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NYSC-ICT-CD Group. [Imo State].

...towards the advancement of ICT in Imo State NYSC-ICT-CD group is a body which comprises of carefully selected and examined NYSC Corps members who studied computer science and computer-related courses [such as computer engineering, software engineering, Information Technology, Information and communication Technology, etc] in the higher Institution (both in Nigeria and abroad) and have also acquired skills in computer science and other related fields and are hardworking, discrete, gentle and of high intellect. The conglomeration of these efficient, capable and skill-rich corpers has formed an incredible wealth of knowledge and capabilities in the group. Some of us are vast in Hardware-related areas [Setup, Repairs, troubleshooting, Installation, Upgrade, maintenance etc of both computer systems and communication networks] and some others are vast in software-related areas [Designing, Re-designing, debugging, Packaging and Hosting of Softwares, Websites and web-applications] and a few others are vast in both areas [Softwares and hardwares]. The group is carefully monitored by a schedule officer, Imo State Head of NYSC-ICT and the NYSC State coordinator- Mrs. Chinwe F. Ojukwu. This CD group is saddled with a task to primarily advance the embrace of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the host State [IMO in this case]. This vision is driven by grassroots mobilization, organization and implementation of trainings, presentations and awareness programs in all public/private schools, organizations, government parastatals etc

NYSC-ICT-CD Group. [Imo State].

where ICT is partially implemented or not implemented at all. All these are done at no cost to the beneficiaries especially the schools. We conduct computer trainings on: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. ICT Essentials Internet [extensive] Artificial Intelligence Computer Appreciation Computer Application Computer Assembling/Repairs/Maintenance etc.

We also Design free websites for schools, religious bodies, organizations, NGOs, and Government parastatals. This has also been extended to all the corpers serving in the State by conducting computer trainings for all the CD Groups under the NYSC scheme. Training focus for other non-ICT corps members in their various CD groups are on: i. ii. iii. iv. v. ICT Essentials Computer Appreciation Computer Applications [Office packages only] Internet Basic computer Assembling, Installation, troubleshooting and repairs., etc

We also visit Higher Institutions such as Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics and colleges of Education in the host State. We have conducted trainings through Nigerian

NYSC-ICT-CD Group. [Imo State].

Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS) under the Department of Computer Science in virtually all the higher Institutions in the State on the following areas: i. ii. iii. iv. v. ICT Essentials Computer Appreciation Computer Application [Office packages and a few other] Computer Assembling, Installation, repairs and troubleshooting [industrial skills] Web design/Web application development [Using Dreamweaver, Joomla and Visual Studio in some cases] vi. Windows Application Development [using Visual Studio]

Since inauguration, this CD group has embarked on several free visits to schools and organizations for presentations, trainings and other services such as installations, repairs, maintenance and consultancy. In 2012, several schools [both public and private] where visited. Some schools where visited twice or more. All our presentations are friendly, graphical and practical oriented. This is to aid the push for better understanding of the concept(s) been discussed. In some cases, we use drama presentations to better drive-home an ambiguous concept. Though leadership of the CD changes with the deployment of a new Batch of corps members, the focus, strength and activities of the group remains the same. As a result of the staggering tasks of implementing the above, the group has certain needs which are mainly the provision of training/presentation gadgets, mobility, and

NYSC-ICT-CD Group. [Imo State].

refreshments during the trainings/presentations. We do not have it in our guiding rules to make request for any material or financial encouragement from our host but when they do that willingly, we accept with full arms and appreciations. This goes further to say that, for the period of our NYSC Service in Imo State, we completely work selflessly. It should also be noted that this services to the State, ideally never ends as incoming corpers take up the tasks and continue from wherever the old ones stopped. Despite these commitments, we have acquired some of the gadgets to ease the stress and convey better understanding to the beneficiaries of our services. These gadgets were funded by leveeing the CD members. Most other gadgets are hired for the presentations. The gadgets we have acquired are: 1. 2,500 lms LG remote-controlled projector 2. 3.0hp Electricity generator 3. A UPS 4. Color printer 5. Electricity extension box Some other major needs that have not been satisfied are: 1. A Projector Screen 2. A projector Stand 3. Source of mobility [preferably a bus]. 4. Public Address System [Speakers, Amplifier, wireless microphones, etc.]

NYSC-ICT-CD Group. [Imo State].

