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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) for Event Management

5th International Conference on Ocean Energy 2014 ~ Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada ~ November 4-6, 2014

Marine Renewables Canada invites your firm to submit a proposal for Event Management services for
the 5th International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada from November 4-6, 2014.

ICOE Information
The 5th International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) will be held from November 4-6, 2014 at the Trade Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Marine Renewables Canada is hosting this important conference in partnership with the ICOE International Committee. Global industry and academic experts in marine renewable energy will present over a hundred papers on themes important to growing this new marine industry. The conference provides an opportunity for a trade exhibition where many of the top industrial players will demonstrate the latest technologies in harnessing renewable energy from the sea. The International Conference on Ocean Energy is the most significant global marine energy event focused on the industrial development of renewable ocean energy. Held every two years, the goal of the conference and exhibition is to share recent experiences from research and demonstration efforts. It aims to accelerate development by stimulating collaborative networks between companies and research and development centers. It also specifically targets engagement of the experience of operators in related marine and power industry sectors. The conference is designed to attract and bring together international representatives of industry, academia, and others interested in the development of ocean energy and the continuing research in this area. The format of the event will be based on similar previous events held in Germany 2006, France in 2008, Spain in 2010 and Ireland last year and, amongst other things, will include: A three day conference for up to 900 delegates, including breakout sessions for up to 250 attendees each A trade exhibition to run alongside the conference Poster sessions for conference and seminar papers Associated social events including a welcome reception and gala dinner for up to 300 delegates

Marine Renewables Canada is seeking qualified conference and event management consultants to market and manage the entire event as a turnkey project and provide post event services.

About Marine Renewables Canada

Marine Renewables Canada aligns industry, academia and government to ensure that Canada is a leader in providing ocean energy solutions to a world market. Our Vision is for a Canadian sustainable marine renewable energy sector, serving domestic and export power needs and providing projects, technologies and expertise in a global market. Our focus is across Canada to support the marine energy developments in Canadas rivers, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In 2012 OREG rebranded as Marine Renewables Canada, and registered the association as a Canadian non-profit society. This change coincided with the movement towards implementation of the Canadian Marine Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap, and signified the growth of the industry. Marine Renewables Canada works endless to aid in the realisation of Canadas ocean energy resources, technologies, and project capabilities.

Marine Renewables Canada works by: Developing an identity for the sector at home and abroad Providing communications and referrals within the sector Developing and promoting a supply chain Creating a focus on innovation opportunities that can result in technology, techniques and services with potential world markets Recruitment of R,D and D capacity needed by the sector Development of competitive intelligence and appropriate strategic relationships Organising sector networking and information sharing opportunities Organising international marketing, missions and trade events Marine Renewables Canada membership includes technology and project developers, utilities, researchers, and the energy and marine supply chain. Marine Renewables Canada operates out of Nanaimo BC and Halifax NS.

Specifications and Requirements

The successful tenderer will report directly to Marine Renewables Canada with approvals required from Marine Renewables Canada management team and ICOE Committee where necessary. The services to be included within the proposal are: Event promotional material, marketing and PR in co-operation with, and as determined by, Marine Renewables Canada, specifically: Managing the design and print of all requisite promotional materials including brochures, invitations, conference programme, indoor and outdoor signage and other materials as specified; Assisting with updates, additions and edits of content to the ICOE 2014 website, including sponsor logos, agenda and speaker information and general delegate information (travel, accommodations, tourism info). The initial website and registration system will be designed by Marine Renewables Canada. Sponsorship Management Managing all event sponsors (tiered sponsorship offerings, partners, etc.) in co-operation with, and as determined by, Marine Renewables Canada. This will include sponsor confirmations and communications, drafting and sending agreements, liaising with sponsors as required and securing the sponsors approval on logo usage on all relevant communications materials. A maximum of fifteen sponsors with sponsorship income of $100,000. Management of Trade Exhibition Marketing the exhibition space(s) and securing appropriate exhibitors in the fields of ocean energy to occupy all stands (many contact leads will be supplied by Marine Renewables Canada) Producing an exhibition space plan, booking form and relevant information materials for exhibitors Drafting and agreeing contracts with exhibitors, to be approved by Marine Renewables Canada Organising meeting rooms, exhibition area and catering with venue Managing and appointing sub-contractors on the basis of competitively priced bids and complying with public procurement procedures to include the following (and any others deemed necessary):

