil elds and reneries and the US banned further drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. (below), is set to report a 20 per cent rise in annual profits on Thursday after a strong performance from its Premier Inns and Costa coffee brands. Like-for-like sales across the group increased 6.7 per cent in the 50 weeks to February 17 as it benefited from a resurgence in consumer spending and invested in advertising. Analysts say prots will rise to 286million in the year to March 3, while dividends are expected to rise to 43p per share. A ROW could be brewing at the AGM of Barclays tomorrow after a major shareholder flagged up fresh concerns about proposals for executive pay. The Association of British Insurers, whose members control about 15 per cent of the stock, has issued a so-called amber top alert indicating investors should scrutinise the banks remuneration report closely before voting. Plans to pay new chief executive Bob Diamond 1.35 million 20 per cent more than predecessor John Varley have raised particular concerns. SATELLITE broad caster BSkyB is likely broadband. Nomura has increased its estimate for the number of net customers added to 40,000 from 32,000 in the period. ASSOCIATED British Foods will report further profits growth despite a slowdown at its budget fashion chain Primark in half-year results tomorrow. It revealed a noticeable drop in demand in February, as samestore sales growth at Primark fell to 3 per cent in the six months to March 5 half the level achieved during its previous nancial year. Broker RBS expects ABF to report a 6 per cent rise in prots to 352million as Primarks slowdown is offset by the growth in its sugar business.

A FIRST-QUARTER trading update on Thursday from Royal

Dutch Shell is expected to make better reading for its investors. Broker Charles Stanley predicts a 20 per cent rise in earnings to 3.5billion as it benets from the rising prices of oil and gas and a cost-saving drive. However, its production volumes

to reveal more growth in customer numbers and profits on Thursday, heaping pressure on News Corps bid to take control of the company. Broker Nomura expects it to post a solid update for the first quarter, with prots forecast to increase 15 per cent to 252million as it benets from strong growth in subscribers to its HD TV service and

GAME Group will reveal that prots have more than halved

after being hit by the squeeze in consumer spending and cut-price competition in annual results tomorrow. Analysts forecast the group will report prots of 38million in the year to January 31, down from 90.4million the previous year.


JJB: listing will help us get back in shape

STRUGGLING retailer JJB Sports is to list on AIM this week in a bid to restore itself to tness after a major overhaul. Hit by falling sales and competition from rivals, JJB is leaving the main market as part of a drive to reduce listing costs and pave the way for a restructuring. The rm is tapping up investors for 65million in the move, which could be crucial to its survival. If it fails creditors could withdraw a 25million overdraft. The flotation will leave JJBs four major shareholders with just under 86 per cent of its stock above the 75 per cent threshold that would have allowed it to remain on the main market. Companies on the London Stock Exchange are required to keep at least a quarter of their stock on the open market. JJB will also benefit from the move because listing costs on AIM are lower than on the LSE. It said the listing and fundraising, due to take place on Thursday, would mark the end of the nancial restructuring process. In a

McTighe says the restructuring will allow JJB to press on with its plans
statement this month, chairman Mike McTighe said: Once complete, it will allow the company to press on with the next stage of its revised business plan. JJB said the participation of the companys leading shareholders, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and investment groups Crystal Amber, Harris Associates and Invesco, reected their condence in the managements turnaround plans, which involve closing some stores and revamping the rest. The money raised will be spent on paying down JJBs 21.2million debt pile and refurbishing 133 of its stores. The group is closing 43 stores and considering the fate of the other 46.


EnCore to focus on North Sea after XEO oat

BRITISH North Sea group EnCore Oil is planning to spin off its exploration business as a separate listed company. The new outt will be known as XEO Exploration and both rms will have their shares traded on the Aim market. XEO shares are expected to be admitted to Aim at the end of next month. Led by chief executive Alan Booth, EnCore said the move would allow it to focus on its two main assets the Catcher and Cladhan wells in the North Sea, which are at a later stage of development after oil nds last year. EnCore has a market value of 337million. Its shares closed at 116p on Friday down from 133p at the turn of the year but up from 16p last June, when it made the Catcher discovery. Two months later it made the Cladhan nd. Among the assets to be transferred to XEO are ve exploration licences and options on three others.


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Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

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HUG: Nina and Paul Carberry after the Irish National

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Carberrys so well Organised

NINA CARBERRY won the Ladbrokes Irish Grand National on Organisedconfusion for her uncle, Arthur Moore. Deal Done helped force a generous pace and, despite being headed at halfway, found himself back in front inside the nal half a mile. His stablemate, Western Charmer, loomed up and looked a huge threat two fences out. There were also plenty of others in with chances at that stage, including Tony McCoy on Quantitativeeasing, but

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By Patrick Weaver
it was Carberry who nished the strongest in the Fairyhouse sunshine, beating Western Charmer by ve lengths. Sunnyhillboy stayed to take third, with Quiscover Fontaine in fourth. We were a bit worried with him only being six but he has a great engine, said Moore. He has a fantastic temperament and has never run a bad race. Its a great family occasion with Nina on board.

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Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011 53

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Pathfork the main danger to Frankel
FRANKEL will face a maximum of 14 rivals in the Qipco 2,000 Guineas at Newmarket on Saturday. Henry Cecils unbeaten colt is set to go off the shortest-priced favourite for the Classic in over 30 years. Jessica Harringtons Pathfork is another unbeaten colt in the line-up and expected, by the bookmakers at least, to give the market leader most to do. The leading Aidan OBrien representative this year is Roderic OConnor, second to Frankel in the Dewhurst and a Group One winner in France as a juvenile. OBrien has also left in Master Of Hounds and Alexander Pope. SKY BETS Qipco 2,000 Guineas odds: 8-15 Frankel, 5 Pathfork, 6 Roderic OConnor, 10 Native Khan, 16 Casamento, Fury, 20 Saamidd, 33 Dubawi Gold, Master of the Hounds, 66 Loving Spirit, Rerouted, 100 Happy Today, Broox, Alexander Pope, 150 Slim Shadey. SKY BETS Qipco 1,000 Guineas odds: 9-2 Moonlight Cloud, Havant 5 Memory, 7 Misty For Me, 9 Hooray, Laughing Lashes, 12 I Love Me, 16 Make A Dance, Zoowraa, 20 Barefoot Lady, 25 Nova Hawk, 33 Maqaasid, Empowering, Blue Bunting, Cape Dollar, 40 Izzi Top, Together, 50 bar. HOW far will Frankel win by? Sky Bet: 11-4 Three lengths plus. 5 Upto and including a length, 5 Over a length but no more than two; 5 Over two but no more than three lengths. K_\<ogi\jj:ifjjhl`q`jXknf$`e$fe\Z_Xcc\e^\kfk\jk pflijgfikjbefnc\[^\%8ejn\i\XZ_hl\jk`feXe[k_\e XiiXe^\k_\c\kk\ijk_Xk]Xcc`ek_\j_X[\[jhlXi\j`ekfX n\cc$befnejgfikjnfi[fik_\jlieXd\f]X]Xdflj jgfik`e^g\ijfeXc`kp%K_\cXjkc\kk\if]\XZ_Xejn\in`cc Y\k_\]`ijkc\kk\if]k_\e\ok% K_\jfclk`fen`ccY\glYc`j_\[kfdfiifn#fiZXcc '0'.(/(),/\id`elk\]ifd9KcXe[c`e\j gclje\knfib\okiXj%Fk_\ie\knfibjXe[dfY`c\jdXpmXip% ( ) *

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ACROSS 1. Which South Africa-born mens tennis player lost the 1984 Australia Open singles nal and the Wimbledon singles nal the following year? (6). 2. Name the Englishman who is a four-time world angling champion. (4). 6. The Gnoll is the traditional home ground of which Welsh rugby union club? (5). 7. Which former Derby County and + West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper joined Hereford United in 2010 as a coach? (5). 10. Name the Crystal Palace winger who won ve England caps in 1991. (6). 11. Which former Wales rugby union captain retired through injury in 2010? (4). / . DOWN 1. Who was 2002 Australian Open womens singles tennis champion? (8). 3. Which current Italy rugby union player made his debut as lock against France in 2002? (7). 4. Which QPR defender did Blackpool sign in 2007? (5). 5. Who was West Hams Brazil striker in 2010? (4). 6. Name the 1970 Derby-winning horse. (8). 8. As what are the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes known? (6,5). 9. What is the movement disorder affecting golfers when putting? (4). SPORTSWORD CLUE: Leicester City manager. ((

Efik_1:@KP>IFLE;,%*,J\[^\\c[ ;`[ek Xggi\Z`Xk\k_\^ifle[Xk;feZXjk\i% E\ndXib\k1:8;FI<*%+'PXidflk_ @j \og\Zk\[kfi\c`j_k_\jk\g$lg`e[`jkXeZ\% N\jk1CL:PJG<I=<:K)%)'<o\k\i <Xj\[`ek_\ iXk`e^jX]k\iknf[\]\Xkj`eefm`Z\ZfdgXep% :fkjnfc[j1D@JJD@I8:C<*%,'<o\k\i Fek_\ lg^iX[\Xe[]XeZ`\[Yp_\ijkXYc\% GI<M@Je`j_\[j`ok_kfOk\ej`fe`ek_\iXZ\_\ Zfek\jk\[XkJ_XK`e%K_\n`ee\iiXej\m\iXc^ff[ iXZ\j]fi:c`m\:focXjkp\Xi#efkXYcpn_\e]flik_ kfDX]b``ek_\)#'''>l`e\Xj% ClZX:ldXe`glkk_\[\]\Xk[fnekfk_\[ifg `eki`g%?\iXem\ipn\ccYlk_\iXeflkf]^ifle[ i\Xccp%8d`c\`jXc`kkc\Y`kkffk`^_k]fi_`d#jX`[ Gi\m`jkiX`e\i%

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RATINGS: 0-3 poor, 4-6 average, 7-9 good, 10 world class.

10 TO TACKLE ANSWERS: 1 Robbie Keane. 2 Lionel Nallet. 3 India. 4 Pastor Maldonado. 5 Durham. 6 Newcastle United. 7 Peloton. 8 Vitali. 9 One. 10 Canadian football.

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1. Who scored the Republic of Irelands second goal in their 2-1 Euro 2012 qualier victory over Macedonia? 2. Who scored two of Frances tries in their 28-9 Six Nations win over Wales? 3. Which team knocked Australia out of this years ICC World Cup in the quarter-nals? 4. Which young Venezuelan driver has replaced Nico Hulkenberg at Williams this year? 5. The Riverside is the home ground of which cricketing county? 6. Which Premier League team comes out to music from the lm Local Hero? 7. What name is given to the main group of riders in a cycling road race? 8. Which of the Klitschko brothers was the rst to win a world heavyweight boxing title? 9. What number in darts is nicknamed Annies room? 10. In which North American sport is the Grey Cup contested?

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N:HI:G96NH8GDHHFJ>OHDAJI>DC ACROSS: 1 Hart. 2 Tavare. 5 Kite. 6 Europa. 10 Ablett. 11 Teal. DOWN: 1 Haydock Park. 3 Extra. 4 Akii-Bua. 5 Keown. 7 Armeld. 8 Nigeria. 9 Dell. SPORTSWORD: (Dominic) CORK.


Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

HE business of identifying the worlds best golfer used to be so simple. Close your eyes, think of a stripey animal and a collection of trees and there you had it. No argument. Tiger was the man. Head and shoulders above the rest. Oh for such clarity these days.
Ask yourself who is the worlds best now and the signposts are so confusing. At the weekend a global battle was raging for the world No1 spot. Lee Westwood in Indonesia and Luke Donald in South Carolina were both attempting to dethrone Martin Kaymer, who had his feet up back in Germany. As it turned out, Westwood did the job that Donald just failed to do in the third hole of a play-off to return to the ofcial No1 spot after an eight-week hiatus. Westwood is the most consistent player around from tee to green but it is his consistent inability to make it over the line in a Major which still casts a shadow. That and the wonky putting which had held back his season before Jakarta. Donald, who remains at No3 thanks to Brandt Snedekers nerveless exhibition in extra-time at Hilton Head, has a short game to dream of but is chronically underpowered compared with his contemporaries. He ranks 166th in driving distance this year on the PGA Tour. Distance will never be a problem for Kaymer, who splits the two Englishmen in the rankings. When he destroyed the rest of the eld in Abu Dhabi in January, he looked the most complete player. But can someone who is unable to play the best course in the world be legitimately called the best player in the world? Kaymers failure to make it past Friday at Augusta National has undermined his position. The mystery of The Masters, where his 82nd place earlier this month was the continuation of a theme, has become a stain on his reputation. The world No4 Phil Mickelson is a genius around a green but just as Kaymer cannot fathom Augusta, the American has never come to terms with the demands of links

On the Tee
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. (2) (1) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) Lee Westwood (Britain) Martin Kaymer (Germany) Luke Donald (Britain) Phil Mickelson (USA) Graeme McDowell (Britain) Tiger Woods (USA) Rory McIlroy (Britain) Paul Casey (Britain) Steve Stricker (USA) Matt Kuchar (USA) 7.65 7.52 7.37 6.52 5.84 5.72 5.64 5.59 5.48 5.21 golf at The Open. In 17 attempts he has nished in the top 10 just once. How about No5 Graeme McDowell? You could make a case for the Ulsterman being the golfer of 2010 but in 2011 he has been a ghost, missing the cut at the seasons rst Major and shooting the worst opening round of his career, an 80, at Bay Hill. And as for the No6, Woods, well he has not won a tournament since November 2009. Going into The Masters, all six of these players could have ended the event as world No1. Donald, who is knocking as hard as anyone at the door after a golden run of nine top-10 nishes in his last 10 events, including victory at the Accenture World Matchplay, knows he will have another chance to take over at the top. Theres a lot of people that have a chance to be No1 right now. Its a fun time. No one was close to Tiger but now its more of a race, he said. Westwood views the transience of the rankings as healthy. Its good that it swings about, he said. If you dont play well, then you deserve to drop down. But it also means the ranking numbers do not end the debate. The best player in the world this morning? Take your pick. Personally, I would go with Donald.


DONALD: Enjoying the battle for No1

D8IB@E> PFLI:8I; YpE\`cJhl`i\j

FUNNY how golfers views change according to circumstance. Ernie Els, who wanted belly putters banned in 2004 when he was holing rather than missing putts, went big in a tournament for the rst time at the weekend. It was hardly a success, Els missing the cut at The Heritage. He took 59 putts in 36 holes and, to add to his misery, incurred a penalty when he walked through a green-side bunker and raked his footsteps before hitting his shot. HATS off to Kevin Na, the man who brought amateur hacking to the PGA Tour with his magnicent 16 on one hole at the Texas Open. His response was a ninth-place nish at The Heritage after a nal-round 66. His worst hole this time? A modest double-bogey six. SEVE BALLESTEROS has issued a plea for club players across the country to take part in the National Golf Club Challenge in July to raise money to help beat brain cancer. Regional winners will compete in the nal at The Shire London the only Ballesteros-designed course in the UK in September. By signing up to the challenge, clubs all over the UK can raise money for brain cancer research, said Ballesteros, who is having treatment for his own brain tumour.

On song Lee not the only No1 hit

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Fosters kick is bitter blow


Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


Agar hails Hulls grit as Wolves hit bump in the road

HULL coach Richard Agar hailed his side for catching Warrington off guard yesterday. Hull recovered from a 10-0 decit to claim an impressive 24-10 win at the Halliwell Jones Stadium to knock the Wolves off the top of the table. Warrington went into the game on the back of easy victories over Crusaders and Salford, while Hull had fought out a draining derby win against Hull KR on Friday. While that programme initially seemed to be favouring Warrington, Agar, above, felt it ultimately worked to the benet of his players. He said: To get four points over Easter, considering the sides we have played, is a really good return and to back up the derby win makes it more special for us. Warrington are a fantastic side who are

going to be there or thereabouts at the end of the year. They were on the back of two 60-point wins and we were coming out of a battle on Friday, so possibly going 10-0 up so early might not have been the best thing for them. But take nothing away from our boys, because while Warrington made a lot of errors, we forced them into a few of them. We hit hard, kept a straight line and worked our backsides off for each other. Agar, who faces a RFL tribunal tomorrow following recent comments about referee James Child, must now prepare his side to play new league leaders St Helens next week. Danny Houghton began Hulls ghtback




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JAMIE FOSTER was the cool customer in the late victory that lifted Saints top of the Super League at least for a day and left Castleford coach Terry Matterson fuming at the referee.
Winger Foster, 20, did not inch when Francis Meli powered over with just nine seconds remaining. He duly sent his touchline conversion sailing between the posts to give his side the perfect pick-me-up after their agonising defeat by Wigan in similar fashion on Friday. Castleford looked to be heading for their rst away win over Saints for 19 seasons until Ade Gardner scored with ve minutes left to give them the momentum for Meli to deliver the killer blow. It was stirring stuff from Royce Simmons men given their injury list and their energy-sapping game at Wigan, but Matterson was sure that ofcial Phil Bentham had cost his team the game. We were the best side but didnt get one call all afternoon, he said. We didnt run out of gas the referee put petrol in their tank and that was the difference. I could not be more proud of the guys but weve had it taken away from us. Simmons was glad of the points, although not entirely impressed with the way Saints played. We werent tremendously good and were too impatient, he said. We tried to pass too much instead of going forward. It has been a tough couple of days after that Wigan match. The nerves werent too good at the end but given Jamies track record this season, I was pretty condent that he would put that kick over and give us this victory. Castleford responded to their shock home reversal at the hands of Wakeeld to take the game to Saints and their defence were up to the task until Meli broke them. Saints Tom Armstrong scored with his rst touch after coming

after early tries from Joel Monaghan and Rhys Williams. Kirk Yeaman claimed two more and Will Sharp added another. Warrington coach Tony Smith said: We didnt handle the day as well as we would have liked. We made too many errors with and without the ball. I felt some of our key players werent at their best. About four or ve were down on what you would expect. That makes it hard but hats off to Hull, they handled the short turnaround better than we did. On the positive side for Warrington, star centre Matt King came through unscathed in his rst match since suffering knee ligament damage in the opening game of the season.
WARRINGTON Tries: Monaghan, Williams. Goal: Hodgson. HULL Tries: Houghton, Yeaman (2), Sharp. Goals: Tickle (4).

SAINTS ALIVE: Meli sets up the grand nale by scoring just before time
on for Tommy Makinson when he latched on to a Sia Soliola ofoad to cross after 21 minutes. But when Foster spilled a Rangi Chase kick, Tigers bagged a try from former Saint Stuart Jones and Kirk Dixon levelled the scores with the conversion. A Dixon penalty, when Scott Moore took out Chase off the ball, put the Tigers in front. But Saints restored their lead two minutes before the break with a converted try from Armstrong after Bentham had waved play on, with Castleford claiming that Tony Puletua had knocked on. Saints, though, were rocked by a try from Man of Steel contender Chase two minutes after the restart, with Dixons kicking then claiming a two-point advantage for the Tigers. They extended that lead as a patient build-up led to a try for centre Jordan Thompson, with Dixons touchline conversion given the thumbs-up by Bentham after the touch judges were split. But Gardner sidestepped in for a try to give Saints hope. Fosters kick was off-target but he did not miss when it mattered. On the downside for Saints, half-back Jonny Lomax joined their lengthy injury list with a damaged ankle.
ST HELENS Tries: Armstrong (2), Gardner, Meli. Goals: Foster (3). CASTLEFORD Tries: Jones, Chase, Thompson. Goals: Dixon (4).

Shut-out cheers Maguire

WIGAN coach Michael Maguire was delighted with the efforts of his players as they kept a rst clean sheet of the season in a 26-0 win at Wakeeld. The Super League champions cruised to victory with tries from Pat Richards, Josh Charnley, Joel Tomkins, Sam Tomkins and Sean OLoughlin. Maguire said: Its something we set out to do against every team. It /lmx

was great to see them hang in really strong with their defence. Leeds coach Brian McDermott hailed the clubs medical staff after Danny McGuire starred in their 34-16 victory over Crusaders. McGuire, making his rst appearance in seven months following a knee injury, inspired his side after coming on in the 24th minute. Keith

Senior touched down twice and was joined on the scoresheet by Carl Ablett, Brett Delaney, Rob Burrow and Kylie Leuluai. It was a calculated risk to play Danny, said McDermott. You cant overestimate where he was last year when his knee snapped. For him to come back inside eight months, you have to really look at the people who were in charge of him. Hull KR

coach Justin Morgan praised his sides character for twice holding off Harlequins ghtbacks to win 37-24. We were able to stop their momentum two or three times, said Morgan. To do that is a huge testament to the players character. Bradford played out an 8-8 draw with Catalans Dragons in wet conditions in Perpignan. Ben Farrar crossed for the Bulls only try.

56 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

EYEING DEFEAT: Stephen Hendry goes out to Selby

Rangers put the champers on ice

By Gideon Brooks


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A Crucible exit cue for Hendry

STEPHEN HENDRY was last night facing up to the prospect of never again walking out at the Crucible Theatre. Seven-time world champion Hendry crashed out of the World Championship in Shefeld 13-4 to a hugely impressive Mark Selby. After 26 consecutive appearances at the event, Hendry, 42, said: Ill decide nally in the summer. I have things to think about. I love playing in this arena, but I hate not being competitive. Coming down here and not truly believing you can win the World Championship is not what its about for me. Its a possibility that it was my last match at the Crucible. Ive had tremendous success and have some amazing memories. Selby, 27, said: Hopefully it wont be Stephens last World Championship. He has


By Hector Nunns
been, in my eyes, the greatest player. Hendry may have received the reprieve he needed as he stays in the top 16 rankings following Stuart Binghams 13-12 defeat by Masters champion Ding Junhui. That win, from 12-9 down, sees Chinas No1 into the last eight for the rst time at the championships, where he faces Selby. John Higgins came through a gruelling encounter against the go-slow Rory McLeod 13-7 to reach the quarter-nals. He will play Ronnie OSullivan, who stayed on course for a fourth world title after closing out a 13-10 win against Shaun Murphy. Its a sad day for me if I start admitting Im pleased to make the quarter-nals, said OSullivan. Ive come here to win.

