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Daily Express
Tim Clarke
captures the
magical moment
on the balcony
at Buckingham
Palace that
thrilled billions
of fans around
the world
2 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
THE KISS: Charles, Camilla and most of the bridesmaids look on...but three-year-old Grace van Cutsem, circled, found the cheers were just a bit too loud
Kate and
William in his
fathers classic
Aston Martin
and inset,
Charles and
Diana in the
car in 1982

PRINCE William and Kate Middle-
ton sealed their eight-year romance
with two kisses on the Buckingham
Palace balcony yesterday.
To the delight of an almost two
million-strong crowd and two
billion watching on television around
the world the newlyweds declared
their love for all to see.
Despite all the planning and
rehearsals, nothing could have
prepared Kate for the size of the
crowd outside the Palace. Awe-
struck, she exclaimed: Oh wow!
In touching and intimate
moments, her new husband tenderly
coaxed her into a public display of
affection. Is it going to be OK to do
it now? he asked, before briey
pecking her on the lips.
Buoyed by an expectant crowd,
he grew more condent as his wife
relaxed in the sunshine.
Do another kiss. Do another kiss.
Come on, one more, he urged,
before they embraced, exchanging a
longer, deeper kiss. No more. No
more. Its embarrassing, William
said afterwards.
Their duty done, they enjoyed a
brief ypast by planes from the
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
and modern jets. Perfect forma-
tion, said Kate before the newly-
weds went back inside to join their
family, friends and guests. The
couple, made Duke and Duchess of
Cambridge yesterday by the Queen,
were married in a majestic ceremony
at Westminster Abbey.
In a stunning ivory lace gown
designed by Sarah Burton of Alex-
ander McQueen, Kate walked up
the red-carpeted aisle a commoner
and came back a future Queen.
In the dashing scarlet dress
uniform of Colonel of the Irish
Guards, William, 28, was the last
person among the 1,900 congrega-
tion to see his bride, facing the altar
until she arrived beside him. You
look beautiful, he told her as he
turned towards her.
As they took their vows, the Royal
Family looked on with pride. Its
amazing, the Queen said after-
wards, while Williams stepmother,
Camilla, appeared overcome as she
struggled to hold back the tears.
After the ceremony, the couple
were driven to their wedding break-
fast at Buckingham Palace in the
open-top 1902 State Landau to
the cheers of a ag-waving crowd.
In a poignant speech in front of
the 650 guests at the reception
Prince Charles paid an emotional
tribute to his new daughter-in-law
and admitted: We are lucky to have
Later, to the delight of onlookers
the new Duke and Duchess briey
left the Palace in Charless open-top
Aston Martin festooned with bal-
loons, an L-plate, and a number
plate that read Just Wed.
Overhead, Williams RAF search
and rescue colleagues saluted the
couple from a yellow Sea King heli-
Last night, Kate, 29, switched into
another McQueen/Burton creation
for her wedding party at Bucking-
ham Palace.
Leaving Clarence House just
before 8pm with her new husband,
she looked stunning in a strapless
white satin gazar evening dress with
a circle skirt and diamante embroi-
dered detail round the waist, and a
white angora bolero shrug.
Accompanied by Charles and
Camilla, the royal party looked
happy and relaxed. Speaking on her
way in to the Palace, the new Duch-
ess of Cambridge said: I am glad
the weather held off. We had a great
Earlier, many in the crowd shed
tears as they recalled the newly-
weds embrace in moving scenes
reminiscent of Charles and Dianas
balcony kiss 30 years ago.
Kellie Beckwith, 37, of Wickford,
Essex, who had camped out over-
night with her family, said: The kiss
was magical. I am in tears. It made
me feel proud to be British.
Pat Naughton, 64, from Widnes,
Cheshire, said: Princess Diana
would have loved this but shell be
watching over them.
As the nation reected on a magi-
cal day, David Cameron summed up
the mood. Its a great moment for
Britain, he said. Theres no greater
country and no better place to be
than right here, right now.
Number ol Rich 1ea biscuiLs
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CuesLs in WesLminsLer Abbey
PercenLaqe increase in sales ol
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Number ol people
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JournalisLs, phoLoqraphers and
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 3
JUST WED: Kate and William wave to the crowds from the Palace balcony before driving to Clarence House in Charless 1969 Aston Martin DB6, below
Kate leaves
House for the
at the Palace
4 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
The Queen gives newlyweds a trio of titles
ARRIVALS: Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and his brother Prince Harry at the Abbey
SMILES ALL THE WAY: The Queen and Prince Philip, happily on their way back to the Palace. Above, Kate gives William a loving look after the ceremony
THEY were just three words but
they perfectly captured a moment of
heart-stopping tenderness.
As Kate Middleton joined her
bridegroom before the altar of West-
minster Abbey and Prince William
set eyes on his bride, he simply said:
You look beautiful.
Kate has been called beautiful
many times already but she never
deserved it more.
Prince Harry, Williams brother
and best man, had given a hint of
what to expect. Christ! She looks
stunning! he exclaimed as he
sneaked a peek while Kate made her
way up the long aisle of the Abbey.
But his brothers heartfelt out-
burst still left William unprepared.
And so a moment so intimate that
it felt almost unseemly to witness it
was shared not only by the close on
2,000 people in the Abbey but by two
billion others around the globe.
It was a moment, however, for
which William has spent almost a
lifetime in preparation.
And with nerves so obviously
strained, he used his experience of
this stage to whisper to Kates father
Michael: Were supposed to have
just a small family affair.
And that, in essence was what the
whole ceremony was about.
We were promised a wedding that
would be shared with the world, yet
would remain intimate, a ceremony
that would have all the requisite
pomp and circumstance and yet
would also be relaxed and modern.
And by heaven, William and Kate
and the combined forces of Buck-
ingham Palace, St James Palace,
Clarence House and Westminster
Abbey, pulled it off.
If one word summed up the atmos-
phere in Westminster Abbey it would
be informal. Yes, there was solem-
nity when it was appropriate but of
stufness there was not a hint.
Nobody sat rigid, not daring to
move without permission. Instead,
people milled around the nave,
greeting friends, embracing, swap-
ping compliments, leaning over
chairs to have a good old gossip.
It was more like one of the Queens
garden parties than a gathering of
the great and the good in the coun-
trys premier place of holy worship.
Before the main event, a moment
of comedy as a woman in full wed-
ding nery appeared wielding an
old-fashioned Ewbank carpet
sweeper. She was Hettie Wood who
normally works in human resources
at the Abbey. But on this day she
was charged with keeping the red
carpet in front of the high altar abso-
lutely spotless and dust-free.
It was not even 10am when Prince
William arrived. In the scarlet tunic
of the Irish Guards he looked both
dashing and boyish and suddenly,
oh so young. For a second there was
a ashback to the shy boy who
walked behind his mothers cofn
nearly 14 years ago.
It was Harry the party animal who
looked nervous. His ginger mop
looked as if he had forgotten to
comb it and he seemed in the grip of
a hyperactive episode. While William
courteously took his time greeting
the Abbey clergy, Harry seemed to
be straining at the leash, eager to
make that walk up to the altar.
Carole Middleton was next to
arrive, a picture of slender elegance
in a hat and coat of duck-egg blue
silk over an ivory dress and a
master class in how to look youthful
at 56 without straying into mutton-
dressed-as-lamb territory.
One can only guess at the thoughts
going through the mind of this Dur-
ham miners granddaughter. They
must surely have run along the lines
of How on earth did I get here?
Ushers urged guests to take their
seats for the arrival rst of the lesser
royals then the Prince of Wales and
the Duchess of Cornwall. Then, a
trumpet fanfare and a brilliant
ash of yellow appeared at the
Abbey door. It was the Queen, in a
stylish coat the colour of spring daf-
fodils, the emblem of Wales.
The arrival of the bridesmaids and
pageboys was next. The four little
bridesmaids drew a collective aahh,
especially when three-year-old Grace
van Cutsem Prince Williams god-
daughter yawned elaborately. As
for Pippa Middleton, Kates younger
sister and maid of honour, her slinky
satin, cowl-necked gown showed her
at her slender best. Five minutes
after leaving the Goring Hotel, the
bride was with us on time to the
second, breathtakingly beautiful.
She had managed to keep every
detail of her wedding dress a secret;
not even the name of the designer,
Sarah Burton of Alexander
McQueen, was known until the
moment Kate was en route. With its
timeless elegance, it is a safe bet this
royal bridal gown will not be mocked
in years to come as have others. And
that waist! Kate has literally
achieved a handspan waist without
the aid of corsetry.
As she began her long walk to the
altar, the choir exploded into I Was
Glad, the 122nd psalm set to music
by Charles Hubert Hastings Parry.
The words reected her face per-
fectly. Michael Middleton looked as
if he would burst with fatherly pride.
William did not turn around even
once to watch his bride as she drew
near. Harry did, several times, and
delivered his aforementioned ver-
dict, and continued to feed his
brother a running commentary,
clearly along the lines of , Wow, are
YOU in for a treat.
As the couple said their vows,
their voices were barely audible.
However, the way they held each
others eyes as they made their
promises to each other spoke just as
eloquently as those beautiful words
from the Book of Common Prayer.
There was a murmur of mirth as
William struggled to place the ring
on the brides nger but no names
were uffed: William Arthur Philip
Louis was properly wed to Cather-
ine Elizabeth and vice versa.
Throughout the ceremony one
was struck by how minutely it had
all been choreographed. It must
have taken umpteen trial runs with
a stop-watch, yet it ran on rails. This
at least is something Britain still
does well.
The Bishop of London spoke of
the transformative effect of mar-
riage. It SHOULD change people, he
said, but not in a controlling way.
Rather, husband and wife should
make one another their work of art.
And William and Kate ARE trans-
formed this morning from the people
they were yesterday morning.
He has married not only his true
love but the woman who will stand
by him all his life. She is no longer
simply Kate; she has become a
princess and must train herself for a
mode of living so singular that it
cannot be described, only experi-
They are the next chapter in the
book of our nations history.
Judging from the warmth in which
the streets of London and good-
ness knows how many others else-
where was bathed yesterday, it will
be a damn good read.
PRINCE William and his wife will
be known as the Duke and
Duchess of Cambridge after he
was given the highest rank in
British peerage to mark his
William also takes the titles Earl
of Strathearn and Baron
Carrickfergus, which means his
bride leaves behind her
commoner roots to become
Countess of Strathearn and
Baroness Carrickfergus.
The titles all bestowed after
discussions between William and
his grandmother link the
newlyweds to England, Scotland
and Northern Ireland.
As well as a duchess, Kate is
also technically Princess William
of Wales. She is not ofcially
Princess Catherine as she was
not born a princess.
Instead she adopts her
husbands rst name, in the same
way as Princess Michael, who
married Prince Michael of Kent.
But it is likely that in the eyes of
the media and the public she will
be known as Princess Kate.
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 5
TO THE ALTAR: Kate, holding her father Michaels hand, greets William. Below, William slips the wedding ring on her nger. But there is a slight fumble and hesitation because it is a tight t
6 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Kate, the McQueen
of fairytale fashion
VEIL OF JOY: Kate and William kneel in the Abbey
THE royal couple are now to be known as
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but
the title might not have been available had
Williams uncle Prince Edward chosen it,
as he was expected to before his 1999
marriage to Sophie Rhys Jones. However,
after watching the 1998 Oscar-winning
lm Shakespeare In Love the theatrical
prince was said to have so liked the title
of the character played by Colin Firth, he
asked the Queen if he could be given
that one instead and so became the Earl
of Wessex.

OLDER royal watchers were startled to note
the almost slimline appearance of the
current King of Tonga, George Tupou V, as
he arrived at Westminster
Abbey yesterday. Thats
because many people old
enough to recall the 1953
Coronation of our Queen
still associate the South
Pacic kingdom with the
awesomely heavy Queen
Salote, pictured, who was
easily the most
memorable royal guest to attend. Noel
Coward asked who the very small man
might be travelling in 6ft 3in Salotes open
carriage on the day replied as quick as a
ash: Thats her lunch.

UNLIKE Dianas endearing mix up of
Charless names at their wedding 30 years
ago, there were no uffed lines this time
during the exchange of vows. Perhaps this
had something to do with the melliuous
tones of the Archbishop of Canterbury
Dr Rowan Williams, which seemed to put
the couple at ease. A camera close-up also
showed that the Archbish had made a
few handwritten notes on his order of
service in green ink. Perhaps Beardie
writes angry letters to public gures in
his spare time.

WELL, that was a bit of a waste of time
the BBC doubtless had to pull a few strings
to get Formula One presenter Jake
Humphrey up in the Lancaster, which,
along with a Hurricane and Spitre,
provided a stirring ypast over
Buckingham Palace as the couple emerged
on the balcony. But whatever high hopes
they harboured for the moment were
dashed when the link to Humphrey was
uffed before hed barely had a chance to
utter a word and the screen switched back
to the balcony scene. Doh! Meanwhile,
Fearne Cotton was up early on The Mall
interviewing spectators for the BBC, only
for one of them to tell her how glad they
were to be there with Sky TV. Double Doh!

CHIEF bridesmaid Pippa Middletons
stunning appearance certainly turned
more than a few male heads, not least
cricketer Michael
Vaughan, pictured. He
caused something of a stir
by Tweeting: Lets all
pray for Harrypray that
he gets lucky tonight with
Pippago on Harry. Is
this really appropriate
comment from a former
England captain? Or just
what most other blokes
were thinking too? Just in case Vaughans
hopes do come true, bookmakers Paddy
Power are currently offering 100-1 on Pippa
marrying Harry.

SOMETIMES it takes an outsider to make
the most telling comment: Barbara Walters,
doyenne of American TV news told ABC
viewers across the Atlantic that whereas
Charles and Diana scarcely looked at each
other during their wedding service in 1981,
William and Kate were warm and natural
throughout. Very true.
MODEST, delicate, dignied
and utterly unpretentious
much like her wedding dress
itself the new Duchess of
Cambridge was always destined
to look radiant.
This was her day and nothing
could overshadow her.
Comparisons were drawn to
Grace Kelly at her 1956 wedding
to Prince Rainier of Monaco.
Princess Grace was similarly
praised for her fairytale majesty,
in a dress that combined
elegance and pageantry but
yesterday there was also some-
thing other-worldly about the
vision of this royal bride.
With Westminster Abbey dec-
orated to look like an enchant-
ing woodland, she emerged like
a beautiful, almost medieval
princess, shrouded in soft layers
of ivory tulle. All the symbolism
was there in the oral applique
and full skirt that was said to
echo an opening ower the
budding princess who would
one day blossom into a Queen.
While there were hints of the
Alexander McQueen legacy in
the tiny, Victorian-esque cor-
seted waist and padded hips,
this was clearly the Duchesss
dress. McQueen always had a
profound respect for traditional
craftsmanship, and nature was
one of the most enduring inu-
ences on his work, a legacy con-
tinued by Sarah Burton.
In contrast to Lady Diana
Spencers commission of the
relatively unknown David and
Elizabeth Emanuel for her wed-
ding dress in 1981, Kate chose
one of the biggest, not to men-
tion distinctive and cutting-
edge, names in fashion.
Unlike Dianas amboyant
gown, which evoked the spirit of
the 1980s, this design was beau-
tifully timeless.
It is also a testament to Kates
strength of character that in a
society where every secret seems
a mere click away even the
wedding soundtrack can be
downloaded on iTunes the
identity of the designer was kept
secret for so long.
And judging by Prince Wil-
liams face at the altar, it was
worth every effort.
The dress, and through it the
bride, will have a symbolic
importance that will resonate
through the ages.
When Princess Elizabeth mar-
ried Prince Philip in 1947, her
dress, inspired by Botticellis
Primavera, represented rejuve-
nation and new life following the
dark years of the war.
In the same way, as the Duch-
ess of Cambridge walked
through the avenue of trees
reaching up to the soaring
arches of the Abbey, her ivory
gown yesterday suggested a
monarchy refreshed.
BREATHTAKING: Kate arrives at the Abbey in her Alexander McQueen gown, with sister and maid of honour Pippa
IT had been the most grip-
ping royal whodunnit since
the Princes in the Tower.
In the end, Kate Middle-
ton picked Britains highest-
prole fashion name to
design the dress of the
Her choice of Sarah Bur-
ton, the late Alexander
McQueens protegee, was
rewarded by a gown that
was at rst breathtaking in
its apparent simplicity, but
later revealed craftsmanship
of remarkable intricacy.
Its combination of tradi-
tion and modernity owed
much to Kate, who worked
with Burton on the design.
The bodice, overlaid with
handmade lace applique,
opened out into a full skirt of
white and ivory satin gazar,
with a soft pleated train
more than 8ft long.
The veil was made of soft
ivory silk tulle, with a trim of
hand-embroidered owers.
It took 60 artisans from
the Royal School of Needle-
work at Hampton Court Pal-
ace to hand-cut and sew the
lace owers, which incorpo-
rated the rose, thistle, daffo-
dil and shamrock, the four
owers of the home nations.
The back was nished
with 58 gazar and organza
covered buttons, with an
underskirt made of silk tulle.
Painstaking care had to be
taken to ensure that each
ower motif was precisely
the same colour, as English
Cluny lace and French Chan-
tilly had been sourced from
both sides of the Channel.
The intricate Carrickmac-
ross lace-making technique
had featured on Dianas
wedding dress, and is named
after the market town in
County Monaghan, Ireland.
Each ower was stitched
every two to three millime-
tres. Workers washed their
hands every 30 minutes to
keep lace and threads pris-
tine. The needles were also
renewed every three hours
to keep them sharp.
Kate applied her under-
stated make-up herself,
while her hair was swept up
in a demi-chignon by James
Pryce of the Richard Ward
salon in the Kings Road.
Burton had kept her role
under wraps. She said: The
last few months have been
very exciting and an incredi-
ble experience for my team
and I as we have worked
closely with Catherine to cre-
ate this dress under condi-
tions of the strictest secrecy.
Understandably, Cather-
ine has been very keen to
keep the details of her dress
a secret, which is every
brides prerogative, and we
gave an undertaking to keep
our role condential.
I am very grateful and
honoured to have been given
the opportunity, and I wish
the HRH Prince William and
Princess Catherine every
good wish for the future.
FOLLOWING the death of
Alexander McQueen, it was
feared his company would
never recover.
Yet not only did his
protegee Sarah Burton step
into his shoes, she brought
out a softer side to the
label, thought to have
caught Kate Middletons eye
in 2005 with the dress worn
by Sara Buys at her
wedding to Tom Parker
Bowles. Manchester-born
Sarah, 36, joined Alexander
McQueen in 1997 after
studying fashion in London.
Appointed head of
womenswear in 2000, she
was McQueens right-hand
woman until his death in
February last year.
Admitting that taking over
was intimidating, she said:
In the end I just decided to
get on with it, do my best.
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 7
THE halo tiara lent to
Kate by the Queen
served as the traditional
something borrowed
on her wedding day.
Made by Cartier in
1936, it was handed
down to the Queen, then
Princess Elizabeth, by
her mother on her 18th
birthday in 1944.
The something new
were the brides
diamond-set stylised
oak leaf and acorn
earrings. They were a
gift from her parents,
inspired by the new
Middleton family coat of
arms, which includes
acorns and oak leaves.
Something old was
the traditional
craftsmanship that
created the bridal gown.
And something blue
was a blue ribbon sewn
inside the dress.
KATES bridal owers
included a touching tribute
to her husband-to-be.
As well as Sweet
William, the shield-shaped
bouquet, designed by
Shane Connolly,
contained myrtle from a
bush planted by Queen
Victoria in 1845 and a
sprig off a plant grown
from myrtle in the Queens
wedding bouquet of 1947.
8 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
THEY said they wanted us to
celebrate one of the happiest days of
their lives and how the nation
obliged... This was the amazing sight
that greeted William and Kate as they
stepped out on to the balcony for that
now-famous kiss a crowd scene
caught by a camera on the roof of
Buckingham Palace. It is little wonder
that as Kate looked down from the
iconic balcony at the front of the
Palace, she simply gasped oh wow!
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 9
The surging throng surrounded the
Queen Victoria Memorial, with some
wading into the water. Well, it was
worth a soaking to get a better view.
Earlier, when the police opened The
Mall, the good-natured multitude
surged along the mile-long route,
above inset, turning it into a sea of
red, white and blue in scenes of
jubilation. These were just some of
the nearly two million people who had
piled into London for the big day.
10 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
STYLISH: Mother of the bride Carole Middleton looked impeccable in her outt
ELEGANT: Pippas beautiful evening dress
Amsterdam Sunny 21C/70F
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Rome Showers 17C/63F
Amsterdam Sunny 19C/66F
Brussels Sunny 20C/68F
Dublin Sunny 15C/59F
Frankfurt Sunny 20C/68F
Geneva Sunny 22C/72F
Lisbon Showers 17C/63F
Madrid Fair 20C/68F
Paris Fair 23C/73F
Rome Sunny 20C/68F
(24 hours
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Coldest: Aboyne -2C (28F)
Wettest: Loch Glascarnoch 0.24in.
Sunniest: Valley 13.3hr.
C`^_k`e^$lgk`d\j Glasgow 8.51pm-5.35am
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Temperatures in Centigrade
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Joday's summary: Jleep
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Feeling warm for most, but a little chilly
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UK OUTLOOK TOMORROW: Showers for parts of southwestern Britain, some heavy
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Glasgow 9.7 0.00 2 16
Hull 7.3 0.00 8 13
Ipswich 3.2 0.00 9 18
Leeds 6.7 0.00 7 16
Lincoln 6.8 0.00 8 15
London 1.3 0.00 10 20
Manchester 9.6 0.00 8 18
Oxford 2.9 0.01 9 18
Shampton 7.9 0.00 10 19
St Andrews 11.9 0.00 1 12
24 hours SUN RAIN TEMP
to 5pm (hrs) (ins) (min) (max)
: = : = : =
Amsterdam . Sunny 19 66
Athens . . . . . Fair 19 66
Barcelona. . . Fair 16 61
Berlin . . . . . . Sunny 21 70
Budapest . . . Fair 21 70
Cairo. . . . . . . Fair 28 82
Cape Town. . Rain 15 59
Casablanca . Rain 19 66
Corfu . . . . . . Fair 21 70
Dublin. . . . . . Sunny 14 57
Dubrovnik. . . Fair 16 61
Faro . . . . . . . Cloudy 18 64
Florence. . . . Sunny 21 70
Gibraltar . . . . Rain 18 64
Guernsey . . . Drizzle 11 52
Hong Kong. . Rain 25 77
Istanbul. . . . . Cloudy 12 54
Jersey. . . . . . Fair 13 55
Larnaca . . . . Fair 23 73
Las Palmas . Cloudy 21 70
Los Angeles. Sunny 21 70
Luxor . . . . . . Sunny 34 93
Malaga . . . . . Rain 15 59
Mallorca . . . . Sunny 22 72
Malta . . . . . . Sunny 19 66
Melbourne . . Sunny 20 68
Miami . . . . . . Sunny 32 90
Moscow . . . . Sunny 16 61
Nairobi . . . . . Cloudy 22 72
New Delhi. . . Fair 39 102
New York . . . Thndr 18 64
Nice . . . . . . . Sunny 19 66
Nicosia . . . . . Cloudy 24 75
Perth. . . . . . . Sunny 21 70
Prague . . . . . Cloudy 18 64
Singapore. . . Cloudy 32 90
Stockholm . . Sunny 15 59
Sydney. . . . . Cloudy 19 66
Tel Aviv. . . . . Sunny 24 75
Tenerife . . . . Cloudy 21 70
Toronto. . . . . Shwrs 10 50
Tunis. . . . . . . Sunny 23 73
Venice . . . . . Rain 18 64
Vienna . . . . . Sunny 17 63
Warsaw . . . . Sunny 23 73
50N M0N J0 R0 Jh0 fkI
(( (0 0 . . 0 (' (/ (- (. (/ (/
/ / + . . / (- (, (* (* (+ (+
0 - + , / 0 (0 (. (, (+ (. (.
(( 0 / / 0 (' (/ (. (- (- (- (-
- - , . . 0 (. (. (+ (+ (+ (+
/ - + - / 0 (. (- (+ (+ (, (-
- , + + . . (* (* () (* (+ (,
/ . - - 0 0 (, (+ (* (* (- (.
(' 0 0 0 0 0 (, (- (+ (+ (+ (+
JOY: Mrs Middleton, the Queen, and Camilla
MUCH has been made of the Middletons
lack of aristocratic pedigree.
But even the snobs and naysayers will
now have to put aside their sneers and
admit that, when the pressure was on, this
was a family that performed extraordinarily
well under pressure and with a real touch
of class.
The Middletons might not come from
blue-blooded stock but they more than
proved their worth when it came to the
crunch yesterday, and not just because they
were all so beautifully turned out.
Indeed, the family will have impressed
many with their impeccable and unshakable
poise throughout one of the biggest days in
modern British history.
While sisters Kate and Pippa stunned in
Alexander McQueen gowns and charmed
millions with their deportment and sheer
enjoyment of the day, it was the youngest
Middleton, James, who set the standard as
he read the lesson, taken from Romans.
The 23-year-old spoke faultlessly, even
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 11
STUNNING: Pippa, the most eligible girl in Britain
FATHERS PRIDE: Michael Middleton and Kate on their way to Westminster Abbey yesterday
POISED: James Middleton read lesson
though he must have been well aware that
some two billion eyes were upon him.
Speaking slowly and with purpose, he
told the congregation to let love be
genuine, hate what is evil, hold fast to what
is good; love one another with mutual affec-
tion and to outdo one another in showing
And it was certainly honour that shaped
the day for his family.
Dressed in a morning suit, lemon waist-
coat, blue shirt and maroon tie, he contin-
ued with a poignant message about loving
people from all sorts of backgrounds.
Live in harmony with one another; do
not be haughty, he said, but associate
with the lowly.
Earlier in the day, the lowly commoner
was welcomed into the Royal Family by
princes William and Harry, who had invited
him to breakfast with them at Clarence
House. Later, James accompanied his
mother Carole from the Goring Hotel in
Belgravia to Westminster Abbey.
The nervous-looking mother of the bride,
56, was turned out impeccably in a sky blue
dress from the current collection of design
house Catherine Walker.
It was a subtle and shrewd choice from
the woman once dismissed as pushy by
whisperers inside royal circles, not least
Maid of honour Pippa turns
heads in slinky ivory gown
THE rst rule of being a bridesmaid is
never outshine the bride. But few could
deny that Kates little sister Pippa has
blossomed into a stunning young woman
as she strode into Westminster Abbey
Looking breathtaking in a gure-
hugging ivory dress, the size 8 events
planner won an instant army of admirers
from around the globe as she made her
way up the aisle.
Pippa, 27, shone in a cowl-necked gown
which, like her 29-year-old sisters, was
designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander
McQueen. While most of the attention
was on the brides intricate lace dress,
some could not take their eyes off Pippas
rather slinkier number.
Last night she changed into an
emerald green creation from Alice
Temperley designed especially for her.
Earlier, the sexy gown had transformed
her overnight into the hottest single girl
on the planet and an even hotter topic on
because the late designer was a favourite of
Princess Diana.
Carole made another clever choice with
her matching pale blue hat by milliner and
former ne artist Jane Corbett. Ms Corbett
was trained by Rose Cory, who was the
Queen Mothers milliner.
Meanwhile, the father of the bride,
Michael Middleton, gracefully gave away his
daughter without shedding a tear. But,
then, that is not surprising since Mr
Middleton, 62, is descended from several
generations of stoic solicitors.
Even Kates wayward uncle, Gary
Goldsmith was welcomed back into the
fold. Mr Goldsmith, who lives in Spain,
has been pilloried in the past for alleg-
edly bragging about his royal connec-
tions but he was the picture of elegance
yesterday, in a top hat and morning suit.
Last night, as the Middletons
celebrated at Buckingham Palace, they
showed a nal measure of class by
holding a lavish party elsewhere for
friends and family who could not attend
the ofcial royal party.
With tight restrictions on the number of
guests able to attend the two ofcial recep-
tions, Mr and Mrs Middleton are said to
have paid 25,000 for a post-wedding party
at the Goring Hotel to ensure everyone in
their circle felt a part of the special day,
whether royal or not.
the internet. Caroline Dennehy, of
Hertfordshire, summed up many peoples
thoughts, saying: For me, its Pippa
Middleton that has stolen the show today.
She is beautiful. And former England
cricket captain Michael Vaughan waded in
to the debate, saying: Tell you what!!!
Pippa is t...
Certainly it seemed Prince Philip was
charmed by Pippa as he xed his gaze on
her on the balcony at Buckingham Palace
later in the day.
Speculation also mounted over whether
Williams brother Prince Harry, who
walked alongside her as the pair left the
Abbey, would full the traditional role of
the best man by getting to know the chief
bridesmaid rather better as the parties
at Buckingham Palace got under way
last night.
With Harrys on-off girlfriend Chelsy
Davy in tow, however, that scenario
seemed unlikely. Maid of honour Pippa
broke with tradition by opting for the
same colour dress as Kate.
This is rarely done for fear of upstaging
the bride. And just like her big sister,
Pippas hair was styled by the Richard
Ward salon in Chelsea, with bridal expert
Fiona Chandler in charge of her subtle
half-up, half-down look, which was
decorated with tiny gemstone hair clips.
Although the English literature
graduate was recently linked to
30-year-old Old Etonian and former
England cricketer Alex Loudon, Pippa
is ofcially single.
And there can be little doubt that
she is now the most eligible girl in Britain.
As the author and one-time It Girl
Plum Sykes put it: Pippa is the luckiest
one of all. She gets all the right sort of
attention from men, fashion designers,
hostesses and things, and doesnt have
any of the duties. Shes become a
princess without the bad bits.
12 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Fashion spectacular with
From left,
Harrys girl
society girl
Tara, and
Sam Cam,
who didnt
wear a hat
;8@CP<OGI<JJG@:KLI<K<8D1 Jonathan
Buckmaster, Tim Clarke, 5tuart Pobinson, Humphrey
Nemar, Tim Merry, Mark Kehoe, 5teve Peigate, Mike
Partridge, Paul Marriott, Tony 5apiano, Mick Cell,
Paul 5tewart, Frances Leader, Daniel Lynch, Peter
Corns, Brendan C'5ullivan.
;8@CP<OGI<JJI<GFIK@E>K<8D1 Claire
BrayIord, Paul Callan, John Chapman, Cyril Dixon,
5ara Dixon, Padraic Flanagan, Lianne Kolirin, Antonia
Kraskowski, Jane Mathews, Mark C'Connor, Jessica
Pickin, Pichard Palmer, David Pilditch, Anna Pukas,
Nathan Pao, Mark Peynolds, Elisa Poche, Pick 5enley,
Ciles 5heldrick, John Twomey, 5arah Westcott,
Jo Willey, Alison Little, Chris Piches, Paul Jeeves.
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 13
every colour of the rainbow
Elton John is all
smiles as partner
David Furnish
checks his mobile.
Left, Rowan
Atkinson; right,
John and Sally
Bercow. Below,
the three political
party leaders,
David Cameron,
front, Nick Clegg
and Ed Miliband
BLUNDER: Becks, with his OBE on
the wrong lapel, and wife Victoria
IT was the greatest sartorial wedding
of all time a fashion spectacle of
dazzling outts covering the colour
The Queen wore a lemon yellow,
single crepe, wool dress with hand-
sown beading at the neck and a
matching jacket. Her Angela Kelly-
designed outt was set off with her
Queen Marys True Lovers Knot
diamond brooch, a triple-strand pearl
necklace and matching yellow hat.
Mother of the bride Carole Middle-
ton looked elegantly demure in sky-
blue dress coat and Sydney day dress
by Catherine Walker, a favourite
designer of Princess Diana. The
matching hat was by Berkshire-based
milliner Jane Corbett.
Prince Harrys on-off girlfriend
Chelsy Davy wore an aqua green
reverse satin dress with matching
faille silk jacket, both designed by
Alberta Ferretti exclusively for her.
Pregnant Victoria Beckham daz-
zled in a royal navy trapeze dress and
elegant Philip Treacy pillbox and
shoes by Christian Louboutin.
Husband David chose a morning
suit by Ralph Lauren, with a Treacy
top hat. But in a fashion faux pas the
football star initially wore his OBE
medal pinned to the wrong lapel. After
his mistake was pointed out he quickly
switched it to the correct left side
before the service began
Elton John chose British designer
Richard James of Savile Row for his
morning suit, with David Furnish in a
Henry Poole outt.
Princess Anne chose a lilac and lime
green oral coat, lilac plain dress and
hat. Her daughter Zara Phillips wore a
pewter, bow-back, mandarin-collar
dress coat by Paul Costelloe.
Camilla wore a champagne, long-
line jacket over a drop-waisted cream
dress by Anna Valentine, who also
designed her own royal wedding
outt, with a Treacy hat.
Fashion savvy princesses Beatrice
and Eugenie looked stunning, Beatrice
in a dusky-pink dress coat in Valen-
tino couture and Eugenie in a corn-
ower-blue puffball dress and oral
pattern jacket by Vivienne Westwood.
They both wore Jimmy Choo shoes
and hats by Philip Treacy.
Navy was a popular colour. Knight
of the Garter Rowan Atkinsons wife,
Sunetra, chose it for a belted suit with
clutch bag and pink oral Jane Taylor
hat. Society girl Tara Palmer Tomkin-
son was resplendent in a royal blue
dress by Deborah Milner with stud-
ded peeptoe slingbacks in the same
shade by Nicholas Kirkwood. She also
wore a Treacy hat.
Prime Ministers wife Samantha
Cameron deed experts who said it
would be a gaffe not to wear a hat in
the Queens presence. She chose a
headpiece and necklace by Erickson
Beamon for Erdem and teamed them
with an elegant teal 495 dress by
Burberry London and 75 Aldo shoes.
However, etiquette bible Debretts
states: Hats are traditional, but by
no means compulsory, at weddings.
Speakers wife Sally Bercow was as
amboyant as ever in a knee-length
split dress with plunging neckline. In
heels and a black fascinator, she
towered over husband John.
14 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 15
Nation throws a giant party
Revellers get
in the mood
with a huge
party in
Fleet Street,
left, while
Street joined in
the festivities,
right, where Mr
chatted to
A STREET party thrown outside the
Prime Ministers home in Downing
Street yesterday was one of 5,500 across
the country enjoyed by more than half
a million revellers.
David Cameron, still in his morning
suit, tucked into cake and posed for
pictures at the No10 celebration.
Guests included actress Barbara
Windsor, schoolchildren and charity
300 friends and neighbours in Wilmslow,
Cheshire. In Southampton, Michaela
Coutakis, 45, dressed in patriotic
colours, said: Were not royalists but
its bringing the country together. We
will remember this when were old and
grey. She looked absolutely stunning.
Outside the royal residence of
Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire,
people enjoyed picnics and drank
bubbly on the lawn where six large TVs
showed the wedding. Mother Amanda
Mann, 40, said: You cant put a price
on memories like today.
In Newburn, Northumberland,
nudists painted Union ags on each
other. And hundreds of well-wishers
gathered on the 37million newly-
rebuilt Grand Pier in Weston-super-
Mare, Somerset.
But not all went well. In Datchet,
Berks, in the shadow of Windsor Castle,
people missed it all after a power cut.
fundraisers, young and old. The PM
said: Its been an amazing day. In
Anglesey, North Wales, where Prince
William serves at the RAF base, thou-
sands partied in a showground.
One reveller said: I expect William
wont be at the pubs quiz night with his
friends as often now hes married.
Coronation Street star William
Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, joined
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Weve had a really good life
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Anniversary by going on a Caribbean
Keeping active and enjoying life to the
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They regularly go walking in the Peak
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Graham and Pam both took voluntary
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We saw the advert about
equity release
For 14 years theyve lived in their bungalow
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We fell in love with it straight away, but it
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There is, however, one last project
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16 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 17
As two million line the
streets, just 55 arrests
GUARD: Police survey crowds from Buckingham Palaces roof yesterday
ALERT: Armed police at Westminster. Scotland Yard said crowds were fantastic
IT was one of Scotland Yards
biggest tests ever.
But last night the massive secu-
rity operation was hailed a great
success as the Royal Wedding
passed off without a hitch.
With 5,000 ofcers on duty, there
were just 55 arrests as almost two
million people thronged the streets
around Westminster Abbey and
Buckingham Palace.
The arrests were for minor
offences including breach of the
peace and disorderly behaviour.
A security source said: The day
went like clockwork and according
A WPC helped to restrain a horse
that threw its cavalryman rider
as the procession returned to
Buckingham Palace along the
Apart from security surround-
ing the Royals, around 80 dignitar-
ies had close police protection.
More than 100 republican
protesters gathered outside the
Queens ofcial Scottish residence
yesterday, chanting slogans at the
gates of the Palace of Holyrood-
house in Edinburgh.
Protesters walked to the foot of
the Royal Mile, briey holding up
trafc. Police kept them to one
side of the road as they chanted
Whose palace? Our palace, and
one solution execution.
to the plan which has been formu-
lated and constantly reviewed.
Scotland Yard said: The crowd
has been tremendous, the mood
fantastic. People have been
coming forward to help police.
The absence of any major
protest by anarchists was put
down to the Yards intelligence
and pre-emptive strikes on
suspected troublemakers in the
days leading up to the wedding.
A handful were arrested, includ-
ing a known anarchist detained in
possession of a mock-guillotine
and an efgy of the couple.
There were minor scufes in
Soho Square where a small group
of suspected black bloc
anarchists were seen masking up
with black scarves.
Police chiefs used stop-and-
search powers under the Criminal
Justice Act, as well as the power
to arrest people for refusing to
remove face coverings.
A small group of anarchists also
gathered in Trafalgar Square
where crowds were watching the
wedding on big screens.
A 38-year-old man was arrested
for the sexual assault of a 14-year-
old girl in Pall Mall.
Security sources said the most
tense moments came as the
newly weds, Royals and other VIPs
were on the move between venues.
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18 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
10,000 nibbles to
celebrate nuptials
AN incredible 10,000 canapes
were served to the 650 VIPs who
attended yesterdays wedding
reception at Buckingham Palace.
The delicacies were hand-
crafted by 21 of the Palace chefs
and served by footmen and
All the canapes were carefully
sourced from Royal Warrant-
holding companies using UK-
based ingredients.
The carefully thought-out
menu was prepared by chef Mark
Flanagan and his team. The
extensive list of British ingredi-
members of the Royal Family,
including the newlyweds, met
governors-general and prime
ministers. Father of the groom,
Prince Charles, made a speech.
A black-tie party at the Palace
last night was hosted by Charles,
and organised by Kates sister
Pippa. About 350 of the couples
close friends and family were
invited. The Throne Room was
turned into a disco while the
Green Drawing Room was set up
with cafe-style tables for older
members of the family.
Guests were expected to enjoy
a nger buffet and a McVities
chocolate biscuit cake.
Corr|s| cro| so|o1 or |eror |||r|
|resse1 1uc| terr|re W|t| fru|t c|utre]
kou|o1e of oots' c|eese W|t|
corore||se1 Wo|ruts
Assortrert of o|r|ers or1
c|eese stroWs
Scott|s| sro|e1 so|ror rose or
|eetroot |||r|
||r|oture Wotercress or1 osorous tort
|ooc|e1 osorous seors W|t|
|o||or1o|se souce for 1||r
Ouo||s' es W|t| ce|er] so|t
Scott|s| |oroust|res W|t|
|eror ro]orro|se
|resse1 corf|t of or| |e||] W|t|
cro]f|s| or1 croc|||r
W||1 rus|roor or1 ce|er|oc c|oussor
bu|||e or1 sueo| W|t| corf|t of |or|
Cro|r rustor1 or1 |ore]|oe1 c||o|otos
Sro|e1 |o11oc| f|s|co|e
W|t| eo uocoro|e
||r|oture \or|s||re u11|r W|t| roost
f|||et of |eef or1 |orsero1|s| rousse
Coteou oero
b|oo1 orore ote 1e fru|t
kos|err] f|rorc|er
k|u|or| crere |r|e tort|et
|oss|or fru|t ro||re
W||te c|oco|ote oroc|e truff|e
|||| c|oco|ote ro||re W|t| ruts
or| c|oco|ote oroc|e truff|e
|o| koer NV brut keserve C|orore
W|t| o se|ect|or of ot|er soft or1
o|co|o||c 1r|r|s
ents included Gressingham duck,
Windsor Estate lamb, pork from
the Cotswolds and langoustines
from north-west Scotland.
Guests were offered Pol Roger
NV Brut Reserve champagne,
while a classical harpist played in
the background. Other alcoholic
beverages and soft drinks also
owed freely.
Dessert canapes included
rhubarb creme brulee tartlet and
passion fruit praline.
During the reception senior
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 19
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THIS is the magnicent eight-tier
wedding cake that took centre-stage
at the Buckingham Palace reception.
It was just what new bride Kate had
ordered right down to the last of the
900 delicate sugar-paste owers, all
chosen for their romantic symbolism.
This language of owers meant
celebrated cake-maker Fiona Cairns
and her 50-strong team had to create
17 different blooms and foliage.
These included ivy (marriage), daisies
(innocence), Sweet William (grant me
one smile), cascading orange and
apple blossom, bridal rose
(happiness), myrtle (love), and lily of
the valley (sweetness and humility).
The cake stood almost 4ft tall, took
ve weeks to make and two days to
set up in the Palace picture gallery
after being transported from
Fionas factory in Leicestershire.
She said: Catherine did not want
it to be 7ft tall, she didnt want
it towering and thin, and I
think we succeeded.
Palace pastry chef
Kathryn Boyden said:
This cake made
me speechless. It
is exactly what
the bride wanted.
Its perfect.
Kate wanted
the cake, seen
early yesterday
at the Palace,
to speak of the
couples love
20 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
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22 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
1el: 0208 62 7000 (ouLside UK: +^^ 208 62 7000)
N THE end the rain stayed away
and all was well with the world.
Yesterdays royal wedding was a
magnicent occasion for Britain,
reminding the nation of its glorious
history and inspiring people to believe
that more great days are ahead as well.
No other country could have
matched the pageantry and colour and
the magnicent backdrop of central
London as royal guests were ferried
from Buckingham Palace, along the
Mall, across Horse Guards Parade,
down Whitehall and around Parliament
Square to Westminster Abbey itself.
Lining the route were crowds from
every corner of the kingdom from
Belfast to Bucklebury, from Exeter to
Edinburgh and from Cambridge to
Cardiff. And they came from every part
of the globe too.
Prince William was dashingly
handsome in ceremonial uniform and
his bride Princess Catherine lovely in a
stunning dress that combined
tradition with a magical glamour that
recalled Grace Kelly. Legend has it
that William once remarked: Wow,
Kate looks hot! Yesterday she looked
breathtakingly beautiful.
Nobody watching could have failed
to conclude that the British monarchy
is still a cherished national institution
with the capacity to hold the gaze of
the world. A few years ago it did not
always seem destined to be so. For
yesterdays wedding will have brought
back memories of that of Prince
Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
almost 30 years ago and of what fate
had in store for them.

O IT is in some ways surprising
that republicans were not able
to harness a sense of national
disillusionment, disappointment and
even despair that accompanied some
of the darkest hours of the monarchy
during those difcult years.
That they could not was principally
due to the magnicent, monumental
public service of the Queen and her
courage and dignity in the face of
adversity. Her Majesty thankfully
shows every sign of reigning for many
years into the future. But she will be
forgiven for feeling a sense of
satisfaction and relief that not only is
her heir now nally settled with the
love of his life but that his eldest son
has found a steadfast soulmate too.
Despite being surrounded by a cast of
thousands, Catherine was the
superstar of yesterdays show, as a
bride should always be on her wedding
day. She has brought happiness and
stability into the life of William and
shows every sign of being able to
connect with the British public in just
the way that his mother did.
But she is undoubtedly a more
mature and resilient character than
was Diana when she was rst absorbed
into the royal rm.
The former Miss Middleton brings an
infusion of middle-class common sense
and resourcefulness that can help the
Royal Family continue to do what it
does best adapt to changing times.
Her whole family contributed
splendidly yesterday, with her mother
radiant, her father faultless, her
brother word perfect and her little
sister ravishing as chief bridesmaid.
She should be as proud of them as
they so obviously are of her.
So after yesterdays celebrations, the
institution of the monarchy is in the
best shape it has been for several
decades. If there is one cloud on the
horizon it is the danger that the
mindset of the new generation of
royals is a little too dominated by the
Home Counties to the exclusion of
other parts of the United Kingdom.
There were many more street parties
in the South-east of England than
elsewhere and this regional imbalance
should be addressed.
It greatly helps that William and
Catherine will live in North Wales near
RAF Valley where he continues to be
based as a helicopter search and
rescue pilot. Hopefully the couple will
have time to get out and about across
the north of England and Scotland too
where there is massive affection for the
monarchy that is not always
successfully tapped.
It is said that every royal union is
expected to produce an heir and a
spare and even Prince Harry would
probably concede that fate dealt the
hand the right way round when it came
to him and his brother.
But the younger sibling played his
part too yesterday, bringing an impish
sense of fun to proceedings and
reminding his more serious-minded big
brother that he was entitled to enjoy
the party.

