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44 Possible ways of posting assets acquisition :(select 3) a MM-Integration. b Cash Journal. c Accounts Payable. d Clearing.

45 Advantage of park document: (select 1) a Free assignment of Designation. b Doc # can be assigned externally. c Doc # can be assigned by the user. d Dual control possible.

46.Features of Reports (select 2) a Objects. b Characteristics. c Characteristics values. d Figures.

47 To open new fiscal year in AA what are the requirements ?(select 2) a You need to close the Fiscal year in AA. b You need to close the Fiscal year in FI. c You need to post the depreciation & asset balances. d You need to cloes the special periods.

48 You can post the depreciation for the following:(select 1)

a WBS element. b Cost centre. c Internal order. d Profit Center.

49 Following are types of special GL transaction (select 3) a Noted items. b Guarantee. c Free Offsetting Entry. d Automatic offsetting Entry

50 No of call up points provided for FI (select 3): a Document type. b Document header. c Account type. d Document line item. e Complete Document.

51 LVA in collective management:(select 2) a Any no of assets per master record. b One single asset per master record. c When posting:check against a permissible minimum amount. d When posting:check against a permissible maximum amount.

52 For using parallel accounting in AA,When you define cross company transaction in asset class you can define :(select 1)

a Two asset class. b Two COA. c Two Depreciation areas. d Two segments.

53 Steps to follow to settle AUC on a line item basis (select 3): a Summary settlement not being released. b Transfer from the under-construction phase to completed asset phase. c The posting procedures settles all the line items to which distribution rules is assigned. d One selects all the line items to the specified receivers.

54 What field is to be used while posting an asset acquistion (select 1) a Document type. b Transaction type. c Asset master. d Account type.

55 What are the Two types of asset transfer in AA (select 2) a Intracompany transfers. b Source transfer cocd. c Target transfer cocd. d Intercompany transfers.

56 Link reports that contain different characteristics in an application can be done by using :(select 1) a Company code.

b Segment-Profit center. c Business area-Cost center. d Report-report interface.

57 What is the advantage of posting a down payment to a special GL account (select 1) a Can see the entry in appendix. b A separate reconciliation account is used so as to separate from normal posting. c Down payment request is managed. d Down payment automatic clearing is done.

58 When is an FI document been created (select 2) a PO. b Goods receipt. c purchase requistion. d Invoice receipt.

59 What is an interface function provided by SAP list viewer. (select 1) a Report-report interface. b Can create sub total for predefined area for specific value. c Mass change. d Drill down list.

ANSWERS 44 BK3 89 Fig 35 45 BK3 409 Fig 170 46 BK3 308 Fig 124 47 BK3 206 Fig 85 48 BK3 21 49 BK3 Fig 146 50 BK3 459 51 BK3 Fig 23 52 BK3 Fig 54 53 BK3 154 54 BK3 Fig 43 55 BK3 Fig 50 56 BK3 Fig 129 57 BK3 Fig 139 58 BK3 Fig45 59 BK3 Fig 77 a,c,d d b,d b,c a a,c,d b,d,e a,d c a,c,d b a,d d b b,d b