DESPITE the best efforts of the announcer to get the message across to the blue and white hooped revellers on the pitch in no mood for technicalities, Rangers will have to wait for their promotion to be conrmed.
A draw against Hull yesterday put mathematical probability, if not certainty, on their side. But wins for second-placed Norwich and third-placed Cardiff meant that if both win their last two and Rangers lose theirs, then Cardiff would need to effect a 13-goal swing on the leaders to nudge them back into the play-off positions. It is a highly unlikely scenario and Rangers manager Neil Warnock insisted he fancied them in both of their last two matches against Watford and Leeds in any case. But it is enough to render those pitch celebrations premature. That the club still face a verdict from an FA hearing into third-party ownership issues with midelder Alejandro Faurlin on May 6 a day before the seasons end adds to the uncertainty. But Rangers rather let the pre-party nerves get to them yesterday, blasting out of the traps, then freezing as Hull clawed their way back into the game. Wayne Routledge did his best to settle them with a ninthminute strike that plonked one blue and white striped foot in the Premier League. However Hull, who had been hopeless in the rst half, returned a different side in the second, substitute David Amoo lashing the equaliser into the roof of the net with nine minutes of normal time left. If there was symmetry in the scoring pattern, as far as Warnock was concerned, there was precious little else to admire. Warnock said: It is disappointing not to tie it up

WAYNES WORLD: Tommy Smith congratulates Wayne Routledge, who put QPR ahead early on
but it doesnt surprise me with my team, to keep it going to the end. Their goal came straight from the hands of Paddy Kenny which is not acceptable. Its Sunday League isnt it? If we do something we havent done for a long time [lose badly] then it could still go against us. But ve points clear of second place with two games to play and with something like 13 goals difference is a healthy position going into the nal two games. Id have taken that two games into the season. Watford could have beaten us by nine when they played us here and won 3-1 and Leeds on the nal day could be tasty. But I fancy us in both of those games. Adel Taarabt has been very much the architect of QPRs promotion push even if his shoulder has not done much of the hard work but it was his touches that settled nerves early and it was his through ball that set up the opener. Taarabt ashed a near-post corner from the right after just eight minutes that Heidar Helguson had failed narrowly to convert. But when he slipped the ball through to Routledge a minute later, the winger made no mistake, ring past Hull goalkeeper Matt Duke from just inside the area. As the match wore on, the condence ebbed from the home fans though and by the time Amoo pounced on the mix-up between Kenny and his defenders and crashed a shot high into the roof of the net, there was barely time to respond. Ironically it was Faurlin of all people who nearly had the nal say with a free-kick two minutes into injury-time that curled superbly towards goal. But Duke got across brilliantly to tip it around the post. It was not enough to stop a promotion party starting on the pitch. It will rumble on until Saturday at the earliest.
QPR (4-4-1-1): Kenny; Orr, Hall, Gorkss, Hill; Routledge, Derry, Faurlin, Smith (Ephraim 68); Taarabt, Helguson (Agyemang 76). Goal: Routledge 9. HULL (4-1-4-1): Duke; Chester, Hobbs, Gerrard, Dawson; Evans (Akpan 12); Garcia, Harper, Cairney (McLean 46), Simpson (Amoo 71); Fryatt. Booked: Dawson, Garcia, Gerrard. Goal: Amoo 81. Referee: C Webster (Tyne & Wear).

MARK TODD completed arguably equestrian sports greatest career comeback to win the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials for the fourth time and set himself up for possible London Olympic gold. Legendary New Zealand horseman Todd, 55, became Badmintons oldest champion after an ice-cool clear round on NZB Land Vision, shading British Olympic hopefuls Piggy French and Mary King. Todd said: This is huge. Its 31 years since I rst won Badminton.



Shane shows up
SHANE BYRNE made a winning return to the MCE Insurance British Championship at Brands Hatch, beating Tommy Hill in a dramatic opening race to the rst round. But an error on the penultimate lap next time out cost him double glory. Former champion Byrne was back in domestic action, on a HM Plant Honda, after two years on the world stage, shattering the lap record to secure pole. And he held on to



beat Hill after Swan Yamahas Michael Laverty high-sided at Clark while leading. Hill said: I told Shakey that, given a few more laps, I would have beaten him. I was feeling pretty condent before Michaels incident but there was a bit of panic not knowing where to go as he fell in front. Byrne led again next time out but Hill took him, with Ryuichi Kiyonari second.

Jones is hopeful
CARDIFF thought they had gone second in the table until Norwich held on to that automatic promotion slot with their winner at home to Derby six minutes into added time. At least the Bluebirds have another go at making up a one-point decit, with two games to go. But its all over for Preston, with manager Phil Brown saying relegation is all his fault. He said: I hold myself responsible, end of story. Peter Whittingham bagged the fth-minute goal, tapping into an empty net when set up by Craig Bellamy, who is on loan from Manchester City. Cardiff boss Dave Jones, who knows it looks like the play-offs for his team, said: All we can do is just keep applying the pressure and keep going. If its automatic or through the play-offs or whatever, weve just got to keep it going. We havent got any bearing on what anyone else does.


2 2

Royals stunned
BRIAN McDERMOTT was shell-shocked by Shefeld Uniteds stunning comeback that ensured the Blades Championship fate is not yet sealed. Reading manager McDermott admitted it was a surreal experience watching his side toss away a two-goal lead and with it their hopes of an automatic promotion spot, but he insists his Royals can force their way into the Premier League via the play-offs. McDermott said: That was very, very surreal. I genuinely thought we had a chance of getting second place before this but thats over now. Noel Hunt and Hal Robson-Kanu put Reading in control in the rst half but Darius Henderson kickstarted the comeback and later notched the winner after Lee Williamson had levelled. United are still six points off safety with two games remaining but boss Micky Adams said: All we can focus on is winning those matches. ***

DONCASTER are as good as safe after Jason Euells brace sealed a point at Oakwell. Euell opened the scoring before Stephen Foster levelled from a corner. Euell pounced on a Luke Steele error to give the visitors the lead again, only for Kieran Trippiers late free-kick to deny them victory. Rovers boss Sean ODriscoll said: I never thought we would sprint over the line, it is inch by inch, so the agony continues.



1 0

LEEDS manager Simon Grayson still holds hope of the play-offs, even after Neil Danns goal left them three places off the top six. Graysons men have lost ve away games in a row to see them slip out of play-off contention. They hustled, hassled and kicked Palace sideways at a packed Selhurst Park, but were unable to nd their way past a team whose Championship survival was on the line. Grayson said: We want to turn a good season into a great season. The next two games are both winnable. We still have a ghting chance and football has a funny way of being unpredictable. Palace manager Dougie Freedman said: We are not quite safe yet as mathematically things could still go against us.

Danns gets into survival mode



Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


HENSON: French farce

NEIL DANNS red Palace to within a point of Championship survival, but manager Dougie Freedman is refusing to celebrate.
Danns, who has turned down a contract extension and been linked with a summer move to Hull, struck after just two minutes to leave Palace six points clear of the drop zone with two games to play. They will more than likely stay up even if they lose their nal two xtures assuming Shefeld United fail to score at least nine but Freedman is remaining in survival mode. The fans, who made up the biggest crowd of the season, were celebrating at the nal whistle along with loan striker James Vaughan and Danns, who was sent off in injury time. But Freedman warned: We are not quite there yet, mathematically we can still have things go against us. We want to nish the season on a high with two wins and we will reassess it for next season. Leeds were left counting the cost of their fth straight away loss, which left them three points and two places shy of the play-offs. They had more than enough of the ball especially in the second half to do damage, but were frustrated by the

By Matt Butler

1 0


1 1

DAVID NUGENT scored on his return to Turf Moor, but Chris Eagles kept alive the Clarets slim hopes of a return to the Premier League. Nugent was on loan at Burnley last season and scored a stunner on Graham Alexander Day following the defenders 1,000th appearance last week. But Eagles hit back to give Burnley hope of nishing in the play-off places as they now trail Nottingham Forest, in sixth spot, by two points. Assistant manager Jason Tindall said: We were the better side. On another day we wouldve won comfortably. We still have a great chance of reaching the play-offs. Pompeys Steve Cotterill said: I think Nugent will leave: theres been a call to his agent but hes not returned it. His display was very average, but he scored a great goal.

STUNNER: Neil Danns res home the early winner for Palace

Davies furious with Forest

LUKE CHAMBERS was Nottingham Forests hero at Ashton Gate, scoring a 72ndminute winner to keep them on course for the play-offs. But instead of returning to dressing-room plaudits, the players found themselves on the end of a rollocking from manager Billy Davies. We cant hope to get anywhere playing away from home like that, said Davies. We need to keep clean sheets and to be more ruthless in front of goal. The players didnt start the second half properly and I have let them know that. We didnt do well enough to stop crosses and let Bristol City back into the game. Forest went in front after four


2 3


2 1

TARMO KINKS winner in injury-time dented Andy Thorns hopes of managing Coventry full-time. Thorn suffered only his second defeat in eight games as caretaker boss, but he remains condent of getting the nod. Who wouldnt want this job? he said. Weve tried to change things in these eight games and the players are taking it on board. Lukas Jutkiewicz put Coventry ahead from close in after 10 minutes, but Middlesbrough were level 15 minutes later thanks to Julio Arcas low shot from the edge of the area. Coventry defender Jordan Clarke hit the post with the goal at his mercy late on and he was made to pay as Estonian substitute Kink curled in the winner from 15 yards. ***

minutes when David James spilled a Lewis McGugan freekick from 30 yards and the rebound was swept home by Kris Boyd, who extended the lead two minutes before the break with a penalty. Marvin Elliott headed Bristol City back into the game after 48 minutes and 12 minutes later the home side were level, as Jon Stead headed home from a Jordan Spence cross. Chambers winner came from a corner, when he was able to loop a header over Jamie McAllister at the far post.

Palace defence. Leeds boss Simon Grayson still has hopes of gatecrashing the top six. He said: We want to turn a good season into a great season. The next two games are both winnable. We still have a ghting chance. It is out of our hands now, where a few weeks ago it was down to us. We have not had the breaks and it showed again today. If it doesnt happen this year then we will come back again and try next year. Leeds goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel was partly at fault for Danns winner after he failed to clear Kashigo Dikgacois cross. Danns was left on his own as his shot took a deection and stunned the 5,300-strong Leeds support. Max Gradel was lucky to stay on the pitch after 24 minutes, following a crunching tackle on the goalscorer. Leeds had a massive let-off after 33 minutes when a poor back pass from Andy OBrien left Schmeichel apping, with Steffen Iversen bearing down. Schmeichel managed to get to the ball rst, but booted it straight at Iversen. The reinforcements arrived just in time. Four minutes later Palaces Jermaine Easter sliced his close-range shot wide. Leeds came out ring after the break and Bradley Johnsons superb curling effort after 55 minutes was only just kept out by Eagles keeper Julian Speroni. Then substitute Davide Somma was kept out by Speroni in the 75th minute as Palace clung on. Danns was sent off in injury time for a second booking, but it could not stop the Palace fans celebrating.
CRYSTAL PALACE (4-4-2): Speroni; Clyne, McCarthy, Gardner, Moxey; Dikgacoi (Agustien 77), Danns, Wright, Zaha; Easter (Vaughan 73), Iversen (Davis 81). Booked: McCarthy, Danns. Sent off: Danns 90. Goal: Danns 2. LEEDS (4-4-2): Schmeichel; Connolly (Kilkenny 46), Naylor, OBrien, Lichaj; Gradel, Howson, Johnson, Livermore (Watt 46); Snodgrass, Paynter (Somma 73). Booked: Connolly, OBrien, Kilkenny. Referee: N Swarbrick (Lancashire).