S INDEED was the whole
nation. There will be some sore
heads today but hopefully
most will have been fully justied by
the enjoyment had during the
celebrations of the night before.
Today we can look back warmly on
an event which showed that at its best
our monarchy is not the pinnacle of an
outmoded class system but rather the
bulwark of our traditions and the
guarantor of our liberties.
But those so enraptured by William
and Catherine as to be envisaging the
crown skipping a generation or even
of the Queen abdicating should put
such foolish thoughts out of their minds.
Catherine was once christened
Waity Katy by unkind souls jealous of
her romance with William. Well, she
waits no longer for her prince now
people will wait upon her. But the new
royal couple must wait their turn in
the line of succession.
The Queen will be Queen till her
dying day and then Charles will be King
until his. Only then will William become
King and Catherine his Queen. Those
are the rules, they have stood the test
of time and the Royal Family would be
most unwise to tinker with them.
Instead of listening to those few
mean-spirited republicans complaining
about what the Royal Family takes
from the rest of us, today is a day for
reecting upon what it gives.
Yesterday it provided a magical focal
point for the nation, facilitating a rare
spirit of togetherness in a society that
has become far too fragmented. It
allowed Britain to stand tall in the eyes
of the world and reminded those in less
happy lands of this countrys genius.
Sometimes the British people need
to be reminded of that themselves.
The thousands who stood outside
Buckingham Palace, on the very
ground where crowds once celebrated
VE Day, cannot have failed to have
been aware of Britains glorious past
when planes from the Second World
War ew overhead.
A great day, a great nation and a
great monarchy. Well done William and
God save the Queen.
PAGEANTRY: William and Kate on their way to Buckingham Palace
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 23
Jennifer Selway
A quarter of a century of being on best behaviour
The beautiful French muse
Its still
going to
be Kate
PERFECT day. Even
the weather was kind
with no blustery wind
wrapping silk jersey
round the ladies
knees or forcing them
to hang on to hat brims.
Further observations on the
wedding of the century. Best
looking men: David Beckham
and the Duke of Edinburgh,
no question. Best headgear in
a sea of tip-tilted fascinators:
Sam Cams glittery hairslide.
Dumbest BBC TV soundbite
as the bride stepped out of the
car: Im beside myself, this is
such a fashion moment! Best
outt: Tara Palmer Tomkin-
son by a nose. Best bottom:
Pippa Middleton.
Beauteous music, heart-
stopping ypast and great to
see the Union ag renascent ...
and yet. Ones inner little girl
is not thrilled by the former
Miss Middeltons new titles.
Its mightily unfair to marry a
prince and not be transformed
into a proper princess with a
proper pretty princessy name.
The Queen reaches into her
shoebox of monikers and
decrees that the royal bride is
to be known henceforth as the
Duchess of Cambridge or
Princess William of Wales.
Shame. Duchess sounds like
an old whiskery lady with a
lorgnette and no self-respect-
ing fairytale princess wants to
be lumbered with a boys
name. If I were Kate (or per-
haps her mother) Id scream
and scream until I was sick at
the sheer injustice of it all, just
like Violet Elizabeth Bott in
the Just William stories.
Surely Marie-Christine
would have been happier if she
hadnt had to spend married
life being called Princess
Michael of Kent. These royal
rules are very odd indeed.
But the fact is that whatever
her ofcial title we wont be
calling the new member of the
rm Princess William or even
Princess Catherine. It will
always be Princess Kate for us
plebs because thats what
suits her best.
PAUL Burrell wasnt so much
Dianas rock as a creature
who might scuttle out from
under one. James Hewitt is a
toad. Both these creeps came
blinking into the sunlight this
week: Hewitt to announce
that he considered suicide
(hed have no trouble getting
assistance), Burrell to inform
us that Kate and William will
be the saviours of the
monarchy. Is the down-on-
his-luck royal butler angling
for a job perhaps? Thats one
CV that will go straight in the
bin after the honeymoon.
WHO does Gwyneth Paltrow
think she is? Seems like she
doesnt know any longer.
Once a drippy macrobiotic
vegetarian whod stun a
lettuce before she ate it shes
now producing cookbooks
and singing raunchy country
songs. The porcine celebrity
chef Mario Batali adds: She
eats like a truck driver.
She also swears like a
truck driver and this week
she really took the high-bre,
no-added-sugar biscuit,
laughingly calling her
grandmother a **** on a TV
chat show. She cant pretend
this slipped out accidentally
like Janet Jacksons
wardrobe malfunction. Any
seasoned performer who uses
this kind of language on TV
does it on purpose.
Gwynnies been
Hollywoods goody-two-shoes
for so long and shes trying
very hard to be a bad girl.
Trying too hard I reckon.

ITS derogatory to call

your dog, cat or hamster
a pet says the Journal of
Animal Ethics. We should be
talking about human
carers and companion
animals. But did anyone ask
Tiddles? I consulted a cat
who said pet was ne, no
problem, but if I was really
concerned perhaps we could
thrash it out over a can of
Whiskas and a saucer of cream.
SAD to read of the sudden death this week of
the extraordinarily beautiful Marie-France
Pisier, 66. Famed in France as a muse of the
lm director Francois Truffaut she will be far
better remembered here for her role in The
Other Side Of Midnight, based on (and
unerringly true to the melodramatic spirit of)
Sidney Sheldons massive bestseller. Should
you require the cinematic equivalent of a
comforting tub of chocolate-chip ice-cream
after the excitements of the Royal Wedding I
highly recommend sitting down with a DVD of
this 1977 potboiler of thwarted love and
murderous vengeance. Pure lip-smacking
LADY Thatchers handbag is
to be auctioned for charity
this summer. Hope someone
cleans it out rst. Most old
handbags will always yield a
few Tesco receipts, part of a
broken earring and a uffy
coral lipstick. In Maggies
theyd no doubt also nd a
dog-eared eight-point memo
on the Strategic Defense
AM I alone in feeling a shiver of unease at the
sight of Isobel Jones-Reillys friends holding an
outdoor vigil after her death last weekend from an
accidental drugs overdose at a party? How many
of them were really her friends and how many
simply drawn there by the sense of drama and
excitement which is ramped up on Facebook
tribute pages every time a young person dies?
There was a TV interview with the mother of one
of her real friends who spoke movingly. But in the
background a couple of over-excited teenagers
grinned in the sunshine. Girls hugged and stood
about in the practised attitudes of shocked
bereavement that they have no doubt seen before
on TV in similar circumstances. Lets hope it was a
comfort to those who really loved Isobel but I
would not be surprised if it wasnt.
The very young are very sentimental. They are
as the poet Keats wrote often half in love with
easeful death, fascinated by it because it seems
so remote. This is nothing new but what is new is
the part that Facebook plays in a burgeoning
teenage death cult with its mawkish tribute pages,
its weepy misspelt messages addressed to
someone who is no longer there to read them.
Social networking sites glamorise death by giving
the dead child star status, soften death by making
it seem as though you can live on in cyber space.
Ive no doubt it encourages teenage suicide.
The reality as adults who have lost a child know
only too well is an empty bedroom, a wellspring of
promise and beauty gone for ever, the end of
They give us
the creeps
trucker girl

LAWYERS tell me that it could cost a minimum of 25,000

to issue a super-injunction, maybe as much as 50,000.
One rule for the rich and one rule for the rest of us. Dont let
anyone tell you different.

THE Royal Mail says it cannot divulge the sites of its post
boxes to people who want to post letters because releasing
this information would be likely to prejudice the commercial
interests of Royal Mail, signicantly reducing Royal Mails
ability to exploit the information commercially. After the
depredations visited on the organisation by a succession of
incompetent bosses and oash union leaders, anything to
heighten awareness that we still have a national postal service
would seem a cracking idea.
CURTAIN CALL: Director Sir Trevor Nunn and his wife Imogen Stubbs
THE National Campaign for Courtesy is
celebrating its 25th birthday. Though with the
greatest respect Id say that in the past quarter
of a century things on the politeness front have
declined dramatically. On very best behaviour
I spoke to the extremely civil campaign
chairman Peter Foot, who remains resolutely
upbeat in the face of our shouty, spitting,
swearing, litter-dropping, loutish society.
Id hoped he might be running a rapid
response unit of politeness police to break the
kneecaps of morons who put their feet up on
train seats. But realistic rather than radical
the campaign focuses on giving certicates to
courteous people in all walks of life and sends
out a newsletter.
Good manners cost nothing as they say but
membership is a very reasonable 20 a year.
HERE are two mad old thesps standing
around in their front garden in their
jim-jams, leading to wild speculation
about their marriage. Sir Trevor of
course can stage manage a domestic
drama better than most and hes left us
all wondering whether he has indeed
given Nancy DellOlio aumrole, or
if Imogen has a handsome understudy
lurking in the wings.
Has it all been a comedy of errors or
simply much ado about nothing?
Get thee to a nunn...ery?
24 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 25
Ray Illingworth
has heart attack
Gaddafi troops
attack Tunisia
FORMER England cricket captain
Ray Illingworth was recovering in
hospital last night after a heart
The 78-year-old former Yorkshire
all-rounder was taken ill early on
Tuesday at his home in Pudsey and
was rushed to Leeds General
Inrmary. He
had an
which involves
widening a
narrowed or
blocked blood
his son-in-law
Metcalfe, a
opener, said he
hoped Ray
would be out of hospital in the next
couple of days.
Messages of support have been
ooding in from around the country.
Robin Smith, of Yorkshire County
Cricket Club, where Illingworth is
president, said: Ray is one of the
legends of the game and the whole of
cricket will wish him well.
LIBYA launched an attack on a
Tunisian border town yesterday.
Colonel Gaddas forces
exchanged re with Tunisian
troops as they pursued rebels into
the desert town of Dehiba.
They shelled the town, wrecking
houses and injuring at least one
woman. Photographer Zoubeir
Souissi said: There were lots of
clashes, lots of gunshots.
Some of Gaddas people were
killed. A lot were injured.
Tunisian soldiers were last night
searching for stray Libyans.
Tunisias government issued a
statement condemning the
incursions. It said: The Tunisian
authorities have informed the
Libyans of their extreme
indignation and demand measures
to put a stop to these violations.
In Libya, Nato said yesterday
that its warships have intercepted
boats laying mines in the harbour
of the besieged city of Misrata.
In Syria, President Bashar
Assads troops wounded scores
of civilians after opening re on
thousands of protesters in Deraa.
Across the country thousands
more Syrians risked their lives
after Friday prayers to take to the
streets to call for Assad to go.
Big cat on the prowl for supper
PROWLING a eld, this big cat is
thought to be responsible for 18
attacks that have left sheep with
their throats crushed.
The all-black creature, possibly
a puma, was spotted by sisters out
walking on Wednesday evening,
near Dornoch, north of Inverness.
Student Lisa Sydenham, 29,
said: At rst I thought it was a
very large dog but from the way it
was walking and the shape of its
body I could tell that it was a big
cat. My sister Alana and I were
very surprised and then excited.
It spotted me and crouched
down in the grass before walking
off. Police in the Highlands said
there had been several credible
sightings of big cats in the area.
And Alison Kennedy believes
the creature may have attacked a
deer in nearby Upper Braendon.
She said: On Tuesday there
were signs the carcass had been
dragged further away, nothing
remained but a severed leg. If it
was dogs, that in itself is worrying,
but more so if it is a big cat.
Cricket legend Ray
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26 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
It is announced in Moscow that the Cuban dictator Fidel
Castro has been awarded the 1960 Lenin Peace Prize
formerly known as the Stalin Peace Prize which carries a
medal, a diploma and 100,000 roubles (about 40,000).
Londons Marylebone Station is saved from the axe as
British Rail drops plans to close it and four other stations
following a wave of protest from commuters. BR will now
consider new options for the 88-year-old station.
Two serious mining accidents in Belgium are caused by
failure of lift apparatus. Four miners perish and 15 are
critically injured at Wasmes, while three other men are
killed at a mine in Dampremy.
Australian William Warren known to police throughout the
world as Bludger Bill, king of condence tricksters is
sentenced at Amiens to ve years in jail for swindling when he
is trapped on an ocean liner by French police at Villefranche.
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Fri ApriI 29
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lf ]our Sotur1o]roo|re|s r|ss|r |eose
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 27
US tornado terror
death toll hits 328
The devastated community of Tuscaloosa
yesterday. Inset, a driver salvages his car
THIS is the scene of devastation caused
by killer tornadoes which have brought
carnage to southern America.
Whole neighbourhoods last night lay
attened, trees torn down and vehicles
crushed beyond recognition as the
death toll rose to at least 328.
President Barack Obama visited
Alabama, the hardest hit of seven
states, where 228 are believed to have
died in Americas worst natural disas-
ter since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
He said he had never seen devasta-
tion like this, telling the survivors:
Were going to make sure youre not
The aftermath was similar to scenes
so familiar in Japan after the recent
massive earthquake and tsunami.
In a sinister echo of the disaster in
Fukushima, electricity was cut to an
Alabama nuclear plant for a time yes-
terday. But the emergency generator
kicked in and there was no damage.
People were still searching for neigh-
bours and loved ones in the wreckage
while others salvaged a handful of
belongings from the debris.
It happened so fast it was unbeliev-
able, said Jerry Stewart, 63, who was
picking through the remains of his sons
wrecked home in a suburb of Birming-
ham, Alabama. They said the storm
was in Tuscaloosa and it would be here
in 15 minutes. And before I knew it, it
was here.
The retired reghter and his wife,
along with their daughter and two
grandchildren, survived by huddling in
their porch. Friends down the street
who did the same were not so lucky. He
said he pulled out the bodies of two
neighbours whose home was prised off
its foundation by the winds.
The tornado passed him in a minute,
others experienced it for only 20 to 30
seconds. But that was enough for the
winds of up to 200mph to wreak havoc.
The noise was described as like runa-
way freight trains as the twisters
roared. Cries for help from trapped
people were heard in the darkness.
Earlier Alabama Governor Robert
Bentley conrmed almost 200 dead in
the state. Other victims are in Missis-
sippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia,
Arkansas and Kentucky.
Tuscaloosa resident Eric Hamilton,
40, said: Ive never seen so many
bodies. Woman and children, too.
28 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 29
Say, er, cheese? The hyrax puts on his best smile as he poses for the camera
Cheeky squirrel in the Canadian lakes last year
9p>\f]]DXpeXi[ THIS is the hilarious moment
a rascal rodent muscled in on
a tourists holiday pictures.
The rock hyrax suddenly
popped into view just as pals
Laura Molina and Nadine
Dougherty posed for a snap.
The toothy mammal, which
is like a large guinea pig,
looked straight down the lens
as their friend Guido Del
Solar took the photo on top
of South Africas Table
Laura and Nadine were
already smiling for the
picture but burst into
laughter when the inquisitive
animal stole their limelight.
Graphic designer Guido, 29
on holiday with work
colleagues Laura, 30, and
27-year-old Nadine said:
I was taking the picture
and suddenly this
animal appeared just as
I pressed down on the
The girls started laughing
but we all did when we saw
the picture.
The image harks back to
the comical moment a cheeky
squirrel did the same thing to
a couple visiting a Canadian
lake last year.
30 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 31
British writer
killed in cafe
terrorist blast
A crowd at the scene after the fatal explosion at a
Marrakech cafe. Inset, journalist victim Peter Moss
A BRITISH journalist was among 16
people killed when a terrorist bomb
exploded in a Moroccan cafe.
Peter Moss, 58, died while on
holiday in Marrakech. He was a travel
journalist and had visited the city on
several occasions.
The bomb, which claimed the lives
of two French citizens, two Canadi-
ans, a Dutch national, an Israeli and
two Moroccans, was set off remotely
on Thursday, according to Moroccos
Interior Minister, Taieb Cherqaoui.
Investigators fear that more Britons
may have died in the attack and have
still to identify the remaining bodies
No group has claimed responsibility
but Western security analysts are
pointing the nger at Islamist mili-
tants trying to damage tourism, on
which Morocco depends.
Mr Moss, a divorced father-of-two,
was a broadcaster, comedian and jour-
nalist. He worked as a freelance travel
journalist and at the British Press
Awards in 2004 was celebrated as one
of the countrys nest travel writers,
with an unmatched eye for detail.
He was also the author of several
books, including the novels The Sing-
ing Tree and The Age of Elephants.
Last night, his best friend Jeff Mend-
lesohn paid an emotional tribute to
him. He said: I am absolutely devas-
tated. Peter went there on a whim. He
saw a cheap ight and thought he
would just go. Last week he said he
was thinking of getting married again
as he had just met someone.
Mr Mendlesohn described his friend
of 30 years as a complete one-off
and added: If you ever needed a
friend, he would always be there.
The bomb exploded in a cafe in
Djemaa el Fna square, Moroccos
best-known tourist spot.
Last night it emerged that medics
had found nails in most of the bodies,
which suggests the device was
designed to cause maximum carnage.
Britains Minister for the Middle
East and North Africa, Alistair Burt,
said: I am deeply saddened. My
thoughts are with their friends and
families and all those affected.
We are in touch with next of kin
and are offering them full consular
support. He added: An FCO Rapid
Deployment Team are co-ordinating
with the Moroccan authorities to
determine whether other British
nationals could be among the
An act of this kind is cruel and
wrong, and I condemn it in the strong-
est terms.
We stand ready to provide
whatever support may be needed in
forthcoming investigations.
32 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
UNITED: Susanne Klatten with her husband Jan, who fully supported his wife
HE luxury BMW 7 series lim-
ousine purred into the gloomy
underground garage of the
90-per-night Holiday Inn in
the low-rent Schwabing sub-
urb of Munich. Out stepped
an elegant lady carrying a small suit-
case. Her room had already been
booked for her, number 629. She didnt
have to walk through to reception
the lift from the garage went straight
to the sixth oor where her lover
awaited her.
After the couple had sex the woman
moved across to the suitcase she had
brought and opened it. Inside lay just
over seven million euros (almost 6m)
which she presented to the man who
had stolen her heart, along with her
common sense. She believed that by
giving him this sum she was saving
him from being killed by the Maa.
By swallowing his sob story and
handing over the cash, Susanne Klat-
ten BMW heiress, philanthropist,
mother and one of the worlds richest
women opened her-
self to blackmail and
disgrace, the latest
chapter of which is
now playing out in a
court in Italy.
Mrs Klatten, 49, was
seduced by Helg
Sgarbi, 46, the Swiss
conman who has
boasted that he could
read women like a map
every twist and turn
in the road. The
money she handed
over was small change
to her; she has a for-
tune close to 9billion.
If she lives for another
30 years it would still
give her a modest
820,000 a day to live on.
Shame and grief cas-
caded over her and her family when
she was compelled to give evidence at
an earlier trial which saw Sgarbi jailed
for six years for blackmail. Now the
nightmare is being relived once more
in a court in Pescara where Ernani
Barretta, 63, is on trial.
He is alleged to have been Sgarbis
puppetmaster, the mastermind of the
plot to swindle her out of millions
more. The case has also led detectives
across Europe to try to nd more
wealthy lonely hearts whom its
believed could also have been loved,
eeced and left by Sgarbi.
While most people dream of having
a fraction of what Mrs Klatten has in
the bank, her fortune appears not to
have made her a contented woman.
She took herself off to spa resorts in
Europe, places costing upwards of
750 a day to be pampered and ran
into predators such as Sgarbi.
Mrs Klattens wealth comes from
the Quandt empire, a family that went
from producing batteries for Hitlers
U-boats in the Second World War to
controlling the boardroom of BMW.
She said cash made her wise to
the bounty hunters of the social cir-
cles she moved in. But nothing pre-
pared her for Sgarbis advances.
Hardly a leading man, Sgarbis
appearance was more that of the bank
manager he had once been. Non-
threatening is how he appeared to
Susanne Klatten when he spotted her
at the poolside of the Lanserhjof Spa
in the Austrian Tyrol in July 2007.
For the rst week at the spa Sgarbi
watched his prey. Then he made his
move as she read a book called The
Alchemist by Brazilian author Paulo
Coelho, a spiritual fable about follow-
ing ones dreams. My favourite book,
said Sgarbi, and sat next to her.
Then it was time for some story-
telling of his own some of it true,
most of it pure ction. He had grown
up in Brazil; his father had been the
head of Sulzer, the Swiss engineering
group, in South America, so he spoke
Portuguese and Spanish. True.
Then he claimed the Swiss govern-
ment called on him from time to time
to sort out crises abroad, such as hos-
tage-taking, dealing with diplomats,
undercover work. Its honorary work,
I dont get paid, he lied.
He was charming,
attentive, she would
later tell police. And
at the same time he
seemed very sad. That
stirred a feeling in me
that we had something
in common.
For the last few days
of the holiday, Klatten
says she and Sgarbi
walked in the moun-
tains together, drank
tea and talked. They
exchanged mobile
numbers and hours
after arriving back in
Munich, Klatten was
texting her new friend.
Four weeks after
that came their previ-
ously mentioned hotel
tryst when their friendship crossed
the line into a love affair. However,
what Mrs Klatten did not know was
that room 630 next door was full of
electrical recording and lm-making
gear. Inside, says Sgarbi, was Bar-
retta, recording every moment.

HETHER or not it was

Barretta the court will have
to decide. But someone
was there because weeks later Mrs
Klatten was being blackmailed with
the photographic evidence.
She later told police the reason she
had handed over such a sum to Sgarbi.
He told me that he had been to
Miami and had been involved in a car
accident in which he had hit and killed
the daughter of a maa capo. He
said the accident was not his fault but
that now he was the target of their
revenge and that the payment was
the only thing that would save him.
Later Mrs Klatten would learn that
Sgarbi had used the same story on three
previous occasions. A Countess in
Monte Carlo was eeced of hundreds
of thousands of pounds. She too fell
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 33
Why did a married motheroIthree
Irom one oI Europe's wealthiest
Iamilies Iall Ior a bespectacled
exbank manager with such
embarrassing consequences?
for the story because she wanted to
believe it. Soon after Mrs Klatten
handed over the money, doubts set
in. I was beginning to realise that
he wasnt the man I thought him to
be, she recalled. Then she received
increasingly menacing letters that
culminated in a demand for more
than 40million accompanied by a
CD of photographs from the hotel.
There was a moment of clarity,
said Mrs Klatten after his arrest. You
are a victim now and you have to
resist. Otherwise it will never end.
She admitted what had happened
to her husband Jan, her children,
the family lawyers and the police
(Mr Klatten has since made it clear
that he is standing by his wife).
Sgarbi was arrested after being
lured to a meeting in the belief that
he was about to be paid.
In mitigation at his trial in
Munich, Sgarbi apologised to all
the wronged ladies and claimed
he deeply regretted his actions.
He admitted to conning three other
women out of 2.2million. German
police described him as an accom-
plished predator who knew all the
buttons to press when it came to
getting women under his spell.
What bafes the public is how the
55th richest woman in the world,
according to nancial magazine
Forbes, would fall for such a man?
Women in this situation are get-
ting a glimpse of a life quite differ-
ent from their normal lives as wives
and mothers, says Dirk Revenstorf,
professor of psychology at Tbin-
gen University. They nd a com-
plement to the part of their person-
ality they had always suppressed.
As the full details of her humilia-
tion are played out in court, Susanne
Klatten no doubt wishes that she
had suppressed that part of her
personality that attracted her to
A UNIT of detectives called the
Gigolo Squad is operating out
of Munich to try to nd the
money that Sgarbi is alleged to
have conned out of a string of
wealthy lovers across Europe.
Many of the women victims may
never be found.
At Sgarbis trial three other
women who were duped were
referred to in the indictment by
the initials H, S and R, to protect
their identities, while only Mrs
Klatten gave permission for her
name to be listed. Police believe
as much as 75million is
unaccounted for from as many
as 30 more victims.
Sgarbis career as a seducer
of the rich and gullible is
understood to have begun
in 2001 when he managed
to convince the wealthy
83-year-old Countess Verena du
Pasquier Geubels that he was
hopelessly in love with her by
sending three roses to her
Monte Carlo hotel.
Sgarbi persuaded her to part
with 12 million Swiss francs
(more than 8m) before he was
nally exposed at the insistence
of her friends who believed she
was being foolish.
However, the Countess
eventually withdrew charges
against him and died the
following year. Only part of the
money was ever repaid to her
A string of other wealthy
women followed. In one
instance Sgarbi told a 64-year-
old victim he urgently needed
1.5million because a video he
had taken of them having sex
had fallen into the hands of the
Maa who were now trying to
blackmail them.
He told his female conquest
that he had made the video so
he would have a record of her
when they could not be
together. Incredibly the woman
believed him, declined to bring
charges and is reported to be
still paying off her debts.
34 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
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36 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
When life
should be a
car crash...
A SMASHING TIME: Dodgems isnt dodgems without all the bumping
FOR as long as I can
remember the bloke running
the fairground dodgems
periodically says: All drive
in the same direction, please... no
bumping. And for as long as I can
remember no one has paid a blind
bit of notice.
But bumping in Butlins bumper
cars has now been ofcially
outlawed. Anyone caught doing it
will be thrown off the ride.
Holidaymakers are being rmly
instructed to drive in a slow circle,
carefully avoiding any car-to-car
contact. Its been compared to
navigating an exitless
Jeremy Pardey, director of
Butlins at Bognor Regis, said this
week he cannot allow his bumper
cars to bump for health and safety
reasons. Fun times, eh?
The point of our dodgems is to
dodge people, not to run into
people, he insists.
Is this the most fatuous public
statement of 2011 so far? Yes. Yes,
it is. It is like saying that the point
of boxing is to avoid being hit, not
to hit people.
Yes, Jeremy, its true that one of
the reasons we call them the
dodgems is because drivers must
try to dodge other cars. Thats
because the other cars are trying
to run into them. On purpose.
Didnt you know that? And why do
you suppose dodgems have huge,
thick rubber skirts encasing them?
To look amusingly tubby? Or to
absorb the impact of collisions?
Come on, Jeremy! Give it your best
Its true that, occasionally,
people who have been injured on
the dodgems try to sue for
compensation. Sensibly, no litigant
has ever won a case.
So why has Jeremy Pardey and
every other Butlins fairground
boss imposed such a ludicrous
ban? What is their problem? I
would suggest that they and
killjoys like them have now moved
beyond health and safety into a
kind of neo-Puritanism. The
17th-century Puritans who
colonised the New World were
obsessed with sin. They saw it
everywhere and in everything. One
Boston settler was ned for the
un-Godly way he sometimes
forgot to close his garden gate.
For the neo-Puritans, risk has
become the new sin. Like the pious
settlers, they see their enemy all
around them. So of course the
dodgems have to be puried.
Theyre a bit risky and in a
world of absolutes, a bit risky
is morally indistinguishable from
very risky.
Well, Jeremy, I shall now turn
your hair white. A few years back
my son and I were riding the
dodgems. As usual, we were trying
to bump the living daylights out of
each other and after some adroit
dodging on both sides, I saw my
chance. Jack was momentarily
distracted and I drove at full tilt
towards him. But someone
bumped into the back of me, so I
shot forwards even faster.
I hit my sons car so hard he
popped out of it like a champagne
cork. Then things got even better.
His empty dodgem tipped over on
its side and this brought a cascade
of (harmless) electrical sparks
pouring down from the ceiling grid.
It was spectacular stuff and drew
gratifying screams from most of
the ladies watching.
It was, Jack and I later agreed,
the most satisfying, hilarious
moment in our father-son
relationship thus far. And even
though moments later the car was
righted and the rides continued, it
was without Jack and me. We were
unceremoniously chucked off.
But know what, Jeremy? It was
worth it.
Its called having fun.
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The easy way to
buy a new sofa.
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 37
IN the mid-Seventies I worked as a
news reporter for Anglia Television in
Norwich. Even then, Bernard Matthews
was a household name and local hero.
The image he carefully cultivated was that of
a simple Norfolk farmer whod got lucky but
still remained just the same, standing for
good, wholesome food he produced himself.
In the TV adverts his Norfolk accent was
pronounced. Bootifull, he claimed his
turkeys tasted.
And in a sense, he was of course a local boy
made good. He started his business 60 years
ago by buying 20 turkey eggs and a second-
hand parafn-oil incubator. Eventually he was
Europes biggest turkey producer. When he
died last December, aged 80, his estate was
worth 40.5million.
Despite that, I still naively thought of him
as the gruff farmer with a strong Norfolk
accent. Never in a million years would I have
dreamed that his private life was so exotic.
Matthews never divorced his wife Joyce,
whom he married in 1952. But they lived
separate lives and he fell in love with a Dutch
aristocrat called Cornelia Eigershulzen. They
lived together for eight years in his country
house, Great Witchingham Hall, a very grand
Norfolk pile indeed. Together they had a son,
Frederick, Matthewss only biological heir
(although he had adopted three children with
his wife).
After eight years with the glamorous
Cornelia, he fell for an American model. This
broke Cornelias heart and she returned to
Holland with their son.
Now its revealed that Matthews has left
Frederick at least 30million, which makes
him the largest shareholder in the company.
Oh, and theres also another woman his
long-term partner Odile Marteyn, a French
lady whose whereabouts remain a mystery.
Hes also left her a million pounds.
What his long-suffering wife Joyce and their
three adopted children make of all this is
unclear. They have made no public
And to think when I reported on turkey-
plucking contests back in the Seventies (I was
rather good at plucking, actually), which were
very popular events in Norfolk every
Christmas, I had no idea that the bluff,
avuncular Bernard Matthews, who frequently
presided over these cheery proceedings, was
actually living a life so glamorous and exotic
that even seasoned lotharios such as James
Bond might have been envious.
Well I never. EXOTIC LIFE: Bernard Matthews
A MAN swore at me this week, right in my face. He
called me a f****** d*******. Our cars faced each
other on a narrow Hertfordshire country lane. There
was a passing place just behind him but he didnt
seem inclined to reverse into it and sat tight chewing his lip.
Two cars had pulled up behind me so I couldnt back up
but I reckoned I could just about squeeze by. So I gave him
and the woman with him a thumbs up and carefully moved
forward. As I slipped safely past him, he delivered the
aforementioned. He didnt look like a yob. His passenger
looked smart and, along with two children in the back,
appeared shocked at the outburst.
I can only think he felt embarrassed and somehow
unmanned by being unable to deal with a minor motoring
challenge. But what an idiot. Supposing I was a road-rage
nutter, ever ready to grab an excuse to enjoy a little
recreational GBH? His family day out in the country could
have come to a very sticky end.
Jolie is
being paid
6.5million to
endorse Louis
Vuitton bags.
THE Madeleys are
taking a short
break me, Judy
and the four
grown-up kids. A
substantial minority
voted for a week in
Portugal. But hang on.
What if Nicks right
and rst-past-the-post
is outdated. Shouldnt
we give AV a chance?
We meticulously listed
our alternative holiday
choices and the result
was unambiguous. On
Monday we y to the
Democratic Republic
of Congo.
WATCHING the news
this week, I was
confronted by the
nauseating image of
Donald Trump, demanding to
see Barack Obamas birth
certicate. He, and other
Americans known as
birthers, believe Obama was
not born in the States and
therefore has no business
being president.
In fact Obama was born in
Hawaii and has produced his
full birth certicate to prove it.
Not that Trump is prepared
to accept it. Hes called on
experts to examine the
document to make sure
the certicate is genuine.
This birther
movement given so
much prominence by Donald
Trump is thinly-masked racism
on a hideous scale. Unable to
accept the rst black
president in American
history, these people
have pushed what was a
fringe issue on to
centre stage.
Obama has
expressed his bemusement
at the issue and says he has
better stuff to do and does
not have time for this
silliness. But now the birthers
are suggesting that he was
born a Muslim, although his
mother was a white girl from
Kansas and there is no
mention of religion on the
Its all very unedifying and
illustrates how personal and
ugly American politics has
become. Although many senior
Republicans have distanced
themselves from this deeply
unpleasant campaign, Trump
is a potential Republican
presidential candidate.
Indeed, he is so condent
that he will win the next
election that he claims he has massive
support and Im not even running yet.
Trump may be a billionaire and host the US
version of The Apprentice but he is also
odious and vain. And anyone with a hairstyle
as ludicrous as his silly, pompadour comb-
over long quiff at the back must take
themselves ridiculously seriously. If he ever
does become president, America will be a
world laughing stock.
LUDICROUS: Donald Trump
38 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
UAVE, sophisticated and deb-
onair, Hollywood legend Cary
Grant was the personication
of charm. The English-born
star held sway over the golden
age of movies, from thrillers to
comedies in such classics as North By
Northwest and Notorious to His Girl
Friday and An Affair To Remember.
Onscreen his lovers included some
of the worlds most beautiful women
from Grace Kelly and Audrey Hep-
burn to Rosalind Russell and Sophia
Loren. Off screen, he was married ve
times. Yet away from the cameras
Grant developed a very different
reputation as Hollywood gossip
suggested he was secretly gay.
Now the actors only child, his
daughter Jennifer Grant by his mar-
riage to actress Dyan Cannon, has
revealed that her father actively
encouraged this rumour that he was
privately homosexual because it
helped him seduce his leading ladies.
Dad somewhat enjoyed being
called gay, says actress Jennifer, 45,
who has written the memoir Good
Stuff: A Reminiscence Of My Father,
Cary Grant, published in America on
May 3. He said it made women want
to prove the assertion wrong.
And Grant did not atly reject
homosexual advances, she recalls.
Cant blame men for wanting him
and wouldnt be surprised if dad even
mildly irted back, she writes. When
the question arises, it generally speaks
more about the person asking.
Grant died in 1986 at 82, having
retired from movies 20 years earlier,
but with his enduring cool lan and
elegant sartorial savoir faire it is
hardly surprising that he has become
an icon to gay fans worldwide.
Yet it is hard to imagine that the
handsome 6ft 2in Grant needed to
pretend to be gay to conquer any
woman he might choose.
Grants lovers are reputed to have
also included dancer Ginger Rogers,
King Kongs infatuation Fay Wray and
heiress Doris Duke, once the richest
woman in America. His 1957 affair
with Sophia Loren, 31 years his junior,
was considered one of the most pas-
sionate romances of his life, and many
friends expected them to wed.
Few remember that Thirties sex
siren Mae West selected newcomer
Grant to star opposite her in the 1933
movie She Done Him Wrong in which
she delivers to Grant the immortal
line: Come up some time and see
me. His sexual virility was so com-
manding she invited him back later
that year to co-star in Im No Angel.
Audiences imagined it would take a
man who was supremely condent of
his heterosexuality to star in the 1949
comedy I Was A Male War Bride. In
the lm Grant plays a French army
captain who falls in love with a female
US army lieutenant and nds that at
the end of the Second World War he
can only enter America under the War
Bride Act, which ultimately leads him
to dress up in drag.
But if Grant enjoyed irting with a
gay reputation behind closed doors,
he was determined not to have it
undermine his image as a hetero-
sexual leading man on screen. In
public he mounted an often ferocious
defence against the merest sugges-
tion that he was gay. I have nothing
against gays, he assured people in
1980. Im just not one myself.
But that year he was outraged when
comedian Chevy Chase, star of the
National Lampoons Vacation lm
series, outed him on national TV.
I understand hes a homo, Chase
said on NBCs Tomorrow show and
added: What a gal. Grant red off a
$10million slander suit against Chase,
which was settled out of court.
Jennifer Grants memoir sheds light
on the sex life of an actor who chose
not to write an autobiography. I will
leave that to others, Grant said ve
years before his death. Im sure they
will turn me into a homosexual or a
Nazi spy or something else.

ERHAPS Grant was prescient
or simply knew the bawdy tales
that were widespread behind
the scenes in gay Hollywood. But
since his demise, reports of Grants
alleged homosexual liaisons have
been gaining currency in Tinseltowns
gossipy circles.
When Grant rst came to Holly-
wood, he shared a home with Noel
Coward, the amboyantly homo-
sexual actor, singer, songwriter and
playwright. After he became a box-
ofce star he shared a house
with fellow Hollywood leading man
Randolph Scott who sometimes
jokingly referred to himself as Cary
Grants wife. Their friendship grew
so close that studio chiefs insisted
that Grant nd a home of his own
before gay gossip became headlines.
Friends also noted that Grant grew
extremely close to maverick million-
aire aviation tycoon and lm producer
Howard Hughes.
The debate still rages over Grants
sexual preference but he was clearly
bisexual, says celebrity biographer
RUMOURED ROMANCE: With Grace Kelly in 1955s classic lm To Catch A Thief
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 39
CHARISMA: In 1956 Cary Grant was a heart-throb but gay gossip about him and Randolph Scott, inset, persisted
Darwin Porter, who catalogues the
actors alleged gay liaisons in his
salacious book Hollywood Babylon
Strikes Again! co-authored with
Danforth Prince.
He had long-enduring affairs
with both Randolph Scott and
Howard Hughes.
Grant was linked with former co-
star Marlene Dietrich but she
insisted that there was no romance,
reportedly telling her friends: I had
no feelings for him he was a
And even Mae West, who had
helped to establish his reputation
as a virile leading man, reportedly
said in private: He never came
up to see me, not even some time.
According to Darwin Porter, Grants
other gay lovers encompassed the
biggest stars and most talented
creative minds in Hollywood. He
allegedly bedded Marlon Brando
and Gary Cooper, playwrights Clif-
ford Odets and Moss Hart and the
composer Cole Porter.
Grant was born Archibald Leach
in Bristol, on January 18, 1904, the
only child of Elsie and Elias, a gar-
ment factory presser. His family was
lower middle-class, Grant
recalled, and his mother deserted
the family when he was still a boy.
She ended up in a mental institu-
tion. He left home at 15 to join an
acrobatic troupe, an adventure
which took him to New York
in 1920 where he moved on to
appearing in vaudeville and then
Broadway. He went to Hollywood
for a screen test and with a name
change, Cary Grant was born.
He made 72 movies, never won an
Oscar, experimented with LSD and
made millions.
But at the age of 62 Grant retired,
deciding to devote more time to his
family and only child Jennifer. He
had divorced Dyan Cannon when
their daughter was only one but
remained an attentive, loving par-
ent who was determined to be a
part of her life. He picked Jennifer
up from school, read to her and
saved every photo, scrap and
souvenir that they shared in their
20 years together before he died.
Dad home-schooled me in life,
seven days a week, she says, recall-
ing growing up in the plush enclaves
of Beverly Hills and Malibu, travel-
ling the world with her famous
father and playing board games
with Princess Stephanie in
I had a crush on dad, Jennifer
admits. OK, more than a little
crush on dad. She also tries to
debunk her fathers reputation as a
cheapskate. In my experience, dad
was neither cheap nor excessive,
she writes. Which for a wealthy
man is remarkable. Yet she recalls
that he refused to buy her expen-
sive designer jeans after learning
that cheaper denims came from the
same manufacturing plant.

HATEVER her fathers
sexuality, Jennifer saw
him indulge his hetero-
sexual appetites in a series of
romances and his nal marriage to
Barbara Harris. Even at 79 Grant
longed to have another child, con-
fessing: Im capable, sperm-wise.
Perhaps living a double life
came naturally to a man who trans-
formed himself from a West Country
school drop-out into an urbane
mid-Atlantic sophisticate.
He confessed: I have spent the
greater part of my life uc tuating
between Archie Leach and Cary
Grant, unsure of each, suspecting
each. Perhaps he enjoyed the best
of both worlds.
If someone wants to say Im gay,
what can I do? he once mused. I
think its probably said about every
man whos been known to do well
with women. I dont let that sort of
thing bother me. What matters to
me is that I know who I am.
CARY GRANTS rst bride was
actress Virginia Cherrill who
was discovered by silent comedy
legend Charlie Chaplin. They
wed in 1934 but divorced only
13 months later.
Wife No 2 was Woolworth
heiress Barbara Hutton but their
three-year marriage ended in
1945. Hutton paid $1.5million to
divorce rst husband Prince
Alexis Mdivani but Grant insisted:
I never asked Barbara Hutton for
a penny. I never married a woman
for money. Thats the Gods truth.
I may not have married for very
sound reasons but money was
the least of them.
He wed actress-comedienne
Betsy Drake in 1949. They
co-starred in 1952s Room For
One More. It lasted until their
1962 divorce.
In 1965 he married actress
Dyan Cannon, 33 years his junior,
but divorced in 1968. It seems
that each new marriage is more
difcult to survive than the last
one, he said. Im rather a fool
for punishment. I keep going back
for more. Dont ask me why.
In 1981 he entered his nal
union. Barbara Harris, pictured
with him far left, was 46 years
his junior and was with him when
he died in 1986.
40 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
400 on rampage in
A wheelie bin is set alight by the rioters as a bystander, right, is left bloodied by ying glass
POLICE fought running battles
against masked protesters early
yesterday after a peaceful demon-
stration turned into a bloody riot.
Ofcers clashed with a mob of up
to 400, some armed with bricks,
concrete blocks and bottles, who
were protesting against a new
Tesco store in Bristol.
They used baton charges and
horses to contain the crowds dur-
ing a four-hour siege in which they
were pelted with glass and bystand-
ers were force to ee in terror.
Police vans were attacked, res
were lit and a number of ofcers
were injured exactly a week after
the same Tesco store was stormed
and nine people were arrested.
Witnesses likened the carnage to
a war zone. Demonstrators had
gathered peacefully in the citys
Stokes Croft area to show opposi-
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 41
bloody Tesco battles
meat risk
to health
Police in riot gear with batons drawn confront the mob of demonstrators, some with their faces covered to avoid identication
PUBLIC health is at risk
from contaminated
carcasses in abattoirs, a
new survey reports.
The Unison union of
meat inspectors found
80 per cent of carcasses
are affected in some
The frequency of
parasites and diseases in
meat had hit a level that
left Britain vulnerable to
major outbreaks of the
potentially fatal bacteria
e-coli, the report said.
This meant shocking
risks to public health
and was caused largely
by understafng, lower
standards and a lack of
support for inspectors.
Three-quarters said
they were bullied by
abattoir bosses, usually
in the form of threats
and trying to silence
complaints about meat
Unisons Dave Prentis
said: Families need to
know their Sunday
roasts are safe to eat.
Too many abattoir
bosses are putting fast
production before
peoples safety.
tion to the supermarket at 9pm on
Thursday, playing music and danc-
ing in the street.
Police in riot gear moved in to
quell the demo at 12.30am after
some protesters began to cover
their faces with black scarves.
That prompted a baton charge
that sent rioters and innocent
members of the public scrambling
for cover.
A group of masked yobs con-
fronted the ofcers, showering
them with rocks and bottles.
Several bystanders were hit by
ying glass.
Assistant Chief Constable Rod
Hansen said: Unfortunately a
number of people attended this
event to incite violence and cause
criminal damage. We will not
tolerate this behaviour. We are
taking swift and robust action to
arrest those responsible.
Fifteen people were held over-
night. Three more took refuge on a
rooftop yesterday morning and
began throwing tiles at police.
A negotiator was brought in to
talk to the three, who live in a squat
opposite the Tesco building.
Local Lib Dem MP Stephen
Williams said: These protests have
been hijacked by extreme Left-wing
groups. They do not represent the
views of the people in this area.
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42 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 43
Asylum crisis fear
as north Africans
head for Britain
a dope
Darren Ellis posing with bags of cannabis in the photo police found at his home
A DRUG dealer was
jailed for six years after
police raided his home
and discovered this
photo of him posing with
two bags of cannabis.
Smirking Darren Ellis,
35, is pictured holding
the clear plastic bags
stuffed with 28lb of the
Ofcers also found
31lb of amphetamine,
4oz of cocaine and
10,000 in cash.
Ellis pleaded guilty at
Birmingham Crown
Court to conspiracy to
supply class B and class
C drugs.
His father Daniel,
aged 60, was jailed for
two years after he was
found guilty of
Elliss wife Suzy, 32,
escaped jail but was
given a 12-month
suspended sentence.
The court heard the
family ran a
sophisticated drug
ring from their home in
Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
HUGE numbers of refugees eeing
north Africa could plunge Britain into
its biggest asylum crisis for a decade,
a think-tank warned yesterday.
Tens of thousands have already
headed to Europe to escape unrest in
countries such as Libya, Tunisia and
Egypt and many have set up camp near
the Eurostar terminal in Paris and aim
to travel to Britain.
Migration Watch UK said if many do
head to the UK it would put the asylum
system under the sort of pressure not
seen since the early 2000s when ows
reached a peak.
Migration Watch UK chairman Sir
Andrew Green said: There is now a
clear risk of a massive inow of eco-
nomic migrants to the EU, many of
whom will claim asylum.
If this should happen we can expect
much greater pressure on the Channel
ports from those who prefer to seek
asylum in Britain.
The asylum system, already creak-
ing, could collapse under the weight of
numbers as it did in 2000-2002 when a
peak ow left the Home Ofce hiding
half a million les in a warehouse. Some
migrants will be genuine refugees but
many will be economic migrants.
Anyone who sets foot in the UK and
claims asylum has the right under the
1951 Refugee Convention to have his or
her case heard and also has a right of
appeal if refused.
Applicants are supported by the
taxpayer throughout the process,
which takes months and often years.
The UKs record in removing those
whose cases eventually fail is extremely
Italy has urged its EU partners to
help ease the pressure by accepting
some of its north African migrants.
But Home Secretary Theresa May
has said Britain is not prepared to join
any burden-sharing.
Eastern European migrants will be
able to claim benets within weeks of
arriving in Britain when restrictions
put in place seven years ago, as the EU
expanded, end on Sunday.
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44 Daily Express Satu
WHICH veteran British television
favourite has been cheating on his
wife with a female colleague more
than 25 years his junior?
MOST stars are
embarrassed by
their cringey TV
adverts but rock legend Iggy
Pop couldnt be happier with
his work for insurance rm
The 64-year-old singer
reveals that two puppets
were used to make the
30million ads One
animated puppet and one
stunt puppet. They throw the
stunt puppet out of golf carts
and things like that. He tells
Absolute Radio: I wanted
to take the stunt puppet home
but it didnt happen.
JUDY GARLANDs daughter Lorna
Luft has spoken out against
Hollywood medics who dish out
prescription drugs to celebrities,
insisting that stars will continue to
die as her wonderful mother did.
Garland died in 1969 aged 47 after
an overdose of prescription sleeping
pills and Heath Ledger, Michael
Jackson and Brittany
Murphy have all died in
recent years from
overdoses of legal drugs.
It makes me sad
theres still a big moth
syndrome. Some doctors
still prescribe drugs to the
stars, hoping the limelight
will rub off on them, says
Luft, 58. The only way to
change it is if somebody is
nally prosecuted. Michael
Jacksons doctor Conrad Murray is
facing trial for involuntary
manslaughter over the stars death.
We havent learned anything in
the 40 years since I lost Mom, she
laments. That to me is shocking.
While not achieving the fame of
her mother or half-sister Liza
Minnelli, Luft has carved out a
showbiz career, notably with
her West End show Songs
My Mother Taught Me. But
she slams rival show End
Of The Rainbow, based on
her mothers life. Why
would I want to see
something where the writer
had no contact with my
family? Thats like seeing
a fairystory.
MR Nasty,
Cowell shows
his softer side
during a night out
in London.
The 51-year-old
boss of The
X Factor,
clutching his
packet of menthol
ciggies, stopped
to buy his copy
of the Big Issue
after enjoying
a slap-up meal in
Mayfair before
hopping into a
car for a read.
STOP: Simon Cowell
buys his Big Issue
2 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Pippa Middleton with bridesmaids Grace van Cutsem, left and Eliza Lopes, both three
Louise Windsor, Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Tom Pettifer and William Lowther-Pinkerton Zara Phillips shines in a silver jacket Best man Prince Harry in his uniform Williams cousin Princess Beatrice