5. A








assembling/Installation practicals only] 6. Refreshments during trainings/meetings 7. A complete set of parts for assembling a computer system [for hardware assembling/Installation practicals only] 8. Money for the daily running of the CD. 9. And lots more Along with the regular presentations, trainings and other services to Imo State, the most recent project the CD is embarking upon is to pull a string that will actually intensify the push to harness ICT in the State. An ICT Quiz has been considered to be a great tool to fit into this category. We are organizing a State-Wide ICT quiz (which is going to involve all the schools in Owerri Municipal for now, and later involve schools in other LGA ) and the prices to be won are analyzed bellow: 1. First Price: i. ii. iii. iv. Two (2) Brand new computer systems One (1) Printing+Photocopyer+Scanner machine One (1) uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) One (1) Flash Drive -8GB

NYSC-ICT-CD Group. [Imo State].

2. Second Price: i. ii. iii. One (1) Brand new computer system One (1) uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) One (1) Flash Drive -8GB

The monetary values of the above are stated below: i. ii. iii. A complete brand new computer system (Cloned)-----N90,000 (X2) = N180,000 Printing+Photocopyer+Scanner machine------------------N27,000 uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)--------------------------N14,000 (X2) = N28,000 Flash Drive-4GB---------------------------------------------------N8,000 (X2) = N16,000


Total = N251,000
Cost of stationaries (Flyers, Banners, Hand-bills, Letters etc) is estimated to be N 20,000 Our major needs are the provision of the prices for the quiz, gadgets for our presentations/training programs and mobility (a BUS preferably) to aid us in moving around the State. We look forward for your sponsorship to realize this great task. This is one of the reasons why your organization is in the topmost of our list of likely sponsors for this project.

Grand Total---------------- (N 251,000 + N 20,000) = N 271, 000


NYSC-ICT-CD Group. [Imo State].

Quiz Modalities The quiz will be in three (3) faces:

Face1 (Preparatory): In this face, we carry out sensitizations, awareness, trainings, presentations, and other necessary services in the various schools and specially dwell on the ICT-based areas where the questions will be drown. Schools that have been visited will be re-visited so ensure that all the participants have all it takes to compete in the quiz. Face2 (Quiz Proper): In this face, we will organize and conduct the quiz in Two (2) stages: i. Qualifying: This stage will involve all the participating schools but only one school will qualify from each Zone to compete in the Finals ii. Finals: This stage will only involve the schools that qualified from each zone and one school will emerge as the winner in this competition. In this stage, the Second (2nd) position will also be determined. Face3 (Price Giving): At this face, prices will be given to the winners [1st and 2nd]. This stage will be published on the Media, NYSC magazine, and the CDs weekly bulletin. Note: The zoning and the schools to be in each zone are still been worked out as some areas have more schools than others in the state.

NYSC-ICT-CD Group. [Imo State].

What Youll Benefit

When you sponsor the CDs activities in the best way you can, you stand to get t he following benefits: 1. Advertisement: We wear your Branded T-Shirts to our trainings/meetings/quiz [this will also color the city with your logo on our meeting days and presentation/training days] We announce your products/services to our members during meetings and our hosts during trainings. You are permitted to flaunt/display your advert materials at our meetings and training venues (for the period of the training and meetings only) You are permitted to flaunt your advert materials on our conveyance when we embark on journeys (such as marriages, Orientation Camp, training venues etc.) You are also permitted to display your advert materials in our gorgeous CD stand in the Orientation camp. We display your logo in our magazine as sponsor of the CDS. We display and mention your company name in the media [TV/Radio) as our sponsor (when publicizing the quiz).

NYSC-ICT-CD Group. [Imo State].

We post your adverts in IMO-ICT-CD room on Facebook [we have over 2,800 members in the room both past and present]. You are also permitted to send your staff along with us to our trainings to increase the effects of the adverts in any host institution and organization. 2. We design a free website for you (but you bear cost of its hosting). 3. Free I.C.T. awareness/presentations for your staff. 4. Free computer repairs, Upgrade, maintenance and consultancy services for your organization. 5. Free feature in our Imo State NYSC-ICT-CD weekly bulletin. 6. And other negotiable benefits. We would therefore count it a privilege to have your prestigious support(s) to aid us in enhancing ICT in the State and the nation at large. We will be available to give thorough explanations about the above if called upon to do so.

Ehijator Jefferson [MACM, MNACOSS] President.

Adu Kelly M. Gen. Sec.

For sponsorship or further enquiries, please contact the NYSC-Imo State coordinator or the Head, NYSC-Imo-ICT @ [NYSC Secretariat, #1 Mbano Street, Aladinma, P.M.B. 1180, Owerri, Imo State] or the NYSC-ICT-CD Group president on 08066184413