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by Arvin Chen




Of a MAN, late-twenties, boyish and fit, with a sparkle in his eyes, smiling at himself. Were inside a-2 INT. BATHROOM - MORNING We see the SAME MAN, standing in the bathroom in a T-shirt and underwear, only now hes TEN YEARS OLDER. This is WEICHUNG. Hes sweet-natured, soft-spoken, awkward. Weichung continues to study himself in the mirror, but doesnt like what he sees in the actual reflection: white hairs, bags underneath his eyes, and a too prominent gut. Weichung frowns. A KNOCK on the bathroom door. ***

FENG (O.S.) Weichung, can you come out for a second? Weichung turns away from the mirror. Sure. WEICHUNG

Weichung opens the door to reveal his wife FENG, thirtyeight, plain but pleasant, perpetually sunny and optimistic. Shes wearing her work outfit, a purple blazer and a black skirt. She looks a bit frantic. FENG I need to pee---Feng squeezes past Weichung. FENG (CONTD) Im going to be late for work again! Weichung steps outside of the bathroom. Feng sits down on the toilet and pulls her underwear down. WEICHUNG Do you want me to drop off Awan? FENG Its okay, Im out the door. WEICHUNG Dont forget, seven oclock. ***


FENG I know, I know. Feng finishes peeing. She flushes the toilet and quickly rinses her hands in the sink next as Weichung walks back into the bathroom. WEICHUNG Do you think Ive put on some weight? Feng starts to walk out of the bathroom. FENG (upbeat) Maybe just a tiny bit. *** ***

You look good.

Weichung and Feng exchange a quick, but affectionate smile as she walks out of the bathroom. Thanks. WEICHUNG

Weichung turns back to the mirror. 3 INT. AWANS BEDROOM - MOMENTS LATER Their son AWAN, six years old, well-behaved but spacey, thick glasses, sits at the foot of his bed. Feng walks into the room, surprised to see Awan still in his pajamas. FENG Awan, didnt I tell you to change? already late! Oh. AWAN Were

Awan smiles and gets off the bed. 4 EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD - MORNING A panoramic WIDE SHOT of an indistinct, residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Taipei. Grey, overcast skies. Some SOUNDS from the street and light traffic in the background. 5 INT. SUBWAY CAR - MORNING Weichung, now wearing a cheap suit and tie, stands in a crowded compartment. Hes practically falling asleep. Weichung notices some HIGH SCHOOLS BOYS and MALE OFFICE WORKERS that seem to be staring right at him. He closes his eyes again.


BEEP-BEEP-BEEP--the subway arrives at his stop. Weichungs eyes snap open again. He RUNS of the compartment. 6 EXT. COMMUNITY BUS STOP - MORNING Feng waits with Awan at the community bus stop. Some other children are also waiting. Awan walks over to them, but no one pays him any attention at all. The bus pulls up. Awan lines up with the other children.

FENG Have a good day, Awan! Okay. AWAN

Feng, watches Awan, a little concerned. 7 EXT. PARK - MORNING CLOSE UP on a woman, MANDY, thirty-two, overbearing, dressed in a wedding gown, with heavy make-up caked on her face. Her ineffectual fiance, SAN-SAN stands next to her wearing an all-white tuxedo. Mandy looks up at the grey and overcast sky. Fuck. MANDY

SAN-SAN (trying to comfort) I checked the weather report this morning. It said sunny with scattered clouds. Mandy points to the sky. MANDY Does this look like sunny with scattered clouds? Our photos are ruined. Mandy and San-San are standing in the middle of a large municipal park, surrounded by an absurdly large WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY CREW: photographer, lighting, make-up, costume, props, etc. Supervising the crew is a flamboyantly gay man, STEPHEN, late-thirties, but desperately trying to look younger. Mandy walks over to him, panicking. MANDY (CONTD) We have to reschedule, Stephen!


STEPHEN Will you please stop worrying? sure everythings perfect. It better be! MANDY

Ill make

Across the park, Mandy spots THREE OTHER PAIRS of brides and grooms, along with their photography crews. She points to them. MANDY (CONTD) And what about these assholes? supposed to be a mass wedding? STEPHEN Just let me do my thing. (turns to photographer) You ready? Ready. PHOTOGRAPHER Is this

Mandy still looks apprehensive. STEPHEN Okay, one--two--three...SMILE! Mandy and San-San suddenly LEAP UP into the air with CHEESY SMILES on their faces. A camera FLASH goes off. CUT TO: 8 A CORRUGATED GARAGE DOOR SLIDES UP To reveal a window display full of different glasses. Were outside a small EYEGLASS STORE/OPTOMETRY OFFICE. 8A EXT. CHANG OPTICAL - CONTINUOUS Weichung stands outside the store with a remote control. 9 INT. CHANG OPTICAL - LATE MORNING Weichung is sitting at the counter, delicately cleaning glasses with a cloth chamois. His chubby coworker ALAN, thirties, is stocking contact lenses. Another female coworker, LIN, is going through inventory. A balding man in his sixties, OLD CHANG, walks out of the back examination room. OLD CHANG Weichung, you have a minute?


Sure, Boss.

WEICHUNG Alan and Lin exchange a

They walk into the back room. curious look. 10

INT. EXAMINATION ROOM - MOMENTS LATER A small back room with eye charts and a vision tester. Chang looks around and scratches his head. OLD CHANG Did you know Ive had this store for thirty-five years? Thats longer than Ive been married to my wife. WEICHUNG Is everything okay, Boss? OLD CHANG Everythings great. I woke up this morning and realized...Im done with glasses. From now on, youre the new store manager. Weichung doesnt seem particularly jazzed by the news. Chang pats him on the back. OLD CHANG (CONTD) Im promoting you, Weichung! Old Old


CUT TO: A series of quick CLOSE UPS of various CUSTOMERS trying on different glasses. They are young and old, men and women, sitting at the counter. Weichung sits across from them. Were seeing a condensed version of WEICHUNGS FUTURE. BACK TO:


Alan and Lin are standing right outside, listening in. They both CLAP cheerfully. ALAN Congratulations, Weichung! LIN Manager Weichung! A tight, uncomfortable smile on Weichungs face. Thank you. WEICHUNG



INT. PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY - LATE MORNING A large PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLIER on the eleventh floor of a generic office building. Everyone is wearing identical lavender blazers. An ELEVATOR door opens and Feng walks out. We TRACK with her as she walks into the office and sits down at her cubicle desk, hoping not to be noticed. At the cubicle adjacent to her, one of her coworkers, thirties, HUI-LING, looks over at her. Hui-Ling likes to randomly insert English words into her sentences. HUI-LING Youre late again, Feng. FENG I know, I know! HUI-LING Big Chen was asking about you. Just at that moment, Fengs goofy but sweet supervisor, BIG CHEN, walks over to her desk. Hes got a flat-top haircut and wears his cellphone and company ID around his neck. BIG CHEN (pleasant) Good morning, Feng. (dumb joke) Though any later, and its not going to be morning anymore! Neither Feng or Huiling laugh. her computer. Awkward. Feng starts up

BIG CHEN (CONTD) Anyway...not that Im keeping track or anything, but recently...well, this is the fifth time this month youve come in late. FENG I know, Im sorry. I just got out of the house a little late, and then I had to drop off my son-BIG CHEN --Oh, no, its okay. I mean, I understand you have obligations. (gently) But if you could just make more of an effort and get here on time?


Feng nods, forcing a smile and trying to remain upbeat. Of course. Great. FENG

BIG CHEN Thanks.

Big Chen walks away. 12 INT. PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY - AFTERNOON Feng stands next to the COPY MACHINE, waiting for a batch of photocopies to finish printing. Feng looks out the window for a moment. 13 INT. CHANG OPTICAL - AFTERNOON Weichungs at the DISPLAY WINDOW, changing out glasses. THROUGH THE WINDOW Weichung watches as Old Chang takes out a blue umbrella and strolls across the street, not a care in the world. All of a sudden, he holds out the umbrella and FLOATS AWAY like Mary Poppins. A slow PUSH IN on Weichung. He looks envious.

A warm orchestral MELODY, straight out of a musical, starts to PLAY as we-CUT TO: A colorful, hand-written TITLE CARD: AFTERNOON DELIGHT! CUT TO: 14 INT. BANQUET RESTAURANT - NIGHT A PRIVATE ROOM inside a semi-fancy old Chinese restaurant. There are three tables of guests. A few random kids run around from table to table. Mandy and San-San stand in the middle of the room giving their WELCOME TOAST. This is their ENGAGEMENT DINNER.


MANDY Thank you all so much for coming! I was thinking that some of you may not know how we actually met. How long has it been now? SAN-SAN One year and eight-MANDY --more than a year and a half ago, when San-San first came into my travel agency to buy the Lovers Getaway Bali package. (pause) But one week later, he showed up again, asking me to cancel the tickets. Im sure you can all guess what happened? SAN-SAN (embarrassed) I was not doing so well back then. Some laughs. MANDY (to San-San) To be honest, I just felt sorry for you at first. You were so...pathetic. (back to guests) But then we started to spend some time together...and San-San turned out to be the nicest, most decent guy Ive ever been with. Some aaawws. MANDY (CONTD) Ive always been someone whos very much in control of her life. Though when it comes to relationships, lets just say there have been more than a few ups and downs. But when San-San suddenly just felt right. (long pause) And this time, I know its going to last. Applause. Mandy looks over at San-San, smiling.

TABLE AT THE FRONT Weichung sits with Feng and Awan, as well as Fengs parents, GONG-GONG and AMAH, watching proudly. Weichungs own parents are noticeably absent.


Weichung is moved to tears. comforting him. Are you okay? wedding yet.

Feng leans over to him,

FENG This isnt even the

WEICHUNG I dont know whats gotten into me. FENG Every girl just has her day. I did too. *** *** ***

WEICHUNG I wasnt so sure Id ever see Mandys day. Awan sits between them, distracted, playing with his food. Weichung puts his arm around Awan. WEICHUNG (CONTD) Awan, are you full? Awan nods. WEICHUNG (CONTD) Do you want to go play with the other kids? Awan looks up from his plate and shrugs. FENG Go ahead, Awan. Awan puts down his chopsticks, gets up off his chair and walks over to the other kids. Weichung wipes some of the moisture from his eyes and gets up from the table. WEICHUNG Ill be right back. 15 INT. RESTAURANT BATHROOM - LATER Weichung stands at a row of urinals, relieving himself. The bathroom appears to be empty until-From one of the BATHROOM STALLS behind him, Weichung hears some muffled LAUGHTER followed by a soft MOAN. He turns around and cautiously tilts his head down to see:


TWO PAIRS OF FEET UNDERNEATH THE STALL The stall door suddenly SWINGS OPEN and a young WAITER walks out. The waiter sees Weichung. His face goes red. WAITER Oh, excuse me, sir. The waiter puts his head down and runs out of the bathroom. Seconds later, another man walks casually out of the bathroom stall, buttoning up his pants. Its STEPHEN. sees Weichung standing there. STEPHEN Boys today will do anything! Stephen? WEICHUNG He

Stephen suddenly gives Weichung a big, affectionate hug. STEPHEN Hello, Weichung! What are you doing here? WEICHUNG (taken back) My sisters having an engagement dinner. Stephen slowly releases Weichung from his hug. STEPHEN Oh...Mandys your sister? WEICHUNG You know Mandy? STEPHEN I just did her wedding photos! I never usually come to these kind of things, but shes real pushy. WEICHUNG Yeah, I guess she can be. Stephen takes a step back and gets a better look at Weichung, who seems very uncomfortable. Wow. STEPHEN Youre as fat as a pig!

Weichung looks hurt.


STEPHEN (CONTD) And so depressingly straight. Wait, is it true what Ive heard? Did you get married? Weichung doesnt respond right away. STEPHEN (CONTD) Hey, its no big deal. Happens to the best of us. Stephen holds up his left hand, showing off his WEDDING BAND. WEICHUNG (shocked) Youre married...? To a woman? STEPHEN Three years this May. Shes a lesbian!

WEICHUNG (loss for words) Congratulations. Weichung walks over to the sink and starts to wash his hands. Stephen follows close behind him. He starts washing his hands as well. STEPHEN Weve all been wondering about you, you know...Simon, Ming, Ray-Ray. You should come out with us sometime. WEICHUNG I dont think thats such a good idea. STEPHEN Embarrassed by your old girlfriends? Another restaurant patron walks into the bathroom, making Weichung even more uncomfortable. WEICHUNG (whispering) I didnt say that. STEPHEN (whispering too) Dont worry. We wont blow your cover. WEICHUNG Theres no cover. Im married.


