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one I punched had gotten up, so whilst he was dazed, I slit the knife across hi s neck before he turned

to dust before my eyes. My new friend was in trouble wit h a Vampire shoving him into a fence, so as he was being attacked , my legs ran over to him and I stabbed the Vampire in the back, only for the ma n in front of me to give a relieved smile. That one caught me off guard. He paused . I m Xabi. The man told me and held his hand out to me, I took hold of it and shook i t. It was only when I shook his hand that I realised he was a Vampire too. I r ecoiled ba ck from him, with my knife up in the air. What s the matter? He asked me. You re a Vamp ire. Yeah, I thought you would ve known that already when you saw me. I was a bit busy . I can see. Look, were on the same side. He tried to tell me. No were not. I warned him. If were not then why did I help you kill these guys? Why would I save your l ife ? You seriously think I ve not come up against Vampires like you before? You hel p m e kill your buddies just because you think you re strong enough to take me alo ne, well, come on then Xabi, if that s even your real name? Hey, Marissa, I swear I m on your side. How do you know my name? I asked him. I umm How?! I watch you. What? h me? Are you trying to learn a few tricks to kill me? No, I just watch you. To se e if you need help. Sure. I paused. Now let s get this over with. I warn him.

The moment Xabi told me his name and I got a good look at his face I knew f or s ure he was the guy off TV. The footballer. The one that had transferred from Liv erpool to Real Madrid. He plays for Spain and is my Brother s team mate. The f act he s famous makes no difference to me. He s a Vampire, that means he must die. S o I run over to him and kick him in the stomach and it doesn t hurt him. I punched h im across the face and this time it does get to him a bit. And as I continue att ack him, he doesn t hit me back, all he does is catch my wrists and gets me to sto p. I m not going to fight you. Your strong. I state to him. I ve been round for a long t me. You know my Brother. Yes. He paused. And I think you mean half Brother, because ob viously you have dif ferent Dad s, so when your Mum got married your last name sta yed the same as her M aiden name, whilst David s changed which is why he s called Vi lla and you Skye. Howe ver, you wish that your Brother s Dad was your real Dad bec ause he s the one that wa s always there for you, not like your real Dad who is mo re interested in drugs, booze and becoming a Vampire than he ever was in you. As he said it I was silent, I couldn t believe how much he knew about me. Are you stal king me?! I retaliated. No, not at all. I watch you, I stay nearby just in case yo u re in trouble. You look really familiar. I state. Well, I am a footballer. No, I swea , I ve seen you before, that we ve met. I tell him and look at him for a long time, f eeling a little confused, he should be stabbed by now. You must be mi staken. No, I v e seen you But where? I couldn t think of it, no matter how hard I tried, it w as li ke a big blank. Look Marissa, I promise I m not here to hurt you and if you don t bel ieve me then He began and let go of my hands, then he held his arms out, leaving h is unbeating h eart unprotected. Then stab me. I raised the knife above his chest and was going t o stab him, I was. It s just that he knew so much and he was the o ne guy who could give me the answers I needed, I craved. So instead of stabbing him, I threw my knife to the ground and ran. I ran as fast as I could. Far away from Xabi as possible, I knew hardly anything about him and he knew so much abou t me. It was unbelievable. My run slowed as I reached my gate and saw Lukas, wai ting outside my home. H ey Marissa. He smiles. Hi Lukas. I replied as calmly as poss ible, trying to not let him see my distress from moments ago. He walked over to me and gave me a hug, the light from one of the lamp posts shone on his hair, re vealing his brownish, blondish hair. We pul led away from each other and I looke d at him. How do you do it? I wondered. How do I do what? How do you play matches up to three times a week in Germany, but you always see m to be in Spain? It s because I am clever. Or because you are a footballer and you re so rich that you ve found some new form of transport that s quicker than ever. I joke. I ll tell you what, you come to Germany and watch me play a match, then you ll see that I go by plane like ever yone else. First class plane maybe, but that s it. I can t. Sorry. As I said that I wal ked off to my home and went inside, with Lukas followin g me. I closed the door behind him and we walked inside the house and sat down o n the sofa. You know, yo ur Brother s still wondering what it is you do. Really?

Yeah, he was asking me about it today, but I didn t know. And I think there s no re a son why you can t come to Germany with me for a couple of days. You know, a holid ay would be good for you. I would if I could, but I ve got work. Sorry Lukas. That s ok. He said and looked at me, he lightly brushed his fingers across my fore head, I flinched a bit because it was where my head had collided with the lamp p ost. He looked at it for a long time. That seems nasty. It ll heal. I respond and Lukas nods his head. I love the way you never make a fuss about anything. Thanks. I grinned and in that moment Lukas turned away to sneeze. And I could sw ear that as he did t hat the side of his face looked a bit blue. I narrowed my ey ebrows as I tried t o get a look at him. The next thing I know though, he turns t o me. Are you ok? Yea h, I m fine. Lukas told me adamantly. Really? Yes, just a sneeze. Oh, I could swear tha your skin looked bluish then. Bluish? He asked, laughing. Marissa, are you sure tha t bang to your head hasn t aff ected your vision? No. Look, how about I stay here toni ght? You go to bed, I ll bring you up some tea an d I ll sleep in the spare room? The good thing about having a Brother as a football er is that he bought me a house . A big house. Ok. And why didn t you just let yours elf in earlier? I mean, you ha ve the key to here. Yeah, but I d feel rude. Ok. I grinned. Night Lukas. Night Mariss said and I went upstairs to my room and pulled on some white c ow pyjama bottoms , followed by a tank top. After that, I sat in bed and continued reading through a book that tells me about all the different types of Demons in this world. Did you know there are D emons that just eat skin? There are Demons that eat your f ace. And there are Dem ons that have feet which deteriorate, so they have to ste al human feet every cou ple of years. I mean, how disgusting is that? And as if things couldn t get worse, I got to a page in the book with an old picture of Xabi . I flicked through the pages and saw that there were pages and p ages of writin g about him. Unfortunately, I couldn t read about him in that moment because Lukas walked in with my cup of tea in his hand. He put it on the side next to my bed and I sm iled at him as he did it. Thank you. That s ok. He said as he perched on the edge of my bed. You re a good friend Lukas. Thanks, you too. Not really, the amount of times I ve cancelled going to the cinema with you and s uch is unreal. That s ok, you ve got a lot of commitments. I understand. He paused. I just wish that a small part of the girl from ten years ago was still there. You mean the horrible, bitchy vers ion of me? No, the girl that used to go out with guys, have lots of friends and ha ve fun. Well, you lose a lot of friends after High School and I ve never got time fo r rel ationships. Plus, who is there to go out with? Lukas was quiet as I said it and he leaned closer to me on the bed and brus hed some hair out the way of my face. He then rested his hand on my shoulder and said: He might be closer than yo u think. He stood up and looked at the book I was reading. Don t stay up too long re ading, I know what your like.

I won t. Thanks again Lukas. m

No problem.

He smiled and left my room. Lukas always told