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Miles Kara
From: Sent: To: Pereira Charley [] Friday, April 30, 2004 3:00 AM Miles Kara; Lisa Sullivan; Dana Hyde; Geoff Brown; John Azzarello; John Farmer; Kevin Shaeffer

Subject: RE: Indy visit I won't be done with my analysis and verification of Snyder's work until this afternoon at the earliest (Friday). I will be working through the weekend on this and other issues as well. In the interim, here are some proposed questions for the Indy controller who last had AA77, based on what I've reviewed and observed thus far: What range scale, histories setting, and other user-preferences do you usually use on your radar display? Is that how you had your radar display configured when you were controlling AA77? What Sectors were you working when you were controlling AA77? (My analysis of Snyder's data indicates Sectors 24, 79, 85, and 95, as he refers to them, would have had the opportunity to see AA77 primaries on its eastward track towards DC. I'm not sure if Snyder's AOS-techie numbering system for Sectors corresponds to what they use and know in the field.) Did you learn of the AA11 or UA175 hijackings prior to losing secondary radar coverage on AA77, and if so, how and to what extent? Did you have verbal communications with AA77 at any time prior to losing secondary radar coverage? (ATC transcript shows "Henderson Radar Position" was communicating with AA77 before and immediately after loss of secondary, so perhaps don't ask this one, unless for some reason this guy is not the Henderson position...) When did you first notice the lack of secondary coverage on AA77, and did you notice a turn to the south prior to that? (The last secondary return presented to the Indy controller was at 0856:19 EOT, and was the 2nd secondary return to show a turn to the south, which means he had about 24 seconds of displayed turn to the south before the computers went into COAST mode, after which the displayed track was along a southwesterly course.) Is there a specific indication on your display that would tell you the radar system is no longer receiving a secondary response from an airplane, and subsequently that a displayed track is from the computer's "COAST" function and not the real track of an airplane? If so, please describe these indications. What did you think and do when you first noticed that AA77 had lost secondary coverage? Did you notify your supervisor or anyone else that you had lost secondary coverage on AA77, and if so, when and how? Were there specific written protocols, procedures, etc. that you were trained to follow in the event of loss of secondary radar coverage for an aircraft under your control? If so, please reference those for us so we can get copies and related information. How do you enable primary radar returns on your radar display? Did you enable primary radar returns on your display after AA77 lost secondary coverage, and if so, when did you do that? Do you recall locating AA77 via primary radar returns, and if so, when and where, did you establish a manual


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track on those returns, and did you notify anyone of the track? (AA77 primary radar returns first became available for display at 0904:32 EOT in Indy Sectors 24, 79, 85, and 95, and exited Indy Center airspace at about 0910:53, so those Indy Sectors had at least 6 minutes and 21 seconds of primary radar coverage on AA77 available for display had they enabled primary radar returns on their display(s). I am not sure how those Sector numbers correspond to Indy controller positions at the time, and will check with Snyder tomorrow.) Did you assume that AA77 was heading in the direction of the COAST track after its loss of secondary radar coverage, and if so, what direction was that? Have you ever had other instances where aircraft under your control have lost secondary radar coverage and you've had to initiate and rely on primary radar coverage to establish a manual track and guide the aircraft through your airspace? Are you normally able to, or can you adjust your radar display settings to see into adjacent Center and Sector airspace, such as eastward into Washington Center, if you want to track an aircraft into that airspace for emergency purposes? (Snyder says they can to some extent.) Did you try looking outside of your assigned airspace for primaries that might be consistent with AA77? Do you recall any other controllers attempting to locate or actually locating AA77 via primary radar returns, and if so, who, when, and with what reports or comments? Are you aware of the Center system programming method of establishing a hiearchy of radars for each Radar Sort Box (RSB), such as Preferred, Supplemental, Tertiary, and Quadrary Sites? If so, were you aware of this prior to 9-11? Are you aware that the Higby, WV radar site, which is the Preferred or Supplemental radar site in all of the Indy Center RSBs that AA77 traversed after it went primary-only, has never had a primary radar system? (Snyder's data shows this to be the case.) Have you reviewed the Indy Center and AOS reports regarding when primary radar data became available for display on your scope? Do you recall seeing any primaries similar to what those reviews show? Have you thought about why you were not able to locate and track AA77's primaries when it was in your airspace, and what can be done in terms of ATC auotmation, tools, or training to help prevent such a situation in the future? (Related questions that feed off each other and will need to be tailored on the fly. The 2nd and 3rd questions are only valid if he says he enabled primary display. The last one is a tough one to ask this guy, but it's one of the questions you guys have written in various emails and memos in your folders/binders, so I'm curious what he would have to say if we think he could handle the emotional stress. Perhaps we could preface the line of questioning with some clear and caring statements indicating that we are not trying to blame him, but rather getting his experienced input so we can come up with technical ways of preventing this from happening again.) G'Morning/Night, Charley PS - Attached are some semi-interesting things I made up while reviewing Snyder's work. They provide graphical and tabular guidance on radar locations and related data. —Original Message From: Miles Kara [] Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 6:30 PM To: Pereira Charley; Lisa Sullivan; Dana Hyde; Geoff Brown; John Azzarello; John Farmer; Kevin Shaeffer Subject: Indy visit


