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RANJIT SINGH Tip UPSR: Tinggalkan dulu soalan susah ketika jawab Bahasa Inggeris Oleh P Rangit Singh Berita Harian 2010/09/15 Bahasa Inggeris

PAPER 1 English Paper 1 contains 40 multiple choice questions. They cover the vocabulary, social situation, grammar and comprehension aspects of the language. In Section A, pupils are to answer questions which test their vocabulary. Pupils are given three different types of questions namely word level questions, phrase level questions and sentence level questions. For this section pupils need to study the pictures given in order to answer most of the questions. Pupils can use the Wh questions to derive the information from the pictures. Make sure you read all the options given. Understand them and finally make your choice. Remember to choose the best answer. In Section B, different social situations are given through the speech bubbles in the pictures. Before

proceeding to the options (A, B, C and D), look at the picture and then read the dialogues in the speech bubbles. Understand the social function in the questions (to enquire, to assure, to inform, to explain, to apologise). Then choose the best sentence that fits the empty speech bubble base on the social function. In the grammar section (Section C) pupils are required to answer questions on grammar, punctuation and spelling. For grammar, pupils need to read the questions and understand the grammar rules that need to be applied. After choosing the answer, you need to think whether the answer you have chosen is the best answer. Reason out the answer by recalling the grammar rules you have learnt. When choosing the answer for the punctuation questions, pupils need to read all the options given. While reading the sentences, circle the errors. Then compare the sentence with the other options in the question until you find the sentence without errors. When answering questions on synonym or antonym, make sure you give the synonym or antonym in context (the meaning of the word used in the sentences) and not its general meaning. For questions that test spelling, pupils need to read the options given carefully. After that compare the words with the other options and choose the word that has the correct spelling.

Usually questions in Section D test pupils on vocabulary and grammar. Read the text given first then determine the tense. Look for clues (words that show the tense) in the text to help you. You also need to refer to the picture given. A linear and a non linear text are given in the comprehension section. Pupils need to read the text given at least twice. During the first reading, pupils need to get an idea what the text is about. This will help them to get a general view of the text. During the second reading, make sure you understand the whole text especially the important points. If there is a word in a sentence that you dont understand, underline it and read the sentence again a few more times. You may be able to guess the meaning of the word. Then read the questions carefully and choose the best answer. Make sure you read all the options given before choosing the best answer. PAPER 2 Section A * This section tests pupils ability to write sentences. Pupils will be given a picture and they have to construct five sentences. Pupils may choose to construct the sentences without using the helping words.

* Pupils need to construct a variety of sentences namely Simple sentence Example: The boys are playing football. Compound sentence Example: The boys and their friends are playing football in the field. Complex sentence Example: Johan, who is wearing jersey number seven, is playing football in the field. * Do not make assumptions. Write sentences on what you see in the picture. If you want to use names, make sure that you describe clearly the person you are writing about. Example: Zul is sitting with his friends. (WRONG) Zul, who is the tallest among the boys, is holding a hockey stick. (CORRECT) * After you have completed all the five sentences, make sure you check the grammar, punctuation and spelling. Write clearly so as not to confuse the examiner. * Dont relate yourself to the picture.

Example: My uncle and aunt are watching television in the living room. (WRONG) A man and a woman are watching television in the living room. (CORRECT) Section B * This section contains two questions. Pupils need to transfer the information from the question into the table. Then, they have to make a choice based on the question given and state the reasons for the choice. * For information transfer pupils need to be aware of the spelling, punctuation and their writing. They need to write clearly and obey the punctuation rules. If the answer written is not legible, no marks will be awarded for the answer. Pick and choose the information based on what is required in the table. Do not copy in any particular sequence. * For the second part of the question, pupils need to make a choice and state the reasons for their choice. Before you start your answer, read the instruction. Make sure you write based on the choice made. Example: You and your family are going on a trip. Based on the information given, which type of tour would you suggest? Give reasons for your choice.

