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Peter A.

Engelmann 719-531-5843

Possess Top Secret (SCI) Security Clearance Professional Profile

Versatile space physicist with extensive background in military space operations. 25 years experience focusing on three core competencies: Scientific Analyst/Systems Engineer. Lead analyst and principal author for series of 7 classified studies supporting SMDC/ARSTRAT satellite communications and small satellite projects. Studies used systems engineering analysis to define processes, procedures, functions, and documentation for lifecycle phases in a DoD acquisition environment. First 4 studies formed basis of one DoD acquisition effort; last 3 studies may lead to second, separate effort. Space Weatherman. Performed all aspects of operational space weather support. Commanded a solar observatory. Produced operational forecasts and customized support. Performed satellite, radar, and communications anomaly assessments. Researched and defined user requirements. Professional Instructor. Taught military use of space full-time to military officers from over 100 countries at Germanys highest level military school. Majority of instruction was performed in German. Lauded as most versatile, most involved, and best representative of USA at the college. Summary of Skills - Subject Matter Expert (SME) in space weather and its effects on military systems - Significant experience in US Army contributions to Space Control - Familiar with all military space capabilities (comm, nav, ISR, missile warning, missile defense [SBIRS, STSS], environmental monitoring) - Expert in interpreting highly technical material to layman audiences -- Translated forecasts of changes in individual geophysical parameters (e.g., free electron density) into impacts to military operations (e.g., HF radio links) - As instructor at premier foreign military school, taught all aspects of military use of space to midlevel military officers with no previous knowledge of the subject - Native fluent in German, professionally in French (DFLPT 3/3 [top rating] in both) Professional Experience Senior Military Space Analyst Radiance Technologies, Colorado Springs, Colorado July 2011 Present

- Lead analyst and principal author of 3 small-satellite technological concept design studies for US Army SMDC. -- Performed appropriate modeling to determine feasibility and provide initial design considerations. Produced written reports and visual presentations. All parts of complicated 15-month task consisting of individual but related products delivered on time and lauded by customer.

Peter A. Engelmann

719-531-5843 October 2007 July 2011

Senior Systems Analyst Sparta/Cobham, Colorado Springs, Colorado

- Lead analyst and principal author of 4 satellite communications technological concept design studies for US Army SMDC; studies serve as basis for new Space Control acquisition program. -- Used physics background to analyze threat, identify vulnerabilities, clearly define countermeasures, and evaluate applicability of off-the-shelf technology. Produced all written reports and visual presentations. - Principal author of Information Support Plan (ISP) for US Army SMDC acquisition. -- Divided entire project into time phases, defined details of each individual time phase. -- Technology description forms basis of all major acquisition documents (Systems Engineering Plan, Acquisition Strategy, etc.). - Principal author of Statement of Work (SOW) for US Army SMDC acquisition. -- Researched requirements, translated vague concepts into definitive contract language. - Lead space weather SME for Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) initiative to design new space weather displays for the User-Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) at the USAF Joint Space Operational Center (JSpOC). -- Displays answer the question, what is important to know about this information? -- Designed individual displays, established overall display hierarchy. Chief, Space Weather Integration Planning July 2006 September 2007 AFSPC Space Operations Squadron (SOPS), Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado - Developed an integrated roadmap for utilizing all available sources of space weather support: military, government, academic, commercial, and international. - Identified current state-of-the-art in space weather forecasting, including deficiencies and near-term planned improvements; prioritized implementation schedule. German Staff College USAF Advisor and Instructor Hamburg, Germany January 2003 June 2006

- Taught over 1500 professional military officers about United States space operations and foreign policy at Germanys equivalent National War College. -- Subjects included all aspects of space operations: launch, space surveillance, imagery, comm, nav, environmental monitoring, missile warning, missile defense, ICBMs, space law, space debris. Chief, Battlespace Environmental Requirements Development Section HQ AFSPC, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado March 2001 January 2003

- Leveraged space based infrared missile warning capability for advanced environmental sensing; has potential to increase space-based weather data collection capability 10-fold compared to current systems.

Peter A. Engelmann

719-531-5843 July 1998 March 2001

Chief, Environment Sensing Section HQ AFSPC, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado

- Chaired Joint Agency Requirements Group (JARG) for $1.1B next-generation NPOESS weather satellite program, brokered agreement among 20+ organizations from DoD, DoC, and NASA on conflicting requirements for new terrestrial and space weather sensors. Saved over $1B in potential duplication costs. - Identified 200+ specific space weather requirements supporting over 15 AF systems. Detachment Commander Learmonth Solar Observatory, Exmouth, Australia July 1996 July 1998

- Commanded the most complex of 5 worldwide solar observatories and the most remote site in all of 50th Space Wing. Led observatory to a 99.5% error-free rate in reporting 152 solar flares and 145 radio bursts. - Drafted and implemented bilateral plan to replace $14.5M interferometer system that failed testing. New system costs 96% less, is 37% more effective and ends 4 years of program problems. Flight Commander, Operations Support July 1995 July 1996 50th Weather Squadron, Schriever AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado - Designed, developed, & implemented tailored space environmental support products. - Lead manager, technician, & test director for transition of key algorithms processing ground-based magnetometer data. -- Discovered & corrected significant software errors; designed 800+ test data sets to verify accuracy of new software. Technique Development Officer November 1992 July 1995 Air Force Space Forecast Center, Falcon (now Schriever) AFB, Colorado Springs, CO - Designed and implemented application programs for displaying space environmental data, automating analysis and forecasting techniques, and creating customer products. Student, Air Force Institute of Technology Utah State University, Logan, Utah January 1991 October 1992

- Masters degree student in AFIT Civilian Institutions Program (degree awarded Jan 97). Professional Education and Training Air Command and Staff College, non-residence, 2002 Air Force Operational Requirements Process Course (SYS 111), 1994 MS in physics, Utah State University, 1997 (4.0 GPA) BS equivalent coursework in meteorology, Texas A&M University, 1988 (4.0 GPA) BA in physics, magna cum laude, Indiana Central University, 1984