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The Livestock Industry of Pakistan

Overview of Livestock in Pakistan

Livestock plays an important role in the economy of Pakistan and in the rural socioeconomic system 30-40% of income of more than 35 million rural population comes from livestock production activities The livestock sector contributed 50% of the agriculture value added and 11% to National GDP in 2006-07 Eight percent of total exports derived from livestock and livestock products Pakistan possesses some of the finest dairy breeds like Nili-Ravi and Kundi buffaloes, and Red Sindhi & Sahiwal cattle, > 30 small ruminant breeds Fifth largest milk producing country

Future Development in the Industry

A number of initiatives have been taken by the government to promote this industry including : Duty free import of agro based machinery etc Provision of veterinary health coverage by livestock dept. Establishment of beef and mutton fattening farms , slaughter houses in private sector Milk collection ,Processing and Dairy Production Development Programs (LDDB 15%financial assistance) National Poultry and Fisheries Development Policy EU GOP Strengthening of Livestock Services in Pakistan (RP , PPR , Training of VETS, VET Asst , livestock farmers and women) Prime Ministers Special Initiative for Livestock Many other public/ private sector initiatives


PROVINCE PAKISTAN Percent distribution NWFP Punjab Sindh Balochistan Cattle 29.56 Buffalo 27.33 Sheep 26.49 Goats 53.78 (Million Heads) Camels 0.92

21.5 43.2 28.9 6.4

6.3 60.8 31.8 1.1

13.3 24.3 18.2 44.2

17.5 37.1 23.8 21.6

8.3 18.6 29.7 43.4

Economic Survey (2006-07)

Challenges Facing Livestock

Poor genetic & reproductive efficiency Epidemics of infectious diseases Lack of organized marketing Small holders production system Shortage (by 30%) of feed resources in quantity & quality Unavailability of credit to the livestock farmers (11% of agricultural credit)

Investment opportunities
Livestock sector is increasing gradually and different factors play the favourable role in inward investments. There is high demand for the livestock product in the domestic level as well as in the export level. Urbanisation and economic development are the two main factors in the increasing demand of livestock product. The current growth ratio in Pakistan for milk is 2.9 per cent and for meat is 3.2 per cent. It is expected That growth rate will beat 3.2 and 4.3 per cent for milk and meat respectively in next five years with modest public sector investment. The demand for milk and meat is projected at least at a growth rate of 5.0 per cent for milk and 6.5 per cent for meat.