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Volume 3 Issue 4

April 2013

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From the Editor

If ever the Shaytan inspires one towards jealousy, one should immediately turn towards their Lord, the Most Gracious, in sincere repentance. And seek refuge from the evil whispering of this accursed enemy of man by declaring Audobillahe Minash Shaytaan ar-Rajeem (I seek refuge in Allaah from the Shaytan, the accursed). And furthermore, strive to recite the Surah Al-Falaq and An-Naas, as often as possible. It is expected that Allaah will protect us from the evil whisperings of the accursed Shaytan. Dear readers! Do you know about jealousy? Jealousy is a disease that resides in an impure heart and it is one of the fatal illnesses which cannot be cured. A jealous person never feels peace and happiness in his heart, even if he is granted more blessings than others. This is because he wants others to lose what Allaah has granted them. The Prophet (PBUH) said, Beware of jealousy , for verily it destroys good deeds the way fire destroys wood [Abu Dawood]. In an other occasion he said, There has come to you the disease of the nations before you, jealousy and hatred. This is the destroyer; I do not say that it is shaves the hair, but it shaves the faith [Al- Tirmidhee]. So therefore we should always avoid the feeling of jealousy.

Dear Readers, As-Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Whenever you feel jealous of someone, immediately become alert and know that the Shaytan is trying to destroy your faith, and immediately turn towards Allaah and think about His countless blessings upon you. Make yourself content by looking at the condition of those who have been bestowed with fewer blessings than you. May Allaah save all of us from being jealous. Very truly yours, Asif Khurshid

MyVision April 2013

Words of My Creator

Part-I: The Creation of Adam (AS) and

here was a time when Mankind had not set their mark on this Earth. From among the many creations of Allaah, the Angels and the Djinn inhabited the Earth. One created from light, and the other created from fire. Allaah decreed that Adam (AS) be created, who will neither be from light, nor from fire. He decreed that Adam (AS) will be created from dust, dust that is neither superior than light, nor brighter or more sparkling than fire. But even then this creation of dust was to be superior to the creatures of light and fire. Thus Allaah created Adam (AS) from dust with His own Hands. llaah says in the Quran, Indeed, the example of Jesus to Allaah is like that of Adam. He created Him from dust; then He said to him, Be, and he was. [3:59]. And, Who perfected everything which He created and began the creation of man from clay [32:7]. And, at another place, And We did certainly create man out of clay from an altered black mud. [15:26]. And further more, He created man from clay like [that of ] pottery. [55:14]. lain and dry sand is call turraab, and when water is mixed with this dry sand, the mixture of the two is called teean. When this mixture is left to dry till its color changes to a darker shade, it is called al-hama. And when left to dry for even longer time, until it starts to smell, it is called masnoon. And when this type of

sand is stepped upon and it gives out a sound as it cracks, this noise is called salsaal. And when this sand is baked on fire, it is called al-fakhaar. ence Adam (AS) was created from sand. Allaah describes to us the creation of our father Adam (AS) in detail, And [mention, O Muhammad (PBUH)], when your Lord said to the angels, Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority. They said, Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You? Allaah said, Indeed, I know that which you do not know. And He taught Adam the names - all of them. Then He showed them to the angels and said, Inform Me of the names of these, if you are truthful. They said, Exalted are You; we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. Indeed, it is You who is the Knowing, the Wise. He said, O Adam (AS), inform them of their names. And when he had informed them of their names, He said, Did I not tell you that I know the unseen [aspects] of the heavens and the earth? And I know what you reveal and what you have concealed. [2:30-33]

The Story of

Adam A (AS)
By Abdul Jabbar Bilal

Page 4

MyVision April 2013

llaah declared to the Angels His intention to create and send His representatives on Earth in the form of Adam (AS) and his descendants. Who would spread and enforce the message of Allaah among all of the people and the all of land of Earth. And who would inherit

Words of My Creator

His Superiority Over the Angels

this responsibility from one generation to another. The Angels, out of curiosity, said that have they been deficient in praise and in their supplication to Allaah. And when we, a vast number of creation, were in constant praise and obedience to Allaah, why would there he Angels spoke from within the limits of knowledge that Allaah had given them, and whatever they could think of the reasons for the creation of Man. Allaah replied to the apprehensive Angels, Indeed, I know that which you do not know. [2:30]. Meaning whatever it is that the Angels could think of, there was more to His Intention and Wisdom for the creation of Mankind. To demonstrate to the Angels just one of the matters of Allaahs infinite Wisdom in the creation of Man, He taught Adam (AS) the names of all objects that were at hand, and He also gave him the knowledge about those objects. Allaah taught Adam (AS) the names of objects, as well as the properties, purpose, and function.

