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Zaid Raqeeb AL Qadhi

Abu Dhabi UAE

Mobile No. 00971502887495 E-mail: :

Name: Date of Birth: Marital status: Nationality: Zaid Raqeeb Al-Qadhi Baghdad 1978 Married Iraq

Resident in Abu Dhabi - UAE - I hold a UAE Driving License Education Year of Graduation: Total experience: Work Experience:B.Sc. in Statistics Collage of Administration and Economy Baghdad University 2000 13 years

Since Jul /2008 _ so far

National Bureau of Statistics / UAE

Methodology & Sampling dep.

Ministry of Economy / UAE

Central Department of Statistics Methodology & Sampling dep.

The United Nations Development programme (UNDP) Senior Statistician

Abu Dhabi _ UAE Duties: In the Department of methodologies and quality control and samples, which provides technical support to statistical departments to ensure the application of other international methodologies and methodologies for the United Nations and regional organizations - Working for THE UNITED NATIONS development program (project of ministry of economy) - Work with the expert statistical Project of the Ministry of Economy of the United Nations Development Programme - Project of establishing the National Center for Statistics (Structural Center, Financial budget) -Statistical in methodology and quality department -Provide technical support to the statistics . - Participation in the preparation of a guide to develop a system of Justice Statistics, as recommended by the United Nations Work in Statistical surveys of social and economic (household expenditure and income survey, Labour Force Survey, Employment and wages Survey, Foreign (direct investment, Health Survey, Nutrition survey, Communication survey - Member of the Committee on Census 2010 - Team members processing census mapping - A member of the Strategy Team (laid out for the preparation of consolidated GCC) -A member quality control team Census - Processing frameworks -Auditors in household expenditure and income survey - Auditors in Labour Force Survey - A draft inventory of international statistical indicators. - Assistance in the preparation of the strategic plan. - A member of the Group Census Register - The work of the methodology for upgrading legal frameworks through surveys - Workshop of Labor Statistics the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with the United Nations - Workshop on population projections for the GCC in cooperation with ESCWA 12 to 16 December 2010 the National Center for Statistics Inventory project administrative records Design administrative records inventory form presentation of the workshops on administrative records Coordination with the concerned to know the reality of administrative records for statistical use to work through the meeting with the parties to implement the project and discuss the formation of joint committees

Listen Read phonetically Dictionary - View detailed dictionary Inventory project of national indicators Survey of international indicators for all departments and methodologies threads by international bodies Coordination with the Department of Information Systems for the preparation of audit program indicators through technical sections Centre Workshop Survey smoking in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and WHO Assistant Director of the strategy team of the National Center for Statistics Using the Adaa system for strategy of UAE government Staff satisfaction survey Customer Satisfaction Survey Survey the needs of users Statistical Methods and Quality Gate Planning and preparation for the project the project design Project Management inventory of all international indicators and indicators used for the center and classified by subject limit the millennium development indicators and human development inventory and classifications used in classifying the gate to work on the standardization inventory of the most important evidence used and the international classified by subject Survey forms and evidence of training for field surveys in the gate limit the terms and definitions used for the statistical system Project to update the framework of families in the country 2013 Identify project requirements divide the number of areas with the help of GIS department Check the data Assistance in master sample design Multi-mics survey project Study the frame with UNICEF expert Assistance in the writing of the final report of the expert UNICEF Study Questionnaire Survey

April / 2008 _ Jull / 2008

Department of Planning & Economy /Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi _ UAE Duties: - Supervisor of master sample Survey (temporary) - Working (temporary) with Statistic department - Researcher in Labour Force Survey (temporary)

Feb / 2007 Jul/ 2007

Al Amry Group for Transportation

Abu Dhabi _ UAE Financial Department Duties: In addition to my duty as Accountant I was performing the following duties as well: - Conducting Financial Analyses for the Group Projects. - Project management design of a statistical and financial company data - Planning the Projects Data Statistic and preparing daily & monthly reports. - Using the Quick Books Pro 2007 software

April/ 2006 December/2006

IRAQNA - Orascom Telecom CO now Zain (The Mobil Telecom)

Baghdad Iraq Duties:

- Leading 20 Employees in the Call Center Team in Sales Department - Planning Projects and preparing financial daily & monthly reports - Analyzing Sales Project Data

January/2002 April/2006

Smooth link Company Al Jazira Group for Communication, Computer and Internet System (VIS)
Baghdad _ Iraq Data and Financial Analyst for the Sales Department Duties -Controlling the Traffic System for VIA SAT - Data Analyst for the Sales Project - Planning the Sales project. October/2000 January/2002

Al Diar Trading Company

Baghdad Iraq Accounting Department Accountant Duties: - Accountant, performing my duties by using the Quick Books Pro software Language: Training 1 Month 4 Month 1 Month 1 week 1 week - Installing and maintaining wireless and wire network - Utilization the (Quick Books pro) Accounting Program - Investment Analyses by Excel - Training course in Labour Force Survey in Department of Economy Abu Dhabi - Training course in customer service in IRAQNA - Orascom Telecom CO (zain) Arabic & English

1 week -Customer Service Excellence FME training & development 6 week - English Language courses British Council Abu Dhabi 3 week - spss Statistical Training Center 2 dyes - Adaa system for strategy of UAE government References: Available upon request