* Dont only write statements. Support them with logical and suitable reasons. Give some elaboration on your reasons. Example: I would choose Aerobus 380 because it can carry the most number of passengers. It is also the longest and the widest among the three planes. Thus, it will be more spacious and I will be able walk around in the plane especially since Im going to Paris. It is the fastest and does not need any refueling until its destination. It is powered by four jet engines. It will be able to reach the destination faster than the others. * After completing the answers, pupils must check the sentences for grammar, spelling or punctuation errors. Section C * Pupils need to write creatively in this section based on the pictures and words given in the question. Pupils must read the instruction before writing their answer. Pupils may need to use all the words. Sometimes they may not need to use all the words. This depends on the instruction. Therefore, it is crucial for pupils to read the instruction carefully. Example: 1. Write a story based on the pictures below. You may

use the words given to help you. Write your answers in the space provided. OR 2. Write a story based on the pictures below. Use all the words given to help you. Write your answers in the space provided. * Pupils are free to name the characters in their answer. They can also name the places in the pictures. * Start your answer with an interesting introduction and end it with an interesting closure. Your introduction need not be too long. Two or three sentences will be sufficient. * Write at least four sentences for each picture. Make sure you describe the pictures well. You may use proverbs and similes to make your answer more interesting. * After completing the answer, read through the sentences. Check for any errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. Overall, pupils need to be alert and concentrate while answering the questions. Leave the question that are difficult, answer the easier ones and come back to the difficult ones later. Read the instruction before

attempting to answer the questions. Finally, check all your answers before you hand in the answer script to the invigilators. So, good luck and may God bless you all.

ENGLISH PAPER 2 - SECTION B 2(b)- how to write your reasons -samples

UPSR: English Paper 2: Section B Question 2 (b) TOPIC 1. Place / Venue/ Location I can go there easily. It is near my house. I can go there at anytime. It is a nice / beautiful place. REASONS

2. Society

It is very enjoyable. It is very useful and has a lot of benefits. I can gain more knowledge. I can improve my vocabulary. I can widen my knowledge. I shall be more confident of myself. I can get a lot of new friends. I can do something beneficial during my free time. I shall be able to know more about new things. It gives me a pleasant feeling. It teaches me to independent / confident. My parents always encourage me.

3. Price / Fee / Fare / Rent

It is reasonable and affordable. I can save my money for other expenses. It is a reasonable price and I think I can afford it. It is also worth buying. The price is low and reasonable. I can afford to pay for it / buy it. It is cheaper than the others.

4. Free gift / Discount / Offer / Souvenir

It is attractive offer. I can save my pocket money. I do not have to buy it anymore. I dont have to spend more.

5. Food / Drinks / Menu / Dishes / Meal

It is delicious and appetizing. It is nutritious, tasty and appetizing. It is my favourite food / drinks. It is good for my health.

6. Transport

It is comfortable / convenient. I can relax myself during a journey. It is an economical way of travelling. It is suitable for a long journey. It is fast and I wont feel bored. I can enjoy watching the beautiful scenery along

the journey.

7. Facility

I can enjoy them. I can use them. It is comfortable and convenient.

8. Date / Time / Duration

I am free at that time. It takes a shorter / longer time to finish it. I would not feel bored. The time is enough for me to spend it there.

9. Colour / Fashion / Pattern / Design

It is beautiful / attractive / eye-catching. It is my favourite colour / design. It suits me. It is the latest fashion / pattern / design.

10. Occupation

I can earn money for living. It teaches me to be responsible / independent. I will commit to my job. I can support my family / parents.

11. Pen-pal

We can exchange ideas. We can share the same hobby / ideas / interest. I can learn many new things from her / him. I shall be able to know more about his / her country. I have a chance to visit him / her country one day.

12. Pets

It is cute. It is easy to look after / to take care / to manage. It is easy to feed. I can play with it. It can be a great company to me. It can help to look after the house.

13. Material

It is cool and comfortable. It is long-lasting.

It is worth it to buy. I can wear it for a long time.

14. Finally / Lastly

I am sure I have made the best choice. Definitely, my choice is right. I hope my father / mother / brother / sister will like my choice and appreciate it.

English UPSR - Writing Techniques

Friday, 6 August 2010

Section B - Question 2

ORANGE JUICE Give reasons: Aluminum tin : light and easy to put in the bag , easy to open , recycle , make a pencil holder 300ml. : enough for me RM1.30 : reasonable, affordable, have enough money in my purse/wallet to buy two tins. Fresh orange and sugar : refreshing drink, Favourite flavour , orange contains vitamin C good for health

Sample answer: I would choose orange juice because it is my favourite drink. It contains vitamin C so, it is good for health. It is a nutritious and refreshing drink. It could quench my thirst. The price is RM1.30 which is reasonable and affordable. I have enough money to buy it. It is packed in aluminium tin which is light and easy to take to picnics or schools. It is very easy to open and it could be recycled.