Lessons Learned
1. It is an honor for Man that Allaah created him with His own hand. 2. Allaah gave Man superiority over the Angels and the Djinns. 3. This superiority was given to Man because of his knowledge, knowledge which was given to us by Allaah in order for us to draw nearer to Him. 4. Man strives in every way to become superior to each other, but what we must really strive for is for the knowledge given to us by Allaah that will elevate us not only over other men, but also over the Angels. 5. The real knowledge which elevated Man over all other creations is the knowledge of the Revelation, which Allaah revealed upon His Prophets. 6. The purpose of creating Man from sand and dust is to inculcate in him a sense of humbleness, so that he would not become haughty and arrogant. 7. Our status and prestige are equal to that of dust, that we were created from dust, and that we will return to it. 8. Whenever we come to realize any of our shortcomings, we must immediately praise Allaah and supplicate to Him, just as the Angels praised and supplicated to Him after admitting their ignorance and lack of knowledge.

be a need to create Adam (AS). They also expressed their fear that Man would spread much transgression and killings on Earth. So, when there was no apparent need for this new creation, and the fear of so much chaos, why create and establish Mankind on the Earth?

Words of My Creator

llaah then put the objects in front of the Angels and asked them to name them. The Angels could not name the objects, they could only but submit to Allaah and pleaded their ignorance, and they praised Allaah, Who was without any defects. They said that they only knew what Allaah had taught them. Then Allaah asked Adam (AS), and by the Will and Permission of Allaah, he identified all the objects. When this Wisdom for the creation of Mankind was revealed to the Angels, they realized the superiority of Man over them. Indeed Allaah has the best of Wisdom, He knows what is hidden from our eyes, and no one and nothing can remain hidden from Him. He knows all secrets and all that is visible and invisible. y

MyVision April 2013

Page 5

Islamic Mannerism By Shazia Rahim

Visiting, Seeking Permission & Hosting


ome people in the society may consider it inhospitable to inform and seek permission from their relatives or friends before visiting them, and some may just drop in, uninvited. But, Allaah has enjoined us to seek permission before entering someones house, O you who believe! Enter not houses other than your own, until you have asked permission. [24:27] o, we must always call and ask permission before visiting anyone. If it is not possible to do so in advance, then you can go there, but dont enter unless you have sought permission. Seeking permission is not the same as informing, for example, instead of saying I will come at 5 PM, say, what is your plan for this evening?. If they say that they will be home, then you can ask if 5 PM will be a good time to visit. hen you reach their premises, whether home or office, then ring the doorbell or knock at the door. If no one answers, you can ring the bell again or knock, but you cannot enter unless permission is given. You can knock or ring the bell up to three times. If you believe that there is someone inside, but is not responding, take it as a no and come back.

f the response from inside asks about who is at the door, then dont assume that you have been recognized, and go in. Dont say it is me. Rather, the correct manner is to introduce yourself by your full name. Jabir bin Abdullah (RA) says, I sought permission from Allaahs Messenger (PBUH) to see him. He said, Who is it? I said, It is I. Thereupon Allaahs Messenger (PBUH) said, It is I, it is I (these words lead me to no conclusion). [Sahih Muslim]


imilarly, if you are sure that there is no one inside, you still cannot enter unless you have prior permission to do so.


hile you are waiting for a response, stay away from the doors and windows. Do not peep inside, for Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet (PBUH) said, If a man looks into your house and you take some pebbles and gouge out his eye, there is no fault in you. [Al-Adab Al-Mufrad]

f you are not given the permission to enter, then go back. Allaah has said that it is greater purity for yourselves, and He is well aware of what you do. [24:28]

Page 6

MyVision April 2013

hen you are given permission to enter, then go in and give the greeting of salaam to the people inside

Islamic Mannerism

the house or office. It is recommended to shake the hand of your brother Muslim when you meet him. Qatada narrated, I asked Anas, Was it a custom of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) to shake hands with one another? He said, Yes. [Sahih Bukhari] s a host, Allaah has enjoined on us to show hospitality on our guests and treat them well by serving them food and making their stay comfortable. The Prophet (PBUH) said, Whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, should not hurt his neighbor and whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, should serve his guest generously and whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, should talk what is good or keep quiet. [Sahih Bukhari]


hen someone comes to see you with a smiling face, reciprocate the gesture and keep your troubles to yourself, so as to never let your visitor feel unwanted.

e especially considerate to an outstation traveler. Allaahs Apostle (PBUH) said, Whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, should serve his guest generously. The guests reward is: To provide him with a superior type of food for a night and a day and a guest is to be entertained with food for three days, and whatever is offered beyond that, is regarded as something given in charity. And it is not lawful for a guest to stay with his host for such a long period so as to put him in a critical position. [Sahih Bukhari]

uests are a blessing, so we should not take them as a burden. They provide us an opportunity to earn reward from Allaah for greeting them, serving them and making their stay comfortable. So, let us make the best the next time we are provided with an opportunity to entertain guests.y

