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Ano Letivo: 2011/2012 Durao da Prova: 90 minutos Outubro 11 ano - INGLS 7

Test A

I A. Read the text carefully and justify its title. Write about 50 words.

Big foot, small world

Twelve years ago, when filming a documentary, I saw a huge stack of mahogany being loaded on to a freighter at the port of Belm in the mouth of the Amazon. It 10had London stamped on it in large letters. It was then that I started taking an interest in the environmental impact of modern cities: the resources they take from the earth and the waste they discharge into the global environment. A few years ago the term urban ecology started to emerge in magazine articles, books and TV programmes. Initially studies focused on ways to create healthy and 15pleasant urban environments, with clean water and air, green urban spaces for people to enjoy, and ample room for urban wildlife. Then some authors started pointing out that enhancing urban environmental conditions is also an issue of social justice: that the poorest, typically, live in the most polluted and most crowded urban areas, usually with very little green space available to them. 20 Urban ecologists started concerning themselves with children growing up in polluted environments. In Mexico City, for instance, children in art classes were found painting pictures in which the sky was coloured black rather than blue. Not surprisingly, doctors also discovered that respiratory diseases in such environments had reached unprecedented levels. Responding to popular demand, a vigorous 25popular movement for creating healthy cities was started in many countries, with the aim of cleaning up exhaust fumes from motor cars, reducing car access, banning polluting factories, improving sanitary conditions, particularly in the exploding cities of developing countries. Urban ecology was a frame of reference for much of this innovation. 30 Over the last few years the term has gradually acquired additional layers of meaning. Today it is no longer just concerned with internal urban environments and the pollution city people are exposed to, but increasingly with the impact of cities on the global environments from which they draw their resources and into which they discharge their wastes. As developing countries continue down the road 35for rapid urban industrial growth and of increased living standards, per-capita demand for land may well outstrip the amount available for urban needs. Its no good pretending that greening cities is a simple issue; there are so many different factors to be taken into account. But one thing is clear: you cant have a sustainable world without urban sustainability. And there can be no sustainability 40without an active urban democracy.
Herbert Girardet, New Internationalist

45the text to support all your answers.

B. Say whether the following statements are true or false. Quote from 1. When the author of the text saw a wood stack being exported to England he decided to write about the destruction of Amazon forests. 2. Polluted environments influence the way kids draw nature. Test A Page 1 of 2


3. Respiratory diseases have been decreasing in polluted environments. C. Find in the first two paragraphs the words that mean the following: 1. very big 4. gave attention to 2. ship that carries mainly goods 5. mentioning 3. appear D. Answer the following questions with complete answers. 1. What impact do urban areas have on the environment? 2. What environmental problem is the urban population exposed to? II A. Complete this text with words from the box.




pollution sustainability legacies wealth thought impact technology ecological footprint regenerate The__1___ is a measure of human demand on the Earth's ecosystems. It is a standardized measure of demand for natural capital that may be contrasted with 70the planet's ecological capacity to__2___. Is it possible to reconcile economic and environmental goals? Yes. Though __ 3___ and global warming are the __ 4____ of products, processes and systems designed without __5___ to the environmental consequences, __6___ holds the solution. It is possible to reduce environmental __ 7____ while raising economic ___8___ . 75Technological change has contributed most to the expansion of __ 9___ and prosperity. Properly channelled, it could be the key to environmental __ 10___ as well. B. Prepositional verbs Complete the right preposition. 801. The humans arent good ________ protecting the nature. 2. 3. 4. 5. 856. 7. Could the planet Earth actually complain________ bullying? We should all worry ________ losing the available natural resources. Men have always dreamt ________ controlling the environment. All of us should apologize ________ the destruction were causing. The planet doesnt really belong ________ any of us. Countries must be interested ____ meeting one another and discussing these issues. 8. It will be difficult for the planet to recover ____ all the harm done by men. 9. Environmentalists insist ____ having meetings among the most powerful 90 countries. 10. The Mexicans are thinking ____ taking the project to kindergartens. C. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. In 1973 Andy Lipkis and his teenage friends ____ 1____ (become) known as the 95tree people when they _____2___ (begin) planting trees to restore a dying forest. Through innovative education and training programs, TreePeople ___ 3___ (involve) thousands of students and community service throughout Southern California. Today TreePeople____4____ (be) at the forefront of the urban forestry movement, offering sustainable solutions, for the urban ecosystem. 100At that time before most people __5__ (think) about climate change founder Andy Lipkis __6__ (go) camping in the San Bernardino Mountains, east of Los Angeles. While he ___7__ (be) there, he __8___ (learn) that the trees in the area __9___ (die) because smog from L.A. was drifting up and choking them. Despite being just 15, his age __10___ (not stop) him from taking action.


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D. Rewrite these sentences starting them as indicated and keeping their meaning. 1. Pollution has increased. Respiratory diseases havent reached unprecedented levels. 110 Despite 2. In spite of all the environmental disasters, men dont seem to see the reality. Even though 3. A vigorous popular movement was started in many countries. It hasnt 115 reached ours.
COTAES I. A. .......................................... 15 pontos B...... 3 x 5 pontos............. 15 pontos C. .... 5 x 3 pontos 15 pontos D. 2 x10 pontos 20 pontos II. A. .. 10 x 1 ponto 10 pontos B. .... 10x2 pontos 20 pontos C. ... 10x2 pontos . 20 pontos D. ... 5x 7 pontos 35 pontos III. .............................................. . 50 pontos TOTAL . 200 pontos


In spite 4. Though they cut down so many trees, they will plant others soon. Despite In spite III Write about 150 words on the following topic.


Once the last tree is cut and the last river poisoned, you will find you cannot eat your money. Old saying

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