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M.B.A. (Semester - IV) 2011-2012 Question bank for (404E) LABOUR WELFARE 1.

Labour Welfare Introduction, History, Definition, Scope, Objectives, Principles and Theories. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. Explain the meaning importance and scope of Labour Welfare Define labour welfare. What are the objectives and importance of L Win India Objectives and Importance of Labour Welfare. Describe the various theories of labour welfare What is labour welfare? Explain the principles of labour welfare. Critically evaluate the role of government of India in providing welfare amenities. Write a detailed note on the labour welfare in India Labour Welfare is not a barren liability or useless expenditure but a wise investment. Discuss it in detail.

2. Labour Welfare Officer Role, Qualifications, Functions, Duties 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. Write in brief the duties and responsibilities of Labour welfare officer What are the qualifications of a labour welfare officer? List the officers duties and responsibilities Labour Welfare officer is sandwiched between the management and trade union. Examine the statement. List the difficulties faced by Labour welfare officer. Enumerate the qualities required for a labour welfare officer. Do you think the position of Labour Welfare Officer is really required in the present scenario in the industry? Justify. Critically examine the role of Labour Welfare Officer in an organization & developing country like India.

3. Productivity and Labour welfare. 1. 2. 3. 4. Write short notes on Productivity and Labour Welfare Discuss in detail Productivity and Labour Welfare. As an organization how would you carry labour welfare activities and how to you think these activities will benefit your organization? Discuss the relation between Productivity and Labour Welfare?

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LabourWelfare is not a barren liability or a useless expenditure but a wise investment. Discuss it in detail. As a Personnel Manager what initiative shall you take to ensure that labour welfare initiative help in increasing productivity? There is close relationship between labour welfare and productivity do you agree with the statement? Justify your stand

4. Workers Participation in Management Role of WPM in Labour Welfare and Industrial Hygiene. 1. 2. 3. 4. Define the concept and objectives of Workers Participation in Management. State its merits and demerits. Write short note on Industrial Hygiene Define the concept of Workers Participation in Management. Explain in detail the various forms of WPM Write short note on Industrial Hygiene.
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Critically examine the need and importance/ role of WPM in labour welfare. Highlight the role of WPM in labour welfare and industrial Hygiene

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Explain the types of workers participation in management and comment, which would be most applicable in Indian Context. Explain the need of Workers Participation in Management? What are the conditions essential for successful Workers Participation in Management?

5. Workers Education Scheme History and programs. 1. 2. 3. 4. Explain Workers Education & Training with its three levels. Write short note on Levels of Workers Education Program Explain in brief Importance of workers education & training Write short note on concept of workers education

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Explain Workers Education & Training with its three levels. Critically evaluate the working of workers education scheme in India.

6. Statutory Welfare Amenities as per Factories Act, 1948, Plantation Act, 1951, Motor Act 1952, Motor Transport Act. 1. 2. Statutory welfare amenities under factories Act 1948. Discuss statutory welfare amenities for factories act 1948, Plantations and Motor transport act Explain the health and welfare provisions under factories act 1948 Discuss Statutory Welfare Amenities for Factories Act 1948, Plantation Act, and Motor Transport


3. 4. Act. 5. Describe the health and Welfare provisions under the Factories Act 1948. 1. 2.

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What are the various statutory welfare provisions provided under the various statutes of India? ABC is an engineering company. Around 800 workers are engaged in the company. Suggestvarious statutory welfare measures to the company with a view to maintain industrial peace andget desired productivity. Design labour welfare facilities for the employees of Railways and Ports With the help of an example of an organization provide the various statutory and non-statutory Welfare amenities provided by it. Should labour welfare activities be mandatory for enterprises? If mandatory should law and /or social organization should regulate the labour welfare activities? If voluntary, how to secure the interests of the employees at enterprise level?