3-things destroy, and 3-things save. As for the 3-things that destroy, they are: greediness that is obeyed, and desires that are followed, and a person becoming self-conceited with himself. As for the three things that save, they are: the fear of Allaah in secret and public, and moderation in poverty and richness, and fairness in anger and pleasure. [Sohail Akbar]

Islamic Mannerism

MyVision April 2013

Page 7

By Saleh Ahmad

e are humans, why? Because we plan things. We plan our whole life starting from college, getting a degree, a good job, getting married, having kids and so on We think we are The Example Yosuf (AS) 1. When he was a boy and was taken by his brothers to the old well, he was patient. 2. When he was sold for 20Darhams, he was patient. 3. When the wife of al-Aziz threw herself at him, he was patient. 4. When he was sent to prison, the prisoners found him to be mohsin. 5. When he was the wealthiest person, he still remained a mohsin. 6. When his brothers came to him for food he was still was mohsin and didnt say anything to his brothers. 7. Even when all his family gathered with him in the castle, he gave all the credit to Allaah.


that perfect form of a human being whom everybody would like, but when anyone criticizes us we get mad. During an argument, we are trying to prove our point and then there is this difference that we dont know how to deal with, so what we do? We get mad and impatient about the whole thing. e make plans, but what happens when anything goes against our plans? We get busted, we freak out so much that we are unable to move on with our normal life. Now, what to do? The answer is being patient. Verily, patience is at the first strike. [Sahih Bukhari]. But then another big word comes along, How?

with the new plan that Allaah has for us. When we lose our very valuable asset, whether they are our loved ones, a dream we really want to come true, or anything that has our feelings involved in it. Words like, Why me? Why did that happen to me only? And so many more come along.

Start Accepting Things!

e have limited knowledge about things, even if we are so much intelligent. We see something, imagine it to be the perfect for us and then plan our life to achieve the same. But if things do not go our way, what happens? We get frustrated! We do not feel comfortable

here is only one thing that keeps us from saying those words, and lets us move on. And that is self control, or being patient. And how is that patience to be practiced? Self control for Allaahs sake. When Prophet Yosuf (AS) was taken away by his brothers, what was his fathers reaction? So patience is most fitting. And it is Allaah Whose help can be sought against that which you assert. [12:18]

Self Control

Page 8

MyVision April 2013

llaah has emphasized on patience so much, By the time. Verily! Man is in loss, except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth, and recommend one another to patience [103:1-3]. Alaah has mentioned in

Self Control

more than 90-places in Quran about practicing patience as it is one of the reasons that a person can be near Allaah. If we want something and we wish for it, it is totally alright, and invoke Him with fear and hope [7:56]. If Allaahs plans are different from ours then it is something that we have to deal with, no matter what happens. There are two reactions that a person shows in any extreme situation: Being negative Being positive and patient

even if I get admitted somewhere else, throughout the time that negative thought, Why didnt I get admission there would keep on haunting me. I would stop putting efforts in studies and I would surely have a thing that I can blame for my bad grades. Other things like loneliness of not having my friends there, not liking the campus, and so many more excuses would be there. I would not even try to fit in and move on with the new surroundings.

The source which was once a source of happiness can be a source of sadness too. Why? Because we are living a test. We should be aware that where do we stand? In any bad situation, what is my reaction? Allaah has created us and showed us the two sides of the picture, the negative and the positive.

egativity comes up when we do not accept that other plan that Allaah has for us. We keep on thinking about the situation again and again. llaah has made patience the standard of courage and determination in the conduct of any affair. For example, I wanted to get admission in my favorite university in which all my friends are going in, I tried, I worked hard, but I could not get admitted there. Now if I am thinking negatively, I would either stop applying to other universities, or When We Think Positively We are more productive We can handle criticism well Problem doesnt remain a problem We get an inner satisfaction Moving-on process starts Thankfulness to Allaah is there Trust and love for Allaah increases


What Happens When We Think Negatively?


What Happens When We Think Positively?

n the other hand, if we are thinking positively, the situation is totally different. If I didnt get the admission in the university I wanted to be in, I would first think, Maybe Allaah has a better plan for me. That positivity and patience will lead me to work harder in the other university. it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allaah knows but you do not know.[2:216] atience is the key and a condition for success. Allaah tests us for our betterment. To be patient and having the selfcontrol is a difficult thing to practice no doubt, but once it is experienced, the best rewards are for us, Verily, he who fears Allaah with obedience to Him, and is patient, then surely, Allaah makes not the reward of the good-doers to be lost.[12:90]

atience with self-control is the balanced condition among the two extremes. Every situation is not permanent. When we accept this fact, the horizon of our thoughts will be broadened, and we will start accepting the other plan.

hat we plan is imperfect. Allaah has made us for Himself and we waste our times and skills for the less important and petty things. It is like a puzzle, that would not fit anywhere else except where it perfectly fits. We are for Allaah. Everything we have here is for Allaah. Being hopeful and patient is the key because by patience one earns the companionship of Allaah, O you who believe! Seek help in patience and the prayer. Truly! Allaah is with the patient ones. [2:153] y

Self Control

his life is a combination of moments. Everything here in this life is just for a while. The good times never stay, neither do the bad times, So verily, with the hardship, there is relief. Verily, with the hardship, there is relief. [94:5-6].