STEPHEN Are you telling me you never... Stephen gestures to the bathroom stalls. STEPHEN (CONTD) ...have a little fun on the side? Weichung doesnt respond. STEPHEN (CONTD) (incredulous) Holy shit. WEICHUNG Im sorry. I have to go, Stephen. was good seeing you. Weichung abruptly exits the bathroom. CUT TO: 16 INT. RESTAURANT HALLWAY - MOMENTS LATER Weichung SPEED WALKS down the hallway. He looks back over his shoulder to make sure that Stephen isnt following him. 17 INT. BANQUET RESTAURANT - THAT MOMENT Feng is sitting at the table with Amah and Gong-Gong. AMAH Have you two talked about it? FENG Oh, weve been really busy. AMAH If Awan doesnt get a little brother or sister to play with soon, hes going to get weird. GONG-GONG He already is weird. They all look over to see: Awan standing with some other kids across the room. But instead of playing with them, he just watches. FENG Hes a very considerate boy. It


AMAH Feng, youre thirty-eight. time left! I know. FENG

Theres no

Feng looks around for Weichung, hoping to be rescued. sees him hurriedly walking back to their table. Hi, sorry. WEICHUNG


FENG Everything okay? Yep. WEICHUNG

FENG I think mom and dad are ready to go home. Weichung nods politely toward Amah and Gong-Gong. Oh, okay. WEICHUNG Ill go tell Mandy. ***

As Weichung crosses the room, he almost bumps into the same waiter again. He avoids eye contact. OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM Weichung walks over to Mandy and San-San, who are talking to another ELDERLY COUPLE, presumably San-Sans parents. WEICHUNG are the lovely bride and groom? MANDY Youre so lame, brother. Weichung shakes San-Sans hand. WEICHUNG Shes going to be all yours soon. luck. SAN-SAN Thanks, Weichung. WEICHUNG (warmly) You can call me brother now too. Good


Mandy rolls her eyes. WEICHUNG (CONTD) Anyway, we need to get going. So early? SAN-SAN

WEICHUNG We have the young and the old to look after. You guys have a good time. Weichung looks over at Mandy. tears. Again. Suddenly, hes holding back

MANDY Um...whats wrong with you? WEICHUNG (turns to San-San) You know, our parents were married for almost forty years. (to Mandy) They would have loved to see this. You look so happy. MANDY (affected)

I am.

WEICHUNG Youre finally settling down. Mandy suddenly looks a little uneasy. Yep. MANDY I guess so.

San-San awkwardly puts his arm around Mandy. SAN-SAN You dont have to worry about her anymore. (earnestly) Brother. Weichung smiles, but with a certain sadness. WEICHUNG Thanks, San-San.



INT. CAR - NIGHT Inside a late 90s Corolla. Weichung drives, with Feng and Awan sitting in the backseat. Awan is sleeping peacefully. He watches them in the rearview mirror.


INT. BEDROOM - LATE NIGHT Feng, wearing her nightgown, has just gotten into bed. She lies there for a moment, waiting for Weichung to come out of the bathroom. Weichung? Weichung walks out. Yeah? FENG Feng smiles. WEICHUNG

FENG Have you thought some more about having another kid? Weichung takes a moment to respond. WEICHUNG Sure. (uneasy) I think it could be nice. Oh. Me too. Weichung gets into bed. any further-FENG Before Feng can broach the subject

WEICHUNG --Old Chang decided to retire. me to take over the store. Oh.

He wants

FENG Thats good news, isnt it? WEICHUNG I guess so.


Weichung slowly turns on his side, away from Feng. WEICHUNG (CONTD) Well, good night.



FENG (pause) Okay. Good night.

Weichung reaches over and turns off the bedside lamp. 20 INT. BEDROOM - LATE NIGHT Feng is asleep, but Weichung is still wide awake. on his back, staring up at the ceiling. 21 INT. SUBWAY - MORNING (DAYS LATER) Weichung is riding in the subway again. for a moment. He closes his eyes He lies

When Weichung opens his eyes again, and suddenly the compartment is ALL MEN: office workers, high school students, senior citizens. Even the WOMEN have been REPLACED WITH MEN. They all smile at him. Weichung closes and opens his eyes up again, forcing all the passengers to return to normal. 22 INT. CAR - MORNING San-San and Mandy are sitting inside a small Hyundai, on their way to work. San-San is driving. Both of them are dressed in office clothes. Theyre stuck in traffic. overly frustrated. What the hell? Mandy stares out the window,

MANDY Why arent we moving?

SAN-SAN Maybe its an accident? Mandy continues to look out the window, distracted. San looks over at her lovingly. SAN-SAN (CONTD) So...Future Mrs. Chen, what do you want to do tonight? Mandy turns away from the window. MANDY What did you have in mind? San-


SAN-SAN Well, I was thinking...we could stop by Carrefour and buy some more stuff for the apartment. MANDY (pause) Okay. Sure. SAN-SAN Ill pick you up right after MANDY


Great. work. Sure.

The traffic slowly starts moving. 23 INT. HOSPITAL WAITING AREA - MORNING Feng sits with Amah on a bench in the waiting area of a large hospital. Feng looks at her watch anxiously. A Filipino caretaker pushes a VERY OLD WOMAN in a wheelchair past them. AMAH If I end up like that, dont ever take me out of the house, even to the hospital. I dont want to be seen. FENG Mom, not so loud. AMAH She cant hear me. (shifting gears) Did you talk to Weichung yet? Yes. Yes...and? FENG AMAH *** ***

Feng doesnt respond right away. AMAH (CONTD) You think I want to bring this up all the time, Feng? Weichungs parents are gone, so were the only ones that can look out for you two and Awan.


I know.


Gong-Gong walks out of the examination office, wearing a yellow hospital gown. AMAH Well, what did the doctor say? wrong with you? Everything. 24 GONG-GONG Im old. Whats

INT. UNDERGROUND PARKING LOT - MORNING Feng, Amah, and Gong-Gong are getting into the Corolla. AMAH By the way, I made an appointment for you with Auntie Lius fortune teller next week. What...why? FENG

AMAH You could use some life guidance. Shes very, very accurate. Youre lucky shell even see you at all. FENG But...I dont need it. Feng gets into the Corolla and turns on the ignition. sits in the passenger seat. AMAH It doesnt matter. cant you? Feng doesnt say anything. You can still listen, Amah

She starts BACKING the car out.

AMAH (CONTD) You should put on your seatbelt first. FENG (putting on seatbelt)


--A loud HONK. Feng SLAMS on her brakes and just barely avoids hitting ANOTHER CAR pulling into the parking lot. Be careful! GONG-GONG I dont want to die yet!


Im sorry. 25


INT. CHANG OPTICAL - EARLY AFTERNOON Weichungs at the DISPLAY WINDOW again, changing out some of the glasses. Alan and Lin are both eating bento box lunches near the back of the store. IN THE WINDOW Another MANS FACE suddenly appears on the other side of the window. Both Weichung and the man, THOMAS, jump back, startled at the sight of each other. Thomas hesitates for a second, then opens the door and walks inside. A streak of SUNLIGHT flickers behind him. THOMAS (CANTONESE ACCENT) Sorry-ah, I was just checking out the glasses. Can I look around? Thomas speaks with a mixture of accented Mandarin, Cantonese, and an occasional English word thrown in. WEICHUNG (flustered) Of course. Please let me know if you need help with anything. Thanks. THOMAS

Weichung watches as Thomas wanders around the store, browsing. After a moment, Thomas walks over to Weichung and points to a pair of frames in one of the display cases. THOMAS Can I try those on? Sure. WEICHUNG Please have a seat.

Thomas sits down at the counter across from Weichung. Despite being about forty, Thomas still has a very boyish, lively charm. He wears black frame glasses. THOMAS Youll have to excuse me. terrible. My Mandarins

WEICHUNG Oh...are you from Hong Kong?



THOMAS (playful Cantonese)

Thomas gives Weichung a friendly smile. Weichung smiles back. Theres an immediate attraction between them. WEICHUNG Ill get your frames. Weichung takes out the frames and hands them to Thomas. Thomas tries the frames on and checks himself out in the mirror. He frowns at his own reflection, disappointed. WEICHUNG (CONTD) (reassuring) I think they look okay. THOMAS They looked a lot better before I put them on my face. Weichung looks amused. Thomas takes the frames off and points to another pair. THOMAS (CONTD) How about that one? Sure. WEICHUNG

Weichung takes out another pair of frames and hands them to Thomas. Thomas looks at himself again in the mirror for a moment, then turns to Weichung, still undecided. THOMAS What do you think? Weichung looks up at Thomas. Their eyes meet for a second.

WEICHUNG Its a really lovely color. We havent seen Weichung this engaged with anyone so far. THOMAS You think theyre a little too young? WEICHUNG Theres nothing wrong with young. THOMAS Unless youre not so young anymore.


Thomas smiles at Weichung again.

Weichung smiles back.

WEICHUNG (bemused) I could maybe...choose something for you? Yes. Please. THOMAS He then

Weichung looks over at Thomas, studying his face. carefully selects a pair of frames. WEICHUNG I think these will look great on you. Weichung hands them to Thomas. Lets see. THOMAS

Thomas tries them on. Weichung adjusts the mirror for him. Theyre absolutely perfect. THOMAS (CONTD) Do you like them? Thomas turns to Weichung, smiling. gay. Very much. CUT TO: 25INS 26 INSIDE A VIEWFINDER--An image of an EYE coming into focus. INT. EXAMINATION ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Its completely dark except for a small light coming from the eye chart. Thomas and Weichung are sitting across from each other, rather intimately, at the VISION TESTER MACHINE. Thomas has his face up against the viewfinder. 27 INT. CHANG OPTICAL - LATER Weichung is ringing up Thomass glasses. Thomas is filling out a pick-up slip. The two of them are very flirty. THOMAS When will they be ready? WEICHUNG This moment is super


Three days.


THOMAS Is there any way I can pick them up earlier? Im leaving Thursday night. WEICHUNG (disappointed) here? THOMAS No, but I visit every week. attendant. Im a flight

Thomas finishes filling out his name and contact info on the slip and hands it back. Im Thomas. Im Weichung. THOMAS (CONTD) WEICHUNG

They smile at each other again. Weichung hands Thomas a copy of his pick-up slip. Their hands touch ever so gently. THOMAS Ill see you Thursday. I hope so. WEICHUNG Weichung waves

Thomas waves to Weichung as he leaves. back, a goofy smile on his face.

After a moment, he realizes that Alan and Lin have been watching him the entire time, still eating their bento boxes. His smile immediately fades. 28 INT. PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY - EARLY AFTERNOON Feng walks in and sits back at her desk. HUI-LING That was a long lunch. I know. doctor. FENG I had to take my dad to see the

Feng notices that there are many more people in the office than usual. Some of them are FOREIGNERS.


Who are they?


HUI-LING (lowers voice) Theyre from some European pharmaceutical company. FENG What are they doing here? HUI-LING Theyre considering a merger. Theres a rumor that there might be some downsizing. Downsizing? FENG

Just at that moment, Feng looks up to see that Big Chen is standing over her desk. BIG CHEN Hi Feng, do you think we can get that Acyclovir order out to Dusseldorf by tonight? Tonight? Is that okay? Sure. Great. Big Chen walks away. looks worried. 29 FENG BIG CHEN FENG BIG CHEN Feng tries to remain upbeat, but she

INT. TRAVEL AGENCY - AFTERNOON In another office full of cubicles, Mandy is sitting inside a larger CUBICLE, helping a perky and affectionate YOUNG COUPLE. Behind her are POSTERS of exotic travel destinations: Paris, New York, Barcelona, etc. MANDY (unenthusiastic) We have several wonderful package tours for Osaka.


The young man and woman smile lovingly at each other. YOUNG WOMAN (gushing) This is our first trip overseas! YOUNG MAN Our first trip overseas...together! Just at that moment, Mandy looks over at the cubicle NEXT TO HER: A HANDSOME MAN is sitting across from her coworker EMILY. Mandy watches enviously as the two of them begin to flirt. Mandy turns back to the young couple. How wonderful. 30 INT. APARTMENT - NIGHT Weichung is finishing cooking a simple dinner for just himself and Awan. After a moment, Awan looks up at Weichung. Wheres mom? Working late. AWAN WEICHUNG Well save some for her. MANDY She looks agitated.

Weichung sets some plates down on the table. Awan takes a bite of his food. He puts down his chopsticks. AWAN I like your cooking more. Weichung smiles at Awan. WEICHUNG Dont tell your mom that. I wont. AWAN

The doorbell suddenly RINGS. Awan and Weichung turn and look at each other simultaneously. Weichung gets up and walks over to the door. He opens it. Its Mandy. MANDY Why didnt you pick up your cell phone?! Weichung fumbles with his cell phone in his pocket.


Oh, whoops.

WEICHUNG It was on silent. She

Mandy walks right by Weichung, into the apartment. sees Awan eating in the kitchen. Hi, Awan. Hi, Auntie. MANDY AWAN

MANDY Finish your dinner. your dad. Whats wrong?

