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17/05/2013 Playa Del Carmen

By immersing ourselves into the community projects we are in a position to support and help our partner organizations. The childcare project has been a massive success thus far. After firstly establishing good team work between the interns and I we got to know the Toy Library (Ludoteca) very well. After getting to know all the children, how the Ludoteca functions and all the Ludotecarias we were then enabled to become helpful members of the Save the Children team and promoters of their teaching methods and ideas. The principle every activity shares in common is love. We teach love by teaching the importance of values, for example, respect, responsibility or caring for the environment. We have become confident in helping with activities, daily duties and cleaning tasks at the Ludoteca. Besides the daily running and cleaning of the centre the interns and volunteers have extended themselves to cleaning fans, painting walls and taking activities home to prepare for following classes. This has in turn eased the load the Ludotecarias have been carrying of extra tasks they struggle to find the time to achieve. The Ludotecarias are grateful for the support they are receiving, the children are ecstatic to have our company and it is obvious that in time we will be able to offer more and more support.


The healthcare project has also been a massive success thus far. Alice, our first healthcare project volunteer quickly got to know how the school for special needs children is ran, along with the horse and music therapies too. She has been able to use her previous experience and studies as an occupational therapist to guide her through her weeks with the children. Alice completed a traffic project, making a car and some street signs, which enabled the students to practice road rules and to learn road safety. The children loved the project and learnt quickly from its messages. Alice also sorted out a lot of donated jeans and has been granted permission from a Spanish School to host a stall there, which is a great new fundraising opportunity we are eager to get involved in. This will in turn provide funding for the school to purchase any needed materials or equipment.

This first month has given us a solid base to build from and countless avenues to improve on. Most importantly we have successfully immersed ourselves into the projects and living in Playa Del Carmen, which has enabled us the involvement needed to be a huge support to our partner organizations and the children involved.