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PRUDENT PRINCESS: Kate steps out in a High Street dress at the weekend



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FURY erupted last night after a European Union plot to carve up Britain by setting up a cross-Channel region was exposed.
Senior Tories condemned plans to merge southern England and northern France into a


Brussels chiefs have already earmarked millions of pounds for lavish projects designed to give the zone its own identity. Schemes include a 7.6million

territory called Arc Manche complete with its own ag.

cross-Channel network of cycle paths, a 2million travelling exhibition of contemporary artworks and even a bizarre international tour by circus clowns costing 5.5million. Tory Cabinet Minister Eric Pickles yesterday revealed details

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Daily Express Monday May 2 2011









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PRINCE William and his new bride return to life as a working service couple tomorrow, four days after a wedding that enchanted the world. William, now the Duke of Cambridge, will be back on duty as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot after a three-day break in the countryside with his wife. Kate, now the Duchess of Cambridge, is expected to spend the next few days at their rented farmhouse in North Wales. She will be writing thank you letters to family, friends and all the organisations that made their wedding a day of pride for Britain. It will be back to Earth with a bump for both of them after a spectacular wedding ceremony and glittering parties at Buckingham Palace. It was rather a good do, wasnt it? Kate said in a beautifully understated reaction to the day. Aides said the couple had decided some weeks ago that they would delay a foreign honeymoon and go back to the life they love on the Isle of Anglesey. Its got nothing to do with security or media interest in their honeymoon. It was just a personal choice, said one. William, 28, booked two weeks off but it is understood he had already taken some of that leave prior to the wedding. St Jamess Palace is refusing to say when he and Kate will use up the rest of his annual leave and go on their honeymoon abroad. A senior aide said the couple had not even told some of their closest advisers where they planned to go. All they

North West: It will be a dry day with clear East Anglia: A dry and fine day with skies and lots of spring sunshine. Fresh plenty of bright sunshine. Fresh easterly winds. High 16C (61F). northeasterly winds. High 14C (57F). Northern Ireland: A dry and fine day with London/South East: A dry day with blue lengthy spells of spring sunshine. Brisk skies and long spells of sunshine. Strong easterly winds. High 16C (61F). northeasterly winds. High 17C (63F). Wales: Any showers in the south will South: Another dry day, with clear blue move away to leave it fine with lots of skies and lots of sunshine. Fresh easterly sunshine. High 18C (64F). winds. High 17C (63F). Midlands: A dry day with clear skies and South West: Any showers will become lengthy spells of bright sunshine. Fresh confined to Cornwall. Otherwise, fine. easterly winds. High 16C (61F). Brisk easterly winds. High 17C (63F). North East/Yorks: It will be dry and sunny. Channel Isles: Bright with hazy sunshine, Feeling cool along the coast though. but also a few blustery showers. Strong Moderate easterly winds. High 13C (55F). easterly winds. High 17C (63F). Scotland: A chilly start. Then, largely dry Sea: North Sea: Moderate. Irish Sea: with lots of sunshine and clear blue skies. Moderate. Channel: Moderate. Gentle winds. High 17C (63F). UK OUTLOOK TOMORROW: After a chilly start, it will be dry with lengthy spells of spring sunshine. Cooler than recently, especially along North Sea coasts.

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Prince Philip, who celebrates his 90th birthday next month, was still in the driving seat as he arrived with the Queen for the Sunday service at Sandringham Church in Norfolk yesterday
before going on their rst overseas tour to Canada next month. Before that, they are expected to attend a number of events with other Royals. Kate, 29, may make her debut at a glittering Buckingham Palace state banquet for US President Barack Obama in a few weeks. She is also expected to join William at the Royal Familys celebrations for Prince Philips 90th birthday on June 10 and Trooping the Colour on the Queens ofcial birthday the next day. Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday the wedding made people feel very proud to be British. He told BBC1s Andrew Marr Show: Sitting there in Westminster Abbey, you felt you were part of some extraordinary fairytale.

have said is that they want to go somewhere hot, somewhere theyve never been before and somewhere thats a young persons destination, he added. Resorts in the running include Africa, or an African island, Australias Great Barrier Reef or a private island in the Caribbean. In the meantime, the couple have vowed to continue life as normally as possible. They have no plans to take on any extra staff, even to help with what is expected to be a mountain of letters, particularly from charities asking for Kates patronage. Senior staff in the Royal Household have also said it is unlikely that Kates sister Pippa, 27, will become her lady-in-waiting. One pointed out that Prince Charless wife Camilla does not have ladies-in-waiting, although she does have two private secretaries who perform a similar role. The couple are likely to undertake a couple of royal engagements in Britain

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New Moon 3 May

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HRH title is given to Wills: I wont be a Princess Catherine drain on taxpayers

PRINCE Williams new bride has been given the HRH title denied his mother after her divorce. But she will have to wait to ofcially become his Princess. Royal sources suggest William would have liked the Queen to have given Kate the rare privilege of allowing her to be styled Princess Catherine. But he is happy to settle for being Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. But in a rare concession, palace ofcials declared that, although Kate does not have the rank of a Princess, the Queen accepts the public will want to call her that and is relaxed about it. A palace spokesman said: The title is in the gift of the Queen and there is no automatic right to anyone who is not in the blood line becoming a Princess.
PRINCE William has promised that he and Kate will not be an extra burden on taxpayers. They will take only travel costs and ofce maintenance from the Crown Estate, which will be used to fund the Royal Familys ofcial duties from 2013. William and Kate plan to run their ofcial life under the umbrella of Prince Charless household, with a handful of dedicated staff in London, paid for by Charless Duchy of Cornwall estate. Williams income is thought to add up to around 1.6million a year, with his 37,170 salary as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot, a hefty allowance from his father and around 300,000 investment income from the 6.5million his mother Princess Diana left him.


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Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Kate nifty at being thrifty

(She looks fab in 50 dress and old shoes)
SHE may be on cloud nine now but these pictures show that the newest member of the royal family still has her feet rmly on the ground. On Friday Kate Middleton dazzled the world in a designer wedding gown. But just a day later, she stepped out of Buckingham Palace in a simple dress from Zara, which sells for just 49.99. Whats more, she coupled the cornower-blue outt, left, with shoes she bought last year. The black patent wedges were purchased at LK Bennett for 129 and she wore them for a Kings Road shopping trip the day before her wedding. The modest outt speaks volumes about Kates relaxed personality and admirable girl-next-door style. Though she is now one of the most photographed women in the world, her choice of clothes has proven her credentials as the new Peoples Princess. Her stunning ivory lace wedding dress was created especially for her by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. As a future Queen, she could have taken her pick of designers for the honeymoon period and beyond. Instead she chose to

spend her rst day in a dress from the Spanish-owned chain store with branches in 80 countries. The dry-clean only sleeveless garment has trendy pleats and a nipped-in waist. The colour is also similar to that of the Issa dress she wore when she and William announced their engagement. To complete the outt, she wore a simple black jacket, which made her look effortlessly stylish. Her husband also kept things smart-casual, walking on to the Palace lawn in chinos, blazer and an open shirt. Kates choice will prove to be a huge boost to the High Street fashion market as the polyester dress has already sold out online. Claire Brayford, the Daily Express deputy fashion editor, believes it has added to her appeal and made her a very credible style ambassador. She said: Its not often that you nd someone so high prole dressing from the High Street but I think that has added to her appeal. Her look is so attainable.


Kates black wedges on Thursday





THE poses are almost identical. The regal backdrop is again Buckingham Palace and the comparisons are spooky. One of the

ofcial photographs from William and Kates marriage, by Hugo Burnand, shows the newlyweds surrounded by pageboys

and bridesmaids. In 1981, a similar picture, a little more informal, was taken of Prince Charles and Diana by Patrick Licheld.

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

PRINCE Harry delivered a hilarious best mans speech wearing a fez but also found time to pay touching tributes to his brother and his late mother, it emerged yesterday. The third-in-line to the throne teased elder brother Prince William mercilessly, particularly about his bald patch, during a momentous night of partying at a black-tie dinner and dance inside Buckingham Palace. But he left William close to tears when he bared his soul and evoked their mothers memory. I know how much she would have liked to be here. Mother would have been so proud of you, Harry said, echoing the compliment and saying: Ive always tried to be the best brother to you that I could. He told the guests, all close friends and family, that William was the perfect brother. What a dude, he said, launching into anecdotes about his brothers antics with air ries and naked escapades at St Andrews University. In a high-pitched voice, he mimicked Kate, cooing down the phone at her Billy. He had everyone crying with laughter, said one guest. It was perhaps the greatest party ever seen at Buckingham Palace. Around 300 danced the night away after a sumptuous meal cooked by celebrity chef Anton Mosimann. Guests included trusted friends, young men like Tom Inskip, Prince Harrys best pal and Williams close friend Jecca Craig. There were reworks, a live band led by pop star Ellie Goulding, and later the

Joker Harry, still clutching a microphone, heads home in the early hours

Two of Williams old ames, Rosie Ruck Keene, above, and Lady Rose Astor, below, leave the party on Friday



Buckingham Palace Throne Room was transformed into a nightclub. The rst dance was Gouldings version of Elton Johns Your Song and the last was The Beatles She Loves You. The guests were seated 10 to a table with royalty deliberately mixed in with commoners to emphasise the egalitarian feel of the evening. Each of the 30 tables was given a name special to the couple, ranging from St Andrews, where they went to university to Lewa Downs, the Kenyan game reserve where William proposed to Kate. Kate, the woman who that morning had transformed from commoner to Duchess of Cambridge, was wearing a strapless white satin dress evening dress with a circle skirt and a diamante embroidered detail around the waist. She also wore an angora bolero cardigan. The couple were joined by their immediate family members although the Queen and Prince Philip had left after the afternoon palace reception for 650 guests and headed off to Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate to leave the younger ones to party. Kates father, Michael Middleton, 61, spoke movingly about his daughter and joked about the time William landed a helicopter in his garden and nearly blew his roof off. I knew things were getting serious when I found a Chinook in my garden. I thought, Gosh, he must like my daughter, he said. I did wonder then how William was going to top this if they ever got engaged. I just thought, What will he do? You cant get much better than that and we are certainly not used to princes landing helicopters in the garden.

Princes William and Harry, right, arrive at Westminster Abbey for the wedding on Friday. Harry later spoke lovingly of his dude of a brother

So, Chelsy, do you fancy being next?

ALL eyes are now on Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy to be next down the aisle. The loved-up couple partied the night away at Prince Williams reception at Buckingham Palace on Friday and at least one guest said Harry made a joke hinting at a proposal to his Zimbabwean girlfriend. Chelsy, 25, left the bash with Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice in an ofcial car, pictured right. Earlier on the Palace balcony, Prince William had turned to his younger brother and said: Youre next Harry.

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THE Royal Wedding was one of the most watched events in British TV history with more than 25 million people tuning in. The BBC proved the nations favourite, with some 20 million viewers 70 per cent of the TV audience choosing it to watch William and Kate Middleton marry to become Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The channel claimed 17.5 million watched as Kate arrived at Westminster Abbey. This gure nearly doubled, to 34 million, as viewers turned on to watch at least one part of the channels Royal Wedding coverage, including those watching the

ceremony on the BBC iPlayer. Deputy director general Mark Byford, who led the BBCs coverage said: We are delighted so many people celebrated with us. The gures mean Kate and Williams wedding joins Princess Dianas funeral and her marriage to Prince Charles in the top 10 most-watched programmes ever list. It joins the 1966 World Cup Final which drew 32 million viewers, Princess Dianas funeral in 1997 at 32.1million and the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana at 28.4 million. ITV claimed four million viewers on the day while Sky News recorded 661,000.

KATE Middleton followed in the footsteps of the late Queen Mother yesterday as her bridal bouquet was laid on the grave of an unknown warrior. In a touching tribute to Britains war dead, the Duchess of Cambridges bouquet, containing British lily of the valley owers, was placed on the grave of the unknown soldier killed in the First World War. Located at the nave in the west end of Westminster Abbey, the grave now a memorial for all war dead is one of the Abbeys most sacred places upon which congregations are not allowed to walk. The tradition began in 1923 when the

Queen Mother laid her own bouquet on the memorial, following her wedding to the Duke of York, later King George VI. She laid it in memory of her brother Fergus, a young ofcer killed on the Western Front in 1915. The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, was the only other royal bride to lay her bouquet on the tomb after marrying Prince Andrew in July 1986. The grave was the idea of the Rev David Railton, a First World War chaplain. He wrote to the Dean of Westminster suggesting honouring those whose bodies were never found or identied and the soldiers body was returned from France. ***slip

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

Prenup ruled out by William and Kate
PRINCE William has insisted he married for love and that he refused to sign a prenuptial agreement prior to his wedding. It has been claimed that he was advised some sort of legal agreement might be a good idea. For weeks before the wedding, rumours were circulating that a London law rm was negotiating a deal between the couple to avoid the possibility of huge nancial problems for the Royal Family in the event of a divorce. But palace ofcials have insisted that William and Kate ruled any deal out. They say they are not even sure if the couple ever really discussed the idea in real detail. All I can tell you is there no prenuptial agreement in this marriage, said one courtier. The issue is a delicate one for the Royal Family. Prince Williams mother Diana, Princess of Wales, secured a 17million divorce settlement in 1996. In contrast, the Duchess of York has claimed she got zero when she and Prince Andrew were divorced in the same year, although it has since been reported that she and her daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, received 3million. Patrick Jephson, a former private secretary to Diana, was among those

After the fairytale, Michael Middleton goes back to mowing the lawn and checking his gateposts yesterday

What a difference 48 hours makes...

JUST 48 hours earlier he was standing alongside Prince Charles and the Queen on the most famous balcony in the world gazing down at more than a million upturned faces in The Mall. But yesterday, only two days after walking his daughter Kate Middleton up the aisle of Westminster Abbey to marry into the


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Royal Family, it was back to more mundane tasks for Michael Middleton. Looking relaxed in jeans and boots, the 61-year-old set about mowing his lawn, climbing on top of his ride-on mower at the family home in Bucklebury, Berkshire.

Earlier he had nipped into the village to buy newspapers and groceries at Peaches Store. Locals said he seemed at ease with the media attention his family have been receiving. He didnt bat an eye when a stream of well-wishers turned up to the house yesterday, eager to catch a glimpse of the family.


K_\IfpXc=Xd`cpn`cc Y\_fg`e^`k[f\jefk \e[lg`ek_\Zflikj

who urged the couple to sign an agreement. He said: There will be a tidal wave of sentimental slush, but youve got to be practical. If she we were my sister Id tell her to get a good prenup. Its such a public thing. If they dont get this one right, whats going to happen to the institution in the long run? Prenuptial agreements have become increasingly fashionable in the royal houses of Europe. When Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden one of the wedding guests on Friday married Daniel Westling last year, it was reported that the couple had legal agreements drawn up to protect her family fortune. Couples in Britain have long drawn up similar agreements but until last year they were not legally enforceable under English law. All that changed, however, with the case of German heiress Katrin Radmacher and her French husband Nicolas Granatino, a former investment banker. The Supreme Court upheld her right to have their 1998 prenuptial agreement protecting her 106million fortune recognised as legally valid. The Royal Familys advisers will be hoping, of course, that William and Kates marriage does not end up in the courts.

Kates mother Carole and father Michael stand on the balcony either side of Prince Charles, behind their daughter and next to William and The Queen



250,000 poorer but so proud and happy

THEY are at least 250,000 poorer following the weekends lavish royal wedding. But yesterday, the Middleton family seemed to have lost none of their happy glow. Pottering about the family home Kates parents, Michael and Carole, and siblings James and Pippa, were still on a post-party high. Pippa, 27, one of the stars of Fridays festivities, beamed as she was driven from the country mansion in a silver Mercedes coupe. In black designer sunglasses and a




Pippa leaves the Goring Hotel

white blouse, she was a picture of excitement. The family spent the days before the wedding at the ve-star Goring Hotel, a stones throw from Buckingham Place. It is understood block-booking the 71-room hotel, including the Royal Suite for Kate, cost 85,000 alone. One night in its splendid Silk Room costs over 1,800 and the family is estimated to have paid 25,000 for two parties at the hotel. On Thurs-

day, Kate treated 120 friends and family to a buffet. Then, after the ceremony, Carole and Michael hosted an extravagant wedding party for other guests. The Gorings menus include Beluga caviar, at 400 for 100g and a bottle of Dom Perignon at 1,530. Kates bridal gown, designed by Sarah Burton, is believed to have cost up to 40,000, and Caroles outt, by Catherine Walker, 10,000. Pippas dress another Sarah Burton creation cost about 20,000.

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

of the plan inherited by his Whitehall department from the previous Labour government. The Communities Secretary said: Labour ministers have been caught red-handed conspiring with European bureaucrats to wipe England off the map and replace our historic boroughs, counties and cities with transnational Euro-regions. Massive amounts of taxpayers money are being wasted on vanity projects. I intend to ght these plans, stop this waste and protect Englands national and local identities from EU empire building. There are fears the outrageous plan could spread to affect other parts of Britain. Meanwhile, the Daily Express crusade to get Britain out of the EU has won massive support. We delivered a petition of 373,000 signatures from readers demanding a referendum on Britains membership of the EU to 10 Downing Street earlier this year. Reacting to yesterdays news, Tory backbencher Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton, said: This is quite simply an attempt to carve up Britain. As long as the country remains a member of the EU, we will never be free of this nonsense. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said: The Arc Manche is the perfect Euro project. Nobody wants it, nobody called for it and nobody knows what its for. Its proudest boast is a logo that wouldnt have won a Blue Peter

Outcry at EU merger for Britain and France


' d`c\j ,'



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:XccjZfjk)-g]ifdX9KcXe[c`e\% C`e\jZcfj\Xkd`[e`^_kkfe`^_k%K\okj Zfjk),ggclje\knfibfg\iXkfiiXk\j
badge, and cross-Channel cycle routes. Charlotte Linacre, of the TaxPayers Alliance, added: This billion pound vanity project is a complete waste of taxpayers money. Its madness that the EU keep dreaming up ways to spend, given the economic disasters some countries are facing and the UK is trying to avoid. Arc Manche was formally launched six years ago to forge closer links between local councils in southern English counties with their counterparts in northern France. It is one of 12 cross-border regions set up under the EUs Interreg initiative criticised as an attempt to erode national identities. The name Manche meaning sleeve was taken from the French name for the English Channel. EU chiefs have been quietly pouring around 1billion a year of taxpayers money into the regions. Now they want to signicantly raise the prole of Arc Manche, which already has a ruling assembly of councillors and bureaucrats headed by a French Socialist Party president, Alain Le Vern. At a cost

P<J1'0'('*'/**/ EF1'0'('*'/**0

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]fiXkiXm\cc`e^ \o_`Y`k`fef] Zfek\dgfiXip Xiknfibj


kf]le[Xe `ek\ieXk`feXc kflif]Z`iZlj Zcfnej
Eric Pickles has vowed to ght EUs empire building

of thousands of pounds, EU ofcials have commissioned a new transnational emblem to be rolled out across southern England. Designers describe the emblem as a series of concentric circles symbolising the ow of projects and stakeholders and to represent so many bridges between territories. However, one Whitehall aide yesterday rubbished the emblem as a

bid to subvert the St Georges ag and the Union Jack. Among the projects designed to promote the Arc Manche is a series of cycle routes seeking to link northern France and southern England. Maps of the proposed routes show cycle lanes stopping at the Channel and re-starting at the French side. And in an even more surreal twist, a troupe of acrobatic circus clowns is

due to spend up to a year touring the Arc Manche region in a transnational street theatre. Details emerged just days after Eurocrats pleaded for more taxpayers cash for Brussels coffers. Under a proposed new EU budget, Britains annual contribution to Brussels will rise by 682million next year.



Hospital with just 1 in 5 births to British mothers

JUST one baby in ve born in an NHS hospital has a British mother, new gures have revealed. Of the 3,289 children born at Ealing Hospital, West London, in the past year, just 625 were born to English mothers. Midwives in the maternity unit have dealt with a total of 104 different nationalities in the last year. The largest ethnic group that had babies were Indians, who gave birth to 537 children in the 12 months to February. Second were Poles with 389 births, then Sri Lankans, Somalis, Afghans and Pakistanis. Of the 634

babies with British mothers, three were Welsh and six Scottish. Gerard Batten, MEP and immigration spokesman for Ukip, said: This just proves that Britains health service is no longer a national service and is an international one. It is being used by people who have not paid one penny into the system. The gures show the sheer extent of mass uncontrolled immigration and the effect it is having on public services here. World Health Organisation


NHS warning from Mr Batten

statistics show that while the birth rate among UK nationals is 1.84 per woman, in the rest of the world the rate rises to an average of 2.5. The London borough of Ealing is one of Britains most ethnically diverse areas. The hospital has seen a 20 per cent rise in births since 2006, almost twice the national average. Bosses have taken on 32 extra midwives to cope with the boom. The ethnicity gures are derived from how mothers declared their nationality, so the British category also covers foreign-born mothers granted British passports and

second-generation immigrants who were born British citizens. Nationally, one baby in four is born to a foreign mother, twice the level of 1997, when Labour came to power. Ealing Hospital NHS Trust said: The maternity services are not under strain and the trust has achieved and maintains good staff-to-mother ratios in the maternity department. Despite Ealing Hospital denying its maternity services are under strain, the Royal College of Midwives has warned other units across the country were teetering on the brink under the pressure of rising birth rates.

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Cameron in TV row with Clegg over vote reform

DAVID Cameron last night warned that scrapping Westminsters traditional voting system would be a huge mistake amid growing signs his deputy Nick Clegg faces a crushing defeat in this weeks referendum. Ahead of Thursdays electoral reform poll, the Prime Minister issued a rallying cry for a strong No vote. His hopes were signicantly strengthened by two opinion polls suggesting that the Lib Dems and other supporters of the Alternative Vote are facing humiliation. A survey by YouGov predicted the No campaign will win by a decisive 1.6 million votes and an overall margin of 55 per cent to 45 per cent. Separate research by BPIX found that 44 per cent of people thought AV was designed to help the Lib Dems get more MPs. With the referendum row putting severe strain on the coalition, Mr Cameron clashed on TV with his Lib Dem deputy over electoral reform. In an interview on the BBCs Andrew Marr Show, the Prime Minister said: Im very clear that a No vote is the right answer for this country because our current system is simple, its well understood, its fair because every vote counts the same and its effective you can get rid of governments you dont like. I think thats

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

BBCs Marr mocked over supergag

BBC presenter Andrew Marr was openly mocked on his own TV show yesterday when a guest questioned his use of a legal super-injunction to cover up an affair. Actress Maureen Lipman, reviewing the Sunday newspapers, noted the Royal Wedding dominated the stories and quipped: Its a great week to hide an injunction story, say one wanted to. Marr said: You cheeky woman...yes, this is true... I have featured in the newspapers. Last week Marr, 51, admitted using a legal gag to protect his privacy three years ago.

Cameron puts No case on TV yesterday

Clegg is facing a crushing defeat on AV


THE ragtag alliance of liberals, lefties and luvvies backing the Yes to AV campaign is facing a pasting this week and they know it. The increasingly hysterical language used by Nick Clegg and other senior Lib Dems in the vacuous debate on electoral reform is a clear indication of panic and a realisation that their dream is doomed. As the referendum draws nearer, the No campaigns lead in the opinion polls is stretching further ahead. They appear to conrm that the more the voters learn about the alternative vote, the less they like it. And many suspect it is all about ddling the system in the Lib Dems favour.

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Mr Clegg yesterday claimed that the system that gave him his job as an MP was indefensible. And Lib Dem Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne stuck by his accusation that opponents of AV have been using Nazi tactics. In contrast, David Cameron was diplomatic about the electoral reform row yesterday. He acknowledged the debate has unsettled his Government but many Tories are convinced it is the junior party in the coalition that has most to lose. Westminster insiders thought the PM would keep a low prole during the campaign. Instead, he has led from the front. A resounding No vote in Thursdays referendum will not destroy the coalition. But it will raise serious questions among Lib Dems about what their party is for and the point of the hapless Mr Clegg.
our electoral system as well. He added: The people who argue against a change have got to explain how they can defend the indefensible. I think it is very difcult to defend a system where you have one government after the next in power and yet only a minority of people voted for them. New analysis released by the No To AV campaign yesterday showed that 137 candidates who came third at the last election could have won seats in Parliament under AV. In one seat, the candidate placed eighth could have won.

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an absolutely vital thing in a democracy and why swap that for a system only used by Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea? It would be a huge mistake. Mr Cameron said the current rstpast-the-post system allowed voters to remove unpopular governments and kick the rascals out. He admitted the row was a difcult moment for his two-party government but insisted the coalition would not split, whatever the result We always knew this would be a moment of difculty for the coalition because we always knew that Conservatives and Liberal Democrats would be on opposing sides in this campaign, and they are. But I think its perfectly possible to continue a strong and effective coalition government in the national interest for ve years, he added. Amid growing questions over his party leadership, Mr Clegg used a separate interview on the same programme to attack the current voting system. Mr Clegg said: Talking about old institutions which need to be upgraded, weve just had the Royal Wedding a classic example of a much-loved, well-loved institution, which is moving with the times and I think thats what we need to do with




Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

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Big surge in buyers *'$J<:FE; lifts homes market :?8CC<E><

BUYERS are returning to the housing market at last, new research shows. The number of potential purchasers increased by 22 per cent during the rst four months of the year. In addition, agreed sales soared by 46 per cent as consumer condence appeared to be returning on the back of record low interest rates. This follows eight consecutive months of price falls, which have left the average home in England and Wales costing 153,100, according to property intelligence group Hometrack. The bounce-back is largely due to pent-up demand after many potential househunters sat on their hands in the second half of last year. But the market in London is far stronger than the rest of England and Wales, with property prices rising by 0.3 per cent during April. All other regions recorded price falls for the month, with the North-east seeing the biggest slide at 0.4 per cent.



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A man travelling by the 4.30pm from London to Coventry is found shot dead in a third-class carriage. Toni Gardiner, the English girl who is to be queen of Jordan, rides in triumph through Amman with King Hussein.

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The Brooklands International Trophy is won by Prince Birabongse of Siam: average speed 91mph. A Surrey man who strangled his wife in his sleep while gripped by a nightmare walks free from court.


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Blunders by medical staff have cost the NHS in England 3.9billion in payouts over the past ve years.

Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton enjoy a week-long holiday on the island of Mustique.

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MARIAH Carey handed husband Nick Cannon a third wedding anniversary gift to remember a baby boy and girl. The singer, 41, gave birth to twins at a hospital in Los Angeles on Saturday. The girl was born rst, weighing 5lb 3oz. Her brother was 5lb 6oz. Cannon tweeted: My wife just gave me the most incredible anniversary gift ever in life! I wont ever be able to top this. The Americas Got Talent host, 30, drove Carey to the hospital in a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Carey later tweeted she and her babies were doing ne.

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Mariah Carey with husband Nick, above

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011



BOXING legend Muhammad Ali led the tributes last night to British heavyweight Sir Henry Cooper, who died yesterday two days before his 77th birthday. Ali will be forever synonymous with Cooper among British boxing fans after famously knocking him off his feet with his trademark left hook Enrys Ammer in the 1960s. In a poignant statement to the Daily Express 69-year-old Ali paid a heartfelt tribute to his friend and professional foe, saying he would miss him deeply. He said: I am at a loss for words over the death of my friend, Henry Cooper. I was not aware he was ill. I visited with him two summers ago during a brief visit to Windsor as part of the Equestrian Games being held there. He was in good humour and looked quite t. Henry always had a smile for me; a warm and embracing smile. It was always a pleasure being in Henrys company. I will miss my old friend. He was a great ghter and a gentleman. My family and I extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family and loved ones. Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, picked himself up to triumph in the ght at Wembley in 1963 but even decades after the knockdown, liked to recall that Cooper had hit him so hard that his ancestors in Africa felt it. Sir Henry, known with great affection as Our Enry, passed away at his sons house in Oxted, Surrey. Chat show host Sir Michael Parkinson said: He was a wonderful guy, generous and funny and kind, and one of the best heavyweight boxers we have produced. I think of him in the same way as I do Bobby Charlton the two of them represent something which I think has gone out of sport, that kind of hero.

Tributes to Our Enry a true sporting gent

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Barry McGuigan, the former world featherweight champion and a personal friend, said: He was the rst boxer to be knighted and to my mind thats the greatest compliment of all. Johnny Nelson, the former WBO cruiserweight world champion, summed up what many thought by adding: Henry was always a gentleman. Theres nobody that came across Sir Henry that had a bad word for him. He went on: He told it how it was. Ali always showed that bit of respect for Henry Cooper. He was a no-nonsense ghter, the man that almost dethroned one of the greatest ghters in the world, Muhammad Ali. World Boxing Champion David Haye said Sir Henry was a true warrior and great human being. And WBA light-welterweight champion Amir Khan said: I look up to people like Henry Cooper for what he did for the sport. He will be remembered by a lot of people. Meanwhile Coopers close friend Colin Hart said be believed Sir Henry had died of a broken heart and was distraught after losing his wife Albina in 2008. He said: Im not shocked he died, sadly, because I saw him deteriorate over the years as he got quite ill. He wasnt the same after the death of his wife. He died of a broken heart. The

Sir Henry, above, in 1992 with Ali and, below, two years ago in a London boxing club

Cooper famously oors Cassius Clay with Enrys Ammer at Wembley in 1963
English, Commonwealth and European Heavyweight Champion had always been a devoted family man. He had two sons and two grandchildren whom he saw nearly every day. When Albina died from a heart attack ending a marriage of 47 years, Sir Henry admitted he could not cope. He also lost his twin brother George a year ago. Apart from his boxing triumphs, Sir Henry was the rst person to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year award twice. When he retired he captained a team on the channels A Question Of Sport. He was also a tireless charity worker, and later famously advertised Brut aftershave with the slogan Splash it all over and featured in a series of UK public service announcements about u called Get your Jab in First! He stayed t for many years. Although a heavyweight, at his peak he weighed less than 13st. The sporting world was also mourning another famous gure yesterday after veteran snooker commentator whispering Ted Lowe died aged 90.


Henry with twin brother George during national service in 1954


VERY few sportsmen endear themselves to the public enough to earn a nickname and fewer still get a sobriquet which sums them up so perfectly as Our Enry. Just a mention of Our Enry or Sir Henry Cooper as he became after being knighted in 2000 is enough. He was a true colossus and a constant reminder of the Corinthian gentlemanly values which once existed in the sphere of sport. Sir Henry was known in boxing circles for his thunderous left hook and for his knockdown of Cassius Clay, later to become Muhammad Ali, in 1963. Ali eventually won the non-title bout at Wembley and triumphed when the pair met again three years later. It didnt matter. The fact that Our Enry came within a

whisker of sparking out arguably the nest boxer ever to lace a glove meant he immediately entered into ghting folklore. To say Sir Henry was hugely popular with the British public only tells half the story. Brought up in London, he was one hell of a ghter but even more importantly, one hell of a person. Anybody who ever met Sir Henry was left in no doubt that here was someone who deserved every accolade that came his way, mainly due to his wonderful sense of modesty not a characteristic remotely associated with many of todays sporting stars. How about this as an example? After Alis trainer caused a nick in his glove, allowing the young Cassius time to recover from Enrys Ammer, our hero was cut to ribbons and beaten just a few rounds later. Many ghters would have accused Ali of cheating but Sir Henry just countered with the best man won in the end. It was typical of him. Current world heavyweight champion David Haye, who grew up just a stones throw from Sir Henrys childhood house, last night labelled him a true warrior and a great human being and there would be not a single person alive


who would argue with that. He and his identical twin brother George grew up in a council house and all three of the Cooper brothers excelled in sport. George, a terric boxer himself, died on April 11 last year at the age of 75 and now Henry has passed away at the age of 76. Sir Henry may be best known for knocking down Ali but he also defeated a string of well-known heavyweights during his glittering career, including Zora Folley, Roy Harris, Karl Mildenberger, Brian London, Joe Erskine, Dick Richardson, Billy Walker and Jack Bodell. He was a serious talent. Only last year I contacted Sir Henry for a few words to talk about David Hayes rise up the heavyweight rankings. He returned the call within a matter of minutes

and we talked for nearly an hour about the sport he adored. On numerous occasions Ive been fortunate enough to hear Sir Henry talk on the after-dinner speaking circuit and when he spoke, the room instantly fell silent. He won BBC Sports Personality of the Year twice a remarkable achievement for a ghter who never won a world title and instantly became recognisable through his captaincy on BBCs Question Of Sport and through his famous Brut aftershave adverts. He was a gem of a person and Ali absolutely revered him. Many years ago in New York Ali was asked who hit him the hardest and instantly red back Enry Cooper, without a doubt. And he meant it. It was a tribute which Henry loved.


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

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ILLIE WHITELAW, the late Tory statesman, once accused a Labour prime minister of going round the country stirring up apathy. Those words could be applied to this weeks unwanted referendum on the British voting system. Never in history has any campaign attracted less public interest than the call, led by the Liberal Democrats, for the introduction of the Alternative Voting (AV) method. The overwhelming indifference only shows how little public appetite there is for such a switch. The sole reason for the referendum is because the Lib Dems demanded it as the price for forming a coalition with the Conservatives. They did so not for noble reasons but purely on the grounds of narrow party advantage, believing that they will gain more seats under AV. That motivation exposes how awed the system is. Far from promoting fairness as its supporters claim, AV would be profoundly undemocratic because hung Parliaments would be more likely, allowing smaller parties to hold the balance of power and exert an inuence out of all proportion to their popularity. As in so many continental nations wed end up with a permanent Labour-Lib Dem coalition, which is why Left-wing ministers such as Chris Huhne are so desperate for change. AV takes power away from the people and gives it to party politicians who will be able to cling to ofce whatever the verdict at the ballot box. Neither is there the slightest evidence that AV will reduce abuses or force politicians to work harder. That is why, whatever the feelings of boredom, it is vital that the British people vote on Thursday to keep the present system.

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Picture: DARREN STAPLES/Reuters

HE EU has nally achieved what neither Napoleon nor the Spanish Armada did. In their new map of Europe Brussels bureaucrats have declared southern England to be part of a French region called Arc Manche, complete with its own ag and highspending socialist-led council. This concept would be laughable were it not for the fact that it exposes the sinister EU agenda to break up the nation-states of Europe and replace them with a network of meaningless regions governed by Brussels. The monstrosity of Arc Manche is another reason why Britain must leave the EU.

T TIMES it is almost impossible not to feel a sense of despair about the state of our country. Our national identity is under constant attack from the European Union, mass immigration and the twin dogmas of globalisation and multicultural diversity. Wasteful bureaucracy has become the hallmark of much of the public sector. In large swathes of urban Britain neighbourliness has collapsed replaced by fear and suspicion. Violent crime is rampant in a way that would have been unthinkable 50 years ago while the police, despite vast increases in resources, are hopelessly ineffectual at confronting those who menace our social order. But it does not have to be like this. There is an alternative. What was so wonderful about the Royal Wedding was that it offered us a glimpse of a different Britain, where patriotism is regarded as a force for good, where public services are run with discipline and purpose, where the enemies of society, not decent citizens, are hounded by the police. In all its inspirational magnicence the day was a glorious rejection of the insidious political trends of our time. From the solemn Anglican liturgy of the ceremony itself to the procession led by massed ranks of the Household Cavalry, the event was the antithesis of everything that seeks to make Britain nothing more than a minor secular province of the EU empire, a land without history, tradition or nationhood.

TRUE BRITISH SPIRIT: Tens of thousands lled The Mall to see Kate and Wills at Buckingham Palace
family life as the best vehicle for raising children while the language of the ceremony itself was largely that of a 17thcentury prayer book, again emphasising the long continuity of British cultural institutions. It would be wonderful if this moral self-condence was adopted by our civic institutions instead of their usual posture of cultural cringeing.

exuded such uplifting patriotic spirit, whether it be in the wonderful rendition of the hymn Jerusalem at the service or in the ypast by the heroic trio of the Spitre, the Hurricane and the Lancaster, the planes that helped overwhelm the tyranny of Nazi Germany in this nations nest hour. It was also striking that this patriotic impulse gave a powerful sense of rigour to the proceedings. We have become used to the incompetence of ofcial Britain but there was none of that on Friday; everything ran like clockwork. There were no hold-ups due to staff shortages, no errors due to inadequate training, no selfindulgent union disputes. A friend of mine in the Metropolitan Police told me that rehearsals covering every detail started as early as two oclock in the morning on Wednesday. Faith in the police has been shaken in recent years by their reluctance to defend the lawabiding, taxpaying public. So ofcers seem terried to intervene when homeowners have their properties seized by Romanian squatters or when villagers nd their common land is taken over by travellers. Yet on Friday the police showed no hesitation in clearing out squatters and other miscreants from central London. The usual inhibitions over human rights did not seem to apply. In the same vein, two recent anti-cuts demonstrations have seen gangs of violent extremists hold the capital to ransom with the police at times almost acting like spectators as shops and ofces have been vandalised. But again there was not a whiff of that institutionalised feebleness on Friday with the police going in hard against trouble-makers. A similar story can be told about the Church of England which has become notorious for its fear of preaching Christian morality, even though this was once the bedrock of our civilised society. Yet on Friday all such hesitations were abandoned. In his superb sermon the Bishop of London Richard Chartres spoke of the importance of faith and of traditional

VEN after the emotional high of the Royal Wedding, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge show no delusions of grandeur. He goes back to work with the RAF tomorrow. After her triumph on Friday she appears in a Zara dress. Such modesty augurs well for their marriage and for their continuing popularity.



OR years the metropolitan political elite has told us that national pride is an irrelevance in the modern, globalised, diverse world. But the phenomenal crowds that gathered in central London last Friday exposed the nonsense of that claim. In contrast to the millionstrong gathering in front of Buckingham Palace and at Hyde Park, no one would even cross the road to watch any ceremony involving the grisly president of the EU, Belgian Herman Van Rompuy. The colossal outpouring of affection for William and Catherine showed that the monarchy is still one of the glues that binds Britain together. With its roots stretching back more than 1,000 years the institution is a central part of our heritage. The very concept of Britishness is almost meaningless without it. That is precisely why the entire Royal Wedding

@]fecpn\_X[k_`j ]fZlj*-,[XpjXp\Xi

F ONLY we had this kind of ruthless focus for 365 days a year, ensuring the deportation of foreign criminals or the arrest of violent protesters or the loss of benets for welfare fraudsters or the jailing of young offenders. If only we had a civic order that always embraced genuine patriotism and saw the Union ag as a symbol of national unity rather than a potential offence to ethnic minorities. At a time of economic crisis self-discipline would also save us a fortune as public money would be respected rather than abused. It is telling that the entire Royal Wedding cost less than 20million, a tiny fraction of the 1billion the Labour government spent on the wretched Millennium Dome. It has never been a question of money but of political will. If the state can do it for the royals it should do it for the rest of us. Britain was a better place to live last Friday, more happy, more cohesive, more crimefree. That is the lesson our leaders must heed instead of continuing with their attachment to our nations demise.

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

Picture: GETTY



T WAS the Labour governments idea. And it involved enormous cost at a time when the country was short of money and living on international loans. Whats more it went well over budget. Britain was engaged in a painful Asian war in which we had no direct national interest. The events supporters attempted to justify the expense by talking about legacy. It must leave a legacy of good things, said the statements of intent. Doesnt that have a familiar ring to it? Or ve familiar rings? All these things are true of the 2012 Olympics. They applied word for word to the Festival of Britain in 1951, which was formally opened by King George VI exactly 60 years ago tomorrow. It was a great national manifestation intended both as a celebration of surviving the war and an advertisement for Britains brave new future in science and technology, in art and design and a display of the promise of modern living after the rigours of shortages and rationing that still gripped the country. Herbert Morrison, deputy prime minister and the festivals sponsor, described it as the people giving themselves a pat on the back. It was intended to be a tonic for the nation. But not everybody believed it. The British have always been deeply suspicious of great and costly public projects, often rightly so. The Millennium Dome, under the aegis of Herbert Morrisons grandson Peter Mandelson, was a clueless and costly non-event with no obvious purpose. Even the Great Exhibition of 1851, an eye-opening assemblage of industrial and technological wonders from around the world championed by Queen Victorias husband Prince Albert an inspiring event that was visited by a third of the population and even made a prot came about in the teeth of bitter antagonism. Afterwards Victoria wrote in her diary of: My beloved ones success and vindication after so much opposition and such difculties, which no one but he with his good temper, patience, rmness and energy could have achieved. In the run-up to the festival, partly a centenary celebration of the Great Exhibition, critics (not least the Daily Express) were ercely opposed to it as a pointless waste of money and a Labour exercise in self-congratulation. A traditional-minded architect who hated experimental buildings said the main site wasnt big enough and predicted that thousands of people would be pushed into the Thames. The conductor Sir Thomas Beecham described it as a monumental piece of imbecility and iniquity.

since the Second World War (the only physical South Bank legacy that still remains). More than eight million visited the South Bank between May and September, even more went to the Pleasure Gardens at Londons Battersea Park, a cross between a fair featuring the largest portable ride in the world the Rotor which dees gravity grand and elegantly laid-out vistas and a fountain tower 90ft tall. Vulgarity was supposed to have no place, even in the Pleasure Gardens. The festival director Gerald Barry, a newspaper editor, told the nation: Dont run away with the idea that the Festival of Britain is going to be solemn. Not a bit of it. It will afford us all the opportunity, as occasion allows, for some harmless jollication. There was an exhibition that travelled to major cities throughout the UK and a ship, HMS Campania, that carried exhibits to ports on every coast. There were arts festivals in genteel places such as Bath and Brighton and a heavy engineering show in Glasgow.