CAMPING Give reasons: Cost: RM90.00, reasonable and I don't mind spending it for a great experience. My father would not mind paying it since I'm the apple of his eyes. Activities - interesting, challenging and exciting. - love singing - take part in the competition. Accommodation: tent never stay in a tent - great and wonderful experience Sample answer: I would choose camping because I love outdoor activity. The cost is RM90.00. It is reasonable and I don't mind spending it for a great experience. Besides, my father would not mind paying it since I'm the apple of his eyes. The activities are campfire and singing competition. They are interesting, challenging and exciting. I love singing ,so I could take part in the competition. I have never stay in a tent so, it would be a great and wonderful experience for me.
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Section A - Question 1

1. The sun is rising and shines brightly. 2. The children are playing the hoops happily. 3. There are two women sitting on the bench and they are talking to each other. 4. The boy, who is wearing jersey number ten, is running after the ball in the park. 5. A man is riding his bicycle and he is waving to the women.

Simple sentences: 1. The boys are playing football at the field. 2. There are two ladies sitting on the bench under the tree. 3. Two girls are playing happily near the flower bush. 4. The sun shines brightly. 5. The boy is cycling his bicycle.

1. The pupils are in the laboratory to carry out an experiment. 2. The pupils are learning a new Science experiment and they are referring to their textbooks. 3. The teacher is explaining the steps and the pupils are listening to him attentively. 4. The bunsen burner is on the table and there is a glass beaker on it. 5. The teacher is standing in front of the pupils while the pupils are sitting on the stools. Simple sentences: 1. The pupils are in the Science laboratory. 2. The teacher is teaching the pupils. 3. The pupils listen to the teacher. 4. There is a bunsen burner on the table. 5. The pupils are sitting on the stools.
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Thursday, 5 August 2010

English Paper 2 - Format

Paper 2 comprises three sections, Section A, Section B and Section C. Section A : Sentence Construction (Based on the given words and graphic) (10 marks) - Pupils construct sentences based on the composite picture.

- Construct 5 sentences about the picture. - Pupils should be creative and possessed good thinking skills. - Must show variety of sentences (Simple sentence, Compound sentence and Complex sentence) in order to score high marks. - Pupils must have a good command of the language, minimal grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Section B : Information Transfer (2a - 10 marks) (2b - 5 marks) - Pupils are required to read and understand the information in the notes. - Transfer will be at word or phrase level. - Pupils are required to transfer the information correctly in the answer's table provided. - Strictly marking. - Pupils should avoid any spelling and punctuations mistakes when transferring the information. - Provide good reasons for the choice made. - Pupils must have a good command of the language, minimal grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Section C : Note Expansion (15 marks) - This question requires a pupil to study carefully the pictures based on a theme. A set of words are also given with each pictures. - Pupils are encouraged to make one, two or more sentences depending on their proficiency. - Write in paragraphs with an introduction and a suitable ending. - Pupils must have a good command of the language, minimal grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. - Pupils should possess good writing skills, construct interesting essay, able to use idiom or simile (sometimes), adjectives, adverbs and use variety of sentences in order to score high marks. - Grammar is essential as marks are given based on the sentences that are well constructed.
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English UPSR - Writing Techniques

Upsr Writing Techniques and Model AnswersMy deepest appreciation to Cynthia for her

hard work and I'm sharing this file for the benefit of all English teachers and Year 6 pupils.


PANDUAN MENJAWAB BAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS 2 SECTION A Anda dikehendaki menulis lima ayat sahaja Bentuk ayat : Subject + verb + object Contoh : Aziz is cleaning the window. (Markah 1m 7m) Subject + verb Contoh : Aziz is cleaning. (Markah 1m 6m) Subject + adjectives. Contoh : Aziz is handsome. (Markah 1m 4m) Subject + verb + adjective + object + adverb. (Markah 1m -10m) Contoh ayat : Aziz is cleaning the dirty window carefully. Untuk menjawab bahagian ini kamu perlu mengetahui verb (kata perbuatan) kerana anda akan membina ayat berdasarkan perbuatan yang terdapat dalam gambar. Kesimpulannya untuk membina ayat dalam bahagian ini anda perlu guna elemen-elemen berikut : Subject : names of people (Aziz, Si Tompok, Uncle John) dan nouns (The boy, The cat, My father) Verb : is playing, are sweeping, is reading, are listening, is watching, are jogging, is relaxing) Object : places ( in the kitchen, near the sofa, on the table) , things ( a book, with a ball, in the wok) Adjectives (Kata Sifat) : active, beautiful, handsome, cute, fat, thin, tall, - untuk subject dirty, clean, wet, colourful, dusty, smooth, slippery - untuk object Adverb : untuk menerangkan cara perbuatan dilakukan. Contoh : happily, carefully, politely, sweetly, gracefully. Ayat anda mestilah berada dalam masa Present Continous Tense iaitu : SUBJECT + is/are/am + ing. Contoh : The boy is wiping the blackboard. Jangan mulakan ayat anda dalam masa Past Tense : Contoh : Samad bought a book yesterday Future Tense : Contoh : Samad will buy the book tomorrow. Jangan nyatakan bilangan orang dalam gambar : Contoh : There are five people in the picture. (AYAT LEMAH) Tuliskan ayat yang menerangkan apa yang anda lihat di gambar sahaja. Anda diberi masa 15 minit sahaja untuk menjawab bahagian ini. SECTION B Anda dikehendaki menjawab 2 (a) : iaitu isi 10 tempat kosong 2(b) : pilih tajuk dan beri sebab Perkara perkara yang perlu diberi perhatian semasa mernjawab bahagian 2(a) : Isi jawapan berdasarkan petikan