MyVision April 2013

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Cover Feature

By Rohma Arfeen

Peer Pressure: A Guilt Trip

t was the last exam of the year and I was really excited as the summer vacations were about to start. I could just imagine having a whole threemonths break to do whatever I wanted to. So while I was sitting in the exam room perfectly peacefully writing an answer to a question, I knew I could get full marks in, I felt a nudge on the leg of my chair. Psssst, Ayesha! Help! Question number two!, said the girl sitting behind me. Uh oh, what to do now! I cant help her. If I dont help her, she will tell everyone that Im the too-goody-miss-two-shoes and everyone will hate me! And if I help her, Allaah would get angry. Plus what if I get caught, Ill get a zero and get suspended from school. My parents would be so upset! Should I help her? I guess its just one question, no one will find out. No wait, Allaah would know! Ughhh what do I do. Oh nooo, times almost up, better hurry, finish this question. o guys, does this sound familiar? We go through this situation every single test and exam. Well, first of all we know this is cheating, but well talk about that some other day. Today we will discuss cheating as a part of some other problem. Well it called Peer Pressure!

eers are your friends, classmates, kids of your age or anyone you hang out with, this could be an older friend too. Peer pressure is when your peers pressure you into doing something. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. If it is a good thing then yay, you should do it. But if its something bad, then watch out. Its very dangerous!

What is Peer Pressure?

1. Someone telling you to cheat 2. Someone daring you to go steal something 3. Someone telling you lets skip school 4. Someone telling you to smoke 5. Your friends are going to some wrong place you go with them telling your parents youre at a friends house 6. On a bigger scale, doing drugs, stealing from stores, having wrong relationships, making bad friends, bad truth and dare games etc.

Examples of Peer Pressure

Page 10

MyVision April 2013

Cover Feature

Pearls of Wisdom Never tire or become bored of good deeds and of the people who perform them. [Sufyan ath-Thawri, submitted by Hareem]

ust remember guys every time your mom tells you No you cannot do this and you say But why! Mom all my friends are doing it. It is so unfair, you never want me have any fun, my friends are always allowed to do everything. Youre under bad peer pressure. r when you feel like you have to do something, or go somewhere, even though you feel those guilty pangs inside your stomach, scrunching and screaming, No dont do this, just dont do it and you keep on ignoring it by telling yourself, No I have to do this, if I dont everyone will think Im dumb and my friends will leave me, and Ill never make any friends again and Ill be a loner all my life. o then you go along and do what your friends are doing, and the whole time you didnt have any fun, the whole time youre scared, what if I get caught, what if some friend of dad watches me and tells him, what if the police catches me and puts me in jail! You just dont have any fun and when you get home you are miserable, you have to lie to your parents and then you feel super guilty and you just wish youd never gone.

Recognizing Peer Pressure


veryone goes through peer pressure problems, even adults. So if you find yourself in this situation, which you definitely will, then what should you do?

How to Overcome Pressure

t doesnt matter if your parents dont know, if your teacher or the shopkeeper cant see you. Remember Allaah can see you. He knows right away what you are doing. He also knows what you are feeling, if you pray to Allaah and ask him to save you from this situation, He most definitely will. Remember He loves you and would not want to see you do something bad just because youre scared your friends will leave you. Just always remember, if your friends would leave you for something like this, then they are not your real friends and you shouldnt be friends with them in the first place. If youre scared youll never make any friends. Dont be, if you leave something bad for Allaah, He will most definitely give you something even better, something which is a million times better, something which you can never expect.

Remember that Allaah is Watching

Cover Feature

his is what peer pressure does to you, sounds awful right? So how do we fight peer pressure? Read ahead and youll find out.

hats Allaah guys! Just get to know Him, make Him your real best friend. You will never want anyone else and no one can ever tear you apart after that because you have the best friend anyone can ever have. So remember never be scared of anyone, and do something wrong just because youre scared they wont be your friend anymore. Allaah is always with you. And He loves you a lot! So you can tell your friend no, but you cant say no to Allaah. Do

MyVision April 2013

Page 11

not fear, I am with you: I hear and see (everything) [20: 46]. Surely Allaah loves those who turn much (to Him), and He loves those who purify themselves. [2:22]

ike I always say everyone, dont forget your security guards! They are super-important; you cannot leave them, ever. Who will protect you if you dont recite them and ask Allaah to protect you from the countless evils out there in the world?

Pray your Morning and Evening Duas

hen someone asks you to do something wrong, you should say no in a confident manner. If you practice this in front of a mirror then it will become easier, it would be even better if you do role plays with your siblings and parents. You can also change the topic, or suggest something better. Be firm and strong and dont sound meek, this would make the other person think that, yeah he could be right, maybe I shouldnt do what Im doing!

