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Talent Neuron Weekly Digest

May 2nd 2013

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Talent Neuron - 2013 TiE50 Finalist:

We are happy to announce that Talent Neuron has been shortlisted as a finalist in 2013 TiE50. Every year, TiE recognizes top 50 startups with this award. Making it into the prestigious TiE50 finalist list has been possible because of our clients whose valuable feedback has always driven us to perform better. You can express your support by voting for us by clicking the following link (Click here). Your vote will help us in gaining visibility.

TALENT OUTLOOK 2013: SURVEY RESULTS Emerging Global Tier 2 Cities for Shared Services Operations

From Neuron Lab

Talent Neuron is implementing a feature to display Public Profiles and Patent owners information. This will enable talent acquisition teams in identifying highly qualified candidates with the required skills effectively. gateway will be expanded to incorporate additional content.

Location and Talent Insights

Talent Neuron commissioned an exhaustive study to understand the global expansion and talent trends of top 20 technology companies. The following are the key findings of the study: On an average top 20 technology companies have about 22 R&D centers spread across the globe. Companies in the revenue range of USD 30 - 80 Bn, have the highest number of R&D centers i.e. 39. 18 of the 20 companies (or 90%) had at least one development center in the APAC region. India, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia are the top locations in the region. 17 of the 20 companies (or 85%) have about 30% of their headcount in non-high cost locations.

Key Acquisitions
Google acquired Wavii, a natural language processing start-up for USD 30 million. With this acquisition, Google plans to strengthen its Knowledge Graph search feature. Facebook acquired Parse, a mobile start-up. The startup offers services that aid developers store data,

Organization Restructuring - Talent Opportunities

AOL has shut down its AOL Music news properties due to slack in advertising revenues and increasing competition. Companies like The Onions AV Club are in contact with the employees who were laid off by offering jobs and freelancing

engagements. Electronic Arts has laid off some of its employees in an effort to improve its operations.

Executive Talent Pool Movement

Apple hired Mr. Kevin Lynch, Chief Technology Officer of Adobe Systems; where he was responsible for subscription-based services, wireless devices and creative cloud solutions. At Apple, Mr. Kevin will hold the position of Vice President of Technology and lead the companys cloud services initiative. Square hired Ms. Francoise Brougher, former VP of SMB Global Sales and Operations at Google. At Square, Ms.Francoise will oversee the companys growth across revenue products and expansion into international markets.

manage identity logins, notifications and custom code in the cloud. With this acquisition, Facebook will be able to offer better backend services such as data storage, user management and notifications.

University Trends
IMS Health and Microsoft Research have partnered with Drexel Universitys National Academy of Science Center for Visual and Decision Informatics. The partnership will focus on developing visual and decision support tools & techniques that can help in improving interpretation and analysis of information. Claremont Graduate University entered into an agreement with Esri, a leading supplier of GIS software. The objective is to provide scholarships to 3 Esri employees for pursuing Masters or Doctoral Degree Program.

Country Spotlight - Canada

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Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Quebec City are the key cities for software product development talent in Canada. Toronto has the highest installed talent base (34,000) followed by Montreal (20,000), Quebec City (13,500), Ottawa (8,300) and Vancouver (7,300). Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg are the emerging cities in Canada for software product development activities. Universities in these cities produce about 2,000 to 3,000 graduates annually. The Canadian government recently launched The Start-Up Visa Program to attract entrepreneur immigrants. Key highlights of the program include an upfront permanent residency to entrepreneurs and financial incentives that cover the entire cost of investment. Entrepreneur needs to obtain funding from a VC or angel investment groups that have partnerships with the government.

Big Data Focus

In April 2013, IBM acquired UrbanCode, a software solution provider that allows automated updates for big data, social, mobile and cloud applications. The acquisition is expected to help IBM deliver solutions, especially SmartCloud and MobileFirst, faster to the SMB market.

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