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Professional Experience Overview Overall 6 years of experience in SAP including 3 full life cycle implementations and 3 support projects for international clients. Worked as Project manager for 2 full life cycle implementation using ASAP methodology. 2 full life cycle implementation with SAP ABAP including SAP R/3 4.7 and SAP Change request management, Solution manager with CRM 3.0. One full life cycle implementation in SAP BW 3.5. Exposure in SAP functional areas including SD, MM, PP, PM, QM, CRM, SRM, WM, FICO and Middleware system including XI. Managing the relationship with onsite/offshore development teams and ensuring project delivery within stipulated timelines. Proven ability to manage and communicate with multidisciplinary distributed teams (including designers, developers, architects, and executives) with exceptional analytical and organisational abilities. SAP Skills ABAP Business Warehouse Webdynpro Workflow configuration and Monitoring Enhancement Spot,BADI,User-exit BAPI,RFC,function module,BTE,OO Smartform,Sapscript Module Pool BDC,LSMW ALE/IDOCS Reports:Classical,ALV,Interactive Data Dictionary OSS notes Performance tuning and Code Review Data Modelling: Creating and managing the Info Areas, Info object catalogs, Info Objects ,Info cubes, ODS objects, Info sets, Multi providers, Application components, Info sources, Data sources, DSO Objects, Communication structure, Transfer structure, Transfer rules, Update rules, Start Routines, Conversion Rules, Info package, Transformations, Migration, Re-Modelling, Object Transportation, DTPs ,Open Hub Services, Process chains and managing PSA. Data Extraction: LO Cockpit Extraction, CO-PA, Flat File Extraction, Activating and transporting Data sources, Deleting contents of setup tables, Customizing and Enhancement of Extract structure and Master Data extractions from R3 to BW and also know from CRM to BW. Reporting: Worked on front-end Business Warehouse Components like Queries, Variables, Conditions, Exceptions, Filters, Free

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Characteristics and RRI (Report to Report Interface). Solution Manager Performance Issues: Worked on Aggregates, Indexes, and Compression/collapse. Project Management Integration and Configurations of SAP transport system

Professional Experience Organisation Project Period Description Sulzer Pumps India Ltd. R/3 Support across US and India Dec 09 Jun 10 Sulzer Pumps India Ltd. is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers headquartered in Switzerland. SAP ECC 6 is implemented in US, India. Roles Environment Highlights Senior Technical Co-ordinator SAP ECC 6.0 Technical 1. Developed Webdynpro report for Project Template Object Relationship, Customised ALV report. 2. Created Enhancement spots for transactions CV02n. 3. Modified Smartform for inspection report, Sales Invoice. 4. Created Report Sales order register. 5. Created user-exit for (PM) IW51 Service notifications, (WM) LT02 splitting transfer order. 6. New transaction created for (PM) by addition of the functionality of creation or changing equipment BOM in repair and service order.
7. Performance Tuning and Code review.

Managerial 1. Managing and coordinating the off shore teams on the SAP development and enhancements (Team size 9). 2. Requirements gathering from Onsite Senior Business Analyst. 3. Creating Solution Design & Map Processes to meet the ongoing functional requirement. 4. Resource utilization, planning and forecasting - effective use of forecasting to build utilization predictions and resource accordingly. 5. Co-ordinate and conduct the UAT phase for the project, identify test scenarios and complete testing 6. Preparing SLA report and updating status report to the management.

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Organisation Project Period Description

Colgate Palmolive India Ltd. SAP Upgrade from SP15 to SP18(Enhancement pack 4) June 2009 to November 2009 Colgate-Palmolive - trusted brands for dental care, personal care and pet nutrition. In terms of technical environment, Colgate-Palmolive has one of the biggest SAP setup and is ramp-up customer for SAP. Technical Project Manager SAP Solution Manager 4.0. 1. Preparing Project plan and technical feasibility study. 2. Analyzing gaps by reviewing the project outcomes with the defined plan and communicating action items. 3. Planning escalation routes for risks, issues,dependancies and change control. 4. Planning cutover activities with respective stakeholders and monitoring implementation closely. 5. Post implementation acknowledgement from Business users.

Role Environment Highlights


SAP enhancements for CHARM SMS Alerts for CHARM Service Messages Lotus notes integration with CHARM DATACOM interface with CHARM. Search engine for CHARM

Period Description

January 2009 to May 2009 Colgate-Palmolive - trusted brands for dental care, personal care and pet nutrition. In terms of technical environment, Colgate-Palmolive has one of the biggest SAP setup and is ramp-up customer for SAP. Senior Technical Analyst SAP Solution Manager 4.0, Enterprise Portal 4.0. 1. Customized ABAP objects for SMS alerts. 2. Created iview in Enterprise portal for integration of IBM lotus notes with SAP system. 3. Created Customized BAPI for interface with DATACOM system. 4. Developed Webdynpro report for Search Engine. 5. Created deployment plan for the implementation of the new solution. 6. Prepared Technical Feasibility study with Project team and respective resource allocations. 7. Co-ordinated and conducted the UAT phase for the project, identify test scenarios and complete testing. 8. Planning of cutover activities with respective stakeholders and monitored implementation closely. 9. Ensured completion of Project within stipulated timelines.

