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| SuccessHome | About | Contact | Write for us! Subscribe: RSS|Email 50 things to say before you die Youve read the lists that compiled the 50 or 100 places and things you must see and do before you die. These lists are great for reminding you how short life is and for showing you what youre missing. This list is a little different; it compiles 50 things to say before you die. Why such a list? Because youd be surprised how little people express their selves and say what they need to say to those who matter. You dont want to be on your deathbed before you utter these words. You need to say these at the appropriate times and with true meaning behind them. Reading them now does not count. 1. Thanks for everything youve done. Say it to your mother, father, grandmother, or sister; whoever deserves it. Say it when its least expected and when it will make the most impact. 2. Youve changed my life. 3. I need you. 4. Ive only got one life to live. This will give you tremendous motivation. 5. Nothing can stop me. 6. I love my life. 7. Theres nothing Id rather be doing. 8. I can change the world. 9. I will change the world. 10. I have changed the world. 11. Im rich without money. 12. Im doing what I was meant to do. 13. I conquered my biggest fear. 14. Glad to help you. 15. I have all the money I need. 16. I dont care what people think. 17. Im honest. 18. Im going for it! 19. Im proud of myself. 20. Ive failed. 21. Ive learned from my failures. 22. I have no regrets. Many people believe everything happens for a reason. So why would you have any regrets? 23. I dont like my life Of course its a bad thing to say. But once youve acknowledged that you dont like your life you can now begin to change it. 24. Ive never had more fun in my life. 25. You hurt me. 26. Theres more to life than this. 27. I love you no matter what. 28. Ive accomplished a lot. 29. Youve been successful. 30. Im listening. Sometimes its more important to listen than to talk. 31. Im here for you. 32. Words cant describe the way I feel. 33. Im not giving up. 34. I dont have any worries. 35. There is no place like home. 36. It was a pleasure to talk to you. 37. I have all the time in the world. 38. I need a hand. 39. Youre my best friend. 40. Im glad you were here. 41. Im just gonna go for it. 42. I cant thank you enough.

43. Im trusting my gut. 44. I follow my own path. 45. What a wonderful world. 46. I take full responsibility. Own up to your mistakes, people will respect you. 47. Im not sorry. There are times when you shouldnt be sorry. 48. I came, I saw, I conquered. 49. I havent said enough. 50. Im not afraid. Share anything else in the comments below you think is important to for people to say in their lifetime. Photo by pedrosimoes7 Related posts - 75 questions to ask yourself - 50 unconventional things to do in your lifetime - 15 questions I want to ask you and the world Body & Soul | September 25th, 2008 | Written by Andrew Galasetti Subscribe to Lyved By RSS | email: Share this post 66 7 12 0Google +1

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