I need to talk to


MANDY I left him at the Carrefour. Who? Mandys phone RINGS. San-San. WEICHUNG She rejects the call. MANDY *** *** ***

NOTE: WE WILL SHOOT TWO VERSIONS OF THIS SCENE, ONE IN WHICH MANDY MENTIONS CARREFOUR BEFORE THE FLASHBACK, AND ONE AFTERWARDS. FLASHBACK TO: 31 INT. CARREFOUR SUPERMARKET - NIGHT A giant two-floor supermarket where you can buy anything. Fluorescent lights buzzing overhead. Mandy and San-San walk slowly through the aisles together. San-San is pushing a squeaky, off-balance cart. MANDY (O.S.) We stopped by to pick up some stuff for the apartment... San-San has a SHOPPING LIST that hes going through. SAN-SAN Laundry detergent. Okay. Hand soap. Okay. Wash towels. I think we already bought some last week. Tissue. (MORE)


26. SAN-SAN (CONT'D) (to Mandy) Can you get some tissue? Sure. MANDY


Mandy walks down one of the aisles by herself, looking for tissue. She finds that there is an ENTIRE SHELF of assorted TISSUE. She stares at all the trash bags. MANDY (O.S.) I must have stood there for almost ten minutes. I couldnt pick one. Mandy frantically looks around the store. aged COUPLES and FAMILIES. Its all middle-

*** ***

MANDY (O.S.) ...Suddenly, I could see myself doing the same thing, once a week, four times a month, fifty-two times a year...for the rest of my life... Mandy takes a step back from the tissue. MANDY (O.S.) And then it hit me...this is it. Its never going to get any better than this with San-San. (pause) Maybe with anyone. Mandy suddenly RUNS OUT OF THE STORE. A FEW AISLES OVER San-San pushes their cart along, completely oblivious. BACK TO: 32 INT. APARTMENT - THAT MOMENT WEICHUNG (stunned) just left him there!? Mandys phone RINGS again. completely. She turns the phone off ***

MANDY Yes! I freaked, all right? what Im doing.

I dont know


WEICHUNG But youre getting married next month...arent you? MANDY I think we can assume the weddings off. I could really use your support right now, brother. Mandy grabs her purse and walks toward the front door. MANDY (CONTD) Im moving back into my old place. WEICHUNG Why dont you just stay here? talk it over together. We can

Mandy ignores Weichung and opens the door. Bye, Awan! MANDY

WEICHUNG What about San-San? Just as Mandy is walking out, Feng walks in. Oh, hi, Mandy. Hi, Feng. FENG

MANDY I was just leaving.

WEICHUNG Wait, Mandy...I support you! --Mandy walks out, slamming the door behind her. looks over at Weichung, confused. What was that? FENG Feng

WEICHUNG Mandy left San-San at the Carrefour. FENG (pause)

Oh. 33

INT. BATHROOM - LATE NIGHT Weichung is in a T-shirt and boxers, looking at himself in the mirror again.


He combs back his hair a little bit. gut. He actually smiles. 34 INT. WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO - DAY

Tries to suck in his

Where couples come before their wedding to make glossy wedding portrait albums. There are several mannequins wearing tuxedos and wedding gowns, and the walls are adorned with tacky, over-the-top PORTRAITS of newlyweds in various locations and poses. Stephen walks through the studio, passing by several customer service desks. He spots an OVERWEIGHT COUPLE, dressed in a wedding dress and tuxedo, about to leave for a photo shoot. He walks over and adjusts their clothes, then leans over to a PHOTOGRAPHER and whispers: STEPHEN Make sure you use a really wide lens. WOMAN (O.S.) (Stephens real name) Zhang Tian Cai! At the other end of the store, Stephens wife JIAZHENG, late-thirties, petite with a butch-punk hairdo, is screaming at him. STEPHEN (annoyed) Yes, dear? JIAZHENG I need to talk to you! Stephen struts over to Jiazheng, whos holding up a stack of receipts. JIAZHENG (CONTD) I just went over last months expenses. Do you know how much you spent? STEPHEN I dont worry about money, only beauty. JIAZHENG (flipping through receipts) Flowers! Lights! Costumes! Were not a goddamn fashion magazine. STEPHEN Im just trying to maintain a certain standard of quality.


JIAZHENG Youre going to run us into the ground! STEPHEN Youre the business manager, thats your responsibility. (dramatic pause) Im the artistic director. JIAZHENG Youre an asshole. 35 EXT. WEDDING PORTRAIT STUDIO - THAT MOMENT San-San walks along the sidewalk, wearing a suit and carrying his work bag. He looks terrible. As San-San passes by the store, he sees a ridiculously romantic PORTRAIT of him and Mandy from the park, hanging in the window. His eyes well up with tears. 36 INT. WEDDING PORTRAIT STUDIO - MOMENTS LATER Stephen and Jiazheng are now going over the receipts together. They both turn around, when they hear-SAN-SAN (O.S.) Can you please take that down? San-San is now inside the store, confronting one of the sales reps. SALES REP I cant do that, sir. San-San points to the portrait of him and Mandy. SAN-SAN But thats my portrait. The other CUSTOMERS have noticed the commotion. San-San suddenly LUNGES at the portrait and tries to TAKE IT DOWN himself. It doesnt budge. SAN-SAN THATS MY PORTRAIT! Jiazheng leans over to Stephen. JIAZHENG You going to do something about this?


Yes, dear.


Stephen walks over to San-San. STEPHEN Excuse me, sir. Whats the problem? San-San continues to struggle with the portrait. SAN-SAN Get away from me! San-San is finally able to take the photo down, but loses his balance in the process. He FALLS OVER, knocking down a bride and groom MANNEQUIN with him. He tries to get up back again. Stephen recognizes that its San-San. STEPHEN (CONTD) San-San? (confused) What are you doing? San-San gets up off the floor, still clutching the portrait. He tries to BREAK the frame open, but cant. STEPHEN Why dont you let me take this? Stephen gently pries the photo away from San-San before he can do any damage. Okay... SAN-SAN

San-San reluctantly hands it over. Stephen looks at it, admiring the beauty and emotion captured in the photo. STEPHEN I absolutely love this photo. Stephen turns to San-San. What happened? CUT TO: STEPHEN (CONTD)



INT. BACK OF STUDIO - LATER Stephen sits with San-San, consoling him. Behind them are several large, cheesy PAINTED BACKDROPS: a Tropical Sunset, a Roman Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, etc. STEPHEN You havent heard from her at all? SAN-SAN No. She wont return my calls. I even went by the travel agency. She hasnt gone in for days. STEPHEN Im sure she just needs some time to think things over. San-San starts SOBBING. SAN-SAN She left me at the Carrefour... Stephen puts his hand on San-Sans shoulder. Jiazheng walks into the back room. She sees them together. JIAZHENG Zhang Tian Cai, another one of your friends? STEPHEN (introductions) San-San, Id like you to meet my lovely wife, Jiazheng. (to Jiazheng) San-Sans fiance just left him. That sucks. JIAZHENG

Stephen turns back to San-San. STEPHEN Look, I deal with newlyweds every day. You could say Im an expert when it comes to this kind of thing. Plus, I understand women. JIAZHENG He doesnt know shit about women. Jiazheng walks out of the back room. comment. Stephen ignores her


STEPHEN My photos dont lie. Im sure she still loves you. San-San doesnt seem to be comforted. STEPHEN (CONTD) And...I can help you get her back. San-San looks up at Stephen with tears in his eyes. SAN-SAN (hopeful) You...really think so? Stephen gives San-San a reassuring smile. Of course. 38 INT. APARTMENT - DAY A tiny old apartment building filled to the brim with books on divination, astrology charts, and cosmic diagrams. Feng and Amah are sitting and waiting on the couch. AMAH You know what youre going to ask? I think so. FENG STEPHEN

The door to the bedroom opens, and a woman in her late 50s, MASTER WU, walks out with another YOUNG WOMAN. YOUNG WOMAN Thank you, Master. I feel so relieved. MASTER WU Dont thank me. Its already all predetermined. Im just telling you what will be. Now youre the one that has to deal with it. The young woman leaves. Master Wu turns to Feng and Amah.

MASTER WU Whos Miss Lan? Feng raises her hand. Thats me. FENG




MASTER WU Master Wu stops her.

Amah starts to follow Feng inside. Only her.


AMAH (slighted) Ill wait out here. Master Wu brings Feng into the room and closes the door. 39 INT. ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Feng is sitting across from Master Wu at a small table. Theres a stack of blank sheets of paper on the table. The room is also full of divination books and charts on the practice of QiMenDunJia. Master Wu stares at Feng for a while. MASTER WU Youre very uncentered. FENG Why...why do you say that? MASTER WU (pause) You thought youd be a lot happier and settled at this point in your life, didnt you? Feng slowly nods her head in agreement. FENG How this does work, Master? MASTER WU You ask me a question. The time you ask is the most critical thing. From there I can calculate the possibilities in your future and determine the correct answer. And hopefully, that will give you some direction. (pause) What do you want to ask me? FENG Okay. Well. Im married. six-year old boy. (rambling) (MORE) And we have a *** *** An awkward silence.

34. FENG (CONT'D) And lately, Ive--weve been thinking of having another child. But I dont know if--now theres a lot of stress at work-and Awan, thats our son, hes a little...he gets distracted very easily. And Im not really sure if its the best thing for us to-MASTER WU --So you want to know if youre going to have another child? Yes. FENG

Master Wu looks at the clock on the wall. She starts to sketch out a GRID WITH NINE QUADRANTS on a piece of paper, scribbling seemingly random Chinese characters. She stops after a moment, and goes over her own illegible writing. What is it? FENG

MASTER WU Are you happily married? Of course. FENG Why?

Master Wu points to one of the four quadrants. See this? Yes. MASTER WU FENG

MASTER WU This represents your personal affections. Theres no foundation right now. Have things been unstable at all recently between the two of you? Feng takes a moment to answer. FENG No...I dont think so. Master Wu looks over the characters again, shaking her head. MASTER WU The ground is not strong. foundation. Theres no


Feng starts to show some signs of panic. closer look at her charts.

Master Wu takes a

FENGS POV--A series of fragmented SHOTS, all of cosmic charts and diagrams, and Master Wus illegible writing. MASTER WU (CONTD) And it will get worse before it gets better. But not to worry. Things will eventually settle down. And...yes, there will be a new child in the family. (pause) And when that child will love come back into your life. Feng seems somewhat relieved. Really? Yes. FENG MASTER WU

FENG Is there anything I can do for now? Master Wu moves her hand over her diagram of the nine quadrants. MASTER WU Take control of your life. balance. A slow PUSH IN onto Feng. 40 INT. APARTMENT STAIRWELL - LATER Feng and Amah are walking down the stairwell of Masters apartment complex. AMAH She didnt seem like much of a master to me. (pause) What did she tell you? Clearly the Masters words are on Fengs mind. FENG Nothing really. *** *** Find some



INT. CHANG OPTICAL - AFTERNOON Weichung sits behind the counter. He looks over at a TRAY next to the register, full of glasses ready for pick-up. INSERT ON--the CASE with Thomas name taped to it. Weichung picks up the case and looks at it for a second, then puts it back into the tray. He looks out the window longingly.


EXT. CHANG OPTICAL - EVENING Weichung, Alan and Lin are all outside of the store, closing up for the night. ALAN See you tomorrow, manager! LIN Bye-bye, manager! WEICHUNG You two really dont have to call me that. Alan and Lin walk down the street together, leaving Weichung by himself. Weichung takes out the remote control from his pocket and clicks it. The corrugated metal garage door slowly slides down to covers up the entrance of the store. Oh. THOMAS (O.S.) Terrible timing. Hes

Weichung turns around and sees Thomas standing there. wearing a STEWARDS UNIFORM, pulling a CARRY-ON BAG. Hello. THOMAS (CONTD) WEICHUNG (like a schoolgirl)


THOMAS I was just on the way to the airport. is too late to pick up my glasses? Weichung hesitates for a moment. WEICHUNG No, I can get them for you.



THOMAS You sure thats not too much trouble? WEICHUNG Its okay. (smiles) Im the manager. Weichung clicks the remote again. 43 INT. CHANG OPTICAL - MOMENTS LATER Thomas follows Weichung inside. The corrugated door is only about half-way up. Some light from the street creaks in underneath, but its almost completely dark inside. WEICHUNG Wait just one second. Weichung flicks on some overhead lights. Thanks. THOMAS

Weichung walks around the counter. He finds Thomas glasses in the tray and takes them out of the case. He walks back over to Thomas. WEICHUNG Please try them on. Weichung hands the glasses to Thomas. How are they? Okay. He puts them on.


THOMAS But maybe a little...tight.

WEICHUNG I can fix that. Thomas takes off the glasses and hands them back to Weichung. Weichung brings the glasses behind the counter and starts adjusting them. Thomas looks around the store some more. THOMAS So how long have you been working here? WEICHUNG Almost...eight years. Kind of a long time.


THOMAS Ive been flying even longer. WEICHUNG At least youre never stuck in one place. THOMAS Thats what everyone thinks. The travel was fun at first, but mostly its a lot of tiny hotel rooms, terrible meals, jetlag, dry skin... (playful) ...and a long trail of broken hearts. WEICHUNG (laughs)


THOMAS Now being in one place doesnt sound too bad. Weichung and Thomas exchange another smile. back over with the glasses. Here you go. WEICHUNG They Weichung walks

Weichung puts the glasses on directly Thomass face. are now standing within inches of each other. THOMAS You dont...ever wear glasses? WEICHUNG I have perfect vision.

Thomas moves his hands up to adjust them, as their hands touch, just barely. Better? WEICHUNG (CONTD)

THOMAS Yeah, much better. Thank you. From a tight CLOSE-UP on Weichung, we CUT TO-IN SUPER SLOW MOTION Weichung suddenly LEANS IN AND KISSES THOMAS! SWELLS. BACK TO: MUSIC


Weichung is still standing inches away from Thomas. THERE WAS NO KISS, but nevertheless, Weichung is completely horrified at the images that just went through his head. THOMAS (off Weichungs look) Is everything okay? Weichung takes a few steps back. Yes. WEICHUNG I have to close the store now. THOMAS (confused)


An long, awkward silence. WEICHUNG I have to close the store now. Oh. Okay. THOMAS Sorry.

