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D-Series 19, & 26 yard

D-19 shown includes options
Flotation Tires keep the Miskin working where oth- Easy Loading Bucket fits the dirt’s natural
ers can’t. Load rated for long high speed hauls. shape, rather than wasting power forcing
the dirt into an awkward bucket. Apron (gate) opens wide for easy
loading & unloading , in sand, sticky
Reliable “tip-out” Ejection for quick, mud, and other difficult soils.
steep, clean unloading. No guides and
rollers to adjust and maintain.

Rugged Hitch adjusts to

fit various tractor sizes.

Tongue Weight
is easy on the

More Clearance than any

other brand. Where others High Frame Clearance allows
get stuck, just raise the Disk Brakes (optional) dirt to stack up inside the bucket
Side Skirts reach 3 ft. forward from the blade
MISKIN up a little higher... for high speed hauls without “high centering” the
to channel the dirt into the bucket by prevent-
...and drive away! and steep grades. scraper on its own load.
ing dirt from leaking around the sides.
~The New King of Scrapers~
D-Series (19 & 26 yard) are made heavier
for todays high speed, high horsepower
industrial tractors. Expect lower mainte-
nance and repair costs, lower operating
costs, and production increases from more

Accumulator “Cushion Ride™” dampens

the worst bumps and jolts for increased
operator comfort, and faster production

Full of features like oil-filled hubs, safety

lighting, larger pins, wear bushings, thicker
cutting edges, and high speed hydraulics.

When it comes to durability, you have to start from the ground up. Miskin has Shields for top loading protect cylinders, hoses, valves, etc.
done just that with the Miskin D-Series Scraper. Not a “farm scraper.” Not a Top shield is pre-drilled for mounting Laser or GPS sensor.
so-called “heavy-duty” scraper. It is a true construction grade machine from
top to bottom. Larger pins & replaceable hardened
wear bushings
While the Miskin D-Series durability is in the same class, the capital outlay for long life.
is much less. Expect lower maintenance and repair costs, lower operating
costs, and production increases from higher transport speeds and from more Mud Slinger bar (optional) goes between the
Up-Time. “dual” tires to keep out rocks, and mud buildup. Easily removed, if desired,
to reduce drag in certain soil conditions. Similar to what you
Simple to service and maintain. All grease fittings are accessible from the see on large mining truck’s dual rear tires.
ground, no kneeling, climbing on, under, or around
the scraper. The scraper does not have to be Four heavy-duty multi piece wheels. Durable 23.5-25 20-
operated or cycled to reach its grease fittings. ply tires with load rated ability for long, high speed hauls.
Standard replacement parts from companies like Larger diameter, more flotation, and less drag for better fuel
Timken & Parker are readily available worldwide. economy.

Heavy-duty “Safety” Unlike our competitors, it takes only a few minutes and does
hitch fits industry standard drawbars (60mm not require a crane to change a tire on a Miskin.
or 1.50”). The unique 360º rotation won’t bind
and break in rough jobsite conditions. Push Block (optional) is
used for pushing the scrap-
Miskin’s patented design features a variable ers through soft or muddy
tongue weight. The wheels pivot rear-ward ground, and to easily get “unstuck”. It is not
transferring more weight to the tractor for intended for push loading.
traction when loading. As the scraper is raised for transport, the wheels pivot
forward moving under the load. The lighter tongue during transport lessens Hydraulic Disc Brakes (optional) utilize the
the strain on the tractor and allows higher transport speed. tractors BS 4639:1987 standard implement
brake control system with an ISO 5676 brake
The Miskin frame is solid, rigid, steel between the hitch and blade. The line quick coupler.
tractor’s pulling force does not travel through any pivot points, hydraulic cylin-
ders, pins, etc. Competitor’s front-pivoting frame pulls through two hydraulic Scraper brakes provide safe control and
cylinders, and six pivot pins before reaching the blade. stopping power, especially for triple trains,
high speeds, or work on steep grades.
Multi Voltage (12~24 vdc) LED lights mounted in pro-
tective metal holders. Low wattage will not overload Simple, reliable design utilizes not only
tractor electronics, even when pulling triple scrapers. the latest computer engineering and Finite
Element Analysis, but also decades of
Oil Filled Hubs, with metal face seals protect experience in-the-dirt.
Timken tapered wheel bearings.

Steel hydraulic lines, larger more du-

rable hoses, and heavy duty shields.

Accumulator “CushionRideTM” protects the scraper from the worst

bumps and jolts. Stops rhythmic bounce on high speed hauls,
“At Miskin, we know pull-scrapers...
extending haul road life. ...we invented them.”
Easy Loading The rear-pivot frame lowers the rear
of the bucket with the blade, so the dirt does not have
Triple D-19 Train (57 yards each cycle) to push “up-hill” to load. The unique shape of the bowl
allows dirt to flow in easily. With the same tractor, you
will load Miskin scrapers faster and fuller.

D-19 (19 yard) is our most popular scraper. An

overall width under 12’ makes transporting between
jobs easy. Two fit on a standard flatbed trailer and can
be driven on and off, no cranes required.

