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Lessons from the past Back in the seventies, in a small town of south Vietnam, several thousands of Vietnamese were

executed in one night, and the C.I.A couldn't initially figure out how could communists with no infra-structure know each individual, where they lived, where to get them.. In one night! Basically four hours before dawn put them in vans take them outside the city limits and shoot them.. The answer is very simple, long before the commies were in place, they set up a large network of informations with local Vietnamese who knew absolutely everything about people who were instrumental in public opinion, including barbers, every person who was sympathetic to the unites states was executed, same thing happened in Hanoi, and the same thing was done in New Delhi, then Nicaragua, Granada, and Bangladesh.. The same thing happened in the 70s of course in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil where I live at the moment. You see, that shows that when the moment comes, the police WILL kidnap you, put you in a cage even execute you if they are asked to, in the case of that small Vietnam town, it took them by surprise, but you (if you are still living in the US) you have no excuse, those poor Vietnamese had no internet, but you, you know they are collecting your information, they are storing it in fusion centers, you know their manuals target Libertarians among other groups, and I'm sure you don't need me to help you put two and two together.. Maybe it seems to you that it's highly improbable, that the police will come to your house and take you away just because of your ideology.. if so, please don't be deceived by the false image of normality that the media constantly implants, if you notice every time they speak about the economy, they always put images, and what they're showing isn't starving people, or tent cities or the day to day struggle of millions.. No, what they show you instead is people shopping, and walking around in big streets, in big cities, to deceive you , and send you an image of normality, the reality of course is as always the exact opposite, things are accelerating and fast! But let me make a case for it, you think you are not living in a fascistic state, and that it's absurd to compare land of free home of the brave to Nazi Germany for example, you should know that Hitler was voted in, and all what he accomplished was done incrementally, let me tell you a little story see if it rings a bell.. First thing Hitler did ( of course after the Reichtag fire) is setting up a new kind of prison to torture those who were "Involved" in the fire, it was called the Volksgerichthof, of course that will never happen nowadays, we will never let our president bypass the common law and the courts of civil rights, and even human decency! We live in a democracy! Ok, back to real life, the first thing the new president did of course was to promise he will close it within a year!.. Five years later, people are on hunger strike.. After that Hitler formed "legal" beat-em-up gangs to scare citizens, he intended to put even more fear in the public by creating paramilitary organizations of scary men who have power to beat people up and get away with it. sounds familiar? If you put the words Police Brutality in YouTube, you will get slightly over 360.000 videos, sure some of them are the same case filmed by two or three different cell phones, but it gets evened out by the high number of undocumented cases.

Then he contracted security forces/mercenaries operate domestically if theres need for some extra help You see the most notable of these organizations was one called Schwarzwasser, or Blackwater sounds familiar? So with such oppression even the police changed uniform.. Goodbye to those "nicer guys" with blue uniform, that helped grandma change the tire, and enter "The enforcers" a new type of policemen that if you take a look at them, you will see that these were those teenagers with social disabilities, and inferiority or superiority complexes, and that the only requirement for them to enter "the Force" as they call it, is that they have an IQ below than normal, because we all know, smart people ask questions!

They come with enough gear and ammo to start a war, and of course with the black uniform often depicted in all dystopian movies about totalitarian societies, and if you pay the slightest attention you will see that the word 'Police officer" is all of the sudden being replaced by the word "Law enforcement agent" Luckily more people now are starting asking themselves: "Wait when I see a police car behind me, do I feel safe? or do I feel scared?" Then they start realizing that the job of these individuals maybe isn't really to protect them, and maybe it's to protect their bosses from them, that's why they bag protesters, as simple as that, just like the media's job is not to report the actual events but to manage the perception on selected events, and on the president of course, and to manufacture consent on any state of affairs, that's why in the US there is more public relations working in news networks, than actual investigating journalists, and the people delivering the news are mere teleprompters who repeat texts.. Oh and have a great hair! I don't know that's the only thing that occur to me on why people actually still believe them.. So don't be fooled by the false image of normalcy! It's simply inaccurate, the moment you start paying attention to what is actually happening you will see that your rights are shrinking by the minute, that now you have free speech zones, America was a free speech zone! (not entirely true but certainly wasn't as bad as right now), so you might be thinking: Sure, things are bad now, but they won't go as far as the Nazis and become a police state!

Well what is the clearest possible way to describe a police state ? Well, it's when they can declare martial law comes to mind, but that won't happen in the US.. Sure, been to Massachusetts last month? If you're a libertarian american, and have made known it publicly, email, facebook, sms, then it's time for you to get a second passport, that is if you aren't fed up waking up every day and asking yourself wait, how many freedoms did I lose today? Can I just pick up and leave?