Thomas sees that Weichung suddenly has become very distant. THOMAS (CONTD) Then...I guess I should get going to the airport. Another pause. WEICHUNG (trying to recover) Well, I hope you have a nice trip. Sure. Thanks. THOMAS He turns back to

Thomas walks over to grab his carry-on. Weichung. Bye. Bye. THOMAS (CONTD) WEICHUNG

Thomas walks out of the store. corrugated door and is gone.

He ducks underneath the


A look of anguish on Weichungs face. CUT TO: 44 INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT Feng walks out of the bathroom, getting ready to go to sleep. Weichung is already in bed. FENG How was the store today? Weichungs thoughts are somewhere else completely. WEICHUNG (long pause) Oh, same as usual. You? Same. Busy. FENG

Feng gets into bed as well, positioning herself close to Weichung. She looks over at him for a moment, then she leans over-Weichung? Hmmm? FENG WEICHUNG

FENG So do you think we should, maybe...start trying? A pause. Sure. WEICHUNG

(pause) Do you mean right now? FENG Well, Awans sound asleep. tomorrows Saturday. Feng scoots inches away playfully. ROLLING OFF And

even closer to Weichung. Weichung playfully just a bit. Feng scoots even closer, also Weichung moves away even more, accidentally THE BED. FENG Are you okay?



Weichung immediately gets up off the floor. WEICHUNG Im fine, Im fine! FENG Is something wrong? Nope. WEICHUNG

(pause) Actually, I was just thinking about Mandy. Im a little worried about her. Im going to give her a call. Weichung grabs his cell phone from off the end table and dials. No answer. WEICHUNG (CONTD) Maybe I should just go over there. Right now? FENG

WEICHUNG Yeah. Im not really that tired. Tomorrows a Saturday. FENG (disappointed) Oh...okay. Weichung starts putting his clothes back on. WEICHUNG (CONTD) I wont be too long. Feng watches as Weichung gets dressed. 45 INT. MANDYS APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT A tiny studio apartment, which Mandy appears to have already mostly moved out of. Its completely empty except for a flat-screen TV attached to the wall, a fold-out bed, and a few moving boxes. Mandy sits on the floor eating a bowl of instant noodles wearing pajama pants and a T-shirt. Her hair is a mess. Shes watching a melodramatic KOREAN SOAP OPERA, SEOUL SONATA on the television. There are stacks of DVDs laid out next to her. She looks worried.



ON THE SCREEN A breathtaking shot of the SEOUL SKYLINE. On a small hillside overlooking the cityscape, a handsome young Korean man, JUN, is professing his love to a beautiful young Korean woman, MINYOUNG. Melancholic PIANO MUSIC plays. JUN (subtitled Korean) I dont care if youre my adopted sister and that youre dying! I love you! And Ill do anything to be with you. MINYOUNG (subtitled Korean) No. Im sorry. You can never have me. Only my heart. Jun looks out at the skyline. He turns back to Minyoung, with a loving expression on his face. JUN (subtitled) Thats more than enough. Minyoung cries. Jun cries.

BACK TO APARTMENT Tears stream down Mandys eyes. The intercom RINGS. Mandy ignores it. It RINGS again. Mandy hits pause on the DVD player and gets up. 46 EXT. APARTMENT ENTRANCE - THAT MOMENT Weichung is downstairs, standing outside at the INTERCOM. Yes? MANDY

WEICHUNG Mandy, its me. Can I come up? 46A INTERCUT DOWNSTAIRS AND UPSTAIRS-Weichung? MANDY What are you doing here?

WEICHUNG You werent answering your cell. Yeah, I know. MANDY I turned it off.


A pause. WEICHUNG I thought that maybe...I could come up and we could talk some things over. MANDY (self-absorbed) Its okay, brother. Im fine. worry.


WEICHUNG (pause) Can you just let me up for a second? MANDY I cant right now. Im sorry...I have to go. --Mandy HANGS UP on the intercom. 47 EXT. APARTMENT - THAT MOMENT Weichung clicks the buzzer again. again. No answer. No answer. He clicks

After a moment, he walks away, dejected. 48 INT. MANDYS APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATER Mandy walks back over to the television. She hits play on the remote, sits back down and begins slurping her instant noodles again. 48INS ON SCREEN Jun and Minyoung are strolling hand in hand through a traditional, tree-lined SEOUL NEIGHBORHOOD. We PAN from the screen-BACK TO APARTMENT We see that JUN, the handsome Korean man from the soap opera, is now sitting RIGHT NEXT TO MANDY. He continues to behave as a sensitive, romantic soap opera character. JUN (subtitled Korean) How long do you think you can you keep this up? I dont know. MANDY


JUN (subtitled Korean) What does your heart tell you? MANDY I just need some time to sort myself out. JUN (subtitled Korean) You wouldnt be so uncertain if it was true love. (gestures to the TV) Thats true love. ON SCREEN: Jun and Minyoung LOOK DIRECTLY at Mandy, then engage in a PASSIONATE EMBRACE in the middle of the treelined street. MANDY I dont know whats wrong with me. JUN (subtitled Korean) Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Youre sharing your heart with another person. Take all the time you need. (beat) Do you mind if I have some noodles, Noona (sister)? Help yourself. MANDY He starts slurping them too.

*** ***

Mandy hands Jun her noodles. 49 EXT. STREET - LATE NIGHT

Weichung walks down an empty street, looking for where he parked his car. He cant find it. He walks down another street. Then another one. Now hes lost. 49A DOWN THE ALLEY Weichung sees THREE MEN, thirties, walking together closely and giggling. They turn and disappear into a small side entrance at the end of the alley. 49B After a moment, Weichung turns and walks down the same alley, following them. At the end of the alley, he sees a GLOWING SIGN where the three men walked in. Its a BAR. Weichung stands outside for a moment. He looks around to make sure no one else is in the alley watching him. He goes inside.



INT. BAR - MOMENTS LATER A crowded, colorfully lit bar. The customers are all almost entirely YOUNG MEN. Theres a small DANCE FLOOR in the back, packed with gyrating male bodies. We TRACK in SLOW MOTION with Weichung...its as if hes being pulled into the bar by an unknown force. He slowly makes his way to the bar counter and sits down, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. But his clothes (very straight) make him stick out like a sore thumb.


AT THE BAR Weichung looks around, taking in the scene. He keeps his head lowered. One of TWO YOUNG MEN sitting next to Weichung immediately notices him and the way hes dressed. YOUNG MAN ONE How are you doing tonight, Big Brother? It takes Weichung a moment to realize the young man is speaking to him. WEICHUNG Oh, Im okay. (pause) How are you guys? Were great. here? Oh, uh...yes. YOUNG MAN TWO Is this your first time WEICHUNG

Young man one smiles at Weichung. YOUNG MAN ONE How about you buy us a drink, Big Brother? WEICHUNG (wavering) Oh...well... YOUNG MAN TWO Were just broke college students. A pause. Okay. Sure. WEICHUNG Why not?


Young Man One immediately signals to the bartender, who walks over. YOUNG MAN ONE Ill have another Long Island Ice Tea. Its on our Big Brother. Make it two. YOUNG MAN TWO

The bartender turns to Weichung, waiting for his order. Make it three. CUT TO: A row of empty Long Island Ice Tea glasses on the bar counter. Weichung and the young men are tipsy. YOUNG MAN ONE (raising his glass) Cheers to Big Brother! YOUNG MAN TWO To Big Brother! WEICHUNG To Big Brother! The three of them clink glasses and down their drinks. YOUNG MAN ONE Okay, now...time for dancing! Yay! YOUNG MAN TWO He stumbles off of his bar WEICHUNG

Weichung looks at his watch. stool.

YOUNG MAN ONE Where are you going, Big Brother? WEICHUNG Its getting kind of late...I have to get home. Weichung stands there for a moment. CUT TO:



THE DANCE FLOOR BLARING electro-dance music. Maybe some Korean Dance Pop.

IN SLOW MOTION--Weichung is totally getting down with the two young men, though in a completely innocent, non-sexual way. Weichung actually has some pretty sweet fucking moves, though they appear to be from a decade ago. YOUNG MEN Go Big Brother! A few of the other men on the dance floor take notice. Theyre loving it. OTHER SIDE OF THE BAR Stephen is chatting with another young man, JAMES, who we recognize as the waiter from the restaurant earlier. STEPHEN (sweet-talk) You know everyone in here is checking you out. JAMES No they arent...are they? They are. STEPHEN But youre all mine.

James giggles. Stephen takes a sip of his drink and looks around the bar casually. Hes shocked to see Weichung, getting down in the middle of the dance floor. STEPHEN (ENGLISH) What the fuck? BACK TO DANCE FLOOR Weichung is still dancing, now surrounded by a circle of young men. Stephen dances up cautiously behind him and whispers in his ear: STEPHEN (sexy voice) I love to see you shake that ass. Weichung turns around, startled. Stephen. Stephen! He sees that its only

WEICHUNG What are you doing here!?


To Stephens surprise, Weichung hugs him. STEPHEN I seem to recall someone saying... theres no cover, Im married WEICHUNG I think...Im a little confused. Weichung lets go of Stephen. Welcome back! 51 INT. BAR - LATER Weichung and Stephen are sitting at a BOOTH in the very back of the bar, away from the noise of the dance floor. Weichung is still drunk. In mid-conversation-WEICHUNG My dad was already sick...and I had just turned thirty-STEPHEN --and it seemed just like the right thing to do. So cliche! WEICHUNG Hows that any different than you? STEPHEN For one thing, my wife likes to bang other chicks. We have an understanding. WEICHUNG Well, she wants to have another kid. STEPHEN Hold on...does that you mean you already have a kid? WEICHUNG Oh, yeah. Awan. Hes great. And Feng-my wife--shes a really good person. Ive known her almost my whole life. We get along very well. (pause) I like being a dad. I like having a family. STEPHEN


STEPHEN Well, then theres no need to rock the boat! Just maintain a healthy and active gay lifestyle on the side. Its easy. Probably half the marriages in Taiwan are covers. (pause) Just tell your wife. No big deal. WEICHUNG But I dont want that. STEPHEN What do you want? Weichung doesnt respond. STEPHEN (CONTD) Its going to be very lonely back in the closet, sister. I know. WEICHUNG

STEPHEN (onto another subject) By the way, your future brother-in-law is a real mess. WEICHUNG Oh...have you seen him? STEPHEN Lets just say, Ive taken an interest. It breaks my heart. WEICHUNG You really dont have to get involved. STEPHEN You know Im a romantic! James walks over, impatient. JAMES Stephen, Im getting bored. STEPHEN (to Weichung) Have you met my godson? WEICHUNG (recognizing) Oh, yes. Hi.



JAMES (coldly) He leans over to Weichung. The girls

Stephen gets up from the booth.

STEPHEN Well have to hang out again. would love to see you.

Stephen takes out a pen and SCRIBBLES on Weichungs HAND. WEICHUNG (hesitant) Well see... Yes, we will. STEPHEN Bye-bye.

Stephen and James leave Weichung sitting by himself. He sits there for a while longer, eyes closed, listening to the electro-dance music that continues to play in the background. 52 INT. APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT Weichung stumbles inside, trying to be as quiet as possible. 53 INT. AWANS BEDROOM - LATE NIGHT Weichung watches Awan sleeping soundly for a moment. walks out of the room. 54 INT. BEDROOM - MORNING Weichung is completely PASSED OUT on the bed. over him. FENG (softly) Weichung? Are you okay? ten-thirty. Feng tries nudging him awake. nudges him again. Weichung? Feng stands He

Its already She

He continues sleeping.



WEICHUNG (barely conscious)


Weichung falls back asleep. Feng notices Stephens scribbled WRITING on Weichungs left hand. She carefully turns his hand over to read-DEAR, CALL ME! 0987123156 Feng looks worried. 55 INT. APARTMENT - LATE MORNING Weichung finally rolls out of bed, still groggy and clearly hungover. He walks into the-56 INT. BATHROOM - MOMENTS LATER Weichung splashes some water on his face. He looks at his reflection. For a moment, it seems that Weichung doesnt know for certain if last night even happened. Weichung sees Stephens writing on his hand. washing it off immediately. 57 INT. APARTMENT - EARLY AFTERNOON What appears to be a typical weekend afternoon... BACK BALCONY Weichung is folding laundry, still hungover. We hear the WHIR of the washing machine in the background. LIVING ROOM Awan sits on the couch, doing his Zhuyinfuhao homework. IN THE KITCHEN Feng is scrubbing dishes, but her eyes are fixed on Weichung on the balcony. After a moment, Weichung walks into the kitchen. How was Mandy? FENG He starts

Huh? Mandy? night?

WEICHUNG (slow reaction) FENG Did you get to see her last


WEICHUNG Oh, yeah, know, Mandy. just needs some time. Feng sets down the last of her dishes. FENG Well, I hope she feels better. Feng smiles at Weichung. little awkwardness. Yep. Me too.