BRAVE NEW WORLD: Fashion models highlight the festivals obsession with modernity

?fnk_\=\jk`mXc f]9i`kX`eglkX jd`c\fefli]XZ\

:i`k`ZjjX`[k_\\okiXmX^XeqX\oXZkcp-'p\XijX^f nXjkff\og\ej`m\`eXk`d\f]Xljk\i`kpaljkc`b\ k_\)'()Fcpdg`Zjp\k`kiXcc`\[k_\eXk`fe
of Discovery made of aluminium and steel it was a Modernist wonder, the biggest dome on Earth, housing the Living World, Polar, the Sea, Earth, the Physical World, the Land, Sky and Outer Space. It had an escalator to take VIPs to the upper displays. This particularly delighted Sir Winston Churchill, leader of the Opposition, who kept going up and down on it. Not the sort of chap used to the Tube it was a novelty to him. But not all visitors were so charmed. One wrote in his diary: Id surmised that there was little in the Dome likely to appeal to anyone of my unscientic, unmechanical and generally unprogressive turn of mind. And how right my surmise proved to be! Perhaps the most memorable South Bank structure was the Skylon slender and cigar-shaped it pointed into the sky and seemed to be levitating. The shining Skylon, the skygoing nylon, wrote the poet Dylan Thomas. Then there was the Royal Festival Hall, the rst new public building


UT George VI in his tonicto-the-nation message launching the project in 1949 expressed the hope that every family in all parts of the country will share in this great festival. While that may have been a bit too optimistic its spirit did stretch far and wide. And, goodness, after war and blitz and queues and fuel and food shortages the country didnt half need a pick-me-up. The core of the festival was on Londons South Bank with its major exhibitions and eye-catching new structures, including the Dome

OWNS and villages up and down the land were called upon to make an effort and all their improvements were itemised in a Festival of Britain planning log: a new bus shelter here, a new little ower bed there, a village coat of arms, provision of roadside seats in Wigan and so on. Though these were all gathered up and listed as part of Britains festival, the event made no nancial contribution. In Beverley in East Yorkshire the planned garden with dwarf wall was to be carried out by voluntary labour (they hoped). In terms of the publics interest all of the educational scientic stuff was nothing compared with the House of the Future, the designers idea of how Britain would live when there were things to buy and money to buy it with: lots of consumer durables and Danish-looking chairs with slightly splayed metal legs, modern furniture with clean lines, model family homes and Bed-sitting Rooms For The Bachelor Girl. On display was the design industrys view of the future, some of which was slow in coming, some of which never came. The Jaguar XK 120 and the Frazer Nash Le Mans car certainly turned more heads than most things in the Dome of Discovery. The Festival of Britain was indeed a statement about the future. In Poplar, East London, on bombravaged land was a new housing estate. Billed as the Live Architecture Exhibition it got low marks from the critics but high marks from people rehoused there. Our new place is just a housewifes dream, said the rst woman to get a at. Taken as a whole the festival was a doughty attempt to rise above the travails of austerity and show off Britain past, present and future. In the Battersea Pleasure Gardens you bought Outspan oranges from Nell Gwynn girls and enjoyed delights such as, Cooks of St Pauls presents Festival Fashions for 1951, a selection of British utility fashions with a glance back to the styles of 1851, opened by Janette Scott. At the closing rework display at Battersea in October Herbert Morrison told the crowd: You seem to have been enjoying yourselves. There was never any doubt.


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FTER its completion exactly 80 years ago this week, it was declared to be the eighth wonder of the world. Rising like a colossus from the ground at 1,250 feet tall, the Empire State Building with its wonderful Art Deco design and limestone faade was the tallest building in the world. Although it no longer holds that accolade the edice on the corner of New Yorks Fifth Avenue and 34th Street remains the worlds best known skyscraper. As well as being a remarkable feat of engineering and an enduring monument to the American can do spirit, the Empire State Building has become one of the greatest pop-culture icons of the modern age, featuring in scores of lms from King Kong to Independence Day. My wife and I rst visited it in 2006 and its fair to say we havent come back down to earth since. Everything about the building is epic and the story of its construction never ceases to inspire. John S Berman, author of The History Of The Empire State Building, refers to the frantic competition to create the tallest structure in New York City between competing companies in the early years of the 20th century. The battle of the skyscrapers was between the Bank of Manhattan and Chrysler, with the latter assuming it had won when a spire was added to its new building, making it the tallest in the world. But that record only lasted 11 months as the Empire State Building went even higher. The two men who made it possible were John Jakob Raskob, a former executive of General Motors, Chryslers great competitor, and his friend, the to keep the Empire State Building former New York governor Al Smith. alive. In 1945 there was real-life In August 1929 Smith announced drama when an American bomber that the Empire State Building aircraft crashed into the building would be 1,050 feet high. Its tower on a foggy July morning, killing 14 was to make it even higher. Despite people. But the crash caused remarkthe Wall Street Crash and the onset ably little structural damage and the of the Great Depression, construcEmpire State Building entered the tion started in March 1930. That the post-war world intact. building was ready for opening just By the Fifties it was reported that 410 days later is a tribute not just to the building, now boasting around 97 the vision and drive of Raskob and per cent occupancy rates and the Smith and the technical brilliance of centre for all of New Yorks television their architects and designers but to studios, had become one of the most the efforts of the thousands of workprotable structures in the world, ers who toiled on its construction. raking in around $10million a year. By the summer of 1930 almost 3,500 And although the ill-fated World people were employed on the buildTrade Center with its Twin Towers ing. Their working day began at took over the moniker of the worlds 3.30am and ended at 4.30pm, with tallest building on its compleonly half an hour for lunch. tion in the Seventies, the  Empire State Building was  by now so famous it really  didnt matter. It was the one HE ofcial openplace in New York where every ing was marked visitor wanted to go, exactly with a gala celeas Al Smith had envisaged. bration. But although the In 1976 it received its building was complete its 50-millionth visitor. The commercial success was far number of visitors is now 110 from guaranteed. Just 23 per cent million, among them the of its space had been rented out. Queen, who described the For all its grandeur the Empire view as the most beautiful State Building looked like thing Ive ever seen. becoming a hugely expensive The Empire State Buildwhite elephant. But then a ing appeals not just giant ape created by the Engbecause of its Art Deco lish crime writer Edgar Wallace beauty and its spectacular came to the rescue. The 1933 views but because it shows lm King Kong ends with the what great things human title character clutching a terbeings are capable of. ried Fay Wray climbing to the Al Smith and John top of the Empire State BuildJakob Raskob, the men ing where he is eventually with a truly think big killed by aircraft. mentality, are long dead It was beauty killed the as are the brave workers beast was the lms famous who risked life and limb last line but although poor old to construct it. But their King Kong expired, the pubincredible monument licity the lm generated continues to enthral throughout the world helped us all.


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Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


EMBATTLED presenter Andrew Marr, pictured, had only just completed his much-anticipated return to BBC1 yesterday morning following his own disclosure of a superinjunction concerning his extra-marital affair, when a timely topic came up for discussion on the same channel. Seconds after the credits for Marrs Sunday programme had faded, presenter Nicky Campbell appeared on screen announcing that the subject of his show The Big Questions would be superinjunctions and hypocritical celebrities covering up sex scandals. HIS nasal voice has been the target of plenty of mockery since becoming Labour leader but Ed Miliband claims he is still hopeful his forthcoming nose operation wont change his tone. Little Ted is going to have the operation in order to treat a disorder known as sleep apnea (abnormal pauses in breathing) but is anxious to play down suggestions it will improve his grating delivery, which is already considered a turn-off for voters. I dont think its part of the process so I hope not, insisted young Milibore when asked whether his voice could change. Plenty of Labour colleagues will be secretly keeping their ngers crossed that it does. SPORTING news that Prime Minister David Cameron was part of a doubles team that overcame three-times Wimbledon champion Boris Becker in a charity match over the weekend has prompted a long-awaited re-match with one old colleague. Dave and mixed doubles partner Caroline Wynn upset the odds when they managed to beat Boris and his partner Sharon Kettle 8-6 in a charity match at Chequers in aid of the Kirsty Club, fronted by Kirsty Howard who was born with a rare heart condition. Caroline and Sharon bid 8,250 to take part in the game with Boris and Dave. I hear our Prime Minister is now set for a long-awaited court clash with Speaker John Bercow, who was once ranked Britains No 1 junior. John and David used to play each other regularly and John would often come out on top, says one colleague. But the PMs tennis has got better as the years have gone on and the feeling is the match with Bercow could now be very close. YOUD think starring in a comic book blockbuster would require a lot of rigorous training but James McAvoys experience in the new X-Men: First Class lm, out this month, was less than strenuous. McAvoy, who stars alongside fellow Brit Nicholas Hoult and glamorous Mad Men star January Jones in the movie, tells me about his part in the ick, set in 1963. Im playing Professor Charles Xavier, who is a college lecturer, he says. But his superpower is being psychic so there wasnt a lot of ghting for me to do. And he spends all his time in the pub. Its a hard life THERE was a time when Tracey Emin, pictured, couldnt even make a bed but now the artist has been struck by a severe case of domesticity. Speaking to Sky Arts In Condence she reveals: Ive started making jam and its such a satisfying thing. Id be quite happy making jam for the rest of my life. The controversial Turner Prize nominee adds: I will try to make jam-making into art. Everyone would love to have a pot of Tracey Emin jam! Of course they would, Tracey. <$dX`cd\Xk1_`Zb\p7\ogi\jj%Zf%lb

LIBYAS ambassador to London was ordered to leave the country yesterday after a rioting mob destroyed the British embassy in Tripoli. Omar Jelban was given 24 hours to leave after rampaging loyalists set re to foreign embassies apparently in retaliation for Natos weekend attack on Gaddas compound, which it is claimed killed his son, Saif al-Arab Gadda, No British staff were there at the time because the unrest had already led them to relocate to rebel-held Benghazi in February. But announcing the expulsion yesterday afternoon, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Libya had once again breached its international responsibilities and obligations by failing to protect diplomatic missions. He added: I take the failure to protect such premises very seriously indeed. As a result, I have taken the decision to expel the Libyan ambassador. But he vowed: The attacks will not weaken our resolve to protect the civilian population in Libya.

Gaddafi mob in revenge attack on British embassy


A Foreign Ofce spokeswoman said the embassy buildings including the ambassadors residence had been almost completely burnt down, with only the shells remaining. She said the buildings had been ransacked, vandalised and completely destroyed. After the loyalists attacked, a lone police vehicle was parked outside the British embassy. The re had damaged a nearby car, an embassy war memorial plaque and the British coat of arms emblem above the embassy entrance. Witnesses also reported seeing smoke rising from the Italian embassy and there were further online reports of a re at the US embassy. Meanwhile, the United Nations said yesterday that it was evacuating 12 international staff from Tripoli. They had only arrived in the Libyan capital on April 10 after the UN signed an agreement with Gaddas regime. UN staffers will remain in Benghazi, in eastern Libya. ***

Saif al-Arab, left, Gaddas son, died yesterday in this bombed house in Tripoli

Tyrants son and grandchildren are killed in Nato missile attack

ONE of Colonel Gaddas sons and three of his grandchildren have been killed in a Nato airstrike, a spokesman for the Libyan leader said last night. Saif al-Arab Gadda, 29, is said to have died when his house in Gaddas compound in Tripoli was hit by at least one missile red by a warplane, claimed Moussa Ibrahim. The Libyan government accused Nato of breaking international law while Russia condemned the air-strike as an excessive use of force. The Foreign Ofce said yesterday the bombing raid was in line with a UN resolution to disable the dictators war-

machine but refused to comment on the unconrmed report of Saif al-Arabs death. Foreign Ofce minister Alistair Burt said: Great care and effort is made to ensure that all the targets fall within the UN resolution but that targets may be disguised by others is not uncommon. Saif al-Arab was the sixth youngest of Gaddas seven sons and brother of the better known Saif al-Islam Gadda. He spent much of his studying time in Munich, Germany, where he had several run-ins with police. Despite claiming


diplomatic immunity, there were 10 investigations against him between 2006 and 2010, ranging from speeding, causing bodily harm and possession of illegal weapons. All were eventually dropped. He returned to Libya in February this year. Saif was with his father at the time of the Nato attack. Mr Ibrahim said: He was playing and talking with his father, mother and his nieces and nephews when he was attacked. He said the attempt to assassinate the leader violated international law. Nato admitted it had carried out strikes on a known command and control building in Tripoli.


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Picture: SPLASH

SHOWING off her rock of an engagement ring, Kate Moss spent the weekend sunning herself in the Cotswolds. Miss Moss, 37, had a family day out with mother Linda, daughter Lila Grace and friends including actress pal Sadie Frost. But it wasnt the usual boozy rock n roll affair for the Croydon clothes horse as she later drove back to her cottage in her classic Rolls-Royce.


ROCK STAR: Kate reveals her engagement ring

IS RICKY GERVAIS losing his touch? The comedian reveals he texted PRINCE HARRY ahead of the Royal Wedding offering him comedy advice for his best mans speech but was politely declined. Gervais, 49, reportedly wrote on his blog: I sent Prince Harry a text today offering to gag up his best man speech. (True.) He said he was ne. Gervais, who has struck up a friendship with fan Harry in recent years and is said to have signed a beermat for THE QUEEN, added: Hmmm? If I hear hes (made any risqu jokes) I will sue obviously. I also reminded him it wasnt fancy dress.

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AFTER putting their unpaid 1million tax bill down to being too busy to look at their nances, the Osbournes face more trouble as theyre hit with a second bill for 213,000. There may be some belttightening in the Osbourne household this month after it was revealed that on top of the 1,065,000 in unpaid taxes that Sharon and Ozzy owed to the US government, theyve now been landed with the other bill. The British couple have admitted being a little slack on paying their taxes over the past few years. This new demand is reportedly for unpaid federal income taxes from 2007. Sharon took to Twitter last week to explain the situation, saying she had been too busy to keep up with her nances. You cant rely on anyone but yourself. You have to be on top of your own business affairs. The 58-year-old also revealed that her schedule has left her little time to meet with her accountant. I cancelled two meetings with him over the past 18 months because I was way too busy. Even though he is paid to do a job, the buck stops with me. I was too involved with myself because I think I love myself a little too much. But yesterday she was back on Twitter about the new bill, arguing that its not her thats made the mistake, its the Internal Revenue Service. Just when you thought it was safe with the IRS, here they come again. This time their fault, not mine. Not taking this one lying down. The bill has been paid, in fact Im owed rebate.


TEXT: Gervais


FEARNE COTTON partying at The Box nightclub in Soho, London... KATY PERRY at the Logie Awards in Melbourne, Australia

SHOCK: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne


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Picture: REX

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WHICH top politician forced his young parliamentary aide to leave a Royal Wedding street party and go back to work in the Commons despite previously agreeing to give her a day off?
NEWS from the new DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGEs old school. Announced on the day of the Royal Wedding, Downe House will be performing Kiss Me Kate, a musical based on The Taming Of The Shrew by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE with lyrics and music by COLE PORTER. The show is to take place next week and will be played by the drama department at the schools own performing arts centre. Kate, 29, pictured, spent only two terms at the 10,000-a-year boarding school in Berkshire before moving to Marlborough College in Wiltshire, with alleged bullying said to be a reason for the switch.


VETERAN superstar Rod Stewart and his model wife Penny Lancaster were out in Beverly Hills at the weekend splashing the cash, with Rod, 66, looking very relaxed in a cream outt, despite being a new father to eighth child, two-month-


old Aiden. Over the weekend the singer spoke out about his impending grandfatherhood. Daughter Kimberley, 31, is pregnant with 44-year-old actor Benicio Del Toros baby and Rod told People magazine: Its going to be good.



HAILED as the most beautiful woman in the world, Mad Men star CHRISTINA HENDRICKS reveals that she only learned to show off her famous curves after appearing in the show. Christina, 35, who plays seductive secretary Joan Holloway in the Sixtiesset drama, says the clothes her character wears have inspired her to show off her waist in real life. GUESTS: Scarlett Johansson, President Obama and his wife Michelle The actress, who topped a recent poll on the worlds most desirable women, adds that she even goes to the trouble of ECCENTRIC Im not Dita Von Teese, Im not adjusting her outts personally to ensure heiress Daphne doing a burlesque no way. Guinness will her best assets are accentuated. She also nervously admitted: Im be getting dressed in hoping my costume will t and I Ive learned from the show that its front of thousands today dont faint. good to show off my waist, she tells as she gets ready for the Daphne wont be the only Brit InStyle magazine. prestigious Metropolitan attending the ball. Its a nice quality I have. Im Museum Ball in a Kings Speech Oscar winner drawn to items of clothing with department store window in Colin Firth will be co-hosting with a nice waistline but if New Yorks Manhattan. American Vogue editor Anna something doesnt have But she has already ruled out Wintour and guests will include one then I tailor it any chance of the public seeing fashion designer to the stars Stella so it does. more than she wants by declaring:

SCARLETT JOHANSSON is living up to her name with a hot new hair colour. The Hollywood star aunted her red locks at the Bloomberg and Vanity Fair cocktail reception in Washington DC after dinner at the White House with PRESIDENT OBAMA. Other guests at the bash included JOAN RIVERS, DONALD TRUMP and CEE LO GREEN. The Iron Man 2 star, 26, was later pictured leaving the event holding hands with rumoured boyfriend, actor SEAN PENN, 50.






Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

The Dambusters bounce back

THEY are an unforgettable part of Britains victory in the Second World War. But until now the secrets of The Dambusters success were lost in the mists of time. In a bid to rediscover the genius of inventor Sir Barnes Wallis, academics have built their own version of his famous bouncing bomb. They created a replica weapon to re-enact the 1943 operation to destroy dams feeding water to the Nazis industrial heartland. The team began by ring cricket balls across a swimming pool and ended by blasting their own full-sized model dam, erected on a lake in Canada. Hugh Hunt, the Cambridge University lecturer leading the team, said the purpose was to nd out more about Walliss techniques. Although they knew how it was done in theory, they wanted to nd out how it worked in practice. Dr Hunt said: While the mission itself has gone down as one of the most iconic episodes in Britains war-time story, few details about how the bouncing bomb was built remain. Most of Barnes Walliss original calculations, designs and results were lost, many of them in a ood in the 1960s. Theres no massive mystery in a theoretical sense, but the fact that no one has been able to repeat the mission meant that there was no one alive who knew whether it was difcult, easy, or indeed possible.

The recreated Dambusters bomb drops, visible from the splash, just before it demolishes the dam, right

The question was really nding out whether anyone could do it again. The RAFs 617 Squadron earned the nickname The Dambusters by dropping bouncing bombs from Lancaster aircraft on dams in central Germany. They caused massive ooding of the Ruhr valley with direct hits on the Mohne and Edersee dams, and caused minor damage to the Sorpe dam. Sir Barnes, a scientist and engineer who worked for Vickers, the aircraft and ship builders, devised his spherical bomb or surface torpedo after skipping marbles across a water tank. Wing Commander Guy Gibson then led a team of 21 hand-picked bomber crews, ying out of RAF Scampton, north of Lincoln. The successful raids devastated Hitlers food production network and sent German morale plummeting. After the war the operation was immortalised in the 1955 move The Dambusters, starring Michael Redgrave and Richard Todd. One of the team recreating the weapon said: The biggest challenge was making the bomb itself spin. Barnes Walliss original device bounced cleanly and was stabilised because it was rotating at a rate of 500 revolutions per minute when it hit the water. They had a choice of either imitating the original trick of making the bomb spin during ight or trying to set it

Dr Hugh Hunt in an iconic Lancaster

revolving on the runway beforehand. The group opted to set their bombs spinning before take-off, said the team member. Dr Hunt and his colleagues travelled to Mackenzie in British Columbia, Canada, and built a 30ft high and 130ft wide dam to see if they could hit it. The results of their experiment are due to be revealed tonight at 8pm in Channel 4s documentary, Dambusters: Building The Bouncing Bomb. The team member added: Not everything could be reconstructed faithfully. So few Lancaster bombers survive that the team had to use World War II vintage DC4 aircraft instead. Dr Hunt said: Our pilots had no-one shooting at them, the engineers could use things like bowling machines to test their theories, and the whole thing was only at one-third scale and even then it was hard enough. You compare that with the original challenge for Barnes Wallis and for the pilots and you realise what an amazing achievement it was.

Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC, centre, with members of his squadron who carried out raids on the dams

Mother invented children to buy heroin on benefits

A DRUG-addicted mother invented three children to claim thousands in benets to fund her heroin habit. Lisa Ellington, 27, was jailed for a year after she admitted fraudulently claiming 60,541 over four years. She claimed she had ve children instead of two, who had been taken into care years earlier. Warwick Crown Court heard Ellington claimed child support and tax credits and even said one of her imaginary children was disabled. She admitted using the cash she claimed from November 2004 to April 2009 to buy heroin. The imaginary children were given the surname of her boyfriend, Nicholas Grainger, 31, who was arrested in Leamington Spa in 2009 with Ellington in a drug sting called Operation Laser. She was still serving a community order when she was charged with benet fraud. The two real children were taken into care after Ellington and Grainger were jailed for abusing their toddler son in 2003. Before the trial, Ellington said: Ill accept whatever punishment is given me. I just want to put this behind me.

Neighbourhood living in fear of toxic caterpillars

RESIDENTS have been forced to shut themselves inside and seal doors and windows after an invasion of toxic caterpillars. The unusually warm weather has led to a mini-plague of brown tail moth larvae which can cause severe allergic reactions. Each caterpillar has up to two million hairs which can break off into the air and cause breathing problems, severe skin irritations and headaches. Thousands of the larvae have now invaded the quiet residential area near Exeter, Devon, and will continue to be a hazard for another four weeks. Pensioner Marian McPherson, 74, said: It is making my life living hell. I used to enjoy sitting in my garden, but now I cant go out there at all and I had to stop my young grandchildren visiting over Easter. Neighbour Mike Evans, 49, has been donning a face mask to kill as many as possible. He said: The caterpillars are everywhere. The problem is the sheer number of them me killing a few doesnt make a difference. An Exeter City Council spokesman said they recently inspected the area and vowed to prune nearby trees to stop the spread. slip


Brown tail moth caterpillar

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


BANK holidays bucked the usual soggy trend last month, helping to make it the hottest April on record. But as the heatwave extended into May, reghters were yesterday ghting a series of blazes in the countryside. Worst hit was an area between Bolton and Chorley in Lancashire, Lochaber in Scotland, Cumbria, the Mourne mountains in Northern Ireland and North and South Wales. Glyn Jones, from North Wales re and rescue service, said: We would urge anyone enjoying the countryside to take great care. There has been little rain recently and the ground is very dry so it is extremely easy to cause a re with a discarded cigarette or a campre. Many workers who took leave between the two bank holidays to create an 11-day break have taken full advantage of the sunshine. Despite predictions of thundery showers, Fridays Royal Wedding proved to be the perfect day.

Bush fires rage after warmest April on record

Efik_1 Jleep n`k_ c`^_kn`e[j DXoK\dg1 ,0=(,: Jflk_1 JleepYlk Yi\\qp`ek_\ Jflk_$N\jk DXoK\dg1 -(=(-: Efik_1 =`e\ Xe[ jleep DXoK\dg1 -*=(.: Jflk_1 =`e\ Xe[ jleep DXoK\dg1 -+=(/: Efik_1 Dfjkcp[ip# iX`e`e k_\N\jk DXoK\dg1 -*=(.: Jflk_1 ;ipn`k_ jleep jg\ccj DXoK\dg1 -/=)':

Efik_1 9i\\qpn`k_ iX`e`e k_\N\jk DXoK\dg1 --=(0: Jflk_1 ;ipn`k_ jleep jg\ccj DXoK\dg1 .)=)):

There were a few patches of cloud but the day stayed mostly ne and sunny, with temperatures reaching up to 68F (20C). Saturday proved even warmer, with the mercury rising to 72.14F in Hurn, near Christchurch, Dorset well above the April average. Conditions on Friday and Saturday helped make last month the hottest April since records began in 1659. The average central England temperature was 53.4F, which was 13.4F above normal and hotter than the previous warmest April of 52.2F in 2007. Last month is also likely to be conrmed as the warmest April across the entire UK, with an average temperature of 51.3F from April 1 to 26 the most recent dates available. The previous UK April record was 50.4F in 2007. Forecasters described last months weather as incredible. Temperatures


hit 82F in Wisley, Surrey, on Easter Saturday hotter than the Sahara. May began with temperatures of up to 68F, with the sun shining on traditional May Day events such as maypole and morris dancing. Todays bank holiday will see 68F in the West and 64.4F in the East. But showers are on the way. Downpours usually predicted for April are expected to drench the South of England next week. A Met Ofce forecaster said: There will be ne weather into next week, when unsettled conditions follow with rain to many parts, some heavy.

Towards the middle of May, indications are for the unsettled conditions across the UK to persist, with further outbreaks of rain and temperatures returning to near-normal. The generally unsettled theme looks set to continue across much of the UK until the end of the month, with showers or longer spells of rain. The wet weather will be welcomed by farmers and water companies. Met Ofce records from April 1 to 26 show that southern England had just 5.4mm of rain 10 per cent of the normal amount and close to the driest April since records began.

A morris dancer at dawn in Glastonbury yesterday



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011






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BOND: Despite her new fame Kate and Pippa remain friends as well as sisters
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ATE MIDDLETON walked into Westminster Abbey as a commoner and emerged a princess but it was her little sister who became the star. As the dust settles on the Royal Wedding Philippa Middleton can reect on how she managed to achieve the impossible. Unintentionally she stole some of the limelight from the future queen on her big day. Around the world two billion people were watching and it seems many eyes were on the 27-year-old maid-ofhonour. From the moment she rst appeared in a revealing and clinging Sarah Burton dress the consensus was that Pippa looked sensational. Relatively unknown until last week everyone now wants to know: whos that girl? Prince Harry, who irted for England with Pippa on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, wasnt the only one to be smitten by the other Middleton sister. Shed barely stepped out of the car at the Abbey before social networking sites went into meltdown as millions rushed to discover more about Pippa. Twitter almost crashed, while Facebook sites devoted to Pippa (and several parts of her body) sprang up all over the world. One declared Pippa to be Her Royal Hotness while shes already said to be a shoo-in for rear of the year. The cosiness between Harry and Pippa didnt go unnoticed, prompting fevered speculation the Middleton family could be on course for an unprecedented royal double. Two Windsor brothers? That really would be a fairytale for a family with workingclass roots in the North-east. Michael Vaughan, the former England cricket captain, summed it up with his comment that Harry should follow the tradition of a romance between the best man and maid-of-honour. Lets all pray for Harry pray that he gets lucky with Pippa, he joked. Other new admirers, however, were praying for something entirely different and wondering whether Pippa is single. Sadly for them the answer is no but precisely what her boyfriend of less than a year makes of Pippas overnight elevation to pin-up and most eligible woman on the planet is anyones guess. Hes Alex

The dress really accentuated her fabulous gure

Rushworth Loudon, 30, an Old Etonian friend of Prince William who attended Durham University before playing cricket for Warwickshire. He was considered to have a promising future as an international and captained the England under-19 team but retired to follow his father and brother into nance. Alex was at the wedding on Friday but stayed in the background while his girlfriend concentrated on her duties. Pippas old ames include Jonathan JJ Jardine Patterson, a banking heir whose family had an estate in Dumfriesshire. They were together for three years but split in 2007. Shes also been linked to Alexander Spencer-Churchill, a distant relative of the late Princess Diana, Scottish aristocrat Billy More Nisbett and diamond heir Simon Youngman. The common thread is that they all come from moneyed families. There was also Charlie Gilkes, a nightclub entrepreneur who owns Barts club in Knightsbridge. Its been reported that Pippa could be about to become engaged to Alex, not Harry but according to one royal observer thats wide of the mark. They havent been together long, she says. Remember it took Kate and William eight years to tie the knot so Pippas in no rush. Right now shes in an enviable position. Almost overnight shes become the nations most eligible woman. She now has the royal connections but none of the responsibilities of her older sister. Were going to be seeing a lot more of Pippa in the coming months. While it was the Royal Wedding that propelled Pippa into the global spotlight shes been making waves in British society circles for several years. Philippa Charlotte, known as Pip to her family, is the second of the three Middleton children, theres also a younger brother James, 23. Like Kate, she attended Marlborough College before reading English literature at Edinburgh University where she hob-nobbed with aristocratic students. Pippa has gone on to become close /lmx


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


STUNNING: Pippa in that unforgettable dress

?fnG`ggX _XjY\Zfd\ k_\eXk`fej dfjk\c`^`Yc\ jn\\k_\Xik

BEAUTY: At the evening reception

coined the nickname the Wisteria Sisters for Kate and Pippa on the grounds that they were highly decorative, terribly fragrant and ferocious climbers. Cynics suggest Pippa, who has in the past been spotted clearing up drinks after events, wont be a party planner for much longer. Then theres the question of her selection of dress, which was not only daring but bridal and has been wrongly interpreted as a deliberate attempt to overshadow Kate. In fact Kate and Pippa as well as being sisters are great friends and there doesnt appear to be any hint of sibling rivalry. After graduating in 2007 Pippa went to live with her sister in the 850,000 at which their parents own in Chelsea. They collaborated over everything in the build-up to the wedding ceremony, from clothes to their similar hairstyles, even if they did

We are going to be seeing much more of her

underestimate the effect Pippas outt would have. The royal observer adds: The Middleton sisters are close and Kate will have no problem with all the attention Pippa is getting. Theyll both be treating it as a huge giggle while William will no doubt be ribbing his brother. Pippa has a great gure and the dress was chosen to accentuate it. Whats wrong with looking good at your sisters wedding? Bridal designer Caroline Castigliano agrees: The dress Pippa had on was just so special. It was very cleverly designed and I think you will see copies of something similar out in the market. A lot of London brides would get married in that. It was stunning. Not since a relatively unknown actress called Liz Hurley arrived for a lm premiere on the arm of her boyfriend Hugh Grant has one dress had such an impact on a nation. Kate might have won the heart of the future king but it is Pippa Middleton who has captivated the rest of us.

TIES: Pippa with her parents Michael and Carole and boyfriend Alex Loudon
friends with the rest of the young royals and blue-blooded party set, counting Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Chelsy Davy and Holly Branson as friends. One of her hobbies is shooting while shes also been a member of The Queens Club, the prestigious tennis club in West London which has a 11,000 membership fee. In 2008 Pippa was named Tatler magazines No1 Society Singleton, partly due to her constant presence on the London social scene. She has a part-time job at entertainment company Table Talk and also runs Party Times, an online magazine for her parents party supplies company. Pippa has been described as a more vivacious version of her older sister and became one of the socalled turbo toffs, well-connected types who are seen quafng champagne cocktails in the coolest clubs from Kensington to Cannes. She also serves as an ambassador for Too Many Women, which raises money for breast cancer research. Shes said by friends to be a brilliant organiser so was not fazed by her role at Kates side. Throughout the day she never put a foot wrong, calmly shepherding the young bridesmaids into the Abbey before returning outside to arrange her sisters 9ft train. Inevitably there have been a few snide comments about Pippa taking advantage of her new-found connections. There were reports of her clashing with Buckingham Palace courtiers over her plans to instal mirrored glitter balls in the Throne Room for the evening disco. There have also been mutterings that she is using her links to the Royal Family to further her career. Pippa gave her only interview shortly before her sisters engagement to Prince William in which she promoted her parents business. A few years back someone even



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


OToole gives McGowan a smacker

Why the wrong amount of sleep ages your brain

SLEEPING too little or for too long ages the brain by up to seven years, a study has warned. Getting less or more than the six to eight hours can trigger mental and physical decline and ultimately lead to an early death. Seven hours will keep the brain in peak condition, said scientists at the University of London Medical School, who said a lack of sleep affects reasoning and vocabulary. They found the magnitude of the effect is equivalent to four to seven years of ageing.

how long we live. Senior research fellow Jane Ferrie said: The main result to come out of our study was that adverse changes in sleep duration appear to be associated with poorer cognitive function in later middle-age. The detrimental effects of too much, too little and poor quality sleep on various aspects of health have begun to receive more attention. Given that our 24/7 society increasingly impinges on the lives of many people, it is important to consider what effects changes in sleep duration may have on health and wellbeing in the long-term. Researchers found the ideal amount of sleep duration of seven hours per night resulted in the highest score for every cognitive test. Among men, a change in brain function was noticeable after less than six hours or more than eight hours of sleep. The study tested 5,431 participants for two periods over ve years alongside a study of London civil servants aged 35 to 55. The ndings are published in the May issue of the journal Sleep.

FKffc\c\Xm\j_`j dXibfe?fccpnff[
LEGENDARY actor Peter OToole yesterday cemented his place in Hollywood history. The 78-year-old was surrounded by family, celebrities and hundreds of fans as he sunk his hands and feet into wet cement at Graumans Chinese Theatre. Irish-born OToole, the star of 1962 movie classic Lawrence Of Arabia, could not help but celebrate by stealing a quick cheeky kiss from American actress Rose McGowan. He joins a list of top celebrity hands and footprints in the yard of the famed Hollywood tourist spot. OToole holds the record for the most Oscar nominations eight without a win, though in 2003 he received an honorary Oscar.

Following a study of sleep patterns, the researchers said changes over a ve-year period in late middle-age affect the function of the brain. Between 7 and 8 per cent of those who slept longer than the recommended amount fared worse in cognitive tests with the exception of short-term verbal memory. But a quarter of women and one in six men who failed to get a goods night sleep suffered a decrease in reasoning, vocabulary and cognitive tests. Sleep duration has been associated with mental and physical health and

Peter OToole grinning yesterday as he leans in the Hollywood cement


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Express delivery as Trevor and Kate win this great motorhome

DAILY Express reader Trevor Milburn has given his wife a most wonderful birthday present a luxury motorhome he won in our super competition. Mr Milburn, 56, a meter reader from Nottingham, was out shopping with his care assistant wife Kath, 55, when he learned of his good fortune. The couple are now the owners of a four-berth Peugeot Elddis Majestic 100, one of the best-equipped coach-built motorhomes for leisure activities. And Mr Milburn said they plan to take it on a tour of the whole country, adding: Its absolutely brilliant to have won. I nearly fell over when I found out, I was so surprised. I was out shopping. I was so shocked that people were looking at me funnily and wondering what was wrong. My wife asked me what had happened and I told her that wed won the motorhome. Its a wonder that I didnt swear because I was so excited. It was a brilliant birthday present for Kath. The Majestic 100 can comfortably sleep up to four people, and comes with a hot and cold system, kitchen, shower room with toilet and powerful heating. Mr Milburn said: Weve a holiday coming up in July, so Ill be taking it away then, probably to Wales. But we also want to go to Scotland and I love Norwich, so hopefully it could nd its way all over.

The delighted Milburns toast their good fortune after winning our wonderfully-equipped four-berth Peugeot Elddis Majestic 100


BRITISH holidaymakers have received a welcome boost ahead of the summer with the pound hitting a 16-month high against the dollar making trips to the US cheap again. Those going to the States will have 8.4 per cent more to spend than 12 months ago and 22 per cent more than when sterling sank to a ve-year low in 2009. Yesterday, the exchange rate was at $1.55 to every 1, making US holidays better value for money. The pound has also risen against the Turkish lira and is 5.5 per cent stronger than 12 months ago, according to Post Ofce Travel Money. The news came as Britons holidaying in Europe were facing ever-more expensive trips as sterling continued to plunge against the euro. Earlier this month, the Daily Express reported that a family holiday to a eurozone destination was now 713 more expensive than four years ago.

Dollars dive slashes cost of holidays to America

The pound has continued to fall against the euro and was yesterday at its lowest rate so far this year, worth 4.1 per cent less than last year. Sarah Munro, head of travel money at the Post Ofce, said: The rise in the value of the UK pound against the US dollar is good news for the thousands of UK holidaymakers planning trips to Florida, New York, Las Vegas and other US hotspots this year. Transatlantic tourists have not had much to smile about since sterling dropped back from its $2 high against the dollar in 2007 but they will now have close to 10 per cent more cash to spend than a year ago. With luck, the position might get even better in the coming weeks. By contrast, sterling has been on the slide against the euro over the past month, just as the holiday season starts to hot up. Although UK tourists travelling to the eurozone cannot do much about exchange rates, they can make sure they get the most /lmx

British holidaymakers will have more money to gamble in Las Vegas

out of their holiday pounds by choosing a destination such as Spain or Portugal where resort costs are low. Holidaymakers should also take care to purchase holiday cash in advance rather than waiting until the last minute and getting a poor rate at the airport. In Portugal, costs at popular resorts have tumbled in recent weeks. And in Spain, prices have also hit a record low when it comes to buying typical holiday purchases. In the Costa resorts, hotels, cafes and restaurants have slashed prices to win back UK tourists, resulting in a 48 per cent cut compared with 2007.



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

(dg`c^i`djZifn[ `ekfJkG\k\ijkf _X`cJkAf_eGXlc

Happy Pope Benedict XVI yesterday ONE million Roman Catholics crammed into the Vatican yesterday as the late Pope John Paul II was beatied the nal step before being made a saint. Pope Benedict XVI declared the Polish-born Pope will now be called blessed. He told the huge crowd that lled St Peters Square and snaked back along the main avenue of the Vatican of Pope John Pauls faith, strength and generosity. Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, 87, deed an EU travel ban to join the 62 heads of state at the beatication Mass. The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, who also attended, said the tyrants presence was uncomfortable. Pope Benedict put John Paul on the fast-track for sainthood just weeks after his death aged 84 in April, 2005. He waived the customary ve-year wait after the strength

of support shown at Pope John Pauls funeral. For yesterdays ceremony to take place evidence of a miracle is needed. French nun sister Marie Simon-Pierre says she was cured of Parkinsons disease after praying to Pope John Paul. A second miracle is now needed for him to nally be declared a saint. But the speed is criticised by many who believe Pope John Paul turned a blind eye to the sex abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic church while he was in charge for 26 years. Keith Porteous Wood, from the National Secular Society, said: This sprint to sainthood is to deect examinations into John Paul IIs unedifying record on clerical child abuse and, with it, Benedicts own role. But the Vatican is keen to promote the Popes humility and peoples love for him.

A Vatican tapestry of John Paul II

The faithful ocked to St Peters Square yesterday. Left, nuns pray and take photographs

Schools chaos looms as heads hold strike ballot

HEAD teachers threatened to bring chaos to schools by voting yesterday to hold a ballot on strike action in protest at cuts to their pensions. A motion, vowing to take all action necessary to defend pensions up to and including balloting on industrial action, was passed by 99.6 per cent of delegates at the annual conference of the National Association of Head Teachers in Brighton. The 28,000 members of the teaching union will now be balloted over taking industrial action against plans to cut the cost of public-sector pensions proposed by former Labour minister Lord Hutton. The motion agreed stated: Conference calls upon National Executive to take all action necessary to defend pensions up to and including balloting on industrial action, in opposition to the changes proposed by the Hutton inquiry, as they

will reduce existing and worsen future retirement benets for the teaching profession and the public sector as a whole. NAHT believes the proposed changes will seriously damage motivation and morale, exacerbating the already serious problems of recruitment and retention of school leaders. NAHT member Brian McNutt described the Governments approached as disaster politics. He told the conference Chancellor George Osborne was from the Arthur Daley school of economics. David Fann, national executive member, added: Were

going to pay more, work longer and get less. The Government says Lord Hutton, the former work and pensions secretary, has made it clear that change is needed. His review called for a move from a nal salary scheme to an average salary pension scheme and for public sector workers to retire later. The Government says people are living longer and, as the value of public service pensions has risen, the burden has fallen to employers and taxpayers. It is consulting on the reviews recommendations and will set out rm proposals by the autumn, promising they will be affordable, sustainable, and fair to both the public sector


N\i\^f`e^kfgXpdfi\#nfib cfe^\iXe[^\kc\jj

workforce and taxpayers. It is understood changes could cost some NAHT members 100,000 from their pension pot. The National Union of Teachers and Association of Teachers have also recently agreed to ballot over pensions. Millions of pupils at practically every school in England and Wales are likely to be affected if teachers walk out. But Tory Education Secretary Michael Gove last night told the conference the issue of pensions had to be addressed. He said: You embody the spirit of public service. And yes, collectively the teaching profession and head teachers have acknowledged there must be a pay freeze and pay restraint. And we shouldnt abuse that patience, we should thank you for it. But recognise also, in due course, we need to make sure that we award teachers and school leavers appropriately. slip/lmx

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


K_\ :iljX[\i =`^_k`e^]fipflii`^_kj

COUPLE are enjoying a few celebrations of their own this bank holiday now a large mystery debt which clouded their lives for weeks has been swept away. Were so relieved, said Vanetta and John Palmer after hearing a debt collectors demand for 1,549 has been torn up and Vanettas impeccable credit record restored. The alleged charge dated back a decade to an old card account that Vanetta had once held with Peoples Bank which was then taken over by CitiFinancial in 2001. We used to have several cards to take advantage of the 0 per cent interest offers. I think this was one of those, said Vanetta, 78, a former civil servant of Chippenham, in Wiltshire. The couple were astonished because they had never had any previous payment request. Weve lived at the same address for over 40 years so if someone had been trying to chase us we were easy to nd and we would have known, said John, 77, who used to teach electronics. In fact when this arrived out of the blue we suspected a scam. Were very particular about paying our bills on time, A check conrmed the demand was genuine. More upset followed when Vanetta was advised by credit reference agency Experian that until the matter was resolved she would have a problem getting credit. It seemed so unreasonable, she said. In the 10 years the debt supposedly has been outstanding my rating has never been affected before. Trying to nail down how the debt occurred and the reason for the lack of contact was far from easy particularly as Vanettas card account had been passed back and forth between nancial agencies. CitiFinancial claimed it had nothing to do with it because the account had been sold to debt collector Cabot Financial. But they had no record of it, so we went back to Citi, John explained to Crusader. We were angry something had been sold in our name when we had no knowledge of it. Given how matters like these can drag on and the obvious distress they can cause we asked CitiFinancial to speed up its review of what had occurred. In the meantime, Vanetta and John were cheered to learn that a company has six years to pursue a debt. If there is no evidence that it has sought recovery during that time it has to drop it. Had CitiFinancial maintained it was owed the amount the Palmers could have used the recovery time limit as the basis to make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Yet just days after highlighting the issue CitiFinancial told Cabot to close the account and wipe off the balance. It says it has still not been possible to trace why the default was originally registered because of the timescale but conrms posting of the statements had been suspended. When CitiFinancial assumed control we should have contacted Mrs Palmer and should not have sold the debt to Cabot a spokeswoman said. Vanetta has now also accepted a 100 goodwill payment. Thanking Crusader, John said: With your help the case was resolved within a week and we are very grateful for your knowledge and experience.