Welsh pair in fight for futures

By Steve Bale
GAVIN HENSON may not be the only Welsh rugby export given the sack for an off-eld misdemeanour today, as Andy Powells future in exile is also in jeopardy. Henson has been trying to resuscitate his career with Toulon, while Powell had already done so with Wasps. But Henson got into a ght with team-mates in a restaurant and Powell with football fans in a London bar. When Toulon coach Philippe Saint-Andre told Henson he needed to eat, sleep and drink rugby at the French club, he did not expect him to take the last part literally. Until then, Saint-Andre felt Henson had been very professional. Henson has had to throw himself at the mercy of Toulons mega-rich proprietor Mourad Boudjellal, as the contract he wants to extend is only for the rest of the season. He has spent the past week under club suspension, as has Powell, while Tim Payne was also banned but then reinstated without being chosen for Wasps thrashing by Bath at Twickenham. Like his ex-Test centre colleague, No8 Powell has a strange way of gaining his clubs trust when trying to negotiate a contract allowing him to resume with Wasps after the World Cup. Saracens have rejected a report in Wales that they would provide an alternative for Powell, on the grounds they already have quite enough back-row forwards. The RFU have indicated no action will be taken against Northampton for using England full-back Ben Foden for more than his maximum minutes in a three-game week ending with Saturdays win at London Irish. The absurdity of the club-country agreement meant, with Saints striving for a play-off place, Foden should have come off in the nal quarter at the Madejski, as Dylan Hartley and Courtney Lawes did.

CHAMBERS: Vital goal

Marvel Marquis
JOHN MARQUIS grabbed a dream double to keep Millwalls play-off hopes alive and send Scunthorpe hurtling towards League One. Teenager Marquis solved his sides striking crisis with goals either side of the break to put them seventh. Marquis is Millwalls fth-choice forward, but tapped home the opener before lashing home an impressive second in the 51st minute. Lions assistant boss Joe Gallen said: John has done great. Maybe he wasnt quite ready around Christmas time when he came into the side, but he has grown up a bit and taken his chance. Scunthorpe claimed a late consolation through Michael OConnors penalty but, with wins needed from their nal two games and a 17-goal swing, manager Alan Knill said: More or less its over. I was disappointed with our performance.


4 2

No Swans let-up
SWANSEA guaranteed their place in the play-offs but boss Brendan Rodgers says his side will not be easing up in the nal two games. Fabio Borini opened the scoring after eight minutes before Luke Moores deected strike doubled the lead. Colin Healy cut the arrears in the 20th minute but Borini struck again on the half-hour mark, before Scott Sinclair sealed the win with a 71st-minute penalty. Rodgers said: To make the play-offs is a wonderful achievement but nobody here is singing and dancing because we want more. Second place is probably beyond us but we have to keep going so that if anyone slips up we can capitalise. Ipswich have conceded nine goals during a nightmare Easter and boss Paul Jewell said: Im just glad we have enough points not to worry about the last two games.

SVEN-GORAN Eriksson has been promised major funding for another promotion bid with Leicester next season. While braces from Jeff Bruma and Yakubu were enough to see off Watford with Marvin Sordell claiming both their goals the Foxes have just two games to make up a six-point gap and an inferior goal difference to reach the play-offs. But vice-chairman Aiyawatt Raksriaksorn has told Eriksson to expect more backing this summer.

58 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011


RIO FERDINAND has been handed a fresh snub after former team-mate Tim Howard claimed he would always pick Phil Jagielka ahead of him. Everton goalkeeper Howard played with Ferdinand at Manchester United but is more impressed playing behind Jagielka, with the tness issues that saw Ferdinand stripped of the England captaincy also threatening his international career. With all due respect, I have played behind some great defenders, Rio Ferdinand HOWARD: Snub being one of them who would get on to my teamsheet, said Howard. But if I had only one name I could put on there, it would always be Phil Jagielka. He puts himself in front of everything. Hes not afraid to cover somebody elses back. Hes totally seless and does a brilliant job. He would be my rst pick. ARSENE WENGER is ready to spend in the summer to strengthen his Arsenal squad and avoid another frustrating season without a trophy. A no-nonsense centre-half is high on his shopping list, along with a top striker. And Wenger, who has a 40million transfer budget, said: We have to strengthen the squad where it needs it and make the right decision. Its always in my mind every day. More than half of the Premier League goals Arsenal have conceded

this season have come from set-pieces, the latest two against Bolton in Sundays 2-1 defeat. Its very frustrating. We do not attack the ball enough, nobody is commanding, added Wenger. LIVERPOOL midelder Lucas is condent he can remain a permanent xture at Aneld and insists he will not be pushed back on to the periphery by an inux of summer signings. Brazil international Lucas accepts Liverpool will recruit new blood, with director of football Damien Comolli and caretaker manager Kenny Dalglish working on a list of targets, including Rennes France international Yann MVila, Blackpools Charlie Adam and St Etienne midelder Blaise Matuidi. I dont think I would have signed a new contract if the club did not have a plan for me, said Lucas. I am happy with the way I am playing. A lot of players came already and I am still here playing, so that means the club believe in my LUCAS: Deant football and my qualities. We will sign some players in the summer, but I am showing that I am capable of playing in the team all the time.

By Frank Wiechula SKIPPER Michael Dawson has told his Tottenham team-mates to win at titlechasing Chelsea to keep alive a fast-disappearing Champions League dream.
But his side have never won at Stamford Bridge during the Premier League era, their last victory there coming 21 years ago. And they face a revitalised team who are champing at the bit after their unexpected renaissance of seven wins in eight. In contrast, Spurs have slumped to fth with just one win from seven. Dawson is well aware of the scale of the task, but said: Hopefully we can put things right. They will still think theyre in for the title. They will want to win every game to try to win the league. But its no good looking at everyone else. Its down to our form. We know it will be a tough game, but hopefully we will get a result. We are gutted after dropping two points against West Brom at home on Saturday. But well get back to work and hopefully we can put it right and get back to winning ways next week at Chelsea and get the three. We have to pick ourselves up and concentrate on that massive challenge at Stamford Bridge. Tottenhams last league win there came in 1990 when goals from David Howells and Gary Lineker clinched a 2-1 triumph in the old Division One. Since then, it has been a sorry tale of 15 defeats and eight draws in 21 league games and two cup ties. Spurs drew 1-1 in their rst Premier League trip to Stamford Bridge in 1993, but have managed that just ve times over the following 18 league matches, taking just six points from the available 57. Liverpool are turning the screw ever more on Tottenham, just three points behind in sixth, and still have to play them at Aneld, on May 15. Dawson, who has been a real stalwart at the back despite the slump of just eight points from 21, said: We have to keep going. But Liverpool are on a great run, three behind us now. We have a game in hand but at this moment we cant worry about


CALL TO ARMS: Dawson wants another tilt at Europes elite

Weve got right spur

other teams too much. Its about what we can do ourselves. This is still in our own hands and we have some big games coming up, three away and two home. We go to Manchester City [on May 10] and it may come down to that like it did last year. But we have to take it game by game. The consolation for Tottenham, who have a woeful record against the current bottom ve won four, lost two, drawn three is that they tend to raise their performance against the big teams. They have lost just once, against Manchester United, and won two and drawn four of their seven matches against the rest of the top six. But after all the excitement of reaching the Champions League quarter-nals, missing out on a second such adventure cannot be an option for Dawson. He added: We qualied for it last year and thats our aim this time around too. It will be hard, but we wont give up. There is still a long way to go in the chase, but we are still in there and we have to keep battling for this until the very end.
Last 6 Away Games LLWWLd WWDWLL LLLLWD WWLDdL LdWLLD WDLdLL LDDLLD LDLLDW LLdWWL X 1 2 1 1 1 X 2 2 30 80% 31 30% 32 30% 33 60% BEST IN SIX WWDWLL Rochdale ................. v LdDDLL Swindon .................. v WLWWLD Walsall .................... v DWLWDD Yeovil ...................... v SEASONS: Brighton 3 draws, 0 win. v v v v v v v v v v v Peterborough.......... Oldham .................. Charlton ................ Colchester ............. WLDWDL LLLWDL LDLLdD WLLLLD X 2 2 X


Draw power Last 6 Home Games


1 70% WLWddD Arsenal.................... v Man Utd ................ 2 20% WWLdDD Blackburn................ v Bolton ................... 3 20% DWLLLD Blackpool ................ v Stoke .................... 4 30% dWLWWW Chelsea ................... v Tottenham ............. 5 30% DWWdWW Liverpool ................. v Newcastle .............. 6 20% WWWWWWMan City.................. v West Ham .............. 7 80% DLLLLW Sunderland .............. v Fulham .................. 8 30% DDDDWL West Brom .............. v Aston Villa ............. 9 20% LWLLWd Wigan...................... v Everton.................. NOT ON POOLS: Birmingham v Wolverhampton. BEST IN SIX SEASONS: Sunderland 2 draws, 3 wins.


Barnet ................... dWLWLW 1 Rotherham ............. DLLWDD X Wycombe ............... WDWdDd X Shrewsbury ............ WLWWLW 2 Stockport............... LLLLLW 1 Macclesfield ........... WWLLLW 1 Bradford ................ LWLWLL X Stevenage .............. WWWWDL 2 Lincoln City ............ DLLLDL 1 Morecambe ............ WLWWDL 1 Burton Albion ......... LLLLDW 1


10 20% 11 40% 12 70% 13 30% 14 20% 15 30% 16 30% 17 20% 18 30% 19 40% 20 80% 21 30% BEST IN SIX 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 40% 20% 30% 20% 40% 40% 20% 40%

WLDWWD Cardiff .................... LLLWWD Coventry .................. LdWDWL Derby ...................... DDLLDd Doncaster................ LLDLWL Hull......................... LLWWDL Ipswich.................... DWdWDd Leeds ...................... dWDWdW Millwall ................... DLdLWW Nottm Forest ........... WWdDLd Portsmouth ............. LWWLLW Sheff Utd................. LWWLDW Watford................... SEASONS: Sheff Utd 2 draws, 2 LWWLLD Brentford ................ WWWWWL Brighton .................. LLDWLD Bristol Rovers.......... WDLLWL Dag & Red ............... WLWWWW Exeter ..................... WWLLWD Hartlepool ............... DLWLdW Leyton Orient ........... WWWDWL Milton Keynes Dons .


v v v v v v v v

v Middlesbro ............. LdWDLW 1 v Reading ................. WLWWWd 2 v Bristol City............. WWLLdL X v Leicester ............... LLWDLL 2 v Crystal Palace......... LLLLDd 1 v Preston ................. DWLDDL 1 v Burnley .................. WWLLLW 1 v Swansea ................ WLLLLd 2 v Scunthorpe ............ LLLLWD 1 v Norwich ................. WWDLDW 2 v Barnsley ................ DdDLDL X v QPR ...................... WLWLWD 2 wins. Southampton .......... WWDWLW 2 Huddersfield ........... DWWWWW 1 Sheff Wed .............. WWLDLD 2 Carlisle.................. LLWLdW 2 Plymouth ............... WLDLLW 1 Bournemouth .......... DLWWDL 2 Tranmere ............... DLdLWD 1 Notts County .......... LLLLWW 1

34 20% WWWWdW Accrington Stanley ... 35 80% WWWDWL Aldershot ................ 36 70% LLWWWW Bury ........................ 37 20% WLLLDL Cheltenham ............. 38 30% WWdWDW Crewe ..................... 39 30% DWWdDL Gillingham ............... 40 70% LLWdWL Hereford ................. 41 40% LLLDLD Northampton ........... 42 20% LLWWDd Oxford Utd .............. 43 30% LDdWDL Port Vale ................. 44 30% DDWdWW Southend................. PLAYING FRIDAY: Torquay v Chesterfield. BEST IN SIX SEASONS: Bury 2 draws, 1 win. 45 70% 46 80% 47 20% 48 20% 49 20% BEST IN SIX


LLdLWL Cowdenbeath ........... v Stirling .................. DLLLLD X WDWDDD Dundee.................... v Partick .................. dWWdWL X WLDWLW Falkirk .................... v Ross County ........... DDWLWD 1 WddDWL Morton .................... v Dunfermline............ WWDDWW 2 WLWDWD Raith ....................... v Queen of South ....... LLWWdL 1 SEASONS: Cowdenbeath 2 draws, 1 win.

