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Data recovery is the process of recovering data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible storage media when it cannot

be accessed normally.The storage m edia include Hard disk Drive ,Storage disk,Raid Arrays,External Pen Drive, MMC,S D cards etc. The majority reason for disk problem due to Bad Sectors and corruption due to po wer or system failure.another reason is Operating System failure. In a disk level failure or physical damage of disks are very difficult to recove r data because the data recover software can't detect or identify the disks. The data deletion is the most common scenario happens and need to recover the de leted files,in this case the original data is not permanently deleted from disk layer instead, references to them in the directory structure are removed, in thi s case recovery software's can easily restore them without any head ache. In case of physical damage the only solution is to replace the damage parts whic h include Printed Circuit board (PCB),Integrated circuits (IC's) and some types of electronics components with a new one . Another method of recover is software recovery which can be use in case of accid ental deletion or overwritten of files,there are a lot of software offering reco vering deleted files from the media , Data loss causes :Among the most common data loss causes are: - Accidental file or email deletion caused by human error The main purpose of each file deletion is to release storage space used by the f ile for a new file. - Loss of data on one computer due to virus some virus may corrupt or change the attribute of files or applications in such situation our most important data being lost . -File system format Format procedure creates empty file system structures on the storage and overwri tes any information below. -Raid Disk Problem Since many drive failures are due to mechanical issues.The volume being deleted , resized, reformatted or otherwise changed in Disk Manager or other disk manage ment utilities. once data is lost due to the above cases don't try to write any new data in to t he disk because if we write the new data with same name the reference from ths d isk will be overwritten and the data recover is not possible. On failure of operating system the simple method is to recover data is to connec t the drive to another working machine as a slave drive and can simply copy the data if there is no other physical damage. If the file has been backed up to floppy disk or other medium it is recommended that the file be restored from that backup if the file cannot be found. Periodic backup of your important data is the best solution for recovery. Another method is using Data recovery software there are number of free and shar eware software's available in the software market ,don't trust all but some are very useful and will recover data from disk.

If all the above method fail the final step is to consult with data recovery com panies there are lot of genuine and trusted recovery companies are solve the rec overy problems. Here are some most popular data recovery software's 1.<a href=" ta-Recovery-Wizard-Free_7.html">EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free</a> :-This is t he most powerful data recovery software and can recover 1GB of data ,this is maj or limitation of this freeware. 2.<a href=" iTool-Partition-Recovery_118.html">MiniTool Partition Recovery</a> :-Free Partit ion Recovery Software - MiniTool Partition Recovery is a Free Partition Recovery Software for Windows MiniTool Partition Recovery can recover lost and deleted p artitions fromIDE disk, SATA disk, SCSI disk and Removable disk. 3.TestDisk PhotoRec recover lost partitions :-TestDisk is powerful free data rec overy software! It was primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again when these symptoms are caused by faulty software, certain types of viruses or human error. tool Power Data Recovery :-MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an all in one data recovery software User can recover lost data from hard disk, CD/DVD disk, m emory stick, memory card and USB flash drive. 5.<a href=" ee-Partition-Recovery_141.html">EaseUS Free Partition Recovery</a> :-EaseUS Part ition Recovery, a free and easy-to-use partition recovery software to recover de leted or lost partition 6.Recuva omething deleted ayer And recover deleted files : -Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost s important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 pl it's free.

In addition to the above freeware programs there are also several companies who have created programs designed to recover your lost data. For example, PowerQues t makes the utility Drive Image that in some cases can be used to recover data f rom a hard drive. Visit <a href=""></a> for Latest free an d opensource softwares.