Page 3 of 3 Charley, John Farmer was curious if we have enuf from Atlantic City to ask the questions we need to at the controller level in Indy? If so, please advise and tell us what to ask. John, Geoff and I are scheduled to leave Sunday pm for two-day swing to Chicago and Indy. Miles


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NEAPS Identification Technicians transmissions concerning the Southern Scenario Cue From | To Start | Stop | Duration 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 ZBW ID ID ZBW ID ZNY ID ID ID ID ZDC ZBW ID ID ZBW ZBW ID ID ZDC ID ID ID ID ZOB ZDC ZDC ZOB ID ZNY ZDC ID ZDC AST ZDC ZBW ZNY ZBW ID ID ZID ZDC ID ID ZID ZOB ID ZOB ZOB ZID Canada ID ID ID ID 9:20:55 9:22:22 9:23:10 9:24:01 9:25:13 9:26:36 9:27:21 9:28:47 9:29:46 9:31:19 9:32:07 9:35:36 9:35:59 9:38:36 9:39:27 9:41:22 9:42:26 9:44:57 9:49:16 9:51:11 9:57:47 10:02:31 10:04:31 10:06:12 10:14:16 10:17:10 10:21:54 9:21:46 9:23:52 9:24:01 9:26:05 9:25:43 9:29:01 9:31:57 9:31:38 9:35:13 9:37:46 9:40:12 9:39:27 9:40:42 9:41:40 9:43:39 9:48:14 9:50:13 9:52:39 9:59:59 10:03:14 10:05:29 10:10:22 10:15:43 10:17:36 10:22:49 9:45 :51 1:30 :51 2:04 :30 1:40 3:10 :19 3:06 2:10 4:13 :51 1:15 :18 1:13 3:17 :57 1:28 1:12 :43 :58 4:10 1:27 :26 :55 9:50


17 14 17 17 14 X5959TMU 17 14 X5959TMU 14 14 17 <^Z\D ^ 14 17 ZDC ZBW 17 ZBW 17 TZIDJ 14 ZOB 14 ZDC 14 ZOB 14 14 ZQB^ ^ZJD ) 14 Canada 14 ZOB 14 ZDC 14 ZDC 14 ZOB 14 9:20 ZBW ZNY ZDC ZID ZOB

AA11 reborn, report from Wash Center Call sign 3344AA mentioned NEADS call to ZDC MOS, hadn't heard Call reference AA1 1 , 3d aircraft missing NEADS separate call re AA1 1 Barrett calls ref AA1 1 might still be flying MOSHandofftoOMIC Discussion with Scoggins and internal ID call to Barrett re unserious ZBW Any infer on AA1 1 : No. AA77 mentioned at 9:33:48 VFR 6 miles from White House First NEADS contact 6 miles from White House Update, 3d aircraft is D1989 Plane hit the Pentagon Informed ZID about D1989 Informed ZOB about D1989 ZDC asks about 7777, told it is Langley More on track 089, D1989 and response Re scramble but D1989 not a hijack Informed ZID about D1989 Asking for details on Canada hijack Bomb on board UA93 Informs NEADS about fate of UA93 Provides White House coordinates Passes on that UA93 is down 9:55



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D1989 notification. 3d a/c AA11 Rebirth Notification AA77 Not fication 1 Pentagon Hit UA93 Notification


At least 27 calls in slightly over an hour to/from (mostly to) 5 different En Route Centers and NEADS Canadian Counterpart