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This timeline tenses chart provides a handy reference sheet to English tenses and their relationship to one another and the past, present and future. Conjugated verbs are highlighted in bold. Tenses which are rarely used in everyday conversation are marked by an asterik (*).





She had already eaten when I arrived.

The painting had been sold twice before it was destroyed.

I had been waiting for four hours when he finally arrived.

The house had been being painted for over a month before they began to decorate the interior. *

I bought a new car last week.

The book was written in 1876 by Mark Garland.

I was watching TV when she arrived.

The problem was being solved when I arrived late for class.

The company has been She has lived in managed by Neil Haines for Somerset for many years. the last two years.

She has been working at Countdown for six months.

The students have been being taught for the last four hours. *

He works five days a week.

Those shoes are made in Poland.

I am working at the moment.

The work is being done by Radek.

| FUTURE The reports are going to be They are going to fly to London INTENTION completed by the marketing tomorrow. | department.



Activity 2
Fill in the blanks with am/is/are/do/dont/does/doesnt 1. Excuse me _____ you speak English? 2. Have a cigarette. No, thank you. I _____ smoke. 3. Why ____ you laughing at me? 4. What ____ she do? Shes a dentist. 5. I ____ want to go out. It_______ raining. 6. Where ____ you come from? From Canada. 7. How much ____ it cost to send a letter to Canada? 8. I cant talk to you at the moment. I ______working. 9. George is a good tennis player but he _____ play very often. Put the verb in present continuous or present simple 1. Excuse me, ______________ (you/speak) English? 2. Tom _________________ (have/shower) at the moment. 3. They _____________ (not/watch) television very often. 4. Listen! Somebody _______________ (sing) 5. Shes tired. She ___________(want) to go home. 6. How often ____________________ (you/read) a newspaper? 7. Excuse me, but you __________________ (sit) in my place. Oh Im sorry. 8. Im sorry. I ___________________ (not/understand). Please speak more slowly. 9. Where are you Roy? I am in the office. I ___________________ (read) 10. What time __________________ (she/finish) work every day? 11. You can turn off the radio. I ____________________(not listen) to it. 12. He ____________________ (not/usually/drive) to work. He usually ________ (walk)

Present Perfect or Past Simple?

Use correct forms: 1 Tony (never, be) to this country before.

(pre-intermediate level)

2 I (never, see) this film before. (you, see) it? 3 (you, be) to the United States? - Yes, I (go) there last year. 4 (your sister, meet) my friend? - No, she (not meet) him yet. 5 (you, ever, talk) to an Eskimo? - No, I (not meet) one yet. 6 (father, ever, visit) the National Gallery? 7 When (he, go) there? - He (go) there last January. 8 Yesterday I (see) a big blue Ford parking in front of our house. 9 The children (not play) cricket yet. But I (play) twice since last May. 10 We (not go) out last Sunday because it (rain). 11 Is the window open? - Yes, this boy (just, open) it. 12 Where is Mary-Joe? - She (go) to the shops. 13 Is Dora in? - Yes, she (be) to the bank, but she (just, come) back. 14 Have we got anything to eat? - No, I (not be) to the shops yet.

15 Where are the children? - They (go) to the park a minute ago. 16 How long (you, live) in this street? - We (move) here two years ago. 17 The Tucks (not have) a holiday by the seaside for seven years. 18 He (be) at the cinema last night but I (not see) him ever since. 19 I (be) to the market and (bring) some vegetables, here they (be). 20 Tony (not be) at home now, he (go) to the post office.

Use the correct forms: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The carpenter (finish, just) the roof when the chimney (fall) down. (your sister, buy) all the food for the party? The children (learn) French since father (go) to Paris. (you, go) to the seaside tomorrow? Yes, I (go) there once a week. The Tucks (not have) a holiday by the seaside for seven years. Who (be) that? Sheila's boyfriend (stand) at the door. The watchman (notice) the burglar as he (try) to open the back door. Where (be) the guinea-pig? Aunt Lucy (take) him out to the garden. Lots of mosquitoes (fly) around the lamp so we (turn) it off. you (wash) the car yet? No, but I already (fill) the tank.

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Mary-Joe (sit) on the balcony when Aunt Lucy (arrive). Peggy (clean) the living-room. When (she, clean) it? She's busy. She (make) a cake. She often (make) cakes. By the end of next month he (be) here for ten years. you (read) Mary Poppins? I (begin) it last week and I just (finish) it. I'm rather fat, but I know what to do. I (sell) my car and (buy) a bike. When we (see) the policeman we quickly (run) behind a tree. Dora (go) to see her friend last night, and she (not come) back yet. What you (do) tomorrow? I (help) mummy with the housework. Is Dora in? Yes, she (be) to the bank, but she (just, come) back. (you, see) that picture? It (be) on this wall for many years. Tomorrow I (invite) Cathy to a drink, then I (tell) her I (love) her. you (hear) the latest news? Peter (marry) the Simpsons girl yesterday. By the time we (get) there somebody (take, already) the documents. you (wait) long for me? No, I (come) just now.