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April 6, 2009

Two hearts joined together forever, February, 28th, 2009!

‘Till He is welcomed there, to help avert

New Beginnings defeat.
Our Vision
In homes where God is first, It’s obvious to (Deepening our walk with Christ by raising
“Ní furasta ach oiread corda trí dhual a see, a godly family and serving Him in foreign
bhriseadh.” (“…threefold cord is not quickly Those unions really work, for marriage still missions)
broken” Eccl. 4:12.) takes three.
MARRIAGE TAKES THREE Indeed, Christ is our third strand to While missions have been on both our
We once thought marriage took just two to secure our lives together. We just hearts since a young age, Kevin received
make a go, celebrated our one-month anniversary his call to Ireland at the age of fourteen.
But we are convinced, it takes the Lord also. He hardly knew anything about Ireland
together! These days, we have been
And not one marriage fails, where Christ is or the needs there, but his heart burned
asked to enter, enjoying learning more how we each
think and what best communicates love to see lost souls won in that land. Also,
As two come together, with Jesus as the center.
and respect to one another. The Lord has Darleen, having lived with her family on
But marriage seldom thrives, and homes are
incomplete, blessed us in far more ways than we can the mission field, strongly desired to
ever recount. serve God in foreign missions to which
Prayer Requests Praises she prayed God would direct her to. It
has been beautiful to see how God has
• That our marriage would grow in love • God uniting our lives together to better brought us together for the purpose of
and respect for one another. serve Him. serving Him together with a vision for
• That we will make wise use of every • God’s provision to provide us a debt free Ireland.
moment as we train for the mission field, trailer home, which has allowed us to
and have wisdom to know what training save up to 50% of our income into
we should pursue. savings for future mission work: raising Send the Light
• That God we make us a channel of His a godly family and going to Ireland! Ireland is much like the rest of
love. • For the generous love and support given Europe – lost in complete darkness.
• That God would raise up godly leaders in by our friends and family to us as a We often have the mistaken notion
Ireland to reach the world. Pray for couple. We thank you!
that Europe is already evangelized
Ireland, especially for County Waterford
and Wexford this month of April. and
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places like Africa or Asia are the “dark” continents; A Saint’s Confession
however, in fact, both Africa and Asia have far more “I am, then, first of all, countryfied, an exile, evidently
professing Christians than Europe has had in a long unlearned, one who is not able to see into the future,
time. Europe is a post-modernistic society that is but I know for certain, that before I was humbled I was
“darker” than the dark ages. Ireland is no exception. like a stone lying in deep mire, and He that is mighty
The churches are fragmented and struggling against came and in His mercy raised me up and, indeed, lifted
odds for survival. Whole regions and towns have me high up and placed me on top of the wall. And from
absolutely no evangelical influence. there I ought to shout out in gratitude to the Lord for
His great favours in this world and for ever, that the
Our vision, as God has given, is to see Ireland return to mind of man cannot measure.”
its glorious
heritage. - Saint Patrick, St. Patrick’s Confession, Paragraph 12.
Ireland has
one of the
histories of
influence on Kilarny Bay, by Kevin Weston 2005
Europe and
the world. God has a plan for Ireland and the Irish
people. We believe God still wants to influence the
world through that tiny nation, and, by the grace of
God, save a remnant from that land. Nonetheless, this
can only be done by people committed to the service Kevin & Darleen with their parents.
of our Lord – those who are willing to live a holy and
consecrated life. This is why we desperately crave The Crock-Pot Mystery
your prayers, for us and for our Irish people. God
We wanted to express our gratefulness to all who
needs people like you who are willing to get down on
made our wedding
their knees in prayer and beg God for lost souls. Will
day such a
you join us today in this endeavor?
memorable event.
Your love was felt
Ireland Prayer Targets and received. We
Throughout this were astonished by
year, we’re your kindness
planning on expressed by your words, your gifts and your acts of
praying for the service. Thank you for giving.
counties of
Ireland. Please Among all the generous gifts, we received a family
join us to pray for size crock-pot. The giver is unknown, as the card was
these two Irish misplaced away from the gift. If you know who may
counties: WATERFORD have given us this gift, we would love to express our
Waterford and gratefulness to them.
Wexford. They are
both located in the
southern coast of
Ireland, east of Cork. Pray for the Irish Church to have In the Service of our LORD,
purpose and vision in raising up believers committed
to holiness in Christ.