Weichung smiles back. WEICHUNG

There is a

Weichung walks over and sits down next to Awan to help with his homework. Feng continues to watch him from the kitchen. 58 INT. PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY - MORNING (DAYS LATER) Feng sits at her desk, completely distracted. 58A INT. NOODLE RESTAURANT - NOON Feng is sitting at a small, but crowded noodle restaurant with Hui-Ling and two of her other female coworkers, XIAO-YI and MIMI. Theyre on their lunch break. HUI-LING (mid-anecdote) So he picked me up on a scooter, which is already a big problem. And then he drove really, really fast. I started yelling, Slow down! He turned back to me and said Dont worry, I got it. (pause) Then we almost hit a bus. I was so pissed off! The girls all break into giggles, except for Feng, whos completely distracted. XIAO-YI Why did you let your mom set you up anyway? HUI-LING Who else is gonna set me up? You?

XIAO-YI You know my husbands friends are all losers.


MIMI What about you, Feng? Huh? FENG

MIMI Does your husband know any eligible men? FENG Not really, no. XIAO-YI How did you guys meet? FENG We grew up together. friends. Our parents were

MIMI Wow, childhood sweethearts! HUI-LING They were each others first loves. FENG (pause)


MIMI I think thats so romantic. XIAO-YI Yeah, who has that anymore? MIMI So when did you guys start dating? FENG I think I was about...twenty-nine. Silence. The girls are completely shocked. MIMI Was he also your know...? Feng doesnt respond. The girls all giggle.

MIMI (CONTD) How often do married people do it anyway?


XIAO-YI My husband and I are once-a-weekers. Except when he gets back from China on a business trip. (lowers voice) Then we wont leave the bedroom for the whole weekend! The girls all giggle even more, except for Feng. 59 60 OMITTED INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Feng walks in and closes the door behind her. She sits down at the meeting table and makes sure that no one is watching her. She takes out a small SLIP OF PAPER from her purse. Theres a PHONE NUMBER written on it. She picks up the phone and dials. CUT TO: 61 INT. WEDDING PORTRAIT STUDIO - THAT MOMENT Jiazheng is running around, frantically helping with customers and directing employees. JIAZHENG (pissed) Does anyone know where my asshole husband went? No, sorry. EMPLOYEE *** *** ***

Jiazheng hears the RINGING of a cell phone. Jiazheng looks around and sees that Stephen has left his CELL PHONE on the counter. She picks it up. JIAZHENG (annoyed)

Yes? 62

INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - THAT MOMENT Feng is on the phone. Hello? FENG






FENG (timidly) May I ask who this is? Who am I? JIAZHENG Who the fuck are you?! *** *** *** ***

Feng suddenly HANGS UP the phone. Hello? Hello? JIAZHENG (CONTD)

Jiazheng shakes her head. BACK TO: INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - THAT MOMENT Feng looks even more unsettled. moment. 62B IN THE HALLWAY Big Chen walks by and sees Feng, sitting by herself, THROUGH THE GLASS of the conference room. He KNOCKS on the conference room door and sticks his head in. Hi, Feng. BIG CHEN Everything okay? She sits there for a



FENG (pause) Fine.

Big Chen notices that Feng looks a little upset. BIG CHEN Look, dont worry too much about all this merger talk. I know things seem unstable. Our team will be fine. Ill take care of it. Big Chen leaves the conference room. 63 INT. CAR - AFTERNOON San-San and Stephen are sitting inside a small car parked in the alley adjacent from Mandys apartment complex. SanSan sits in the drivers seat, Stephen sits next to him.


STEPHEN You know why people pay people so much money to get the perfect wedding photo? San-San shakes his head. STEPHEN (CONTD) In the back of their minds, they know this is as perfect as its ever going to get. Theyll do anything to capture that moment in time, forever, cause its all downhill after that. I mean, dont get me wrong...this is my bread and butter. (pause) But you know where Im going with this? SAN-SAN (looks off-screen) There she is. STEPHEN (also looks off-screen) Umm...are you sure you still want her back? THROUGH THE CAR WINDOW Mandy is returning to her apartment in the same clothes as the night before: T-shirt and sweatpants, hair unwashed. She looks awful. She has a convenient bag full of instant noodles in her hand. BACK INSIDE CAR Stephen sinks down in his seat so he wont be seen. STEPHEN Okay, remember what we talked about. She needs you to be strong for her right now. Youre not asking her to come back. Youre telling her. And if shes not ready, fine. But be a man about it. Okay. SAN-SAN

San-San gets out of the car. Go! Go! Go! STEPHEN SAN-SAN



San-San closes the door. Stephen carefully positions his body so he can watch through the window. 64 EXT. APARTMENT - THAT MOMENT San-San runs up to Mandy. MANDY What are you doing here? SAN-SAN Mandy, please...I just want to talk. I cant. MANDY Im sorry.

Mandy starts to walk toward her apartment. SAN-SAN What happened to us? Tell me what I did! Mandy looks over her shoulder. to her. Jun is standing right next

JUN (subtitled Korean) Just tell him that you dont love him. (romantic) In time, his heart will heal. MANDY Its...nothing you did, San-San. This doesnt feel right anymore. Im sorry. NOTE: WE WILL SHOOT MANDY SAYING DIFFERENT LINES. San-San stands there, dejected. 64INS BACK INSIDE THE CAR STEPHEN Oh my God, dont do it! San-San suddenly RUNS after Mandy. knees and GROVELS in front of her. What a dandy. He gets down on his ***


Mandy walks into her complex and closes the door. After a moment, San-San gets up off the ground and walks back toward the car, crushed.



INT. CAR - THAT MOMENT Stephen sinks back down in his seat again. the door and gets in. STEPHEN (acting oblivious) How did it go? San-San opens


San-San sits there in silence, staring out the front window. STEPHEN (CONTD) Its important to stay positive. Stephen looks over at San-San. positive. Come on. CUT TO: 66 A badminton BIRDIE flying through the air. A racquet suddenly SMASHES it, sending it flying in the other direction. INT. BADMINTON COURT - AFTERNOON A public indoor court. Were watching an intense TWO-ONONE GAME, all in beautiful, choreographed SLOW MOTION. The players on both sides are men in their late thirties, dressed in full workout gear. Stephen walks onto the court with San-San. Hey aunties! STEPHEN He doesnt look very

STEPHEN (CONTD) Lets go get some exercise.


The players turn around. The birdie drops. Three of the men walk over to Stephen. They are: RAY-RAY, MING, and SIMON. RAY-RAY You joining us today, princess? STEPHEN What do you think? They notice San-San standing behind Stephen. RAY-RAY (intrigued) Whos your friend?


STEPHEN Oh, this is San-San. They all smile at San-San. Hello. SAN-SAN

STEPHEN San-San is the... (explaining) ...uh...ex-fiance of Weichungs little sister. RAY-RAY You dont mean our Weichung, do you? Our Weichung. San-San looks confused. Sans hand. STEPHEN Ray-Ray walks over and shakes San-

RAY-RAY Hi, Im Ray-Ray. Simon. Ming. SIMON MING

Ray-Ray turns to Stephen. RAY-RAY Did you say...ex-fiance? STEPHEN Im afraid the future Mrs. Chen no longer wants to be Mrs. Chen. A pause. SAN-SAN (sadly) I dont think she loves me anymore. The four men look at San-San sympathetically, as if all their all hearts have just simultaneously been broken.



INT. CHANG OPTICAL - MORNING (DAYS LATER) Weichung sits at the counter, staring out the window longingly. Alan and Lin are about to leave on their lunch break. ALAN Do you want us to bring you a back a bento box? WEICHUNG (deflated) Thats okay. Thanks. Alan and Lin walk out of the store.


EXT. SUBWAY PLATFORM - EARLY EVENING Weichung waits on the platform, in line with a bunch of other monochromatic office workers.


INT. SUBWAY CAR - EARLY EVENING Weichung is standing again inside a crowded compartment. He closes his eyes. After a moment, he hears-Weichung? THOMAS (O.S.)

Weichung opens his eyes. He sees Thomas walking towards him. Weichung immediately closes his eyes again. When he opens his eyes again, Thomas is standing right in front of him, wearing his new glasses. THOMAS (CONTD) Are you ignoring me or something? Closing your eyes wont make me go away. Weichung gets a better look at Thomas. smiling. He cant help

WEICHUNG (wistful) I didnt think Id see you again. THOMAS Well, here I am. A pause. WEICHUNG Im sorry...if I was a little strange the other day.


THOMAS Yeah, what was that? I thought we had kind of a...I dont know...something. I did too. Thomas smiles. WEICHUNG (CONTD) Where are you going now? THOMAS Im flying out tonight, but I was going to get a go with these new glasses. (pause) You want to come with me? BEEP-BEEP-BEEP. The subway is about to arrive at the next stop. Weichung looks over at Thomas, struggling with himself. 70 INT. APARTMENT - NIGHT Feng and Awan have just walked in the door. FENG Go get started on your homework, okay? Okay. AWAN She walks over WEICHUNG

Fengs cell phone RINGS inside her purse. and picks it up. CUT TO: 71 EXT. SALON - NIGHT

Weichung is standing in front of a trendy salon. see Thomas in the background as well. Hi, Feng. INTERCUT PHONE CALL-FENG Hi, where are you? WEICHUNG

We can


WEICHUNG I...ran into a friend on the subway. think were going to catch up for a little while. Is that okay? FENG (pause) A friend? WEICHUNG Yeah. Go ahead and eat without me. wont be back too late. Okay. Bye. BACK TO: 72 INT. APARTMENT - THAT MOMENT Feng hangs up the phone. 73 INT. SALON - NIGHT Shes shaking. FENG WEICHUNG

Weichung and Thomas walk into the bustling, ultra-urban hair salon. ELECTRONIC MUSIC is playing over the speakers. Everyone inside is young and hip. Weichung and Thomas seem a little out of place. seems especially uncomfortable. This is nice. THOMAS Weichung

WEICHUNG You sure were not a little old? A tattooed YOUNG WOMAN walks over to them. Hello. No. YOUNG WOMAN Do you have an appointment?

WEICHUNG Do we need one? She

The woman sees the two of them standing together. gives Weichung a friendly smile. Haircut? YOUNG WOMAN Both of you?


No, just him. One minute.


The young woman walks over to the counter and looks through a schedule for available stylists. 73A LATER-Thomas is now sitting and getting his haircut by a young gay STYLIST. IN THE WAITING AREA Weichung sits on a couch, flipping through a fashion magazine. He looks over every so often at Thomas. Thomas catches him looking. They share a smile. 73B LATER-The stylist walks over to Weichung. STYLIST You wanna take a look? Me? WEICHUNG Hes finished.

Weichung puts down the magazine and gets up off the couch. He walks up behind Thomas and checks out his hair. THOMAS Do you think its too short? Not at all. WEICHUNG

STYLIST You guys are really sweet. Weichung looks both embarrassed and delighted. WEICHUNG Oh, were, not...uh... THOMAS Hey, why dont you get your hair cut too? (to Stylist) Can you cut his hair too? Of course. STYLIST


Weichung looks uncertain. smile.

Thomas gives him a reassuring

WEICHUNG Maybe just a little trim. 74 EXT. SALON - NIGHT Thomas and Weichung walk out of the Salon. Weichung has a really nice, gay-ish, haircut. Thomas looks at his watch. THOMAS Im going to be late for my flight. Oh, okay. WEICHUNG

Thomas walks out to the street to hail a cab. THOMAS I fly through again in three days. (pause) Can I see you then? Yes. WEICHUNG

There stand there for a moment. All of a sudden, Thomas leans over and gives Weichung a quick little PECK on the cheek, right in the middle of the street. THOMAS (CONTD) Ill see you soon. Thomas jumps into a cab, leaving Weichung still standing there. 75 EXT. CITY STREET - NIGHT Weichung walks by himself, on his way to the subway station. He has a dazed look on his face. Weichung walks underneath a STREELIGHT, which continues to flicker overhead even as he keeps walking. We continue to PULL BACK with him, and after a moment, Weichung suddenly LIFTS OFF the ground. Soon we are UP IN THE AIR with him, with the street and people and traffic below him. MUSIC SWELLS.



EXT. APARTMENT - NIGHT Weichung walks into his apartment.


INT. ELEVATOR - NIGHT Weichung is riding up his apartment elevator. He checks out his reflection. His hair looks way too stylish. He tries to mess it up with his hands.


INT. BEDROOM - LATE NIGHT Weichung and Feng are both lying in bed. Now its Feng thats wide awake and staring at the ceiling.


INT. BADMINTON COURTS - DAY San-San is sitting on a BENCH watching Stephen, Ray-Ray, Ming, and Simon playing an intense BADMINTON GAME. San-San is still oblivious to the fact that hes hanging out with a group of gay men. SAN-SAN I just dont understand how she could suddenly want nothing to do with me. The four men continue with their game, turning to San-San every so often to console him. Ming SERVES, sending the birdie across the court. MING Women are crazy. Thats all you need to understand. SIMON I think you just need to give her some space. Shell come around. I agree. MING

Stephen SLAMS the birdie. Wrong! STEPHEN He needs to go after her.