TREBLE CHANCE: Arsenal, Sunderland, Derby, Sheff Utd, Rochdale, Aldershot, Bury, Hereford, Cowdenbeath, Dundee. Perm any 8 from 9 = 9 bets, or any 9 from 10 = 10 bets. FOUR DRAWS: Sunderland, Sheff Utd, Rochdale, Aldershot, Dundee. Perm 4 from 5 = 5 bets. TEN HOMES: Blackburn, Man City, Cardiff, Hull, Brighton, Leyton Orient, Accrington Stanley, Oxford Utd, Falkirk, Raith. Perm any 8 from 9 = 9 bets, or any 9 from 10 = 10 bets. SIX AWAYS: Stoke, Everton, Swansea, Carlisle, Shrewsbury, Dunfermline.



Mick Dennis
Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011



HES BEHIND YOU: Wenger reacts to Arsenals defeat at Bolton on Sunday

Heady Simply 78pt no case news for the


AfYefkkfYcXd\ ]fi?flcc`\ij`ccj

WE ALL wish Gerard Houllier a swift and complete recovery from ill-health, but it is not true that football managers are prone to heart attacks because of stress. Temporary spikes of high blood pressure do not, on their own, cause heart damage or disease. When Houllier, right, had an operation in 2001 it was not because he was Liverpool boss at the time. It was because he had a torn artery. Football managers suffer less heart trouble than the rest of us because they are mostly tter. As a whole, about a quarter of all deaths of men under 75 are caused by heart conditions or strokes. I know this, because my dad only made it to 66.

MARK Hughes needed three attempts to boot a water bottle, then had an equally misguided pop at referee Michael Oliver. He said: It looked too much for him. He probably needs a few more games, possibly at a lower level. It was a cheap jibe at the Premier Leagues youngest ofcial. The booking was correct Brede Hangeland got the ball but also Steven Fletchers legs. Maturity is nothing to do with age. Nor is a lack of self-control.


FERNANDO TORRES scored crisis over. But is it? It took Chris Sutton three months to break his Premier League duck after joining Chelsea from Blackburn for 10million in 1999. Then Sutton did not get another goal all season.

THE identity of the footballer alleged to have had an affair with a former Big Brother contestant is protected by a super-injunction. Like practically everyone in the media, I know who it is. But several other names appear in internet speculation. The injunctions protect the guilty but lead to the innocent being smeared. It is horrible. It is wrong.

s barren seasons. Yet He said: If we Dutchman ha t the rush to ridicule concede a goal from yed an almos jo en him is unedifying. He is a corner in the last l na faultless a terrible loser, but he minute and it means season. tries to coax and nurture that our principles are wrong, it is not enough to raw talent rather than just convince me. sign cheques. The collapse of his Unwittingly, Wenger had ngered project means that money has the right culprits not only for the won. That is not something to defeat at Bolton but also for the gloat about. disintegration of his teams entire So the title will go to either Carlo campaign. Ancelotti or Sir Alex Ferguson, by His team will win nothing this default. Last time around, Chelsea season because, at crucial moments dropped only ve points at home during it, they could not guard their own goal. There have been other aws, including the infuriating habit of wanting to walk in the perfect goal, but the kernel of their TWO MEN are due to appear in court in Glasgow today on charges deciency has been the soft centre alleging involvement in internet hate campaigns. Only two? Only in of their defence. Glasgow? This was demonstrated most The rest of the UK cannot be smug about what happened in starkly in the precise instant that Scotland before and after the Old Firm derby. their season imploded; when It is true, thankfully, that the three letter bombs sent to Celtic folk goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny were rare and extreme events. But much of the Celtic-Rangers and defender Laurent Koscielny animosity is just intense, but ordinary, football rivalry. There is blundered to let Obafemi Martins certainly a faux-religious element, which is a convenient and secure the Carling Cup for effective method for each side to wind up the other, but the rest of us Birmingham. should not be self-righteous. That Wembley nal was less Strathclyde Polices response to the bombs included investigations than two months ago. Before it, of internet message boards hence todays court cases. Arsenal harboured hopes of If other forces looked at these forums of loathing, nearly every winning four trophies. Since then, club would have supporters in court because the games internet their defence has been breached community has become a vicious place where the most depraved, at so many critical times that there base abuse is commonplace and the cowards who spout it out can is no hope left. And despite what hide behind their web pseudonyms. their manager says, the brittle

RSENE Wenger defence does represent a failure of It is true that Szczesny, got something ideology. Koscielny and the rest did not right this season. falter just because they are young, After the latest but if Wenger had bought better, disappointment ready-made players off the shelf, had provoked Arsenal would have stuck the Carling Cup in their glass-fronted yet more touchline cabinet and maintained tantrums, he pulled their pursuit of pots to ER SCOTT PARK ball put alongside it. himself together rthy Foot wo a Wenger will now nd is sufciently to of r lle ba ot fo it is impossible to Writers produce another vote y m t bu , persuade many fans ar the ye weary defence of van der Sar. that his credo is still nt to Edwin ld ying we his beliefs. convincing after six The 40-year-o

as they charged to the title. This season, they have conceded twice as many at Stamford Bridge. Manchester United collected their 2009 title with 12 away wins. This season, they have managed only ve. But if Ferguson is to make history, he will deserve credit for cajoling his team over the line. United are a side in transition, with shortcomings in all departments and several ageing players about to be replaced. If Ancelotti sneaks up with a late burst, he will earn respect for maintaining his dignity after his right-hand man was sacked and the owner lumbered him with a misring marksman. However, this Chelsea side have seldom matched last seasons verve. The frontrunners have stumbled so many times that the eventual winners cannot be regarded as classic champions. Arsenal were only a couple of players short of being the least bad of the bunch. But Wengers stubborn defence of his principles was not matched by the defence in the team.


60 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011




P St Helens ....... 12 Warrington .... 12 Hudderseld .. 11 Wigan ............ 11 Castleford ..... 11 Leeds ............ 12 Catalan.......... 12 Hull ............... 12 Harlequins RL 12 Bradford........ 12 Hull K R ......... 12 Salford .......... 11 Wakeeld ...... 12 Crusaders ...... 12

Engage Super League CATALAN ............. 8 BRADFORD ........... 8 HULL K R ...........37 HARLEQUINS RL .. 24 LEEDS ................34 CRUSADERS ........ 16 ST HELENS .........22 CASTLEFORD ...... 20 WAKEFIELD .......... 0 WIGAN ................ 26 WARRINGTON .....10 HULL .................. 24
W 8 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 4 4 4 4 4 3 D 1 0 0 2 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 L 3 4 3 2 3 5 5 7 7 7 8 7 8 9 F 352 399 279 264 331 324 273 272 274 252 287 236 210 252 A 226 191 166 193 218 306 263 268 380 362 348 354 350 380



Pts 17 16 16 16 15 13 13 10 9 9 8 8 4 2


0 1

THE glamour awaiting their neighbours in Gelsenkirchen tonight seemed like a world away as Manchester City toiled unconvincingly for long periods at Ewood Park.
But by the end, the prospect they will also grace the Champions League was richly enhanced. A rst win on their travels in the league in 2011 proved a pivotal success in Citys preoccupation with cementing themselves in Englands elite, while the identity of the goalscorer represented a moment of personal vindication for manager Roberto Mancini. The art of striking is all in the timing and Edin Dzekos rst league goal since his 27million move from Wolfsburg in January, squeezed past Blackburn keeper Paul Robinson within minutes of his introduction as a substitute, arrived right on cue. First Fernando Torres, now Dzeko, who has emerged from his slumbers in his 10th appearance. The effects were felt all the way to north London, with Tottenham left trailing their main rivals for fourth place by four points. I am not the rst one who didnt make the best of a move, said Dzeko, who has now left Blackburn precariously balanced just one point above the relegation zone. Torres scored a lot of goals for Liverpool but changed his club and found it hard. I am happy for him because I know what the pressure is like. I have scored as well now and I know that in the future there will be much better games for me. Mancini shook his st in jubilation at the end a reaction that betrayed the importance of this result with Tottenham playing at Eastlands on May 10. But all that was left for Blackburn manager Steve Kean was a shake of the head. Rovers recovered well after weathering an early storm and seemed the likelier to score when the breakthrough was conjured, though their impotence in attack continues to prove their undoing. Chances were a rarity other than when the impressive Phil Jones headed a Ruben Rochina set-piece over the bar and City goalkeeper Joe Hart pushed away Martin Olssons low, zzing free-kick from 30 yards in injury-time. A rerun of the heady home victory over Liverpool here on January 5 was shown in its entirety on the big screens around the ground before kick-off. Yet since then Rovers have picked up


ECB 40 LEAGUE - GROUP A (Derby); Holland 204-6 (W Barresi 74, P W Borren 56no) v Derbyshire 191-9 (W L Madsen 75, W J Durston 64). Holland (2pts) beat Derbyshire by 13 runs. GROUP B (Grace Road); Leicestershire 253-4 (J W A Taylor 81no, J J Cobb 61) v Scotland 221-9 (E F Chalmers 50). Leicestershire (2pts) beat Scotland by 32 runs.


BRITISH SUPERBIKE CHSHIP (Brands Hatch Indy)1st Race: 1 S Byrne (Gbr) Honda 23mins 47.412secs, 2 T Hill (Gbr) Yamaha 23:48.566, 3 T Bridewell (Gbr) Honda 23:50.069. 2nd Race: 1 Hill 23mins 03.483secs, 2 R Kiyonari (Jpn) Honda 23:03.625, 3 Byrne 23:04.081. WORLD CHSHIP (Shefeld)2nd rnd: M Selby (Eng) bt S Hendry (Sco) 13-4, J Higgins (Sco) bt R McLeod (Eng) 13-7, R OSullivan (Eng) bt S Murphy (Eng) 13-10, D Junhui (Chin) bt S Bingham (Eng) 13-12.
ROMFORD: 6.39 Hi Amigo 5-4f ( F3-5 9.81). 6.56 Bridge Marine 3-1f (6-2 19.21). 7.11 Daylight Robbery 7-2 (4-2 17.07). 7.27 Point To Prove 5-2 (2-1 16.15). 7.43 Giffys Girl 4-1 (4-3 31.13). 7.58 Crime Wave 10-11f (6-4 7.88) NR T2 res ran. 8.14 Hare St Hawk 3-1jt (2-3 15.50). 8.31 Lil Risky 5-1 (3-5 56.89). 8.47 Jadies Dancer 4-1 (5-1 22.47). 9.02 Lord Bonville 3-1jt (3-1 15.24). 9.17 Boulanger Jet 3-1 (6-4 25.40). 9.30 Ronnies Cherub 3-1 (2-5 22.40).



LV County ChshipDiv 1: Durham v Warwicks, Sussex v Lancashire, Notts v Worcs. Div 2: Essex v Glamorgan, Kent v Gloucs.


engage Super League: Hudderseld v Salford (7pm).