7. Non-statutory welfare Agencies Role of Trade Unions, NGOs and Local-self Govt. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Discuss in detail the role of various Non-Statutory welfare agencies in Labour Welfare. Write short note on Labour Welfare activities by Trade Union Discuss the role of various Non-statutory welfare agencies welfare with examples. Role of NGOs in welfare activities Explain the role of voluntary organizations in labour welfare with examples Explain the declining roles of trade unions in labour welfare Write short note on local self government and labour welfare
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8. ILO - & ILC Introduction, History, Scope, Objectives and Structure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Explain the objectives and role of ILC Write short notes on ILO Explain the structure and role of International Labour Organization in promoting the welfare of Labour. Define Labour Welfare & examine the contributions of labour legislations towards labour welfare. Explain the structure & role of International Labour Organization in promoting the welfare of Labour Define ILO. State its objectives & importance

9. Corporate Social responsibility, Industrial Social work. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Write short notes on Corporate Social responsibility Write short notes on Industrial Social work What do you understand by corporate social responsibility and what are the social responsibilities of industry. Enumerate the social responsibility of Trade Unions What do you understand by industrial social work and what are the skills of social work. Write a note on Personnel Social Worker What is counselling and what are the topics can be covered under industrial counselling? What do you understand by corporate social responsibility? Explain by giving examples. Write a note on CSR in the Indian context. CRS has moved from being a charity initiative to becoming a strategic move- Comment Give your comments on Should corporate social responsibility spending be made compulsory. Strategic philanthropy enables a company to meet business goals and social goal simultaneously- Do you agree with the statement.

10. Impact of Industrialization on Developing countries like India - Pollution, Urbanization, Social Health. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. Write short notes on Impact of Industrialization Discuss in detail the impact of industrialization on developing countries like India. Explain the Labour Problems in India Discuss in detail the impact of industrialization on developing countries like India. Labour Problems in India. Explain the impact of rationalization and autornation with examples Explain Problems of UrbanizationWhy is there a necessity for labour welfare facilities in industrialized countries like India. State the various measures that can be taken to avoid the negative impact of industrialization. What is the impact of industrialization on social life in India?What measures would you suggest to remedy their negative aspect?

11. Relationship between Mental, Physical, Social and Industrial Health 1. 2. 3. Explain the relationship between mental health and job stress. Explain the concept of Pollution. What are the various provisions under Pollution Act Explain the relationship between social and industrial health


Describe the impact of industrialization on physical and mental health of employees.

12. Social Security concepts and components.

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Explain the significance of Social Insurance for workers with examples How is social insurance different from social assistance? What are the main elements of social insurance? Discuss its importance. Components of Social Security Write short note on social security Write a note on Social Security in India Write a note on ILO and Social Security. Short Notes a) Duties and Responsibilities of Labour Welfare officer b) Levels of Workers Education Program c) Corporate Social responsibility d) Labour Problems in India e) Labour Welfare Activity by Trade Union f) ILO g) Productivity and Labour Welfare h) Impact of Industrialization i) Industrial Hygiene j) Local self-government and Labour Welfare k) Concept of workers Education l) ILC m) Social Security n) Role of Trade Union in Labour Welfare o) Levels of Workers Education Program

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Define Social Security. Discuss various social schemes in India Discuss the necessity and importance of social insurance for workers in India

Case Studies 1. Workers from ABC Industry used to travel by bus for which they used get picked up from a common pick up point which was not more than half a kilometre from their residence. Since the company recruited new workers and the strength from pick up increased, the pick-up spot was increased. Now the workers had to travel almost 2 kms from their residence to the pickup point. The workers found it pretty hectic and they felt really tired, so they walked in to their HR manager and complained about this change. Now the HR manager is in a dilemma. You as an HR how would you resolve this issue. In the ABC organization food is served to all the employees and there is a division in the lunch room. One side all the workers have their food and o the other side the white collared employees have their food. One of a new joinee unknowingly entered the corporate section and one of the top managers raised a complain against the HR for not having briefed the workers about this arrangement. As an HR manager of ABC how will you handle this situation One of the workers in ABC is very efficient and has shown his potential many times before. However from the past few days he is unable to concentrate on his work and is making major mistakes. His manager observed that he looked mentally disturbed. He had a one-o-one session with and asked him the issue initially he was hesitant to open up, later he said he had problems with his wife and she wants a divorce, he is not very willing to take this step and he going through lot of stress. His manager did try and offer help, but he was unable to decide what help could he offer. So he directed him to the hr and asked him to help him. As an HR manager how will to handle this sensitive issue.



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