MING Cause that worked out so well last time? (to San-San) Sorry. Thats okay. SAN-SAN


RAY-RAY I do think Stephen has a point. STEPHEN Thank you! (distracted with game) Nice hit! RAY-RAY Maybe she wants him to come after her. You know, sweep her off her feet. Let her know life with you wont be boring. Be romantic! (pause) What do you do anyway, San-San? SAN-SAN Semi-conductor sales. The birdie DROPS. Awkward pause. say. They continue to play. No one knows what to

*** *** ***


SIMON Has anyone considered the possibility that there might be a third party involved? San-San looks devastated. RAY-RAY Shut the fuck up, Simon! thoughts! Stephen turns to San-San. STEPHEN Dont go there. Positive thoughts! Ray-Ray turns to San-San. RAY-RAY Well, how did you two meet in the first place? SAN-SAN We met at her travel agency. to go to Bali... I was going Positive

Ray-Ray looks at Stephen, then back at San-San. RAY-RAY San-San, I think we need do something drastic.


Ray-Ray does an overhead SLAM, winning the point. SAN-SAN But...she wont even see me. 79 EXT. MANDYS APARTMENT - EVENING A LOW ANGLE SHOT of Mandys apartment complex. the TV light coming from her window. We can see

San-San is standing outside, right near the front entrance, with Stephen, Ming, and Ray-Ray. For some reason, San-San is wearing a floral print SHIRT. MING (looking up) Its like Rapunzel up there. SAN-SAN Are you guys sure about this? Just be cool. RAY-RAY

STEPHEN Well meet you in the park. Okay. Wait, wait. SAN-SAN STEPHEN Stephen

Stephen adjusts the collar on San-Sans shirt. then walks over to the intercom. STEPHEN (CONTD) What floor does she live on? Nine. SAN-SAN

San-San walks ACROSS THE STREET, leaving Stephen, Ray-Ray, and Ming outside Mandys apartment. CUT TO: 80 INT. MANDYS APARTMENT - THAT MOMENT Mandy is sitting on the floor watching the same Korean soap opera. The apartment is now littered with empty instant noodles containers.



ON THE SCREEN Minyoung and Jun are sitting in the middle of a windy FIELD during sunset. Minyoung looks very colorless and pale. JUN (subtitled Korean) How much longer do you have, my dear? Minyoung COUGHS. MINYOUNG (subtitled Korean) The doctors dont know. Jun stands up and looks out at the swaying grass. is a warm purple now. JUN (subtitled Korean) Youll always be in my heart. (turns to Minyoung) And that way...youll live forever. Minyoung coughs again. She smiles at Jun. are silhouttes in the field. BACK TO: MANDYS APARTMENT Mandy cries hysterically. She takes a Kleenex and blows her nose. We see that Jun is sitting next to her again. JUN (subtitled Korean) She was so lovely, so full of life. Im sorry. MANDY The two of them The sky

*** ***

JUN (subtitled Korean) Well, thats the last episode. Everything comes to an end. You have to get back to life eventually too. MANDY Dont remind me. Mandys BUZZER goes off. She walks over to the intercom.


JUN (subtitled Korean) Are you expecting someone, Noona (sister)? No. Hello? CUT TO: 81 EXT. MANDYS APARTMENT - THAT MOMENT Stephen is at the intercom. STEPHEN (manly TAIWANESE) Is this Miss Wang? Im the courier. got a package for you downstairs. MANDY (intercom)

*** ***

Ray-Ray and Ming are trying their best not to burst out laughing. 81A CROSS-CUT CONVERSATION MANDY Okay, Ill buzz you in. STEPHEN (TAIWANESE; improvising) Can you come downstairs? My truck is double parked. Cant leave it. Fine. MANDY

Mandy hangs up on the intercom. BACK TO: 82 EXT. MANDYS APARTMENT - THAT MOMENT Stephen, Ray-Ray and Ming suddenly BOLT across the street. 83 EXT. MANDYS APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATER Mandy opens the front door. CUT TO: No one is there.



EXT. PARK - THAT MOMENT Stephen, Ray-Ray, Ming, and Simon are HIDING behind a tree in the corner of the park. Stephen has a small STEREO near his feet. He hits PLAY, cueing up a romantic Hawaiian GUITAR BALLAD. CUT TO:


EXT. MANDYS APARTMENT - THAT MOMENT Mandy hears the music. She looks across the street to see:


INSIDE THE PARK A light FLICKS ON. Theres a huge BACKDROP of a TROPICAL SUNSET (from Stephens photography studio) thats been set up with brightly colored lights, flowers, and tiki torches. Clearly, this is the work of Stephen and the boys. San-San is standing in front of the backdrop, smiling nervously. BACK TO:


EXT. MANDYS APARTMENT - THAT MOMENT Mandy cautiously walks across the street. her, impressed. JUN (subtitled Korean) This is actually quite romantic. MANDY I didnt ask you. Jun walks behind


EXT. PARK - CONTINUOUS Mandy walks up to San-San. slightly impressed. She cant help but to be

MANDY San-San, what are you doing? San-San walks up to Mandy and hands her an ENVELOPE. What is this? Mandy opens it. MANDY (CONTD)

Its a printed ITINERARY.


SAN-SAN E-tickets. For Bali. The Lovers Getaway package. (pause) We dont have to get married. We dont have to do anything. We can just start over again. What do you think? Mandy looks at the itinerary. Jun looks over her shoulder. For just a moment, Mandy actually seems caught up in the romance of it all. SAN-SAN (CONTD) We can go anytime. Mandy is moved. SAN-SAN (CONTD) I mean, there are certain black out dates of course. I think most weekends are okay in April. First week of May is bad and... 87INS PARK CORNER Stephen and the boys are all watching and listening in. They realize San-San is starting to blow it. No, no, no. STEPHEN

RAY-RAY What is he doing? Oh my God. Oh no. SIMON MING

BACK TO SAN-SAN AND MANDY Jun leans over to Mandy. JUN (subtitled) Is this really enough to move your heart? Mandy looks at San-San for a moment. envelope back to him. MANDY Im sorry, San-San. She slowly hands the

Im really sorry.


San-San reluctantly takes the envelope back. MANDY (CONTD) Im going back to work on next week. But I think its better if we dont contact each other anymore. (beat) Everything comes to an end. Mandy turns around and walks back to her apartment. Jun follows her. San-San stands in front of the backdrop, completely dejected. 87A 88 Stephen and the boys walk out from behind the tree. They look even more heartbroken than San-San. INT. CHANG OPTICAL - MORNING Weichung is restocking glasses at some of the different display counters. He now moves through the store with a little more spring in his step. Alan and Lin notice. ALAN You seem like youre in a good mood. Really? WEICHUNG

*** ***

Weichung wipes off a pair of glasses gently with his chamois. 89 INT. PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY - MORNING Feng walks into work. She looks like she hasnt slept much. She sits down at her desk and notices that there is something going on in the office. A lot of anxious faces. HUI-LING The mergers happening. Oh. FENG

HUI-LING Theyre going to tell us later today who will lose their jobs. FENG (indifferent) Okay.


HUI-LING Feng, this is serious.


I know.


Feng looks over and sees Big Chen inside the CONFERENCE ROOM, meeting with a bunch of their company superiors. She turns back to her computer. 90 INT. PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY - AFTERNOON Feng is at her desk, staring blankly at her computer monitor. Its now pouring rain outside. The phone on her desk RINGS. FENG (phone) She slowly picks it up.

Yes? CUT TO: 91

EXT. TAOIST TEMPLE - THAT MOMENT Amah is on her cell phone, standing in front of an ornate taoist temple. The mountains in the background tell us that theyre far from Taipei. AMAH (bad reception)

Feng? 91A

INTERCUT PHONE CALL-Amahs phone continues to have bad reception, causing Feng and Amah communication problems. Mom? Feng? Yes? Mom? FENG AMAH FENG Can you hear me?

AMAH Were the temple. What? FENG Where are you?

AMAH We came here this morning. But our bus broke down. We wont be back until late.


FENG Whos picking up Awan today? AMAH You need to pick up Awan from school. What? FENG

AMAH Were stuck here for hours. pick up Awan from school.

You have to

Feng realizes Amah is talking about Awan. FENG You cant pick up Awan? AMAH --Can Weichung pick him up? FENG No, Weichung wont get there in time. Its already two-fifty. AMAH No, its almost three already. to go pick up Awan. FENG (frustrated) I know, I know. AMAH What did you say? I think the reception is bad---Amahs signal abruptly dies. BACK TO: 92 INT. PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY - THAT MOMENT Feng hangs up the phone. gets up from her desk. She looks around the office. She You have

FENG Hui-Ling, I have to leave for a while. Now? HUI-LING Where are you going? ***

Feng runs out of the office.



EXT. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - AFTERNOON OVERHEAD SHOT of fifty colored UMBRELLAS of all different sizes and colors--belonging to parents, grandparents, housekeepers, waiting to pick students up after school. Feng stands outside, holding a red umbrella, looking for Awan among the students flooding out. She sees Awan walking out by himself. Awan smiles when he sees Feng and runs up to her. Hi, Awan. Hi, Mom. FENG AWAN Wheres Amah?

FENG Shes had to go to temple today, so I came to get you. Ill take you over to Dads store, okay? Okay. 94 AWAN

INT. CHANG OPTICAL - AFTERNOON Weichung is sitting at the counter, helping out an elderly woman CUSTOMER. Alan and Lin are both busy in other parts of the store. Theres a KNOCK on the window. OUTSIDE THE WINDOW Thomas is standing and waving at Weichung. raining outside. BACK INSIDE STORE Weichung looks up, trying to conceal his elation. walks in. Hello. Hello. THOMAS WEICHUNG Thomas Thomas Its still

Weichung glances over Alan and Lin uneasily. quickly catches on to the situation. THOMAS (in character) I was...just wondering if you could adjust these glasses for me?



WEICHUNG (going along with it) Okay.

Thomas walks over to the counter and hands Weichung his glasses. THOMAS (whispering) Surprise. I just got back this afternoon. Happy to see me? WEICHUNG (giddy) He hands them


Weichung starts adjusting Thomas glasses. back to Thomas.

THOMAS Do you think you can leave work? I have a five hour turnaround before flying out again tonight. WEICHUNG (smiles) Wait for me outside. Thomas nods. THOMAS (loudly) Thanks for your help. Thomas walks out of the store. After a moment, Weichung gets up from the counter. He turns to Alan and Lin. WEICHUNG I have to leave a little early today. 95 INT. CAR - AFTERNOON Feng and Awan are inside their Corolla. Feng has just parked ACROSS THE STREET from Weichungs store. 96 EXT. CHANG OPTICAL - THAT MOMENT Weichung walks out of the store. He sees Thomas standing across the street, waiting for him under an umbrella. He smiles and crosses the street.



INT. CAR - THAT MOMENT Feng is helping Awan get out of the car, when she suddenly sees: ON THE STREET Weichung walks up to Thomas. Thomas leans in and gives Weichung a playful hug and KISS. THOMAS They gave me a hotel room around the corner to rest for the afternoon. Weichung smiles. Oh. I see. WEICHUNG

They start walking down the street together affectionately, under the same umbrella. BACK INSIDE CAR Feng cant believe her eyes. AWAN Is that dads friend? Feng turns to Awan, horrified, realizing that Awan has probably just seen what she has seen. FENG (pause) I think so. I dont know. Feng quickly opens the car door back up and shoves Awan inside. FENG (CONTD) Lets go get something to eat, Awan. 98 INT. DESERT SHOP - AFTERNOON Feng sits with Awan at a small table in the corner. Awan is eating a bowl of sweet tofu and shaved ice. Feng watches Awan eat, her mind still racing through what she just witnessed. FENG How is it, Awan? Awan looks up from his desert.





FENG (pause) Awan, your mommy and daddy love you a lot. Awan notices that Feng looks kind of sad. I know. AWAN Feng looks out the window at He smiles.

Awan goes back to his desert. the rain. 99 INT. HOTEL ROOM - EVENING

Weichung is standing near the WINDOW of Thomas hotel room staring out at the city. He turns around and looks over at Thomas, who stands near the small TWIN BED, repacking his carry-on bag. There is an awkward sexual tension in the air. WEICHUNG I have to tell you something. Thomas smiles at Weichung. THOMAS Youre not going to tell me you have a boyfriend or something, are you? WEICHUNG The opposite actually. (pause) Its been a while since...Ive been with another man. No. THOMAS Whats a while? A while. WEICHUNG

Thomas takes a few steps over toward Weichung. THOMAS Thats no big deal. Its been a while for me too.


WEICHUNG I dont think you understand. (pause) I havent a long time. THOMAS You seem pretty gay to me. WEICHUNG Well, I used to be gay. wasnt, and now... Thomas smiles at Weichung. THOMAS Would this have anything to do with the wedding ring on your finger? Weichung is speechless. He looks down at his wedding ring. He realizes that hes never taken it off in front of Thomas. THOMAS (CONTD) Its okay. I noticed it the first time we met. So I guess youre spoken for? A pause. WEICHUNG This is the first time Ive felt anything for anyone in a long time. Thomas is moved. THOMAS Well, then I have something to confess to you too. Whats that? WEICHUNG And then I

THOMAS I wasnt really looking for glasses the other day. Not at first. I walked by and saw you in the store, and I just wanted to go in. Why? WEICHUNG

Thomas walks up closer to Weichung.