8ccn\fn\`j[\Ykf]^iXk`kl[\ 8
PUT out the ags for homeware supplier Coopers of Stortford recommends Geoff Bolton. In April he bought a small folding table from the Hertfordshire rm. When one of the clips broke Geoff, from Ribchester in Lancashire, suggested that Coopers send a new part rather than him having to return the item. But they said they would send me a new table, which they did immediately. What a fantastic, reliable company, he applauds.

CREDIT WHERE DUE: Vanetta and John are back in the clear

;fpfl_Xm\XZfejld\igifYc\dfiXkXc\f]j\im`Z\k_Xk[\j\im\jXggcXlj\6K_\:iljX[\i`j_\i\kf_\cg%N\ZXekgifd`j\Xi\gcpYlkgc\Xj\ni`k\`en`k_pfli]lcceXd\Xe[[Xpk`d\ g_fe\eldY\ikf1K_\:iljX[\i#;X`cp<ogi\jj#('Cfn\iK_Xd\jJki\\k#Cfe[fe<:*I-<Efi\dX`cljXkZiljX[\i7\ogi\jj%Zf%lb;fekj\e[fi`^`eXc[fZld\ekjpfldXpe\\[cXk\i%



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Monday to Friday 9am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am - 6pm. Tuesday & Wednesday 9am - 6pm. Special opening hours for Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Eva gives a shapely leg-up to sick children

SHAPELY Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria gives a leg-up to a worthwhile charity with a ash of her perfect pins. Ms Longoria, 36, hosted an annual rally for children with cancer wearing white hot-pants, a blue-and-white stripey top and killer heels. And yesterday the elegant star took to the skies as she soared over Miami in a small plane. Later she climbed into a Mercedes SLR McLaren for a race around the track as part of the event. The Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup raises money every year for research, care and treatment for organisations in Florida. Eva said: It is dedicated to improving the quality of life for

children throughout Miami. By pledging money for this event you are supporting childrens cancer research, from diagnosis and treatment to conducting research and nding promising new therapies. The star is often seen showing her support at various red carpet fundraisers. She also spoke to one of the children being treated at the Childrens Hospital in Miami, as he sat behind the wheel of the car before the race. Eva and her new friend were then seen walking around the event together clutching hands as they chatted away and shared a few jokes.

Banbury Cross Retail Park OX16 1LX 01295 275774

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Tamworth Road DE12 7DU 01530 271459

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Cairngorm Gate, Winterhill MK6 1AZ 01908 696580

Cribbs Causeway BS34 5TQ 0117 959 0565

St James Retail Park NN1 1EE 01604 233210

A thumbs-up as Eva Longoria takes to the skies

Easlea Road, Moreton Hall Estate IP32 7BY 01284 750166

Thurs to Fri 9am-9pm. Sun 1pm-6pm.

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Meteor Centre DE21 4SY 01332 372007

Rail Mill Way, Great Eastern Way Retail Park S62 6JD 01709 780448

High Street, Carcroft DN6 8DP 01302 330759

Doctors find genetic defect that triggers blood cancers

A DEFECT which triggers blood cancers has been identied by British scientists, giving hope to thousands of sufferers The hugely inuential discovery could lead to new treatments for some forms of leukaemia, which affects 7,600 people a year. The study shows the problems may lie in how some people make proteins. Dr David Grant, scientic director at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, which funded the research, said: This study will be hugely inuential on future research into treatments for blood cancers that originate in the bone marrow.

Sun 10am-6pm.

which develops into blood cancer in about 30 per cent of cases. Until now, the glitch in the development of proteins had not been fully understood. Experts had also not identied until now the genes that may ultimately be responsible. Dr Alan Warren, from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, who led the study, said: We have dened SDS as a ribosomopathy, linking the origins of this disorder to other forms of human bone marrow failure and cancer-related diseases in which ribosome dysfunction has been implicated. The next stage will be to focus on designing targeted treatments, which exploit this new-found knowledge. Acute myeloid leukaemia and myelodysplastic syndrome are among the most widespread blood cancers. There are currently few treatments other than a bone marrow transplant, available to only a few patients. The latest ndings link a defective ribosome to bone marrow failure and leukaemia and directly identify new approaches to treat the disease.

Roman Way Retail Park WR9 9AY 01905 775737

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Slough Retail Park SL1 5AL 01753 577998

In healthy people, a key function of cells is to make proteins. These proteins are vital to the smooth running of the cell and its survival. But in order to make proteins, the cell needs to use a tool known as a ribosome. The new study suggests that in some people this tool is broken, which prevents the body from making proteins. This can then lead to a bone marrow disorder, known as SDS,


Hedge End Retail Park SO30 4RT 01489 799722

LEEDS, Birstall
Birstall Retail Park WF17 9DT 01924 424617

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Beckton Triangle Retail Park E6 6LH 020 8507 3880

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BX Shopping Park NW2 1LJ 020 8452 1560

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Valley Park CR0 4YJ 020 8688 0083

Great Lodge Retail Park TN2 3EW 01892 519194

Great Cambridge Road EN1 1UJ 020 8364 5404

VETERAN broadcaster and writer Clive James has revealed he is battling leukaemia. The Australian-born presenter of Saturday Night Clive has been ill for about 15 months. James, 71, had kept the illness secret until a journalist friend guessed he was unwell. The married fatherof-two, who lives in Cambridge, was being treated for liver failure when the cancer was diagnosed. He said: It was supposed to develop slowly but in my case couldnt wait to get started, mainly in my lungs. Clive has now cut back on his work, including attending literary festivals in Australia.

Shannon Retail Park KT3 4RP 020 8949 7066

Cardiff Gate Retail Park CF23 8NL 029 2073 5235

Gallows Corner Retail Park RM3 0AD 01708 335588

Off Bush Road, Morriston SA6 8ER 01792 773088

Crittalls Corner DA14 6LX 020 8308 9177

Riverside Retail Park WA1 2HG 01925 657136

Victoria Retail Park HA4 0AJ 020 8842 2503

Wellington Retail Park PO7 7FG 02392 238520

Colne Valley Retail Park WD17 2JZ 01923 219693

Thorp Arch Trading Estate LS23 7BJ 01937 842039


Star kept illness quiet

Miami nice, Eva turns heads in hot pants and heels


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

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FAME: Stefanies career ourished with Hart To Hart, co-starring Robert Wagner

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J_\ki`\[_\iY\jkkfjXm\ jkXiN`cc`Xd?fc[\e]ifd j\c]$[\jkilZk`feYlk#Xj Jk\]Xe`\Gfn\iji\m\Xcj`e _\ie\nXlkfY`f^iXg_p#`ek_\ \e[j_\_X[kfX[d`k[\]\Xk



HEN William Holden died veteran Hollywood director Billy Wilder spat out the best epitaph I have ever heard: There was never any c*** from Bill. No sentimentality. No luvvieness. Just a plain statement of fact. But in that terse one line lies the entire history of actor/director relationships. It suggests one of mutual respect. Holden was a wild man. Once the golden boy of Hollywood he spent his nal years on a ranch in Kenya, conserving African species under threat and drinking himself to death. His last female companion was the love of his life and an impressive woman in her own right: Stefanie Powers. She was known for The Girl From Uncle (1966) or Hart To Hart (1979) depending on your vintage. She was one of those working actresses whose stardom was neither meteoric nor legendary but for whom acting was just another way of earning a living. Her new autobiography One From The Hart reveals much about her strength of character, intelligence and love of the wild side of life. She was far happier mucking out zebras and propping up her man than sashaying down a red carpet in Hollywood or posing for pictures. She was a real woman from her russet head to her toes. Still is. The reason for writing the book, she insists, is to set the record straight about their decade-long love affair. I thought all that has ever been written about Bill is going to remain the standard by which everybody judges him, she explains. Maybe I should write down the truth, the truth about our relationship and the truth about him as I saw it and put him in the light, not the light of a knight in shining armour but in the light of what the real man was. Stefanie Zofya Paul was born on November 2, 1942, in Hollywood. Her parents divorced during her childhood and her Polish-American mother Julia Golen remained close to her until her death in 2009. Although she made a stful of movies, some good, some bad, many indifferent Powers was always more than just another Hollywood starlet. She could speak six languages uently,

The romance began but Holden was an alcoholic

starting with her native Polish and was a quick learner. Like many actors of her generation who began young in the business Powers was intimidated by those who had received a more thorough education and she became a voracious reader and an exemplar of self-teaching. She was also a selfconfessed tomboy, an adventurer and a loner and all these elements came into play when she met the dening love of her life William Holden. Holden was 56 and his career as a Hollywood star was on the wane. He was, however, making the transition into character roles and he had many interests outside acting, including hunting and travelling. In many ways Powers was his perfect soulmate. The 24-year age gap was immaterial to them as they had so much in common. Powers recalls her rst encounter with Holden at a New Years Eve party thrown by Dominick Dunne and his wife Lennie, to which she was taken by her friend, costume designer Moss Mabry. While Mabry went to fetch drinks, leaving Powers alone for a few moments, she turned to come face to face with Holden who introduced himself, Hi, Bill Holden. After wishing her a happy New Year he moved on.

OME years later they met at a shop in Beverly Hills as she was browsing photographic books about Africa, thereby establishing a mutual interest. By the time she met him for the third time, at a cocktail party during a tennis tournament in which Powers was playing, the die was cast. Powers was divorcing her husband Gary Lockwood and was a free agent. Holden was already divorced from his wife Brenda Marshall and there was nothing to stop them. Powers recalls that in spite of their relative unhampered situation he remained discreet and behaved like a gentleman. When she accepted his invitation to go to Hong Kong he reserved rooms next to each other but not connecting as, she writes, He never wanted me to feel pressurised or obligated in any way. She wasnt /lmx


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


CHEMISTRY: The couple remained close friends even after they split up
Holden was drunk. Too drunk to drive. That evening when Powers looked in on him while he was having a nap she found him convulsing from alcohol poisoning. Despite her horror she managed to save his life and called his sons who were also in Palm Springs. Their reaction shocked her. Dont think youre going to get him to stop drinking, said one. Better people than you have tried and failed. Even her uncle Howard, a recovering alcoholic himself, advised her to leave Holden immediately. If not, he warned, she would learn more about being a human being than I could ever imagine. re-established as the Mount Kenya Game Ranch. Not long afterwards, when his business partner Ray Ryan was murdered in his car in Illinois, Holden began to drift. And Powers could not go with him. Powers had begun the most successful stage of her acting career with Hart To Hart and Holden was involved in Irwin Allens nal disaster movie When Time Ran Out when she received a call from the studio asking her to take Holden home. He had been drinking at lunchtime and his unsteadiness in a scene involving a suspension bridge 20 feet above the soundstage was putting the other actors at risk. Wanting to get Holden back into a rehab programme Powers took him to Dr Perschs clinic. Persch, who later founded the Betty Ford Clinic, took Powers aside and gave it to her straight. So tell me whats wrong with you? Why are you with an alcoholic? Powers understood that she was being cast as an enabler of Holdens addiction. It was the beginning of the end of their romance. They separated and though remaining friends, their circumstances had altered for ever. It was on November 16, 1981, driving to a location for Hart To Hart, that Powers heard the news William Holden had been found in his apartment. He had tripped over while intoxicated and gashed his head, severing an artery. He had been dead for four days. Devastated, Powers confessed: I didnt cope well at all. Robert Wagner was a comfort to me but Bills death took a lot out of me. I was in mourning for ages. Eventually she rallied and went on to secure funding for the William Holden Wildlife Foundation which continues today as a wildlife educational centre allied to the conservation work at the ranch. It is both a powerful legacy and an expression of an enduring love. To order One From The Hart by Stefanie Powers (JR Books) at 18.99 send a cheque or postal order payable to Express Bookshop to: One From The Hart Offer, PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ or telephone 0871 988 8367 (calls cost 10p per minute from UK landlines) or order at www.expressbookshop. com UK delivery is free.

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and the romance began. Little did she know that she had a tiger by the tail. Holden was an alcoholic. He had begun drinking as a young actor, through insecurity and doubt that beset many in the business. It didnt dawn on her that there might be a problem until she arrived at Palm Springs to reunite with Holden after their rst week together and he wasnt at the airport to meet her. I walked out to where the cars would drop off or pick up passengers, she says. I saw Bill standing next to his Mercedes-Benz with a motorcycle cop talking to him. It did not look like a social conversation. In fact

LOODIED but unbowed Powers persevered. When she and Holden were together everything was ne. It was only in her absence that he fell off the wagon, clearly encouraged by his old drinking buddies such as his accountant Frank Schappe, with whom he would go on binges for several days. After another drinkfuelled incident she and two friends nally persuaded him to join Alcoholics Anonymous. Holden had been in rehab many times but AA was a completely different ball game. For a while it worked and he and Powers continued to travel around the world investing in properties and pursuing their mutual dream of setting up a game conservation ranch which had begun with the Mount Kenya Safari Club, a former hotel purchased by Holden. But changes were on their way. One day when Holden shot an antelope and looked down at the long, slender neck and large eyes of the dead creature he said: Oh my God. Ive just shot Audrey Hepburn. This was more signicant than Powers may have realised at the time. In 1954, while lming Sabrina, Holden and Audrey Hepburn became romantically involved. Having hoped to marry him and have children Hepburn broke off the relationship when Holden revealed that hed had a vasectomy. It was the last time Holden shot an animal for sport and the club and the surrounding land was

Everything was ne when they were together


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


EN are nowhere near as mysterious as women think. For instance, you might think male behaviour is so confusing it can be interpreted in dozens of infuriatingly different ways. In fact, the most likely reason is almost always the right one. So if a man and woman have been on a few dates and then suddenly he stops contacting her what is the most obvious and likely explanation? By a long, long way its that he isnt all that bothered about seeing her again. Of course he might have lost his phone, he might be busy with work, he might have been sent on a secret spying mission to Afghanistan or he might have been abducted by aliens. Yet the most likely reason is that he isnt bothered about her. All those conversations women have wondering whether or not they should call or text that man they havent heard from are a complete waste of time. They shouldnt. Full stop. Whats the point of texting someone whos not interested enough to text you? Then what should you do? Simple: ignore him and move on to a man who likes you and is ready for a relationship. When you nd one youll know about it because hell make sure you do. Guys fall for girls very quickly, immediately in many cases and when that happens the man will not be able to stop himself from getting in touch with her. He will want to see her again as soon as


The vast majority of men love and respect women

possible and he will want her to know how he feels. He will want her to know hes not just some bloke whos doing a bit of dating here and there. He will want her to know hes different and shes special. Thats what goes through a mans mind when hes crazy about a girl. When hes indifferent hes aky. The difference is easy to spot. When it happens youll know. Your instinct will tell you. The same applies to trust. Theres no way of knowing for certain that a guy will never cheat on you, other than relying on your own instinct. If youre with someone and you trust him that is the best and only proof of his faithfulness that youre ever going to get. To me its like realising youre in love with someone. As I was once told when I asked, How do you know? the answer is: you just know. Trust is also the same. If you know, you know. Remember most men dont and wont cheat. Thats because the vast majority of men love and respect women. We want secure, stable relationships and we want to build solid families too. Some do cheat and Im sorry to say they are impossible to spot. So trust your instincts without letting your own insecurities control what they say because there are plenty of good guys around. However and this is the big one, if you catch even the best of the good guys at the wrong time (when hes not ready for commitment, a stage everyone goes through) he might well end up treating you badly. I do realise women work exactly the same way. Plenty of men have been emotionally burned by footloose girls. Its just men dont

I can tell you the truth about what men really want
Ever wondered why men dont call or how you attract the wrong partner? Dating expert HUMFREY HUNTER decodes the male psyche
Dont doubt that men nd you attractive and if you want to be approached then look approachable. That means smile. However beware of men who seem too relaxed and condent about approaching you. If you like someone tell them. Youre much better off knowing theyre not interested than torturing

read newspapers, magazines and books on the subject. We bury our emotions, go for a beer and watch the football. How then do you get it right? How do you nd the right man at the right time? You make yourself happy thats what. Stop behaving in a way that isnt good for you. If youre meeting the wrong men stop doing whatever it is that brings them into your life, whether its going out and getting drunk or meeting three new internet dates every week. When you go out concentrate on enjoying yourself with your friends, not pulling. Believe you deserve someone good. Not a perfect man because he doesnt exist. I mean a normal, good person, one whom you love hanging out with and who would be a good t with you and your life. Be condent, fun and happy because those are the women normal, good men like the most. Finally, trust youll be lucky enough that the right man will come into your life at the right time. No one can make it happen. All anyone can do is make sure they are as happy and condent as possible and hope luck takes care of the rest. It has worked for millions and millions of people so if it doesnt happen for you straightaway dont worry.

Men bury their emotions and go for a beer

Once youve found him how do you keep him? Be good to him. Treat him as you would like to be treated by him. If hes good to you dont focus on his faults or his bad points because no man is perfect. Sure we can all be improved slightly but dont try to change us too much because thats not healthy. Its important to be positive and appreciate what you have and whichever man is lucky enough to be in your life will do the same for you. To order The Men Files by Humfrey Hunter (Headline, 12.99) with free UK delivery call 0871 988 8367 (10p per minute from BT landlines) with your card details or send a cheque payable to Express Newspapers to: The Express Bookshop, PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ or visit


yourself by wondering if they are. If a man seems like hes trying too hard its because he likes you. So forgive him. The best men arent the smoothest. His uncertainty means he either likes you very much or doesnt date very often. If he hasnt called after a date assume hes not

interested. If he takes more than two or three days to call assume hes not interested. When you text him back leave it an hour at rst (if you like him) and then just a bit longer than he does every time after that. Worrying about sending a bad text is a waste of time. If he likes you it wont matter. Really.



Daily Express Mo




The 82-ye
Shes been modelling since the Fifties and is still at the top of her game. Meet DAPHNE SELFE, Britains most inspirational grandmother
APHNE SELFE is rattling off the impressive overseas business trips she has notched up within the last year. Prague, Ibiza, Berlin, Paris and Beijing now that was marvellous, we ew rst class and I modelled for Chinese Vogue. Vibrant and sparkly-eyed but at an age when most grandmothers of four are long-retired, 82-year-old Daphne is the UKs oldest model and something of a phenomenon. Photographers do tend to think Im in my late 60s or 70s. At my age I am just so lucky I can go anywhere I want and am pretty healthy. Does she feel out of synch with her contemporaries? Yes, I feel like Tigger, she says, breaking into peals of laughter. She displays no signs of slowing down. We meet in the ofce of her agency, Models 1, in central London, where she has arrived alone carrying her portfolio after catching the train from her Hertfordshire home followed by a packed Underground ride. People always say to me, Dont get the Tube, catch a taxi but I wouldnt dream of it. Although I do nd carrying things more difcult now. She attributes her recent success to letting her hair go grey at 60. I couldnt be bothered to bend over the sink and do it any more but in fact it made me more striking. Daphne has been photographed by the best: Mario Testino (lovely), Rankin (very calm) and David Bailey (I think I got him on a bad day), for numerous high-end fashion campaigns including Dolce & Gabbana, even making an appearance in a Will Young video. Shes also one of the faces of a new range of Katharine Hamnett T-shirts designed for Selfridges Project Ocean campaign, launching May 11. A keen horsewoman, she hoped to have a career with horses but when that fell through, aged 20, she took a job in a department store (now John Lewis) in Reading. Id ride every morning before I bicycled seven miles to work, she says. She was a shop assistant in the coat department when her friends said there was a competition for a girl to appear on the cover of a local magazine. Daphne won and went on a three-week modelling course. We learned how to apply our make-up and get out of a sports car. Afterwards she began work at a furrier in London. Modelling was respectable then so my parents were very happy for me to do it and it was fabulous. I still think the Fifties was the best time to be a model because the clothes were so lovely. Of course we were much more innocent. There was no television, only the radio and wed never heard of drugs. She also managed to evade the fashion industrys unsavoury side. I had to escape once or twice from people whod employed me. I once went to do a show and the man said, You can have all these clothes if you come for a weekend in Paris with me. I said, Thank you very much but no thank you. I wasnt going to do that. I never went to bed with anyone before I got married. You were frightened to death of getting pregnant and you didnt do things like that. When she married Jim, a theatre manager, she gave up modelling to


Players must be over 18. Gamble responsibly & visit *Terms & Conditions apply for promotions. View online for details.

bring up their three children. As the children grew older she began to take on the odd job as a television extra. In 1997, after 43 years of marriage, Jim died following a series of strokes. The following year Daphne was asked to appear in a catwalk show for the label Red or Dead and she jumped at the chance. Since then she has commanded fees of 1,000 per day. That rate is quite rare but its very nice when it comes and helps the pension, she says. Despite her beauty Daphne doesnt believe she would make it if she were starting her career today. Im a big-boned person and back in 1950 I was 10st 7lb, although nobody told me to lose weight. I didnt do anything to make myself thin but once I had three children I lost weight and now Im 8st. My waist is 28 so I can sometimes get into a size eight on a shoot but I wear a 10 for comfort. I think its ridiculous and very sad that some of the models now have become so skeletal. She is equally horried by the other extreme: todays obesity epidemic. Nobody was ever fat when I was growing up. We didnt have enough food and rationing didnt stop until the Fifties so we ate properly. People eat the most revolting stuff now. Shes never eaten a Big Mac and wont touch pizza.

IDICULOUSLY supple (she can still do the splits) Daphne is up at 7am and keeps t with yoga and regular workouts with light weights. You have to in order to keep going. Prepared to have a bash at almost anything she produces a family photo from last Christmas in which shes suspended in the air in a skydiving stimulator. I was with my family and we wanted something fun to do on Boxing Day, she says breezily. Life is not a rehearsal and youre not going to get another one. With a beauty routine that involves nothing more than Boots cleansing wipes, Nivea moisturiser and a rosewater toner she says that she owes her face to genetics. Mummy was half Irish and had wonderful bone structure. Ive never had surgery and I never would, its awful. Whats the point of having a young face and an old body? I wouldnt use Botox, I dont want to inject poison into my face. An inspirational vision of old age? I should say so. My mother lived until she was 95 and was never old in her outlook. She would love what Im doing and think it was wonderful. Im so sorry she died before any of this. In the end she said, I think Ive had enough now, Ive had a great life and curled up like a dormouse and just went to sleep. Lovely. I hope I do the same. Interview by JANIE LAWRENCE /lmx


onday May 2 2011


ear-old catwalk queen

GLAMOUR GIRL: From a local department store to the international fashion scene, Daphne has modelled all of the major styles over the past six decades






I think its very sad that some of the models now have become so skeletal




It always seems our delicate skin is under attack and theres no denying that razor burn, bruises and often the appearance of raised scars ruins the look of your favourite outts. Thankfully theres now HEALGEL, suitable for all skin types*. Five leading British plastic and cosmetic surgeons joined forces with a renowned skin biochemist. They wanted an advanced formula skin gel which took three years to perfect. The Gel contains key essential ingredients and should simply be massaged into the troublesome, but unbroken, skin up to three times a day. At just 33.50 plus 3.50 P&P for a 30ml jar, theres nothing stopping you looking your best.


GRAND DAME: Daphne attributes her recent success to allowing her hair to go grey aged 60, a decision she says made her more striking

PLUS 3.50 P&P




0800 005 3300
Only available for sale in the UK
*Heal Gel is a cosmetic product and its use does not imply that total recovery can be obtained.

To order call now on


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Next day installation Rent or buy Free home trial Local surveyors Local engineers

Laid back look for

Swap last years sharp tailoring for a relaxed, pared-down style, says
SPORTS JACKETS The new shape this summer is a slim doublebreasted version with a shorter hem as seen at Herms. Herms spring/ summer 2011 OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES Big shades arent just for the ladies. These acetate aviators were inspired by classic Italian roadster race cars. Persol Roadster frames, 270, Sunglass Hut ( TENNIS SHORTS The more retro, the better for this summer staple. Z Zegna spring/ summer 2011

Find out why hundreds of thousands of people across the UK choose Acorn Stairlifts



WOVEN BELTS Braided belts t all waist sizes plus they look great with shorts, chinos and even suits. Belt, 15, Burton (0845 121 4514)

BUTTONING UP Lose the tie and do up the top button, highlighting your super-slim collar. Short-sleeved shirt, 70, Pretty Green (



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011




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fashion editor MARK OCONNOR

RED This is the hottest hue of the season. Wear a polo shirt or T-shirt, just remember everyone looks good in red. T-shirt, 12, Asos ( LEATHER STRAP SANDALS Louis Vuittons distressed leather mandals are comfortable and stylish but He by Mangos version wont break the bank. Sandals, 44.90, He By Mango (


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YpHL<<E9<E<CKFE DfeJXk.%*'#DXkJXk)%*' <okiXj_fncXjkN\[e\j[Xp f]\m\ipdfek_Xk)%*' nnn%n\n`ccifZbpfl%Zf%lb

THE LINEN SUIT With this suit everyone can look like George Clooney. Collezione linen-blend blazer, 99; Collezione linenblend trousers, 49.50; Blue Harbour T-shirt, 6, all Marks & Spencer (0845 302 1234)
9pK\i\eZ\IXkk`^Xe 8ee\$DXi`\;l]] !!!!!K`d\jJleK\c Dfe$JXk.%*'#N\[JXk)%*' nnn%fc[m`Zk_\Xki\%Zfd


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8GFCCFM@:KFI@8'/++/+.(-0N`Zb\[K_\Dlj`ZXc%Zf%lb Dfe$JXk.%*'gdN\[JXk)%*'gd


SUITS WITH T-SHIRTS Wear your suit with ne jersey loose-neck T-shirts. Think Steve McGarrett in the all new Hawaii Five-O, not Don Johnson in Miami Vice.


K?<:C8JJ@:JKFIPFEJK8>< ;`ikp;XeZ`e^Cfe[fe%Zfd

>8II@:BK?<8KI<'/+++()+--) Ilg\ik<m\i\kk#BXiXKf`ekfe Xe[;`XeXI`^^

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KI8=8C>8I'/++/.(.-*) C8JK:?8E:<KFJ<< KiXZ`\9\ee\kkXjAl[p>XicXe[

Get ready to put your feet up! We are giving one lucky reader a year of food shopping at Asda worth an incredible 5,200! Thats the equivalent of 100 of Asda vouchers a week to spend on delicious food and drink for all the family.

\e[f]k_\iX`eYfncfe[fe%Zfd =@E8C*N<<BJ<E;J)(D8P DLJK<E;((ALE< KI<MFIELEEJ JLG<I9GIF;L:K@FE;k\c


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Canali spring/ summer 2011 COLOURED CHINOS Go preppy with brightly-coloured chinos accessorised with boat shoes but no socks. Blue trousers, 35, J by Jasper Conran at Debenhams (0844 561 6161)
Kl\#N\[#K_li#=i`#JXkJle ^_fjkjkfi`\jk_\j_fn%Zf%lb
M8L;<M@CC<K?<8KI<'/+++()+--* D8KK?<N=FOFC@M@8N@CC@8DJ JZfiZ_`e^g\i]fidXeZ\j@e[\g\e[\ek



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Dfe$JXk.%*'#N\[jXk*gd GI@E:<<;N8I;K?<8KI<'/+++/),(,) Kl\JXk(0%*'Kl\#JXkJle(,%'' nnn%A\ij\p9fpjCfe[fe%Zfd

Gi\m`\njY\^`e-DXp]ifd(, j_i\bk_\dlj`ZXc%Zf%lb


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DfeJXk.%*'gd#K_liJXk)%*' C\^XccpYcfe[\k_\dlj`ZXc%Zf%lb






TO ENTER Answer the following question: What is the male name associated with Asdas clothing range? Geoffrey; George; or Gerard? For your chance to win call 0907 181 2771 or text DXASDA followed by your answer, name and address details to 86660. Calls cost 77p per minute from a BT Landline plus network extras and last 2.5 minutes. Calls from other networks and mobiles may cost more. Texts cost 2 plus your usual network operator rate.
Entrants must be 18 or over. Competition closes midnight May 14. Winners will be selected at random from all correct entries. For full terms and conditions see compterms. Helpline 0870 010 8656. The Editors decision is nal. For SMS you may receive other related promotional offers/services: if you do not wish to, send STOP at the end of your message. Express Newspapers reserves the right to offer these promotions in its portfolio of titles. Prize is subject to availability. Images are for representational use only.


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<m\j.%*'#DXkjKl\JXk)%*' nnn%K_\G_XekfdF]K_\Fg\iX%Zfd

0844 847 1775




Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

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mensateaser: Win the Rock & Chips: The Complete Collection DVD box set
Catch up with the Trotters as they return for a third hilarious helping of Rock & Chips in this hour-long comedy drama starring Nicholas Lyndhurst and James Buckley. Rock & Chips: The Frog and the Pussycat is out to own on DVD today (RRP 12.99). Also out is Rock & Chips: The Complete Collection (RRP 24.99), essential additions for all fans of Britains favourite sitcom, Only Fools And Horses.

<OKI8C<KK<I:CL<J1'0'.(/(),-/?\Xilgkfj`o<okiXC\kk\ij# [\[lZkknfd`elk\j]fi\XZ_Zcl\c\kk\i_\Xi[ 8ck\ieXk`m\cpk\ok;O8CG?8 kf/,'//Xe[n\n`cck\okk_\j`o\okiXc\kk\iZcl\j[`i\ZkkfpflidfY`c\% K\okjZfjk(gcljefidXce\knfibfg\iXkfiiXk\%=LCCJFCLK@FE1 '0'.(/(),-,28:IFJJFECP1'0'.(/(),-(2;FNEFECP1 '0'.(/(),-)\id`elk\]ifd9KcXe[c`e\jgclj e\knfib\okiXj%Fk_\ie\knfibjXe[dfY`c\jdXpmXip%

E\n8cg_Xglqqc\9ffbj#Mfcj(#)Xe[*glYc`j_\[Yp?XdcpeFZkfglj Zfjk,%00\XZ_#LB gfjkX^\]i\\%<Xic`\imfcld\j)$(( XmX`cXYc\#-%00\XZ_%J\e[Z_\hl\figfjkXcfi[\ikf<ogi\jj 9ffbj_fg#GF9fo)''#=Xcdflk_#:fienXccKI((+NA#fiZXcc'/.(0///*-.ZXccjZfjk('g g\id`elk\ n`k_pfliZi\[`kZXi[eldY\ififi[\iXknnn%\ogi\jjYffbj_fg%Zfd 8cg_Xglqqc\)'((8Zfie<[`kfi`XcCk[8cc8cg_Xglqqc\nfi[jXgg\Xi`e:_XdY\ij;`Zk`feXip

For more brain-teasing puzzles and information about Mensa membership visit or telephone 01902 772771. Mensa does not accept hyphenated words, and uses the Oxford Dictionary of English (Second Edition Revised) as its official reference.

Throw three darts at this board to score 38. Every dart scores. How many different combinations are there?

1 7 9 11 13 14 16 17 19 20
Kffi[\ipfliZfgpf]k_\e\nJdXcc:ifjjnfi[jYffbmfcld\j ($,Xk,%00\XZ_glYc`j_\[Yp?XdcpeFZkfglj #g_fe\k_\ <ogi\jj9ffbj_fgfe'/.(0///*-.ZXccjZfjk('gg\i d`elk\]ifdX9KcXe[c`e\ #j\e[XZ_\hl\dX[\gXpXYc\kfK_\ <ogi\jj9ffbj_fgkfJdXcc:ifjjnfi[j#GF9fo)''#=Xcdflk_ KI((+NA#fifi[\ifec`e\Xknnn%\ogi\jjYffbj_fg%Zfd

2 10 8 12

20 4 14 6

6 8

10 12

; < @ C D F K L P

Answer for Teaser 25/04/11: Leisure and lecture

For your chance to win, call: 0907 181 2718

Calls cost 77p per minute plus network extras and last 2.5 minutes. Other networks may vary. Maximum call duration 2.5 minutes. Lines close at midnight on Sunday, May 8. Normal Express rules apply. The Editors decision is final. Winners will be selected at random from all correct entries received by the closing date.

15 18

8:IFJJ ( 8d\i`ZXeZ`kp0 . 8ZZfdgc`j_-   0 9cff[m\jj\c+  (' Ki`m`XcZfdgcX`ek# `e]fidXccp, () J\`qli\j+ (* FZ\Xe`ZY`i[0 (+ Gfb\ijkXb\+  (- M\ipjkife^g\ijfe,  (/ ;Xikjc`e\+  (0 JkiX`efi\dg_Xj`j)'I`j\j`eeldY\i# j`q\#\kZ%0 ;FNE  ( GcfkXZflij\/  ) Dfm\+ * :lggXik+ CXn$\e]fiZ`e^Z`k`q\e0 , ?XnX``Xe^XicXe[* - GfikXYc\Zfdglk\i/ =`[^\kp/ (( GifYc\df]k_\Y`^kf\() ?Xkkpg\(, KfgZXi[j+ (. DljZc\kn`kZ_*


< E K @ ? E < > C

K_\KXi^\k lj\j nfi[j`e k_\dX`e Yf[pf] :_XdY\ij )(jk :\eklip ;`Zk`feXip (000 \[`k`fe

?FNdXepnfi[jf]]flic\kk\ij fidfi\ZXepfldXb\]ifdk_\ c\kk\ijj_fne_\i\6 @edXb`e^X nfi[#\XZ_c\kk\idXpY\lj\[ feZ\fecp%<XZ_dljkZfekX`ek_\ Z\eki\c\kk\iXe[k_\i\dljkY\ Xkc\Xjkfe\e`e\$c\kk\infi[% EfgcliXcj% KF;8PJK8I><K >ff[ ((2 m\ip^ff[ (,2 \oZ\cc\ek ))fidfi\ Jfclk`fekfdfiifn% J8KLI;8PJJFCLK@FE Z`k`e^:F>E@K@FEZf`eZf`e`e^ Zf`k`feZff`e^^ffe`Z`e^`Zfe @E:F>E@KF`e^fk`ekf`fe`Z efe^effeefk`Z`e^efk`e^ efk`fefe`fefekfk`^fek`e^ kfe^kfe`Zkfe`e^

8 9 : ; < = > ? @ A B JXkli[Xpjjfclk`fe 9cXZbjhlXi\j1(#)#-#/# C ('#(,#(-#(.#(/#),#*(#**# D *0#+'%8Zifjj1 9`ik_[Xp# E :Xb\#IXjg\[#;fq\e# A\kjXd#8g`Xip#<^^# F =clo\j#>cXeZ\#Jn`]k# G 9`jkif#?l\j#9ffbc\kj% ;fne1=ldYc\#J\Xj_\cc# H JfY#9c\[#J\o`jk# I I_`qfd\j#JfZb#?fie# 8^^i`\m\#JXc`mX#K_`j#PXg# J IXZhl\kj#D`[nXp% <okiXc\kk\iZcl\j K '0'.(/(),-' L ;\[lZkk_i\\d`elk\j]fi M \XZ_\okiXZcl\c\kk\i_\Xi[ N =lccjfclk`fe '0'.(/(),,/ O P\id`elk\ ]ifd9KcXe[c`e\jgclje\knfib Q
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:8EpflZiXZbk_\ 8cg_XY\Xk\i6<XZ_^i`[ eldY\ii\gi\j\ekjXc\kk\i fiYcXZbjhlXi\%8j`e 8cg_Xglqqc\#\m\ipc\kk\if] k_\Xcg_XY\k`jlj\[%9lk pfl_Xm\kfZfdgc\k\k_\ ^i`[kffLj\k_\^`m\e c\kk\ijXe[YcXZbjhlXi\j Y\cfnk_\^i`[kfjkXik%K_\ ^i`[`jifkXk`feXccp jpdd\ki`ZXc`efk_\i nfi[j#`kcffbjk_\jXd\`] pflkliek_\gX^\lgj`[\ [fne%Jfclk`fekfdfiifn%

(* ') / (' '& (* * '/ '. )( )/ (. '( (& (( '. )& + ') ) (, ))( )& ', ' )( '* ) ' )& ') '* ) ( )& () )( (* )' ') (' ' (& '* ) '. ). (, '/ )' )( (* ) '' *& '. * ( )/ (. '. )) '+ (& ))' (+ ' , )' ) ) '') ) ' (. )' '' / )* *& () ((+ )+ )& )/ * (+ . . *& )( , )' '( (' ) )( (( * (( )* (. * ) *& '+ (( ('& (' (, )/ (' '& '/ (+ (/ )+ ) , (. (/ '& )' (, ) )) ) () (' ( )) , () )( (, (& + ) , ), ( ) '( (. (& '& '+ '' ( ', '& ) '+ (' )( )+ )&

=I@;8PJJFCLK@FE 8:IFJJ(<mXclXk\j#.8`[\#/:cfe\#('9`e# ((Kn\ekp#(*?\XikXZ_\#(+=XcZfe#(-Fn\# (/I`ej\#(0MXj\#)'D\[`kXk\j% ;FNE(<Xik_nfid#)M`\n\i#*C\Xe# +8c\#,KfYXZZf#-J\ek\eZ\j#/:fkkX^\# 0;\X[\e[#():_ffj\#(,CXmX#(.IJ@%

=fikf[Xpjjfclk`fe ZXcc1'0'.(/(),/)\id`elk\]ifdX9KcXe[c`e\gclj e\knfib\okiXj%Fk_\ie\knfibjXe[dfY`c\jdXpmXip%

C\m\c1 >\ekc\



KXi^\k1 (-d`ej

:Xcc'0'.(/(),/,]fi kf[XpjKXi^\kjfclk`fe\id`elk\]ifd9KcXe[c`e\jgclj e\knfib\okiXj%Fk_\ie\knfibjXe[dfY`c\jdXpmXip% Glqqc\g_fe\Xe[k\okj\im`Z\jJGK\c\Zfd <ogi\jjCk[N(9)8>?\cgc`e\'/.''('/-,-

/ ( ) * + , . 0 (' (( () (* (+ (, (- (. (/ (0 )' <eafpXZ_Xcc\e^\6KipK_\ LckiX8cg_Xglqqc\Xk-%00LB )( )) )* )+ ), )- ). )/ )0 *' *( *) ** *+ *, *- *. */ *0 +' gfjkX^\]i\\ ZXcc'/.(0// /*-.fifi[\ifec`e\Xknnn% \ogi\jjYffbj_fg%Zfd:XccjZfjk ('gXd`elk\]ifdX9KcXe[c`e\% 8ck\ieXk`m\cp#k\ok;O9<8Kkf/,'//Xe[n\n`cck\okk_\j`o<okiXC\kk\iZcl\jkfpflidfY`c\%K\okjZfjk(gcljpfliljlXcfg\iXkfiiXk\

7 5 7 9 5 3 3 8 1 7 7 1 2 8 7 7 6 3 7 4 3 1 5 2 8 9 1 2 6 4 4
<okiXZcl\j1'0'(*)),-'0\iZXcc]ifd9KcXe[c`e\jgclje\knfib\okiXj% Fk_\ie\knfibjXe[dfY`c\jdXpmXip%

4 6

KFfi[\i<ogi\jjJl[fbl Glqqc\jdfi\k_Xe('' glqqc\jXe[jfcm`e^k`gj Xk,%00 fik_\e\n<ogi\jjJl[fbl :;$IFDn`k_dfi\k_Xe(#''' gi`ekXYc\glqqc\j#Xk0%00#j\e[X Z_\hl\figfjkXcfi[\ikf1 <ogi\jj9ffbj_fg#GF9fo)''# =Xcdflk_KI((+NA#k\c'/.(0// /*-.ZXccjZfjk('g&d`e]ifdX 9KcXe[c`e\ fifi[\ifec`e\Xk nnn%\ogi\jjYffbj_fg%Zfd

7 3

2 6 8 3 7 9 5 1 4

P<JK<I;8PJJFCLK@FE 3 4 7 9 1 5 8 6 9 5 2 4 8 3 1 7 7 1 3 5 6 4 2 9 4 2 6 1 5 7 9 8 1 6 9 8 3 2 5 4 5 8 4 2 7 6 3 1 2 9 1 6 4 8 7 3 6 7 8 3 2 9 4 5 8 3 5 7 9 1 6 2



Kf[Xpjjfclk`fe1'0'.(/(),.*\id`elk\]ifd9KcXe[c`e\jgclje\knfib\okiXj% Fk_\ie\knfibjXe[dfY`c\jdXpmXip%

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


N@E (#'''
( ) * + , 0 ('

. /

(8ep`ek\^\ik_Xk[`m`[\j\oXZkcp`ekfX cXi^\ife\+CXk`eeXd\]fik_\D\[`k\iiXe\Xe ki\\n`[\cpZlck`mXk\[]fi`kj\[`Yc\ ]il`k#k_\Zfddfe]`^,#0I`m\if]Efik_8d\i`ZXi`j`e^`ek_\ IfZb`\jXe[]cfn`e^jflk_$n\jkkfk_\ >lc]f]:Xc`]fie`X/ ('8g\ijfej]fid\ijZ_ffc#Zfcc\^\fi le`m\ij`kp2CXk`e#Yflek`]lcdfk_\i+#, ((I\glYc`Zf]Jflk_8d\i`ZXn_fj\ k\ii`kfip`eZcl[\jk_\GXZ`]`Z`jcXe[jf] AlXe=\ie}e[\q#JXcXp>d\qXe[ IXgXEl`<Xjk\i@jcXe[ , ()I\[Efik_8d\i`ZXen`e\^iXg\k_Xk j_Xi\j`kjeXd\n`k_Xi`m\if]Efik_Xe[ Jflk_:Xifc`eX2M`k`jcXYiljZXZifjj. (+9XZbgXikf]k_\_\X[f]X^fc]ZclY n_\i\`kY\e[jkfaf`ek_\j_X]k+ (.8ep]il`kZfdgi`j`e^Xk_`eflk\ijb`e \g`ZXig #]c\j_pfi]`Yiflj`ek\i`fid\jfZXig  Xe[j`e^c\Z\ekiXcj\\[\e[fZXig , (/Fe\f]k_\]`e\_X`i$c`b\]`cXd\ekj ^ifn`e^]ifdk_\j_X]kf]X]\Xk_\i# ]fid`e^k_\mXe\+ (0)'('[fZld\ekXipYpAXeljD\kq ]fccfn`e^X^iflgf];Xe`j_jfc[`\ij Xjj`^e\[kf?\cdXe[Gifm`eZ\`e jflk_\ie8]^_Xe`jkXe0 )(<e^c`j_efm\c`jkn_fj\nfibj`eZcl[\  K_\=`ijkD\e@eK_\Dffe(0'( Xe[ K_\?`jkfipF]DiGfccp(0(' (#(#, ))K`kc\f]k_\_\X[f]k_\@jdX`c` Dljc`dj#]`ijk^iXek\[`e(/(.kf?XjXe8c` J_X_(/''$/( Ypk_\j_X_f]@iXe*#+ ),@jcXe[f]jflk_\ieDXjjXZ_lj\kkj j\gXiXk\[]ifdDXik_XjM`e\pXi[Yp k_\Dljb\^\k:_Xee\c0