IT WAS the moment their eyes
met at the altar of Westminster
Abbey that love shone like
searchlights. Immaculate in his
scarlet uniform as Colonel-In-
Chief of the Irish Guards, Prince
William had been waiting, eyes
xed rigidly ahead and hands
trembling slightly with the normal
nerves of a bridegroom, when
Miss Catherine Middleton arrived
serenely at his side.
She had run the romantic
gauntlet that is the Abbeys aisle,
her left hand resting with
buttery lightness on her father
Michaels right arm. In her lacy
gown Catherine glowed from
behind the mystique of a veil.
Prince Harry, smiling and
cheeky as best man, could not
resist turning round to watch
Catherines elegant progress.
But his bridegroom brother
stared anxiously ahead.
This was the moment of truth
when new foundations of the
monarchy were to be laid.
The instant he saw his bride,
the young woman who one day
would share a throne with him, it
was obvious that his heart took
a loving leap. William ushed a
little, his eyes becoming soft and
gentle. Catherine responded with
a smile so warm that there could
never be any doubt that here was
a couple deeply in love.
Earlier it was obvious that
William was stressed. As he
swept out of Clarence House in
a tank-sized Bentley he kept
exing his white-gloved hands
to relieve the tension. Still he
smiled at the crowds cheers.
Catherine too looked serious in
the back of a royal Rolls-Royce
when she left The Goring hotel.
Sitting close to her father, who
reassured her with little caresses
on the arm, she waved at well-
wishers and occasionally bit into
her lower lip. But as soon as the
couple were reunited there at the
altar that had witnessed so much
history, they relaxed into the
comfort of each others company.
He gazed at her lovingly, his face
breaking into delight. When the
time came for them to exchange
their marriage vows the scent of
love was heavy in the air.
The high point in this emotional
exchange came when William
took the Welsh gold wedding
band and with a little difculty
placed it on Catherines ring
nger. The look of fulsome
affection they shared was
endearing. Here clearly was a
couple not only in love but also
deeply at ease with one another.
It was at exactly 11.25am that
Catherine Middleton, the middle-
class girl from a Berkshire village,
was magically transformed into a
Princess of the realm.
There was glowing pride in
their eyes as the newly created
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
made their dignied journey back
down the Abbeys aisle. Their
faces were wreathed with the joy
of newlyweds. As they drew
closer to the great West Door the
rapturous chorus from outside
could be heard the people,
ying ags, voices raised in
affection. Westminster Abbey
pealed with the sounds of
tumbling bells and passing boats
on the nearby River Thames
joined in by hooting noisily.
By now the sun was beaming
down as if in approval. The open
1902 State Landau, drawn by four
Windsor Greys, stood outside
and William climbed in, turning to
help his Princess arrange her
dress. Catherine never looked so
beautiful her veil was lifted and
her tiara, once worn by the Queen
Mother, glittered in the sunshine.
Slowly they set off back to
Buckingham Palace, their faces
relaxed with happiness. And one
could hardly blame William for
giving his new Princess, Duchess
and wife (all in one) lingering
looks of admiration.
The sense of public affection
was felt most in The Mall, where
thousands had lined the route to
add their congratulations. The
couple waved back, perhaps
more enthusiastically than
members of the Royal Family
tend to. All along the route there
were home-made signs We
Love You, Be Happy and May
God Bless You.
Halfway down The Mall, William
took Catherine by the hand,
holding it until they had passed
well into Buckingham Palace. A
little later they came out together
and stood on the palace balcony.
There, to the vocal delight of a
mighty crowd stretched right up
to Admiralty Arch, they kissed.
It had been a day of pomp,
circumstance and magical love.
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 3
William and Catherine, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, relax during their wedding ceremony and, inset, make their dignied journey back down the aisle of Westminster Abbey as husband and wife
4 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
1 Brides parents Michael
and Carole Middleton
2 Prince Charles and the
Duchess of Cornwall
3 Bridesmaid Eliza
Lopes, three, the eldest
child of Camillas
daughter Laura and her
husband Harry Lopes
4 Lady Louise Windsor,
seven, the Queens
youngest granddaughter
and the eldest child of
the Earl and Countess of
Wessex. She is ninth in
line to the throne
5 Grace van Cutsem,
three, Prince Williams
godchild, is the daughter
of Lady Rose Astor
and Hugh van Cutsem,
who is a close friend of
both Prince William and
Prince Harry
6 Kate and Prince
William, the new
Duke and Duchess
of Cambridge
7 The Honourable
Margarita Armstrong-
As she leaves the Palace balcony helped by her Prince, the beaming bride turns for one more delighted look at the crowds; she had seemed taken aback by the throng at rst but then enjoyed the experience
1 2 3 4 5 6
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 5
WATCHED by the world William and Kates big day could
not have been more perfect. Rain may have threatened
but the sun occasionally came out to catch a glimpse of
the royal couple. As Union ags uttered in the breeze
almost one million people thronged the streets. In
Westminster Abbey 1,900 guests watched the marriage
ceremony and an estimated two billion people across the
globe were glued to the event on their TV screens.
No other country can do tradition and spectacle quite
like us. The day combined pomp and circumstance (with
escorts by the Household Cavalry and a y-past by the
Royal Air Force) with the couples air for informality.
They left their Buckingham Palace wedding breakfast in
Prince Charless open-top Aston Martin which boasted
the number plate JU5T WED. William drove.
Earlier all the timings for arrivals at the Abbey had been
perfect. At 10.51am Kate left The Goring hotel and we
had our rst glimpse of the dress that had been kept
secret for months an Alexander McQueen creation
designed by Sarah Burton. Looking radiant Kate waved to
the crowds from her Rolls-Royce Phantom VI as she
travelled with her father Michael.
As she reached William in the Abbey he said: You look
beautiful and later joked to her father: Were supposed
to have a small family affair. Perhaps the only slight hitch
in the ceremony was when the Prince struggled to put the
wedding band on Kates nger.
From then on the couple took everything in their stride,
including their much-anticipated balcony kiss. When Kate
rst stepped out she seemed taken aback by the size of
the crowd, mouthing, Oh wow to William but then they
treated the massed well-wishers to not one but two public
kisses. The newlyweds happy smiles said it all.
As the main television coverage ended the National
Grid reported a massive surge in electricity as Britons at
home switched on their kettles.
Jones, eight, the
daughter of Viscount
Linley and his wife
Serena. Her grandmother
was Princess Margaret
whose glamorous
looks she has inherited
8 Pageboy Tom Pettifer,
eight, is the son of
Charles Pettifer and
Prince Williams former
nanny Tiggy (ne Legge-
Bourke) and is another
of Williams godchildren
9 Ten-year-old William
Lowther-Pinkerton is the
son of Jamie Lowther-
Pinkerton, who was
the chief wedding
organiser and is a
former SAS ofcer
10 The Queen and
Prince Philip
11 Pippa Middleton,
younger sister of
the bride and maid
of honour
12 Prince Harry, who
was best man
13 James Middleton, the
brides brother who
gave the reading at
Westminster Abbey
The couple showed they are blissfully in love with not one but two kisses Nearly one million joyful people lled the streets of the capital and thousands gathered in The Mall in anticipation of that kiss
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
6 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Kate walks
in to the
Abbey on
the arm of
her father
with her
carried by
Left: It was
brought the
Right: The
couple bow
and salute
to the
IF ANYONE can lay claim to possessing
a fairytale story it is Kate Middleton.
She may have married into the highest
echelon of royalty and will now be
known as the Duchess of Cambridge
but a few generations ago her family
worked down the Durham coal mines.
Even when Kate was born in the
Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, on
January 9, 1982, the Middletons were
living in a humble semi in the Berkshire
village of Bradeld Southend. They
could little have dreamed that their
perfect baby would later steal the heart
of Prince William, the most eligible man
in the country and the future King.
It makes for an effective contrast:
Kates great-great-grandfather John
Harrison was a pit labourer in the
North-east village of Hetton-le-Hole
while Williams was King George V.
But the Middleton familys route from
the pits to the Palace has taken a
remarkably short time.
Kates great-grandfather on her
mothers side, Thomas Harrison, was
determined to escape the coal mines,
instead becoming a carpenter. His
daughter Dorothy Caroles mother
then married Ron Goldsmith, an
engineer and lorry driver, and when
Carole wed Michael Middleton they
both worked for British Airways she
was an air stewardess, he a trainee
pilot. Michaels own family descended
from Yorkshire tradesmen, lawyers, a
hymn-writing clergyman and the
Victorian thinker and philosopher
Harriet Martineau, a friend of Charles
Darwin and Charlotte Bront.
Had the Middletons remained
working as airline staff, however, it is
unlikely that Kate would have been
given the opportunity of meeting and
studying alongside her future husband.
Kates early childhood was spent in
Amman, Jordan, while her parents
continued to work for British Airways
but it was only after they returned to
England that Carole began selling party
supplies to other mothers and in 1987
expanded her hobby seriously.
The Middletons duly established their
business Party Pieces, which arguably
changed the entire course of Kates life.
The success of the company turned her
parents into multi-millionaires and
enabled them not only to move out of
their semi into their large, detached
home in the desirable Berkshire village
of Bucklebury but to give all three of
their children Kate, Pippa and James
the best possible start in life.
While Kate initially attended
St Andrews School in Pangbourne (the
nine-year-old William once visited to
play hockey while Kate was in the
watching crowd) her parents became
wealthy enough to send her, briey, to
Downe House and then to Marlborough
College in Wiltshire, one of the most
elite public schools in the country.
Her next step to historic St Andrews
University seemed a natural one and it
was here she found herself on the
same history of art course as Prince
William. It might have taken months
and a famous student fashion show
for William to really notice Kates
charms but for the woman nicknamed
beautiful Kate by her student friends
her royal destiny was sealed.
You can only assume her ancestors
would have been amazed, thrilled and
incredibly, incredibly proud.
They little dreamed
that their baby would
steal a princes heart
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 7





10 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
All bridal butteries dispelled, the breadth of Kates smile tells the story as Prince William takes her hand in his the strength of their love is obvious
Amid the pomp and pageantry of procession back to Buckingham Palace the newlyweds share a joke and seem completely at ease with each other the formality of the event was a long way from their thoughts
APPROACHING Westminster Abbey to face not just
1,900 guests but a worldwide audience of two
billion, it is no surprise Kate Middleton seemed
nervous. As she walked up the aisle with her father
Michael her smile could not hide the butteries she
However her demeanour changed the moment
she took her place beside Prince William. You look
beautiful, he mouthed, smiling broadly.
From that moment Kate relaxed visibly, smiling
back at her husband-to-be. William has never
underestimated the responsibility of bringing Kate
into the public world of the Royal Family. It was
clear on his wedding day that it wasnt the pomp or
ceremony that preoccupied him but how his
bride-to-be was feeling.
Throughout the service his attention was focused
on Kate alone. Determined she should feel at ease,
he could be seen frequently whispering
reassurances and even cracking the occasional
After exchanging vows the couple took their seats
at the side of the altar to listen to the sermon where
they exchanged affectionate looks.
In the carriage ride from the Abbey to
Buckingham Palace, the Prince could be seen
joking with his new bride, at one moment sticking
out his tongue and pointing at the crowd.
It was Prince William who helped Kate step down
from the carriage before they took their place on the
balcony to the delight of the waiting crowd. Despite
the formality of the situation there was no stiffness.
Instead their affection for each other was plain as
they kissed, smiled and laughed together.
Although William has always been protective of
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 11
The carriage ride from the Abbey was met by jubilant crowds along the way and William playfully points a nger and sticks out his tongue the fact that Kate shares the joke shows just how relaxed she felt
The Prince is ready with a helping hand as his bride, in her stunning ivory and white satin dress, steps delicately down from the 1902 State Landau
Prince Williams focus is clearly on his bride in the Abbey
Kate it has been increasingly apparent since they
announced their engagement. He did everything in
his power to ease his bride-to-be into the royal way
of life. At their rst ofcial engagement launching a
lifeboat in Anglesey, the Prince stayed close to his
ance, keeping a reassuring hand on her back and
this closeness has been obvious ever since.
At the wedding it could not have been clearer and
onlookers in the Abbey and those watching at home
could be in no doubt that this isnt just a love match
but a deep friendship that has spanned a decade
and looks destined to last a lifetime.
12 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
At a fashion show at St Andrews in 2002, Kate modelled this daring
outt designed by student Charlotte Todd. William was in the audience
The couple are living on Anglesey while William is based at RAF
Valley and can lead normal lives including shopping at the local Tesco
A skiing holiday together in Klosters in 2004 was the rst public
sign that university atmates William and Kate might be an item
In June 2005 the two students graduated from St Andrews University. They
each gained honours degrees, William in geography and Kate in history of art A lifeboat naming ceremony on Anglesey in February was
The pair have always enjoyed a night out and, judging by their
smiles, had clearly had fun at Boujis nightclub in London in 2007
WILLIAM and Kate rst met 10 years ago when they shared the
same halls of residence at St Andrews University in Scotland.
Only the couple know the exact moment romance blossomed
but by March 2002, when Kate sashayed down the catwalk at a
student fashion show wearing a see-through dress and black
underwear, William was interested enough in Kate to ensure he
had a 20 ringside seat.
On a ski trip to Klosters in 2004 they appeared very much a
couple and did not shirk from having their photos taken. By
the time of their graduation they had spent two years living
together in a shared at.
Public life had its ups and downs. While they frequented
London nightclubs and shared intimate holidays, Williams







Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 13
the rst ofcial duty for William and Kate after their engagement
military training separated him from Kate who was
trying to forge a career in London.
In April 2007 they split, yet within weeks they
were to be reconciled. She attended a concert for
Diana three months later and the following year
watched proudly as William received his RAF
wings from his father.
The couple now live in Anglesey where William
is based. He proposed in Kenya last October,
presenting her with the sapphire ring that
belonged to his mother. Following the
announcement of their engagement, Kate began
joining him on ofcial duties.
The suntanned
pair relax on
board a boat off
the coast of Ibiza.
They were
holidaying with
friends in
September 2006
Nine years after rst meeting as students, William and Kate announced to the world that they planned to marry




14 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
ABOVE: Three
years after their
wedding, Diana
and Charles
posed for this
family shot at
Palace. William
was two and
Harry just one
month old
LEFT: One of the
last portraits of
Diana and her
sons, taken in
September 1995
The family in the
wild ower
meadow at
Highgrove House
in July, 1986
future king as a
cheeky toddler,
aged two in 1984
At 13, William started as a boarder
at Eton College. This picture was
taken on his rst day in 1995
A refreshingly relaxed portrait of proud father Prince Charles with his two handsome
sons. Mario Testinos photo was taken to mark Prince Harrys 20th birthday in 2004





PRINCE William Arthur Philip Louis was born on June
21, 1982. He was the rst child of the Prince and
Princess of Wales and would be joined two years later
by brother Harry.
At six-weeks-old William was christened by the
Archbishop of Canterbury at Buckingham Palace and
the following year, in a break from royal tradition,
he accompanied his parents to Australia for his rst
overseas royal tour. Back in Britain, he spent
week days at Kensington Palace and weekends at
Highgrove House in Gloucestershire.
Despite the fact that he was born to be king his
parents tried to keep his childhood as normal as
possible. Nicknamed Wombat by his mother, he
enjoyed trips to the cinema, zoos and theme parks.
She also took him along with her on visits to
homeless shelters so he could understand the
problems faced by the less fortunate.
William attended nursery in west London from the
age of three and was educated at two independent
schools before being accepted at Eton College at 13,
a year before his parents divorce.
He was a popular pupil and was appointed captain
of the swimming team and a prefect.
He was 15 and holidaying at Balmoral when his
father broke the news that Diana had died. Since that
time, his relationship with his father and brother has
never been closer.
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 15
LEFT: Displaying
an impressive
agility and a
natural love of
the great
Kate clambers
over rocks in
the Lake District
in 1985
ABOVE: Kate,
aged four,
younger sister,
Pippa, and their
father Michael
sightseeing in
Jordan in 1986
picture was taken
during Kates rst
year at St
Andrews before
she had properly
met William
1989, Kates
parents sent her
to St Andrews
prep school
near their home
in Berkshire
where she
stayed until the
age of 13. After
a brief spell at
Downe House,
an all-girl
school, Kate
boarded at
College in
LEFT: Catherine
Middleton at ve
CATHERINE Elizabeth Middleton, the eldest child of
Michael and Carole, was born in Reading, Berkshire,
on January 9, 1982.
She has a younger sister Pippa and a brother,
James. When Kate was two, her fathers job as a ight
dispatcher with British Airways took the family to
Amman in Jordan. They stayed for more than two
years and Kate attended nursery school there.
A year after returning to England, her mother, who
was previously an air hostess, founded the familys
successful mail-order business Party Pieces.
Kate was a sporty child and at Marlborough College
she played tennis, hockey, netball and badminton and
gained the school record for the high jump. She also
completed her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.
Acting was another passion and she was cast as
Eliza Doolittle in a production of My Fair Lady when
she was at St Andrews prep school. She would
continue to perform on stage until her nal year at
Her gap year was spent studying at the British
Institute in Florence and volunteering at a project in
Chile. Coincidentally Prince William left there just
weeks before.
Party-loving and fun to be with, Kate threw herself
into university life at St Andrews, taking part in the
usual student antics and it wasnt long before she
caught the eye of her prince.
16 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
urday April 30 2011 45
Pistols guitarist
Libertines front man
London Film Festival
opening night at The
Troxy, Shadwell
comedian MICHAEL
down Exhibition
Road, South
Kensington, carrying
a plastic bag
AND JACK TEAGUE email us at diary@express.
Picture: FLYNET
has fallen on
Dancing On Ice
but that hasnt
stopped DENISE
WELCH showing off
the moves she learned
on the show.
The Loose Women
livewire, dressed in a
sparkly frock and red satin
peep-toes, was swept into
the air by skating partner
MATT EVERS as they
arrived at Ghost: The
Musical in Manchester.
The 52-year-old then
showed off her fancy
footwork at the
Dancing On Ice
wrap party.
SHE hasnt got long before she
pops yet Kate Hudson admits she
doesnt feel prepared for the
birth of her second child.
The 32-year-old Hollywood actress, who
is expecting a baby with anc Muse front
man Matt Bellamy, is shocked that her
nine months are nearly up.
Were getting close weeks, said
Kate, whose mother is actress Goldie
Hawn. Getting close enough to almost
not be able to y. I dont feel prepared. I
cant believe how fast its gone. The Nine
star adds that her romance with the
Cambridge-born singer, 32, was also a
whirlwind. She told US TV host David
Letterman: I was so excited to be
single. And of course thats when you
meet this amazing love. There he is I
love you. Next thing you know, youre
knocked up!
Pre- and post-surgery consultations with a surgeon
who is a member of BAAPS/BAPRAS and who will
perform your operation.
Nagors latest generation implants with a lifetime
A lifetime aftercare policy which means that you can
see your surgeon at any time after your surgery at no
extra cost.
All operations at leading private hospitals.
Our surgeons
are specialists
in breast and all
other cosmetic
surgeons you can trust
0870 780 4000
or visit
Calls may be recorded for training purposes
LIPOSUCTION (Fat removal)
AND FILLERS (Treatment for the
appearance of lines and wrinkles)
Procedures include:
46 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
for ore |rforat|or or
arder|r ard otber
subjects o to A|ar
I|tcbarsb's Webs|te:
HINK house plants today
and what springs to mind?
Moth orchids for sure but
unfortunately very little
else gets a look in.
Yet there are rumblings the
thinking womans pot plant (as
it was once called 20 years ago)
may be bounced from its perch.
Plant breeders have been
working on other species of
orchids to turn them from rare
and ckle plants needing expert
care into reliable house plants
which are showy, exotic and
compact with a long owering
season and no trouble to grow.
And its worked: the trickle
thats been owing into garden
centres is set to become a ood.
If you want to be rst in a trend,
keep your eyes peeled.
The slipper orchid
(Paphiopedilum) looks like a
botanical print in a pot. Its a
rather stylised plant with a neat
rosette of eshy oval leaves
from which springs an elegant
stem topped by a lone ower
and thick, waxy, off-white, pinky
or yellow petals that are often
striped in purple or green.
The pansy orchid (Miltonia)
makes a similar-sized plant that
forms a tidy clump of longer,
narrower leaves. Each stem is
topped by a huge at ower like
a giant pansy but in cream or
red, often with a contrasting
splash in the centre or prettily
patterned with what looks like
a spray of water droplets.
Dendrobium have slightly
cane-like stems with a number
of large, showy, pinkish owers.
You might also meet a Vanda,
which has large, at, rounded,
blueish owers and a seersucker
sort of pattern at the tip of its
stems, or Oncidium which has
branching stems studded with
masses of small yellow owers.
The great beauty of new-look
orchids is they are compact so
theyll t on narrow windowsills
or small coffee tables and unlike
more traditional indoor plants,
they look tidy and dont make a
mess. Keep them out of direct
sunlight and water sparingly.
Anthurium has been up and
coming for a while but the latest
new varieties are more compact,
with delicate slender owers
and far more suited to a space
in a small modern home.
For todays answer to the old
Victorian aspidistra, go for
Zamioculcas. This sculptural,
abstract-looking plant has
upright, thick, leaf-stalks,
maybe 2ft high, dotted with
rounded eshy leaves. Like
aspidistra, it puts up with low
light, draughts and neglect so it
is easy to grow even if you dont
have green ngers. Its perfectly
at home inside a room, where it
looks like part of the furniture.
One or two new house plants
could be just what it takes to
create a stylish fresh look in
your home without redecorating
and all for just a few quid.
A NEW BREED: Pansy orchids
F Simpson,
YES, but with
reservations. The
sorts of bamboos
with stems that grow
long, thick and
strong enough to
use will need a fair
bit of space and it
takes several years
before old stems
become tough
enough for use.
aurea, the shpole
bamboo, whose
canes turn a lovely
golden-brown with
age. Expect clumps
to grow up to 12ft tall
and up to 5ft wide. It
is widely available
and isnt a rampant
You will need to
trim the sideshoots
off to produce canes
similar to the ones
you can buy but a
lot of gardeners
already do this
anyway, to show off
the stems while they
are growing.
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B00B |N'
10NkNkN B0SS SkS
' kS0N'
we wi l l r o c k y o u . c o . u k
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 47
48 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Rupert hears the strange sea
creatures scratching the rock as they
try to climb it. If only I knew whether
they meant to lead me to this thing, he
murmurs, or are trying to prevent me
from taking it away. Or are they simply
inquisitive? The scratching sounds
nearer, so he quickly decides to leave
and rmly presses a button. Now for
it, he breathes, bracing himself for the
journey. But, though the button tingles
violently, he does not move. Then a
speck appears high up in the sky.
Express Newspapers 2011
He presses on the badge in vain,
Things seem to have gone wrong again.
Hullo, says Rupert, whats up there?
Its something drifting through the air.
=8@K?#?FG<8E;JL< A^hVL^aY
To order copies of the Rupert 1966 Facsimile (25), call 0871 988 8370 (calls cost 10p/min
froma BT landline), send a cheque/PO to The Ofcial Classic Rupert Bear Shop, PO Box 200,
Falmouth, TR11 4WJ or visit UK delivery is free.


;`]]`Zlckp1 0/0 KXi^\k1 30 mins
:cl\1 Keen darLs abouL hesiLaLion.

LesLs your loqic and word

power. Lach qrid number represenLs a
leLLer. Lvery leLLer ol Lhe alphabeL is
used. Use Lhe qiven leLLer or leLLers
below Lhe main qrid Lo sLarL.
All Alphapuzzle words appear in Chambers Dictionary
8Zifjj1Oqle, Bedrock, Carqo, Balance, ALhleLe, JusL, Deluqe, Census,
Cane, Squalor, Premier, CraLe, AnaLomy, NewL.
;fne1Orchard, Cape, Lurch, LanLern, Lozenqe, PinL, Lmblem (clue),
Ashram, Rule, DeluncL, Concuss, Leave, 1exL, SerpenL.
2 3 ^ 5 6 7 8 9 0 2 3
^ 5 6 7 8 9 20 2 22 23 2^ 25 26
, . '' '- / . + * '/ ') (,
', '/ '& * '/ '/ ,
(( '- '( (( '- (' '/ (+ '- + '' -
'' () (( () '- '+ ''
. ', ') '' () '/ '( / () '' (
+ '+ '- ) .
'+ ', (( '' '- + '+ . ( * () .
. (( '& (& '(
+ . ' '' '- (* ', () '( '/ '*
'/ ' '. ') . ', ()
'& '- + (( '- + (, + . '+ () '/
'- '/ (( '/ (( (& ',
() '( (( '' . '( '' , '- (( ((
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/|nauzz|e20|| /corn fo|tor|a| |to
/|| /|nauzz|eworos aear |n Cnamoers ||ct|onary
Puzz|e none ano text serv|ces SP 1e|ecom fxress |to w|B 2/C |e|||ne 0870 0|0 85
8:IFJJ RepresenL, LrsaLz, 1risecL, AsLi, MkL, ReLurns, Red, Lrqo, AbouL Lo,
SLoker, Llevenses. ;FNE Relay race, Lrrs, RariLy, LLiqueLLe, Lye, Nicks,
1aLLooers, BreLon, Rebel, Clee, One.
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( Mineral oil (9)
Plunder (7)
lnciLe or sLimulaLe (7)
Unspecilied larqe
number (9)
Hold spellbound (7)
Skin problem (6)
US space aqency (,,,)
Reliqious lemale (3)
Sola (6)
Simple nonllowerinq
planL (^)
Spanish cry (3)
( OpposiLe ol Lemporary (9)
A saL no (anaq.) (6)
1echnical knockouL
(abbr.) (,,)
Male relaLive (5)
RellecLion ol sound (^)
ParLy drink (5)
Carden huL (^)
Animals LhaL eaL planLs
and llesh (9)
MoLive (6)
Lpoch (3)
Cause Lrouble (^,5)
Fill the grid so that
every column, row, and
3x3 square includes all
the digits Irom ! to 9.
KXi^\k124 mins
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9 1
4 2
3 4 9
3 4
6 4
3 4
9 7 2
6 5
7 1
5 3 6
8 9
9 6
4 8 1
7 2
8 3
5 9 7
4 1
1 5
8 2 4
6 3
4 9
6 1 3
5 8
5 6
4 2 9
1 8
9 7
6 5 8
4 2
2 4
1 3 7
6 5
Can you Iind 24 or more
words containing only the
Iive letters shown on the
leIt? Each word must include
the letter in the centre, in
this case l, and must contain
at least Iour letters, but
there is no limit on the
number oI times you can use
a letter in any word. Your list
should include an eight
letter word that's Iallow.
K?@JN<<BJJFCLK@FE1anna, annas, annaLLo, anno, anoa,
anon, anLs, naan, naans, nana, nanas, nanna, nannas, nans,
naLanL, noLa, oasL, oasLs, oaLs, sans, sass, sonanL, sonanLs,
sonaLa, sonaLas, sLoa, sLoas, sLoaL, sLoaLs, Lans, LanLo, LaLs,
LaLLoo, LaLLoos, LoasL, LoasLs.
8m\iX^\dXib12^ words>ff[130 words
<oZ\cc\ek136 words@eZi\[`Yc\1^0 words
It always seems our delicate
skin is under attack and
theres no denying that razor
burn, bruises and often
the appearance of raised
scars ruins the look of your
favourite outts. Thankfully
theres now HEALGEL,
suitable for all skin types*.
Five leading British plastic
and cosmetic surgeons
joined forces with a
renowned skin biochemist.
They wanted an advanced
formula skin gel which took
three years to perfect.
The Gel contains key
essential ingredients and
should simply be massaged
into the troublesome, but
unbroken, skin up to three
times a day.
At just 33.50 plus 3.50
P&P for a 30ml jar, theres
nothing stopping you looking
your best.

PLUS 3.50
To order call now on
0800 005 3300
Only available for sale in the UK
*Heal Gel is a cosmetic product and its use does not imply that total recovery can be obtained.
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 49
Puzz|e none anJ text serv|ces SP 1e|ecom fxress |tJ w|B 2/C |e|||ne 0870 0|0 85
! FaLher and moLher accepLinq
woman's view (8)
5 Lqqhead in sLreeL wiLh younq
doq needinq boosL (^,2)
!0 Paqans once qored accidenLally
in Lhis conLesL (335,^)
!! VolunLeers, LeeLoLal, wiLh
hearLless lady holdinq one
made shabbily (7)
!2 Volume abouL a number lindinq
MounL LLna, e.q. (7)
!3 Criminal misplacinq qenL's raq (8)
!5 Dance involvinq man and
qraduaLe (5)
!S Fold in Lop, leaLher (5)
20 LxperL appearinq alLer prayer's
linal word likely Lo cooperaLe (8)
23 CeL LoqeLher lor drinks aL
universiLy (52)
25 Shop employee, quieL one wiLh
enerqy, boardinq vehicle (7)
26 SysLem ol adminisLraLion used
by calm qenL and lover on
broadcasL (5,0)
27 Co back lor proceeds (6)
2S Mod's opponenL in Lhe ouLskirLs
ol CovenLry wiLh earLhenware (8)

! Paqe advanced money linally
loLs (6)
2 1errible experience involvinq
LiLled man, say, on horse (9)
3 Call abouL a French naLional
iniLially racinq (7)
4 UnLidy dininq area seen belore
end ol day (5)
6 1en qals somehow creaLinq
knoLs (7)
7 1he French zealoL iniLially seen
in laLher's square (5)
S ldenLilyinq prom, earl breakinq
LooLh (8)
9 CheaL wiLh poeLry qivinq Lalk (8)
!4 Open oaLs, possibly, wiLh Lhis
cuLlery iLem (8)
!6 Male, bad one, and quieL
|ournalisL wiLh LasLern
creaLure (9)
!7 Firework Laken lrom small
public qarden lelL wiLh Lhe
queen (8)
!9 Small lish iL Lurned up wiLh
DemocraLs on Lhe French river (7)
2! Cranes accidenLally swallowinq
one poisonous subsLance (7)
22 RaLher aLLracLive (6)
24 For a French copper on Lime, iL's
noL censored (5)
25 Lasily undersLood French arLicle
lound in vehicle (5)
8:IFJJ 1errapin 5 AllecL 0 Poisonpen leLLer Library
2 lndulqe 3 CreosoLe 5 Maple 8 ldeas 20 1hriller 23 Samurai
25 Squeeze 26 Roundshouldered 27 LaLely 28 Harridan.
;FNE 1ipple 2 Reimburse 3 Avocado ^ lmply 6 Freedom 7 LxLol
8 1arqeLed 9 Lnqineer ^ OuLriqhL 6 Prelerred 7 MinsLrel 9 SLrudel
2 Launder 22 Leaden 2^ MounL 25 Sauna.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
11 12
13 14 15 16
18 19 20 21
23 24 25
27 28
Complete today's crossword correctly and
send your grid to: Crusader Crossword,
April 30, PC Box !257S, 5utton ColdIield B73 9BT.
|rtr|es rust |e ostror|e1 |o] 1 ot t|e |otest. !|e W|rrer W||| |e t|e
f|rst correct ertr] 1roWr ofter t|e c|os|r 1ote of |o] S.
THE newCrusader
Crcsswcrds VcIs 1-5,
(pubIished by HamIyn
0ctcpus) are avaiIabIe ncw
at 5.99 each. Tc crder
ycur ccpy cr previcus
vcIumes cf Crusader
Crcsswcrds 1, 2, 3 and 4
at 6.99 each phcne the
Express Bcckshcp cn
0B71 9BBB367(caIIs ccst
10p per minute frcma BT
IandIine), send a cheque
made payabIe tc The
Express Bcckshcp tc,
Crusader Crcsswcrds, P0
Bcx 200, FaImcuth TR11
4WJ cr crder cnIine at
8gi(+1|r l be||, Herefor1, 8gi(,1| |cCeec|or,
Coot|r|1e, |oror|s||re, 8gi(-1|rs | Cove], Wo|urr,
be1s, 8gi(.1k bu||r, ||re|eo1, Sorerset, 8gi(/1
|rs S ||||s, Nureotor, Wor|s, 8gi(01|rs J Co]1or,
bor|ur], Oior, 8gi)'1| Huer1|re, ||rc|f|e|1, W ||1s.
PIease aIIcw 30 days fcr prizes tc arrive
CAN you crack the Alphabeater? It's a tough twist on our popular Alphapuzzle, designed to stretch your
mental muscles to the limit. Each grid number below represents a letter or a black square. As in
Alphapuzzle, every letter oI the alphabet is used. But now you have to complete the grid tooI Use the
given letters and the given black squares below the main grid to start.
To add to the Iiendish Iun, Alphabeater is 'rotationally symmetrical'. In other words, the grid is the
same iI you turn the page upside down.
5o, Ior example, iI there is a sixletter word Across which starts in the top leIt corner, there will be a
corresponding sixletter word Across which ends in the bottom right corner square.
Every black square has a symmetrical 'twin', but the 'twin' may not always share the same number.
This can help identiIy other black squares. CI course, iI the centre square is black, it has no
corresponding 'twin'. 5olution on Monday.
Target Time: 36 minutes
9cXZbjhlXi\j1 ^, 5, 8, 9, 0, ,
6, 7, 22, 25, 27, 32, 35, 37.
8Zifjj1Funny, Business, Sawn,
PockeLed, LxacL, Crim, Squelch,
Yoke, Adaqe, Juvenile, ZeLa,
BaLLlinq, Waver.
;fne1 Lnvy, Jobs, Unsex, Now,
CasemenLs, Funqi, Judo, Link,
Child, lnveiqhed, Lra, Craze,
Used, Mope.
Ca|| for up to s|x extra |etter
c|ues. (Deduct tbree |rutes
for eacb extra c|ue |etter
beard). Ca||ers W||| a|so be
|ver tWo b|ac| square
rubers free of ary Iaret
I|e pera|ty.\id`elk\]ifd9K
A|terrat|ve|y, text
;JO9<8K to /,'//
ard We W||| text tbe s|x Lxtra
Letter c|ues to your ob||e.
Today's Iull solution
Extra letter clues

c 1 4 S c

8 7 l0 ll lc l1
cl cc c1
c4 cS
cc c c8 c7 10 1l 1c 11
l4 lS lc l l8 l7 c0
14 1S 1c 1 18 17 40
fn(oy a cna||ene? 1ry 1ne U|tra /|nauzz|e at .99(U|ostae free) ca|| 0B71 9BB B367or orJer on||ne at Ca||s cost
|0 a m|nute froma B1 |anJ||ne.
H0W many wcrds cf
fcur Ietters cr mcre can
ycu make frcm the
Ietters shcwn here?
In making a word, each
letter may be used once
only. Each must contain
the centre letter and
there must be at least
one nineletter word. No
plurals, or verb Iorms
ending in "s", no words
with initial capitals and
no words with a hyphen
or apostrophe permitted.
The Iirst word oI a
phrase is permitted (e.g.
ink|et in ink|et printer).
Cccd !3, very ccd !9,
exceIIent 25 (or more).
ScIuticn Mcnday.
blue blued bluer blunder
blur build builder bundle
bundled burden buried
burin burl burled burn
burned drub druid dude
duel dune indue indued
inure inured lieu lure
lured lurid nubile nude
nudie rebuild rube ruble
rudd ruddle rude rued
ruin ruined rule ruled
rune udder LE9I@;C<;
under underbid unriddle
Call '0'.(/(),/- Ior
today's Target solution\id`elk\]ifd9K
For today's solution call: '0'.(/(),/+\id`elk\]ifd9KcXe[c`e\jgclje\knfib\okiXj%Fk_\ie\knfibjdXpmXip%
The 5unshine Puzzle has been a Iirm Iavourite with readers oI the Express Ior many
years. All you need to do is Iind the correct home Ior the listed words. We have
helped you by placing two. Here are the words that go into the grid:
8:IFJJOb|ecLilicaLion, SensaLion, Rosy, Disc, OuLraqe, ArLisan,
RuL, Perhaps, 1rainer, lce, Nucleus, Rhubarb, Able, FeeL,
CooperaLe, DemonsLrabiliLy. ;FNEOvercompensaLed, Lasy,
1una, FlaL, Crib, 1end, NonconLribuLory, SaLirical, lnsinuaLe, Cadaver,
PersisL, BaLLery, SLraLum, Lcho, 1oqs, Fear, Barb, Feel.
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
12 13 14
16 17 18
20 21
! Con|uror (8)
6 Public school (^)
S ArLisL's sLand (5)
!! CompeLiLors (6)
!2 SomeLhinq LhaL uniLes
people (^)
!4 Boxer's shorL punch (3)
!5 Chanqes direcLion
suddenly (5)
!6 __ SLubbs, acLress (3)
!7 Larqe quanLiLy or number (^)
!9 Frail (6)
20 Approaches (5)
2! BoLLom or supporLinq
parL (^)
22 Person held capLive (8)
! CiLy in AusLralia (9)
2 LnLer (2,2)
3 ConsLanL and unendinq (9)
4 Donkey (3)
5 VarieLy ol qypsum (9)
7 1hrash (7)
9 Sudden lriqhL (5)
!0 Passes by like Lime (7)
!3 PosLpone (5)
!S FooLball's Mr Shearer (^)
!9 DisLanL (3)
Tc crder ycur ccpycf the newSmaII Crcsswcrds bcck vcIumes
1-5at 5.99each(pubIished byHamIyn0ctcpus), phcne the
Express Bcckshcp cn0B71 9BBB367(caIIs ccst 10p per
minute frcma BTIandIine), send a cheque made payabIe tc The
Express Bcckshcp tc SmaII Crcsswcrds, P0Bcx200, FaImcuth
TR11 4WJ, cr crder cnIine at www.expressbcckshcp.ccm
8:IFJJ! Palatial, 6 Ever, S Watch,
!! Income, !2 Ends, !4 Uni, !5 Chasm, !6 Pag,
!7 5pit, !9 Medium, 20 Tease, 2! Wren,
22 Heedless. ;FNE! Penetrate, 2 Lend,
3 Twohanded, 4 Ate, 5 Christens, 7 Vintage,
9 Amass, !0 Centime, !3 5hoes, !S Pure, !9 Mae.
For today's solution
call: '0'.(/(),/*
Ca||s cost 77 er m|nute froma B1 |anJ||ne |us
network extras. Ctner networks anJmoo||es may vary.
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received. Answers must be as stated. Prize is as stated. For full terms and conditions please visit
Customer helpline, 0870 010 8656 (national rate). Editors decision is final. For all SMS services, you may receive other related
promotional offers/services. To stop receiving text STOP to 86660. Express Newspapers/Northern & Shell reserves the right to offer
these promotions to its portfolio of services. The overall number of winners for any one promotion will be as stated.
Answer for Teaser 23/04/11: : Ash, fir, elm, oak, palm and pine
For more brain-teasing puzzles and information about Mensa membership visit
or telephone 01902 772771. Mensa does not accept hyphenated words, and uses the Oxford Dictionary
of English (Second Edition Revised) as its official reference.
Rearrange the letters of
to give two English counties.
What are they?
50 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 51
The Saturday briefing
PERFECT HARMONY: Paul McCartney and crooner Tony Bennett duetted on The Very Thought Of You in 2006
This wonderfully joyous
spring song by Rupert Brooke
has a beautifully judged sting
in its tail. This has been
requested by Arthur Mullery
in an email.