Role Environment Highlights

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Project Period Role Environment

Supply Chain Support management ,USA May 2007 December 2008 Senior Technical Analyst for SRM Rollout and SCM support SRM 5.0,XI 7.0 ,SAP ECC 6.0 including R/3 modules : Material Management, Plant Maintenance, Quality Maintenance, Production Control, Warehouse Management . 1. Responsible for co-coordinating technical activities in SRM Rollout. 2. Taking knowledge transition from IBM implementation team. 3. Understanding the SRM system functionalities and transfer the knowledge to Technical team. 4. Modifying enhancements in Workflow using BADI's for Purchase order creation. 5. Monitoring Workflow for Purchase Order Creation. 6. Monitoring of Purchase orders in XI system from Vendors. 7. Identifying the failed Purchase orders in XI system and taking corrective actions for issue resolution. 8. Workflow development for error notifications in inbound Idocs. 9. User exit created for PM: IW26 Notifications. 10. ALV interactive report for Production planning and control. 11. Requirement gathering from Onsite Business Analyst / Business End Users. 12. Provide technical specifications for the ongoing development requirements. 13. Analysing Service Message and assigning it to the right resource. 14. Review the assigned tasks on timely basis to fill the gaps and overcome roadblocks.


Project Period Role Environment Highlights

CHARM Implementation May 2006 to April 2007 Technical analyst SAP Solution Manager 4.0 , Change Request Management 1. Creation of ALV interactive KPI report. 2. Modifications in BADI while saving the Service Message. 3. Smartform creation and modifications for Email notifications. 4. Modification of BSP Reports for Service Message creation. 5. SMSY Configurations, Transport route management. 6. Creating maintenance cycle/projects for CHARM system. 7. Project requirement gathering from Project manager. 8. Attending Project meetings involving with SAP. 9. Interacted with various business users to prepare Business Process requirements, Interface Requirements Specification (IRS) Documents, Systems and landscape Diagrams, Interface Diagrams, Process flow charts.

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Project Period Role Environment Highlights

Business Warehouse Support Dec 2005 to April 2006 Developer SAP BW 3.5 1. Migration of data from SAP R/3 using LO Cockpit and Generic Extractor. 2. Involved in filling the Set up Tables for Logistics Modules like SD, MM. 3. Involved in creating Generic Extractors using Database tables and Views. 4. Installation of relevant Business Content Objects whenever it will be required. 5. Worked on SD and MM Reports. 6. Designed Reports on Multi Provider & Infocubes.

Organisation Project Period Description

Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd. Business Warehouse Implementation May 2005 November 2005 BEPL is a vertically integrated petrochemical company that manufactures ABS which acts as a raw material for leading companies.BEPL has implemented well established SAP infrastructure in 2005. Developer SAP BW 3.5 1. Used ODS for data staging and data consolidation before transferring the contents into data models. 2. Worked on Infoobjects, Navigational Attributes, Infosources, Transfer structures, Transfer rules, Communication structure, Update rules, ODS objects, Info cubes, Info packages. 3. Designing & maintaining the structure of data flow from source system to BW, ensuring correctness of data extraction and to create subsequent queries as per client requirement. 4. Worked on Variables, Filters, Restricted key figure, calculated key figure and Exceptions for BEX Queries.

Roles Environment Highlights

Project Period Role Environment Highlights

SAP R/3 Implementation September 2004 to April 2005 Developer SAP R/3 4.7 1. Played key role as an ABAP developer.

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2. Interactive Reports developed in FICO Reconciliation, Document flow in SD, Purchase order register in PP, BDCs, User-exits, Function Modules, SAP script, Dialog Programming. Organisation Project Period Description Roles Environment Highlights Growel Softech Pvt Ltd. Training and Development May 2004 September 2004 Growel Softech is a part of Growel group who are engaged in SAP training and development. Consultant SAP IDES 4.6 To impart training on the following topics. Education Qualification Year of Passing May 2004 Degree Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Diploma in Computer Technology University University of Mumbai Reports:Classical,ALV,Interactive Data Dictionary OSS notes Performance tuning and Code Review User-exit BAPI,RFC,function module Smartform,Sapscript Module Pools BDC,LSMW ALE/IDOCS

July 1999

Mumbai Institute of Technology

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