Practice Saying No

seller of musk, and the one who blows the blacksmiths bellows. So as for the seller of musk then either he will grant you some, or you buy some from him, or at least you enjoy a pleasant smell from him. As for the one who blows the blacksmiths bellows, then either he will burn your clothes or you will get an offensive smell from him. [Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim]. Friends on that Day will be enemies one to another, except al-Muttaqoon. [43:67] li (RA) said, Mix with the noble people, you become one of them; and keep away from evil people to protect yourself from their evils. And (remember) the Day when the wrong-doer will bite his hands and say: Woe to me! Would that I had taken a path with the Messenger. Woe to me! If only I had not taken so-and-so as a friend! He has led me astray from this Reminder (the Quran) after it had come to me. And Satan is ever a deserter

to man in the hour of need. [25:27-29]

ake friends with people who love Allaah and would never do anything wrong. When you have good friends then you have positive peer pressure to do good things and you never go towards the bad path. Allaah always stresses on good, believing friends because they make you like them, you get positively influenced by them. You also get saved from the negative peer pressure of your classmates and the kids in your school. Rasoolullah (PBUH) said, The example of a good companion and a bad companion is like that of the

Make Good Friends

he Prophet (PBUH) said, If Allaah has loved a servant [of His], He calls Gabriel and says: I love so-and-so, therefore love him. So Gabriel loves him. Then he (Gabriel) calls out in heaven, saying, Allaah loves so-and-so, therefore love him. And the inhabitants of heaven love him. Then acceptance is established for him on earth. And if Allaah has abhorred a servant [of His], He calls Gabriel and says, I abhor so-and-so, therefore abhor him. So Gabriel abhors him. Then Gabriel calls out to the inhabitants of heaven, Allaah abhors so-and-so, therefore abhor him. So they abhor him, and abhorrence is established for him on earth. [Muslim] y Pearls of Wisdom Cry frequently for the wrongs you have committed in the past, and perhaps you will then be saved from them. [Sufyan ath-Thawri, submitted by Hareem]

Page 12

MyVision April 2013

Cover Feature

Recipe Corner

Science for Kids

Banana Smoothie
Ingredients: 2 cups skim milk 2 bananas 1 tbsp honey 1/2 cup plain yoghurt 1/2 tsp cinnamon 6 ice cubes Method: Place all ingredients in a blender making sure that the honey is the last ingredient added. 1. Blend until all ingredients are smooth. 2. Serve in two tall glasses with a shake of cinnamon on top and a slice of banana to garnish. Notes: This smoothie can be made even lower in fat if you use low fat natural yoghurt. Replace the banana with any soft fruits you have on hand or even frozen fruits to create your own favourite flavours. You wont need ice cubes if you use frozen fruit. If you dont have a blender but you have a stick mixer, just remove the ice cubes and pop them in after you wizz it! This recipe was created by Jennifer Cheung for Kidspot, Australias best recipe finder.

Does an Orange Float or Sink?

Does an orange float or sink when placed in water? Give this fun density science experiment for kids a try and answer the question while learning a unique characteristic of oranges. What youll need: An orange A deep bowl or container Water Instructions: 1. Fill the bowl with water. 2. Put the orange in the water and watch what happens. 3. Peel the rind from the orange and now watch what happens? Whats Happening? The first time you put the orange in the bowl of water it floated on the surface, but after you removed the rind, it sunk to the bottom, why? The rind of an orange is full of tiny air pockets which help give it a lower density than water, making it float to the surface. Removing the rind increases its density higher than that of water, making it sink. Density is the mass of an object relative to its volume. Objects with a lot of matter in a certain volume have a high density, while objects with a small amount of matter in the same volume have a low density. y

Recipe Corner Science for Kids

MyVision April 2013

Page 13


of the


By Anisa Fatima

Page 14

rophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last messenger of Allaah who performed the duty to show righteous path to the people. During preaching of Islamic faith he showed many miracles that were really hard to be believed by ordinary human beings.

he prediction came true when Muslims conquered all these areas and have been ruling them since then. imilarly, in another Hadith he said, Constantinople will be conquered, and blessed are the ruler and the troops that will conquer it. This prediction was also realized when Sultan Muhammad II of the Ottoman Empire conquered Istanbul (then Constantinople) in 1452 AD.

ut he foretold the unseen and described the events of past with pinpoint accuracy. He was blessed with such ability from the Creator Himself who is the Master of the Universe and nothing is hidden from Him. That he was an official representative of Allaah and Allaah had bestowed him the power so that he would communicate with people with confidence and convey the message of Allaah effectively. rophet Muhammad (PBUH) exhibited many miracles which were beyond the comprehensive ability of common people. Some of the famous miracles of the Prophet (PBUH) have been discussed below:


the rulers of the greatest empires, the Byzantine and the Persians.


hese wonders took place right before the eyes of many companions of Prophet (PBUH). Abu Ayub Ansari (RA) says that he prepared the meal for Prophet (PBUH) and Abu Bakar (RA) when the messenger of Allaah honored his home by staying there. However the Prophet (PBUH) asked him to Invite 30-men from among the distinguished ones of the Ansar. he 30-men came and they ate to their fill and after that sixty more men came and ate, followed by 70 more men but still a lot of food was left on the table. All the people who came embraced Islam after witnessing that unbelievable miracle.