a) b) c) d) e) a)

b) c) d) e) f) g) h) a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) -

Check ejaan termasuklah huruf besar dan huruf kecil Jangan tertinggal atau tertambah huruf. Pastikan anda tulis jawapan di kotak yang betul. Tulis maklumat yang dikehendaki sahaja. Tulis maklumat dengan lengkap. Tolong periksa sama ada anda sudah tulis kesemua 10 jawapan. Pastikan tanda RM ditulis dengan betul. Bahagian 2 (b) Baca arahan dulu kerana pilihan untuk siapa dinyatakan di sini Biasanya pilihan dinyatakan untuk diri sendiri, friends atau family. Contoh : a) I would choose/buy Bag B because it is my favourite bag. b) I would choose RorineWallet because my father loves this brand c) I would choose key chain because I know what my friend likes. Biasanya anda akan membuat pilihan berdasarkan item-item berikut : Price / Cost : The price is reasonable and I have enough pocket money Free item : If I buy this bag, I will get free.. Place / Venue : The place is not far from my house. It is within walking distance. Available :i) I can go there at anytimde. ii) It is stone throw from my house. Made in : It is made in a popular country Made of : It is made of high quality product. Dessert : The dessert is mouth watering. Shape : It has an attractive shape. Design : The design is remarkable and captivating Duration / Time : The date and time are just perfect for me as I am free. Accomodation : The place is very comfortable and cool. Activity : The activity is challenging and mind blowing. Thing you need : I am sure I already have all the equipments needed. Discount / Offer: If I buy this bag, I can buy at low price. Benefits : I am sure if I made this choice, I will learn many good things. Anda diberi masa 25 minit sahaja untuk menjawab bahagian ini. SECTION C

a) b) c) -

Menulis karangan berdasarkan 3 atau 4 gambar Baca arahan dulu untuk mengenalpasti siapa yang terlibat atau tema cerita tersebut Beri perhatian dan telti kesemua gambar bagi mendapat maklumat-maklumat berikut : Subject names and pronouns Tema cerita : Kejadian, Peristiwa, Proses atau Fakta Time Frame (Rangka Masa) : Present Tense atau Past Tense Kemudian lihat pada keywords (perkataan-perkataan di bawah gambar) untuk mendapat maklumat-maklumat berikut : a) Subject b) Verbs c) Nouns

d) -

Adjectives Verbs memainkan peranan penting dalam pembentukan ayat. Jika kebanyakan verbs dalam bentuk past tense, contohnya : went, jumped, played, was, did dan sebagainya maka keseluruhan cerita dalam masa past tense diikuti dengan rangka masa past tense, contohnya last week, yesterday, during the school holidays, Jika masa diberi , calon tak perlu tambah yang lain. Calon perlu mengenalpasti subject yang terlibat kerana ia akan mempunyai hubungkait dengan pronouns yang hendak diguna, contohnya : Ali He, Siti She, The cat It, Ali and his friend They, My family and I We. Calon juga perlu memahami nouns, adjectives atau adverb yang ada dalam keywords kerana sekiranya calon tidak faham maka calon tidak akan dapat membina ayat dengan sempurna. Cara menulis karangan : Pengenalan : 1 hingga 2 ayat cukup. Isi cerita Penutup PENGENALAN : Ayat dalam present tense, contoh : Siti and Aminah are good friends and neighbours. They always play games and revise their lessons together. ISI CERITA : Ayat dalam past tense bermula dengan masa past tense, contoh : One Saturday evening, Siti went to Aminahs house to play congkak as it is their hobby. While playing they heard a bell ringing outside the house. PENUTUP : From this story, it is learnt that Siti is a kind hearted girl. SEBUAH KARANGAN YANG LENGKAP ATAU CEMERLANG Calon memahami dan menulis karangan bertepatan dengan gambar Calon mengguna struktur ayat dengan betul. Grammatically correct Calon mengguna vocabulary yang sesuai. Tiada kesilapan tatabahasa. Calon banyak menambah idea sendiri sesuai dengan gambar. Calon berupaya menambah perumpamaan atau simpulan bahasa yang sesuai. Ada nilai moral yang sesuai.

