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Coed cal TECHNIQUES 7 a asic Colored Pencil Techniques, Copyright © 1997 hy thet Hongssan, Manuhictured in China All nights reserved. No part of thes hook may be eepmediced in any fonn oe by ane electronic or mechanical means ixcluding information storage and retricval systeins waliowt permission fn wstiting fox the publisher, excep by a reviewer, who may quote bef passes in a rerkcw Publebed by Nowth Light Books, an impeint of F+W Publications, Ilnc., 4700 East Galbraith evil, Cincinnati, Xb» 15246, (800) 23440003, Fie exlition, Other fine Nowth Lily Hooks are fhoan thse path. lah from your lol bookstore, ar supply ston’ or direct oo OF i M10 Library of Congress Cataloging-in; Publication Data Bangson, Bet Hasic colored pencil techniques / hy Bet Rorgeson—Ist ed pe Re. ed of: Grlowed pencil fast technigques. 19881 Frncluckes inches, ISBN 13: U780.89134-74601 1. Colored pone deawing —Tovtiniguae. L Boggesoe, Tite NCRIZBR 1997 TL I ABH ar Het. Colores peril fast toch. I ‘Cover phot by Punch Manor frau, Hrosze Po Faied by Joyce Bolan Designed by Angela Lennert Wilcox ANTONE Pat 10 The Drawing Susfaces Bae Tot Layer A Tow soe Apomact aed Drawing A Rec Spot Layering Tebmiques Joxtaposing Color Ustng Line Wits Tone Lifling Coke TABLE of CONTENTS Puce da Beginning With Bead Stick Colors Eatabblibing Large Areas of Color Proud Stick Colors Combined With Nonmatching Pencils Single-Layer Techniques Working wo alpen ting Cole Gaining Co Waly Testare AA Surface Distressing ‘Tetanitj ue Using a White Background REFINE YOUR WORKING METHODS Pac 1 Drawing and Stadio Tips Discovering Hisken aca 1a Tune Traps