(( (, ((0 )'






)( )) )+ ). )/ )* ), )-

).JdXcc]i\j_nXk\i[lZbkpg`ZXccp_Xm`e^X Ycl\$^i\\eYXe[f]gcldX^\fek_\]ifekf] k_\n`e^28eXjZi\ZZXXe[i\cXk\[jg\Z`\j+ )/=liip^ifnk_f]d`elk\jXgifkifg_`Z ]le^`fZZlii`e^kpg`ZXccp`edf`jknXid Zfe[`k`fejfefi^Xe`ZdXkk\i, )0=fid\icp#X[fZld\ek`jjl\[YpX Zflikfifk_\ic\^XcXlk_fi`kpi\hl`i`e^ k_\i\Z`g`\ekkfg\i]fidfii\]iX`e]ifd Xjg\Z`]`\[XZk+ *(=iXZk`feXcDXcXn`XeZlii\eZple`k nfik_fe\_le[i\[k_f]XbnXZ_X. **@egfb\iXe[j`d`cXi^Xd\j#X_Xe[ ZfekX`e`e^ZXi[jf]fecpfe\jl`k, *-DXi`XVVV(.-.$(/+0 #<e^c`j_efm\c`jk n_fj\:Xjkc\IXZbi\ek(/'' `jf]k\e Zfej`[\i\[k_\]`ijkkil\_`jkfi`ZXcefm\c0 *.Gi`eZ`gXcXcbXcf`[`efg`ld#lj\[`e d\[`Z`e\XjXeXeXc^\j`ZXe[j\[Xk`m\/ */Pfle^dXen_fnXjk\[_`j`e_\i`kXeZ\ Ylki\klie\[_fd\i\g\ekXekXe[nXj ]fi^`m\eYp_`j]Xd`cpClb\(,1(($*) /#* *0=i\j_nXk\i]ff[]`j_f]k_\Zf[]Xd`cp CfkXcfkX n`k_Xcfe^`j_YXiY\cfe`kj cfn\iaXn2XcjfbefneXjk_\\\cgflk-




*) *,



(@kXc`XeYi\X[dX[\n`k_fc`m\f`cXe[ p\Xjk#ljlXccpkfgg\[n`k_jXck#_\iYj\kZ%/ ):Xm\$[n\cc`e^Zi\Xkli\f]JZXe[`eXm`Xe ]fcbcfi\[\g`Zk\[XjX[nXi]fiX^`Xek, *F]_fij\j#_Xm`e^XYXp#Z_\jkelkfi YcXZbZfXkjgi`ebc\[n`k_n_`k\fi^i\p+ +IfdXe^f[[\jjf]]cfn\ijXe[jgi`e^# Zflek\igXikf]k_\>i\\bepdg_:_cfi`j, ,VVV<ekip#(00)k_i`cc\ijkXii`e^Blik Iljj\cc#IXpC`fkkXXe[DX[\c\`e\Jkfn\/ -Elij\dX`[Xe[]i`\e[f]:_Xic\j ;`Zb\ej;Xm`[:fgg\i]`\c[#cXk\ik_\ n`]\f]Di9Xib`j,#/





=`cc`ek_`jZflgfeXe[j\e[`kkfXii`m\Yp=i`[Xp#DXp-# n`k_pflijfclk`fekf1;X`cp<ogi\jj#Gi`q\:ifjjnfi[Ef*.' # GF9fo(),./#Jlkkfe:fc[]`\c[9.*09K

E8D< 8;;I<JJ GFJK:F;<
To order the Express General Knowledge Crossword Book Volume 1 at 5.99, Volume 2 at 6.99 or the Express Crossword Dictionary at 6.99, send a cheque, payable to Express Newspapers, to: Express Bookshop, PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ, call 0871 988 8367 (calls cost 10p/min from a BT landline) with your credit/debit card details or visit (UK p&p free). Winners announced in the Express in a fortnight. Spellings taken from Collins English Dictionary, 21st Century Edition. Alternative spellings accepted, if they intersect with other answers. Puzzle phone and text services SP Telecom Express Ltd W1B 2AG Helpline 0870 010 8656

.8_#YlkXdXejVVVj_flc[\oZ\\[ _`j^iXjgIfY\ik9ifne`e^#8e[i\X [\cJXikf(/,, , /;\jj\ikf]YXb\[ZljkXi[n`k_Xkfgg`e^ f]ZXiXd\c`j\[jl^Xi#kiX[`k`feXccp ]cXmfli\[n`k_mXe`ccX,#(*<e^c`j_ifpXc_flj\k_Xk_\c[k_\ k_ife\]ifdk_\XZZ\jj`fef]?\eipM@@`e (+/,kfk_\[\Xk_f]<c`qXY\k_@`e(-'*, (,LJXjkifeXlkn_fle[\ikffbknf jgXZ\d`jj`fej#>\d`e`/(0-- Xe[ 8gfccf(((0-0 +#0 (-CXi^\jk]i\j_nXk\icXb\`e<liXj`XXe[ k_\[\\g\jk`ek_\nfic[#`eJ`Y\i`X#Iljj`X(/8dYifj\VVV#LJjXk`i`jkXe[ aflieXc`jk]Xdflj]fiK_\;\m`cj ;`Zk`feXipfi`^`eXccpK_\:pe`Zj Nfi[Yffb #glYc`j_\[`e(0'-)'(000Y`fg`Zf]9Xi`e^j9Xeb\dgcfp\\ E`ZbC\\jfejkXii`e^<nXeDZ>i\^fi,#)*:flekipk_Xknfek_\)'((:i`Zb\k Nfic[:lg#[\]\Xk`e^Ji`CXebX`ek_\ ]`eXcYpj`on`Zb\kj, )+:fiifj`fe$i\j`jkXekXccfpf]Zfgg\i // #k`e/$(' Xe[q`eZ)$+  ZXjkfidXZ_`e\[]filj\`emXcm\j# ^\Xij#Xe[fk_\igXikj/ )-:Xg`kXcXe[cXi^\jkZ`kpf]LqY\b`jkXe# `eXefXj`je\Xik_\:_`iZ_`bI`m\i/ *'Flk\igXikf]Xn_\\cfikpi\k_Xk dXb\jZfekXZkn`k_k_\^ifle[, *);\i`m\[J@le`kf]cld`eflj]clo# \hlXckfk_\Xdflekf]c`^_k\d`kk\[g\i j\Zfe[`eXjfc`[Xe^c\f]fe\jk\iX[`Xe ]ifdXle`]fidjfliZ\f]fe\ZXe[\cX, *+=iXeqVV(/.'$(0+/ #Zfdgfj\i efk\[]fik_\Zfdgfj`k`fef]fg\i\kkXj2 =i\[\i`ZX(0)/ #>`l[`kkX(0*+ \kZ%, *,K_`Zbnfidc`b\cXimXf]Z\ikX`e Y\\kc\jXe[fk_\i`ej\Zkj+

=fiDfe[Xp# 8gi`c(/ (#'''N@EE<I1 Dij<=c`e^# IX[pi#:Xi[`]]%

J 8 I > 8 J J F J < 8

F G ? F : ? F ? F ; @ L K E 8 K K K < D I < > P I < D @ 9 I : @ 8 : < E B @ C > E ? < C @ O D > > 9 8 K F E I E C 8 @ J J F L =

C < J : I F K 8 C K 8 8 E D I F : B ? L ; J F ? L I 8 @ E ; < I I < E > G N G K : 8 I @ 9 < L 8 8 F < M < E @ E 8 D 8 ? 8 D 8 ; C 8 I ; L E 8 K 8 C < F 8 : 8 E E ; 8 I I F N 8 9 J E F L > < D @ J J @ I I F B F L > L @ E < M <

L J K F E G @ E 8 G 8 L C : < Q 8 E E <


8 ') 9 : '+ ; < '& = >? @ ') A B (* C D E F (& G H) I J' K L '. M N. O P (+ Q
( (+ ) (,


+ '+ ') (& ) (+ '( (( (+ '. (+ '( '+ () ', * * ) '' '( (+ + '+ () )
(0 . )'


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') ,

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+ (+ (+ '( (& (&

* (-

'( /


' (+

' '+

. (&

K8:BC<k_\8cg_Xglqqc\:_Xcc\e^\Xe[Y\ `en`k_XZ_XeZ\f]X(''ZXj_gi`q\% =@IJK#ZXcck_\eldY\iY\cfnXe[dXb\Xefk\ f]kf[Xpj:CL<C<KK<IJXe[pflig\ijfeXc G@EELD9<Ikfj\kpflig\ijfeXcjkfg$nXkZ_ ilee`e^%K_\e#lj\k_\Zcl\c\kk\ijkfnfibflk k_\j\m\e$c\kk\infi[`ek_\j_X[\[jhlXi\j% N_\epflZiXZbk_\dpjk\ipnfi[#ZXccX^X`e# \ek\ipfliG`eEldY\iXe[JKFGK?<:CF:B% N`ee\ij\c\Zk\[XkiXe[fd]ifdXccZfii\Zk \ekiXekjn_fY\Xkk_\),$d`elk\KXi^\kK`d\% <XZ_^i`[eldY\ii\gi\j\ekjX[`]]\i\ekc\kk\i% 8cc)-c\kk\ijf]k_\Xcg_XY\kXi\lj\[%



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Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

To order Calvin And Hobbes Magical World paperback priced 12.99 (UK free delivery), send a cheque/PO made payable to Express Bookshop to PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ, telephone 0871 988 8367 (calls cost 10p/min from a BT landline) or order online at



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Celebrating today: garden expert Alan Titchmarsh, 62, and footballer David Beckham, 36.

Finances, earnings and income, cash ow and budgets are the big things on your mind and youre thinking hard about ways to improve your position. Youre about to start a whole new ball game and your ambition is red. Rest today and be ready to take the lead tomorrow. Call me to hear when to cool your frustration at home.

Lets hope youve planned a nice relaxing Bank Holiday. You may have changes in mind for home and lifestyle and a rest will give your imagination a chance to come up with creative ideas. Financially, youre heading for a new ball game. Tomorrow, the action begins. Call me to hear when you must put your own emotions rst.


To order Dilbert Thriving On Vague Objectives 6.99 (UK postage free), please send a cheque or PO to Express Bookshop, PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ, phone 0871 988 8367 (calls cost 10p/min from a BT landline) or order online at


0907 181 2948 (01)


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If youve been low in spirits, todays events should perk you up. In many ways, this is the start of a new cycle for you, a time to put together a plan of action to improve your affairs over the next 12 months. Expect interesting news from far away. Call me to hear when its important you steer your own path.

Go to the cinema, visit a museum, window shop. Just give yourself a little time out today. The extra holiday is putting romance in your heart. When it comes to your own one-to-one, love could surprise you with its intensity. Single? A conversation draws you closer. Call me to hear when its essential not to go over the top.

0907 181 2948 (02)


0907 181 2948 (08)



It may be a Bank Holiday but as far as youre concerned, its another working day and youre thinking ahead. There are errands to run, you have shopping to do and there are pets to care for. But best of all, youre at home and thats what matters most. Call me to hear when you must keep an eye on your nances.



Err on the side of caution where money is concerned and ensure you dont let people talk you into deals you think sound dodgy. A little extra pampering will be divine. Fill a tub, add your favourite herbal essences and just soak your cares away. Call me to hear when you must put your security rst.

0907 181 2948 (03)


0907 181 2948 (09)


Not all your wishes will come true, Cancer, but even if only one does, it will have been worth going for it. The forces of destiny are working in your favour and, if youre single, a friendship now turns to love. Travel plans add an extra sparkle to your day. Call me to hear when to ask questions before you make that decision.

Just because youre taking a more responsible attitude these days doesnt mean you cant still have fun. In fact, the trends strongly encourage a lighter approach today, especially as its a holiday. Love and luck await you while good news links you with people close by. Call me to hear when a family matter will interfere with your plans.


To order copies of the Rupert 1966 Facsimile (25), call 0871 988 8370 (calls cost 10p/min from a BT landline), send a cheque/PO to The Ofcial Classic Rupert Bear Shop, PO Box 200, Falmouth, TR11 4WJ or visit UK delivery is free.

Please, Ive found your testing engine, says Rupert, and I tried to go home but the button wouldnt work. So thats it! exclaims the man. You noodle! You must have pressed the wrong button. Instead of waiting for me to fetch you back, youve fetched me out here! Lets stop this nonsense. Push the round badge, not the square one. He grabs the engine as he speaks and oats gently away. Oh dear, says Rupert. I was silly! Im so sorry. The round badge is the one to press, The man says. Oh, such carelessness! Express Newspapers 2011 He grabs the engine as he speaks And up into the sky he streaks.

0907 181 2948 (04)


0907 181 2948 (10)


Roll up your sleeves today, Leo. Whether youre clearing clutter, spring cleaning the kitchen or getting into a new health regime, youre certainly intent on making some changes around the place. Polishing up your image will be the icing on the cake. Call me to hear when your plans may be scuppered.

Youve had so much to deal with lately that chores around the house and family obligations have probably been stacking up. But now that you have an extra day off you can catch up. Today, investing time and energy into your home is a pleasure. Call me to hear when to factor in unexpected delays.

0907 181 2948 (05)


0907 181 2948 (11)


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If your partner suggests having people round, friends invite you out or your children are playing sport, tag along. You tend to be the organiser but you can afford to give yourself a day off. Drop the reins and let someone else do the driving for a change. Call me to hear when you must keep a grip on your spending.

Either youre visiting just about everyone in your address book today or theyre coming round to see you. At least thats how it will feel, what with the phone ringing and the doorbell going and people all over the place. But, Pisces, youre in your element. Call me to hear when youre in danger of buying a pig in a poke.

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0907 181 2948 (12)


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Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


HERE is, according to BBC1 controller Danny Cohen, too much crime on television. Theres certainly too much criminal TV (criminally bad, that is). As to whether the traditional mystery-cracker format has had its day... well, you might as well argue that weve all had enough of romance or furry animals or cookery. Perhaps the question to ask isnt whether weve had enough of crime but whether weve had enough of detectives. EXILE (Sunday, BBC1) marks a bold attempt to reinvent the genre with not a single whisky-guzzling, poetry-spouting, maverick divorced detective inspector in sight. Instead we have burned-out journalist Tom Ronstadt (John

DXkk9Xpc`j fek_\ n\\b\e[j KM

Simm) returning to his northern roots with his tail between his legs with nothing but a Porsche to show for his stellar career. In the rst tempting slice of this three-parter, Tom tried to reconcile himself with his ageing ex-news editor father Sam (Jim Broadbent), only to discover that the old chap didnt really know who he was. Rattling around at the top of a huge, crumbling house full of les

and folders, cared for by Toms bitter and weary sister Nancy (Olivia Colman), Sams mind was being eaten away by Alzheimers. Rather than that dreary old clich of someone having 24 hours to solve a mystery, the tension in Toms story is wound up by the real and far less predictable issue of his dads declining faculties. Yet theres something in there. Something related to a case his father cracked nearly 20 years ago, something so bad that when he found the younger Tom snooping through his les, Sam beat his son half to death. Guided by disturbing ashbacks and driven by a desire to understand what ruined his father and possibly whats ruining him, Tom has begun to poke around in what looks like a murky cauldron

of local corruption, involving the leader of the council. Is it good? Is it worth sacricing a dozen generic cop shows for one of these taut, clever, grown-up thrillers a year? Is it the sort of TV programme whose every aspect, from the camerawork to the outstanding acting to the honest, emotion-led writing makes you proud to play a part in funding the BBC? Mr Cohen doesnt even need to ask the question. A rather less successful attempt to resuscitate the TV cop could be found over on ITV1 in the shape of VERA (Sunday, ITV1). Some actors and actresses are so spicy they can overpower a programme. Here it feels less like were watching a detective show about an ageing female copper and more like were watching a

show with Brenda Blethyn playing a detective. Scatty, irritable and bound in layers of cardigans, Det Chief Insp Vera Stanhope is more like a sleuth from a sketch show, maybe a character in Jo Brands Drudge Squad. Thats a shame because the viewers eye is drawn to the main malfunctioning bit rather than all the elements that work very well. Wunmi Mosaku is splendid as Veras Joyce Grenfell-ish junior, Det Con Holly Lawson. The camerawork gives a splendid tour of the Northumbrian landscape, creating a piece as rooted in a distinctly British place as the Wallander mysteries were in southern Sweden. Last but not least, the plots pretty canny too. If there was more Vera and less Brenda wed be on a winner.

K\Z_efcf^p1K_\>X[^\kJ_fn#/gd# :_Xee\c,
Disco fever grips presenters Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley (right) as they try to outcool one another and convert a rundown warehouse space into a top nightspot in just 24 hours. VIP judge is Kirk Norcross, club owner and star of The Only Way Is Essex. Cutting-edge technology sees Deley take his inspiration from the nightclub and install a sound system worth more than 100,000 alongside a vibrating dance oor and some amazing light effects that are bound to impress. Also tonight Jon Bentley goes walkabout on a ghost tour of Birmingham to test the latest walking shoes and Jason Bradbury reveals his top ve gaming apps.

;@;PFLBEFN6@e(0/.#Xkk_\X^\f].(#>i\^fipG\Zb i\dXib\[1@nflc[^`m\lg\m\ipk_`e^@[fXe[\m\ipk_`e^ @_Xm\`]@Zflc[dXb\Xj`^e`ZXek[`]]\i\eZ\`e^\kk`e^k_\ elZc\XiXidjiXZ\i\m\ij\[%@k`jdpeldY\ife\gi`fi`kp%


A two-part detective drama based on the Sophie Hannah novel The Point Of Rescue. When a mother and her daughter are found dead in their luxury home, Det Sgt Charlie Zailer (Olivia Williams, right) and her colleague Det Con Simon Waterhouse clash over whether its murder. Meanwhile, working mother Sally Thorne wants to contact the dead womans husband, with whom she had an affair. Gripping. Concludes tomorrow.

In 1939, Barnes Wallis devised a bouncing bomb to destroy Germanys Ruhr valley dams, ooding the countrys industrial heartland. The 1943 raid was a success and the 1955 lm The Dam Busters (with Michael Redgrave, above, as Wallis) carried the story into British legend. In this documentary, Dr Hugh Hunt attempts to hit a dam with his own bouncing bomb.

KiXm\c1Alc`X9iX[Ylipj:XeXc NXcbj#/%*'gd#99:+
This new four-part series sees Julia Bradbury (left) travelling along Britains network of canals and their towpath trails. She strolls through rolling countryside, river valleys and industrial heartlands, following these magical ancient waterways as they cut a path through some of the nations nest scenery. Bradbury kicks off her tour with a visit to the Scottish Highlands.



In Paraguay, Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman (Laurence Olivier) learns that Dr Josef Mengele (Gregory Peck, above left, with James Mason) has ordered his neo-Nazi followers to kill 65 men of similar age, birthday and backgrounds in Europe and the US by a certain date. Discovering why, however, proves bizarre and even more shocking.


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

6.00 Breakfast Latest headlines. (S) 9.00 Animal 24:7 (W) (S) 9.45 Homes Under The Hammer Developers explore properties in Cheshire, London and Lancashire. 10.45 Dont Get Done, Get Dom Complaints about service at Dixons Retail stores. With Dominic Littlewood 11.30 Cash In The Attic Helping a hoarder raise funds to smarten up his guest house. (R) (S) 12.30 Bargain Hunt (R) (W) (S) 1.15 BBC News (W) (S) 1.30 Local News, Weather v 1.40 Escape To The Country A couple search for a detached house in Wiltshire. (R) (W) (S) 2.40 Antz 1998 (PG) An ant sets out to prove his love for a princess and help her escape their brutal colony to nd a promised land. Animated comedy, with the voices of Woody Allen and Sharon Stone. (W) (S) 4.00 Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (AD) (R) (W) (S) 4.30 National Treasure 2004 (PG) A treasure hunter sets out to nd a war chest hidden by Americas founding fathers before a treacherous rival gets hold of it. Action adventure, with Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger. 6.30 BBC News, Weather (W) (S) 6.45 Local News, (S) Weather v 6.55 Referendum Broadcast v

6.00 CBeebies Childrens fun. 7.00 CBBC: Little Howards Big Question (R) (S) 7.25 Newsround (S) 7.30 Trust Me Im A Genie (S) 7.40 League Of Super Evil (R) 7.50 Frankensteins Cat (R) 8.00 Copycats 8.30 CBeebies Fun for youngsters. 11.35 The Pink Panther Show 12.00 Daily Politics Parliamentary proceedings interspersed with discussions, interviews. (S) 12.30 GMT With George Alagiah The journalist presents a bulletin of international news and analysis. (S) 1.00 Animal Park Ben Fogle reports from Longleat Safari Park, where a veterinary emergency threatens the life of a rare species of deer. (R) (S) 2.00 Live Snooker: The World Championship Hazel Irvine and Rishi Persad introduce coverage of the third and penultimate session of the nal at the Crucible Theatre in Shefeld between John Higgins and Judd Trump. With analysis by Steve Davis, Ken Doherty and John Parrot. Subsequent programmes subject to change. (S) 5.55 Referendum Broadcast v 6.00 Eggheads Quiz show. (W) (S) 6.30 Great British Menu Chefs John Hooker, Paul Ainsworth and Andre Garrett, all from south-west England, create starters. (W) (S)

5.30 ITV News Latest headlines. (S) 6.00 Daybreak Breakfast show. 8.30 Lorraine Kate Garraway hosts. 9.25 Dinner Date (R) (W) (S) 10.25 This Morning Westlife perform their single I Will Reach You, comedian and writer Stephen Merchant joins Phillip Schoeld and Ruth Langsford on the sofa. (S) 11.30 60 Minute Makeover (R) (S) 12.30 Loose Women With Ashley Pearson and Gareth Thomas. (W) (S) 1.30 ITV News, Weather (W) (S) 1.55 Local News (W) (S) v 2.00 Inspector Morse A mischievous artist who specialises in preparing bogus coats of arms for gullible American tourists is murdered, and Morse takes a personal interest in nding the culprit. (R,S) 4.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show The host is joined by comedian Phill Jupitus and former Holby City actress Nicola Stephenson. (W) (S) 5.00 Britains Best Dish The rst North of England heat. (S) 6.00 Local News, Weather v 6.10 Party Election Broadcast v 6.15 ITV News, Weather (W) (S) 6.25 Referendum Broadcast (R) 6.30 Youve Been Framed! Including footage of a skateboarding Santa Claus, and a game of parking-meter leap-frog. (R) (W) (S)

6.10 The Hoobs (AD) (R,S) 6.35 The Hoobs (AD) (R,S) 7.00 Freshly Squeezed (S) 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond Brad Garrett stars in the US sitcom. 8.00 Frasier Part two of two. Niles clashes with girlfriend Mel. (R,S) 8.35 Friends (AD) (R,S) 9.05 Wife Swap USA (R,S) 10.00 Relocation, Relocation (R) 11.00 A Place By The Sea Properties in Eastbourne. (S) 12.05 Make Do & Mend The team helps a playgroup make the most of its money. (S) 12.35 River Cottage Bites Nonie Dwyer reveals the secrets of making uffy and buttery croissants. (R,S) 12.50 Return Of The Magnicent Seven 1966 (PG) Western sequel, starring Yul Brynner. (AD) (W) (S) 2.40 Baking Mad With Eric Lanlard (S) 3.10 Countdown With Alastair Stewart in Dictionary Corner. (S) 4.00 Deal Or No Deal Beat-the-banker gameshow. (AD) (S) 5.00 Come Dine With Me A series of parties in Stoke. (R,S) 6.00 The Simpsons Homer becomes a celebrity. (R,S) 6.30 Hollyoaks The Costellos agree to put their differences aside ahead of Rileys rst home game. (S)

6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Wright Stuff 11.05 CSI: NY The search for the taxicab killer continues. (R,S) 12.00 CSI: NY A murder leaves the Chief of Police feeling nervous. (R,S) 12.55 Extraordinary Dogs (R) 1.25 5 News Lunchtime (S) 1.30 Home And Away (AD) (S) 2.00 Neighbours (AD) (S) 2.30 Ice Station Zebra 1968 (U) An American submarine crew races to reach a Soviet satellite that has crash-landed near a British research station in the Arctic. Adventure, with Rock Hudson and Patrick McGoohan. 5.15 5 News At 5, (S) Weather 5.30 Neighbours Callum tries to trigger old memories by visiting his grandmothers house with Sophie but the trip has calamitous consequences. (AD) (R,S) 6.00 Home And Away Ginas investigations threaten to expose Xaviers lies. Roo and Sid are thrown together when Nicole thinks she is going into labour. (R,S) 6.30 Extraordinary Dogs An insight into the erce sense of loyalty dogs often display toward their masters, including canines that help their autistic owners improve their social skills. (R,S) 6.55 Referendum Broadcast

EASTENDERS: Roxy receives shocking news from Ronnies lawyer, 8pm

EGGHEADS: Dermot Murnaghan hosts the quiz show, 6pm

CORONATION STREET: Tinas frustrations grow as Graeme promises to look after Xin, 8.30pm

HOLLYOAKS: Seth continues to struggle with the burden of Mercedes, 6.30pm

THE SWEETEST THING: Cameron Diaz stars in the romantic comedy, 10pm





7.00 The One Show Alex Jones, 7.00 Live Snooker: The World Matt Baker and a team of roving Championship The most reporters present topical stories prestigious tournament on the from around the UK. (W) (S) calendar reaches a conclusion, 7.30 Bang Goes The Theory as the players take to the green Jem Stanseld investigates the baize at Shefelds Crucible future of recycling at a plant in Theatre for the concluding Sussex. Last in the series. (W) (S) session of the nal between John Higgins and Judd Trump. Last years nal between Neil 8.00 EastEnders Jane tries Robertson and Graeme Dott to mark her 40th birthday by ended after midnight due to some putting her relationship with attritional snooker that Robertson Ian behind her. (AD) (W) (S) eventually got the better of, 8.30 QI The second of two claiming his rst world title with compilation shows featuring an 18-13 victory. This years highlights from the ninth series winner will pocket a cheque for of the quiz hosted by Stephen Fry. 250,000 as well as the valuable ranking points on offer, and 9.00 Exile Tom combs through become the latest player to add the local archives in search of his name to a list of Crucible more information about Metzler, champions that dates back to and takes Sam on an outing in 1977. Hazel Irvine and Rishi a bid to trigger old memories. Persad introduce proceedings in Drama, starring John Simm, Jim the nal ranking event of the Broadbent and Timothy West. season, with former champions Concludes tomorrow. (W) (S) Steve Davis, Ken Doherty and John Parrott offering their 10.00 BBC News (W) (S) analysis, and Dennis Taylor, Willie 10.10 Local News (W) (S) v Thorne and John Virgo describing 10.15 Party Broadcast (S) v the action from the commentary 10.20 A Question Of Sport box. Subsequent programmes With Gabby Logan, Pat Richards, subject to change. (W) (S) Geraint Thomas and Steve Parry.

7.00 Emmerdale Amy continues in her efforts to get Davids attention, and Katie agrees to go on another date with Nikhil. (S) 7.30 Coronation Street Steve tries to string Becky along and deal with the police, who nd his burnt-out cab near Blackpool. (S) 8.00 The Dales Shepherdess Amanda Owen and her husband Clive renovate a shepherds hut on their land. (W) (S) 8.30 Coronation Street Becky nds a petrol receipt from Steves Blackpool trip, and Nick hosts a wine-tasting night at the bistro. 9.00 Case Sensitive

7.00 Channel 4 News (S) 7.05 Referendum Broadcast 7.10 The Unofcial Royal Wedding Documentary looking at the ways people around the world celebrated the royal wedding on April 29, and what it meant to the nation. (S) 8.00 Dambusters: Building The Bouncing Bomb Engineer Dr Hugh Hunt re-creates aircraft designer Barnes Walliss project to conceive a bomb that can bounce off water, which was originally used to destroy German dams in 1943. He is helped by a team including explosives experts and pilots specialising in low-altitude ying, and tries to blow up a specially constructed 130ft-wide dam in a Canadian lake by releasing an oil drumsized device from a modied Second World War-era aircraft. See Pick Of The Day. (S) 10.00 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 1995 (18) A retired Navy veteran travelling by train is forced to leap into action when he realises terrorist hijackers are on board. Their leader is a vengeful former government operative with access to a powerful orbital weapon, and he is threatening to set off a chain of earthquakes if his demand for a billion dollars is not met. Action adventure sequel, with Steven Seagal, Eric Bogosian, Morris Chestnut and Brenda Bakke. (W) (S) 11.55 (S)
12.00 The Event Michael Buchanan comes to Leilas aid. (AD) (S) 12.55 Poker. Action from the Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller event in the Bahamas. (S) 2.00 The SS (R,S) 2.55 Empire: How Britain Made The Modern World (R,S) 3.50 Warlords (R,S) 4.45 Codex (R,S) 5.25-6.15 Hill Street Blues (R)

7.00 Police Interceptors Ofcers conduct a 48-hour hunt for a thief who stole a 4x4, and the Essex chopper team co-ordinates a manhunt when three high-prole suspects evade capture by eeing into a eld full of cows. (R,S) 8.00 The Gadget Show Ortis Deley and Suzi Perry have 24 hours to turn a warehouse into a nightclub, Jon Bentley tries the latest walking shoes, and Pollyanna Woodward tests a motorised unicycle. Followed by 5 News At 9. 9.00 The Hotel Inspector

New DS Charlie Zailer nds working with DC Simon herself Waterhouse for the rst time
when Geraldine Bretherick and her ve-year-old daughter Lucy are found dead in their luxury home. See Pick Of The Day. (S)

Alex Polizzi tries to turn around fortunes of the Welcome the Traveller Inn in Wales. The
loss-making business has low occupancy rates and has received a number of negative reviews. See Pick Of The Day. (S) 10.00 The Sweetest Thing 2002 (15) A woman more interested in one-night stands than true love is forced to reassess her priorities when she meets the man of her dreams. However, when she hears he is getting married, she sets out on a hectic road trip across America to stop the wedding. Romantic comedy, starring Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair. 11.45 National Lampoons Barely Legal 2003 (18) Three teenagers decide to make a porn movie of their own when their supply of adult lms stops, believing their hours of viewing will give them all the skills they need. Comedy, with Tony Denman.



10.00 ITV News, Weather Latest headlines. (W) (S) 10.15 Basic Instinct 1992 (18) A hard-drinking San Francisco cop investigates the case of a man murdered with an ice-pick, but his normally well-honed 10.50 Late Kick Off intuition starts letting him down Mark Chapman presents a as he falls for the sultry and round-up of the weekends 11.00 Party Broadcast (R) (S) v manipulative chief suspect, the Football League action. (W) (S) v 11.05 The Boys From Brazil victims former girlfriend. Thriller 1978 (18) Tense thriller, with 11.20 The Graham Norton from director Paul Verhoeven, Laurence Olivier as an ageing Show With guests Jack starring Sharon Stone, Michael Nazi-hunter facing a race against Whitehall, Miranda Hart, Nico Douglas, George Dzundza and time to nd the infamous war Evers-Swindell, Camilla Jeanne Tripplehorn. (AD) (W) (S) criminal Dr Josef Mengele before Luddington and Adele. (R) (W) (S) he succeeds in creating an army Followed by Weatherview. (S) v of deadly Hitler clones. Also 12.15 Sign Zone: MasterChef starring Gregory Peck and James John Torode and Gregg Wallace Mason. See Film Of The Day. (S) 12.30 The Zone Shopping and
challenge the seven remaining contestants to prepare a dish for leading caterer Bertie de Rougemont. (R) v 1.15 Sign Zone: Rock & Chips (AD) (R) 2.15 Sign Zone: Arctic With Bruce Parry (AD) (R) 3.15-6.00 BBC News (S)


interactive gaming, presented by Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell. (W) Followed by ITV News. (W) 1.30 SuperCasino 4.00 Meals In 1.05 BBC News 3.15 Close 4.00 2.35 UEFA Champions League Moments (R,S) 4.10 Brian Sewells BBC Learning Zone: Not Again Weekly (S) 3.00 ITV Nightscreen Grand Tour (R) (SL) (S) 4.55 Animal Farley 4.30 Not Again Farley 5.00 4.35-5.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show. Rescue Squad (R) 5.10 Wildlife SOS Not Again Farley 5.30-6.00 Talkie Talk show. (R) (SL) (W) (S) (R) 5.35-6.00 House Doctor (R) Time 2 Compilation (S) (S) SUBTITLES (R) REPEAT (AD) AUDIO DESCRIPTION (SL) SIGN LANGUAGE (W) WIDESCREEN v Regional variations opposite Recommended Outstanding Film

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


6.00 Teleshopping 1.00 Dharma & Greg 1.30 Dharma & Greg 2.00 Build A New Life In The Country With George Clarke. (S) 3.00 Neighbours Karl pleads for the return of the Mens Shed. 3.30 Home And Away Miles encourages Romeo to get his life back on track. (AD) (S) 4.00 Zoo Days Brief highlights from the series viewing the animals and staff of Colchester and Chester Zoos. 4.10 FILM: William & Kate 2011 (PG) Fact-based drama about the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton. 6.00 Malcolm In The Middle The boys are taken hostage. 6.30 Home And Away Xavier worries his secret will be revealed. 7.00 Neighbours Callum tries to trigger old memories by visiting his grandmothers house with Sophie. (R) 7.35 Malcolm In The Middle Hal bets his life insurance policy in Las Vegas, while Lois sees her favourite singer at a show. 8.00 $#*! My Dad Says Eds old Navy buddy Wally Durham offends Tim with his politically incorrect attitude, and Bonnie begins to act strangely around Henry after he catches a glimpse of her naked.

FM: 97.6-99.8 MHz 7.00 Zane Lowe. 10.00 Sara Cox. 1.00 Greg James. 4.00 Scott Mills. 7.00 Annie Mac. 9.00 Radio 1s Stories. 10.00 Nick Grimshaw. 12.00 Rock Show With Daniel P Carter. 2.00 Punk Show With Mike Davies. 4.00-6.30 Dev.

Composer Of The Week Radio 3, 6.30pm
Donald Macleod investigates the lost decade in the middle of Tchaikovskys life. In 1878, at the pinnacle of his career, his whole world fell apart. He entered into a sham marriage with a crazed fan in the hope of hiding his homosexuality, ed from his home and began to aimlessly travel around Europe. The week begins with works that followed the disastrous marriage, including childlike works for the violin and piano, and his choral setting of the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. ALYCIA YANG
12.50 Sports News. 1.00 News. 1.06 Americana. 1.30 The Strand. 1.50 Witness. 2.00 Newshour. 3.00 World Brieng. 3.30 Outlook. 4.00 News. 4.06 Americana. 4.30 One Planet. 4.50 From Our Own Correspondent. 5.00 World Brieng. 5.30 World Business Report. 5.50 Witness. 6.00 World, Have Your Say. 7.00 World Brieng. 7.30 Discovery. 7.50 From Our Own Correspondent. 8.00 News. 8.06 Americana. 8.30 Outlook. 9.00 Newshour. 10.00 News. 10.06 World Brieng. 10.30 The Strand. 10.50 Witness. 11.00 World Brieng. 11.30 World Business Report. 11.50 Sports News. 12.00 World Brieng. 12.30 Outlook. 1.00 World Brieng. 1.30 World Business Report. 1.50 Witness. 2.00 News. 2.06 Americana. 2.30 Outlook. Human interest stories behind

the headlines. 3.00 The World Today. 3.30 The Strand. 3.50 Witness. 4.00 The World Today. 4.30 Discovery. 4.50-5.00 From Our Own Correspondent.

FM: 100-102 MHz 6.00 Brighter Breakfast. 9.00 John Suchet. 1.00 Jamie Crick. 5.00 John Brunning. 8.00 The Full Works Concert. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 2.00-6.00 Anne-Marie Minhall.

FM: 88-90.2 MHz 5.00 Vanessa Feltz. 6.30 Richard Allinson. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00 French And Saunders. 2.00 Bank Holiday Weekend Wogan. 4.00 The UKs Bestselling One Hit Wonders. 6.00 You Can Call Me Paul: Johnnie Walker Meets Paul Simon. 7.00 Paul Jones. 8.00 Hugh Laurie: Cheltenham Jazz Festival. 9.30 Big Band Special. 10.00 The Record Producers. 11.00 Jools Holland. 12.00 Janice Long. 2.00 Alex Lester.

MW: 1215, 1197, 1242 kHz 6.00 Vicki Blight. 10.00 Russ Williams. 2.00 Leona Graham. 6.00 Ben Jones. 10.00 Iain Lee. 1.00-6.00 Polly James.

MW: 1053, 1089, 1071, 1107 kHz 6.00 Alan Brazil And Ronnie Irani. 10.00 Saggers And Houghton. 1.00 Goldstein And Cundy. 4.00 Adrian Durham And Darren Gough. 7.00 Kick-off. 10.00 Ian Collins. 1.00-6.00 Mike Graham.

FM: 90.2-92.4 MHz 7.00 Breakfast. 10.00 Classical Collection. 12.00 Composer Of The Week. 12.00 News. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon On 3. 4.30 In Tune: Sean Rafferty presents music and arts news. 6.30 Composer Of The Week: See Radio Choice. 7.30 An Evening With Thomas Beecham. 11.00 Jazz On 3. 1.00-7.00 Through The Night.

MW: 882, 657 kHz FM: 93.9-95.9, 103.7-103.9 MHz 5.30 News, Weather. 5.32 Country Focus. 6.00 Good Morning Wales. 9.00 Jamie Owen & Louise Elliott. 12.00 The Radio Wales Phone-In. 2.00 Roy Noble. 3.00 Radio Wales Sport: Somerset v Glamorgan Dragons. Commentary on the Group C ECB 40 League encounter at Taunton. 7.30 While The Boys Are Away. 7.45 The Evening Show. 9.58 Weather And Travel. 10.00 Election 2011: The Leadership Debate. 11.40 Chris Needs. 1.00-5.30 As BBC World Service.


on digital only 5.00 The World Today. 8.30 Business Daily. 8.50 From Our Own Correspondent. 9.00 News. 9.06 Americana. 9.30 The Strand. 9.50 Witness. 10.00 World Update. 11.00 News. 11.06 Outlook. 11.30 One Planet. 11.50 From Our Own Correspondent. 12.00 World Have Your Say. 12.30 Business Daily.

FM: 92.4-94.6 MHz LW: 198 kHz 5.30 News Brieng. 5.43 Prayer For The Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 6.00 Today. 9.00 Start The Week. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: Millions Like Us: Womens Lives In War And Peace 1939-1949. 10.00 Womans Hour. 11.00 The Real Apprentice. 11.30 Fags, Mags And Bags. 12.00 News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 You And Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World At One. 1.30

8.30 Better With You Mia hires an in-demand wedding planner. 9.00 FILM: So I Married An Axe Murderer 1993 (15) A poet has a history of ruining relationships due to his paranoia, but when he meets the woman of his dreams, he resolves to make this romance last. Comedy, starring Mike Myers and Nancy Travis. 10.55 Comedy Kings: Best Of Just For Laughs Stewart Lee, Craig Hill and Aziz Ansari perform at the renowned Just for Laughs festival. 11.30 Generation Sex 12.00 Teleshopping

6.00 Teleshopping 12.00 Cinemania A selection of the greatest sci- lms of all time. 12.15 Whose Line Is It Anyway? American unscripted comedy show. 12.45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The team set out to track down the culprit who poisoned a businessman and caused him to die of a brain aneurysm. (S) 1.40 FILM: Jane Doe: Yes, I Remember It Well 2006 (PG) Mystery, starring Lea Thompson, Joe Penny and William R Moses. (S) 3.20 Numb3rs Charlie is left badly shaken by a shooting incident in the FBI ofces and begins to experience difculty concentrating. (AD) 4.15 FILM: Loves Unending Legacy 2007 (PG) A grieving widow returns to live with her parents after her husband is killed during a poker game. Period drama, starring Erin Cottrell and Dale Midkiff. (S) 6.00 Numb3rs Don investigates the death of an interpreter from the Chinese consulate and discovers a suspiciously large sum of money in her bank account, leading him to believe she was a spy. (AD) 7.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The team sets out to track down the culprit who poisoned a businessman and caused him to die of a brain aneurysm. Guest starring Marcia Cross and Anne Ramsay. (S) 8.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Grissom becomes embroiled in a complex case in which the defendant stands accused of murdering his wife and son in an arson attack. With William Petersen. 9.00 NCIS A petty ofcer is killed while competing in a swimsuit contest, raising fears that she may have fallen victim to a jealous rival or a stalker. 10.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Grissom, Sarah, and Greg try to determine how a man came to be crushed to death. (AD) (S) 11.00 NCIS As Gibbs recovers from his gunshot wound, the team is called in to investigate the killing of a Marine. 12.00 CSI: Miami Crime drama, with David Caruso and Rory Cochrane. (S)

Counterpoint. 2.00 The Archers: Kathy is treading on eggshells. 2.15 Afternoon Play: Star Struck: By Katharine Way. 3.00 Archive on 4: The Sound Of Sport: Creating drama in sports broadcasting. 3.45 Russia: The Wild East. 4.00 The Food Programme: Tracing the evolution of royal wedding banquets. 4.30 Whod Be A Social Worker? New series. Following two newly qualied members of the profession. 5.00 PM: With Eddie Mair. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six OClock News. 6.26 Referendum Campaign Broadcast. 6.30 The Unbelievable Truth: With Clive Anderson, Sue Perkins, Henning Wehn and Graeme Garden. 7.00 The Archers: Ruth tries a distraction technique. 7.15 Front Row: The new Hepworth Wakeeld gallery in West Yorkshire. 7.45 Writing The Century: Dramatised by Nell Leyshon. 8.00 Christies Through The Looking Glass: Part two of two. Miranda Sawyer continues her behind-the-scenes look at Christies. 8.30 Crossing Continents. 9.00 Material World: Topical scientic issues, featuring discussion about the latest developments with researchers from across the UK. Presented by Quentin Cooper. 9.30 Start The Week: Andrew Marr focuses on the subjects of empathy and cruelty. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight. 10.45 Book at Bedtime: The Absolutist: By John Boyne. 11.00 Word Of Mouth. 11.30 In Living Memory. 12.00 News, Weather. 12.30 Book of the Week: Millions Like Us: Womens Lives In War And Peace 1939-1949. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 World Service. 5.20-5.30 Shipping Forecast.