Blessings and Abundance

rophet Muhammad (PBUH) made many predictions about near and distant future and all of them have proved correct with the passage of time. For example he said, You will be victorious over all your enemies, will succeed in the conquest of Makkah, Khyber, Damascus, Iraq, Persia and Jerusalem, and will share among yourselves the treasures of

MyVision April 2013

Miracles of the Prophet


nce some 300-people were accompanying Prophet (PBUH) in a place called Zawra. They could not find water to

perform ablution for afternoon prayer. He asked them to bring some water to him and when water was brought, he dipped his hand in the water and the water started to sprout out of his fingers like a fountain. That water was enough for 300-men to drink and perform ablution. [Sahih al-Bukhari]

uring battle of Badar, Muslims were short in numbers and arms. Therefore, Prophet (PBUH) picked a handful of soil and stones and threw them towards disbelievers and said, May their faces be black. As a result that small amount of earth went into the eye of each and every one of 1,000-disbelievers and they eventually lost the battle.


Stone and Soils

he miracle of the splitting of the moon was demonstrated before a certain gathering,who persisted in denial of Muhammads (PBUH) Prophethood. When in Mina one night, the Prophet (PBUH) gestured his index finger towards the moon and Allaah split the moon for him into two. The halves of the moon appeared one behind the mountain and the other in front of it. Then, the Prophet (PBUH) turned to the people and said, Be witnesses! he Quran refers to this miracle in the following verses, The Hour has approached, and the moon split. But whenever they see a sign, they turn away and say, This is evident magic. [54:1-2] he above mentioned incidents are only some of many miracles of the Prophet (PBUH). With the help of these wonders the Prophet (PBUH) managed to bring the intelligent people of Quraish and the entire Arabian Peninsula, who were also men of wisdom, to the right path. It were these Arabs who spread the light of Islam to all the corners of the world. y [Anisa Fatima from Maryland, USA, is working as senior manager, SEO expert and a specialist content writer, providing Quran recitation, Quran memorization and Quran learning services.]


The Splitting of the Moon


rees used to obey the orders of the Prophet (PBUH), just like human beings. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), when giving Friday sermons, used to put his back against a stem of tree. However, when a pulpit was built in Mosque of the Prophet (PBUH), he started giving sermons from the pulpit. Upon this the tree started whaling and the mourning was heard by everyone. To console the tree, the Prophet (PBUH) put his hands around it, talked to it and then it stopped crying. This miracle was witnessed by entire congregation.

Miracles of the Prophet

Wounded and the Sick

nce Abu Qatada (RA) was shot by an arrow right on his face and one of his eye balls bulged out. The Prophet (PBUH) put the eye ball back to the original location and the wound healed at once as it was never there.

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otherhood is a blessing which has been given to us by Allaah. Its full of ups and downs, tears and laughs. At times tiring, other times energizing. Lets face it, being a mother in the 21st century is not easy; so here are a few tips to keep you on your toes. hat is motherhood? The responsibility of nurturing a child. The Prophet (PBUH) stated, Paradise lies at the feet of your mother. [Sunan An-Nasai]

How to Show Gratitude for the

By Sofia Nasir

Blessings of Motherhood

his clearly indicates the importance of mothers and the high status they were given by Allaah and the Prophet (PBUH). Mothers are the first point of comfort in a horrible situation, and therefore motherhood should not be taken as a light matter. man came to the Prophet (PBUH) and said, O Messenger of Allaah! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet (PBUH) said, Your mother. The man said, Then who? The Prophet (PBUH) said, Then your mother. The man further asked, Then who? The Prophet (PBUH) said, Then your mother. The man asked again, Then who? The Prophet (PBUH) said, Then your father. [Muslim]

Pearls of Wisdom Keep yourself busy in remembering your faults, so that you have no time to remember the faults of others. Be sad on account of all the time you spent in the past in other than the pursuit of your Hereafter. [Sufyan ath-Thawri, submitted by Hareem]

hile there is an abundance of tips on fulfilling ones role as a mother, here are a few important ones I have compiled on the opposite page.

nd here is something to keep you motivated through your journey of motherhood. The Messenger (PBUH) said, Whoever takes care of two girls until they reach adulthood, He and I will come together on the day of resurrection and he interlaced his fingers (meaning together in paradise). [Al-Adab alMufrad] y [Sofia Nasir is a mother of three, Alhumdulillah. She is a student of knowledge and looking into writing as a career.]

