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The Oil and Gas Industry Investment Do you know?

The Oil and gas Industry is one important of another sector which greatly effect to inclusive growth economy. Its caused by The biggest investment from it can drive in other sector trough role of technology and investment of human capital. It can be positive effect to make distribution of income is more more equitable, if alocated efficiency is clear and balance, the more important effect is real price will decrease without be subsidy. Production Price Index (IHP) in country will decrease automaticly, so all people will enjoyment in this country. Accordingly, The Oil and Gas are in Indonesia is 840.000 barrel per day1 than another mining sector Processing of oil and gas that can not be separated from the role of technology and human capital Investment. Firstly, in factor of production, technology is one important things to processing The Oil and gas Industry, anyway technology will never work properly without supported by human investment capital properly. Therefore, the priority things have to be done is looking for a reliable human capital through long-term investments in a way that quality education for students in the country are free - Just for middle income people, so the government policies and private sector actively. In developing technology to industry skill or economic skill even that in overseas, after that after the deal was with these students bring science back to the country that will be applied to the development of oil and gas without having entered into a contract with the services of foreign experts and profit margins of the oil production will be reduced only to pay for services abroad, and make National Income (APBN in Indonesia) will be defisit to pay rebuild this country.for all sector. Secondly, the issued was raised that oil premium is expensive because of fuel shortage or through scarcity. Scarcity of fuel have to be corrected. Actually, the things which have got scarcity is not natural resouces it means oil, but because of the expensive technology services causing oil refineries are in discale of economic o the production costs are expensive, and cause scarcity. And the other thing is the oil and gas resources controlled by the state, according in

Kompas news Paper ,page on 17 published on 20th April 2013

article 33 in basic rule in 1945 (UUD45 in Indonesia), which means that for the benefit of the entire Indonesian society, so there are times when private companies and state enterprises contribute the most revenue from oil and gas companies to the real sector in the country for example in agriculture, plantation, fishery and industry so that no supply of goods will rise slightly and finally had to import. It causes driving of real sector is so needed to create trade in town or city. Small Industry is real fact which always be more driven to decrease more impor, pull demand of employment and decrease poverty even that increase expor capacity. Thirdly, intermediate oil and gas investments in the form of education and the real sector to make a positive impact for all citizens who enjoy, whose distribution in the economy can reduce the rate of inflation because it will ultimately encourage more people to invest some of the money to the real sector and the education that will encourage industrial food production and continued stable so there is no scarcity, and reduce the high interest rates because of the circulation of money that only exist in banking. Besides the use of oil and gas well turn science and technology to cultivate bio natural gas industry which will be used to create environmentally friendly production of environmental goods movement which is called the Blue Economy and Green economy 2that revenue cost can make welfare all walks of life throughout the region. So, do you

interested in put investment in this sector?

by : Aldila Hapsari IESP IV B UIN Syarif Hidayatullah jakarta