MW: 909, 693 kHz 5.00 Morning Reports. 5.30 Wake Up To Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 10.00 Victoria Derbyshire. 12.00 Shelaghs Finest Hour. 1.00 The Kids On Hope Street. 2.00 Colin Paterson. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 5 Live Sport: The Monday Night Club: Mark Chapman and guests look back at the weekends football results and talking points. 7.45 5 Live Sport: Championship 2010-11: Portsmouth v Norwich City (kick-off 7.45pm). Commentary from Fratton Park, where the sides meet in the nal xture of the penultimate round of the season. Should Cardiff City have been defeated in the earlier xture, a win for the Canaries would see them earn automatic promotion. 9.40 5 Live Sport: Final Whistle. A selection of pundits review the evenings football. 10.30 Ian Payne. 1.00-5.00 Up All Night.

BBC1 Variations WALES: 6.55-7.00 Party Election Broadcast 10.15 Referendum Broadcast On Behalf Of The No Campaign 10.20 Election 2011 The Leaders Debate 11.20 A Question Of Sport 11.50 The Graham Norton Show 12.40-1.15 Sign Zone: See Hear BBC2 Variations WALES: 5.55-6.00 Party Election Broadcast 11.00-11.05 Referendum Broadcast On Behalf Of The No Campaign ITV1 Variations ITV1 CHANNEL: 6.00 Pufns Pla(i)ce 6.25-6.30 Teenage Cancer: The Fight Back 12.30 Countrywise 12.55 Nightwatch With Steve Scott S4C 7.00 Cyw: Igi, Tigi, Bip A Bop 7.30 Cyw: Oli Dan Y Don 7.45 Cyw: Cwm Teg 7.50 Cyw: Y Diwrnod Mawr 8.05 Cyw: Sam Tan 8.15 Cyw: 123 8.30 Cyw: Wmff 8.40 Cyw: Cwpwrdd Cadi 8.55 Cyw: Holi Hana 9.05 Cyw: Igam Ogam 9.15 Cyw: Bob Y Bildar 9.30 Cyw: Dicw 9.35 Cyw: Bibi Bel 9.40 Cyw: Dysgu Efo Falmai 9.45 Cyw: Tomos Ai Ffrindiau 9.50 Cyw: Darllen Da Fi 10.00 Cyw: Bach A Mawr 10.10 Cyw: Cled 10.25 Cyw: Dwdlam 10.40 Cyw: Y Dywysoges Fach 10.50 Cyw: Cegin Twts 11.05 Cyw: Y Brodyr Coala 11.20 Cyw: Penblwydd Pwy? 11.30 Cyw: Dwdlam 11.45 Cyw: Sam Tan 11.55 Cyw: Twm Tisian 12.05 Cyw: Ben A Mali Au Byd Bach O Hud 12.15 Cyw: Peppa Pinc 12.20 Cyw: Un Tro 12.30 Cyw: Y Dywysoges Fach 12.45 Cyw: Nodi 12.55 Cyw: Cled 1.05 Cyw: Y Brodyr Coala 1.20 Penawdau Newyddion Ar Tywydd 1.25 Wedi 7 1.55 Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol 2.25 0 Ond 1 2.55 Penawdau Newyddion Ar Tywydd 3.00 Wedi 3 4.00 Stwnsh: Tylwyth Od Timmy! 4.15 Stwnsh: Diwedd Y Byd 4.40 Stwnsh: Hendre Hurt 5.05 Stwnsh: Y Fet A Fi 5.30 Y Clwb Rygbi 8.45 Pobol Y Cwm 9.15 Ffermio 9.45 Darllediad Etholiadol 9.50 Newyddion Ar Tywydd 10.05 Darllediad Refferendwm Y Bleidlais Amgen: Na 10.10 Y Byd Ar Bedwar 10.40 Sgorio 11.45 Ras Yn Erbyn Amser



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011



Sky 301

t Times quoted are BST

(1982) (15) With Richard Gere. 10.10 40 Days And 40 Nights (2002) (15) With Josh Hartnett. 11.55 Duplicity (2009) (12) With Clive Owen. 2.10am The Life Before Her Eyes (2007) (15) With Uma Thurman. 3.50 Bright Star (2009) (PG) With Ben Whishaw.

Sky Movies Premiere/HD, 8pm
Derek Thompson is a minor league Ice Hockey player nicknamed The Tooth Fairy, due to the regularity with which he leaves opponents missing a few gnashers. When he steals a dollar from under the pillow of his girlfriends daughter, a dollar that was intended to be from the Tooth Fairy, a mystical force begins to stir. He receives a summons under his pillow that night, and is soon transported to the realm of the Tooth Fairies. Charged with being a dream crusher, he sprouts wings, is shrunk to less than six inches high and sentenced to spend a week as a the real Tooth Fairy. Good family comedy, with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. ANDY DEAN
Anaconda (1997) (15) With Jennifer Lopez. 10.35 Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (2009) (12) With Daniel Radcliffe. 1.10pm Robin Hood (2010) (12) With Russell Crowe. 3.35 Land Of The Lost (2009) (12) With Will Ferrell. 5.25 Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (2009) (12) With Daniel Radcliffe. 8.00 Robin Hood (2010) (12) With Russell Crowe. 10.25 Anaconda (1997) (15) With Jennifer Lopez. Midnight Iron Eagle (1986) (15) With Louis Gossett Jr. 2.00 Invasion USA (1985) (18) With Chuck Norris. 3.55 American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987) (18) With Michael Dudikoff. 5.30 Gargantua (1998) (PG) With Adam Baldwin. 6.20am Free Style (2008) (PG) Motocross drama, starring Corbin Bleu. 8.00 Thunderbirds Are Go! (1966) (U) Puppet adventure, with the voice of Shane Rimmer. 9.35 Scooby-Doo And The Samurai Sword (2009) (U) Animated comedy, with the voice of Casey Kasem. 10.55 Planet 51 (2009) (U) Animated sci- comedy, with the voice of Dwayne Johnson. 12.30pm Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) (PG) Comedy, starring Kevin James. 2.05 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) (PG) Fantasy adventure sequel, starring Daniel Radcliffe. 4.50 Planet 51 (2009) (U) Animated sci- comedy, with the voice of Dwayne Johnson. 6.25 Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) (PG) Comedy, starring Kevin James. 8.00 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) (PG) Fantasy adventure sequel, starring Daniel Radcliffe. 10.45 9 (2009) (12) Animated adventure, with the voice of Elijah Wood. 12.10am Free Style (2008) (PG) Motocross drama, starring Corbin Bleu. 1.55 9 (2009) (12) Animated adventure, with the voice of Elijah Wood. 3.25 Scooby-Doo And The Samurai Sword (2009) (U) Animated comedy, with the voice of Casey Kasem. 4.50 Thunderbirds Are Go! (1966) (U) Puppet adventure, with the voice of Shane Rimmer. 6.20am The Last Picture Show: The Directors Cut (1971) (15) With Jeff Bridges. 8.30 The Boys Are Back (2009) (12) With Clive Owen. 10.20 The Pick Up Artist (1987) (15) With Robert Downey Jr. 11.45 An Officer And A Gentleman (1982) (15) With Richard Gere. 1.55pm How To Marry A Millionaire (1953) (U) With Marilyn Monroe. 3.30 The English Patient (1996) (15) With Ralph Fiennes. 6.15 The Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (2009) (12) With Matthew McConaughey. 8.00 An Officer And A Gentleman

10.00am The Scouting Book For Boys (2009) (15) Drama, starring Thomas Turgoose. 11.45 Tooth Fairy (2010) (PG) Family comedy, starring Dwayne Johnson. 1.30pm Ondine (2009) (12) Romantic drama, starring Colin Farrell and Alicja Bachleda. 3.15 Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back (2010) (U) Animated sci- comedy sequel, with the voice of Zack Shada. 4.45 Dragon Hunters (2008) (PG) Animated adventure, with the voice of Forest Whitaker. 6.15 The Scouting Book For Boys (2009) (15) A teenager helps his friend hide out when she faces being sent to live with her father, bringing dark secrets to light. Drama, with Thomas Turgoose and Holliday Grainger. 8.00 Tooth Fairy (2010) (PG) Family comedy, starring Dwayne Johnson and Ashley Judd. See Todays Choice. 10.00 (2010) (15) Four women each dealing with a dangerous situation during one weekend stumble on a stolen cache of diamonds. Crime thriller, starring Emma Roberts and Tamsin Egerton. Midnight Centurion (2009) (15) Ancient Roman action thriller, starring Michael Fassbender. 2.00 Family Show 7.00am Stuart Little (1999) (U) With Geena Davis. 8.30 I Love You, Man (2008) (15) With Paul Rudd. 10.20 Zombieland (2009) (15) With Woody Harrelson. 11.50 G-Force (2009) (PG) With Bill Nighy. 1.20pm The Proposal (2009) (12) With Sandra Bullock. 3.10 Housesitter (1991) (PG) With Steve Martin. 5.00 Observe And Report (2008) (15) With Seth Rogen. 6.30 G-Force (2009) (PG) With Bill Nighy. 8.00 Zombieland (2009) (15) With Woody Harrelson. 9.30 I Love You, Man (2008) (15) A man with no male friends goes in search of a suitable best man for his wedding but his ancee does not approve of his choice. Comedy, with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. 11.20 The Proposal (2009) (12) A Canadian publishing editor trying to avoid deportation from the US bribes her assistant to marry her. Romantic comedy, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. 1.15am Observe And Report (2008) (15) A bipolar security guard tries to stop a serial asher from terrorising a mall. Comedy, starring Seth Rogen and Ray Liotta. 2.45 Housesitter (1991) (PG) With Steve Martin. 4.30 A Golden Christmas (2009) (PG) With Andrea Roth.


Sky 311


Sky 304

6.45am The Three Faces Of Eve (1957) (PG) Drama, starring Joanne Woodward. 8.25 Rawhide (1951) (PG) Western, starring Tyrone Power. 9.55 The Young Lions (1958) (PG) Second World War drama, with Marlon Brando. 12.45pm The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (1965) (PG) Espionage thriller, starring Richard Burton. 2.45 Road To Morocco (1942) (U) Musical comedy, with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. 4.15 The Three Faces Of Eve (1957) (PG) Drama, starring Joanne Woodward. 5.50 Rawhide (1951) (PG) Western, starring Tyrone Power. 7.20 Treasure Island (1950) (U) Disney pirate adventure, starring Robert Newton. 9.00 Paint Your Wagon (1969) (PG) Comic musical Western, starring Clint Eastwood. 11.40 Johnny Guitar (1954) (PG) Western, starring Joan Crawford. 1.30am Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) (15) Horror, starring Bette Davis. 3.45 The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (1965) (PG) Espionage thriller, starring Richard Burton. 5.40 Treasure Island (1950) (U) Disney pirate adventure, starring Robert Newton.


Sky 317


Sky 306


Sky 308

7.00am Now, Voyager (1942) (PG) 9.15 Ride Out For Revenge (1957) (U) 10.45 The Goonies (1985) (PG) 12.55pm Camille (1937) (PG) 3.00 North And South 4.00 Bonanza 5.10 Girl With Green Eyes (1964) (U) 7.00 The Mask (1994) (PG) 9.00 Rome 10.05 Deadwood 11.15 Deadwood 12.25am Addicted To Love (1997) (15) 2.15 Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (1993) (15) 3.50 Teleshopping 5.00 Camille (1937) (PG)


Freeview 15 - Sky 315


Sky 305

11.00am Three Men And A Baby (1987) (PG) 1.00pm Breakfast At Tiffanys (1961) (PG) 3.10 The Poseidon Adventure (1972) (PG) 5.25 The Simpsons Movie (2007) (PG) 7.05 Hero (2002) (12) 9.00 Iron Man (2008) (12) 11.20 Dead Mans Shoes (2004) (18)

6.55am The Top Ten Show Box ofce hits. 7.15 Land Of The Lost (2009) (12) With Will Ferrell. 9.00


Sky 609

5.15 Twitches (2005) (U)

6.00am Coronation Street 7.25 Emmerdale 7.55 Judge Judy 9.25 Odd One In 10.10 The Planets Funniest Animals 10.35 Judge Judy 11.30 Coronation Street 1.00pm Emmerdale 1.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 3.45 Loose Women 4.45 Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?: Mothers Day Special 6.00 Film: The Polar Express (2004) (U) Animation, with the voice of Tom Hanks. 8.00 Kerry Katona: The Next Chapter 9.00 Film: Gladiator (2000) (15) 12.10am Celebrity Juice 12.55 Coronation Street 1.50 Emmerdale 2.10 Teleshopping 5.10 ITV2 Nightscreen


Friends 9.00 Glee 10.00 Great British Hairdresser 11.00 Beauty And The Geek Midnight My Name Is Earl 12.55 Ugly Betty 1.40 Beauty And The Geek 9.00am Deal Or No Deal 9.50 Room For Improvement 10.50 Film: Doctor Dolittle (1967) (U) 1.35pm Deal Or No Deal 2.35 Come Dine With Me 3.05 Coach Trip 3.40 Location, Location, Location 4.40 A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away 5.45 Relocation, Relocation 6.50 Come Dine With Me: Coronation Street Special 7.55 Grand Designs 9.00 The Secret Millionaire 10.00 Undercover Boss 11.05 Leaving Home At 8 12.10am The Secret Millionaire 1.15 Undercover Boss 2.20 Leaving Home At 8 3.15 Come Dine With Me: Coronation Street Special 6.00am Sykes 7.10 The Two Ronnies 8.10 Heroes Of Comedy 10.10 Only Fools And Horses 4.05pm Film: Patch Adams (1998) (12) 6.20 Only Fools And Horses 9.00 Film: The Dukes Of Hazzard (2005) (12) Deep South rogues Bo and Luke Duke wheel out their iconic Dodge Charger to stop a corrupt commissioner and the local sheriff from closing down the family farm. With the help of their cousin Daisy and Uncle Jesse, the pair set about foiling the dastardly scheme, only to uncover a larger plot is placing the entire town in jeopardy. Comedy adaptation of the TV series, starring Seann William Scott, Johnny Knoxville, Willie Nelson, Jessica Simpson and Burt Reynolds. 11.00 Film: Analyze That (2002) (15) 1.00am Film: Patch Adams (1998) (12)


Freeview 6 - Sky 118


Freeview 14 - Sky 138

6.00am Nothing To Declare 7.00 The Jerry Springer Show 8.00 Maury 9.00 Americas Next Top Model 10.00 Nothing To Declare 11.00 Maury Noon CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 3.00 Criminal Minds 4.00 Charmed 6.00 Americas Next Top Model 7.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 8.00 Katie 9.00 Four Weddings 10.00 16 & Pregnant 11.00 Criminal Minds Midnight CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1.50 Ghost Whisperer 2.40 Charmed 4.20 Nothing To Declare 5.10 Maury 7.00pm Film: The Pacier (2005) (PG) A battle-hardened military veteran fails to protect a government scientist from assassins. Assigned to safeguard the dead bofns family, since the killers may come after the top-secret technology in his home, he nds looking after kids proves far tougher than taking on hitmen. Family comedy, starring Vin Diesel and Lauren Graham. 8.30 Young, Rich And Househunting 9.00 Gavin & Stacey 10.00 EastEnders 10.30 Bizarre ER 11.00 Family Guy 11.45 Young, Rich And Househunting 12.15am Gavin & Stacey 1.15 Misbehaving Mums-to-Be 2.15 Bizarre ER 2.45 So What If My Baby Is Born Like Me? 3.45 The Real Hustle: Celebrity Scammers 4.15 Misbehaving Mums-to-Be 7.00pm On Hannibals Trail 7.30 Winds 8.30 Julia Bradburys Canal Walks. See Digital Choice. 9.00 The Vera Lynn Story 10.00 Chemistry A Volatile History 11.00 Rubicon 11.45 What Makes Us Clever? A


Sky 107

Horizon Guide To Intelligence 12.45am Julia Bradburys Canal Walks 1.15 The Vera Lynn Story 2.15 Chemistry A Volatile History 3.15 Julia Bradburys Canal Walks


Sky 112


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6.00am Drama Trails 6.10 Heartbeat 7.05 Maigret 8.15 Duty Free 8.50 The Ruth Rendell Mysteries 9.55 Ironside 11.00 Agatha Christies Poirot 1.00pm Bertie And Elizabeth 3.00 Film: Pride And Prejudice (2005) (U) 5.30 Downton Abbey 8.00 The Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes 9.00 The Best Of The Royal Variety 10.00 Piers Meets Elton: A Life Stories Special 11.15 Wycliffe 12.25am Numb3rs 1.20 Swingtown 2.05 ITV3 Nightscreen 6.00am The Professionals 6.55 The Saint 7.55 Police Stop! 8.55 Minder 10.00 The Professionals 11.00 Live Indian Premier League Cricket 7.30pm Heineken Cup Rugby Union 8.30 Police, Camera, Action! 9.00 Film: Midnight Run (1988) (18) When accountant Jonathan Mardukas skips bail after having been arrested for embezzlement, bounty hunter Jack Walsh is hired to catch the fraudster and return him from New York to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, his task is hindered by the ingenuity of Mardukas and the attentions of pursuing FBI agents and Maa hitmen. Comedy thriller, starring Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto, Dennis Farina, John Ashton and Joe Pantoliano. Including FYI Daily. 11.35 Film: Ticker (2001) (15) Traumatised cop Ray Nettles teams up with Zen-spouting bomb disposal expert Frank Glass to catch terrorists conducting a fear campaign in San Francisco. Action thriller, starring Tom Sizemore, Steven Seagal, Dennis Hopper and Jaime Pressly. Including FYI Daily. 1.25am Heineken Cup Rugby Union 2.25 Police, Camera, Action! 2.55 ITV4 Nightscreen 3.00 Teleshopping 6.00am Brainiac: Science Abuse 7.00 Lion Man 8.00 Oops TV 9.00 Emergency Animal Rescue 11.00 Oops TV Noon UK Border Force 1.00 Futurama 3.00 My Pet Shame 4.00 Oops TV 4.30 Futurama 5.00 Oops TV 5.30 Futurama 6.00 A League Of Their Own 6.30 The Simpsons 8.00 Stargate Universe 9.00 A League Of Their Own 10.00 Spartacus: Blood And Sand 11.15 School Of Hard Knocks 12.15am Ross Kemp On Gangs 1.15 Ross Kemp In Search Of Pirates 2.05 Cold Case 2.50 A Town Called Eureka 3.35 Law & Order 4.25 Zoo Vet At Large 4.50 Bite Size Brainiac 5.10 Dont Forget The Lyrics US 6.00am One Tree Hill 6.45 Desperate Housewives 7.30 Friends 8.00 Wildre 8.55 One Tree Hill 9.50 Friends 10.20 Gilmore Girls 11.10 Desperate Housewives 12.10pm Wildre 1.05 Heartland 2.00 Hollyoaks 2.35 Gilmore Girls 3.30 Ugly Betty 4.25 Friends 6.00 My Name Is Earl 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30

9.00am Two And A Half Men 11.00 Two And A Half Men Noon Scrubs 1.00 Two And A Half Men 2.00 Two And A Half Men 3.00 Two And A Half Men 4.00 Scrubs 5.00 Two And A Half Men 9.00 Michael McIntyres Comedy Roadshow 10.00 Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee 10.30 Lee Evans: XL Tour 11.50 Two And A Half Men 12.20am Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee 12.50 Sex And The City 2.05 South Park 3.05 Comedy Central At The Comedy Store 3.35 Scrubs 4.20 The King Of Queens 5.10 Frasier 6.00 Teleshopping

6.00am The Universe 7.00 Ancient Discoveries 8.00 American Pickers 9.00 Clash Of The Gods 10.00 Ice Road Truckers 11.00 American Pickers Noon Clash Of The Gods 1.00 Ancient Discoveries 2.00 American Pickers 3.00 Ice Road Truckers 4.00 Clash Of The Gods 5.00 The Universe 6.00 Ancient Discoveries 7.00 The Kennedys 9.00 Pawn Stars 10.00 American Pickers 11.00 IRT Deadliest Roads Midnight Pawn Stars 1.00 American Pickers 2.00 IRT Deadliest Roads


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6.00am Antiques Roadshow 8.00 Sword Of Honour 12.05pm Antiques Roadshow 2.00 Sharpe 6.00 The Camomile Lawn 11.00 Sharpe
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5.00am Teleshopping 8.00 Babylon 5 10.00 Law & Order Noon NCIS 2.00 Shark 3.00 Third Watch 4.00 Law & Order 6.00 Shark 7.00 NCIS 9.00 The Defenders 10.00 NCIS 11.00 True Blood 12.05am NCIS 1.05 Shark 2.05 Nip/Tuck 3.05 Babylon 5 4.05 Third Watch 6.00am How Do They Do It? 6.30 How Its Made 7.00 How Do They Do It? 7.30 How Its Made 8.00 How Do They Do It? 8.30 How Its Made 9.00 Wheeler Dealers 6.00pm Mythbusters 8.00 How Its Made 9.00 Mythbusters 10.00 Britains Toughest Cops 11.00 Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman Midnight Bear Grylls: Born Survivor 1.00 Deadliest Catch 2.00 Future Weapons 3.00 Hitler: A Prole

7.00am Homes Under The Hammer 9.00 Cash In The Attic 10.00 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 1.50pm Workshop Wonders 2.00 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 10.55 Workshop Wonders 11.00 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2.30am DIY SOS 8.00am Megafactories 10.00 Battle Of The Hood And The Bismarck Noon Who Sank The Bismarck? 1.00 X-Ray Earth 3.00 Ancient Astronauts 4.00 Bermuda Triangle 5.00 Atlantis 6.00 Japan Disaster 7.00 Seconds From Disaster 8.00 Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol 9.00 Alaskas Toughest Pilots 10.00 Air Crash Investigation 11.00 Japan Disaster: Caught On Camera Midnight Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol 6.00am Olivers Twist 7.00 Madhur Jaffreys Flavours Of India 7.30 Indian Food Made Easy 8.00 Forever Summer With Nigella 10.00 The Supersizers Go Noon Michelin Stars The Madness Of Perfection 1.00 The Hairy Bikers Cookbook 3.00 The Hairy Bikers Ride Again 5.00 Forever Summer With Nigella 7.00 Perfect 8.00 Bills Tasty Weekends 9.00 The Hairy Bikers Cookbook 11.00 Indian Food Made Easy 11.30 Madhur Jaffreys Flavours Of India Midnight Bills Tasty Weekends 6.00am Quincy ME 7.00 Teleshopping 8.00 Cold Case 8.50 Film: Web Of Lies (2009) (PG) 10.35 Sea Patrol 11.30 Fairly Legal 4.00pm Cold Case 7.00 Rookie Blue 8.00 Cold Case 9.00 Without A Trace 10.00 CSI: NY 11.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Midnight Cold Case 1.00 Without A Trace

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6.00am Good Morning Sports Fans 7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 8.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 9.00 The Sky Sports Years 10.00 Soccer Extra Noon Champions League Weekly 12.30 The Sky Sports Years 1.30 Premier League Review 2.30 Live Super League. Hull FC v St Helens (kick-off 2.45pm). Eddie Hemmings and Mike Stephenson present coverage from the KC Stadium. 5.00 Live Championship Football. Cardiff City v Middlesbrough (kick-off 5.15pm). The rst of a double bill of matches, as the sides play their penultimate match of the season at the Cardiff City Stadium. 7.30 Live Championship Football. Portsmouth v Norwich City (kick-off 7.45pm). 10.30 The Sky Sports Years. A look back at Skys coverage in 2006. 11.30 Premier League Review. A look back at recent xtures. 12.30am Netbusters 1.00 SPL RoundUp 1.30 The Sky Sports Years 2.30 Sports Unlimited 3.30 Watersports World 4.30 Max Power 5.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 6.00am Aerobics Oz Style 6.30 Kings Of The Extreme 7.00 WWE: Bottom Line 8.00 PGA Tour Golf 11.00 European Tour Golf 1.00pm European Rugby Union Special 1.30 Live ECB 40 League Cricket. Yorkshire Carnegie v Derbyshire Falcons. Coverage of the Group A encounter at Headingley, as the teams contest their respective second and third matches of the campaign. 7.30 Wild Spirits. Fast and furious extreme sports action. 8.00 Live Elite League


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Speedway. Swindon Robins v Eastbourne Eagles. 10.00 NASCAR. The Crown Royal 400. 11.00 Soccer AM: The Best Bits. Highlights of Saturdays show. Midnight Boots n All 1.00 Elite League Speedway 3.00 NASCAR 4.00 Boots n All 5.00 Premier League Review 6.00am Canter Banter 6.30 European Rugby Union Special 7.00 Football Special 8.30 Champions League Weekly 9.00 WWE: Raw 11.00 Aerobics Oz Style 11.30 Racing News Noon British Basketball 2.30 Live International One-Day Cricket. West Indies v Pakistan. Coverage of the fourth one-day international of the ve-match series, held at the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados. 10.30 Wild Spirits. Fast and furious extreme sports action. 11.00 WWE: Late Night Bottom Line Midnight WWE: Late Night Afterburn 1.00 WWE: NXT 2.00 Live WWE: Late Night Raw


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Premier League. A round-up of the latest SPL action. 10.00 Between The Lines. The weeks football highlights and controversies. 10.30 ESPN Pardon The Interruption. British version of the sports chat and debate show. 11.00 ESPN Game Of The Week. A football match from the past week on ESPN. 11.30 Goal! Special. A look at some of the Bundesligas key players. Midnight Live Major League Baseball. Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees. Coverage of the American League encounter at Comerica Park. 3.00 Baseball Tonight 4.00 ESPN Press Pass 4.30 Talk Of The Terrace 5.45 ESPN Kicks: Scottish Premier League 7.30am Motorsports Weekend 7.45 Tennis: Mats Point 8.15 Cycling 8.45 Cycling 10.00 Mark Cavendish: The Human Missile 11.00 Live WTA Tennis. The Madrid Open. Coverage of the opening days play at the Manzanares Park Tennis Centre in Spain. 12.45pm Snooker: The World Championship 2.00 Live Snooker: The World Championship. Coverage of the third and penultimate session of the nal at the Crucible Theatre in Shefeld, featuring a further eight scheduled frames. 5.00 Eurogoals 5.30 Champions Club 6.15 WATTS 6.30 Snooker: The World Championship 7.00 Live Snooker: The World Championship. The concluding session of the nal. 10.00 WTA Tennis. The Madrid Open. 11.15 Eurogoals. European football action. 11.45 Champions Club. European football round-up.


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6.00am ESPN Kicks: Extra 6.15 ESPN Press Pass 7.15 Premier League Football 9.15 Major League Soccer 11.00 Bundesliga 12.45pm Eredivisie 2.30 Live Scottish Premier League Football. St Mirren v Hamilton Academical (Kickoff 3.00pm). Coverage of the top-ight clash at St Mirren Park, where the visitors know an away win is vital if they are to avoid relegation. 5.15 Bundesliga Review Show 6.30 Talk Of The Terrace 7.45 Live Serie A. Lazio v Juventus (kick-off 7.45pm). 9.45 ESPN Kicks: Scottish

9.00pm Freeview 10.10 Nymphic Games 4 10.30 Naughty Brits Abroad 4 10.55 Lollys School Of Rubber 4 11.00 Freeview 11.10 Lollys School Of Rubber 4 11.25 Black Chicks, White Tricks 4 11.55 The Swinging Scene Midnight Freeview 12.10 The Swinging Scene 12.20 Tashes To G***** 12.40 Ready, Steady, Chav 1.00 Freeview 1.10 Ready, Steady, Chav 1.15 Pimp Mummy Returns 1.35 Pervacious Mind Of Angel Long 1.55 Mature Filth 1 2.15 Women At Work 2.35 Motorhome Pickups 1 3.00 Flash In The Attic 4 3.20 Couch Confessions 17 3.30 Slippery When Wet 3 3.55 Calling The Shots 6 4.20 Wet Dreams 2 4.40 Messed 2 5.05 Old & Young Lesbo Seductions 2

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011




Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


K_\;X`cp<ogi\jj#EldY\i('Cfn\iK_Xd\jJki\\k#Cfe[fe<:*I-<E%=Xo1')'.'0/).'+  <$dX`c1\ogi\jjc\kk\ij7\ogi\jj%Zf%lb`eZcl[\pfliX[[i\jjXe[k\c\g_fe\eldY\i


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WATCHING the Royal Wedding the conviction came upon me that there must be at least two billion people on this planet who wished they were British. Everything about the wedding was magnificent with even the weather remaining kind to the newlyweds. The wedding itself was beautiful, solemn, simple, understated and in a setting that couldnt be beaten. Im not a royalist but love everything about the pageantry of such events. The fluttering Union flags, the crowds showing love and affection, the mounted Household Cavalry (the best ceremonial escorts in the world) and the footmen so resplendent on beautiful, horse-drawn carriages. We should take pride in being able to put on shows like this. It showed the watching world what Britain can do. E Adam, Manchester


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WHAT a wonderful day for William and Kate and what a magnificent spectacle for everyone cheering them on. For one day it seemed our troubled world was united in peace under the umbrella of the royal wedding. It was a joy to witness our Commonwealth leaders and heads of state from all corners of the globe sitting side by side in harmony in Westminster Abbey. No other country does pomp and circumstance like Britain and this occasion was superb in every respect. Also, judging from the number of foreigners celebrating in London along with the crowds of Britons, the rest of the world appreciates the pageantry we do so well. It was a splendid occasion when we felt patriotic and waved our Union flags without the accusation of some ism levelled at us. I speak for many in wishing the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lifelong happiness. They are a perfect couple to continue the British monarchy into the future. B Ireland, Sheffield J<8C<;N@K?B@JJ1K_\e\n;lb\Xe[;lZ_\jj



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AFTER a bitterly cold winter and so much gloomy news, Prince Williams marriage to Catherine Middleton was magical. The new Duchess of Cambridge looked so beautiful in her classic wedding gown and the service at Westminster Abbey was moving. I hope this young couple have a happy life together. In any event they have made an excellent start, supported by their families and secure in the knowledge that we want their union to succeed. Mary Martin, Bristol

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SO John Pickard is repaying the money he swindled (18,000 benefit cheat worked at a JobCentre, April 29). Were told its coming out of his current set of weekly benefits, which is not quite correct. The truth of the matter is that we, the taxpayers, are funding the repayments, which is something that disgusts me. Why cant judges order bailiffs to seize everything of value from such people and sell it? This would go some way towards recovering the money and show others so inclined that cheating doesnt pay. I would like to see benefit cheats barred from receiving state

handouts again. Let them live off charity. Why should good honest people subsidise their dishonesty? D Lawton, Northallerton, N Yorks

8e^\cX[\Xi#[f^\kflk `ekfi\Xcnfic[XY`kdfi\
WHY have so many Labour MPs apparently lost their sense of humour (Calm down, Labour, PM was only joking, April 29)? I cant believe Angela Eagle seriously thought David Cameron was diminishing her by calling her dear. I thought everyone knew Michael Winners catchline from the TV advertisement, Calm down, dear, its only a commercial!, but perhaps she hasnt seen it. I cant

take her seriously if shes so out of touch with the real world. So, Angela dear, do get out into the real world a bit more. Youd be amazed at what people say. Pat Stimpson, Keston, Kent

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THE beauty of the smiling bride, eagerness of the crowds, splendour of the Abbey and devotion of the prince moved me to tears. What a terrific spectacle it was. Only the British can pull off these occasions with such aplomb and all on a tide of such love and affection. Watching the days events unfold brought back something we have sorely missed during these past few years under a dull Labour government. It allowed us to shrug off politics and all our worries and invest some heartfelt emotion in a grand national day. N Spicer, Liverpool

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I DONT believe its been said before but it is obvious to me that the EU is the new world order in practice, by imposing dubious legislation on sovereign states without reference to the electorate. The EU controls our borders and those of every other member state, which is insane. If we must remain a member, British politicians must stop acting as this organisations frontmen and work in the interests of the UK. Even although the EU has allowed economically backward regions to achieve some sort of parity with those that are prospering, itll never allow any to become truly independent. Time for us to get out? Thats long overdue. Jim McCracken, By email

WHATS going on when its reported that the cost of two new aircraft carriers is set to rise yet again to make them compatible with a naval version of the US Joint Strike Fighter ( 7bn bill for Navy carriers, April 29)? On-deck catapults and traps sound like a make do and mend solution. What we need is a vertical take-off and landing version of the JSF, which we should persuade the Americans to build and lease to us. That may sound a most peculiar solution but we must be willing to do anything to keep costs down in these financially challenging times. M Parker, Derby


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AFTER so many years governed by joyless, po-faced socialists, how wonderful to be able to celebrate something and feel truly British once again. For the first time in decades I feel optimistic about the future faced by our youngsters (most of whom are wonderful) and hope the gloom and doom merchants are as miserable and backward-facing as they want to be because the rest of us are moving forward with hope. William Hillyard, Rothley, Leics

GIVEN the dangerous, volatile world we live in, we should brace ourselves and pay the full cost of the Royal Navys two new aircraft carriers, set to soar by up to 2billion if rumours are correct. If alterations are necessary for the deployment of US and French jets, the Government will have to sign off the extra cash, however reluctantly, or risk compromising the ineffectiveness of both vessels. Whether Labour speculation of rising costs is more evidence that the defence review didnt properly cost this major project remains to be proved. Geoff Harrison, Newbury, Berks


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GOOD grief! Frederick Forsyth can count himself lucky if hes dragged to the supermarket only once a year (Madam, step away from that trolley, April 29). Some of us have to go once a week. No kidding. John Fromm, Ilkley, W Yorks

All the following facts relate to the King James Bible, rst published on May 2, 1611, which was 400 years ago today (though some say it was May 5).


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THE Royal Wedding was wonderful and Catherines dress was so like the one worn by Grace Kelly (the late Princess Grace of Monaco) on her wedding day in 1956. For me the kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace was the icing on the cake. Margaret Salmon, By email


(% The most common name in the Bible is David, which occurs more than 1,000 times. )% The top 10 most frequently mentioned animals in the Old Testament: sheep, lamb, lion, ox, ram, horse, bullock, ass, goat, camel (in that order). *% The four most frequently mentioned fruits are olives, grapes, pomegranates and apples, but there is no reference to an apple in the Garden of Eden. +% The longest name in the Bible is that of Isaiahs son Mahershalalhashbaz.

,% The words girl and girls each occur only once in the Bible. The words brain and brains are not there at all. -% The word cheese occurs only twice: in the Second Book of Samuel and in the Book of Job. .% The colour brown is mentioned only four times in the Bible, all in Genesis chapter 30. /% Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia nibbled a few pages of the Bible whenever he became ill. He died in 1913 after eating the entire Book of Kings. 0% For Noahs Flood, as the Bible tells it, one inch of rain would have to fall every second for 40 days. ('% All the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666, the Number of the Beast in Revelation.

I<8KjZ`\ek`]`Z[`jglk\jXi\ XcnXpj]lekf]fccfn#n_\k_\i`k `jE\nkfeXe[C\`Ye`qXi^l`e^ Y`kk\icpfm\in_`Z_fe\f] k_\djkfc\k_\fk_\ij`[\Xjkf`em\ek ZXcZlclj#fidf[\ieg_pj`Z`jkjXi^l`e^ XYflkn_\k_\i?`^^jYfjle\o`jkj#Xe[ k_\cXk\jk`jjl\f]k_\jZ`\eZ\aflieXc EXkli\_XjXeXik`Zc\feXi\XcClclf] XjkXk\$f]$k_\$XikXi^ld\ek%<ek`kc\[ :lij\f]k_\G_XiXf_j;E8#`kd`^_k \hlXccpn\cc_Xm\Y\\eZXcc\[N_fnXj k_\dlddpjdlddp6]fi`kk\ccjf] X[\YXk\k_Xki\XZ_\[`kjXZi`dfe`flj _\`^_k`ejfd\i\Z\eki\j\XiZ_k_Xk ZcX`d\[kf_Xm\`[\ek`]`\[k_\XeZ\jkip Xe[f]]jgi`e^f]KlkXeb_Xdle_`dj\c]% K_\nfib`emfcm\[k_\lj\f] i\Z\ekcp[\m\cfg\[k\Z_e`hl\j`e;E8 k\jk`e^k_Xk]fik_\]`ijkk`d\Xccfnk_\ `[\ek`]`ZXk`fef]^\e\j]ifdjXdgc\j XjXeZ`\ekXj<^pgk`Xedldd`\j%K_`j XeZ`\ek$;E8XeXcpj`j#fidfc\ZlcXi <^pgkfcf^pXj`k_XjY\\eZXcc\[#nfibj YpXdgc`]p`e^k`epXdflekjf];E8 ]fle[`eXeZ`\ekjXdgc\jfijf`kj gifgfe\ekjZcX`d%Mf`Z\jfek_\fk_\i j`[\f]k_\[\YXk\#_fn\m\i#jXp`kj Xccefej\ej\1Xcck_\dlddp;E8n`cc _Xm\[\^iX[\[Xe[[`jXgg\Xi\[cfe^ X^fXe[Xep;E8k_\pXi\g`Zb`e^lg dljkY\ZfekXd`eXk`fe]ifdi\cXk`m\cp df[\iejfliZ\j% K_\knfj`[\jf]k_`jXi^ld\ek#k_\ Xik`Zc\`eEXkli\i\gfikj#Xi\efn jZXiZ\cpjg\Xb`e^kf\XZ_fk_\iXe[ \m\eglYc`j_k_\`ii\jlckj`e[`]]\i\ek aflieXcj%Jfn_\k_\iKlkXeb_Xdlej dlddpi\XccpnXjk_\fc[cX[pbefne XjdlddpBM*,PC#Xe[n_\k_\i BM*,PCnXj8b_\eXk\ejj`jk\i Xe[n`]\#Xe[n_\k_\igffifc[Klk jl]]\i\[]ifddXcXi`X#Xccf]n_`Z_ n\i\i\Z\ekcpZcX`d\[kf_Xm\Y\\e Zfe]`id\[Yp;E8k\jk`e^#Xi\Xccjk`cc hl\jk`fejk_XkXi\[\\gcp[`jglk\[% K_\;E8k_XknXjXeXcpj\[Zflc[aljk Xj\Xj`cp_Xm\Zfd\#jZ\gk`ZjZcX`d# ]ifdCfi[:XieXimfejYX^^X^\ _Xe[c\ijn_\ek_\kfdYnXjfg\e\[% ;\\gcpZfeZ\ie\[XYflkXcck_`j#@ [\Z`[\[@j_flc[^fYXZbkfgi`dXip jfliZ\j#jf_X[Xfl`aXYfXi[ Zfem\ik\[kf<^pgk`Xe_`\if^cpg_`Zj Xe[j\ekXd\jjX^\kfKlkXeb_Xdle _`dj\c]%8]k\iXcc#`]k_\dldd`]`ZXk`fe gifZ\jj`j^ff[]fiefk_`e^\cj\# `k[f\jXkc\XjkZcX`dkf[\c`m\iXe \k\ieXcX]k\ic`]\#_fn\m\i[\^iX[\[ pfli\Xik_cp;E8_XjY\Zfd\% Dpj\c]JZi`Y\<m\ip;Xp<ogi\jj ;f:fdY9\XZ_#@kXgg\[flkXj Y\jk@Zflc[n`k_k_\c`d`k\[jpdYfcj XmX`cXYc\%Dpj\c];\j`i\BefnN_f PfliDlddp% K_\iffdk_\en\ek`ZpZfc[Xe[ Xgfn\i]lcYlkle`[\ek`]`XYc\jfliZ\ Y\^Xekfdfm\k_\gf`ek\ifek_\fl`aX YfXi[`ei\gcp%>\kCfjk#`kjX`[% @nXjj_fZb\[%PflEfC`b\<m\ip ;Xp<ogi\jjHl\ip6@Xjb\[% Dpj\c]EfC`b\<e^cXe[#`ki\gc`\[% @gfe[\i\[k_\dXkk\i#k_\e i\d\dY\i\[%@kjK_XkKXo`;i`m\i @jek@k6@Xjb\[% P\j#ZXd\YXZbk_\i\gcp% Dpj\c]Jfiip#@jX`[#9lkEfk=Xlck F]<m\ip;Xp<ogi\jjK_XkKXo`;i`m\i KffbG\fgc\KfKffk`e^:fddfe @ejk\X[F]KlkXeb_Xdle<o_`Y`k`fe% @kJk`cc?likj#_\jX`[% @j@kDXcXi`X6@Xjb\[_fg\]lccp# Ylkk_\fl`aXc`e\_X[^fe\[\X[%K_Xk kXo`[i`m\i_XjXcfkkfXejn\i]fi%

City&Business Centrica: Well turn off UK gas

Z"bV^a/eZiZg#Xjca^[[Z5ZmegZhh#Xd#j` K^h^i8^in7jh^cZhheV\Zhdca^cZVi lll#ZmegZhh#Xd#j`$X^in IZa/%'%-+&',&+'

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


What the Sunday papers say

BRITISH Gas owner Centrica has warned it could halt production at the UKs biggest gas elds for an extended period following the Governments tax hike on North Sea producers. The company yesterday closed three elds in Morecambe Bay for scheduled maintenance, but said the shutdown could be longer depending on the price of gas and whether it became more economic to buy it on the open market. Chancellor George Osborne sparked fury within the industry when his March Budget raised the supplementary tax on producers, prompting a warning that it would hamper home-grown production and increase reliance on imports. Centrica said the additional taxes could hit the protability of Morecambe Bay, which provides about 12 per cent of Britains residential gas needs. It will shut down production at six platforms on its Morecambe Bay North and Rivers gas elds for four weeks of maintenance and on its South Morecambe eld for an unspecied period. Normally, production would resume on June 1 but Centrica said it would look at wholesale prices before deciding whether it would be economic to switch the taps back on. The Budget raised the supplementary tax on North Sea oil and gas production from 20 per cent to 32 per cent, increasing the overall tax rate to 62 per cent, or 81 per cent on older elds. The company said: Centrica is committed to procuring the cheapest available gas for our customers. Following the increase in supplementary corporation tax in the Budget, UK oil and gas producing elds are now subject to some of the highest levels of tax in the world. At these higher tax rates, Morecambes protability can be mar-

SUNDAY EXPRESS BRUSSELS is planning to force online retailers to sell to all EU countries and pay for free international returns, costing the industry an extra 8.9billion a year in delivery charges. MAJOR institutional investors have demanded that secretive commodities trading group Glencore cut the price of its impending Initial Public Offering, which is set to be the biggest seen this year.

comprehensive report on the failure of the Royal Bank of Scotland this spring. It will announce that it has called in Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, to rescue the project. STUART Gulliver is to announce that dramatic cost-cutting at HSBCs UK retail arm is one of his priorities in his strategy review to be revealed next week. INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY MARKS & Spencer is looking to the Netherlands for the next step in its European expansion plan. BUDGET hotel chain Travelodge and its property partner Citygrove have secured funding to kick off expansion plans across Spain.