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Blessings of Motherhood

Important Tips
1. Pray to Allaah: Make regular dua to Allaah, the power of dua is so immense. Say, as much as you can, My Lord! Grant me righteous offspring. [37:100] 2. Strive to be Caring and Compassionate: Be patient with your child whatever the situation. It was reported about the Prophet (PBUH), I never saw anyone who was more compassionate towards children than Allaahs Messenger (PBUH). His son Ibrahim was in the care of a wet nurse in the hills around Madinah. He would go there, and we would go with him, and he would enter the house, pick up his son and kiss him, then come back. [Muslim] 3. Praise Them Regularly: This is a very powerful technique and will make them proud of themselves and confident. 4. Ensure Your Child Loves Allaah: Remind them of the blessings Allaah, the eyes, ears, tongue, legs, etc. The list is endless. This will instill love and make them appreciative and grateful towards Allaah. 5. Be Very Friendly: This includes having regular talks about random things, this will make them feel comfortable with you in the long run. Also play with your child as much as possible. 6. Teach Them Responsibility: From a young age give them responsibilities, for example, for their toys and rooms. 7. Keep Them Away from Gadgets: In this fast growing environment its so hard to keep up with technology for adults, let alone children. Have we stopped to wonder how this is affecting our lifestyles? You should try and encourage your child to play outside rather than on the PSP or iPhone. Encourage them to read a book rather than playing on the computer. I found that the more gadgets a child has, the lazier they become. 8. Inspire Them: Rather than making them fantasize about Spiderman and Barbie, tell them about real heroes like the Companions (RAA) of the Prophet (PBUH). 9. Involve Them in Acts of Worship: If they grow up with your Islamic character, it wont be a burden for them when they are older. Pray with them, recite Quran together, and discuss Islamic issues with them as a family. If they grow up seeing these values in effect from childhood, they will easily accept them when they grow up. They will understand its the best way of life. 10. Differentiate Between Halal and Haram: You need to explain to a child what is permissible to them from Allaah and what is forbidden. They need to know in terms of eating haram and halal, as well as actions that are halal or haram like free mixing, etc. 11. Bedtime Stories: This has been a very popular way of putting a child to sleep. You can read to them the duas of sleeping and the importance of them. Explain to them how the angels will protect them by reciting Ayatul Kursi as prescribed by the Prophet of Allaah (PBUH).


Magic Squares
In magic square row column and diagonals all add up to the sane number. This is a Magic Number.

2 7


Magic Number

5 6 2 7
Magic Number

Blessings of Motherhood

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Healing the Obsession of

mirror is something that we all look into almost every single day and more than once during the day. So how do we feel when we look into that mirror?

Good Looks
made my external features beautiful, make my character beautiful as well.

By Bint Saalih

dissatisfied and complaining.


hen some women look at themselves in the mirror, they see only their apparent physical defects, upon which they build their self-image and behavioural responses, I am too fat, my nose is so broad, and these eyebrows are so thick, and my complexion is so dark. I develop a complex when I compare myself with all my friends; one with a nose so sharp, another with the complexion as bright as the moon.

hese are the responses and feelings of only those women who have not recognized their Creator Allaah. s opposed to them a Muslimah who knows that it is Al-Khaaliq Who has created her, it is Al-Baari who has originated and invented her, and it is Al-Musawwir, who has shaped and fashioned her. She is always satisfied with her looks and her first reaction on looking into the mirror is the recitation of the supplication for looking into the mirror, O Allaah, just as you have


ust reciting this supplication gives her a recurring boost of self-esteem. She is the creation of Allaah. How could she possibly be ugly? How could she be deceived so easily by the standards of beauty which people have set? If Im dear in the sight of my Creator then thats all I wish and crave for and Im sure His servants will also accept me and love me for the way Im Created by Him, and has given you shape and made your shapes good (looking) [40:64]. Who made everything He has created good [32:7]

Muslimah is never frustrated, or low in confidence because of her looks. Why? Because of the assurance that she gets from the words of Allaah that we are all are beautiful, each and every one of us. nd because she knows that her Lord, Allaah who is AlKhaaliq and Al-Musawwir has created everything perfectly and correctly in its place, accordance to His Wisdom. Hence, the particular height, weight, eyes, nose, lips given to her are the best that could be given to her. She is confident, positive, relaxed, satisfied and thankful to her Creator. Instead of being negative, frustrated,

astly, a Muslimah who truly knows her Lord can never ever disobey Him by displaying her beautiful looks given to her by Al-Musawwir in front of those she is not allowed to. Her gratitude towards her Khaaliq for granting her the wonderful appearance is apparent in her recitation of dua, in striving to beautify her character and manners, as well as in concealing her beauty from the non-mahram men. y

owever, along with gaining this confidence boost, positivity and assurance, a Muslimah, when she recites the supplication, while looking into the mirror, does not get too confident or proud over her looks. She understands that arrogance is a sin in Islam. She knows that it is Allaah who has given her those looks, it was not in her hands to look that particular way, and she believes that the One who has given her that perfect height, that beautiful face, that charming smile has the ability to take them away from her any minute. Hence she asks Allaah for good manners and the best of character, as this is what really matters to a true Muslimah.

