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arnav shows off his love

Arnav shows off his lover side in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

So far one could only see the mighty businessman in the angry young man, Arnav Singh Rayzada (Barun Sobti). However, the recent episodes of Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon have introduced all to the adoring lover that exists in him. The track of the show has come to a dramatic level where Dadi's (Swati Chitnis) question over Khushi's (Sanaya Irani) dignity led to Arnav-Khushi's remarriage. Apparently, this track was something longed by every lover of the show. After all, who doesn't wish to see the leads in a daily getting married with all pomp and show! However, like their love, the wedding too is gonna face many tricky twists and turns. On one hand there is Shyam (Abhaas Mehta), who is hell bent on not letting this marriage take place. While on the other end there is the mysterious connection of Khushi's mom Garima and Dadi. Last we saw the shagun of Arnav and Khushi taking place wherein Garima avoided meeting Dadi by heading off to the market in order to get medicine for her husband. This did irk Dadi but the ceremony took place amidst joy, which was doubled when Arnav made his surprise entry. Despite being warned by Dadi not to meet the bride

before wedding, Arnav made it to Khushi's house with his own set of logic. Coming episodes will now focus on the other ceremonies due, starting off with roka. Here the drama will see some high points as Garima is discerned of facing Dadiji. She is finding out ways of debarring any confrontation with her which sounds a bit impractical here when it's about the roka ceremony. Meanwhile, Arnav is leaving no chance of proving his love to Khushi and is seen hovering around her breaking all norms. Just hope that the lover in him keeps Khushi guarded against all odds and evil schemes! Source: TSK

A Talk Wid Barun Sobti "When I auditioned, I gave three different kinds of 'look' tests and everyone vouched for my look and said, 'This is the character we are looking for.' Getting the role was a huge challenge and clicking on the very first take brought about a feeling of exhilaration. The serial is a big hit because its storyline is very close to reality. Men do have this quality of trying to overshadow a woman. Every common man can identify with the character I am portraying," says Sobti. "I'm not a trained actor. I just felt like going for an audition and so I turned up for this role," adds Barun. Having said that, I really do not know what profession I would be pursuing if I was not an actor."

He likes to be grounded; does not have any airs. "When I was struggling people from the industry did not give me any bhav. No one was keen on giving me a role. The same people now have a different attitude and those who hesitated to give me work are open to working with me . I know this vicious circle has to be experienced by one and all." He and Sanaya Irani, who plays Khushi, make a great on-screen pair. "Yes, both of us fit the characters. Khushi's exuberant performance has made our pair click on screen. Both of us have worked sincerely. There is no doubt the serial's spectacular because of the strong script. The story, scripting, and performances, all together have made this serial so impressive," he adds. Talking about his other interests, Barun says, "I like listening to music. Reading books too keeps me busy. But I am shooting 12 hours a day, I have no time to sleep. As and when I get time, I love to catch up on sleep. Also, since I am married, I need to set aside a little time for my wife. She is very co-operative and we share a great relationship." To his legions of female fans, he says, "I'm flattered but sorry, I am a happily married man." Barun has also bagged a film role, will he quit TV if that clicks? "Yes, I've got a role in Main Aur Mr Riight. I play a wannabe actor. I'm not sure about my future so can't say now whether I will continue working for the small screen or not. I take life as it comes. I am not 60 years old to bother about my future; I just like to go with the flow." And now, with the new twist in the show, the return of the wicked villian Shaam, will the lead characters get married or will there be more rona-dhona? "A story with twists and turns is a big hit. I know nothing about the future script, we shoot for the day," he says. credit: facebook page "arnav singh raizada"

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