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Mayors Summer Jobs Program

Investing in Jacksonvilles Future

City of Jacksonville 117 W. Duval Street Jacksonville, FL 32202

Investing in the Future

Mayor Browns Summer Jobs Program will provide youth with an opportunity to gain useful and necessary skills for future success in the workforce. Preparing our young people for the future is a key to Jacksonvilles economic future and community success. This six-week program is designed to prepare youth with job readiness and soft skills training to compete economically. These can be full-time and/or part-time positions paying minimum wage. Target Audiences: This program is open to ALL youth in Duval County between the ages of 16-21 years old. Students must be a resident of Duval County and be able to provide a birth certificate, Social Security card and identification. Program Dates: June 17 July 26 Location: Citywide Other Specifics: Full-time and/or Part-time with starting pay of $7.79 per hour

Learn, Earn and Build

Our Goals
The goals of the Summer Jobs Program for Jacksonvilles youth are to: Create a positive work experience Provide exposure to potential career fields Teach business etiquette, conflict resolution, job search/interviewing, and money management skills Increase financial resources Acquire understanding and knowledge of a work environment Understand employers expectations and the responsibility of reporting to a job every day For many participants, this program will provide their first experience in the job market and their first pay check. Participants will spend their summer learning, earning and building on their futures.

OUR Commitment to YOU

The City of Jacksonville will manage the program with a full-time program manager. This person will be available to answer questions and guide you. The City of Jacksonville will also provide a Team Leader to serve as a contact. Each Team Leader will: Monitor the youth on their jobs Ensure the participating youth attends the three mandatory training sessions Make periodic visits to your site Be a resource to your supervisors and participants to ensure job performance is acceptable Assist youth overcome barriers Serve as additional partner for the employer

Program Design
Students will be recruited using various social media tools, school blasts, community groups and through faith-based organizations. In partnership with Duval County Public Schools, flyers, announcements and special invitations will be made available to all area students. Employ Florida website will be used to register candidates where they will receive an interview time with a WORKSource representative. Once interviewed, participants will then be given a letter with the name of the company they have been selected to meet.

Pre-Employment Training
Pre-Employment Training will be administered by the City of Jacksonville, community and business volunteers. The eight-hour training will include customer service, business 101, professional image, ethics, diversity and financial awareness.

Benefits to Business
The businesses, governmental agencies and non-profits that hire these young people will also benefit from the experience. Your Business and Your Community benefits include: Investing in a potential future applicant pool Alleviating the work load while full-time staff take vacation Allowing extra work to be completed; get caught up or get ahead on projects Providing an opportunity to give YOUR staff experience managing others Gaining pre-screened candidates Being featured as a sponsor/partner of the website Participating in the Kick-off News Conference Recognized as a Summer Jobs Employer Participating in the social media campaign Appearing on the citys discount page Creating a present-day and future customer base Attracting other potential media exposure Minimizing cost because summer employees are paid minimum wage ($7.79 hour)

Most of all, by hiring young people for the summer, employers are helping to keep our youth productive, off the streets and out of trouble.

For more information and to register as an employer/partner, visit