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Healing the Obsession of Good Looks

The View from Above

yesha (RA) said about the Prophet (PBUH), He never hit anyone with his hand, neither a woman nor a servant, unless while fighting in the cause of Allaah. [Muslim] llaah has placed anger in us for a reason. It is to be used against oppression and injustice. It is to be used to protect Muslims and the sanctities of Islam. It is to be used to establish Allaahs law on the land that He created and owns. Since we have given up fighting for justice (Allaahs laws), we have instead taken


to fighting our spouses, children, parents and in-laws. Keep in mind that the Prophet (PBUH) despite being severely harmed, never raised his hand against any woman, child or servant, indeed even against any man, except under the conditions of Jihad.

hen something is not put to proper use, it is put to misuse. If you dont use your excess money to feed the needy, you will use it to feed yourself extravagantly. You will then eat in expensive restaurants and have more than one dish per meal.

he recognition of Allaah is like an airplane ride; the higher up you go, the smaller the things of the world seem. The more we focus on Allaah, Who is the most beautiful, loving, wise, merciful and just, the less we will consume ourselves on issues of revenge, anger and hatred for our own sakes. y

Instead of our anger being directed against those who disobey Allaah, ridicule His commands and harm His worshippers, it is directed against each other.

Cell Phone
Taking a stroll in the park, doing grocery, driving or even while grabbing a biteyou get to seea whole lot of the stamina of the thumb! youngsters exercising their thumbs to and fro. Kudos to So lets ask the innocent parents of the youngsters about this so-called boon. You ask your kid to throw cant spare a minute for you. They get a message on the garbage and you get a reply they have an exam and Blackberry and they have hours to spare. So when was the last time you guys asked your father how his work was?

Or when was the last time you helped out your mother with the dishes or even a compliment on the food, that would make her day. The heads hanging down and eyes glued on your cell

phones wouldnt let you think of anyone but yourself! at your parents. Thats the simplest and easiest good deed to earn for today! y [Saima Pirzada]

Spare yourself and earn some good deeds. How? Smile

1. Recite Bismillah close the doors of the house, cover all utensils containing food, and extinguish any burning fires or lamps. [Sahih al-Bukhari] 2. Do miswaaq before going sleep. 3. Sleeping with wudhu is a Sunnah. 4. Dust-off your blanket. 5. Recite the sleeping dua Allaahumma Bismika Amutu wa Ahya. 6. Dont sleep on your stomach as it is the way of the people of Hell and it is disliked by Allaah. 7. Sleep on your right side with your right hand on your cheek. 8. Recite Surah al-Fatiha, Ayat-ul-Kursi. Recite Surat al-Ikhlas, al-Falaq, and al-Naas three-times and each time blow on hands and rub them on your body. 9. Recite SubhanAllaah and Alhamdulillah 33-times, and Allaahu Akbar 34-times. 10. Recite the Darood-e-Ibrahimi. 11. Try to wake up early for tahajjud prayers. 12. Dont forget to set your alarm for fajr prayers. Always remember Salah is better than sleep. y

Before Going to Sleep

The View from Above Cell Phone Before Going to Sleep

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Poetry Corner

By Ukhti Aimun

We search high and low For the right God you see The true and living Till the end we need Perhaps its the sun Said someone to me Well then, lets wait and see When night fell upon I said not at all For my God would not Abandon me at night fall Its the moon Said a friend to me Perhaps it may be, Yet again we must wait and see But it was not to be For at sunrise the moon was nowhere to sight It could be the stars I looked up see However it was not to be An idol could it be? A traveler asked me No one but a fool shall believe that to be Humans created it So how can it possibly be of any help to me?

So who do you think it is? Asked a priest angrily How about a cow? Said a brothers to me I am in search for a god Not something to eat Glorious and merciful The all seeing from A-Z His throne will be a Throne More vast then the heavens He will be Holy, he will be Majestic He will be highly, He will be peace He will be the great one He will be the most high He will be the fair in Mercy and Punishment This is what my God shall be Upon hearing this They all laugh and mock at me Then go bow down to the mountain Or drown in the sea For they have the qualities That you want your god to be But I know it is none I know He will be beyond something that we cannot perceive

I sit and think about it I wonder and I read I keep on searching Until someone gives a book to me A book that is read from Right to Left In a language they called Arabic So I start to read With each page I read My heart melts and reshapes Into something that was new to me My eyes fill up With tears I did not know There would be From the first to the last Word I read And I know This what I need Quran speaks of a God with 99 names Quran speaks of the One and Only Allaah I seek

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Poetry Corner