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Volume THREE Fare ol a OMNI] The ARTof THREE YWOLUMES aking ‘Over 360 pages of Leather case-Making knowledge. EATHER. Cases... Av 4 ANN STOHLMAN VOLUME ONE: 120 pages This book offers information on weights (oz.) of help you understand thicknesses, It also explains the impor- Lance of *casing" leather. Hand shoe tacks are introduced with why and how to use them. Many methods of making and installing leather loops are shown along with the proper vays to attach dees, rings, bucklec, otc., to the cases. Tt alco shows how to make wooden forms and use thom, as woll as hov to doternine the size of a case to insure clearance within it. Hoy to bevel the miter joint. How to carry cases on a saddle. Instructions include the simplest knife sheath to a conplox C.B. (citisene band) case featuring many options. Other cases include a wide assortment: pliers, cartridge, playing card, cigar, cigarette, snuff, flashlight, eyeglasses, checkbook, hatchet, camp sav, cameras, binoculars, thermos, and more. to oi1 then. VOLUME TWO: 124 pages This book gives instructions for making 20 styles of handles for cases, luggage, and handbags. Four pages of zipper infor~ mation include how to make them to proper length, sharten them and proper inctallation. There are many zippered casos includ ed. Instructions include the installation of hardware and case locks. A special section instructs on how to design cages and lay out the pattern. Tt also explains how dimensions dininish when the leather is folded,and how to insure roon for the con~ tents within. Welts are featured: making,splicing, installing. A unique pattern shows how to make round (ball) cases for shot putt, bowling ball, ete, Other cases: one-piece box, octagon, cassette, attaché, diplomat pouch, brief cases with accordian gussets, travel & toiletry, manicure, knitting & gadget bags, boot case, and more. many valuable tips are also presented. VOLUME THREE: 116 pages ‘This book presents some new techniques on construction and as~ sembly not offered before. Patterns for the shoulder tote and flight bag are given,with different assembly methods. Instruc- tions show how to design and make cases for any cordless phone or video camera. The attaché and pistol cases are leather cov- ered wooden boxes; special instructions show you how. Saddle scabbards are presented in various styles. Scope scabbards are shown forned of one piece of leather; we show you how. Other methods of making scope scabbards are shown. The proper ways are shown for carrying on the saddle. included are full length zippered cases for carbines, rifles, and shotguns. A "PORMULAT ie given for making case patterns for any gun, be it shotgun, lever-action, bolt action, or scope-nounted. Complete instruc” tions are presented for guitar cases and golf bags FOREWORD We have finally completea Volume THREE of the Act of MAKING LBATHER CASES". It hae taken almost a year! We were going to also include garment bags and a complete line of luggage, but this would have taken the book to over 200 pages and at least six montha nore to complete. We also thought the costs and time involved (for the craftsman) would not varrant their construction, as complete sets of luggage can be purchased at reason~ able prices. One has to wonder if he could trust airlines and bus terminals (of today) with a beautiful hand carved suit-caset You should be able to make a case for al~ ost anything from the information within the payee Uf vur THREE Volumes, froma ote ple knife sheath toa celio case! Of course that would cake a lot of Lleather..-but it could be done by following the instructions for making the guitar case. in ali THREE Volumes we have explained how to make the fold gouges and how to insure clearance within the case for the contents- We have shown how cases can be made of one piece, or of individual paneis. It would be Impossible to give you patterns for every item manufactured. Wlowever,if you are seri— ous about making a leather case for a spec— ial can do it...if you will only read and study these books. ‘the information is there. You may have to adapt sone of the construction techniques fron each of the WHREE Volumes For your particular case. Por thie reason it is important that you under~ stand vhat ic in each of these books. We have shown you how to make and install aippers and welts. We have shown you how to make and cover wooden forms of many shapes and odd designs. We have shown you how to make round and tabula: casea, tow Lo mke and cow the miter joint, the butt joint, and the proper way to install dees,uckles, leather loops, ani hardware, Wo have shown you how to make accordien gussete and hov to add stiffeners to your cases. You have, in the THREE Volunes, an extrenely varied and wide range of leathercraft knowledge, Tt 16 up to you, on tov you wish to use it, Tf you want to make professional-type cases you must read and study all of the pages in all THREE books until you understand all of the procedures and techniques. What nore can we do? Befare attempting any of the cases it would be wise te Eiret read all of the paseo: con cerning the projecty and be eure you andar Stand each step fros beginning 10 end. You Will often be referred to one of the other books where the steps are identical. This ito Save Us space, and you less cost. In not having to buy ertra pages. Feinting ia Very expensive. We have not included any tracing Patterns Tor the carving designs In this book. This would not only have made the book more ox: pensive for you, but chances are your cases hay be of a different size than ours. Our carving designs were taken from past. publi- cations where you bave access to the pat~ terns. Where we have used carving designs, we have indicated (by asterisk*) where you ean find them. 80...if you are serious about making leath- er cases...there is no reason why you can- not. We have certainly written enough words taken enough photograghs...and nade encugh drawings on the subject to pake CASE-NAKING easier and more understandable. Yours for continuing better leathercratt, Al & Aan Stohlnan Copyright 1987, Tandy Leather Co