THOMAS I dont know. Cause you looked so lovely through that window. Weichung melts. But he still hesitates. WEICHUNG I think I need a little more THOMAS

Im sorry. time. Its okay. 100 INT. APARTMENT - NIGHT

Feng is sitting at the kitchen table. head is about to explode.

She looks like her

Moments later, the apartment door opens and Amah and GongGong walk in. AMAH Feng, what happened? We tried calling you the whole way back. GONG-GONG Did you pick up Awan? FENG Hes in his room. AMAH Well stay for dinner. Ill cook. Feng gets up and

Amah starts walking into the kitchen. stops her.

FENG Mom, wait. I need you to take Awan for me tonight. Why? AMAH

FENG I cant explain right now. AMAH What is it, Feng? Whats wrong? FENG I dont want to talk about it.


AMAH Is something wrong? --PLEASE, MOM!

I can tell.



Amah looks at Gong-Gong, taken back by Fengs outburst. They both shrug. 101 INT. BUSINESS HOTEL LOBBY - EVENING Weichung is with Thomas downstairs at his hotel, waiting for his shuttle pick up. Thomas has just checked out from the front desk. WEICHUNG When do you fly through again? Friday night. us to do. I will. THOMAS Think of something fun for WEICHUNG

Thomas starts to walk out of the lobby. 102 INT. APARTMENT - NIGHT Weichung walks into the apartment. Feng? Awan? WEICHUNG

Suddenly, Feng JUMPS OUT at Weichung and starts HITTING HIM in a TOTAL RAGE. Weichung doesnt fight back, but covers himself up. Feng! Why? WEICHUNG What are you doing? FENG *** *** *** *** ***

Feng continues to HIT Weichung. Feng, stop! Go to hell! WEICHUNG FENG

Feng starts GRABBING anything she can around the apartment and HURLING IT at Weichung.




*** ***

A small DISH hits him on the side of the head. Ow! Feng! WEICHUNG Why? *** ***

FENG Oh my God...are you okay? WEICHUNG No...what are you doing? Weichung slowly sits down on the floor. Feng, a lot calmer, sits down on the floor across from him. FENG Weichung, you can tell me anything. WEICHUNG What do you want me to tell you? *** *** *** *** *** *** *** FENG (pause) Are you in love with someone else? WEICHUNG I dont know. (pause) Why...are you asking me? FENG We saw you today. With him. We? Yes. WEICHUNG FENG *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

(pointedly) Me and Awan. WEICHUNG (shocked) FENG

Awan? Yes.


Weichung looks crushed.


WEICHUNG Feng, Im sorry. FENG So are you in love with him? WEICHUNG (hesitant) I dont know. FENG So you are a gay? Weichung doesnt say anything, but Feng knows the answer. FENG (CONTD) Even before we got married? WEICHUNG (pause) I havent been since. Feng looks very hurt. FENG Why did you marry me? WEICHUNG Because I wanted to have a family with you. FENG We do have a family together! you nine years of my life. Ive given *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Weichung looks up at Feng, truly brokenhearted. WEICHUNG I know. Ive done my best to be a good husband, to take care of you two. I dont want to lose you. I put everything into this family. I really tried to change. FENG Why didnt you just tell me? lie to me for so long? WEICHUNG I didnt lie to you. (pause) But maybe I lied to myself. Why did you

Im sorry.

Feng suddenly looks at Weichung with a bit more sympathy.


So what now? A long pause. Wheres Awan?



FENG Hes staying with my parents. Feng and Weichung sit in the floor together for a while in silence. 103 INT. BEDROOM - LATE NIGHT Feng and Weichung are lying in bed. awake. 104 105 OMITTED INT. PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY - MORNING Feng comes into work. No one is at their desks. She looks around. They are all inside the CONFERENCE ROOM. 106 INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - MOMENTS LATER A few other employees, including Mimi, Xiao-Yi, and HuiLing are sitting around the meeting table. Big Chen is standing at the front of the room. Feng walks inside. BIG CHEN Hi, Feng. Come in. I was just giving everyone an update. (pause) Unfortunately, with the new company structure, it looks like Ill no longer be our team supervisor. Im heading off to greener pastures, as they say. (pause) But I do have some good news. As of this morning, Mister Wang has approved Feng to take over my old position, overseeing our smaller sales team. Congratulations! FENG (shocked) Both of them are wide *** *** ***


A smattering of applause.


BIG CHEN So lets go out tonight and celebrate. Yakatori and singing. On me! Feng is speechless. 107 INT. JAPANESE YAKATORI RESTAURANT - NIGHT Feng sits in a crowded, and noisy Yakatori restaurant with Big Chen, Hui-Ling, and a few other of their sales team. They are almost finished eating. Big Chen raises his sake glass to everyone. Cheers! BIG CHEN

Everyone cheers and downs their sake. Feng immediately pours herself another glass and downs that too. She chases with a beer. HUI-LING (whispering) Feng, do you want to slow down? Im fine. FENG

Feng is getting hammered. CUT TO: 108 INT. KARAOKE PARLOR - LATE NIGHT Feng is sitting with her coworkers and Big Chen in a private room. She downs another beer as Hui-Ling finishes singing some syrupy Mandopop BALLAD. FENG (drunk) I dont like that song. headache.

It gives me a

After a moment of silence, we hear the first few bars to the Shirelles WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW?, albeit the cheesy Karaoke sing-a-long version. XIAO-YI Whose song is this? Mine. FENG (CONTD)

Feng GRABS the microphone from Hui-Ling.


Feng gets up from the couch, off balance, and starts SWINGING to the rhythm of the song. She makes her way to the middle of the room. To everyones surprise, she sings in accented English-FENG (singing) Tonight youre mine...completely. You give your love, so sweetly. Tonight, the light of love is in your eyes, but will you love me tomorrow? The music starts to take hold of Feng. Suddenly, she starts to DANCE around the room, totally cutting loose in a very sexy way. Theres something both lovely and sad about the way she moves. The camera SWIRLS around, Feng, dancing along with her. FENG (singing) Is this a lasting...treasure? Or just a moments pleasure? Can I believe, the magic of your sigh? Will you still love me tomorrow? The girls and Big Chen are completely stunned and impressed. Feng turns to Big Chen and playfully waves her finger at him, still caught up on the music. They exchange a look. Big Chen is enamored with her. FENG (singing) Tonight with words unspoken, you said that Im the only one. But will my heart be broken? When the night, meets the morning sun... The girls, Hui-Ling, Xiao-Yi, and Mimi, get up off the couch and start DANCING a choreographed dance behind Feng. With their matching purple blazers, they are like a GIRL GROUP from the early 60s. Big Chen suddenly walks over and DANCES with her, giving her a TWIRL around the stage. Were completely inside Fengs head now. FENG (singing) Id like to know that your love, is a love I can be sure of. So tell me now, and I wont ask again. Will you still love me tomorrow?


Feng continues to sway to the music as the song starts to fade out. CUT TO: 109 110 OMITTED INT. BIG CHENS CAR - LATE NIGHT Big Chen is driving Feng home in his car. Feng is passed out, drifting in and out of consciousness, in the passengers seat. BIG CHEN (gently) Feng, do you know where I should turn? Feng suddenly looks up, taking in her surroundings. What? FENG *** *** *** *** *** *** *** FENG Its the right after the next stoplight. Feng immediately collapses back onto her seat. FENG (CONTD) (eyes closed) Now take a left. Okay. This is fine. 110A The car comes to a stop. again. Feng slowly opens up her eyes ***

BIG CHEN We didnt want to put you in a we decided I should drive you home. A pause.

BIG CHEN Well, here we are. A long silence. Feng unfastens her seatbelt.

BIG CHEN (CONTD) Feng, you know I see you in the office. And sometimes...I worry about you. Why? FENG


BIG CHEN I dont know...youre such a special woman. But sometimes I dont think youre that happy. And I think you should be. A pause. Feng turns toward Big Chen. BIG CHEN (CONTD) I guess what Im trying to say is...I care about you. So I hope youll be okay. FENG (abruptly) I think my husbands in love with someone else. Im sorry? BIG CHEN

FENG Nine years together...and Im not sure if he ever even loved me. Oh. BIG CHEN

FENG Now Im thirty-eight and I have no idea what Im going to do. Big Chen smiles at Feng. BIG CHEN (Chinese saying) Well, Thirty-eight is a fresh bouquet of flowers An awkward silence. Feng looks like she might actually kiss Big Chen. She stops herself. FENG I think I have to throw up. Feng... BIG CHEN

Feng jumps out of the car and closes the door. Big Chen sits in the car for a moment and watches Feng walk into her apartment.



INT. TRAVEL AGENCY - DAY Mandy walks into the travel agency. This is her first day back at work. Some of the other girls in the office look up at her. She doesnt say anything. AT HER DESK Mandy sits down at her desk and starts going over the two weeks worth of paperwork.


EXT. BADMINTON COURT - AFTERNOON Stephen, Ray-Ray, Ming and Simon are in the middle of another intense badminton game. They see San-San approaching. They immediately stop playing and all turn towards San-San, who walks up to them. He looks much better. STEPHEN Looking good, sunshine! SAN-SAN I think Im feeling better. (pause) Life goes on, right? The four men gather around San-San affectionately. Life goes on! SIMON

MING I think someone deserves a drink. Great idea. STEPHEN Well take you out tonight!

SAN-SAN Thats okay, really. No, no, no. need. 113 INT. BAR - NIGHT The same gay bar. Weichung and Thomas are having a drink in the back. Thomas sways his body to the music. Weichung looks very out of it. RAY-RAY This is exactly what you ***


THOMAS What is it? (joking) I know Im not a very good dancer. Im sorry. Whats wrong? WEICHUNG THOMAS Hes

Weichung looks around the bar at all the gays. uncomfortable. Im sorry. 113A OTHER SIDE OF THE BAR WEICHUNG Maybe we should go.

San-San has just walked in with Ray-Ray, Ming, Simon, and Stephen. San-San looks around the bar, realizing that its ALL MEN. He leans over to Ray-Ray. SAN-SAN Wow, there are a lot of guys here. RAY-RAY Of course there are. Its a gay bar. Oh. Cool. SAN-SAN (not particularly phased)

MING The last thing you want right now is a bar filled with a bunch of stuck-up bitches. Its only going to make you feel terrible about yourself. San-San nods. He looks around the bar some more. back to the four men. SAN-SAN Im sorry...are you They four men break into laughter. STEPHEN Youre kidding, right? SAN-SAN I mean, arent you married? He turns


STEPHEN I am. My wifes a lesbian. role reversals. San-San looks even more confused. around San-San. RAY-RAY So what are you having?

Were into


Ray-Ray puts his arm

Its on me!

SAN-SAN Ill have a rum and coke. STEPHEN Only fags drink cocktails. drinking scotch. 113B ACROSS THE BAR Weichung and Thomas are standing near the DANCE FLOOR. THOMAS You really are acting a little strange. WEICHUNG Maybe we should leave now. THOMAS Coming here was your idea. Weichung backs away from Thomas. WEICHUNG (distant) Maybe its better if dont see each other for a little while. 113C BACK OF BAR They four men are still consoling San-San. RAY-RAY You just have to get back out there. MING Youre a nice guy. You think so? And not bad looking. Were


SIMON I think youre cute.



Me too.


Stephen puts his arm around San-San. STEPHEN Forget about her. (gestures to San-San) You need someone that will appreciate the San-San. San-San actually smiles. A bit of confidence.

SAN-SAN You guys are right. Im moving on. STEPHEN Thats what Im saying, dont be stupid. They all raise their glasses to San-San. moment, Simon spots Weichung and Thomas. SIMON Is that Weichung? Stephen turns around and sees Weichung with Thomas. STEPHEN (grins) Just at that


Ray-Ray, Ming, and Simon are all also ecstatic to see Weichung. They all run up to him. Weichung! RAY-RAY Weichung is shocked to

San-San is shocked to see Weichung. everyone, especially San-San. MING What are you doing here? STEPHEN And who is this?

WEICHUNG (uncomfortable) This is Thomas. (mutual introductions) These are my old friends: Stephen, RayRay, Ming, Simon...and... (pause) ...San-San.


THOMAS Nice to meet you all. STEPHEN (in terrible Cantonese) Very nice to meet you! THOMAS Actually, I was just leaving. Thomas suddenly starts walk out of the bar. to Weichung. THOMAS (CONTD) Ill see you around. Weichung looks crushed. STEPHEN Wow, I didnt know you were into Dim Sum! WEICHUNG Its not like that. STEPHEN What do you mean? San-San walks over to Weichung as well. SAN-SAN (still confused) So what are you doing here, Brother? (pause) Do you know this is a gay bar, Brother? Weichung looks over at his friends and San-San. I know. WEICHUNG He turns back

(pause) Im sorry. I have to go. Weichung walks out after Thomas. 113D EXT. GAY BAR - NIGHT Weichung walks out onto the street. 114 INT. MANDYS APARTMENT - MORNING Mandy is her bathroom, putting on make-up and getting ready to go to work. She looks at herself in the mirror. Suddenly, her face turns totally GREEN. Thomas is gone.


