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QUIZ CHAPTER QUESTIONS True/False 1. The Internet is an example of a robust networkdesign. (T) 2.

Some organizations use a website for only internal communications. (T) 3. Theonline auction is an example of a "transaction enabler" Internet service model. (F) 4. A "portal"is useful when searching for information. (T) 5. The electronic service product dimension isdefined in terms service content. (F) 6. Electronic services share many of the characteristics of traditional services. (T) 7. The electronic service process dimension includes online and offlineactivities. (T) 8. Scalability is a measure of how unit variable cost relates to transaction volume.(T) 9. In general, E-service approaches infinite scalability. (T) 10. Healthcare is an example of aservice that exhibits high scalability. (F) 11. The rush for market share to cover fixed costs is ane-commerce phenomenon that is driven by the economics of scalability. (T) 12. Kelly Blue Book( is an example of an e-service that requires a call centers. (F) 13. eBay is an exampleof an intermediary business model. (T) 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.Value Net Integrator is an e-business model that provides value by integrating a full range of services in one domain. (F) Convenience is a competitive differentiation feature of a traditionalservice as personalization is for an E-service. (F) Reliance on a computer is an advantage of online shopping. (F) Less price and selection control is a disadvantage of online shopping. (T) Acustomers modem capability could contribute to heterogeneity in speed of delivery. (T) Privacyis enhanced when using electronic services. (T) Scalability is enhanced with self-service. (T) Anautomatic teller machine is an example of a fixed-sequence robot. (F) An expert system canproduce operations from memory that were originally executed by an expert in that particular area. (F) Radical service innovations are mostly driven by technological innovations. (T) Automated parking lot gate is an example of a fixed sequence robot. (T) High-touch services aregenerally immune to self-service. (T) Self-service falls into the technologygenerated serviceencounter category. (T) Because customers participate directly in the service process, thesuccess of technological innovation in services is dependent upon customer acceptance. (F) 61Chapter 5 Technology in Services Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following is not a use for awebsite? a. To convey information b. To process orders c. To answer customer complaints* d.To embellish existing serivce 62 Chapter 5 Technology in Services 2. The most widelyadvertised use of the Internet is the _____________ a. portal. b. online retailer.* c. marketmaker. d. transaction enabler. 3. _________ create a market for items that would be difficult tosell locally. a. Market makers* b. Transaction enablers c. Online retailers d. Portals 4. Whichone of the following is not a feature of an electronic service? a. Personalization* b. Anytime c. Anonymity d. Convenience Advantages 5. of online grocery shopping include all but one of thefollowing. a. Convenience b. Saves time c. Reduces impulse buying d. Memory trigger* 6.Electronic service product dimensions include all but one of the following features: a. Intangibleb. Consumption and delivery are simultaneous c. Have core and auxiliary elements d. All of theabove. 63 Chapter 5 Technology in Services 7. _______ brings together buyers and sellers byconcentrating information. a. Portal b. Intermediary* c. Value Net Integrator d. Content Provider 8. Electronic service process dimensions include all but one of the following features: a. Includeboth frontoffice and back-office processes b. Degree of self-service c. Degree of customizationd. All of the above.* 9. Which of the following features does not describe the advantages of traditional shopping? a. Convenience* b. Product sampling c. Social interaction d. Exposure tonew items 10. Disadvantages of online grocery shopping include all but one of the following. a.Forget items b. Delivery fee c. Reliance on personal computer d. Impulse buying* 11

___________ is an example of a shared infrastructure. a. SABRE * b. GE Supply c. 7-ElevenJapan d. 64 Chapter 5 Technology in Services 12. Which among the following isnot an advantage of a traditional grocery shopping? a. Memory trigger b. Product sampling c.Safety * d. Social interaction 13. Disadvantages of traditional shopping include all but one of thefollowing: a. Time consuming b. Memory trigger * c. Impulse buying d. Safety 14. Sources of revenue for e-services include all but one of the following: a. Information and advise b. Advertising c. Commissions d. Technology support* 15. The Ford and Microsoft joint onlineventure CarPoint is an example of which use of a website? a. Channel to sell a product or service b. Convey information c. Process orders d. All of the above* 16. Which one of thefollowing is not an E-business model? a. Content provider b. Online retailer* c. Full-serviceprovider d. Whole-of-enterprise 65 Chapter 5 Technology in Services 17. E-business is basedon which of the following technologies? a. Addressing system of URLs b. Communicationsstandard TCP/IP c. Personal computers d. All of the above* 18. Which one of the following isnot an organizations use for a website? a. To process orders b. To convey information c. Tocommunicate with membership d. To attract customers* 19. Which one of the following is not afeature of electronic service? a. Personalization* b. Convenience c. Anonymity d. Anytime 20.Which one of the following is not a dimension of scalability? a. Information vs. goods content b.Degree of self-service* c. Cost of after-sales service d. Shipping and handling costs 21. Anautomatic teller machine would be considered a ________ robot. a. numerical control b.playback c. variable sequence* d. fixed sequence 66 Chapter 5 Technology in Services 22.Selfservice falls into the Technology - ______ Service Encounter category. a. Assisted b.Generated* c. Facilitated d. Mediated