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ccording to (erroneous anerisian) teachings about spiritual energy points, called "chakras", there is the very damn ancient (and probably also erroneous) Erisian tradition of the Shacklackas. Shackalackas are the energy centers of spiritual disorder, occurring at indeterminate areas of the body which are designated in more detail below. There are 5 major and 17 minor Shackalackas, and because the pineal gland counts twice, all in all that makes 23 Shackalackas (Dont ask! Just believe it!). Unfortunately, the tradition has been passed down so s#!*tily that I can not distinguish what is major and what is minor Schackalacka & also do not know all 23 points. Here the ones I know (The first two are definitely the main points / areas): \ pineal gland can s a ack itions: \ appendix l a k hac 5 cond S \ upper right wisdom tooth e ssum ious) a c s n \ left 4th toe (ring toe) / co e e r f ple ( blocked) ed) p \ left nipple A 1. b age ( troll scious) n b o a c \ right half of the tonsils 2. C choke ( / uncon Arti e (free ey) . 3 \ right earlobe rang (tomato O . 4 ato m o \ left sinus 5. T \ shortly left underneath the pancreas \ right synovial bursa (underneath the (right of course) kneecap) \ haemorrhoids \ bladder Stimulation of these areas is likely to have interesting consequences... All information without guarantee, as always. Risks lie with the user!

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