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A Study on Employees Health and Safety Measures in Footwear Industry-with special reference to Sara Soule Pvt. Ltd.

, Bangalore
1) Name 2) Age 3) Gender 4) Qualification 5) Department 6) Designation 7) Experience : : : : : : : 20-25yrs Male SSLC Service Department Assistant Below1 yrs. Executive 1-3 yrs 25-30yrs Female PUC /DIPLOMA DEGREE PG 30-35yrs 36-40yrs Above 40yrs

Production Department Senior Executives 4-6yrs Assistant Manager 7-10 yrs Manager 11yrs & Above

Please tick mark () the relevant answer as provided against each question. HEALTH:

Questions A)Cleanliness: 1. Whether your workplace has been maintained in an adequately clean condition? 2. Whether your work place is free from the obstructions? 3. Whether the things like files, documents and carton boxes are neatly arranged and properly managed? 4. Whether your work environment is free from dust,fumes and other effluents? B)Waste Management: 5. Whether your company maintaining any chemical management plants/process? 6. Whether your company having separate waste dumping area? 7. Whether adequate dustbins are provided in your environment? C)Ventilations and Temperature: 8. Whether your workplace temperature /humidity are comfortable to work? 9. Whether your work environment has adequate/ sufficient ventilations? D)Lighting: 10. Whether your work place has sufficient lighting facility? 11. Whether the company properly replaces the damaged /non-working lights? 12. Are you satisfied with the work place lighting facilities? 13. Whether your workplace emergency lights are working properly?

a. Yes

b. No

E)Fencing of Machinery: 14. Does your workplace have proper fencing for the machines? 15. Are all the dangerous parts of the machines are guarded as fully as possible? 16. Whether all the dangerous machines are properly fenced? F)Safety / Security: 17. Are you aware of the safety policies, rules and regulations? 18. Are you aware of the security procedures? 19. Whether your workplace is safe enough? 20. Whether you are aware of display boards? 21. Whether the safety training has been imparted in the company? 22. Whether the safety instructions/notices have been displayed? 23. Whether safe assembly lines are identified? 24. Do you have a safety officer in the company? 25. Whether there is any regular inspection by the safety officer? G)Precautions in case of fire: 26. Whether sufficient fire extinguishers are provided? 27. Whether the management is conducting training program on fire aid and fire fighting? 28. Whether the management is conducting fire mock drill? 29. Do you have the knowledge of training of how to use the fire extinguishers? 30. Whether the emergency exits are provided? 31. Whether emergency contact numbers has been displayed? 32. Whether the fire alarms are in the place and working properly? 33. Whether the safety evacuation maps/plans has been displayed? 34. Whether the safe exit routes are marked? H)Medical Facility: 35. Whether the company provides the adequate medical facility? 36. Are you aware of the first aid boxes and its usages? I)Machine Maintenance: 37. Whether there is any regular machine inspections are taken by the company? 38. Whether the machineries are regularly maintained?

J)Work Environment: 39. Whether the environment is clean and hygiene? 40. Whether any regular meetings /programs were conducted by HSE committee for health and safety? 41. Whether you are aware of the HSE committee? 42. Whether the HSE committee is functioning effectively? Suggestions: 43. What are the factors that make you happy to work in this company? 1 2 3 44. What are the factors that need to be improved or chanced regarding the health and safety? 1.... 2.... 3 45. Any changes to be made in the environment for more comfortable situation? 1.. 2...... 3... THANK YOU!!!