SUNDAY TIMES LEADING shareholders in Minerva, the struggling property developer, have warned it to take speedy action on takeover talks or face demands for a boardroom shake-up. THE nun taking Goldman Sachs to task over excessive executive pay has joined a campaign aimed at forcing Britains biggest companies to raise wages for their lowest paid workers. SUNDAY TELEGRAPH THE Financial Services Authority is to admit defeat in its efforts to publish a

THE OBSERVER PETER Simon the founder of boho-chic fashion chain Monsoon, has paid himself a bumper 16.4million dividend after the retailer deed the high street downturn to report a sharp rise in prots.

Warners catalogue includes a string of big-earning hits by Madonna

Warner bidders close in

JUST two bidders are now thought to be left in the $3billion (1.8billion) auction of Warner Music and its catalogue of recordings by acts including Madonna and REM. Billionaire Los Angeles investor Ron Burkle has reportedly dropped out of the auction ahead of this weeks deadline for offers. That reduces the bidders to Russian-born media and mining tycoon Len Blavatnik and wealthy American brothers Tom
ginal. Accordingly, we may choose to buy gas for our customers in the wholesale markets in preference to restarting the eld after planned maintenance. Last week Royal Dutch shell warned that it might pull back from a number of North Sea projects following the tax rise, saying the changes could slash prots by 660million over the next two

and Alec Gores. Although the private equity rms that control Warner Music would prefer an outright sale of the whole group, they could still seek separate buyers for its recorded music labels and its music publishing division. Whoever wins is expected to turn their sights on EMI, which is likely to be put up for sale this year by US bank Citigroup after it seized control of the rm from Terra Firma, the nance group run by Guy Hands.
years. BP said that it also faced similar costs. US giant Chevron has said the levy could have unintended consequences and may prompt it to shift investment elsewhere. Britain became a net importer of gas in 2004 and has increased its reliance on overseas supplies, in the form of shipments of liqueed natural gas.

Move to allow foreign Share scandal rocks boss at Rolls-Royce Hathaway gathering
JET engine maker Rolls-Royce will this week pave the way for the appointment of a foreign chairman or chief executive for the rst time in its history. The FTSE 100 giant has been given permission by Downing Street to relax rules that have protected it from foreign takeover since privatisation in 1987. On Friday Rolls-Royce shareholders are expected to approve changes to its boardroom rules that until now have ensured the companys top two roles are lled by Britons. Rolls-Royce recently appointed John Rishton as chief executive when long-standing boss Sir John Rose retired. Next year the chairman Sir Simon Robertson will stand down. The changes, which will allow one of the top jobs to be held by a foreign national, mean the next chairman could come from the US or Europe. Issues relating to national defence would be dealt with by a committee attended only by British directors. A City source said: Rolls-Royce has grown into a global business and it does not make sense to restrict the pool of top talent to the UK. /lmx THE yearly gathering of the followers of investment guru Warren Buffett was overshadowed by a share dealing scandal involving his former heir apparent. He said David Sokol, who resigned in March after privately investing in a Lubrizol, a chemicals rm Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway later bought, had violated the groups ethics and trading policies. Sokol has denied any wrongdoing and his lawyer said he was deeply saddened that Mr Buffett, whom he considered a friend and mentor, would disparage him as he has done today. He added Sokol had not broken the law or attempted to prot at the expense of Berkshire or its shareholders. More than 40,000 shareholders attended Berkshire Hathaways annual meeting in Nebraska to hear the so-called Sage of Omaha. Buffett said prots were hit by insurance losses from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami as well as the Australian oods. This week the group is expected to report annual profits of $1.5billion (898million), down from $3.6billion a year ago.



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


FRANCHISE businesses in the automotive sector have always been popular with people who have a passion for motoring and the drive to be their own boss. Investing in a Caravan Medic franchise brings the added dual advantages of operating a franchise that is currently the only one of its kind in the UK in a booming domestic caravan holiday market. Damage to motorhomes and caravans is unfortunately a frequent occurrence and until recently it has been virtually impossible to repair most cosmetic damage that is incurred without

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replacing entire panels at huge cost. The main role of Caravan Medic franchisees is to carry out cosmetic repairs, restoring them to near-perfect condition and saving their owners thousands of pounds on the cost of replacing them. Managing director Andrew Hack said: There is a huge market. As well as growth in private caravan ownership, there are static caravan sites and caravan dealers who all benet from the savings in repairs and refurbishment that Caravan Medic franchisees offer. No experience is needed as full training is provided. Mr Hack added: Training is openended and the support is there for as long as you feel you need it. This is a exible business with good prot margins so you dont have to work long hours to make a good living.

WO years after joining automotive paintwork repair specialist ChipsAway Ross McLaren has been joined by his wife Sharon, who is helping him to cope with a growing workload and prepare his business for further expansion. In his previous role as a vehicle technician and training manager for Honda, Mr McLaren spent a lot of time working away from home and felt he was missing out on family life. The solution, he decided, was to work for himself and he began exploring opportunities in the auto sector of franchising which included ChipsAway. After attending a franchise open day he was convinced that ChipsAway offered the best package, an SUCCESS: Franchisee Ross McLaren is ready to expand excellent programme of support and a strong reputation in the industry. Over the launch weekend he wrote estimates for work worth 9,000 and also took bookings for 5,000 of rm orders. With his wife alongside him, Mr McLaren says he feels he can now really focus on building his customer base to a point where he can expand his business, either by putting a second vehicle on the road or by opening a ChipsAway carcare centre, a xed-base workshop. He said: I have a great lifestyle now. I see much more of my family and Im earning good money. Becoming a franchisee was a brilliant move.

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Daily Express Monday May 2 2011




GODOLPHIN earned their third 1,000 Guineas and rst in nine years when Blue Bunting stormed home and into favouritism for the Oaks. Under Frankie Dettori, the 16-1 shot swooped late on the stands rail yesterday to deny the Aidan OBrien-trained Together (33-1) by threequarters of a length, with Maqaasid one and a quarter lengths away in third. The well-fancied Memory was last of the 18 runners. Godolphin won the 1,000 with Cape Verdi (1998) and Kazzia (2002) but it was a rst English Classic for trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni, who only joined Sheik Mohammeds operation last year. We always thought that she was a mile-anda-half lly and that she wanted soft ground, said Al Zarooni. She has shown us today that everything we

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

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True Blue
By Mark Jeffreys at Newmarket
thought about her was wrong. I hope shes an Oaks lly because she has shown so much speed here. Simon Crisford, Godolphins manager, added: We knew she had class and she did very well over the winter. She looks a highly progressive lly. Everything indicates that she will improve over a longer trip and a little bit of cut wouldnt hurt either. William Hill cut her from 25s to 3-1 favourite for the Oaks, with Ladbrokes offering 5-2. David Simcocks Im A Dreamer is bound for Royal Ascot after her four-and-a-half length result under William Buick. Even though it means stepping down a furlong, shell go for the Windsor Forest Stakes, said the trainer, who has his dual Group One winner Dream Ahead on course for the French 2,000 Guineas. Fellow Newmarket trainer Lucy Wadham took the Pretty Polly Stakes with Dorcas Lane, who was initially being prepared to run in a three-year-old hurdle race at Auteuil. The lly will now head for the Ribblesdale Stakes.
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DETTORI: Classic winner

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COMPUTERMAN (Bev Swingell) fared best of all National tipsters in April and wins 100 from the Racing Post which monitors his tips. THE SCOUT (Patrick Weaver) showed a handsome prot over the weekend thanks to Foxtrot India (14-1) and Four Nations (12-1) at Goodwood. WIGMORE HALL failed to gure in the Audemars Piquet QEII at Sha Tin.

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0906 730 1774

Get your banker bets from the premier tipping line. Updated daily by 9:30am.
Calls cost 1.02 per minute from a BT Landline. Customer service 0870 010 8656.

  CDFII@J >98B<I 8B@I9P A;FPC< ?KLIE<I >>@99FEJ   I?8EEFE I=8?<P ?:<:@C ;E@:?FCCJ DAF?EJKFE A>FJ;<E  cXjk n`ej  (+[Xpj .) (* ((&++ ,* (- *&(0 ,( (- *&** +- (- -&), +, (+ -&)- +) (, )&)+ cXjk n`ej  (+[Xpj +' (/ .&,+ ,/ (/ (*&,) - (0 -&)' +* (, /&,0 +. (, *&-0 )* )' -&+' jkXb\ "-0 $("* "/0 $). $*'

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Vergette going strong

RUFUS VERGETTE, 17, continues to do well for Andre Fabre. The grandson of former trainer George Vergette had the likes of Olivier Peslier in his slipstream when he won on Sheikh Mohammeds Dubai Smile at St-Cloud yesterday. Rufus aunt, Sue, is married to Newmarket trainer Paul DArcy while his parents have horses in training with Guillaume Macaire in France.


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


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Ascots next for Frankel

The master trainer said he was not willing to experiment with a colt that Timeform rated a mind-boggling 142 2lbs above Sea The Stars after storming home by six lengths in the rst Classic of the season. John Oxxs Sea The Stars completed the Guineas-Derby double among his six successive Group One wins in a momentous 2009 campaign. But Cecil, below, will not ask Frankel to emulate Nijinskys famous 1970 Triple Crown feat. Going to the Derby would not be the right thing and the horse comes rst, he said. You are going into unknown territory, though I think he will get 10 furlongs one day. In any case, I would have liked to have given him a run before the Derby over further but I cant do that now because the Dante is too soon. We will feel our way and he will tell us. The Prince [owner Khalid Abdullah] agrees and we will go to Ascot and take it from there. He looks like he has taken his race very well. Cecil has earmarked the St Jamess Palace Stakes as the likely target, leaving his other precocious star, World Domination, to y his ag in the Dante and possibly the Derby. The Dante would be an education for him and, if theres e n o u g h improvement, well think about

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HENRY CECIL has ruled his brilliant 2,000 Guineas winner Frankel out of the Derby, leaving World Domination to carry his hopes of a fth success in the Epsom Classic.

By Mark Jeffreys

SPEED KING: Nothing could keep up with Frankel

Epsom, he said. Dominic Gardiner-Hill, the ofcial handicapper, has given the colt a provisional rating of 130, well behind Timeforms assessment which made him their highestrated winner of the Classic since Brigadier Gerard (144) in 1971. Irelands top handicapper, Garry OGorman, feels he will do well to better Sea The Stars standing. It did look as if he had a hard race and he had a few cracks of the whip, said OGorman. You contrast him with Sea The Stars, who won the race by no more than necessary, and that enabled him to be fresh enough through the season to win Six Group Ones. You would seriously doubt if Frankel could win six Group Ones ridden in that manner. While it was brilliant to see, only time will tell if it has consequences for the rest of the season. The second and third horses were no stars coming into the race. There was 11 lengths back to the fourth. While Frankel has come on, it remains to be seen whether the others [Dubawi Gold and Native Khan] can come out and do it again. He added: I would have put him [Frankel] at 130, maybe even a pound less. It has become popular to go straight to the Guineas but I cant help thinking that, given the pace of the race, having a run this year was especially important. It seemed to go against Casamento and Roderic OConnor.

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WALTER SWINBURN, the three-time Derby-winning jockey, who steered Shergar to a record-breaking success in 1981, thinks Frankel may eventually prove best over six furlongs. He looked like an ideal July Cup horse, he said. If they did go round in the Derby they will have to pull him out of that high-cruising speed and thats his main weapon. The July Cup looks a safer option because hes got speed to burn. If they keep him to a mile and below they can stretch him out to ve or six Group Ones.

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Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


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ACROSS 1. Who is the Newcastle Falcons scrum-half set to join Leicester Tigers for the 2011-12 season? (5). 2. Which former Essex cricket captain has scored the most Test runs for England? (5). 5. Who was the 1971, 1973 and 1974 European Footballer of the Year who won the European Cup three times in succession with Ajax? (6). 6. Which American golfer won the 1992 Shell Houston Open golf tournament? (4). 10. What is the name given to an international rugby or cricket match? (4). 11. Name the former Villa boss who was manager of the England football team from 1990 to 1993. (6).

( )  * + , - . /

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DOWN 1. Who was the 1963 European Footballer of the Year, the only goalkeeper ever to have won the award? (6). 3. Name Scotlands national football stadium. (7,4). 4. What type of skiing involves ski-jumping and cross-country racing? (6). / 5. Who is Australias all-time top try scorer in rugby union? (7). 7. Which German won the 2010 USPGA Championship? (6). 8. Who was the West Ham United manager from 2001 to 2003? (6). 9. How many times have Tottenham won the FA Cup? (5). SPORTSWORD CLUE: Post-War winning goalscorer in FA Cup Final.

*%(' <LIFG<8E9I<<;<IJ<%9%=%JK8B<J)PF *#-).,  ,]


( ) * + , - . / 0

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1. Who scored a hat-trick in Manchester Uniteds 4-2 win over West Ham before swearing into a TV camera? 2. Which team did Sri Lanka beat in the semi-nals of this years ICC World Cup? 3. How many words did England manager Fabio Capello claim that he needed to communicate with his players? 4. Who secured Russias rst-ever podium place by coming third in the Formula One Grand Prix in Australia? 5. Which darts player is known as Darth Maple? 6. For what team did Gary Lineker play when he was voted PFA Player of the Year in 1986? 7. Which Australian golfer won three successive Open Championships in the Fifties? 8. Which English football team play at Meadow Lane? 9. What is the opening event on the second day of a decathlon? 10. What nationality is 2000 US Masters champion Vijay Singh?

( .  C, >I8:<=LCJG@I@K(- ;;fefmXe+0$((%%%%%%% 88kq\e` ) (   C89<CC<8L9F@JA)+ ECXdgXi[,0$((A=Xee`e^ * ,   =FOC<P= 9D\\_Xe*/$()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% D;np\i + -  -'$ ?<8M<ECPJFE>)+) JB`ib*/$()%%%%%%%% G;fYYj -' , +   ?P>IFM<N<CJ?C8;PA?`ccj*/$()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%G?`ccj*  - /   FE<@I@:I9\Zb\kk*/$()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% IK_fdXj . )  , GC8PDLJ@:)' D:_Xeefe*/$()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%::Xkc`e +) / *  -$ Q8=8I88E)'* G:_Xggc\$?pXd*/$()%%% AD`kZ_\cc +0 JG=FI<:8JK10$+QX]XiXXe#+=foc\p#-?\Xm\ecpJfe^#GcXpDlj`Z#(*$)Fe\`i`Z# ('?p^ifm\N\cj_cX[p#()CX9\cc\8l9f`j#(+>iXZ\]lcJg`i`k% )'('1Cfjk?fi`qfe*$/$()#G;fYYj.$+I?Xeefe #[iXne+ #,iXe%

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H6IJG96NH8GDHHFJ>OHDAJI>DC ACROSS: 1 Fraser. 2 Rice. 6 Storm. 7 Mimms. 10 Rep. 11 Pollock. DOWN: 1 Fosbury. 3 Eranio. 4 Onions. 5 Youds. 6 Soares. 8 Shoaib Malik. 9 Spider. SPORTSWORD: MARADONA.
RATINGS: 0-3 poor, 4-6 average, 7-9 good, 10 world class.

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10 TO TACKLE ANSWERS: 1 Wayne Rooney. 2 New Zealand. 3 100. 4 Vitaly Petrov. 5 John Part. 6 Everton. 7 Peter Thomson. 8 Notts County. 9 110metres hurdles. 10 Fijian.


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Westwood shows whos boss

LEE WESTWOOD put his second successive win down to masterful timing as he maintained his position as world No1 in style in Korea yesterday. Westwood, who needed a topve nish to remain ahead of Martin Kaymer at the top of the rankings, produced a awless closing round of 67 to triumph in the Ballantines Championship ahead of Ryder Cup team-mate Miguel Angel Jimenez. He birdied the 18th to set the clubhouse target at 12 under par before watching from the locker room as Jimenez failed to force a play-off. Its always nice when youre world No1 to show everybody why youre in that position and Im delighted with the way I played this week, said Westwood, 38. Its very nerve-racking when you have to sit there and

By Neil Squires
somebodys got some holes to play and I was just happy he didnt make a birdie and make it difcult for me. You never wish ill on anyone but Im delighted to win. Its great to do it back to back. Ive won two weeks in a row before but its still special. Its tough to come down off a win and get yourself refocused but the more experience you get, the easier it is to do it. Bad weather on Saturday meant the third round had to be completed yesterday morning. Westwood, who triumphed at the Indonesian Masters last week, began with a tough chip after missing the 13th green with his last shot on Saturday and failed to get up and down for par. He made amends immediately

with a birdie on the 14th and picked up another shot on the 17th to start the nal round three shots off the pace. Two birdies on the front nine kept him in touch and he sank three more on the back nine, including one on the 18th, for the clubhouse lead. Jimenez needed a birdie over the closing stretch to force a play-off but instead had to save par from sand on the 15th and 17th before failing to get up and down from another bunker on the par-ve 18th. The Spaniard was quick to congratulate Westwood, who revealed the pair had enjoyed dinner on Saturday night. We had a bottle of red and I said, Ill see you in the playoff tomorrow. It nearly went that way, said Westwood.

Hayes fight under threat

By Niall Hickman
DAVID HAYES trainer and manager Adam Booth will travel to Germany this week in a bid to end the ticketing war which threatens the world heavyweight clash against Wladimir Klitschko in July. WBA champion Haye and WBO and IBF belt holder Klitschko were set to hold press conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday in Hamburg and London to publicise their July 2 showdown but they were both cancelled on Saturday night, with Hayes camp claiming ticket allocations for the ght were unsatisfactory. Haye believes his supporters HAYE: Ticket row have been given the cheapest tickets in the 57,000-capacity Imtech Arena in Hamburg and is adamant that he will not ght unless he gets a fair deal for his supporters. Klitschkos camp, however, believes his stance is just another attempt to pull out of the bout. A Sky Sports television source said: We believe the problems can be overcome, but until the two ghters touch gloves at the start of round one, there will be concerns.

CAPTION: Helvetica

KOREA HIGH: Westwood celebrates

Judd proves hes a bit of all White

JUDD TRUMP breezed into this years Crucible nal and now snookers newest star has been given Jimmy Whites seal of approval.


Trump, 21, has been the revelation of the World Championship over the past 17 days and the left-hander is regularly compared to a young White. Bristol-born Trump, now above Ronnie OSullivan in the world rankings at No9, is a fearless showman who has had audiences eating out of his hands. And as Trump takes on the might of three-time champion John Higgins in the best-of-35frame nal that concludes today, White sees him as the games new entertainer. Trump, now based in Romford, is striving to do what Peoples Champion White failed to achieve in six world nals lift the trophy at the end of the showpiece. And White, 49 today, said: Judd has been phenomenal in this tournament, having struggled as a younger man

to live up to all the hype as a junior. He has won that China Open a month ago, and all of a sudden he is a player transformed condence is such a wonderful thing in sport. It is a bit unnerving watching him play sometimes. He does remind me so much of myself when I rst came into the professional game. I have known him since he was 13. Its not just the left-hander thing, I was a very attacking player at his age and went for shots other people didnt and made a few along the way. The remarkable thing about Trump is the pattern that is emerging when you look at the players capturing the publics imagination with their air and way of playing. The late, great Alex Higgins was the rst P e o p l e s Champion, and he was 14 years older

than me, and I became the next one. Ronnie OSullivan inherited the mantle next, he is 14 years younger than me, and Trump is 14 years younger than Ronnie. Maybe that means out there somewhere is a seven-year-old who needs to get practising. Its a huge coincidence, but hopefully we wont have to wait that long again. Judd should just play and not worry about anything, we have seen the outstanding shots he has in his locker. He could yet win the World Championship this year but if he doesnt nd the nightclubs like I did, he will denitely win it one year. It could go to your head if you let it, a bit of success and adulation. Hes a sex symbol already in China, but he has got good people with him at the Grove Academy. Underdog Trump kept Higgins in check at 4-4 after the afternoon session. But in the evening he started to turn on the champagne style, rattling in a

103 break to move 7-5 ahead. And as Higgins tried to battle back, Trump met the challenge head on before establishing a 10-7 lead overnight, needing just eight frames for the title. Higgins was heckled during his semi-nal against Mark Williams over last years frame-xing affair, after which he was cleared on all corruption charges. But Williams, who has just grabbed Higgins world No1 spot, claims he will never fully shake off the stigma of the affair with the public. He said: I dont know if John is ever going to be allowed a clear run over that. The Crucible paid tribute with a minutes standing applause before the start of the nal to the legendary TV commentator Whispering Ted Lowe, who died yesterday aged 90. Former UK champion John Virgo said: He set a standard for us all. Cricket had John A r l o t t , Wimbledon had Dan Maskell and we had Ted Lowe.


From Alix Ramsay in Madrid

DARREN CAHILL, the former coach to Andre Agassi and Lleyton Hewitt, is adding the power to Andy Murrays aching elbow as he chases world No1 Rafael Nadal across the clay courts of Europe. Murray is now well on the way to recovery from the inamed elbow that hindered him against Nadal in Monte Carlo two weeks ago he still took a set from the Spaniard and will start his campaign at the Mutua Madrid Open on Wednesday against either Ivan Ljubicic or Gilles Simon. Watching him will be Cahill, who is providing a little help and advice while Murray searches for a full-time coach. Youre not really making huge changes technically or to the way that you play or anything like that, said Murray. Its more for him in the next couple of weeks to be around my practices, watch my matches and then the week before the French Open well have ve or six days to work on some things. Im sure thats where most of the work will be done.

JUST LIKE ME: White, inset, can see himself in the emergence of new star Trump

By Dave Fern
DANI PEDROSA shrugged aside the pain from his left shoulder to beat off the challenge of the world champion, fellow Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo, at Estoril in Portugal. Pedrosa, riding a Repsol Honda, had further surgery last month, hoping to nally clear the problems of a broken shoulder sustained in a heavy crash in Japan last October. He trailed Lorenzo in the third round of MotoGP before making his move with four laps left. Once ahead, Pedrosa pulled out a lead of three seconds to end Lorenzos run of three straight wins at the circuit.



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Wolves back on top with points boost

BRADFORD fans were heading for the exits with 20 minutes left as Warrington produced a merciless response to last weekends home loss to Hull and returned to the top of the Super League after giving their points difference a massive tweak. The Bulls were shambolic, with seven of the Wolves 11 tries coming either from

HODGSON: 18 points

charge-downs, a kick out on the full or spilled possession. Full-back Brett Hodgson picked up 18 of their points, with Ryan Atkins and Louis Anderson scoring two tries apiece. Bradford drop to 11th after their

KIERAN HYDE kicked an injury-time penalty to give Wakeeld a 26-24 victory over Hull KR. Josh Grifn scored a try to bring the Wildcats level after Ben Cockayne had claimed a brace of touchdowns for Rovers. But Hyde showed nerves of steel to nail the winning points. Wigan moved level with Warrington and Hudderseld at the top of the Super League thanks to a comprehensive 48-16 triumph over Crusaders, with Josh Charnley and Sam Tomkins scoring two tries apiece.

eighth defeat of the season and suffered four more injuries. Olivier Elima has knee ligament damage which threatens his season; hooker Matt Diskin damaged a shoulder; winger Jamie Ainscough has an ankle injury and Paul Sykes tweaked a hamstring. Wolves boss Tony Smith said: For 60 minutes our defence was awesome. We made things happen with our kick pressure and took some big strides coping with adversity. Bradford coach Mick Potter said: You cant give a team like that the start we gave them. We played poorly. The fans should react accordingly to our performance.

Mallinders magic touch



JIM MALLINDER had conducted a perverse masterclass in preparing Northampton for their Heineken Cup semi-nal in Milton Keynes yesterday, where virtually nothing turned out as this cunning strategist predicted.
Saints coach Mallinder had warned how dangerous Perpignan would be. The reason it so seldom turned out like that was because his players took his point and acted on it by nullifying the Catalans in every area of their strength. I am very proud of that performance, he said. It was a fantastic achievement for us to nish the pool stage as No 1 seeds and get a home quarter-nal against Ulster. The question was, could we back that up with another big performance against a quality side? We did and showed we are a really good team. We have been criticised for being one-dimensional and relying on forward power, but I was delighted to see some magic in our all-round game. The one, ultimately insignicant, exception was the driving lineout with the last move of the rst half which gave Guilhem Guirado the Perpignan try, followed by Jerome Poricals conversion. Other than that, Porical had no kicks at goal. This reected both the pressure they were under and the inevitable problems they had with yet another monoglot Anglophone referee, George Clancy, whose penalty count ended more than two to HEINEKEN CUP one in Northamptons favour. For a while it was more like ve to one and, even Millennium Stadium, Cardiff. allowing for Perpignans Saturday, May 21 (KO: 5pm) New Zealand-born England prop Perry AMLIN CHALLENGE CUP Freshwater, it remains a fundamental unfairness when a game of this Cardiff City Stadium. Friday, May 20 (KO: 7.45pm) magnitude can be in Dublin, as Perpignan plainly conducted solely in English. Not had in Catalonia the day they won that Perpignans interpreter was their quarter-nal against Toulon complaining, other than by in Barcelona. inference. Some things are pinged Leinster are full of quality differently in the Top 14 and we international players, said were struggling to adapt. But Mallinder. All of them are used to there was a lack of discipline, said playing big games on the big stage. Freshwater. But the general principle of We wanted to get into them at playing well and winning games the start but they moved us about never changes. That is to seek a lot and we couldnt get our teeth dominance up front, with a strong, into it. There was a lot of defending, creative mideld and outstanding a lot of running around. We started nishers behind. Couple that with really well but lost our shape. a strong defence and you have a Saints will have to produce winning side. rugby of similar physical intensity Yesterdays exceptional display when they take on 2009 European will serve as a very useful template. champions Leinster in the nal in Cardiff on May 21. Ive already Its a massive challenge but this been told we go in as underdogs, is what we are playing for, the said captain Dylan Hartley. ambition of the club, said manFor one thing, Northampton of-the-match Phil Dowson. cannot expect any side containing A home Premiership semi-nal Brian ODriscoll to leave anything has eluded them because of their


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Leinster v Northampton

THATS MY BOY: Chris Ashton congratulates scorer Ben Foden

terrible sequence when depleted by the Six Nations and Mallinder has conceded that his squad can be compromised by the quality of the back-up. Here, these doubts did not apply. He sent on his replacements only once the match had certainly been won. Saints hit Perpignan with two tries in the rst 30 minutes, the rst created by James Downeys pass putting Dowson in space and then smart transference through Paul Diggin and Stephen Myler to Ben Foden. The second exploited lineout possession provided by Courtney Lawes, with Lee Dickson and Myler slipping Jon Clarke past David Marty. Myler converted both tries and landed three rst-half penalties. After the minor shock caused by Guirados try, Saints adopted a they-shall-not-pass priority after the interval. All either side had to show for those 40 minutes was Mylers fourth and as it turned out, conclusive, penalty. /lmx


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Engage Super League CATALANS D.......13 HUDDERSFIELD ... 12
Catalans DragonsT: Ferriol, Baitieri. G: Dureau (2). DG: Dureau. HudderseldT: Gilmour, Grix. G: Brough (2). Att: 7,825 Harlequins RLT: Burnett, Ambler, Melling. G: Gale (2). SalfordT: Clay (2), Godwin, Patten, Nero, Paleaaesina, Anderson. G: Holdsworth (3). Att: 1,957

Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


A TOUCHING MOMENT: Robson scores for Harlequins

NewcastleT: Manning. P: Gopperth (2). BathT: Claassens. P: James (2), Vesty. Att: 5,213

Aviva Premiership NEWCASTLE .......11 BATH .................. 14

P W D L B F Leicester ..21 15 1 5 11 562 Saracens ..21 17 0 4 4 468 Gloucester 21 13 1 7 8 460 Northptn ..21 13 0 8 9 502 Bath .........21 12 1 8 7 385 Lon Irish ...21 11 0 10 10 500 Harlequins 21 9 2 10 11 469 Wasps ......21 9 1 11 5 417 *Exeter.....21 9 0 12 5 407 Sale .........21 6 1 14 6 415 Newcastle .21 4 1 16 5 348 Leeds C ....21 4 0 17 6 291 * deducted 2 points A 380 305 435 406 355 427 368 476 452 550 511 559 Pts 73 72 62 61 57 54 51 43 39 32 23 22

HARLEQUINS .....16 SALFORD ............ 34

BradfordT: Kopczak, Lynch, Whitehead. G: Ah Van. WarringtonT: Anderson (2), Atkins (2), M Monaghan, King, J Monaghan, Hodgson, Higham, Bridge, Briers. G: Hodgson (7). Att: 14,134


EUROPEAN BALLANTINES CHSHIP (Icheon, Seoul)Final rnd (GB & Irl unless stated, par 72): 276 L Westwood 67. 277 M A Jimenez (Spa) 71. 278 S-hyun Park (Kor) 69. 279 D Johnson (USA) 69. 280 A Noren (Swe) 74, S-S Hong (Kor) 69. USPGA TOUR ZURICH CLASSIC OF NEW ORLEANS (Avondale, Louisiana)Third rnd (USA unless stated, par 72): 204 B Watson 70, W Simpson 67. 205 J Rollins 69. 206 S Stricker 68, G McNeill 65, K J Choi (Kor) 67, M Jones (Aus) 69.



CrusadersT: Thomas, Witt, Reardon. G: Schifcofske (2). WiganT: Richards, Charnley (2), S. Tomkins (2), Leuluai, Finch, McIlorum. G: Richards (7), OLoughlin. Att: 5,037 WakeeldT: Amor, Dean, Davey, Murphy, Grifn. G: Hyde (3). Hull K RT: Cockayne (2), Welham, Green. G: Dobson (4). Att: 7,283

CRUSADERS .......16 WIGAN ................ 48

THE CHSHIP PLAY-OFF SEMIFINALS: Cornish P 18 London Welsh 10, Worcester 23 Bedford 22. ECB 40 LEAGUEGroup A: Sussex v Derbyshire (Derby); Sussex 193-8 v Derbyshire 194-4 (W J Durston 70). Derbyshire (2pts) beat Sussex by 6 wickets. Kent v Worcs (Canterbury); Kent 232-8 (M van Jaarsveld 81) v Worcs 233-4 (A N Kervezee 69, V S Solanki 59). Worcs (2pts) beat Kent by 6 wickets. Middlesex v Holland (Lords); Middlesex 286-5 (D J Malan 90, S A Newman 73) v Holland 285-6 (T L W Cooper 126no, T N de Grooth 58). Middlesex (2pts) beat Holland by one run. Group B: Durham v Northants (Emirates Durham ICG); Durham 172 (G J Muchall 70) v Northants 173-5 (A G Wakely 78no, S D Peters 55). Northants (2pts) beat Durham by 5 wickets. Scotland v Surrey (The Kia Oval); Scotland 196-9 (J H Davey 50) v Surrey 200-3 (S M Davies 96, J J Roy 60). Surrey (2pts) beat Scotland by 7 wickets. Warwicks v Leics (Edgbaston); Warwickshire 294-5 (V Chopra 115, Mohammad Yousuf 56) v Leics 285-7 (J W A Taylor 101). Warwicks (2pts) beat Leics by 9 runs. Group C: Notts v Essex (Chelmsford); Notts 287-7 (A D Hales 116, S R Patel 69) v Essex 289-3 (A N Cook 96, J S Foster 66no, R S Bopara 50). Essex (2pts) beat Notts by 7 wickets. Unicorns v Somerset (Wormsley); Unicorns 218-8 v Somerset 222-6 (N R D Compton 104). Somerset (2pts) beat Unicorns by 4 wickets.


WAKEFIELD ........26 HULL K R ............ 24

Its a perfect Quin n tonic

NICK EASTER believes Harlequins landmark triumph over Munster at Thomond Park to reach the Amlin Challenge Cup nal was the biggest result in the clubs 145-year history.
Quins secured a nal date with Stade Francais at the Cardiff City Stadium on May 20 following a compelling contest in Limerick which put their names in European folklore. Conor OSheas men, after tries from George Robson and Danny Care, became only the second side in the past 16 years to emerge victorious at Munster, following Leicester Tigers success in 2007. Easter was denied the chance to celebrate on the eld after he was sent off for a second yellow card by referee Romain Poite for killing the ball with 10 minutes remaining, but the England No8 was still beaming afterwards. Not many players in Europe can say they have won at Thomond Park but we deserved it, he said. We have underachieved this season but we found an 80-minute performance and it was good enough to beat the two-time European champions. Those few minutes at the end were the longest of my life. Im

P W D L F Warrington .... 13 9 0 4 457 Hudderseld .. 13 9 0 4 343 Wigan ............ 12 8 2 2 312 St Helens ....... 12 8 1 3 352 Castleford ..... 12 7 1 4 337 Leeds ............ 13 7 1 5 372 Catalan D ...... 13 7 1 5 286 Hull ............... 12 5 0 7 272 Salford .......... 13 5 0 8 292 Harlequins RL 13 4 1 8 290 Bradford........ 13 4 1 8 266 Hull K R ......... 13 4 0 9 311 *Wakeeld..... 13 5 0 8 236 *Crusaders .... 13 3 0 10 268 * deducted 4 points

A 205 201 209 226 266 312 275 268 422 414 420 374 374 428

Pts 18 18 18 17 15 15 15 10 10 9 9 8 6 2

MOTO GP RD 3 (Estoril, Portugal) MOTO GP Race: 1 D Pedrosa (Spa) Honda 45mins 51.483secs, 2 J Lorenzo (Spa) Yamaha 45:54.534, 3 C Stoner (Aus) Honda 45:59.141. MOTO 2 Race: 1 S Bradl (Ger) Kalex 44mins 40.765secs, 2 J Simon (Spa) Suter 44:40.912, 3 Yuki Takahashi (Jpn) M 44:46.953. 125cc Race: 1 N Terol (Spa) Aprilia 41mins 21.986secs, 2 S Cortese (Ger) Aprilia 41:25.657, 3 J Zarco (Fra) Derbi 41:26.452.


ATP BMW OPEN (Munich) Mens Singles Final: N Davydenko (Rus) bt F Mayer (Ger) 6-3 3-6 6-1. ATP ESTORIL OPEN (Portugal) Mens Singles Final: J Martin Del Potro (Arg) bt F Verdasco (Spa) 6-2 6-2. ATP SERBIA OPEN (Belgrade) Mens Singles Final: N Djokovic (Ser) bt F Lopez (Spa) 7-6 6-2.

ECB 40 League (1.45) - Group A: Middlesex v Kent (Lords), Yorkshire v Derbyshire (Headingley Carnegie), Sussex v Holland (Hove). Group B: Leicestershire v Durham (Grace Road), Hampshire v Surrey (The Rose Bowl), Warwickshire v Scotland (Edgbaston). Group C: Essex v Lancashire (Chelmsford), Gloucestershire v Unicorns (Bristol), Somerset v Glamorgan (Taunton). Super League (2.45): Hull v St Helens.

LeinsterT: Heaslip, ODriscoll. C: J. Sexton (2). P: J. Sexton (6). ToulouseT: Fritz, Picamoles. C: Skrela (2). P: Skrela, Bezy. DG: Skrela. Att: 50,073

Heineken Cup Semi-Finals LEINSTER ...........32 TOULOUSE .......... 23

NorthamptonT: Foden, Clarke. C: Myler (2). P: Myler (3). PerpignanT: Guirado. C: Porical. Att: 18,231


European Challenge Cup Semi-Final MUNSTER...........12 HARLEQUINS ....... 20


By Gavin Anderson

12 20

absolutely delighted and also mightily relieved. I could have cost us a cup nal spot. Quins held the belief that they could do something special across the Irish Sea as soon as captain Chris Robshaw opted to play into a strong rst-half wind. And they were rewarded for their boldness with Robson going over in the ninth minute. Wing Gonzo Camacho beat Paul Warwick and Doug Howlett down the left ank and, as Munster struggled to regroup, the ball was neatly worked across the eld for Robson to crash over in the right corner. Nick Evans added the conversion but he was then off-colour with the boot, as he missed two penalty chances to extend the lead. Things went from bad to worse for Evans as he picked up a knee injury, forcing full-back Mike Brown to take over temporarily at y-half. Brown was held up short of the line but Quins were not to be denied for long, as Care burrowed over from close range after TV match ofcial Giulio De Santis

deemed the England scrum-half had enough downward pressure on the ball. Munster refused to lie down though, and duly scored seconds before half-time when Felix Jones collected Warwicks pass to touch down and Ronan OGaras conversion reduced the decit to seven points. The Irish province immediately introduced Lions captain Paul OConnell but Poite was forced to send OConnells second-row partner Donncha OCallaghan and Easter to the cooler following a scufe on the oor. That allowed substitute Rory Clegg to hammer over a 49th-minute penalty before he added another three points shortly before the hour mark. Poite disallowed two more tries for forward passes before Easter was dismissed for his second offence of the half. Howlett nally crossed with seconds remaining but OGara missed the touchline conversion as Quins secured their nal spot and the chance to add to their 2001 and 2004 successes in this competition. OShea said: The talk during the week was that we would come over here, roll over and have our tummies tickled but that was never going to happen. We wouldnt be cowards.

Fielden wins his appeal

THE TV technology debate reverberating around football yet again reared its ugly head at Kingston Park. As this rearranged Aviva Premiership game was not screened live, there was no video ofcial present. If there had been, the try Luke Fielden scored with six minutes remaining to salvage a bonus point from defeat for relegationthreatened Newcastle against play-off-chasing Bath would never have been awarded. Referee JP Doyle and his touch judge had been

By Neil Squires

11 14



FIELDEN: Crucial score

left in the slipstream of two of the Premierships expresses in Fielden and Baths Nick Abendanon as they raced to touch down Tane Tuipulotus chip. After a photo nish, Fielden appealed loudest and Doyle awarded the try. But only afterwards did the truth emerge with a guilty shrug from the wing to director of rugby Alan Tait when asked if

he had genuinely scored. When youre down you do get kicked and there have been a lot of games that have gone the wrong way because of some funny decisions. We got one that is going to hopefully help us in the long run, said Newcastle y-half Jimmy Gopperth. Newcastle will go into their nal game the return against Bath at The Rec on Saturday with a one-point cushion and a huge advantage in points differential over bottom-club Leeds, who face a daunting trip to Northampton.


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011



Jackson is f lying high for Canaries

SIMEON JACKSON is turning out to be Norwichs secret weapon in their bid to secure automatic promotion. Jackson, 24, struggled to nd his feet following an 800,000 summer move from Gillingham. But after going ve months without a goal, he has now taken his tally to 12, with eight in the last six games, including two hat-tricks. If the Canaries win their last two games at Portsmouth tonight and at home to Coventry next weekend they will clinch promotion and manager Paul Lambert said: Jackson is playing fantastically well and he is in a rich vein of form. The way he has been playing has been really excellent, but it was only ever going to be a matter of time before he came good. We needed a bit more pace in attack and he has certainly provided that. It takes time for a player to adjust to a new team and new surroundings, but he has never once let his head go down when he has found himself out of the team. So I am absolutely delighted for him. Grant Holt, the Norwich captain and top scorer, said: Simeon has stepped up and has been fantastic. He has everything a top striker


By Tony Paskin
needs. He is quick, he is strong and he scores goals. When he is on his game there really is no one better and he is in red-hot form. Every time he gets a chance you think he is going to score. Jackson, a Canadian international who will be roared on by more than 3,000 travelling Canary fans at Fratton Park, said: It has all turned around for me and now things are going really well. But the manager has been brilliant with me ever since I came here. He has always given me a chance and now its just up to me to keep ghting and keep my place in the team. Everyone is buzzing and the fans are on a high and now its up to the players to keep it going and make sure that we nish the job. Norwich will have the added advantage of knowing their rivals results, but Lambert added: We wont be thinking about anyone else. Its all about winning our own games. We have gone out looking to win every other game this season and that certainly wont change. Its all about results.

UPS AND DOWNS: Adel Taarabt breaks the deadlock but all the smiles on the left, with Neil Warnock anked by Taarabt, right, and Alejandro Faurlin could disappear


Wembley pain a spur to Chopra

MICHAEL CHOPRA says Cardiff will use last seasons play-off pain as a motivation to reach the Premier League. Third-placed Cardiff face a crunch home clash against Middlesbrough tonight, two hours before automatic promotion rivals Norwich visit Portsmouth. Striker Chopra, who is bidding for a start after a lengthy lay-off with a hamstring injury, says it is a must-win game for Dave Joness men as the club aim to atone for their Wembley loss to Blackpool last year. Chopra, 27, said: Our players learnt a lot from that day at Wembley. I know I certainly did. The disappointment was huge but to be able to get over that and go again was important for us. Its impossible to describe how bad I felt and it was the same all summer. You dream about playing in the Premier League and its life-changing. It didnt happen and I can remember after the


0 2


By Phil Cadden
game being desperate just to see my little boy because I knew he was the person who could make me happy. You remember there are a lot more things in life and we came through it. We achieved a lot last year, but I believe what happened at the end means the mentality of the squad is better and we can go on to better things. It says something that we didnt celebrate making sure of the play-offs like we did last year. It just shows how much we have come on. But we know that if we can beat Middlesbrough, it will put the pressure on Norwich because we will be back above them. All we want to do is take that next step promotion to the Premier League and it will be brilliant if we can achieve it. But for now there are two games to play and we know what we have to do.