Oh no--


--Mandy turns around and falls to her knees. She suddenly VOMITS into the toilet. This goes on for a while. LATER-Mandy sits on the floor of the bathroom. Theres an open HOME PREGNANCY TEST on the floor next to her. Jun paces back and forth. JUN (subtitled Korean) Holy shit! Youre pregnant? worse than my soap opera! Fuck me. MANDY

This is

JUN (subtitled Korean) What are you going to do now? I dont know! 115 MANDY

INT. CHANG OPTICAL - MORNING Weichung is at the DISPLAY WINDOW again, changing out glasses. He looks-THROUGH THE WINDOW Thomas is standing across the street. The sun is shining. Thomas smiles sadly and waves goodbye. BACK INSIDE THE STORE The door suddenly opens, and Mandy walks in. Weichung realizes that Thomas was never there. Weichung looks heartbroken. Hi, Mandy. WEICHUNG

MANDY I need to talk to you. WEICHUNG Sorry, Im a little busy right now. Weichung walks around to the counter and sits down.


Ill wait.


WEICHUNG (agitated) Cant you see Im working? The customer seems a little awkward, caught between Weichung and Mandy. CUSTOMER Ill look around some more. The customer gets up and walks to the other side of the store. MANDY Well, can I talk to you now? urgent. Its

WEICHUNG Oh, so now that you have something urgent, I should just drop everything for you? MANDY Whats wrong with you? Weichung gets up from the counter. WEICHUNG Im sorry, Mandy! Not everyone is here for you all the time, whenever you want. Some of us have other responsibilities. We dont just fall in and out of love, call off weddings whenever we feel like it, and hurt those around us! Weichung walks into the back examination room, leaving Mandy standing by herself, a bit stunned. Alan and Lin look over at her. Theyre eating their breakfasts. MANDY What are you two looking at? Mandy walks out of the store. 116 INT. PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY - MORNING Feng is at her desk, typing. She looks across all the cubicles and into Big Chens small OFFICE. Hes quietly packing up his stuff. He looks out and sees Feng. They exchange a quick glance with each other.


Hui-Ling leans over to Feng. HUI-LING You know what I heard? Feng turns back to Hui-Ling. What? FENG

HUI-LING Big Chen told them to promote you. quit. FENG Why would he do that? I dont know. 117 INT. HALLWAY - LATER HUI-LING


Big Chen is leaving the office with a box of his belongings. Feng walks over to him. Big Chen? FENG

BIG CHEN Oh, hi, Feng. I was just going to take this downstairs. Ill be back later to say goodbye. FENG Why did you quit? Why did you save my job? BIG CHEN Oh well...I just think youll do a pretty good job. (pause) And...I really like you, Feng. FENG Thanks, Big Chen. Big Chen walks into the elevator. They exchange another look as the doors close. Feng suddenly finds herself SMILING. The elevator next on her other side suddenly OPENS. Feng? MANDY (O.S.) *** ***


Feng still has a big smile on her face. Feng? MANDY (O.S.)

Feng finally turns around to see Mandy walking out of the elevator doors. She looks terrible. FENG Hi, everything okay? MANDY Can I talk to you for a second? Sure. FENG

(pause) Lets go in the conference room. 118 INT. MEETING ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Feng and Mandy walk into the conference room. the door behind them. Feng shuts *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** MANDY Im pregnant, Feng. (breaking down) I just found out this morning. Another pause. Feng smiles warmly. *** *** *** *** ***

MANDY Im sorry, I went to go see Weichung, but he was acting so weird. I dont know what the hell is wrong with him! FENG (trying to calm Mandy) Its okay, what is it? They sit down. Mandy sits down, one chair away from Feng. After a moment, she moves over and sits closer. MANDY I didnt know who else I could talk to... Mandy looks like she wants to say something. FENG (gently) What is it? A pause.


FENG Youre...pregnant? Yes. MANDY What should I do?

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

FENG Does San-San know? No. MANDY I havent talked to him in weeks. FENG


MANDY (rambling) A few weeks ago I was ready to get married, I had it all planned out, and then I didnt want to get married at all, and pregnant. (pause) Im a mess. FENG Do you want to have it? MANDY I dont know...I just know that I dont want to end up with a boring life and a boring marriage and...I dont know what to do. A pause. FENG I think I have to tell you something, Mandy. (calmly) I dont know if this is the best time, but...I think I know what youre going through. What? MANDY

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Mandy looks a little confused. FENG Your brother is gay. MANDY (laughs)


*** ***


FENG Weichung is gay. MANDY Is this a joke? No. FENG He told me himself. MANDY *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** FENG *** ***

He told you? Feng nods her head.

FENG So...I dont know what to do either. A pause. Mandy takes a moment to think this over. MANDY My brother? (pause) Feng, Im sorry. I didnt know...really. I didnt know. I would have told you if I did. FENG Its okay. (pause) But I was just thinking...I thought I had it all figured out...maybe your brother did too...marriage, kids. But now I have no idea whats going to happen. MANDY (empathetic) Feng, are you okay? Feng smiles sadly. Ill be okay.

The two of them sit there for another moment. 119 INT. APARTMENT HALLWAY - AFTERNOON Mandy is standing in front of an APARTMENT DOOR. the doorbell. Jun stands right next to her. She RINGS


JUN (subtitled Korean) You really sure you want to do this, Noona (sister)? Maybe you should think this through some more. With your heart. The door finally opens and San-San sticks his head out. Jun is GONE. SAN-SAN What are you doing here? Can I come in? Sure. 120 MANDY SAN-SAN


INT. APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATER Inside the two-bedroom apartment that San-San and Mandy were going to move into. There are a few moving boxes stacked in the corner. Mandy walks in behind San-San. SAN-SAN I was just...packing. Youre moving? Yes. A pause. MANDY SAN-SAN

Mandy looks around. MANDY Wheres the bed? SAN-SAN Oh, I had it sent back already. Ive just been sleeping on the floor. Im sorry. MANDY

SAN-SAN Oh, no. Its fine. Its kind of good for the back actually. San-San-MANDY


SAN-SAN (as if rehearsed) --Mandy, Im okay. Im fine now. Im not angry with you or anything. It just didnt work out for us. (trying to be strong) Its okay. These things happen. Im moving on. MANDY (pause) Okay. I completely understand. He smiles. Her heart breaks.


Mandy looks up at San-San.

MANDY (CONTD) Well...I just wanted you to know that I really do love you. (pause) I know what I did to you was awful. But it really wasnt about you, as lame as that sounds. I panicked because I was afraid that my life would be set one way...forever. I was afraid of compromise. I was wrong. (pause) Im sorry. Mandy turns around to leave. All of a sudden, San-San LUNGES after Mandy and hugs her. SAN-SAN I still love you Mandy! They embrace each other passionately, Korean soap operastyle. Mandy starts crying. MANDY I have to tell you something, San-San. What? SAN-SAN

MANDY (whispers) Im pregnant. A long silence. Tears start to well up in San-Sans eyes.

SAN-SAN mine?


MANDY Of course its yours, you idiot. (stopping herself) Im sorry. Its okay. 121 121A SAN-SAN

A REFLECTION of Weichung, standing in front of the mirror. He still looks brokenhearted. INT. BATHROOM - CONTINUOUS Weichung is getting dressed. Feng sticks her head in the bathroom door. She quietly observes Weichung for a moment. FENG Weichung, you almost ready? Weichung turns away from the mirror. Yes. Almost. WEICHUNG

We get the sense that things have somewhat returned to normal. 122 INT. BEDROOM - AFTERNOON Feng is also getting dressed and ready to go out. Shes wearing a simple cocktail dress. Sunlight creaks in through the window. Weichung looks over at Feng. She looks radiant, glowing.

WEICHUNG You look really nice. Thanks. Is Awan ready? I think so. 123 FENG WEICHUNG FENG

INT. AWANS BEDROOM - MOMENTS LATER Awan is in a dress shirt and slacks, trying to put on his sportcoat. WEICHUNG You need some help?


Yes, please.


WEICHUNG You have to do one arm at a time. Weichung helps him put the sportcoat on. CUT TO: 124 INSERT ON--San-San and Mandys WEDDING PORTRAIT, the same one from Stephens store. We PULL BACK to reveal that its sitting on an easel in front of a STAGE. Were inside a-INT. WEDDING BANQUET HALL - LATE AFTERNOON Mandy and San-San are on-stage, together. San-San is wearing a suit and Mandy is wearing a traditional qipao. A wedding banquet hall EMCEE stands at the side of the stage. SAN-SAN (mid-speech) As most of you know, we had a little bit of a scare a few weeks ago. Some laughs. Mandy looks a little embarrassed.


SAN-SAN (CONTD) But actually...sometimes these things are good. They give us some perspective. (pause) Mandy, I know that you were worried that life may be the a little...compromised. San-San looks over at table where Stephen is sitting. SAN-SAN (CONTD) A good friend recently told me that its hard to preserve the happiness of you wedding photos...thats why its so important that theyre perfect. (looks at Mandy) But I promise you, Mandy, Ill make sure everyday with me will be a wedding portrait. Applause. Mandy is genuinely moved.

The Emcee walks on-stage and takes the microphone from SanSan.


EMCEE Wonderful, wonderful. So romantic. Now, since Mandys mother and father arent here with us today to take part in this special occassion, her loving brother Weichung wanted to make a little speech. (pause) Weichung? TABLE NEAR THE STAGE Weichung is sitting with Feng, Awan, Amah, and Gong-Gong. He gets up and walks onto the stage. The Emcee hands him the microphone. Hi. WEICHUNG

(pause) I love my little sister, Mandy. But Im also very happy that shes San-Sans responsibility from now on. Some laughs. WEICHUNG (CONTD) And Im so happy that shes found SanSan. Because...thats the most wonderful thing in this world I think...for two people to be able to share their lives with each other. (rambling) Because...thats the only way we have to get through life. To love each other. To be honest with each other. And ourselves. To make a commitment, a promise to each other. And sometimes that also means making a sacrifice. (looks over at Feng, Awan) I made a promise. And thats the most important thing. Its everything, actually. And Im going to keep it. AT THE TABLE Feng is moved. Amah and Gong-Gong look very confused.

AMAH What is he talking about? GONG-GONG I have no idea.


BACK ON STAGE WEICHUNG (CONTD) I guess what I want to say...we should all be very grateful to have love in our lives. (pause) Congratulations, Mandy and San-San! Some random applause. Clearly, many people in the audience are a little confused as well. The Emcee walks over and takes the microphone back from Weichung. AT ANOTHER TABLE Stephen is sitting with Jiazheng, Ray-Ray, Ming, and Simon. They also seem moved by Weichungs speech. Stephen turns to Jiazheng, raising his glass to hers. STEPHEN I love you too, you know. (or: Youre the best lesbian wife a gay man could ever hope for). Shut up. LATER-Everyone is now eating their dinners. hands with different people. Weichung is shaking JIAZHENG (or: Shut up. I love you too).

*** *** *** *** ***

Feng walks over to Weichung and pulls him aside. Weichung. Yeah? FENG WEICHUNG

Feng looks very emotional. Where is he? Who? FENG WEICHUNG

Weichung realizes that Feng is talking about Thomas. I dont know. WEICHUNG


FENG You dont know? WEICHUNG (sadly) He could be anywhere in the world now. I see. Feng smiles at Weichung. FENG (CONTD) (gently) Weichung, I want a divorce. WEICHUNG What...what are you talking about? FENG I want a divorce. (comforting) Its okay. A long pause.e WEICHUNG I dont understand, Feng. FENG You still have a chance for love. And I do too. Its not too late. (pause) Thanks for giving me a life. But now Im going to continue to live it. (pause) You wont ever lose us. Feng smiles at Weichung. Weichung slowly nods. *** FENG

*** ***

Feng and Weichung back toward the table where they are sitting with Amah and Gong-Gong. AT THE TABLE FENG Everything okay, Mom? AMAH Awan fell asleep. Feng sees Awan completely PASSED OUT on the table. head is leaning up against Amah. His


FENG Hes a really special boy. Of course. AMAH I know that.

Feng turns to Weichung. FENG I think we should get going. WEICHUNG Okay, Ill go tell Mandy. ACROSS THE ROOM Mandy and San-San are toasting their guests. pulls Mandy aside. Weichung

WEICHUNG Mandy, Im sorry...I think were going to head out. Now? Yeah. MANDY WEICHUNG

(pause) Are you guys okay? Were good. San-San walks over. SAN-SAN Thanks again, brother. No problem. WEICHUNG MANDY

Mandy takes a good, long look at Weichung. Are you okay? I dont know. MANDY WEICHUNG I think so.

MANDY I support you, brother. Mandy smiles at him warmly. She hugs him goodbye.


BACK AT TABLE Weichung walks back over and picks up Awan, still sleeping, and carries him. Awan rests his head up against his shoulder. Are you ready? FENG


WEICHUNG (pause)

Weichung and Feng start to walk out of the banquet room. We FOLLOW them as they make their way through the banquet room, walking by the guests. A romantic, musical MELODY starts to PLAY-Suddenly, in SLOW MOTION, Weichung and Feng are surrounded by cameras flashing, confetti flying in the air, guests smiling and clapping. Weichung and Feng turn to smile at each other with a feeling of both joy and sadness. Just for that moment, its as if they are RELIVING THEIR OWN WEDDING. We see how that everyone in the ENTIRE wedding banquet hall is standing up and clapping. Weichung and Feng continue through the banquet hall and make their way OUT THE DOOR. CUT TO BLACK