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MS-C-005 Rev.





UNITED OLEFINS COMPLEX PROJECT Al-Jubail, Al-Sinaiyah, Saudi Arabia

Signature 1 Rev. 25 Jan 03 DATE Print Name A. F. Longalong Prepared By MMG E. V. Lucero Checked By MMG N. A. Jabbour Approved By MMG

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MS-C-005 Rev. 01

To ensure that site scarifying is conducted in accordance with good working practices, work is verified, checked and inspected to satisfy SATEC/UNITED requirements in accordance with the Project issued Drawings and Project Specifications.

This Procedure is applicable to MMG work sequence intended for the Scarifying work and the manner in which the essential work items involved will be actually carried out in preparation of the EO/EG Plant of the JUEG Project- Al Jubail.

Project QA Manual & Quality Inspection Plan Project Safety Manual PRJ-4-301 : Surveying C02-S01 - Site Preparation Specification Dwg No. 20-CD-7101, Site Preparation Layout & Details IV. RESPONSIBILITY CIVIL / STRUCTURAL SUPERVISOR Ensures compliance by all labours and equipment operators and other associated craftsmen to the requirements of this procedure, project quality control procedures / test plans, relevant drawings, safety procedures and the SATEC/UNITED Specifications in Site Preparation Works (Scarify existing grade and compact). Secure all necessary work permits. QUALITY CONTROL INSPECTOR Monitors daily activities and verifies compliance to SATEC/UNITED Specifications. Conduct activities in accordance with the Project QA Manual and Quality Inspection Plan. Prepare daily QC records and final acceptance documentation where required. Maintain close relationship with the Customers representative. SAFETY SUPERVISOR Ensures that work permits are obtained prior to commencement of any work. Checks personnel and confirm compliance to safety requirements, such as wearing personnel protective equipment. Checks work areas for any unsafe conditions. Liases with the Field Supervisors ensuring that work is carried out in accordance with Project Safety Plan / Procedures. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Provide the technical support to MMG Site Operation section. Provide drawings approved for construction use, material specifications, standards and technical specifications. Responsible for
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MS-C-005 Rev. 01

SATEC/UNITED review of drawings and data and the resolution of technical execution work problems.

Ensure the team is briefed by SATEC / UNITED Safety Department and everybody is aware of all risks, & competent to perform the job as required by SATEC/UNITED. A kick-off meeting with Safety Mgr., Constn. Mgr., Supt., Supv. & Crews prior to start of work. MMG to issue Field Inspection Notice for SATEC to check level survey of existing ground & SATEC to sign-off before grading work commences. Ensure that all IFC Erection Drawings and approved procedures associated with scarifying works are issued to personnel supervising the work. Work areas are to be provided with barrier sign for entry of authorized personnel only. Name of authorized personnel to be displayed. Check the stability of adjacent structures. Check, inspect, survey, layout and establish marking at the area to be scarified. Surveying works shall be carried out in accordance with PRJ-4-301 Surveying. A permit from SATEC / UNITED shall be secured to start the work. Safe work plan received by the competent person should be displayed in the area. At least one (1) person is constantly present. The area to be scarified have existing utilities that need to take care i.e. a.) Temporary water line. b.) FW / CW up to the battery limit c.) Cable drums that need to remove by others. d.) Communication cable way and O2 line will be laid along to West Side. The area shall be graded and inspected for soft spot. Having this area already cleared and grubbed by Site Preparation Contractor, we will use grader with scarifying tools to carry out the work. The area shall be scarified at 350mm depth. Scarified area will be watered using water tank with water sprinkler at rear. Water to be used shall be sweet water quality. The watered area shall be compacted using 10 tons vibratory compactor smooth type. The compacted area shall be tested at 95 % maximum dry density in accordance with ASTM D1557. Perform testing and inspection in accordance with project specification. The test & Inspection required should be clearly detailed together with applicable QC Forms Witness & Hold Point should be noted. Once approved clear the area.


a. Request for Inspection Form 20ZPPM-6301.


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