Bale in demand
FROM BACK PAGE ank and a central midelder is also on the agenda. Inter Milan and Barcelona are also keen. Bale, a sensation for Spurs in their rst Champions League campaign before a series of injuries, is understood to want another year at White Hart Lane. However Chelseas willingness to double his 75,000-a-week wages could change his mind. Bale signed a one-year extension to his contract six weeks ago, which tied him to Spurs until 2015, but missing out on the Champions League could change things. It had been thought Ancelotti was a certainty to be red at the end of this season after Chelsea had been knocked out of all the cups but, after seven wins in eight league games, they are still in with a slim chance of retaining their title and Ancelotti has said he wants to stay.

Ed in the mood for Euro elite

just seven points and managed only 11 goals. Bolton make the short trip here at the weekend and while Kean looked to accentuate the positives of what was a determined performance, he is acutely aware that his teams tailspin needs to be arrested. On another day, I might have been sitting here with a point and still a bit disappointed, said Kean, who hopes to have Junior Hoilett back after injury. The lads are all gutted but I thought their performance was good. And I dont think we will suffer a defeat against Bolton. Mancini, too, will look to the weekend with renewed enthusiasm, although his optimism ahead of the visit of West Ham seems rather more justied. Citys place in the FA Cup nal is

ARMS AND THE MAN: Edin Dzeko is delighted to break his scoring duck and increase his sides Champions League chances

BY THE RIGHT: Dzeko stays cool in the penalty area, without Blackburn defenders really challenging him, to claim his 75th-minute winner

already assured, on May 14, and a place at Europes top table would cap a memorable campaign. What will have pleased Mancini is the character his side went on to show after their free-owing football failed to elicit an early reward. They went close in the second minute as Pablo Zabaleta charged forward and delivered a cross which Gareth Barry put, fortuitously, into the path of David Silva. Impish Spaniard Silva lashed in a left-foot volley that ew past keeper Robinson in a blur, but cannoned off the woodwork and away to safety. It was left to Bosnian forward Dzeko, who had just replaced Adam Johnson, to pounce when Silvas shot squirted to him off Phil Jones and show the scoring prowess that persuaded Mancini to lure him from the Bundesliga. This is a very big victory for us, said Mancini. We showed we have a top squad with this win. In the rst half, we played very well, but then we had to nd a different way to go on and win the match. It has been very difcult for Edin, but he is a fantastic striker and he deserved his goal. Increasingly, City supporters will feel they deserve fourth place, too.
BLACKBURN (4-4-2): Robinson; Salgado, Samba, P Jones, Givet (Diouf 85); Emerton, Dunn (Rochina 63), J Jones, Olsson; Benjani (Kalinic 71), Roberts. Booked: J Jones, Emerton. MAN CITY (4-2-3-1): Hart; Zabaleta, Kompany, Lescott, Kolarov; De Jong, Barry; A Johnson (Dzeko 72), Y Toure, Silva (Boyata 90); Balotelli (Vieira 83). Booked: Barry, Balotelli, De Jong. Goal: Dzeko 75. Referee: A Marriner (West Midlands).




Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011



Fergies boys must master three Rs

FORMER England boss Steve McClaren believes Manchester United will teach Schalke a lesson, but only if they overcome the three Rs striker Raul and head coach Ralf Rangnick.
McClaren expects United to reach the Champions League nal, but new Schalke boss Rangnick, nicknamed The Professor, is an unknown quantity at this rareed level of European football and Sir Alex Fergusons side have been duly warned. Rangnick is an incredibly clever, tactically astute coach who gets the very best out of his players, said McClaren, who until February was in charge at Bundesliga rivals Wolfsburg. He is an outstanding coach and he has moulded a fantastic unit at Schalke. It is no surprise they lead the Bundesliga in goals scored in the last 15 minutes because they are super-t, run all day and never give up. For that matter no German side ever gives up, but in this regard they are exceptional. Wolfsburg played them off the park for an hour and we led 2-0, but they never stopped and although they got one lucky goal, it ended 2-2 and that just underlines what resolve they have. Rangnick has been in charge at the Veltins-Arena for


Barclays Premier League
Dzeko 75 Att: 23,529 W D L F 21 10 3 71 20 7 7 64 18 10 6 67 17 8 8 51 14 13 6 49 15 7 12 51 11 14 9 47 12 10 11 48 10 11 13 49 10 11 13 39 10 11 13 43 10 10 14 49 8 15 10 37 11 6 16 40 8 14 12 34 9 8 17 40 9 7 18 48 7 13 14 34 9 6 18 37 7 11 16 39

BLACKBURN (0) .... 0 MAN CITY (0)......1

P Man Utd ...................34 Chelsea ....................34 Arsenal .....................34 Man City ...................33 Tottenham ................33 Liverpool ..................34 Everton.....................34 Bolton ......................33 Newcastle .................34 Sunderland ...............34 Aston Villa ................34 West Brom ...............34 Fulham .....................33 Stoke .......................33 Birmingham ..............34 Blackburn .................34 Blackpool .................34 Wigan .......................34 Wolves .....................33 West Ham .................34 A 32 27 36 30 41 39 42 44 48 49 55 64 36 43 51 55 70 57 57 61 Pts 73 67 64 59 55 52 47 46 41 41 41 40 39 39 38 35 34 34 33 32


Lambert 50 (pen) Fonte 82 Kay 44 Akins 67, 90 Showunmi 71 Att: 24,210 Att: 5,017

TRANMERE (1) ...... 4 EXETER (0) .........0

npower League Two

Kamdjo 11 Hughes 60 Daley 4 Syers 90

BARNET (1)........... 2 OXFORD UTD (1) 2 BRADFORD (1) ...... 2 ALDERSHOT (1) ..1 BURTON ALB (2) ... 3 TORQUAY (2) ......3
McGrath 26 Pearson 41 Zola 56 Davies 50 Lester 63 Zebroski 10 Tomlin 14 Kee 73 Att: 3,280 Lees 12 Worrall 55 Lowe 87 Att: 9,614 Low 65 Andrew 88 Att: 3,007 Att: 1,427 Leslie 42 Att: 2,016 Vincenti 43 Att: 10,965 Constable 16, 78 Att: 3,425

CHESTERFLD (0) ... 2 BURY (1) ............3

npower Championship
Foster 69 Trippier 87 Elliott 49 Stead 60 Euell 59, 73 Att: 12,418

BARNSLEY (0) ....... 2 DONCASTER (0)..2 BRISTOL C (0)....... 2 NOTTM FOR (2) ..3
Boyd 4, 43 (pen) Chambers 72 Att: 14,867 Nugent 57 Att: 14,927 Att: 20,142

LINCOLN C (0) ...... 0 CHELTENHAM (0)2

MACCLESFLD (0) .. 0 SOUTHEND (0) ...0 MORECAMBE (0)... 1 HEREFORD (1) ....1
Haining 71

BURNLEY (0) ......... 1 PORTSMTH (0) ...1

Eagles 74 Danns 2

CRYSTAL PAL (1) .. 1 LEEDS (0) ...........0 LEICESTER (1) ...... 4 WATFORD (2) .....2
Bruma 39, 73 Yakubu 62, 75 Arca 25 Kink 90 Sordell 28, 41 Att: 21,473 Jutkiewicz 10 Att: 15,817

ROTHERHAM (0) ... 0 GILLINGHAM (0) .1 SHRWSBURY (0) ... 0 ACCRNGTN (0) ...0 STEVENAGE (0) ..... 1 PORT VALE (0)....0
Wilson 72 Att: 7,038 Att: 3,146 Barcham 79 Att: 3,455

MIDDLESBRO (1) .. 2 COVENTRY (1) ....1 NORWICH (1) ........ 3 DERBY (0) ..........2
Jackson 45, 60, 90 S Davies 54 Att: 26,078 Bueno 63

STOCKPORT (1) .... 2 NORTHMPTN (1) 2

Rodgers 23 (og) Tansey 88 Bauza 2 Harrad 78 (pen) Att: 4,807 A 50 44 48 49 53 40 50 50 57 46 52 56 64 52 64 70 75 62 68 64 76 70 74 93

PRESTON (0) ........ 0 CARDIFF (1) .......1 QPR (1)................. 1 HULL (0) .............1
Routledge 9 Whittingham 6 Att: 12,818 Amoo 81 Att: 17,399

WYCOMBE (2) ....... 2 CREWE (0)..........0

Rendell 42, 45 (pen) P Chestereld ..............44 Bury .........................44 Wycombe ..................44 Shrewsbury ...............44 Accrington ................44 Stevenage .................44 Gillingham ................44 Torquay ....................44 Rotherham ................44 Port Vale ..................44 Southend ..................44 Oxford Utd ................44 Crewe.......................44 Aldershot ..................44 Morecambe...............44 Maccleseld .............44 Cheltenham ..............44 Bradford...................44 Burton Albion ............44 Hereford ...................44 Lincoln City ...............44 Northampton.............44 Barnet ......................44 Stockport .................44 Att: 4,615 W D L F 23 13 8 82 23 11 10 78 20 14 10 63 20 13 11 68 17 18 9 69 18 14 12 59 17 17 10 64 17 17 10 73 16 14 14 70 16 14 14 47 16 12 16 60 16 12 16 56 16 11 17 80 13 18 13 49 13 12 19 51 13 12 19 54 13 12 19 55 15 6 23 41 12 13 19 54 12 15 17 48 13 8 23 44 9 19 16 59 11 12 21 56 9 13 22 47 Pts 82 80 74 73 69 68 68 67 62 62 60 60 59 57 51 51 51 51 49 48 47 46 45 40

RANGNICK: Tactically astute

are clearly a different side. That means they are very dangerous and United will be aware of how they can raise their game for big matches, and they dont come an awful lot bigger than Champions League seminals. McClaren, who was Fergusons No2 at Old Trafford for two seasons from 1999 to 2001 during which time they won the Treble, endured a difcult seven months at Wolfsburg after winning the Dutch title with expects a United victory over two games. United have experience in their favour and some fantastic players, but Schalke have their stars too and not just Raul, he said. The keeper Manuel Neuer is the best in Germany and possibly the best in the world. I have seen him save them so many times. He is outstanding. I like Jefferson Farfan, too, an excellent player who always uses the ball intelligently. They are not individually as strong as United, but as a group they are a formidable team. They will press, hunt in packs, run all day long and are one of the ttest sides in Europe. Their weaknesses for me are in the full-back positions where wingers can get behind the defence and cause problems. That is where I would target. Schalke, the second best supported side in Germany after Bayern Munich, have not won the league for more than 50 years and they are greenhorns at this level in Europe. That doesnt mean to say they have not got a chance, said McClaren. They have been the surprise team in the competition so far, no doubt about it. The surprise team very rarely ends up winning the trophy, but we all saw what they did to Inter Milan. Any side who can put seven past a top Serie A team have to be respected.