o Supply and erection of shell schemes for the stand layout planned o Electrical sub-contractor o Furniture sub-contractor o Security company o Communications: phones and walkie-talkies o Cleaning company o Catering company (World Trade & Convention Centre) o Signage company Producing the exhibition catalogue Liaison with all exhibitors and exhibition contractors

Three-day International Conference, including: Securing official delegate services for ICOE 2014 includes hotel, car rental, travel agency; Assist attending delegates and speakers with accessing accommodation, car rental and tourism information is needed this information will be housed on the event website; Management of the abstract submission and evaluation system that will be built into the ICOE website Collection and management of speakers presentations/PowerPoints and organization of such for session. This will require working closely with the contracted AV company Coordinating and collecting submitted papers and their collation into an event thumb drive, including communicating with all speakers to gain approval for such. Management of conference speakers and session chairs, including detailed confirmations, scheduled speaking agendas, requirements, and multi-media submissions (PPTs etc) Arrangement of necessary staging, conference sets, backdrops, display materials including poster display panels; All liaison with venue to include set-up, timings, menus/catering, layout, seating, top-table requirements, and on-the-day management of service; Audio-visual requirements data projector/laptop, sound system, top-table microphones, lapel microphones, roving microphones, lighting, etc; Design of any necessary signage branding, directional signage etc; Suitably experienced staff to cover events, including continual manning of conference registration and helpdesk, stewarding service, speaker/guest liaison; On-the-day registration service including all badging requirements; General Event Management including: Preparation of suitable materials for distribution to attendees (tourism information, abstracts volume, conference presentations, briefing notes etc) and preparation of delegate bags; Liaison with speakers and VIP guests regarding travel and accommodation arrangements (including visas if required) and to ensure they are fully briefed as to their required speaking roles at the conference; Organisation and management of the welcome reception and gala dinner for all delegates Arranging for any special requirements dietary requirements, disabled access etc; Co-ordination of extensive media liaison and any required press photocall before, during and after the event, as determined by Marine Renewables Canada; Design and distribution of feedback forms to relevant attendees as a means of judging success of event and extent to which it met its objectives; Management of all health and safety aspects of the conference including evacuation procedures, fire drill etc.;

Management of Gala Dinner and Welcome Reception including: Securing suitable Halifax based venue and entertainment for gala dinner event; The Welcome Reception will take place in the exhibition area Determining pricing structure for tickets, in consultation with Marine Renewables Canada (discounts to be allowed to ICOE Committee members), and marketing the sales of same; Management and distribution of event tickets to attendees (mail); Managing any speakers and/or entertainment associated with this Gala Dinner and reception; All liaison with venue to include set-up, timings, menus/catering, layout, seating, top-table requirements, entertainment and on-the-night management of service; Audio-visual requirements data projector/laptop, sound system, , lighting, etc; Design of any necessary signage branding, directional signage etc; Suitably experienced staff to cover events, including management of entertainment, stewarding service, speaker/guest liaison; On-the-night registration service including all badging requirements. Post Event Services including: All clear-up in event venue, return of all hired equipment and agreement of venue bill on-site; Electronic distribution of all conference presentations as required; After-action review of success of event against objectives and event plan and production of report indicating areas of particular success and where improvement is needed in future; Debriefing meeting with ICOE Conference Committee to evaluate event. Additional Notes: Contact leads for speakers, exhibitors, delegates and sponsorship will be provided by Marine Renewables Canada but it will be the responsibility of the tenderer to update the contact list and to confirm all participants. The Trade Centre in Halifax has been secured as the location for the event The successful tenderer will be required to work closely with Marine Renewables Canada in delivering the operational logistics of the conference programme, which will run concurrently with the industry exhibition in a seminar theatre and other allocated rooms. The objective is that attendees will experience a tightly integrated event and that the exhibitors will receive maximum exposure to conference attendees. This will include close collaboration on services such as layout, signage, marketing, PR, registration, catering etc. Tenderers should indicate a willingness to collaborate in this way and reference any experience of similar collaboration.