D-26 (26 yard) is our largest, most productive

scraper. An extra-long tongue keeps the weight on
the tractor low, even though the scraper is very large.
No Pusher

Self-propelled scrapers often need a dozer to help them load, because the dirt has to stack up
Top Loading is no problem. Heavy in a tall bowl. The MISKIN Scrapers load easier because the dirt is never forced up as high.
A Push Block (optional) is available on the Miskin D series, for pushing to get “un-stuck”. It is
shields protect cylinders, valves, not needed to load.
hydraulic lines, hoses, etc. Unlike our
competitors, the Miskin warranty is
unaffected by top loading.

Visible Blade
Unloads Clean
The high Front
Frame allows the
operator to see
Op the cutting edge
s li
from the tractor
of v

MISKIN Scraper cuts and unloads on grade, precision

UNLOADS spreading its own load. Our “tip-out” ejection gives you all
The Bucket tips steep to eject its load.
The Apron (gate) opens wide. Dirt slides
ON GRADE the advantages of an ejector, without all the problems of a
“push-off” style ejector
out easily, and without “clogging”.
Competitor‘s dump scrapers leave dirt in piles,
Unloads very fast, so the operator can slowing the entire operation, and resulting in un-
even compaction. More equipment is needed to go
keep his momentum while placing the
back and smooth the ground.
load exactly where he wants, with-
out slowing or stopping to wait for the
Model D-26 D-19
Capacity-Heaped (SAE Standard) 26 Yards (20 Meters) 19 Yards (14.5 Meters)
Capacity-Struck (SAE Standard) 18.0 Yards (13.8 Meters) 13.1 Yards (10.0 Meters)
Cutting Width 14 Feet (4.27 Meters) 10 Feet (3.05 Meters)
Overall Width Setup for operation 16 Feet (4.88 Meters) 12 Feet (3.66 Meters)
Overall Width Knocked-down for shipping 12 Feet (3.66 Meters) Ships Setup
Overall Length Width Height (setup) 353x191x87 Inches 322x144x87 Inches
(8966x4851x2210mm) (8179x3658x2210 mm)
Bucket (bowl) Length Width Height 108x165x54 Inches 108x120x53 Inches
(2743x4191x1372mm) (2743x3048x1346 mm)
Blade Clearance-Transport & Dump 24 Inches (610mm) 19 Inches (483mm)
Weight-empty 31,400 Lbs (14,242 Kg) 23,990 Lbs (10,882 Kg)
Tire Size (Quantity) standard 20.5-25 (6) 23.5-25 (4)
Unloading Type Ejection -tip out Ejectoon -tip out
Disk Brakes hydraulically actuated Optional Optional
Oil Filled Hubs with metal-face seals Standard Standard
Hitch Mega 360o Safety Mega 360o Safety
Tractor (Min. Drawbar Horsepower) 400 (298 Kw) 300 (224 Kw)
Tractor (Max. Operating Weight) 55,000 Lbs (24,950 Kg) 55,000 Lbs (24,948 Kg)
Tongue Wt. (2250lb/yd material.) 18,000 Lbs (11,340 Kg) 19,100 Lbs (8,664 Kg)
Weight Distribution (carried by tractor) 20% 28.6-32%
Cutting Edge (Blade): Self Sharpening, Multi-Reversible, 3-piece blade made of
special abrasion resistant steel. Center blade bolts evenly or dropped down (Stinger/Frost Bit). Center
blade has Straight or Serrated (optional) edge.
Hydraulic Requirements: 2500 psi min. pressure and 18 gpm min. flow. Two circuits
operate the scraper (via a Seq Valve). One more circuit is required if optional ripper is used. Service
Brakes require BS 4639:1987 Standard Implement brake controller on the tractor. Emergency stop-
ping/parking brake does not require a hydraulic connection to the tractor.
Electrical: 12-24v Multi-Volt LED lights for stop, turn, and tail/marker.
24 volt (12 volt optional) “Field”/backup lights. Back-up alarm optional.


MISKIN has been manufacturing Pull-Type Scrapers since 1917. In those early years scrapers were
pulled by horses, mules, and early tractors. Today we build a wide variety of dirt moving equipment
including the worlds largest and widest scrapers for construction and agriculture.
MISKIN is a strong, stable, family owned company. You can count on us to be here year after year pro-
viding parts and service. We are proud of our reputation for old fashioned honesty and integrity.

Miskin Model A Scraper pulled by

a Moline Model D tractor (10 hp).
“C” and “PL” series
scrapers fit your
unique conditions.

SP-C9 (9 yard) has an overall width

of under 3 meters, and a bolt-together SP-C17 (17 yard) easy load design
frame for easy shipment overseas. gets optimal production from your
MFWA tractor.

Keep your tractor

Push to
working with
a variety of PL-17f (17 yard) “push-off”
Construction Grade ejector scraper is designed for
machines for Ripper push loading.

Dirt Moving

DumpWagon TM

WaterWagon TM

Vibrating Compactor SoilMixer Disk



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