All suddenly the wind comes soft,
And Spring is here again;
And the hawthorn quickens with
buds of green,
And my heart with buds of pain.
My heart all Winter lay so numb,
The earth so dead and frore,
That I never thought the Spring
would come,
Or my heart wake any more.
But Winters broken and earth has
And the small birds cry again;
And the hawthorn hedge puts
forth its buds,
And my heart puts forth its pain.
Do you have a half-remembered
poem you would like to see
again? Just send us details of
what you can remember and
we shall bring as many as
possible to our Forgotten
Verse Corner.
To order copies of our
forgotten verse anthologies,
Forgotten Treasures Volume 2
or 3 (6.99 each, UK postage is
free, Volume 1 is out of print),
send a cheque or postal order
to Express
Bookshop, PO Box
200, Falmouth
TR11 4WJ, call
0871 988 8367 with
your credit card
details (calls cost
10p per minute
from BT
landlines) or
order online at
IS there anything you are
desperately yearning to know?
Are there any pressing factual
disputes you would like us to help
resolve? This is the page where we
shall do our best to answer any
questions you throw at us,
whatever the subject.
WALKING along Oxford Street,
I was nostalgically transported
back to the late Forties when
hearing a snatch of the love song
The Very Thought Of You. Please tell
me who wrote it and who sang it?
William Burridge,
East Acton, London
BOTH the music and lyrics
were written by Ray Noble in
1934 and it was rst sung by Al
Bowlly but he was only the rst of
many who had a hit with the song.
Bing Crosby came next, while
others who have recorded it
successfully include Doris Day,
Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole,
Perry Como and even a duet
between Tony Bennett and Paul
McCartney. Denitely one of the
all-time classics.
I HAVE a bottle of Bollinger
champagne RD 1973 which I had
specially shipped to celebrate the
marriage of the Prince of Wales and
Lady Diana Spencer on July 29,
1981. I also have a bottle of Real
Vinicola, Quinto Do Chbio, 1963
vintage port. Do they have any value
or should I just pour them away?
Brian Eaton, Brighton, E Sussex
FOR goodness sake dont
pour them away. That
Bollinger champagne was served
to guests at the royal wedding in
1981. RD stands for rcemment
dgorg (recently disgorged) and
it appears on Bollingers best
champagnes to indicate they have
been left longer to mature than
more ordinary bottles.
I have seen this fetch more than
400 a bottle at auction and on
specialist wine dealers lists at
more than 500. Your port is
worth less than a fth of that and
I would recommend supping it
gently after a good meal.
CAN you tell me why there are
at least three pubs in South
Norwood, London with names
reecting a nautical bent?
The three are: The Ship, The
Albion and The Jolly Sailor. South
Norwood is nowhere near the sea so
why the nautical names?
Paul Kirsten, Morden, London
THE Ship and The Jolly
Sailor were named to mark
the arrival of the Croydon Canal.
The Albion, which shows a
large warship under sail on its
sign, commemorates the
participation of HMS Albion in
the siege of Sevastopol in the
Crimean War in 1854, which was
shortly before the pub was built.
WE celebrated St Georges
Day last week but did
St George ever exist and if so was
he an Englishman?
Bill Hide, Worthing, West Sussex
HE denitely wasnt an
Englishman and there are
doubts about whether he existed
at all. According to legend, he was
a Roman soldier born in the 3rd
century in what is now Syria.
He is said to have been
martyred on April 23, 303. The
story of his slaying a dragon only
appeared in the 12th or 13th
century but some claim that
dragon was only a nickname for
the tyrant Roman emperor
Diocletian. Given the uncertainty
surrounding his existence, St
George was demoted to optional
worship by Pope Paul VI in 1969
but Pope John Paul II reinstated
him to full membership of the
calendar of saints in 2000.
His connection with England
came through a story about him
appearing in the skies at a battle
during the Crusades and leading
English troops to victory.
IT seems that recordings of all
the big lm musicals are
available except Gershwins Porgy
And Bess, starring Sidney Poitier
and Dorothy Dandridge.
It was a terric production and
included Sammy Davis Jr in the
cast. Why cant I nd it anywhere?
G Nichols,
Bognor Regis, West Sussex
YOU and others may think it
a terric production but the
Gershwin family certainly did not.
They thought producer Sam
Goldwyn had given the original
musical too much Hollywood
treatment with many of the songs
being turned into spoken
dialogue. There were disputes
between Goldwyn and director
Otto Preminger and together with
contractual problems with cast
members the lm was withdrawn
from general release in 1974.
There are still disputes to be
settled involving both the
Gershwin and Goldwyn estates.
CAN you settle an argument
raging in our local about which
car maker advertised with the
slogan Made by robots, driven
by humans?
Don McCullough, Liverpool
Is there anything you cant answer?
Try us! You can ask a question:
By email: put questions in the
subject line and send your question
By post: to Any Questions, c/o
William Hartston, Daily Express,
Number 10 Lower Thames Street,
London EC3R 6EN.
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everyone but the best will feature
on this page.
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Good-looking smartphone
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Easy-to-use mobile which
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display and
large, backlit
good for the
elderly, it has a
loud ringer with
visual alert and
is hearing-aid
Also has
a torch
online price
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store) is
great value
for a phone
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instant access to internet
accounts such as Gmail. Also
features a personal organiser
and phonebook backup.
52 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
SABMILLER faces renewed
speculation it is to launch a
7billion bid for Fosters beer
assets after shareholders in
the Australian drinks giant
voted overwhelmingly
yesterday to do the splits.
More than 99 per cent voted
in favour of Fosters keeping
hold of its beer businesses
while spinning off the wine
assets, which include brands
such as Penfolds and Wolf
Blass , into a new company
called Treasury Wine Estates.
Both are expected to attract
strong interest , with Peroni
and Grolsch maker SAB, led
by Graham Mackay, tipped as
a leading contender for the
beer arm. The split is
expected to be completed by
May 20. SAB already owns
Fosters in India and has its
US brewing rights.
Buying the brand outright
would provide SAB with a
springboard for growth into
other Asia markets.
Analysts have speculated it
could team up with Molson
Coors, which owns 5 per cent
of Fosters, to launch a joint
bid. Experts added that if SAB
does launch a bid , it could
face competition from Asian
brewers such as Tsingtao.
The wine business, which
has struggled, could attract
interest from private equity
groups such as Cerberus. Its
already had one bid rejected.
H)(' H*(' H+(' H(((
SABMiller, led by Graham Mackay, is looking for growth in Asia
City&Business City&Business
British banks in probe
amid collusion charges
Gold and euro keep climbing
as dollar continues its slump
STERLING edged close to a one-
year low against the euro yesterday
amid mounting signs the European
Central Bank will be forced to hike
interest rates further next month.
The move came as gold prices
surged through $1,540 an ounce,
reaching $1,543.70, as the dollar
slumped against major currencies.
The euro hit 89.36p yesterday, just
below the current one-year high of
89.41p reached last October, after it
was announced eurozone ination
had risen from 2.7 per cent to 2.8 per
cent during April, above the ECBs
target of 2 per cent. The hike came
despite the ECB lifting rates last
month for the first time since the
nancial crisis, edging them up 0.25
per cent to 1.25 per cent.
Meanwhile analysts expect the
Bank of England to keep interest
rates on hold at 0.5 per cent next
week. IHS Global Insight economist
Howard Archer said sluggish growth
and the drop in inflation between
February and March meant a rate
rise may not happen until Novem-
ber as austerity measures bite.
This reflects our belief growth
will be muted during much of 2011
and that a soft labour market will
prevent higher inflation expecta-
tions feeding through to lift wage
growth substantially, Archer said.
Other analysts said the eurozone
ination rise meant a further hike
was now likely in June, rather than
July, despite the continuing woes in
Ireland, Portugal and Greece.
The US Federal Reserve has also
indicated it is no hurry to lift inter-
est rates despite a boost in US
consumer spending yesterday.
Russians plan
London float
FERTILISER giant Phosagro
yesterday became the latest
Russian company to chance
its arm on a London listing
in a move to raise at least
$500million (300million).
The company has applied
to regulators in the country
to have 21.38 per cent of its
shares listed abroad and is
believed to be eyeing a June
oat in London. Advisers
are said to include Citigroup
and Renaissance Capital.
Russian companies have
so far raised $2billion since
January by listing in foreign
countries and analysts
believe the gure could top
$30billion for this year.
Buyout interest
for Micro Focus
MICRO FOCUS, the software
group, is believed to have received
a takeover approach from US
private equity group Bain Capital,
valuing it at up to 890million.
Bain is said to have approached
Micro Focus over Easter with a bid
said to value the group at between
425p to 450p a share. The shares
closed at 371p on Thursday .
Micro Focus, which updates
ageing computer systems, said
on Tuesday it had received an
approach following a string of
prot warnings on the back of
cancelled and postponed
contracts. Its chief executive
Nigel Clifford resigned earlier
this month. Analysts have said its
dramatic price fall over the past
year had made it attractive to
private equity.
The rm already has investments
in Irish software group SkillSoft,
which it bought last year for
$1.2billion (722million).
BARCLAYS, HSBC and Royal Bank of
Scotland and 13 other banks are facing
investigation by the European Commis-
sion over possible collusion in exotic
derivatives once called financial
weapons of mass destruction, it
emerged yesterday.
As well as the three British banks, the
EC will also probe the behaviour of
some of the biggest names in invest-
ment banking, including Goldman
Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley,
Citigroup, UBS and Credit Suisse. If the
banks are found guilty they could face
nes of up to 10 per cent of their reve-
nues, costing them billions of pounds.
The EC is investigating the market
for credit default swaps (CDS), a type
of derivative that will pay its buyer the
face value of a loan should a borrower
default. As a result they are often used
as a type of insurance.
It was US investment guru Warren
Buffett who described them nancial
weapons of mass destruction after they
played a central role in the crisis that
brought down a number of investment
banks and forced taxpayers to pump in
billions of dollars to bail them out. They
have also been blamed for making the
eurozone debt crisis worse, with Greece
blaming some of its woes on specula-
tors driving up default insurance.
Two probes have been launched. The
rst will examine whether all 16 banks
colluded by giving market information
to specialist data provider Markit.
A second inquiry will look at whether
nine of the banks also acted with
derivatives clearing house ICE Clear
Europe to block others from entering
the market, stifling competition. The
nine include Barclays but not RBS or
HSBC, led by chief executive Stuart
Gulliver (pictured below).
EC competition policy vice-president
Joaquin Almunia said the EC had
launched the investigations in an
attempt to improve market transpar-
ency and fairness.
CDS play a useful role , he said.
Recent developments have shown,
however, that the trading of this asset
class suffers a number of inefciencies
that cannot be solved through regula-
tion alone.
He added: Lack of transparency in
markets can lead to abusive behaviour
and facilitate violations of competition
rules and the Commission
should react accordingly.
The EC said it had infor-
mation that the 16 banks
only gave information to
Markit, the leading such
company in the market.
Its move follows criticism
it has been slow to reform
the 360trillion deriva-
tives market.
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 53
WE CAN recover the islands
and we must were the memorable
words used by Sir Henry Leach,
the then Chief of Naval Staff, to
convince Prime Minister Margaret
Thatcher to recapture the Falkland
Islands in 1982.
His intervention proved to be
the turning point of the entire
Falklands crisis.
Henry Conyers Leach was born
in Devon and educated at St
Peters Court School in
Broadstairs, Kent. He joined the
Royal Naval College in Dartmouth,
Devon, as a cadet at 13, two years
before the outbreak of the Second
World War. From 1941 to 1943 he
served as a midshipman on
cruisers in the south Atlantic and
Indian Oceans before moving on
to the battleship HMS Duke of
York where he took part in the
Battle of the North Cape.
Four years later he became a
gunnery specialist and after a
series of junior staff posts Leach
got his rst command, the
destroyer HMS Dunkirk, from 1959
to 1961. In 1971 he became
Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff
and by 1977 had risen sufciently
through the ranks to become
Commander-in-Chief Fleet.
Leach was appointed First Sea
Lord in 1979 and the year before
the Falklands crisis he had
clashed with the Government over
major cuts to the Navy, including
the planned sale of the aircraft
carrier HMS Invincible.
He considered resigning but in
the aftermath of the Falklands,
many of the cuts were reversed,
including Invincible. Leach was
appointed Knight Commander
(KCB) in 1977 and Knight Grand
Cross (GCB) the following year.
On his retirement in 1982 he was
promoted to Admiral of the Fleet
and the Royal Navys Fleet
Headquarters in Portsmouth was
named the Sir Henry Leach
Building in his honour.
His wife Mary, the daughter of
Admiral Sir Henry McCall, died in
1991. He is survived by their two
FIGHT: Ampthill had to battle to take his Lords seat
0eputy spea|er of the house
of Lords aad a former d|rector
of xpress Newspapers
8r|ta|a's o|dest romaat|c aove||st
koya| Navy commaader
SHE may have written 130 novels for
Mills & Boon but Jean MacLeod prided
herself on never using the word sex
in one of her books.
After writing for more than 70 years
she said: I never use the word sex in
my novels that is not what romance
is about. Its about love and emotion.
MacLeod began penning stories
such as Stranger In Their Midst and
The Moonower when she moved
from Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire,
where she worked in a sweet shop, to
North Yorkshire to marry Lionel
Walton. He died 16 years ago, while
their son David passed away in 2008.
A member of the Romantic
Novelists Association MacLeod, who
also published under the name
Catherine Airlie, was well acquainted
with the famed romance novelist
Barbara Cartland.
She once recalled: Mills & Boon
always had a champagne tent on
Ladies Day at Ascot for their authors.
One year Barbara sauntered over and
dismissively asked, Wearing the same
outt twice, Jean? Are things really
that hard? I didnt dignify it with a
response she was known for her
sharp remarks.
Despite the success of her rst
book Life For Two, published in 1938,
MacLeod always insisted that her
motivation for writing was not money.
She once said: I only pick up
around 68 a year in royalties but
the joy of knowing people were, and
still are, enjoying my books is
payment enough.
PRIDE: MacLeod
EOFFREY Russell, the
fourth Lord Ampthill,
lived a rich and varied
life which included two
marriages, four children
and a successful career
in the military, theatre and
the newspaper industry.
However, much to his chagrin
the role for which he will always
be remembered is as the
Russell baby whose conception
and paternity became the
focus of one of the most
sensational divorce cases of the
20th century.
Prior to his birth in London in
1921, Geoffrey was already a hot
topic of conversation in the
media as his warring parents,
John Hugo Russell (later the
third Lord Ampthill) and
Christabel Russell took their
ght to the courts to establish
the unborn childs paternity.
With John convinced that the
child couldnt be his because he
and Christabel had never fully
consummated their relationship,
he denied paternity and
promptly sued for divorce, claim-
ing that no physical contact had
taken place between them since
August 1920.
Despite naming two of
Christabels friends, Gilbert
Bradley and Lionel Cross, as well
as an unknown man as co-
respondents, matters were mud-
died further when doctors
announced that Christabel
still showed all the signs of
virginity even though she
was pregnant.
Incredibly, it would take two
years, two trials and appeals to
both the High Court and
the House of Lords before
Christabel won her case and
established in the eyes of the law
that her son was the rightful heir
to the Ampthill barony.
At a separate hearing in 1926,
Geoffrey Russell was formally
legitimised beyond dispute. The
couple nally divorced in 1937
and John would go on to marry
twice more.
That should have been the
end of the matter but in 1973,
when John died and Geoffrey
was getting ready to assume his
position as the new Lord
Ampthill, his half-brother, an
accountant also named John, a
son of Johns third marriage,
challenged him.
The Committee for Privileges
found in Geoffreys favour in
1976 and he nally took his seat
in the Lords.
A well-liked and charismatic
peer, he sat as a crossbencher
before becoming the deputy
speaker and the chairman of
committees in the House of
Lords from 1992 to 1994. Edu-
cated at Stowe School, he served
in the Irish Guards from 1941 to
1946, becoming Captain in 1944.
His formidable business career
included a 13-year spell as dep-
uty chairman at Express News-
papers from 1985 to 1998.
He was also general manager
of Fortnum & Mason between
1947 and 1951 and then turned
to theatrical management where
he took over the successful West
End run of Salad Days among
many others.
Lord Ampthill was married
and divorced twice. He had three
sons (one of whom was killed in
a car accident in 1969) and a
daughter from his rst
He is survived by elder son
David, the fth Lord Ampthill,
his younger son and daughter.
54 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
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offers a series of attributes with

cosmopolitan flair that have received an incredible amount
of accolades. There's the half-acre Lawn Club with real grass,
the fascinating Hot Glass Show
developed with The
Corning Museum of Glass, chic dining venues offering
trendsetting cuisine, and extraordinary programming
including wildly entertaining theatrical productions. Try and
find that anywhere else at sea. Ready to sail Celebrity
Solstice? Then get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience.
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 55
SLIVERS of long, powder white,
deserted sandy beaches,
shimmering cerulean blue sea,
haphazard piles of lobster pots
on a tiny deserted quay and a
promising waft of coconut in the
warm breeze.
These are all the vital
ingredients of an idyllic island
haven in the Caribbean. Yet I was
still in the UK just Scilly
Isle-hopping and wild food foraging
only a short ight from Lands End.
Eat your heart out Ren
Redzepi, chef and proprietor of
Noma in Copenhagen, crowned
number one in the S. Pellegrino 50
Best Restaurants in the World
awards for the second year
running last week.
Much of Nomas reputation for
delectable terroir cooking is based
on Rens creative use of foraged
ingredients found around the
Danish coast and neighbouring
Faroe islands.
Hell Bay hotel on Bryher is
offering a taste of the wild every
bit as exciting and delicious.
Whats more, guests get to join
in the fun of the forage, sploshing
through rockpools and rambling
along hidden paths in the expert
company of self-styled Wild
Rachel. The Cornwall-based
wild food expert and natural
healer Rachel Lambert is a
relaxing person to be around with
boundless knowledge of the most
plentiful hedgerows and the best
and most charmingly eccentric
cafs on the islands.
Our base on Bryher, the smallest
inhabited island in the Scillies, is
hellish only by name, which is
taken from its proximity to an
especially treacherous stretch of
rocky outcrops on the islands
western edge.
Hell Bay hotel epitomises
serene, understated luxury.
Guests stay in converted granite,
clapperboard cottages decorated
in Cornish seaside meets New
England style with pretty gardens
and mesmerising sea views from
private terraces.
The social hub of the bar and
lounge has an astounding
collection of modern art. Big
names such as painters Patrick
Heron and Julian Trevelyan and
sculptor Barbara Hepworth, many
of whom were Scilly devotees,
mean it rivals St Ivess legendary
Tate Gallery. Theres also a small
Edited by Jane Memmler
JkDXik`ej JkDXik`ej
Ki\jZf Ki\jZf
JkDXipj JkDXipj
Jk8^e\j Jk8^e\j
9ip_\i 9ip_\i
' )
@ JC<J
Culinary expert
SUDI PIGOTT works up
an appetite on the isle
of Bryher, foraging for
rare delights to enjoy
in gourmet dinners
Wild tastes on the
gentle Isles of Scilly
heated pool, indoor Jacuzzi,
sauna and a separate games
room with table football and
Our days were active enough to
guarantee a considerable appetite
for our wild cache, yet leisurely
enough not to feel we were on
a strict schedule. The whims of
the tide dictated which island the
boats would head to each day.
My fellow gatherers were two
couples from Derbyshire
holidaying together. Andy, Ann,
Graham and Sandra all had
a keen interest in cooking, eating,
gardening and bird-spotting.
Were denitely not fully edged
twitchers, admonished Graham,
gallantly lending me his binoculars
for a better look at the seals
basking on a rocky islet we
encountered en route to what the
locals call Aggy (St Agnes). Even
more thrillingly, the boats captain
alerted us to a pufn.
On Aggy, Rachel found sea
plants including pepper dulse and
sandwort that I had never
encountered despite having been
lucky enough to eat at Noma
several times.
We identied and collected
Here we tucked into home-
smoked mackerel pt with salad
while sitting at wooden tables with
incredible sea views.
As we nished our meal with
ourless chocolate cake and
cappuccinos, we all agreed that
there was something appealingly
Five Go Wild nostalgic and
carefree about our foodie break.
We visited Tresco, famed for its
Bronze Age tombs, ruined castles
and ancient shipwrecks. Its also
home to recently restored The
Flying Boat Club hotels sleek
beachfront, self-catering cottages
other edibles including rock
samphire, sea lettuce and
kelp (otherwise known in
its dried form as nori used
to wrap sushi).
There was always much
speculation about how
head chef Glenn Gatland
back at Hell Bay would
use our nds in our
specially created wild
tasting menus. After
collecting gorse and
pennywort, Rachel directed
us to the Coastguard Cafe.
COMFORT ZONE: Hell Bay hotel is foodie Heaven. Above, Sudi, far left, learns foraging lore from wild food expert Rachel Lambert, centre
56 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
FRUITS OF LABOUR: The rich rewards of natures harvest on the Isles of Scilly
POWER POINT: The lighthouse towers over the isle of St Agnes, a source of rare delights
Foraging is
ideal food
for thought
celebrity traveller Cerys Matthews
Shortly after leaving the band
Catatonia in 2001, I went on a
road trip round Mississippi. It
was an exciting new chapter
in my life after being in the
band for 10 years.
It was wonderful to travel
around America enjoying the
freedom, without any
schedules to worry about.
I love the music from Mississippi
and was always keen to go
there. I visited places like
Holly Springs and Itta Bena.
When I was 18, I went on my
rst package holiday to Tunisia
with some friends from school.
It was the rst time I had
gone anywhere without
my parents. When we
landed we were
herded like cattle
on to a crowded
coach in the dark
and dropped
at a cheap, tacky
hotel miles away from
any places of interest.
To make matters
worse, it was cloudy
the whole time
we were
there, which
completely ruined the holiday
as we had specically gone
to enjoy the sunshine.

My other half, Steve Abbott,
is more into gadgets than
I am and always packs as
many as he can when we go
The only thing I take on
holiday is my mobile phone
which doubles as a camera
if I need to take any photos,
although I prefer to rely on
holiday memories.

I have just read Cuba: A New
History by Richard Gott,
which is fascinating and
I prefer to read
books that will inform
me about the area
that Im visiting.
Another of my
favourites is Long
Walk to Freedom,
an autobiography
written by Nelson
Mandela which
I read while
I was on my
honeymoon in
Cape Town,
South Africa.
Im not one for lying about on
a beach. I prefer to wander
around the area and nd out
about the local culture as well
as checking out restaurants
and interesting bars.

I am planning to go on
another road trip to Mississippi
in July to nd out more about
American electric blues
musician Big Jack Johnson,
who sadly died earlier this year.

Id like to go to Vietnam as Ive
heard that its one of the most
beautiful places in the world.
Another place I would love
to visit is India. I watched the
lm Gandhi recently and it
has really given me the urge
to go there.

Tales From The Deep by
Cerys Matthews is published
by Pont Books, May 3, 5.99.
Her album Explorer is
released on May 9 and her
tour Over Land And Sea
begins on May 2. For details

Interview by
and the foodie gem of a Post
Ofce general store and deli.
We tted in a visit to the
world-famous subtropical Abbey
Gardens whose collection of
plants from every corner of the
globe is impressive, although
I must confess I soon found
myself itching to get back to
more foraging.
Our dinner was a nightly
highlight and always exceeded
expectations. Even the breads
incorporated our wild nds.
The most delicious was the
three-cornered leek served with
nettle soup.
I especially loved a salad of
beetroot, orange, wild sorrel,
borage owers, pennywort,
chickweed, sandwort and
Bermuda buttercup, which is
unique to Bryher.
Pan-fried Cornish hake, wild
mushroom, pepper dulse and
Fowey estuary mussel broth
with bitter cress pesto were
also delicious.
Glenns enthusiasm for the
new-found local ingredients was
especially apparent with
desserts: coconut-infused
gorse ower pannacotta and a
stunning pineapple and wild
sorrel tarte tatin with apple mint
ice cream.
After foraging for my own
gourmet meals, simply dining
out in Londons top restaurants
will never be quite the same
Hell Bay (01720 422947/ offers a
four-night Wild Food & Dining
Break with Rachel Lambert
from 840pp (two sharing),
half board. Price includes
accommodation for four
nights with return helicopter
ights, six wild food walks, entry
to Abbey Gardens and boat
excursions. For departure
October 13, 2011.
Isles of Scilly Travel (0845 710
5555/www.islesofscilly-travel. offers return ights from
Lands End to the Isles of Scilly
on the Skybus from 135 per
adult, 74 per child (aged two
to 15).
Isles of Scilly Tourism: 01720 424
Worlds 50 Best Restaurants:
Why not choose the popular all inclusive Island Inn,
located close to the beach at Carlisle Bay and easy
walking distance to Bridgetown. Whether you are
travelling with the family, or on your own the hotel
offers something for everyone. Choose to relax
with a cocktail by the pool, alternatively dine at
The Boardwalk Restaurant which is renowned locally
for its sumptuous fare offering an eclectic blend of local
and international cuisine.
If you are looking for a self catering option the newly
completed Lighthouse is the perfect choice. It is in
a truly tranquil location yet still near all the important
restaurants, bars and historical attractions Barbados
has to offer. Spend your days lazing by the pool or take
a short stroll to the
nearby Miami beach.
For an authentic Bajan
experience head to
Oistins on a Friday night.
With music, food and
cultural showcases
this is not to be missed!

###Island Inn, Barbados
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Sep 01 Sep 30 11 1,039 1,499
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Scheduled ights from London Gatwick.
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Scheduled ights from London Gatwick.
Prices are per person, based on two adults sharing and include transfers, scheduled ights fromLondon, taxes and fuel surcharges. Offers subject to availability. Tropical Sky booking conditions apply with full payment
required ten weeks before departure. Travel insurance not included. The holidays are operated by Tropical Sky ATOL 9759, ABTA Y0499.
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 57
Russias red-hot capital
FURRY hats and shots of
vodka are all very well but
Moscow is shedding its tired
stereotypes. As city breaks
go, they dont get much better
than the political powerhouse
that is the capital of the
worlds largest country.
It has a fascinating culture
that shows no sign of
subsiding in this age of
modernisation. In fact, few
places blend old and new
as well as Moscow does.
Dating back to the 12th
century there is much to keep
you busy: ornate churches
and cathedrals to marvel at,
ancient treasures to covet and
an embalmed leader to pay
your respects to.
Add to this a thriving caf
culture, innovative restaurants
and bars that wouldnt be out
of place in Paris or New York
and Moscow is fast emerging
as a destination to tempt
travellers who want it all.
Start at the Kremlin. Within
the looming red walls of this
fortied compound are the
Presidents ofce and the
worlds largest bell weighing
201 tonnes. During a re in
1737 a huge piece cracked
off it and this chunk remains
on display.
Check out the burial
chambers of the tsars and
the armoury which houses
some serious bling. Rooms
are lled with priceless jewels,
elaborate Faberg eggs,
coronation gowns belonging
to past empresses and
gilded carriages.
Opposite the Kremlin and
taking centre stage on Red
Square is St Basils Cathedral.
Its iconic 16th-century swirling
domes feature on nearly
every postcard of the city,
and its rich interior is
a warren of chapels
decorated with beautiful
frescoes, icons and oil
Make it a Red Square
hat-trick by visiting Lenins
Mausoleum. The founder
of the Soviet Union has
been lying in state since
his death in 1924 and
devotees still ock to his
Elsewhere, take a cruise
along the Moscow River,
contemplate the ice
sculptures at Krasnaya
Presnya Park and enjoy
a night at the ballet.
The world-renowned
Bolshoi (
performs almost daily and its
a spectacle that should not
be missed. Book tickets in
advance online.
Theres more to Russian food
than borscht and beef
stroganoff but its a good
place to start so head to Ded
Pikhto (Ulitsa Myasnitskaya
37), an endearing restaurant
modelled on an idyllic
Russian cottage.
Homely and snug with
family portraits hanging on
the kitsch wallpaper, the food
is equally comforting,
including borscht (beetroot
soup) and rabbit stew with
buckwheat porridge.
For something a little more
exotic, book a table at
Expedition, 6 Pevchesky Lane
(, quite
possibly the only restaurant in
the world with a helicopter in
the middle of the dining room.
Delicacies include salted
muksun a white sh found in
Siberian waters and reindeer
stew with vodka. Prime
Minister Vladimir Putin is a fan.
Hip and hedonistic, Moscows
nightlife is legendary but it
can be a little intimidating with
the notorious face police
turning people away if their
visage doesnt t. Arty types
head to Didu (Myasnitskaya
24 St 1). This quirky bar with
sophisticated cocktails, good
music and a trendy clientele
encourages punters to get
creative by placing boxes of
plasticine on each table. The
nished products adorn the
For something less
intoxicating but no less
indulgent, visit Caf Pushkin
(Tverskoy Boulevard 26s) for
Moscows best hot
chocolate bar none.
Thick and obscenely
rich, its well worth
the 20-minute wait as
the bar staff disappear
to slowly melt the
chocolate for you.
Savour a cup by the
hushed bar basked in
romantic candlelight
or on the delightful
rooftop terrace.
Moscow is one of Europes
leading shopping
destinations but dont expect
too many bargains.
Department store GUM on
Red Square houses all the
luxury brands. Created over a
century ago it is regarded as
the countrys greatest store.
Elsewhere, palatial Yeliseev
(Ulitsa Tverskaya 14),
Moscows most famous food
hall, is where the wealthy
have lled their pantries
since 1901.
Glistening chandeliers
illuminate the shelves stacked
high with eye-wateringly
expensive caviar and other
luxury goods.
Izmaylovo Market offers an
altogether different shopping
experience and is the place
for Soviet memorabilia.
Choose from gas masks, old
coins, KGB passports and
retro propaganda posters.
While youre there why
not pop into the gift shop
inside the nearby Vodka
History Museum.
Browsing the many souvenir
shops along Ulitsa Arbat will
ensure you dont return home
empty handed. A Matryoshka,
the iconic Russian nest of
dolls that decrease in size, is
top of most peoples list.
The most intricate cost
upwards of 800 but savvy
bargain hunters can pick one
up for around 5. Arbat is
also a good place to buy a
bottle (or two) of smooth,
good-quality vodka. Prices
from 8 per bottle.
Cox & Kings (0207 873 5000/ offers three nights at the Hilton Moscow
Leningradskaya hotel from 825pp (two sharing), room only. Price includes return BA ights
from Heathrow. A visa is required in advance for entry (from 26.40). More information: Russian National Tourist Ofce: 0207 495 7570/
spends the
ultimate 48 hours
in Moscow
Iconic St Basils
Red Square
SWEET INDULGENCE: Caf Pushkin serves the best hot chocolate
POPULAR GIFT: The Matryoshka Russian doll
Pictures: ALAMY
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58 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
LAZY VOYAGE: Cruise the Canal du Midi, a World Heritage Site with 150 miles of enticing scenery between Toulouse and the Med
DUCK OUT: At la Croix du Vieux Pont
UNSPOILT: The beautiful beach of Palombaggia, Porto Vecchio in Corsica
Make your
own French
A quick hop across the Channel and a host
of holiday delights, from walking the pretty
Loire Valley to chic Cte dAzur beach breaks,
are all yours. BEN HALL selects his highlights
France has more than 40,000
miles of Grande Randonne
(long-distance footpaths) where
you can walk through vineyards,
follow ower-lined tracks in
ancient oak forests and discover
traditional villages, fairytale
castles and Gothic churches
in panoramic landscapes.
The trails range from the
challenging GR5 between Lake
Geneva and Nice, one of the
most scenic routes across the
Alps, to the gentler gradients of
GR3 along the Loire, the oldest
hiking trail in France.
The softest approach is to let
a tour operator plan your route,
book hotels and transfer your
luggage from one night to the
next. Then you set off with
maps and notes or with a small
group of fellow hikers.
Headwater (01606 720199/ offers an
eight-night Alsace Wine Trail
independent walking holiday
from 899pp (two sharing),
B&B. Includes a variety of
two to four star accommodation,
some meals and return
Folkestone to Calais Eurotunnel
crossing. For September
Of Frances 5,000 miles of
navigable waterways, the Canal
du Midi is perfect for a relaxing
break. Basking in a full-bloodied
Mediterranean climate, there
are vineyards along the banks
and quaint lock-keepers
cottages transformed into smart
restaurants and art galleries.
The 150-mile long route
is also a Unesco World
Heritage Site and a marvel of
17th-century engineering,
chiselled through by shovel and
pickaxe and completed in 1681
to link the Atlantic with the Med.
The main canal runs from
Toulouse, known as the Pink
City for its rose-coloured
buildings, to the tang de Thau
on the Mediterranean coast at
Marseillan, which is one of the
countrys oldest villages.
eWaterways (0808 168 1458/ offers
a seven-night Canal du Midi
cruise on Anjodi from Marseillan
to Le Somail from 2,490pp
(two sharing), full board. Solo
travellers from 900pp. Includes
transfers. eWaterways can
organise train travel (extra cost)
to France on Eurostar and TGV
from London to Montpellier.
France has three coasts, the
Channel, the Atlantic and the
Med, so youre spoilt for choice.
Families with children should
consider Brittany where there
are wide beaches and plenty of
watersports on offer while style
seekers should head for the
Cte dAzur, playground to
the rich and famous with its
jaw-dropping coastline of sandy
beaches lined by stylish resorts.
However, for unspoilt beauty
theres no beating the white
sands and turquoise waters of
the island of Corsica, with the
beaches around the fashionable
town of Porto Vecchio among
the most enticing. Stay in an
apartment near the old town
with its designer boutiques
and restaurants.
Direct Corsica (www. offers seven
nights at A Casa Petra (sleeps
eight), self-catering from 1,329.
Thomson Airways (0871 230
ights) offers return ights from
Gatwick to Figari from 219.
A camping trip is the most
affordable way for a family to
enjoy a holiday in France even
in the peak school summer
holidays. There are sites all
over the country with a choice
of either pre-erected tents with
two, three or four bedrooms, or
spacious mobile homes with
bathroom facilities and decking.
Camping la Croix du Vieux
Pont in Berny Riviere, an hour
from Paris, is set in a woodland
park in the Aisne valley beside
a gentle river. There are also
lakes for shing and the nearby
forest of Compigne provides
great outdoor adventure with
some delightful walks.
Canvas Holidays (0845 268
uk) offers 14 nights at Camping
la Croix du Vieux Pont from
497 (four sharing), self-
catering and from 819 (six
sharing). Price includes return
Dover-Calais ferry crossing.

Most Gallic golf courses are open
to all, rarely require a handicap
certicate (so beginners are
welcome), have less crowded
fairways, cost less than at home
and the weather is better.
You dont have to venture far
as several courses lie just
across the Channel especially
near Le Touquet, just 45 miles
south of Calais. Its a popular
resort with golden sands and
a caf-lined waterfront.
The northern, Edwardian-era
seaside resort of Hardelot is
another golfers paradise with
two excellent courses both
enjoying beautiful settings
among pine forests and
secluded villas lying between
Hardelot and Neufchtel-
Hardelot, slightly inland.
Golf Par Excellence (01737
com) offers two nights at Hotel
Bristol, Le Touquet from 264pp
(two sharing), B&B. Includes
return Eurotunnel or ferry and
two rounds of golf at Le Touquet
La Mer and La Fort. For
departures May to September.
Pictures: ALAMY
All Inclusive Mallorca
TermsandConditions TheaboveareoperatedbyHolidayGemsLtd(ATOL3973) whosebookingconditionsapply. Pricesfrom act asindicationonlyandare
per personbasedon2sharing/travellingtogether, subject toavailability&includingall taxes. Offersdonot includetransfers, travel insuranceor in-flight meals. Hotel
ratingis that of thesupplier andmay not betheofficial rating. Wereservetheright towithdrawoffers at any time. Travel restrictions, conditionsandcredit/debit card
surchargesapply. Pleaseaskat thetimeof bookingfor full details. Whenitsgone, itsgone. Callsmaycost upto10pper minutefromBTlandlines- other networks
may vary. Full balanceis payable14weeks prior todeparture.
To book, Call 0871 971 2839
Mon - Fri 9am-9pm/ Sat 9am-5pm/ Sunday 10am-6pm/ Bank Holidays 10am-4pm
7 Nights from299
Escape to the beautiful Island of Majorca and find gorgeous sunshine, sun-kissed
beaches and laid back Mediterranean hospitality waiting for you in Majorca.
The 3* Sol Calas de Mallorca Resort is a super resort combining hotels Sol Mastines,
Chihuahas and Balmoral in the resort of Calas de Mallorca. With 4 outdoor swimming
pools, 1 indoor pool and an extensive programme of daytime and evening entertainment,
this sprawling resort is a wonderful choice for a week away in the sun.
May (excl. school hols)
3* Sol Calas De Mallorca Departures
Call for
child prices and
14 night deals
Price Includes:
Return flights from London ( Regional departures available at a supplement)
Baggage, flight tax & fuel supplements 7 nights Accommodation
All meals, drinks and snacks Activities & entertainment
Offer expires
14thMay 2011
01983 721111
Flights, top resorts, superb hotels
FREE Half Board if bookedthis week
399 399
01983 721111
Flights &superb accommodation
FREE luxury tour to SALZBURG
By Air, 3 days, good Hotel
&FREEcar hire
ON 01983 721111
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 59
Ephesus is the best
preserved classical
city in the region
WATER FUN: Lorcan, inset, just loved the fantastic slides, plumes and pools at Aqua Fantasy Aquapark Hotel & Spa in Kusadasi
An aquatic Turkish delight
An all-inclusive hotel with a water park
on the Aegean coast, and inspiring
monuments to visit close by, satisfy both
I COULD hear the squeals of
delight before I even saw my
nine-year-old son Lorcan
whoosh out of the waterslide
for the umpteenth time.
We had discovered holiday
heaven at the Aqua Fantasy
Aquapark Hotel & Spa in
Kusadasi, Turkey, a four-star
all-inclusive resort with
unlimited access to the
neighbouring water park, with
its 30-odd slides, lazy river
and wave pool.
With names like Viper and
X-Treme, I was a little wary of
joining my son on one of the
slides but I was so glad I did.
Soon we were whizzing down
the umes at breakneck speeds
of up to 50 miles an hour.
Set in extensive grounds
among pine-clad hills, six miles
from the bustling resort of
Kusadasi, the water park
reminded me of Disneyland with
its rainbow-coloured slides and
the fairytale castle-like turrets.
With a whirlpool bath, gym,
sauna and steam room and a
long list of beauty treatments
at our neighbouring hotel, the
resort was a haven for parents
in need of some pampering.
However, I was having far too
much fun being young again to
worry about relaxing.
The food was good too. As
well as an all-inclusive buffet
restaurant we were keen to try
some of the ve on-site la
carte restaurants.
We tucked into some
delicious ravioli at Marios
Italian restaurant and the
freshest tabouleh salad and
tasty falafel at La Meze.
We were also spoilt for choice
when it came to evening
entertainment, with nightly
outdoor shows and live music.
Lorcan bopped the night away
with some friends he made at
the childrens disco.
After an action-packed day
we enjoyed sitting in the bar
with complimentary drinks for
Lorcan and me.
Some nights we retired early
to our family room in one of the
two on-site hotels. Our World
Hotel room was spacious with
luxurious soft carpet and an
Oriental minimalist style.
It had everything we needed
with satellite television, air
conditioning, wi-, tea and
coffee facilities and a mini-bar.
The hotel also had a childrens
After a few days spent
discovering the delights of the
water park and chilling out at
our hotel, I managed to tear
Lorcan away to explore the
beautiful town of Kusadasi
which reminded me of the
French Riviera with its palm
tree-lined promenade and
sandy beaches.
The bustling Grand Bazaar
is also a great place to pick up
souvenirs. Afterwards we loved
sitting by the harbour and
watching the sunset.
Feeling peckish we headed
for Planet Yucca, a lively
open-air restaurant with resident
musicians including an electric
guitarist. We had great fun as
Lorcan joined in and danced
with the staff. The waiters paid
so much attention to him,
making him feel really special.
There was also a huge choice
of food on offer, including
Turkish, Indian, Chinese,
Mexican and Italian.
Lorcan opted for fajitas while
I chose a Chinese curry and
rice, which was lovely.
For a more traditional Turkish
night we tried the open-air
restaurant, which is set in the
Caravanserail. Built in 1618
near the docks, this imposing
Ottoman castle was restored
in 1966 and has a wonderful
historic courtyard.
The entertainment was
fantastic and Lorcan had never
seen anything like the hypnotic
whirling dervishes.
We also watched belly
dancers as we tucked into a
tasty three-course Turkish-style
dinner. It was a superb night out.
Another time we took a
half-day excursion to Ephesus,
the best preserved classical city
in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Lorcan and I admired the
temples and relics and the
spectacular Celsus Library, with
its statues still intact. We
strolled along the column-lined
marble street to the Great
Theatre, which is a magnicent
24,000-seat amphitheatre
where Saint Paul once
We also saw the House of the
Virgin Mary, who is believed to
have spent her last days in
It was great to see Lorcan so
enthusiastic about history. He
was particularly thrilled at
having learned about the Nike
symbol, originating from the
Greek goddess of victory, and
looked forward to telling his
teacher about his ndings.
For me this felt like another
victory making learning fun.
Reluctant to go home, tired
but happy, our holiday had
come to an end but we really
had found a Turkish delight.
First Choice (0871 200 4455/ offers
seven nights at the Aqua
Fantasy Aquapark Hotel & Spa
from 2,060 (family of four
sharing), all-inclusive. Price
includes return ights from
Gatwick and transfers. For
departures July 7, 2011.
Turkish Culture and Tourism
Ofce: 0207 839 7778/



60 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
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62 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
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8Days in Europe from
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68 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
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70 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 71
72 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
AA Writer CI The Year
World Car CI The Year Juror
WITH car tax
going up and the
ever-rising price of
fuel Im thinking
about getting rid of
my car. The problem
is I may need
a car now
and then.
Any ideas?
THE cost
of running
a car has
become so
high that many
people are cutting
back on the amount
they drive.
Getting rid of your
car, however, is a
different matter.
The fact that you
may need a car only
occasionally makes
it more difcult.
Luckily, there is a
way around this. The
emergence of car
clubs means people
are able to use a car
only when they need it
and without worrying
about running costs.
Obviously you will
nd these
only in the
bigger cities,
so sourcing
one could be
a bit tricky if
you live in a
rural area.
Car clubs
are essentially
exible car rental
schemes and payment
comprises three fees:
yearly and on mileage
plus a rental fee that is
broken down in hours
or days depending on
how long you need it.
More and more car
clubs are appearing
so you may well nd
they will help solve
your problem.
Your questions answered by
the experts.
Df[\c1 Peueot 308
FejXc\1 Nay


Petro| I.4, I.6, I.6 turbo,

I.6||tre turbo 200bbp, Iurbod|ese| I.6,
I.6 II2bbp, 2.0||tre
Gfn\i : 0 to 60pb |r I.I secords, I4Ipb
top speed (I.6 turbo 200bbp)