READING (2) ......... 2 SHEFF UTD (2) ...3

Hunt 9 Robson-Kanu 20 Henderson 30, 51 Williamson 45 Att: 19,165 Marquis 39, 51 Att: 5,190 Healy 20 Att: 16,001 D 16 14 10 8 16 15 13 13 15 16 9 13 8 12 11 9 11 13 10 11 14 8 5 12 D 10 8 11 9 8 13 13 13 10 9 11 14 13 9 10 17 11 11 7 12 11 11 7 14 L F 5 68 8 80 11 75 14 63 9 75 11 61 13 62 13 64 12 78 12 51 17 71 15 76 19 58 17 52 18 62 20 57 19 52 18 52 21 57 21 43 19 54 25 42 27 41 23 50 L F 6 82 10 77 9 70 13 99 15 63 12 72 13 67 14 59 16 63 18 51 17 60 15 53 16 62 19 65 19 45 15 50 19 50 19 50 23 44 21 53 22 49 22 46 21 49 22 48

EXCLUSIVE By Niall Hickman

only six weeks after taking over from the tempestuous Felix Magath, but he guided Schalke past Inter Milan in the last round with a magnicent 7-3 aggregate victory. Yet despite those goals, McClaren does not believe Schalke have the repower to damage Uniteds defence. I would rather have Uniteds offensive players than those of

SCUNTHORPE (0).. 1 MILLWALL (1) .....2

OConnor 88 (pen) Borini 9, 30 Moore 14 Sinclair 71 (pen)

SWANSEA (3) ........ 4 IPSWICH (1) .......1

P QPR .........................44 Norwich ....................44 Cardiff......................44 Swansea ...................44 Reading ....................44 Nottm Forest ............44 Millwall.....................44 Burnley.....................44 Leeds .......................44 Hull ..........................44 Leicester ..................44 Watford ....................44 Ipswich .....................44 Portsmouth...............44 Middlesbrough ..........44 Bristol City ...............44 Coventry ...................44 Barnsley ...................44 Derby .......................44 Crystal Palace ...........44 Doncaster .................44 Sheff Utd ..................44 Scunthorpe ...............44 Preston ....................44 P Brighton ...................44 Southampton ............43 Hudderseld .............44 Peterborough ............44 MK Dons...................44 Bournemouth ............44 Leyton Orient ............44 Rochdale ..................44 Exeter ......................44 Brentford .................44 Carlisle.....................44 Colchester ................44 Charlton ...................44 Sheff Wed.................44 Hartlepool ................44 Oldham.....................44 Tranmere ..................44 Yeovil .......................44 Notts County.............44 Walsall .....................44 Dag & Red ................44 Bristol Rovers ...........44 Plymouth ..................43 Swindon....................44 Baudry 84 Fletcher 88 W 23 22 23 22 19 18 18 18 17 16 18 16 17 15 15 15 14 13 13 12 11 11 12 9 W 28 25 24 22 21 19 18 17 18 17 16 15 15 16 15 12 14 14 14 11 11 11 15 8 A 30 56 50 42 50 49 45 59 69 47 68 66 63 58 68 65 56 64 67 65 77 73 81 76 A 36 36 42 73 58 50 58 52 72 55 57 58 64 64 63 58 58 64 57 72 65 79 66 70 Pts 85 80 79 74 73 69 67 67 66 64 63 61 59 57 56 54 53 52 49 47 47 41 41 39 Pts 94 83 83 75 71 70 67 64 64 60 59 59 58 57 55 53 53 53 49 45 44 44 42 38

Blue Square Bet Premier

EASTBOURNE (0) .. 2 FLEETWOOD (1) .... 1 FOREST GRN (0) ... 0 GRIMSBY (0) ......... 0 HISTON (0) ........... 0 MANSFIELD (0) ..... 3 NEWPORT C (0) .... 0 RUSHDEN (0) ........ 2 SOUTHPORT (1) .... 1 WREXHAM (1) ....... 4 YORK (0) ............... 0
P Crawley Town ............45 AFC Wimbledon .........45 Luton .......................45 Wrexham ..................45 Fleetwood Town ........45 Kidderminster ...........45 York .........................45 Darlington ................45 Newport County.........45 Grimsby ....................45 Rushden ...................45 Manseld .................45 Bath City ..................45 Gateshead ................45 Kettering ..................45 Hayes & Yeading........45 Cambridge ................45 Barrow .....................45 Forest Green.............45 Southport .................45 Tamworth .................45 Altrincham ................45 Eastbourne B ............45 Histon ......................45

IXe^e`Zb`j Xe`eZi\[`Ycp Zc\m\iZfXZ_

Schalke, he said. But there is absolutely no disputing the fact that in Raul they have one of the best goal scorers in the world and a player who is always dangerous. He is defying his age and has adapted brilliantly to the way Schalke play in Europe. Schalke are a strange team. They lost in the league at the weekend and their Bundesliga record is pretty indifferent. But put them in the cups and they minnows Twente and was consistently undermined by boardroom interference. He turns 50 next month with his reputation enhanced by his European sojourn following his short-lived and unsuccessful reign as England manager, which ended with the teams failure to qualify for Euro 2008. He travels to Germany today to commentate on the rst leg and although he insists Schalke will be far from pushovers, he

npower League One

BOURNEMTH (0) ... 2 BRISTOL R (1) ....1

Brown 4 Att: 7,869 Tehoue 36 Att: 4,685

Real deal for Di Stefano

THERE is a shift in the balance of power towards Real Madrid and away from Barcelona, according to one of Reals most famous former players. Reals 1-1 draw against Barca in La Liga 10 days ago and their 1-0 win in the Copa del Rey their rst trophy in three years has been a boost before they clash again in the Champions League seminal, rst leg at the Bernabeu tomorrow. Madrid are in a fabulous moment, said honorary Real president Alfredo Di Stefano. And they certainly lived up to his words after they followed up their cup success by routing third-placed Valencia 6-3 away in the league on Saturday. But he warned against complacency. We have to continue in the same vein and not rest on our laurels, to ght on as if we still hadnt won anything, he said. Barca maintained their eightpoint lead at the top of La Liga with a 2-0 win over lowly Osasuna on Saturday, and with ve games left look to have a third consecutive title in the bag. In contrast to Real, they laboured to their victory and coach Pep Guardiola appeared to be on the defensive before and after the match, saying Real were now the favourites in the Champions League. But former Barca star Johann Cruyff said: No one passes from being favourite to the weaker side in 10 days. The draw in La Liga delivered the title and Barca lost the Cup by the narrowest of margins. Ah! Its because Barca did not shine. If this is the true measure of Barcelona, there is a problem. Barca must do what they have done thousands of times before and forget about getting drawn into a war of words.

CARLISLE (0)A ...... 0 L ORIENT (1) ......1 CHARLTON (1) ...... 3 ROCHDALE (0) ....1
Racon 31 Parrett 52 Eccleston 76 Holness 51 Att: 13,253 Barnes 72 Att: 5,132

COLCHESTER (1)... 1 BRIGHTON (0) ....1

Henderson 16 Rhodes 9, 32

HUDDRSFLD (2) .... 2 DAG & RED (1) ...1 NOTTS CO (0) ....... 1 BRENTFORD (0)..1
Hughes 82 (pen) Lowe 88 Vincelot 28 Att: 14,072 Schlupp 90 Att: 6,879

BLUE SQUARE BETNorth: Blyth Spar 0 Guiseley 0, Eastwood Tn 2 Solihull Moors 1, Gainsboro 0 Alfreton T 3, Gloucester 2 AFC Telford 2, Harrogate Tn 2 Workington 0, Hinckley Utd 3 Worcester 1, Hyde 1 Droylsden 1, Nuneaton 1 Boston Utd 1, Redditch 2 Corby 2, Vauxhall Motors 0 Stalybridge 3. South: Basingstoke 1 Boreham Wood 0, Braintree Tn 3 Welling 1, Chelmsford 2 Bromley 0, Dartford 4 Dover 0, Dorchester 2 Farnboro 1, Eastleigh 3 Hampton & Richmond 0, Lewes 1 Bishops Stortford 2, St Albans 1 Havant and W 1, Thurrock 0 Ebbseet United 0, Woking 4 Weston-super-Mare 3.

W 31 26 23 22 21 20 19 17 17 15 16 17 15 14 14 15 11 11 10 11 11 11 9 8

BATH CITY (0) ....0 BARROW (0) .......0 AFC WIMDON (0)0 ALTRINCHAM (0) 1 LUTON (2) ..........4 GATESHEAD (2) ..2 CRAWLEY TN (0).1 KMINSTER (0) ...1 DARLINGTON (0) 1 TAMWORTH (0) ..2 CAMBRIDGE (0)..0
D 11 9 14 14 12 16 13 17 15 17 14 10 15 15 13 6 17 14 16 13 13 11 9 8

L F A Pts 3 92 29 104 10 81 46 87 8 84 36 83 9 65 48 80 12 67 42 75 9 72 58 71 13 54 49 70 11 59 42 68 13 71 59 66 13 71 60 62 15 65 60 62 18 73 73 61 15 62 68 60 16 64 61 57 18 61 74 55 24 57 79 51 17 53 60 50 20 50 67 47 19 52 70 46 21 55 74 46 21 60 82 46 23 44 83 44 27 58101 36 29 39 88 27

Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League

HAMILTON (0)....... 1 ABERDEEN (0) ....1 ST JOHNSTNE (0) .. 0 INVERNESS (1) ...3

OLDHAM (0) .......... 1 WALSALL (0).......1 PETERBORO (0) .... 2 YEOVIL (1) ..........2
Langmead 87 Mackail-Smith 89 Walton 21 Wotton 23 (pen) Tutte 87 Att: 6,489 Att: 8,553 Williams 58 Att: 3,463

(Football 7.45pm unless stated)

PLYMOUTH (1) ...... 1 MK DONS (0)......0 SHEFF WED (2) ..... 3 SWINDON (1)......1
Potter 17 Mellor 28, 53 Douglas 43 Att: 17,348

UEFA Champions Lge Semi Final First Leg Schalke v Man Utd .................................... Barclays Premier League Stoke v Wolverhampton .............................
Irn-BruDiv 1: Queen of the South v Ross County. Div 3: Elgin v Clyde.


62 Daily Express Tuesday April 26 2011

Alex out to make

Fergie can end up just over the moon
SCHALKE 04 are so far out of their normal orbit in the Champions League semi-nals that one German commentator here yesterday described their presence in the last four as a moon landing.
Ralf Rangnick, the little-known coach who will tonight attempt to cause an upset against Manchester United, could similarly be said to have been catapulted on to a different planet. Plotting, somehow, to outwit Sir Alex Ferguson with a side currently 10th in the Bundesliga in the hope of then confronting Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola in the nal at Wembley, Rangnick is suddenly walking among the present day gods of football management. It is an epic and unexpected situation in which he nds himself, only ve weeks after he took charge of the team, although it is his second spell at the club. It also reects one more fresh way of assessing the ever more lustrous position of Ferguson within the pantheon of the game. With each passing year, he seems to nd new ways of taking the ght to win, win and win again to the front line. That is an achievement in itself. Now, here he is at 69, taking on a rival 17 years his junior, with such a vast gulf between them in experience and accomplishment it cannot but add to the sense of wonder at how he carries on so ferociously. And so successfully. On the cusp of one of his nest achievements of all during more than 25 years in charge at Old Trafford, in fact. Ferguson is on the brink of glory with a team which is clearly inferior to his most notable sides of the past yet is proving just as relentless. It is as if he is now capable by sheer force of will and experience to push them across the line, and it is adding another layer to his reputation even after it had seemed he could do little more to raise it any higher. If United achieve all that now awaits them, it


FINAL CALLING: Rio Ferdinand leads the training for United, while, below, Ferguson is otherwise engaged




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will signify that Fergusons powers of motivation, his drive, his shrewdness and his self-belief are at their peak, nearly a decade after he announced he was about to retire. The gold watch was hastily put away again, you will remember. During the next 13 days, Ferguson will lead United in four enormous matches which could nish with the clubs 19th league title safely nailed into place and their fourth European Cup nal appearance under his command secured. Against Schalke in the Veltins-Arena this evening, Arsenal on Sunday, Schalke at home on May 4 and Chelsea on May 8, one of the most

signicant, intense and potentially magnicent spells of his extraordinary career beckons. If when that title arrives, his ambition to see Liverpool de-perched (expletives deleted) will have been fullled. If when, most probably the date of the Champions League nal on May 28 has been conrmed in the diary, there will be a chance for the romantic in Fergusons hard soul to take an evening out. It takes place at Wembley, where in 1968 Sir Matt Busby completed the resurrection of

