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Global crude oil price of Indian Basket declines sharply to 99.37/US$ bbl on 23.5.

2013 The international crude oil price of Indian Basket as computed/published today by Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC) under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas went down to US$ 99.37/per barrel (bbl) on 23.05.2013. This was lower than the price of US$ 101.07/bbl prevailing on the previous trading day of 22.05.2013. In rupee terms also the crude oil price declined to Rs 5563.73 per bbl on 23.05.2013 as compared to Rs5611.41/bbl on 22.05.2013. This was due to fall in price in dollar terms. Rupee dollar exchange rate on 23.05.2013 was Rs 55.99/US$ against Rs 55.52/US$ on previous trading day of 22.05.2013. The table below gives details in this regard: Particulars Unit Price on May 23, 2013 (previous trading day i.e. 22.05.2013) 99.37 5563.73 55.99 (101.07) (5611.41) (55.52) Last Fortnight May 115, 2013(previous fortnight i.e. April 16-30, 2013) 101.21 (99.38) 5497.73 (5385.40) 54.32 (54.19)

Crude Oil (Indian Basket) Exchange Rate

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NCJ/RKSDaily Crude oil price- 24.05.2013