I0.6p (I.6ID)
\d`jj`fejiXe^\1 98I59/|

I`mXcj1 ford focus, Rerau|t Neare,
Vauxba|| Astra, Vo||sWaer o|f
ORMER Conservative leader Iain
Duncan Smith might have
famously talked about being the
quiet man of politics but theres
no question that the ever-popular
Peugeot 308 is the quiet car of
family hatchbacks.
For all the publicity and fuss given over
to the likes of the Ford Focus and
Volkswagen Golf, the 308 has built itself a
reputation for being capable, comfortable
and affordable.
More than 85,000 have left Peugeots UK
showrooms since it arrived in September
2007 and almost a million have been sold
worldwide. Those are impressive gures
for a car that doesnt enjoy quite the same
high-level prole as its Ford and VW rivals.
Now Peugeot is hoping to build on that
success with a new-look 308.
The timing is perfect. The French rms
508 is about to go head-to-head with the
Ford Mondeo and VW Passat and boasts a
distinctly high-end feel, while the superb
3008 and 5008 are making substantial
inroads into the cross-over and
people-carrier markets. Even the gorgeous
RCZ coup is outselling the Audi TT, not
something you would have thought
possible of a Peugeot a few years ago.
However, you could be excused for
having missed some of the ner points of
this latest 308 facelift. At rst glance it
doesnt look like much has changed but
sat alongside its predecessor, the minor
alterations are numerous and add up to a
distinctly different feel.
Theres less emphasis on the original
open-mouthed grille, new LED front lights
and an altogether more upmarket look
about the car. Peugeots British design
director Keith Ryder calls it a more
elegant solution and its hard not to agree.
As before, the 308 comes in a ve-door
hatch, a ve-door SW estate and the
traditional eye-grabbing two-door CC
folding hardtop (although were still not
big fans of the wide rear end). Surprisingly,
its the SW with its seven-seat versatility
that outperforms most of its rivals. As a
result, it takes a quarter of all 308 sales.
The 308 gets more than just new looks.
Engineers at Peugeot HQ have increased
fuel economy by tting new low
rolling-resistance tyres, improving
aerodynamics and reducing kerb weight
by 25kg.
As before, the engine line-up comprises
four petrol and three turbo-diesel units
ranging from the entry-level 98bhp 1.4 to
the agship 200bhp GT capable of the 0 to
60mph sprint in just 7.7 seconds.
With the current focus on fuel prices, its
the ultra-economical Oxygo model that
will take most of the 308 limelight. Fitted
with a 112bhp 1.6-litre turbo-diesel engine
and a stop-start ignition system, it boasts
an average fuel economy of 70.6mpg and
98g/km emissions.
The Oxygo is no slouch, however. It
will get from 0 to 60mph in 11.4 seconds
and has a 118mph top speed. It comes
with a choice of a six-speed manual or
an automated-manual semi-automatic
gearbox. That choice of rowing your own
gears or not is a crucial one because only
the semi-automatic box gets under the
crucial 100g/km barrier. Even then that
will only happen some two months after
the car has gone on sale due to a few
last-minute glitches. Until then it remains
at 104g/km (109g/km for the manual).
This also exposes the 308s age and the
danger of facelifting a car rather than
producing a full-on new model like the
Focus and Golf.
Where the Peugeots rivals offer sub
100g/km eco models in relatively standard
form, the 308 only reaches that same point
with an automated manual gearbox,
something most of the industry has
moved away from.
On the road, you cant help but feel a
little short-changed by that decision
because the gearbox is certainly not the
Oxygos strong point. As its not a full
automatic, gearchanges are awkward and
far from smooth, particularly if youre
trying to press on.
HEN rivals such as VW are
already on their second genera-
tion of cars with twin-clutch
systems, its hard not to be disappointed.
By contrast, the manual transforms the
car. The gearchanges are sweeter and
slicker and enable you to enjoy the rest of
the car to the full.
The huge front windscreen and pano-
ramic roof ood the Peugeots cabin with
light and the levels of renement on the
road are second to none. Engine and road
noise are kept to a minimum and the ride
quality is superb.
Also worthy of note is the stop-start
system. Peugeots boast that its new
system is faster and smoother than that in
THE Jaguar XF has
been given a midlife
refresh with a sleeker
look thats more in line
with the larger XJ.
The most important
change to the line-up,
however, is the addition
of a new entry-level
190bhp 2.2-litre
turbo-diesel engine.
Boasting an average
fuel consumption of
52.3mpg and emissions
of 149g/km, it is
designed to further
attract the
all-important company
car market.
As good as XF diesels
have been in the past,
if money is no object
its the mouth-watering
65,350 XFR
agship that gets
our vote.
The range starts
at 30,950.
THE 149,995 Aston Martin Rapide has
been named World Car Design of the Year.
The super-sleek four-door coup (right)
follows the likes of the Fiat 500 and Audi R8
as past winners of the award.
Meanwhile, the all-electric Nissan Leaf
has been named overall World Car of the
Year and the Ferrari 458 has been named
World Performance Car.
The World Green Car award went to the
Chervolet Volt. The petrol-electric hybrid
Volt, which has a 50-mile battery-only
range, will go on sale in the UK late next
year as the Vauxhall Ampera.
Jaguar XF's sleek makeover
Papide rules world
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 73
the competition may sound too good
to be true. Far from it. Being a diesel,
you might expect some vibration or
noise when restarting. The reality is
that its fast, quiet and smooth and
probably one of the best stop-start
systems weve encountered.
Underlining that is the fact that
the system works in a wider heat
range (-5 to 30C) than most of the
competition. It even works in
conjunction with the headlights,
ventilation system and stereo, all of
which are power-hungry.
Better yet, like the Toyota Auris,
theres also a stopwatch system on
the dashboard showing how long the
engine has been switched off during
that particular journey. Its a small
but neat touch thats perfect for
providing the ultimate money-saving
pub boast by any 308 driver.
Its those kind of neat touches that
cement why we like the new Peugeot
308 so much.
The Focus and Golf may steal
many of the headlines but this is a
car that, automated-manual gearbox
aside, is rened, comfortable and,
above all, highly desirable in what is
an increasingly competitive market.
Quiet it seems is the new loud.
adverts arent new
and are often about
as funny as
standing on a
garden rake.
However, Fords
latest effort to
promote the new
Focus in the US is
worth a mention.
Based around a
called Doug (who
resembles an
orange Kermit) the
ads are well-worth
seeking out on
Original and
funny, theyre
certainly not what
youd expect from
corporate America.
The best parts
are the Ford minder
John desperately
trying to keep the
amorous and
distinctly un-PC
Doug in check.
Peugeot 308 is
comfortable and
highly desirable
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 75
76 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Edited by Bill Bradshaw
e-mail: Sport
Daily ExprESS
Leg 1 GREEN DESTINy (No 13)
(2.00 Newmarket)
Leg 2 fERDOOS (No 4)
(2.15 Goodwood)
Leg 3 LAAhEb (No 3)
(2.30 Newmarket)
(3.30 Goodwood)
(3.35 Thirsk)
(3.45 Newmarket)
totescoop 6
DoNcAsteR: Good to firm
2.30ADARIA (R FitzPatrick, 92) 1; Royal
Hush (evens fav) 2; Bella Montagna (158 2nd
fav) 3. 4 ran.
/4l, 7l. (D C Griffiths). Tote:
6.00; exacta: 10.00. CSF: 9.53. Nr:
3.00MUsIc FestIVAL (J Fanning, 31
fav) 1; Sairaam (81) 2; Flying Applause (72
2nd fav) 3. Hcap 7 ran. 1
/4l, 1
/4l. (J Goldie).
Tote: 3.50; pl 2.20, 3.50. exacta: 26.50.
tricast: 85.70. trifecta: 54.70. CSF: 26.35.
Nr: El Libertador.
3.35AZZURRA DU cApRIo (P McDonald,
172) 1; Bold Bidder (51) 2; Major Muscari (91)
3. Hcap 7 ran. 1
/4l, ns. (B Haslam; 103 fav
Defence Council). Tote: 12.90; pl 4.70,
2.50. exacta: 60.50. CSF: 47.54.
4.10BULLet MAN (F Tylicki, 51) 1;
Incendo (92 2nd fav) 2; Bedouin Bay (141) 3.
Hcap 7 ran. 2
/4l, 6l. (P R Webber; 114 fav Red
Kestrel). Tote: 6.30; pl 2.60, 3.60. exacta:
32.10. tricast: 286.53. trifecta: 480.30.
CSF: 26.16. Nonrunner: Pertemps Networks.
4.45HALFsIN (A Kirby, 12 fav) 1; Oasis
Storm (61 co 2nd fav) 2; George Woolf (61 co
2nd fav) 3. Hcap 4 ran. ns, 16l. (M Botti). Tote:
1.60; exacta: 4.20. CSF: 4.02. Nonrunner:
Club Oceanic.
5.20BosAMBo (R Winston, 54 fav) 1;
Another Citizen (92) 2; Lady Gar Gar (52 2nd
fav) 3. Hcap 5 ran. 4l, 1
/2l. (G Swinbank). Tote:
2.30; pl 1.60, 3.10. exacta: 6.40. CSF:
7.31. Nonrunner: Obsession.
placepot: 942.80
(Race 1) 2; (2) 5, 3; (3) 6, 1; (4) 6,
1; (5) 1; (6) 3, 1. Quadpot: 47.70
LeIcesteR: Good to firm
2.10GReAt AccLAIM (P Cosgrave, 114
jt 2nd fav) 1; Hitman Hatton (401) 2; Frozen
Over (161) 3. 6 ran. 2l, 1
/4l. (J Fanshawe; 54
fav Tiberius Claudius). Tote: 3.80; pl 2.40,
4.80. exacta: 46.80. CSF: 73.06.
2.40IRoN step (L Morris, 41) 1; Storm
Runner (81) 2; Lets Dance (52 2nd fav) 3. 6
ran. 1
/4l, nk. (N Vaughan; 94 fav Arctic Cat).
Tote: 5.30; pl 2.50, 6.00. exacta: 32.00.
CSF: 33.97.
3.15NoRVILLe (Cathy Gannon, 92 2nd
fav) 1; Flowing Cape (31 fav) 2; Galatian (81)
3. Hcap 9 ran.
/2l, 6l. (P Evans). Tote: 6.70; pl
2.00, 1.30, 2.10. exacta: 22.90. tricast:
104.98. CSF: 18.40.
3.50pYMANs tHeoRY (R Kingscote,
64 fav) 1; Dark Ages (72) 2; Reina Sofia (161)
3. 6 ran. 5l, 1
/4l. (T Dascombe). Tote: 2.30; pl
1.10, 2.00. exacta: 8.10. CSF: 7.40. Non
runners: Free Verse, Sweet Ovation.
4.25DestINY oF A DIVA (G Baker, 161)
1; Hong Kong Island (811 fav) 2; Kenyan Cat
(41 2nd fav) 3. Hcap 7 ran.
/2l, ns. (R
Hollinshead). Tote: 20.60; pl 5.00, 1.40.
exacta: 38.00. CSF: 28.29.
5.00LADY RosAMUNDe (T OShea, 52)
1; Midas Moment (158 2nd fav) 2; Moonlight
Rhapsody (74 fav) 3. 4 ran. 1l, 7l. (M
Tregoning). Tote: 1.90; exacta: 9.00. CSF:
placepot: 263.30
(Race 1) 4, 2; (2) 4, 5; (3) 3, 2, 5;
(4) 5, 1; (5) 1, 4; (6) 1. Quadpot:
peRtH: Good
2.20DeFINIte ALL stAR(B Hughes, 72
2nd fav) 1; Reaping The Reward (161) 2; Mar
Ocean (141) 3. 15 ran. 6l, 4l. (G Elliott (IRE) ;
54 fav The Cockney Mackem). Tote: 5.30; pl
1.20, 3.60, 3.30. exacta: 50.40. CSF:
2.50poKFULHAM (G Lee, 101) 1; Coeur
De Fou (61) 2; Anay Car (201) 3. Hcap 11 ran.
15l, 1
/4l. (J Goldie; 72 fav What An Oscar).
Tote: 13.50; pl 3.50, 2.00, 4.50. exacta:
56.50. tricast: 1184.84. CSF: 71.66. Non
runner: Chief Bucaneer.
3.25peAcHeY MoMeNt (G Lee, 92) 1;
Cottage Acre (158 fav) 2; Stolen Light (181) 3.
Hcap 5 ran. 6l, 14l. (N Richards). Tote: 5.20;
pl 2.00, 1.40. exacta: 16.00. CSF: 13.70.
Nonrunners: Flying Squad, Rossinis Dancer,
Sibenek, Sotovik, The Paddy Premium.
4.00ReGeNts secRet (G Lee, 112) 1;
Quito Du Tresor (54 fav) 2; Gringo (92) 3.
Hcap 5 ran.
/4l, 7l. (J Goldie). Tote: 5.60; pl
3.10, 1.50. exacta: 11.10. CSF: 13.64. Non
runner: Tartan Snow.
4.35petIte MARGot (S Twiston
Davies, 132) 1; Bally Wall (92 2nd fav) 2;
Keenans Future (94 fav) 3. Hcap 12 ran. ns,
/4l. (N TwistonDavies). Tote: 8.00; pl 2.10,
2.30, 1.60. exacta: 48.00. tricast: 87.64.
CSF: 36.41. Nonrunner: Double Default.
5.10tReNDeLeNBURG (C Whillans, 65
fav) 1; Jaunty Journey (81) 2; Elzahann (81)
3. Hcap 9 ran.
/4l, 5l. (G Elliott (IRE) ). Tote:
2.50; pl 1.40, 2.50, 2.20. exacta: 13.50.
tricast: 55.02. CSF: 11.87. Nonrunners:
Middleton Dene, Vallani.
5.40DoMe RUN (J McGrath, 41 2nd fav)
1; Viking Chief (138 fav) 2; Anitopia (161) 3. 13
ran. 10l, 1
/4l. (G Swinbank). Tote: 4.30; pl
1.50, 1.60, 4.40. exacta: 12.00. CSF:
10.74. Nonrunner: Balivernier.
placepot: 127.80
(Race 1) 3, 11, 8; (2) 1, 5, 7; (3) 9, 1;
(4) 6, 2; (5) 10, 5, 2; (6) 8, 7, 6;
Quadpot: 6.60
BANGoR: Good to firm
5.45LeopARD HILLs (D Jacob, 21 fav)
1; Supernoverre (41) 2; Second Brook (72 jt
2nd fav) 3. 6 ran. 10l, 7l. (Mrs A Thorpe). Tote:
2.60; pl 2.20, 2.60. exacta: 10.10. CSF:
11.02. Nonrunners: Ask The Oracle,
6.15tRoopeR cLAReNce (P Moloney,
1110 fav) 1; Deputy Dog (51) 2; Flickas Witness
(94 2nd fav) 3. Hcap 4 ran. 12l, 39l. (E
Williams). Tote: 3.00; exacta: 3.80. CSF:
6.45tAtIspoUt (F de Giles, 31 2nd fav)
1; Crystal Rock (92) 2; Dontpaytheferryman
(101) 3. Hcap 8 ran. 5l, 9l. (C Longsdon; 52
fav Alazan). Tote: 3.20; pl 1.80, 1.50, 2.90.
exacta: 21.00. tricast: 119.96. CSF: 17.70.
7.15sWeet IRoNY (R Thornton, 27 fav)
1; Vitruvian Man (141) 2; Abnaki (112 2nd fav)
3. 6 ran. 3
/4l, 4l. (A King). Tote: 1.10; pl 1.10,
4.90. exacta: 4.60. CSF: 4.39. Nonrunner:
7.45cHIcAGo ALLeY (L Edwards, 132)
1; Soulard (91) 2; Sagalyrique (118 fav) 3.
Hcap 5 ran. 34l, 6l. (A Carroll). Tote: 8.10; pl
3.50, 2.50. exacta: 52.30. CSF: 50.03.
Nonrunner: Just Smudge.
8.15MY FLoRA (Mr R Burton, 813 fav) 1;
Sea Robber (161) 2; Echo India (81) 3. 5 ran.
20l, hd. (Mrs E Crow). Tote: 1.50; pl 1.10,
7.50. exacta: 14.70. CSF: 10.67.
placepot: 93.40
(Race 1) 2, 1; (2) 1; (3) 7, 4, 3; (4) 1,
5; (5) 6, 3; (6) 5, 4. Quadpot: 24.50
FoNtWeLL: Good to firm
5.30RoYAL WeDDING (L Treadwell, 41)
1; Take A Mile (61) 2; High Jack (31 2nd fav) 3.
Hcap 7 ran. 12l, 9l. (N Gifford; 52 fav Psi).
Tote: 4.40; pl 1.70, 3.30. exacta: 42.90.
CSF: 28.87.
6.05ADReNALIN FLIGHt (J Derham,
331) 1; Gtaab (81) 2; Lord Liath (49 fav) 3. 9
ran. 2l, shd. (J W Mullins). Tote: 27.20; pl
5.90, 2, 1.10. exacta: 217.90. CSF: 266.29.
Nr: Consult.
6.35FRee to AIR (J Farrelly, 12 fav) 1;
Herald Angel (71) 2; Stop The Show (114 2nd
fav) 3. Hcap 3 ran. shd, 99l. (T Vaughan). Tote:
1.30; exacta: 3. CSF: 3.58. Nrs: Absolute
Shambles, Katalak, Kiltimoney, Midnight
7.05ceLtIceLLo (Mr R Mahon, 111) 1;
Magic Prospect (61) 2; Al Amaan (91) 3. Hcap
10 ran.
/2l, 1
/4l. (J Snowden; 31 fav First
Smash). Tote: 15.40; pl 3.10, 1.50, 2.80.
exacta: 94.20. tricast: 631.00. CSF: 77.64.
Nr: Yeomanry.
7.35pLAY A coRD (M Quinlan, 112) 1;
Shes Humble (132) 2; Good Old Days (114 jt
fav) 3. Hcap 7 ran. 15l, 4l. (N Mulholland; 114
jtfav King Of Leon). Tote: 7.70; pl 2.60,
2.30. exacta: 46.00. CSF: 37.44.
8.05RossBRIN (I Popham, 1011 fav) 1;
Cousin Maggie (201) 2; Act Gold (161) 3. Hcap
7 ran. 5l, 5l. (Mrs A Brooks). Tote: 1.80; pl
1.10, 4.30. exacta: 16.70. tricast: 172.39.
CSF: 17.32. Nonrunner: Red Lancer.
placepot: 111.80
(Race 1) 1, 4; (2) 1, 5, 7; (3) 6; (4) 1,
8, 9; (5) 1, 5; (6) 3, 2.
Quadpot: 29.50
North: KAY Gee Be (2.00 Newmarket) Made an excellent start
for his inform stable at Windsor and capable of following up,
despite the handicapper raising him by 4lb.
Newmarket: LAAHeB (2.30 Newmarket) Ran a blinder for fourth
in the Dubai Sheema Classic so ftness wont be an issue, and can
make his presence felt at the top level this term.
Midlands: AstRopHYsIcAL Jet (3.45 Newmarket) Graduated
through the ranks to develop into a genuine Group performer in
2010, and the major sprints will be on her agenda.
Lambourn: cAI sHeN (4.55 Newmarket) Relished the step up to
this distance to pick up a decent Newbury prize and working well
since, so he should take some pegging back.
GossIp FRoM tHe GALLops
Ferdoos (2.15 Goodwood)
and cai shen (4.55 Newmarket)
tRAINeRs (last 10 days) Pat Eddery
100% (1 wins and 3 places from 4
runners), H Hogarth 75% (2/1/4), I
Williams 67% (2/2/6), D Easterby 62%
(2/3/8), T D Barron 62% (3/5/13).
JocKeYs Conor OFarrell 75% (1 wins
and 2 places from 4 runners), A Nicholls
70% (3/4/10), W M Lordan 70% (3/4/10), T
OShea 67% (1/5/9), G Baker 64% (3/6/14).
Best Races for Favourites:
HEX 5.50: 60%, THR 2.25: 45%, THR 3.00: 40%,
NMR 2.30: 40%, GWO 4.35: 40%, 8.30: 40%.
Best Races for outsiders:
DON 7.10: 30%.
Best Races for trainers:
GWO 5.40: J Dunlop (2 in 4), THR 4.10: K
Ryan (3 in 7).
Best Races for Jockeys:
THR 2.25: R Ffrench (2 in 4).
Biggest ratings drop:
THR 4.10: Dubai Dynamo
(won off 94, now 77).
VItAL stAtIstIcs
MAIDeN AUctIoN stAKes 2Yo
3,380 (class 5) 5f (16 declared)
1 (3) AMADeUs DeNtoN M Dods 9 3 ......................F tylicki
2 (7) FARANG KoNDIeW D Carroll 9 3 ..............N Farley(5)
3 (5) 4 FAYR FALL (12) (F) T Easterby 9 3..................D Allan
4 (2) KING LAeRtIs B Haslam 9 3......................... B McHugh
5 (1) 8 NAMeItWHAtYoULIKe (3) M W Easterby 9 3.D Nolan
6 (9) 56 l pRoFILe stAR (14) T D Barron 9 3.... L Newman
7 (11) ReNt FRee N Tinkler 9 3............................. s De sousa
8 (12) 632 tRIGGeRLo (14) (F,t) M Channon 9 3 ...s Hitchcott
9 (14) 227 UMpH (14)(t) P Evans 9 3 .......................... p cosgrave
10(10) 6 WIttY BUcK (19) A McCabe 9 3..................R Winston
11 (13) 6 XINBAMA (14)(t) J Hills 9 3 .......................... p Hills(3)
12(15) 5 ALJosAN (7)(t) P Evans 8 12.............. cathy Gannon
13(16) AUNtIe JoY M W Easterby 8 12 .........J p sullivan(3)
14 (4) DoLLY DANcA P Midgley 8 12........................ M Fenton
15 (6) LADY GADFLY M Hammond 8 12.............. p McDonald
16 (8) see cLeARLY T Easterby 8 12.....................L Betts(5)
W-Factor: profile star (70); Umph (68); triggerlo (62).
Forecast: 2 Triggerlo, 112 Umph, 8 Profile Star, Fayr Fall, 14 See
Clearly, Aljosan, Xinbama, 16 King Laertis, Dolly Danca, Amadeus
Denton, Witty Buck, 20 Others.
totesWINGeR MAIDeN stAKes
3,380 (5) 1m 4f (14)
1 (9) AeNeID (J105) D Carroll 6 10 0 ....................... D Nolan
2 (12) 090 BeNAMY BoY (53) N Bycroft 5 10 0............ F Norton
3 (13) 56 GARtH MoUNtAIN (22)(t) P Evans 4 9 13R evans(3)
4 (10) 764 JUDIcIoUs (22) G Harker 4 9 13...... M oconnell(3)
5 (3) LAst cHoRUs (J46) Miss T Waggott 5 9 9. R Ffrench
6 (7) 0L BIG ZAF (17) P Midgley 3 8 8......................... M Fenton
7 (11) 323 DRessING RooM (12) M Johnston 3 8 8s De sousa
8 (14) 33 l estoURAH (189) S Bin Suroor 3 8 8....t Durcan
9 (6) 626 KADooDD (182) (F,t) M Channon 3 8 8s Hitchcott
10 (1) 324 KING oF tHe ceLts (23) T Easterby 3 8 8 ..D Allan
11 (4) L6 NeWGAte DANI (176) N Bycroft 3 8 8...... B McHugh
12 (2) tHe FUN cRUsHeR T Easterby 3 8 8.........R Winston
13 (8) 5 cApe pRINcess (15) M Bell 3 8 3...... cathy Gannon
14 (5) MoRNING AIR Mrs A Duffield 3 8 3............... Doubtful
VIsoR: No. 7.
W-F: estourah (74); cape princess (+69); Dressing Room (68).
Forecast: 54 Estourah, 5 Dressing Room, 112 Cape Princess,
132 King Of The Celts, 8 Kadoodd, 14 The Fun Crusher, 16 Others.
totespoRt.coM MAIDeN HURDLe
2,520 (class 5) 2m (15 declared)
1 239 BeHINDcLoseDDooRs (15) K Bailey 5 11 0..s Quinlan
2 43 BRUNstoN (66) (F) N Henderson 5 11 0....... A tinkler
3 742 cYGNet (5) (F) D McCain Jnr 5 11 0...............J Maguire
4 484 eBoNY DIAMoND (20) C Mann 7 11 0......... t J Murphy
5 306/ FINtAN (737) B Summers 8 11 0..........................M Grant
6 FLL FULL oV BeANs (29) M Gates 7 11 0.............D england
7 1/0 GALLoX BRIDGe (21) M Harris 6 11 0............ p Brennan
8 5P/F IRoN steVe (76) B Summers 6 11 0......... t Messenger
9 0 MoJeeRR (28) Mrs L Young 5 11 0..................... L Heard
10 QUIcK tAp Mrs C Bailey 6 11 0 ......................A thornton
11 sMootH soVeReIGN (F756) W Clay 6 11 0.....L Aspell
12 862 l steVIe tHUNDeR (20) I Williams 6 11 0...D crosse
13 3 BeHtARINI (38) (F) E Williams 4 10 9..........p Moloney
14 430 toM WADe (45) J A Harris 4 10 9....................... c poste
15 L4U MAVALeNtA (13) N TwistonDavies 4 10 2
s twiston-Davies
BLINKeRs: No. 1 toNGUe stRAp: Nos. 7, 12.
W-F: stevie thunder (118); Brunston (115); tom Wade (115).
Forecast: 4 Brunston, 92 Cygnet, 7 Stevie Thunder, Tom Wade,
152 Gallox Bridge, 8 Ebony Diamond, 10 Others.
totespoRt.coM HANDIcAp HURDLe
4,980 (3) 2m 6f 110yds (8)
1 PPL pIRAYA (21) (F) D Pipe 8 11 12........ conor oFarrell(5)
2 7LL poINts oF VIeW (49) K Bailey 6 11 12...........J Maguire
3 614 DeVoN NAtIVe (25) (D) C Down 8 11 6..... R thornton
4 457 WHeNeVeR (194) R Phillips 7 11 2....................s Quinlan
5 6/6P pIpe BANNeR (66) N Henderson 7 11 1........... A tinkler
6 232 l pRINce oF DeNIAL (37) N TwistonDavies 7 11 1
s twiston-Davies
7 1L3 KING oF DUBAI (28) (D,F) J Flint 6 11 0.............R Flint
8 LF2 tRoUBLetIMestWo (30) A Carroll 5 10 12.L edwards(3)
toNGUe stRAp: Nos. 1, 2, 3
cHeeK pIeces: No. 1.
W-Factor: prince of Denial (131); King of Dubai (129);
Devon Native (127).
Forecast: 72 Prince Of Denial, 92 Pipe Banner, Troubletimestwo,
6 Piraya, 132 Points of View, 8 Whenever, Devon Native, 12 Others.
Thirsk rUk
UTToxeTer ATr
Commentaries 090 7181 1015
Results 090 7181 1023
Calls cost 77p per minute from a BT Landline
Commentaries 090 7181 1016
Results 090 7181 1024
Calls cost 77p per minute from a BT Landline
GoING: Good. Left Handed. top tRAcK JocKeYs (2006-
11): D Allan 20 Course winners, 10% Strike rate, 0 Winners
this season; S De Sousa 18, 14%, 0; R Winston 14, 19%, 0; A
Nicholls 13, 15%, 2; P McDonald 12, 11%, 0. top tRAcK
tRAINeRs (2006-11): D Nicholls 24 Course winners, 13%
Strike rate, 3 Winners this season; T Easterby 22, 8%, 0; M
Dods 21, 14%, 1; M Johnston 21, 17%, 0. BeAteN FAVs: 2.25
Estourah. 3.35 Hacienda(hcp), Oratory(hcp), Smarty
Socks(hcp). 4.10 Everymanforhimself(hcp), Reel Buddy
Star(hcp). 4.45 Rio Cobolo(hcp). 5.45 Green Manalishi(hcp),
Oldjoesaid(hcp). DRAW DAtA: High numbers best 5f/6f, low
numbers best 7f/1m. Stalls: Straight Stands Side. LoNGest
tRAVeLLeR: Aljosan (1.50), Umph (1.50), Garth Mountain
(2.25), Bussa (5.15) 226 miles. stABLe sWItcH: 2.25
Aeneid from B Rothwell. 4.10 Arabian pride from D M
Simcock. 4.45 Without prejudice from J Noseda.
tRAcK FActs: GoING: Good to Firm. Left Handed. top
tRAcK JocKeYs (2006-11): J Maguire 38 Course winners,
20% Strike rate, 0 Winners this season; P Brennan 23, 17%,
0; R Thornton 20, 14%, 0; P Moloney 18, 14%, 0; T J OBrien
16, 12%, 0. top tRAcK tRAINeRs (2006-11): D McCain Jnr
35 Course winners, 15% Strike rate, 0 Winners this season;
N TwistonDavies 30, 19%, 0; Jonjo ONeill 30, 10%, 0; D Pipe
29, 18%, 0; E Williams 17, 12%, 0. FIRst tIMe cHeeK
pIeces: 2.05 Behindcloseddoors (blinkers), 5.00 Overlaw
(tongue strap), 5.30 Solway Dornal, Murrell, Chit Chat.
BeAteN FAVs: 2.05 Brunston, Cygnet. 2.40 Whenever(hcp
hdl). 3.50 Olympian(hcp hdl). 4.25 Jackos Boy(hcp ch). 5.00
Red Jester(hcp ch). LoNGest tRAVeLLeR: Devon Native
(2.40) 177 miles. stABLe sWItcH: 2.05 Fintan from Mrs A
King, Iron steve from W Worthington, smooth sovereign
from M Johnston. 5.30 Millers Dawn from Miss H Knight.
1.50 pRoFILe stAR (nb)
2.25 estourah
3.00 Lamasaas
3.35 Justonefortheroad
4.10 Reel Buddy star
4.45 Imperial Djay
5.15 Iceblast
5.45 Desert strike
2.05 stevie thunder
2.40 prince of Denial
3.15 Kilvergan Boy
3.50 olympian
4.25 Jackos Boy
5.00 Red Jester
5.30 Murrell
tHe scoUt: 1.50 Triggerlo 3.00 Auto Mac (ew) 5.15
Golden Taurus 5.45 Bosun Breese
RottWeILeR: 1.50 Triggerlo 2.25 Estourah 3.00
Auto Mac 3.35 Snow Bay 4.10 Reel Buddy Star 4.45
Thrust Control 5.15 Jade 5.45 Bosun Breese
sUNDAY eXpRess: 2.25 estoURAH (nap)
tHe scoUt: 5.00 Red Jester
RottWeILeR: 2.05 Cygnet 2.40 Devon Native 3.15
Kilvergan Boy 3.50 Erin Dancer 4.25 Nicky Tam 5.00
Red Jester 5.30 Montys Moon
toteeXActA MAIDeN stAKes 3Yo
5,260 (4) 7f (14)
1 (8) 92 AUto MAc (12) N Bycroft 9 3 ........................ F Norton
2 (2) 29 BLINK oF AN eYe (27) (F) M Bell 9 3........ M Fenton
3 (7) 5 FULL peLt (12) T Dascombe 9 3............ R Kingscote
4 (12) 7 HeNRYs GIFt (255) M Dods 9 3 ......... p Donaghy(3)
5 (1) 0 Joe Rocco (23) G Swinbank 9 3 ........... p McDonald
6 (10) 624 l LAMAsAAs (197)(t) B W Hills 9 3 .......R Winston
7 (9) L MAXAMILLIoN BoUNtY (21) M Dods 9 3t Hamilton
8 (6) oRBIt tHe MooN M Dods 9 3 ............................D Allan
9 (5) 64 pRINce oF pAssIoN (29) M Dods 9 3.........F tylicki
10(14) sHoppING oAsIs M Johnston 9 3........... s De sousa
11 (3) sINGZAK M W Easterby 9 3..................J p sullivan(3)
12 (4) tHAtcHeRIte N Bycroft 9 3......................... B McHugh
13 (13) 0 UNcLe BRYN (210) J J Quinn 9 3...............A Nicholls
14 (11) L7 cAtALLoUt (11) D Carroll 8 12..................N Farley(5)
W-F: Lamasaas (66); Auto Mac (58); prince of passion (47).
Forecast: 74 Lamasaas, 92 Auto Mac, 5 Shopping Oasis, Blink Of
An Eye, 10 Full Pelt, 12 Prince Of Passion, 14 Others.
15,020 (2) 1m (16)
1 (4) L03 BALcARce NoV (14) (D) T Tate 6 9 7........ M Fenton
2 (3) 004 osteopAtHIc ReMeDY (11) (c&D) M Dods 7 9 6F tylicki
3 (9) 070 KIWI BAY (28) (D) M Dods 6 9 2..................D Holland
4 (11) 018 spAce WAR (6) (D) M W Easterby 4 9 1 ....... D Nolan
5 (1) 111 sNoW BAY (14) (c,D) D Nicholls 5 9 1.......A Nicholls
6 (2) 400 oUR Joe MAc (28) (c,D) R Fahey 4 9 1.t Hamilton
7 (6) 026 HAcIeNDA (7) (D) M Johnston 4 9 1.......... R Ffrench
8 (16) 590 DReAM LoDGe (28) (D) D Nicholls 7 9 1.....A Mullen
9 (7) 104 l JUstoNeFoRtHeRoAD (28) (D) R Fahey 5 8 13
L topliss(5)
10 (5) 107 oRIeNtAL scot (28) (c&D) W Jarvis 4 8 13 p McDonald
11 (13) 568 oRAtoRY (21) G Harker 5 8 13.......... M oconnell(3)
12 (8) 618 peNDRAGoN (210) (D) B Ellison 8 8 12Amy Ryan(3)
13(15) 500 cHARLIe cooL (14) (c&D) Mrs R Carr 8 8 12
J p sullivan(3)
14 (12) 864 DHAULAR DHAR (21) (D) J Goldie 9 8 12D tudhope
15 (14) 060 sMARtY socKs (14) (D) D OMeara 7 8 11.. s De sousa
16(10) 667 coLLAteRAL DAMAGe (21) (D) T Easterby 8 8 11 D Allan
BLINKeRs: No. 13 toNGUe stRAp: No. 16.
W-F: Justonefortheroad (95); Balcarce Nov (93); snow Bay (92).
Forecast: 112 Snow Bay, 6 Justonefortheroad, 7 Osteopathic
Remedy, 8 Hacienda, 10 Dhaular Dhar, Balcarce Nov, 12 Others.
totetRIFectA HANDIcAp (DIV 1)
4,880 (4) 7f (12)
1 (10) 902 l ReeL BUDDY stAR (240)(c,D,F) G M Moore 6 9 7
D tudhope
2 (9) 310 eVeRYMANFoRHIMseLF (84) (D) K Ryan 7 9 6
Amy Ryan(3)
3 (6) 074 NoRtHeRN FLING (29) (D) J Goldie 7 9 6 G Bartley(3)
4 (2) L02 GINGeR teD (183) R C Guest 4 9 5 .........t collier(3)
5 (3) 974 ARRYs oRse (12) B Smart 4 9 4................ R Ffrench
6 (12) 197 ILLUstRIoUs pRINce (23) (D) D Carroll 4 9 3
N Farley(5)
7 (1) 293 sUMMeR DANceR (14) (D) P Midgley 7 9 2M Fenton
8 (8) 685 DUBAI DYNAMo (6) (D) Mrs R Carr 6 8 13 p McDonald
9 (7) 55/L ARABIAN pRIDe (222) K Dalgleish 4 8 12.t Hamilton
10 (11) 0LL BoND FAstRAc (282) G Oldroyd 4 8 11 s De sousa
11 (4) 703 KARAKA JAcK (12) (D) D Nicholls 4 8 11..A Nicholls
12 (5) 366 QADAR (15) (D) A McCabe 9 8 9..................R Winston
BLINKeRs: No. 2 eYe coVeRs: No. 12.
W-Factor: Reel Buddy star (83); Ginger ted (80);
Bond Fastrac (80).
Forecast: 5 Karaka Jack, 112 Summer Dancer, 6 Reel Buddy Star,
Arrys Orse, 7 Ginger Ted, Dubai Dynamo, 8 Others.
totespoRt.coM HANDIcAp cHAse
2,720 (5) 2m 5f (12)
1 5L1 GUNsHIp (7) (c&D) Mrs C M Hamilton 10 12 0..M Quinlan(5)
2 335 MANMooN (21) N Hawke 8 11 12.............. M Griffiths(5)
3 334 tHe FoXs DecRee (16) M Keighley 7 11 12... t siddall
4 FU3 KAp West (21) Mrs L Young 6 11 12.................... L Heard
5 6U4 cANt ReMeMBeR (18) Mrs A Thorpe 6 11 4.. J M Davies
6 53P RAsH MoMeNt (19) (c&D) M J Scudamore 12 11 4
s p Jones
7 842 l KILVeRGAN BoY (11) N TwistonDavies 7 11 3
s twiston-Davies
8 3L5 HoMe sHe Goes (17) C Pogson 9 11 2............ A pogson
9 114 DeLGANY GUNNeR (44)(F) B Pollock 7 11 1t J oBrien
10 LLP tIsFReetDReAM (17) (c) P Pritchard 10 11 1 ...J Doyle
11 LL7 sUMNeR (10) W Davies 7 10 13 ..................... K James(5)
12 pP2 MR JoHNsoN (12) M Gates 8 10 0................D england
BLINKeRs: No. 1 VIsoR: Nos. 3, 9
toNGUe stRAp: Nos. 2, 3, 9, 11 cHeeK pIeces: Nos. 6, 10.
W-Factor: Kilvergan Boy (102); Manmoon (101);
tisfreetdream (101).
Forecast: 94 Gunship, 4 The Foxs Decree, 112 Kilvergan Boy,
10 Cant Remember, Delgany Gunner, 12 Others.
totespoRt.coM HANDIcAp HURDLe
4,410 (3) 2m (8)
1 717 KING BReX (43) (D) C Mann 8 11 12.........J McGrath(7)
2 432 l oLYMpIAN (12) (D, F) P W Middleton 9 11 11
K Woods(7)
3 735 spIRIt Is NeeDeD (20) M Harris 5 11 8....... p Brennan
4 8/3F MoRNING FAReWeLL (42) W Clay 7 11 8..........L Aspell
5 747 DReAM cAtcHeR (175) Jonjo ONeill 8 11 6
R McLernon
6 561 eRIN DANceR (46) F Murphy 6 11 5......... e Linehan(7)
7 12/3 RAMpANt RoNNIe (304) (D) Mrs A Thorpe 6 11 4
J Farrelly
8 1F6 LeAN BURN (23) (D) B Leavy 5 10 7..........A conlon(5)
BLINKeRs: No. 2 VIsoR: No. 3 toNGUe stRAp: Nos. 1, 2, 3,
8 cHeeK pIeces: No. 1.
W-F: olympian (112); King Brex (110); Dream catcher (110).
Forecast: 103 Erin Dancer, 4 Spirit Is Needed, 92 Olympian,
6 Rampant Ronnie, 132 Dream Catcher, 8 King Brex, 10 Others.
totepooL NoVIces HcAp cHAse
3,320 (4) 3m (6)
1 23U coBBLeRs QUeeN (35) H Daly 7 11 12 .......... A tinkler
2 8/36 RocK sALMoN (20) Mrs L Wadham 8 11 3.......L Aspell
3 311 NIcKY tAM (7) (D) H Hogarth 9 11 2................... F Davis
4 5LL see YoU JAcK (12) Mrs C Bailey 6 11 2 .....A thornton
5 602 l JAcKos BoY (5)(F) M Keighley 8 10 6..J Maguire
6 LP8 soLWAY ALLY (27) Miss L Harrison 8 10 6... t siddall
BLINKeRs: No. 5 toNGUe stRAp: Nos. 3, 5
cHeeK pIeces: Nos. 1, 6.
W-Factor: Jackos Boy (115); Nicky tam (113);
cobblers Queen (112).
Forecast: Evens Nicky Tam, 72 Cobblers Queen, 5 Jackos Boy,
10 See You Jack, Rock Salmon, 16 Solway Ally.
totetRIFectA HANDIcAp (DIV 2)
4,880 (4) 7f (12)
1 (1) 101 tHRUst coNtRoL (31) (D,F) B Ellison 4 9 7
s De sousa
2 (9) 500 WItHoUt pReJUDIce (197) (D) M W Easterby 6 9 6
B McHugh
3 (2) 511 WHos sHIRL (226) C Fairhurst 5 9 5.Kelly Harrison
4 (6) LL0 cHAMpAGNe stYLe (28) R C Guest 4 9 4
R L-Butler(3)
5 (5) 400 AeRoDYNAMIc (14) C Mulhall 4 9 3.J p sullivan(3)
6 (11) 047 KeYs oF cYpRUs (14) (c&D) D Nicholls 9 9 2
p M Quinn
7 (8) L43 l IMpeRIAL DJAY (5) (c&D) Mrs R Carr 6 8 13
p McDonald
8 (10) 031 AMAZING stAR (217) (D) D Carroll 6 8 12N Farley(5)
9 (7) 149 RIo coBoLo (14) (D) D Nicholls 5 8 12.....A Nicholls
10 (3) 407 LeGAL LeGAcY (31) (c,D) M Dods 5 8 11t Hamilton
11 (4) 41 pIRAte coAst (302) (D) T Easterby 4 8 10.D Allan
12 (12) 248 DARING DReAM (182) (c,D) J Goldie 6 8 8A Mullen
W-Factor: Imperial Djay (81); Without prejudice (80);
Keys of cyprus (78).
Forecast: 72 Thrust Control, 5 Imperial Djay, Keys of Cyprus,
8 Pirate Coast, Rio Cobolo, Whos Shirl, Amazing Star, 14 Others.
totepooL cLAssIFIeD stAKes 3Yo
3,380 (5) 6f (10)
1 (6) 831 ANotHeR WIse KID (31) (D) P Midgley 9 0M Fenton
2 (9) 669 BLAZe oF tHUNDeR (25) (D) G Swinbank 9 0
p McDonald
3 (3) 4L6 BUssA (22) (D,t) P Evans 9 0............ cathy Gannon
4 (8) 124 cRIMsoN cLoUD (144) R Fahey 9 0Laura Barry(7)
5 (4) 9L1 GoLDeN tAURUs (22) (D,F,t) J Hills 9 0p Hills(3)
6 (2) 672 IceBLAst (6) (F) M W Easterby 9 0 J p sullivan(3)
7 (10) 441 JADe (219) (D) O Pears 9 0....................... s De sousa
8 (5) 21 l MARcH oN BeetRoot (136) R Cowell 9 0R Mullen
9 (7) 1L5 pINeAppLe pete (4) A McCabe 9 0..........R Winston
10 (1) 15L sILVeR tURN (22) (D) B Smart 9 0........... R Ffrench
toNGUe stRAp: No. 9.
W-F: Iceblast (71); Bussa (69); March on Beetroot (69).
Forecast: 72 March On Beetroot, 4 Iceblast, 5 Golden Taurus,
8 Jade, Bussa, Another Wise Kid, 10 Crimson Cloud, 12 Others.
totespoRt 0800 221 221 HcAp
5,260 (4) 5f (16)
1 (3) 624 GReeN MANALIsHI (15) (D) K Ryan 10 9 7. Julie Burke(5)
2 (6) 614 Le toReADoR (6) (c&D) K Ryan 6 9 7Amy Ryan(3)
3 (7) L40 MeY BLossoM (204) (c&D) R M Whitaker 6 9 6
R Kennemore
4 (1) 032 oLDJoesAID (6) (D,F) K Ryan 7 9 6 ......... B McHugh
5 (5) 954 Go NANI Go (26) (D,t) Ed De Giles 5 9 6p cosgrave
6 (13) 367 INDIAN tRAIL (10) (D) D Nicholls 11 9 6...A Nicholls
7 (8) 528 Lost IN pARIs (166) (D) T Easterby 5 9 6 ...D Allan
8 (14) 250 BRoNZe BeAU (26) (D) Mrs L Stubbs 4 9 4
J p sullivan(3)
9 (9) 762 BosUN BReese (14) (D) T D Barron 6 9 3L Newman
10 (12) 18L cAptAIN RoYALe (12) (D) C Teague 6 9 2pMathers
11 (15) 4L8 seLect coMMIttee (14) (D) J J Quinn 6 9 0
L topliss(5)
12 (11) 104 l DeseRt stRIKe (5) (D) A McCabe 5 8 13R Winston
13(10) 947 MULLGLeN (238) (c&D) T Easterby 5 8 9
Kelly Harrison
14 (2) 76L tILLYs tALe (243) (c&D) P Midgley 4 8 9M Fenton
15 (16) 500 GRAND stItcH (14) (D) D Carroll 5 8 8 N Farley(5)
16 (4) 2L3 secRet VeNUe (185) (c&D) J OKeeffe 5 8 8
p McDonald
VIsoR: Nos. 6, 7, 11, 15 toNGUe stRAp: No. 8
cHeeK pIeces: Nos. 1, 2, 10, 12.
W-F: Desert strike (77); Bosun Breese (76); oldjoesaid (75).
Forecast: 92 Bosun Breese, 6 Oldjoesaid, 7 Le Toreador, 8 Go Nani
Go, 10 Secret Venue, Green Manalishi, 12 Others.
totespoRt.coM HANDIcAp cHAse
3,020 (4) 2m (5)
1 LFL cLAssIc FLY (6) A Whiting 8 11 12............. N scholfield
2 53P BRIMHAM BoY (48) M Keighley 9 11 10......... s thomas
3 322 lReD JesteR (12) (c&D) Mrs L Young 10 11 7.t J Murphy
4 P16 MIscHIeF MAN (174) Mrs S Smith 9 10 13t Messenger
5 2P5 oVeRLAW (17) T R George 9 10 11................... p Brennan
toNGUe stRAp: Nos. 2, 5 cHeeK pIeces: No. 2.
W-F: Red Jester (110); classic Fly (109); Brimham Boy (109).
Forecast: 54 Red Jester, 4 Classic Fly, 92 Overlaw, 112 Brimham
Boy, 7 Mischief Man.
totespoRt.coM NoVIces HcAp HDLe
2,520 (5) 2m 6f 110yds (15)
1 3FP MILLeRs DAWN (120) Mrs A Thorpe 7 11 12....D Jacob
2 154 DIDDLeY Dee (10) C W Moore 7 11 8...... Mr B poste(7)
3 0L4 JoMADe (21) K Bailey 5 11 7..............................J Maguire
4 07P l MURReLL (29) H Hogarth 6 11 7...................... F Davis
5 L53 cRAcK At DAWN (12) M Gates 10 11 2...........D england
6 507 poLLeN JocK (65) C Bealby 7 11 2 .......... t Messenger
7 64L cARBoN pRINt (21) H Evans 6 11 2................F de Giles
8 LL8 MoNtYs ReVeNGe (120) M Keighley 6 11 2s thomas
9 0P9 UppeR DecK (17) R Phillips 6 10 13.................s Quinlan
10 8LR BUcKDeN (16) Mrs S Smith 7 10 13...........M Bradburne
11 5/PL cHIt cHAt (120) Jonjo ONeill 6 10 13 ......R McLernon
12 221 MoNtYs MooN (17) Mrs R Hobbs 9 10 11
peter carberry(5)
13 098 BRAVe eNoUGH (33) (F) R Curtis 4 10 2..........H Frost
14 684 soLWAY DoRNAL (13) Miss L Harrison 6 10 0A conlon(5)
15 4P2 soMe cAtcH (13) E Cooper 5 10 0................. t siddall
toNGUe stRAp: Nos. 5, 7
cHeeK pIeces: Nos. 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 14.
W-Factor: Murrell (105); Jomade (99); pollen Jock (99).
Forecast: 72 Montys Moon, 6 Diddley Dee, 7 Jomade, 152 Chit
Chat, 8 Crack At Dawn, 10 Some Catch, 14 Others.
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Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
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Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 77
1. Which Italian rugby player won the Six Nations
Player of the Championship award this year?
2. Who scored Englands opening goal in
their 2-0 Euro 2012 qualifer victory
against Wales?
3. Which team surrendered the Super Leagues
last unbeaten record as they went down 24-6 at
home to Warrington?
4. Who won the
Formula One Grand
Prix in Australia?
5. Which Spanish cyclist
won the Tour de France
fve years in a row in the
6. Which Olympic gold
medal-winning British
athlete joined the army at the age of 18?
7. Who did India beat in the fnal when they won
their frst ICC World Cup in 1983?
8. Which English football team are
nicknamed the Royals?
9. Which Swedish city hosted the World Athletics
Championships in 1995?
10. Who did Mike Tyson beat in 1987 to
win his frst undisputed world heavyweight
YESTErdaYS CroSSquiz SoLuTioN
ACROSS: 1 Beckham. 2 MCC. 5 Suker. 6 Riggs.
10 Alliss. 11 Sale. DOWN: 1 Ballabriggs. 3 Cotton.
4 Nantes. 5 Saunders. 7 Samaras. 8 Stone.
The Express Crossquiz is a two-in-one challenge to test
your sports knowledge. Answer each question and then
arrange the letters that fall in the shaded squares into a
well-known sportsword or the surname of a famous
sporting personality. The last letter of each answer will
be the first letter of the next.
The solution will be published on Monday, or call
0907 181 2587. Calls cost 77p per minute from BT landlines
plus network extras. Other networks and mobiles may vary.
1 0 T O T A C K L E A N S W E R S : 1 A n d r e a M a s i .
2 F r a n k L a m p a r d . 3 W i g a n . 4 S e b a s t i a n V e t t e l .
5 M i g u e l I n d u r a i n . 6 D a m e K e l l y H o l m e s . 7 W e s t I n d i e s .
8 R e a d i n g . 9 G o t h e n b u r g . 1 0 T o n y T u c k e r .
R A T I N G S : 0 - 3 p o o r , 4 - 6 a v e r a g e , 7 - 9 g o o d , 1 0 w o r l d c l a s s .
cr ssquiz
1. Which Australian was the 1960
US Open and Wimbledon mens
singles champion? (6).
2. Name the South African who
captained Nottinghamshire in their
County Championship-winning years
of 1981 and 1986 (4).
6. US team FC Seattle ..... won the
1988 Western Soccer Alliance. (5).
7. Which Bobby was a Blackburn
Rovers goalkeeper from 1990 to
1996? (5).
10. Who is the scorer of the most
World Cup fnals goals for the
Netherlands? (3).
11. Which South Africa Test
cricketer took a career-best 7-87
against Australia at Adelaide in
1998? (7).
1. Who perfected the high jump
technique the fop? (7).
3. Which Italian did Derby County
sign from Milan in 1997? (6).
4. Who took 5-38 on his 2009
England Test cricket debut? (6).
5. Which Eddie is a former
Ipswich, Bradford City and Charlton
defender? (5).
6. Name the midfelder signed by
Stoke City from Crystal Palace in
2008. (6).
8. Which all-rounder captained the
Pakistan Test side three times in
2007? (6,5).
9. Which rest in snooker has an
arch-shaped head? (6).
A 2010 Football World Cup coach.
2 3
8 7
11 10
Football....... 97-103
D - Doncaster, G - Goodwood
N - Newmarket, T - Thirsk
Addictive Dream ....... G 4.00
Adranian ................... D 6.40
Aeneid .......................T 2.25
Aerodynamic .............T 4.45
Alben Star ................ N 4.20
Aljosan ......................T 1.50
Amadeus Denton .......T 1.50
Amazing Star .............T 4.45
Anna Salai ................ G 4.35
Another Wise Kid .......T 5.15
Arabian Pride ............T 4.10
Arctic Feeling ........... N 3.45
Arganil ..................... G 4.00
Arrys Orse ................T 4.10
Art Thief................... G 5.10
Astrophysical Jet ..... N 3.45
Auntie Joy .................T 1.50
Auto Mac ...................T 3.00
Azrael ....................... D 7.10
Backtrade ................. G 2.50
Bahceli ..................... N 5.25
Bahia Emerald .......... D 6.05
Balcarce Nov .............T 3.35
Bannock ................... D 6.40
Barnum ..................... G 5.40
Battleoftrafalgar ...... G 3.30
Beaumonts Party..... N 2.00
Benamy Boy ..............T 2.25
Bertoliver ................. G 4.00
Big Zaf .......................T 2.25
Blaze Of Thunder .......T 5.15
Blink Of An Eye ..........T 3.00
Bond Fastrac .............T 4.10
Borderlescott ........... N 3.45
Bosun Breese ............T 5.45
Breakheart ............... N 2.00
Breathless Kiss ........ N 3.45
Breedj ...................... N 4.20
Brick Red .................. N 2.00
Bronze Beau ..............T 5.45
Broox ....................... N 3.10
Buaiteoir .................. N 2.00
Bunce ....................... N 4.20
Bussa ........................T 5.15
Cadeaux Pearl .......... N 4.20
Cai Shen ................... N 4.55
Campanologist .......... N 2.30
Canna ....................... N 4.55
Cape Princess ............T 2.25
Cape Vale ................. D 7.45
Captain Carey ........... G 4.00
Captain Royale ..........T 5.45
Casamento ............... N 3.10
Catallout ...................T 3.00
Champagne Style .......T 4.45
Chapter And Verse ... N 2.00
Charlie Cool ...............T 3.35
Clara Zetkin.............. N 4.20
Cloud Rock ............... N 4.20
Codemaster .............. D 7.10
Coeus ....................... N 4.20
Collateral Damage .....T 3.35
Colour Scheme ......... N 2.00
Commended .............. N 4.20
Conciliatory .............. G 4.35
Corvette ................... G 5.40
Crimson Cloud ...........T 5.15
Crown Counsel .......... N 5.25
Cumulus Nimbus ....... N 2.00
Dandino .................... N 2.30
Darej ........................ N 5.25
Daring Dream ............T 4.45
Dazinski .................... G 3.30
Desert Phantom ....... G 4.00
Desert Poppy ........... D 7.45
Desert Strike.............T 5.45
Desert Vision............ D 5.35
Dhaular Dhar .............T 3.35
Diman Waters ........... D 7.45
Discoteca ................. N 4.55
Dolly Danca ...............T 1.50
Dream Lodge .............T 3.35
Dressing Room ..........T 2.25
Dubai Dynamo............T 4.10
Dubawi Gold.............. N 3.10
Dune Island .............. G 5.40
El Dececy ................. D 5.35
Ellemujie .................. N 2.00
Elmfield Giant ........... D 5.35
Enderby Spirit .......... D 7.45
Estourah....................T 2.25
Evens And Odds ........ N 3.45
Evervescent ............. G 2.50
Everymanforhimself ..T 4.10
Exemplary ................ G 3.30
Experimentalist ........ G 5.40
Farang Kondiew .........T 1.50
Favourite Girl ........... G 4.00
Fayr Fall ....................T 1.50
Ferdoos .................... G 2.15
First City .................. G 4.35
Fists And Stones ...... G 5.10
Fleeting Echo ........... G 4.35
Fleeting Tiger ........... G 5.40
Forevertheoptimist .. D 6.40
Forjatt...................... N 4.20
Four Nations ............ G 5.40
Foxtrot India ............ G 2.50
Frankel ..................... N 3.10
Free For All .............. D 7.45
Frontline Phantom.... D 5.35
Full Pelt.....................T 3.00
Fury ......................... N 3.10
Gallic Star ................ G 2.15
Gap Princess ............ D 7.45
Garth Mountain .........T 2.25
Gertrude Bell............ G 2.15
Ginger Ted .................T 4.10
Go Nani Go ................T 5.45
Golden Taurus ...........T 5.15
Gorgeous Goblin ....... D 6.05
Grand Stitch ..............T 5.45
Green Destiny .......... N 2.00
Green Manalishi .........T 5.45
Greylami ................... N 2.00
Group Therapy .......... N 3.45
Grumeti .................... G 5.40
Haajes ...................... D 7.45
Hacienda ...................T 3.35
Hamlool .................... N 4.55
Happy Today ............. N 3.10
Harry Tricker............ G 3.30
Hawk Mountain ......... D 8.15
Henrys Gift ................T 3.00
Hootys Agogo ........... D 6.05
Hotham..................... D 7.45
Humidor ................... G 4.00
Iceblast .....................T 5.15
Illustrious Prince .......T 4.10
Imperial Djay .............T 4.45
Impulse Dancer......... G 5.10
Indian Ballad............. N 4.20
Indian Days ............... N 2.30
Indian Trail ................T 5.45
Indian Wish ............... G 5.40
Internationaldebut ... D 7.45
Investissement ......... G 3.30
Iron Green ................ G 5.40
Iver Bridge Lad ......... N 3.45
J J Leary .................. D 6.40
Jade ..........................T 5.15
Joe Rocco .................T 3.00
Jonny Mudball .......... N 3.45
Judge n Jury ........... G 4.00
Judicious ...................T 2.25
Justice Walk ............. G 5.10
Justonefortheroad ....T 3.35
Kadoodd ....................T 2.25
Kanaf ........................ G 4.00
Karaka Jack ..............T 4.10
Kay Gee Be ............... N 2.00
Keys of Cyprus ..........T 4.45
Kidlat ....................... D 5.35
King Ferdinand ......... G 5.10
King Laertis ...............T 1.50
King Of The Celts ......T 2.25
Kings Counsel .......... D 8.15
Kiwi Bay ....................T 3.35
Laaheb...................... N 2.30
Lady Gadfly ...............T 1.50
Lamasaas ..................T 3.00
Last Chorus ...............T 2.25
Laylas Dancer .......... D 8.15
Le Toreador ...............T 5.45
Legal Legacy .............T 4.45
Lisselan Diva ............ N 3.45
Loose Quality ........... D 6.05
Lost In Paris ..............T 5.45
Loving Spirit ............. N 3.10
Magic Rhythm ........... D 6.05
Magical Macey .......... G 4.00
Maid In Heaven ......... G 4.35
Main Focus ............... G 2.50
Maratib..................... G 5.40
March On Beetroot ....T 5.15
Mattamia .................. G 4.00
Maxamillion Bounty ...T 3.00
Mazovian .................. D 7.10
Medici Time .............. D 7.45
Mey Blossom .............T 5.45
Mister Hughie ........... N 3.45
Misty Conquest ........ D 6.40
Mon Brav .................. G 4.00
Monitor Closely ........ N 2.30
Montparnasse ........... G 3.30
Morning Air ...............T 2.25
Moyenne Corniche .... G 3.30
Mubtadi .................... N 5.25
Mullglen .....................T 5.45
Mush Mir .................. G 3.30
Mutajare ................... N 4.20
Muzdahi .................... G 5.10
Namecheck ............... N 2.00
Nameitwhatyoulike ....T 1.50
Namibian .................. N 4.55
Native Khan .............. N 3.10
Native Ruler ............. N 2.30
Nave ......................... D 8.15
Newgate Dani ............T 2.25
Noor Zabeel .............. G 2.50
North Star Boy ......... G 2.50
Northern Fling ...........T 4.10
Ocean War ................ N 4.55
Off Chance ................ G 4.35
Old Hundred ............. D 8.15
Oldjoesaid .................T 5.45
On Khee .................... G 2.15
On Terms .................. G 2.15
Oratory .....................T 3.35
Orbit The Moon ..........T 3.00
Oriental Scot .............T 3.35
Osteopathic Remedy .T 3.35
Our Joe Mac ..............T 3.35
Pathfork ................... N 3.10
Pendragon .................T 3.35
Perfect Cracker ........ G 5.10
Petara Bay ............... G 3.30
Pineapple Pete ..........T 5.15
Pink Symphony ......... G 2.15
Pirate Coast ..............T 4.45
Pollys Mark ............. G 2.15
Ponte Di Rosa ........... G 5.40
Primo Lady ............... N 4.20
Prince Of Passion ......T 3.00
Profile Star ...............T 1.50
Prohibit .................... N 3.45
Proponent ................ N 2.00
Qadar ........................T 4.10
Rain Delayed ............ N 3.45
Reel Buddy Star.........T 4.10
Regal Approval ......... N 4.20
Remotelinx ............... N 4.20
Rent Free ..................T 1.50
Rerouted .................. N 3.10
Resentful Angel ........ G 2.15
Rio Cobolo .................T 4.45
Roderic OConnor ..... N 3.10
Roman Soldier .......... G 2.50
Rosewin .................... D 8.15
Roxy Flyer ................ G 2.15
Russian George ........ D 8.15
Saamidd.................... N 3.10
Sand Skier ................ N 2.00
Sandor ...................... N 2.00
Seal Rock ................. N 4.20
Secret Asset ............ N 3.45
Secret Venue .............T 5.45
See Clearly ................T 1.50
Select Committee ......T 5.45
Seta.......................... G 4.35
Sharakti ................... D 5.35
Shopping Oasis ..........T 3.00
Sikeeb ...................... N 5.25
Silver Turn ................T 5.15
Simenon ................... G 3.30
Singzak ......................T 3.00
Slim Shadey .............. N 3.10
Smart George ........... G 5.40
Smarty Socks ............T 3.35
Snow Bay ...................T 3.35
Sole Power ............... N 3.45
Space War .................T 3.35
Spinatrix .................. D 6.05
Springleaf ................. D 6.40
Star Commander ...... G 5.40
Star Rover ................ D 7.45
State Of Mind ........... N 4.20
Stepper Point ........... G 2.50
Summer Dancer .........T 4.10
Tabaret .................... D 7.45
Tagansky .................. G 5.40
Tangerine Trees ....... N 3.45
Tartan Gigha ............ N 2.00
Thatcherite ...............T 3.00
The Fun Crusher ........T 2.25
The Guru Of Gloom ... G 5.10
Thrust Control ...........T 4.45
Tiger Reigns ............. N 2.00
Tileyf ........................ G 5.40
Tillys Tale ..................T 5.45
Tinaheely .................. G 5.10
Totally Ours ............. G 2.15
Trade Storm ............. D 7.10
Treasury Devil .......... N 4.55
Triggerlo ...................T 1.50
Twice Bitten ............. N 5.25
Umph .........................T 1.50
Uncle Bryn .................T 3.00
Unknown Rebel ......... G 5.40
Vainglory .................. N 2.00
Valdaw ...................... G 5.40
Veiled Applause ........ D 5.35
Very Good Day .......... G 3.30
Viva Colonia ............. D 8.15
Viva Vettori .............. N 2.00
We Have A Dream ..... D 7.45
Well Sharp ................ N 5.25
Western Pearl........... G 3.30
Whos Shirl ................T 4.45
Whozthecat .............. D 7.45
With Hindsight .......... G 5.10
Without Prejudice ......T 4.45
Witty Buck .................T 1.50
Xinbama ....................T 1.50
Yashila ..................... G 5.10
Yojimbo .................... G 5.10
Zain Shamardal ......... N 5.25
Zamina ..................... G 5.40
2.00 NEWMARKET: Green
Destiny was impressive in
winning a Leicester (1m,
hvy) handicap that has
worked out well. Brick Red
signed off last term with a
victory over Viva Vettori,
Vainglory and Sand Skier here
(1m, gd-sft) but was well
adrift of PROPONENT at
Newbury (1m, gd-fm) a
couple of weeks ago. Roger
Charlton has booked the
services of Frankie Dettori
for this contest so he has
to be respected, especially
as this extra furlong should
suit the gelding.
a cracker to take fourth in
the Sheema Classic at
Meydan (1m4f, gd). Dandino
improved rapidly last sea-
son and won easily on his
return at Ripon (1m4f,
gd-fm). He looks the big-
gest danger, as his stable-
mate Indian Days is penal-
ised for his gutsy victory
over Bridge Of Gold in a
Newbury (1m4f, gd-fm)
Group 3. Campanologist
didnt see out the trip in
the Melbourne Cup (2m,
sft) but has a good record
was the class act of last
year, dominating all his
juvenile contests, includ-
ing the Dewhurst Stakes
here (7f, gd-sft). Casamento
landed the other big UK
juvenile race, the Racing
Post Trophy (1m, gd), but
he was beaten behind
Pathfork at the Curragh (7f,
sft) and Jessica
Harringtons charge could
confirm those placings.
Native Khan was behind
Casamento at Doncaster but
the Craven Stakes (1m,
gd-fm) winner is a differ-
ent proposition on fast
ground and could turn the
tables. Roderic OConnor has
a bit to find with Frankel on
their Dewhurst run but is a
Gr1 winner on heavy
ground and appeals each-
3.45 NEWMARKET: Astrophysical
Jet had Prohibit, Mister Hughie
and Secret Asset behind
when landing the
Hackwood at Newbury (5f,
gd-fm) but she needed her
first run of the season last
term so this could be the
time to take her on. Sole
Power was a shock winner
of the Nunthorpe at York
(5f, gd-fm). BORDERLESCOTT
finished behind Sole Power
at York but was second in
this last year (5f, gd-fm)
and has a good record
fresh, so is worth chancing
in an open heat.
just edged out the fast-
finishing Ferdoos at Ascot
(1m4f, gd-sft) last term
and Clive Coxs mare could
confirm the placings on
4lb better terms. Gertrude
Bell was fourth in the Oaks
(1m4f, gd) before running
lifelessly at Ascot (1m4f,
gd-fm) just 13 days later.
3.30 GOODWOOD: Moyenne
Corniche was a solid second
at Doncaster (1m4f, gd)
but he may still be in the
grip of the handicapper, a
comment that could also
apply to Dazinski. Preference
is for SIMENON, who ran a
cracker to be third in the
November Handicap at
Doncaster (1m4f, gd-sft)
and is just 2lb higher
31,800 (Class 2) 1m 1f (19 dec) CH4
1 (15) 043 TIGER REIGNS (25)(T) MDods 5910.........................T Eaves
2 (9) 4-5L CUMULUS NIMBUS (14) (D) RHannon499........ R Hughes
3 (7) 13/4- NAMECHECK (364) MAl Zarooni 497 ............ M Barzalona
4 (13) 328-GREYLAMI (154) RMills 696................................. S Levey(5)
5 (17) 208 TARTAN GIGHA (10) (C&D) MJohnston696.... J Fanning
6 (16) 340- SANDOR (189) P Makin595.....................................R L Moore
7 (14) 97-4 PROPONENT (14) (C&D) RCharlton795 ..............L Dettori
8 (2) 81-0 BRICK RED (14) (C) ABalding 493 ....................... J Fortune
9 (8) 287- VAINGLORY (182) (C,D) D MSimcock 792 .............. M Lane
10 (11) 0-04 BREAKHEART (14)(T) MDods 490 .................. J P Murtagh
11 (5) 46-8 CHAPTER AND VERSE (28) Mike Murphy 5812 A Culhane
12 (1) 8-2L SAND SKIER (10) MJohnston4812 ............................. R Hills
13 (10) 711- GREEN DESTINY (187) W Haggas 4811........................M Hills
14 (6) 78-1 KAY GEE BE (19) (S,D) RFahey 7810.................P Hanagan
15 (18) 415- COLOUR SCHEME (154) (D) BMeehan4810........M Dwyer
16 (3) 036- l VIVA VETTORI (154) D Elsworth788................ W Buick
17 (12) 227 BUAITEOIR (27) P DArcy 588..................... A Heffernan(3)
18 (4) 14-3 ELLEMUJIE (26) (C) D Ivory 687............................. L Morris
19 (19) 24-3 BEAUMONTS PARTY (7) ABalding 480 ........ K ONeill(5)
W-F: Green Destiny (95); Viva Vettori (94); Colour Scheme (93).
SP FORECAST: 5 Green Destiny, 7 Kay Gee Be, 8 Proponent, 12 Tiger
Reigns,Cumulus Nimbus,Brick Red,Namecheck,14Others.
20,620 (1) 1m 4f (10 declared) CH4
1 (6) 841- POLLYS MARK (218) (D) C Cox 592 ........................ A Kirby
2 (9) 6-93 ON TERMS (9) (C,D) S Dow 5813.................. Hayley Turner
3 (8) 622 RESENTFUL ANGEL (28) Pat Eddery 6813............ L Keniry
4 (1) 112- l FERDOOS (218) (D,F) RVarian4812 ................N Callan
5 (4) L7-0 GALLIC STAR (71) MChannon4812.......................... C Catlin
6 (10) 147- GERTRUDE BELL (317) JGosden4812.................N Mackay
7 (7) 183- ON KHEE (J155) (D) HMorrison4812 .................. S Drowne
8 (3) 72-3 PINK SYMPHONY (28) (F) P Cole 4812..............S Donohoe
9 (5) 526- ROXY FLYER (184) (C) Mrs APerrett 4812............P Dobbs
10 (2) 57-6 TOTALLY OURS (28) W Muir 4812......................... J Crowley
W-Factor: Ferdoos (103); Pollys Mark (99); Gertrude Bell (99).
SP FORECAST: 5-2 Ferdoos, 10-3 Pollys Mark, 4 Gertrude Bell, 6 Pink
Symphony,10Gallic Star,12Totally Ours,14Roxy Flyer,16Others.
4,130 (5) 5f (8)
1 (5) BACKTRADE ABalding 93 ......................................... D Probert
2 (7) EVERVESCENT JS Moore 93....................................... L Keniry
3 (2) FOXTROT INDIA P Winkworth93............................ J Crowley
4 (4) MAIN FOCUS JGosden93..........................................N Mackay
5 (3) NOOR ZABEEL MChannon93...................................... C Catlin
6 (1) NORTH STAR BOY (F) RHannon93..........................P Dobbs
7 (8) ROMAN SOLDIER (F) JNoseda 93.......................... S W Kelly
8 (6) 0 l STEPPER POINT (15) W Muir 93.......................... G Baker
W-Factor: Stepper Point (53).
SP FORECAST: 2 Roman Soldier, 5-2 Main Focus, 10-3 North Star Boy,
15-2Noor Zabeel,10Backtrade,25Others.
newmarket rUk
goodwood rUk
TOP TRACK JOCKEYS (2006-11): R L Moore 47 Course winners,
13% Strike rate, 1 Winners this season; J Fortune 43, 16%, 0; L
Dettori39,16%,2;RHills37,15%,0;RHughes30,11%,1.TOP TRACK
TRAINERS (2006-11):BWHills44Coursewinners,13%Strikerate,
Bin Suroor 28, 16%, 0; H Cecil 27, 20%, 0. BEATEN FAVS: 2.00
0;AKirby13,9%,0.TOP TRACK TRAINERS (2006-11):RHannon
66 Course winners, 14% Strike rate, 0 Winners this season; M
Dunlop 22, 11%, 0. BLINKERS FIRST TIME: 4.00 Humidor (tongue
strap), 5.10 Yojimbo (visor), 5.40 Maratib (blinkers). BEATEN
Dream(hcp). 5.10 Muzdahi, Perfect Cracker. 5.40 Barnum, Smart
2.00 Green Destiny
2.30 Laaheb
3.10 Frankel
3.45 Astrophysical Jet
4.20 Alben Star
4.55 Cai Shen
5.25 SIKEEB (nap)
THE SCOUT: 2.30 Dandino 3.10 FRANKEL (nap) 3.45
2.30 Laaheb 3.10 Frankel 3.45 Jonny Mudball 4.20 Primo
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
2.15 Ferdoos
2.50 --
3.30 Moyenne Corniche
4.00 Mon Brav
4.35 SETA
5.10 Yashila
5.40 Grumeti
THE SCOUT:2.15PollysMark2.50FoxtrotIndia(ew)5.40
ROTTWEILER: 2.15 Pollys Mark 2.50 Noor Zabeel 3.30
Mush Mir 4.00 Magical Macey 4.35 Seta 5.10 Perfect
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
52,680 (1) 1m 4f (6) CH4
1 (4) 69-1 INDIAN DAYS (14) (D) JGiven691 ......................P Hanagan
2 (3) 130- CAMPANOLOGIST (179) (C,D) S BinSuroor 6812L Dettori
3 (2) 11-4 l LAAHEB (35) (C,D,S) RVarian5812.................... R Hills
4 (6) 53-3 MONITOR CLOSELY (23) (D) MBell 5812...........R L Moore
5 (1) 773/ NATIVE RULER (631) HCecil 5812......................... T Queally
6 (5) 281 DANDINO (14) (D) JGiven4811.........................P Mulrennan
W-Factor: Laaheb (120); Campanologist (117); Dandino (117).
SP FORECAST: 13-8Laaheb,3 Dandino,9-2Campanologist,5IndianDays,
12Native Ruler,Monitor Closely.
230,490 (1) 1m (13) CH4
1 (12) 419- BROOX (180) E ONeill (FR) 90.................................... W Buick
2 (10) 211- CASAMENTO (189) (D) MAl Zarooni 90................L Dettori
3 (5) 9-11 DUBAWI GOLD (21) (D) RHannon90.................... R Hughes
4 (1) 11-1 l FRANKEL (14) (C,D,F) HCecil 90 .................... T Queally
5 (4) 11- FURY (210) (C) W Haggas 90 ............................. J P Murtagh
6 (7) 41-2 HAPPY TODAY (17) (D) BMeehan90......................M Dwyer
7 (8) 12- LOVING SPIRIT (197) (C) JToller 90........................R Havlin
8 (11) 14-1 NATIVE KHAN (16) (C&D) E Dunlop 90..................O Peslier
9 (2) 111- PATHFORK (231) Mrs JHarrington(IRE) 90..... F M Berry
10 (13) 14-2 REROUTED (17) (C) BW Hills 90....................................M Hills
11 (3) 121- RODERIC OCONNOR (181) (D) AP OBrien(IRE) 90 R L Moore
12 (9) 11L- SAAMIDD (196) S BinSuroor 90........................ M Barzalona
13 (6) 24L- SLIM SHADEY (217) JS Moore 90............................ L Morris
BLINKERS: No. 10 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 9, 12.
W-Factor: Frankel (114); Pathfork (109); Casamento (108).
SP FORECAST:8-15Frankel,5Pathfork,8Roderic OConnor,12Casamento,
Native Khan,16Fury,25Saamidd,33 Dubawi Gold,66Others.
32,930 (1) 5f (15) CH4
1 (9) 311- l ASTROPHYSICAL JET (224) (S,D) E McMahon490
G Gibbons
2 (15) 168- BORDERLESCOTT (238) (D) RBastiman990 ..... L Morris
3 (7) 5L1 EVENS AND ODDS (21) (C,D) D Nicholls 790..... W Carson
4 (8) 238- GROUP THERAPY (224) (D) T D Barron690....R L Moore
5 (12) 212 IVER BRIDGE LAD (16) (D) JRyan490................... J Quinn
6 (11) 125- JONNY MUDBALL (224) T Dascombe 590........ S Sanders
7 (1) 909- MISTER HUGHIE (203) (C,D) T Easterby 490... T Queally
8 (14) 145 PROHIBIT (35) (C,D,F) RCowell 690 ....................L Dettori
9 (10) 992 RAIN DELAYED (15) (D,T) MDods 590.......... J P Murtagh
10 (2) 924 SECRET ASSET (15) (D) JChapple-Hyam690... R Hughes
11 (5) 51-0 SOLE POWER (35) (D) E Lynam(IRE) 490.... W M Lordan
12 (3) 411- TANGERINE TREES (212) (C&D) BSmart 690......T Eaves
13 (4) 018 BREATHLESS KISS (10) (D) KRyan4811 ............ J Fortune
14 (13) 8-12 LISSELAN DIVA (29) (D) Mme JBidgood (FR) 5811
W Saraiva
15 (6) 916- ARCTIC FEELING (203) (D) RFahey 3 84.........P Hanagan
BLINKERS: Nos. 5, 13 VISOR: No. 12 TONGUE STRAP: No. 6
W-F: Astrophysical Jet (116); Sole Power (112); Borderlescott (111).
SP FORECAST: 9-2Astrophysical Jet,11-2Sole Power,6Borderlescott,7
Prohibit,8Group Therapy,Iver Bridge Lad,10Tangerine Trees,14Evens
And Odds,Arctic Feeling,Jonny Mudball,20Others.
22,540 (2) 1m 6f (12) CH4
1 (3) 6/37-PETARA BAY (315) RMills 7910 ............................ J Crowley
2 (4) 2D-2l MOYENNE CORNICHE (27)(T) BEllison695.. G Baker
3 (8) 157- VERY GOOD DAY (277) MChannon494 ................ C Catlin
4 (6) 239/ INVESTISSEMENT (J407) JGosden593.............N Mackay
5 (2) 683- SIMENON (175) (F) ABalding 493 ........................ D Probert
6 (5) 339- WESTERN PEARL (184) W Knight 491 ................... S W Kelly
7 (11) 124 MUSH MIR (14) JBoyle 4812.................................. S J Craine
8 (10) 12L/ HARRY TRICKER (J49) (C) G LMoore 7811 ..... D Sweeney
9 (12) 163 EXEMPLARY (14)(T) MJohnston4810.................. G Fairley
