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Set of Books Additional DFF Information

Summary Proposal
The purpose of this configuration is to provide a method for grouping all the existing sets of books and any future ones by region, type and usage. This requirement originated from a personalization on the AP banks screen to validate BIC codes, and the increasing complexity of the validation gave rise to the need to group sets of books by region. This would allow the personalization to be defined at a site level but to provide validation for a specific region. This would also save the time as risk of adding specific responsibilities to the personalization is removed. This then led to other possible uses for the DFF that would reduce report and custom development complexity if we also added a DFF to indicate the book type and if that book was the prime book of entry for a given country. For example Check if postings are being made to prime books beyond period end close. Or checking what types of journals are being entered to non prime books. Only allow 'TP' entries to be posted in management type books. Blocking manual journal entries in consolidation type books The proposed DFFs to be added to the set of books screen are as follows along with the values for each are as follows : REGION AS = Asia LA = Latin America EU = Europe NA = North America BOOK TYPE L = Local/Statutory G = GAAP M = MGMT C = Consolidation Book PRIME ? Y or N to indicate of this book is used as the prime book of entry for that country. If approved, these DFFs would be a mandatory field on the GL sets of books, and as such all the existing book records would need updating with this DFF information in attribute fields 1,2 & 3. This could either be entered manually, or via a small script.

Configuration Steps
The configuration steps required to implement these proposed changes are as follows.

Define New Value Set

NAV : System Administrator > Flexfield >Validation>Sets Define a new value set for the book types has shown below. This is needed because the existing book type value set is used by the legacy system interface and cannot be altered.

NAV : System Administrator > Flexfield >Validation>Sets Then add the values to this new value set as follows.

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Define New DFF

NAV : System Administrator > Flexfield >Descriptive > Segments The search for the title Set of Books Untick the Freeze Flexfield Definition box. Then untick the required & displayed fields if they are ticked.

Press the Segments button And define the segments shown below.

Once the segments are defined, open each one in turn and update the fields as shown on the following page.

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REGION Tick the required box and update the display sizes to match those below.

BOOK TYPE Tick the required box and update the display sizes to match those below.

PRIME ENTRY BOOK? Tick the required box and update the display sizes to match those below.

Once the above configuration has been completed, you can then re-freeze the flexfield definitions and test.

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Once the configuration has been completed the resulting DFF should look like this. A pick list is available for all fields and the user is required to complete them all before saving changes to a set of books.

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