United 10 years after the Munich air crash and won the clubs rst European Cup. Only the coldblooded and those many driven by hatred of United will fail to sense the drama if it happens. A triumph there against Real Madrid or Barcelona would provide the perfect exit bow from Ferguson, although he says it isnt happening for some years yet. Anyway, to ponder it too deeply just now is to get too far ahead of the game. Schalke are in their rst European Cup seminal compared with Uniteds 12,

MANCHESTER UNITED midelder Darron Gibson deleted his Twitter account less than two hours after joining the social network site yesterday after receiving a volley of abusive messages. Gibson, 23, set up the account dgibbo28 shortly after midday but was immediately inundated by negative messages regarding his exploits for United and the Republic of Ireland. Just over two hours later Gibson, who was born in Derry in Northern Ireland but has won 16 caps for the Republic, had deleted the account.

but Rangnick, an Anglophile who once played non-League football for Southwick in Sussex, suggested this was grounds for an English-style cup shock. Of course, Sir Alex Ferguson has more experience than me, said Rangnick. His team is, on average, three to four years older. But perhaps that inexperience will make us more hungry and passionate. That is what you saw when we defeated Inter Milan in the previous round. Perhaps we can get to the nal this way. Uniteds recent European record suggests the romance can wait until Ferguson gets to Wembley. They have lost just once in their last 22 Champions League away matches and conceded only three goals in the competition this season. Rangnick has a growing reputation, but statistics like that suggest he will merely be continuing his education over the course of this tie.


Deutsche mark
United aiming to beat hoodoo
TYPICAL GERMANS will go down as one of Sir Alex Fergusons most memorable post-match outbursts.
Muttered after Manchester Uniteds controversial exit from the Champions League on away goals to Bayern Munich last season, the remark had as much to do with Fergusons poor record against German clubs as the dark arts that led to Rafael Da Silvas red card that night. Eight of his nine encounters with German opposition in two-legged European matches have ended in aggregate defeat for Ferguson in his managerial career, north and south of the border. He has cursed his luck over the years. Two exits were on the away goals rule, another via a penalty shoot-out. But the epic victory in the Nou Camp over Bayern in the 1999 nal went a long way to wipe away all those disappointments. But as he prepared his team for tonights semi-nal, rst leg here in the Veltins-Arena, Ferguson acknowledged the problems German clubs have given him, while spelling out his condence that the current


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SIR Alex Ferguson has lost eight of his nine two-legged European ties against German clubs in his managerial career with Aberdeen and Manchester United. The only success on aggregate came against Bayern Munich during the Dons run to the European Cup Winners Cup nal in 1983. But when it came down to a one-off match, Ferguson reigned supreme Uniteds epic 1999 Champions League nal against Bayern in the Nou Camp.

ABERDEEN 1978-79

Cup Winners Cup 2nd round: Fortuna Dusseldorf (a 0-3, h 2-0, lost on agg 2-3)


Champions League semi-nals: Borussia Dortmund (a 0-1, h 0-1, lost on agg 0-2)


Champions League Final: Beat Bayern Munich 2-1




UEFA Cup 1st round: Eintracht Frankfurt (h 1-1, a 0-1, lost on agg 1-2)

Champions League quarter-nals: Bayern Munich (h 0-1, a 1-2, lost on agg 1-3)



UEFA Cup 3rd round: SV Hamburg (h 3-2, a 1-3, lost on agg 4-5)

Champions League semi-nals: Bayer Leverkusen (h 2-2, a 1-1, agg 3-3, lost on away goals)


Cup Winners Cup quarter-nals: Bayern Munich (a 0-0, h 3-2, won on agg 3-2)



Cup Winners Cup 1st round: Dinamo Berlin (h 2-1, a 1-2, agg 3-3, 4-5 pens)
team can avoid a familiar fate. And he was only half joking when he likened the Germans to his Scottish compatriots. He said: They have a selfdetermination, the German people, and its reected in how they approach all sports. Theres a similarity with English people, though maybe more Scottish. We have that same self-determination. And he was upbeat about Uniteds chances of beating Schalke to reach a third Champions League nal in four years. The present group of players have enough experience now in Europe, he said. My expectation has always been high in regards to the European scene. But we do get envious of the records of other clubs in Europe. We look at other teams records and we are trying to get parity with that. We look at clubs like Real Madrid, AC Milan, Liverpool, Ajax and Bayern Munich and we really need to progress quickly to get to that level. Yes, its a semi-nal and any semi-nal you go in to, you know it is going to be difcult. Its not going to be easy for either side. Ferguson knows that a passage to Wembley on May 28 to meet Real Madrid or Barcelona, coupled with a record 19th domestic league title, will help dismiss the notion that this United side are not of a vintage variety. There is a great talent in this team, he said. Some of

Champions League quarter-nals: Bayern Munich (a 1-2, h 3-2, agg 4-4, lost on away goals)

ROBBEN: Fine goal for Bayern knocked United out last year
the criticism is a bit misguided. It refers to our away form being weak and, yes, we are disappointed with a lot of our games away from home. But no one can point a nger at our home form, which has been absolutely sensational. In terms of the quality of the team, what you are seeing as you did on Saturday again is that this team will not give in. Absolutely no chance this team will ever give in, so thats a great quality to have. United were favourites to beat Borussia Dortmund at this stage in 1997 and Bayer Leverkusen in 2002, but failed to make it through both times, so Ferguson is understandably wary of talk that Schalke, struggling in

mid-table in the Bundesliga, are very much the underdogs especially after watching them dismantle holders Inter Milan in the quarter-nal. They have beaten every team they have played at home in the Champions League this season, including Valencia and Inter Milan, he said. Taken in isolation, thats fantastic form. There is no way we are going to be led into believing that this is easy. This is a difcult game for us and we are going to treat it that way. Hopefully we can come back with a result to get us through to the nal. Its going to be a hard game. I watched Schalke in the second leg against Inter and they never looked like losing the game. Thats quite a credit to them in terms of playing a side like Inter. They always looked in complete control and, even in the good spells that Inter had, they never looked like losing it. It was a good impression. You always get apprehensive at this stage of the competition. We have had that over the years when we played in the semi-nals. Against Juventus [in 1999] there was apprehension in the home leg and we released that for the second leg. It was the same against Barcelona [in 2008] in the second leg the last few minutes was agony. So you go through this gamut of emotions when you get to these semi-nals because they are never easy. No doubt it was the memory of past disappointments that prompted him to refuse invitations from a Spanish journalist to say who he would prefer to meet in the nal at Wembley. He said: Real or Barcelona? I dont like jumping ahead. We should deal with Schalke rst. If we can manage that then I dont care who we meet in the nal. It doesnt matter.

BAD DAY: Rooney sent off for stamping on Carvalho

Boss is tipping Rooney to star

FROM BACK PAGE twisted his ankle on his last visit to Germany in last seasons quarter-nal defeat by Bayern Munich. And ve years ago in Schalkes Veltins-Arena, he was sent off in shame for stamping on Ricardo Carvalho, as Englands World Cup campaign ended against Portugal. But Ferguson is convinced that Rooney, who was superb in the two games against Chelsea in the last eight, will enjoy happier times on German soil tonight. Waynes form has been absolutely fantastic in the past two months, said Ferguson. Good players create their own platforms in the sense of the importance of their performance. And I think Wayne, more than anyone, realises that performances are the thing that he will always be judged on because there is an expectation of the boy. You see that he has stepped up to the mark for that and proved himself entirely. You have to put bad moments behind you, its normal for any footballer, and Wayne has done that. Ferguson believes Rooneys form and the freshness of players such as Rio Ferdinand, Antonio Valencia and Ji-Sung Park, who have come back from long injury lay-offs, have boosted Uniteds hopes of reaching their third Champions League nal in four seasons. But he refuses to underestimate unfancied Schalke after their stunning 7-3 aggregate win over holders Inter Milan in the last round and admits it will be a hard game. Dimitar Berbatov will miss the game with a groin strain, while Darren Fletcher, who has recovered from the virus that kept him out for six weeks, is left out so he can be t for Sundays visit to Arsenal.

Edwin: defence needs a Raul plug

CROWNING GLORY: Van der Sar would love to bow out in nal
EDWIN VAN DER SAR fears Spanish legend Raul could wreck his hopes of ending a 20-year career on a high. If Manchester United can overcome Schalke it would mean goalkeeper Van der Sars last game as a professional would be the Champions League nal at Wembley on May 28 against either Real Madrid or Barcelona. It would be his fth nal he has won one and lost one for both Ajax and United but Van der Sar has warned of the threat posed by Schalkes former Real Madrid striker Raul. Raul is quite an amazing player so many years at Real Madrid at a high level and top scorer in the Champions League, he said. He is not someone you can take your eyes off on the pitch. He is dangerous and only needs a little chance to score a goal. Our defenders need to be on their toes against him. Van der Sar, 40, is retiring despite still being at the top of his game regularly and producing match-winning saves as he did from Jack Rodwell to prevent Everton taking the lead on Saturday. He is on course to win the Premier Leagues Golden Glove award for keeping the most clean sheets. But he has been refusing all pleas from fans to change his mind because after a career spanning two decades, four clubs Ajax, Juventus, Fulham and United and winning virtually every major honour in the game, he wants to go out at the top and spend more time with his wife and children. Its always nice when you are involved in a winning team, which we have been recently, he added. Hopefully we can carry that on between now and the end of the season. Ive had a reasonable career so far, so lets hope we can nish off nicely by winning some things. It was fantastic to win the Champions League with Ajax in 1995 and again with United in 2008 and obviously to win it again would be the perfect way to end. But were not thinking about Real Madrid or Barcelona or the nal at Wembley. Were just looking at the next game we have. We will not be complacent against Schalke.


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WANTED: Chelsea see Bale as the man to lift Torres

Romans eye on 40m Bale

CHELSEA will make a 40million summer move for Gareth Bale in the next stage of Roman Abramovichs rebuilding of his team. Abramovich has targeted Tottenham hero Bale as the wide man he wants to revitalise his Chelsea side and provide the service for 50m striker Fernando Torres. If Tottenham fail to nish in the top four this season and they meet Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday in a game which could decide their fate Abramovichs chances of securing Welsh star Bale will increase greatly. Spurs owner Daniel Levy is unlikely to turn

By Tony Banks


down such a massive bid and manager Harry Redknapp has already said such a situation would be out of his hands. Abramovich and his advisers have targeted three main positions to strengthen this summer. He is also yet to make a decision on the future of manager Carlo Ancelotti. A new right-back has been identied in the shape of Ajaxs World Cup star Gregory van der Wiele. Bale is top of the list of the wingers they want to pair with Ashley Cole on the left TURN TO PAGE 60, COL 1


Fergie is backing Rooney
From Richard Tanner in Gelsenkirchen SIR Alex Ferguson believes that Wayne Rooney can banish his demons tonight at the ground where he was sent off in disgrace for a World Cup stamp.
Ferguson is certain that Manchester Uniteds Champions League semi-nal rst leg against Schalke is the perfect stage for Rooney to show the world he is back to his best. Rooneys form dipped after he had TURN TO PAGE 63, COLUMN 6

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GO GET EM SON: Ferguson feels sure Rooney will be back to his best tonight

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