10 (9) 58-2 MONTPARNASSE (14) (D,T) KRyan487 ...........S Donohoe
11 (1) 030- DAZINSKI (196) MTompkins 587.............................. E Ahern
12 (7) 1L-1 BATTLEOFTRAFALGAR (28) MAttwater 485..... T OShea
W-F: Moyenne Corniche (95); Petara Bay (94); Exemplary (92).
SP FORECAST: 5 Montparnasse, 6 Simenon, 13-2 Exemplary,
11,270 (3) 5f (12)
1 (4) 44-3 CAPTAIN CAREY (15) (D) MSaunders 597. T McLaughlin
2 (1) 320- DESERT PHANTOM (217) D MSimcock 597........... E Ahern
3 (8) 020- FAVOURITE GIRL (189) (D,T) T Easterby 597D Fentiman
4 (5) L98- l JUDGE N JURY (181) (D) RHarris 796....... D Probert
5 (3) 110- KANAF (218) (D) E Dunlop 495 ............................... T OShea
6 (6) 1L7 ARGANIL (24) (D,T) KRyan694..........................S Donohoe
7 (9) 9/L8-MATTAMIA (344) (D) BMillman593....................J Millman
8 (7) 1-70 HUMIDOR (24) (C,D) G Baker 492....................M Davies(3)
9 (2) 324- ADDICTIVE DREAM (231) (D) W RSwinburn492. A Kirby
10 (12) 77-0 BERTOLIVER (10) (D) S C Williams 7813 ............. J Mitchell
11 (10) 87-1 MAGICAL MACEY (15) (D,F,T) T D Barron4811 . S W Kelly
12 (11) 9-41 MON BRAV (6) (D,T) BEllison4810(6ex) ........... J Fahy(3)
TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 4, 8.
W-Factor: Judge n Jury (89); Mattamia (86); Mon Brav (+86).
SP FORECAST: 4 Mon Brav, 9-2 Magical Macey, 11-2 Addictive Dream,
13-2CaptainCarey,8Kanaf,10Desert Phantom,14Others.
19,760 (1) 1m (7)
1 (2) 127- ANNA SALAI (316) (D,F) MAl Zarooni 497........... A Ajtebi
2 (6) 156- CONCILIATORY (210) (D) RGuest 497............... D Probert
3 (5) 024- FIRST CITY (217) (D) D MSimcock 597.................. E Ahern
4 (3) 674- FLEETING ECHO (189) (C) RHannon497..............P Dobbs
5 (4) 63-3 MAID IN HEAVEN (28) W RSwinburn497.......... S W Kelly
6 (7) 14-2 OFF CHANCE (14) (D,T) T Easterby 597.......... D Fentiman
7 (1) 118- l SETA (210) (D) LCumani 497.............J-P Guillambert
W-Factor: Seta (100); Anna Salai (97); First City (91).
SP FORECAST: 7-4Anna Salai,2Seta,6OffChance,First City,12Maid In
Heaven,16Fleeting Echo,33 Conciliatory.
15,020 (2) 6f (16)
1 (7) 100- FORJATT (210) (D,F) RVarian97 ...........................L Dettori
2 (11) 2-38 BREEDJ (14) C Brittain92.......................................P Robinson
3 (6) 116- l ALBEN STAR (204) (D,F) RFahey 810........P Hanagan
4 (16) 21L- CADEAUX PEARL (255) D Nicholls 89 ..................B Cray(3)
5 (12) 313- COEUS (311) (D) Sir MPrescott 88........................ S Sanders
6 (8) 0L-6 REMOTELINX (17) JHills 88............................................M Hills
7 (14) 498- PRIMO LADY (260) Miss Gay Kelleway 88..... M Barzalona
8 (5) 11-4 INDIAN BALLAD (17) (D) E McMahon87..............G Gibbons
9 (2) 1- SEAL ROCK (175) (D) HCandy 86.............................D ONeill
10 (4) 22-1 COMMENDED (17) (C,F) BW Hills 86......................... W Buick
11 (9) 144- CLOUD ROCK (199) P Chapple-Hyam86.................M Dwyer
12 (1) 11-2 BUNCE (32) (D) RHannon85 ............................. K ONeill(5)
13 (15) 18-0 MUTAJARE (25) MJohnston83............................. J Fanning
14 (3) 14R- REGAL APPROVAL (224) (D) HMorrison8 2......... J Quinn
15 (10) 31-5 STATE OF MIND (25) (C&D) P Cole 8 2..................Doubtful
16 (13) 21 CLARA ZETKIN (12) D Brown8 2............................... A Atzeni
W-Factor: Alben Star (88); Coeus (86); Indian Ballad (86).
SP FORECAST:9-2Commended,5AlbenStar,6Forjatt,7Coeus,8Seal
26,340 (1) 1m 2f (7)
1 (4) 11-1 l CAI SHEN (15) (D,S) RHannon812.................. R Hughes
2 (3) 4-28 CANNA (6) BW Hills 812 ...................................................M Hills
3 (6) 33-1 DISCOTECA (26) (D) ABalding 812....................... J Fortune
4 (5) 3-2 HAMLOOL (21) C Brittain812 .................................P Robinson
5 (7) 13-4 NAMIBIAN (16) (F) MJohnston812....................... J Fanning
6 (2) 5-1 OCEAN WAR (17) (C&D,F) MAl Zarooni 812 .. M Barzalona
7 (1) 1L-4 TREASURY DEVIL (6) JGosden812.......................... W Buick
W-Factor: Cai Shen (93); Hamlool (91); Namibian (87).
SP FORECAST: 9-4Cai Shen,3 Namibian,7-2OceanWar,6Treasury Devil,
15,020 (2) 1m (8)
1 (3) 10-1 l SIKEEB (15) (F) C Brittain97 .........................P Robinson
2 (1) 490- BAHCELI (233) RHannon91..................................... R Hughes
3 (5) 12- DAREJ (238) W Haggas 812............................................ R Hills
4 (2) 221 CROWN COUNSEL (23) (D,F) MJohnston811.... J Fanning
5 (7) 510- MUBTADI (224) D MSimcock 811 ................................. M Lane
6 (6) 19-3 WELL SHARP (27)(T) MDods 810.........................P Hanagan
7 (8) 332- ZAIN SHAMARDAL (187) BMeehan810..................M Dwyer
8 (4) 321- TWICE BITTEN (185) (D) JToller 85................. A McCarthy
W-Factor: Sikeeb (+83); Bahceli (78); Mubtadi (77).
SP FORECAST: 9-4 Sikeeb, 9-2 Crown Counsel, 5 Zain Shamardal, Darej,
7Well Sharp,12Bahceli,Mubtadi,14Twice Bitten.
3,760 (5) 7f (12)
1 (4) 9- ART THIEF (183) S Kirk 93 .......................................... L Keniry
2 (9) 824- FISTS AND STONES (233) MChannon93 ...... M Harley(3)
3 (2) 8- JUSTICE WALK (208) P Fitzsimons 93.................... E Ahern
4 (7) 74- KING FERDINAND (203) ABalding 93 ................. D Probert
5 (10) 36- MUZDAHI (281) (F) JDunlop 93............................... T OShea
6 (12) 3- PERFECT CRACKER (294) C Cox 93..................... J Fahy(3)
7 (5) 7 THE GURU OF GLOOM (16) W Muir 93...................... G Baker
8 (11) 30-3 WITH HINDSIGHT (27) C Cox 93.................................. A Kirby
9 (3) 42-6 YOJIMBO (23) MChannon93...................................... C Catlin
10 (8) LL- IMPULSE DANCER (334) JBridger 812...................K Fox(3)
11 (6) 5-5 TINAHEELY (37) JPortman812..................... Hayley Turner
12 (1) 56- l YASHILA (245) (F) RHannon812 ......................P Dobbs
VISOR: No. 9.
W-Factor: Yashila (64); With Hindsight (63); Perfect Cracker (62).
SP FORECAST: 10-3 Yashila, 5 Perfect Cracker, 11-2 King Ferdinand,
6Yojimbo,WithHindsight,13-2Fists And Stones,10Muzdahi,16Others.
3,760 (5) 1m 1f 192yds (18)
1 (4) 564- EXPERIMENTALIST (185) HMorrison97.............. S Drowne
2 (17) 047- TILEYF (200) C Cox 97................................................... A Kirby
3 (15) 321 TAGANSKY (72) S Dow 97........................................ J Mitchell
4 (11) 432 BARNUM (11) MJohnston96...................................... G Fairley
5 (6) 045- STAR COMMANDER (208) MTompkins 95............. G Baker
6 (14) 5-71 ZAMINA (7) (F) S Kirk 94............................................. L Keniry
7 (3) 068- MARATIB (283) D Lanigan94................................... T OShea
8 (18) 809- FOUR NATIONS (239) (F) Mrs APerrett 92....... J Crowley
9 (13) 76-6 CORVETTE (19) JRJenkins 92 ............................. D Sweeney
10 (9) 097- l GRUMETI (205) MBell 92.......................... Hayley Turner
11 (7) 41-2 UNKNOWN REBEL (16) KRyan92.........................S Donohoe
12 (16) 080- PONTE DI ROSA (210) JPortman91............... H Bentley(5)
13 (10) 50-2 IRON GREEN (18) Mrs HMain90................................ E Ahern
14 (8) 7-73 VALDAW (31) JTuite 812....................................... E Creighton
15 (5) 00-6 SMART GEORGE (31) C Cox 89................................ J Fahy(3)
16 (12) 053 INDIAN WISH (18) T McCarthy 88............................N Mackay
17 (1) 000- FLEETING TIGER (195) JDunlop 8 7......................... C Catlin
18 (2) 7L-0 DUNE ISLAND (106) JBridger 8 7.............................K Fox(3)
W-Factor: Grumeti (+56); Unknown Rebel (55); Iron Green (55).
SP FORECAST: 7Zamina,15-2UnknownRebel,8Tagansky,Barnum,10Iron
GOING: Good to Firm. Right Handed. FIRST TIME: 3.10 Saamidd
the stalls. Stalls Today: Stands Side Course; 2000 Guineas &
JockeyClubStakesCentre.LONGEST UK TRAVELLER: Breakheart
(2.00), Tiger Reigns (2.00), Rain Delayed (3.45), Well Sharp
(5.25)214miles.STABLE SWITCH:3.10CasamentofromMHalford
in Ireland. 3.45 Group Therapy from J Noseda, Mister Hughie
fromMChannon.4.20Cadeaux PearlfromRHannon.
DRAW DATA:Highnumbersbestinsprints.StallsToday:Straight
StandsSide;RoundInside;1m4fOutside.LONGEST TRAVELLER:
Exemplary(3.30)&Barnum(5.40)285miles.STABLE SWITCH:
78 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Williams fixes
perfect match
TAKING HIS CUE: Mark Williams will get married to fancee Jo next month
By Hector Nunns
snooker royalty but would
rather get married in a
tracksuit in Mexico this
summer than ride off in a
horse-drawn carriage.
Williams, 36, will be battling
hard today against long-time rival
John Higgins for a place in the
fnal of the World
Championship in Sheffeld.
He has enjoyed an astonishing
renaissance in the past 18 months,
after falling to No47 in the rankings.
A two-time world champion, he
regained the world No1 spot this
week from Higgins, a position he
last held seven years ago.
Williams takes a 9-7 lead into
todays last two sessions of their
semi-fnal, but it could have been
even better. Scot Higgins pinched
the last two frames to get out of
jail and give himself a chance in
the best-of-33 clash.
As well as trying to reach a frst
world fnal for eight seasons, the
notoriously laid-back Williams
has plenty more on his mind after
his long-time fancee Jo Dent
persuaded him to tie the knot in
the beach resort of Cancun.
Williams, a father of two, would
love to jet off with the Crucibles
250,000 frst-prize cheque sitting
in his tracksuit pocket. He said:
My ideal wedding would be
wearing a tracksuit and T-shirt.
Im sure Jo will get me something
smart I wont feel comfortable in.
Im scared she will have picked up
some ideas about how to make our
one all more grand and spend
some more money. Jo and I have
been engaged for 10 years. Ive
done well to get this far and there
are no other excuses I can pull.
Mark Selby is getting married
in the hotel down the road just
after us. He and I might get to
have a last drink as single men, a
couple of beers and a few tears.
Itd be fantastic to go out there
as world champion. This is my frst
semi-fnal for a long time and I
have a decent crack at it, despite a
tough opponent. It wont make
any difference to our big day. I joke
about it, but Im looking forward
to being a married man.
Judd Trump, 21, would love the
title for brother and No1 fan Jack,
who suffered a brain haemorrhage
fve years ago but has been in
Sheffeld with dad Steve.
Trump is locked at 12 frames
apiece with Chinas Ding Junhui
after grabbing fve frames out of
six, a run that included thrilling
back-to-back centuries.
He said: It was a very emotional
time but being with my brother
over these past couple of weeks
has been brilliant.
npower League Two
Torquay (0)......... 0 ChEsTErflD (0) 0
Att: 5,002
rugby league
Engage Super League
CasTlEforD ........ 6 lEEDs ................. 48
CastlefordT: Arundel. G: Dixon.
LeedsT: Watkins, Jones-Buchanan, Hall
(2), McGuire, Burrow, McShane, Kirke. G:
Sinfeld (8). Att: 9,860
P W D l f a Pts
huddersfeld .. 12 9 0 3 331 188 18
st helens ....... 12 8 1 3 352 226 17
Warrington .... 12 8 0 4 399 191 16
Wigan ............ 11 7 2 2 264 193 16
Castleford ..... 12 7 1 4 337 266 15
leeds ............ 13 7 1 5 372 312 15
Catalan Ds .... 12 6 1 5 273 263 13
hull ............... 12 5 0 7 272 268 10
harlequins rl 12 4 1 7 274 380 9
Bradford ........ 12 4 1 7 252 362 9
hull K r ......... 12 4 0 8 287 348 8
salford .......... 12 4 0 8 258 406 8
Wakefeld ...... 12 4 0 8 210 350 4
Crusaders ...... 12 3 0 9 252 380 2
rugby uNioN
European Challenge Cup
Semi Final
sTaDE franCais 29 ClErmonT ......... 25
Stade FrancaisT: Arias, Bousses. C:
Beauxis (2). P: Beauxis (5).
Clermont AuvergneT: Pisi, Russell,
Cudmore. C: Parra (2). P: Parra (2).
Att: 15,000
The Magners League
nEWPorT-GWEnT 28 ...... CarDiff BluEs
Newport-Gwent DgonsT: S. Jones,
A. Brew, Coombs. C: Tovey (2). P: Tovey,
S. Jones. DG: W. Evans.
Cardiff BluesT: Warburton, Rush. C:
Parks. P: Parks. Att: 6,720
P W D l B f a Pts
munster....21 18 0 3 7 474 321 79
leinster ....21 14 1 6 7 457 333 65
ulster .......21 14 1 6 5 460 405 63
Cardiff Bs 21 13 1 7 6 456 354 60
ospreys ....21 11 1 9 13 541 408 59
scarlets ....21 11 1 9 11 465 430 57
nport Ds .21 10 1 10 6 431 442 48
Edinburgh .21 9 0 12 7 415 429 43
Connacht ..21 7 1 13 9 388 437 39
Benetton ..21 8 0 13 2 343 496 34
Glasgow ....21 6 1 14 7 398 505 33
aironi .......21 1 0 20 7 237 505 11
ZuriCh CLASSiC oF New orLeANS
(TPC of Louisiana)1st rnd (USA
unless stated, par 72): 66 B Watson,
M Jones (Aus). 67 J Rollins, J Durant,
D Duval, N OHern (Aus), C Pettersson
(Swe), T Gainey. 68 J Dufner, K J Choi
(Kor), L Donald (Eng), M Bettencourt,
C Howell III, W Simpson.
(Icheon, Seoul, South Korea)2nd
rnd (Gbr & Irl unless stated, par 72):
134 B Rumford (Aus) 63. 137
S Kjeldsen (Den) 66, M A Jimenez (Spa)
67. 138 D McGrane 72, R Davies 68,
J Morrison 69. 139 D Johnson (USA)
70 69, S-H Park (Kor) 72, A Noren
(Swe) 69, R Finch 72. Also: 140
R Ramsay 72, L Westwood 68. Failed
to make the cut: 146 I Poulter 74 72.
eLiTe LGe: Eastbourne 24 Swindon
12 (abandoned - result does not
stand), Lakeside 61 Birmingham 31.
ATP Bmw oPeN (Munich)Quarter-
fnals: P Petzschner (Ger) bt P Starace
(Ita) 7-6 (7-3) 7-6 (8-6), F Mayer (Ger)
bt G Dimitrov (Bul) 7-6 (7-4) 3-6 6-4,
R Stepanek (Cze) bt P Kohlschreiber
(Ger) 6-4 6-0, N Davydenko (Rus) bt
M Cilic (Cro) 7-5 6-3.
ATP SerBiA oPeN (Belgrade)
Quarter-fnals: F Lopez (Spa) bt
A Montanes (Spa) 6-4 6-4, F Volandri
(Ita) bt M Granollers-Pujol (Spa) 6-2
6-4, J Tipsarevic (Ser) bt S Devvarman
(Ind) 6-3 3-6 6-4, N Djokovic (Ser) bt
B Kavcic (Slo) 6-3 6-2.
ToDays Diary
rugby league
engage Super League (6pm):
Catalans Dragons v Huddersfeld
(5.30), Harlequins RL v Salford.
rugby uNioN
heineken CupSemi-Finals:
Leinster v Toulouse (3.30).
Amlin Challenge Cup Semi Final:
Munster v Harlequins (1pm).
Aviva Premiership rugby: Newcastle
v Bath (4pm).
world Championship (Crucible
Theatre, Sheffeld, all weekend).
CrAYForD: 7.30 Apple Seed 4-1 (6-4
22.02). 7.46 Fugitive man 3-1 (5-4
16.72) NR T3. 8.02 Kellystown Andy
11-10f (4-3 5.83). 8.18 intermittent eye
4-1 (6-5 16.20). 8.33 Quest me 5-1 (2-1
25.53). 8.48 Boyzadear 3-1 (3-2
10.82). 9.04 Fast Trapper 4-1 (3-5
26.12) NR T1. 9.20 Buglys Touch 3-1
(2-3 8.38) Shes So Brave 7-2 (3-2
8.28). 9.37 Danish Lark 9-4f (2-5
13.33). 9.54 Flighty Bluebell 4-1 (1-2
25.09). 10.12 Cuando Blue 5-2 (1-3
9.41). 10.30 North mymms Girl 3-1 (2-1
romForD: 7.30 Scodan Parker 5-1 (6-4
17.04). 7.45 Scintillas Jesse 3-1 (5-1
17.90). 8.01 how Far 6-1 (4-3 33.30).
8.17 redhot Desert 9-2 (1-3 20.22).
8.32 Pigalle Star 7-2 (1-5 25.56). 8.48
Freedom Teddy 5-2 (3-1 7.19) NR T4.
9.04 rainham hunter 11-8f (2-1 6.62).
9.20 Lil risky 4-1 (3-4 19.26). 9.36 Dual
Control 7-1 (5-1 29.83). 9.52 hondo
willy 7-2 (1-2 13.07). 10.08 oscars Blurr
2-1f (1-6 11.89). 10.24 Fatboyz Diva 6-1
(5-1 37.44). 10.40 Aero Ferret 5-1 (5-4
wimBLeDoN: 7.30 opening rye 7-4f (3-4
10.61). 7.45 make Proft 7-4f (2-5
8.73). 8.00 mauger major 11-10f (1-5
5.25). 8.15 Callys Girl 11-4jt (6-4
11.73). 8.30 Talksport Drive 11-8f (3-1
7.34) NR T4 res ran. 8.45 Jethart harpy
6-1 (5-2 25.55). 9.00 Tai 11-4 (1-6
10.93). 9.15 own Yeah 5-1 (1-6 22.72).
9.30 Broadstrand Bill 5-1 (3-2 37.46).
9.45 hollydale Boy 11-4 (4-1 9.30).
10.00 Droopys Ferguson 16-1 (2-6
86.47). 10.15 Formula one 9-2 (5-2
50.25). 10.30 Skippys Gem 9-2 (1-2
MoTor CyCliNg
moto GP rd 3 (Estoril, Portugal).
British Superbike Championship
(Oulton Park).
rugby league
engage Super League (3pm):
Bradford v Warrington, Crusaders v
Wigan, Wakefeld v Hull K R (3.30).
rugby uNioN
heineken Cup Semi-Finals (3pm):
Northampton v Perpignan.
The Chship Play off Semi Finals
(12.15): Cornish Pirates v London
Welsh (5.45), Worcester v Bedford.
1,830 (Class 5) 2m 110yds (9 declared)
1 114- LEOPARD HILLS (13) (D,T) Mrs AThorpe 4113J Moore
2 LPP- DOLLAR EXPRESS (158) E Tuer 5110....... P Buchanan
3 224- l FOLK TUNE (F25) (D,F) JJQuinn8110R McGrath
4 LP9- HAIR OF THE DOG (101) W Amos 7110............ C Gillies
5 64P- OCKEY DE NEULLIAC (77) FMurphy 9110..........G Lee
6 1/LF- REXMEHEAD (36) (C&D) AWilson10110....... P Aspell
7 EVEN MELODY FMurphy 7107 .... Robert McCarth(7)
8 97L- KNICKERBOKERGLORY (13) Mrs BButterworth5107
J OFarrell(3)
9 LPP- LUCKY BELLE (7) W G Young 4102..... S Mulqueen(7)
W-Factor: Folk Tune (122); Ockey De Neulliac (101);
Leopard Hills (96).
Forecast: 15-8Ockey De Neulliac,2Folk Tune,3 Leopard Hills.
3,770 (4) 2m 110yds (7)
1 130- ANEYEFORANEYE (35) JJefferson51112...........G Lee
2 4/L8- MARIA ANTONIA (13) (D,T) Mrs AThorpe 8116
J Moore
4,510 (Class 4) 1m 2f 60yds (7 declared)
1 (5) 172 KIDLAT (24) (D,F) ABailey 697 ........Alex Owen(7)
2 (3) 29-3 l VEILED APPLAUSE (28) (D) JJQuinn896
S B Kelly
3 (2) L10 EL DECECY (27) (D) JBalding 7812 ....... M Cosham
4 (1) 32-5 DESERT VISION (10) MW Easterby 7812
D Simmonson(5)
5 (4) 25-8 ELMFIELD GIANT (21) RFahey 4811 G Chaloner(3)
6 (7) 661 SHARAKTI (5) (C&D) AMcCabe 4810(6ex).G Whillans
7 (6) 67-1 FRONTLINE PHANTOM (28) (C&D,F) Mrs KBurke 4 8 7
M Lawson
W-Factor: Frontline Phantom (78); Desert Vision (77).
Forecast: 9-4Veiled Applause,3 Kidlat,4Sharakti.
3,380 (5) 6f (6)
1 (1) 347 GORGEOUS GOBLIN (4) D C Griffiths 497
A Beschizza(5)
hexham aTR
doncasTeR aTR
TRACK FACTS: GOING: Good to Firm. Left Handed. TOP TRACK
JOCKEYS (2006-11): G Lee 34 Course winners, 18%Strike rate,
0 Winners this season. TOP TRACK TRAINERS (2006-11): J H
Johnson 29 Course winners, 19% Strike rate, 0 Winners this
season; F Murphy 18, 15%, 0; J Jefferson 14, 15%. FIRST TIME:
6.55 The Hollinwell (eye shields), 7.25 Mr Gossip (blinkers).
JOCKEY (2006-11): P Hanagan 26 Course winners, 12% Strike
rate,4Winnersthisseason.TOP TRACK TRAINER (2006-11):R
DRAW DATA:Noadvantage.StallsToday:StraightStandsSide.
5.50 Folk Tune
6.20 Miss Tarantella
6.55 Garleton
7.25 Definite Appeal
8.00 Monogram
8.30 Emperor Charlie
5.35 Frontline Phantom
6.05 Spinatrix
6.40 J J Leary
7.10 Azrael
7.45 Cape Vale
8.15 Old Hundred
THE SCOUT:5.50FolkTune6.55LothianFalcon7.25
THE SCOUT:5.35FrontlinePhantom6.05Spinatrix
3 0LP- DREAM RISK (46) (D) Mrs KWalton5113. R McGrath
4 14P- JUST MADDIE (26) (D) RNixon71012 .Paul Gallagher(5)
5 024- l MISS TARANTELLA (36) (C&D) MBarnes 8103
M McAlister
6 P75- LOCH DHU (34) AWhillans 7101 .............E Whillans(3)
7 87L- SEAM OF DIAMONDS (13) MTodhunter 6101. H Brooke(7)
TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 2, 3, 5.
W-Factor: Miss Tarantella (111); Aneyeforaneye (109);
Forecast: 7-4Aneyeforaneye 5-2Miss Tarantella 4Maria Antonia
14,530 (2) 3m 1f (7)
1 9F0- THATS RHYTHM (14) (D) MTodhunter 111112
H Brooke(7)
2 1PP- THE HOLLINWELL (29) (C&D) FMurphy 8114
Robert McCarth(7)
3 111- l GARLETON (21) (C,D) MBarnes 10114..... A Voy(5)
4 524- LOTHIAN FALCON (14) (D) P Maddison12111 R Walford
5 221- HARRY FLASHMAN (19) (C&D) D Whillans 10106
P Buchanan
6 488- FORTYSECOND STREET (75) JHJohnson7106
Paul Gallagher(5)
7 P4L- DAWN RIDE (13) (D) MHammond 10 10 0... B Hughes
W-Factor: Garleton (142); Thats Rhythm (139);
Forecast: 11-4LothianFalcon,3 Harry Flashman,10-3 Garleton.
1,450 (4) 3m 1f (10)
1 321- BEAU DANDY (35) JHellens 6120 ..Mr G R Smith(7)
2 111- BITTER BLUE (27) (F) D Easterby 6120 .Mr O Greenall
3 624- l DEFINITE APPEAL (34) Mrs S Corbett 8120
Mr J Corbett(7)
4 12-3 IMPACT ZONE (5) I MMason7120Miss Jo Mason(7)
5 366- MONTAUK HIGHWAY (13) Ms JWilliamson8120
Mr T Davidson(3)
6 222- MR GOSSIP (13) D Easterby 6120
Mr Toby Greenall(7)
7 0P2- SAMSON COLLONGES (13) Miss V Hayter 5120
Mr J Roche(7)
2 (2) 37 HOOTYS AGOGO (22) D Carroll 3 91............. D Nolan
3 (5) L0- LOOSE QUALITY (213) T Tate 3 91 .............. F Norton
4 (6) 4 BAHIA EMERALD (15) JNoseda 3 810 ......D Holland
5 (3) MAGIC RHYTHM Mrs KBurke 3 810.............. A Elliott
6 (4) 4- l SPINATRIX (175) (F) MDods 3 810.........F Tylicki
W-F: Spinatrix (+60); Bahia Emerald (+50); Hootys Agogo (49).
Forecast: 11-8Spinatrix,2Bahia Emerald,5Hootys Agogo.
3,380 (5) 5f (6)
1 (6) 9 ADRANIAN (28) P Evans 93................ Cathy Gannon
2 (3) BANNOCK MJohnston93.......................... S De Sousa
3 (1) 3 FOREVERTHEOPTIMIST (22) Mrs LStubbs 93
T Eaves
4 (4) 9 l J J LEARY (14) D Nicholls 93...................A Mullen
5 (2) 5 MISTY CONQUEST (12) T Dascombe 812.R Kingscote
6 (5) 4 SPRINGLEAF (11) RFahey 812...................T Hamilton
W-F: J J Leary (60); Springleaf (58); Misty Conquest (53).
Forecast: 2Forevertheoptimist,11-4Bannock,7-2Springleaf.
6,510 (3) 7f (4)
1 (4) 16-3 AZRAEL (14) (D) AMcCabe 90.........................J Doyle
2 (3) 212- l CODEMASTER (210) HCandy 90............ Doubtful
3 (2) 132 MAZOVIAN (22) MChapman90.............. D Kenny(7)
4 (1) 164- TRADE STORM (235) (D) JGallagher 90D Holland
W-Factor: Codemaster (88); Azrael (85); Trade Storm (80).
Forecast: 8-11Azrael,6-5Trade Storm,33 Mazovian.
6,760 (3) 6f (14)
1 (6) 030- ENDERBY SPIRIT (175) (D) BSmart 597... T Eaves
2 (12) 00-0 HOTHAM (27) (D) NWilson896................ B McHugh
3 (2) 31-5 WHOZTHECAT (24) D Carroll 496.........N Farley(5)
4 (11) 541 CAPE VALE (23) (D) D Nicholls 696........A Nicholls
8 121- TRIGGERS SUN (20) JWade 6120....... Mr D Millar(7)
9 L/91- TYRRHENIAN (20) Mrs JJeffreys 8120
Mr David Jeffreys(7)
10 172- PAINT ME SILVER (13) RRoss 8117.. Mr W Kinsey(5)
W-Factor: Definite Appeal (79); Triggers Sun (73);
Mr Gossip (69).
Forecast: 5-2Bitter Blue,4Triggers Sun,5Definite Appeal.
2,870 (4) 2m 4f 110yds (7)
1 4P1- MISTER WALL STREET (19) FMurphy 61012......G Lee
2 R13- MONOGRAM (96) JHJohnson71012
Paul Gallagher(5)
3 FPU- RISKIER (36) JWade 61012.................... Mr D Millar(7)
4 LPP- SONEVA GILI (55) Miss S Johnstone 71012
N Moscrop(7)
5 LLL- STILL CALM (7) MBarnes 71012............... M McAlister
6 883- VERONICAS BOY (16) G MMoore 51012.........F Keniry
7 5PL- l JUST POSH (7) RNixon9105........................ R Mania
W-Factor: Just Posh (98); Still Calm (88).
Forecast: 5-4Monogram,6-4Mister Wall Street,6Veronicas Boy
2,540 (4) 3m (9)
1 F1F- CRICKET BAT (27) BEllison6110............. H Brooke(7)
2 445- l EMPEROR CHARLIE (55) FMurphy 7110........G Lee
Miss C Walton(7)
4 04F- MANNERED (87) JWade 6110........................ J Reveley
5 PL8- NO WAY HOZAY (29) BStorey 5110........... K Renwick
6 L94- QUELLE CHANCE (19) JHJohnson5110
P Gallagher(5)
7 L7L- THE BRAVETRAVELLER (13) Mrs BButterworth8110
J OFarrell(3)
8 U/0P-WILLOWTHEWIZARD (87) Miss S Johnstone 7110
N Moscrop(7)
9 U8L- GREY ASSASSIN (19) S G West 4107.....E Whillans(3)
W-Factor: Emperor Charlie (110); Quelle Chance (98);
Mannered (93).
Forecast: 15-8Emperor Charlie,2Quelle Chance,10-3 Mannered.
5 (14) 488 STAR ROVER (24) P Evans 496........ Cathy Gannon
6 (7) 156- DESERT POPPY (212) (D) W RSwinburn495 D ONeill
7 (8) L-22 INTERNATIONALDEBUT (11) (D) P Midgley 695 .A Culhane
8 (10) 979- GAP PRINCESS (204) (D) G Harker 795J Nason(7)
9 (13) 51-L HAAJES (11) P Midgley 793.......................... M Fenton
10 (1) 8-68 TABARET (11) (C&D) RMWhitaker 891.T Hamilton
11 (3) 84-4 lWE HAVE A DREAM (23) (D) W Muir 691S De Sousa
12 (9) 63/1- FREE FOR ALL (383) (D) S Kirk 4813A Beschizza(5)
13 (4) 2D3- DIMAN WATERS (252) E Alston4813... P Cosgrave
14 (5) 00-2 MEDICI TIME (23) (D) T Easterby 6813..G Gibbons
VISOR: No. 14.
W-Factor: We Have A Dream (86); Cape Vale (85);
Desert Poppy (84).
Forecast: 9-2Internationaldebut,6Cape Vale,7Enderby Spirit.
6,090 (4) 1m 6f 132yds (8)
1 (5) 0-38 NAVE (7) MJohnston4910 ...................... S De Sousa
2 (2) 4-44 RUSSIAN GEORGE (J23) S Gollings 599.D Holland
3 (3) 010- HAWK MOUNTAIN (196) (C&D) JJQuinn699
P Hanagan
4 (8) 531- l OLD HUNDRED (227) JFanshawe 494 P Cosgrave
5 (6) 330/ VIVA COLONIA (J38) D OMeara 693.....D Tudhope
6 (4) 333 LAYLAS DANCER (22) ACarroll 4812.........J Doyle
7 (7) 312- ROSEWIN (130) OPears 5812...........J P Sullivan(3)
8 (1) 551 KINGS COUNSEL (17) D OMeara 585.....G Gibbons
VISOR: Nos. 4, 8.
W-F: Old Hundred (75); Laylas Dancer (74); Russian George (73).
Forecast: 7-2Kings Counsel,4Old Hundred,9-2Hawk Mountain.
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
Captions 9pt FG Cn BT Captions 9pt Book Cn
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 79
must be
Evans joins in
EVANS: Tough test
season has already been
one of self-justifcation for
england. What remains is
to lead Northampton to a
similar conclusion.
He has every chance. tomorrow
saints play Perpignan in their
Heineken Cup semi-fnal in Milton
Keynes, a precious home tie at
the raucous venue where they saw
off Ulster in the quarter-fnal three
weeks ago.
If Bath fail to gain a maximum
fve points in todays Aviva
Premiership game in Newcastle, a
domestic semi-fnal place already
Northamptons to lose will be
certain whatever their result next
saturday against Leeds.
since Hartleys predecessors
beat Munster in the 2000 Heineken
Cup fnal, all saints have won is
the 2009 Challenge Cup, beating
Bourgoin in the fnal. In england
saints are big, but still
second-biggest to Leicester.
We havent been to a fnal yet
really, have we? said Hartley. You
cant liken yourselves to Leicester
because theyve won so many titles.
Wed love to be like that but we
cant worry about it. We have to get
the frst notch on the belt. Before
you know it, this group of players
wont be together any longer. What
we have now is a fantastic team
and, if we dont win something
soon, the chance may slip.
Northampton earned their home
quarter-fnal and semi-fnal by
winning all six of their european
pool matches. In the Premiership
their home chance did slip when
they could not win a game
during the six Nations in
Hartleys absence.
so an away semi-fnal, at either
Leicester or saracens, awaits
perhaps a less tricky prospect
than it had seemed. We went
to London Irish and won last
weekend when they were chasing
our top-four spot, said Hartley.
that could be a bit of a rehearsal
for what is to come.
We are going to have to go away
and win but we are capable of
doing it. Look what we did in
europe at places like edinburgh,
Cardiff and Castres.
But our experience in Limerick
for last years quarter-fnal shows
how, once you get to this stage in
the Heineken Cup, playing away is
hard enough. so we worked really
hard in the pool and got some
awesome results against
top-quality sides.
Last year we limped through,
then had to go to Munster and we
learnt from that. We have a team
who can turn up and win any
game. But give Perpignan a sniff
and theyll be all over you like a
In fact the Catalans, French
champions only two years ago,
stand a lowly ninth in the top 14,
are terrible on the road and have
victory in the Heineken Cup as
their only means of qualifying for
next seasons tournament.
to that end, Perpignan rested
most of their senior players from
Good Fridays defeat by toulon
the Jonny Wilkinson team they
had beaten in Barcelona the day
before Northampton beat Ulster.
Perpignan have never won in
england in 10 Heineken Cup
attempts, the draw in Leicester in
January which put them through
the only relief.
If you go in thinking theyve
never won here so they wont now,
youll come unstuck, said Hartley.
But we have refocused and
spoken about last year, our defeats
in the Premiership semi-fnal and
Heineken quarter. Luckily enough
we have another chance. Our
motivation is there and I dont
think Ill need to bang heads.
Head-banger was actually a
description applied to Hartley in
his earlier years when a six-month
ban for eye-gouging absented him
from the 2007 World Cup and gave
him a reputation to live down.
Fair play, he has done just that.
By Hartleys demeanour on and off
the feld, the repeated taunting by
opposing coaches when he was
hooking for england during the
recent six Nations refected
poorly on them rather than him.
there is greater maturity at 25,
stimulated in part by two seasons
captaincy at Franklins Gardens.
taking saints to a euro fnal
against the winners of Leinster
and toulouse today would very
nearly complete the process.
the easiest bit in all I have to
do is playing rugby. the hardest
thing is talking about it, he said.
I just keep doing what Im doing
and slowly people may be looking
at me in a different light. the light
is getting brighter.
NorthamptoN pErpIGNaN
b Foden 15 J porical
C ashton 14 a plante
J Clarke 13 D marty
J Downey 12 G hume
p Diggin 11 J Candelon
s myler 10 N laharrague
l Dickson 9 D mele
s tongauiha 1 p Freshwater
(capt) D hartley 2 G Guirado
b mujati 3 N mas (capt)
C lawes 4 r a Kairelis
C Day 5 r t Watchou
C Clark 6 G le Corvec
p Dowson 7 b Guiry
r Wilson 8 D Chouly
b sharman
a Waller
t mercey
m sorenson
m Easter
s Commins
s Geraghty
J ansbro
C Geli
K pulu
J schuster
h tuilagi
K boulogne
m Edmonds
J michel
G vilaceca
rEFErEE: George Clancy (Ireland).
KICK-oFF: 3pm. tv: sky sports 2.
By Neil Squires
eUrOPes big tests
generally come in the
Heineken Cup but
Harlequins Amlin
Challenge Cup semi-fnal
today is every bit as
daunting as anything
the main event could
throw at them. Munster
away is in nobodys book
a second-tier fxture.
Parachuting the sides
who just missed out on
qualifcation for the
knockout stages of the
Heineken Cup into the
latter stages of the
Challenge Cup has made
it much harder to win
than when Quins
triumphed back in 2001
and 2004.
It is a long shot, but
having done the double
over stade Francais in
the Heineken Cup two
years ago, maddeningly
inconsistent Quins are
capable of turning over
europes big boys on
their day.
We are just going over
there to give it a crack
and, if we are lucky
enough to get a win, it
would be right up there
with those stade
Francais wins, said
Harlequins Kiwi
play-maker Nick evans.
Going to a place like
that and against an
amazing team with so
much Heineken Cup
pedigree will be really
special for us. the young
lads in the squad will be
all excited. It is
defnitely something I
will treasure too.
Harlequins are at full
strength while Lions
captain Paul OConnell
has recovered from the
ankle injury he sustained
against Leinster a
month ago and will be
on the Munster bench.
need to
80 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Rhinos on
Lee and Luke in top battle
castlEforD 6
lEEDs 48
Peacock were the returning
heroes as fast-improving Leeds
stormed to a third successive
McGuire continued his remarkable
record against Castleford with his 20th
try against them, killing off the game
just after an hour.
Stand-off McGuire, making only his
second appearance since recovering
from injury, latched on to a great offoad
from England skipper Peacock, who
was making a long-awaited return after
picking up a serious knee injury against
the Tigers last August.
It was a move they have worked on
down the years, but it was still special
for both of them considering the time
they have missed.
Rob Burrow added another try for
Leeds before Joe Arundel picked up a
consolation score for the Tigers.
Paul McShane capped an impressive
display with a score while two more
tries from Ryan Hall sent out the
message that the Rhinos are back in
business after their stuttering start to
the season.
That was the best feeling Ive had
considering what Ive gone through
with the injury, said McGuire. Its a
play Jamie and I work on a lot. We did a
job on a very good Castleford side.
Peacock said: I was very nervous
before the game, which is a good thing.
I told Brain McDermott in the week
that I wanted to play but I didnt want
to just make up the numbers. Its easy
coming into a team who are playing
well and its great to be playing again.
Tigers coach Terry Matterson was
upset that two frst-half tries were
ruled out for forward passes. He said:
Disallowing those was ridiculous and
there was a blatant forward pass for
one of their tries. It dumbfounds me.
Englands Hall tops the touchdown
charts, with 10, while fellow winger
Kallum Watkins picked up his ninth.
Watkins, a contender for Young
Player of the Year, put the Rhinos on
their way inside two minutes, to help
leave Castleford without a victory over
four matches. McShane worked the
blind side to put him over in the corner.
Kirk Dixon was held up over the line
by Kevin Sinfeld as Castleford mounted
a response, and Richie Owen had a try
controversially ruled out for a borderline
forward pass from Rangi Chase.
The Rhinos made Castleford pay as
Jamie Jones-Buchanan picked up their
second try even though a McGuire pass
looked forward.
Owen was denied again from another
forward pass by Chase as the Tigers
failed to capitalise on what possession
they enjoyed.
The Rhinos defence remained solid
as Ian Kirke rounded out the scoreline,
with Sinfeld landing eight of his nine
CASTLEFORD Try: Arundel. Goal: Dixon.
LEEDS Tries: Watkins, Jones-Buchanan, Hall (2),
McGuire, Burrow, McShane, Kirke. Goals: Sinfeld (8).
women picked up six
medals on the fnal day
of the World Cup regatta
in Hyeres, France.
Lucy Macgregor,
Annie Lush and Kate
Macgregor took gold in
their Elliot 6m fnal and
Kate said: Were really
pleased to be on the
top of the podium.
Skandia Team GBRs
470 pairings both won
medals for the frst time
in a World Cup event.
Hannah Mills and
Saskia Clark claimed
silver, with Penny Clark
and Katrina Hughes
grabbing bronze.
Megan Pascoe and
Helena Lucas secured
two medals in the
2.4mR Paralympic class,
while Bryony Shaw was
third in the RS:X event.
JENNY Tinmouth will
fnally secure her place
in the MCE Insurance
British Superbike
Championship records
when she becomes the
frst woman to contest
the series by riding in
Mondays second round
at Oulton Park.
Tinmouths bid to
race in the opener at
Brands Hatch was
thwarted by a lack of
parts for her Splitlath
Aprilia, but the team
have worked around
the clock to ensure her
bike is fully prepared
for her local circuit.
Tinmouth, whose
pedigree includes
setting the fastest lap
by a woman around the
Isle of Man TT course,
said: I just cant wait
to get out and race.
Naomi Cavaday has
announced her
retirement from
professional tennis at
the age of 22.
Cavaday battled
depression and an
eating disorder during
a brief career that saw
her play in three
Wimbledons and
reach a career-high
ranking of 174 in may
last year.
She aims to become
a coach at the Lawn
Tennis association and
said: it has been a
diffcult decision. i
would like to thank the
LTa for their support.
Luke Donald have turned
their rivalry for golfs
No 1 spot into a personal
transglobal battle again
this weekend.
Westwood, who went
back to the top after
winning in Jakarta last
Sunday, chased halfway
leader Brett Rumford
at the Ballantines
Championship in Korea,
while at the US Tours
Zurich Classic in New
Orleans Donald faltered
in his pursuit of Bubba
Watson for the halfway
Westwood carded a 68
that took him to within
six shots of Rumford who
had spreadeagled the
feld by shooting a 63.
Donald was hot on
Watsons heels with seven
holes to play before
losing momentum.
Eight under overall,
Donald bogeyed the
third, his 12th hole of the
day, and then double-
bogeyed the fourth
before carding a 71 to
end the round fve
strokes off the pace.
Donald said: Youre
going to make a few
mistakes occasionally.
graham otway
only just
manages to
touch the ball
down for Leeds
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 81
FOOTBALL: npOwer chAmpiOnship
cricKeT scOreBOArD
Picture: ChriStoPher Lee
LV County Championship
- Division One
Hampshire v Somerset
THe RoSe Bowl: Hampshire trail
Somerset by 16 runs with seven
second-innings wickets in hand
HAMPSHIRe: First Innings 285
(Dawson 91, Adams 74, Hussain
4-83, willoughby 4-40)
SoMeRSeT: First Innings
(overnight 405-5)
M Trescothick c Cork b Briggs .........227
J Buttler lbw Briggs ............................61
P Trego not out ..................................11
G Hussain c Pothas b Griffths ............1
S Kirby lbw Briggs ...............................0
C Willoughby b Briggs .........................4
Lb21 nb44 ..................................65
Total (134 overs) .....................513
Fall: 47, 117, 197, 328, 364, 493, 496,
503, 509.
Bowling: Griffths 29-5-124-2, de Wet
24-5-78-2, Briggs 38-11-79-5, Cork
19-2-84-0, Ervine 18-3-104-1, Myburgh
4-0-12-0, Dawson 2-0-11-0.
HAMPSHIRe: Second Innings
J Adams c Barrow b Suppiah ............73
L Dawson not out .............................103
J Myburgh lbw Suppiah .......................0
N McKenzie c Trescothick b Barrow ..20
B10 lb2 nb4 ................................16
Total (3 wkts., 64.5 overs) ......212
Fall: 181, 181, 212.
Bowling: Willoughby 16-7-45-0, Kirby
15-3-41-0, Hussain 8-2-28-0, Trego 11-
2-48-0, Suppiah 14-4-34-2, Barrow 0.5-
Umpires: S Garratt & I Gould.
Durham v warwickshire
(24pts) beat warwickshire (6pts) by
eight wickets
wARwICKSHIRe: First Innings 429
(Porterfeld 87, Troughton 76,
woakes 70no, Brathwaite 5-75)
DURHAM: First Innings 465
(Blackwell 125, Di Venuto 113,
Benkenstein 75, Smith 66)
wARwICKSHIRe: Second Innings
(overnight 52-4)
P Best lbw Borthwick ...........................2
R Clarke lbw Onions ..........................14
J Troughton c Richardson b Onions ....0
T Ambrose lbw Onions ......................51
C Woakes b Brathwaite .....................11
W Rankin c Thorp b Onions ................4
A Miller not out .....................................0
B5 lb4 w1 ....................................10
Total (63 overs) .......................137
Fall: 19, 45, 45, 50, 67, 67, 69, 93,
Bowling: Onions 17-7-28-4, Thorp
13-4-42-1, Brathwaite 12-5-20-1,
Blackwell 8-4-13-0, Borthwick 13-6-25-4.
DURHAM: Second Innings
W Smith c Westwood b Woakes .........9
S Borthwick not out ............................48
G Muchall c Troughton b Best ...........30
B Stokes not out ..................................6
B5 lb2 nb2 ....................................9
Total (2 wkts., 25.4 overs) ......102
Fall: 28, 83.
Bowling: Woakes 10-1-27-1, Miller
6-2-13-0, Rankin 5-0-27-0, Clarke
2.4-0-15-0, Best 2-0-13-1.
Umpires: R Bailey & J Steele.
Notts v worcestershire
TReNT BRIDGe: Nottinghamshire
(22pts) beat worcestershire (6pts) by
three wickets
woRCeSTeRSHIRe: First Inns 315
(Pardoe 74, wright 65, Adams 5-73)
NoTTS: First Innings 382 (Franks
82, Patel 81, Voges 61, Mullaney 53,
Richardson 5-98)
woRCeSTeRSHIRe: Second
(overnight 256-5)
A Kervezee c Edwards b Franks .....128
G Andrew c Read b Franks ...............67
O Cox c Read b Fletcher ...................12
D Wright b Shreck .............................33
M Mason b Adams ...............................2
A Richardson not out ...........................0
B6 lb7 w1 nb4 .............................18
Total (94.2 overs) ....................328
Fall: 8, 19, 38, 56, 137, 272, 275, 295,
Bowling: Fletcher 20-3-76-3, Shreck
11.2-1-38-2, Adams 20-5-67-2, Franks
21-4-49-3, Patel 12-1-56-0, Mullaney
N Edwards c Cox b Richardson .........17
M Wagh lbw Richardson ....................12
A Hales c Mitchell b Andrew ..............84
S Patel c Cox b Richardson ...............29
A Voges lbw Wright ...........................32
S Mullaney b Wright ..........................13
C Read not out ..................................35
P Franks c Ali b Richardson ..............26
A Adams not out ..................................0
B10 lb2 nb6 ................................18
Total (7 wkts., 59.3 overs) ......266
Fall: 23, 30, 83, 179, 203, 208, 260.
Bowling: Mason 11-0-40-0,
Richardson 20-2-88-4, Wright 18-2-70-2,
Andrew 7-1-39-1, Ali 3.3-1-17-0.
Umpires: J Lloyds & D Millns.
Sussex v lancashire
HoVe: Sussex (7pts) drew with
lancashire (10pts)
lANCASHIRe: First Innings 590
(Cross 125, Procter 89, Brown 88,
Horton 78)
SUSSeX: First Innings 290
(Goodwin 113, Keedy 4-101,
Chapple 4-63)
SUSSeX: Second Innings
(overnight 147-0)
E Joyce c Horton b Croft .................140
C Nash b Chapple .............................72
L Wells c Horton b Chapple .................0
M Goodwin st Cross b Keedy ..............8
B Brown run out ...................................0
L Wright b Mahmood ...........................7
A Hodd b Keedy ................................16
Naved-ul-Hasan c Brown b Keedy ...32
N Arif not out ....................................100
A Khan lbw Keedy ...............................1
M Panesar not out .............................17
B11 lb15 w1 nb34 p5 ..................66
Total (9 wkts, dec 124.2 overs) ..459
Fall: 169, 169, 184, 186, 207, 250,
306, 366, 369.
Bowling: Chapple 24-3-64-2,
Mahmood 14.1-2-64-1, Keedy
55-7-200-4, Procter 6-0-18-0, Maharoof
13.5-2-47-0, Croft 11.2-3-35-1.
Umpires: M Gough & S OShaughnessy.
LV County Championship
- Division Two
Middlesex v Surrey
loRDS: Middlesex (24pts) beat
Surrey (4pts) by an innings and 42
MIDDleSeX: First Innings 445
(Dexter 145, Simpson 143, Batty
SURReY: First Innings 203
(Maynard 98no)
SURReY: Second Innings
(overnight 34-2)
G Wilson c Simpson b Roland-Jones 18
S Davies b Dexter ..............................94
R H-Brown c Simpson b Roland-Jones .. 0
T Maynard c Crook b Dexter .............11
G Batty lbw Collymore .......................17
C Jordan c Simpson b Dexter ............22
Y Arafat c Malan b Roland-Jones ......16
T Linley not out ....................................1
J Dernbach c Newman b R-Jones .......0
B2 lb12 w5 nb2 ...........................21
Total (73.3 overs) ....................200
Fall: 1, 1, 73, 73, 96, 124, 164, 193,
Bowling: Finn 18-3-52-2, Collymore
14-7-25-1, Roland-Jones 14.3-3-38-4,
Rayner 12-2-25-0, Dexter 15-4-46-3.
Umpires: N Cowley & N Mallender.
leicestershire v Derbyshire
GRACe RoAD: Derbyshire trail
leicestershire by 185 runs with all
second-innings wickets in hand
DeRBYSHIRe: First Innings 305
(Redfern 71, Madsen 58, Sutton 56,
Henderson 4-88, Hoggard 4-78)
leICeSTeRSHIRe: First Innings
(overnight 201-2)
W Jefferson b Clare .........................133
J Taylor c Khawaja b Turner ..............92
J du Toit c Khawaja b Turner .............30
W White not out .................................83
J Naik not out .....................................77
B10 lb6 w8 nb9 ...........................33
Total (5 wkts., dec 156 overs) 507
Fall: 141, 156, 233, 330, 339.
Bowling: Groenewald 21-4-64-0,
Clare 18-5-61-2, Rafq 36-10-108-0,
Turner 23-3-92-2, Smith 17-3-32-0,
Hughes 28-3-100-1, Durston 13-3-34-0.
DeRBYSHIRe: Second Innings
W Madsen not out ...............................1
W Durston not out ..............................10
Lb4 nb2 ........................................6
Total (0 wkts., 8 overs) .............17
Bowling: Hoggard 3-1-9-0, Buck
2-1-3-0, Malik 2-1-1-0, Henderson
Umpires: I Dawood & N Llong.
essex v Glamorgan
CHelMSFoRD: essex (21pts) beat
Glamorgan (5pts) by six wickets
GlAMoRGAN: First Innings 282
(Bragg 55, Harris 53)
eSSeX: First Innings 258 (Bopara
61, Pettini 53, Cosker 4-35, Harris
GlAMoRGAN: Second Innings 335
(wallace 82, Rees 54, Masters 5-73,
Phillips 4-97)
eSSeX: Second Innings
(overnight 34-1)
A Cook c Wallace b Shantry ..............79
J Mickleburgh lbw Cosker ..................23
R Bopara not out .............................136
M Walker c Bragg b Cosker ...............97
M Pettini not out ...................................5
B7 lb5 nb8 ..................................20
Total (4 wkts., 100.5 overs) ....360
Fall: 0, 73, 123, 340.
Bowling: Harris 23-4-88-1, Shantry
13.5-3-62-1, Cosker 40-10-108-2, Wagg
21-2-83-0, Petersen 3-1-7-0.
Umpires: M Saggers & P Willey.
Kent v Gloucestershire
CANTeRBURY: Gloucestershire
(21pts) beat Kent (4pts) by 45 runs
GloUCeSTeRSHIRe: First Innings
292 (Marshall 72, Taylor 71)
KeNT: First Innings 208
GloUCeSTeRSHIRe: Second
Innings 206 (Mahmood 4-56)
KeNT: Second Innings
(overnight 52-2)
G Jones b Payne ...............................40
M van Jaarsveld c Cockbain b Payne .32
D Stevens c Taylor b Marshall .............3
J Tredwell c Cockbain b Marshall ........1
A Mahmood lbw W R S Gidman ........70
A Ball c Lewis b Saxelby ...................13
S Cook c Batty b W R S Gidman .......22
R Joseph c Batty b W R S Gidman .....3
J Denly not out .....................................7
B2 lb4 w1 nb2 ...............................9
Total (79.3 overs) ....................245
Fall: 31, 52, 116, 121, 123, 123, 152,
222, 228.
Bowling: Lewis 23-8-52-1, Saxelby
14-1-74-2, Payne 16-4-54-2, Gidman
13.3-2-37-3, Marshall 10-5-18-2,
Banerjee 3-1-4-0.
Umpires: S Gale & T Jesty.
MCC University MatCh (Durham
University): Durham MCCU 196
(C Jones 69, D J Wainwright 6-40)
and 287 (T Westley 127, A Shahzad
5-61) v yorkshire 355 (J J Sayers
139, G S Ballance 72, D J Wainwright
62, N Watkins 5-88) and 129-0
(G S Ballance 73no, J J Sayers 53no).
Yorkshire beat Durham MCCU by 10
iPLMumbai indians 94-8 (Botha
3-6) v rajasthan royals 95-3
(Botha 45). Rajasthan Royals win by
7 wickets. Bangalore royal
Challengers 181-5 (Kohli 67, Gayle
49) v Pune Warriors 155-5 (Ryder
51, Yuvraj 41). Bangalore Royal
Challengers win by 26 runs.
Lv County Championship - Division
One: Hampshire v Somerset (The
Rose Bowl, 11am). Division two:
Leicestershire v Derbyshire (Grace
Road, 11am).
tOMOrrOW (1.45 unless stated)
eCB 40 League - Group a:
Derbyshire v Sussex (Derby),
Middlesex v Holland (Lords), Kent v
Worcestershire (Canterbury).
Group B: Surrey v Scotland (Brit
Insurance Oval, 11am), Warwickshire
v Leicestershire (Edgbaston), Durham
v Northamptonshire (Emirates Durham
Group C: Unicorns v Somerset (TBC),
Essex v Nottinghamshire (Chelmsford).
4th ODi: West Indies v Pakistan
(Barbados, 2.30).
QPR are in pole position to return
to the Premier League for the frst
time in 15 years. Just how big a
moment will that be for the club?
It has been a long haul but it
has been a massive turnaround
considering that I have only
been here for just over a year.
Everybodys intentions are to
try to get back into the
Premier League. Its the best
league in the world and we are
trying to get there as quickly
as possible.
You managed in the top fight
before with Sheffeld United. Do
you think you have some unfnished
Yeah, obviously you look back
and are disappointed if it
doesnt work out. The
circumstances at Sheffeld
United werent very good at the
time, so I was disappointed.
But it drove me to try to get
another club up so I can fnish
my career on a high.
What lessons have you learnt
from that season you had with
Sheffeld United?
Its experience all the way along
the line really as you never
know it all. Even Sir Alex
Ferguson will be learning at
this time of his career. I have
changed a lot myself since that
time and I dont want to just go
up for one year. Its a matter of
looking at the mistakes you
made and rectifying them. Its
all about how good your players
are; if you are good enough,
you will stay up.
The club are known for having rich
owners. How do you go about
managing expectations for a
perceived huge budget?
It is a perceived huge budget. If
you look at our team that
played last week they were
worth under 3million, which is
not a lot at all. Some clubs in
the Championship have spent
that on one player. It is a bit of
a myth about my owners. We
are very thrifty and look after
the money. I am sure the
owners will support whatever it
needs to sustain QPR in the
Premier League, hopefully
when that happens.
So you do have hopes that you
will be able to invest signifcantly if
you do go up?
Every club knows that you
need to invest. You cant go up
now and stick with what youve
got. Blackpool are the
exception, although they were
in the bottom three
recently. You need your
25 players. One thing I
did learn is that the
Premier League is a
very cruel league. In
the space of a week you
could lose three
centre-halves and your
squad might not be big
enough to cope. If you
go up through the
play-offs you have only
three weeks to prepare
and its a nightmare. So
we want to get up
automatically this year to
give us a few extra weeks.
There is already a lot of quality
in the squad, with players
such as Akos Buzsaky,
Jamie Mackie and the mercurial
Adel Taarabt. How do you
manage talent like that?
We havent got enough
time to talk about Adel
Taarabt. It would
probably take about a year. Its
a challenge but I have enjoyed
it. He is our talisman and it is
very diffcult for a 21-year-old
to play 46 games when he
doesnt get protection
from certain
referees. He has had a great
season, but we really do look to
him. We have other good
players, like Wayne Routledge,
Jamie Mackie, who
unfortunately is injured until
next season, Tommy Smith,
Hogan Ephraim, Akos Buzsaky
and Alejandro Faurlin. You
have to say it has been a good
team performance this year.
You are very well known for being
open and direct and expressing
your views. How important is it
for managers to be allowed to
speak their minds?
You have to be a little bit cute
now otherwise it will cost you a
fortune. Even I have had to
change. I have found the
Premier League easier to
handle than leagues lower
down, because you have so
many cameras on every game
and you can look at every
decision within three minutes
at the end of the game before
you are out there facing the
You are also a qualifed referee.
What measures do you think could
be taken to make the Respect
campaign work?
Referees have got to referee. I
saw Martin Atkinson referee
Tottenham v Arsenal and he
didnt do everything by the
book. Some younger referees
would have got marked down
for certain things that he did,
but he was outstanding and
thats why he has been chosen
to ref the FA Cup fnal. Referees
have to be allowed a little bit
more leeway to handle men and
not be bound by a black or
white situation, which a lot of
referees fnd themselves in. I
dont think they can do much
more on the respect front.
We cant condone what Wayne
Rooney did [swore to the
television camera] even my
little boy was watching that
day but, at the same time, I
swear, so I cant say anything,
can I?
lVisit the Dugout at for
new interviews every week with
Englands top football managers.
I dont want
to be up for
just a year
QPR face an FA probe
into player eligibility
next week but could
win promotion today
Star quality but
hard to handle
SECOND CHANCE: Warnock is eager to fnish his career on a Premier League high
82 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
pools guide
(3pm unless stated)
Barclays Premier League
2 Blackburn v Bolton ............................
3 Blackpool v Stoke .............................
4 Chelsea v Tottenham (5.30) ..............
7 Sunderland v Fulham ........................
8 West Brom v Aston Villa ....................
9 Wigan v Everton ................................
npower Football League
10 Cardiff v Middlesbrough .......... PANEL
11 Coventry v Reading ...........................
12 Derby v Bristol City ............................
13 Doncaster v Leicester ........................
14 Hull v Crystal Palace .........................
15 Ipswich v Preston ..............................
16 Leeds v Burnley (12.45) ....................
17 Millwall v Swansea ............................
18 Nottingham Forest v Scunthorpe ........
19 Portsmouth v Norwich ............ PANEL
20 Sheff Utd v Barnsley .........................
21 Watford v QPR ..................................
npower League One
22 Brentford v Southampton ..................
23 Brighton v Huddersfield .....................
24 Bristol Rovers v Sheff Wed .................
25 Dag & Red v Carlisle .........................
26 Exeter v Plymouth (12noon) ...............
27 Hartlepool v Bournemouth .................
28 Leyton Orient v Tranmere ...................
29 Milton Keynes Dons v Notts County ....
30 Rochdale v Peterborough ...................
31 Swindon v Oldham ............................
32 Walsall v Charlton .............................
33 Yeovil v Colchester ............................
npower League Two
34 Accrington Stanley v Barnet ...............
35 Aldershot v Rotherham ......................
36 Bury v Wycombe ...............................
37 Cheltenham v Shrewsbury .................
38 Crewe v Stockport .............................
39 Gillingham v Macclesfield ..................
40 Hereford v Bradford City ....................
41 Northampton v Stevenage .................
42 Oxford Utd v Lincoln City ....................
43 Port Vale v Morecambe .....................
44 Southend v Burton ............................
Clydesdale Bank Scottish
Premier League
Aberdeen v Inverness CT ...................
Hibernian v St Johnstone ...................
Kilmarnock v Hearts ..........................
Motherwell v Rangers (12noon) .........
Irn-Bru Scottish Division One
45 Cowdenbeath v Stirling ......................
46 Dundee v Partick ..............................
47 Falkirk v Ross County ........................
48 Morton v Dunfermline........................
49 Raith v Queen of South .....................
Irn-Bru Scottish Division Two
Ayr v Airdrie Utd ................................
East Fife v Alloa ................................
Forfar v Peterhead ............................
Livingston v Dumbarton .....................
Stenhousemuir v Brechin ...................
Irn-Bru Scottish Division Three
Albion v Stranraer .............................
Annan Athletic v Arbroath ..................
Clyde v Queens Park ........................
Elgin v Berwick .................................
Montrose v East Stirling .....................
Blue Square Bet Premier
AFC Wimbledon v Grimsby (5.15) .......
Altrincham v Eastbourne B (5.15) ......
Barrow v Hayes & Yeading (5.15) .......
Bath C v Mansfield (5.15) .................
Cambridge Utd v Fleetwood Tn (5.15) .
Crawley Tn v York (5.15) ...................
Darlington v Rushdens (5.15) ............
Gateshead v Newport Co (5.15) .........
Kettering v Southport (5.15) ..............
Kidderminster v Histon (5.15) ............
Luton v Wrexham (5.15) ....................
Tamworth v Forest Green (5.15) ........
Blue Square Bet North
AFC Telford v Harrogate Tn ................
Alfreton Tn v Nuneaton ......................
Boston Utd v Vauxhall Motors ............
Corby v Hyde ....................................
Droylsden v Gloucester ......................
Guiseley v Eastwood Tn .....................
Solihull Moors v Gainsborough ...........
Stalybridge v Stafford Rgrs .................
Worcester v Blyth Spartans ................
Workington v Hinckley Utd .................
Blue Square Bet South
Bishops Stortford v Dorchester ..........
Boreham Wood v Lewes ....................
Bromley v Eastleigh ...........................
Chelmsford v Hampton & Richmond ...
Dover v St Albans .............................
Ebbsfleet United v Woking .................
Farnborough v Thurrock .....................
Havant & Waterlooville v Staines Tn ....
Maidenhead v Dartford ......................
Welling v Basingstoke ........................
Weston-S-Mare v Braintree Tn ...........
RymANPrem: AFC Hornchurch v
Maidstone Utd, Billericay v Sutton,
Bury Tn v Wealdstone, Carshalton Ath
v Hendon, Concord Rangers v
Croydon Athletic, Folkestone v
Lowestoft Tn, Harrow v Cray
Wanderers, Hastings Utd v Aveley,
Horsham v Tonbridge Angels, Margate
v Kingstonian, Tooting & Mitcham v
Canvey Island.
EVO-STIKChallenge Cup final:
Ashton Utd v Northwich.
Barclays Premier League
1 Arsenal v Manchester Utd (2.05) .......
Birmingham v Wolves (12noon) ..........
5 Liverpool v Newcastle (12noon) .........
6 Man City v West Ham (4.10) .............
Clydesdale Bank Scottish
Premier League
Celtic v Dundee Utd (12.45) ..............
P W D L F A Pts
Brighton ...................44 28 10 6 82 36 94
Southampton ............43 25 8 10 77 36 83
Huddersfeld .............44 24 11 9 70 42 83
Peterborough ............44 22 9 13 99 73 75
MK Dons...................44 21 8 15 63 58 71
Bournemouth ............44 19 13 12 72 50 70
Leyton Orient ............44 18 13 13 67 58 67
Rochdale ..................44 17 13 14 59 52 64
Exeter ......................44 18 10 16 63 72 64
Brentford .................44 17 9 18 51 55 60
Carlisle .....................44 16 11 17 60 57 59
Colchester ................44 15 14 15 53 58 59
Charlton ...................44 15 13 16 62 64 58
Sheff Wed .................44 16 9 19 65 64 57
Hartlepool ................44 15 10 19 45 63 55
Oldham .....................44 12 17 15 50 58 53
Tranmere ..................44 14 11 19 50 58 53
Yeovil .......................44 14 11 19 50 64 53
Notts County .............44 14 7 23 44 57 49
Walsall .....................44 11 12 21 53 72 45
Dag & Red ................44 11 11 22 49 65 44
Bristol Rovers ...........44 11 11 22 46 79 44
Plymouth ..................43 15 7 21 49 66 42
Swindon....................44 8 14 22 48 70 38
P W D L F A Pts
QPR .........................44 23 16 5 68 30 85
Norwich ....................44 22 14 8 80 56 80
Cardiff ......................44 23 10 11 75 50 79
Swansea ...................44 22 8 14 63 42 74
Reading ....................44 19 16 9 75 50 73
Nottm Forest ............44 18 15 11 61 49 69
Millwall .....................44 18 13 13 62 45 67
Burnley .....................44 18 13 13 64 59 67
Leeds .......................44 17 15 12 78 69 66
Hull ..........................44 16 16 12 51 47 64
Leicester ..................44 18 9 17 71 68 63
Watford ....................44 16 13 15 76 66 61
Ipswich .....................44 17 8 19 58 63 59
Portsmouth...............44 15 12 17 52 58 57
Middlesbrough ..........44 15 11 18 62 68 56
Bristol City ...............44 15 9 20 57 65 54
Coventry ...................44 14 11 19 52 56 53
Barnsley ...................44 13 13 18 52 64 52
Derby .......................44 13 10 21 57 67 49
Crystal Palace ...........44 12 11 21 43 65 47
Doncaster .................44 11 14 19 54 77 47
Sheff Utd ..................44 11 8 25 42 73 41
Scunthorpe ...............44 12 5 27 41 81 41
Preston ....................44 9 12 23 50 76 39
P W D L F A Pts
Chesterfeld ..............45 23 14 8 82 50 83
Bury .........................44 23 11 10 78 44 80
Wycombe ..................44 20 14 10 63 48 74
Shrewsbury ...............44 20 13 11 68 49 73
Accrington ................44 17 18 9 69 53 69
Torquay ....................45 17 18 10 73 50 68
Stevenage .................44 18 14 12 59 40 68
Gillingham ................44 17 17 10 64 50 68
Rotherham ................44 16 14 14 70 57 62
Port Vale ..................44 16 14 14 47 46 62
Southend ..................44 16 12 16 60 52 60
Oxford Utd ................44 16 12 16 56 56 60
Crewe .......................44 16 11 17 80 64 59
Aldershot ..................44 13 18 13 49 52 57
Morecambe ...............44 13 12 19 51 64 51
Macclesfeld .............44 13 12 19 54 70 51
Cheltenham ..............44 13 12 19 55 75 51
Bradford ...................44 15 6 23 41 62 51
Burton Albion ............44 12 13 19 54 68 49
Hereford ...................44 12 15 17 48 64 48
Lincoln City ...............44 13 8 23 44 76 47
Northampton.............44 9 19 16 59 70 46
Barnet ......................44 11 12 21 56 74 45
Stockport .................44 9 13 22 47 93 40












