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Sekolah Rendah Mabohai, Brunei 1


Week / Date 14 / 13th April, 2009 TP Teacher Name Dyg Norolhoda Hj Md Arpan

Class 2A Registration Number 08D0302

Lesson Time / Duration 8:30 / 30 minutes Module Code PT 0127

Subject ICT Module Name Dip in Ed (IS) TP

Diploma in Education (In-

Topic Inserting picture in Ms Word Course Name

Lesson Objective(s) Key Vocabulary

Create / Save
Pupils to be able to copen and save an existing document.
Click / Hold / Insert
Pupils to identify with the mouse as a tool to navigate around a document.
Backspace/ Enter/Shift/Delete
Pupils to learn how to insert picture from a file.


Teacher prepares a folder of pictures and paste the folder on the desktop of the pupil’s computer.

Teacher prepares a handout for the pupils to refer to.

Teacher makes sure that the Ms Word in each pc to be used is working.

Introduction (5 minutes)

On the carpet area, teacher shows a completed work which makes use of insertion of pictures. Teacher then briefly show how

such work was done. Teacher informs pupils to follow teacher’s guided oral instruction. Teacher then instruct pupils to go to their

respective computers.

Main Activities (20 minutes)

Guided Practical – Pupils to work in groups at their respective computers.

(1) Firstly, teacher prompts the pupils to start Ms Word and open the file they have saved from previous class.
(2) Teacher then show step-by-step guidance to the pupils on how to do the work they are given on the IWB.
(3) In the pupils picture folder contains 11 pictures for the pupils to copy from.
(4) After guiding pupils through one question, teacher will move around the lab to ensure that pupils understood what was

showed and explain.

(5) Each computer will have three pupils at most and each group will collaboratively work with each other to complete
their work.

Closure (5 minutes)

Teacher informs pupils to save their work. Back on the carpet area teacher will ask pupils what they have learned during the

lesson. Teacher will ask if pupils feel that they can complete a given exercise without guidance for next class.

Teaching Aids / Resources Assessment / Evaluation

Computers with Ms Word installed Q&A

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Sekolah Rendah Mabohai, Brunei 1
IWB Continuous observation upon pupils’ guided activity.

Saved work in the computer of the activity of the day.

Teaching Practise teacher’s remark(s) Cooperating Teacher’s remark(s)


Objective(s) Not


Pupils’ Participation and


Pupils’ Activity & Assessment
More Effort


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