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Grey Knights Special Rules Brothehood of Psykers Can use 1 power per turn, Cannot use IC LD, Peril

of the warp hurt 1 model Psychic Pilot Lvl 1 LD 10 for test, Peril do glancing hit And They Shall Know No Fear Automatic pass regroup test, even 1/2 strength, can move normally, must fight sw eeping advance (subject to No Retreat!). 1 GK required. The Aegis Targeting GK -1 LD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Grey Knights Ability Grand Strategy D3 unit of infantry, jump, monstrous, walker (not IC special unit) gain the same : Hammer of Righteousness: re-roll 1 to wound Shield of Blades: gain counter attack Spear of light: gain scout rule Unyielding Anvil: unit can claim objective Psychic Hood 24" LD contest to dispel Titan's Herald Re-rolls to hit The Perfect Warrior Sword Storm: hit base to base enemy (no charging bonus) Blade Shield: Re-rolls saving throws Rapier Strike: D3+1 hit I10 only for IC and Monstrous Anointed Blade Re-rolls to wound, count as nemesis force Sword (1++) Personal Teleporter Move 30", cannot assault Warp Quake 12" Deep Strike suffer mishap Servo-harness Twin-linked plasma pistol and flamer, fire both or 1 harness+1 gun. gain 2 servo -arms Servo-arm Close combat attack I1 S8 ignore armour save Blessing of the Omnissiah Base contact vehicle, roll D6 result +1 , 5+ weapon destroyed and immobilise rep aired. Weapon can attack that turn Bolster Defences Nominate 1 ruin in deployment area, +1 cover save Repair (rhino only) repair immobilised Reinforced Aegis Like the Aegis only -4 within 12" Venerable Re-rolls result for glancing and penetrating hit Power of the Machine Spirit Fire one more weapon then permitted, can choose different target Ceramite Plating Melta Gun do not get extra D6 Shadow Skies If Flat Out passenger can still disembark. Deep Strike rule, Scatter take dange rous terrain test. Teleporters don't take test First to the Fray Deep Strike on 1st turn, do not scatter Ghostly Bodyguard

Mordrak suffer a wound roll D3, If equal or greater than Mordrak wound place a G host Knight. Remove Ghost Knight if Mordrak died The Strands of Fate Re-roll 1 to hit, to wound or saving throws. Enemy gain 1 also any point later. Master Swordman 4+ to wound, rending I Shall Not Yield If died roll D6, 4+ revived. Does not contribute kill point ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inquisitor Special Rules Spy Network Re-rolls seize to Initiative, or force opponent to re-roll his I've Been Expecting You If Enemy arrives from reserve within 12" of Coteaz, He can shoot it. Ability can be use many times By Any Means Necessary Orbital Strike Relay do not scatter if place over friendly model (even in combat ) Dread Reputation Can choose to pass or fail morale and pinning test, friendly model 12" can re-ro ll morale and pinning Aura of Faith Daemons re-roll successful invul save Daemon Host Daemonic Power (D6 each turn) 1. Feel no Pain 2. Close combat ignore armour saves 3. Initiative 10 4. Strength 6 5. 24" S4 AP3 Assault 1, Blast 6. 24" S8 AP4 Assault 1 Mindlock If servitor does not accompanied by Inquisitor roll D6, 1, 2, 3 cannot move, sho ot, assault. Can combat if already engage Inconceivable Customisation D6 +1 for each Jokaero beyond the 1st 1. No effect 2. Non tamplate shooting weapon +12" range 3. +1 Armour Save 4. Shooting weapon +Rending 5. Unit gain +5 Invul Save 6. Roll 2 more Jokaero Ingenuity Digital Weapon, also counts as lascannon, multi-melta or heavy flamer Psychic Beacon Deep Strike within 6" does not Scatter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Assassin Hellfire Wound on 2+ Shield-Breaker Null Invul saves, other save can be taken Turbo-Penetrator non-vehicle 2 wound, vehicle 4D6 AP Deadshot Shooter allocate wound --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Psychic Power Hammerhand: +1S for assault Psychic Communion: +1 / -1 to reserve rolls (cumulative) Dark Exocommunication: assault phase before blow, daemonic power null Might of Titan: 6" +1S +D6 AP rolls Quicksilver: 6" I 10 Sanctuary: 12" enemy assault phase, all terrain became difficult and dangerous The Shrouding: within 6" unit gain stealth, if not in cover +6 cover save Smite: 12" S4 AP2 Assault 4 The Summoning: Place target friendly unit within 6" (deep strike rule) Vortex of Doom: 12" S10 AP1 Heavy 1 Blast, if LD fail blast marker on Libr Warp Rift: Template Assault 1, Unit take LD test (no saves), Vehicle take penetr ating hit Champion: Heroic Sacrifice: use when GK died, attack 1 enemy in base contact if successful removed (no saves) Purgation: Astral Aim: Shooting does not need LOS, enemy gain +4 cover save, can not shoot enemy inside transport Paladin: Holocaust: Replace 1 Paladin shooting to 12" S5 AP- Assault 1, large bl ast Purifier: Cleansing Flame: Assault phase enemy removed on roll of 4+, armour sav e permitted Techmarine: Reconstruction: Re-roll repair roll Vehicle: Fortitude: recover from shaken and stunned Draigo: Sanctified Flame: Template S5 AP- Assault 1, wound daemons on 2+ Stern: Zone of Banishment: D6" all model except Stern take Strength test, fail m odel are removed Psyker: Psychic Barrage: 36" S3 AP6 Assault 1, Large Blast (+1S +1AP for each Ps yker beyond 1st) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wargear The Titansword: Master crafted Daemonbane, +10S against Demons and Psykers Blade of Antwyr: Enemy gain furious charge and re-rolls to hit Psyber Eagle: 24" S4 AP- Assault D6 Graviton Beamer: 12" S10 AP1 pistol, 1 shot The Dagger of Midnight: +2 Attacks, double roll hit self Hyperstone Maze: Base contact. D6 must be equal or under wound value, if not mod el is removed (no saves) Rune of Destiny: enemy re-roll successful save rolls from shooting and close com bat Eviscerator: Power Fist 2D6 for AP Synskin: Fell no Pain on 6+