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Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 23:1 8:22 -0400


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To: '" <mkara@9-11commission.gov>^, "" <danahyde@9-11 commission .gov>^ Cc: Patty Casazza -^jffffffffft^ 9 , Kristen Breitweiser <^HBWHBft)> ^ • Mindy Kleinberg

Subject: timeline rewrite Dear Riles-. Paul Thompson-, of Cooperative Research timeline fame sent this email to us. tie all felt a wave of nausea as we realized that the timeline - which could probably be verified right through some TV video clips-, was being rewritten before our very eyes. Paul has sent some comments regarding the testimony from May 55 and 53-, 5Q03- This is as good a place as any to figure out who needs some swearing in to get at the truth - and maybe some TV video would help... Thanks-. Lorie and Mindy Pear 1/11 relatives-. I have some concerns about the recent independent commission testimonies I want to share with you. While there were some good questions-, it seems like many more questions that should have been asked were not-, and I want to make sure that some issues don't pass through unnoticed. Just taking a quick look at the new NORAD timeline presented yesterday-i I saw errors so large that one has to question either the competency of NORAD-. or they're just plain spinning and lying- The media has also completely failed to report on the hearings well-, or in many cases like the New York Times or LA Times-, at a l l Some problems: 1) A week after 1/11-. NORAD claimed that the FAA notified them at 6:M3 that Flight 175 had been hijacked: Norad.nil <http://web.archive.Org/web/50aSObl511S7Sl/http://www.norad.mil/presrelNORAD Timelines-htm> ow-, they say that the FAA notified them that Flight 17S was only "possibly' ijacked at 1:05! That's a difference of 55 minutes! Flight 175 crashed at 5) They explained that this late notification was due to the fact that the transponder was never turned off- Yet the New York Times reported that at 6:42-, a flight controller said of Flight 17S-, "-•• looks like he's heading southbound but there's no transponder no nothing and no one's talking to him." Other reports suggest the transponder was turned off for about 3D seconds-, then changed to a signal that was not designated for any plane on that day- This "allowed controllers to track the intruder easily-, though they couldn't identify it-" 31 die know that the last radio transmission from Piight 11 happened at fl:13:M7 exactly-, according to the New York Times-, and that "just moments" after thati the transponder was turned off and radio contact ended- Air traffic manager Glenn Michael later said-, "lile considered it at that time to , ^ , v / ^ ^ K ^ -^



Mail:: INBOX: timeline rewrite
be a possible hijacking." Yet-i yesterday-. NORAD said its transponder was turned off at fl:50-

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M) CNN broke into regular programming with footage of the IdTC burning at fl:Mfl (possibly fl:H1). NORAD now claims that CNN first showed this at fl:S7! Anyone can see at the Television Archives online that this is wrong! To me-, this seems to be as blatant a lie one could make-, designed to give NORAD an additional excuse to claim cluelessness for another ten minutes5) According to reporter Bob Woodward and others-. Bush and Cheney decided to give a shootdown order for Flight 13 just after Air Force One took off at 1:55- Now-i supposedly-, that decision was made at 10:06 - two minutes after Flight 13 had crashed! U) Speaking of which-, NORAD still asserts Flight 13 crashed at 10:03-, even though the US Army commissioned seismic studies which proved it crashed at 10:Ob. 7) The original NORAD timeline gave no time when NORAD was notified of Flight 13's hijack. Now-, they finally give a number and claim it was 1:lb. From my initial viewing of the NORAD testimony-, it appears they gave contradictory answers about fighter response- At one point-, they claim that no fighters were scrambled from Washington because none could be sparedThat would mean that Flight 13 was allowed to fly SO minutes after NORAD knew it was hijacked-, without a f fl) It was mentioned that the fighters scrambled from Langley did NOT use afterburner mode-, and so only headed towards Washington at about bDD mph- In addition-i they didn't actually fly to Washington-, but flew out over the Atlantic Ocean-, supposedly because defending the landmass was not part of 1) I'll have to find the exact quote-, but I was shocked that one of the NORAD officials claimed that even after the Pent 10) I can't leave out Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta's comm And Jane Garvey's testimony was even worsei consisting mostly of "I don't know-" I'm sure I'll find more problems with these testimonies as I look at them in closer detail •< but these were the thoughts going through my head as I watched the C-SPAN broadcast.

The 1/11 Timeline:

http://www-cooperativeresearch-org/completetimeline/ Abridged version (a good place to s t a r t ) : http://www-cooperativeresearch.org/timeline/main/timelineabridged-html


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