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THE irony of QPR winning
the title at Watford should
not be lost on the Football
Vicarage Road would be
an inappropriate venue for
the team whose less than
reverential attitude to the
competitions rules on
player ownership remains
under scrutiny.
Then there is the famous
Gap that shares its name
with the town. A gap is
certainly what Neil
Warnocks men have
opened up on their nearest
rivals and they will need
every single point of it if
the 15-point sanction being
bandied about over the
Alejandro Faurlin affair
comes to fruition.
A gap is also what QPR
will endure between
fnishing as champions
today should they win
and presentation with the
Championship trophy, as
the deliberations continue
over the legitimacy of their
claim to the crown.
Home Away
P W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts
Man Utd 34 16 1 0 43 9 5 9 3 28 23 39 73
Chelsea 34 13 2 2 35 10 7 5 5 29 17 37 67
Arsenal 34 10 4 3 31 13 8 6 3 36 23 31 64
Man City 33 10 4 2 28 11 7 4 6 23 19 21 59
Tottenham 33 8 8 1 27 17 6 5 5 22 24 8 55
Liverpool 34 11 4 2 34 12 4 3 10 17 27 12 52
Everton 34 7 7 3 28 22 4 7 6 19 20 5 47
Bolton 34 10 5 2 33 20 2 5 10 15 27 1 46
Fulham 34 8 6 3 26 16 1 9 7 14 20 4 42
Stoke 34 9 4 4 28 16 3 2 12 15 27 0 42
Newcastle 34 5 7 5 36 23 5 4 8 13 25 1 41
Sunderland 34 7 5 5 24 21 3 6 8 15 28 -10 41
Aston Villa 34 7 6 4 24 18 3 5 9 19 37 -12 41
West Brom 34 6 6 5 27 29 4 4 9 22 35 -15 40
Birmingham 34 6 7 4 18 19 2 7 8 16 32 -17 38
Blackburn 34 6 6 5 20 15 3 2 12 20 40 -15 35
Blackpool 34 4 4 9 26 34 5 3 9 22 36 -22 34
Wigan 34 4 7 6 18 31 3 6 8 16 26 -23 34
Wolverhampton 34 7 4 6 25 26 2 2 13 12 34 -23 33
West Ham 34 5 4 8 23 27 2 7 8 16 34 -22 32
Sunderland v Fulham
SUNDERLAND have problems up front as Asamoah Gyan and Danny Welbeck
are unlikely to play again this season and youngster Ryan Noble has a knee
problem. Stephane Sessegnon could lead the line, while full-back Phil Bardsley
has recovered fromthe concussion he suffered last Saturday. FULHAMS
Damien Duff looks to have shaken an Achilles injury and will play.
FORM: Sunderland LLLLW Fulham LWLDW Last Met: Draw 0-0
ODDS: Sunderland 6/4(WH) Draw 23/10(BQ) Fulham 21/10(PP)
1st Gl: Malbranque 12/1(BT) Sderland 2-1 9/1(CL) DRA/SUN 9/2(PB)
Wigan v Everton
WIGANS Mike Pollitt has had surgery on his elbow and will likely miss the rest
of the season, but Maynor Figueroa returns in defence. Tim Cahill is pushing
to start for EVERTON and Mikel Arteta is also pressing for a frst team place
after missing fve games, but Johnny Heitinga may be limited to starting on
the bench.
FORM: Wigan WDLWL Everton WDWWL Last Met: Draw 0-0
ODDS: Wigan 17/10(SB) Draw 12/5(CL) Everton 8/5(TS)
1st Gl: Beckford 11/2(BF) Draw 1-1 11/2(BQ) DRA/DRA 4/1(SJ)
Arsenal v Man Utd
ARSENAL are set to be without Abou Diaby (calf), but Tomas Rosicky will be
assessed tomorrow morning. Thomas Vermaelen is very close to making a
return, but will not be rushed back. Paul Scholes serves the last match of his
ban for UNITED and Darren Fletcher (virus) is still a big doubt but Dimitar
Berbatov should be ft again, along with John OShea.
FORM: Arsenal DWDDL Man Utd WWLDW Last Met: Man Utd 2-0
ODDS: Arsenal 8/5(BQ) Draw 12/5(PP) Man Utd 15/8(VC)
1st Gl: Hernandez 11/2(SB) Draw 1-1 11/2(PB) MAU/DRA 14/1(BT)
Birmingham v Wolves
BIRMIGHAMare confdent that Nikola Zigic will feature at some point on Sunday
and keeper Ben Foster is also set to return. Steven Fletchers knee injury looks to
be less serious than frst feared and he gets the green light to play for WOLVES,
but Sylvan Ebanks-Blake (hamstring) is struggling and George Elokobi
(hamstring) is defnitely sidelined.
FORM: Birmingham WDWLL Wolves WLLDL Last Met: Wolves 1-0
ODDS: Birmingham 6/5(PB) Draw 12/5(BT) Wolves 12/5(SJ)
1st Gl: Fletcher 8/1(PP) Draw 1-1 6/1(TS) DRA/DRA 4/1(CL)
Liverpool v Newcastle
LIVERPOOLS Andy Carroll (knee) is rated doubtful to face his old club while
Martin Kelly and Glen Johnson (both hamstring) are defnitely out so John
Flanagan will continue at full back. NEWCASTLE loanee Stephen Ireland (ankle)
has been ruled out for the season but skipper Kevin Nolan will start and veteran
keeper Steven Harper is available again. Dan Gosling is sidelined (knee).
FORM: Liverpool WLWDW Newcastle LWLDD Last Met: Newcastle 3-1
ODDS: Liverpool 1/2(PP) Draw 10/3(WH) Newcastle 6/1(CL)
1st Gl: Suarez 7/2(BF) Liverpool 2-0 13/2(BT) LIV/LIV 6/5(TS)
West Brom v Aston Villa
WEST BROMcaptain Chris Brunt faces a late ftness test this morning, but
Jerome Thomas (hamstring) and Steven Reid (calf) are defnitely out. VILLAS
Barry Bannan has been recalled froma loan spell with Leeds United after having
restricted opportunities with the Championship club. Caretaker boss Gary
McAllister has a full-strength squad available.
FORM: West Brom DWWLD Aston Villa LDWWD Last Met: Villa 2-1
ODDS: West Brom 5/4(BF) Draw 12/5(SJ) Aston Villa 7/3(BQ)
1st Gl: Odemwingie 11/2(VC) WBA 2-1 8/1(WH) WBA/WBA 11/4(LB)
Man City v West Ham
MAN CITY have no new injuries as Kolo Toure continues his suspension and
Carlos Tevez (hamstring) aims for the FA Cup fnal. Edin Dzeko could be handed
a start after scoring last week. Mark Noble (hernia) faces a few weeks out for
WEST HAMand Scott Parker (Achilles) is also missing but Matthew Upson
should return fromillness and Jack Collison could get a call-up.
FORM: Man City LWLWW West Ham DLLLL Last Met: Man City 3-1
ODDS: Man City 2/5(TS) Draw 7/2(SB) West Ham 7/1(BF)
1st Gl: Dzeko 17/4 (VC) Man City 3-0 9/1(SJ) MAC/MAC 11/10(BQ)
Blackburn v Bolton
David Dunns calf injury means he misses out for BLACKBURN. Ruben Rochina
should replace him, but Junior Hoilett (hamstring) is still rated only 50:50.
BOLTONs Mark Davies is ready to step back in after a midweek absence but
Gretar Steinsson (knee) will miss out and Daniel Sturridge (ankle) remains
FORM: Blackburn DDDLL Bolton LWLWL Last Met: Bolton 2-1
ODDS: Blackburn 6/5(SJ) Draw 12/5(PB) Bolton 14/5(VC)
1st Gl: Roberts 13/2(PP) Draw 1-1 11/2(LB) DRA/DRA 9/2(WH)
Blackpool v Stoke
BLACKPOOL have no new injury or suspension worries as they enter a relegation
scrap and only David Carney (shoulder) and Steve Basham(leg) remain
unavailable. STOKE will be without Matthew Etherington (hamstring) this
weekend, who will rest up for the FA Cup fnal, but Ricardo Fuller (Achilles) joins
Mamady Sidibe (Achilles) on the long terminjury list.
FORM: Blackpool DLLLD Stoke DLWDW Last Met: Blackpool 1-0
ODDS: Blackpool 7/4(BT) Draw 5/2(LB) Stoke 13/8(PB)
1st Gl: Campbell 6/1(SJ) Blackpool 2-1 10/1(BF) DRA/BLA 6/1(VC)
Chelsea v Tottenham
Michael Essien has been passed ft to play for CHELSEA and could be joined in
the starting XI by Alex and Ramires, though Yossi Benayoun is on standby. SPURS
Benoit Assou-Ekotto is out (hamstring) and TomHuddlestone will be sidelined
with an ankle injury. Wilson Palacios is defnitely out, but Ledley King could make
a welcome return.
FORM: Chelsea DWWWW Tottenham DDWDD Last Met: Draw 1-1
ODDS: Chelsea 8/15(LB) Draw 10/3(VC) Tottenham 11/2(BT)
1st Gl: Torres 4/1(TS) Chelsea 3-1 11/1(SB) CHE/CHE 5/4(BQ)
THE NPOWER CHAMPIONSHIP Your at-a-glance team news service
Coventry v Reading
Marlon King could return for COVENTRY but either Clive Platt or
Freddie Eastwood are on stand by in the event that King fails a
ftness test this morning. READING winger Jimmy Kebe (thigh)
should be back having missed two games according to Brian
McDermott and Shane Long should also make the line-up
despite suffering a cut head.
FORM: Coventry DWWDL Rding WWWDL Last Met: Draw0-0
ODDS: Coventry 2/1(CL) D12/5(PP) Reading 13/10(VC)
Derby v Bristol City
DERBY defender Shaun Barker will miss the fnal two games of
the season having undergone an operation for a knee injury.
Russell Anderson will replace him. Jeff Hendrick and Callum
Ball are in the squad. BRISTOL CITY will be without the
suspended Nicky Maynard, while Damion Stewart and Kalifa
Cisse are both considered doubtful.
FORM: Derby DWDLL Bristol C LDLLL Last Met: Bristol C 2-0
ODDS: Derby 6/5(BT) D 9/4(SB) Bristol C 2/1(BQ)
Doncaster v Leicester
DONCASTER will give a ftness test to Mustapha Dumbuya
after he missed out last time, Billy Sharp could play following
hernia surgery but Adam Lockwood is unlikely to feature
(knee). LEICESTERs Matt Oakley could return following a groin
injury, but defender Sol Bamba (hamstring) will still be out,
along with striker Martyn Waghorn (hamstring).
FORM: Dcaster LDLDD Leics WDLLWLast Met: Leice 5-1
ODDS: Doncaster 7/4(BF) D 12/5(LB) Leicester 6/4(TS)
Leeds v Burnley
LEEDS 20-goal striker Luciano Becchio could make the line-up
having missed out last week with a hamstring injury, although
winger Lloyd Sam(knee) may be sidelined once again and Aston
Villa have recalled midfelder Barry Bannan. BURNLEY could
welcome back striker Martin Paterson, who scored for the
reserves in midweek, but Charlie Austin is a doubt.
FORM: Leeds LLDDL Burnley LWWWD Last Met: Leeds 3-2
ODDS: Leeds 5/4(SB) D5/2(CL) Burnley 2/1(PP)
Millwall v Swansea
MILWALL striker Steve Morison returns from suspension and
Kenny Jackett must decide whether to replace youngster John
Marquis who has bagged three in two in Morisons absence.
Neil Harris serves the fnal game of a ban. SWANSEA could rest
Scott Sinclair, but Mark Gower and Fabio Borini are both
expected to be ft after recovering fromankle knocks.
FORM: Millwall WDLWWSwans WDLDWLast Met: Draw 1-1
ODDS: Millwall 11/10(PP) D 5/2(TS) Swansea 12/5(BF)
Nottm Forest v Scunthorpe
Lewis McGugan has shaken off a calf problem for FOREST,
who may stick with Kris Boyd in attack following his brace at
Bristol City. Robbie Findley will continue his rehabilitation from
the bench but Nathan Tyson (hip) is a doubt. On-loan Joe
Garner cant face his parent club, so SCUNTHORPE are set to
partner Lee Miller and Chris Dagnall up front.
FORM: Forest LWLWWShorpe WLWDL Last Met: Scu 1-0
ODDS: Forest 4/11(VC) D7/2(SB) Scunthorpe 15/2(WH)
Hull v Crystal Palace
FORM: Hull WDWLD Palace LDLDWLast Met: Draw0-0
ODDS: Hull 5/6(WH) D13/5(BF) Palace 10/3(SJ)
HULL defender Corry Evans (hamstring) will miss the fnal home game
of the season and LiamRosenior (knee) will also sit out the remainder
of the campaign. PALACE are without suspended trio Wilfried Zaha,
Sean Scannell and Neil Danns and boss Dougie Freedman has written
off Alex Marrow (ankle) until the new season while James Vaughan,
right, pushes for a start.
Ipswich v Preston
FORM: Ipswich WDWLL Preston DDWLL Last Met: Preston 1-0
ODDS: Ipswich 4/5(PB) D 11/4(WH) Preston 10/3(LB)
Lee Martin is suspended for IPSWICH and Tamas Priskins season is
over because of his knee problem. Veteran Mark Kennedy, right, is
pushing for a start but Connor Wickham (rib) and Jimmy Bullard
(knee) are defnitely out, as is Darren ODea (ankle). Bongani
Khumalos loan spell has come to an end for PRESTON but striker
Iain Hume could feature.
Sheffeld Utd v Barnsley
FORM: Sheff Utd LLLWWBarnsley WLDLD Last Met: Barnsley 1-0
ODDS: Sheff Utd 11/10(LB) D13/5(CL) Barnsley 12/5(BT)
UNITED youngster Harry Maguire is suspended, Ched Evans (knee)
looks set to miss out while Richard Cresswell (groin) and David
McAllister (calf) are both struggling. BARNSLEYS Marlon Harewood ,
right, has overcome a hamstring injury and boss Mark Robins could
give more game time to youngsters Danny Rose, Jordan Clark and
Reuben Noble-Lazarus.
Watford v QPR
FORM: Watford LDDWL QPR LWDDD Last Met: Watford 3-1
ODDS: Watford 21/10(BQ) D 12/5(LB) QPR 13/10(PB)
On-loan striker Andreas Weimann (foot) misses out for WATFORD,
joining Ross Jenkins (ankle) and Matty Whichelow (ankle) in the
treatment room, but Michael Bryan (ankle) is back in contention
after a reserve outing. QPR are confdent Fitz Hall, right, will recover
in time from a hamstring problem and boss Neil Warnock could
therefore feld an unchanged team.
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 83
first for
By Gideon Brooks
MARK HUGHES has indicated
he is happy to stay at Fulham
and has let the clubs board
know he would welcome talks
about extending his current deal.
Manager Hughes has just
12 months left on his contract
and has alerted other clubs by
turning around an injury-ravaged
season at Craven Cottage with a
strong run since Christmas.
But Hughes, 47, claimed he
was not looking to move and is
hoping to build next season and
beyond. I am hoping to sit down
with the club and talk about it,
he said. Weve already had initial
discussions but nothing in terms
of really extending the contract.
But obviously Im open to
conversations in respect of that.
I like this club. Its a well-run
club with good people and we
has admitted he was narrowing
his focus on transfer targets.
Having made shrewd signings
last summer and in January, the
club are prepared to back him
again and Hughes added: Weve
got good quality players here
and, like most clubs, we will try
to add to that in the summer. If
we can, I feel condent the next
few years will be very successful.
We are looking at players.
There are opportunities from
now until the end of the season
and were trying to get out and
see as many matches as we can.
At this time of year your focus
gets a bit narrower, then you
understand where youre going
when you go into the market.
This is a last opportunity to have
another look.
Victory against his old
Manchester United team-mate
Steve Bruce would cement a
place in the top half of the table
and ninth-placed Fulham could
sneak into the Europa League
courtesy of their Fair Play record.
can be
successful. Id
like to think
what weve
done since
for next year.
Fulham face
Sunderland at
the Stadium of
Light today
and Hughes
looking up
WIGAN boss Roberto Martinez
believes no team deserve to be
relegated from the Premier
League this season.
Martinezs men are involved in
a scrap for survival themselves,
but he reckons even rock-bottom
West Ham could feel aggrieved if
they were to be demoted.
Wigan continue their battle to
stay up at home to Everton, and
Martinez said: Whoever goes
down is going to be too good to
go down. There isnt a team who
have been very poor this season
and who have only got 15 points.
We are averaging one point
per game. Normally in any league
in Europe, thats good enough to
stay up. It doesnt seem as though
that will be the case this season.
need sore
By Chris Brereton
Wolves boss
McCarthy is
feeling strain
and Barry
inset, plays on
with injections
Kean to keep Jones close
MICK McCARTHY has laid
into his Wolves team ahead
of tomorrows relegation
derby at Birmingham.
McCarthy called the 3-0 defeat at
Stoke in midweek rubbish and
hopeless and said it was his worst
moment since joining the club.
Wolves are a point from safety
with four games left. Defeat at
Birmingham, who themselves are
not safe yet, could be disastrous.
With only one point from their last
four games, Wolves are on a dismal
run and McCarthy said: Its just
that nagging sore, but I havent
found a lotion that can salve it. I
think about it all the time.
We were hopeless at Stoke
rubbish. The players are angry,
disappointed and upset all those
emotions. And rightly so because we
were very, very poor.
We need a win but we need a
performance. If we get one of those,
we have every chance of winning.
The players really take it to heart.
Theyre used to better than this.
We have a look at the time we
went to Liverpool and won, and beat
Birmingham here. Thats the way
these players respond, always
positively. How do you beat
Manchester United after you have
just lost to a 93rd-minute goal at
Bolton? But we did that.
Wolves fans were furious with the
limp way their team caved in at
Stoke and McCarthy added: I have
not had it harder than this.
Chelsea last season was a real
bad day because we dropped into
the bottom three, but I was as
disappointed the other night as Ive
ever been here. The fans were
entitled to have a go.
I always shake the players hands
after a game and I was walking off at
Stoke with the hump and decided
that they [the fans] werent driving
me down the tunnel.
I went to applaud the fans as I
always do but Im not sure it was
reciprocated or appreciated.
The reaction doesnt bother me
because if you get that, you are
getting it for a reason. I expect it if
we dont compete. Ive always had
wonderful support here and as long
as we stay up, Im sure I will still
have that support.
Everybody near the bottom of
the league is talking about a couple
of wins or a couple of wins and a
draw but its hellishly difcult. But
well be back at it this weekend, no
What McCarthy will nd at
Birmingham is a team still recovering
from the effort it took to win the
Carling Cup.
Birmingham have won only two
Premier League games since captain
Stephen Carr lifted the rst major
trophy in their history after a shock
Wembley victory over Arsenal two
months ago.
And they are still living with the
danger that it will be coupled with
Manager Alex McLeish says a win
over Wolves might not make
Birmingham totally safe, but would
leave him in a much more
comfortable place in my mind.
Birmingham are paying the price
for playing so many games, with
Obafemi Martins having had an
operation for a shin stress fracture,
Nikola Zigic only just coming back
from injury and Barry Ferguson
needing injections in order to play
despite a broken rib.
The Carling Cup was great but
the main objective coming into the
season was to stay in the Premier
League and we havent done too well
since the Cup win, said Carr.
We probably just took our foot off
the pedal. We have had one or two
injuries, didnt get those performance
levels up and we got punished when
we were making mistakes.
Once we stay in the league, with
the Cup it will have been a great
season. There were a lot of us going
into games with injuries, a lot have
got through with injections.
Sometimes it takes is toll and
maybe it did start doing that.
Carr, 34, has agreed a new one-
year deal and said: If we win on
Sunday, it more or less takes us
away from relegation, so its in our
own hands. It would be the biggest
disappointment of my whole career
if we went down.
BLACKBURN boss Steve
Kean accepts Phil Jones is
likely to attract huge transfer
interest this summer.
A calamitous season at
Ewood Park has seen Rovers
slip from eighth in the
Premier League in December
to just one point off the
relegation zone, ahead of
todays game with Bolton.
Blackburn have won just
once in 2011 against West
Brom more than three
months ago and Kean
knows Jones is wanted by
clubs such as Manchester
United, Arsenal and
Liverpool. But Kean hopes he
remembers how much Rovers
have helped him develop in
the 13 months since his
Premier League debut.
Kean said: It will be tough
to keep hold of Phil Jones but
all we can do is try to convince
him that his progression in
the last 18 months has been
sensational. If he can go and
give us that progression for
another 18 months, then I
would be surprised if he is
not an England regular.
Kean refused to name a
price for Jones but pointed
out that anyone interested
would have to spend big
money because Jones signed
a ve-year contract last May.
It would take a fair whack
to get him, hence the reason
we sat down and gave him a
contract to show what we
thought of him, said Kean.
Were protecting every
single asset of the club and he
is learning his football here.
Kean has won just three of
17 games since replacing
Sam Allardyce , who was
sacked after defeat against
Bolton . Their manager, Owen
Coyle, said: Steves someone
Ive got a lot of time for. He
has handled himself well.
Northampton to win Heineken Cup (10-3 Betfred).
Man United to score four or more in second leg v Schalke (7-1 Hills).
Real Madrid to qualify against Barcelona (20-1 Bet 365).
Three stars: excellent value. Two stars: worth a utter. One star: tempting price.
HOW TO: improve the odds about Man United winning the Premier
League bet on how many points they will win it by. Hills offer 7-2
for 1-3pts; 9-4 by 4-6; 5-2 by 7-9; 7-2 by 10 or more.
IAN HOLLOWAY must be a
strong contender to win the
Manager of the Season title if
he can keep Blackpool up.
They are 2-1 to survive but
need to stop a recent slump and
are 17-10 to beat FA Cup
nalists, Stoke, whose Tony
Pulis is 6-1 to be top boss.
One Hills client has staked
30,000 euros on Blackpool to
drop into the Championship and
they are 4-11 favourites to go
down, with West Ham 2-5,
Wigan 8-15, Wolves and
Blackburn both 4-6.
Punters who believe in
coincidences can have 8-5 that
three clubs beginning with W
go down, or 40-1 that three
beginning with B are relegated.
Manchester United are 13-8
to win the Champions League,
with Barcelona 8-15 favourites.
84 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
We have
the heart
By Ian Winrow
UP FOR IT: Skipper Upson and his men have Grants backing in Hammers survival bid
trusts his West Ham players in
the battle against the drop
despite owner David Sullivan
questioning the commitment
of key individuals.
Sullivan has raised doubts about
whether the clubs survival struggle
can be left to those players who are out
of contract at the end of the season.
With club captain Matthew Upson
heading a list of players that also
includes Jonathan Spector, Danny
Gabbidon and Kieron Dyer whose
deals expire this summer, the Hammers
chiefs comments are bound to hit
home in the dressing room.
But Grant responded to Sullivans
criticism by denying there is a lack of
stomach for the fght within his squad
and claiming the Hammers can still
when a player is in the last days of his
contract he wants to prove himself
because he wants a new deal.
But the most important thing for
the players, even if the owner says
they are the best in the league, is the
need to focus on what we have to do on
the pitch.
If you are professional by condition
it doesnt matter if you have a contract,
dont have a contract, if your wife smiles
at you, or if the owners say nice things
about you I dont believe in these
Sullivans comments he also
claimed West Ham have only a 25 per
cent chance of staying up will do
nothing to dilute speculation that
Grant is on borrowed time.
The managers position is unlikely to
be strengthened tomorrow when his
do everything to stay up.
I suppose that if people had looked
at our situation four months ago they
could have said the chances of us
staying up were only 10 per cent, so it
always changes.
If we take four points from the next
two games our chances will be better
and that is what we must look to build
on until the end of the season.
Grant believes West Ham need at
least seven points from the remaining
games if they are to avoid falling into
the Championship.
He said: If you look at our defeats in
the past few games except Bolton
where we played very poorly I still
believe that our performances were
We were very close to taking
something from those games.
escape the drop despite
being two points from
safety with four games
Every player here will
do everything to help
the team stay in the
league, said Grant. I
trust everybody.
Some people like to
see the negative side, but
Premier League and of
course we can do it.
Now we have four
games to the end of the
season and I dont know
how the chances are by
percentages, I am not a
What I can tell you,
though, is that we have a
good chance and we will
side, who have lost their last four
games, face a daunting trip to
Manchester City. They will be without
midfeld duo Scott Parker and Mark
Noble, although Upson is set to return
following a chest infection.
But it is the fnal three games
against fellow strugglers Blackburn,
Wigan and Sunderland that are more
likely to decide West Hams fate.
This is the money time, said Grant.
I like this stage of the season. I have
been with clubs at both ends of the
league but this is the time when you
see the real character and the real
I havent seen his comments but
David is a businessman. We have a
chance to stay up. We are two points
from the place that will keep us in the
This is the
time for
football: barclays premier league
Hart hoping to clean
up with a City record
JOE HART aims to set a club
record to keep Manchester City
on course for Champions League
qualifcation and FA Cup glory.
The England goalkeeper can
equal Nicky Weavers record of 26
clean sheets in a season, set in
Citys promotion campaign from
the old Third Division in 1998-99,
if he shuts out West Ham at
Eastlands tomorrow.
And Hart, above, believes that
if he goes on to set a new record
it will go hand-in-hand with
success for the club as it did for
Weaver, who secured a place in
City folklore with his shoot-out
save against Gillingham in the
1999 play-off fnal. Hart said: It
would be amazing to get the
record. I knew I had kept 25
clean sheets but I didnt know
Nicky had the record with 26.
This is my best season by
miles. But its got a lot to do with
the lads who are in front of me.
Half the games, Ive not even
touched the ball.
Hart has kept 15 of his clean
sheets in the Premier League
and is level with Chelseas Petr
Cech in the chase for the coveted
Golden Glove award. But team
success is his priority. He said: If
I keep clean sheets, weve got a
good chance of doing what we
want to do this season win a
trophy and fnish in the top four.
But its an added bonus if theres
a personal target as well.
If Hart equals the record
tomorrow, he will have fve
chances to set a new best, with
league games against Everton,
Spurs, Stoke and Bolton plus the
FA Cup fnal against the Potters.
Weaver set his mark in 55 games
but if Hart equals it tomorrow,
he will have done it in 50.
Weaver paid tribute to Hart
when he said: I didnt expect
anyone to get near it for a long
time. But Joes a terrifc keeper
and a great lad, so if I have to
lose it Id rather it was him.
By Richard Tanner
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 85
THE impact of Kenny Dalglish at
Liverpool since he replaced
Roy Hodgson 14 matches ago is
evident from our Premier
League table below:

