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FINAL STUDY GUIDE, BUS 480, Integrated Business Policy 1. The Final for BUS 480 is 90 multiple-choice questions.

Questions are worth 1 point each. The questions are on subject matter from Chapters 1-12 and Web Chapters A, B, C. The final will be open to take from Wednesday to Saturday in Week 4. Once you begin, you must finish. You have 2 hours to take the final. 2. I recommend that you record your answers on paper as you go along, so that if you get thrown out or have problems saving or posting the exam, you will have the answers and not have to start from scratch when you are re-entered. Contact me by telephone if you get thrown out. I can give you additional time or restart your clock from the beginning depending on your situation. Save your answers in eCollege during the exam as you are prompted so the exam does not time-out on you. Check with the Help Desk for the latest guidance on firewalls/pop-up blockers that may affect your connectivity with eCollege during exams. 3. I will open the final exam with the correct answers as soon as all students have completed the exam. Study guide follows with Chapter, number of questions from that chapter, and topic areas for the questions. Chapter 1 6 Strategic management basics, globalization, e commerce, adaptation, strategy formulation Chapter 2 4 BOD Chapter 3 4 Social responsibility, ethical decision making/behavior Chapter 4 7 environmental scanning, industry analysis, Porters approach, International analysis, forecasting Chapter 5 6 - competencies, competitive advantage, value-chain analysis, functional resources. Chapter 6 - 6 - SWOT analysis, business strategies, competitive tactics Chapter 7 7 corporate strategy, directional strategy, concentration, diversification, international options, stability strategy Chapter 8 6 functional strategies, sourcing, selecting Chapter 9 6 strategy implementation, organizing, stages of corporate development, structures, job design

Chapter 10 7 CEOs, management development, retrenchment, managing culture, TQM Chapter 11 6- performance measuring, ROI, balanced scorecard, divisional measures, problems in performance measuring Web Chapter A 6 external scanning, lead user teams, corporate entrepreneurship Web Chapter B 7 failures, strategic management in small companies, sources of innovation, new ventures success, Churchill and Lewis, Levin and Travis Web Chapter C 6 public goods, revenue sources, complications to strategy, Skloot Chapter 12 6 ratios, financial analysis, strategic audit