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Atlas Copco Aftermarket products

Scooptram RRC - Radio Remote Control

As a step on the continuous strives to improve With controls that resemble those in the cab,
productivity for our Customers safety and the Scooptram RRC is an easy to use and reliable
working environment for the operator, Atlas system. Its low weight and the adjustable
Copco can now offer Scooptram RRC, a remote harness gives the user an ergonomic working
control system for our line of Scooptrams. position. Powered by regular rechargeable AA
batteries, it has an operating time over eight
Scooptram RRC offers an effective way of hours.
operating inside stopes and areas exposed to
risks of falling rock. By standing in a safe To further extend the service of the product
area, away from the equipment, the operator we can now offer our Customers RRC Service
can continue to muck until the stope is empty, Exchange to keep a high utilisation of the
thereby getting maximum ore recovery. product. By creating a Scooptram RRC Kit
Additionally, for narrow stopes, all mucking can where all parts are included, the order and
be carried out along the orebody, which means logistic handling is simplified.
that costly cross cut development in waste rock
can be reduced. – “One Service One Number”.
Scooptram RRC - Specification Scooptram RRC - Specification
Scooptram RRC Kit – “One Service One Number” The Scooptram RRC monitor is a tool
To simplify the ordering process and guarantee that everything is included for the RRC for fast troubleshooting on the machine.
Installation, a Scooptram RRC Kit has been designed to suit each Scooptram. This means that It shows the signals to and from the
everything can be ordered as one part number only. Machine Unit and it shows both the
RRC’s and the machine’s condition.
The Scooptram RRC Monitor Kit,
PMI number 9106 2017 90, contains one
Beacon-Red Strobe – Flash Light monitor and two harnesses.

Harness Belt

OU – Operator Unit RRC Service Exchange

To ensure high utilization of your operating Scooptrams we have set up a RRC Service
Hydraulic Interface Exchange for the Operator and Machine Unit. If the Unit stops and needs to be repaired we
will send a repaired working Unit immediately from our stock to you.

• All units in the Service Exchange are repaired, function tested and cleaned.
• Units are exchanged at a fix price.

MU – Machine Unit


Together with the Scooptram RRC Kit the only additional thing needed is the Hydraulic
RRC Installation Kit, (Hydraulic Interface). As the Hydraulic RRC Installation Kit might
already be installed on the machine from the factory, this has to be verified.

Following Scooptrams have been configured with Scooptram RRC Kit:

Scooptram Scooptram Hydraulic RRC

Model RRC Kit Installation Kit
ST2G 5580 0088 00 5575 4856 00 To be verified before order
ST3.5 5580 0083 35 4 different options To be verified before order Atlas Copco RRC Shop Atlas Copco Customer
ST710 Canopy 5580 0100 18 5572 7585 00
ST710 Cab 5580 0100 97 5572 7585 00
ST1020/ST1030 5580 0085 83 5575 3984 00
ST8B 5580 0084 98 5574 4982 00 To be verified before order
ST14 5580 0083 98 Not needed WORKING
ST1520 5580 0082 43 5575 4616 00
Scooptram RRC - Specification
“Features and Benefits”
Operator features:
• A fully proportional system.
• A built in Operator Unit test mode for enhanced trouble shooting.
• A high level safety protocol reducing the risk for the operator and those around him.
• A low weight Operator Unit.
• An ergonomically improved working position.
• Long operating time using normal rechargeable AA batteries.
• The possibility to configure valve currents directly from the Operator Unit.

Safety features:
• An enabling function on the main Scooptram console to prevent involuntary movement
• A tilt sensor and dead-man’s-handle that triggers the machine to stop if the operator
should fall.
• Constantly monitored 2-way digital communication that will stop the machine if
communication is lost or delayed by more than half a second.
• Monitoring of the battery power-pack that shuts down the system well before any risk of
functionality occurs.
• An idle time monitor that shuts off the Operator Unit after 5 min, if left with power on.
• IP class 65 water/dust protection enclosures.

Technical information

without prior notice. © Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB 05/2008

The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications
Machine unit Operator unit
Height: 120 mm Height: 174 mm
Width: 200 mm Width: 420 mm
Length: 300 mm Length: 233 mm
Weight: 7 kg Weight: 3,8 kg incl batteries
Operating temperature: -24 - 70°C Operating temperature: -20 - 50°C
Storage temperature: -40 - 85°C Storage temperature: -40 - 85°C
Operating time: >8 hrs Operating time: >8 hrs
Range: >60 metres
9851 2536 01a