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LED video processor

Mini Converter/switcher

CREATEK CK4L1000 is the latest and most cost-effective signal format converter. It allows users to convert HDM/DVI, VGA,YPbPr and CVBS signals to DVI/VGA format.CK4L1000 signal converter offers input selection and output resolution buttons. It also provides users automatic adjustment and ADC correction functions. It is ideal for applications which demand critical quality graphics and switch between inputs, such as for l stage entertainment, conference presentation or demonstration hall etc.

Convert AV/ VGA/ HDMI/DVI/YPbPr signal to DVI/VGA. Support four sources input at the same time :AV, VGA, YPbPr , HDMI (DVI compatible) Support two independent outputs :DVI and VGA Support two control modes: Front panel and Rs232 Support HD signal output (up to 2048 * 1080 ) Compact architecture, easy to set up and operate Support up to 15 kinds of output resolution Total 32 presets in software Use front panel to select input source &output resolution and make automatic adjustment& ADC correction . External 5V power supply Picture can be sized and positioned anywhere on the screen. Image capture (Pan, Zoom) through control software


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Power cord (Europe, USA, UK standard) Control software install CD (with control software operation introduction) USB to DB9 serial cable User manual(English) IR remote Control

Function Introduction
Scaling: Content is freely arranged anywhere across the video display

Capture function: To capture a determined area and show detail content on full screen.

Easy to Set up Software Interface:

New version comes with ability to install one sending card

IR remote control 16 preset modes to recall:

Technical Specification
(For model CK4L1000)



DVI-I,female,24+5;D-sub,female,15pin 1024*768x60hz~2048*1080x60hz 32 bits HV independent sync D-sub,female,15pin 640*480x60hz~1920*1200x60hz 32 bits HV independent sync BNC PAL/NTSC automatic identification 75 HDMI (Type A) HDMI 1.3,compliant with HDCP 1024*768x60hz~1920*1200x60hz 3 x BNC, Female Analog HD x1, 720480ix59.94Hz/60Hz, 720480px59.94Hz/60Hz, 720576ix50Hz, 720576px50Hz,

Resolution Color Depth Sync Connector



Resolution Color Depth Sync Connector


Resolution Input impedance Connector

Input Signal


Video signal Resolution Connector

YPbPr (YCbCr)


19201080px50Hz/59.94Hz/60Hz , 19201080ix50Hz/59.94Hz/60Hz YPbPr Impedance extent: Y= -0.3V ~ +0.7V (p_p)/ 75


Pb= -0.35V ~ +0.35V (p_p)/ 75 Pr= -0.35V ~ +0.35V (p_p)/ 75

Control Control


(What You See Is What You Get)Perform software

Software Working Environment Cabinet

Power consumption: 100-240V, 60/50Hz,0.5A Temperature: -20 C ~60 C Humidity:5-95% 1/2U Model (28022044mm)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.