1 Chelsea 13 10 2 1 28 8 20 32
2 Man Utd 14 9 2 3 28 13 15 29
3 LIVERPOOL 14 8 3 3 27 12 15 27
4 Arsenal 13 6 6 1 25 14 11 24
5 Everton 13 6 4 3 24 17 7 22
6 Fulham 13 5 5 3 18 12 6 20
7 Aston Villa 13 5 5 3 20 17 3 20
8 Tottenham 12 4 7 1 18 16 2 19
9 West Brom 13 4 6 3 23 25 -2 18
10 Man City 11 5 2 4 18 14 4 17
11 Bolton 12 5 1 6 14 18 -4 16
12 Birmingham 14 4 4 6 14 26 -12 16
13 Stoke 13 4 3 6 17 17 0 15
14 Newcastle 13 2 7 4 15 17 -2 13
15 Wigan 13 3 4 6 16 24 -8 13
16 West Ham 12 3 3 6 17 23 -6 12
17 Wolves 13 3 3 7 16 26 -10 12
18 Blackpool 15 2 3 10 21 38 -17 9
19 Sunderland 12 2 2 8 14 27 -13 8
20 Blackburn 12 1 4 7 11 20 -9 7
Big fan of
Andy Carroll
We couldnt
refuse Andy
mega deal
PALS: But Nolan, right, says it was right for Carroll to go
It has
worked out
well for us
convinced Andy
Carrolls 35million sale
to Liverpool in January
was the right decision by
vilied Newcastle owner
Mike Ashley.
Carroll lived with close
friend and Newcastle
skipper Nolan as part of
his bail conditions
following his arrest last
year over an alleged
assault against an
ex-girlfriend (the
charges were later
Carroll and Nolan
remain rm friends, but
the latter says the offer
from Liverpool was
simply too tempting to
turn down.
It was for the best for
the club, said Nolan,
who could face Carroll at
Aneld tomorrow for
the rst time since the
England strikers
I stay? But if a club
pays 35m for you,
anyone in any business
or any walk of life, when
they sit down and think
about it, would say,
Youve got to go.
Despite the problems
Nolan had when Carroll
was lodging with him
the strikers car was set
on re and grafti
daubed on Nolans
garage he is adamant
he would always help
out his friend.
When you look back
on it now it was very
bizarre, but it worked,
said Nolan. In our
family thats what we do
for our friends. Ive been
brought up like that.
My wife was so
welcoming with him. I
did have to ring her rst
to ask if it was OK, but
have him still here. If he
was we would probably
have a few more points
on the board and would
probably be able to
build a team around
him, but to get 35m
just shows what he has
done in a short space of
Now he has a new
chapter in his life and
weve got a lot of money
to spend. If you can get
four or ve players in for
that, it will have worked
the best way you can
possibly think of.
We had to let Andy
go and I think Andy had
to go. The money was
astronomical, absolutely
You cant blame
anyone. You cant blame
the owner. Andy was
saying, What should I
do? Should I go, should
from St
James Park.
It has
worked out
for us better
now that
Andy has
although we
would love to
she was ne
about it.
Thats just
the kind of
people we are
and Andy was
very grateful
for that.
Thats why
we are so
Andy is a young lad.
He has his family there
for him, but sometimes
you need other people
as well. Even now, down
in Liverpool, although
he feels detached from
his family he knows if he
needs it, he has got
someone to lean on. My
family are there for him.
Carroll may not play
tomorrow due to a
niggling injury, but
Nolan said: He is
desperate to play
against our lads. It will
put a bit of closure to
the thing and the fact
hes not a Newcastle
player, seeing us play
against him and
kicking him of course.
It will hit him when
he sees Newcastle, the
team he grew up with
and loved for so long,
against Liverpool.
IF Kenny Dalglish has
appeared the epitome of
calm during a return to
management in which he
has overseen the sale of a
striking idol, paid a
record transfer fee for a
Newcastle forward and
sparked a much-needed
feelgood factor, there is a
good reason why. He has
been through it all before.
The parallels between 1987,
when Ian Rush departed
Liverpool for Juventus and
Dalglish spent the proceeds of
his 3.2 million fee on Peter
Beardsley and John Barnes,
and 2011, with Fernando Torres
checking out and Andy Carroll
and Luis Suarez coming in, are
Beardsley can continue to
see glorious history repeating
itself. Within football you get
the sense that Liverpool are on
the rise again, 100 per cent, he
said. The whole club is stirring
once again. The owners seem
prepared to spend money and,
while no manager gets all the
signings right, Kenny knows his
He is a god on Merseyside
the red half anyway. The thing
about Kenny is the excitement
and passion he has for the
game. You can see that when
Liverpool score a goal.
People said, Oh, he has
been out of the game too long,
but the insight and enthusiasm
he has stands the test of time. I
just dont understand why they
havent given him the job
permanently already.
As Newcastles reserve-team
coach, Beardsley holds a special
interest in Carrolls potential
reunion with his former club at
lunchtime tomorrow for the
rst time since a mind-boggling
35m January switch.
Yet his mind its back rst
to a summer 24 years ago
when Liverpool reinvested the
cash raised by the sale of a
legend and the most
spectacular team a
generation of fans
has witnessed
John Aldridge
had already
arrived on
Merseyside in readiness for
Rushs departure to Turin and,
in tandem with Beardsley and
Barnes, Liverpool hit heights
seldom seen since.
When you lose a star like
Rushie there is a lot of negativity
because he was such an icon
and dont forget Kenny was
coming to the end as a player
himself around that time as
well, said Beardsley.
Luckily, myself, Aldo
[Aldridge] and Barnesy were a
perfect t. I knew Barnesy from
England, but Aldo was brilliant
for us. He just wanted to be in
the box and we knew that if we
got the ball to him he would
score goals.
It was a great time to be
playing for Liverpool so
exciting and I have great
It looks like Liverpool have
done well again because they
have got two really good players
in with Andy and Luis
Suarez has
quickly lled the
void left by Torres
and established
himself as a
favourite with
The Kop and
Beardsley says
he is biased
where the
t owe r i ng
Ca r r o l l
is concerned. Andy is capable
of everything, he said. He
had an opportunity to go to
Liverpool and decided he
wanted to do it. I had the
same choice.
My fee was a record at the
time and Andys is too. I was
delighted to see him score the
two goals against Manchester
City the other week.
In my time working with
him he was an absolute credit
to himself. He knows what he
has to do. He was top class and
never a problem. There have
been one or two things since
then but hes a good lad and
the Liverpool fans will
absolutely love him.
It took me a while to get
going at Aneld, but the fans
respected me for the effort I
put in and they will love Andy
for that as well as his goals.
He puts himself on the line,
he never knows when he is
beaten. Hell score a lot of goals
but he backs up all that with a
great attitude and work-rate.
Yet the positivity Beardsley
exudes is not solely reserved
for Liverpool. Newcastles rst
season back in the top ight
can be regarded as a success,
their status long since secured
and manager Alan Pardew has
spent the past few months
plotting how to spend the cash
raised from the sale of Carroll.
The club couldnt turn down
a deal for 35m in this era, said
Beardsley. Alan Pardew has
done a great job and people
need to realise we have a great
owner in Mike Ashley. We
would have been in serious
trouble without him.
Peter Beardsley was
launching TOPPS Authentics,
a range of collectable
football trading cards
and memorabilia signed
by footballing legends
including Alan Shearer
and Ryan Giggs. Visit
Liverpool on the rise
again... just like 87
Beardsley says
Dalglish has Reds
on familiar path
Beardsley and
Barnes with
the 1987-88
league trophy
by Paul Joyce
By Niall Hickman
86 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
Wenger was just
IT WAS Arsene Wenger
who famously brushed
away Sir Alex Fergusons
boast that Manchester
United were the best
team in the country with
the words: Everyone
thinks they have the
prettiest wife at home.
But when United visit the
Emirates tomorrow, Wenger
may cast an envious eye to the
opposition dugout and ask just
what Fergie has that he hasnt.
In the numerical sense, the
answer is quite simple. United
are closing in on a record 19th
title, while Arsenals implosion
over recent weeks means it is
set to be six successive seasons
without a trophy.
Cesc Fabregas touched on
just why Fergie holds the edge
over his great rival by admitting
there is no trophy-winning
experience within the Arsenal
squad for players to draw
inspiration from in the mould
of Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes.
Maybe it has been an
advantage that Manchester
United have had players who
have won a lot of trophies
before, said Wenger. When
things turned against us, we
became a bit nervous in the key
moments of the games.
It could be that we have
lacked a Giggs or a Scholes to
help in some situations. But
you cannot nd a Giggs and a
Scholes every day.
In Giggs, Scholes and Gary
Neville, Ferguson started this
campaign with three players
who pre-dated Wenger in terms
of Premier League experience.
Neville has retired, but Giggs
and Scholes have 43 league
appearances between them
and have provided a vital link
with the past.
Giggs underlined his value
when, at 37, he became the
oldest Champions League
scorer. And those entering the
doors of Uniteds Carrington
academy need look no further
than him for an example.
But as Wenger admitted,
Fabregas has struggled with
the pressure of trying to lead
Arsenal to their rst piece of
silverware since 2005. He and
his team-mates would benet
from a bit of know-how.
Speaking about the role of
his ageing stars, Ferguson said:
Scholes, Giggs and Neville are
the living proof for the young
players that Uniteds system
allows players educated at the
club to get success. There is a
lot of experience among the
backroom team, which provides
a calming inuence. Two or
three of the older players help
too. The likes of Giggs, Scholes,
Rio Ferdinand and Edwin van
der Sar have got the experience
to handle any situation.
In the wake of the 2-1 defeat
by Bolton, Wenger conceded
his defence was not
commanding enough. But he
allowed William Gallas to leave
because he refused to offer him
more than a one-year contract
as he is the wrong side of 30.
That particular stance is
made all the more confusing
when you also consider Wenger
has brought back Sol Campbell
and Jens Lehmann on short-
term deals recently and allowed
Thierry Henry and Robert Pires
to train with his players,
highlighting their experience
and winning mentalities as a
positive inuence.
Ray Parlour was part of three
title-winning Arsenal teams
and believes the current
squad would have
beneted from one
or two older,
wiser heads.
in any team
is important
when the
going gets
tough, said
who have
done it all
before nd
it easier to
do it again.
A generation
of winners
left Arsenal
in a short
space of time
Vieira, Pires,
Bergkamp and
Robert Pires
is maybe the
one who was
allowed to go
too soon; he
could have
helped those
younger players.
Arsenal would
have won the
title this year
if they had a
Tony Adams
In Aaron
Ramsey, Jack
Wilshere and
Theo Walcott,
Wenger knows
that he has
y oungs t e r s
who could be
fl ag-bearers
for success
in the way
that Scholes and
Giggs have been. This
team has been
educated and grown up
together, he said.
They are very
young. The biggest
achievement for them
will be to win together.
Wenger may believe he
has the prettier wife. But
Fergie has beneted from
learning that age and
beauty are not mutually
exclusive attractions.
Wenger as
it all goes
wrong again
for Arsenal
Chelsea to put break on Spurs
Champions League and then you are not able
to, the next year it will be more difcult to
attract players to your team. When you have
had the smell of the Champions League, you
want to play in it every time.
Chelsea are one of the clubs snifng around
Tottenhams talented squad should that
fourth place prove elusive, with Gareth Bale
on their radar. There have also been rumblings
about Luka Modric, Niko Kranjcar and Peter
Crouch heading elsewhere. But Ancelotti
believes Redknapp can steer Spurs back to
that elite level of competition and also backs
him as a future England manager.
Italian Ancelotti, who would like to return
to manage his national side one day, said:
Harry has the ability, skill and experience to
manage the England team in the future. I
have seen his teams play with good
organisation. He has a very good relationship
with his players.
Ancelotti will decide today whether to pair
Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres, who
broke his scoring duck for the club last
Saturday, or go with Drogba alone, leaving the
50 million newcomer on the bench.
United have
men who have
won before
Maybe we lacked a Paul or a Ryan
FABREGAS: Pressure
SCHOLES: Wise head
Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011 87
mid-season comments about
Arsenal being more of a
nishing school for young
players than a silverware-
winning club appear to have
been vindicated.
But as Manchester United prepare
to administer the last rites on another
trophyless season at the Emirates,
Evra had no wish to reopen the
debate about the Gunners failings.
He preferred instead to focus on
what makes United serial winners,
revealing that every player who pulls
on the shirt is aware they are carrying
the burden of the clubs history.
After a week when a drama on the
death of the Busby Babes in the
Munich disaster and a tribute to
Sir Bobby Charltons exemplary
career have been screened on TV,
that responsibility has been brought
into even sharper focus.
And Evra says the need to live up
to the deeds of their illustrious
predecessors at Old Trafford fuels
the collective determination and
instils the spirit that makes United
such a force season after season,
helping them pull games out of the
re time and again.
I dont know why Arsenal have
faltered, said Evra, this is not my
business. My business is Manchester
United. We just have a strong spirit, a
strong mentality. Every time we pull
on the shirt we respect the history of
the club. It doesnt matter if we play
well or bad we have to keep at it
100 per cent. Thats what Manchester
United do every year.
I dont say it because Im playing
for United, but its amazing. When
you arrive here they tell you the story,
you watch it on DVD and you learn.
Every young lad who comes here
has to do that; when you know that
story of the club, you play with more
You know that every time you get
that shirt you have to do your job
because of the people who have
played before you did and you have
to do the same. United not only hold
the upper hand over Arsenal when it
comes to winning trophies but also in
their meetings over the past four
Of the 11 matches in all
competitions played, United have
won eight, drawn two and lost only
one, twice ending the Gunners hopes
in the FA Cup as well as beating them
in the Champions League semi-nals
two years ago.
But Evra is wary Arsene Wengers
team will be desperate to end that
sequence tomorrow, not only to
keep their faint title hopes
ickering but also to vent some of
their frustration at the way a
season that promised so much
has imploded so spectacularly
in the past two months.
Arsenal will play like they
have nothing to lose and they
will be very dangerous, said
Evra, who has made more
appearances than any other
United player this season: 44
out of 54 rst-team games.
You have to fear the
wounded animal. It is all or
nothing for Arsenal, so that is a
danger. After losing at Bolton, they
will want to show their fans they can
still win the title. We have a good
record at Arsenal, but statistics can
change so quickly.
Everyone used to say how Arsenal
kept losing to Chelsea and then they
beat them. We kept losing at Stamford
Bridge but then we won there in the
Champions League quarter-nals.
Our record at the Emirates will
hurt Arsenal and they will want to do
something about it.
United need only seven points from
their last four xtures to be sure of
clinching a record 19th league title.
They could afford to lose tomorrow
and still not have to panic.
But Evra wants to leave nothing
to chance. He knows a win at the
Emirates will kill off Arsenals
aspirations and leave Chelsea clinging
to the unlikely hope that United suffer
a collapse of Devon Loch proportions
in their nal three games.
Sunday is a massive game for us,
he said. It is a great opportunity.
There is still a lot of pressure on us. If
Chelsea beat Tottenham and we lose,
Chelsea will only be three points
behind and they have to come to
Manchester. But if we can win at
Arsenal we can go and win the title.
Dimitar Berbatov is t again after
missing two games with a groin strain
but Darren Fletcher, who has been
out for two months recovering from
a virus, is unlikely to play, despite
coming through 45 minutes in the
reserves on Thursday.
By Frank Wiechula
Scholes apart
Sandro up for a samba reunion
Past makes
the present
IT will be a battle
between the Boys
from Brazil at
Stamford Bridge
tonight as Chelsea
and Tottenham go
head to head.
And Spurs
midelder Sandro
will be aiming to
get one over his
pals and compatriots,
defender David Luiz
and midelder Ramires,
who have helped him t
in so seamlessly to life
on and off the pitch in
There could be ve
Brazilians involved,
with Spurs keeper
Heurelho Gomes and
Chelsea defender Alex,
while Ramires is hoping
to shake off a hamstring
Twenty-one games
after making his debut,
tough-tackling Sandro
has come of age in
English football.
Sandro, 22, smiles
broadly when asked
about Luiz and Ramires,
saying: They come
around to my house and
I go to theirs. Its all very
relaxed. We eat nice
Brazilian food and I enjoy
being around them. They
have helped me to settle
in England.
For David and I it has
been very easy to adapt
to this league because
they play such fantastic
football. It is one of the
best in the world.
If you work hard
enough then you can
settle in very quickly. I
like the life, I like the
football and I am just
hoping we can win the
last few games that will
take us to a Champions
League spot.
The last time
Tottenham won at
Chelsea, in 1990 in the
old First Division,
Sandro was still a month
shy of his rst birthday.
It was a long time ago,
but I hope I can make
history, he said.
Sandro is sure to start,
as Tom Huddlestone is
struggling with an ankle
problem and it is the
sort of battle he relishes.
Even when I was at
Internacional in Brazil,
they said I was an
English-style player, he
said. Its wonderful I
have come to Tottenham
to play this kind of
I want to stay here. I
want to improve my
English and now that
the sun is out it feels like
I am in Brazil.
Spurs boss Harry
Redknapp will get
another close look at
Chelsea powerhouse
Didier Drogba, the
striker he would love to
buy this summer.
Acquiring a top
marksman is a priority
over the summer and
Redknapp said: They
are difcult to nd and
big money but if your
ambitions are high, you
have got to be up there.
We have been looking
for people all around
the world, but not for
Evra, right,
and Wayne
Rooney are
closing in
on the title
to hurt
VIDIC: Superb season
going to be easy games
for Arsenal or Chelsea
If we get a point at
Arsenal its certainly not
the worst point you will
get, but we are certainly
not going there looking
for a point.
Two months ago
everybody was looking
at these two matches
coming up Arsenal and
Chelsea as title
deciders. And they
probably are.
The slant I seemed to
be getting was that
Arsenal and Chelsea
were expecting to win
these games. But my
view is, Why cant we
win these two matches?
The form we are in
means we have a chance
of doing that.
United will be
expected to pick up
maximum points from
their last two matches,
at relegation-threatened
Blackburn and then
Blackpool at home.
But Ferguson
predicted more twists
and turns as they bid to
move past the record of
18 titles they share with
bitter rivals Liverpool.
Theres still drama
ahead, he added. The
teams at the top will
drop points, including
But at the start of the
season if you were
offered the chance to
win your last game to
win the title, you would
take that, even though
Blackpool will be
ghting against
relegation and will be
difcult opponents.
I have been a bit
surprised that Arsenals
challenge has tailed off.
Chelsea are the dark
horses in the sense that
people seemed to think
they were out of it. But
I thought they had the
easier run-in and are
now on our coat-tails.
I am not interested in
other teams though. We
have enough to do in
motivating our players.
United have lost only
one out of 11 encounters
with the Gunners but, if
they win, it will be their
rst away victory of the
season against a team in
the top half.
Nemanja Vidic has
starred for United in
defence and will relish
his battle with Arsenal
striker Robin van Persie.
88 Daily Express Saturday April 30 2011
cant wait
for the ght
Fergie aiming
to make top
rivals suffer
Pressure too much for Fabregas, says Wenger
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By Richard Tanner
SIR Alex Ferguson has
challenged his players
to wrap up a record
19th title in style by
beating both Arsenal
and Chelsea.
Manchester Uniteds six-
point lead means they could
afford to take only one point
from back-to-back matches
with their title rivals and still
nish top.
But though Ferguson
would be happy to see the
race go to the last game of
the season, he would prefer
United to end it all in a grand
manner and as quickly as
possible by winning at
Arsenal tomorrow and then
beating Chelsea to clinch
the trophy at Old Trafford.
He said: They are not
easy games for us but it isnt
ARSENE WENGER has claimed Cesc
Fabregas buckled under the weight of
trying to carry Arsenals trophy hopes
on his young shoulders this season.
And Wenger conceded Spain midelder
Fabregas, right, is growing increasingly
frustrated at Arsenal, having now gone
six years without winning any silverware.
Barcelona are set to make another
summer move for 40million-rated
Fabregas, who has also attracted the
interest of Inter Milan. Yet he will not
make any decisions over his future until
the end of the season and is keen to
hear Wengers spending plans.
But, having seen Fabregas suffer with
injury and struggle to reproduce his best
form, Wenger believes the 23-year-old
has put himself under too much pressure.
It is a heavy burden, too much at his
age, said Wenger. But hes the captain
and Robin van Persie is vice-captain,
and they put a lot of pressure on
themselves. It is self-inicted.
Fabregas landed himself in hot water for
shouting, How much have you been
paid? at fourth ofcial Kevin Wright in
the game against Everton and was
accused of gamesmanship by Wigan boss
Roberto Martinez. He also appeared to
question Arsenals direction by claiming
they must decide whether they want to
win trophies or develop young players.
However, Wenger has not considered
taking the armband from him and is
condent he will mature as a leader.
Once things go well, he will grow
with the pressure, he said. Every
difculty in life will make you stronger,
especially when you have a strong
Asked whether he will look to sign
experienced players to take some of the
heat off Fabregas, Wenger added: We
will try to go as well as we can until the
end of the season and go from there.
By Matt Law
break it
to Spurs
believes the
Tottenham side could
break up if they fail
to get into the
Champions League
again next season.
Ancelottis Chelsea
team can knock a
huge hole in Spurs
ambitions if they beat
them at Stamford
Bridge tonight. But in
a London derby key
for both teams, Harry
Redknapps men
could also kill off
Chelseas title hopes.
After a magical rst
Champions League
campaign this season
that ended at the
quarter-nal stage a
fortnight ago, Spurs
take on Chelsea this
evening four points off
the fourth qualifying
Chelsea, on the
other hand, go in
search of an eighth
win in their last nine
league games and the
chance to close the
gap on Manchester
United at the top to
just three points
before the leaders
meet Arsenal
tomorrow. If they fail
to win, the chase
could be over.
Rarely has so much
been at stake in one
league game between
these two old rivals,
on a ground where
Spurs have not won
since February 1990.
Ancelotti said: It
will be more difcult
for Spurs and every
team at this level if
they nish outside
the top four. When
you have played in
the last eight of the
By Tony Banks