VISITING fans, noisy but not nasty, had been corralled back to their corner of the ground by four police horses and the celebrating QPR players had returned to the dressing room, from where there came the sounds of success.
Enjoy it lads, one players voice exhorted, because we are going to get caned next season. Cue laughter. It was a time to delight in for Rangers but behind every self-deprecating gag, there is a fear. Their silver lining has a cloud. For QPR to take up the place in the Premier League, clinched here thanks to goals by their talisman Adel Taarabt and ex-Watford star Tommy Smith, they are going to have to escape a caning off the eld this week before they contemplate ways of avoiding one on the pitch next season. Tomorrow, they face the Football Association hearing on seven counts of breaching regulations relating to the third-party ownership of their Argentinian Alejandro Faurlin. The verdict is expected at the end of the week. They could be ned, which will not concern them given that the top ight is now worth a minimum of 100million over four years even with a rst-season relegation. Or they could also be docked points, which would alarm them and could throw the Championship and its play-offs into chaos along with the FAs appeals process. QPR currently have an eight-point cushion at

Faurlin cloud may rain on QPR parade

the top of the table ahead of Cardiff and Norwich, who are both playing today. And while the third-party ownership rule has not been tested after its introduction following the Carlos Tevez affair at West Ham, breaches of player-registration regulations usually attract FA deductions of between one and ve points, depending on seriousness. We will ght all the way. Justice will be done, said QPR chairman Gianni Paladini, whose elation that mutated into deance mirrors the mood of his club. We have not tried to cheat anybody. We have done everything in good faith. We are ready to ght all the way but there will be no need for us to ght because we have done everything right. Ironies abound for Rangers manager Neil Warnock. He was at Shefeld United relegated on Saturday just as his current club were going up when the Blades lost their place in the Premier League, believing themselves victims in the Tevez affair. Angered and wearied by talk of points deductions now, he preferred to savour his seventh promotion as a manager a record to equal Dave Bassett and Graham Taylor and one conceived a year ago today after a 1-0 home defeat against Championship-winning Newcastle. We looked at them and said, Thats the way forward for us, said Keith Curle, Warnocks assistant. They had players who could win games as well as some air. We wanted to get the same type of players and the manager brought them in. It was the air players who saw us through at the end here. Chief among them was the mercurial Taarabt, talented but scattergun. A dull game was heading for a goalless draw when he guided home a cross by Smith, who sealed the win in added time. He has to change, said Warnock of Taarabt. He cant do what he has done with us in the top ight and progress. He has the ability to be one of the best in the world but not like he is. He has to be more dedicated and listen to me and take it on board. The aim will be to keep Taarabt and also bring in reinforcements. But while the perception is that money will magically appear from such wealthy shareholders as Bernie Ecclestone, Flavio Briatore and Lakshmi Mittal, they are clearly sparing with their investments. They may even decide that now is the time to sell. I have a number of players I would like to bring in, said Warnock. I know some cost money and want wages, so I dont say we want X millions. I have to be sensible and I believe they will be sensible if I am. I have no intention of going stupid. We havent gone stupid this year, if you look at what we have done in 14 months. Paladini, once bizarrely threatened at gunpoint by a gang wanting control of the club, said Rangers would not just be going up for the ride. We will stay up, he said. We are not going there for half an hour. We will be a force. Assuming, that is, they get the chance.
WATFORD (4-2-3-1): Loach; Hodson, Mariappa, Taylor (Bennett 55), Doyley; Eustace, Cowie; Buckley (Murray 78), Sordell (Whichelow 73), Deeney; Graham. QPR (4-2-3-1): Cerny; Orr, Hall (Shittu 23), Gorkss, Connolly; Derry, Faurlin; Routledge (Buzsaky 75), Taarabt (Ramage 90), Smith; Helguson. Goals: Taarabt 77, Smith 90. Referee: N Swarbrick (Lancashire).



By ALAM KHAN AS THE Shefeld United board offered fans their apologies and promised change after a season of failure, Micky Adams pleaded for the chance to repeat his promotion heroics of the past.
Boyhood fan Adams suffered a career low as his team dropped into League One. This derby draw was futile as Crystal Palace and Doncaster both gained the point they needed to make sure of survival. Although stung by the pain of relegation, manager Adams is hoping the board will back him to bring back better times. He has two seasons left on his contract, having taken over in December, and having led Fulham, Brighton and Leicester to previous promotions, he said: The board will make up their own minds. But if you look at the performances, I dont think that these players have thrown in the towel. I dont think its a case of not playing for Micky Adams. I have a history of taking clubs to a higher division. This is a difcult day for me, but I am determined to resurrect fortunes here. Sometimes you have to take a step back to go forward again. Its probably the lowest point in my career. A lot of managers put a front on things, but I cant. Once you have stood on the terraces, then accepting your responsibility for a team who have just been relegated is hard work. These fans are proud people. Have I got any message for them? Please keep the faith and keep on supporting us because there will be better times around the corner. Player of the Year Stephen Quinn was touched by the reception of the home faithful after their place alongside city rivals Shefeld Wednesday next season was conrmed. But with the club likely to cash in on their top stars, Quinn knows there will be an uncertain future. Ill have to see in the summer and see what the club say and if they want me or not, he said. The way we played in the last few seasons I thought we were progressing. At the start of the season, we were looking for a chance of the play-offs. But for it to go like this is devastating.

Blades suffer deepest cut Tates up

GOAL JOY: Dobbie and Pratley


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


for Cardiff

AGONY AND ECSTASY: Danny Haynes scores the rst but, inset, for Shane Lowry, Matthew Lowton, left, and Darius Henderson, right, theres only the pain of the drop
gifted Williamson a third goal in successive games by spilling his 25-yard shot. But just when it seemed the Blades would have a victory, Haynes rose to convert Matt Hills 84th-minute cross. I have been working on my nishing and the gaffer has been helping me, said Haynes. I am always looking to score more goals.
SHEFFIELD UTD (4-4-2): Simonsen; Lowton, Maguire, Lowry, Mattock (Cresswell 90); Riise (McAllister 71), Montgomery, Williamson, Quinn; Slew (Evans 71), Henderson. Booked: Montgomery, Lowry. Goals: Lowton 39, Williamson 59. BARNSLEY (4-1-3-2): Steele; Hassell (Clark 78), Foster, Shackell, Hill; N Doyle; Trippier, Buttereld, Mellis (Noble-Lazarus 53); Gray, Haynes. Booked: Hassell, Buttereld, Clark, Trippier, Gray. Goals: Haynes 15, 84. Referee: G Salisbury (Lancashire).



Over the past few weeks we put up a battle but it was too little, too late. Quinn said a tendency to concede sloppy goals had been a problem and that was the case again when Danny Haynes put Barnsley ahead, as Nathan Doyle sent Haynes clear after taking Shane Lowrys poor clearance. But the Blades bounced back, as Matt Lowton headed home a Lee Williamson free-kick and Tykes keeper Luke Steele then

RICHARD NAYLOR wishes he had been given more time to shore up the Leeds defence after conceding their play-off hopes are all but over. Leeds face an improbable task to reclaim their top-six place ahead of Nottingham Forest after a dismal run. This was just their rst win in six games and they now need to overturn a six-goal decit on the nal day if they want to extend their season. Captain Naylor said: We have been there or thereabouts all season, so if we just miss out it will be disappointing. Its been nice for me to be back in the side. Maybe if Id played earlier, it might have been different. Ross McCormack scored his rst goal for Leeds, but they could have had a hatful if their nishing had been up to scratch.

ALAN TATE is relishing the prospect of facing bitter rivals Cardiff at Wembley to end Swanseas play-off hoodoo. Brendan Rodgers men will be aiming to improve their record of four failures from ve attempts in the play-offs and they could face their Welsh rivals in the nal. Defender Tate said: Its probably a policemans nightmare Swansea and Cardiff in the nal and having to police 100,000 people down at Wembley. But if its Cardiff, its Cardiff. Itd be strange having a derby in London. But the derby games are the best youll ever play in. Swansea head towards their target after a thoroughly convincing victory at Millwall through goals by Darren Pratley and Stephen Dobbie. Pratleys celebration dance had his manager bemused, though. We went to see Billy Elliot last week, so we were trying to think if it was a dance from that, said Rodgers. But I dont know where thats come from. Its probably something from Jedward! There was still a mood of celebration among the home fans following a promising rst season after promotion from League One. They spilled on to the pitch, but Millwall centre-back Darren Ward said: There was not any trouble, they are just fans who care.


0 0


1 1


STEVE BROOKER helped Doncaster secure their Championship status but he still cannot forget his injury hell. Brooker has only one league start since a 2009 move from Bristol City but came off the bench to score with a half-volley in the 50th minute, only for Yakubu to equalise. Brooker said: It is nice that my goal conrmed survival, but one goal does not make up for the two and a half years Ive had. There was a personal issue but all that matters is Doncaster are still in the Championship.

Anderson is back on song

PAUL ANDERSON feared his season was over a few weeks ago when he was diagnosed with a punctured lung and fractured ribs suffered in a 4-1 defeat at Leeds. Returning ahead of schedule to help establish a three-point advantage and six-goal cushion over Leeds will be made even sweeter by reaching the play-offs next weekend. I did fear the worst after it happened, I thought that was my season gone, said Anderson, above. Luckily


0 2


2 1


its all healed up very well and Im back. Anderson marked his return with a goal from his rst touch after coming on as a secondhalf substitute, to add to two goals each from Kris Boyd and Luke Chambers as Forest romped to their third straight win. Michael OConnors penalty was the only bright spot for outplayed Scunthorpe.

NIGEL CLOUGH is preparing a major rebuilding job at Derby in a bid to avoid another scrap against relegation. Leicester striker Martyn Waghorn is a 1.5million target and Clough is set to spend 1m to recruit loan stars Frank Fielding, Jamie Ward and Theo Robinson. Clough said: The past two seasons have been very frustrating we need a fresh injection of players. Derbys Brad Jones let Jon Steads weak effort slip through his ngers after 19 minutes and Cole Skuse wrapped it up.

PRESTON manager Phil Brown believes he can get his team back up at the rst attempt next season. Both clubs took the opportunity to blood youngsters, with Daniel Devine and Scott Leather making their full debuts for Preston, while Ronan Murray got his rst start for Ipswich. Ipswich were two up inside 20 minutes through Jason Scotland and David Norris, but they relaxed and Paul Coutts pulled one back for Preston, who might have snatched a draw in the second half. And Brown said: I cant wait to put my mark on this team. Ipswich defender Damien Delaney, who has agreed a new two-year deal, said: Mediocrity is not good enough. I am sure we can return this club to where they should be.

MANAGER Brian McDermott says the pressure is now off his Reading players after this point made sure of their place in the play-offs. Eight wins were followed by just two points from three games, but McDermott said: Now we have achieved this we can kick on. We were the team under pressure here because we needed that point. And it is not easy sometimes when it is in the back of your minds. New Coventry boss Andy Thorn said: We have a good squad and I am not going to bring anyone in who does not t into that.


1 1

IBRA SEKAJJA can celebrate with as many somersaults as he likes if the rest of his career is as sparkling as his debut. Striker Sekajja, 18, scored with his rst touch as a pro to grab the point that helped secure the Eagles survival. He celebrated with a double back-ip after cancelling out Anthony Gerrards opener. Crystal Palace boss Dougie Freedman said: Im not sure about his goal celebration, but it certainly showed how he felt about scoring.


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Terry draws
DAVIES: Settled Fulhams victory

Water torture is over

By Niall Hickman


@kjjf`dgfikXek#YlkX_Xe[]lcf] g\fgc\`eQli`Z_[\Z`[\k_Xkk_\p[fek nXek`k%@kjjfjklg`[n\[fek_Xm\`k%
Sir Geoff Hurst, scorer of controversial goal in 1966 World Cup nal

N\j_flc[lj\^fXc$c`e\k\Z_efcf^p% N\[jk`cckXb\k_\[\Z`j`fef]k_\ i\]\i\\#Ylkn\j_flc[_\cgk_\d%

Avram Grant

0 3

FULHAM manager Mark Hughes has gone from kicking water bottles to putting the boot into his one-time team-mate Steve Bruce. Last week Hughes took three furious swipes at an offending water bottle before nding the target in the draw at Wolves, but this time his aim was perfect as Fulham heaped more misery on Sunderland manager Bruce. That these former Old Trafford team-mates do not talk these days meant it was a sweet victory for Hughes, who fell out with Bruce some time ago after the latter sacked his one-time assistant Mark Bowen. On this evidence, Sunderland look unlikely to score until the next royal wedding their attempted nishing was more ropey than regal while Fulham had a real cutting edge in Bobby Zamora, who had a hand in all three goals. Hughes said: I was not as animated as last week, but was still not happy with our rst-half performance. Water bottles keep on appearing in my technical area, I have no idea where they come from. I turned around and there was another. I just pushed it gently to one side this time. That was probably for the best. Gael Kakuta provided a simple nish to set Fulham on their way, while two splendid strikes by Simon Davies ended the contest. It was a great result for us and an emphatic way for us to get our second away win of the season, said Davies. We had got into the habit of collecting draws and if we had turned a few of those into wins, we would be much higher. Its too late to get into Europe through the league but its only weeks ago that we werent far off the bottom three. The top 10 has been our objective all season. Sunderland looked a side who cannot wait to put their feet up this summer, shorn of 10 rst-team players through injury. Phil Bardsley, a beacon of consistency, said: Theres a part of us that would just like the season to end. Our aim has always been the top 10, but were going to have to dig deep now.
SUNDERLAND (4-4-2): Mignolet 5; Bardsley 6, Turner 6, Elmohamady 6, Onuoha 6; Cattermole 7, Henderson 6 (Lynch 77, 6), Colback 6, Muntari 4 (Ferdinand 66, 6); Malbranque 5 (Zenden 77, 6); Sessegnon 6. Booked: Sessegnon. FULHAM (4-4-2): Schwarzer 6; Baird 6, Hughes 7, Senderos 6, Salcido 6; Davies 8, Sidwell 7, Murphy 6 (Etuhu 79, 6), Kakuta 7 (Greening 62, 6); Gudjohnsen 6, Zamora 8 (Johnson 79, 6). Goals: Kakuta 33, Davies 61, 73. Referee: M Atkinson (West Yorkshire).

@]pflmXcl\k_\Zfdg\k`k`fepflXi\ gcXp`e^`e#k_\e`k[\j\im\jk_\Y\jk% @k`jk`d\kfYi`e^`k`e%

Kenny Dalglish

@_Xm\Y\\eXdXjj`m\]Xef]^fXc$c`e\ k\Z_efcf^p]fiXcfe^k`d\#Ylk@_Xm\ c`kkc\gfn\ifm\ik_\[\Z`j`fe%

Arsene Wenger

N\gXpgcXp\ijd`cc`fejkfjZfi\^fXcj% 8e[p\kn\i\efkjli\n_\k_\i`k`jX ^fXc%K_\i\j_flc[Y\k\Z_efcf^p%

Mick McCarthy

@m\jX`[]fip\Xijn\j_flc[_Xm\`k#Ylk @dfecpk_\Yfjjf]Xele]Xj_`feXYc\ ZclY#jfeffe\kXb\jXepefk`Z\f]d\%

Alex McLeish

TECHNOLOGISTS have invented this incredible new ball in a bid to give the red card to refereeing blunders like Andre Marriners at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes let Lampards shot squirm through his grasp. But referee Marriner and his assistant Mike Cairns failed to spot Gomes claw the ball back before it had fully crossed the line. The goal was given and dealt Spurs top-four hopes a huge blow while giving Chelseas title hopes a shot in the arm. But now design company Agent of Mexico have created the HYB-S1 CTRUS ball, it could eradicate such errors. The CTRUS approaches ball design from a unique angle. It comes equipped with a GPS chip that communicates the balls position to sensors around the stadium. The kit relies on a number of electronics

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the rst see-through air-less soccer ball with position detection technology. We argue fair play is all about transparency. The ball is put together by an inner structure we call a skelle-core and an outer net-embedded shell made out of reinforced elastomers to emulate the bounce of a ball. The Agent ball is similar to an Adidas innovation of a few years ago. They used the RFID chip produced by AdidasSalomon AG, Cairos Technologies AG, and Fraunhofer Institute. Despite all this, FIFA have refused to embrace technology. But there may be hope for change with FIFA president Sepp Blatter declaring in March that technology to decide line calls could be in place for the 2014 World Cup if their International Board decides the system works.


in the balls core which communicate wirelessly with control stations. And the ball cleverly changes colour when it fully crosses the line to indicate a goal. An inner light also switches colour when the ball crosses the touchline for a throw-in or corner and even when the ball is received in an offside position. Company co-founder Alberto Villarreal said: Its

HEURELHO HORROR: But Gomes did stop the ball crossing the line

GLENN HODDLE has welcomed the arrival of football legends answer to Twenty20 cricket. In Football40, the greats of yesteryear will play an 11-a-side match but over 40 minutes two halves of 20 minutes each. Technical director Hoddle believes the


BACK: Ardiles and Docherty take a lead role in London cup

format will go down well with ex-players and is ideal for TV and sponsorship. When I was approached to get involved, this just got me, he said. I have always felt that playing 90 minutes was a problem to any player who has given up the game professionally. The key to F40 is being able to have rolling subs and being able to go out there and compete and perform for a short period

of time. You know you can be taken off and then you can go back on and play at close to a level you used to be at during your peak. I am sure it will capture the imagination of the public. Ive played in games after your tness levels have gone; you get frustrated that you cant do the things you could. But here you have rolling subs, a sin bin, you can go and perform for ve

or 10 minutes because you know youll come off and have a rest and then you go back on fresh. On May 29, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Fulham will get together at Craven Cottage to contest the London Legends Cup, with two semi-nals Fulham v Chelsea and Arsenal v Spurs to be followed by a nal on the same day. The action takes place from 3pm-6pm, with Roy


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


battle lines
STILL IN WITH A SHOUT: John Terry hails his sides late winner


JOHN TERRY believes that the agony of going out of the Champions League in Manchester will spur Chelsea when they return to Old Trafford on Sunday for what could be the title decider.


BAINES: Mixed emotions over goal

Just a month after losing 2-1 there and seeing their hopes of European glory dashed once again, Chelsea will be back at the Theatre of Dreams this time with the title in their sights and they will move to the top of the Premier League should they win. And so they will be praying that they have not used up all their luck in this fortuitous win. One goal came from a shot that did not cross the line, the other from a player who was offside. But manager Carlo Ancelotti will not care about that. Eight victories in nine league games have piled the pressure back on United. After that dismal night on April 12, Chelsea, their season all but over at that point, could have crumbled. But four wins on the bounce, says Ancelotti, are tribute to his teams character. Terry said: Theres no bigger spur than going to Old Trafford and bringing the Premier League trophy back. It is that trophy we want. Its that feeling that drives us on. The Chelsea skipper paid tribute to Ancelotti still expected to be red in the summer for lifting his side. He said: We will never give up. Weve got that mentality and a great manager the players believe in. Carlo deserves a great deal of credit. He took a lot of stick but he kept us going. Hes brilliant. He was just as disappointed as the players after that game. He spoke after 15 minutes of silence in the dressing room and told us, We can make our season what we want it to be. We dont give up, we continue right to the end. It was down to him. He has picked everyone up and gone again. In March we could have been 18 points behind United now its three, which shows how well weve done. We are stronger now than we were a month ago. We go there full of belief. We were very disappointed that night. But last year we went there and won in the league and theres no reason we cant again. There is no question that Chelsea deserved this win against a Spurs side who appear to be running out of steam. But Ancelotti got lucky on three counts. The rst goal, coming when Frank Lampards 25-yard drive a minute


2 1

before the interval squirmed through Heurelho Gomess hands, should not have been given. The whole of the ball did not cross the line despite assistant referee Mike Cairns giving the goal. Why we do not have goalline technology after all these years is a scandal. The second, netted from close range by Salomon Kalou in the 89th minute from close range after Didier Drogbas miscued shot, was offside. Marginal, but offside. Thirdly, the Chelsea manager got away with an unnecessary tinkering of his formation. Instead of sticking with Drogba in a three-pronged attack as he had done for the previous three winning games, he brought in Fernando Torres and switched Drogba to the right. It was only when Torres went off and Drogba switched back to the middle that Chelsea looked truly comfortable again. Substitute Kalou who pointedly did not celebrate his goal saved him. Drogba had earlier hit the bar with a ferocious free-kick as a determined Chelsea made and missed a string of chances. But they fell behind against the run of play when Rafael van der Vaart set up Sandro, who drove into the top corner from 25 yards. Yes, Chelsea did benet from the decisions. But when you have a goalkeeper like Gomes, who keeps making howling errors, things like that happen. Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp now faces a real battle to get his team back into the top four. But he says that Spurs have to hold on to their stars and invest in the squad. He said: I hate it when people say, if they dont make the Champions League theyre going to sell Gareth Bale or Luka Modric. Thats not the way forward. The way forward now is to go and get one or two top-drawer players and move on again.
CHELSEA (4-3-3): Cech 7; Ivanovic 7, Luiz 7, Terry 7, Cole 7; Essien 6 (Ramires 57, 7), Mikel, Lampard 8; Torres 6 (Kalou 62, 7), Drogba 7, Malouda 6 (Anelka 73, 6). Booked: Ivanovic, Drogba, Terry. Goals: Lampard 45, Kalou 89. TOTTENHAM (4-4-2): Gomes 5; Kaboul 6, Dawson 7, Gallas 7, Corluka 7 (Pienaar 78, 6); Lennon 6, Modric 8, Sandro 7, Bale 6; Van der Vaart 6 (Jenas 85, 5), Pavlyuchenko 6 (Defoe 58, 7). Booked: Pavlyuchenko. Goal: Sandro 19. Referee: A Marriner (West Midlands).

Baines feeling the pain

By Michael Johns
LEIGHTON BAINES has urged Wigan to recover from the crushing disappointment of blowing another lead and secure their top-ight future. Baines was part of the Wigan side that won promotion to the Premier League in 2005, but the Everton full-backs equaliser from a penalty has left his former side three games from relegation. The 10th goal of his Everton career was also the most painful and Baines is hopeful that the club where he launched his career can survive as they prepare for make-or-break matches against Aston Villa, West Ham and Stoke. If they stay up, it will give me a lot of satisfaction, said England international Baines. They are good enough and showed that against us. They have it in them to stay up. There are still many people at Wigan from my time. A lot of the players have moved on but there is a good number of staff and the chairman Dave Whelan. The club means so much to him and he is a great man. Hopefully the penalty wont end up carrying too much weight and they will be ne. After Newcastle, Arsenal, Fulham, West Brom and Sunderland, Wigan can now add Everton to the list of games where they have led but failed to win. Charles NZogbias seventh goal of the season, a delightful nish from an acute angle, had put Wigan on course for victory. Their hopes of climbing out of the bottom three increased when Ali Al Habsi produced a stunning save to deny Mikel Arteta from the penalty spot after NZogbia had fouled Leon Osman. But Baines equalised from another penalty following Hugo Rodallegas needless handball. Everton remain on course to seal a top-seven spot but they will have to return to winning ways if they are to better last seasons eighth-placed nish. Goalkeeper Tim Howard expects boss David Moyes to strengthen the squad and said: Hes not happy just being on the cusp of Europe.
WIGAN (4-2-3-1): Al Habsi 8; Boyce 7, G Caldwell 7, Alcaraz 7, Figueroa 7; Diame 6 (McArthur 44, 6), Watson 6; NZogbia 7 (Moses 54, 7), McCarthy 7, Cleverley 7 (Di Santo 79); Rodallega 6. Booked: Figueroa, Diame. Goal: NZogbia 21. EVERTON (4-4-2): Howard 8; Hibbert 6, Jagielka 7, Distin 6, Baines 7; Osman 7, Neville 7, Rodwell 6, Arteta 6 (Beckford 66, 5); Cahill 6 (Coleman 66, 5); Anichebe 5 (Gueye 82). Booked: Hibbert, Rodwell. Goal: Baines 78pen. Referee: L Mason (Bolton).

1 1

Hodgson returning to the Cottage to take charge of Fulhams legends. Tommy Docherty rolls back the years to boss Chelsea, while Frank McLintock is leading Arsenal. Spurs will be managed by White Hart Lane hero Ossie Ardiles. Close to 70 legends will be taking the eld in the three matches, while another 30 will be guests. The event will contain a charity auction in aid of Help A London Child and

THE Daily Express has teamed up with Football40 to give away 500 tickets for this fantastic event. Join us for this action-packed day out when Dad can bring the kids or his mates to see his heroes. We have 125 packs of four tickets for every winner, so why not grab the chance to meet some of your heroes. All you have to do is pick one of the four teams and tell us which legend you would most like to see playing for them. There are no hidden charges or extras. You can enter the draw by visiting, emailing or texting to 07776 086171, telling us your team and the name of your favourite legend.


the Fulham Foundation. Hodgson, now enjoying life at West Brom, is looking forward to a Cottage return. He said: I have terric memories of working for Fulham. It is a fair question to ask whether I regret leaving Fulham. I never regret anything in life and I knew that if I didnt take the Liverpool job it might never come again and I might live to regret that.


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

AFC WDON (1) ..... 2 GRIMSBY (1) ......1
Moore 7 Johnson 51 Beesley 60, 82 Clee 76 Att: 1,649 Baker 52, 61 Watkins 52 Murray 75 Att: 2,745 Connell 39 Att: 3,752 Taylor 17, 21 Brinkhurst 44 Purcell 90 Att: 1,445 Att: 1,051 Harvey 77 Hunt 5 (og) Att: 2,945 Att: 2,009

8ccpflin\\b\e[]ffkYXcc XZk`fen`k_
BLACKBURN (1) ................. 1 BOLTON (0) ............................ 0
Att: 28,985



Olsson 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Man Utd Chelsea Arsenal Man City Liverpool Tottenham Everton Bolton Fulham Stoke West Brom Newcastle Aston Villa Sunderland Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool Wigan Wolves West Ham 35 16 35 14 35 11 34 11 35 12 34 8 35 7 35 10 35 8 35 9 35 7 35 5 35 7 35 7 35 6 35 7 35 4 35 4 35 7 35 5 1 2 4 4 4 8 7 5 6 4 6 7 6 5 8 6 5 8 4 4 0 43 9 2 37 11 3 32 13 2 30 12 2 37 12 1 27 17 3 28 22 2 33 20 3 26 16 4 28 16 5 29 30 5 36 23 4 24 18 6 24 24 4 19 20 5 21 15 9 26 34 6 19 32 6 25 26 8 23 27

W D L F A Pts
5 7 8 7 4 6 4 2 2 3 4 5 3 3 2 3 5 3 2 2 9 5 6 4 3 5 8 5 9 3 4 4 5 6 7 2 3 6 3 7 4 28 5 29 3 36 6 23 10 17 6 23 6 20 11 15 7 17 12 15 9 22 9 13 10 20 8 15 8 16 12 20 9 22 8 16 13 13 9 17 24 17 23 19 27 26 21 28 20 27 35 28 39 28 32 40 36 26 35 36 73 70 67 62 55 55 48 46 45 43 43 41 41 41 39 38 35 35 34 32

BLACKPOOL (0) .................. 0 CHELSEA (1) ...................... 2

Lampard 45 Kalou 89

STOKE (0) ............................... 0

Att: 16,003


TOTTENHAM (1) ...................... 1

Sandro 19 Att: 41,681

8[b`ej]\\k fek_\^ifle[
NIGEL ADKINS is taking nothing for granted after Southamptons 3-0 win at Brentford edged them closer to automatic promotion. Goals from Adam Lallana, David Connolly and Oscar Gobern kept Saints ahead of thirdplaced Hudderseld on goal difference. But Adkins men can stretch their lead by winning at relegation-threatened Plymouth tonight. Weve got two games to go and well make sure everyone stays grounded, said Adkins, who knows Plymouth need a victory to have any chance of survival after losing the Devon derby to Exeter. We will be totally prepared. Bournemouth boss Lee Bradbury saluted his side after they clinched a play-off spot with a 2-2 draw at Hartlepool. Its a great achievement, said Bradbury.

BARROW (0) ......... 2 HAYES & Y (0) ....0 BATH CITY (0) ....... 2 MANSFIELD (0)...0 CAMBRIDGE (0) .... 0 FLEETWD TN (0) .1 CRAWLEY TN (0) ... 1 YORK (1) ............1
Tubbs 68 (pen) Wright 64 Campbell 86 Mulligan 24 Att: 824

SUNDERLAND (0)................ 0

FULHAM (1) ............................ 3

Kakuta 33 Davies 61, 73 Att: 39,576

WEST BROM (0) ................. 2

ASTON VILLA (1)...................... 1

Meite 4 (og) Att: 25,889

KALOU: Hit winner

Odemwingie 60 Mulumbu 84

DARLINGTON (0) ... 2 RUSHDEN (0)......0 GATESHEAD (1)..... 1 NEWPORT CO (2) 7

Collins 35 (pen), 45 Todd 61, Miller 72 Rose 73, Baker 87 Grifn 88 Whalley 63 Att: 1,403 Riza 40 Murray 77 Moss 12 Att: 6,443 Somner 52 Att: 1,717 W D L F A Pts 31 12 3 93 30 105 27 9 10 83 47 90 23 15 8 85 37 84 22 15 9 66 49 81 22 12 12 68 42 78 20 17 9 74 60 72 18 17 11 61 42 71 19 14 13 55 50 71 18 15 13 78 60 69 16 15 15 64 68 63 15 17 14 72 62 62 16 14 16 65 62 62 17 10 19 73 75 61 15 13 18 64 75 58 14 15 17 65 68 57 15 6 25 57 81 51 11 17 18 53 61 50 12 14 20 52 67 50 12 13 21 62 83 49 10 16 20 53 72 46 11 13 22 56 77 46 11 11 24 47 87 44 10 9 27 62104 39 8 9 29 41 90 28

WIGAN (1) .......................... 1

NZogbia 21

EVERTON (0) ........................... 1

Baines 78 (pen) Att: 17,051

PLAYED YESTERDAY ARSENAL (0) ...................... 1

Ramsey 56

MANCHESTER UTD (0) ............. 0

Att: 60,107

KETTERING (1)...... 3 SOUTHPORT (0) .1

Cunnington 25 ONeill 87 Challinor 90 Briggs 80, Blair 80 Att: 1,496 J Walker 88 (pen) C Smith 3 Sheridan 77

BIRMINGHAM (1)................ 1
Larsson 27

WOLVES (1) ............................ 1

Fletcher 7 (pen) Att: 26,072

KMINSTER (0) ...... 2 HISTON (1) .........2 LUTON (0) ............. 1 WREXHAM (1) ....1 TAMWORTH (1) ..... 2 FOREST GRN (0).1
P Crawley Town (C) .......46 AFC Wimbledon .........46 Luton .......................46 Wrexham ..................46 Fleetwood Town ........46 Kidderminster ...........46 Darlington ................46 York .........................46 Newport County.........46 Bath City ..................46 Grimsby ....................46 Rushden ...................46 Manseld .................46 Kettering ..................46 Gateshead ................46 Hayes & Yeading........46 Cambridge ................46 Barrow .....................46 Tamworth .................46 Forest Green.............46 Southport (R) ............46 Altrincham (R) ...........46 Eastbourne B (R) .......46 Histon (R) .................46

LIVERPOOL (1) ................... 3

Maxi 10 Kuyt 59 (pen) Suarez 65

NEWCASTLE (0)....................... 0
Att: 44,923

MANCHESTER CITY (2)........ 2

WEST HAM (1) ........................ 1

Ba 33 Att: 44,511


De Jong 10 Zabaleta 15

COVENTRY (0)....... 0 READING (0) .......0
Att: 22,436

BRENTFORD (0) .... 0 SOUTHMPTN (2).3

Att: 7,015 Lallana 16 Connolly 30 Gobern 90 Afobe 8, 61 Ward 90 Att: 8,416 Miller 3 (pen) Att: 8,340

ACCRNGTN (1) ...... 3 BARNET (1) ........1

Ryan 4, 56, 66 Charles 5 Vincenti 11 Lowe 10 (pen) Att: 6,238 Att: 4,288 Marshall 7 Att: 2,764 Le Fondre 32, 55 Att: 2,107 Ainsworth 20 Strevens 63, 88 Wright 10

Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League

ABERDEEN (0) ...... 1 INVERNSS CT (0) 0
Pawlett 75 Att: 6,280

DERBY (0) ............. 0 BRISTOL C (1) ....2

Att: 25,745 Stead 6 Skuse 66 Yakubu 76 Att: 11,757 Sekajja 88 Att: 20,407 Coutts 52 Att: 18,431 Att: 31,186 Pratley 30 Dobbie 47

BRIGHTON (0)....... 2 HUDDRSFLD (1)..3

Barnes 47 Sparrow 69 Hoskins 12 (pen)

ALDERSHOT (2)..... 2 ROTHERHAM (1).2 BURY (1) ............... 1 WYCOMBE (1) ....3 CHELTENHAM (0).. 0 SHRWSBURY (1) .1 CREWE (0) ............ 2 STOCKPORT (0)..0
Goodall 62 (og) Att: 4,799 Donaldson 65 Stockport are relegated. Jackman 43 Martin 71 Att: 6,841 Fleetwood 87 Davis 3, Uwezu 59 Hall 61 Craddock 75

DONCASTER (0) .... 1 LEICESTER (0) ....1

Brooker 50

HIBERNIAN (1) ...... 1 ST JOHNSTNE (0) 2

Sodje 23 Craig 74 Moon 90 Att: 7,492 Skacel 67 Pascali 76 (og) Att: 5,006 Lafferty 18, Davis 51 Jelavic 64 Naismith 76, 90

BRISTOL RVRS (1) 1 SHEFF WED (1) ..1 DAG & RED (2) ...... 3 CARLISLE (0) ......0
Nurse 4, 29, Green 84 Att: 2,693 Dunne 46 Boyd 52 (pen) Flinders 90 Att: 5,302

HULL (1) ............... 1 CRYSTAL PAL (0) 1

Gerrard 31

KILMARNCK (0)..... 2 HEARTS (0) ........2

Fowler 55 Agard 86 Att: 8,968

P Dunfermline (C) .........35 Raith ........................35 Falkirk......................35 Queen of South .........35 Dundee .....................35 Partick .....................35 Morton .....................35 Ross County..............35 Cowdenbeath ............35 Stirling (R) ................35

W 19 17 17 13 19 11 11 8 9 3

D 10 9 7 7 12 11 10 14 8 8

L F 6 63 9 47 11 57 15 51 4 54 13 41 14 37 13 27 18 41 24 29

A 31 32 38 53 31 39 40 34 69 80

Pts 67 60 58 46 44 44 43 38 35 17

Irn-Bru Division Two

AYR (0) ................. 3 AIRDRIE UTD (0).1
Rodgers 48, 60 (pen) Morton 47 Moffat 65 Att: 1,402

IPSWICH (2).......... 2 PRESTON (0) ......1

Scotland 10 Norris 19 McCormack 33 Att: 15,101

EXETER (0) ........... 1 PLYMOUTH (0) ...0

Att: 7,869

LEEDS (1) ............. 1 BURNLEY (0) ......0 MILLWALL (0) ....... 0 SWANSEA (1) .....2 NOTTM FOR (2) .... 5 SCUNTHORPE (1)1
Boyd 9, 90 OConnor 36 (pen) Chambers 25, 82 Att: 27,949 Anderson 48 Scunthorpe are relegated.


Lovell 29 McDermott 38 Att: 3,159 Cresswell 8 McGurk 45, 49 Hughes 62 Att: 10,013 Mendez-Laing 45 Tomlin 46; Att: 3,147 Taylor 17, 65 Att: 5,088

MOTHERWELL (0) . 0 RANGERS (1) ......5


Draper 3 Daniel 7, 17 Sinclair 48 Speight 81 (pen) Att: 3,219 Att: 6,257 Hughton 5 Att: 7,485

EAST FIFE (1)........ 3 ALLOA (0) ...........1

Wallace 16, Park 54 Motion 61 Durie 87 Att: 846

TWO late goals sent Southport out of the division just three minutes after their place had looked secure. The Sandgrounders were holding Kettering to a 1-1 draw until the 87th minute. But late strikes from Luke ONeill and Jon Challinor cost them dear and kept Forest Green up on goal difference. Rovers would have been sweating on that match after their 2-1 defeat by Tamworth, a result which had the Midlanders celebrating their own survival at the nal whistle. Barrow also stayed up after a 2-0 win over Hayes & Yeading but Altrinchams 4-3 defeat by relegated Eastbourne meant they joined them.

L ORIENT (0) ......... 0 TRANMERE (2) ...3 MK DONS (0) ........ 2 NOTTS CO (0).....1
Baldock 52 Balanta 60 Akpa Akpro 1 Dawson 87 Att: 7,420

HEREFORD (0) ...... 1 BRADFORD (0) ...1 NORTHMPTN (1) ... 2 STEVENAGE (0)...0 OXFORD UTD (0) ... 2 LINCOLN C (1) ....1 PORT VALE (4) ...... 7 MORECAMBE (1) 2
Dodds 17, 58, 67 Jevons 32 M Richards 21 Spencer 79 J Richards 40, 45, 90 Att: 4,134

YESTERDAY CELTIC (1) ............ 4 DUNDEE UTD (0) 1

Hooper 23 Kayal 54 Commons 85 Murphy 90 P Rangers ....................35 Celtic .......................34 Hearts ......................35 Dundee Utd ...............35 Kilmarnock ...............35 Motherwell ...............35 Inverness CT .............34 Hibernian ..................35 St Johnstone .............35 Aberdeen ..................35 St Mirren ..................34 Hamilton...................34 Russell 90 Att: 48,599 W 27 26 18 15 13 13 10 10 9 10 7 3 D 3 5 9 10 9 6 11 7 10 5 8 11 L F 5 77 3 74 8 52 10 49 13 51 16 39 13 44 18 38 16 20 20 36 19 32 20 21 A 28 19 36 47 47 51 41 55 43 55 55 56 Pts 84 83 63 55 48 45 41 37 37 35 29 20

FORFAR (1) ........... 2 PETERHEAD (0) ..1

Smith 35 Sellars 66 Winters 80 Wyness 64 Att: 448 Walker 42 Att: 1,549 McAllister 5 (pen), 45, 90 (pen) W D L F A Pts 24 7 4 76 32 79 18 5 12 62 54 59 17 7 11 50 48 58 14 12 9 62 45 54 14 9 12 75 58 51 13 8 14 50 58 47 11 6 18 52 70 39 9 9 17 48 68 36 9 8 18 43 59 35 5 11 19 47 73 26

LIVINGSTON (0) .... 1 DUMBARTON (1) 1 STENHSMUIR (1) .. 1 BRECHIN (2).......3

Devlin 27 Att: 672 P Livingston (C) ............35 Ayr ...........................35 Forfar.......................35 Brechin ....................35 East Fife ...................35 Airdrie Utd ................35 Dumbarton................35 Alloa ........................35 Stenhousemuir ..........35 Peterhead (R) ............35

ROCHDALE (1) ...... 2 PETERBORO (1)..2 SWINDON (0) ........ 0 OLDHAM (1) .......2 WALSALL (1) ......... 2 CHARLTON (0) ....0
Grigg 34, Gray 78

SHEFF UTD (1) ...... 2 BARNSLEY (1) ....2

Lowton 39 Haynes 15, 84 Williamson 59 Att: 22,366 Shefeld United are relegated.

ADKINS: Crunch game

WATFORD (0) ........ 0 QPR (0) ..............2

Att: 15,538 P QPR (C) ....................45 Norwich ....................44 Cardiff......................44 Swansea ...................45 Reading ....................45 Nottm Forest ............45 Leeds .......................45 Millwall.....................45 Burnley.....................45 Hull ..........................45 Leicester ..................45 Ipswich .....................45 Watford ....................45 Bristol City ...............45 Portsmouth...............44 Middlesbrough ..........44 Coventry ...................45 Barnsley ...................45 Derby .......................45 Crystal Palace ...........45 Doncaster .................45 Sheff Utd (R) .............45 Scunthorpe (R) ..........45 Preston (R) ...............45 Taarabt 77 Smith 90 W D L F 24 16 5 70 22 14 8 80 23 10 11 75 23 8 14 65 19 17 9 75 19 15 11 66 18 15 12 79 18 13 14 62 18 13 14 64 16 17 12 52 18 10 17 72 18 8 19 60 16 13 16 76 16 9 20 59 15 12 17 52 15 11 18 62 14 12 19 52 13 14 18 54 13 10 22 57 12 12 21 44 11 15 19 55 11 9 25 44 12 5 28 42 9 12 24 51 A 30 56 50 42 50 50 69 47 60 48 69 64 68 65 58 68 56 66 69 66 78 75 86 78 Pts 88 80 79 77 74 72 69 67 67 65 64 62 61 57 57 56 54 53 49 48 48 42 41 39

YEOVIL (3) ............ 4 COLCHESTER (1) 2

Alcock 15, Tutte 22 Vincent 43 Bowditch 44 Mooney 63 Welsh 64 Att: 3,797 P W D L F A Brighton (C) ..............45 28 10 7 84 39 Southampton ............44 26 8 10 80 36 Hudderseld .............45 25 11 9 73 44 Peterborough ............45 22 10 13101 75 MK Dons...................45 22 8 15 65 59 Bournemouth ............45 19 14 12 74 52 Leyton Orient ............45 18 13 14 67 61 Exeter ......................45 19 10 16 64 72 Rochdale ..................45 17 14 14 61 54 Brentford .................45 17 9 19 51 58 Carlisle.....................45 16 11 18 60 60 Colchester ................45 15 14 16 55 62 Sheff Wed.................45 16 10 19 66 65 Charlton ...................45 15 13 17 62 66 Tranmere ..................45 15 11 19 53 58 Oldham.....................45 13 17 15 52 58 Yeovil .......................45 15 11 19 54 66 Hartlepool ................45 15 11 19 47 65 Notts County.............45 14 7 24 45 59 Walsall .....................45 12 12 21 55 72 Dag & Red ................45 12 11 22 52 65 Bristol Rovers ...........45 11 12 22 47 80 Plymouth .................44 15 7 22 49 67 Swindon (R)...............45 8 14 23 48 72 Pts 94 86 86 76 74 71 67 67 65 60 59 59 58 58 56 56 56 56 49 48 47 45 42 38

SOUTHEND (1) ...... 1 BURTON ALB (1) 1

Corr 3 P Chestereld (P) .........45 Bury (P) ....................45 Wycombe ..................45 Shrewsbury ...............45 Accrington ................45 Torquay ....................45 Stevenage .................45 Gillingham ................45 Port Vale ..................45 Rotherham ................45 Oxford Utd ................45 Crewe.......................45 Southend ..................45 Aldershot ..................45 Maccleseld .............45 Bradford...................45 Morecambe...............45 Cheltenham ..............45 Burton Albion ............45 Northampton.............45 Hereford ...................45 Lincoln City ...............45 Barnet ......................45 Stockport (R) ............45 Malone 28 Att: 5,730 W D L F 23 14 8 82 23 11 11 79 21 14 10 66 21 13 11 69 18 18 9 72 17 18 10 73 18 14 13 59 17 17 11 66 17 14 14 54 16 15 14 72 17 12 16 58 17 11 17 82 16 13 16 61 13 19 13 51 14 12 19 58 15 7 23 42 13 12 20 53 13 12 20 55 12 14 19 55 10 19 16 61 12 16 17 49 13 8 24 45 11 12 22 57 9 13 23 47 A 50 47 49 49 54 50 42 54 48 59 57 64 53 54 72 63 71 76 69 70 65 78 77 95 Pts 83 80 77 76 72 68 68 68 65 63 63 62 61 58 54 52 51 51 50 49 49 47 45 40

NX[[fZbfe \[^\f]^cfip
GARY WADDOCK hailed his sides best away performance of the season as Wycombe made themselves favourites for the nal automatic promotion place with a 3-1 triumph at Bury. Gareth Ainsworths header and a second-half brace from Ben Strevens cancelled out the hosts early opener from Ryan Lowes penalty. Waddock said: When we went a goal down, we didnt panic. Promotion is in our own hands. Shrewsbury kept the pressure on Wycombe with a 1-0 win at Cheltenham thanks to Mark Wrights early goal. Barnet must beat Port Vale and hope Lincoln fail to win their nal game if they are to preserve their Football League status after losing 3-1 at Accrington. Lincoln were beaten 2-1 at Oxford despite taking an early lead.
DIVIDENDS With Ten score draws and Two no-score draws, the dividend forecast is Moderate. No claims are required for half-time draws.