Format of Proposal
The proposal must contain specific responses to each of the following items: A short Capability Statement demonstrating competence and appropriate experience; The capability statement should contain up to a maximum of 2 examples of similar conferences and events for which the proposer has been directly involved in a similar capacity; The approach proposed to meet the requirements; An overview of the specific team proposed; Proposed working and reporting arrangements including working contact; A detailed project schedule including specific review milestones which will enable Marine Renewables Canada to monitor overall progress; A detailed costing for the delivery of all aspects of the brief; Any observations or concerns regarding the management of this event;

Schedule of Costs
Marine Renewables Canada awards its contracts on the basis of a fixed price contract. As such the proposal should state a total fixed cost for providing all of the required services. Based on the following direct costs tenderers should use the table overleaf as a framework to outline all costs and proposed income rates for this event. Specifically proposals should state: The fixed cost for carrying out all of the work required to satisfy the requirement specification. This sum shall include all costs e.g. - any allowances which the tenderer wishes to make for expenses, travel, subsistence etc. must be quantified and included within the fixed price. The costs must be in Canadian dollars. The costs shall be exclusive of all taxes. Marine Renewables Canada will not be responsible for any errors on the calculation of the costs provided in response to this Invitation to tender. It is the responsibility of tenderers to ensure that the costs quoted are correct and properly calculated.

Evaluation and Award Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by an Evaluation Team composed of employees of Marine Renewables Canada together possibly with advisors, consultants and such other persons engaged or nominated by Marine Renewables Canada for the purposes of this RFP and process. The Services Agreement will be awarded from the qualifying proposals on the basis of the most economically advantageous proposal using the following award criteria (maximum score for each criterion in parenthesis): Range and depth of previous relevant experience (scored out of 20, minimum score of 14 required); Demonstrated understanding of the requirements and quality and level of resources to be applied to the project (scored out of 20, minimum score of 14 required); Quality of the proposal and methodology. Proposed management of assignment; incorporating best practice including environmental management, deliverables, time scales, and measures for ensuring quality (scored out of 30, minimum score of 21 required); Cost (scored out of 30);

Budgetary Guideline
Bids over $50,000.00 Cdn (before tax) will not be considered Marine Renewables Canada reserves the right to NOT award a contract as a result of this solicitation

Tendering Procedure and Deadline

The deadline for receipt of all proposals is 11:59 PM (AST) on May 31, 2013. Tenders should be submitted by email to: Amanda White, Operations Director Marine Renewables Canada

Questions arising from this RFP document should be directed to: Amanda White, Operations Director Marine Renewables Canada (902) 717-0716 During the evaluation period clarification may be sought in writing from tenderers. Response to requests for clarification may not materially change any of the elements of the proposals submitted. A number of the most competitive tenderers may be invited to make presentations on their proposals for the purpose of elaboration, clarification and/or aiding understanding. Tenderers will be required to bear their own costs in respect of any such presentations or demonstrations.

Although every care has been taken in preparing this RFP and equal care will be taken in conducting the process which arises out of this RFP, no representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied, in respect of any error or mis-statement by or on behalf of Marine Renewables Canada or any of its officers, employees, servants, advisers, consultants, contractors or agents is or will be made or given to any Tenderer to this RFP or to any other party, and no responsibility or liability will be accepted by Marine Renewables Canada or any of its officers, employees, servants, advisers, consultants, contractors or agents for the accuracy or completeness of this Invitation to Tender. Any and all liability and/or loss of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising (including liability and/or loss in any way resulting from the process and competition which arises out of this RFP) is hereby expressly disclaimed by Marine Renewables Canada and its officers, employees, servants, advisers, consultants, contractors and agents to the fullest extent permitted by law.