a) b) c) a) b) c) d) e) f) g)

CONTOH KESILAPAN AYAT CALON UPSR I and my uncle visited the orchard last week. X My uncle and I visited the orchard last week. / 2) Abu was went to school just now. X Abu went to school just now. / 3) He waited for see you. X He waited to see you. / 4) The boys was playing at the field. X The boys were playing at the field. / 5) Jamal did not bought the book yesterday. X Jamal did not buy the book yesterday. / 6) She could not went to the market yesterday. X She could not go to the market yesterday. / 7) Than, it became a caterpillar. X Then, it became a caterpillar. / 8) There were many peoples at the night market.. X There were many people at the night market. / 9) Jamal and her wife went to restaurant. X Jamal and his wife went to the restaurant. / 10) There was a few child in the canteen. X There were a few children in the canteen. / 11) Mary went saw her cousin. X Mary went to see her cousin. / 12) The coffee are hot.X The coffee is hot. / 1)


SEK.KEB. BUKIT PERAH, 17050, TOK UBAN, PASIR MAS, KELANTAN PROGRAM UPSR KHUSUS PELAJAR TARGET CEMERLANG BAHASA INGGERIS 2011 BIL PROGRAM OBJEKTIF PERINCIAN TARGET PROGRAM TEMPOH 1 Menyenaraikan Murid lebih Senarai nama murid Disember 2010 nama pelajarbersedia dan berdasarkan tov pelajar yang member mereka 2010 berpotensi untuk keyakinan skor A terhadap mereka 2 Grammar and Memastikan murid Program ini Januari Vocab Polish Up memahami serta dijalankan dalam Activities dapat menulis bentuk latih tubi Mac ayat dengan betul. serta worksheets dan interaksi cd. 3 Analysing Past Murid didedahkan Semua murid Januari Years Questions dengan format dikehendaki soalan menjawab soalanpeperiksaan soalan peperiksaan sebenar BI(Tahun 2005 2010) 4 One Day One Setiap murid Setiap hari murid Januari Assignment cemerlang dapat dikehendaki menghantar Satu menjawab salah satu Ogos tugasan kepada soalan BI Paper (2) guru setiap hari 5 UBB Post Mortem Murid-murid Setelah setiap kali mengenali ujian dijalankan, Setiap kali UBB kesilapan dan murid-murid ini kelemahan diberi penerangan mereka serta penuh kesilapanmemperbaiki kesilapan yang kesilapan mereka mereka lakukan semasa menjawab soalan peperiksaan. 6 Bengkel Menilai tahap Penceramah yang Selepas UBB Menjawab Soalan kefahaman murid berpengalaman pertama serta memahami dijemput khusus dan sebelum tips-tips yang bagi teknik Percubaan penting menjawab untuk UPSR

markah lebih cemerlang 7 Translating Murid dapat Setiap murid diberi Newspaper mempelajari satu artikel Seminggu Articles perbendaharaan suratkhabar dan kata yang baru mereka dikehendaki sekali dan struktur ayat. menterjemah dengan betul 8 Weekly Exam Murid dapat lebih Setiap minggu, mengenali kumpulan cemerlang kemampuan serta ini perlu menjawab Setiap hari kelemahan soalan dalam bentuk Khamis mereka ujian 9 Be An Examiner Murid dapat Murid-murid ini menambah diberi peluang untuk May keyakinan serta memeriksa kertas lebih berhati-hati periksa murid-murid Ogos dari membuat sederhana dan halus sebarang dibimbingi oleh guru kesilapan tatabahasa 10 Perjumpaan Memberi laporan Perjumpaan secara Setiap kali dengan ibubapa prestasi murid tertutup di dewan UBB murid cemerlang serta membincang sekolah bersama kan cara-cara murid-murid untuk meningkatkan prestasi murid 11 Insentif istimewa Memberi Murid yang skor A semangat dan bagi setiap kali UBB Setiap kali sebagai satu diberi hadiah insentif UBB dorongan untuk . skor markah lebih cemerlang 12 Mutual A Memastikan Mesyuarat dengan murid-murid ini semua guru tahun 6 Setiap kali tidak kecundang A memastikan murid- UBB dalam subjekmurid ini berada subjek teras yang dalam trek skor lain yang sama.