Irn-Bru Division One

COWDENBTH (0) ... 1 STIRLING (0) ......0
Crawford 79 Att: 415

Irn-Bru Division Three

ALBION (0)............ 1 ANNAN ATH (1) ..... 3 CLYDE (0) ............. 0 ELGIN (1) .............. 3 MONTROSE (3) ..... 3
P Arbroath (C) ..............35 Albion.......................35 Annan Athletic...........35 Queens Park .............35 Stranraer ..................35 Berwick ....................35 Elgin.........................35 Montrose ..................35 Clyde ........................35 East Stirling ..............35

DUNDEE (0) .......... 3 PARTICK (0) .......2

Forsyth 59, 62 Lockwood 71 (pen) Stewart 68 Doolan 90 Att: 7,746 Flynn 90 Att: 4,143

FALKIRK (0) .......... 0 ROSS CNTY (0) ...1 MORTON (0) ......... 0 DUNFERMLNE (1)2
McDougall 8 Graham 51 Att: 4,626

STRANRAER (0) ..0 ARBROATH (0)....0 QUEENS PARK (1)2 BERWICK (2) ......2 E STIRLING (0) ...0
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RAITH (0) .............. 0 QN OF STH (0)....1

McMenamin 90 Att: 2,001

BLUE SQUARE BET NORTH: AFC Telford 3 Harrogate Tn 0, Alfreton T 3 Nuneaton 2, Boston Utd 2 Vauxhall M 0, Corby 1 Hyde 2, Droylsden 2 Gloucester 4, Guiseley 2 Eastwood Tn 2, Solihull M 0 Gainsboro 2, Stalybridge 3 Stafford R 2, Worcester 1 Blyth Spar 0, Workington 3 Hinckley Utd 1. SOUTH: Bishops Stortford 2 Dorchester 1, Boreham W 3 Lewes 0, Bromley 0 Eastleigh 2, Chelmsford 3 Hampton & R 1, Dover 4 St Albans 1, Ebbseet United 1 Woking 1, Farnboro 3 Thurrock 2, Havant & W 1 Staines Tn 1, Maidenhead Utd 2 Dartford 3, Welling 4 Basingstoke 0, Westonsuper-Mare 2 Braintree Tn 1. RYMANPrem: AFC Hornchurch 2 Maidstone Utd 0, Billericay 1 Sutton Utd 0, Bury Tn 1 Wealdstone 0, Carshalton Ath 2 Hendon 1, Concord R 3 Croydon 0, Folkestone Invicta 1 Lowestoft Tn 4, Harrow Borough 1 Cray Wanderers 1, Hastings Utd 2 Aveley 3, Horsham 0 Tonbridge As 2, Margate 3 Kingstonian 3, Tooting & Mitcham 1 Canvey Isl 2. THE WELSH PREMIER: Aberystwyth 1 Carmarthen 0, Airbus UK 0 Newtown 3, Bala Tn 2 Haverfordwest 0, Bangor City 1 The New Saints FC 0, Llanelli 2 Port Talbot 3, Neath 1 Prestatyn Tn 1. SCOT-ADS HIGHLAND: Buckie T 2 Turriff U 0, Forres Mechs 2 Huntly 2, Fort William 0 Keith 3, Fraserburgh 2 Nairn Cnty 2, Inverurie L Ws 4 Clachnacuddin 0, Strathspey Thistle 0 Cove Rangers 4, Wick Academy 1 Deveronvale 3. IRISH LGEPrem: Ballymena 1 Glenavon 0, Donegal Celtic 1 Dungannon Swifts 2, Glentoran 2 Crusaders 2, Lineld 1 Portadown 0, Lisburn Distillery 4 Cliftonville 3, Newry 0 Coleraine 2. Div 1: Ards 4 Glebe Rangers 3, Ballinamallard Utd 2 Institute 0, Banbridge Tn 3 Carrick 2, Bangor 2 Loughgall 1, H & W Welders 1 Ballymoney Utd 2, Larne 0 Dergview 2.


(7.45pm unless stated) TODAY npower Championship Cardiff v Middlesbrough (5.15) ....................... Portsmouth v Norwich ................................... npower League One Plymouth v Southampton (3pm) ..................... Clydesdale Bank Premier League St Mirren v Hamilton (3pm) ........................... TOMORROW UEFA Champions Lge Semi Final Second Leg Barcelona (2) v Real Madrid (0) ..................... WEDNESDAY UEFA Champions Lge Semi Final Second Leg Man Utd (2) v Schalke (0) ............................. Clydesdale Bank Premier League Inverness CT v Celtic (6pm) ........................... THURSDAY Europa League Semi Final Second Leg Braga (1) v Benfica (2) (8.05) ....................... Villarreal (1) v Porto (5) (8.05)....................... Blue Square Bet Premier Play-Offs Semi-Final 1st Leg: Wrexham v Luton FRIDAY Blue Square Bet Premier Play-Offs Semi-Final 1st Leg: Fleetwood Tn v AFC Wimbledon. SATURDAY (3pm unless stated) Barclays Premier League Aston Villa v Wigan ....................................... Bolton v Sunderland...................................... Everton v Man City ........................................ Newcastle v Birmingham ............................... Tottenham v Blackpool (5.30) ........................ West Ham v Blackburn .................................. npower Championship Barnsley v Millwall (12.45) ............................ Bristol City v Hull (12.45) .............................. Burnley v Cardiff (12.45) ............................... Crystal Palace v Notts Forest (12.45) ............. Leicester v Ipswich (12.45)............................ Middlesbrough v Doncaster (12.45) ............... Norwich v Coventry (12.45) ........................... Preston v Watford (12.45) ............................. QPR v Leeds (12.45) .................................... Reading v Derby (12.45) ............................... Scunthorpe v Portsmouth (12.45) .................. Swansea v Sheffield Utd (12.45) ................... npower League One Bournemouth v Rochdale .............................. Carlisle v Yeovil............................................. Charlton v Hartlepool..................................... Colchester v Bristol Rovers............................. Huddersfield v Brentford ................................ Notts County v Brighton................................. Oldham v Milton Keynes Dons........................ Peterborough v Dag & Redbridge .................... Plymouth v Leyton Orient ............................... Sheffield Wednesday v Exeter ........................ Southampton v Walsall .................................. Tranmere v Swindon...................................... npower League Two Barnet v Port Vale......................................... Bradford v Crewe .......................................... Burton Albion v Accrington Stanley ................. Chesterfield v Gillingham ............................... Lincoln City v Aldershot ................................. Macclesfield v Hereford ................................. Morecambe v Northampton ........................... Rotherham v Torquay .................................... Shrewsbury v Oxford Utd................................ Stevenage v Bury .......................................... Stockport v Cheltenham ................................ Wycombe v Southend ................................... Clydesdale Bank Premier League Aberdeen v St Johnstone ............................... Dundee Utd v Motherwell .............................. Hamilton v Hibernian..................................... Inverness CT v St Mirren ................................ Rangers v Hearts (12.15) .............................. Irn-Bru Division One Dunfermline v Falkirk..................................... Partick v Raith .............................................. Queen of the South v Dundee........................ Ross County v Cowdenbeath .......................... Stirling v Morton ........................................... Irn-Bru Division Two Airdrie Utd v East Fife .................................... Alloa v Livingston .......................................... Brechin v Ayr ................................................ Dumbarton v Forfar ....................................... Peterhead v Stenhousemuir ........................... Irn-Bru Scottish Division Three Arbroath v Elgin ............................................ Berwick v Albion ........................................... East Stirling v Annan Athletic ......................... Queens Park v Montrose............................... Stranraer v Clyde .......................................... FA Trophy Final: Darlington v Manseld.



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1 35 3 SD

3 36 1 A

1 37 1 A

2 38 1 H

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2 40 3 SD

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2 45 1 H

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1 48 1 A

2 49 1 A

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Olsson: Dont look back in anger

MARTIN OLSSON told Rovers to forget the past and focus on the future after his goal took them a massive step closer to Premier League safety.


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

SMART MART: Cool Olsson gives Blackburn Rovers their victory



By Ian Bayley

1 0


Swede Olsson believes it is time just what it is that weve got to do to everyone moved on and that includes stay in this division. those fans who hanker for the return of Kean, meanwhile, said the pressure former manager Sam Allardyce. of watching his side slip down the table Home supporters applauded those has taken its toll. Bolton fans who chanted the name of He said: I wish we had been safe Allardyce, controversially sacked last weeks ago and we could think about December by the clubs new owners, strengthening. But I havent looked at Venkys. But after poaching the goal one list, or been on a scouting mission, which earned Rovers their rst victory because I know we had to get the in 11 league matches, Olsson backed points. As soon as we are safe, we can current boss Steve Kean to ll Big start making our plans for next season. Sams sizeable shoes. And we are one step closer now. Olsson claims Kean, 43, is growing Theres a cycle of change whenever into the managers role despite a tough a new manager comes in; it just takes induction that has seen Rovers slide time. But we are nearly there. from mid-table into relegation trouble. Bolton manager Owen Coyle blamed Ive nothing bad to say about Sam defeat on injuries and tired legs at the Allardyce, said Olsson. Hes a good end of a topsy-turvy April, during manager and did a good job here. But I which they effectively ended Arsenals think Steve Kean can do better or the title ambitions but were humiliated in same. Hes a good manager and he just their FA Cup semi-nal against Stoke needs time. at Wembley. You have to move on. You cant They were well below-par, but Coyle think about the past. Whats happened has taken Wanderers from relegation has happened. We are all old enough to candidates to a probable top-eight move on. Thats football. It has not nish inside 16 months. been just the managers fault, its us He said: We have already improved players as well. on our points tally from last season but We could feel the fans frustration we want to nish as high as we can. when we kept losing and not scoring. Where we have progressed from is So this was probably my most vital incredible. We have spent very little goal. I just hit it. Its a long time since compared to some clubs below us Ive done a toe-poke but it went in and spending 15 or 20million. You have to Im happy. Ive had loads of balance the situation of how youre chances before so I just feel trying to improve. We havent got huge good it went in. It means we numbers and that will hurt us at go into the next game much times, but it is down to nance. We stronger mentally. We just have to work within our budget. need one more win now. BLACKBURN (4-4-2): Robinson 6; Salgado 6 Supporters have been (Diouf 76), Samba 6, P Jones 7, Givet 6; Emerton 6, Nzonzi 6, J Jones 7, Olsson 8; Roberts bemoaning the lack of a 6 (Pedersen 79), Benjani 6 (Kalinic 64, hands-on approach by 6). Booked: P Jones, J Jones. Goal: the clubs new Indian Olsson 22. owners as the BOLTON (4-4-2): Bogdan 6; Ewood crisis Robinson 6, Wheater 5, Knight 6, gathered, but Cahill 6; Gardner 6; Moreno 6 (Lee 60, 6), Cohen 6, Taylor 7 Olsson says (Petrov 69, 6); Elmander 5 their lack of (Klasnic 69, 5), K Davies 6. attendance Booked: Davies. has not been a Referee: M Dean (Wirral). critical factor. They came in to see the players in December or January and that was it, he added. There was nothing else. But we have got very experienced players here and we dont need to hear from the owners. We all know just MAKING A FIST OF IT: what trouble we Kean is so happy are in. We are old with three points enough to know

N\befn n_Xkn\ _Xm\kf[f kfjkXp`e k_\[`m`j`fe


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011





1 1

WOLVES edged closer to a return to Championship football after failing to take advantage of 10-man Birmingham in an explosive relegation derby.
OH NO: Kenwyne Jones cannot believe his miss
Steven Fletchers penalty put Wolves into a fth-minute lead, but they could not hold on to it. Seb Larsson equalised and even with Birmingham a man down for 61 minutes after Craig Gardner had been sent off for two yellow cards, they could not capitalise. Wolves have taken only two points out of the last 15 and time is running out. A victory in Sundays Black Country derby with West Brom at Molineux is looking vital. Even with the rest of the teams around them not taking steps towards safety, Wolves are failing to take advantage. Given their away form only two wins and their history of not having won a top-ight game at Birmingham for 30 years, it was perhaps too much to look for the start of a revival here. But they need to get it going. If wed had loads of chances when Birmingham were down to 10 men, Id say it was an opportunity squandered, said manager Mick McCarthy. But we didnt. Birmingham are pretty adept at being hard to play against. We had a good start and not just the penalty but if our season is going to hinge on mistakes then we had another one which let Birmingham off the hook. Birmingham are just keeping themselves out of serious trouble, four points clear of the bottom three and ve clear of Wolves. Resilience is part of their team ethic and they used it again to recover from the crisis lumped on them by both goalkeeper Ben Foster and Gardner. Foster was trying too hard to retrieve the situation when he gave away the early penalty. His poor kick went straight to Matt Jarvis, who played in Stephen Ward. Foster brought him down and was sent the wrong way from the spot by Fletcher. Foster escaped with a booking and Birmingham set about retrieving the situation. They believed they had won a penalty when Richard Stearman brought down Gardner, but referee Kevin Friend gave a free-kick less than a foot outside the area and Larsson lashed the ball against the bar. Larsson was unlucky then, but precise after 27 minutes. Foster went some way to redeeming

Holloway in running for bosss prize

TONY PULIS is a real contender to prevent Sir Alex Ferguson running away with his third Manager of the Year award. But the boss of FA Cup nalists Stoke City has a better idea. If Blackpool stay up, then you have got to give it to Ian Holloway, he said. Theres no question about that. There is such a big difference between the people who have and those who havent. In this country we never look at that but we should do. There are clubs with millions to spend and can pay players 100,000 a week. Then you have the likes of Ian, who has the smallest budget in the league. To grind the results out that he does is great. And if he stays up, you have got to give it to him. Whatever happens, Ian will drive them on and they will do their best. If they stay up, it will be brilliant. If they dont, then theyll be a lot stronger to push on and get promoted again. Yesterday, the Seasiders unveiled a giant bronze statue to long-time servant and former Daily Express correspondent Jimmy Armeld. Perhaps if Blackpool stay up they can melt down the football and make a life-size tribute to Holloway, whose task looks monumental. After this draw, courtesy of an horrendous miss by Kenwyne Jones, only two points have been picked up from three home games. And now there are journeys to Tottenham and Manchester United either side of a visit from Bolton. Defender Ian Evatt is not deterred, though. He said: In many ways, this game, where it was windy and

By Matthew Dunn

0 0

BLUE GLOOM: Craig Gardner, centre, cannot believe referee Kevin Friend is sending him off for diving

the pitch was bobbly, was the hardest in the run-in, he said. All the conditions suited Stoke, but we kept a clean sheet. I thought before today that four points would be enough. If we cannot win next week, we have got the game against Bolton and ngers crossed we will get them there. But we believe we can beat every team so there is no reason why we cannot go to Old Trafford and win there. Possibly trips to White Hart Lane and United suit us. We can spread out and play like we did at Aneld and Manchester City. We played really well, and it is the underdog spirit that brings out the best in our team. Hopefully that will be the case next week. Over the last few months we have let things slide a bit. A lot of talking needed to be done on the training ground and we have ironed out problems. And now we are coming back to form. In many ways, this is such a big pressure pot that maybe we got to the stage where we were looking over our shoulders too much. Other teams results were beginning to affect us, but we need to concentrate on our own jobs. And next week we can go out on a lovely pitch at a lovely stadium.
BLACKPOOL (4-3-3): Gilks 5; Eardley 6, Evatt 8, Baptiste 6, Crainey 7; Southern 6, Adam 5, Vaughan 7; Phillips 5 (Varney 73, 6), Taylor-Fletcher 6 (Kornilenko 73, 6), Campbell 6. STOKE (4-4-2): Begovic 6; Wilkinson 6 (Shotton 56, 5), Huth 7, Shawcross 6, Wilson 6; Pennant 7 (Diao 90), Whitehead 6, Whelan 7, Delap 6 (Carew 81); Walters 6, Jones 5. REFEREE: M Clattenburg (Tyne & Wear).

Wolves need to become predators

himself with a long clearance that Wolves defender Michael Mancienne mis-headed straight to Larsson, who cut inside and scored with a powerful shot. When Gardner was sent off two minutes later, yellow-carded for diving after Jody Craddock had tackled him, adding to his booking for a row with Jamie OHara, it took the momentum out of Birminghams game plan. Kevin Phillips was taken off for Jean Beausejour in a tactical switch that gave the Blues a defensive bank of four in mideld but sacriced their chances of winning. I said at half-time that if we couldnt win this game, dont lose it, said manager Alex McLeish. I thought the players, with their resilience and character, were magnicent. McLeish also revealed that David Bentley left the ground before kick-off when he was told he was not even on the bench. Players have left before in a huff, said McLeish. I expect him to be in training tomorrow. While Bentley headed for home, Gardner was in the dressing room apologising to team-mates for being sent off. Gardner dived, hed already got a booking, so that leaves you treading on thin ice, said McLeish. But I thought he was diving to get out the way
Referee: K Friend (Leicestershire).

because he had been booted three or four times before that. Including Gardners two yellows and a red, seven cards were handed out by Friend, who had a tough rst half. The tackles were erce, but the anger drained away towards the end, just as Wolves hopes are drying up.

BIRMINGHAM (4-4-2): Foster 6; Carr 6, Jiranek 6, Johnson 7, Ridgewell 6; Larsson 8, Ferguson 6, Gardner 5, Bowyer 6; Phillips 5 (Beausejour 27, 5), Jerome 5. Booked: Foster, Gardner. Sent off: Gardner 29. Goal: Larsson 27. WOLVES (4-4-2): Hennessey 6; Stearman 5 (Hammill 46, 5), Craddock 6, Mancienne 5, Elokobi 6; Foley 5, Henry 6, OHara 5, Jarvis 5 (Hunt 66, 5); Fletcher 6, Ward 6 (Vokes 82, 5). Booked: OHara, Craddock, Henry. Goal: Fletcher 5.

Just call me a cheetah, never a

By John Wragg
sessions with a psychologist in a bid to prevent him dwelling on missed chances. He showed me an image of a running cheetah and said that he sees that in me, that I change direction and am quick, he said. Cheetahs have the belief in their speed and quality to catch something. That means when they lose one they are not scared because they are going


PETER ODEMWINGIE wants it known he is a cheetah, not a cheater. The accusation that Odemwingie tried to cheat West Brom to the win that made them virtually safe in the Premier League was levelled by Aston Villa players, chiey Luke Young. They claimed he dived to win the free-kick from which he brought West Brom back into the game but Odemwingie defended himself and instead explained how he has scored 14 goals in his debut season in English football. He has had

2 1

to get the next one. He said to put that in my mind and dont be too worried. It has been working for a striker whose goals have all come in the league, taking West Brom into a second successive season in the top ight for only the second time in their yo-yo history. Some would say the Albion board have liked this existence, raking in Championship parachute money and spending just enough to get into the Premier League again and enjoy its riches. They spent two years in the top ight from 2004 to

2006 remember the Great Escape of Bryan Robsons management era? but mostly it has been a routine cycle. Odemwingies goals and Roy Hodgsons management means Albion ght again and are even on course for a top-10 nish. And they beat Aston Villa for the rst time in 26 years to set up all this from a goal down and with 10 men after Paul Scharner had been sent off. I knew how important this game was for our supporters, said Odemwingie, who joined from Lokomotiv Moscow. Most importantly we got the three

No show and no hope



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011


Board wont get behind Hammers



MANCHESTER City fans have a celebration in which they face away from the pitch but it was the West Ham board who turned their backs on their team yesterday.
The clubs co-chairmen David Gold and David Sullivan, vice-chair Karren Brady and honorary president Terence Brown all stayed away as West Ham edged closer to relegation and ushered City towards the Champions League. Sullivan, who questioned the commitment of some of his players in the build-up to the game, last night refused to comment on the no-show other than to say: Well be there for the last three games. West Hams defence did not turn up either, which enabled City supporters to enjoy themselves by doing The Poznan. It is copied from Polish club Lech Poznan and involves standing facing away from the pitch then bouncing up and down. It demonstrated a lot more co-ordination than West Ham showed as they conceded two goals in the rst 14 minutes. And in a metaphor for his season, Hammers coach Avram Grant threw his notes on to the bench and the wind scattered them all over the pitch. They were probably blank anyway. The result entrenched City in fourth place, seven points clear of Liverpool and Tottenham, and left West Ham at the foot of the table. It also increased the suspicion that there is more to City manager Roberto Mancini than oppy hair and doe eyes and considerably less to Grant than his CV suggested. Italian Mancinis arrival at Eastlands was a result of the messy dismissal of Mark Hughes and, to begin with, his results were no better than his predecessors. He promoted dull tactics lacking courage but City climbed into the

HAMMER BLOWS: West Ham midelder Jonathan Spector, left, looks distraught after Nigel de Jong, below, res Manchester City ahead. Demba Ba, above, pulls one back after half an hour

top four after ve games and have stayed there ever since. In contrast, alarming stories have been emerging of Grants reluctance to say or do anything much to rouse or reorganise his troops when necessary. It is accepted that Scott Parkers ferocious half-time rollicking inspired the team to ght back from 3-0 down to seize a point at West Brom in February so why had Grant left a vacuum that the captain needed to ll? Yesterday, Grant looked on with his usual mournful countenance as West Ham imploded. Citys rst goal, after 10 minutes, arrived when Aleksandar Kolarovs

corner from the left ricocheted out of the West Ham area off Thomas Hitzlsperger, to where the lurking Nigel de Jong instantly spanked the ball back beyond Robert Greens despairing dive. Four minutes later Green was beaten again. Pablo Zableta played a one-two with David Silva and galloped clear on the right. His shot had Green beaten and Lars Jacobsen, sliding in as he tried to clear, succeeded only in helping the ball over the line. Robbie Keane should have pulled one back on the half-hour when he found himself clean through but Joe Hart, who has replaced Green as Englands goalkeeper, showed how

it should be done by diving at Keanes feet and blocking a pointblank shot with his legs. Two minutes later, though, Demba Ba gave the Hammers hope, spinning to stab the ball home after City had survived convincing handball appeals against Joleon Lescott. But Mario Balotelli hit the bar and had a shot cleared off the line by James Tomkins as City dominated the second half. Mancini said: At the start of the season our target was the Champions League and now we are in a good position and also playing in the FA Cup nal. We did a good job but we will not relax until the end of the season

because we must try to get the maximum points available. Grant said: We need to win at home to Blackburn next Saturday. We need to take the points, there is no doubt about that. I thought we deserved more today and there were positives for us, but there are only three games left.
MANCHESTER CITY (4-2-2-1-1): Hart 7; Zabaleta 8, Kompany 7, Lescott 7, Kolarov 8; De Jong 7(Milner 45, 7), Barry 8 (Dzeko 73, 5); A Johnson 6, Silva 7; Y Toure 7; Balotelli 7. Booked: Zabaleta, Johnson. Goals: De Jong 10, Zabaleta 14. WEST HAM (4-4-1-1): Green 5; Jacobsen 5, Tomkins 5, Upson 6 (Da Costa 25, 5), Gabbidon 4; Sears 6, Spector 5, Hitzlsperger 6, Boa Morte 3 (Obinna 78, 5); Keane 6 (Cole 65, 5); Ba 7. Booked: Gabbidon. Goal: Ba 32. Referee: H Webb (S Yorkshire).

cheat says Odemwingie

points which made the situation more clear to us that the future is bright. West Brom went one down to Abdoulaye Meites own goal after four minutes and had Scharner sent off for two yellow cards after just over an hour. It was his rst dismissal in English football and he now wants the red card off referee Phil Dowd signed so he can frame it. Odemwingie equalised from a contested free-kick he won and, after Villa had weakened themselves by taking off one of their most effective players Nigel Reo-Coker and replaced him with the near stationary Robert Pires, Youssuf Mulumbu won it six minutes from time. Odemwingie said of his goal: Villa were unhappy but I clearly felt contact. Some of their defenders were complaining but it is not my style to dive. Hodgson believes that Odemwingie can improve with a second Premier League season, something that also applies to West Brom. He has done extremely well. There is progression in him. said Hodgson. Id like to think we can improve him as a player. What most teams fear is second season Premier League syndrome. It has been a great achievement, but it might be a greater achievement to stay up.
WEST BROM (4-5-1): Carson 6; Jara 6 (Tamas 60, 5), Meite 6, Olsson 6, Shorey 6; Vela 6 (Fortune 75, 5), Scharner 5, Mulumbu 7, Cox 6, Morrison 6; Odemwingie 7 (Tchoyi 90, 5). Sent off: Scharner 62. Booked: Scharner, Tamas, Mulumbu. Goals: Odemwingie 60, Mulumbu 84. ASTON VILLA (4-4-2): Friedel 6; Walker 6, Collins 6, Dunne 6 (Clark 60, 5), L Young 6; Downing 8, Petrov 7 (Albrighton 85, 5), Reo-Coker 7, (Pires 67, 5), A Young 6; Agbonlahor 5, Bent 5. Booked: Agbonlahor. Goal: Meite 4og. Referee: P Dowd (Staffs).

MAKING IT SAFE: Youssuf Mulumbu lofts the ball over Brad Friedel to virtually ensure another season in the top ight for West Brom



Daily Express Monday May 2 2011

Its all trouble


FOY: Turned down appeals

Fergie fumes its just not fair


FROM BACK PAGE a ve-match touchline ban for hitting out at referee Martin Atkinson after the Premier League defeat at Chelsea and has once again questioned the standard of ofciating ahead of the Blues trip to Old Trafford on Sunday. He said: Were not going to get decisions like that in a major game. It was too big a game. We dont seem to get these decisions. Arsenal should have been awarded a penalty of their own, but referee Chris Foy did not see Nemanja Vidic clearly handle a Theo Walcott cross. But Ferguson chose to concentrate on his sides misfortune and the controversial decisions that handed Chelsea a 2-1 victory over Tottenham on Saturday. Obviously it gives Chelsea a major chance now and thats what happens. They got great decisions yesterday. We never seem to get these kind of decisions. They got one to win the League at Old Trafford last season, so thats a worry. We go into these kind of games worrying about these kind of things. The Arsenal penalty claim was difcult for anyone to see. A mere ick of the ball. You dont really expect the linesman or the referee to see that. But the Owen incident was a clear penalty kick. Clichy knew, he put his hands up in horror. But were not going to get the decisions in these big games, Im afraid. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes his teams penalty claim against Vidic was clearer than Uniteds appeal. You can give a penalty for Owen as well, but I feel it is less obvious than the Vidic one by far, he said. Arsenal are now six points behind United and, on their slim title chances, Wenger added: You never know, but the best position remains Manchester United, with Chelsea second.

AA ASSISTANCE: Aaron Ramsey scores and shakes up the race for the title

Better late than never even if treasure hunt is over

JACK WILSHERE left the eld here stripped to the waist, just as he had done at Bolton a week earlier. At the Reebok Stadium, it was a symbol of dejection after Arsenal slid limply out of the title race. This time, it was an act of pure joy and relief because he and his team-mates celebrated this victory as if they were still in the thick of the battle themselves rather than merely rolling hand-grenades into the narrowing territory between Manchester United and Chelsea. Cavorting and cuddling in the spring sunshine used to be a regular occurrence for Arsenal players back in the last days of Highbury, when the pots still came tumbling through the door. There has been no glint of silverware since the move to the Emirates, but it was easy to understand why the whole place erupted and indulged in a taste of the next best thing yesterday. This was a match Arsenal had to win, however critical it was to Uniteds chances of claiming the championship. The fact that they did it by being tough, persistent and patient as well as by playing the better football was surely as much their cause for celebration as the win itself. It cannot by itself wipe out the



frustrations of another season of underachievement. Nor will it erase the structural problems which have condemned Arsene Wenger to so much touchline hysteria over recent weeks. Its a fair question too to wonder why they summoned up this kind of determination only once the demands of battling for the big prize had gone. But on a day when Arsenal also had no choice but to dig into their core and rediscover something about themselves, they came up with a positive and deant answer that may be used to nourish their self-belief over the summer of restoration to come. As a bonus, there was the promising coming together in mideld of Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey which may provide succour for the fans once the speculation about Cesc Fabregas begins once again. The alternative to this victory, of course, would have been to conrm every headline and every phone-in rant accusing Arsenal of

akiness and softness. The collapse they had endured since their defeat in the Carling Cup nal had to be brought to an end before it began infecting the advance into next season. And even Wenger, for all his love of football renement and his bafement about the latest failures, knew that it was time for his team to plant a ag in the sand again. True enough, United werent close to the peak of form they touched in the Champions League last week. But how satisfying it must have been for Wenger that, on this occasion, he thwarted Sir Alex Fergusons regular ploy of letting Arsenal have the early ball, then stiletto-ing them later. Arsenal beat United for the rst time since 2008 because, this time, they were too strong and determined to fall for that ploy again. For a long spell, it seemed that Fergusons team would be able to underpin their diminished form with an inner condence that allowed them to accept Arsenals pressure without too much worry. The latest escape of Nemanja Vidic from detection by ofcialdom when he clearly handled in the box reinforced the idea that United knew they could simply bide their time while Arsenal blew themselves out

again. That is a familiar anxiety at the Emirates. But on this occasion Ramsey nished beautifully after a sweeping move which typied all the verve and eagerness Wenger wants from his teams. Then, for a welcome instance of determination, Andrey Arshavin clattered Antonio Valencia with a tackle that halted a United raid down the right. Laurent Koscielny did the same to stop Wayne Rooney just as he was about to thunder off through the middle. Just beforehand, Wojciech Szczesny had pulled off a superb save from Nani. Just doing their job, you might say. And an easier act to perform with the pressure of competing for the title removed, perhaps. United have the added weight of the Champions League to deal with as well. But no side are more dangerous in the later stages of a game and a huge part of home satisfaction must have been that they stopped it happening again. With Manchester City on their tail for the third automatic Champions League place, the Gunners season isnt quite done with yet, anyway. One-Nil to the Arsenal doesnt t the present philosophy of the club, but it did just ne yesterday.

and squeak


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011




FALL GUY: Michael Owens penalty claims are rejected


1 0

OLE: Suarez rounds it off with Liverpools third goal

WHEN Sir Alex Ferguson predicted there would be twists and turns yet in the title race he was praying it was not his Manchester United players who were left on tenterhooks.
As he made his quick dart from Stamford Bridge a few minutes before Chelseas late winner on Saturday, he must have thought it was as good as over providing United could continue their good recent record against Arsenal. Even Salomon Kalous controversial winner for Chelsea would not have mattered much had United risen to Fergusons challenge to close in on their 19th title in the grand manner. Now, instead, it looks as if they might face an unseemly scramble if they are to go past the record they share with Liverpool. Given Chelseas mid-season troubles and Arsenals poor run recently, United should really have been home and hosed by now. They were 15 points ahead of Chelsea on March 1. However, if the Blues continue a charge up the nishing straight with success at Old Trafford next Sunday, the two sides will be all square on points with just two games to go but with Chelsea leading on goal difference. As Ferguson so indelicately put it himself some years ago, squeaky bum time indeed. Aaron Ramseys rst goal for 16 months not only completed a rehabilitation from his horric leg break, restored battered pride and showed these Gunners are more than capable of winning without their injured skipper Cesc Fabregas. It also made his side unusually popular down SW6 way. Old Trafford holds fewer fears for Chelsea than anybody. They have a better record there than anyone and will travel believing that back-to-back titles are still in their grasp. United had lost only one of their previous 11 against Arsenal but could have no complaints yesterday. They had left their legs in Germany and did not get going until Ramsey had slotted home after 56 minutes. They rode their luck in the rst half when the Gunners, who had played them off the park, should have had a penalty and been left facing 10 men. Nemanja Vidic stuck up his hand to take Theo Walcotts cross off Robin van Persies head. While it might have been a tough call for referee Chris Foy, his assistant Andy Garrett had a clear view but did nothing. At that stage, it looked as if it might be a familiar story for Wenger: pressure, plenty of eye-catching skills but no end product and no luck. Jack Wilshere had missed a glorious

Dalglishs men feed the greed

ANDY Carroll might have been braced for the worst, though he could still justiably feel aggrieved at being the one man singled out as greedy, greedy by the Newcastle fans. After all Liverpool, collectively, are proving themselves to be hungry for more. The sense that Kenny Dalglishs side are going places has been building almost from the moment he walked back into Aneld and a return to the Europa League is within sight. Liverpool leapfrogged Tottenham and moved up to fth yesterday with an ultimately comfortable victory. There is little doubt that the momentum now lies with Dalglish, who had the luxury of bringing on Carroll against his former club for the rst time since his 35 million move for just a low-key cameo with matters settled. Carrolls arrival on transfer deadline day took the spotlight away from Luis Suarezs 22m move, though the Uruguay striker has spent the months since stepping out of the shadow. Suarez duped the hapless Mike Williamson to earn the penalty dispatched by Dirk Kuyt, then saw his strike partner return the favour to let him round off victory. Those goals, in a six-minute spell in the second half, put paid to Newcastles hopes of the ghtback their possession had threatened to bring. Maxi Rodriguez had grabbed his fourth goal in two games with a shot that deected off Danny Simpson after Williamson had made a hash of John Flanagans cross. Yet it did not turn into another stroll with Jonas Gutierrez a constant menace on Newcastles left, aided and abetted by Jose Enrique, one of those

By Paul Joyce

3 0

chance, Walcott had lifted Gael Clichys superb cross just over and Patrice Evras last-ditch intervention stopped Wilshere from scoring. But for all that dominance, Edwin van der Sar did not have a shot to save in the rst half, even though he should have had to face a penalty when Vidic foolishly played goalkeeper with Walcotts cross. Frustration was underlined when Rooney was cautioned for bundling over Wilshere, who had controlled the mideld with an assurance way beyond his 19 years. The smart money was still on United to edge it with a breakaway and they did improve

in the second half. But then they could not have got much worse. Rooney curling free-kick was acrobatically tipped away, Javier Hernandez only just failed to connect with a Nani cross and Nani sent a free-kick just wide. Ferguson underscored his condence that United nally had a foothold in the game by sending on Antonio Valencia for the ineffective Anderson. But within a minute Ramsey steered home Van Persies cut-back after starting the move himself. Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Owen were introduced in a bid to salvage an equaliser but there was no late comeback this time. Owen tweeted recently that

there was still a big goal in him after a season he has spent largely on the sidelines. And he should have earned a penalty three minutes from time when he was sent tumbling by Clichys outstretched leg. After penalty traumas against both Liverpool and Tottenham, Arsene Wenger would have imploded if that had been given. It wasnt and Arsenal, for once, held their nerve to keep alive their own faint title hopes. But when the euphoria had subsided, the reality was that all they had done was give Chelsea a lift. If United do secure the title, it will be largely down to home form. Even if they win their last away game, at Blackburn, they will have won only six times on the road and none of them will have come against a team from the top half of the table. Bitter rivals Liverpool were the last team to win the title with so few away wins, with just ve in 1976-77. But Ferguson will be reecting that it does not matter where or when you get points, just how many you get.
ARSENAL (4-3-3): Szczesny 7; Sagna 6, Djourou 6, Koscielny 7, Clichy 6; Song 6, Wilshere 8, Ramsey 7; Walcott 7 (Eboue 78, 5), Van Persie 7, Nasri 7 (Arshavin 46, 6). Booked: Song. Goal: Ramsey 56. MAN UTD (4-4-1-1): Van der Sar 6; Fabio 6, Ferdinand, 6, Vidic 7, Evra 6; Nani 6, Anderson 5 (Valencia 55, 6), Carrick 6 (Owen 82, 5), Park 6; Rooney 6; Hernandez 5 (Berbatov, 74, 6). Booked: Rooney, Park, Fabio. Referee: C Foy (Merseyside).

Dalglish has his eye on for next season. Had the unmarked Joey Barton not put Kevin Nolans cross a yard wide 40 seconds after the interval it may have turned into a slog for Liverpool. It was a big chance, said Newcastle boss Alan Pardew. If we had scored, would Liverpool have been able to break out of that slumber we had got them in? It was largely due to a lack of cutting edge that the question went unanswered. Liverpools needs are elsewhere, but in attack they have no such concerns. Williamson was favourite to deal with Pepe Reinas huge clearance until he was robbed by Suarez on the by-line and hauled him back. It looked just outside the area, but referee Peter Walton gave a penalty and the nerveless Kuyt equalled his best Premier League haul of 12. Kuyt then set up Suarez for an easy nish with a delightful pass that bamboozled a posse of defenders to leave Liverpool on course for Europe and Dalglish closer to a permanent contract. Not that he was giving anything away. I dont know, he said, before laughing. Goalline technology will probably be in before then.
LIVERPOOL (4-4-2): Reina 6; Flanagan 7 (Shelvey 81), Carragher 8, Skrtel 7, Johnson 7; Meireles 7, Lucas 7, Spearing 7, Rodriguez 7 (Carroll 70 6); Kuyt 8, Suarez 8 (Cole 87). Booked: Flanagan. Goals: Rodriguez 10, Kuyt 59pen, Suarez 65. NEWCASTLE (4-4-2): Krul 6; Simpson 6, Williamson 5, Coloccini 6, Enrique 6 (Ferguson 90); Barton 6, Tiote 6, Nolan 6, Gutierrez 7; Ameobi 6 (Kuqi 83), Lovenkrands 6 (Ranger 74, 5). Booked: Tiote, Williamson. Referee: P Walton (Northants).


HANDS ON: Vidic somehow escapes a penalty and a sending-off


Daily Express Monday May 2 2011



Fergusons spot of fury
By Matt Law
SHAKEN AND STIRRED: Ferguson rages, but calmed down to shake hands with Arsene Wenger





SULLIVAN: Criticism

Sullivan and Co no-show

By Mick Dennis Football Correspondent
DAYS after criticising the players for a lack of commitment, not a single West Ham director turned up to watch the club at Manchester City yesterday. West Hams 2-1 defeat left them at the foot of the Premier League yet joint chairmen David Gold and David Sullivan, vice-chair Karren Brady and honorary president Terence Brown all stayed away. Last week, Sullivan said many modern players are spoilt and speculated that those who will leave at the end of the season might not want to risk injury in the remaining matches. Sullivan had never intended to attend yesterday, according to City, but they were expecting Gold, Brady and Brown. Instead, the West Ham table in the boardroom dining area went unused and their seats at the front of the directors box were left empty. Sullivan told the Daily Express: We will be there for the last three matches. MATCH REPORT: PAGE 61

SIR ALEX FERGUSON has once again risked the wrath of the FA by claiming there is a refereeing conspiracy that threatens to cost Manchester United the Premier League title.
An Aaron Ramsey goal gave Arsenal a 1-0 victory over United at the Emirates yesterday, putting Fergusons title celebrations on ice. And United were furious they were denied a late penalty when Michael Owen went down under a challenge from Gael Clichy. Were not going to get the decisions in these big games, Im afraid, said Ferguson, who was handed TURN TO PAGE 62, COLUMN 1

P MAN UTD .......35 CHELSEA ......35 ARSENAL ......35 MAN CITY .....34 LIVERPOOL ...35 GD Pts 38 38 32 22 15 73 70 67 62 55

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Sir Henry dies at 76

SIR HENRY COOPER, the man who threw the most famous punch in British boxing history when he oored Muhammad Ali, died yesterday just two days before his 77th birthday. Former British, European and Commonwealth champion Sir Henry became a national hero and Britains favourite sporting son when he sent Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, crashing to the canvas at Wembley Stadium in June 1963. That powerful left

By Frank Wiechula

hook, known as Enrys Ammer, delivered at the end of the fourth round, threatened one of the biggest upsets in boxing. Ali later quipped about the punch, which carved Sir Henrys name deep into the nations hearts, that he hit me so hard, he jarred my kinfolk in Africa. Sir Henry passed away at his sons house in Surrey. TRIBUTE TO A LEGEND: PAGE 11

SIR HENRY: True legend

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